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January 2019

More happy birth days How you can help the world’s poorest mums give birth safely

Be the host with the toast! Serve up a Big Brekkie for your community to support Christian Aid Week 2019. A great chance to enjoy breakfast together while raising vital funds for our global neighbours. If hosting a Big Brekkie is your cup of tea, order your free fundraising pack at

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Cover story Tenneh Bawoh and her baby Ansumana come for a check-up with nurse Judith Lassie, in southern Sierra Leone.

You inspire me It’s with great hope that I write to you in this new year. Hope that – through our gifts, prayers, and actions – poverty and injustice can be overcome. Christian Aid Week – Sunday 12 until Saturday 18 May 2019 – is our opportunity to bring hope to life. In this special magazine ahead of Christian Aid Week, you’ll get a first look at this year’s stories, and you’ll read about how your time and gifts can help the world’s poorest mums give birth to their babies safely. You’ll also read some fantastic fundraising ideas on pages 8-9. I’m very encouraged by the many people like you who support Christian Aid Week. It is a bringing together of families, of neighbours, of entire communities to connect with others around the world in solidarity and with heart. This is what Christian Aid Week stands for – celebration, togetherness and solidarity.

Over the past few months, I’ve been privileged to visit Christian Aid programmes in Bangladesh, Malawi, Kenya and Zimbabwe. Whenever I meet communities affected by poverty, they are so encouraged to know there are people out there who care, and want to make a difference. That is really inspiring. So whether this will be your first time joining Christian Aid Week, or whether you already do wonderful things like collect house-to-house, walk Circle the City, or sign campaign petitions, everything you do sends a message of hope in times of suffering. I think that is the greatest witness we can bear. Thank you for being part of this movement that is Christian Aid. We wouldn’t be able to achieve what we do without you. The more people who walk with us on this journey, the sooner we can overcome poverty. Many thanks and God bless,

Your gifts this Christian Aid Week will support communities such as those featured and where the need is greatest. Photos this issue copyright Christian Aid, except: Cover, pages 3 - 5: Christian Aid/Tom Pilston; pages 6-7: Christian Aid, Christian Aid/Sean Hawkey; pages 10-11: Christian Aid/Matthew Gonzalez-Noda; page 12: Christian Aid/Nicky Milne, Christian Aid, Christian Aid/ Matthew Gonzalez Noda; pages 13 - 16: Christian Aid/ Tom Pilston.

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Amanda Khozi Mukwashi, Chief Executive

Contents 4 We believe in life after birth

8-12 ‘A thousand times, thank you!’

Stand together to make childbirth safe for all mums and babies.

6 Christian Aid Week: past, present and future Sixty-two years and counting: why your support for Christian Aid Week this year matters more than ever.

From a £1 million walk to a big bookathon, your solidarity never ceases to amaze us. Read how you make a life-changing difference for our global neighbours.

13 Drop the debt Find out how you can speak out against debt which keeps people trapped in poverty.

14 Events

Count Your Blessings Find daily reflections for Lent inside your enclosed booklet.

Give life this Christian Aid Week

Rachel Addis explores how your gifts this Christian Aid Week could help the world’s poorest mums and babies have fullness of life.


enneh Bawoh rests her three-month-old baby Ansumana on her lap. She bounces him on her knee and he giggles happily. Tenneh and her baby have come to this humble health clinic in Sierra Leone for a check-up. They’re here with nurse Judith, who delivered the baby in this room, just a few months before. Thankfully, both mum and baby are healthy. But tragically, Tenneh has loved and lost a baby before. A few years ago, when Tenneh was pregnant with her first child, there was no health centre or trained nurse in her village. For the two days of her labour, Tenneh was in agony. She fell unconscious, and was bleeding heavily. When at last she woke up, her whole body was swollen. In the days and months afterwards, Tenneh still felt very weak. Her baby wouldn’t breastfeed. Tragically, her little one died when he was just three months old. ‘I will never forget that day’ she recalls. ‘I felt sick like I’ve never been sick before. I loved my baby so much.’ It broke her heart to lose her baby, and Tenneh knows that she, too, nearly died giving birth. ‘If God would not have saved me, I would not be alive today,’ she told us. Thankfully, when Tenneh was pregnant a


