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November 2013

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Lord willing, by the time you read this I’ll be in Africa, visiting “our kids” in Zambia. We’ll dedicate their first high school, the fruit of three years of Easter Offerings. We’ll see new wells of clean water, the result of fundraising meals at Bacio, and marathons run by dozens of CPCers. We’ll witness gut-wrenching poverty, hope that inspires backbreaking labor, and people who have nothing—yet are still sharing joyfully despite their deep need. I wish we could see it together!

that youth group or student ministry or missions department, we intend for CPC to be known as people who are extravagantly generous. Crazy, sometimes outrageously generous.

All over the world, I describe CPC as a community that inspires all generations to follow Jesus, love others, and live missionally. Tucked beneath that description are six values we don’t talk much about, the skeleton shaping our church culture: the power of a grace-filled relationship with Jesus, the knowledge that we are all pilgrims on a spiritual journey, the authority of Scripture, the priority of caring for one another in times of need, a commitment to raising faithful kids, and a common passion for God’s work of mercy and justice around the world.

“Each of us has opportunities to open our hearts, calendars, and wallets in ways that go beyond reason—and are startlingly, ridiculously generous.”

It bubbled up at our 50th anniversary, when we challenged ourselves to give away two million dollars to the poor, rather than launching a building campaign or paying off our mortgage. It drives big dreams, like packing a million meals in a single weekend or

Last fall I told the Elders I wanted to add another value, an aspiration that will work its way into our DNA in the years to come. Instead of being a church known for this or that political view, for this or that theological view, for this or

sending off the Upper Room free of debt, with over $250,000 to launch their new ministries. Generosity that’s startling, like opening our doors to folks in the community who have no church in their time of bereavement, showering them with love that has no strings attached. Generosity that’s sacrificial, where young adults offer their precious time to love and shepherd kids through adolescence when the only reward is the “privilege” of paying to chaperone

Make Your 2014 Financial Commitment to CPC.

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crazy, loud trips with hundreds of high schoolers. Generosity is a value sometimes latent in our resolve to follow Jesus . . . and here at CPC we’re just scratching the surface of what outrageous generosity is about! We are entering our second year of The Gen 3 Project to generate generosity across the generations. Each of us has opportunities to open our hearts, calendars, and wallets in ways that go beyond reason—and are startlingly, ridiculously generous. Generosity isn’t defined as a rich church where a few give huge amounts. Instead, it is about a community where each one of us discovers how to turn from the fear of not having enough to contentment in giving. Generosity goes beyond a skillful tug at the heartstrings and becomes a joyful response to love we’ve received. As you read these stories and listen to our sermons to “REGENERATE” our community, ask yourself: What’s the best gift I’ve ever given, and how did it make me feel? And what stops me from feeling that more often?

John Crosby serves as Senior Pastor.

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But numbers are meaningless without stories. Recently, a fellow Session member shared with grateful tears the incredible love poured out by this church on her and her family over the years. She experienced the love of Christ through the ministry of CPC— not because of religion but because of relationships.

m at t e r s By Kari Norman

“There is nothing like the church when it’s working right. The local church is the hope of the world.” Bill Hybels of Willow Creek Community Church is known for this saying. And I believe it. Some churches are a clear light to the world—a city on a hill. They take time to look at the ways the early church perpetuated hope by: • Following Jesus (literally!)— People listened and walked with Jesus as He taught across the countryside in houses and on hillsides. • Loving others—Believers cared for the bodies, minds, and souls of rich and poor alike. • Living missionally—Believers served and shared so that there was no need among them.

Fast forward 2,000 years. Just like the early believers, we still aim to follow Jesus, love others, and live missionally. At its core, the local church working well does the same things it did in Jesus’ day: because of the transforming power and love of Jesus, we teach and learn, care


and communities. We have legions of past and present Lay Care team members, deacons, prayer warriors, local and international mission teams, as well as individuals who make themselves available and give sacrificially to do God’s work in our church, neighborhoods, and world.




and receive care, and inspire an overflowing desire to serve and share. The local church is more than a community organization: We are Jesus’ disciples, learning from Him and living for Him each day.

“The local church is more than a community organization: We are Jesus’ disciples, learning from Him and living for Him each day.” CPC is a church full of such people. This year alone, CPC is providing a loving community for 120 preschoolers and 722 K-5th graders to learn biblical truths and come to know who Jesus is. There are 518 middle schoolers and 540 high schoolers being transformed by Jesus to be the Kingdom of God. We welcomed 150 adult new members and have 1,239 other adults learning and growing through classes, small groups,

As a larger church, CPC’s true impact is enhanced by programs but is achieved through people who’ve been transformed, equipped, and sent out. These are the factors—and the people—that give the local church the potential to be the most impactful entity in the world. It is our privilege to be a part of it and our gift to support it with our energy, efforts, and finances.

