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Unexpected Places


like to be liked and admired . . . and often fear unresolvable conflict. Do you feel uncomfortable with the political, racial, gender, and economic division that surrounds us? Do you often feel as though you don’t know how to express your convictions, don’t know what to say? Are you tired of the “us vs. them” mentality of cable show arguments that so easily spill into our lives? Do you wish you didn’t have to gauge how each person responds to everything? Don’t you wish that we could all agree for a while—at least in church? We ALL live inside a set of lines, a set of boundaries where we feel comfortable. Where we know what is expected of us. And with people who usually agree with and approve of us. Yet in many ways, the church has become unpopular as we seem to define who’s “in” and who’s “out,” religiously or politically. But Jesus keeps calling us, in a world of conflict and judgment and “us vs. them,” to follow Him outside the lines. Jesus met prostitutes at formal dinners. He spent time with shady tax collectors. He’d have breakfast with beggars and dinner with royalty, scandalizing both. He went to church often but flouted tradition constantly. Jesus welcomed women into His circles, and traveled with those not in His family. He died hanging between criminals, forgiving one with His last gasps. Just as Jesus brought surprises wherever He went, those who follow Jesus will go unexpected places—and then witness as He brings healing and understanding and difficult truth. Outside the Church. Into the divided places of our day. As we embrace the radical love of Jesus, how will that lead us to treat the people who disagree with us? Together, we’ll be on a journey to step away from stereotypes and toward grace. As Scott Sauls writes, “When the grace of Jesus sinks in, we will be among the least offended and most loving people in the world.”



LENT 2018



Jesus keeps calling us, in a world of conflict and judgment and “us vs. them,” to follow Him outside the lines.




“For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground…”

Our partnership with World Vision will increase Zambians’ access to safe, life-giving water—improving health, sanitation, and education in the rural Moyo region.

“I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring, and my blessing on your descendants.” -Isaiah 44:3

Help us invest in the future of the Church and God’s Kingdom through the work of Jubilee Centre & World Vision in Zambia.

Our partnership with Jubilee Centre will empower the local church in urban George to train new leaders, support local ministries, and share Jesus, our Living Water.

To give, mark “Easter Offering” in your check memo line.



hy do we imagine Jesus matters for the world today? The truth is that without Jesus, the Church doesn’t have anything unique to offer the world. Unless we have Jesus, we don’t have anything distinct to love our neighbors with or invite them into. We can still be good and nice and kind, but without Jesus, we don’t have Easter. And without Easter, we don’t have a death on the Cross and we don’t have the power of the Resurrection. Jesus is the catalyst for the Church, the reason for the hope we have. And this Hope stands unique amid everything else the world offers. In Jesus is life. In Jesus is freedom. In Jesus is healing. And in Jesus we are restored to a right relationship with God. This is what we must be defined by as we step into our troubled, weary world. So this Lent, take the opportunity to focus on Jesus—but perhaps in a different way. With Jesus Outside the Lines as our guide, what would it look like for us to see, with fresh eyes, those whom we are tempted to overlook? What would it look like to see them as those Jesus dearly loves? What practices would allow us to see our neighbors, coworkers, classmates, and family members in a different light? What did it mean for Jesus to cross lines? It meant that He knew no one was beyond the reach of God’s love. Walk with us this Lent as we explore the unique way that Jesus loves without boundaries as we prepare our hearts for the celebration of Easter!

P E T E Y C R O W D E R serves as P A S T O R of A D U L T M I N I S T R I E S .

MAUNDY THURSDAY Thursday, March 29 • 7:00PM • Sanctuary

Childcare: 6 weeks-PreK


Friday, March 30 • Sanctuary 5:30PM (All-Gen.) & 7:30PM (Contemp.)

Childcare: 6 weeks-3 years


Saturday, March 31 at 6:00AM until Sunday, April 1 at 6:00AM • Chapel


Saturday, March 31 • 9:00PM • Sanctuary

No childcare


LENT 2018



The Matthew 25 Challenge “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me. . . . Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” —Matthew 25:35-36, 40

Accept the challenge! Experience Jesus in a deeper way by identifying with those in need around the world.