second time, things had changed for good. Christian Aid’s partner RADA saw that Tenneh, and many mums like her, were in desperate need of healthcare. And that’s how nurse Judith came to save lives. With expert love and care, nurse Judith delivered Tenneh’s baby safely. Thanks to nurse Judith, and the training you helped provide, Tenneh could hold her beautiful baby boy in her arms. But the health clinic where Nurse Judith works is not enough to meet every need. The roof leaks. There are only two delivery beds. And when mums come to deliver their babies at night, Judith has no light to see by. This makes giving birth even more dangerous. Every day, 10 women die from giving birth in Sierra Leone. But we believe every life is worth fighting for. This Christian Aid Week, you could help give more mums and babies in Sierra Leone and around the world the greatest gift – the gift of life. Please give generously. With your help, Tenneh’s community could build a bigger, better health centre. More mums like Tenneh can see their babies grow and enjoy fullness of life. Nurse Judith says: ‘I know that for women here, thanks to Christian Aid, our situation is going to change.’

Stand together with mums this Christian Aid Week. Visit


Christian Aid Week: past, For 62 years this May, people from across Britain and Ireland have been taking to the streets to raise money and bring hope to our sisters and brothers living in poverty. Sophie Brightwell reflects on the past, present and future of this iconic week…

(Left and above) Volunteers collect funds for the first ever Christian Aid Week in 1957.

May 1957 The first Christian Aid Week surprised even its organisers. Hundreds of churches came together and raised £26,000 to help refugees around the world. This was an impressive total for a fledgling event more than 60 years ago. House-to-house collections were at the heart of this success, as well as many other wonderful ways of fundraising.


‘Even the smallest donation can change somebody’s life’ Dr Rowan Williams 6

hristian Aid Week first started over half a century ago with people knocking on doors in their local neighbourhoods to raise money for the poorest communities around the world. Society has changed so much over the last 60 years, and where once collecting at houses was done by lots of charities, Christian Aid is now the only national organisation with a significant annual houseto-house collection. For my generation, the idea of knocking on strangers’ doors to collect envelopes is rather alien. And for many on the other side of the

door, the amount of cash in their purse is decreasing, as we pay for more and more with cards. If you’re one of our amazing collectors, you’ll probably already know this! Lots of you are working hard to solve these issues in your area with some ingenious solutions – from targeting the best roads, to just delivering envelopes and using a local drop-off point. And many of you are looking for new ways to fundraise in your community with Big Brekkies, concerts, sponsored walks, cake sales, book sales, tea parties – your creativity is incredible! We’re anticipating that, over

Christian Aid Magazine Special edition – January 2019

Jebbeh is heavily pregnant.


Her sister recently died giving birth,

present and future

Our envelope for Christian Aid Week 2019.

ms e’ u m ‘Allould liv sh


nt gna s pre onth ht m ig e , eh onn eh K Jebb


The future is in your hands

Your gift will support communities such as those featured and where the need is greatest.

May 2019

A gift of £7 could buy a bag of cement for a new health clinic, and help provide the urgent care that mums need. Please give today.

J81331 CAW19 envelope ENG-CONTROL AW.indd 1

Please put a donation in this envelope and give it to your volunteer when they return later this week. Remember to fill in the Gift Aid slip to add 25% to your donation for free! We believe every mum and baby’s life is worth fighting for. That’s why this envelope has been delivered by a local volunteer, one of thousands raising money this week for the world’s poorest people.

This Christian Aid Week, will you help give more mums a chance to live?

Christian Aid Magazine Special edition – January 2019

Alternatively, donate online at or by calling 08080 006 006.

stand in solidarity with the world’s poorest and most in need. When Christians bear witness to their faith in their community by inviting others to be a part of making a positive change in the world.

We’d love you to be a part of the conversation about shaping the future of Christian Aid Week. Whether you’ve previously been involved with Christian Aid Week or not, at this time of change, we need your voice, your ideas and most of all your prayers. We’ll be hosting a series of preChristian Aid Week events across Britain over the next few months – go to to find one near you. Or email us at with your comments and suggestions. Thank you for all that you do as part of the Christian Aid movement. Thank you for your time. Thank you for your energy. Thank you for your resilience. In the words of Dr Rowan Williams, Chair of Christian Aid: ‘We’re so deeply grateful to all of you who volunteer in this act of service and witness. A little envelope that you put through people’s doors may not seem like much. But even the smallest donation can change somebody’s life.’ Will you give this Christian Aid Week so that more mums like Jebbeh can give birth safely? Sierra Leone is the world’s most dangerous place to become a mum. But with your help, Jebbeh’s community could build a health clinic. It could mean the difference between life and death for women like Jebbeh.

