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Shalom! 2013 is the celebration year of the 65th anniversary of the independence of the State of Israel. The celebration in Israel on 16 April went off peacefully; according to the western calendar 14 May is the date when 65 years ago the State of Israel was proclaimed. Israel’s possession of the land is under severe pressure. Israel feels the rest of the ‘eye of the storm’: in all surrounding countries there is great upheaval. Early in April Mr Kochari, head of Israel’s military intelligence, indicated, that “for the first time Israel is being confronted with terrorist activity on all four borders. Lebanon and Syria in the North, Sinai and Gaza in the South. In addition more and more international Islamic warriors are arriving in Syria and the Sinai. Either the deterioration of the security situation will make us decide to attack them, or they will attack us.” On the evening of Independence Day in Israel at the Western Wall in Jerusalem more that 10,000 people gathered for a time of prayer. The minister of religious affairs, rabbi Eliyahu Ben Dan, said to them: “Independence day is the day when Israel’s strength becomes visible.” Pray and thank for Israel on the basis of the following two Psalm fragments. “Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then I will be confident.” (Psalm 27:3) “Your word, LORD, is eternal; it stands firm in the heavens.” (Psalm 119:89). There is plenty of reason to continue to intercede for God’s people in their own land; to long together with them for the coming of the Messiah! May the Lord bless you in this. Pieter Bénard Prayer coordinator Christians for Israel

ALIYAH -­‐   -­‐  

Thank God  for  the  Jews  from  the  tribe  of  Menashe,  who  are  making  Aliyah  from   northern  India  and  are  coming  home  to  Israel.  Their  ancestors  went  into  exile  2700   years  ago.   Also  give  thanks  for  the  Jews  of  the  tribe  of  Dan  from  Ethiopia,  who  are  making  Aliyah   and  are  coming  home.  

-­‐ -­‐

Pray for  protection  for  those  who  remain  in  India  and  Ethiopia  and  are  preparing  to   come  to  Israel  as  soon  as  possible.  

Thank God  for  the  miracle  of  prophecy.  In  Esther  8  verse  9  those  two  countries  are   mentioned  as  parts  of  a  vast  empire,  consisting  of  27  satraps  (provinces).     No  power  or  world  empire  has  been  able  to  stop  Aliyah,  the  return  of  the  Jewish  people.  Not   then,  not  now.       -­‐ Pray  for  the  many  Israeli  citizens  who  –  for  whatever  reason  –  have  left  again  to  live  in   some  other  country.  That  they  also  will  return.     Over  the  past  few  years  tens  of  thousands  of  Israelis  have  departed  from  Israel.  These   ‘emigrants’  are  given  the  Hebrew  epithet  of  ‘yordim’  (those  who  descend),  because  they  have   left  Israel.  Their  return  is  called  ‘aliyah’  (ascent).     -­‐ Pray  for  the  return  of  these  ‘yordim’.  Israel  has  started  a  campaign  towards  reaching  this   goal,  and  the  results  are  promising.     In  recent  years  we  have  prayed  several  times  for  the  protection  of  the  Jews  in  Venezuela.  At  the   time,  they  were  systematically  threatened  and  demonized  by  the  then  government  of   Hugo  Chavez.  The  Israeli  ambassador  was  ousted  and  diplomatic  relations  with  Israel  were   severed.  By  now  president  Chavez  has  died,  but  the  threat  remains.     -­‐ Pray  for  protection  of  the  Jews  living  in  Venezuela,  that  they  too  will  consider  returning   to  Israel,  while  it  is  still  possible.     -­‐ Continue  to  pray  also  for  the  return  of  the  Russian  Jews;  it  continues  unabated,  though   at  a  slower  pace,  but  they  keep  coming!     -­‐ Thank  God  for  the  work  Koen  &  Ira  Carlier,  our  aliyah  fieldworkers,  are  doing  in  Ukraine.     -­‐ Give  thanks  for  the  many  food  parcels  that  are  being  distributed  by  them,  especially   among  Jewish  elderly  in  the  Ukraine,  who  live  in  hardship.     -­‐ Give  thanks  for  the  monuments  for  remembrance  of  the  Holocaust  that  are  being   placed,  so  the  past,  the  history  of  Jews  in  Ukraine,  will  not  be  forgotten.     -­‐ Thank  and  pray  for  Aliyah  on  the  basis  of  Isaiah  12:1-­‐6.       The  rabbi  of  Apta  used  to  say:  “Every  person  of  Israel  has  the  commandment  to  look  upon   himself,  as  though  he  was  standing  at  Mount  Sinai  to  receive  Torah.  For  to  man  there  are  things   past  and  future,  but  not  to  God:  every  day  He  is  giving  Torah.”      


