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NOELLE Shortcut overview Chris Noelle,born 1974 in Berlin, grew up in South-Germany near Freiburg, where he graduated from highschool and started his bike-pro carreer, which lasted with many success untill 1996. The same year he moved to Hamburg to start his trainee as advertisingagent at Jung von Matt, following up he switched to the studies of fahion-design. 2002 he conquered Berlin, wherefrom he worked as freelancing creative in the fileds of multimedia-design. From 2007 untill 2013 Chris was art director of the legendary Techno-Club Tresor, responsible for all matters of club-design, graphic department, Corporate Design aswell as webdevelopment and social media topics before he moved on to Linz, Austria in 2014. His working-experience is based on multimedia projects and woeking as assistant lacturer, which involves projection, animation, film, graphic-design, illustration, photography, music and conception.

Software Skills


Photoshop CS6 InDesign CS6 Illustrator CS6 Premiere CS6 Arkaos Grand VJ MadMapper Ableton Live 9 Suite

Be.Berlin Carhartt Carlsberg Coca-Cola Converse Corona Deutsche Bank Diesel Goethe Institut Lacoste Lucky Strike Mercedes Osram Red Bull Relentless Samsung Smart Sony T-Mobile Toyota Warsteiner

Windows & Mac experience Languages German, English fluently French colloquial Main Focus since 1995 Graffiti- and Streetart-Artist since 1996 Music-Producer since 1998 Graphic-Designer seit 1999 Visual Artist seit 2003 Lightwriting Photographer

Editorial: IdN Wired UK Die Gestalten Verlag Bright JPeople Page Magazin Art Magazin


Visual art and projection Since 1999 Chris Noelle is working in the fields of live-visualisation and videoart-installations. By his permanent examination with the topics film, motiongraphics and photography he´s able to focus on aesthetic interior-conceptions which can involve architecture-mappings, videoinstallations and surface-projections up to documentary-, short-films and music-clips.

Live-Mapping, Classic-Opera, Elisabethkirche Berlin, 2013

Schloss Charlottenburg, Fastival of Lights, Berlin, 2012

Mapping Installation, Tabakfabrik Linz, Austria, 2013


Schloss Charlottenburg, Fastival of Lights, Berlin, 2012

Zeiss Planetarium, Berlin leuchtet Fastival, 2013


Festival of Lights, Pani Projektion, Dom Berlin, 2007

Space Dinner, Kraftwerk Berlin, 2010

Mapping Installation, Kraftwerk Berlin, 2012

Machinehall Mapping, Videoinstallation, Kraftwerk Berlin, 2013


Mapping Installation, Live Performers Meeting, Sakog, Austria, 2013

Mapping Installation, Festival of Lights, Olympiastadion Berlin 2012

Mapping Installation, Humboldt University Berlin, 2012

Mapping Installation, Factory Berlin, 2012


Crystal Mapping Installation, tradeshow Show & Order Berlin, 2013

Multiscreening Installation, Coke DJ Culture Clubtour, 2009

360째 Live-Mapping, Corona DJ Battle, E-Werk Berlin, 2011


Feestival of Lights, Lightart Screening Installation, Potsdamer Platz Berlin, 2013

Live-Mapping, K House London, GB, 2013

Mapping Installation, Feestival of Lights, Palais am Festungsgraben Berlin, 2012


Education for audiovisual Media Besides his first lecture for multimediapresentation and filmediting at FU Berlin in 2005, Chris Noelle is also working on free projects that involve the organisation, curation and execution of workshops, showcases and audiovisual events. After his collaboration within the Transmediale Festival in 2005 Chris started to build up the audiovisuellen OpenSource meeting „share.Berlin“ as branch of „share“ from New York - in diverse locations more than 50 events between 2006-2009 were the result. Due to his tutor works for multimediapresentation at Beuth University for architecture students he had to reduce the free projects from 2009 on, however interesting proposals for audiovisual education were still on the list to promote the upcoming creative talents: - Lightart Workshop- photography-workshop Tokyo, 2007 - Ableton Live Workshop at Sound:Frame Festival, Vienna, 2008 - Lightwrite Festival - Curation of the Get-Together of international Lightpainting-artists with workshops, exhibition and interactive building-projections, Kraftwerk Berlin, 2009 - Arkaos Grand VJ Workshop - operating Live-Visuals & Contentproduction, London 2012 - Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft Berlin - Architecture Showreel Production, Beuth Universität - MadMapper Workshop - Projection Mapping, Schaltraum Berlin, 2012 - Schaltraum AV-Lab - Direction of the research laboratory for av-Media, Berlin, 2009-2013 - Maschine Camp - curation of the audio-workshops for Native Instruments in collaboration with music-producer Mike Huckaby (Detroit), Schaltraum Berlin, 2012