Kari Norman serves as CPC’s Chair of the Finance Committee. She and her husband—along with their twin boys—have attended CPC for nearly ten years.

When One Matters By John Mitchell

A year ago we began The Gen 3 Project (Generate Generosity Across the Generations), asking those in the CPC community to make financial commitments to a new movement of generosity. Now we continue with a simple goal: In response to what Christ has done for us, we want to be marked by generosity toward God’s work in

our church,

our city,

our world.

But how do we get from here to there with our generosity? CPC is full of individuals whose lives have been transformed by Jesus and are now bubbling up, spilling over, and rippling out. And so we ask:

What is the power of one person supporting one child in Zambia, providing microloans to one person in Nicaragua?

What is the power of one person volunteering on Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights and leading a child into a relationship with Christ?



What is the power of one person investing one more percent of his or her income or one more percent of his or her time?

What is the power of one person tutoring one kid in Whittier, rehabbing one house in Phillips? Following One person, then loving and living in a manner marked by outrageous generosity. This month the CPC community is challenged to make a bold step to increase our giving of time and our pre-tax incomes to Kingdom work by 1%. Please join us!

It begins with one.


John Mitchell serves as Executive Pastor.





I remember a time in college when I saw some people digging through a dumpster. Our eyes locked, and it made me feel really uncomfortable. Not wanting to just walk away and yet not sure what else to do, I asked if I could join them. God’s Word talks about seeing the poor—and as we were rummaging through the garbage together looking for food, I saw the poor in a whole new way. That day changed me. That’s what encountering people and their circumstances does to us if we let it. That’s what sticks. For years I have wanted to bring the idea of “Service Learning” to CPC—to offer the opportunity to do life intentionally, in a different way. On October 30, we’re taking kids from kindergarten to seniors in high school out into the community during our regular Wednesday night programming to serve and learn. We will go to nursing homes and hear people’s stories. We will go downtown Minneapolis to visit people on the streets involved in drugs and violence and pray with them. We will collect coats and food from Edina communities and donate them to a partnership Edina High





School has with an inner-city school. Along with the kids and students, more than 100 leaders and parents are also volunteering their time to drive and serve. So this is truly an event that crosses generational lines.

invitation to partner with Him in restoring a broken world. But more important, we will ponder how our acts of service—tangible displays of love for those in need—is directly inspired by the way Christ served us first.

But it doesn’t stop there. Serving is awesome, but if we learn nothing in the process, we are only left feeling good about ourselves for a few hours—and that has no lasting effect.

My hope is that Service Learning will catch on at CPC. We don’t plan for this to be a stand-alone evening, but as a regular part of who we are and what we do. And we need your help! Kids’ and Student Ministries want to join with you to love others and live missionally in a deliberate way. Look for the next Service Learning event in the new year, and let me know if you’d be willing to partner with us as we send students out to love their neighbors.

“Serving is awesome, but if we learn nothing in the process, we are only left feeling good about ourselves for a few hours—and that has no lasting effect.” A major component of Service Learning is what happens after the experience. All students involved will debrief and answer questions based upon their service time. Questions that will help them connect poverty around them to poverty within them. Questions that will force them to wrestle with God’s

Lee Hanssen serves as Director of Student Ministries. To volunteer at the next Service Learning event, contact Lee at 952.920.8515 x267 or

Susan Marsh Meier

On Building a Generous Legacy


After moving to Minnesota with my first husband, Terry, we visited several churches—but CPC felt like home. We immediately began investing in the church, but at first I was always getting involved in things that I didn’t feel met my calling. My husband and I were both deacons, and I was on the coffee committee. But in the back of my mind I was thinking, “I’m an organizer, I’m an administrator of a law firm, I run things . . . I would be better at talking about budgets and how to communicate about money than making coffee.” When someone asked us if we would be interested in leading the financial component of the church’s marriage workshop, it just absolutely struck my heart. I knew I’d made a lot of dumb mistakes over the years—a lot of dumb mistakes. But I knew how to be married, and I’d learned the hard way how to talk about money with my husband. I believe people learn when they listen with humor to other people’s mistakes. And our ability to be transparent meant that couples would come back to us years later, with toddlers in tow, and say, “I remember your story.” Terry and I were mentors together for nine years. My world shifted in June 2010. Terry had always been very athletic, and he was a research scientist, a super sharp “let’s get ’er done” kind of guy. But I began noticing his mind would get hung up on things, his balance was off,

and he was losing weight. We went to the clinic, and they thought he was depressed and wanted to make changes in some medication. But I knew something was terribly wrong. Finally my son and I took him to the hospital. When they began to run tests, they discovered that he had the worst kind of brain tumor, gliosarcoma. It goes right into the spinal system and shuts down everything.

