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IN FOCUS March 2012

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in defining what a great school looks like, I challenge myself to think about the following presuppositions. I believe great schools focus on these key factors.

Staff professional learning is enhanced through discussion groups

Ours is a Christian School that strives

educational personnel, support staff and

structures and procedures to assist students,

to support our students in character

parents to cooperatively and collaboratively

development and educational outcomes. We

enjoy a cohesive, shared understanding of

strive to encourage each of our students to

their contribution to the education process.

develop a personal faith in Jesus Christ and to

Programs are reviewed and assessed for improvement.

offers learning opportunities and pastoral care, our students are encouraged to achieve their best. In a framework of continuous improvement, clear and explicit goals for students are understood and supported by

In recent years our College has undergone and benefitted from reviews of programs at all levels including Senior, Middle and Junior School as well as the program at ‘Back Creek’ farm. New initiatives have been successfully

students, teacher and parents.

introduced and students are demonstrating

introduction of the Federal government’s

Believing in and supporting all students to learn.

many cases the information used as part of

My Schools website, the introduction and

Our College aims to provide the right learning

data, feedback from students, members of

effort to prepare for and introduce a national

environment that encourages and supports all

staff and our parent body. A shared input into

curriculum and the Gonski review of funding

students to learn. We work hard to create an

this process is invaluable.

of schools, to name a few. Interestingly, my

environment where students feel safe, valued

direct conversations with stakeholders in our

and engaged in the learning process, so as to

community, including colleagues from other

make the most of every opportunity through

Teaching staff play a significant role in student success.

schools, often specifically involve asking

the programs, facilities, resources and services

The selection and recruitment of teaching

questions about the qualities of a great school.

available to them. This is best achieved in a

staff and a commitment to supporting each

shared culture of learning where everyone sees

one in their professional growth has been a

themselves as learners - students, members of

focus of our recent emphasis on teaching

staff and parents included.

and learning.

discussion and debate surrounding schools and education in our country - The

Factors to consider. In considering the elements that are factors

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great school is prepared to remove barriers or improve programs in order to create

lives. Together with a balanced education that

What makes a great school?

There is no such thing as a perfect school. A

A shared understanding about the ethos and culture of the school.

understand the purpose that God has for their

Over recent years there has been much

Barriers are Identified and addressed.

positive outcomes as a result of these. In the reviews has involved student learning

Our teaching staff are involved in a range of

and a Christian College smart phone App

For the staff to work collectively and

professional learning teams to collaboratively

will be introduced soon and will enable us

collaboratively toward offering the very best

consider initiatives and practice that

to keep the entire College community up

educational opportunities and feedback

challenges and improves their effectiveness

to date with events, celebrations and news

possible, through reflecting upon their

in classrooms. The introduction of a

concerning the College program.

practice and learning from their colleagues

Effective communication through this

and best practice initiatives.

method will increase and enhance the

For parents to encourage and support

feedback provided to students and

students in their learning as well as to be

families regarding the learning undertaken

accountable for their efforts and contributions

throughout the College as well as details on

by supporting the teaching staff in their efforts

individual students.

to deliver the program.

delivery of learning for our students.

Our shared aim.

We have much to be thankful for at Christian

Effective communication.

This year I have challenged the staff in all

The effort to use technology to improve

areas of the College to focus upon and to

reflective Teacher Performance Management program will allow our teachers to work with colleagues in order to obtain feedback that will support and encourage their career development and practice. The desired outcome is ongoing, high quality, state of the art practical experiences to enhance the

communication with students and assist

strive for excellence - to not only focus on the

them with their daily organisation and also

end result being excellent, but also to engage

with families through the newly developed

in a process of giving ones best effort to

portal, are each aimed to provide effective

continuing to improve.

and more efficient methods of sharing

In this way I ask our entire community to


support and encourage each other in this goal.

Change of this nature is not without

For students to challenge themselves

challenges; however over time through reviewing and improving these elements of our College communication links using technology, we will see considerable benefits in the months and years ahead. The new College website, a Facebook page

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and take responsibility to give their very best effort to take up the opportunities provided to them by listening to their teachers, submitting their best work at all times and within the time expected and to use the feedback offered to improve their learning.