"I was hungry and you gave me something to eat."

"I was a stranger and you invited me in."

DAILY CHALLENGE: Skip lunch and eat rice and beans for dinner.

DAILY CHALLENGE: Sleep on the floor tonight.

DAILY PRAYER: Pray for those who don't have enough food to eat.

DAILY PRAYER: Pray for the millions of refugees and internally displaced people who don't have a place to call home.


"I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink." DAILY CHALLENGE: Drink only water. Give up coffee, soda, and other beverages. DAILY PRAYER: Pray for the 640 million people who don't have safe water to drink.


"I needed clothes and you clothed me." DAILY CHALLENGE: Wear the same clothes you wore yesterday. DAILY PRAYER: Pray for the many people in this world who only own the clothes on their backs.

Sunday Hear Michael Chitwood from World Vision speak to our congregation on March 10/11.


"I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison, and you came to visit me." DAILY CHALLENGE: Reach out to someone in your life who is battling illness or chronic pain, grieving, or experiencing other challenges. DAILY PRAYER: Pray for those you don’t know who are suffering from sickness or imprisonment.


"Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me." DAILY CHALLENGE: Today, take a 25-minute prayer walk in your neighborhood. DAILY PRAYER: Pray for your neighbors and those around the world who are facing daily challenges of hunger, thirst, homelessness, lack of clothing, sickness, or imprisonment.

FA I T H S T O RY: D AV E “ O L E ” O L S O N

like working with my hands, and I like building. That’s been my image of what a mission trip is: You go somewhere, and you do something. But that concept came to a bit of a collision for me after a mission trip to El Salvador. We had this tremendous team with a lot of horsepower, and we put in a septic system. Yet at the end of the trip, we saw the work of local Salvadorans, and our team had done very little in comparison. I realized what we were doing, they could do better on their own—and they could make a living doing it. Our intentions were good, but I was starting to think about a different kind of mission experience. Lori Olson [vice president of Opportunity International] was getting my ear about CPC’s Nicaragua trip, and I think the Spirit was speaking through her—I was feeling something happening within me. I felt a beckoning: Just sign up, then figure out the finances and the rest. I felt this peace. There’s hardly any adventure I won’t say yes to, but going to Nicaragua wasn’t about the adventure, it was much bigger than that. It was a faith calling. That’s what got me really excited; I definitely felt it was the Spirit calling.

Ole and his daughter, Bethany, in Nicaragua


Meet local entrepreneurs, learn about community economic development, and build relationships with Nicaraguan partners! June 18-23 • Estimated cost (including airfare): $2,895

Learn more and sign up:


LENT 2018



The OI trip wasn’t a mission trip in the way one might think. We weren’t going there to “save” people, to “do” something tangible; we went to see, celebrate, and promote. This was more intimate, in that we were continually meeting people and being invited into their homes. To shake hands, make eye contact, and do commerce with the people from Central America was a rare and holy, divine experience. We saw the difference OI makes at the ground level. OI is so empowering because it actively gives opportunities for people to get out of poverty. It offers the love of Christ by bringing hope and dignity to all. OI comes in and says, “For an affordable, repayable loan, you can buy a sewing machine, or a goat, or a kiln, or leather tools. You can learn a craft. You can make a better living with a sustainable product and join a trust group for accountability and support. You can change your life.” A loan is better than a gift, and that’s something I wouldn’t have thought of before. I would think a gift is always better because it’s free. But ownership and accountability is where pride comes in. This isn’t a hand out, it’s a hand up. That’s what you witness on an insight trip. The most moving experience was seeing the trust groups [accountability groups of entrepreneurs]. We went to observe the meeting of two dozen business owners, mainly women, and each of them introduced themselves and would hold up their product. They were ebullient, just radiant, saying their names and what they make. And since they have a business and income, they are less likely to be exploited, trafficked, and taken advantage of. The work of OI restores dignity and power . . . and it’s culture-changing. The OI insight trip was the most inspiring, uplifting, overall beautiful, and faith-filled journey for me. Now I’m antsy, but waiting, to see what God has in store next!