“Now God is guiding me into a new stage of life. I’ve been wondering, ‘God, what’s my legacy?’” The team of doctors thought we were insane that we weren’t going to pursue chemo and radiation. They would ask Terry if he truly understood what the implications were, and Terry simply told them, “Look, God has given me a chance to go to Heaven, and Susan’s going to be okay, she’s not going to be walking alone. It’s my turn to go first, and I’m eager. Why would I have you diminish my ability to communicate, to love my family for the little time I have left, just so I could continue breathing on earth longer . . . when I could go to Heaven and be with Jesus?” Terry’s faith was so vibrant, even one of his Jewish doctors told me, “Your

husband’s story is so compelling, he’s making me rethink who I am.” Of course, I prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed. And I thought, “Come on. You could give me this miracle, God. You could give me Terry back.” But a different miracle occurred: He took him home. From the date of his diagnosis to the day Terry died, it was 60 days. I was there with him when he died. I had the privilege of loving someone until death did us part. Now God is guiding me into a new stage of life. I’ve been wondering, “God, what’s my legacy? What am I supposed to do?” And I realize I’m in a season where I can invest in my children, my grandchildren. But what is really happening is that my son, Chris, is teaching me about how to be generous. Chris is in a Bible study, and one of the men is a father whose wife’s kidneys were no longer functioning. They were discussing how difficult it was for him to be a husband and dad to these three children and having his wife so sick, how they hoped a donor would come forward. My son simply responded, “I’ll go find out if I can donate.” Chris talked with his wife, went in, and found out he was a perfect match. He said to me, “Mom, I want you to know I’m going to do this. There’s some risk for me, but I trust God is going to let me give life, not take it. Dad would want this, and I’m doing it for Dad. I want to give another family the chance to grow up with both parents.” Since the donation, I keep telling Chris I cannot believe this life-giving thing he’s done. And he just responds, “The only choice I had was to give, because that’s what you and Dad taught me.” God continues to surprise me and bless me. I’ve met a wonderful man, who like me has watched somebody die. He is so compassionate and loving and is a strong, strong Christian. So as I navigate the changes life has brought me—I lost a husband, I lost a job, I changed houses, I got remarried— I’m asking, “What do you want next, Lord?” And I’m trying to be quiet enough to listen to the answer.

Susan married Mark Meier on October 5, 2013. Her son, Chris, donated his kidney three days later. CPC LIFE




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CPC Ministry Programming November 2013

At CPC, we seek to inspire all generations to follow Jesus, love others, and live missionally. Please look through the various programs for kids, students, and adults—and join us! For fuller descriptions and more information on any of these programs, please visit


Wednesday, November 20 at 12:00PM A traditional service with a short message by Dan Anderson, hymns, Communion, and prayers. Lunch follows.


Cookie drop-off: Friday, November 22 from 12:00-5:00PM at CPC Place one dozen holiday cookies or bars on a festive paper plate in a gallon Ziploc bag to benefit local and international ministries. Treats sold at the Holiday Boutique November 23. Contact: Barb Bucha at 952.470.4414.


Saturday, November 23 from 9:00AM4:00PM at CPC An opportunity to buy crafts, original artwork, cookies, and a soup lunch to benefit local and international mission efforts and arts programming. Bring your friends and Christmas lists! Contact: Linda Cravens at 952.922.5473.


Morning of Saturday, November 23 Kerry Casey, local author of Fall to Grace and Singer, has a book signing during the morning of the Holiday Boutique. Her fiction books are favorites of CPC staff!


Thursday, November 28 at 9:30AM in the Sanctuary Begin your Thanksgiving Day celebrations by worshiping and offering our thanks to God as a community. Enjoy





special music from the choir and instrumentalists and a sermon from Paul Tshihamba.


The Senior Committee, which is creating a book to chronicle the history of CPC, needs photos of our church from 1990 and earlier. If you have any photos, please contact Joan Lonsbury at 952.926.9833.


Do you own a minivan you could donate? CPCers have generously given minivans to serve CPC ministries, and we are in need of a replacement. Contact: John Schmanski at x213; johns@


Sundays at 9:30AM in Room 109 Connect with newly married (or soonto-be!) couples for food, laughter, study, and discussion, plus socials and service. This fall, we study The Power of a Whisper by Bill Hybels. Like our Facebook page. Contact: Jessica Schelitzche at jessica.schelitzche@target. com.


