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Supplement - September 2012


Exquisite design. Extreme functionality. Unparalleled safety and quality. The ability to combine components from 12 different systems to create the exact look you want. And a fanatical attention to detail. Get it all with Q-designs by Q-railing. Request a brochure today and learn how Q-designs can bring your ideas to life: tel. 0800 – 7814245, email

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Welcome our Doors, Windows & Balustrades special


lazing systems can now take many forms thanks to their technically-advanced capabilities. Doors, windows and balustrades all utilise the extreme properties that have developed over time, enabling peace of mind and safety for building occupants. From traditional wood surrounds through to contemporary, high profile installations, FC&A’s exclusive Doors, Windows & Balustrades features everything a specifier or architect might need when specifying these vital building elements. With contributions from leading suppliers and manufacturers including Q-railing, James Latham and Eagle SG&W, this dedicated focus highlights how companies are remaining competitive in challenging times. Whether delivering bespoke designs, investing in safety components or offering practical solutions for stringent requirements, companies are putting customer service at the forefront of their operations to provide modern and sustainable solutions. We hope you enjoy this special focus and find it an enjoyable read. For further enquiries about any of our contributors or if you wish to comment on a particular issue affecting the doors, windows and balustrades sector, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Hannah Frackiewicz Hannah Frackiewicz Editor, Future Constructor & Architect

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Secondary glazing:

Extend the lifetime of heritage buildings through updating practical details such as their window systems.

Modular railing systems:

Q-railing offers more options and possibilities as seen in its recent youth centre installation.

10 Extending spaces:

Contemporary glass extensions need not be seen as obtrusive and low performance buildings solutions, as outlined by Eagle SG&W.

12 Fire door performance:

James Latham shows its commitment to fire safety with the addition of Norsound seals to its exclusive Moralt doorblanks.

14 Continued investment: Cementing its position as a leading supplier of modular railing systems, Q-railing is committed to offering its customers more choice and more possibilities. Recognising the results that can be achieved, Chesterton Vision Centre recently specified its Easy Glass system. See pg. 7.

Staying competitive in challenging times is what sets companies apart in today’s market. Glazing Vision shares its story.

16 Trusted building materials:

The Parkside Group reflects on the opportunities made available with aluminium.

18 CR Laurence :

How to maximise elevated outdoor space with safe and striking balustrade solutions.

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Contemporary Glass Structures By Eagle S G & W Ltd 0845 230 9569

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Doors, Windows & Balustrades

Selectaglaze at 100% Design 2012 Selectaglaze’s stand will focus on the benefits and design aspects of secondary glazing.Visitors will be able to view Selectaglaze’s slimline Series 10 horizontal sliding unit and Series 45 hinged casement. The stand will also feature a sound box incorporating the company’s popular Series 20 vertical sliding unit demonstrating secondary glazing’s effectiveness in reducing unwanted noise.

Sustainable secondary glazing The best way to preserve historic buildings is to find appropriate ways to keep them in active usage. One of the most defining features and character of a building are its windows but these are often cold, draughty, provide little protection against noise and minimal resistance to burglary.


solution to common window problems is the installation of bespoke secondary glazing which can be custom made and designed to have minimal visual impact. It is also a reversible intervention and one that is included within guidelines produced by English Heritage, Historic

Scotland, SPAB, The Victorian Society and The Georgian Group. Secondary glazing is not a new concept. Back in the 19th century some properties were constructed with

Staff will be on hand throughout the event on Stand E38 to answer technical queries and give advice. Selectaglaze’s literature is free and, for those unable to visit the show, copies can be obtained from the marketing department. a second double hung sash window designed to reduce heat loss and provide noise insulation. Today’s high performance secondary glazing involves a fully independent window system fitted to the room side of the existing window, which remains unaltered and in its original state. Established since 1966 and a Royal Warrant Holder since 2004, Selectaglaze is the UK’s leading designer, manufacturer and installer of secondary glazing systems. The company is at the forefront of research and development and their units have undergone rigorous independent testing for energy efficiency, noise insulation and security.

