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November 2020 • Volume 14 - Issue 11

Irish Singer/Songwriter

Ashley Davis

Releases the Brilliant When the Stars Went Out

Editor’s Corner By John O’Brien, Jr.


Grateful Lines


id you Daylight Save? Pray for All Souls? Vote? It’s funny, I never struggle to be grateful; I see so much good around me, people and performance, more poignant and perhaps starker too, in COVID. I am self-aware and work to live in the present. Inhale the flowers, exhale the hate. Yet, I often do struggle to say thanks in the way that someone knows is sincere, not flattery. It’s like telling a woman she is beautiful – her first thought may be, “Is he hitting on me? What does he want?” Beauty can be looks, of course, but mostly, it is vibrancy, action of apathy, and the hurt in your eyes. I merely wish to compliment who or what I see before me, but it’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world, Lola.


Veteran’s Day; the annual Beleek Day at Casey’s Irish Imports; Thanksgiving, my favorite Holiday of the year; and the blurred lines already crossed, right into Just hear those sleigh bells ringing and jing ting tingaling too. Come on its lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you. If 1918 is infamous, what will 2020 be

called? Lordy, if we are lucky enough to read this, we are making it through the year that shall live in dark infamy. I did, in fact, vote, using mail-in, but since I work so close to the Board of Elections, I dropped off the completed and sealed ballot there, on my morning walk. I saw several masked friends, and had a nice chat with former coworkers as well as so many candidates who were lined up at the proper distance from the people’s place to vote in person. They were meeting people, discussing issues, and respectfully asking for those who hadn’t yet voted, for their vote. This is the way it is supposed to be. Discussion, a certain amount of comradery .. Many say we have lost the civility to do that anymore. They are wrong. If you haven’t checked out the podcast, you are in for a treat this month. we have Co. Clare author Ruairí McKiernan discussing his new, and already hit book, Hitching for Hope - a Journey into the Heart and Soul of Ireland, as well as the extensive charity work this Fulbright scholar has done throughput Ireland. Then, on November 20th, we welcome the gang from Scythian, as they celebrate the release of their new CD, Roots & Stones, and share the hijinks and all the joys of recording during COVID, the many online concerts and so much more. The CD is fantastic; a powerful blast from the past of their music style, eve-evolving going forward, and shar-ing the great joy of Scythian music, that speaks to our soul. A full review will be in the next issue of the OhioIANews. The iIrish: Songs, Stories & Shenanigans Podcast features the Irish movers, shakers and music makers, on demand,

and is available on iTunes, WHKRadio. com and OhioIANews.com. It is free. Subscribe and you will receive an email link when each new episode is released for download, every 2nd Friday at 5:00 p.m. Then you can listen to it any time, whenever you wish; every episode is always archived to listen to whenever you wish, on your phone, laptop or iPad. I listen to podcasts all the time while driving – educational and entertainment opportunities newly available, with much less commercials. If you would like your commercial to be in the podcast, give me a shout, and together, we can spread the good news. The annual Al O’Leary Hurling Tournament was an ever changing, fun, family-oriented event, COVID moved from the usual host Akron Celtic Guards home field in Akron, to the West Side Irish American Club, just southwest of Cleveland. Teams from Cleveland, Akron, Pittsburgh and Indy met on the field, and after in the local, for a great meal and more than a few stories. Hurling is the national sport of Ireland, the clash of the ash, and the fastest game on grass. Check out videos on YouTube if you haven’t seen it, then resolve to get out next summer and see our local teams in action. Check out ClevelandGAA online and on Facebook, for their offerings for Men’s, Ladies and Youth Gaelic Football and Hurling, as well as other news and events. Nuair a stadann an ceol, stadann an rince (When the music stops, so does the dance) John

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We’ve Always Been Green

About Our Cover: Irish Singer/ Songwriter Ashley Davis Releases the Brilliant When the Stars Went Out


a midwife, who finds herself the only

Off the nurse on duty overnight in the “fever/ maternity” ward set aside for influShelf enza patients who also happen to be By Terry Kenneally

pregnant. Over three days Julia goes from patient to patient administering what little treatment there is : mostly @TerryKenneally whiskey and chloroform. She is joined by Dr. Katherine Lynn, Pull of the Stars a rare female physician (and real By Emma Donoghue historical figure) who is considered a wanted criminal by Dublin police for Little, Brown, and Company ISBN 978-0-316-49901-9 2020 295 pp. her role in Sinn Fein’s 1916 uprising. The third woman is a young volunteer, Bridie Sweeney, the product of an Emma Donoghue’s new book is set orphanage so neglected that she does at a Dublin hospital in the grip of the not even know her age. pandemic. The influenza pandemic The scenes in the “fever/ of 1918 (sometimes maternity” ward referred to as the Spanish Flu) killed capture and hold more people than the one’s attention to First World War - an such a degree that estimated three to whenever it leaves six percent of the the room, the book human race, includloses its fire, but ing 675,000 in the these departures United States. are thankfully rare. This is the third The word influenza book reviewed in comes from the ItalOff the Shelf by ian phrase “influenDonoghue, an Irish za delle stelle”, the -born woman who influence of the stars, now lives in Canahence the name of da. The other two the book. were The WonThe book says a lot der, a work of about the searing porhistorical fiction trait of women’s lives and The Room, an scarred by poverty and international best seller adapted into a too many pregnanmovie and nominated for four Acade- cies in a society that proclaims, “She my Awards. doesn’t love him unless she gives him The parallels to 2020 and the twelve.” The Catholic Church is called pandemic, which has a strange hold to judgement for its brutal treatment on all of us, are uncanny, but this of unmarried mothers and their is history. The sounds of wracking offspring in the homes run by nuns. coughs cut through the air as medical Emma Donoghue has crafted another supplies run short, and face masks thriller written presciently which is a become commonplace in the streets. Top Shelf read. T The government touts’ false cures and contends that the epidemic is under Terrence J Kenneally is an attorney control (sound familiar?). and owner of Terrence J Kenneally & The pandemic is merely the back Associates in Rocky River Ohio. He drop to a story about three women works for insureds and insurance comwho come together over three days panies in defense litigation throughout in a Dublin hospital maternity ward the state of Ohio. striving to save the lives of pregnant Get More to the Story women at risk during labor and delivMore pics, and larger print too! ery who are also suffering from the flu. @www.ohioianews.com The heroine of the book is Julia Power,



ON THIS DAY IN IRISH HISTORY - NOVEMBER 3 November 1854 –The Catholic University of Ireland opened. John Henry (later Cardinal) Newman is its first rector. 7 November 1791 – Dublin’s Custom House opened. Burnt to a shell in 1921 during the War of Independence, it was completely restored. 8 November 1847 – was the birth in Dublin of Bram Stoker, author of Dracula. 9 November 1875 – was the birth of Hugh Lane, art collector and critic, who is best known for establishing Dublin’s Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, the first known public gallery of modern art in the world. He died on the RMS Lusitania. 10 November 1580 – The Massacre at Dun an Oir, Ballyferriter. Co. Kerry occurred. Over 600 people were slaughtered after surrendering to Lord Deputy Grey of Wilton and Sir Walter Raleigh.

14 November 1918 – Seamus O’Kelly, playwright, novelist, short story writer and journalist, died He was known for The Weaver’s Grave. 18 November 1922 – The Court martial of Erskine Childers began for his role in the Irish Civil War. 19 November 1913 – The Irish Citizen Army is founded by James Larkin and James Connolly as a means to enable workers during the Dublin Lock-out to defend themselves in clashes with police. 21 November 1920 – Also known as “Bloody Sunday” (the 4th and most recent one), fourteen British intelligence officers are shot dead in Dublin by the IRA. Later in the afternoon, British forces shot 12 civilians at a soccer match in Dublin. That evening three Irish prisoners were killed by their British captors at Dublin Castle.

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Once you’ve chopped the apples,

Cooking Up onion, and celery – place in bottom of crockpot/slow cooker, casserole dish, a Hooley Dutch Oven, or Stock Pot. Sprinkle By Katie Gagne

Perfectly Fall

Harvest Baked Beans

Voted Best Stone Oven Pizza Downtown Willoughby

Mini Donuts, Bagels, Mitchells Ice Cream, Rising Star Roasters, Chill Pop Great Harvest Bread Co. (Located Next to the Wild Goose)

We all need that simple and satisfying, yet unique dish to bring to our next potluck, or an upcoming get-together. These are even a great addition to your holiday menu. It’s so easy to take these baked beans to a new level. Quick to make, using convenient ingredients. They can be made in a crockpot, a large pot on the stove, or baked in a casserole dish or Dutch Oven.

Ingredients 2 Granny Smith Apples – peeled, cored, and chopped -- you can leave the skin on for a rustic look 1 medium White Onion – chopped 4 stalks Celery – chopped 1 lb bulk Breakfast Sausage – cooked and drained 2 16 oz cans Bush’s Baked Beans I like to use 1 Original and 1 Brown Sugar and Hickory ¼ cup Maple Syrup 2 tablespoons Yellow Mustard 2 tablespoons Garlic Salt 1 teaspoon Black Pepper ½ teaspoon Cinnamon

all the seasonings over them. Add the cooked, drained sausage. Add in the 2 cans of baked beans. Stir in the syrup and mustard. Cook on low for 2 hours in the crockpot or on the stovetop. Bake in the oven at 300* for 2 hours. You can keep these on warm for as long as you need to before serving.

Makes approximately 10 side dish size servings. You can easily adjust the amounts to serve a bigger crowd. Katie Gagne teaches English at Trinity High School in Garfield Heights. She is also the owner of her in-home bakery Sassy’s Sweets and Oh So Much More. You can contact her at (440) 773-4459 or at mkbluebows@aol.com, or find her on Facebook at @sassyssweetsandmore.

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More pics, and larger print too! @www.ohioianews.com

Downtown Willoughby 4


We’ve Always Been Green


Terry From Derry By Terry Boyle

Living with Indifference

In retrospect, this past nine months have been extremely challenging for everyone. All of us, no matter where we live, has had to think and act differently. What we once thought of as ‘normal’ interactions with others have dramatically changed. The restrictions we have all had to endure has to have a toll on our mental health, whether we realize it or not, and, yet, we manage to carry on. It’s to our credit that given how universally pervasive the virus has been, we have managed to find ways to survive, and even make the best of things. The human capacity to adapt is remarkable. And, while it seems apocalyptic, the crisis we’re living through has shown the best and the worst of who we are as a species. Yeats, in his poem, ‘Easter 1916’ says, ‘Too long a sacrifice/can make a stone of the heart’, is primarily about the grievances of nationalism, but it can also be applied to the daily sacrifices we must make to keep ourselves and others safe. Resisting the normal, natural desire to meet with family and friends is no mean feat. It’s something that becomes increasingly more difficult as the days become weeks, and weeks become months. The tendency to avoid, and ignore the consequences of our actions can be costly to ourselves and others. And, if you’re like me, you create all sorts of scenarios in your mind of ‘what ifs’. For example, we lead hikes into the desert mountains. Some of these hikes are a little strenuous, and there are some hikers who are not prepared for the trek. They think they are, they believe they are, but when they encounter a rocky area that they need to scramble over or climb, their body reminds them of what they are really capable of.