Christian Aid Week is still going, now with tens of thousands of volunteer collectors, me amongst them. And it’s still surprising! The conversations you have on the doorstep, the people you get to know over the years. The cats and dogs you meet as you walk round your neighbourhood. The inventive ‘no’s and heart-warming ‘yes’s. The occasional rustle of a £10 note stuck in your envelope. Most of all, I continue to be surprised by the generosity of strangers responding to nothing more than a smiling volunteer with an envelope.

the next few years, the money raised through house-to-house collections will reduce further. However, we are as committed as you are to this remarkable annual week, where thousands of churches and individuals

Christian Aid works with people living in poverty, regardless of religion, race or gender. All volunteers carry a Home Office approved badge and certificate. You can return this envelope to your local volunteer or directly by posting it to Freepost Christian Aid.

(Above and below) Armed with buckets and envelopes, supporters raise money for Christian Aid Week.

No mum should die in childbirth. Please give today.


Amazed by what A marathon for mums Mum-of-three Jenny Ayres*, from our South East England team, walked 3.5 miles to the maternity wing of John Radcliffe hospital, where she gave birth to her daughter, Alice. Jenny and her daughter walked extraordinary lengths to stand together with mums like Tenneh in Sierra Leone - who nearly lost her life giving birth. Jenny says: ‘The fact that women go through childbirth the world over and become mothers to tiny babies is one thing that gives me a strong sense of sisterhood. Surely, we can do something to make things better for pregnant women.’

‘It makes me extra grateful for the maternity care I received, knowing how many women don’t get this, even though we’re going through the same quite scary experience of childbirth. I’m shocked that in our own times, women still die from want of basic care.’ Huge thanks to Jenny and her baby Alice, who raised an incredible £1,500. Their efforts could help more mums like Tenneh to give birth safely. Special thanks also to Anwen Holmes from our Oxford office, who organised a group of mums from her church to carry their babies on a sponsored marathon. Together, they raised an amazing £400.

The £1 million walk Super-supporter John Bamford has championed issues of extreme poverty and stood alongside disadvantaged communities all his life. Known locally for his innate knack for fundraising, John has taken the North Staffordshire Walk from strength to strength. John is confident that this year, the 29th North Staffordshire Walk will reach its £1 million milestone. Despite recently having knee surgery, John has not been deterred from getting plans underway for the 2019 walk: ‘I am delighted and


privileged to have been able to do this fundraising. I hope that my enthusiasm can inspire others. I owe a great debt to the people who have supported me over the years and who turned out on the walk, year in and year out, some of whom are very elderly or have disabilities.’ John is determined to walk alongside the most vulnerable of our neighbours. He said: ‘We should use our abilities, strengths and money to help make life fairer for all.’ More details on the North Staffordshire Walk can be found on page 15.

Christian Aid Magazine Special edition – January 2019

you did!

A huge thank you to all of you who make Christian Aid Week the amazing week it is. We take a look back at some highlights from 2018…

Edinburgh book bonanza Carefully coordinated by Lady Mary Davidson, she describes how: ‘The Christian Aid book sale has been held annually at St Andrew’s and St George’s West Church in Edinburgh since 1973. In the last 10 years, over £1 million has been raised, and about £100,000 each year. The first books came in the boot of a small car and were put out on a table in the courtyard of the Georgian church. Nearly all sold immediately. Now, countless people attend.’

Some of the rare gems on sale in 2018 included a treasure trove of paintings, curios and photographs. In 2018, its 45th year running, the book sale raised an astonishing £133,000. This exceptional event is said to be the biggest second-hand book sale in the world. What’s more, its success has inspired a further two book sales in Edinburgh, each raising a remarkable £20,000.

In 2018...

£8.5 million of vital funds raised

57,000 volunteers joined us

12,000 churches took part.

Thank you so much!

Stand together with your community A huge thank you for your support of Christian Aid Week 2018 – whether you collected door-to-door, in your church or held amazing events like Lady Mary, Jenny, Anwen and John. Where will your inspiration take you this year? You could organise a collection in your church, serve up a Big Brekkie, or hold a screening of our stunning new film (watch this space!). We have everything you need to organise your own fundraising event. Order envelopes, prayers, a Big Brekkie pack, and much more at With every gift. Every click. Every Big Brekkie. Every one of us can save lives.

