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CHRIST EPISCOPAL SCHOOL Annual Report 2007-2008

Summary of Giving 2007-2008 Unrestricted Operating Gifts Board of Trustees Parents Faculty/Staff Alumni Grandparents Friends and Others Total Unrestricted

$ 13,220 115,109 1,300 9,972 32,440 73,580 $245,621

Parent Fund Raisers Art at the Park-2008 Other Fund Raisers Total Parent

$101,000 17,490 $118,490

Capital Projects/Restricted Gifts Keys to the Future High School Endowment/Start-up

$20,000 $385,000

Total Capital/ Restricted Gifts


Total Giving 2007-2008



Unrestricted Operating Gifts are primarily gifts to the Annual Fund and other gifts for current school operations. They are used as needed for salaries, development, instructional items for academics, P.E., athletics, utilities and plant expenses, as well as other program enhancements. These funds close the gap between tuition charged and the total cost to educate a CES student. Funds from parent fund raisers are used primarily for technology and other instructional enhancements as well as faculty development and facilities and grounds improvements. Capital Project Gifts and Pledges are designated for new facilities, further development of the site, and building an endowment for the future. Restricted gifts are designated by the donor.


or twenty four years, CES has consistently provided an educational experience that is truly unique in our area. The success of our school, year in and year out, is the result of the passion and efforts of each and every member of the school community. The dedicated, talented faculty and staff deliver a product that is a model for other schools. Our families generously provide their time and talents to all aspects of the school. It is good to pause and reflect on the past year, even as we are already deep into the opportunities and challenges of the current year and planning for the future.


he fiscal results reported here reflect our steadfast, strident and enduring orientation to maximize the resources allocated directly to instruction. Seventyfive percent of the total expenses for the academic year (excluding future funding) were committed to teachers, students and direct instructional expenditures while the other twenty-five percent were directed toward ensuring that our programs are adequately funded in a safe and nurturing environment.


he willingness and generosity of families, grandparents, alumni and friends to provide ongoing financial support and allows us to enrich programs and curriculum and helps us bridge the gap between tuition and our actual cost per student. Tuition covers eighty-seven percent of the actual cost of a CES education. The budgeted gap for the 2008-2009 school year is $1,019 per student. Your generosity is an indication of your goodwill and recognition of our efforts. The numerical results documented in this report are a reflection of the real “capital� of the school: that is the trust and good faith upon which our day to day operations and future advancements are and will be predicated.


e hope you will take a few minutes to read the recently adopted 20082013 Strategic Plan for the school. This plan is the final result of a process that spanned 18 months and represents the inputs of all of our stakeholders. It addresses all aspects of the school including improved faculty compensation and professional development, adding an Upper School program, and ambitious plans for improvements to our campus.


ou have given your time, efforts or dollars on behalf of the school in countless ways. In many cases your contributions have been given without recognition or the appropriate acknowledgement for the impact they have had. Many of you feel that no thank you is necessary, but without your continued support, CES, as we know it, would cease to exist. So, thank you most sincerely and we pledge to continue to strive to honor your trust with our best efforts in this important work.

Colin McComiskey

Greg Homer

Chairman, Board of Trustees



Volunteer Leadership Board of Trustees

• Steve Neal, Board Chair • Greg Homer, Headmaster • Lisa Geary, Secretary • John Murphy, Treasurer • Colin McComiskey, Vice-Chair • Charlotte Bradford, Parent Rep. • William Colomb • Johnny Despeaux

• Melissa Elliott • Jill Giberga • Chandra Gordon • Billy Preau • Puddy Robinson • Lain St. Paul • Michael Willis, Vestry Rep.

