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B E A U T Y I S ON LY H A L F T HE S T ORY. It’s said people buy with their eyes. But we know you also buy with your head and heart. Our floorcoverings all come with a story. And provide the perfect stage on which to write yours.

Floor covering show n : Wool Fabulous Diamond, one of many beautiful, tactile designs within our ex tensive Wool range.


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he dividing lines between domestic and commercial designs are becoming increasingly blurred. “Each commercial space needs to look unique and therefore quirky touches, normally associated within home settings, are merging into the hospitality arena,” explains Simon Hilton, Director of bespoke furniture specialists I & JL Brown, in this month’s Inspire feature. This is the same across the spectrum, where homeowners want a boutique hotel experience in their own bedroom and a spa retreat in their bathroom. This month’s relaxation focus follows this theme on page 37, discussing how manufacturers are beginning to introduce commercial technology into domestic bathroom products to create that sought-after spa-like experience. Formica’s VP Design, Renee Hytry Derrington presents how this crossover is not only occurring between different design sectors, but also between design specialisms. Renee explains: “Advancements made in other design markets are spreading – fiberoptics and LED’s from the lighting world are going into fabrics and surfacing, the same technology that has launched touch screen smart phones and tablets to the forefront of society could allow surfaces to become kinetic and charging technology will mean that electrical sockets won’t be needed in the kitchen as surfaces will be able to charge kitchen appliances.” Read the full interview on page 12. In preparation for Sleep on 26-27 of this month, starting on page 48, Inex presents a hand-picked selection of exhibitors not to be missed at this industryleading show for the hotel design, development and architectural community. As always, I hope you’ve found this issue both inspirational and useful. For this resource on the move, you can download Inex’s free of charge app for specification and inspiration at your fingertips. Simply search ‘Inex’ in App Store and Google Play. Emily Smith

Top left: This month's Outdoor Furniture discusses how furniture design need to embody versatility for both exterior and interior use Cover: Quaglino's has undergone a dramatic refurbishment by Russell Sage Studio Above: The bathroom is an increasingly important location in the home for both domestic recuperation and design innovation – read why on page 37



Bespoke Switches and Sockets

Focus SB® specialise in Bespoke electrical accessories designed specifically for hotel interiors. International power sockets can be included along with the latest lighting and audio visual controls to help make a guest’s stay as comfortable as possible. Choose from a wide range of styles and finishes. Call us today for further details.



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INSPIRE Simon Hilton, Director of bespoke furniture specialists I & JL Brown, explains why contemporary trends mean design versatility.


INSIGHT Renee Hytry Derrington, VP Design, Formica Group talks Formica’s heritage and development, as well as the future of surfacing.


EXPOSE Giorgio Caporaso’s Ecodesign Collection is a result of a process of experimental design that relies on the convertibility of products.


EXRATED Plant, replica foliage and flower expert, Kenneth Freeman discusses the importance of urban gardening in the UK.


OUTDOOR FURNITURE As both commercial and domestic projects are recognising the importance of outdoor spaces, new furniture designs need to embody flexibility.


HOTEL Interior design practice, Design Research Studio has redeveloped London’s Sea Containers House into a new luxury hotel.


RELAXATION Appearance and comfort take precedence in new bathroom products as the bathroom becomes a location for domestic rejuvenation.





Top left: Selex ES Offices in Southampton have

DINING Mayfair St James’s iconic restaurant Quaglino has reopened its doors to show off its new stunning interior design.

been transformed thanks to Sketch Studios – read about the project on page 45 Middle: Formica's surfacing solutions

OFFICE Workplace optimisation and employee wellbeing are at the heart of a Southampton office revamp.

are suitable for a range of projucts and products, both interior and exterior Left: The former Sea Containers

SLEEP PREVIEW Inex's hand-picked selection of exhibitors not to be missed at this industryleading event.

House has is now Mondian London, which includes a glamorous spa – find full project information on


page 30



Allen Jones RA Burlington Gardens, London 13 November – 25 January The Royal Academy of Arts will present the first major exhibition of Allen Jones’ work in the UK since 1995. As one of the UK’s most influential and celebrated living artists, this will be a long-overdue appraisal of Jones’ comprehensive contribution to British Pop art by presenting over 80 works. Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red Tower of London Until 11 November Last chance to see the spectacular evolving installation 'Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red', marking the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. Created by ceramic artist Paul Cummins, with setting by stage designer Tom Piper, 888,246 ceramic poppies have progressively filled the Tower’s famous moat.

Horst: Photographer of Style V&A Museum, London Until 4 January In his illustrious 60-year career, the German-born photographer Horst P. Horst worked predominantly in Paris and New York and creatively traversed the worlds of photography, art, fashion, design, theatre and high society. Horst: Photographer of Style presents 250 photographs, alongside haute couture garments, magazines, film footage and ephemera. The exhibition explores Horst’s collaborations and friendships with leading couturiers such as Coco Chanel, stars including Marlene Dietrich and artists and designers such as Salvador Dalí. The Dieline Emballage Summit Le Palais des Congrès, Paris 16-17 November The Dieline is setting out to create a different kind of design conference: a future-forward discussion that challenges the status-quo and inspires creators of packaging to help solve today’s global problems. The mission is to prepare the next generation of designers for the future of package design.

Transmitting Andy Warhol Tate Liverpool 7 November – 8 February Andy Warhol remains one of the most influential artists of the Post War period and the central figure associated with pop art. Transmitting Andy Warhol is the first exhibition to explore Warhol’s role in establishing new platforms to disseminate art, and his experimentation with new approaches to art reception that redefined artistic practice and distribution.

Sleep Business Design Centre, London 26-27 November Sleep is an annual meeting place for the global design community, where designers, architects, hotel owners, developers, operators and investors join with one common objective – to source and knowledge share for the design and creation of stunning hotel environments. The event will represent the very best in hotel design excellence, with an edited exhibition of the finest international product suppliers, curated concept spaces and the Sleep Conference – free to attend the conference is an exclusive opportunity to meet and mix with world leaders in hotel design. INEX-ONLINE.COM


Merging the lines Furniture, whether for the home or a commercial property, plays an essential part in achieving a specific look and reflects personal tastes within the home, or mirrors the style of the commercial building. Simon Hilton, Director of bespoke furniture specialists I & JL Brown, explains why contemporary trends mean that pieces no longer need to be designed for one use over the other. INEX-ONLINE.COM


esigning for commercial properties can be complicated as the space needs to remain efficient and the design needs to be cost effective. It also needs to create a unique and engaging experience for the customer, but luckily modern trends have made this easier. Trends have a massive influence on the design of a commercial property, or a home. Commercial designs need to adapt to reflect current tastes and neutrals are perfect for this as they will stand the test of time, whilst giving a solid base should designers wish to add

their own unique touch, or should the trend change dramatically. Recent trends have meant that the lines between how a home or restaurant is designed are blurred, meaning commercial properties are reflecting that of the domestic space. Deep tones, such as purples and maroons, and greys have become hugely popular and once combined with cleaner ivories, or stone shades, they add a sense of elegance and can be used within both spaces. Each commercial space needs to look unique and therefore quirky touches, normally associated within home settings, are merging


into the hospitality arena. This includes non-matching chairs, varying textures and versatile products which can be extended or combine useful storage solutions. Commercial properties are also becoming bolder with their design and large-scale patterns or geometric prints starting to be incorporated into designs; personality takes precedence. In the past, commercial requirements were different to those of a homeowner, and the furniture would be made in a manner and style to reflect this. Items used within the hospitality sector are required to be longlasting and durable in order to withstand the demands set upon them from repeat usage, therefore quality is one area that will always be important. With customers looking for quality whilst dining out, or within their own home, commercial furniture is slowly changing to reflect this. More durable materials are being used, such as rustic woods and metal finishes meaning they can stand the test of time. Comfort is also essential as furniture will need to accommodate a vast mixture of clients, all with their own idea of comfort. These changes might only be subtle, but as it is an area of great importance