Thursday, March 15 • 6:30-8:30PM • Anderson Hall Nearly 80% of unwanted pornography exposure takes place within the safety of your home. Learn about the modern porn industry, its link to sex trafficking, and leave prepared to have a conversation with your kids.

Sign up:


Live the life you were made for.

Spend the summer with us! Camp signups for kids and students open

Saturday, February 24 • 10:00AM

Friday, February 23

Doors open 7:00PM, program 7:30PM We offer nine camps for ages 3 through 12th grade, including brand-new opportunities like Family Camp for those with kids of all ages and Mission Houston, a service trip to Texas for students in grades 8-12. DATES, DETAILS, AND SIGNUPS:

Enjoy dessert together with women of all ages and hear from Jo Saxton, author and speaker, who presents “The Dream of You.” Jo inspires us to let go of broken identities and live the lives God has made us for.

Cost: $15. Sign up:

S TA FF SP OT LIGH T M AT T FERRIS HOMETOWN: South Minneapolis FAMILY: fiancée Erica (getting married April 7) HOBBIES: running, being up north at the cabin, wakeboarding, reading an entire book cover-to-cover LAST BOOK YOU READ: East of Eden by John Steinbeck GUILTY PLEASURES: watching romantic comedies, and Parks and Rec and The Office on repeat

W H AT ’S ONE THING MOS T PEOPLE DON’ T K NOW A BOUT YOU? I never thought I’d work in a church or in ministry. My plan was always to be a lawyer. In college, I volunteered with YoungLife, but I thought, No one does this for their “big-boy job.” I kept making deals with myself: I’ll do YoungLife for one year, then go to law school. Then it was two years, then three. Finally I concluded, “I think I’m meant to do this!” In this new position, I lead the college internship program, our college ministry, and IMPACT (training our high school student leaders).

TELL US A LIT TLE A BOUT YOUR FA ITH JOURNE Y. I grew up in a Christian family and went to a Christian school. But I also just didn’t like Christians! I went to church (mostly kicking and screaming), but I was invited to YoungLife for five years before I finally said yes. It absolutely changed everything. I heard the Gospel in a new way, people genuinely cared about me, I got to see Christianity in a new light—and I was hooked. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to tell other kids about the Gospel like YoungLife did for me.

W H AT M A K ES YOU E XCITED A BOUT THE AGE GROUPS YOU’RE WORK ING W ITH? High school and college kids are trying to figure out what their life looks like and constantly reinventing it. They’re asking questions about who God is and how God fits into their lives. I’m excited to be able to bring Jesus into that conversation.


LENT 2018



HOW DOES YOUR WORK HELP K EEP K IDS CONNECTED TO CHURCH A S THE Y AGE OUT OF S TUDENT MINIS TRIES? We’re trying to bridge the gap so they don’t leave Student Ministries and only return to church when they have kids of their own. Youth groups are great, and they mold faith, but longevity is found in being part of the entire church community and feeling comfortable there. The goal is that they see CPC as their home. We also want to become a local church for students attending colleges in the Twin Cities. Every so often, I drive to local campuses and take CPC students out to dinner. It’s the best ministry we can do: offer them a free meal and invite their roommate, too! We’re trying more spontaneous, organic invitations so college kids know this church cares and is willing to show up for them. I encourage everyone at CPC to get to know our fourteen interns this summer—they would love to meet you! More than that, say hi to our students and make them feel like they belong; it makes a bigger difference than you realize. If we can spread the CPC welcome, warmth, and love to that age group, I think they’ll be hooked like I was.

M A T T F E R R I S has served as D I R E C T O R of L E A D E R S H I P and C O L L E G E since 2 0 1 7



Wednesdays, February 21 and March 21 • 12:00PM • Fellowship Hall A traditional service with a message by Debbie Manning in February and Carrie Gleeson in March, hymns, Communion, and prayers. Lunch follows.