Image courtesy of David Le Lay Architects

Stand visitors will be able to collect copies of the company’s latest literature, including a Guidance Note on the ability of secondary glazing to improve a building’s energy performance – this will be of great interest to all building owners and managers wishing to reduce energy usage and so manage costs and environmental impacts – together with their comprehensive Product Guide demonstrating the range and diversity of styles available, including technical information, detailed drawings and photography.


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Broaden your horizons . . .

. . .discover our access rooflights Established in 1994, Glazing Vision is now the UK’s leading manufacturer of innovative glass rooflight solutions. From standard Fixed, Hinged and Sliding Rooflights to Bespoke Designs. Our access rooflights range from a Manual Access Hatch for maintenance to Free Standing Electric Skydoor

Box rooflights and Wall Mounted Box Rooflights for terraced access. All our rooflights are designed to the following principles: Minimum framework, maximum daylight resulting in increased thermal performance. Concealed dual synced mechanisms and electronics Multi option operating devices and BMS integration Manual overrides & safety override devices

Hydraulic Skydoor

Adaptability of glass unit insertion to achieve desired U-Values Fixed rooflight integration for large glazing requirements Glazing Vision employee a team of designers, engineers and electronics specialists to make sure our rooflights meet the demands of the market place. Each rooflight is tested extensively in our hi tech research and development centre in Diss, Norfolk.

VisionVent Vent & Access

To arrange a visit by one of our representatives throughout the UK or for a brochure call us now on 0333 8000 881. We also now manufacture a Smoke Vent designed and tested to BS EN 12101

Sliding Box Rooflights fixed, hinged and sliding rooflights Online Enquiry 142

Doors, Windows & Balustrades


Cementing its position as a leading supplier of modular railing systems, Q-railing is committed to offering its customers more choice and more possibilities. Recognising the results that can be achieved, Chesterton Vision Centre recently specified its Easy Glass system.


Unique design

n 1998, Q-railing introduced a very successful stainless steel modular railing system to the market. The idea on which Q-railing is based quickly came to fruition – namely to produce an independent and professional product range of railing systems featuring excellence in quality, functionality and design and to supply it to customers throughout Europe. During Q-railing’s 14 year history, the company has grown to have a group turnover of around €43m and over 7 million articles of stock pass through its warehouses each year. It has branches and distributors worldwide and due to the size of the company can resource large quantities of products within minimal lead in times that smaller manufacturers would not be able to achieve. The size of the company also reflects in the specialist professional people it employs including professionally qualified architectural consultants, product managers and technical innovation specialists. In-house testing facilities also ensure that its products are tested to all of the satisfactory British standards prior to release onto the market. So what you can expect from Q-railing? In a word, more. More options, more possibilities and more passion for creating the world’s best railing systems. It is known worldwide for its unique Q-designs, extreme modularity, unparalleled quality, and surprising affordability. After a decade of working

Above: Q-railing-recommended installer, Tri-dev, was tasked with fitting the Easy Glass system for the new Chesterton Vision Centre

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Doors, Windows & Balustrades transformed into a Vision Centre, with state of the art facilities for the whole community. Young people will be able to enjoy facilities including a dance studio, a gym, a chill out room, an e-magine suite, and a roof-top garden. County Councillor Lawrence says: “The Chesterton Vision Centre will provide a massive boost to the community of Chesterton, bringing with it state-of-the-art facilities that will become a real focal point to the community. “Seeing the site for the first time just brings it home what a large and exciting project this is, and I look forward to the centre really taking shape in the coming months.” Tri-Dev has done a fantastic job fitting the balustrade, which gives the buildings interior a sleek and contemporary feel. Easy Glass was used throughout as it offers simplistic and speedy installation. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, it is ideal for locations that feature staircases or balconies that are hard to reach by fully utilising available space. The two-part base unit consists of the aluminium mounting profile and a base shoe. The mounting profile is lightweight and easy to fit using mounting blocks. The base shoe then simply clicks onto the mounting system using a click and fit system and fastened into place using M5 drill screws and a standard allen key. The mounting profile is fitted with a plastic insert that enables the glass to be levelled Above: Chesterton Vision Centre will provide a massive boost to the community of Chesterton, bringing with it state-of-the-art facilities that will become a real focal point to the community. Below right: Q-railings’ passion for the highest quality design and complete modular approach to railing systems makes its design unique