Above left: Furniture is increasingly designed to appeal to both the commercial and domestic marketplace Above: Quality is key to any furniture design Right: Banquette seating areas have long been popular within hospitality projects, but are also making an appearance in domestic interiors



it plays a major factor. Classic designs, such as the Windsor chair, are being slightly altered in order to accommodate this and larger seat sizes and varying table heights and sizes allow for a more comfortable sit and experience. The same changes can also be seen within domestic products as people are looking for deeper sofas and wider chairs. The changes within these areas has meant the distinction between furniture being used within each has become somewhat blurred, and there is no longer the need to design pieces for a specific purpose. Over the years the domestic market has seen a more minimalist look enter the home as Nordic design influence becomes more prominent. Furniture for the home is becoming more functional and homeowners are looking for

Above: Classic designs will always remain popular across the interior design marketplace Left: Comfort is an essential attribute to any seating design, whether for home or hospitality

pieces that work around their lives and offer the most flexibility. Extending tables, such as our new Longbourn, with its ingenious hidden extending mechanism has been especially popular. Available in various finishes it can fit into either a contemporary or traditional setting. As we craft all our furniture in our own workshop we are able to adapt any of our pieces to the specific requirements of our customer. Another example of this can be seen in our Chiswick chair, which is a contemporary interpretation of a classic design. With its open back and elegant legs its lightness of proportion means it works equally well in restaurants as in a private dining room. ÂŤ INEX-ONLINE.COM

Drawing from many years of vinyl flooring expertise, the Camaro Loc collection features interlocking planks and tiles that eliminate the need for adhesion, reducing installation time by half. Camaro Loc includes a range of popular wood and stone designs influenced by today’s home interior trends, all accurately reproduced to create flooring that is both beautiful and practical for a wide range of internal spaces.

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The next generation of surfacing solutions Formica’s VP Design, Renee Hytry Derrington, talks why she fell in love with manufacturing, why company internationalisation is great for trend development and why smart surfaces are going to be the next big thing.




lthough having trained as an architect, when I finished my degree I entered the working world in a marketing role for a well-known manufacturer. I was half way through my MBA and I was in a merchandising role making double the money that my architect friends were. But my passion remained with design, so I ended up transferring to the design department where I was working with colours. However, an architect is trained in raw materials, not colour, so I had to learn about colour from a chemistry standpoint. It was such a neat space to work in and I fell in love with manufacturing. I joined

Formica in 1989 and have never looked back. The internationalisation of the design industry in the digital age has meant that trend development is more acute than ever before. As VP Design, I have overseen Formica’s international development. The international aspect is the key to design. I worked with the organisation in combining the different international centers of the brand into one global company. This means that I have a design team that sits across all of Formica’s divisions and consequently have a pulse on trend information across the world. Our design team has been working together across the globe since

Images: Formica's ColorCore collection now has an extended choice of colours as well as eight new surface textures, including the avantgarde Plex that won the red dot award for product design

2005, where bringing all of this reporting into one central place allows us to jump ahead quicker. For example, we can introduce a product to one region and analyse how that market reacts before launching it in another continent. The ability to understand what is happening in different regions and quickly implement it elsewhere is fantastic. True scale innovation Formica’s plate making facility allows my design team to experiment with textures, adding to iconic collections such as the ColorCore range. We were also the first in the laminates industry to work with true scale patterns. When the markets started to INEX-ONLINE.COM


look at real stone and granites, I was charged with developing a range of true to life granite and stone designs. I went to the quarries in South America and Italy to select a stone to replica, but when I was there I saw these huge slabs and recognised how incredible and unique each piece was. As a manufactured product we need to be as close to perfection as is possible and seeing these made me rethink the way our industry produces pattern. Laminate designs were being produced much like a step and repeat wallpaper, but I realised that if we scanned one of these massive slabs we could make a truescale image that has no repeat across the entire width. Having launched True scale across Formica’s laminate designs, this same concept has now been introduced within other markets. It’s interesting to see something that we were working on with laminates now in other specialisms, such as tiles. Smart technology Another thing that I’ve picked up on recently is the effect open office environments are having upon the design spectrum. Sound deadening is one element that has taken off – felt is being used for both sound absorption and decoration. Also, the growing popularity of hot desking has created a new demand for lockers and materials that are functional and sturdy, yet embodying aesthetic performance. Technology in the office is crucial: the new office has apps to open your locker because you hot desk, and even apps that tell your office coffee machine how to program your particular drink preference. Technology is going to influence my world, not only in how I make the raw materials, but because it will allow me to produce things faster; custom designs will be available at a much lower price. I see a time coming soon where technology will help us to make more laminate sheets in a faster INEX-ONLINE.COM

time at a lower price. Surfaces in general will become smarter. Smart products designed for commercial use are going into the home, for example, you can get entire induction surfaces. Advancements made in other design markets are spreading – optical fiber and LEDs from the lighting world are going into fabrics and now into surfaces. Finding new, efficient ways to charge is also a growing phenomenon. Charging zones within the surfacing market could spread across the spectrum of interior design, with no need for electrical points in the kitchen because the surface will charge, for instance, the kettle. The same technology that has launched touch screen smart phones and tablets to the forefront of society could allow surfaces to become kinetic, and the new flexible glass that is available on the market could be introduced for laminates. All these advancements will become reality in the surfacing world within only a few years. Advice and accolade Two pieces of advice offered to me during my career stand out in my mind. My first one comes from architecture school. In my first studio class our professor said:“How many steps did it take you to get to school this morning?” We all looked at each other confused, blurry eyed and still recovering from a night out drinking. He continued: “If you don’t know the answer to that question, then pull out your sketch books and draw a building that you walked by on your way to this class.” We eventually worked out what he was getting at; his

This image: Renee has built her own home made entirely from Formica products, both externally and internally Below left: VIVIX exterior facade panels were installed at the new control tower for Kristiansand Airport, in Kjevik, Norway





As the UK’s leading bathroom design specialists, we’re passionate about quality, design and attention to detail. We understand the importance of flexible, reliable and affordable options and make it our priority to find you the best solution. Tel: 0845 873 8840 Web:

17 INSIGHT Below: Decometal was specified for this Hilton Hotel project Right: Architects, Juli Capella and Miquel Garcia created a stunning look using VIVIX exterior facade panels for Espai Ridaura – a multipurpose building located in Santa Cristina d’Aro, Spain

message was to constantly be aware of what’s around you at all times, because if you aren’t, then you won’t make it in this industry. As a designer you have to be aware and constantly capture everything around you. I have never forgotten it and my staff hate that I remember everything! I can’t

always recall the name of something, but I can certainly remember the look and texture – I’m not sure if that’s a skill I’ve learnt or if it comes naturally! My second piece of advice is more of a business one that was given to me from one of my CEO’s. He told me that when I’m in a conversation I should always give a little bit of information and then sit back and listen. This always works, especially when I’m talking with designers. I give a little bit of information and a wealth comes back. I sometimes even do this with my competitors, which allows me to sit back and figure out what’s happening in the industry. It was an honour to be instrumental to last year’s global celebration of Formica’s 100th anniversary. The book that we commissioned was a huge success and it was a great year for the company. To achieve the prestigious red dot for the avant-garde texture Plex from our DecoMetal range of High Pressure Laminates last year was the icing on the cake. This is a testament to our continuous research and development in the field of design. I believe we are the first laminate company to achieve one so it really was an honour to lead the way in innovation. I’m hoping for another for our Abott Miller collaboration anniversary collection! I love the anniversary collection because we were able to make lots of designs because we used different cylinder circumferences so that the pattern didn’t repeat until after a mile. However, I think Formica’s best design is the one that’s coming next. It’s another design collaboration and production is completed, so, hopefully, you will find out more within the coming year. « INEX-ONLINE.COM


