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September 10 Issue 7

Glass & Glazing Clearly classy - the all-glass link bridge at St. Charles’ Hospital


Crossing the thin green line at Cromer Police Station

Design & Desire The Big Apple gets a new Apple store

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Langley School Library Solihull

Cutting costs not corners Wernick modular buildings When cost-effectiveness, a tight delivery and minimum disruption are top priorities The eight modules that comprise Langley School’s new library were delivered and craned into position in one day! On-site finishing work took just eleven weeks, thus minimizing disruption on campus. A similar traditionally built structure would have taken approximately double that time to complete. The open plan interior has air-conditioning, recessed lighting and a 2.7 metre high ceiling that gives the library a feeling of spaciousness. A ceiling mounted projector and multi-media IT equipment makes the attractive and flexible interior a great venue for evening lettings. Wernick’s modular system offers rapid off-site construction using the latest energy efficient materials and a choice of traditional external finishes. It’s flexible enough to meet all educational building needs, from nurseries and crèches to complete schools. Designs are limited only by the architect’s imagination.

We asked Wernick to design and build this third modular building for us. Why Wernick? Because of time restraints, build quality and the fact that the school has worked very successfully with them before. Ray Baynes, School & Complex Manager.

Available for sale, lease or hire, Wernick buildings come with a complete design and build package.

Ask for a copy of our brochure and DVD and open your eyes to modular building.

Designed for living, learning, growing and working

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Welcome Magazine September 2010

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Front cover: Devereux Architects’ Monkseaton High School project, image © Adam Lawrenson at Lightwave Studios

to Future Constructor & Architect...


ast month I was at my sister’s 25th wedding anniversary party, and we were talking about the things we take for granted now, that we didn’t have a whole quarter of a century ago in 1985. DVDs were a long way away (I didn’t have a CD player until 1988!), mobile phones, dish washers, computers, cars with air conditioning (unless you were really well off), broadband, digital radio, the list goes on… It got me thinking to what the building industry has now that it didn’t 25 years ago. Design technology has come on in enormously, clients can now take virtual tours around projects, the whole project team can hold a virtual meeting at any time, a BlackBerry means you’re never away from the office – is this good or bad (?), and Health & Safety legislation, whilst being the butt of many a joke, has transformed the industry’s injury statistics. The things you expect as standard now were rare then – every town has luxury kitchen and bathroom specialists, and nowadays the renewable market is commonplace – in 1985 you’d have been a mad old hippy if you had a wind turbine.We now ask so much more from our built environment.We look in horror at a kitchen with no dishwasher; double glazing and superior insulation are taken for granted; air conditioning is finding its way in to ‘normal’ homes as well as most offices. There’s a house near to where I live that I drive past often. It’s a really annoying house. It’s on a fabulous big plot with amazing views. And it has to be the most boring design – and there’s no excuse for that. It’s a sloping site, so you could have gone with a really contemporary design, glazed front elevation and staggered floors. It’s a rural area, so maybe an exposed beam oak frame. But big, square and brick? It’s been pointed out to me that if that’s the most annoying thing in my life I lead a pretty blissful existence. But that’s by people who haven’t seen this house… Shall we start a most boring building feature? Send me your pics, and I’ll check with the legal department! Regards,

Juliet Davies Editor Future Constructor & Architect


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Voice of the Industry: Niall Cairns, Director at Assael Architects says we should make plans for change


Legal & Business:The BWF’s Technical Manager, Kevin Underwood on the upcoming mandatory CE marking of joinery products


Profile:The high life with Dave Stone, Managing Director of Stone Technical Services Ltd.

Features 22

Glass & Glazing: Clearly classy – an all-glass link bridge at St. Charles Hospital


Security: Bomb-proof – how security glass protects the public


Floors,Walls & Ceilings: Protecting floor covering from underlying dampness or contamination

Portfolios 06

Greenhouse: crossing the thin green line at Cromer Police Station


RAIN: Rainwater harvesting and meeting the standards for the Code for Sustainable Homes


Preview:We’re going to 100% Design!