Parents’ Association 2007-2008 CESPA Officers

• Laura Brown, President • Charlotte Bradford, Vice-President • Jill Heebe, Recording Secretary • Meagan Dubreuil, Corresponding Secretary • Missy Broussard, Treasurer • Shondi Mulkey, Art at the Park Chair • Jane Preau, Ex-officio


CESPA Funds Raised: 2007-2008

CESPA raised almost $119,000 during the 2007-2008 school year. This amount was turned over to the school to be used to augment the educational environment during the 2008-2009 school year. Art at the Park-2008 $101,000 Sally Foster 10,468 Christmas Greens 4,675 Poinsettias 1,169 Cuisine to Geaux 1,178 Total CESPA Funds $118,490

CESPA Committee Chairs

• Book Events: Allison Mercante, Kit Friedrichs • Caroling at Christwood: Sarah Cressy • CES Apparel: Raymi Anderson • CESPA Links: Nicole St. Paul • Christmas Greens: Meg Smith • Communications/Publicity: Ashley Ponder • Cuisne-To-Geaux: Jane Preau • From Our Table to Yours: Lisa Flood • Grandparents’ Day: Joanna LeDoux • Library: Erika Briggs • Meetings and Events: Erin Berrigan • Parents’ Council Representative: Melissa Whittington • Poinsettas: Melissa Biggs • Registration: Katie Gilley • Room Mothers: Lisa Rice • Sally Foster: Jane Slatten • School Packs: Amy Verges • Sunshine: Amy May (ECC)/ Mary Beth Lambert (Lower School)/ Debra Hocevar (Middle School)


Summary of Financial Results 2007-2008 Revenues from operations Tuition and Fees $3,302,152 Annual Giving $195,621 CESPA Support $101,200 Interest Income $91,868 State and Other Funds $246,854 Total Revenue Expenses from operations Salaries and Benefits Instructional Program Financial Aid Plant and Maintenance General Administrative/Overhead Debt Service Operating Capital/Future Funding Total Expenses Net Income

$3,937,695 $2,616,685 $171,291 $134,345 $120,785 $ 275,139 $ 249,776 $354,738 $3,922,759 $14,936

The operating financial results shown do not include amounts raised for capital projects or for endowment during 2007-2008.


Strategic Plan 2008-2013 “Building on a Solid Foundation� Strategic Vision hrist Episcopal School is a Christian educational community that believes that a loving God calls us daily into relationship and promises love divine to all who open their hearts. We strive to share our joy in this promise, trying always to live lives worthy of our faith. This faith infuses the core Operating Principles of the School and forms the framework for all we do: to intrinsically value each student as a unique creation of God, to foster intellectual curiosity and a productive work ethic, and to have a genuine and immediate response to each student’s development.


uilding on a Solid Foundation anticipates that we continue to improve upon the 24 year tradition of excellence in early childhood, elementary and middle school education as we expand it through the 12th grade. The learning environment will continue to develop in our students the skills and character to thrive in a rapidly changing world. This plan addresses continual improvement and growth of our educational program and extracurricular opportunities as well as ways to strengthen the school financially. Christ Episcopal School will use this Strategic Plan as our compass toward growing a more vibrant Christian learning community during the next five years. Background


s Christ Episcopal School looks forward to celebrating 25 years of service beginning with the 2009-2010 academic year, the Board of Trustees of Christ Episcopal School has approved this Strategic Plan to further our mission and vision and focus our resources on continuing the tradition of excellence that the school embodies.


he last Strategic Plan covered the time period of 2002-2007. It was the second strategic plan that had been developed for the school. The initial one was written and enacted in 1994. The first plan served as the blueprint for our expansion to the Christwood Blvd. Campus and beginning of our pre-kindergarten program. The second plan helped us mature as an institution by expanding and improving the Christwood Blvd. Campus, making important changes to our delivery of instruction, improving faculty compensation packages, solidifying our financial position and improving communications with our constituents.


his document is the final result of a process that spanned 18 months and represents the inputs of all of our stakeholders. Its genesis was a series of facilitated Board meetings which identified goals, a school-wide survey in which we had a response rate of 95% (285 families), and a year of meetings by the Strategic Planning Committee of the Board. The plan is ambitious but with the support of the entire Christ Episcopal community, achievable.