Adapting materials Italian designer Giorgio Caporaso demonstrates the versatility of corrugated cardboard in his furniture collection Ecodesign.



he entire Ecodesign Collection by Giorgio Caporaso is the result of a process of experimental design that relies entirely on the convertibility of the products. The furniture items are made out of a special kind of cardboard that is ecological and recyclable. Embodying low maintenance, each piece can easily be repaired or replaced at a low cost, marrying sustainability and affordability. Designed to have many functions and adapt to all needs, the objects follow a concept of total customisation and are the expression of an eco-friendly design. Aesthetic refinement and environmental compatibility find a meeting point thanks to a careful functional study, combined with research of materials and eco-friendly construction methods. Each system has its spare parts and at the end of its life all its components can be easily separated to go to different disposal or recycling. It follows a sustainable ethos of design that doesn’t date or lose its meaning; instead, everything has a new purpose. Giorgio explains: “Innovation in the field of design cannot be tied only to creative ability, but must integrate new technological solutions, with great attention to environmental sustainability. I have always considered research and investment in innovation a necessity for building the future in both professional and social aspects. The key ingredient of research is the dream that foreshadows a goal, even if the path to reach it is often not clearly visible. Research guides us along this path, as in a journey in which you need to know where to go but also be prepared to walk the path which is not necessarily the shortest one. When this process is completed the dream becomes reality.� Giorgio believes that at least two factors must be always taken into account in the development of a

19 EXPOSE Left: X2Chair Below left: Moretto Below: More Plus Desk, ToBe candle holder and Moretto Right: Twist Chair All by Giorgio Caporaso available from E-side

product: the project itself and its future sustainability. “It is essential to invest in all facets of design to reach its maximum functionality and beauty. The industry needs to recognise that we have no more alternatives and companies must apply a way of building that not only involves the choice of materials but also passes through the production cycle. The estimated life span of the product must finish with the recyclability of

the object’s components." With the Ecodesign Collection, the result of applying a sustainable ethos is truly innovative. Giorgio’s innovation lies in the way he processes the natural wood into multiple cardboard designs. This flat base material embodies an almost innumerable number of assembly options for eco friendly furniture designs. Another beauty to this versatile furniture is that it is suitable for a multitude of environments. Aesthetics, innovation and attention to the environment are the hallmark of a new contemporary lifestyle, where the recognition of responsibility towards the outside world, alongside attention to design, make strides towards a movement of industry change. This sustainable collection is stocked in the UK by E-side – an online destination retailer for innovative and sustainably designed furniture suitable for both domestic and commercial projects. « INEX-ONLINE.COM


Above: Green urban spaces are growing in popularity Above right: Urban gardening enhances the biodiversity of an area


Urban gardening Kenneth Freeman, Head of Innovation at Ambius – the world’s largest provider of plants, replica foliage and flowers for commercial environments – discusses the importance of urban gardening in the UK.


hile the urban garden is experiencing a resurgence, it is in no way a new concept. Its roots trace back to ancient Egypt where community waste was used in urban farming. More recently in London, Mayor Boris Johnson and the London Food Board have developed a food-growing network called Capital Growth, which helps people who grow food at home, on allotments or as part of a community group. The board offers advice and promotes gardening not just as a hobby, but an activity that encourages healthy eating habits too. The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations defined urban gardening as an industry that produces, processes and markets food and fuel, largely in response to the daily demand of consumers within a town,


city or metropolis, on land and water dispersed throughout the urban and peri-urban area, applying intensive production methods, using and reusing natural resources and urban wastes, to yield a diversity of crops and livestock. Urban gardening is usually grouped into two segments: container gardening and rooftop gardening. Container gardening is very common for people with small patios, gardens, or balconies. They utilise all sorts of containers such as buckets, raised beds, window boxes or anything else creative. Rooftop gardening usually sees a roof of a building transformed into a garden, through adding soil and garden beds and is traditionally used to grow vegetables and larger plants. In some cases, urban gardening is carried out in a communal place, such as a rooftop, where every

person is given a designated area in which they can sow their plants. But even the simple act of planting on a balcony or windowsill is a great way to become an active urban gardener. Urban gardening is used for more than just food security. People find solace in having plants around them, whether that is in their home and office, within schools, prisons, on canal banks or even housing estates – the list goes on. Plants increase general emotional and social wellbeing while reducing stress and depression levels, meaning that urban gardening has both physical and psychological benefits. In public areas, the styles and plants used in the urban environment are beginning to shift. We’ve noticed a big demand shift away from green, pristine lawns INEX-ONLINE.COM


to more varied and colourful urban meadows. The increased variety offered by a mixture of plants and flowers, like those found in meadows, enhances the biodiversity of an area. Butterflies and bees – which are continuing to decline nationally – are attracted to colourful, plant-rich meadows, creating a more diverse food chain. We’re also beginning to see an increase in the planting of fruit trees to encourage foraging in the city. The blossom found on apple and cherry trees offers a bounty of nectar for bees, while also being visually attractive and providing plenty of fruit for the general public or office workers to pick on their lunch break or when going about their daily lives.

Starting an urban garden Although growing plants require care and attention, luckily they only need three basic elements: light, soil and water. The plants do not even need to be planted in the ground, most actually grow very well in a container. Here are six tips to get started:

●Sunlight is crucial: Make sure that you find a place

where the plant has access to at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight a day

●Plants can be grown on the roof (with permission of course), in window boxes, on patios, as well as from balconies with hanging baskets

●Soil depth is key: Shallow rooted plants require at

least six inches of soil depth if they are less than one foot tall, whereas deeper rooted plants need at least one foot of soil depth

●Drainage is important to remember for potted plants as excess water needs to be able to escape, so make sure that your chosen pot has drainage holes

●Soil content is vital: It is best to stick to a potting soil instead of soil from the ground because potting soil is lighter and drains excess water better

●Remember to water your garden! It is important that you soak the entire container each time you water, but ensure that you do not over water and dump out any excess water in the saucer under the plant to prevent root rot. « INEX-ONLINE.COM

Mr Mrs

HEAD OFFICE +44 (0)1242 584 897 LONDON SHOWROOM +44 (0) 207 253 0364 SALES@LYNDON.CO.UK WWW.LYNDON.CO.UK


The growing need for design versatility The ability to live life outdoors is becoming ever more important as an antidote to the pace of urban living and increasingly, both contemporary office and domestic projects try to incorporate outdoor areas into schemes to allow for this demand.


his has meant that manufacturers have worked hard to design furniture that reflects the desire for us to be able to use outdoor spaces in the same way we use interiors. This means that exterior furniture has to be as comfortable as the sofa in which you collapse to watch TV, and as attractive, neither of which were true 10 years ago. The result is that the outdoor furniture trade is one of the fastest moving markets imaginable with an unprecedented number of new brands entering the sector as well as the more established brands having to ‘up their game’. At the same time, the consumer is becoming increasingly sophisticated and design literate as the choice available widens. The same demands are made now of outdoor furniture as they are of interior furniture, both in terms of design finesse and build quality; the outdoor experience should be no different to the indoor one.