Showcases 11

Sustainability in Development: Great design teaches its own lesson, at Monkseaton High School in north Tyneside


Design & Desire:The Big Apple gets a new Apple store; a look at New York’s new computer superstore


The thin green line! L

ocated on Holt Road, the station, which not only acts as a deployment base for local officers, but also houses the North Norfolk Crime Reduction Officer and a Public Enquiry Office, was opened on Tuesday 13 July by Chief Constable Phil Gormley and Chairman of the Police Authority Stephen Bett.The new station replaces old premises which were cramped and provided inadequate facilities for customers and staff. Designed by architect Mark Camidge, director of Chaplin Farrant Architects Ltd in Norwich, the new station follows the template of Aylsham’s ecofriendly station that opened in February 2008, which he also designed. “We are delighted to continue our work with Norfolk Constabulary,” said Camidge. “The architectural and engineering works are always exciting and challenging. The


Retaining the trees on the frontage of the access road means the building is instantly set in a landscaped frontage

new build design works at Cromer Police Station are particularly interesting with the increasing environmental and stateof-the-art design emphasis required. The new police station has a number of eco-advancements including eco-friendly air conditioning units, a wind turbine and a sedum roof.” The station opened for business in January

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A new eco-friendly police station has officially opened in Cromer, Norfolk. Its highly sustainable design means that the occupants are protecting the environment as well as the local population!

2010, after a seven month build, and is one in a line of new stations designed to improve public access, take a step towards sustainability, and provide officers and staff with a modern and practical working environment. “Cromer Operational Deployment Base is a key element in our ongoing work to modernise and improve the police

Greenhouse Utilising sun tubes reduces running costs and provides natural lighting rather than artificial

The heat generated by high use of IT equipment can be contained to heat the building thus reducing running costs in winter

The sedum roof was chosen to provide high levels of insulation to the building; the solar hot water system provides free hot water for 9-10 months of the year

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Greenhouse estate,” said Assistant Chief Officer Rupert Birtles. “We’ve constructed a building that meets the needs of the public and provides operational staff with an up-todate, purpose-built working environment. Under our Long-Term Estates Strategy we have listened carefully to both customer and staff feedback, including in our plans a Public Enquiry Office and improved working space and facilities, and we have also worked hard to incorporate the latest environmentally sustainable technology to help reduce the energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and running FC&A asked Mark Camidge, director of Chaplin Farrant Architects, about his design for Cromer’s police station Did you have any difficulty in meeting the client’s brief? No, the client is very forward thinking in their approach to both design and sustainability issues.We have worked with them for a long time and the new Operational Deployment Base at Cromer was a progression of the scheme that we did for them at Aylsham in Norfolk that opened a few months before this was approved for planning. We looked at the first deployment base, how it worked in practice, took on board comments from the users and developed the design accordingly. We omitted some enhancements that had gone into the original scheme and added some alternatives into the Cromer design. Norfolk Constabulary have been looking at making their stations more environmentally friendly and reducing running costs for a number of years and when we started looking at the new phase of deployment and drop in bases it gave us a great opportunity to integrate these into the design.We had a target of achieving a ‘B’ rating with the EPC certificate and I am pleased to say that we achieved a score of 30 and were only 4 points off achieving an A rating and that was before we installed


costs of the building itself.” The station’s Public Enquiry Office is positioned at the front of the building and is designed for ease of use for all members of the community, offering wheelchair access, lowered counters and disabled facilities. The state-of-the-art building boasts a number of green features including: A green sedum moss roof, which provides solar retention in winter and solar shading in the summer the 6.5Kw wind turbine on the site! Did you use any materials/ methods new to (a) you, (b) the market? All the products we have used have been established in the market place so we and the client were confident that what was installed would perform as required. We used a lot of the technology from the Aylsham station but changed the air source heat pump system at Cromer so that it heated and cooled the building; at Aylsham it only heated. What made you choose specific sustainability features? We wanted to provide sustainability features that would show and were proven to show a return on the installation costs. The sedum roof was chosen following its use at Aylsham to provide high levels of insulation to the building. Given the 24hr occupancy and high use of IT equipment, the heat generated could then be contained to heat the building especially in winter thus reducing the heating loads on equipment and running costs. In summer, the naturally ventilated offices would cool the building with the option to use the air source system if required. Being over 300% efficient, the air source heat pumps are very economical to run and provide cost effective cooling to the station.The wind turbine qualified for grant funding