Strategic Plan (cont’d)


he Strategic Plan for 2008-2013 will provide a roadmap to implementing the plans for the future of Christ Episcopal School. These are to: Offer an Upper School program Expand /Improve our facilities to accommodate the upper grades and expanded offerings in the creative arts, to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, and to improve operating efficiencies. Refine and enhance our instructional program for continual improvement. Continue to improve our faculty compensation package. Maintain affordability and encourage cultural diversity. Strengthen governance and organizational structure. Create a culture of giving that will support our efforts and maintain financial health and stability.

• • • • • • •

our building blocks for success Goal 1: Refine and enhance the educational program ensuring it reflects the mission, principles and values of CES. Implementation Steps: • Revise and assess the curriculum by identifying underlying essential questions and implementing the Understanding by Design framework to ensure students are being challenged, taught salient material and reaching growth goals as well as alignment with MAP/State Standards. • Continue to tailor, to the extent possible, individual student learning by incorporating differentiated instructional techniques and additional resources to challenge all children and help them reach their potential. • Nurture spirituality by making the Christian Education components more meaningful and rewarding for students and going beyond the classroom walls so that “Imitate Christ” is a vibrant element and readily discernable in all aspects of campus life. • Continue to seek additional opportunities to incorporate technology into classroom instruction. • Further develop the athletic program organization and instruction for grades 4 and up. • Create a culture of healthy living for students through appropriate food choices, healthy lunch offerings, consumer education and physical fitness. • Continue to ensure students have a daily opportunity to connect with nature through experiential learning and wilderness education field trips, and the allocation of physical space for nature education. • Continue to provide a comprehensive curriculum with a balance between arts, sciences and humanities to ensure a strong academic foundation and well-rounded students.


Goal 2: Continue to attract, recruit, retain and develop faculty and staff who embrace and emulate the missions and values of CES. Implementation Steps: • Create a five year plan with annual benchmarks to ensure a competitive compensation package that rewards faculty and staff dedication and performance. • Encourage a culture in which all teachers aspire to “imitate Christ.” • Fundraise for an endowment to ensure long-term faculty benefits, pay increases, and continued professional development • Maintain open and transparent communication channels and ensure two-way communication between the faculty and administration. • Develop a mentoring program for new teachers and career paths for long- standing employees. • Broaden and publicly recognize faculty and staff for their accomplishments. • Build the faculty to effectively staff all grades (including Upper School) to ensure breadth, cross training, and attainment of differentiated learning goals. • Develop a succession plan for key administrators including Lower School, Middle School, Upper School, ECC, and Headmaster positions. Goal 3: Ensure ethnic diversity. Implementation Steps: • Address issues of affordability by managing tuition levels, funding of scholarships and financial aid policies. • Develop alternative revenue sources through appropriate fundraising to maintain affordability. • Recruit and retain an ethnically diverse faculty. • Ensure accessibility to promote socio-economic diversity. Goal 4: Create an Upper School Program, adding grades 9 through 12. Implementation Steps: • Develop a strong college preparatory program that challenges students to be accountable ethically, spiritually and intellectually. • Embrace the personal needs and differences of students to ensure each child reaches his or her maximum potential. • Recruit, train and hire faculty and the Upper School Head. • Develop extracurricular programs for sports, drama, music, language, and other areas which engage students in personal interests.