MAN’S GOT TO KNOW HIS LIMITATIONS Last year, before the pandemic, there was one lady who was convinced she


could complete the hike, despite her partner’s warnings. When we reached the top of the trail, the lady in question, was so scared of the descent, she froze. So, while one of the other leaders took charge of the rest of the group, I spent over an hour reassuring this woman she could, with help, make it down the trail. To her credit, she followed every instruction, and made it back. I suspect, she will continue to overestimate her abilities, at least her partner believes she will, and as such will never learn to live with her limitations. However, now that we have greater restrictions, the level of help we offer is also limited. Social distancing means no contact. So, can you imagine what would happen is someone is injured, or stuck, and needs a helping hand? These are scenarios we’ve not had to think about before. In my own active imagination, I’ve wondered about those first responders who daily put their lives on the line for others; having to face the possibility of helping someone who is positive and thereby putting themselves at risk. Every call-out carries a potential risk that most of us never have to think about. No matter how many precautions they take, there is always a chance that one of their good deeds might be the one that leaves them infected. Most are not in positions of putting ourselves into a situation that carries such a high risk. However, we are, as with the lady who refused to accept her limitations, capable of being foolhardy. Too long a sacrifice, can make a stone of the heart, might also be seen as too long living with restrictions can make us indifferent and less cautious. No one wants to exist the way we’ve been forced to live over the past months, and it’s easy for us to find loopholes to justify and excuse our increasing lax behaviour. In some areas, the rate of infection has gone up, while deaths have decreased. This observation could be seen by some as a good justification for being less restrained, and more irresponsible. We, human beings, are complicated. In times of crisis, it’s hard for us to contain the urge to deny the reality the unseen enemy. We tend to want to minimize it; pretend it’s just as dangerous as the flu, or we buy into some conspiracy theory that questions the very existence of the virus. However, none of this changes the fact our very existence is under threat. There is no guarantee that you will be the one

who is asymptomatic or that you’ll be one of the lucky ones who get sick and recovers.

in our respective areas. Derry has been fortunate; infection rates were low so restrictions eased. People were not made to wear masks and pubs were open. LIVING THROUGH A PANDEMIC Whereas my reporting was the complete Living through a pandemic, or any opposite; our infection rates were going crisis, for an extended period of time is up with more restrictions enforced. unfamiliar and it’s easy to let down one’s However, as we know from expeguard. The fact that we have not been rience, things can change overnight. infected may be the result of chance or When things begin to improve, people vigilance. become blasé and as such, the tables If we have had the disease, we might have turned. The rate of infection has have seen the worst of human nature in gone up in Derry, whereas the opposite being treated as a social pariah. My sishas happened here. Restrictions have inter in Derry recently had a chest infeccreased for Derry folk and lessened here. tion, which her neighbours believed to It could all change again. This roller be the virus, and, consequently, she was coaster ride that we’re all on is not going treated with suspicion. It wasn’t until she away any time soon, and we have to fight showed them her negative test result that against the natural desire to become their attitude towards her changed. complacent. Indifference and complaWhatever our circumstances, and we cency are a real enemy. They find a home all have our own stories, the disease has in our hearts when we feel we’ve sacrinot gone away. There is no vaccine, and ficed our freedom for a long time. But even when there is a vaccine available, we’re not out of the fray yet, so let’s not we have no way of knowing how effecallow despondency lead us to become tive it will be. It’s hard for us, having reckless with our lives and others. T sacrificed for so long, to not become apathetic and careless. Get More to the Story In chatting to my Derry sister over More pics, and larger print too! the past year, we’ve exchanged news of @www.ohioianews.com lessening and tightening restrictions

CONWAY LAND TITLE COMPANY 162 Main Street Painesville, OH 44077

L to R: Maureen, Declan, Liam, Neil IV (Bub), Seanna

440.352.0651 (Fax: 440.352.9261)

neil@conwaylandtitle.com•www.conwaylandtitle.com ERIN GO BRAGH

Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce






Blowin, In By Susan Mangan


Putting Up A Jar

Late autumn ushers in early winter. Squirrels have set their garden table with hollowed out acorns. The kernels have long been buried, foodstuff for arctic days, and the caps left open to cradle drops of cold rain. A fitting cordial for the blue jays who toast winter cardinals, inviting them to a frosty buffet. The bird bath stands alone, hidden in the corner of the garden. Moss has overtaken the water, but perhaps in the spring, new rain will fall, and the robins will again enjoy a frolic in the bath. My husband has recently put the garden to bed. Hardy leaves of chard remain, covering the last of the carrots and parsnips from the morning cold. Emptied of summer tomatoes, skeletal branches of tarragon and rosemary, his array of terracotta pots will patiently await spring peas. There is a beautiful sense of hope in the discovery of a weathered clay garden planter that sits empty on the last shelf of the potting shed, or in the

corner of the asparagus bed, waiting to provide inspiration. I cannot help but imagine that the birds and beasts of nature feel the same. Long after amber leaves have fallen, sturdy bird nests hold fast to the branches of the damson plum and apple blossom trees. Female robins search our wintery garden for the many dried seeds and echinacea pods that will sustain them until that time in early April when they will again lay their speckled blue eggs in the safe constructs of their nests. Having escaped another season with our English Springer Spaniel, the chipmunks will burrow in the large clay planters that dot our chipped wooden deck, and the rabbits will again tunnel far beneath the pea patch. Perhaps I have been long accustomed to the practice of patience and positive mindfulness, for whenever I see an empty vessel, no matter the shape or provenance, I always imagine that container filled rather than empty.


When traveling, I migrate toward specialty food shops and local grocers. Here the seeker can find interesting pots of artisan jams and test-tube like vials of dried rosehips or delicate



Call it an obsession or simply a collection, but I have acquired jars everywhere from remote wineries in the Finger Lakes of New York to whiskey distilleries in the Highlands of Scotland. Most recently, and most treasured, is the jar of Christmas Mincemeat with plum and ginger from the Waitrose Market in London’s Marylebone. While many London tourists boarded the plane back to America sporting luxury Burberry scarves, I was toting small jars of nutmeg from Notting Hill, tins of tea from Covent Garden, and pots of Cotswold honey and brandied pear jam from the Borough Market. Obsession indeed. Even as I admit my weaknesses to you dear readers, I cannot help but smile at my jar of Follain Blackcurrant Jam procured from Keane’s Meats in Newport, Ireland. This particular pot dates back twenty-four years to my honeymoon. The jam has long been spread upon slices of my mother-inlaw’s brown bread, and the treasured container now holds spent vanilla bean pods nestled beneath soft grains of sprays of lavender. Oftentimes, the caster sugar. I have baked cookies, pies, containers are even more fascinating muffins, and scones with this fragrant than the contents. sugar - small gestures of love and comIn Montreal, I tasted my way fort sweeten dark days. through macarons and macaroons, There is that old saying about whethfrosted petit fours and almond spiced er you recognize a jar as being half-full financier cakes. Circling through the or half-empty. In this season of minduneven, cobbled streets of Old Monful thanksgiving, I may look to my treal, I was on a quest. Entranced by empty jars and recall fond memories the street names: Rue Sainte-Helene, of travel and family, but I am always Rue St. Paul, Rue Saint-Urbain, I thinking of new ways to fill my jars almost lost sight of my destination – Maison Christian Faure, a noted bak- with simple beauty. While I do enjoy ery and café written up in Bon Appetit reminiscing about that carefree Montreal weekend I spent with my husband magazine. years ago, dashing into bakeries and Here, I was certain to discover the most delicate lavender madeleines and cafes while April snow fell upon our the most exotic baba au rhum. Rather, heads, I value the simplicity of our life today; watching my husband pottering I was taken by the collection of conaround in his garden and then offering serves sitting on every pristine white shelf. Glorious jars filled with precious me a humble bouquet of late November herbs which look perfect, resting in my sounding wobbly jams and spiked chutneys. I finally decided upon Con- posh pot of confiture. T fiture Artisanale: Figue et Violette. To me, the taste of a jam crafted Susan holds a Master’s degree in from flowers and figs was secondary English from John Carroll University to the glory of the jar, a confection in and a Master’s degree in Education from itself. I left Montreal with my belly full Baldwin-Wallace University. She may be of champagne and oysters, French beer contacted at suemangan@yahoo.com. and poutine, but my greatest souvenir was the jar of jam that I squirreled Get More to the Story into my overnight case and onto the More pics, and larger print too! @www.ohioianews.com waiting shelves of my kitchen.

We’ve Always Been Green


Wise Craics

mill. A couple of days go by, and then Mick slips and severs his leg on By Maury Collins another bloody big saw. So, Paddy puts the limb in a plastic bag and rushes it and Mick off to @MauryCollins Hospital. Next day he calls in to see him and asks the nurse how he is. The nurse Murph and Pat are neighbors. They replies, “He’s out in the Rehab again meet at the pub for a pint. Murph exercising”. And sure enough, there’s says to Pat, did I see you chasing Mick out there doing some serious your wife around naked last night? work on the treadmill. Pat replies, jokes on you Murph, I And very soon Mick comes back to wasn’t home last night. work. But, as usual, within a couple of days he has another accident and severs his head. Paddy and Mick went fishing, and Wearily Paddy puts the head in they are not catching anything. As a plastic bag and transports it and they’re about to give up for the day, Mick to hospital. Next day he goes two Englishmen with huge baskets of in and asks the nurse how Mick is. freshly caught fish walk by. The nurse breaks down and cries and “Bejaysus!” Paddy exclaims, “How says, “He’s dead.” Paddy is shocked, on Earth did ya catch so many fish?” but not surprised. “I suppose the saw The Englishmen explain that it’s finally did him in.” “No”, says the a life-hack they’ve been doing for nurse, “Some idiot put his head in a years. They find a bridge, then one of plastic bag and he suffocated. the guys holds the other by his ankles over the bridge and they scoop up all the fish as they’re swimming downPaddy says to Mick. I have bought stream. two goldfish. Mick says have you got “Genius!” Mick jubilantly cries. names for them? Paddy replies, I call So, off they trot up the river to find a that one, One, and the other one I call bridge. Two. Paddy lowers Mick over the side Why have you called them that? with a basket. Shortly after, Mick Paddy replies, well if one dies, I will excitedly yells, ‘Paddy, Paddy, pull still have two. me back up!!!’ Paddy, excited by the prospect of a basket of fish, yells back, ‘Great, Convicted hit man Jimmy ‘Twohave ye caught somethin?” Shoes’ McClarty confessed today Mick yells back, “No Paddy, there’s that he was once hired to beat a cow a train coming.” to death in a rice field, using only two small porcelain figures. Police admit this may be the first known Paddy and Mick are working at the case of a knickknack paddy-whack. local sawmill. One day, Mick slips, his arm gets caught and severed by Maury Collins is a Charter Memthe big bench saw. ber and past president of the John Paddy quickly puts the limb in a P. Kelly Division AOH and a proud plastic bag and rushes it and Mick to first-generation Irish American. Conthe local hospital. Next day, Paddy tact him at maurycollins61@gmail. goes to the hospital and asks after com Mick. The nurse says, “Oh he’s out in Web https://maurysirishnewstoledo. Rehab exercising.” weebly.com/ Paddy couldn’t believe it, but Get More to the Story there’s Mick out the back exercising More pics, and larger print too! his now re-attached arm. The very @www.ohioianews.com next day he’s back at work in the saw



wned and Operate d Family O

McMahon-Coyne-Vitantonio Funeral Homes

Direct Cremation: $1490

440-942-0700 Michael F. Coyne ◆ Kevin M. Coyne ◆ Tony Vitantonio We are family owned & operated

West Side Irish American Club To preserve and promote our rich Irish cultural heritage in song, dance, literature, sports, and traditions. To provide a forum for the enrichment of our family and the enhancement of our friendships.