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Pray for  protection  for  the  State  of  Israel;  the  threat  of  terror  is  unprecedentedly  great.   Pray  for  the  soldiers  who  guard  the  borders;  electric  fences  are  in  place  everywhere   now.   Thank  God  that  so  far  this  year  33  attempts  at  kidnapping  an  Israeli  soldier  have  failed;   pray  for  their  protection.   Pray  that  Biblical  territory,  especially  Judea  and  Samaria,  will  be  preserved  in  Israel’s   hands.   Thank  God,  that  more  and  more  tourists  visit  the  Gush  Etzion  region,  and  so  receive  a   vision  for  this  part  of  Israel.   Pray  for  the  City  of  Jerusalem:  one,  indivisible  and  eternal.  The  capital  of  Israel.   Give  thanks  for  the  rains  that  have  fallen  last  winter;  the  reserves  of  fresh  water  are  at  a   good  level.    

In  the  beginning  of  April  the  first  natural  gas  streamed  from  Tamar  natural  gas  platform,   80  kilometers  offshore  facing  Haifa,  to  the  processing  plant  in  Ashdod.     -­‐ Thank  God,  that  Israel  is  getting  less  dependent  on  energy  from  abroad,  which  is   favorable  for  the  economy.       One  in  three  children  in  Israel  live  below  the  poverty  level.     -­‐ Pray  that  there  will  be  sufficient  humanitarian  aid,  sufficient  means,  good  schooling  and   strong  families.  There  are  185,000  elderly  who  have  to  live  below  the  poverty  level,   about  20,3%  of  the  total  elderly  population.     -­‐ Pray  for  the  work  of  Soup  kitchens,  and  for  sufficient  means  to  enable  continual   provision  with  meals.     -­‐ Thank  God  that  as  ‘Christians  for  Israel’  we  can  continue  to  support  the  work  of  the   Soup  kitchens.       -­‐  Pray  and  give  thanks  for  the  work  of  the  Jaffa  project,  headed  by  David  Portowicz,  in   Beit  Shemesh  and  in  Jaffa.       -­‐ Pray  and  give  thanks  for  the  work  of  Hineni  in  Jerusalem,  under  the  direction  of   Benjamin  Philip.     During  a  period  when  prices  for  everything  were  rising  all  the  time,  rabbi  Mendel  noticed   that  the  many  needy  people,  who  were  guests  at  his  house,  were  receiving  ever  smaller  loaves  

of bread.  He  ordered  that  the  loaves  had  to  be  made  even  bigger  than  before;  because  the   loaves  of  bread  ought  to  answer  hunger,  and  not  price.     “For  he  will  deliver  the  needy  who  cry  out,  the  afflicted  who  have  no  one  to  help.  He  will  take   pity  on  the  weak  and  the  needy  and  save  the  needy  from  death.”  (Psalm  72:12-­‐13)     During  Pesach  this  spring  Israel  passed  the  symbolic  line  of  six  million  Jewish  inhabitants,  the   same  number  that  were  murdered  during  the  holocaust.  The  total  population  amounts  to   8  million,  of  whom  1,6  million  Arabs,  350,000  Christians,  and  other  inhabitants.     -­‐ Pray  for  mutual  understanding  in  this  pluriform  society,  in  this  western  democracy  in   the  East!     -­‐ Pray  for  peace  and  justice;  the  status  quo  in  relations  with  non-­‐Jewish  population   groups  is  fragile  and  vulnerable.         “Without  moral  and  intellectual  independence  there  is  no  foundation  for  national   independence.”  Ben  Gurion.     “Lift  up  your  eyes  and  look  around;  all  your  children  gather  and  come  to  you.  As  surely  as  I  live,”   declares  the  Lord,  “you  will  wear  them  all  as  ornaments;  you  will  put  them  on,  like  a  bride.”   (Isaiah  49:18)     -­‐ Pray  for  the  relation  with  Jordan,  which  is  very  uncertain.  Recently  the  King  of  Jordan   signed  a  covenant  with  the  Palestinian  Authority  to  counteract  the  Jewish  influence  in   Jerusalem,  while  at  another  occasion  he  indicated  that  the  ties  with  Israeli  prime-­‐ minister  Netanyahu  are  very  strong.     -­‐ Pray  for  the  325,000  Jews  living  in  Judea  and  Samaria,  a  region  that  is  usually  called  the   ‘West  Bank’  International  condemnations  are  incessantly  aimed  against  the  settlements   movement  and  against  the  inhabitants  of  Jewish  villages  and  towns  in  this  region.     -­‐ Thank  God,  that  as  Christians  for  Israel  we  may  stand  in  the  gap  and  intercede  for  them   too.  



