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“My mama likes to say I dream in food, and she’s not wrong " , says Anna laughing at the reference. “I am the ultimate baker, because culinary is ingrained in who I am. Nothing brings me greater joy than serving others something I’ ve made them. ”


"I believe food should be both delicious and artistic, and that you should taste the love. ”

“My earliest baking memory is sitting on the kitchen counter with my papou (Greek for Grandpa), dipping truffles and eating more than I was helping. ” says Anna. Baking was always a hobby for Anna, however her mission changed when she was 8. Her little brother Panteleimon was born with a series of life threatening food allergies. It was at that point that Anna decided to take the role of her personal chef determined to help him in any way she could. “I dove into the kitchen, experimenting and creating new recipes, ” says Anna. “My passion for baking continued to grow with each smile he gave me. ”

Five years ago, at the young age of 21, Anna turned her passion for baking and helping and opened “To Your Health Bakery ” -an allergy friendly facility with a mission is to create food from scratch, delicious, nutritious, and available to everyone

Anna’s bakery is tailored to serve those with allergies and dietary restrictions, so that they too can enjoy treats. A portion of Anna’s bakery proceeds go to supporting food access and education through Compassion International and Global Education Ministries.

At the bakery, we do it all! Gourmet cakes, scones, pies, cookies, brownies, donuts, cinnamon buns, tiramisu, biscuits...however, my signature recipe is probably our oatmeal cream pies. They ’re out #1 best seller in the bakery year round!” Says Anna.

Anna’s creativity and sense of community has also landed her on the public eye. Her bakery has been featured on The Kelly + Ryan Show on ABC, an Instagram PopUp Shop hosted by Shawn Johnson, Hallmark Channel' s Christmas Cookie Matchup, and My Fox 8 news.

She now displays her many media appearances on what they call “The wall of fame. ” This wall encapsulates her baking journey. “ To me this is a testament to the incredible work that God has done, ” says Anna. “From publicity opportunities to building our precious community. Everything has been a miraculous gift from Him. ”

“The best advice I’ ve ever received is to prioritize my relationship with Christ and everything else will follow!” says Anna “I always say that what makes a good baker is not the talent or skill but how well you can fix your mistakes. That is knowledge only gained through action, so my advice for those beginning to bake is to go for it and have FUN! Baking is both science and intuition, don’t overthink things and don’t fear mistakes! There are no failures, only experiences to learn from and improve. ”

For those who are starting their own ventures,

Anna advises them to find something they love, make it uniquely theirs. “You know what your talents are and where your passion lies, ” says

Anna. “Stay in your lane! Don’t overextend yourself and stay true to your brand. You can do anything but not everything. ”

As far as the future, “To Your Health Bakery ” just launched a line of dry mixes. They offer a signature All Purpose Baking Flour, a Cake Mix, a Cookie Mix, and a Bread Mix, all Top 8 Allergen Free. “We currently sell them online through our website, ” says Anna. “We are huge advocates for allergy awareness and can’t wait to see our recipes become a staple in homes!”