*Jenny Ayre’s walk was for the Christmas Appeal 2014. Her story represents the many ways supporters and staff fundraise for Christian Aid Week.

Christian Aid Magazine Special edition – January 2019


How you’ve changed lives forever

From house-to-house collections to Big Brekkies, your generosity, solidarity and action has real, life-changing consequences for our global neighbours across the world – neighbours like Loko, Morsheda and Vilia. Here we celebrate how your support for Christian Aid Week can change lives.

Loko used to haul heavy firewood on her back to provide for her family.



We shared the story of Loko Jarso during Christian Aid Week 2015. Despite her strength of character, this Ethiopian mother battled to make ends meet. Loko struggled to provide for her eight children. Four times a week she would make a backbreaking, eight-hour walk up a

mountain to gather firewood to sell – a dangerous task that was her only source of income. Thanks to your Christian Aid Week donations, we were able to help Loko turn her future around. She received a cow and goats through our local partner HUNDEE after joining a savings group, giving her another way to provide for her family.

What’s more, two years later when a devastating drought gripped East Africa, your support meant Loko survived the worst of it. While Loko’s cow died, she fared better than most because she had something she hadn’t had before – resilience. She says: ‘Because I’m in the savings group, I have benefitted from loans, and when my children are sick, I can take them to the clinic and get medicine.’

Loko at home with her children. Thanks to your generosity, Loko now has goats and can save for her children’s future.


(Left) Morsheda and her children inside their flooded home in 2015. (Above) Now, Morsheda’s home has been raised to higher ground and she has received livestock, enabling her to plan for the future in safety.


When we first met Morsheda Begum, she had already been flooded out of her home in northern Bangladesh several times. Living on a char (islands created by the constantly moving coastlines of Bangladesh) life had been precarious. An ever-changing climate and natural tides meant Morsheda and her community faced the constant threat of flooding. One day when the floods came, Morsheda bundled up her young daughter in a cooking pot and floated her down the river to safety. Each time her home flooded, she was reliant on her neighbours for sanctuary. Thanks to your efforts during Christian Aid Week in 2016 and our local partner GUK, Morsheda’s home was moved to higher and safer ground. This could not have come a moment too soon, as the land on which Morsheda’s old home stood was submerged under river water when the next floods came. Reflecting on events in 2016, Morsheda said: ‘When you came to my house we were kneedeep in water. Today, despite the flooding, we are standing in a dry place. Last time I had to take shelter in my neighbour’s house. Now I am much safer.’


Who can forget Vilia Odina from Haiti? Her extraordinary story shone through during Christian Aid Week 2018. Vilia sheltered 54 of her neighbours during Hurricane Matthew in her house. It had been built with the support of Christian Aid’s partner KORAL back in 2010 after an earthquake took Vilia’s home and mother. On the terrifying night of Hurricane Matthew, neighbours fled to shelter with Vilia as their houses were swept away in the storm. Vilia used her voice during Christian Aid Week to call for more sturdy shelters for others in her community – like Marcelin, whose family had been living in a shower block since the hurricane. Your generosity helped us to work with KORAL again to build Marcelin and his daughters a new house. Vilia says: ‘A big thank you for what you have done and will continue to do. A thousand times, thank you!’

Thank you – your support counts

These are just some of the people whose lives have been transformed because of your efforts. Stand with us this Christian Aid Week (12-18 May 2019). You can contribute towards something extraordinary for our global neighbours – opportunity, hope and a chance for fullness of life. Together, we can continue to change many more lives in years to come.


‘A thousand times, thank you’ Vilia, Haiti

Vilia sits outside her storm-proof home with her sons.

Christian Aid Magazine Special edition – January 2019

Drop the debt! Debt keeps people trapped in poverty. Join us to demand justice.