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A 6.5kw Wind Turbine, partly funded by government, to generate electricity A solar heating system which provides free hot water for 70% of the year Air source heat pump supplying heating and cooling to office areas and wet radiator system to rest of station. Enhanced thermal efficiencies within walls Solar glazing Existing trees retained to provide natural solar shading Sun tubes to naturally light internal areas so the install costs were reduced and again having a high power requirement, the turbine can provide free of charge a large portion of this requirement thus reducing long term running costs.The solar hot water system again provides free hot water for 9-10 months of the year and with regular shift changes, officers being encouraged to cycle to work and the officers who are deployed on bikes as part of the policing, it made sense to try and ensure that the high requirement for hot water for the showers was sourced as sustainably as possible. Utilising the sun tubes to large areas of the station also reduced running costs and provide natural lighting rather than artificial. What is your favourite aspect of this design? I have to admit that I do like to see the green roof and the wind turbine.The site is in one of the most prominent parts of the town at the top of a hill and opposite the council offices so it is very visual to the general public. Having these two items which are themselves very visual really strikes home the constabulary’s efforts to push sustainability and value for money. We also managed to retain the trees on the frontage of the access road so the building is instantly set in a landscaped frontage making it look like it belongs and has been established.

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Sustainability in Development

The shape of things to come School buildings have come a long way! When commissioned by North Tyneside Council, Devereux Architects came up with this fantastic ellipse shape in a ÂŁ22m contract to design a new community high school in Monkseaton. FC&A take a look.

images Š Adam Lawrenson at Lightwave Studios

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Sustainability in Development


he design, beyond the formal teaching spaces, incorporates a number of learning areas for students to study independent of teachers. The light, airy feeling created throughout the school encourages ‘open’ learning and is a move away from traditional, ‘institutional’ school design. “After extensive research addressing the headteacher’s aspirations and listening to the teachers and students, we identified that boundaries had to be pushed to meet their requirements,” said Ian LancastleSmith, the project’s architect. “I realised that we had to step away from the rows of desks and ‘chalk and talk’ method of lesson delivery associated with typical institutional classroom designs and introduce flexible multi-use spaces loaded with new technology. In response to the school’s modern methods of teaching and learning, we’ve incorporated triangular teaching spaces within the building to create a 360 degree learning environment. This means that regardless of the teacher’s position within the room they are always the focus

of the student’s attention. It also allows the students to work on different tasks within the classroom without obstructing others.” The ellipse shape of the school is very efficient in terms of space and land usage. It is aerodynamic and, due to its positioning, reduces seasonal heating and cooling impact. On the exterior Devereux Architects has strategically installed solar panels to provide tempered hot water. The school also benefits from natural ventilation, known as E-stack, which controls and maintains a temperate climate within the building. External Brises Soleil control the impact of the sun on the building and spaces within. Lancastle-Smith explained, “We created a life-size model of the triangular classrooms in the existing school and test drove it with the teachers and students and assessed their evaluations. Even the sceptics were converted and could see how this space not only enhanced their new way of learning but made it inclusive for all.”

Fact File Project title: Monkseaton High School, North Tyneside Client: North Tyneside Council Architect: Devereux Architects Other services provided by: Parsons Brinckerhoff,Turner & Townsend and Shepherd Construction Ltd Project value: £22m

The innovation carries on throughout the new school. The interior is open, so you can see from one side of the school to the other, creating ‘passive surveillance’ to prevent bullying and anti-social behaviour. Devereux Architects has also incorporated ‘toilet pods’ into the design, so the toilets can only be used by one individual at a time, preventing vandalism. The school has an abundance of sustainable features, not only reducing its carbon footprint but also creating an environment to maintain optimum performance levels during the school day. “Throughout this project, we had the students and teachers’ best interests at heart and we wanted to deliver an environment that would improve the conditions for effective teaching and learning. We believe that good design doesn’t have to cost the earth and we’ve delivered a cost-effective solution that is innovative and visionary,” concluded Lancastle-Smith. External Brises Soleil control the impact of the sun on the building