College. God has blessed us with a clear focus on love and a great example to follow in His son Jesus. Our daily living, if based on His example and desire to make the world a

Senior staff and students recognizing student leadership

better place, gives us a tremendous purpose. We benefit as a result of the provision of great students, the most wonderful learning environment, excellent programs and facilities for teaching and learning, a professional and dedicated teaching and support staff and a positive and supportive relationship between the College and our families. This to me describes a great school, one that continually strives for excellence. Glen McKeeman, Principal.

Class group learning in action at Bellarine Campus

Campus Life The experience of campus life is many and varied whether it be in the classroom, the gym, the pool, the sporting field, the camp, the farm or on excursion. However there are two common pursuits we have for 2012 Excellence and the Sharing of Love. The excellence we seek is not a destination but a journey. It is the desire to see each student improve and grow moment by moment, day by day. Teachers not only Picnic in the courtyard for Year 7 families and teachers

want this experience for their students but are passionate themselves to share in the

New Sports and Aquatic Centre Recently the opportunity for the Middle School community to come together in our Sports and Aquatic Centre was a dream come

earlier in the day by observing our basketball court quickly transformed into a community hall by a group of dedicated staff and able students.

The commonality was the picnic tea, followed

attainment of true excellence. We too want to

by Chapel and finally the classroom to give

improve and grow.

the families a taste of a day in the life of their

The love we seek to share is not love as the

children. The friendship experienced over the

world knows it but love as God intends it to

picnic was encouraging and the time in the

be. It is best defined by Paul in his letter to

Chapel with our Chaplain, Mr Jason Morrison, unpacking our desire for students to

the church at Corinth: ‘Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it

true. Our Leaders’ Induction Service saw 620

This time together allowed us to praise God

students joined by over 150 parents and staff

for His provision and celebrate the gifts He

to dedicate our student leaders, in service, to

has given to our children.

their school and to God.

Welcome Evenings

The venue looked and sounded wonderful

Our Years 5/6 and Year 7 Welcome Evenings

teachers listening and doing activities whilst

and our guest speaker Miss Georgina Faulkner

this year brought freshness and excitement

the Year 7 families not only spent time in the

spoke to the audience about the true essence

to the experience. Under the direction of the

Homeroom but also visited other classes. The

of servant leadership and the ability of young

coordinators Mr Peter Fossey and Miss Kerrie

bell was rung to signal the end of one class

people to make a real difference in their

Reid each evening had common threads yet

and the start of the next. A true experience of

Wayne Hines

world. This had already been evidenced

each was programmed differently.

a student’s life at school was gained by all.

Head of Middle School, Highton

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experience excellence in 2012, was inspiring. The variation occurred in the classroom where the Year 5/6 families spent their time in their child’s classroom with their Homeroom

does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails’. 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8

Starting 2012 at the Farm The new vegetable gardens are in full production, particularly potatoes “Garden Cooking” is going really well. The Year 9 Rural 1 students have presented complete meals 90% from our own sources The hot house tomatoes are flourishing and

Gathering wood for the boiler

look like the ‘Day of the Triffids’

Rural 2 girls getting used to the working the herd

The main car park has been edged with sleepers and shrubs to make a hedge. Elm trees are spaced along the car park The front gardens are divided into sections

Rural Experience Overview The purpose of the Farm is to provide year 9 students with an enhanced educational experience through a residential rural programme where they are immersed into a working farm (primarily a commercial dairy),

The school part of the Rural Programme currently has 2 full-time and 9 casual / sessional staff.

Corea, Daisy, Hebes, Lavender, Diosma Green, Diosma Yellow, Grevillea, Boronia, Leucodendron, Proteas, Ti Tree etc. The bridge over the back of the dam is complete and now in use.

whilst living with their peers - away from most of the comforts and conveniences of home.

The farm part of the Rural Programme

This new environment is a wonderful

currently has 2 full-time and 3 casual staff.

platform for children to discover things about

98 hectares owned + 405 hectares leased

themselves, taking responsibility, the role

renovation of the ‘Gatehouse’

285 cows being milked twice daily

Mr Earl Moore has been appointed as our

does not just appear on supermarket shelves,

271 sheep

Teaching and Learning Operations Manager.

experiential learning of tolerance for those

54 beef cattle and calves

to develop leadership potential, and using

100 calves

initiative in problem-solving.

200 hens

northern end of the cabins.