Pray that  as  Christians  we  will  continue  to  stand  for  God’s  people  and  not  be  ashamed   of  His  Word.     “I  rejoice  in  your  promise  like  one  who  finds  great  spoil.  I  hate  and  detest  falsehood  but  I  love   your  law.”  (Psalm  119:162-­‐163)   In  March  Israeli  president  Peres  appealed  to  the  countries  of  Europe  to  put  Hezbollah  on  the  list   of  terrorist  organizations.  There  was  hardly  any  response.  In  Bezons,  a  Parisian  suburb,  the   municipality  named  Majdi  Al-­‐Rimawi  honorary  citizen  of  the  town.  The  reason  for  this  being   that  his  honorary  membership  fits  in  with  ‘solidarity  with  the  Palestinian  people’.  Rimawi  is  the   one  who  murdered  Israeli  minister  of  tourism  Rehavam  Ze’evi  in  2001.  Not  just  in  Europe,  but  all  

over the  world  anti-­‐Semitism,  often  neatly  wrapped  in  the  term  ‘anti-­‐Zionism’,  is  increasing   dreadfully.  Especially  through  articles  on  the  Internet  and  movies  on  YouTube.     -­‐ Pray  that  Israel  will  not  be  standing  alone  in  the  fight  against  terrorism,  that  European   countries  will  also  take  steps  to  eradicate  this  evil.     -­‐ Pray  for  protection  of  Jews  in  Europe,  Israel  and  all  over  the  world.  But  also,  that  we  will   be  aware  of  the  seriousness  of  this  time.     -­‐ Pray  for  forgiveness  as  to  what  anti-­‐Semitic  utterances  we  allow  to  appear  in  European   Parliament,  in  city  councils,  on  the  Internet,  like  on  YouTube.       -­‐ Pray  for  strength  and  wisdom  to  speak  out  for  Israel,  for  Jews,  wherever  the  Lord  puts   this  on  your  path.       Modern  Israel  has  known  nine  wars.  The  tenth  war,  the  war  against  lies,  Israel  lost  and  is  still   losing.  This  lie  has  made  Israel  an  outcast  among  the  nations.  The  State  of  Israel  usually  stands   alone.     “Let  their  lying  lips  be  silenced,”  it  says  in  Psalm  31.  “You  love  every  harmful  word,  you  deceitful   tongue!”,  Psalm  52  says.  Pray  that  this  stops!     -­‐ Pray  for  the  writing  press,  for  photographers  and  film-­‐makers,  that  they  dare  to  be   honest  and  objective  in  reporting  about  Israel.       -­‐ Pray  that  lies,  deception  and  manipulation  of  words  and  images  will  stop.     -­‐ Pray  that  producers  and  writers  will  render  to  the  public  what  they  actually  observe,  and   stop  being  ‘politically  correct’.     -­‐  Give  thanks  for  the  work  of  the  ‘European  Coalition  for  Israel’.  Every  month  many   European  politicians  receive  good  information  from  this  organization.       Jewish  author  Elie  Wiesel  once  said:  “The  opposite  of  love  is  not  hate,  but  indifference.”  In  a   newspaper  article  professor  Judea  Pearl,  the  father  of  journalist  Daniel  Pearl,  who  was   kidnapped  and  murdered  by  Islamic  terrorists  in  2002,  notices  that  there  is  a  steadily  growing   acceptation  of  the  evil  of  Islamic  terrorism.  ‘It  is  simply  part  of  our  modern  society,’  is  an  often   heard  excuse.     -­‐ Pray  that  we  will  stand  and  speak  out  for  Israel,  for  the  Jews,  wherever  this  is  necessary.     -­‐ Pray  that  an  attitude  of  indifference  will  be  foreign  to  us,  as  Israel  is  our  elder  brother!       We  live  in  a  modern  society,  but  even  today  this  is  valid:  “That,  however,  is  not  the  way  of  life   you  learned,    when  you  heard  about  Christ  and  were  taught  in  him”  (Ephesians  4:20)    