Great live music & food in The Pub every Friday.

440.235.5868 GENERAL MEETING

3rd Thursday of every month

Since 1931

Annual Raffle Tickets Available! Contact Heather at 216-440-0801

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Irish traditional music by having their music transcribed by Edward Bunting. McCracken became interested in reBy J. Michael Finn publican politics from an early age, and along with other Protestants, notably Robert Emmet, Thomas Russell, James Napper Tandy, and Theobald Wolfe Tone, formed the Society of the United Irishmen in 1791 in Belfast. The Society of United Irishmen, also known as the United Irishmen, was a sworn society formed in the wake of the French Revolution to secure “an equal representation of all the people” in a “national government.” The movement included Protestants, Catholics and Dissenters (Dissenters were Irish Henry Joy McCracken was born in Presbyterians who were often discrimBelfast on August 31, 1767 into two of Henry was the older brother of polit- inated against because they were not the city’s most prominent Presbyterian ical activist and social reformer Mary members of the established church of industrial families. He was the son of a Ann McCracken, with whom he shared England). ship owner, Captain John McCracken, an interest in Irish traditional culture. The formation of the United Irishand Ann Joy, daughter of Francis Joy, of Henry was brought up in the linen men had a promising start. It was orgaFrench Huguenot descent. business, and at the age of twenty-two nized under the deliberately inoffensive The Joy family made their money was the manager of a cotton factory in cover name of “The Muddlers Club.” in linen manufacturing. McCracken’s Belfast. The mostly-Presbyterian group held maternal grandfather, Francis Joy, also In 1792, McCracken was one of the their meetings in a pub, Peggy Barclay’s owned important paper mills and was organizers of the Belfast Harp Festival, Tavern, on a Belfast alleyway called the founder of The Belfast Newsletter, which gathered aged Irish harpers from Sugarhouse Entry. Ireland’s oldest newspaper. around Ireland, and helped preserve At first their plans were peaceful,


Henry Joy McCracken,

County Antrim Rebel



We’ve Always Been Green

until hopes of a self-governing Ireland disappeared under repressive English policies in 1795. Thereafter, the Muddlers set themselves on a path to violent confrontation with the law. McCracken regularly travelled throughout the country using his cotton business as a cover for organizing other United Irish Societies in Ireland. He was arrested in October 1796 and held in Kilmainham Jail in Dublin for thirteen months. While imprisoned there with other leaders of the United Irishmen, McCracken fell seriously ill and was released on bail in December 1797. Following the outbreak of the United Irishmen Rebellion in Leinster in May 1798, the Antrim organization met on June 3, 1798 to decide on their response. The meeting ended inconclusively, with a vote to wait for French aid before taking any direct action. A new meeting of delegates was held in Templepatrick on June 5, 1798, where McCracken was elected general and supreme commander for Antrim; he quickly began planning military operations. On June 6, he issued a proclamation, calling the United Irishmen


to arms. Of the 21,000 members on the rolls in his district, approximately 9,000 responded to the call. McCracken formulated a plan for all small towns in Antrim to be seized after which rebels would converge upon Antrim town on June 7, 1798. McCracken led one of the columns that attacked the town of Antrim. In their first encounter with English troops, the United Irishmen were successful, putting to flight a body of the 22nd Dragoons, causing them a loss of five officers, forty-seven men and forty horses. The English troops counter-attacked with reinforcements, re-entered the town and drove out the rebels. In the counter-attack, over 150 rebels were killed and wounded in the town, and over 200 fell in the rout that followed. It is reported that while McCracken acted with bravery and daring, many of his officers lacked his spirit and determination. In addition, McCracken had expected support from the Catholic Defenders group; however, that support did not appear. For several weeks that followed, McCracken and his remaining force were on the run near the Slemish Mountain in County Antrim. The rebels were well treated by the country people, who made every effort to conceal them from the English forces. McCracken’s sister, Mary Ann, made contact with him and arranged for him to have money, a change of clothing, a forged pass and passage to America on a foreign vessel departing from Belfast Lough. On the eve of his escape, he was recognized by a former business associate and was arrested. He was lodged in Carrickfergus Castle and was tried by court martial the next day. Using perjured testimony, the court sentenced him to death. In his cell McCracken told his sister to inform Thomas Russell “Tell him I have done my duty.” Several approaches were made to McCracken during and after the trial suggesting that he would receive clemency in exchange for information on the United Irishmen leaders. McCracken refused all such offers to inform. He was hanged at Corn Market, High Street, Belfast, on July 17, 1798, on land his grandfather had donated to the city.


His sister Mary Ann had arranged to have a doctor present at the hanging lest there be a chance of resuscitation, but the hangman had done his job. Henry Joy McCracken was dead at age 30. The body was buried in St George’s Churchyard. Some years later, when part of the ground was sold off, some of the graves were disturbed. McCracken’s remains were reburied in the cemetery at Clifton Street, where a memorial was erected. After her brother’s execution, Mary Ann took over the care of his illegitimate daughter, Maria, who was not universally accepted in her wider family. Mary Ann lived with Maria and her family until her death on July 26, 1866 at the age of 96 years. His comrade in arms James Hope said of him, “When all our leaders deserted us, Henry Joy McCracken stood alone, faithful to the last. He led on the forlorn hope of the cause of Antrim, and brought the government to terms with all but the leaders. He died rather than prove a traitor to the cause.” An Irish traditional song, Henry Joy, ends with the following verse: Ah boys, for Ireland’s cause we fought, for her and home we bled Our pikes were few but hearts were true, and five to one lay dead And many a lassie mourned her lad and mother mourned her boy For youth was strong in that gallant throng who followed Henry Joy.

SAFE HOME MANUS CONWAY Cleveland, Ohio Jun 11, 1932 – Oct 12, 2020 MANUS CONWAY, native of Tallagh, Ballycroy, Co. Mayo, Ireland, age 88. Beloved husband of 58 years to Bridget (nee Campbell); loving father of Nora Margaret (deceased), Ruth Ann, Rosemary Wilson (Jim), Frank (Karin), Colleen Klein (James) and Keith; proud “Papa” of Cailin and Jamie Klein, Aidan and Bridget

Conway, and Jimmy and Nora Margaret Wilson; brother of Mary Jones (deceased), Rose O’Brien (deceased), Bridget Morahan (Michael, deceased), Frank Conway (deceased), Margaret Canning (deceased), Patrick Conway (deceased), and Hugh Conway; beloved brother-in-law, uncle, great-uncle, and friend of many. Retired Laborer Local 310.  Passed away at home surrounded by his family October 12, 2020.  In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions are suggested to the Monastery of the Poor Clares, 3501 Rocky River Dr., Cleveland, OH 44111.   Obituary courtesy of ChambersFuneralHomes.com T

MENTOR BROOKLYN MONTROSE WESTLAKE 7861 Reynolds Road 440-942-6611

10310 Cascade Crossing 216-362-7700

145 Montrose West Ave. 234-466-0060

24940 Sperry Drive 440-835-2890

If you would like to read more about 1798, look for the book The Year of Liberty: The History of the Great Irish Rebellion of 1798, by Thomas Pakenham, Random House, 1969. T J. Michael Finn is the Ohio State Historian for the Ancient Order of Hibernians and Division Historian for the Patrick Pearse Division in Columbus, Ohio. He is also Chairman of the Catholic Record Society for the Diocese of Columbus, Ohio. He writes on Irish and Irish-American history; Ohio history and Ohio Catholic history. You may contact him at FCoolavin@aol.com.

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species in need of a good PR firm. Ireland has three native species of owls, all of which can also be found in Northeast Ohio. The Long-eared Owl, By Bob Carney Ceann Cait in Irish means cat head and describes it’s resemblance to a cat, is the most common can be found throughout @BobCarneyGTR Ireland. They are found in forests and wooded areas that abut open fields and grasslands, where they hunt mice, voles, rats and shrews. Their English name comes This is my favorite time of the year from the long ear tufts that are raised to be out walking in the woods. As when they are alarmed or focused on the trees drop their leaves, visibility potential prey or just plain curious. becomes better, and wildlife and birds Those tufts lie flat when they are flyof prey become easier to spot if you’re ing or relaxed. Ceann Cait is a medium observant. sized owl, thirteen to sixteen inches in Over the years and countless walks length and with a maximum weight of in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, ¾ lb. The female is the larger of the two. we’ve been fortunate to come across a They tend to nest in abandoned stick few areas, where, if you’re early enough, nests of other birds. When defending quiet enough, and lucky enough, you their nest, their ears go up, wings outmay spot one of the most mysterious of strech and when they extend, their flight the raptors. feathers double or triple their appearImagine walking and suddenly seeing ance. a large dark shape glide silently through As with many species of owls around the canopy and land a little further away the world, the actual number of Longas it maintains its distance? It’s head Eared Owls in Ireland is unkown, priswivels and now you’re the one being marily due to the difficulty of studying studied. this silent, nocturnal bird. There are seven species of owls native The Barn Owl, Scréachóg Reilige, to Northeast Ohio, and we’ve been lucky although the most widespread land bird enough to have encountered a few of in the world, is the most threatened in them. They can be easily identified by Ireland, and was recently red listed in their round feather formations around the “Birds of Conservation Concern their face, to help channel sound to their in Ireland.” Larger than the Longears. A useful adaptation for a primarily Eared Owl, it weighs up to a pound nocturnal hunter. Their forward facing, and a half. The Barn Owl usually piercing eyes and strange nightly calls nests in barns, chimneys, attics of old add to the mystery; it’s no wonder that buildings, but can also be found in the they’ve become part of our halloween cavities of trees or even rock crevices. traditions. They require an area of about twenty Perhaps the very nature of the owl is acres per pair to hunt and raise their what led it to being so maligned in Celtic young. A pair will normally mate for and Irish mythology. Almost always fe- life and lay four to seven eggs in spring. male, the owl was refered to as a creature In a good year, good weather and ample from the spirit world. prey, the pair may raise two or three It was believed to represent the Cailclutches. leach, the hag goddess, so much so that The Short-Eared Owl, Ulchabhán the Irish for owl is cailleach oíche, night Réisc, which roughly translates to owl of hag. The call of the owl was considered the marsh, is a winter visitor to Ireland. an omen of an impending death. It is mostly found on the east and south In other tales, simply seeing an owl coasts. These owls, unlike the other two, foretold of death and they were someare diurnal, or active in the daytime. times called the “corpse bird.” As late They hunt small rodents, birds and as the 1950s, dead owls were nailed to insects for food. They perch on posts, barn doors to ward off evil spirits, in the walls or in the branches of trees, belief that to fight evil, you had to use scanning for potential prey, flying low evil against itself. Obviously, owls are a and swooping down on their victims.