Sundays at 9:30AM and 10:45AM Sunday Communities offer a place to belong and grow with people in a similar life stage. This fall, we study God’s interactions with His people in the Old Testament. Visit SC. Contact: Dan Anderson at x298;

MIXED TAPES (20s & 30s) Meets at 9:30AM in Fellowship Hall-W S.A.L.T. (mostly 40s & 50s) Meets at 9:30AM in Fellowship Hall-E A.C.T.S. (mostly 50s & 60s) Meets at 9:30AM in Fellowship Hall-Ctr. MORE (mostly retired folks) Meets at 10:45AM in Room 107 CREDO (intergenerational) Meets at 10:45AM in Room 108


Thursday, November 21 at 7:00PM in Room 202; meets 3rd Thursdays We’ll discuss The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. We’ll also select books for the year; come with suggestions. Contact: Nancy Reutiman at 952.920.1837.


Mondays from 9:30-11:30AM in Room 107 A discussion-oriented Bible study on the Acts of the Apostles for men and women. Join anytime. Childcare available ($50/semester). Contact: James Madsen at x308;


Wednesdays from 11:00AM-12:00PM in Room 203 Rick Byron leads this lively discussion on Mark. We meet Wednesdays except Edynamoes days. Contact: Debbie Ducar at x226;


Tuesdays from 1:00-2:30PM in Room 107



Carolyn Beatty leads this committed group of mature women studying the foundational book of Mark. This group generates lively discussion and cares for one another. Contact: Judy Romine at 952.929.4983;


Saturday, November 9 from 10:00AM2:00PM in the Fellowship Hall; meets 2nd Saturdays Our mission is to make warm garments and blankets for local agencies that serve the needy. We have yarn, fabric, and knitters to get you started. Contact: Sally Stoutenburgh at 952.927.6915.


Large Group Wednesday, November 13 from 9:3011:30AM in the Fireside Room (no meeting November 27 due to Thanksgiving) Join other moms for fellowship, prayer, and inspirational speakers. On November 13, Betty Horgan speaks on “Helping Our Children Understand Their Sexuality.” Cost: $45/year; $60 for childcare. CDs in Pathway for $3. Register: Contact: Megan Bireley at Small Groups Daytime groups meet 1st, 3rd, & 5th Wednesdays from 9:30-11:30AM; Evening groups meet 1st Tuesdays or 2nd Thursdays from 6:45-8:45PM Small groups connect moms through Bible study, prayer, fellowship, and Christ-centered support. Contact: Stacia Fetters at


Large Group Thursday, November 21 from 9:1511:30AM in the Fellowship Hall Dr. Steve Kahn speaks on “Protecting the Emotional Connection from Tween to Adulthood.” Cost: $35/year; $5/ session. Register: for full year or at event. Contact: Ann Satterthwaite at Small Groups Daytime groups meet 2nd & 4th Thursdays from 9:30-11:00AM; evening group meets 1st & 3rd Mondays from 7:00-8:30PM Small groups provide in-depth support, study, and discussion of Christian teen parenting books. Evening group


alternates between the book study and watching a video of the monthly Large Group speaker. Contact: Cheryl LaMone at 612.275.3436; cheryllam@


Tuesday, November 26 from 6:458:45PM in Room 10 Lois Tverberg, author of Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus, joins the Tuesday Evening Women’s Group for a talk and discussion. All female visitors welcome! Books available for purchase in Pathway. Register: Jane Pooler at jane.


Circles combine fellowship, learning, and service in a small group setting. They consist primarily of women over 50; new members always welcome. Lydia Circle Saturday, November 16 at 9:30AM in the Parlor; meets 3rd Saturdays Kari Dubord, Associate Director of Kids’ Ministries, speaks. Contact: Ellen Hastings at 952.896.0066. Esther Circle Saturday, November 16 at 10:00AM at the home of Judy Brooke (4728 Temple Road, Minnetonka); meets 3rd Saturdays Esther Circle studies spiritual gifts this year. Contact: Judy at 612.581.2650. Martha Circle Wednesday, November 20 at 10:00AM in the Parlor; meets 3rd Wednesdays We’ll discuss Proverbs 24:23-25 as well as collect gifts for Cornerstone’s Santa Shop. Contact: Pat Haberkorn at 952.941.4188. Ruth Circle Meets every Wednesday at 9:30AM On the first and third Wednesdays, we meet in a home for food, fellowship, devotions, and prayers. On the other Wednesdays, we serve at CPC and beyond. Contact: Barb Bucha at 952.470.4414.

small groups Unless otherwise noted, please register at MIXED A DULT GROUPS


Tuesday, November 5 in the evening offsite; meets 1st Tuesdays This new group welcomes all in their 20s and early 30s—single or married

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—to build a community that shares life and grows together through Bible study.