204 students participated in the Programme

110 eggs collected, washed and sold daily

Russell Barter, Director of ‘Back Creek’

living and working with them, opportunities

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in 2011 (142 from Highton, 62 from Bellarine)

The Farming Operations

of primary production in the food chain - it

Apples, apples and more apples!

which the students look after. Plants include

‘Larry ‘ and ‘Garry ‘, our two goats are great for keeping the fence lines clean. Much new work has been done on the

His work is focused on the homestead, its organisation and systems. New steps have been installed on the


1 2


The expansive new sports facilities at the Christian College Middle School in Burdekin Road, Highton was officially opened by Darren Cheeseman, MP and James Shirley, Chairman of Christian College Board on Friday 9 March. The new Sports Centre includes a gymnasium with two basketball courts, a circuit training room and sports administration areas. It will also be used as an auditorium for College assemblies and special events. 1. Year 8 Physical Education classes include swim training in the Aquatic Centre 2. Two Indoor Cricket matches can take place at once in the spacious

new gymnasium

3. The Head of Middle School and the Board Chairman listen to

the response from Sally Ramsay, a Middle School parent at the

Opening Ceremony

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During the Opening Ceremony, a plaque was unveiled acknowledging the contribution of the Australian Government. College CEO Daryl Riddle OAM stated that the long-term ‘dream’ of the College Board had only been

Prayer of Dedication At the Opening Ceremony the following prayer was offered by Salvation Army Board Representative, Captain David Collinson

made possible with financial assistance

Dear God,

from the Federal Government’s Building

We thank you for Christian College Geelong - for

the Education Revolution initiative. He

the staff and students you have placed here and

also acknowledged the pivotal role of the

for the diversity of people that come through

architect and Project manager, Paul Brewster.

their doors every day.

Mr Frank Costa OAM congratulated the

We thank you for the gift of sport and the

College Board for its vision and gave an

abilities you have given us to run, play, swim

inspirational message to the students

and compete.

encouraging them to develop character as

We ask now your blessing on this Sports and

well as their skills.

Aquatic centre, praying for the work that will be

Aquatic Centre Refurbishment

done here and the care, support and education

In addition, the original St. Augustine’s Orphanage swimming pools have now been completely refurbished, heated and enclosed as part of the new Sports and Aquatic Centre.


that will be offered in Your name. May this building be a blessing to the community here at Christian College and to the City of Geelong.

Several of the St Augustine’s Old Boys took part

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.

in the unveiling of a plaque commemorating


the work of the boys and Christian Brothers in

1. The Senior Wind Symphony provided musical

the excavation of the pools in 1939.

support at the Opening Ceremony

The pools will now be used for swim

2. Darren Cheeseman MP, Daryl Riddle CEO

instruction throughout the year by Christian

of Christian College, St. Augustine’s ‘Old

College classes from Junior, Middle and Senior

Boy’Charlie Walker and the College Chairman,

School as well as by community groups.

James Shirley in the new Aquatic Centre

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standards, ideals and integrity of this my school - Christian College. I will strive to show understanding, compassion and respect in my dealings with students and staff. I will endeavour to be fair and consistent in the decisions I make, whilst being committed to the high ideals of my College motto – ‘Seek ye first The Senior Prefects give their Oath of Commitment during the

The 2012 Senior School Captains and Vice Captains are congratu-


lated by the Head of Senior School and the Principal what you believe in. A good leader has vision: This means that a good leader can see what he or she is

On February 14th the Senior School held its

effective in serving those they are working for

working towards, has an end result in mind

Prefect Investiture Ceremony. While there

if they love them. Without love it will be just

and always has a plan of action.

were twenty four of our Year 12’s who were

mindless work, but if you love others you will

invested into their new roles, we celebrated

be considerate of their wants and needs and

the qualities of leadership which we are all

this will make your service more meaningful.

able to display. I would like to outline some of the qualities of being a leader, as these allow us each to improve and to be our best self, and for us to help others become their best

A good leader has a good attitude: Your attitude will not only determine your personal success but it will determine how successfully

Every one of our young people at Senior School is able to work on these outlined attributes and to be a leader to those around

A good leader is responsible: We all have to

he or she does. Doing your part is good

Prefect in our community and we celebrate

be responsible for our own actions and to be

but doing it with a good attitude and with

with those who were successful in becoming

aware of the impact that those actions may

enthusiasm is even better.

one. The oath that each of these young


for: No one wants to follow someone who is unsure or wavering. Even if those you are

Sam Liistro and Madelaine Blomfield . We are delighted that they have accepted these roles and we pray for God’s hand on them for the year ahead. This prayer, below, which we prayed for our School Captains is just as appropriate for all

Father, thank you for these young men and

year indicated their willingness to become a

is always a consequence, whether positive or

Ben McCarthy and our School Vice Captains

Senior Prefects 2012

have a positive attitude about everything

A good leader knows what he or she stands

2012 School Captains Alicia McNamara and

our young people on the Senior campus.