Cleveland ' Comhrá

Short-Eared Owl


Owls of Ireland


We’ve Always Been Green

Gold Cheeks Owl

All photos by Rob Kanter


They rarely breed in Ireland, but oddly enough, when they do, it generally happens on the southwest or west coast. Rob Kanter, Clinical Associate Professor at The School of Earth Society and Environment at The University of Illinois, says the owl for the most part is a resilient bird and adapts to changing environment. As with all wild creatures, there are things that threaten them, loss of habitat can decrease potential hunting and breeding sites. Pesticides and poisons to protect crops can be injested by the owl through its prey. Collisions with power lines and vehicles take their toll on many birds of prey. According to Kanter, owls can be very difficult to put exact numbers on. They can have a large range; some species have hunting sites away from

Eastern Screech Owl (Red Phase) their nesting sites and some are migratory. Not to mention, they are for the most part, nocturnal. All of these factor into the difficulty of studying them. One thing you can be sure of, though, is that anytime a piece of the equation is tampered with, it has an affect on the whole. Last month I was able to share some information regarding the forestry taking place in Ireland. This type of responsible industry can have long term benefits for all of the creatures that


Barred Owl

Providing nationwide property & casualty placement, life insurance and employee benefits, as well as complex foreign liability for domestic and international clients in commercial products, contracts and directors' & officers' liability.

call Ireland home. A Cherokee elder explained the mindset difference between a Western settler, “ I have rights,” and indigenous people, “I have obligations.” “Instead of thinking that I am born with rights, I choose to think that I am born with obligations, to serve past, present and future generations, and the planet herself.” - Stan Rushworth SLÁN GO FÓILL! T


Bob Carney is a student of Irish history and language and teaches the Speak Irish Cleveland class held every Tuesday@PJ McIntyre’s. He is also active in the Irish Wolfhound and Irish dogs orginizations in and around Cleveland. Wife Mary, hounds Morrighán and Rían and terrier Doolin keep the house jumping. He can be contacted @ carneyspeakirish@gmail.com

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Thomas F. McManamon

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Todd McManamon

mcmanamoninsurance.com OHIO IRISH AMERICAN NEWS 11

By Dottie Wenger


nd 2 Annual KNOWvember!

There are so many things happening in the United States this November; we will start the month by electing a president; November 11th is Veterans Day; and a couple weeks after that, we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving! This month’s column is dedicated to fun facts regarding these American events, with some Irish craic thrown in for good measure! Election Day, November 3 Fun Facts In Colonial times, people voted out loud, “Yea” (yes) or “Nay” (no) with their voices. Today, we go to a polling place, like a school or another public building, to cast our vote. We choose our favored candidate, and we vote using a ballot, which might be filled in by hand. Voters in some polling places use a punch tool to “punch” their ballots, or some use a touch-screen computer. What is a political party? Well, it’s not necessarily as much fun as it sounds. Many grown-ups join a political party because it supports values they believe in, and ideas about how they feel the government should

Presidential Craic DID YOU KNOW…

An Irishman, James Hoban, designed the United States White House! Ireland has had two female presidents: Mary Patricia McAleese, served 1997-2011 Mary Robinson, served 1990-1997


THANKSGIVING November 26th TEST YOURSELF! (Answers below)

work. The two main political parties in the United States are the Democratic Party (famous Democratic presidents include Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Barrack Obama) and the Republican Party (famous Republican

presidents include Theodore Roosevelt, George Bush, and Donald Trump.) A donkey is the symbol of the Democratic Party, and an elephant is the symbol of the Republican Party. T

Veterans Day, November 11th Fun Facts On November 11, 1918, at 11:00 a.m., a temporary peace (or armistice) was signed and the fighting during World War I ended. A year later, President Woodrow Wilson announced that November 11th would be called Armistice Day in the United States. Then in 1954, Armistice Day became known as Veteran’s Day, in honor of veterans of all wars. You can observe Veteran’s Day by flying the American flag, placing mini flags on graves and memorial sites, and by thanking a veteran personally for their service to our country. T


Here is a cute candy turkey kids can make for Thanksgiving, or for whenever a sweet tooth strikes! Use a bit of melted chocolate to attach a bite-sized Reese’s cup to a regular-sized Reese’s cup as shown in the picture. Add some colorful “feathers” and a beak by attaching Reese’s Pieces or M&M’s, and the turkey’s face can be made complete with candy eyes. Have fun, and try your own additions too. T Dottie taught kindergarten and second grade for a total of thirty-two years, and she now handles marketing and promotions for Yorktown Service Plaza in Parma Heights. In her spare time, Dottie is a baker extraordinaire, and also enjoys participating in 5K events in order to offset collateral damage from this hobby.


We’ve Always Been Green


How long did the first Thanksgiving last?


What is a snood?


What is a baby turkey called?


Which Native American tribe taught the Pilgrims how to plant and harvest food, and were invited to the Thanksgiving meal?

Answers: 1. three days 2. the loose skin under a male turkey’s neck

3. a poult 4. the Wampanoag tribe Get More to the Story

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est. 2006

The Colours of Ireland Monthly Coloring Contest

Age Divisions: Ages 7, 8, 9 • Ages 10, 11 & 12

Irish Dance

Prizes: Each Age Group winner will receive a Gift Card to Kamm’s Corner Ice Cream, or the OhioIANews Advertiser of their choice! Official Rules and Regs: One entry per child One winner in each age group. Participant must color page without assistance. Participant may use crayons, markers, or paint. Use your imagination! Coloring page is also printable from: www.OhioIANews.com Submitting Your Entry: Color the picture on this page, or download and color it. Entry and entry info (Name, age, city and Parents Name and Phone Number) must be dropped off to PJ McIntyre’s or the OhioIANews or scanned and emailed to jobrien@ohioianews.com Or mailed to: 14615 Triskett Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44111-3123 by the 15th of the following Month (December 15th, for the November Contest). Participants name and contact information will not be displayed during judging, but first name and age will be noted after judging for public view. Winners will be showcased in the OhioIANews.





Classic Car Show at the Shamrock Club

The 4th Classic Car & Bike Show at the Shamrock Club of Columbus was a great day. Huge turnout and over 140 vehicles registered to be judged, was an all-time record. When they saw how many people showed to participate, many members who attended the event jumped in to help the scheduled volunteers Everything aligned with weather, turnout and fun, to make it a perfect day, and a big fundraiser for the club to support the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. T

Shamrock Club Columbus Shenanigans Judges Trevor Luther, Beth Berkermer and Devin Stearns.

Car Show Volunteers: Back L-R Lisa O’Connell-Paccioretti, Secretary Nancy Murphy, Board Member Nora Feeney, LAOH President Katie Somers, Board Member Jim McDonald, Debbi McDonald, Jim Feeney, Rolla McCandless, Jeff Hockingberry, Stacie Stearns, Christina Motika, Christina McConahay Front L-R Josef Fallon, Molly Truex.

Best of Show winner Bob Kirst (1946 Ford Coupe) and President Andrew Shuman.

LAOH Member of the Year Megan Malloy and Daughters of Erin Irish Woman of the Year Peggy McCathran.


When the St. Patrick’s Day parade and Family Reunion were canceled earlier this year, it was stated that if possible, the Shamrock Club of Columbus’ Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day Party would have to make up for it and more; we certainly did that on September 19. The event was held outside, and distancing procedures were followed by everyone. Festivities kicked off with the Irwin Academy of Irish Dance and the Shamrock Club Pipes and Drums. Once the piping, drumming and dancing were done, The Drowsy Lads took the stage to really turn up the craic. There was not the usual St. Patrick’s Day merriment and ceremony of the procession to Mass, the parade and the reunion, but it was a grand event filled with our Irish family and well worth the wait. T

Msgr. John Kelly Cody blessed all the animals and Ann & Rick Ralston.

BarktoberFest Haunts the Night

Second Place, Jasper who ain't The first ever BarktoberFest on October 10th at the "nothing but a hound dog." Shamrock Club of Columbus, invited all owners and pets to join in the a costume parade and to be blessed by the Club Chaplain, Monsignor John Kelly Cody. The turnout was grande and the costumes spooky and silly. Thank you to Co-Chairs Stacie Stearns and Karen Third Place winner for best Finn for putting on this wonderful and fun event. T costume for pet and owner.


We’ve Always Been Green


Donnybrook by John Myers


A spirited group shared their support for a United Ireland, American Style, with the first annual “American Cruise for a United Ireland” in Cleveland’s West Park neighborhood. A beautiful fall day presented the backdrop to advocate for a United Ireland as we near the UK Brexit withdrawal date of New Year’s Eve, 2020. Come 2021, the UK will be formerly out of the EU and drag the Six Counties in the North of Ireland with them. Irish Supporters need the US government to be clear that it is unacceptable for the UK to force the Six Counties, where a majority voted to stay in the EU, to leave the EU. Nowhere in the world is there an open border absent a trade treaty in place; this unilateral UK action will likely mean a return of a “hard” border between the North of Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, causing great economic and political disruption. It will also put at risk the 1998 Good Friday Peace Agreement. Thanks to all who supported the Cruise, including Irish Northern Aid and Cleveland Hibernians.


This fall marks the 175th Anniversary of American Abolitionist Frederick Douglass’ trip to Ireland. In 1845, Douglass had just published his autobiography and his supporters were very concerned that his recent notoriety would make it more likely that bounty hunters would be able to track him down in Boston and drag him back to his slave owner in Maryland. Douglass “got out of town” for what was to be a brief speaking tour in Great Britain and Ireland. As is the case with many visitors to Ireland, Douglass was scheduled for a few days in Ireland, but ended staying for over four months. It was on this journey that he met the “Liberator of Ireland,” Daniel O’Connell, who led the fight for Catholics to be able to vote in the UK and for the repeal of Union between Ireland and


the UK. O’Connell introduced Douglass at one of his large mass meetings in Dublin to speak to the Irish crowd. O’Connell was a well-known anti-slavery advocate as well. The Irish trip transformed the young Fredrick Douglass’ into the world renown leader he became. Douglass wrote at the time: “I can truly say, I have spent some of the happiest moments of my life since landing in this country (Ireland), I seem to have undergone a transformation, I live a new life.”

cution Service for Northern Ireland recently announced that there would be no further charges related to Bloody Sunday. Currently only one soldier, Soldier “F,” has been charged with any violation and that trial has not yet been adjudicated. The lack of further action lends support to those nationalists who believe that justice will never be served by any government of the Crown. This failure to proceed with the investigation further erodes confidence that the extent of British violations of human rights in the North of Ireland will never reach the light of day. Families of the victims will ask the High Court in Belfast to review the Prosecution’s failure to act in the hope that these thirteen state sponsored murders shall not be swept under the rung, that these thirteen lives matter. Gavin, the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Pa) and his Ma, Katie Finnegan’s family is from County Louth. While the 2020 race will be a true One Ireland The Ohio “One Island One Ireland “ Committee is inviting all supporters of a free and united Ireland to gather on October 3rd , 2020 (11 AM) in the West Park neighborhood of Cleveland for “An American Cruise for a United Ireland,” with support from the Cleveland Ancient Order of Hibernians and the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians. Bring IRISH OPEN your sweetest car or decorate your American Catlin John is only the 3rd vehicle. American to win the Irish Open. The This is NOT a parade, as all traffall classic was played at Galgorm Golf fic laws must be followed, but an old Resort in Ballymeena, Co. Antrim. fashioned cruise that will allow one John edged out Irisher’s Padraig Harto show your support for A United rington and Shane Lowry. Ironically, Ireland in a COVID safe manner. NI native Rory McIlroy stayed in the This is a crucial time and the Brexit US due to pandemic travel challenges. plans offer the best chance for progress towards a United Ireland in a BLOODY SUNDAY generation. It has been almost fifty years since WHITEHOUSE 2020 For further details, check “Irish the events known as Bloody Sunday, “Northeast Pennsylvania will be Cleveland” on Facebook, or send and still no justice has been achieved written on my heart. But Ireland an email to OneIslandOneIreland@ for the thirteen innocent civilians who will be written on my soul,” said Joe gmail.com. T were murdered in the streets of Derry Biden on one of his visits to the EmGet More to the Story and fifteen injured by British troops. To erald Isle. The Veep’s great grandMore pics, and larger print too! add insult and injury to the cause for father was born in Ballina, County @www.ohioianews.com peace and reconciliation, The ProseMayo (The sister city to Scranton,