The outcome is that the market has fragmented in recent times with many more types of material and design approach now evident. As recently as five years ago, outdoor furniture was broadly dominated by a few material typologies; solid teak, stainless steel and various artificial woven fibres, resulting in a very recognisable – and a somewhat conservative – design approach; the choice now is much wider. Advances in material technology and processes have allowed the development of a more sophisticated palette of materials that still withstand the particular demanding conditions of being used outside: that are resistant to mildew, extremes of temperature, exposure to sunlight and the repeated ingress or egress of water. The challenge from the designer’s perspective is to design furniture which performs outdoors, as well as retaining a lightness of visual touch that prevents it from dominating outdoor spaces, which are often of limited size, and importantly, a design that can also be used indoors. From a design perspective, these boundaries have blurred and it is not unusual to find the same chair available in two material

specifications; one for indoors and one for outdoors. At the same time there has also been increasing demand for furniture that is able to be left outside throughout the year and this puts even more specific demands on its construction and the material choice. English furniture specialist, The Gabbertas Studio, was tasked with designing the first sofa system for Gloster that could be used in this way, and the Cloud range was the result. Creating and defining in the process a new exterior furniture category which took two years of research and development to get right. The additional challenge when designing furniture for outdoor spaces is to understand and anticipate the ability of furniture to affect how people feel and therefore behave when using it. Further more, perceiving the potential to create a sense of privacy and peace, or conversely a more collaborative, social environment. Incorporating this flexibility of use is one that is regarded as fundamental to a successful and truly resolved design and one that is equally important

Above: Sandur lounge chairs (black) designed by Mark Gabbertas for Oasiq Sandur footstools (Black) designed by Mark Gabbertas for Oasiq Serac table (black) designed by Mark Gabbertas for Oasiq Left: CoCo armchairs (white) and Serac table (white) by Mark Gabbertas for Oasiq



when considering designs for interior furniture; the principles are essentially the same. Key to the process is the desire to create furniture designs with character and personality through simplicity. This often masks the complexity of engineering and manufacturing techniques needed to achieve this. The Gabbertas Studio has taken great strides for English furniture production to balance these fundamental elements. The Sandur chair designed by Gabbertas Studio for Oasiq is a good example of this, and also demonstrates the dichotomy between simple lines and silhouettes within a complex structure. Studio owner and founder Mark Gabbertas explains: “The design was inspired by a childhood game called cat’s cradle whereby two people would make patterns with a single loop of string and pass them to each other. What proved interesting during the development of Sandur was the ability of the weave to follow a different profile than might be expected from the frame itself and to create an independent 3D shape within the skeletal steel structure. This gave more freedom, allowing the frame to express itself and take on a character of its own, while at the same time providing the support in key areas for the weave to perform the essential ergonomic functions. It is the nature and degree of the interdependence between frame and weave that fascinated and inspired us.” The inspiration for the CoCo Chair design comes from a desire to explore the potential of using two simple and graphic planes in juxtaposition, and to consider how these slightly different forms can relate to each other. INEX-ONLINE.COM

The ergonomics are determined by a flexible connection between the seat and the back which allows the back rest to move with the weight of the user. The design is deliberately expressive, but also very simple and references mid-century typologies via the frame structure. This allows for a combination of materials which have always appealed: the forgiving nature of wood and the strictness of steel. The result is a chair which has unmistakable contemporary character and at the same time, a reassuring context. Serac is a series of tables in various heights and diameters and finishes. It uses a deceptively simple 3D pattern, which is repeated and joined to create the wire underframe. The result is an intriguing arrangement of lines in space which alters depending on perspective. The studio has taken its inspiration for Oasiq from naturally occurring geophysical patterns and features. For example, a Serac is a freestanding mass of glacial ice intersected by small interestingly patterned

crevasses. Serac is one of four collections the studio has designed for Oasiq, and there is concision to the thinking behind all these designs that manages to combine the Studio’s characteristic search for simplicity with a desire to imbue individuality and personality to each piece. It is also interesting to note how each collection relates to another through an integrated and complementary design language. «

Above: Cloud modular seating designed by Mark Gabbertas for Gloster Opposite: CoCo chair (yellow) designed by Mark Gabbertas for Oasiq



28 SURFACING This kitchen design by Irina Stoica has made the most of HIMACS® Alpine White

© Alexei Tacu


Contemporary versatility James Latham offers a trio of innovative and contemporary surface solutions to interior designers, architects and installers looking to achieve limitless creativity with their kitchen projects. HI-MACS Distributed exclusively in the UK and Ireland by James Latham, HI-MACS solid surface is a highly versatile and extremely durable material which can be easily machined and thermoformed to almost any 3D-shape imaginable, offering endless design possibilities and producing a surface that is flowing, functional and visually seamless. Even large-area installations have the appearance of a single application and this non-porous, completely smooth surface means that liquid penetration is practically impossible, making it completely sterile, easy to clean and repair – therefore creating the perfect base for germ-free areas. HI-MACS has been granted a specialist hygiene certificate, which means it is particularly well suited for use in kitchen environments and these technical features mean it will not look tired or deteriorate in terms of its appearance or performance. INEX-ONLINE.COM

One of the major attractions of HI-MACS is the extensive choice of colours on offer. There are almost 100 in the portfolio, with 62 of these being suitable for kitchen applications. Supplied in thicknesses of 12, 9 and 6mm, the range now also includes 22 designs of sinks – available in over 60 colours. Architects and interior designers will also be keen to know that the full range of HI-MACS colours is now available for download in CAD software-compatible format by clicking on

The uniform quality and consistency of the Shinnoki 2.0 collection is exceptional. It enhances the natural beauty and lively appearance of real wood, both visually and to the touch and James Latham has already seen it make a big impact with its interior design customers in both the commercial and residential sectors. Mirror Gloss Part of the Kronodesign range, Mirror Gloss comprises 20 highly durable, scratch resistant, light and colorfast decors that include 14 sparkling gloss colours, four wood grains and two fantasy decors. Mirror Gloss pushes the boundaries of depth and definition, colour and reflective gloss and is produced using first class particleboard and high quality melamine film, achieving a gloss level of 140 points for decorative use in the hospitality, interior design and furniture making industries. The perfect application for Mirror Gloss MFC is surfaces in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms as well as luxury retailing and shop fitting, domestic spaces, home and office furnishings. 0116 257 3415 « The Mirror Gloss range from James

Shinnoki 2.0 James Latham is now offering Shinnoki 2.0, a range of ready to use veneered panels that are supplied already stained and lacquered, requiring no further finishing. With Shinnoki, the veneer is applied to an MDF base, rendering the panels sturdy and easy to use. In addition, the panels are produced in both a single or double sided finish, with the first having a veneer faced-reverse. The veneers are mismatched, but stained and textured to create a consistent finish that shows the natural aspects and beauty of the species. The extensive Shinnoki 2.0 range is supplied in designs which are completely in tune with current design trends within the kitchen sector and includes matching realwood and ABS edge banding. The 17 designs are also supplied in separate 3-ply veneer sheets, perfect for curved surfaces as well as doors or other interior requirements.