We are grateful to all the Year 12’s who last

have on others. When we make a choice there

I would like to particularly congratulate our


you can lead others. A truly good leader will

as well.

the Kingdom of God’

women - for the people they are and for whom they will become. As Your word declares, we ask wisdom for them in their roles knowing that you will give generously. Lord grant them an increased creativity – we are made in your

people made at the Investiture Service is set

image and you are a Creator-so guide them in

out below. As a community we are grateful

new ways of thinking, new ways of problem

that they have made such a promise.

solving and new ideas for 2012.

A good leader loves those whom he or

leading do not agree with the beliefs you

‘With God’s help, I wholeheartedly accept the

Susan Strong

she serves: A leader will be much more

have, they will still follow you if you know

responsibilities associated with upholding the

Head of Senior School

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The 2011 Year 12 Graduates of our College have done particularly well in their VCE studies. We would like to share some insights and advice from a few of the Year 12 students who did particularly well last year. REBEKAH HINES: 2011 DUX OF CHRISTIAN COLLEGE Rebekah studied Group Music, Further Mathematics, Chemistry, Music Investigation, English and Mathematical Methods. She believes she did well with her ATAR because she had sufficient motivation toward what she wanted to do in the future. She made sure that she never stressed herself out, by remembering that her life would continue even if she did not reach her goal. This approach released a



Jacob studied English,

In Year 12, Andrew studied

Drama, Indonesian,

English, Accounting, Physics,

Japanese and Literature in

Japanese and Mathematical

Year 12.


He says that having a clear

He believes that he did well

goal in mind throughout

because he continually

Year 12 gave him the

reviewed previously studied

motivation, enthusiasm and

topics throughout the

determination to attain his

year so that he did not

lot of potential pressure.

desired ATAR. Additionally, by choosing subjects he

have to relearn everything when it came time for the

This year she plans to study a Bachelor of Science at

enjoyed, the workload and homework were much more


Melbourne University whilst living at St. Hilda’s College.


This year Andrew will begin studying Medicine at

Various music groups and church/Christian unions

In 2012 Jacob will study Professional Communications

Adelaide University and his future plans include

will also fill in her hobbies and keep up her life outside

at RMIT city campus. As a part of this degree he will be

being a doctor and then deciding upon his area of


able to complete studies in a range of areas including


After two years of the Bachelor of Science, Rebekah can

journalism, public relations, languages and Asian

apply to start her Doctor of Veterinary Science course a


year early, thanks to her guaranteed ATAR entry. So, in

After completing his studies, Jacob hopes to pursue a

the future she will be a vet, hopefully working in a rural

career in the broadcast journalism industry and perhaps

area, but maybe working with some wild animals or in a

work as a TV reporter.

zoo ultimately.

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Jason’s studies for Year 12

Chloe studied English,

were Chemistry, Biology,

Psychology, Studio Arts, Maths

English, Maths Methods,

Methods, Specialist Maths and

Rianni attributes her fine results to hard work and dedication.

Physics, Further Maths

Further Maths in Year 12

She says: “There is only one way to do well and that is to study,

Success came to Jason

Chloe feels that she did well

though, you have to study smart by choosing what works

because of a number of

in her ATAR because Effort

best for you. For example, I never wrote notes; rote rehearsal

factors. Firstly, he found

> Natural Talent. She put in

was just a waste of time for me. Instead I gave meaning to the

his goal, of working in the

the ‘hard yards’ all through

information by using mnemonic devices (memory enhancers)

medical profession and thus

Year 11 and during the year

In Year 12 Rianni studied English, Further Maths, Japanese, Chemistry, Psychology

and creating pictures at times (weird I know!) It is important to not underestimate the importance of SACs as well; I looked at them as exam. preparation and made sure I knew basically everything regarding that topic and what I didn’t know I would

concept properly as she was learning it.

began work then, so that there was barely anything

She deeply involved herself in class discussion and was not

new in Year 12. This meant that when he got to Year 12

shy to ask questions or get clarifications.

he had completed almost all his coursework, and could

She says ‘If you start trying and truly understanding early on,

on before the SACS, from the text books, study aids etc.

grasp concepts better and ask more complex questions.

