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Role - designer during contract administration phase

Multi-Tower Mixed-Use Complex

- designed lobby interiors

gmp Team - Ralf Sieber, Matthias Fruntke, Anna Bulanda-Jansen

- prepared signage package for client

The National Engineering Research Centre (NERC)’s New Energy Research

- redesigned tower top and sunken plaza during construction

and Development Centre is comprised of three twin towers in the heart of the

- altered SketchUp model for multiple design options

historic Shanxi province.


Role - designer during design development phase

Multi-Tower Mixed-Use Complex

- designed facade details using Sketchup & AutoCAD

gmp Team - Ralf Sieber, Matthias Fruntke, Thilo Zehme

- produced 3D visualizations of continuous design process

A city of over 7.2 million, Foshan welcomes German culture with this project.

- drafted SD & DD drawings for local team in China

Advanced facade design allow natural ventilation while keeping pollution out.

- prepared model for exterior lighting design video


Role - design manager liasing with corporate design and consultant architect

25,000 sqft ‘Category A’ Office refurbishment and extension in Clerkenwell

- coordination meetings for planning, building control, engineering

Team - HUT Architecture (Rachael Davidson, Will Gowland and Daniel Craig),

- workshopped with consultant architects on corporate guidelines for

Johnson Associates (Project Manager - Allan Gardner)

lighting, millwork, furniture, and procured pricing

The historic district of Clerkenwell Close began with a medieval nunnery that

- directed staircase design based on Akelius interior styles

expanded and was later converted to a private mansion.

- proposed case for lightbox design to be approved by the board

EXISTING - view from the junction of Ray Street and Farringdon Road

PROPOSED - photomatched view

533 COLLEGE ST - AKELIUS TORONTO Little Italy - Toronto, Canada

Role - architect of record for interior fitout, designer for facade concept

Facade Restoration, Basement Lowering, Office Retrofit, Rooftop Terrace

- researched historical archives and made a business case for restoration

Consultant Team - Synergy, Thornton Tomasetti, Decaria

- designed 4 storey office fitout with fitness centre and rooftop garden

This former textile factory turn office building will have its industrial aesthetic

- interviewed SME consultants

restored while it becomes Akelius’s Toronto Headquarters.

- contacted manufacturers/suppliers to implement sustainable design

THE DRAKE HOTEL ANNEX West Queen West - Toronto, Canada

Role - designer during design development and construction documentation

Boutique Hotel Expansion with Retail

- produced site plan application drawings using Revit

DSA Team - Don Schmitt, Marcin Sztaba, Naiji Jiao

- coordinated with interior designers to produce construction documents

The Drake Hotel’s expansion into the adjacent building required historic

- provided input in the design of the facade

commemoration of the original facade, resulting in a masonry imprint.

- brainstormed methods of underpinning that would satisfy neighbour

MUSIC VIDEO SET DESIGN Toronto, Canada and London, UK

Role - work in progress

Primal Note Productions - Music Video Concept Sketches

- use photoshopped images to communicate idea to band

Caterpillars by Pioneer Anomaly

- write treatment and script

A couch in various landscapes and cityscapes with various combinations of

- coodinate with videographer and script supervisor to make video

the four band members sitting on it and interacting with it.

- scout for locations

160 HURON - EPITOME APARTMENTS Chinatown - Toronto, Canada

Role - supervised temporary designer on developing drawings

Interior Refurbishment and Possible Extension

- briefed designer about scope of work

Team - Emmanuelle Sainté, Eduard Celaj (Construction Manager)

- met with contractors on site prior to biding

In the early 1900s, the Epitome Apartments was a women’s only accomodation

- contacted potential consultant architects for possible extension project

that allowed rural women to work in prudish Toronto. The building became a

- answered queries from construction manager

cornerstone for women’s social and economic independence.

730 ST. CLARENS AVENUE Junction Triangle - Toronto, Canada

Role - executive architect, procurement manager

Apartment Renovation - Lobby and Corridors

- researched local suppliers to achieve Berlin team’s design concepts

Akelius Team - Berlin Design Dept, Adam Sousi (Construction Manager)

- produced and oversaw the production of technical drawings

The design team in Berlin establishes new standards for the Akelius “Better

- worked with construction manager to mitigate site conditions

Living” aesthetic for common areas in post-war buildings.

- found alternative light fixtures to use as North American standard

3460 RUE PEEL - PEEL PLAZA McGill Area - Montreal, Canada

Role - designer for facade concept

Board Application during Due Diligence - Facade Upgrade

- ordered samples and selected colours

Akelius Team - Robert Parker (Regional Manager)

- designed options in rendered elevations

This existing apartment building is covered with aluminum metal composite

- modeled options in Sketchup

materials for a fresh “condo� look, similar to nearby campus buildings.

- met a tight 3-day deadline

4800 BOULEVARD DE MAISONNEUVE Westmount - Montreal, Canada

Role - country architect supporting the construction team in Montreal

Apartment Renovation - Fitness Area

- researched light fixtures and other products as specified

Akelius Team - Berlin Design Dept, Habib Tartraf (Construction Manager)

- liased with supply chain manager to get products ordered

The design team in Berlin establishes new standards for the Akelius “Better Living� aesthetic for common areas in Montreal.

401 ST. KILDA ROAD LUXURY CONDO Melbourne, Australia

Award - 2010 World Architecture Festival Awards (shortlisted)

Multi-Residential - 17 custom units, starting price $2M

Role - designer during contract administration phase

EF Team - Callum Fraser, Tim Angus

- redesigned custom units

Situated along Melbourne’s most prestigious boulevard, this seven level luxury

- altered layout of retail shops

apartment features a cascade of greenery on its facade.

AVENUE LONSDALE LUXURY APT Forest Hill - Toronto, Canada

Role - intermediate level team member, liason with client

Multi-Residential High-Rise

- attended client meetings to discuss redesign of building

DSA Team - Don Schmitt, Marcin Sztaba, Naiji Jiao

- submitted design iterations/feasibility studies of unit/floor plate

Located in the heart of the wealthy Forest Hill neighbourhood, this high-end

configurations complete with statistics

rental apartment features generous suites with treetop views.

- directed another team member on shadow studies & massing model

WHITEHAUS CONDOMINIUM Yonge and Eglinton - Toronto, Canada

Role - produced ‘blackline’ marketing drawings & schedule A’s

Tower-Podium Multi-Residential High-Rise with Retail

- coordinated with interior designers on barrier-free units

DSA Team - Liviu Budur, Houng Te

- attended coordination meetings during design development

Stringent regulations on shadows resulted in varied floor plates at the top of

- worked on rezoning package & site plan control submission

the tower. With a total of 386, the final design had 66 different typical suites.

in conformance to Toronto Green Standards

511-88 CHARLES STREET EAST Yorkville - Toronto, Canada Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Located in the heart of downtown, this one bedroom apartment is in a building that was Toronto’s historic Waldorf Astoria hotel before it was converted to a condo in the 1990s.

Role - owner/designer of kitchen and bathroom - coordinated with construction manager and contractor while abroad

LEASIDE SHOPPING CENTRE Leaside - Toronto, Canada

Role - produced tender drawings, focusing on exterior detailing


- worked on quality assurance of overall drawing set

DSA Team - Don Schmitt, Marcin Sztaba, Houng Te

- coordinated with civil, structural, mechanical & landscape

A contemporary, stylish “Big Box� retail store in a well-to-do neighbourhood.

- participated in material selection for exterior of building

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