Friday, February 23 • 6:30-8:30PM and Saturday, February 24 • 9:00AM1:00PM • Anderson Hall Make your connection to CPC more official by becoming members. Begin Friday with a fun, potluck-style dinner for the whole family. Continue Saturday with breakfast, three small group meetings, and end with a Joining Lunch. No childcare. Sign up:


Sunday, March 18 • 10:30AM & 12:00PM • Room 200 Learn more about our church, staff, and programs at these brief sessions.


Due in main office by Wednesday, March 21 On Easter, our worship spaces are filled with flowers representing new life in Christ. Donate toward the purchase of plants in memory or honor of loved ones. Following Easter, plants are delivered to local seniors. Cost: $20/plant. Complete a form at the Connections Center, main office, or at


Thursday, March 29-Saturday, March 31 See page 4 for a full listing.

EASTER CELEBRATION SERVICES Saturday/Sunday, March 31/April 1 See back page for a full listing.


Wednesdays, April 4-May 2 • 5:45-6:30PM • Choir Room Calling all singers—kindergarten through senior adults! Experience this one-of-a-kind choir singing praises to God across the generations. Choir sings in the 9:30AM service on Sunday, May 6. No prior experience needed! Signups open Monday, February 19:


Tuesdays and Thursdays • 5:30-6:30PM Holy Yoga offers connection to Jesus and restoration for the body through Scripture, meditation, and movement. Holy Yoga Flow on Tuesdays with Brooke Toftoy and Restorative Holy Yoga on Thursdays with Mary Kay Burns.


Signups open Saturday, February 24 • 10:00AM • Camps for kids ages 3-5th grade. June 17-22 • Hope Shores Camp • overnight camp • kids entering grades 4-5

June 29-July 1 • Family Camp • overnight camp • families with kids of all ages July 9-12 • VBS • day camp at CPC • kids age 3-entering grade 5 NEW! Wacky Wednesdays June 13 • drop-off event • kids entering grades K-5 June 20 • family event • all ages July 25 • drop-off event • kids entering grades K-5 August 8 • family event • all ages August 22 • family service event • kids entering grade 2 and older


9:30 & 11:00AM services Inviting kids and their families to follow Jesus, love others, and develop a faith that sticks! Sign up: Saturday 5:15PM service: Loving childcare provided (6 weeks-3 years) Sundays: Nursery (Infants & Toddlers): Loving childcare provided Sprouts (2-year-olds): Play and learn about the Bible with weekly lessons and art projects JAM (3-5-year-olds): Have fun and learn through Bible lessons, prayer, art, and worship Elementary Programming (K-5th): 9:30AM Sunday School Hour: Kids go deep into God’s Word in a fun and interactive way. Start the morning in Sunday school OR head to church with families and join class after the Children’s Sermon. Kids grouped according to grade (K-1, 2-3, 4-5).

11:00AM Kids’ Church: Kids get to play, create, and worship together. Free choice time (art or gym) follows a worship time designed for kids with a dynamic Bible lesson, prayer, and singing. Kids’ Church begins directly after the Children’s Sermon. K-5th grouped together.


Wednesdays (offsite drop-off activity March 7, no programs March 28) • 5:15-7:30PM Dinner (5:15-6:30PM): Available to all for a small fee.

Choir for K-5th graders (5:45-6:30PM): Develop a love for music, learn biblical truths, and improve musical and dramatic skills, all while praising God! Club for 2nd-5th graders (6:30-7:30PM): Connect with leaders and peers as you learn to follow Jesus and love others. Includes a Bible lesson, games, and small groups according to grade and gender (2nd-3rd girls, 2nd-3rd boys, 4th-5th girls, 4th-5th boys). Cost: $30/first child, $20/second child, $10/third child; max $60/family. Sign up:


Signups open Saturday, February 24 • 10:00AM Camps are offered for students in grades 6-12. Save the dates below: June 11-15 • Rockslide • adventure camp • students entering 6th-8th grades June 17-22 • Mission Houston • service camp • students entering 9th grade-college freshme n CPC LIFE

| LENT 2018



June 26-28 • Camp 6:8 • day camp • students entering 6th-8th grades July 9-13 • Quest • houseboat trip •students entering 9th grade July 21-27 • Summit • adventure camp • students entering 10th-12th grades Read more details and sign up:


All 6th-12th graders must register in order to participate in programs and small groups. Sign up:


Wednesdays • 6:30-7:45PM A high-energy, engaging program for 6th graders. Awesome high schoolers lead small groups. Please make sure your student is registered.