Strategic Plan (cont’d)

Goal 5: Continue to improve the physical environment and plant to enhance student learning, strengthen Christian identity, embrace our extended community, maximize safety, and reflect our mission and vision. Implementation Steps: • Build additional classroom space to accommodate short-term needs of the Upper School opening in 2009. • Finalize plan for infrastructure and property development at Christwood Blvd. Campus. • Build additional administrative office space by the end of 2008. • Develop building plans and funding plans for the Upper School facility need for its third and fourth year in operation. • Assess long-term needs and functional status of the ECC and consider relocation to the Christwood Blvd. Campus. • Develop long-term plans for the physical space needs of the Upper School beginning in 2013, including the financial and space allocation for a second gym, an Upper School/Middle School library and additional parking. • Develop funding and building plans for the Performing Arts Center. • Identify and mitigate any safety issues on both campuses, especially in light of shifting societal landscape. • Develop onsite school lunch kitchen at CBC. Goal 6: Raise funds to ensure the short and long-term viability of CES by developing a “culture of philanthropy.” Implementation Steps: • Continue focus on parent participation and growth of total giving for the Annual Fund. • Assess tuition levels in the 5 year financial plan and annually to balance affordability and strategic planning goals. • Identify and solicit donors for the Endowment and major gifts for the Performing Arts Center. • Identify and plan for short and long-term funding for the Upper School program. • Hire a full-time development director to execute and coordinate fundraising goals and objectives. • Develop a comprehensive fundraising plan with a clear direction, line-itemed priorities, and accountability ensuring a clear fundraising platform that parallels the Strategic Plan and short and long-term school budgets.


Goal 7: Further develop the Board of Trustees to ensure effective planning and leadership. Implementation Steps: • Improve Board orientation training program for new Board members. • Train each Board member to be an effective spokesperson with regard to annual giving, the strategic plan, mission and values. • Require each Board member to take an active role on at least one subcommittee, participate in the Annual Fund and play one or more fundraising roles (Advocate, Ambassador and/or Asker). • Establish Board structure to ensure appropriate review process for the consideration of new items/revisions to the Strategic Plan to document decision making in terms of alignment to the mission, costs, and balance with other school programs prior to recommendation to the full Board, and if appropriate ,Vestry, for approval. • Review strategic direction of the school at the onset of each school year, establish priorities for current year and incorporate strategic priorities into the annual update of the 5-year financial plan to ensure alignment with strategic initiatives. • Conduct an annual Board self-evaluation, using feedback to plan for future functioning of the Board.


Annual Fund 2007 - 2008 “Celebrate Each Student�

The Annual Giving Fund is an essential component of our annual operating budget. The funds raised each year allow CES to better support innovations in teaching, low student/teacher ratios, upgrades to technology, maintenance of our expanding facility, our service learning projects, and to continue to develop a program aligned with our mission and learning goals. We are grateful to everyone who made the 2007-2008 Annual Giving campaign the most successful in our 23-year history. Total dollars raised were $195,621. This was a slight increase over the $194,937 raised in 20062007. Gifts from current parents increased 2.5% from $112,306 to $115,184 and the percent participation by parents increased from 49% to 51%. Alumni giving remained steady and accounted for 5% of the total. Giving by grandparents increased 17% from $27, 745 to $32,440. Foundation and gifts by other friends of the school also increased from $21,935 to $23,580.

Icing on the Cake (gifts of $2,500+)

Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Autin BES Realty, LLC/ Three Squeezes, LLC (Mr. and Mrs. Bert Duvic, Mr. Scott Duvic, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Suggs, Jr., and Mrs. Karolyn Westervelt) Mr. and Mrs. David Briggs Mr. and Mrs. Allen Buras Flick Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James Gilmore Mr. and Mrs John Graham Mr. Terence E. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Chris Jean Dr. Elizabeth Kinglsey Drs. Judi and Donald Kuebel Drs. Colin and Dottie McComiskey Mr. and Mrs. David McCubbin Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Owings Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Reese Boatner Reily Family Fund/Mr. and Mrs. William B. Reily, III Mr. and Mrs. William B. Reily, IV Mr. and Mrs. Heath Rushing Mr. and Mrs. William Slatten Mr. and Mrs. Steven Smith Mrs. Nancy Torcson Mr. Eli Tullis