with contractors and glaziers, it is now introducing its railing systems directly to the place where great design starts: the architectural community.

Ease of installation

Q-railings’ passion for the highest quality design and complete modular approach to railing systems makes its design unique. Pre-engineered, pre-finished, easy to install components made of aluminium, 316 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel, give customers the ability to combine elements from any of Q-railing’s product


lines to create the exact look desired. An installation system is offered that greatly reduces labour costs while offering an unsurpassed level of quality, safety and attention to detail. Recently Q-railing-recommended installer, Tri-dev, was tasked with installing the Easy Glass system for the new Chesterton Vision Centre. The centre was awarded nearly £4.4m under the ‘Myplace’ scheme, which is administered by the Big Fund, the non-Lottery funding operation of the Big Lottery Fund. It has seen the site of the former Chesterton youth centre

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Doors, Windows & Balustrades and can also be used for water drainage and to protect the glass against the aluminium channel. Q-railing recommends using toughened Q-glass with this system, fitted into the channel with Q-lifting tools. The first rubber strip is fitted to the front of the glass easily pushed down into place using the thumb and finger. The wedge system is placed down the back edge of the glass using the Q-tool between the pane and aluminium and ensures the glass remains securely in place. Each wedge is colour coordinated and marked with dimensions to match with relevant glass thicknesses. The Q-tool can also be used to remove the wedges for repositioning. The second rubber strip is pushed down at the back of the glass again using the thumb and finger. The Q-tool has a roller edge to further push down the rubber strips for a firm finish.

Safety and style

To the edge of the glass a connecting bridge is easily placed between the mounting profile and base shoe, adding stability and a 10mm space between each pane of glass. A cap rail can then be fitted if desired to the top of the glass, available in wood, aluminium and stainless steel in a variety of shapes and finishes. In planning the Vision Centre, Tri-Dev designers understood that a sophisticated balustrade can be the “crown jewel” in a project, a breathtaking design element that combines safety with style. Their attention to detail therefore included specifying the use of Q-railing’s high-quality glass railing systems both indoors and outdoors for use on the project’s staircases, walkways and balconies. Using a unique top or side mounted aluminium profile they securely hold the glass in place with dry wedges made from EPDM rubber. These systems are adaptable for all kinds of situation with optional end pieces and designed for a variety of handrails and glass thicknesses. Most importantly as the name suggests they are easy to install in difficult situations, saving on time and money.

Right: A cap rail can be fitted if desired to the top of the glass, available in wood, aluminium and stainless steel in a variety of shapes and finishes


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Doors, Windows & Balustrades

For further peace of mind when it comes to energy costs, homeowners can also opt for extra temperature-control features, such as solar-control glass. Eagle SG&W is currently handling projects throughout the UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland. The company manages the glass construction process from initial survey to final cleaning, or work as part of a larger team under the direction of the architect. Each project is priced individually according to its size and design.