Wednesdays • 6:30-7:45PM A night of fun, large-group learning and small-group discussion for 7th-8th graders. Please make sure your student is registered.


Wednesdays • 6:30-7:45PM A night of fun, large-group learning and small-group discussion for 9th graders. Please make sure your student is registered.


Friday, February 23 • Doors open 7:00PM, 7:30PM program Join women of all ages for an evening of dessert and inspiration as Jo Saxton, author, speaker, and cohost of the podcast Lead Stories, presents “The Dream of You.” Additionally, Sharon Sampson shares about her personal life journey. Cost: $15. Sign up:


Saturday, March 10 • 8:30AM-12:30PM • Anderson Hall What will your legacy be beyond material things? It’s never too late—or too early—to be intentional about finishing life well. This workshop, facilitated by Tim Gibson and Eli Mansfield, helps you identify and pass forward your legacy. Cost: $20. Sign up:


Thursday, March 15 • 6:30-8:30PM • Anderson Hall More details on page 7.


Tuesdays starting February 20 • 6:45-8:00PM • Room 302 Thursdays starting February 22 • 12:00-1:00PM • Fireside Room Sundays starting February 25 • 10:45AM-12:00PM • Room 304 These short-term groups are a great way to connect with other CPCers and try out a small group experience. Spend the season of Lent studying Scott Sauls’ book Jesus Outside the Lines—discussing two chapters each week for five weeks. Sign up:


LARGE GROUP Wednesday, March 7 • 8:00-9:15PM • Sanctuary HOUSE GROUPS Wednesdays (no groups February 28 or March 28) • 8:00-9:15PM Spend time in area homes in small groups studying God’s Word together with an adult small group leader. Sign up for a small group.


Tuesdays, February 20, March 6 & 20 • 6:30-7:30PM CPC’s ministry for kids and students with special needs explores who God is and how we can have a relationship with Him through Bible study, service projects, games, guest speakers, and story/drama.


Sunday, February 25 • 12:30PM • Sanctuary Mosaic celebrates that we are all children of God and worship God in our own ways—noises, sounds, and movements welcome! This service is led mostly by students with special needs. Lunch provided afterward.


LENT 2018



Thursday, March 15 • 7:00PM • Room 305 We discuss Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Contact Susan Schrader:


Sundays • 9:30 or 10:45AM More than just “Sunday school,” Sunday Communities foster a sense of belonging and growth with people of similar interests or life stages. •E  3 (millenial couples) James Madsen speaks on “Imperfect Disciples” (9:30AM - Room 302) •C  ATALYST (couples with young children) Dave Scherf speaks on marriage (9:30AM - Room 201/202) •M  IXED TAPES (primarily 30s) (9:30AM - Fellowship Hall West) •S  .A.L.T. (40s & 50s) Laura Mulliken speaks on “The Armor of God” (9:30AM - Fellowship Hall East) •A  .C.T.S. (late 50s & 60s) Randy Andersen speaks on “Living Faithfully” (9:20AM - Fellowship Hall Center) •M  ORE (active retired) Alan Johnson speaks on “Key Christian Thinkers” (10:45AM - Fireside Room - old Room 107) •C  REDO (intergenerational) Nick Schaser speaks on “Lost in Translation” (10:45AM - Fellowship Hall Center)


Mondays • 9:30-11:30AM OR Tuesdays • 7:00-8:30PM • Room 116 James Madsen leads this intergenerational discussion-oriented study of Ephesians and Philippians for men and women. Together we connect our

CPCONLINE.ORG • 952.920.8515

everyday lives to the hope and joy found in Christ in life-transforming ways! Sign up:

NEW! 20s & 30s SMALL GROUP

2nd & 4th Thursdays • 7:00-9:00PM • South Minneapolis home All are welcome to join this new small group: singles, couples, men, women, professionals, and students! Through prayer, Bible study, and fellowship, we'll navigate life as faith-filled 20- and 30-somethings. Led by AnnaLisa and Justin Buol. Sign up:


Wednesdays • 6:30-7:30PM • Fireside Room (old Room 107) We are Christian dads who want to become better husbands, dads, and men. Led by Allen Pofahl and Tom Wagner, we study A Dad After God’s Own Heart and meet whenever there is Wednesday night programming for kids and students. Sign up:


Several existing men’s small groups welcome new participants. Sign up:


MOMS IN THE MIDDLE (for moms of tweens and teens) LARGE GROUP Thursday, April 19 • 9:30-11:30AM Jeanette Schmidt, women’s event speaker and Bible study leader, presents “Identity Crisis.” Cost: $5 at the door. Sign up: SMALL GROUPS Thursdays, February 22, March 8 & 15 • 9:30AM Groups provide in-depth connection, support, and study. Contact Kirstin Slaney:


Meets Mondays every three weeks • 7:00-8:30PM • Office Conference Room 2 Connect and grow together in faith with other moms of young kids through elementary age. Led by Nicole Van Heel. No childcare. Sign up:


Wednesdays • 7:00-7:30PM (fellowship at 6:45PM) • Choir Room Take a pause in the middle of your week with other moms. Slow down, be encouraged with a devotional, and pray. Led by Abby Andrusko, we meet whenever there is Wednesday night programming for kids and students. Come when you can! Contact Esty Bain, Childcare Coordinator, for childcare for infants-1st grade:

MOM’S MORNING (for moms of young children)

LARGE GROUP Wednesdays, February 28 & March 14 • 9:30-11:30AM In February, Tanika Fitzgerald presents “Miscarried Joy.” In March, Katie Sanders presents “Soul Care for Mamas.” Cost: $30/year for Large Group; $30/child (waitlist for childcare). Sign up: SMALL GROUPS Meets 1st, 3rd, & 5th Wednesdays • 9:30-11:30AM Groups allow you to develop relationships through Bible study, prayer, fellowship, and Christ-centered support. Cost: $30/child for childcare (waitlist). Contact Angie Trailer:


Saturday, March 10 • 10:00AM-2:00PM • Room 10 South Our mission is to make warm garments and blankets for local agencies that serve those in need. We have yarn, fabric, and knitters to get you started. Sally Stoutenburgh at 952.927.6915


Mondays starting March 12 • 9:30-11:45AM • Anderson Hall This spring, we study Priscilla Shirer’s Discerning the Voice of God. Learn how obedience and surrender help us discern God’s voice in everyday life. Seven sessions include DVD teaching, small group conversation, fellowship, and prayer. Cost: $17. Sign up:


Thursday, March 22 • TBD • AMC Southdale Let’s Connect is a ministry that seeks to provide women in their middle years a space to live, learn, and serve while growing in Christ. Join us for a night at the movies as we enjoy "I Can Only Imagine" based on the incredible true-life story. Kathy Laedtke at 612.759.8221 or sign up:


60+) Circles combine fellowship, learning, and service in a small group setting. Guests and new members always welcome! MARTHA CIRCLE Wednesdays, February 21 & March 21 • 10:30AM • Fireside Room (old Room 107) All women welcome for warm fellowship! Pat Haberkorn at 952.941.4188 ESTHER CIRCLE Wednesday, March 7 • 10:00AM • nearby home All are welcome to join us for Bible study and fellowship. RUTH CIRCLE Meets every Wednesday • 9:30AM On the first and third Wednesdays, we meet in a home for food, fellowship, devotions, and prayers. On the other Wednesdays, we serve at Feed My Starving Children and at CPC. Barb Bucha at 952.470.4414


Wednesdays, February 28 & March 28 • 11:30AM • Fellowship Hall In February, enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by “Souper” Pastor Rich. The Jack Brass Band performs feel-good music from the New Orleans jazz greats.