Year 12 becomes easier and when exams come along you

I found it so much easier to learn concepts well the first time,

Jason’s hints to others include:

revision and I could get into practice exams as soon as I could. All these students are

It is also important to have balance; I made time to still do

positive about the future

exercise each day, have a couple of jobs, go out on weekends

and expressed their thanks

and things like that, but just prioritise; it’s not possible to do

to Christian College for

these all the time!

start to their chosen career.

He decided all this towards the end of Year 10 and

in Year 12. Chloe made sure that she understood each

ask my teachers. I also did every question I could get my hands

so that when exams came around, my preparation just felt like

giving them a wonderful

he looked towards an ATAR of 99.95

Leading up to the exams I took at least a month off work, and didn’t go out and things like that as I found studying more

Summarising his own notes and speaking everything as he wrote.

Bachelor of Science, particularly focusing on Mathematics and Psychology. She wants to relax a little within her studies however, and hopefully take on some extra

Teaching others helped to show where he lacked in his

curricular activities, embracing her passions for dance and

own understanding.


Having a balanced life (some social activities, plenty of

Chloe is still unsure of what she wants to be when she

sleep and regular exercise included)

grows up, but she is fine with that. She would be interested

This year Jason will study Dentistry at La Trobe

out of it what you put in. It’s easy to start the year motivated

University in Bendigo. His future plans include some

then slacken off, but persist and it will all be worth it in the

aspect of dentistry and travel.

This year she is studying Law/ Science, which she believes will

This year Chloe is enrolled at Monash University to study a

Not leaving things to the last minute.

important at these times. Just find what works for you! You get

end. Still remember to enjoy it!

are not in a rush to attempt to understand the impossible.’

in continuing her studies perhaps Honours, Masters and maybe a PHd. Chloe found it hard to choose between creativity and academia when deciding on a university course, so she hopes that she can continue to embrace art and hopefully find a career that encompasses both aspects.

‘keep her on her toes’.

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Education continues to be a strong focus

already experimenting with ‘fancy stitching’ to

Christian College Geelong began visiting

It is fantastic to see the adoption of new

Viqueque in 2004. That year, a work-party

technology and ideas for the improvement of

ups, playdough, finger-painting, gardening

established a community Friendship House

lives in the community and in the classrooms.

and water play, just to name a few of the new

called Uma Maun Alin. In 2005, a second group

With the advent of 24 hour per day electricity

activities at the kindergarten.

renovated another building in Viqueque, which

in Viqueque in 2012, even more goals will

now provides accommodation for visiting

be met. This will positively impact the ICT

groups and individuals. Many friendship trips

timetable which will allow more students to

have ensued.

learn ICT skills on the laptops. The sewing

The community of Viqueque has a formal friendship relationship with Geelong. In 2010 a Memorandum of Understanding was

Christian College teacher, Ms Singleton joins in the sewing class at the Friendship House at Viqueque

Page 11 :.

embroider table cloths and napery.

ladies’ use of the new sewing machines will not be restricted to starting the generator or coming to work when the power is on.

Venancia is the third teacher and she will be following a similar intensive training program of experience at Williams House in Term 2 this year. A big ‘thank you’ to the dedicated staff at our Williams House Kindergarten. They are fantastic kinder teachers and the children at the Friendship House Kindergarten are lucky

renewed and signed between the Mayor of

It is hoped that the support for these programs

the City of Greater Geelong and the District

will continue strongly into the future.

Administrator of Viqueque. The Friendship House, supported by Christian

Kindergarten at the Friendship House

College Geelong, hosts a range of important

Kindergarten teachers from Viqueque,

community-based activities. It currently

Nurlinda and Lucia, both taught at Christian

accommodates a registered kindergarten

College’s Kindergarten, Surfside Kindergarten

in the mornings and English classes for

and Kardinia Child Minding Centre, as part of

primary school students some afternoons.

a comprehensive 2-3 month training program

The ICT classes have become increasingly

in Geelong in 2011. Their experience provided

popular since another batch of laptops has

them with new skills and ideas, which they

These trips offer Geelong students the

been installed at Uma Maun Alin. A women’s

immediately put into practice upon their

opportunity to experience village life in

sewing group has started a business there

return, transforming the Kindergarten

Viqueque, and make their own contribution

too. These skilled ladies make and sell school

in Uma Maun Alin , the Christian College

to the ongoing efforts of Christian College;

uniforms. With the addition of more ‘modern’

Friendship House. They have implemented

and to improve the living standards and

electric sewing machines in 2011, they are

activities such as a home/play corner, dress

educational opportunities within Viqueque,

to benefit benefit from their experience.