Latham includes 14 gloss colours


New textured woven effect blackout 29 enticing colours 3 pass blackout coating Stain repellent Meets international flame retardant standards Available in narrow & wide width



CALL:+44 (0) 1706 717070




Heritage and homage Interior design practice, Design Research Studio, under creative direction of Tom Dixon, and in partnership with Morgans Hotel Group, has redeveloped Sea Containers House into Mondrian London – a new hotel from the group that opened for business on September 30th.


Left: The new London hotel blends the style and sophistication of the boutique hotel brand with Southbank’s eclectic vibe

ituated on the banks of The River Thames, Sea Containers House holds a striking presence between the OXO Tower and Blackfriars Bridge. This is the first hotel for Design Research Studio and a new London venture for Morgans Hotel Group, also marking the first collaboration between the British interior design practice and the American hotel group. Built in the 1970s, the 16 storey Sea Containers House was designed by the American architect, Warren Platner, creator of Windows on the World. Platner’s work, including cruise liners he also designed, acted as significant inspiration for the interior design of Sea Containers House while his furniture is featured in exclusive suites within the hotel. Originally designed as a luxury hotel, the building’s brief was never fulfilled and it instead was occupied as an office. Among these was a shipping company ‘Sea Container’ from which the building now draws its name. This maritime history and the Anglo-American relationship between Design Research Studio and Morgans Hotel Group, form the design inspiration for the project. The hotel embodies the elegance of a transatlantic 1920s liner. The main lobby features a giant, external and internal, copper clad wall inspired by the hull of a ship, running from outside the INEX-ONLINE.COM


building and glamorously leading guests to the hotel lobby within. The vast 1500m2 ground floor area includes one riverside restaurant and a breakfast bar. Building on the extensive metal finishes already found in the building, a network of brass work runs throughout the hotel, feeding out to every corner, edging each bedroom door and eventually morphing into a cocktail bar on the roof top. The hotel’s 359 bedrooms are furnished with custom designed furniture from Design Research Studio featuring rich colour palettes contrasted against standout metallic pieces following the nautical theme. Corridors are smart and sleek while the public WCs will draw on marine engineering featuring porthole mirrors and detailing usually found on board a ship. The roof-top bar will be edged INEX-ONLINE.COM

Above: The interior has been inspired by 1920s transatlantic liners Right: A blue 61-seater screening room continues the sea-faring theme

Visit us at Sleep, stand M7A

Quality wallcoverings made in East Peckham, Kent Established 1889


Dedicated account managers l Specialist support teams l Our own design and production facilities l Bespoke services available l 24 hour delivery available l Solutions for all budgets l All wallcoverings CE and Fire rated with EPDs l Fast, flexible and reliable For a guided factory tour please call: 01622 873503

Commercial wallcoverings Showrooms: l 590 King’s Road, Chelsea, London SW6 2DX l 105-107 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow G11 6PW l Tel: 08705 117118 l


Right: The project was completed under the direction of renowned designer Tom Dixon Below: A copper clad wall in the lobby draws inspiration from the hull of a ship, running from outside the building, through the lobby and on to the river side of the hotel



with glass boasting views of the North and South of the city inspired by the top deck of a cruise liner. Designed with references to an ornate Art Deco-period ballroom, the bar features a statement lighting installation, adding an element of sophisticated glamour to the space. Drawing from the signature colours of the Morgans ‘Agua’ brand, the spa architecture graduates from white through to darker shades to encourage relaxation and calmly leads guests towards an exclusively designed secret water feature. The spa aims to create a feeling of under-water tranquillity, taking inspiration from the cocooning nature of a submarine. A 61-seater screening room, used for TV and film premiers, continues the maritime theme using bold blue colours. The hotel also features a series of flexible break out and meeting rooms. «

Above right: Art deco geometry connects the interior design to the early twentieth century theme Right: The spa oozes the sensation of underwater tranquility



Sleep represents the best in hotel design, development and architecture. Our curated exhibition, concept spaces and conference inspire hotel interiors across the globe. Be part of something special, register today: (Please quote promo code SLP24)


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The Ambience Tuning Technique by Dombracht provides bathroom flexibility

Luxury domestic retreat As the bathroom slowly but surely takes domestic design limelight, joining the kitchen and living room as property owners’ most important space within the home, the inevitable trend for appearance and comfort over functionality emerges.


Villeroy + Boch’s Squaro bath provides a relaxing whirlpool

hilst we may previously have used our bathrooms for speedy showers and toilet-breaks, and eschewed the bath entirely, even those of us with smaller bathrooms want to relax and take more time over our toilette. A 30 second shower becomes a luxurious 15 minutes under a power system and the bath becomes a spalike retreat. Furniture, carpeting and sumptuous lighting all take precedence over basic designs and products. “For those with smaller bathrooms, products with built-in spas are ideal – for example, a smaller bath can easily hold a whirlpool system with massage function and lighting, so the homeowner doesn’t need to compromise on space,” says Kirsten Wain, Senior INEX-ONLINE.COM


Designer at West One Bathrooms, Clerkenwell. These systems often feature multiple options in terms of water pressure, movement and lighting. The Body and Soul whirlpool, along with Squaro bath, from Villeroy + Boch, provides several settings for different bathing experiences. The Soul option is to relax and unwind – three features including Comfort Heat to keep bath water at a constant temperature, Magic Light with seven colour combinations for ambience, and Smart Control for relaxation at the push of a button. The Body option provides a massage via Active Jets that are motorised in three programmes for targeted massage. Packages come tailored to suit individual preference in Fitness and Health, Vitality and Health, Beauty and Bodycare or Recuperation and Relaxation. There is also the option to add technology, such as integrated sound via Bluetooth or a television. These products are designed to invite the client to spend longer in the bathroom. The Moxie Showerhead by Kohler is the perfect example for a smaller bathroom – a compact showerhead and wireless speaker that provides up to seven hours of music. Aquavision custom-make its waterproof televisions to suit any space and provide both luxury and modernity to the bathroom. INEX-ONLINE.COM

Larger spaces embody the luxury of option. Separate wellness systems such as hammams, saunas and steam rooms, or large walk-in showers bring the spa into the home. The Ambience Tuning Technique by Dornbracht provides ultimate precision and flexibility for users requiring an all singing, all dancing shower configuration, a chromotherapy model with three scenarios – Balancing, Energising and De-Stressing – three outlets – JustRain, WaterSheet and WaterBar – and three components – eTool, eValve and eSwitch. For those with an uncapped budget and abundance of space to play with, the Topkapi by sauna specialist effegibi, brings the feeling of a real spa straight into the bathroom. The Topkapi is embellished with deluxe materials and finished with the utmost attention to detail. An ultra-slim panel contains LEDs that infuse light into the space, whilst a stateof-the-art steam system delights and relaxes all the senses. Users can adjust steam, temperature and colour-therapy functions with a touch panel. Bringing wellness to the bathroom need not be invasive. If a homeowner wants to experience bathroom sanctuary without having to visit a spa, the market is full of quality products to achieve the desired domestic haven. «


Creating a spa-like experience in the home is the ultimate in domestic luxury



Reinstating hospitality magic Quaglino’s, the iconic restaurant and late-night venue in the heart of London’s Mayfair St James’s, re-opened its doors on Friday 17th October following a fullscale, multi-million pound renovation.