Clear view

With the housing market in turmoil, more and more buildings are undergoing extensions and improvements, rather than their occupants relocating. Conservatories provide the ideal solution to brighten and add style to an extra space.


ne of the easiest, not to mention cheapest, ways to extend a building is to add a conservatory.The word may bring to mind PVC structures available in local home and garden stores, or the cast-iron and glass traditional concepts. In fact, today’s conservatories – or glass extensions as they’re increasingly called – are more chic and versatile than their predecessors. New technology pioneered by companies like Eagle SG&W with their product GlasSpace means that large sheets of glass can simply be ‘glued’ together using silicone, omitting the need for a supporting plastic or metal structure. One advantage of this is that homeowners have a fantastically clear view out of their new space. Just as importantly, they provide an uninterrupted view into the home so that nothing is taken away from its style or character.The glass used is tough enough to walk on (for maintenance purposes only), so safety and security is not a problem.


Well designed extensions can seamlessly co-ordinate with the existing property

Another important feature of GlasSpace’s unique construction system is that it is extremely versatile. Eagle SG&W is happy to take on anything from a simple glass roof to ambitious multistorey constructions designed to integrate different floors – an increasingly popular option with families looking to bring light and space to basement rooms. Maintenance is simple too. Due to the flush set panels, the flat surface means it is far easier to clean than a traditional conservatory.

Thermal control

While the temperature in old-style conservatories tended to veer from arctic in winter to tropical in summer, the light, contemporary glass spaces constructed meet all the latest heat-efficiency regulations so won’t add to energy costs. This is thanks to a layer of argon between the two sheets of glass that make up each unit, plus a special thermal coating.

More contemporary ‘glass spaces’ can now be integrated onto different levels

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Doors, Windows & Balustrades

Following a highly successful period of fire and acoustic testing, Moralt doorblanks, which are distributed exclusively in the UK by James Latham, can now be fitted with Norsound seals.


Norsound seals the deal

therefore a critical part of the assembly, providing a complete and continuous barrier around the door when it is closed to protect against these potential hazards. Dan Jones from Norsound comments: “This is great news for the market and it is a win-win situation, not only for the door manufacturers themselves but also their customers, the end users. It means that while having the reassurance of stringent industry testing to ensure optimum performance, reliability and safety, and the peace of mind that brings, they can now also be a lot more competitive using Norsound seals.”

ith Norsound seals now being fitted to Moralt doorblanks, door manufacturers can offer an alternative seal, lowering the overall cost of the whole door set, bringing it more in line with competitors. Whether in a domestic or commercial environment, door assemblies are an integral and necessary part of any building and the gaps around the perimeter of the door are an essential part of ensuring that it can open and close efficiently.

Mind the gap

But these gaps also provide a point of weakness, allowing smoke, fire and sound to pass through, plus the building’s heat can be lost, wasting energy. Seals are


Moralt doorblanks now offer a competitive edge with Norsound seals

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Delta Balustrades Millbuck Way, Sandbach, Cheshire CW11 3JA Tel: 01270 753 383 Fax: 01270 753 207 E X P E R T I S E C A N



Online Enquiry Enquiry 147 xxx

Doors, Windows & Balustrades for the way we build bespoke products. Every aspect of design and manufacture is in-house.Whether it’s electronics, software or the big new powder coating processes, from start to end, we have total control.”

Taking the lead

A vision for growth

Glazing Vision is proving that strategic investment in technology is recipe for success

GV has not stood still in marketing either as Jon Shooter, Sales & Marketing Director, points out: “We constantly see our initiatives replicated by other GV are innovators and as such lead the industry and drive standards. Take our website for instance. We have just completed a new online shop offering more stock sizes delivered in just two working days and we have also commissioned a new video which not only tells everyone (including our competitors) what we are doing but shows, first hand, our quality production facilities and processes. “Our acclaimed website resource centre used to be password protected but is now open to anyone interested in case studies, technical drawings, imagery and documentation.” Jon continues: “People will always try to imitate what we are doing, but it’s my job to make sure GV doesn’t stand still and we continue to deliver on our promises.” GV is now entering a further planned expansion phase and the next six months will prove to be an industry defining period.