In March, invite friends for lunch and to hear from Pastor Melissa Schaser. She speaks on being a hospital chaplain and ways to understand the healing of body, mind, and spirit. Cost: $5. Please bring Jerry's cash receipts and pop/can tabs. Cleo Wedge at 952.922.2769 Sign up by the Sunday prior: CPC LIFE

| LENT 2018



HORIZONS (active retired)

Saturday, March 3 • 1:00PM • Depart CPC main entrance Horizons is an inviting community of active retirement-age singles and couples, experiencing and sharing the good we see all around us! Join us for the 2:00PM Sinfonia concert “Keyboard Kaleidoscope” featuring pianist Loren Fishman. Dinner follows at Olive Garden. Concert is free; dinner on your own. Sign up:


Thursday, April 12 • 6:00-8:30PM • Fellowship Hall Celebrate God’s goodness, be blessed with the fellowship of others who serve in Lay Care Ministries, hear stories, and enjoy a meal prepared by Pastor/Chef Rich Phenow. All volunteers in Lay Care Ministries are welcome! RSVP:


Tuesdays, February 20 & March 20 • 7:00-8:30PM • Room 306 • meets 3rd Tuesdays Does your child experience emotional or mental health issues? You are not alone. Join other parents, friends, and caregivers as we care for one another on our journeys. In February, Nancy Howe, CFPS, NAMI-MN presents, “Managing a Mental Health Crisis for Families.” In March, support and fellowship.



Enjoy kids and want to help make faith stick? Kids’ Ministries is looking for volunteers with varying gifts.

A.R.M.S. (Active Retired Men Serving)

Thursdays • 8:00AM-12:00PM • donuts and coffee at 10:00AM This dedicated group works on various projects to keep the building in prime condition! We welcome both men and women of all ages and skill levels.

NEAR FEBRUARY MISSION OF THE MONTH OPPORTUNITY INTERNATIONAL OI transforms communities by empowering Nicaraguans to break the cycle of poverty through financial education, skills training, insurance, and loans. To give, mark your check memo Mission of the Month or give online:


Saturday/Sunday, March 10/11 • Great Room In conjunction with our special speaker Michael Chitwood of World Vision, this experience allows you and your family to step out of your comfort zones and engage in God’s love for “the least of these.”


Tuesdays, March 13-April 17 • 6:30-8:00PM • Room 201 In this six-week series, learn more about trafficking and local victimization and how you can take action. Each weekly session requires an hour and a half of reading and journaling. Required resources: In Our Backyard by Nita Belles and Make it Zero by Mary Frances Bowley, both available at Pathway. Sign up:

Fridays, February 23 & March 9, and Saturday, March 24 • Anderson Hall 10:00AM-12:00PM This ministry seeks to share God's love, comfort, and peace through the knitting and gifting of shawls. Prayers for the recipient are knit into each shawl. Newcomers welcome. Coaching and materials can be provided. Pat Johnson at 952.270.1434




Tuesday, March 13 • 6:00-8:30PM • Fireside Room • meets 2nd Tuesdays Grief Recovery is for those who have lost a loved one. We experience God’s hope and healing through fellowship, prayer, and sharing a meal. Pastor Debbie Manning speaks.


Thursday, March 22 • 6:00-8:00PM • Anderson Hall In this community for single parents and their children, we share a family meal, then adults break off to hear a speaker. Childcare provided through elementary age. No cost.


This group is for parents and family members of someone who is LGBTQ. Discuss together how to best love and support our loved one and each other.


LENT 2018



Friday, March 16 • Prep: 2:30-4:00PM; Serve: 5:00-7:00PM • Creekside Community Center • Third Fridays Volunteers age 15 and older are welcome to prepare and serve a meal with our Bloomington friends. Sign up for one or both slots:

Saturday, April 14 • 9:00AM • Fireside Room The Plunge is a learning opportunity for deeper missional engagement. Prior to this workshop, take the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) online to assess your ability to shift cultural perspective—to be a better neighbor. Discuss collective results; individual results discussed separately at additional cost. Facilitated by Urban Homeworks staff. Cost: $20. Sign up:


June 18-23 Serve in Granada with partner Opportunity International on this insight trip led by Lori Olson of OI and CPC Pastor Petey and Ashley Crowder. Cost (subject to change, including airfare): $2,895. Learn more and sign up:


Nick and Melissa Schaser welcomed a daughter, Lydia Lynne, on January 15. Melissa serves as Pastor of Congregational Care. Jason and Erin Hettinger welcomed a daughter, Emma Joy, on January 19. Erin serves as the Student Ministries Assistant.