an old house, at the corner of Lagrange and Palmer. The family investors were Henry (Henny), Edward S. Mohr and James Faurot, a brother in law. By Maury Collins William and Henry were twins. They had another brother, Johnny Mohr, who ran an ice cream and sweet shop at @MauryCollins Lagrange and Hausman. The building is still there and has the name “Mohr’s Town Station” cemented into the top of the framework. It was a stop on the inter- urban rail/ streetcar, which went from there to Manhattan Blvd. and then on to Toledo Beach. Johnny Mohr’s (John’s namesake) Sweetshop also had card games. The numbers racket was run out of the John Mohr is a long-time member of back room. That was quite common at that time the John P. Kelly AOH Division (Lucas and also quite illegal. Johnny Mohr was County). I spoke to John about Mohr not involved in the soft drink business, Bros. pop always being available at parbut he would lend the brothers monish functions at old St. Ann’s Church, ey when they started to buy bottles, and at dances and summer picnics with extract and other supplies. Everything the Irish Benevolent Club. John shared was paid C.O.D. since it was a new stories about the family business, which business. lasted ninety-three years. Mohr Bros. Bottling Works was PUTTING THE HORSE ON THE TRAIN established in early spring of 1902. The As the business grew, the need for a first office and plant were at Mettler and larger plant became necessary. There horses and space for the horse drawn Lagrange and later purchased land and was also a need for a stable for the carts with special design sides. The horses and carts were put on a rail car, which would take them to Defiance, Napoleon, most of Wood County, and to Adrian, Morenci and Monroe, Michigan. The driver would go with the train and stay in their area from Tuesday until Friday; local stables were contracted to house the horses. There were smaller carts for local areas: Toledo, Maumee, Point Place, Erie and Luna Pier. In about 1915, a fleet of four or five trucks was purchased. They kept six horses for a couple of years for short runs and truck breakdowns. On January 20, 1920, the company was incorporated and became the Mohr Bros. Bottling Company. Common stock was offered for sale and some stocks were given to long time employees with their bonuses. Changes were made in the board of directors. Henry and William retired, giving their stock to their children and Grandchildren. The President was Edward S. Mohr, (John’s Grandfather); Vice President was James Faurot; the Secretary-Treasurer was John’ Father, Alton Mohr, who was just back from World War I; the 2nd Vice-President was William Maska (Son in Law of Henry Mohr); the

Toledo Irish


Mohr Bros Bottling Company


We’ve Always Been Green

Office Manager was William F. Corrigan (Son in Law of Edward Mohr). He was also just home from World War I. The company began by supplying beverages to candy stores and social events, like ice cream socials and outdoor events. Later their market was mainly taverns and grocery stores, but they also sold cases of soda to church functions and other organizations. Through the years, Mohr Bros. stuck to its line of old-fashioned flavors, like root beer, ginger ale, lime, orange, blood orange, cherry, grape, cream, strawberry, grapefruit, lemon-lime and cola. Mohr Bros became beer distributers from about 1923 until Prohibition, for Anheuser – Busch products. When prohibition was ended, they continued to sell Budweiser and Michelob. At that time, Michelob was only available in kegs. They always had a regional beer, which was cheaper for back up. The “back-up” beers included Pheiffers, then later it was Altes Lager and then Weidemann. There was also a beer called Marsh from Michigan, and Erin Brew, a great Irish brewery, from Cleveland. Ted Eash was President & CEO. His ruddy face was a picture of Ireland. Ted was always right there with his sales force; he would hop on a truck and run


the route with the Mohr Bros. driver. Ted was always with his distributors in March (the Green season) and the beer flowed like water (Holy Water).

vors to driving a delivery truck, being a salesman and served on the board of directors. Even after he left the company, he continued to help out on a parttime basis, and served on the board of GLORY DAYS directors as Secretary Treasurer. The glory days for beer distributors Mohr Bros. was sold in 1983 to John was coming to an end. Brewers wanted Kolb, who was formerly with Vernors, to go to bigger regional distributors. Inc. Richard Mohr, whose grandfather Budweiser wanted to take the beer was one of the original founders, stayed from Mohr Bros and give it to Treu on as company president. House of Munch, because they had the The company was renamed the Kolb distributorship at Saginaw. Bay City Beverage Company and sold a total of area covering all of the Michigan Lower sixteen flavors at that time. Richard Peninsula above Detroit. Mohr eventually bought the company Brewers did not offer franchisers back from Kolb. He had started workor contracts. It was order to order, so ing at Mohr Bros. in 1940, at the age of Mohr Bros had no recourse. However, 14. Richard had a reputation for being Max Treu and Leo Munch said they very hands-on with the business; he would not take the distributorship from could be seen on the factory floor in Mohr Bros. They paid $30,000 over work clothes, mixing the soda flavors three years for a couple of trucks and by hand, referring to the recipe book good will. containing the company’s eighty-yearThe Mohr Bros beer sales manager at old formulas. He passed away in 2002 that time was Barney Quilter. Barney at the age of 75. was a good friend of the Budweiser “They were locked into the old stansales manager for Ohio, Michigan and dards, and Richard Mohr just hung Kentucky, Stan Robinson. Stan refused in there with that,” his brother said. to be the hatchet man for the brewery “He kept a lot of customers, even when against Mohr Bros., resulting in him he was down to three people working being transferred to Kansas, Nebraska there. It was pride, because he was the and Montana. third generation of Mohrs in the busiBarney Quilter went on to become ness.” T an Ohio State Representative (see the May issue of the OhioIANews). Barney, along with House Leader Vern Maury Collins is a Charter Member King, wanted to make breweries give a and past president of the John P. Kelly 180-day notice before canceling a con- Division AOH and a proud first-genertract with a distributor. The final law ation Irish American. Contact him at required a 90-day notice. maurycollins61@gmail.com. Mohr Bros. hired high school students from the two nearby high schools Web https://maurysirishnewstoledo. weebly.com/ (Central Catholic and Woodward High) every summer. John himself started working there at age fifteen and worked there for twenty-four years. He did everything from mixing soda fla-

Aggressive Creative. Successful. Cleveland Office 1468 W. 9th Street • Suite 135 Cleveland, Ohio 44113

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Cleveland Irish By Francis McGarry

Rapscallions It was a couple of fortnights ago that this article discussed the Cleveland Police Department in 1898, with a particular focus on the Irish members of that force. As I researched, I was surprised not so much by the number of Irish folk, but by the number of native-born Irish on the force, the majority born in the Emerald Isle during the 1850s and 1860s. That was not shocking; it complies with the Famine Irish narrative. The number of native born, albeit children immigrants, who made their way to a position of relative power and respect was inspiring, especially considering the social and political climate in

Reverend Chuck preached that the Nativists believed they were the “political-ecclesiastical Corporation of original Americans, and the rightful heirs to this county. They believed they priests and Jesuits under the direction were the protectors of common values, of a foreign power”…“would employ any means for the glory of God, beliefs, language and race. It was a response to over four million Europe- because treachery and fraud, even the an immigrants in the mid-19th century, violation of oaths, private murder, of who spoke Gaelic or German, had dif- destruction by war are all justified by ferent cultural customs and came from the holy end.” The Know Nothings listened to his different religious traditions. 95% of the Irish immigrants and about 30% of preaching and the call to defend what they determined was their natural the Germans were Catholic. right. The Know Nothing Council of That was problem enough for the Ohio had 138 sub-councils and directnative born, Protestant males who ed Kentucky’s fifteen councils, Misacquired the name “Know Nothings” souri’s ten councils and Indiana’s five after a member refused to answer a councils. Their constitution required journalist questions about the orgamembers to pledge: nization and simply replied, “I know nothing.” The real issue was what I, _____, hereby solemnly swear Know Nothings called “rigged elec216.647.1144 •fidelity jobrien@ianohio.com eternal to the vows I have taken tions.” THE RISE OF THE NATIVISTS in this Order. I also swear that I will Naturalization laws allowed immiIrish immigrants in Cleveland and advance the interests of every native grants to achieve enfranchisement all of Ohio during the 19th centuwith expediency. Ohio policy permit- born American citizen, especially ry were confronted with Nativists. immigrants to vote if they declared members of this Order, to the entire Some Americans were alarmed at This Proof isted submitted for edits orinacceptance; please exclusion let us know yourand changes and absolute of all aliens intent to become naturalized five the slow rate of assimilation of these and more especially those years. In you Please just had to showtoforeigners, approval asIndiana, possible. reply this email. newcomers. In 1854 and 1856 there as soon who belong to or approve of the Roup to become a Hoosier, beggars can’t was enough of support of the Nativist man Catholic faith. So help me God! be choosers. The ease of naturalizamovement to gain political power on tion and the ability to vote led to the the national level. “rigged” battle AD IS APPROVED AScry ISand the argument THE POPE’S AD IS TICKET NOT APPROVED that naturalization could occur after The Please anti-Catholic andtothe fearemail replydogma ASAP this twenty-one years. of the Catholic vote, the “Pope’s Tickknow what changes are et,” ledtotolet thisus country’s most violent THE IRISH AND GERMAN VOTE election day riots: The St. Louis ElecCatholics did vote, and they built needed tion Riot of 1852, the St. Louis Know churches, seminaries, had German Nothing Riot of 1854, the Cincinnati and Irish grocery stores and populatElection Day Riot of 1855, the Chicago ed entire neighborhoods. Cincinnati Reverend Charles Boynton believed it “Lager” Riot of 1855 and the Louisville “Bloody Monday” Riot of 1855. was a part of the Catholic conspiracy Know Nothing Orders took oaths to to have imperial papal dominance of “annihilate the whole tribe of worththe world. He believed the Catholic less rapscallions.” The Cleveland Irish strategy was to eliminate all other religions and overthrow all Protestant rapscallions chose to be police after immigrating during this violent turmoil. governments. America during the 19th century. The force was primarily Irish and German, with many of those fellows being immigrants. They migrated to the United States as a result, in part, of the historically American principles of open immigration and ability to become citizens. The founding generation in this country made it comparatively simple to become American. Free public education and various benevolent organizations assisted immigrants. Capitalism and republicanism were the welcoming call to all those abroad who dreamed of a better life, and/or a position with the Cleveland Police. Millions of Irish heard that call; they might not have heard the third tenet of Protestantism.

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Francis McGarry holds undergraduate degrees from Indiana University in Anthropology, Education and History and a Masters in Social Science from the University of Chicago. He is an assistant principal and history teacher. Francis is a past president of the Irish American Club East Side. He is the founder and past president of the Bluestone Division of the Ancient Order of Hibernians.