The ellipse shape of the school reduces seasonal heating and cooling impact


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Sustainability in Development Key elements about the building of Monkseaton High School The new school – home to more than 900 pupils - is based on an exemplar secondary school design ethos produced for the Government. The 9,500m² school’s steel structure includes more than 7,000 pieces of steel weighing 950 tonnes. The school’s design avoids square classrooms – which cuts down on acoustic reverberation. Another unique aspect is that some classrooms do not have ceilings but acoustic asborbers and reflectors. The school has 44 individual toilet pods.These were pre-manufactured in France and lifted into place on site.The pods remove the need for communal toilet areas. A key feature is the “Dura” design, with its massive covered space, curved walls and domed roof.The roof incorporates a series of long span lattice trusses up to 45m in length. The roof is one of the school’s most visual features, covering the entire footprint of the building. It incorporates 30 “wind catchers”, which are designed to reduce reliance on air conditioning by encouraging natural air movements. The wind catchers draw in cool air during summer and suck out hot air from the roof to stabilise temperatures at 18-20ºC. The school’s ventilation system improves fresh air circulation and is designed to boost attention levels. Energy saving is supported by solar panels, high levels of insulation and solar shading from brise soleil on external walls. Use of 1,000 lux lighting helps compensate for the negative effects on the body of darker winter days. Monkseaton is at the cutting edge of ICT and new science, with Microsoft

The roof incorporates a series of long span lattice trusses up to 45m in length.

Seeing from one side of the school to the other creates ‘passive surveillance’ to prevent bullying and anti-social behaviour

supplying it with the latest software. The entire school IT system is run as innovative scheme linking with

Microsoft and the Open University The school’s design avoids square classrooms – which cuts down on acoustic reverberation

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Voice of the Industry

Planning for change Coming up against delays in a planning application adds time and costs to a project. Should Planning Officers be given more power to make decisions? Niall Cairns, Director with Assael Architecture, thinks this could simplify the process.


s the Government takes steps to rationalise and improve the planning system, I hope that it embraces this major opportunity to iron out the creases which have led to delays in securing planning consents and sometimes poor decisions at committee on well conceived and designed applications. I would like to see a system that quickens the process while also encouraging a greater balance between the independent, impartial critique of a scheme based on

statutory regulation and subjective view.

issues faced by developers.

Having been an architect for 12 years, working on complex regeneration schemes, which are always at the heart of communities and critical to their future growth and evolution, I have noticed that decisions can often be unduly influenced by local party politics. I accept that there will always be politics, especially in an election year, but I also believe that a clear process and line of reporting within local authorities to manage planning applications would overcome many of the current

The process I advocate utilises the qualifications and experience of the planning department. It is the planning officers, in my opinion, who should determine whether the application complies with policy and statute. This is after all what they are trained to do. They would give the green light rather than simply making a recommendation for approval, which can then be overturned. Local Councillors trying to gain

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Voice of the Industry “brownie points” by opposing officers’ recommendations for approval is unacceptable and does not serve the greatest advantage to the local community which they represent. On the face of it, a system reliant on planning officers with no councillor veto may seem contentious, but by the time a planning application is submitted, the local plan and local policy have long been agreed and ratified. By the time the planning application has reached committee, a huge amount of work has been carried out by the applicant in the form of reports, studies and designs.The majority of this will have been redrafted and redesigned a number of times in order to reach agreement with the borough planning officers.The cost of this work, which is necessary and part of the dialogue about a scheme, can amount to millions of pounds for the applicant, who proceeds without any certainty of achieving permission. As a business model this is closer to punting on the 4:30 at Epsom than a highly developed part of the regeneration and housebuilding industry! In addition, everyone will have had the opportunity to have a say on the development proposal. There is no doubt that community and councillor consultation and dialogue are critical to ensure a scheme is created that works for everyone it serves. The process already exists to ensure this, gives room for changes to be made and takes place before a recommendation for approval is given. If an application was deemed not to comply with the Local Plan or borough policy for any reason, a cross-party borough committee should review the scheme, to again remove the ‘political’ layer. Simplifying the process would give everyone involved more certainty, encourage more development by reducing risk and speed up regeneration. This becomes even more important as more power is given to local authorities as part of the localism agenda. Local authorities will now have more freedom to do what’s right for their communities, and to provide the strategic leadership necessary to make real change happen. Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), which will replace regional development agencies (RDAs) to tackle issues including planning, housing, transport and infrastructure, will bring the public and private sector together.