Toast of the Town

(gifts of $1,000 - $2,499) Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Glyn Bailey E.N. Bisso & Son, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Graham Boyce Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Brennan Dr. and Mrs. Edward Brown Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Caplinger Mr. and Mrs. Steven Cassanova Mr. and Mrs. Jon Cromwell Mr. and Mrs. Steven Croxton Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Davidson Mr. and Mrs. George Ditta (includes match of BellSouth Corp.) Mr. and Mrs. Christian Gambel (includes Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation Matching Gift Program) Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Giberga Mr. and Mrs. Joey Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Gordon II Mr. and Mrs. John Graham Mr. and Mrs. James Hardy Dr. and Mrs. Edward Hernandez Mr. Chuck Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jaquillard The Niels Frithjof and Anita Julia Johnsen Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Maarten Klaare Dr. and Mrs. William Ledoux

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lopiccolo Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lottes Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Matherne Ms. Jackie McComiskey Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McQuaid Mr. and Mrs. Jim Miles Mr. and Mrs. Art Monroe Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Neal Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Harvey O’Neill Mr. and Mrs. Richard Polchow M. E. Peters & R. W. Polchow Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pollet Dr. and Mrs. William Preau Drs. Felix and Mary FrancesRabito Drs. Jason and Rachel Reina Mr. and Mrs. Eric Sjunnesen (includes match of Marathon Petroleum Inc.) Mr. and Mrs George Sumner Mr. and Mrs. Norwood Thornton Dr. and Mrs. Paul Van Deventer Mr. and Mrs. Louis Verges Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ward Mr. and Mrs. Harry Warner Mr. Glenn P. Warner Mr. and Mrs. James Wieseneck Mr. Thad Devier and Dr. Katherine Williams Mr. and Mrs. Michael Willis Ms. Casie Yemelos

Bubbles and Balloons

(gifts of $500 - $999) Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Adams Anonymous (2 gifts) Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Bagby Mr. and Mrs. James Bradford Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Braswell Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin Brown Mr. and Mrs. Jay Bruno Dr. Susan Carey Dr. and Mrs. Kyle Caulfield Dr. and Mrs. Roderick Chandler Dr. and Mrs. William Colomb Mr. and Mrs. Brian Comeaux Mr. and Mrs. Gil Copeland Mr. and Mrs. Keith Couture Dr. and Mrs. David Cressy Mr. Chuck and Dr. Kay Daniel Mr. and Mrs. John Despeaux Mrs. Melissa Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Christoffer Friend Mr. and Mrs. Paul Frolich Mr. and Mrs. Phil Gensler Dr. Gerard Gianoli and Dr. Mary Lee Cherry Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gorman Mr. and Mrs. Reid Green Mr. and Mrs. Dunbar Healy Mr. and Mrs. Clark Heebe Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hewitt (includes match of Northwestern Mutual Foundation) The Rev’d and Mrs. L. Stephen Holzhalb, III Mr. and Mrs. William Kentzel Dr. and Mrs. A.J. Kreller Ms. Adrienne Laborde Mr. and Mrs. Kent Lambert Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Levine Mr. and Mrs. Roger Linder


Bubbles and Balloons cont’d

(gifts of $500 - $999) Mr. and Mrs. Michael Miller Mr. and Mrs. Robert Myers Ms. Linda Pelegrin Mr. and Mrs. David Pereira Mr. and Mrs. Chris Pinto Mr. and Mrs. Barbee Ponder Mrs. Genita Poole Mr. and Mrs. George Ragland Mr. and Mrs. John Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Robert (includes match from Chevron Matching Gift Program) Dr. and Mrs. Randall Sellers Mr. and Mrs. Lain St. Paul Mr. and Mrs. Jeff St. Romain Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thorson Mr. and Mrs. Edward Trahan Mr. and Mrs. Paul UnKauf Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Vail Mr. and Mrs. Michael Weiner Mr. and Mrs. Tucker Whittington Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Wilcox Mrs. June Worley