The nativist attack was not limited to physical violence. Culture war led to the adoption of the King James Bible in those free public schools and curriculum from a nativist paradigm. Sunday closing laws were aimed at preventing Catholic feasting and German cultural recreation. Protestantism constructed the core values and social attitudes of this country in the nativist paradigm. They even created national myths producing a dichotomy between Americanism and Catholicism. Americans and immigrants challenged what they deemed bigoted xenophobia. The Know Nothings did not have the numbers nor the support of the general public. They went underground and formed secret cohorts which required members to be white, male, native born, at least 21 and Protestant Christian. All members had to disavow membership. Groucho Marx said, “I would never join an organization that would have me as a member.” He could not join the Know Nothings because of his Jewish faith. Emma Lazarus was also of Jewish faith and her 1883 sonnet “The New Colossus” was written to raise funds for the Statue of Liberty. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be breathe free.” Those are words Irish immigrants landing in New York could read. Those are the words that Irish immigrants heard whilst in Ireland: the parents of those Cleveland Police officers in 1898, as well as the parents of the Irish they arrested. For further reading see Inventing America’s First Immigration Crisis: Political Nativism in the Antebellum West by Luke Ritter. It is part of the series, Catholic Practice in North America published by Fordham University Press. T


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At Home, Abroad By Regina Costello

“Free to be you and me.”

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg Ruth Bader Ginsburg (aka RBG) stood at the helm as an advocate for equality; equality for all, men and women, and all Americans regardless of ethnicity, religion or persuasion. She wasn’t against laws that favored men only. She did not aspire to have these laws abolished. She knew better than that. She cleverly worked to change these laws to ensure they applied to everyone - men and women. She additionally pushed for laws favorably applicable to women only, to also be inclusive of men. Somehow, a tiny woman with a shy personality who loved horses and opera, through sheer grit became a giant in the American justice sphere, champion for many, and a household name the world over. It is true that she earned the respect and admiration of many, including those with a viewpoint polar opposite to hers, most notably, Justice Scalia. However, as a woman who faced discrimination from a young age based on her gender, equal rights for women was the first bullet point on her agenda. Gifted with tenacity and intellectual acuity, she used skillful tactics to gently persuade others to consider methods inclusive to all, that also provided for individualism. Before her death, I was unaware of the true giant that she was in life. Since then, I have sought out articles about her life, and surf the channels in my car as I’m out and about, eager to listen to yet another interview with or about her. I have shared snippets of her life experiences with my daughter Fiona, in the hope that she will be inspired by her and learn to view that disappointments in life can be opportunities, as RBG did. I hope her advice resonates with

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg Fiona: “Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” I’m trying to encourage her to learn that successful outcomes are more likely accomplished with quiet persuasion than loud protests. Unfortunately, I am guilty of the latter and continue to suffer the consequences.


Much has been documented about Justice Ginsburg’s professional accomplishments that in some respects changed the face of American justice, and in doing so, opened doors that were bolted shut to many in society, that included her. As a young Harvard student, she and other female students were asked by the Dean why they should be offered the spots instead of men. Perhaps this experience set in motion her career, because upon graduation, she identified and challenged laws based on stereotypes. It seems that her premise to law revolved around the 14th Amendment that enabled her to win and make real change. It reads: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws”. She shared the following in an NPR


interview: “Well that word, ‘any person,’ covers women as well as men. And the Supreme Court woke up to that reality in 1971.” Recognizing that wake-up call, and to seize the momentum, RBG knew it was now or never, and she proceeded to tackle one case after another. In 1971, she wrote her first Supreme Court brief when she represented Sally Reed in Reed v. Reed. Ms. Reed believed she should be the executor of her son’s estate instead of her ex-husband. The issue at hand was if a state could automatically prefer men over women as executors of estates. The Supreme Court – all men at that time- voted NO.

to both widows and children – but not widowers. During the oral argument at the Supreme Court RBG said, “This absolute exclusion, based on gender per se, operates to the disadvantage of female workers, their surviving spouses, and their children.” The Supreme Court agreed – in five of the cases she argued.


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was a powerhouse seeking cross border equal rights in the United States. Across the ocean, one can say that Mary Robinson, first female President of Ireland 1990-1997 was another commanding force seeking a different kind of justice for all and THE FIRST GENDER DISCRIMINATION has since been described as the most consequential Irish woman of the 20 th BREAKTHROUGH century. This was the first time the Supreme Like RBG, she was born in a time Court struck down a state law that of gender discrimination in Ireland. discriminated based on gender. RBG Her career in law also began in an era ploughed on. She worked on a case in of closed doors to women. As late as Oklahoma where the law allowed girls 1973 in Ireland, women upon marto buy beer at 18 years of age – but not riage were forced to leave government boys. The nine men on the Supreme positions, including teaching jobs. Court ruled 7-2 ruled that the OklaIt’s incredible, that while she athoma law was unconstitutional AND tended Harvard University, that ban that future cases of gender classification was still in place in Ireland. Despite would face more scrutiny. RBG was besuch odds, she was appointed Reid coming an unrelenting force and voice Professor of Criminal Law in Trinity of justice. A topic that greatly interested her was College Dublin at 25 years of age. In a male dominated society, she Social Security Law, because it was ridalso worked as a politician, diplomat, dled with gender bias and provided a poand United Nations High Commistential avenue for her to make substansioner for Human Rights (1997-2002). tive change to ease the lives of thousands Her election to President truly did of American men and women. In one shatter the glass ceiling of Irish case, RBG represented Charles Moritz, a bachelor. The law prevented him from politics, defeating a strong opponent taking a tax deduction for taking care of in Brian Lenihan, who later admitted that she was a more effective person his 89-year-old mother. for the job of President than he. At the time, the IRS allowed for this Like RBG, she was painfully aware deduction to be claimed by women or of gender discrimination in society. widowed or divorced men. As a single As late as the 1990s, Ireland was a man, Moritz did not qualify for the male dominant world: women were benefit. exempt from serving on juries; upon The tax court ruled that the IRS marriage, women were forced to leave code was “immune to constitutional government positions, including challenge.” Both RBG and her husband teaching jobs; and women were paid Marty both took on the case. She won approximately half of what men were the case in the lower court by arguing paid for the same jobs. to have the law equally applied to both Additionally, under the thumb of sexes. This “Mother Brief” paved the way for a powerful Catholic church, forms of RBG to win additional cases of equality birth control were illegal in Ireland. Before her time as President, the local between the sexes. She won a similar bishop denounced her from the alter case for Stephen Wiesenfeld in Weinin the cathedral in her hometown of berger v. Wiesenfeld. Upon the death of Ballina, County Mayo for proposing a his wife, Wiesenfeld was denied social security benefits for himself but that his family planning bill. Mary’s father was a physician, son was an eligible recipient. At that time, the Act provided benefits whom she sometimes accompanied

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so. She was the first Irish President to meet with Queen Elizabeth and invited Prince Charles as a guest in her home. Robinson shook the hand of Gerry Adams, arguing she had done so to recognize the fact that he was elected by the people of West Belfast, and as President, they were her people too. She was one of the first world leaders to visit and highlight the hunger and genocide in Somalia and Rwanda. Her presence there reminded the world that this could no longer be ignored. Leaving the role of Irish President at a remarkable approval rating of 93%, she took on board the cause of human rights at the United Nations. Her work as an authority of human rights in the world stemmed from her Mary Robinson role as Irish President. Both women fought ardently for a on house calls, including births. She better world for all mankind, on the remembers her father being asked “Is basis that such cannot be achieved it a boy or a child?” without equal rights and human rights. Equality is a human right. ROCKING THE SYSTEM Mary Robinson said, “We must As a President, in her own words understand the role of human rights as “she rocked the system”. Mary changed the face of Irish politics and empowering of individuals and commodernized Irish society by removing munities. By protecting these rights, political cobwebs. Her lighting a can- we can help prevent the many conflicts dle each night at Áras an Uachtaráin based on poverty, discrimination and exclusion … that continue to plaque (home of the Irish President) in humanity.” remembrance of Irish immigrants It seems that in order to be “Free to the world over will always be remembe you and me” as RBG put it, equalibered and appreciated. Similar to RBG, she was not afraid ty and human rights must be in place at home and abroad. During the inauto speak her mind in an arena filled guration on December 3, 1990, Mary with objectors. She moved forward, Robinson finished her speech with a bringing topics of contraception, quote from a W.B. Yeats’ poem “I am divorce, travellors’ rights, women’s rights, and the status of the gay com- of Ireland…. dance with me”. President Mary Robinson danced munity, among others, to the fore, the dance. Ruth Bader Ginsberg did taking the stand of human rights, to too. We all need to keep dancing. T an unwelcoming and disinterested audience. Regina is a Graduate from the NaRobinson was astutely aware of her tional University of Ireland, Galway duty as President, as representative and a Post Graduate from the Naof all the people and to work on their tional University of Ireland, Dublin. behalf, to ensure that civil liberties She is the former Curator of the Irish and human rights were available to American Archives at the Western all. Like RBG, she used tactics, eloquence and grace to uproot the carpet Reserve Historical Society, former that hid social inequalities of the day Executive Director of the Soldiers’ and and laid them on the table, front and Sailors’ Monument Commission and former Executive Coordinator of the central. Northern Ohio Rose Centre. She serves THE DALAI LAMA, GERRY ADAMS, on the Board of Directors of the Mayo AND FAMINE Society of Greater Cleveland. She can She was not afraid to do the right be reached at rcostello@ameritech.net thing when it was unpopular to do so. She met the Dalai Lama despite Get More to the Story requests from the Chinese governMore pics, and larger print too! ment and Charles Haughey not to do @www.ohioianews.com


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Francis Browne was born in Cork in 1880. He was orphaned before he was ten years old and sent to live with the aforementioned generous uncle, the Bishop of Cloyne, Robert Browne. Francis, in turn, became a priest, joining the Jesuits as a young man. He was not long ordained when he joined the ranks as a chaplain to the Irish Guards in World War I.

Akron Irish By Lisa O’ Rourke



Being a witness is a curious thing. It means more than just seeing. It coils around an experience and wraps its tail around the conscience. Being a witness implies presence and that compels thought at the least, and perhaps invokes action. Witnesses often don’t know that they are until well after the event. History names them. And so it was with Francis Browne. If you know the name at all, you know him as Fr. Browne. And if you do know his name, it is because he bore witness to one of the greatest tragedies of the 20 th century, the Titanic. Browne was an amateur photographer who happened to receive both a camera and a ticket on the maiden voyage of the Titanic from his uncle. Cameras were rare enough at that time and those lucky enough to have one, used them. The camera captured his imagination. The hold that photography had on him had to be due, in part, to his early experience with it. He set sail, going from Southampton to Cherbourg

and then on to Cobh. He charmed a couple that wanted to pay for him to continue on to New York with them.


He missed the last leg of the voyage due to an admonishment from a superior to GET OFF THAT SHIP. We all know what that kind of message means when you receive it in print, and that stern telegraph surely saved his life.

Fr. Browne’s photographic eye was naturalistic. His photos capture the common people on the boat, those anonymous souls sailing third class, along with some candid shots of the beleaguered captain, Edward J. Smith and the other crew members. The photos have a wistful quality, contrasting the hubris of being part of what was an amazing opportunity with what we know eventually was a horrifying catastrophe.

He was wounded and exposed to mustard gas several times, participating in some of the most horrific battles of the war including Flanders and the Somme. He was awarded both the British Military Cross and the French Croix de Guerre, while being called the “bravest man I ever met” by an English commander. The war did take a toll on his health after the fact. Time in the trenches and exposure to mustard gas left him in need of a warmer climate to recuperate. He travelled for a few years, journeying to such exotic locations as South Africa, Australia and Sri Lanka, camera in hand. Upon his return, the Jesuits assigned him to be a local missionary, which meant that he traveled around Ireland, Scotland and Wales for over thirty years. He passed away in 1960, his primary legacy being that of a beloved priest. Whether he viewed himself as an artist is unknown. He had a passion for photography, but he did not publicize his photographs, except to sell some of them to news outlets after



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the sinking of the Titanic. The artists that he knew in life, were literary ones. His academic career introduced him to James Joyce; they attended university together. Joyce had a character named Fr. Browne in Finnegan’s Wake. Father Browne was also a friend of Rudyard Kipling, whom he met during World War I while Kipling’s son was in the Irish Guards. The fact that Fr. Browne kept all of his negatives is one assertion that he believed that they had some value,

artistic or not.