Glazing Vision has invested heavily in technology and service to keep abreast of national and international orders for standard and bespoke rooflights. While it has watched competitors become victims of the recession, Glazing Vision has shown that being proactive and innovative reaps benefits.


he best a lot of UK manufacturing companies can do in the current business climate is tread water, with UK, European and International sales seeing a lean time as economic constraints take their toll. Not so with Glazing Vision. With pipeline orders and current completions from as far afield as San Francisco, New York, Russia and Greece as well as the ever expanding home market, rooflight manufacturer Glazing Vision (GV) is proving that strategic investment in technology, production and staff takes you


from a market competitor to a market leader in more than one country. Jeremy Dunn,Technical Director at Glazing Vision, says: “This confidence is born out of when you witness the state-ofthe-art factory facilities and processes we now have in place. Our customers demand high standards and need products which are adaptable to their ideas. GV has been built on the fact that we are a bespoke company but with production techniques

Glazing Vision offers an extensive range of standard fixed, hinged and sliding glass rooflights

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Doors, Windows & Balustrades

Image courtesy of David Le Lay Architects

Aluminium – the trusted building material

Delft University pan-European study, 86% of aluminium used in the old Wembley stadium was recycled and reclaimed. Longevity and lifecycle analysis is also favourable with standard 25-year guarantees for polyester powder-coated aluminium and 35-year guarantees for

Aluminium is the ubiquitous construction material, constantly evolving with design. It is a building material that offers the designer reassurance as well as catering for new demands. For construction professionals gaining a grasp of its capability is a futureproof skill.


luminium gives the architect the opportunity to add design and style to a building every time it is specified. Naturally, each project is different and aluminium can complete the design concept of even the most innovative practice. Developments


in 3D modelling and extrusion now mean that aluminium is the building material which literally pushes the envelope to the forefront of design. Not only is design aspiration catered for but this is a material which is both sustainable and offers longevity. In a

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Above: Developments in 3D modelling now mean that aluminium is the building material which is pushed to the forefront of design. Top: Architects regard aluminium to be the building material that has developed to provide function and form

Doors, Windows & Balustrades tinted to suit the envelope, whereas panels can provide solid colour or a mirrored glass effect. Aluminium has the ability to integrate both panels and glass into the same facade – a variety of gaskets ensure that most applications can be catered for. Aluminium is functional and offers sturdy assurance that it will withstand the rigours of the British weather as well as high traffic applications, such as retail, school or hospital applications. If one considers entrance doors, available in configurations such as swing, sliding, sliding/folding, the robust profiles and cleating systems ensure longevity even with endless open and closing cycles.

Practical diversity

Above: Aluminium has the ability to integrate both panels and glass into the same facade. Below: Aluminium naturally has slim sightlines with high strength to weight ratios

application. Systems Houses, such as Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems, continually develops and refines its profile catalogues to meet the demands of cutting edge designers, providing support and calculation at any stage of the tender process.


anodised applications. The lifespan of aluminium, if properly maintained, can be indefinite – the top of the Empire State Building was one of the first examples of anodised aluminium and is still standing today. If one considers the building envelope integrating large glazed screens, canopies, windows and focal entrance points all can be achieved through installing and integrating, aluminium ground floor treatment, curtain walling, windows and doors. The envelope can be expanded with roof glazing to incorporate pitched, barrelled or pyramid vaults. These areas can be as sleek as the designer requires.

Windows also offer a myriad of options to cater specifically for the application. Tilt and turn, top-swing reversible, sliding and pivot windows have been around for many years with aluminium Systems Houses working closely with the gearing manufacturers which means that these are tried and tested solutions for providing ventilation without jeopardising security. In multi-storey applications the configuration selected, for instance topswing reversible or pivot, has options to fully reverse the external surface to allow cleaning from the inside. In essence aluminium is the building material that, through its long use, has developed to provide function, form and solutions for even the most demanding

Form and function

Aluminium naturally has slim sightlines with high strength to weight ratios so large glazed spans and multi-storey applications can be achieved. The opportunity to polyester powder coat or anodise means that a multitude of shades can provide contrast or minimal visibility to the project. Panels and glass also offer an amazing area of options. Glass can be mirrored or


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Doors, Windows & Balustrades

Panoramic views

Over 160 apartments at City Peninsula, Greenwich have benefited from fast and easy installation of stunning glass balustrade systems using C.R. Laurence’s effortless TAPER-LOC dry glaze balustrade system.