One of  the  vilest  anti-­‐Israel  actions  is  the  yearly  returning  so-­‐called  ‘Israel  Apartheid  Week’.  This   movement,  which  claims  that  Israel  is  an  apartheid  State  influences  tens  of  thousands  of   students  all  over  the  world.  It  is  high  time  to  win  back  university  campuses  to  objective  news   about  the  State  of  Israel.  The  European  Coalition  for  Israel  is  working  hard  on  this  matter.  When   students  are  confronted  with  the  democratic  way  of  living  in  Israel  and  the  undemocratic  ways   of  the  Palestinian  Authority,  at  least  they  will  start  thinking  about  the  matter.     -­‐ Pray  for  students  and  for  many  young  people  in  political  parties,  among  workers  of   developmental  organizations  and  missionary  workers.  They  are  so  easily  influenced,  and   unsuspectingly  often  pass  on  to  others  what  they  have  heard.     -­‐ Give  thanks  for  the  Christians  for  Israel  leaders  and  volunteers  around  the  world,  the   newspaper  Israel  &  Christians  Today  (in  English,  Dutch  and  German),  and  our  websites   (    We  do  everything  to  give  Christians  maximum  information.    


“Spare your  people,  Lord.  Do  not  make  your  inheritance  an  object  of  scorn,  a  byword  among  the   nations.  Why  should  they  say  among  the  peoples,  ‘Where  is  their  God?’”  (Joel  2:17b)     This  text  I  have  been  passing  on  to  you  for  months,  for  continuous  calling  out  to  God.  It  is  a   special  text,  because  the  Lord  is  mentioned  in  it,  but  also  Israel  and  the  nations.  And  the  slander   is  mentioned.  Anti-­‐Judaism,  anti-­‐Semitism,  in  present  days  nicely  wrapped  up  as  anti-­‐Zionism.  In   the  end  all  of  it  is  a  scornful  calling  out  by  the  nations:  ‘Where  is  their  God?’  That  is  exactly  why   we  can  intercede  for  Israel:  they  are  His  people  and  they  live  in  His  land.  Even  though  we  do  not   understand  everything  –  the  prophetic  word  is  not  always  easy  to  grasp  –  we  may  express  our   trust  in  Him,  who  brings  His  people  home.  Him  who  fulfils  His  Word,  so  that  finally  the  nations   will  have  to  reach  the  conclusion:  Here  is  their  God!     But  the  issue  also  is  the  sanctity  of  God’s  name.  Like  in  Ezekiel  36,  where  the  sanctity  of  His   name  is  connected  to  the  return  of  the  Jewish  people.     “  I  will  show  the  holiness  of  my  great  name,  which  has  been  profaned  among  the  nations,  the   name  you  have  profaned  among  them.  Then  the  nations  will  know  that  I  am  the  Lord,  declares   the  Sovereign  Lord,  when  I  am  proved  holy  through  you  before  their  eyes.  For  I  will  take  you  out   of  the  nations;  I  will  gather  you  from  all  the  countries  and  bring  you  back  into  your  own  land.”   (Ezekiel  36:23-­‐24)     -­‐ Thank  God  for  His  Word  and  for  His  people.  For  His  Word  and  His  sanctity.  For  His  Word   and  for  His  Son  Jesus  Messiah.      

C4I Prayer Letter - June July 2013