Wednesdays through December 11 from 6:15-7:30PM in Room 204 Seven weeks of topical small groups for Dads; Parents of Pre-Schoolers/ Elementary; Parents of Middle School/ High School. Register: register. MEN ’S GROUPS


Tuesdays from 7:00-8:00PM in Room 201 All are welcome in this new men’s group; please register first.


Thursdays from 7:00-8:00AM in Room 108 Deepen your faith as we study Gospel Love in this group led by James Madsen. Contact: James Madsen at 952.920.8515 x308;


Thursdays from 7:00-8:00AM in Room 201 This group, led by Matt Faulkner, studies Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. W OMEN ’S GROUPS


1st and 3rd Wednesdays from 1:30-3:00PM in the Parlor We are a vital, dedicated group of older women who want to follow Jesus more closely. Join us as we grow in our relationship with Jesus and each other through study and care. Contact: Sandy Thoermer at 763.559.2960.


Every other Friday from 6:30-7:30AM at Starbucks (on W. 50th St. in Edina) This group of women of various ages and stages studies Scripture or does book studies together. Contact: Beth Schneider at 952.237.0243;


Meets 1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesdays from 9:30-11:15AM at CPC In Paul’s letter to Titus, he encourages older women to mentor younger women as wives, mothers, friends, and spiritual sisters. Join us for a great CPC LIFE




9 5 2 .9 2 0 .8 5 1 5 | cp conl ine .org

combination of serious study with mentoring and fellowship. Contact: Debbie Ducar at x226; debbied@ CO U PL ES


Being in a couples’ group is a great way to strengthen your marriage and grow together. Our groups are based on age ranges and life stages and generally meet one evening a month in homes.


Friday, November 8 from 10:00AM12:00PM in the Parlor and Monday, November 25 from 7:00-9:00PM in the Parlor; usually meets 2nd Fridays and 4th Thursdays We knit or crochet shawls with the hope of being vessels for God’s presence and comfort. Everyone welcome; coaching and materials provided. Contact: Pat Johnson at 952.947.0734.


Tuesday, November 12 from 6:008:30PM in the Parlor; meets 2nd Tuesdays Grief Recovery is for those who have lost a loved one. Experience God’s hope and healing through fellowship, prayer, and a meal. Rich Phenow speaks this month. Contact: Debbie Manning at 952.920.8515 x275;


Thursday, November 14 from 6:308:00PM in the Fireside Room; meets 2nd Thursdays A series for care partners and those with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. This month is a panel discussion of individuals living with early-stage dementia and their care partners. Contact: Mary Allen at x243;


Saturday, November 16 from 9:0011:00AM in the Fireside Room; meets 3rd Saturdays A ministry for those dealing with practical issues following a spouse’s death. Cost: $10. Register by November 13: Mary Allen at x243;







Tuesday, November 19 from 7:008:30PM in Room 107; meets one Tuesday monthly Does your child experience emotional or mental health issues? Join other parents as we care for one another on our journeys. Author Dorothy Ruppert talks about her experience with her daughter’s mental illness. Contact: Doug Brown at 612.839.9992;


Meets monthly; contact for times Are weight issues keeping you from experiencing abundant life? Do you look to food for emotional needs or struggle to lose weight? No weigh-ins; lots of grace and support! Contact: Sandy Radeke at 952.452.1205;


Trip dates: November 1-13 The CPC GO! Trip team to Zambia welcomes your prayers for their travels and ministry. Follow their blog:

THANKSGIVING HARVEST Bag distribution: November 9/10 Bag collection: November 16/17 Provide Thanksgiving dinner to needy families! Shop for a family, return the filled grocery bag, and then pray for the recipients throughout the season and beyond. Volunteers needed to process the bags and distribute to our partner organizations. Volunteer: Contact: Kurt Hansen at; 612.867.1814.