One of the most powerful ways we missed. to bear witness is through images. O’Donnell, E.E., (2007) All Our YesPHOTOGRAPH WITNESS Photographs have the power to move terdays: Father Browne’s Photographs TO HISTORY us, they have an immediacy, a sense of Children and their favourite poems. It was well after his death, in 1985, that there is no interpreter between Currach Press. T that a fellow Jesuit found a treasure subject and audience. trove of images. Well over twenty-five Being a witness is a curious thing. Lisa O’Rourke is an educator from books have been published from We need look no further than our Akron. She has a BA in English and a his thousands of restored negatives. own backyards to see that. We are Master’s in Reading/Elementary EduProbably his most famous photos are witnessing our own history on so cation. Lisa is a student of everything ones from his early days, those being many fronts. There have been so Irish, primarily Gaeilge. She runs a images from the Titanic and the many images for us to lock on to, so Gaeilge study group at the AOH/Mark trenches of World War I. many containing an element of sadHeffernan Division. She is married to Fr. Browne’s pictures are unposed, ness, of hardship. Dónal and has two sons, Danny and capturing people in their everyday A friend of mine once told a story Liam. Lisa enjoys art, reading, music, activities. His eye about three dogs chasing a rabbit. and travel. She likes spending time for composition is Two of the dogs eventually dropped with her dog, cats and fish. Lisa can be excellent, confrom the chase but one persisted. contacted at olisa07@icloud.com. trasting dark and When the owner was asked why Please send any Akron events to light and different the last dog kept up his pursuit, the Lisa’s email! types of images. owner said that dog was the one that His humanisaw the rabbit. These times call for Get More to the Story ty, compassion More pics, and larger print too! us to see and pursue the rabbits that toward the lives of @www.ohioianews.com we do see, and try to understand that common people, others may be seeing something that and curiosity shine through these photos. Browne’s style remains relevant and contemporary long after his passing. His images make history singular and Help you get started, get situated or get settled. alive, honoring the anonymous individuals he captured.

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linguistic family. Irish speakers refer to Irish as Gaeilge (gahl-ih-gay), derived from an old irish word for Irishman, Goídel (goy-del). There are three regional dialects: By Bob Carney Donegal, Galway and Kerry, along with an official dialect that was established @BobCarneyGTR during the language reform of 1950. That official dialect is what is taught in schools, on-line courses and most self-learning materials. There are eighteen letters in the Irish alphabet: ABCDEFGHILMNOPRSTU, The last few months, we’ve jumped although you will see the remaining into exploring the Irish language with- letters of the English alphabet used out too much explanation of the origins in “loan words.” Vowels can be long or short, indicated by a mark over the of the language itself, or some of its vowel called a fada (fah-da) which nuances. I have found from my own means long. Vowels and consonants are (hardly scientific!) experiences, that broad or slender. it’s easier to learn in a way that incorWe have no word for yes or no; porates Irish words and phrases into you can’t have something, something your daily speech, rather than trying will be with you or on you. Sentence to understand the grammar behind structure is common to other European the language. After all, as children we languages, verb-pronoun- adjective. learned to communicate long before we Spelling can appear confusing at first, were introduced to Warrriner’s English but the vowels that appear to be extra Grammar and Composition. or unnecessary are there to aid in the Irish is one of the oldest languages pronunciation of the consonants. In still spoken today. It belongs to the English there are far more exceptions Celtic Family of languages, which is than rules, in Irish there are few excepdivided into two branches. tions to the rules. The Gaelic branch consists of Irish, A fada over a vowel indicates it is a Scots Gaelic, and Manx, and are simlong vowel and changes its pronunciailar to one another. The other branch tion and will also change the meaning consists of Welsh, Breton and Cornish, of the word, for example, briste (brihand differ dramatically from the Gaelic shta) broken and bríste (bree-shta) branch. pants. The vowels are also grouped into two types, broad and slender, a o and THE BRANCHES OF THE INDOu are broad, while e and i are slender. EUROPEAN LINGUISTIC FAMILY Whether the vowel is broad or slender Together the two form one of the affects the pronunciation of the consotwelve branches of the Indo-European nant next to it.

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The spelling “rule”, Leathan le leathan agus caol le caol (leh-hin leh leh-hin ah-gus keel le keel): broad with broad and slender with slender, keeps pronunciation consistent. Since we know e and i are slender vowels, we can look at the word briste, and know that the consonants are slender as well. You will never see a consonant between a slender vowel and a broad vowel. Typically broad consonants are pronounced as they would be in English, with exceptions in the letters d and t. Slender consonants can be a bit trickier to pronounce. They can be pronounced the way they might be in English or with a very faint “y” sound at the very end. For example, in the word beo, which means alive, the b is slender because it is next to e, a slender vowel, the word is pronounced b-yeo. In the guide below, notice the exceptions to the slender pronunciation in the letters d, s and t. Vowels SHORT LONG a - uh á - aw e - eh é - ay i - ih í – ee o – uh ó – oh u – uh ú – oo Consonants BROAD SLENDER b (b) as in ball b (b) as in bill c (k) as in cat c (ky) as in cute d (d or like the word the) as in dot d (dj) as in jar f (f) as in fawn f (f) as in fee g (g) as in gone g (gy) as in regiment h (h) as in hall h (h) as in heel l (l) as in law l (l) as in leap m (m) as in mop m (m) as in mope n (n) as in no n (n) as in knee p (p) as in paw p (p) as in pill r (r) as in raw r (r) as in read s (s) as in saw s (sh) as in shop t (t) as in top t (tch) as in itch


The beginnings of Irish words can be changed by words that precede them. These changes can be very confusing

at first, but with practice become quite natural. In séimhiú (shay-voo) or lenition, an h is added after the first letter of words starting with the following consonants and change the pronunciation of the letter. b- bh(v or w) c-ch (ch as in loch) d-dh (y) f-fh (silent) g-gh (ch as in loch) m-mh (w) p-ph (f) s-sh (h) t-th (h-yah). Urú (uh-roo) or eclipsis involves adding a letter before the first letter of words starting with the following consonants. These changes are easier to pronounce as the eclipsing letter takes over the original first letter. b-mb c-gc d-nd f-bhf (silent) g-ng p-bp t-dt. For now, just be aware that these changes exist and how they change pronunciation, we’ll get into when and why later. Also be aware if you are having difficulty looking up a word in the dictionary, try looking it up without the h if that’s the second letter or dropping the first letter, the word you’re looking for may have been lenited or eclipsed.


In Irish, stress is usually placed on the first syllable. In Kerry, the dialect in the south of Ireland, stress is on the second or third syllable. With this information you can refer to last months vocabulary and try your hand at pronouncing the words and phrases without using the phonetics. Use the audio part of the on-line dictionary teanglann.ie to check your progress. Slán go Fóill! T Bob Carney is a student of Irish history and language and teaches the Speak Irsh Cleveland class held every Tuesday @ PJ NcIntyre’s. He is also active in the Irish Wolfhound and Irish dogs orginizations in and around Cleveland. Wife Mary, hounds Morrighán and Rían and terrier Doolin keep the house jumping. He can be contacted at carneyspeakirish@gmail.com

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Ashley Davis Band: When the Stars Went Out

2020 14 tracks, 63 minutes. When the stars went out in our lives, and love shimmers in a different light, do our dreams reflect what could be, or merely our fantasies? Ashley and gang take a look at love, lovers, society rules and how little our heart listens to those rules, when love’s promise overtakes what other people want “for us.” Davey Jones – The life a fisherman, who has lost many members to the sea; accepting he will probably go the same way, and continue not disappoint his father, also, already in the grave, somewhere. Mountain Jane, w/Tony Furtado - I have spent more than a few days, down in the mountain. Black as coal, and too much time to think. Trapped in so many ways, to a life in chains. I hear the lover’s lament in Ashley’s song. Burning House, w/Heidi Talbot – A lover with regrets, as they look back on what could have been … ” I been sleep walkin’… the only place that I can hold you tight” Lorem Ipsum – the title words are a mangling of Cicero, are the standard dummy text for printers, and dates back to the 16th century. It is derived from the Latin “dolorem ipsum,” roughly translated as “pain itself.” In this song, I felt that the singer is hurt by words left unsaid by their lover, that remain long after the lover has gone. Communication is almost always at the root of lost loves. How ‘Bout You, w/John Doyle - the singer asks their lover: When did you know it was love, the right one? “I knew right then well baby how bout you?” Annachie Gordon, w/Shawn Colvin


away? They tell me to let go of you / That you’re gonna break my heart in two / Shut down how I feel and walk away / But not today / No not today / Baby no, maybe never, not today The Dry Cloud (How Will I Live Out My Days), w/Tim O’Brien – Love this song, swaying, a little country, maybe … How will I live out my home less days?

you may want to explore, and learn from, for the singer, and the listener. Even though these songs are tinged with a bit of sorrow, of regret, and the evolution of the singer and the subject, the whole album is perhaps, a celebration, or at least recognition, of how we learn and grow in our lives and in our relationships. Colin, Dave, Will, Duncan, Heidi, John, Kevin, Mick, Shane, … the full list is below, but with that level of gifted performers in the band and guesting on this CD, paired with such a gifted singer/songwriter, When the Stars Went Out was predestined to be great, and fully lives up to its destiny. I understand the ache. Although it may be best suited to listen to when the light go out, or maybe with candles or some other form of fire for you, I am quite sure there will be grooves worn into this CD, as I listen to it where I do my best thinking and medicating, I mean meditating, while driving. Music is truly the best form of – We’ve heard this hard story to medicating anyway. many times in our past – a womTo hear more from and about Ashley, an loves a man, but her father subscribe to the iIrish Songs, Stories & loves the gold he’ll get for her in Shenanigans Podcast Episode14: When marriage more. And she dies, the Stars Went Out, with special guest her lover soon dead next to her. Ashley Davis, available on iTunes, “You must marry Lord Saltan and WhkRadio.com/Local Podcasts or forget Annachie” Sign of the Times – another warm OhioIANews.com. Buffalo Mountain -There are fair few and inviting tune, the kind that makes Ashley Davis Band is: Ashley Davis reviews done here that don’t include at you close your eyes, sway your head, on vocals; Dave Curley on Acoustic least one trad tune. Buffalo Mountain and imagine what are the words, emo- guitar, Mandolin, Bodhran, Banjo, vochanges the beat of the sad songs, to a tions, meanings that Dave Curley and cals; Colin Farrell on Fiddle, Low whismore upbeat tune, fit for dancing and Colin Farrell are conveying. We all take tle; Will MacMorran on Electric guitar, laughter. Written by Will MacMoran different things from songs, especially Acoustic guitar, Bouzouki, Percussion, (of Seven Nations fame). trad ones of course, but what do you Bass, Pipes, & Accordion; Duncan When He Loved Her Too, w/Colin think Colin and Dave are conveying in Wickel on Strings, Cello, Tenor Guitar; Farrell – An epic love; was it just a their music? with special guests Shawn Colvin, Tim dream? Here by My Side, w/John Doyle – A O’Brien, Heidi Talbot, Tony Furtado, You Haven’t Left Me, w/Gawain bit more regret, a bit of how we have Stephanie Schneiderman, Shane HenMatthews – If the heart is still lost to developed and diversified, and the real- nessy, John Doyle, Simon Chrisman, someone, and the belief that, someday, ization, that you are what the lover was Nicholas Falk, Mick McCauley, Kevin they will come around, is timeless, ..“So looking for then, and once again, now. Crawford, and Damien Mullane. what am I to do with a heart I know If I had you here by my side/I Check out Daisy Rings Music Ashleythat’s still loving you” wouldn’t waste any time/I’d hold you DavisBand.com Gloaming Song – This is an Ashley real close/I’d hold you forever. What are your favorite CDs that Davis original; all songs on this album When the Stars Went Out took me have come out this year? What ones are originals. It is not the famous, well by surprise. I wasn’t expecting anysurprised you? Be our eyes and our ears covered The Gloaming. Gloam is taken thing in particular, but the love songs across the globe; share the great news, to mean twilight, or to glow. What do throughout I wasn’t expecting either. and great music on our Facebook, Twityou interpret Ashely’s song to be about? Deeply emotional, these are the exact ter and/or Instagram pages. T Not Today, w/Mick McCauley – Two style of song I think Ashley rocks the Get More to the Story lovers who everyone says are going to most, and she rocks so many genres of More pics, and larger print too! break the others heart, have the chance ballads – her voice is so perfectly suited @www.ohioianews.com to reunite, - can they listen, and break to introspection, for touching emotions



