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Psalm 26:8 I LOVE THE HOUSE . the place where where You live, GLORY YOUR GLORY DWELLS
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In the Book of Acts, we read about “These who have turned the world upside down.” These words defined the movement of God on earth, known as His Church.

The Church changed everything because the life of Jesus changed humanity. It turned the world upside down—from what was natural to the supernatural. But we know the story of the Church is still being written—through you, through us, through our church.

We believe that the vision God has given us marks the starting line for a new era. Just as God used His Church to turn the world upside down throughout history—He did it then, and we’re believing He’ll do it again.

That’s what Heart for the House is all about. It’s a season set aside to celebrate what God has done, and is still doing, through His Church. And it’s a marker—a new starting line—for what we believe He wants to do in the lives of thousands of people in South Florida and around the world.

We’re turning our cities upside down, and you’ll get a glimpse of that starting on page 10.

We’re turning our schools upside down, even colleges, so be sure to check out page 22.

We’re turning our state prisons upside down (see page 11 ).

And we even believe we can turn common places into sacred spaces (more of that on page 23 and page 26 ).

If we want to see our world turned upside down for Jesus, it starts with us. What will they see because they stood next to you, and next to me? What will our communities see? What will the next generation see? What will our children and grandchildren see?

This is our heart for this house.

Home is where the is heart Our House

turned the
Acts 17:6
who have
Heart for the House 2023 5

This is our heart


Year in Review

Heart for the House 2023 | 7

Year in Review

What we were able to do

because of you ...

We produced the firstever Christ Fellowship Christmas Show, which sold out with over 23,000 in attendance and 1,077 people saying “Yes” to Jesus!

We saw 1.8 million hours of on-demand content streamed, including in 34 different countries


We hosted 1,140 pastors and church leaders for Christ Fellowship Conference

We launched Trinity Church by Christ Fellowship

We went under contract for the future site of Christ Fellowship Jupiter

We launched Christ Fellowship Westlake

We streamed 8 new songs by MVMNT Music, including the debut EP

Heart for the House 2023 | 9

Everyone Everyday Everywhere

Every week, all across South Florida and online, people are living the life they were created for as they know God and grow in their relationships so they can discover their purpose and impact the world.

In the last year, our podcasts—So Good Sisterhood, Nexus, and Young & Adulting—have listeners tuning in from over 50 different countries! And So Good Sisterhood listeners have tripled with thousands of women tuning in weekly to share the strength in their stories.


people said “Yes” to Jesus in 2022

2, 294

2, 294

people decided to make a public declaration of their faith through baptism in 2022

Marie, from Christ Fellowship

Everywhere, flew 5,000 miles all the way from Sweden to get baptized with her Sisterhood Group!


In the last year, Christ Fellowship Everywhere reached 100K subscribers on YouTube—including 30,000 new subscribers!

In the last year, our church has grown by nearly

30% 30%

IN THE SOUTH… Christ Fellowship Boca Raton is standing room only—even after adding another service. We’re looking for more space in 2023!

IN THE NORTH… Christ Fellowship Port St. Lucie is growing exponentially—even exceeding pre-pandemic attendance!

In 2022, through our prison locations and the PandoApp, over 206,000 incarcerated men and women experienced our services, and said “Yes” to Jesus. This year, we will expand our reach to Sago Palm ReEntry Center.

Heart for the House 2023 | 11

Trinity Church

A few years ago, we were approached by the leadership of Trinity United Methodist Church in Palm Beach Gardens to step in and help revitalize the church so it could be restored to a place of strength. Part of this partnership included the sale of its former property and facilities to Christ Fellowship—11 acres of land and 79,000 square feet of building space located right down the road from our Palm Beach Gardens campus.

In 2022, we officially launched Trinity Church by Christ Fellowship—a new expression of our church where people can get to know others in their neighborhood, enjoy a more traditional worship setting, and find a place for their family to belong.

Big church Big church made small made small


Since 1967, Trinity Christian School has been a leader in Christian education in Palm Beach Gardens, and as they continue to independently operate out of the property, we look forward to our partnership and supporting their mission of educating and developing the next generation.

Heart for the House 2023 13

Christ Fellowship Westlake

In the heart of Florida’s newest city


As one of Florida’s newest cities, the master-planned community of Westlake is just one of several new developments in the western Palm Beach County region—centrally located amidst 10,000 new homes. In 2019, we purchased 13 acres debt-free to be the future site of Christ Fellowship Westlake, and in March 2023, we officially opened the doors as we welcomed both our new neighbors and longtime family home! On Grand Opening Sunday, even the overflow room was standing room only as hundreds of families showed up excited to experience this new campus in a new neighborhood.