Recent trips… In 2010 and 2011, Senior students from Christian College Geelong recommenced regular trips to East Timor. When these students visited the communities of Viqueque and Kraras, they continued to strengthen the existing bonds between the school and the communities.

Kinder in action at the Friendship House

Kraras and Raitahu. The expeditions also

SMA Calixa is in desperate need of renovation,

moved by the personal stories of torture and

serve to develop relationships between these

but must await government and education

survival. Rich, authentic learning experiences

villages and the Greater Geelong community.

department discretion as to when and where

such as these convey a powerful message,

Raitahu School

funding is granted. SMA Septembru 4 School

augmenting the school’s Humanities

Last year, the Christian College Senior

Christmas period. Despite difficult physical

Prefects tabled a proposal to the Christian

surroundings, learning continues with very

College community and set a challenge for

little in the way of material resources and

staff and students to raise funds for a new

aides, even if it is under the trees while the

Friendship School, 15 km from the village

roof is dismantled and re-constructed.

of Viqueque. It was an initiative developed in consultation between Christian College Geelong and the village elders, teachers and parents of Raitahu. Christian College is thrilled to announce that a three room school, including a staff room, is well on the way to completion. It will be formally opened when the 2012 Prefects visit in June/July. We would Senior students and staff visited in 2011

like to take this opportunity to thank our

group of teachers from Viqueque visited Geelong on a study trip. They toured their Friendship Schools Group buddy schools and enjoyed collegiality with staff and students.

It is difficult for most families to support

A dedicated band of Christian College staff

their children through tertiary studies, so

are once again visiting Viqueque in the Easter

during 2011, Christian College inaugurated

holidays this year, to maintain the buildings,

support for a young man and a young woman

and experience the friendship and humble

from each of their buddy schools to go to

surroundings offered by our mates and

university in Dili. Typically, courses run for

colleagues over there.

three years. It is anticipated that new students will be supported in successive years. The

2012 Calendars Some copies of the East Timor Calendars are

including nursing, teaching and chemistry.

still available from Reception at each Campus.

At the completion of their studies they hope

The original Raitahu primary school is typical

Parents are warmly encouraged to take a

to return to Viqueque to make positive

of remote, rural schools in Timor Leste. It

contributions to their community, through

calendar home and read more about our East

is constructed of palm poles, a palm leaf

education and health.

thatched roof and has mostly open ‘walls’.

Christian College Staff and Students

to make a gold coin donation, every little bit

In June 2011, Jill Jolliffe (author of Balibo) and

Christian College in Viqueque.

Forty to sixty primary school students attend this single room school, taught by three teachers, including the Principal.


Page 12 :.

program. Then in November, a representative

students are studying a variety of courses

many supporters and look forward to your continuing support.

The Principal with the students of Raitahu School

received new trusses and a roof over the 2011

her Timorese friends set up a photographic and video exhibition, The Living Memory

Timorese friends. At this stage of the year, the calendars are free, but if you would like helps support the people and projects run by

Deb. Singleton

Two senior schools in Viqueque are ‘buddied’

Project, at the Christian College Chapel at

Secretary, Christian College East Timor

with two of the Christian College campuses.

Middle School, Highton. Many students were


Proud parents congratulate the 2012 Bellarine School Captains

Welcome to 2012 Once again it has been a very smooth start to the year and to this end I am grateful for the work all staff and parents have contributed in ensuring the students’ have a positive beginning to 2012. I would like to extend a warm welcome to those families beginning their educational journey with us as part of the Preparatory Year and also in Year 7. I enjoyed catching up with many of you at our Family Welcome Picnic and for those families

The Chaplain’s message at the Welcome Evening

communicate with staff via the Diary and may

involved, even as your child moves into

wish to follow up with a phone call or email

the middle and senior years of schooling.

as required. The Diary should also provide an

Coaching a team, assisting on excursions or

we encourage you to introduce yourself

overview of student progress in academics,

camps, offering to help on a special activity

to your child’s Homeroom teacher and/or

attitude and campus based events, ensuring

day, volunteering with fundraising initiatives

the specialist staff to begin what will be an

parents remain well informed.

or in the Barn are just a few of the ways you

important partnership as we share in the

Support at home can help your child succeed!

can remain involved and connected with

responsibility of ‘educating’ your child. We see this as a reciprocal relationship that can be fostered between home and the school.