The health clinic in Tenneh’s village, Sierra Leone, is cramped, has no electricity, and only two delivery beds. You may remember that, in May training or enough ambulances 1998, 70,000 people took to the to transport people to far-away streets of Birmingham to form a hospitals. And that’s where human chain. As part of the Jubilee government funding comes in. Debt Campaign, we called on world A lack of funding for such leaders to cancel the debt for the services is a complex matter, but poorest countries. the Government of Sierra Leone Now, 21 years on from that was given loans to help cope historic campaign, a new debt with the Ebola crisis that it is now crisis is looming. It’s time to expected to pay back. demand justice. Is it right that Sierra Leone In Sierra Leone, communities has to pay off debts which come are recovering from the Ebola from a major crisis like Ebola, virus, which claimed the lives of while its people struggle to 4,000 people and killed 10% of access even basic healthcare? healthcare workers. The UK Government can Joanna Tom-Kargbo, who stand together with the people works for Christian Aid in of Sierra Leone. It has the power Sierra Leone, told us: ‘Ebola to do something about this really devastated us. It wiped debt crisis. As the fourth largest Thanks to generous supporters out whole families. We nearly shareholder in the International like you, Tenneh gave birth gave up.’ Monetary Fund (IMF), it has safely. Yet every day, 10 women Now, our sisters and brothers significant influence. die giving birth in Sierra Leone. in Sierra Leone are still suffering The people of Sierra Leone from poor healthcare. Our sisters must be able to pay for their own like Tenneh – who nearly lost her life giving birth health services – without being saddled with debt. (see pages 4-5). Stand together for dignity, equality and justice It’s an outrage that the chances of mums like this Christian Aid Week. Urge the UK Government Tenneh dying in childbirth are so much higher to ensure the IMF drops the debt. than in the global North. Act now. Visit Sierra Leone lacks the funds to provide basic services like adequate health clinics, proper health Christian Aid Magazine Special edition – January 2019


Coming soon… If you’d like to get involved with a Christian Aid fundraiser, concert, service, or challenge, here’s a round-up of events that are happening near you over the coming months. To find out more, visit


London Christian Aid Week launch 2-4:30pm or 6-8pm, Christian Aid, 35-41 Lower Marsh, London, SE1 7RL. Come along to hear inspiring stories for Christian Aid Week and how your church can get involved. Email to book your slot at one of the sessions.


Yorkshire Volunteer Day 10.30am-1pm, Quaker Meeting House, 188a Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, LS2 9DX. An exciting opportunity to be inspired by the stories for Christian Aid Week 2019. For more details, visit or contact Katherine Hogg at

26 EDINBURGH The Gathering

10am, St John’s Episcopal Church, Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4BJ. Join Jeanne Kamara, Sierra Leone Country Manager, and Scotland staff and supporters to find out how we can stand together against poverty and injustice in 2019. Refreshments will be provided. For more information about The Gathering in your area, visit:


27 ABERDEEN The Gathering

10am, Holburn West Parish Church, 9 Ashley Park Drive, Aberdeen, AB10 6RY. For more details about The Gathering in your area, visit:

28 INVERNESS The Gathering

10am, Inshes Church of Scotland, Sir Walter Scott Drive, Inverness, IV2 3TW. For more details about The Gathering in your area, visit:


The Gathering

10am, Wheatley House, 25 Cochrane Street, Glasgow, G1 1HL. Join Jeanne Kamara, Sierra Leone Country Manager, and Scotland staff and supporters to find out how we can stand together against poverty and injustice in 2019. For more information, visit


Yorkshire Volunteer Day

10:30am-12:30pm, St Columba’s United Reformed Church, Priory Street, York, YO1 6EX. An exciting opportunity to be inspired by the stories for Christian Aid Week 2019. To find out more, visit or contact Stephanie Cooper at scooper@

Delivering Hope

Joanna Tom-Kargbo is Senior Programme Officer for Christian Aid’s Health Legacy programme in Sierra Leone, our focus for Christian Aid Week 2019. Joanna will share stories at events across the South West from 10-24 March in Bristol, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire and Isle of White, Somerset and Wiltshire. Contact or call 023 8070 6969 for more details of events near you.


Delivering Hope

7-8:30pm, Mapperton, Beaminster, DT8 3NR. By kind permission of the Earl of Sandwich. Come and meet Joanna Tom-Kargbo from the Sierra Leone Christian Aid office, and hear inspiring stories on maternal health for Christian Aid Week. Refreshments will be provided. For details, contact southampton@

16 SHEFFIELD Yorkshire Volunteer Day

10am-12pm, Sheffield Central United Reformed Church, 60 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, S1 2JB.