Sign up: Saturdays & Sundays, November 9/10 & 23/24 or online Event: December 20, 21, & 22 from 6:00-8:30PM Be part of CPC’s second Live Nativity to bring the first Christmas to life! Sign up in the Great Room for cast or support roles before or after services November 9/10 or 23/24 or at Contact: Sharon Punt at 763.772.2243;




Family selection: begins November 16/17 Gift collection: December 7/8 Adopt-A-Family is a Deacon ministry that provides Christmas gifts for families who otherwise can’t afford them. Visit the table in the Great Room to select a senior citizen or family, pick up their Christmas wish list, and receive instructions for packaging gifts. Please do not wrap gifts, but include wrapping supplies. Contact: Scott and Tammy Anderson at


Sponsor a child from Moyo, Zambia through World Vision! Registration now online:

kids Tapestry

Tuesday, November 5 at 6:30PM at Pinstripes; Tuesday, November 19 at 6:30PM in Room 306 A ministry for kids and students with special needs. On November 5, bowl at Pinstripes. Cost: $5/game, $4/shoe rental. Bring extra for food. On November 19, practice for the Christmas Play, which takes place December 17. Contact: Kari Dubord at x261; karid@


Sunday, November 17 at 10:45AM in the Chapel; Sundays monthly Mosaic is a worship service for kids and students with special needs and their families! Noises, sounds, and movements are welcome!


Wednesdays, November 6, 13, & 20 (no programming November 27) Wednesday programs for K-5th graders are a place to learn about God and live out faith through music, friendship, reading the Bible, and connection to leaders. Register: Contact: Sara Lightbody at x203;


Saturday 5:15PM, Sunday 9:30AM, 11:00AM, & 6:00PM services During weekend services, we minister to children (6 weeks through 6th grade) and families by engaging kids



in their relationship with Jesus. Register: Contact: Jill Campbell at x216;


Student Ministries staff writes all Wednesday night curricula. Visit


Wednesdays, November 6, 13, & 20 from 6:15-7:30PM (no programs November 27) A night of large-group learning and small-group discussion for 6th-8th graders. If your student isn’t registered, visit Contact for Elevate (6th-7th grades): Van Chounlamountry at x306; vanc@ Contact for CC (8th grade): Carrie Gleeson at x258;


Friday, November 15 from 6:008:00PM; meet at Brunswick Lanes (12200 Singletree Lane, Eden Prairie 55344) Ruckus is our fun-filled monthly outing. This month is bowling! Cost: $12 (includes bowling, shoes, pizza, and drink). Register: Contact: Van Chounlamountry at x306;


Wednesdays, November 6, 13, & 20 from 8:00-9:15PM (no House Groups November 27) If your student would like to plug into a core group, contact Trevor Tinsley at x304 or


Tuesday, November 12 from 7:309:00PM at Poor Richard’s (8301 Normandale Blvd., Bloomington 55437) Have conversations about the intersection of faith and issues that impact our lives. Dan Taylor, author of The Skeptical Believer Telling Stories, leads a discussion on “Doubt and Living with Questions Without Easy Answers.”



Sunday, November 17 at 7:00PM in the Fireside Room Living in the Tension is a safe space intended to build bridges between the Church and the LGBT community. This group is for all individuals—no matter how you view the integration of faith and sexuality. Join anytime. Contact: Debbie Manning at x275; debbiem@


Sunday, November 24 at 6:00PM in the Sanctuary The Table introduces a quarterly time of worship where the whole CPC community is invited for the sole purpose of praising the Lord. Join us!


Tuesday, December 3 at 7:00PM in the Sanctuary Begin Advent with a time to honor those you have lost over the years and set our hearts on the coming Messiah. Dessert follows in the Great Room.


Wednesday, December 4 at 11:30AM in the Fellowship Hall (no Edynamoes luncheon in November) Join us for our Advent luncheon followed by the musical program “Holiday Heralds” from 12 members of the Minnesota Chorale. Cost: $5. Register by December 2: Judy Romine at 952.929.4983. Please bring donations/ toys for VEAP, Jerry’s cash receipts, Campbell’s labels, and can tabs.

9 5 2 .9 2 0 .8 5 1 5 | c p co n li n e . o rg Contact: Deb Carlson at x316;


Saturday, December 7 from 7:309:30PM in the Fellowship Hall Start with dinner out as a couple, then enjoy dessert and a special program. Cost: $8/couple. Register: cpconline. org/register. Contact: Mary Allen at x243;


Due in the office by Monday, December 9 To donate toward CPC’s beautiful poinsettias and greens in memory or honor of someone, fill out a form located in the CPC office, Great Room, or at Cost: $15/plant.