MadMapper Mapping-Workshop, Schaltraum Berlin, 2012

Maschine Camp w/ Mike Huckaby, Schaltraum Berlin, 2013


Screenprint Workshops, Studio Lenzpumpe, 2013

Screenprint Workshops, Studio Lenzpumpe, 2013

interactive Lightpainting, Lightart Festival Berlin, 2009


Audiovisual 360째Research-Lab, Schaltraum Berlin, 2010-2012


Lightart - longtimeexposure - LAPP Since 2003 Chris has an eye on the theme „painting with lights“ - a phototechnique that comes up with exceptional results by longtime-exposure - already Picasso experimented in the 1950´s with this technique of threedimensional painting. By the aid of LEDs, lazers, pyro, fllashlights, projection and spotlights unique compositions can be created, without usage of Photoshop - leaving raytraces in pictures in real-time. By his continuous research and experiments Chris is today one of the establised artists within this art-field - and still on the search of new creative outputs.

3D Letters, Cons Space Exhibition, Converse, Agency Schrรถder & Schรถmbs, 2013


„Spiral“, free artwork, Kraftwerk Berlin, 2012

„Only the Brave“ Diesel Parfume, Agency Hellohikimori Paris, Online-Campaign, 2011

S-Pool, Photo-Exhibition Stattbad Wedding, Berlin, 2012


Sony PR-Campaign, Agency Circle Culture , 2011

Smart, Campaign, Agency KPMG Berlin, 2013


Carhartt Flagshipstore Berlin Exhibition, 2008

Wiesmann Industries, Catalogue Shooting, 2013


T-Pool, Photo-Exhibition Stattbad Wedding, Berlin, 2012

Editorial-Shooting, Wired Magazine UK, 2012


Fashion Series, Streetwear Today Magazine, 2007


„Tofa“, Carhartt Flagshipstore Berlin Exhibition, 2008

„Jump“, free artwork, 2013


Flying Steps, Osram „Dot-It“ Campaign, 2009

Sparkling Wheel, Cons Space Exhibition, Converse, Agency Schrรถder & Schรถmbs, 2013


Film, Animation & Cut Since 1996 Chris has worked as a freelancing cameraman, cutter und motion-graphics-animator. Coming from extremsports-productions for DSF his interests switched over to Animation and cut by the focus on live-visuals in 1999. With his connection to Berlins´ Streetart-Scene he produced quite a few documentary- and shortfilms about graffiti and urban art between 2003-2007. Within his job as art director at the legendary Technoclub Tresor in Berlin between 2007-2013, he built up a media-archive with more than 2.000 animations-loops, monthly PR-trailers and more than 20.000 documetary-photos, which lead to the publication of the online-magazine„Tresor. iginal“ with a reach of more than 16.000 readers per issue. By his direct link to very wellknown Techno-Producers he produced film-interviews, live-visualsets and independant music-clip-productions for record labels, and resulting from this his current work on a documentary film named „Beatroit - the roots of Detroit Techno“.

Second Layer - Oscar Mulero, Music Clip, 2013

Tofu - Music Clip, LRV Label, Tokyo 2008


3D Graffiti, Cons Space Exhibition, Animation Clip, Converse, Agency Schröder & Schömbs, 2013

360° Sneaker, Converse, Animation Clip, 2013

Resistance - Scan7, Trailer, 2012

3go3 - Dave Tarrida, Music Clip 2012


Backjumps Tokyo - Documentary Film, 1h 45min, 2007

Distance 2 - Miro Pajic, Music Clip, 2012

Lacoste - Commercial Clip, KaDeWe Exhibition, 2008


Jupiters´ Eye - Patrick Skoog, Music Clip 2013

T-Mobile - Animation Loops, Mobile Fair, Spain, 2009

Ghost in The shell Remix - Mc Zhi, Music Clip, 2009


Graphics & Art Besides film, also graphic-design, illustration and typography caught his attention in the mid of the 90s´. Based on his interest in Graffiti, Vektor-Graphics and Fotografie he´s continuous producing posters, cover-artworks, fontdesigns, coprorate-logos, campaigns and free artworks with a clear style and shape, that merge down all his knowledge of media. Between 2002-2006 he designed illustrations and print-designs for corporate fashion clients likeDeutsche Bank, Otto, Bacardi, Warsteiner, Holsten, Mc Donalds and Burger King. The full potential of his creative output came out in the art direction at Tresor Berlin GmbH: Development of Intra- and web-appearance, social media strategies, Online-Magazine Editor, WebTV Production, PR- & Ad-Camapigns, Cover-Designs and CDs/DVD packaging for the internal label Tresor Records, aswell as designing and productin of merchandise. Since this, his skills last from computerbased works over strategic concepts up to handcrafted interior-designs and projection solutions.