A recent study at the Queensland University

In order to bring about the best outcomes

of Technology (QUT) found that parents who

for your child, we need to be supportive of

remain engaged with schools throughout

each other’s roles as parents and teachers.

their child’s education are more likely to

Together we can achieve some great things!

have children who complete the high school

I missed, I am sure we will have opportunities

The College Diary is an important tool

to catch up as the year unfolds.

in this process and forms the basis for

Parent/Teacher Partnership

Staff and families meet informally in Term 1 at the Bellarine Campus

communication between parents and teaching staff. It is important that the Diary

years and also go on to further study. This study found that there is a very high level of parental involvement in the early years of schooling; however this engagement starts to decrease as secondary studies commence.

your school and child’s education. The QUT study also reported that parents helping with homework, discussing experiences at school and what is being learned lets children know that their parents are interested, concerned and place a high value on education.

Ways parents can help their children learn 1. A positive start to the day. Assist your child with routine and organising the night before in readiness

Throughout the year there are many

be viewed and signed each night for Junior

opportunities for you as parents to become

School students and each week for Middle

My encouragement to all parents is to take

for the next day. This will prevent the rush

involved in the life of the College. Further,

School students. Parents are encouraged to

advantage of the many ways you can remain

and stress of not being able to locate

Page 13 :.

uniform items, books and notices etc. in the morning. Having an appropriate breakfast will also ensure your child has the appropriate ‘fuel’ for the day. A positive, happy start is a great foundation for a new day at school.

4. Foster a love of learning. As a parent you can enrich your child’s life and love of learning by showing them your own curiosity, respecting their questions, asking questions and encouraging their efforts. Filling your home with books to read,

2. Prepare for a positive reunion at the

books to look at and books that will assist in

end of the day.

answering questions can be invaluable.

Just as a positive start to the day is

5. Develop a learning partnership with

essential, so too is a happy conclusion

your child’s teacher.

to the school day. Putting aside some

Introduce yourself, assist in the classroom,

uninterrupted time, perhaps 10-20 minutes

maintain contact through the diary and take up

to listen to your children talk about their

the opportunity for Parent/Teacher Interviews.

day is really important. This lets them know

If you need to speak to the teacher in reference

that you are interested in their learning and

to a specific issue with your child, do it privately,

they will value your attention.

not in front of your child. Never criticise your

3. Remember it is your children’s homework, not yours.

Discovering Highton Campus with Middle School students

child’s teacher in front of your child. Staff will be

SMA Negeri 2 Mataram Senior High School students and staff from our Twin School in Lombok,

only too happy to oblige and attempt to bring

Indonesia visited Geelong and were hosted by Christian College families from February 26 to 10

about a positive resolution. It is important that

March. This is the 16th year of the exchange that commenced in 1997.

Create a time and quiet place as a regular

your child sees a positive relationship between

homework space. It is valuable for parents

parent and teacher.

At the Welcome Ceremony on Wednesday 29 February in the Senior School Chapel, host students

to encourage editing and revision of work; however it is really important to allow your children to make mistakes and complete their own work. This also allows teachers to gauge if your child has understood the material presented and encourages our young people to take responsibility for the quality of their work and develop independent learning habits.

formally welcomed the SMA Negeri 2 students to Victoria and Christian College in Indonesian. A

As the new school year unfolds, we look

representative from the Consul General of Indonesia attended the special occasion.

forward to working with you (the parents)

The 20 students and 3 staff- including the Principal, Pak Hairuddin Ahmad visited the various

to assist your child as they learn and grow to be the best that they can be. Together we can achieve great things and encourage in our young people a desire to be lifelong and

school campuses, Narana Creations and many other local tourist attractions with their host families. In 2011 ten students from Christian College and their parents went on a 2 week study tour to Indonesia ( Bali and Lombok) and were hosted by SMA Negeri 2 Mataram and the local community in

passionate learners.


Scott Elliss, Head of Bellarine Campus

Visits by students and staff to and from Indonesia not only assist our students with their LOTE studies but firm friendships into the future are made. Mrs Carol Milton-Garner, Director of L.O.T.E

Page 14 :.