Above: The glass fronted balconies give a contemporary and luxurious feel to the development. Top: The balconies are designed to allow residents to take full advantage of the outside areas around the development


glass balustrading to the balconies on the apartment blocks. Chris Pepper, Business Development Manager, for CRL comments: “This was a great project to be involved with and we are pleased the TAPER-LOC system was again the preferred method for installing the balustrading.The TAPER-LOC system has been used for a number of years now on numerous high calibre projects.” The development for clients Bellway Homes, was designed by RMA Architecture and constructed by principal contractor, Ardmore Group. Tony Hall, Foreman Steel Fixer at Ardmore Group, says: “We used approximately 2500 units over 19 storeys and had no failed units. The wedges were positioned at 200mm centres on the advice of Building Control when we did the sample test panels, and the system was approved by all parties.The product worked wonderfully, was fit for purpose and was easy to use. The product information and instructions were also very clear.” The balconies are designed to allow residents to take full advantage of the

outside areas around the development. Joanna Lewinski, Partner at RMA Architecture, comments: “The clean lines of the cantilever balustrade solution offered a simple but effective method to enclose the different types of balconies. The fully glazed enclosure allows river and city views and enhances the feeling of openness within the apartments.”

Accurate installation

The TAPER-LOC System conforms to BS6180:1999 and BS6399-1:1996 and is more than 50% faster than alternative methods and is also completely unique, in that it uses a horizontal TAPER-LOC design, which allows the system to be adjusted, dismantled and re-set.This gave the installers the flexibility and control they needed on site for accurate installation and will make replacing scratched or broken panels effortless in the future. The development has also secured an ECO Homes excellent ratings award and the exterior elevations to the buildings are greatly enhanced by the glass fronted balconies which give a contemporary and luxurious feel to the development.

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ity Peninsula is one of the largest and most ambitious urban regeneration schemes ever seen in Europe with 166 luxurious apartments and triple level townhouses, all benefiting from spectacular 360° panoramic riverside views. C.R. Laurence is the leading supplier to the glazing, railing, architectural and construction sectors and its innovative TAPER-LOC System was used along with base shoe channels to secure the cantilever


19-22 September 2012 Earls Court London

interiors office kitchens&bathrooms eco, design&build Register free at Event partners

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lightweight, but not on

performance • Available as FSC. • Lightweight, hardwood core door blanks, easy to handle and fix. • Manufactured with a calibrated three layer tri-laminated hardwood timber core. • Dimensionally stable. No core gaps, rippling or telegraphing. • Excellent substrate for easy machining and door blank conversion. • Supplied with either MDF or Plywood faces as lipped or unlipped. • Can be laminated, painted or veneered. • Available up to 3050mm x 1220mm. Dimensionally stable - eliminates core gaps, rippling and telegraphing

Manufactured with a special three layer tri-laminated hardwood timber core

Continuous edge gluing


Can be supplied lipped or unlipped

MDF or Plywood faces

• DD171 and BS EN 1192 ratings for durability/wear and tear • PAS 23 - PAS 24 • Manufactured and tested in accordance with British Standard BS476 (Part 22 1987) and BS EN1634-1 • BWF Certifire approved, BMTRADA Q Mark • Awarded the Forest Stewardship Council's Chain of Custody. • U values as low as 0.9W/m2K for thermal insulation • Sound insulation as high as 35dB

Information and samples can be obtained from James Latham

Phone: 0116 257 3415 Email: or click on

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FC&A September 2012 Supplement  

FC&A September 2012 Supplement