he re-launch celebrates 85 years of Quaglino’s iconic heritage; from its opening in 1929 by legendary Giovanni Quaglino – whose love of food and good company created a destination favoured by glamorous society – to Terence Conran’s celebrated remodelling in the 1990s right through to the restaurant’s present day status as one of London’s most cherished celebratory destinations. A modern interior redesign INEX-ONLINE.COM

by Russell Sage Studio sees the signature sweeping staircase, balcony bar, main restaurant and mezzanine private dining rooms elegantly restored, along with the addition of a glamorous central cocktail bar and a stage for intimate live music performances. Art deco touches remain, with furniture and colour palettes alluding to the era Quaglino’s was first established. The redesign is complemented by a contemporary European menu from new Executive Chef Mickael Weiss and a bespoke programme of curated late-night live music performances and events. The 240-cover restaurant features a contemporary European menu using British ingredients. Dishes fuse traditional European classics with exotic flavours and spices from

the extended continent, such as Cheltenham beetroot with goat’s curd, winter leaves, walnuts and dried apricots, Seared hand-dived Kings scallop in the shell with tomato, samphire and Ligurian olive oil and Lobster raviolo, spinach, golden raisins, espelette chilli and lobster emulsion, with feature dishes to share including Spiced Romney Marsh lamb shoulder, young spinach, apricot, almond, parsley and goat’s curd. Under the supervision and creative flair of new bar manager Milos Popovic, both bars are serving a variety of drinks referencing Quaglino’s rich 1930s heritage, giving guests a taste of the restaurant’s iconic past with a focus on classic and champagne


Above: Quaglino’s signature staircase creates a glamorous entrance Above right: Diners experience a new European menu Right: Russell Sage Studio has created a high-end venue with art deco accents



cocktails. A 300-bin wine list focuses on renowned European regions and carefully chosen additions from the New World to provide balance, including selections from California, Chile and New Zealand, with wines shown by style rather than country of origin, making the list easy to navigate. Late into the evening, the restaurant transforms into an entertainment mecca, showcasing music icons from the past and present day, renowned DJs and lounge-style live bands. With free entry open to the Right: Geometric patterns make a statement in the entrance area Below: The restaurant boasts private dining rooms Below right: A stylish bar looks over the main restaurant Far right: The interior design reflects the restaurant’s rich history

public, and late-night Friday and Saturday evenings, performances are representative of the venue’s rich history, letting guests party into the early hours. Des Gunewardena, CEO of restaurant group D&D London, says: “It’s remarkable to think that when Quaglino’s first opened, Londoners were dancing the Charleston and King George V was on the throne. The place has history, and I hope this will be the beginning of a new chapter of fun, excitement and stories for another generation of Londoners.” David Loewi, Managing Director of D&D London, comments: “Quaglino’s has always been a hugely high profile and flamboyant restaurant from its inception by Giovanni Quaglino in 1929 to the present day, so this is a very exciting and important project INEX-ONLINE.COM


for us. The menu reflects the elegance and glamour of Quaglino’s iconic heritage, with a range of contemporary European dishes to appeal to everyone.” Russell Sage, owner of Russell Sage Studios, adds: “We are thrilled to have been engaged in this special project, to revisit the rich heritage of London’s Quaglino’s restaurant and breathe new life into it so that the next generation of Quaglino’s devotees can discover it’s special hospitality magic.” Combining unique facilities including a stage for live performances and a superb new sound system, an indulgent new menu and glamorous cocktail bar, Quaglino’s continues to provide Londoners with a haven to enjoy first-class dining and unforgettable late-night experiences. « INEX-ONLINE.COM




SLEEP 2014 | BOOTH #M33


Putting employees first Workspace optimisation and employee wellbeing were the order of the day at Selex ES, as Sketch Studios – known for providing modern, well considered furniture solutions for businesses – oversaw a refit at its Southampton office.


elex ES, an international leader in electronic and information technologies, now has a fully equipped restaurant, state-of-the-art conference suite and flexible hot desk zone. Employee wellbeing and empowerment were at the forefront of the design process. All staff had the chance to have their say via a Gensler Workplace Study – a company which conduct ongoing research into what drives success in the workplace – and Sketch Studios was then able to take these employee findings and incorporate them into the design process. All of the furniture has exceptional ergonomics, designed to look modern yet be highly comfortable and help prevent repetitive strain injuries, and there is a real focus on communication and collaboration. Sketch Studios has refurbished the restaurant, encouraging staff to socialise away from their work stations and hold more informal meetings. There are also brainstorming areas, fully fitted with the latest technology, as well as flexible break out areas and hot desks, designed to suit the needs of the more transient worker. These more relaxed and comfortable spaces are interspersed with more formal working areas. Sketch Studios has incorporated specialised teleconference booths, which INEX-ONLINE.COM


accommodate Web Ex Conferences, teleconferences and private phone calls, as well as dedicated concentration areas for quiet working and structured meeting rooms for more formal meetings. The result is a modern yet functional workspace that now makes efficient use of the space available and puts employees first. It has also put the wheels in motion for a company-wide standardisation programme, which will see the company following a uniform style and culture across all of its offices. As well as designing the new surroundings in Southampton, Sketch Studios was tasked with creating a group corporate furniture catalogue that will be distributed throughout the UK, ensuring that all offices will have the same style of furniture and similar design features. Justin Bass, Managing Director of Sketch Studios comments: “At Selex ES we had two main focuses; to optimise the workspace design, making maximum use of the space available and to prioritise employee wellbeing. Employee INEX-ONLINE.COM

Above: The project includes a variety of break out areas Right: Meeting rooms offer privacy Far right: The office is a modern yet functional workspace


engagement was key to achieving this and by listening to their initial requirements, it has meant that they have quickly embraced their new surroundings, which are now being rolled out throughout the rest of their offices in the UK.” Lisa Hoad, South Coast Consolidation Programme Manager at Selex ES, added: “Sketch Studios has provided an excellent service at all stages of the project from conception through to delivery. It has been a pleasure to work with a business where the company ethos and professionalism is reflected throughout all of its employees. Working with Sketch Studios has felt like a partnership where both businesses were focussed on the project goal.” Founded in 2007, Sketch is a leading UK commercial furniture specialist, helping to create innovative, sustainable and inspiring workplace interiors. Sketch provides a full integrated range of services and solutions for every aspect of the workplace environment, including workplace design, moving and relocation, storage and warehousing, office furniture, residential furniture, furniture hire and document archiving. Other recent clients include Partnership, Royal College of Psychiatrists and Citrix. «

Right & far right: Relaxing, comfortable furniture has been specified alongside more formal pieces Above right: The office restaurant has also been refurbished




Sleep preview Product highlights from the upcoming industry-leading show.