We didn’t just build a building. We’re building a place for all generations to live the life they were created to live.

Welcome, Westlake!


people were the first to experience Christ Fellowship Westlake at the Grand Opening in March, including 400 kids!

I am thrilled beyond measure that Christ Fellowship is here! It’s a dream come true for our community, and it will change the whole landscape out here. We might not have an ocean, but we have a lighthouse in Christ Fellowship.
JohnPaul O’Connor Mayor of the City of Westlake
Heart for the House 2023 | 15

This marks the starting line for


a new era.

23 20
Heart for the House 2023 | 17

VisionGet2023: There First

It’s been said that in the race to the heart of the next generation, the first one there wins. If you look around at our culture right now, it could be said that the people of God are not winning this race. But we don’t see culture as our enemy. We see it as our mission field.

That’s why this year, we declared that as a church, we will Get There First. And to win this race, we have to pick up the pace! Starting this year, we’re doing more to reach the next generation than ever before. This isn’t just a vision to lead a radical transformation in our region—we’re believing for a radical transformation of a generation. And this isn’t just a vision for 2023—it marks the starting line for a new era in who our church will be.


In the race to the


the first Heart for the House 2023 19
there wins. heart of the next generation,

Vision 2023: Defining moments direct destinies

IN 2023…

We launched Christ Fellowship Kids University, our new midweek discipleship programming for preschool through elementary. In its first week, over 1,400 kids showed up with Bibles in hand, ready to engage in God’s Word—including 52 new families, some experiencing church for the first time!

We will host our largest summer camps ever for kids and students! MVMNT Camp will double its capacity for students as it moves to Palm Beach Atlantic University. And we’ll host our first-ever Kids VBS, Creative Arts, and MIX Camps!

Young Adults launched two new expressions, unique to two different stages of life. 20s + 30s and College Nights share one heartbeat—to cheer you on and call you up!

Every day of the week, every kid and student in our house has someone who committed to pray for them this year—for their relationship with Jesus, their parents, their friends, their school.


What seems radical must become normal

We’ve always said that our faith in Jesus better make a difference in our world. That’s why we believe that every foster care child in our region can have a place to call home, and that every foster care parent can have a family to depend on.

We will support the foster care and adoptive families in our church through mentorship, resources, childcare, and more as we collectively carry the weight so these families can run this race for the long haul!

In 2022, our church surprised Brandon and Sara with a 15-passenger van so they can continue to do what God has called them to!

We can’t stop fostering. Every time we even think about it, the phone rings, with one more child on the other end who has nowhere to go. We just know the more foster kids that come through our home, the more kids come through our house at Christ Fellowship—and that might be the only time they hear about Jesus.

Brandon & Sara foster parents, Christ Fellowship Port St. Lucie

Heart for the House 2023 | 21

Vision 2023: Get There First CFSEU

In 2016, we launched Southeastern University at Christ Fellowship (CFSEU) with the mission of educating, equipping, and empowering the next generation to discover their divine design so they can impact their world. As we look to expand and enhance CFSEU in the years to come, our vision is to double enrollment in the coming year and begin offering student housing.

IN 2023…

We will double the student enrollment of CFSEU!

We will offer housing for 28 students through newly acquired townhomes and apartments in Palm Beach Gardens.

Bella was born in South Florida, making her and her siblings first-generation Americans. She grew up at Christ Fellowship and had plans to attend nursing school until a divine interruption impacted her destiny. A few weeks into nursing school, Bella was serving at MVMNT Camp when an unexpected conversation with Pastor Julie confirmed a calling into ministry. A few weeks later, Bella transferred to CFSEU, where she just graduated with a Bachelor’s in Ministerial Leadership. Bella is now serving in full-time ministry at Christ Fellowship Boynton Beach, reaching the heart of the next generation—the same way she was reached!



We have a conceptual plan to build a 50unit apartment complex in Palm Beach Gardens that will house 200 students and resident interns— opening enrollment for prospective students across the country, and making CFSEU a premier destination in Christian education!

Get in the game

Through Get There First, as a part of our efforts to reach the next generation right where they are, we have a vision to get in the game. With many families in our region spending their weekends on the sports fields, we know they might not go to church—but we can bring church to them!

