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“Tracy Stuckey: New Works on Paper�

Drawings and works on paper are often a way for me to revisit imagery and narratives that I have previously explored in my paintings. It seems opposite of the traditional way we think about painting and drawing. Often, we think of a drawing preceding a painting, but I seem to work in the reverse. Many of these new drawings are variations on previous paintings utilizing different images and compositions. Oftentimes, specific narratives will stay with me, and over time I will think of new ways to tell a similar story. The process of drawing is quite different for me, the white of the paper operates completely unlike the white of the canvas. On paper I feel like I can let a drawing go in and out of completion and I don’t always feel the need to take the image completely to the edges of the paper. I often think of the white of the paper as both a positive and negative space.

All of the drawings are a continuation of my interest in the mythic American West. As with much of my work these drawings explore the ways in which the history of the West has been exaggerated and romanticized, and most importantly how these embellished ideas exist within our modern popular culture.

“POW!!!” 2019 Colored pencil on paper 22” x 30”

“The End”, 2019 Graphite on paper 27” x 36”

“American Progress” 2019 Colored Pencil on paper 22”x 30”

Exploring the L.A. River”, 2019 Colored pencil on paper 22” x 30”

“Pink Guns”, 2019 Graphite and colored pencil on paper. 22” x 30”

“Retro Life�, 2019 Colored pencil on paper 22 x30

“Raquel Target”, 2019 Colored Pencil on paper 30” x 22”

“Raquel Target”, 2019 Gouache & Graphite on paper 30” x 22”

“Falcons” 2019 Colored Pencil on paper. 36” x 24”

“Night Riders” 2019 Graphite and conte’ on paper. 19 ½” x 25 ½”

“The Lookout”, 2019 Colored Pencil on Paper 30” x 22”

SCHMIDT/DEAN GALLERY 1879 Old Cuthbert Road Warehouse #32 215-569-9433

Profile for Schmidt Dean Gallery, Cherry Hill, N.J.

Tracy Stuckey  

New Works on Paper

Tracy Stuckey  

New Works on Paper