Taking the Fields of Glory By Vincent Beach

Midwest Gaelic Athletic Association

Another stalwart of Cleveland GAA is west bound for work. We wish Chris Weimer the best of luck and look forward to our paths crossing once again. Chris began playing in 2011 with the St. Pat’s club anchoring the middle of the field with spectacular catches and distributions. He was instrumental in Pat’s turn-around to a winning club as they garnished Midwest titles in 2014 and 2015; a national runner-up in 2013 and a national championship in 2015. Chris also picked up two all-stars with the Midwest Division and multiple Player of the Year with Cleveland. His presence off the field was equally impressive embodying the GAA volunteer spirit at every event Cleveland hosted – we may have to use some of that fundraising dollars on a flight back home if we need a ringer, wink. Safe travels, slán abhaile (safe home), agus

Coffee Bar & Bakery

Mini Donuts Home Made Bagels Mitchells Ice Cream

Rising Star Roasters Chill Pop Great Harvest Bread Co.

4148 Erie St. in Downtown Willoughby

Chris Weimer go n-éirí an t-ádh leat a chara (and may good luck be with you, friend). As it goes, we say goodbye to one and welcome another. Congratulations to Lindsey and Steve Pepin on the birth of their daughter, future duel code sensation, 2040

Celebrating over 30 years as “Official Sound Company of Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival.” Call Sheer Sound for all of your Concert, Festival and Special Event sound needs

(Located next to The Wild Goose)

440.571.4226 fionascoffee.com


We’ve Always Been Green

ladies’ footballer of the year, 2039 camogie scorer of year, Mila Gianna Pepin. She has already recruited her cousin, Emilia. What a bright future! Congrats again to the Pipe and Trotter clanns. Around the Midwest for October, the Akron Celtic Guards will host their Annual Al O’Leary hurling tournament on the 17th. Seven-a-side teams are expected from Cleveland, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and possibly Purdue. The following weekend, Midwest clubs will meet in Pittsburgh for the division’s annual general meeting (AGM). The AGM decides any proposed changes in the byelaws and new officers for the 2021 year. Current officers provide year end reports, Clubs also provide updates, and development for the upcoming season is discussed. Cleveland continues to hold training session for both the youth and adults at the West Side Irish American Club for as long as the weather allows. To stay fit and active, indoor sessions are being planned as well. At the time of writing (first week of


did provide warnings to all that post-game celebrations had to meet COVID guidelines the week before the shutdown. Adherence to guidelines can hardly be controlled by Croke Park or even some county boards, and many have noted that the real issues are not seen with crowds at the match, but rather at intown celebrations after. Likewise, the spread of COVID has not been related to field play, but rather social gatherings, carpooling, and school interactions. It is a real heartbreaker for many club players as 11 counties have not completed their championship – some being delayed Steve, Lindsey, and Mila Gianna Pepin. due to later starts when their counties were still October), the big news out if Ireland in lock-down. Players may now have has been spectacular county champi- to wait until mid-December when onship finals followed by the cesthe intercounty league and chamsation of all club GAA activities on pionship are done. The actual dates October 5. Leading into this week, we will depend on when each county is have seen countless late time winknocked out of the championship, ning scores, extra-time deciders, and and as always, what COVID level replays. Several counties had clubs each county is at this winter when end their decades long county final spikes are expected. A level 4 or 5 will winning droughts which has led to shutdown club play. great excitement among supporters. The GAA are also commemorating With the news of Armagh county the 100-year anniversary of the Croke shutting down activities last week, Park Bloody Sunday. On November delays in games due to teams test21, fourteen civilians lost their lives ing positive with COVID, as well as when British forces opened fire on the field-rushing and celebrations at players and 15,000 spectators during county finals by supporters, headthe “the great Challenge Match” quarters (Croke Park) has flipped the between Tipperary and Dublin. This circuit breaker on all activities on the autumn, Croke Park is releasing each entire island. In fairness, Croke park week a remembrance video for every

person: William Robinson (11 years old, shot while sitting in tree overlooking the field), Mick Hogan (24, Tipperary player), Jane Boyle (26, due to be married later that week, shot while holding the arm of her fiancée), James Teehan (26, publican, crushed in crowd near Cusick stand), James Mathews (38, father, shot while scaling wall at the northeastern corner of the grounds), James Burke (44, crushed in crowd at St James avenue), Daniel Carroll (31, shot on the street after fleeing the grounds by a police truck), Michael Feery (40, WWI veteran, shot), Tom Hogan (19, shot in shoulder and later died of wounds), Patrick O’Dowd (57, shot after helping others over the wall), Jerome O’Leary (10, shot while sitting on the Canal End wall), Tom Ryan (27, shot in back while whispering the Act of Contrition to the dying Mick Hogan), John William Scott (14, shot in chest), and Joe Traynor (20, shot twice in the back while fleeing over the Canal End wall). Is cuimhin linn iad. Go raibh míle maith agaibh (thanks y’all) to our readers and supporters. We need your help and involvement, but would most like to share the fun of Irish sport and Cleveland community with you. Consider getting involved at any level. Fáilte (welcome) to all. The Gaelic Athletic Association is Ireland’s largest sporting organization and a bit of home for the Irish abroad

here in the US of A. Beyond sports, the Association also promotes Irish music, song and dance, and the Irish language as an integral part of its objectives. Cleveland GAA is open to all who want to play competitive sports, meet new people, and join an athletic, fitness-minded club for all ages. Follow @ClevelandGaelic on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the 2020 activities for Men, Women, and Youth. Or, visit ClevelandGAA. com. T Vincent Thomas Francis Xavier Beach is a proud Greater Clevelander and emigrant of Michigan. He joined the St. Pat’s Gaelic Football Club in 1999 and, with much help, is the current caretaker of the Cleveland GAA. His Irish is a cross of dialects from the University of Cincinnati and An Cheathrú Rua. With his wife, Michelle, he enjoys watching time absolutely fly by as their children, Ambrose (11), Bernadette (9), and Cedric (6), grow. His other hustles are teaching Irish at PJs, coaching CYO basketball at St. Mary of Berea, coaching soccer in Olmsted TWP, and slangin’ some engineering skills on local concrete and pipe projects.

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Milestone Congrats go out to Reilly's Irish Bakery!

Patty Lavelle, Mary Jo Rawlins and Maire Leffel, members of Our Lady of the Rosary Division of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians participating in the first Land Cruise.




Crossword Puzzle By Linda Fulton Burke

ACROSS 1 4 7 8 11

The Most Holy Trinity RC St. John the Baptist RC The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary RC St. Fachtna COI Christ the Redeemer COI

12 13 16 17 21 23 26 27 30 34 36 39 41

St Muredach RC St. Fethlimidh COI The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary RC St. Brendan RC Christ Church COI St. Patrick and St. Colman RC St. Brendan RC St. Mel RC St. Peter and St. Paul RC St. Flannan COI St. Nicholas and Our Lady Assumed into Heaven RC St Muredach RC St. Mary and St. Anne RC

Coming Next Month:

December 2020 Bringing you the movers, shakers and music makers in our community each month.

5th – IACES Breakfast w Santa

6th – Shamrock Club of Columbus General Meeting

IACES Christmas Dinner

7th – Pearl Harbor Day

Ebulletin Arrives at 3:10 p.m.

10th – Hanukah begins at Sundown 11th – iIrish Podcast 19 Drops at 5.pm. 12th – IACES Ultimate Tailgate Party 14th - Irish American Club East Side General Meeting

17th – West Side Irish American Club General Meeting Faith & Whiskey @Grog Shop 21st - Ebulletin Arrives at 3:10 p.m.

Winter Begins

25th – Christmas 26th – Kwanzaa Begins St. Stephen’s Day / Boxing Day 1st – iIrish Podcast 20: An Irish Christmas Drops at 5.pm.

Gormley’s Pub / The Irish Barber GormleysPub.com / The IrishBarber.com

42 44 45 46 47 51 52 53 57 59 60 61 62

18 19 20 22 24 25 28 29 31 32 33 35 37 DOWN 38 2 The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin 40 Mary RC 3 St. Brigid COI 43 5 The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin 47 Mary RC 6 St. Patrick RC 48 9 St. John the Baptist and St. Patrick’s Rock COI 49 10 The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin 50 Mary and St Nathy RC 52 13 The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin 54 Mary RColman RC 55 14 The Cathedral and Metropolitan Church 56 of St. Patrick COI 15 The Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint 58 Carthage COI The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary COI St Mary’s Cathedral COI St. Patrick COI St. Anne COI St. Patrick COI St. Aidan RC St. Eugene RC St. Eunan and St. Columba RC The Holy Trinity AKA Christ Church Cathedral COI St. Canice COI St. Colman COI St. Colman RC St. Patrick and St. Feidlim RC

St. Macartan COI The Holy Trinity COI St. Mary the Virgin and St. John the Baptist COI St. Brendan COI St. Laserian COI The Holy and Undivided Trinity COI St. John the Baptist RC St. Patrick RC The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary RC The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Nathy RC St. Peter RC St. Fachtan COI Christ the King RC St. Macartan RC The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary RC St. Edan COI The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary RC St. Fin Barre COI The Blessed Virgin Mary COI St. Macartan COI St. Columb COI St. Patrick COI St. Eunan COI St. Nicholas and Our Lady Assumed into Heaven RC The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary RC

Artist Eileen Dorseys New Mural

440.990.PINT / 440.333.4418 19500 Center Ridge Road 19512 Center Ridge Road

Rocky River, Ohio 44116


flanneryscle.com | (216) 781-7782

We’ve Always Been Green


Ireland's Cathedrals



Linda Fulton Burke




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The November Issue of the Ohio Irish American News monthly magazine

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The November Issue of the Ohio Irish American News monthly magazine