We are actively pursuing plans for an outreach program that will connect our church with our community through youth sports.

Heart for the House 2023 | 23

Our Heart for This House: The Mello family


In 2022, the Mello family was traveling in their RV, moving around the U.S. one week at a time. In the midst of their travels, Brian and Tiffani faced a crisis—a roadblock in their marriage. After choosing to separate to focus on healing individually, Tiffani brought their four children to stay with family friends in Florida. A few months later, Brian followed them to Florida to focus on his recovery and reconcile the family. On their first Sunday back together, they attended church—a day they say changed everything.

As the Mellos walked through the doors of Christ Fellowship Port St. Lucie, it was a mile-marker in their family’s journey. In the months that followed, Brian and Tiffani began repairing their marriage and realized Christ Fellowship wasn’t just a healing place for them but for their kids too. When their son Haxton attended MVMNT Camp, he told his parents, “I never want to lose

this campfire smell, but more importantly, my fire for Jesus.” And when their daughter Evelyn said, “I don’t care where we live, or where I go to school, as long as we get to go to Christ Fellowship,” Brian and Tiffani knew this detour in their journey was paving a new destiny for their family.

In early 2023, as their pitstop in Port St. Lucie was coming to an end, Brian and Tiffani were praying for discernment on what was next for their family. That Sunday, the message on Get There First affirmed what the Holy Spirit had been leading—the Port St. Lucie pitstop would become their permanent home as they linked arms with Christ Fellowship to run the race together. Now every Sunday, they serve together in the house they say changed everything— and the place their kids never want to leave.

We came here to heal our marriage, but it turns out our children needed healing too. This house, our new church family, has helped us heal—all of us.
Brian & Tiffani
Heart for the House 2023 25

Vision 2023: Christ Fellowship Jupiter

We’re under contract to purchase the former Jupiter Fitness Center building on Indiantown Road for the future permanent home of Christ Fellowship Jupiter!

Earlier this year, we shared the news that we went under contract to plant permanent roots in the town of Jupiter. This 20,000-square-foot space, located in the heart of Jupiter on Indiantown Road at the Shoppes of Jupiter Creek, will be transformed from a space where people worked out to a place where people can work out their faith and grow in their relationship with Jesus. We expect this new home will be ready to open its doors by Easter 2024!


Madison grew up in a family that didn’t often attend church. After moving to Florida, she was looking for something more—in her friends and in her faith. At school, Madison met Natalia…

Ever since 2020, Natalia had been struggling with her mental health, specifically battling depression. After seeking help and healing, Natalia started to grow in her faith—talking to God through prayer, getting her first Bible, and even

posting on social media about her faith. At school, Natalia met Madison…and decided to invite her to join for church.

In 2022, Madison and Natalia walked through the doors of Christ Fellowship Jupiter and got connected to CFStudents. Since then, they have gone through the Journey class together and attend CFStudents each week. Madison even got baptized, is serving in Kids, and her family is now joining her on Sundays!

Since I started going to Christ Fellowship, my life has changed. I have such a supportive group of friends that I look forward to seeing every week! And I’m excited to keep finding ways for myself and others to find God!
I’m so grateful I found Christ Fellowship and Madison because ever since God took me out of my depression, my soul has been craving people that also love God.
Heart for the House 2023 27

It’s not the size

of your gift,

but the size of your

sacrifice sacrifice

We’ve often said that “Our church isn’t built on the gifts and talents of a few but on the sacrifices of many.” Over the years, that generosity spans generations as people sacrifice things both big and small to give to the vision God has for this house. As we each sacrificially give above our regular tithes and offerings toward Heart for the House, we will pass the baton for the generations to come.

Kandice, 6 years old Christ


We can’t give enough in comparison to what God has given our family through Christ Fellowship.
We give because Christ Fellowship has given us our closest friends and our God-given purpose.
I added a second piggy bank to outdo myself in giving because that’s what I’ve seen my mommy do!

online at cf.church/heart

scan to give at a giving station or by mail with the envelope available at your location.

Be a part of the heart.

    Heart for the House 2023 | 29

Generation after

Each one tells stories

of your mighty acts. Your beauty and splendor have everyone talking.

I compose are headline news.

Your marvelous doings

The fame of your goodness

songs on your wonders. details of your greatness. spreads

across the

Your righteousness is on everyone’s lips.

I could write a book full of the 30


stands in awe of your work.


145:4-7 (MSG) country.
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