NESTERS (Active Retired Folks) Saturday, December 14 at 5:15PM in the Sanctuary Enjoy a chorale presentation followed by a lovely Christmas dinner. Register/ pay by December 11: Mary Allen x243; CHRISTMAS WORSHIP TIMES

Tuesday, December 24 2:00, 3:30, & 5:00PM – Family Services 7:00PM – Traditional Communion Service 9:00PM – Traditional Lessons & Carols Service (with the choir) 11:00PM – The Table at CPC


Friday, December 6 from 6:00-8:00PM at CPC Enjoy crafts, Christmas caroling, family games, hayride, a service project, and dinner. Crafts: $10/family. Dinner: $5/ adult, $2.50/child, $15/family max. Register by December 2: cpconline. org/register. Contact: Jill Campbell at x216;


Saturday, December 7 at 9:00AM in Fellowship Hall Bev Coniaris, the teaching leader of CPC’s women’s Bible Study Fellowship, shares an inspiring perspective on the Christmas story! Cost: $12. Register: CPC LIFE




Rich Larson & Friends perform Christian favorites at a special October concert.

Alfred BabingtonJohnson and John Crosby discuss race and faith in America.

The Nesters enjoy a fall cruise on Lake Minnetonka.





In Our

Congratulations to:

Erin Emily Lundberg and Jason Paul Hettinger, who were married October 5. The Rev. Dr. Allen Hilton and the Rev. Robert A. Lundberg officiated.



Susan Noelle Picado and Bradley Allen Ameli, who were married October 5. Pastor Dan Anderson officiated.

Nancy Nichols and family on the passing of Nancy’s mother, Barbara McConnell, on October 12 at 100 years of age.

Susan Ellen Marsh and Mark Stephen Meier, who were married October 5. Pastor Dan Anderson officiated.

Cherie Shoquist and family on the passing of her father, Marc Shoquist, on October 15.

Kaitlin Elizabeth Wallen and Travis John Buckingham, who were married October 11. Pastor Dan Anderson officiated.

Leslie Boie and family on the passing of Leslie’s mother, Sarah Vickery, on October 16. Leslie serves as the Ministry Assistant for Missions at CPC.

Anne Abbey left her position as Associate Director of Elementary effective October 31. Anne started in Kids’ Ministries in June 2002 and has loved helping kids follow Christ, specifically through serving others. She and her husband are the parents of four children, whom Anne plans to care for full-time. Thank you, Anne, for your years of dedicated service for CPC’s kids!

Kelsey Lee Walker and Whitney Ryan Weeks, who were married October 19. Pastor Kyle Jackson officiated.

The family of David Woodrow, who passed away on October 16.

Sarah Long joins Communications as Director of Communications.

Barb Harmon and family on the passing of Barb’s aunt, Betty Durenberger, on October 22.

Jennifer Karlen joins Pathway Bookstore as Associate.

Katherine Ann Borchardt and Christopher Jon Cremons, who were married October 26. Pastor Dan Anderson officiated.

Doyle Young and family on the passing of Doyle’s mother, Billye Frances Young, on October 1.


Barb Ungs and family on the passing of Barb’s mother, Dorothy Ann Duguid, on September 23. Martha Feind and family on the passing of Martha’s father, Calvin Ulrich, on September 25. James and Anna Madsen on the passing of their baby daughter, Sylvia Faith Madsen, on October 1. James serves as the Pastor of Adult Ministries at CPC.

Richard Johnson - Abbott David Appelhof - Lakeview Stillwater

Rachel Parsley joins Worship & Music as Music Ministry Intern. Erin Hettinger joins Student Ministries as Ministry Assistant. Elizabeth “Eli” Mansfield joins Missions as Associate Director of Missional Engagement

Barbara Oleson - Fairview Southdale Anna Madsen - Fairview Southdale George Lund - Methodist Char Jenewein - Fairview Southdale Fred Scaife - Fairview Southdale

FINANCIAL UPDATE June 1, 2013-September 30, 2013 Ministry Offering Budget: $1,227,374.48 Actual Offering: $1,254,448.01 Variance: $27,073.53 Mission Partner of September: $6,494.92 YTD Mission of the Month Total: $30,572.27

Expenses are under budget year-to-date.

Denominational Update: Throughout the late summer and fall, CPC leaders have met five times with the Administrative Commission appointed by our local presbytery to discern whether CPC should be allowed to leave the Presbyterian Church (USA) and join a new Presbyterian denomination, ECO. In November, a letter will be sent to CPC members encouraging all to provide input to the Administrative Commission about CPC’s denominational relationship. Then, on December 8 after the 11:00AM service, there will be an open forum where the Administrative Commission will meet with CPC members about our request to change our denominational relationship. CPC LIFE




of the

Books, music, quotes, apps, art, videos, websites, people, places, and things that get us to think about God in new and exciting ways.