ABC Poster, 2014


Claude Young, Cover Design, 2014

div. Cover Designs, 2012/2013


Poster Campaign, Tresor, 2010

Callligraphy, ink on ricepaper „Detroit“, Gallerie GH36, 2013


Keta Holzig, Cover Design, 2014

div. Cover Designs, 2013


Illustration, 2013

Illustration, 2013


div. Cover Designs, 2013/2014

Angel Alanis, Cover Design, 2014


Poster Campaign, ade Festival, Amsterdam, 2012

CI-Flyer Campaign, Tresor, 2011

Tresor.iginal Magazine, 112pages, 4C, 2012


Callligraphy, white ink on paper „Respect“, Gallerie GH36, 2013

Illustration, Jpeople Magazine, 2012


Postcard Flyer, CI-Campaigns, Tresor, 2011-2013


„Monitor“ Posters Series, 2013

Illustration, 2013


Illustration, 2013

Illustration, 2013


Illustration, 2013

Poster Campaign, Tresor, 2013


Paintings & Interior Design, DB Future Bank, Deutsche Bank Berlin, 2011


Callligraphy & Visual Art Solo-Exhibtion „Reflect“, Gallerie GH36, 2013


Festival Of Lights, IHZ Tower Berlin , Pani Projektion, 20m x 65m, 2007

Papercut Installation „Tokyo“, 4m x 2m, Hinterconti Exhibition, Hamburg 2010

Deathless, Skatedeck Designs

Stencil, „Ghost in the shell“, 1,5m x 1,5m


Painted Poster, AV-Tours Campaign 12m x 2m, Rosenthaler Platz, Berlin 2013

Painting, Tresor Berlin 1,5m x 1m


Mural Acryl Painting, Tresor Berlin, 5m x 3m, 2008

Mural Acryl Painting, Tresor Berlin, 2m x 1m, 2009

Ink Sketch, 2009


Mural Acryl Paintings, monthly changed, Tresor Berlin, 3m x 5m, 2008-2013


Mural Painting, Tresor Berlin, 5m x 2,5m, 2011

Stencil, Tresor Berlin, 1m x 0,5m, 2010

7 CURRICULUM VITAE CHRIS NOELLE 1974 born in Berlin 1994 A-Level Examn (Abitur) 1992-1996 Bike-Trial Pro-Rider, Vice-Worldchampion, twice Team Worldchampion, Guinnesbook Record 1997

2003 Documentary Film Producer, Backjumps 2003-2005 Fashion-Designer for Brands Corporate Wear, Hamburg (freelancer)

1996 Internship at ARTE TV, Strassbourg

2005 Documentary Film Producer, Backjumps

1996 Internship at Catwalk, Model-Agency Hamburg

2005 Teacher in Filmediting, Humboldt University (HU) Berlin

1996-1997 Advertising Merchant Apprenticeship, Jung von Matt, Hamburg

2006 Streaming-Technology-Provider Cedis, HU Berlin

1998-2002 Studies in Fashion-Design, Akademie JAK, Hamburg

2006 artist-in residence scholarship, Kunstverein Rรถderhof, 3 months

2001-2003 Fashion-Designer for Wizard Corporate Wear, Hamburg (freelancer)

2007 artist-in residence scholarship, Tokyo Wondersite, Tokyo/ JP, 6 weeks

2001-2004 Graphic-Designer for Otto Fashion GmbH, Hamburg (freelancer)

2009-2013 Teacher in Filmediting, Beuth University for Architecture, Berlin

2002-2005 Camera-Man & Cutter, Extremesports Documentaries for DSF, Take One Films, Augsburg

2007 - 2013 Art Director - Tresor Berlin GmbH 2007 - today Creative Director - The Core. Berlin, Mapping Projection- and Stagedesign 2002 - today independant multimedia-artist

CONTACT CHRIS NOELLE email: Links: phone: +49(0)173.2460713

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