The collaborative team have so far

undertaking this important process to benefit

surveyed staff on teaching and learning

the foundations of learning in Mathematics.

practices, collected data relating to student learning and consulted Mathematics specialists regarding best practice and the latest research.

Teaching Workshops At the start of this year a highly successful

program. This undertaking by a Professional Learning Team under the leadership of Mr.

Page 15 :.



teachers from both campuses to specifically

learning tool that integrates home and school

explore teaching strategies and exercises

learning via the Internet. Â

to enhance understanding for students in Students from Years 1 to 7 have been

utilising some of these in classrooms as well

provided with 24-hour access to Mathletics

as some of the resources that were shared.

and can access this by using a unique user

The next stage of the process will involve engaging experienced consultant teacher

a review of the Junior School Mathematics

Mathematics to build upon in the Middle

Mathletics is a web based Mathematics

were extremely valuable and already staff are

Late in 2011 Christian College commenced

and deeper levels of understanding in

workshop was conducted for all Junior School

classroom lessons. These hands on sessions

Year 3 boys at Junior School engrossed in Mathletics

As a result students will experience richer

name and password. Prep. students will commence using the program in Term 2.

coaches to work with our teaching staff

We recommend that parents spend time

to further implement and enhance the

becoming familiar with the program with

effectiveness of the teaching of Mathematics

your child so that you can gain the greatest

in each classroom.

understanding of how Mathletics works and

Curriculum Audit

how it will benefit your child

As we prepare for the introduction of

There may be times when your child’s

the Australian Curriculum we are also

classroom teacher will set specific

in the process of auditing our current

Mathletics tasks to be completed either at

curriculum and assessing new programs

school or at home. We ask you to encourage

Wayne Hines, as part of the College Strategic

to best meet the future needs of students

Educational plan, aimed to assess the

in our Junior Schools.

strengths and needs of the program covered

I am encouraged by and appreciative of the

from Prep to Year 4 in our Junior Schools at

efforts of Mr Hines and his team as well as the

Belmont and at the Bellarine Campus.

staff at the Junior Schools for embracing and

your child to use this invaluable program at home each week. Glen McKeeman Principal.

Following on from the Year 7 Orientation Program, the Year 7 Camp is set early in Term 1 with the similar aim of ‘providing opportunities for students to form new friendships’. Cave Hill Creek Camp is set in a pristine bush environment on the outskirts of Beaufort. The camp program, designed and run by the Homeroom teachers, has ‘adventure’ as its theme and is designed to stretch students both physically and in their relationships. New student and staff bonds are formed quickly as Homeroom groups are mixed into Camp Platoons who then participate in challenging, team orientated activities. Over the 3 days, students were involved in activities such as raft construction, canoeing, low ropes course, bushwalking and the Cave Hill Extreme Triathlon. These activities pushed students, and some teachers, out of their comfort zone and, in the process, naturally fostered relationships and engendered a competitive team spirit. It was great to see students encouraging each other and attempting to try activities such as abseiling for the first time! Camp is also a fantastic opportunity for staff and students to see each other in a different light and get to know each other outside of the classroom environment. Kerrie Reid, Year 7 Co-ordinator, Middle School Highton

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Christian College is developing a free smartphone app, compatible with both iPhone and Android. The app will include all the latest news and events streamed from the Christian College website. Other useful features will include a photo gallery, term calendar, canteen and uniform price lists as well as campus contact details. Due to be released over the next couple of weeks be sure to keep an eye out for it on our website:

At various times throughout the school year,

However, if any parents do NOT wish their son

photographs of students may be taken in class,

or daughter to be photographed for these

in sporting teams or when involved in a broad

purposes, named in College publications or on

range of learning activities. A selection of such

website reports, you are asked to notify your

photographs or videos may be used for College

Head of Campus in writing as soon as possible.

publicity and promotion including class displays,

Parents would be aware that we live in a visual

student presentations, media presentations or

society where images convey more than words.

for student teacher folios. Often this can be an

In addition, communications between our

effective way of acknowledging student and

College and families are increasingly being

College achievements. Our staff are always careful to choose only appropriate photographs to support our printed publicity, promotional material, newletters or news and events reports on the Christian

made by electronic means. It has been decided that this year’s In Focus Newsletters will be published on the Portal and on the College website and NOT printed in hard copy.

New staff for 2012 met at Senior School for their orientation sessions before the start of Term 1

College website

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