The Treasure Principle: Unlocking the Secret of Joyful Giving

by Randy Alcorn This is a challenging—but important—book. Alcorn describes how we are trustees of God’s property; all that we have, He has given us. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to manage God’s property for the advancement of His Kingdom. None of “our” possessions will make us happy. Only giving them away for God’s purposes can ever satisfy us. - Matt Faulkner, CPC Elder Overheard on Twitter from

Through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God. This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of the Lord’s people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God. – 2 Corinthians 9:11-12

Tim Keller,


The magazine on faith, culture, and intentional living Top 3 Articles from last month’s issue: “Why Aren’t More Intellectuals Believers?” “20 Things to Know Before You’re 30” “5 Reasons Marriage Cynics Are Wrong”

Pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian in NYC:

“ Generosity is not only about money. There is more than one currency. Let your generosity be pervasive in life.”


Bonhoeffer Pastors and authors Francis Chan and David Platt share the unique ways the global Church is multiplying and making disciples for Jesus.





“I Am Mountain” by Gungor

Check out the new album by Gungor, a Christian alt-folk collective led by husband-and-wife duo Michael and Lisa Gungor. You may also know Gungor’s hit “Beautiful Things.”


Kari Dubord Kari has served in Kids’ Ministries since 2006. She started as Associate Director of Kids’ Ministries in September 2013.

Q Kids’ Ministries just introduced a new tagline: Faith that Sticks!

We believe the stats that say the earlier kids trust Jesus, the better chance they have to become adult followers of Christ. Having my own kids, I see how real their faith already is at 5 and 3. They still have questions, but they trust God for who they know Him to be: a loving God. In Kids’ Ministries, we just want to teach kids the good ol’ Gospel: Jesus is both Savior and friend, He wants to have a relationship with you, and He loves you more than anyone else does. And we can’t teach these truths without parent and family involvement. We only get the kids for two hours a week; parents ultimately have much more influence!

Q Tell us about your passion for Tapestry, CPC’s ministry for kids, students, and adults with special needs.

I grew up in a church that weekly reserved a section for adults with special needs. Our congregation wanted them there. At the kids’ Christmas program, these adults would come up to sing “Joy to the World.” It was never quite on key, but I always found it the most beautiful, joy-filled piece of the Christmas program. I had heard of and experienced churches unwelcoming to those with special needs, preventing families from worshiping together. We wanted CPC to be different, so we started the Tuesday Tapestry class and now monthly Mosaic Tapestry worship [learn more on page 10]. We want everyone to feel welcome and to experience the love of God together. Just as it was for me, I love that my own kids experience the Christian life side by side with kids with special needs. My daughter asked for a wheelchair for her doll last year because one of her best friends from Tapestry is in a wheelchair. How am I going to say no to that?!

Q What energizes you as a mom?

I like to make experiences with my kids out of everyday activities: cooking, taking walks. Saturdays are family days. But I also love that CPC is a second home to my kids. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I prayed she wouldn’t resent church—and, in turn, resent God—because Mommy was always doing “church work.” But she’s the opposite. She’s the one who always asks people, “Do you trust Jesus?” I love that my kids come here and feel loved by staff and the people in the congregation. It’s a real gift.


Hometown: Thief River Falls, MN Family: Kevin (married 7 years); children, Adela (5), Peter (3)

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate & watching TV Hobbies: Photography, reading, playing with the kiddos, Twins baseball

Little-Known Facts: Has played piano since age 3; has Master of Arts in Theological Studies; subbed for three years in North Minneapolis schools






Worship Times this Month Saturdays at 5:15PM | Contemporary Worship Sundays at 9:30AM | Traditional Worship Sundays at 11:00AM | Contemporary Worship Sundays at 6:00PM | The Table Wednesday, November 20 at 12:00PM | Mid-Month Chapel Thursday, November 28 at 9:30AM | Thanksgiving Worship

This Month in Worship November 2/3 | REGENERATE: Living with Hope (John 11:17-27) | Rich Phenow speaking; Debbie Manning at The Table November 9/10 | REGENERATE: Living Abundantly (2 Corinthians 8:1-5) | Lee Hanssen speaking; Matt Moberg at The Table November 16/17 | REGENERATE: Living Upside Down (Philippians 2:10-15) | John Crosby speaking at all services November 23/24 | REGENERATE: Living Stories (Hebrews 10:19-25) | John Crosby speaking; Worship Night at The Table

REGENERATE: Generosity that Changes the World

In our last two worship series, we evaluated our personal relationship with Christ (REVIVE) as well as the intentionality of our Christian community (REGROUP). Now in REGENERATE, we turn our focus out into the world to explore a more generous model of life. As followers of the One who turned the world upside down with His sacrificial love, how can we carry on Jesus’ legacy of generosity in our community and beyond?

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