I fully support this and it has been welcomed by the industry. According to a survey of planning and economic development officers by Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners, 77% of respondents believed that the potential for sub-regional working is now greater and that the policy proposals provide a “significant opportunity”. However, we do need to be careful that localism does not become nimbyism. Objections to schemes can be subjective opinions but they must be based on planning related matters. This is a safeguard that we need to build into any planning system, or development – residential, commercial or otherwise – just won’t happen. One new policy will help. It is intended that local plans will be developed with much greater community involvement, seeking the input and views of all residents so the plan is truly ‘for the people, by the people’. There is a major planning advantage to this approach.With key decisions made locally and based on local consultation, there is far less risk of planning applications being interpreted and rejected by councillors on a party political

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whim. So long as the application fulfils local aspirations and complies with statute, it gets the green light. Appeals look set to be revised as well, imposing a limit on the circumstances in which an appeal can be made. Appeals, which can be made by developers or third parties, will only be heard if a case can be made to show procedural errors in the assessment of the application or that the decision contravenes the local plan. The local government ombudsman would hear the former and the Planning Inspectorate, the latter. Schemes that were simply not liked by members would not qualify for appeal, ruling out the potential for party political interference. As we wait for final planning policy to take shape, we may face delays on decisions and uncertainty as people adapt, but we will adapt and I just urge the coalition to take the steps necessary. With the localism agenda playing a huge part in our new government’s thinking, we need to make sure that the planning system is democratic, logical and encourages the regeneration we need to maintain a strong housebuilding industry and sustain the country’s strong position.

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Shouldn’t we take a proper raincheck? Rainwater harvesting may not be a mainstream activity yet, either within the building industry or among consumers, but that will almost certainly start to change very soon, claims Mike Norton, technical development director of Kingspan Water, and former Chairman of UK Rainwater Harvesting Association.

Kingspan Water’s gravity-fed Envireau rainwater harvesting system installed in a domestic new build

Kingspan’s guide to meeting the SUR requirement


ithin a few years, every new build domestic house built to the Code for Sustainable Homes in the UK will have to have rainwater harvesting equipment installed. It’s the only way developers will be able to achieve the requirement for water usage laid down for the higher levels of the Code. The Code requires mains water usage to be restricted to 80 litres per day by 2014 for public sector housing and by 2016 for private sector housing (WAT1 and WAT2 of the Code). These targets will be impossible to achieve without the installation of rainwater harvesting alongside other water-saving devices such as water-efficient washing machines and aerated taps.The Code also recognises that rainwater harvesting has an important role to play in lowering the risk of flooding; a risk which remains a very real threat in many areas of the country. Rainwater harvesting systems reduce surface run-off during heavy rainfall and pass the recycled water indirectly via reuse applications to the foul system rather than the storm


drains, so that it poses no or minimal contribution to flood risk. It is covered under a new mandatory section dealing with surface water run-off which has recently been introduced in the updated technical guide to the Code. The section, known as SUR1, requires the installation of rainwater harvesting as a first option if the ground conditions require it in order to reduce surface water run-off. If issues around surface water run-off are not addressed, a development will only qualify for a Level Zero rating within the Code, so the consequences of ignoring SUR1 are farreaching for builders and developers. All that being said, is there a further part for rainwater harvesting to play in supporting better sustainable water management? For example, around the need to place greater value on the water we use? Currently, there is little moderation around water use in most homes in the UK. Of the 200 or so litres of mains water used per capita/day, only 2 to 3% is actually

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drunk. The rest is used for a variety of non-potable tasks, including washing the car, flushing toilets, and irrigating the garden. The loading these activities place on the system is significant: a single family typically uses 70,000 litres of water each year on flushing toilets, washing clothes, and on irrigating gardens (source: UK Rainwater Harvesting Association). It is clear that this situation is non-sustainable and usage rates of mains water need to be moderated – something that the Code is seeking to do for specifically for new homes. It has been suggested there is a need to give water “a value” such that the more water people use, the more it will cost them.The way forward, argues the water industry, is through metering. But there is a concern as to how applying this – or any other - restraint is going to be received by consumers, who may feel this is yet another infringement on their liberty, and simply a way of water companies passing on rising costs to the beleaguered tax-payer? Rainwater harvesting may hold the key


Comment “…come rain or shine, we are always short of water…”


he long dry spell experienced by much of southern England this summer accentuates the growing pressures on national water supplies, predicted to become much worse over the next few decades”, says Lutz Johnen, Chairman of the UK Rainwater Harvesting Association, and Managing Director of foundermember company Aquality Ltd.