Candles and Confetti

(gifts of $200 - $499) Mr. and Mrs. Rick Adler Anonymous (2 gifts) Mr. and Mrs. Brian Becker Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Bell Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Berrigan Mr. and Mrs. Miles Biggs Mr. and Mrs. G. Miles Biggs, Jr. Dr. Joseph Bobrowski Mr. and Mrs. Darin Borne Mr. and Mrs. Jason Broussard (includes match of AmSouth Bank) Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Cage


Dr. Patsy M. Causey Mr. and Mrs. Philip Cerminaro Ms. Luan Copeland Mr. Chandler and Dr. Sue Craig Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Crosby Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cummings Dr. Kevin Darr Mr. and Mrs. Max Derbes, III Mr. and Mrs. John Dubreuil Mr. and Mrs. David O. Dubreuil Mr. Roland Fangue Dr. and Mrs. Herb Flood Mr. and Mrs. Damon Fortenberry Mr. and Mrs. Greg Fox Ms. Ashley Fuselier Mr. and Mrs. Covert Geary Mr. Robert Guidry Dr. and Mrs. Richard Hesse Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hoffman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Greg Homer Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Jason Hysom Mr. and Mrs. Denis Juge Mr. and Mrs. Meade Koehl Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lacoste Dr. and Mrs. Craig Landwehr Mr. and Mrs. Randall Loustalot Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Marks Mr. and Mrs. Rob Masson Mr. and Mrs. Tom McCarthy Dr. and Mrs. Kevin McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. James W. Miley Mrs. Dee Miller Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Morris Mr. and Mrs. R. Joseph Mossy, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Reiss Plauche Mr. and Mrs. William Powe Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Primack Dr. and Mrs. James Robinson Dr. and Mrs. Francis Rodwig Mr. and Mrs. David Rusch Mr. and Mrs. Michael Russo Mr. and Mrs. Mike Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Skip Scoggin Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Skinner Mrs. Ann Stokes

Candles and Confetti (gifts of $200 - $499)

Mr. Sean and Dr. Kristen Valliant Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vining Mrs. Beverly White Mr. and Mrs. Dale Williams Ms. Tammy Williamson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zeller

Ribbons and Bows (gifts to $199) Dr. and Mrs. Barrett Alldredge Mr. and Mrs. Graham Arceneaux Mr. and Mrs. Clif Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bacon Mr. and Mrs. Walt Barowka The Rev'd and Mrs. John C. Bauerschmidt Ms. Gina Beck Mr. and Mrs. John Becker Ms. Natalie Belko Mr. and Mrs. Ray Boyer Mr. and Mrs. Max Brunson Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Burkett Mrs. Eleanor Cherry Mr. and Mrs. James B. Cobb Mr. and Mrs. James Conner Mr. and Mrs. David Conroy Mrs. Debbie Cortez Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Cottrell Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Covey Mr. and Mrs. David Crane Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cressy Ms. Joyce Crews Mr. and Mrs. Joffre Crouere Mr. and Mrs. John Croft Mr. and Mrs. Chad Dannenhower Mrs. Cindy Dean

Mr. and Mrs. David Dessauer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Donahue Mr. and Mrs. John Duffy Mr. and Mrs. Paulo Dufour Mrs. Airey Ellis Mr. and Mrs. John Fortenberry Mr. Harry Fuselier Mr. and Mrs. William Gahagan Dr. and Mrs. William Geary Mrs. Jaime Kentzel Gement Mrs. Perry Gray Mr. and Mrs. Carter Guice Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Gutter Megan Hamilton Ryan Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Hartson Mr. and Mrs. George Healy, III Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hefte Mr. and Mrs. Jim Heurtin Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hoffman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Holzhalb Mr. and Mrs. James Howell Ms. Mandy Jenevein Mr. John P. Laborde Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Lagarde Mr. and Mrs. Lee Lambert Mr. and Mrs. Andre Livaudais Emory Lopiccolo Frank Lopiccolo Mr. Kurt Lundquist Mrs. Maurine Magne Mr. and Mrs. Mike Massey Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mercante Mr. John Moser and Ms. Lisa Rustemeyer Mr. and Mrs. Sean Moser Mr. and Mrs. Russ Nash Mr. and Mrs. Bill Neal Ms. Vicki Olson