An exciting opportunity to be inspired by the stories for Christian Aid Week 2019. To find out more, visit yorkshire or contact Tom Wyke at


Regional Conference

10am, Waddington Street United Reformed Church, Durham, DH1 4BG. An event bringing together Christian Aid supporters from across the North East. A time to worship and pray together, and share a Big Brekkie. Includes workshops on volunteering in Christian Aid Week and beyond, as well as campaigns workshops and training for students.

Christian Aid Magazine Special edition – January 2019

bridges. Wear something red and challenge yourself to cross as many times – or as many bridges – as you can! Join us from either starting point. Register your interest by emailing lkirkland@ or visit

18 BIRMINGHAM Circle the City Birmingham Join us for Circle the City – our family-friendly fundraising event – taking place in Manchester, Birmingham and London this spring.

21 CARLISLE Concert for Christian Aid

7pm, St John the Evangelist Church, London Road, Carlisle, CA1 2QQ. Join us for an enjoyable evening of music in support of Christian Aid. For ticket information, visit


North Staffordshire Walk

9:30am, Tittesworth Water, Meerbrook, Near Leek, ST13 8SW. Join this amazing sponsored walk as it reaches its £1m fundraising mark! For details, call John Bamford on 01782 516137.


An evening with…/ Noson yng nghwmni… Dr Rowan Williams, our Chief Executive Amanda Khozi Mukwashi and the Christian Aid Wales team. For more details, please contact wales@ or call 029 2084 4646.


Sanctuary in the Senedd

10.30am-2pm, The Senedd, Cardiff Bay Link Road, Cardiff, CF10 4PZ. A chance to meet, share stories, and stand together with refugees and asylum seekers in Wales. Organised by the Welsh Refugee Coalition.

27 MANCHESTER Circle the City Manchester

11am-4pm, Manchester Cathedral, Victoria Street, Manchester, M3 1SX. Join us for this fantastic sponsored walk in the heart of Manchester. Includes a church service, an opportunity to visit Manchester’s historic places of worship, and many more adventures along the way! Register at


Walk the White Horses of Wiltshire

9am, Westbury, Wiltshire – exact location to be confirmed. A four-day trek with shorter options available. Join clergy and Christian Aid supporters for a brand-new event. Choose to walk or ride the 60-mile trek or join us for part of the journey. For more details, email

Christian Aid Magazine Special edition – January 2019


Divine and Christian Aid Poetry Competition

Enter your favourite poems into the competition. Make sure to get your Welsh language entries in by 30 April for a chance to win chocolates, book tokens and more! The Welsh language judge this year is Casia Wiliam, Welsh Language Children’s Laureate 2017-2019. For more details, contact Cynan Llwyd at cllwyd@

MAY 10 ELY, CAMBRIDGESHIRE Songs and Sonnets

7pm, Chapter House, The College, Ely, CB7 4DL. An evening in Ely Cathedral with well-known poet and singer Malcolm Guite. To book your tickets, email or call 01603 620051.


Bridge Cross Challenge 2pm, Erskine Bridge, Forth Road Bridge, Tay Bridge. Annual family-friendly sponsored walk across Scotland’s most historic

9.30am-4pm, Bournville Quaker Meeting House, 930 Bristol Road, Birmingham, B30 1JT and Erdington Six Ways Baptist Church, Wood End Road, Birmingham, B24 8AD. Join us for this fantastic sponsored bus ride circling the City of Birmingham. Register at circle-city-birmingham

18 BIX, HENLEY-ON-THAMES Walk the Country

Registration: 8:30am. Starts and ends: Bix Village Hall, Bix, Near Henley, RG9 6BS. Join in our annual Christian Aid walk through the beautiful countryside. Choose between 5, 10 and 15 miles. You can sign up to get a sponsorship pack in advance, or simply turn up on the day and make a minimum donation of £20. For details and to book, contact the Oxford office on 01865 246818 or


Circle the City

12-5pm, St Mary-le-Bow Church, Cheapside, London, EC2V 6AU. Join us on our unique sponsored walk around the City of London’s historic and often-hidden places of worship. Sign up at


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Christian Aid Magazine Christian Aid Week Special Edition 2019  

Christian Aid Magazine Christian Aid Week Special Edition 2019

Christian Aid Magazine Christian Aid Week Special Edition 2019  

Christian Aid Magazine Christian Aid Week Special Edition 2019