Bette Stand M4c

1. German bathroom manufacturer, Bette, creates exclusive, enamelled steel sanitaryware with a 30 year warranty and a host of benefits for the hotel sector. The company’s design and manufacturing expertise has led to the creation of innovations, including the permanently waterproof, flush-to-floor BetteFloor Side shower floor and strong and stable baths with the slimmest, most stylish rims, such as the BetteArt and BetteLux. Bette’s baths, shower trays/floors and washbasins are easy to clean and hygienic and the company offers many special features including the BetteUpstand option, which means there is no need for silicone between the bath or shower floor and the wall tiles. 0844 800 0547



Morgan Stand M23c


Keramag Design Stand M25

2. Morgan, the design-led British manufacturer of contract furniture, has recently launched the new Paris collection. Combining classically inspired silhouettes with timber detailing, Paris has a classic contemporary feel that is ideal for boutique hotels and restaurants. The collection consists of three dining/meeting chairs with the same fully upholstered seat but different back treatment. A traditional wave shaped top edge, a handle shaped showwood top detail and a large curved back give each of the three chairs a different distinctive character. The frame is manufactured from solid beech as standard and can be made in walnut or oak on request. 01243 371111

3. Reflecting its progressive approach to premium bathroom design, luxury brand Keramag Design is showcasing new sanitaryware, furniture, ultra-slim shower trays and a clever cistern unit to inspire designers and architects in the hotel community. On show is the new avant-garde Xeno² collection of bathroom ceramics and furniture designed by Robin Platt and reflecting the design trend for organic shapes, with distinctive asymmetrical basins, push-to-open furniture with integrated LED lighting and smart storage. The ultra-slim Opale shower tray made from Varicor solid surface material offers a clever solution for projects when cisterns cannot be concealed in a wall. 01270 871756



Hamilton Litestat Stand V8


Levantina Stand M9a

4. Hamilton Litestat is previewing new 2015 lines set to join its unique range of designer and bespoke switch plates and sockets, and is showcasing the company’s latest lighting control and multizone audio control systems at the hotel design event, Sleep 2014. Hamilton Litestat will be demonstrating how it focuses on meeting the specific needs of Hoteliers. The company’s priority is to ensure the high expectations of future hotel guests are met, both for business and leisure requirements. Exceptional design is clearly priority but withstanding wear and tear and looking good for longer is a must. 01747 860088

Crosswater Stand G12 & H6 5. Levantina is a pioneering Spanish company which manufactures TECHLAM – a slim ceramic tile that will be presented during Sleep Event in London. TECHLAM is only 3mm thick, weighs 7.1 kg/m2 and is available in panels of up to 1x3m. It provides architects and interior designers with an infinite number of possibilities, thanks to its range of sizes and colours, durability, hygiene and ease of installation. TECHLAM can be used in different applications including wall covering and cladding, flooring and paving, countertops, fittings and ventilated facades. The easy and clean installation saves precious time and money during any project. 0034 965 60 91 84



Kaldewei Stand V10 6. Create a luxurious spa ambiance in the bathroom with the glistening new Sparkle and Glitz tap collections at Crosswater. From small cloakrooms to grand master suites, the eye-catching shimmer of the diamante inlays add a sophisticated touch of glitz to any bathroom scheme. Inject instant glamour with the super slim line tap design, Glitter, which displays the finest in modern styling adorned with the highest quality diamante stones. Sparkle beautifully complements luxe decor schemes, offering an abundance of pizzazz. For the perfect pampering space, these collections ooze enchanting charisma to transform a bathroom interior into a visual delight. 0845 873 8840


7. Kaldewei will once again exhibit at Sleep with an enticing line-up of recently launched products including a collection of free-standing baths with seamless enamelled panelling. Three bath designs form the Meisterst端ck collection. They have been meticulously crafted through state-of-the-art manufacturing with Kaldewei 3.5mm steel enamel panelling, creating a smooth transition from panel to bath for a flawless finish. Two of the three models, Meisterst端ck Conoduo and Meisterst端ck Asymmetric Duo, will be exhibited for the first time and shown with Comfort Select and Sound Wave, the first audio system for Kaldewei that plays music from Bluetooth-enabled devices. 01480 498053



Karndean Designflooring Stand DG6


Focus SB Stand V7

8. Karndean Designflooring is expanding its collection of sophisticated wood designs as part of its LooseLay Series Three launch on stand DG6 at Sleep 2014. Available from January 2015, the stylish new hues tap into the trend for popular oak tones, fashionable rustics and deep greys in hotel spaces. Inspired by nature, the collection’s six new woods feature the light, blonde hues of Cambridge LLP113 to the striking, warm ginger tones of Burlington LLP10. Popular for its unique designs and easy-fit approach, Karndean LooseLay is an innovative format of luxury vinyl flooring boasting enhanced acoustic properties and excellent environmental credentials. 01386 820104

9. Focus SB is an expert in manufacturing electrical accessories of distinction and quality for the hotel and hospitality industry. Plates can be manufactured in any size and can include data incorporation, international power sockets, lighting control, audio visual and USB charging points. The company works hand-in-hand with interior designers to add a luxurious finishing touch to a room design, often creating bespoke plates to incorporate client requests in any material and finish of their choice. Focus SB has a dedicated team of product consultants on hand to help with projects, however large or small. 01424 858060



Inspired by Design Stand G40


Muraspec Stand M7a

10. Inspired by Design will introduce Sleep visitors into the Murano glass world by presenting exclusive interior glass applications, as well as outdoor Murano glass solutions for both private and public projects. The company is celebrating 13 years of supplying spectacular lighting that creates that sought after ‘wow factor’ to private residences, hotels, bars, restaurants, historic buildings and many other locations worldwide. Operating from offices in Manchester and London, the company provides bespoke design service for spectacular lighting solutions to architects and interiors designers across the globe, suiting all needs and budgets. 0161 278 2094

11. British manufacturer Muraspec is launching a gorgeous new range of wallcoverings at Sleep. The 20oz Type II wallcoverings have been specifically designed and manufactured for the hospitality industry, inspired by a growing need in the sector for beautiful, textile effects in sophisticated colour palettes. This exciting new collection is texture-based with fabric-style embosses and weave prints, and is available in a range of stylish colours in matt and lustre finishes. Other stunning Muraspec designs being exhibited at Sleep include Utopia from the Astoria collection and Vita from the Meteor collection. 08705 117118



Baulmann Leuchten Stand M6

12. Baulmann Leuchten will again be exhibiting at this year’s Sleep Event, and can be found at their usual mezzanine location, stand M6. Baulmann will be showcasing a collection of new hospitality lighting including, floor, table and wall light designs, plus new LED reading lights and super slim LED edge lit mirrors. Also on show will be a selection of 60’s “retro designs”, redesigned lights taken from Baulmann’s extensive back catalogue. As a European manufacturer, Baulmann continue to offer a bespoke lamp design service where your ideas can be realised on time and on budget. So, what will you design? 07891 919169



Ideal Standard Stand V3


OW Hospitality Stand M33a

13. Ideal Standard has confirmed its return to Sleep with the Hotel Collection – a selection of three brands now available for hotels. ID provides hotels with the opportunity to apply their own brand to basins for larger projects, making it the ideal choice for larger hotels looking to bring brand prominence throughout the bathroom. Tony Rheinberg, Marketing Manager at Ideal Standard, comments: “We are very excited to be returning to Sleep with our range of total bathroom solutions. From large scale luxury developments, to smaller boutiques and budget hotels, we have developed a full range of products which allow hotels to create a beautiful use of space, for all of their customers.” 01482 346461

14. OW Hospitality and the Roger Thomas Collection have announced an exclusive partnership. The two will launch a new line of hospitality carpets, shown for the first time in London at Sleep. The first ensemble, Custom Tailored, is a collection inspired by the sophisticated and engagingly classic appeal of fine menswear celebrating Thomas’ unique affinity and appreciation for quality and design. Thomas comments: “I am extraordinarily pleased with our collection of breathtaking carpets. The idea of menswear fashion is timeless but we’ve taken the classic patterns and added a contemporary brilliance by incorporating provocative elements with scale, color, and design combinations.” 0207 604 5000


Product Spotlight This month’s selection of innovative new products not to be missed.