Ribbons and Bows cont’d (gifts to $199) Ms. Katie Planche-Friedrichs Mr. and Mrs. Mike Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Sammy Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Rory Roniger Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Rushing Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schoen Mrs. Barbara Sears Mr. H. Paul Simon Mr. Emmett Smith Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Smith Mr. and Mrs. Larry Spurlock Gregory Sterck Simone Sterck Mrs. Angelia Thomas Ms. Mary Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thomson Mrs. Lala C. Toye Dr. and Mrs. Robert Weissmann Mr. and Mrs. Michael Whitehead Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Williams Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Windes Upton Windes Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wirt

Other Gifts As we move forward with the plans outlined in the 2008-2013 Strategic Plan, including expanding the program to include Upper School, the following generous donors have made pledges/ contributions to support our plans for the future. Thank You! Restricted to High School Endowed Funds: Mrs. Jackie McComiskey M.E. Peters and R.W. Polchow Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wilson

Average Gift per Student 2003-2004 2004-2005 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 16

$194 $268 $254 $400 $677

Restricted to High School Start-Up: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Polchow Unrestricted Operating Gift: Toler Foundation Restricted Gift for Keys to the Future Campus Development: The Booth-Bricker Fund

Art at the Park Donors

Art at the Park 2008 celebrated 21 years with fabulous weather and a lot of fun! The successful fundraiser earned an amazing $101,000 net profit! Art at the Park is the school’s primary fundraiser and is produced by CESPA. Thank you to all the donors as well as our generous parent volunteers who contributed countless hours to making it a success.

Monet Jefferies & Company Van Gogh

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Abadie / Gilmore & Son Construction Corp. Baker , Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC Banner Ford/Chevrolet/Kia Bisso Towboat Co., Inc Christwood Retirement Community Chris and Angie Jean / Coastal Waste Services Colin and Dottie McComiskey Doug Rushing Realty Express Personnel Services Gastroenterology Group / Dr. and Mrs. Felix G. Rabito, Jr.


A Friend of Art at the Park Art Monroe’s Taekwondo Plus Rhonda Bagby / Humana Health Plan Patrick and Erin Berrigan Brown Family Orthodontics, LLC BSD Construction/ Brett and Paula Davis Continental Underwriters, Ltd. Luan Copeland Rhonda and Keith Couture, Attorney Drs. Kevin F. Darr, H. Reiss Plauche, Jason Rolling Curry & Friend, PLC Daigle, Fisse & Kessenich, PLC / Jim Bradford and John Dubreuil H. Muldrow Etheredge, Attorney at Law Fairway Medical Fat Tuesday Beverage Market

Gordon & Breaux Marketing Communications, Inc. Jimmy and Julie Hingle, C.I.G.A.A.R.S. A Friend of Art at the Park Northwestern Mutual / Strategic Employee Benefits - Mike Ford and Rob Hewitt Poole Lumber, Inc. / Ashley Fuselier, Enid Gorringe, Erin Blossman Rowland and Michelle Stalter /Autumn Place Townhome Community Spartan Building Corporation Superior Energy Services Drs. Roger Vitter and Elizabeth Kingsley Whitney National Bank