Natalie Anderson and Josh Perry were married on January 6. The Rev. Richard Phenow officiated. Bethany Locklear and Trent Sherman were married on January 13. The Rev. John Crosby officiated.


Trish Azbill’s sister, Kristin, died suddenly in December. Robert “Bob” Book passed away on December 26 at the age of 94. He is survived by son Ray (Julie Parke) Book. Delores K. Wilkie passed away on January 13 at the age of 88. She is survived by children, Bill Arnold, Laura (Tom) Schmitt, Ruth (Peter) Kenefick, Lynn (John) Feickert, and Amy (Bill) Harrison. Mary Samuelson passed away on January 3 at the age of 54. She is survived by parents Ed and Deanne Turja. Mary (Tom) Gulliford's sister, Inez, passed away on January 5.

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AnnaLisa Buol joins the Communications Team.


Missions YTD Total Missions Giving: $253,516 Ministry Fund Revenue/Expense Update December 2017 YTD Revenue Actual: $2,787,840 December 2017 YTD Revenue Budget: $3,132,813 January 2018 YTD Revenue Actual: $3,184,740 January 2018 YTD Revenue Budget: $3,387,601 YTD (1/31/2018) We are behind on giving revenue by $202,861 We are under on expenses by $193,747 The difference between those creates a gap of -$9,114

J. Richard Baker passed away on January 13 at the age of 78. He is survived by daughter Julie (Will) TenBroek. Dorothy “Dottie” Avenson passed away on January 14 at the age of 95. Shirley Alvord passed away on January 22 at the age of 95. She is survived by two daughters.


| LENT 2018


Hard at work!

New conference rooms overlooking the west expansion.

The west expansion room takes shape.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE Despite the winter cold, our construction crews are making significant progress on key areas of our project and are on schedule.

COMMONS AREA Construction on the east side between the Chapel and Great Room had a strong push in late 2017 so that the outer walls and windows were in place. From the parking lot, you can see the wide expanse of windows as well as where the two-way fireplace will be located, so it can be enjoyed from the patio as well as inside our new Commons area.

STAIRWELLS Completion of the new stairwell will occur in February. This allows us to begin demolition of the stairwell located on the east side, across from the elevator in the main corridor. • Temporary walls will be placed around the old stairwell for safety. • Demolition will begin on the third floor, then move down to second floor, then first floor. • The elevator in the main corridor will remain operable, but please watch signage for updates and to receive assistance. This is especially true on weekdays while construction crews are working. • At times the main corridor will be closed and unusable. We are aware of the inconvenience, but this is to ensure our safety. Signage will redirect traffic.

WEST EXPANSION Construction crews are currently focusing on interior work of the large expansion room on the west side. This gathering space will include a stage and has a beautiful large bank of windows facing west. Three new conference rooms overlooking the new space are also being constructed at this time.


| LENT 2018


E A S T ER CEL EBR AT ION SERV ICES CONTEMPORARY Saturday, March 31 • 5:15PM A Saturday evening version of the Sunday morning Easter Contemporary worship, led by the Contemporary Worship Team, with a meditation by John Crosby. Childcare: 6 weeks-PreK. SUNRISE Sunday, April 1 • 6:00AM As the sun rises, we celebrate the Resurrection with singing, Orthodox traditions, Communion, and a meditation by Rich Phenow. Dress casually to walk outside! No childcare. TRADITIONAL Sunday, April 1 • 8:00 & 9:10AM Traditional services celebrate the Resurrection with music by the choir and instruments, and a meditation from John Crosby. Childcare: 6 weeks-PreK. CONTEMPORARY Sunday, April 1 • 10:30 & 11:40AM The Contemporary Worship Team leads a celebration of the Resurrection, with a meditation from John Crosby. Childcare: 6 weeks-PreK.

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