to solving this problem in the future. The reduction in mains water use brought about through capturing and recycling rainwater can deliver significant financial savings. For example, if rainwater systems are used, savings of up to 50% on a domestic property’s annual water bill can be realised (although this is impacted by factors such as the size of the roof and the annual rainfall in the region). Rainwater recycling systems can cost from £2500 depending on the size of the system and specific requirements. However, this cost can be recouped over time in terms of money saved for people on water meters. Mains water charges vary across water authorities, but taking the South East of England, Kent as an example, a two-storey house with a roof area of 100m2 can collect 52.2m3 of rainwater per year. The South East Water Authority charges £2.60 per m3 of mains water. Assuming that all the rainwater collected is used, the annual saving is £130.19. Educating the next generation is extremely important, given that they will have to live in a world where water

consumption is routinely less that half what it is at the moment. That is one of the main reasons why we, and other water management companies, are eager to be involved in schools programmes. How much more powerful will the message around sustainable water usage be if all partners combine and we approach it from a holistic point of view, rather than a fragmented one? We are keen to work more closely with the regulators and the water companies to develop a unified, long-term plan, linking together water usage and flood management. Existing and emerging techniques can both save water and contribute to managing flood risks for new build properties, linking in with the Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM assessments. The next stage - engaging the customer in this process – needs to incorporate both education and effective communication, with an emphasis on how improved water management can both save their money and their environment.

“With much of the UK already experiencing a lower rainfall per head of population than many countries bordering the Mediterranean, the Environment Agency’s own predictions suggest that climate change could reduce water availability by up to 15% by 2050, with the summer flow-rates of rivers reducing by as much as 80%. Emphasising the problem, even parts of the country recently afflicted by floods and enjoying a very wet summer are still needing to impose hose-pipe bans this year. “Against this background, rainwater harvesting can potentially play a very important part in relieving stresses on mains water supplies, simply by substituting rainwater for mains-water for the non-wholesome applications that account for around 50% of all domestic water consumption, and more than 80% of consumption in most public buildings. Applied consistently to all new buildings over the next 40 years, and retrofitted where sensible to existing buildings, rainwater harvesting alone could help to offset most of the expected negative impact on water supplies of climate change.”

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Renewable Energy

There’s more to Hanson Formpave than meets the eye… With the start of a new decade, a new Coalition Government, and with climate change continuing to be a hot topic, the Government is boasting ambitions, initiatives and targets for improved climate control and energy efficiency. One area of exploration and investment is that of renewable energy, the key factor in controlling climate change.


enewable energies cannot only reduce energy bills and be a better value, long-term option, they are also an efficient use of natural resource, reducing CO2 emissions and working to provide improved air quality, natural light and good ventilation within sustainable builds. One such build is Kimberley in Stewartby, Bedfordshire. Kimberley is a modern, landmark office complex built with modern methods of construction to high standards, with one ultimate consideration – sustainability. Working in conjunction with the project managers Form4, appointed architects tp bennett, civil and structural consultant engineers Scott Wilson, the project’s building services designer Waterman Group, and landscape architects Whitelaw Turkington, Hanson Formpave, a leading UK manufacturer of specialist concrete products, supplied its Aquaflow ThermaPave system – a combination of the company’s best-selling permeable paving system AquaflowTM and ground source heat pump (GSHP) technology, for use on the 6,500m2 car parking site of the sustainable commercial building. On this occasion Hanson Formpave used Geothermal International to provide the energy solution aspects of the project. The Kimberley implementation required

bespoke modification to the standard Aquaflow sub-base; at a reduced level, an impermeable welded membrane was laid, creating a tanked reservoir area, ensuring that the slinky pipes used in the GSHP process, 8.4 km in total, are constantly immersed in water. Geoff Arnold, appointed highways engineer from Scott Wilson explains the construction of the car park. “We had to base the construction depth of the car park on heating capacity rather than a general construction formula. In working with Hanson Formpave we were able to fully utilise the space as well as reduce excavation costs, as it wasn’t necessary to excavate additional areas to install the slinky pipes – we simply used the base of the car park. With frost penetrating the ground up to 450mm deep we had to lay the pipes at 700mm to ensure that they didn’t freeze, in contrast to a typical car park excavation depth of 300mm.” Roger Garratt, renewables manager for Hanson Formpave explains further. “The five 130kW GSHPs were able to guarantee an impressive energy supply to meet the demands of the entire building! With an open plan layout it is important that there is a consistent and constant level of warmth and energy supply. To ensure this, the ground floor is heated by under floor heating – a common partner for geothermal energy as they run at