William R. Ledoux, D.D.S./Orthodontics Kenneth and Brenda Lopiccolo Paul and Robin Lyons Massey’s Professional Outfitters Jackie McComiskey Pepsi of America Billy and Jane Preau Cindi Raymond / Coldwell Banker TEC Realtors Drs. Jason and Rachel Reina J. Timothy and Jennifer S. Rice/ Innisfree Farm Stewart Interior Contractors, LLC Jack and Charlene Thorson Dr. Paul and Janie van Deventer / Orthopaedic & Physical Therapy Clinics of Mandeville


Art at the Park Donors (cont’D)

Michelangelo Abita Beer Graham and Ann Arceneaux Becker and Suffern Corporate Benefits Braswell Drugs, Inc. Max and Kathy Burkert Christ Church Vestry Christ Episcopal Board of Trustees Climb Time, LLC Brian and Jennifer Comeaux David and Rebecca Cressy Christian and Rachael Gambel Cove and Lisa Geary Drs. Gerald Gianoli and Mary Cherry Dr. and Mrs. Michael Haydel The Dutch Connection / Joost and Shannon Klaare

Michael and Britton Miller Mossy Motors, Inc. Scott and Shondi Mulkey Roy Nelson Northlake Moving and Storage Water Street Pottery/ Chris and Rachel Pinto Barbee and Ashley Ponder Becky and Rory Roniger Mr. and Mrs. Skip Scoggin Lain and Nicole St. Paul Paul and Kris Unkauf E.J. and Ashley Vail Tucker and Melissa Whittington Zoe’s Bakery/Shane and Enid Gorringe

SPECIAL THANKS TO THESE FRIENDS AND BUSINESSES FOR THEIR GENEROUS DONATIONS TO ART AT THE PARK: Artmasters • Bobby & Liz Autin • Aveda Institute • Chef John Besh/Restaurant August & La Provence • Jeff & Sharon Borne • Campbell’s Coffee & Tea Company • Christwood • C.I.A. Imports • David & Alixe Crane • Johnny Despeaux • Eddie’s New Orleans Style Sno-Balls • Jason & Lisa Findley/Smoothie King • Erica Folse • Greg Francis • Funland Golf & Games • Reina Gardner • Lisa Green • Marcia Holmes • Andre & Joanna Ledoux • Charles MacGowan • Bernard Maddox • Mike McCollum/National Sales & Marketing • Mele Printing • Cori Nelson • New Orleans Bistro & Catering • M.T. Noggin • Jane Preau • Mary Francis Rabito • Nicole & John Reilly • Megan Ronniger • Sherwin Williams • Emmett & Natalie Smith/Grand Theaters • Russell & Meg Smith • Sarah Sparkman-Boyd • The SPS Marching Wolves • St. Tammany Hospital • Eugenie Suggs • Jim Travers •Wegmann’s Florist • Antoinette Williams • Casie Yemelos/Omni Storage • Joseph & Christine Zinsel •


Celebrate Each Student

2008-2009 Thank you for your continued support of Christ Episcopal School. The 2008-2009 Annual Fund Campaign runs through June 30, 2009. Please make a contibution to this year’s Annual Fund at one of the following levels: Icing on the Cake Toast of the Town

Gifts of $2,500+ Gifts of $1000 to $2,499

Bubbles & Balloons

Gifts of $500 to $999

Candles & Confetti

Gifts of $200 to $499

Ribbons & Bows

Gifts of $1 to $199

We have tried in every way to make sure this report is correct and to give appropriate credit to our generous donors. So many people have given anonymously and selflessly throughout the year that in some cases an oversight may have occurred. If we have made an error, we sincerely apologize. Please bring it to our attention by calling Pam Sims (871-9902, ext. 208) or Sue Zaunbrecher (871-9902, ext. 206).


Thank You!

Christ Episcopal School

80 Christwood Blvd. 120 S. New Hampshire St. Covington, LA 70433 985-871-9902 Give online at:

Cover artwork by CES 7th grade students

2007-2008 Annual Report  

annual report

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