1. A collaborative design effort between eminent office furniture designer, Paul Brooks, and Boss Design, has resulted in Zandi – a multi-purpose stacking chair. Suitable for cafes and dining areas, the compact and comfortable Zandi is the ideal chair where space is at a premium as it conveniently stacks away when not in use. Zandi is available with plastic seat and back or with an upholstered seat and plastic back for added comfort. Complete with a chrome frame, this non-arm version comes in a selection of colours to suit a variety of interior spaces and to provide maximum visual impact. 01242 584897




2. DRU Fires is a long established European manufacturer of gas, wood burning and multi-fuel fires that was founded in the Netherlands in 1754. It has subsidiary companies in the UK and Belgium, and exports to many other countries worldwide. DRU has a reputation as a designer and producer of ultra-contemporary and high technology fireplace products. It has announced improvements to its popular Metro100XT series of ‘letterbox’ gas fires in time for the autumn 2014 season. DRU designer gas fires with smart controls are available from specialist fireplace retailers throughout the UK. 0161 793 8700

3. The Interiors Group has delivered and fitted out just over 22,000ft2 of newly refurbished and relocated offices for new clients WME Entertainment. WME is a worldwide talent agency with offices in London, New York, Beverly Hills, Nashville and Miami. They represent artists across all media platforms specifically movies, television, music, theatre, digital and publishing. Working with interior designers from Gensler and Colliers International as project managers, The Interiors Group set about creating new spaces, partitions and lights. The Interiors Group has 27 years’ experience delivering stunning commercial environments. 020 7495 1885



4. J. Rotherham looks to the industry’s young and upcoming British designers, asking designers to put pen to paper and design a concept for its new range of cutting edge J. Rotherham contemporary fireplace surrounds. The winner will be chosen to develop a range of 12 designs that will become part of J. Rotherham’s Contemporary Fireplace Collection. Plus, to ensure creative juices keep flowing, J. Rotherham is willing to commission £1000 per future qualifying design! To enter, email your design entry with supportive workings and illustration to by 30th November 2014. Multiple designs can be entered by the same individual. 01430 861047




5. Vicaima’s highly tactile Dekordor 3D range of embossed face finished doors has made a big impression with specifiers. Now the existing range of four colours has been extended to include an Oak 3D design, providing even more choice. Dekordor 3D quite literally stands out as something different in the world of interior door finishes. Its innovative and striking horizontal embossed and eco-friendly surface begs to be touched yet provides excellent abrasion and moisture resistance and is easy to clean. Used widely in apartments, hotels and commercial applications, Dekordor 3D presents a durable yet highly attractive design with real uniformity of colour and texture. 01793 532333

6. UK tile manufacturer, British Ceramic Tile, is set to unveil a new brand and extended sales team as the company moves to become a serious contender within the new build housing market. Created to target national and regional house builders, the company has launched Aspire – a new brand which brings together British Ceramic Tile’s diverse product portfolio together in one offering, providing house builders with its most comprehensive collection of wall and floor tiles to date. Aspire offers customers a fresh approach to tiles with products now grouped into key lifestyle packages to simplify the specification process. 01626 831370




7. Global carpet tile manufacturer, Interface, has installed its ocean-inspired Net Effect product at Standard Life’s office space in Dundas House, Edinburgh, as part of the recent refurbishment of the building’s Atrium. As a large central space, open to all four sides of the building and visible from all floors, both visual impact and practicality were key to its redesign. Carpet tiles from the Net Effect One collection were specified for the project in complementary grey tones, which featured three different textures that, when installed, reflect the moment the sea foams into the shore, creating a wave-like effect. The product was chosen for its striking design, which was ideal for this focal point. 01274 690 690

8. Architects Pringle Richards Sharratt used the Younique by Formica Group customised service for the redevelopment of the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow, London. The historic house, dedicated to life and works of William Morris, was fully refurbished including eight new washrooms, each featuring individual Morris patterns in digitally printed Formica laminate. Karsten Weiss, architect at Pringle Richards Sharratt Architects comments: “We worked closely with Formica Group to learn more about using the Younique service for this project. The most durable washroom cubicle systems use High Pressure Laminate (HPL) and when Formica Group confirmed the possibility of utilising virtually any print, the idea of the ‘Morris Washrooms’ was born.” 0191 259 3100


9. Polyflor’s latest advancement in safety flooring is already making waves at Cardiff’s International Pool, Wales’ highly acclaimed swimming venue. As part of a recent interior refurbishment, 240m2 of Polysafe Verona PUR sheet vinyl has been installed into customer and staff areas to provide an attractive, fresh and safe surface that is ideally suited to this leisure environment. Located in the heart of Cardiff Bay as part of the International Sports Village, this £23m complex boasts the largest swimming facility in the UK and features a state of the art 50m Olympic pool with seating that caters for up to 1000 visitors. Polysafe Verona PUR was selected to provide the required durability to withstand heavy traffic in this customer area, whilst ensuring sustained wet slip resistance. 0161 767 1111


62 KBB

10. The Vesper Hotel in Noordwijk, Holland, embodies the perfect combination of minimalist design and vintage Dutch flair. All 27 rooms are individually designed and create a relaxing atmosphere for their guests – including the luxurious bathrooms which are equipped with products from the GROHE SPA range. Two suites feature GROHE F-digital Deluxe, which transforms the bathroom into the guest’s private spa. The individually controllable modules of the F-digital Deluxe produce colours, sounds and a soft mist of steam. Guests can use these modules in combination with side and head showers for ultimate relaxation. 0871 200 3414

63 KBB



11 This year has seen the introduction of a unique feature to the ILVE collection of range cookers. ILVE customers can now buy a stunning, hand-crafted range cooker with a built-in microwave oven. This means that for the first time in the UK market, all of the cooking areas can be conveniently located in one place, freeing up valuable kitchen space by creating a complete power-house cooking station. The high quality 1000w, seven function microwave can be incorporated into a 100 or 120cm double oven, allowing customers to combine all of their cooking needs in one convenient free standing range cooker. 0845 548 3130

12. The new Faber Veil wall-mounted cooker hood has launched in the UK, adding to the 2014 collection. Veil is an innovative take on the classic chimney extractor hood with a front panel that has been precision engineered to give the effect of a piece of draped silk or a billowing veil. Faber worked with the designer Samuel Codegoni and students from the prestigious Politecnico di Milano University to develop a new style of hood that would transform the classic T-shape hood into an exquisite work of art. Available in three colours and with a peak extraction capacity of 720 m3/h, Veil combines Faber’s high standards of filtration with unique design. 0845 548 3130

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13. Though many of us may prefer a fuzzy vision of ourselves first thing in the morning, having a mist free mirror must surely be an advantage for shaving, applying make up or styling hair. Once a Demista heated mirror pad is installed, a clear view is always achieved, no matter how steamed up the bathroom may be. The pads are available in a variety of sizes, and should the mirror be exceptionally large, they can be fitted in multiples to cover the entire area. Easy to install, Demista is the original and innovative heated mirror pad, introduced over 20 years ago, with proven standards of reliability, whilst providing an immediate local back up service. 01932 866600

14. The Asklepios Group, one of the largest companies in the German healthcare sector, and its members of the Green Hospital Program are focused on developing approaches to a “green” hospital. As part of the research project “Greening the Patient Room – The Patient Room of the Future”, Asklepios Engineer Michael Scherer explains the advantages of floor-level shower surfaces made of Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5mm for hospital environments. “Any grout joint is one too many,” says Michael, following bad experiences with tiled shower areas. “Our approach therefore is to invest from the start in a quality solution without grout joints that will in the end last for much longer.” 01480 498053

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