the optimum efficiency level of around 45°C. The offices on the upper floor are supplied by specialist geothermal radiators, with a much larger surface area than a standard domestic radiator.” The heating system works from a thermostat within the building, with the five GHSP working in series, each one works in turn until they achieve the desired temperature then individually shut off once this is reached.The GSHP’s can also provide both heating and cooling, this can be achieved simultaneously if need be, through the use of a ‘sliding header’ valve arrangement. Awarded an Excellent BREEAM rating and an EPC energy efficiency rating of B, Kimberley is 30% more efficient than a typical new build with a rating of just 35kg of CO2 per m2 per year, compared to a typical new build figure of 50kg of CO2 per m2 per year. Project manager, Andy Szymanski from Form4 concludes, “Hanson Formpave has been able to ensure that the building and its occupants will make a saving in excess of 26% in CO2 emissions (when comparing the Building Energy Rating with the Target Energy Rating) and of at least 42% in annual fuel costs; offering pay back within 5-6 years.” Online Enquiry 008

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Glass & Glazing

Limitations on space meant that a fully mechanical ventilation and cooling system was impractical; along with solar control glass the internal environment is tempered with cooler air introduced at both ends, and from the lift and stair cores at each end

Bridging the gap L

isted Grade II*, St Charles Centre for Health and Wellbeing on Exmoor Street opened in 1881 as an infirmary workhouse for the poor, with capacity for 744 patients. It was known as the Hospital for the Sick Poor of the Parish of St. Marylebone until 1930, during which period Florence Nightingale set up a school of nursing on the site. In 1948, the hospital became part of the NHS. NHS Kensington and Chelsea in association with NHS Westminster, embarked on providing improved access to high quality, community-based health services for local people within the Eastern pavilion, which is formed by two parallel wings. The resulting expansion of the upper storeys of the Eastern Pavilion gives easy and direct access between wings and extends the Centre. Historically this had been provided by a corrugated metal structure supported on top of the existing Ground Floor link corridor.The corrugated link was demolished, leaving the Ground Floor link, which remains, except for its roof which has been removed back to its original structure. This now provides support for a new contemporary two


storey glazed link. The new Link is supported by four circular steel columns spaced evenly in pairs on each side, the span between dictated by the window openings below and maintaining consistency with the existing cast iron bridges which connect the ends of each wing. The aim, at the insistence of the Local Planning Authority (LPA) was to provide a visually transparent intervention, with the elevations and roof clad with a proprietary double glazed structural glazing system, designed by a specialist subcontractor, hung off the new structural frame. In lieu of cross bracing, additional support is provided by glass fins, at regular intervals horizontally and vertically, all connected to the main steel structure to maintain the transparent nature. Solar control glass As it is a listed building, the LPA had other criteria too, for example, the height of the glass link had to be below the eaves line and the decorative brickwork below, while the interface between the existing brickwork and the proposed Link had to

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Expanding hospital wings means increasing connection between the upper stories. FC&A look at how the St. Charles Centre addressed this access issue, with a fabulous contemporary two storey glazing solution from HLM Architects. be minimised.The risk of overheating was always going to be an issue and limitations on space meant that a fully mechanical ventilation and cooling system was impractical, so along with solar control glass, the internal environment is tempered with cooler air introduced at both ends, supplemented by cooler air from the lift and stair cores at each end. The doors are on hold opens at each end, which automatically close in the event of a fire alarm. To minimise the impact of the glass link on

Glass & Glazing The new Link is supported by four circular steel columns spaced evenly in pairs on each side

Fact File Architects: HLM Architects Client: NHS Kensington and Chelsea Main contractor: Interserve Project Services via ProCure21 the existing structure, working with the specialist sub contractor, HLM developed an abutment detail that effectively sits against the brickwork, with a compressible interface. In addition, the original brickwork has been kept uncovered, cleaned and repointed, to provide a visual separation between the link and original building. Visual impact Internally, the floors are formed from corrugated steel sheet, fixed across the width between the floor beams, again of circular steel section, with an in-situ

concrete topping and screed for stability. The existing floor levels are maintained, with the first floor being built directly on the existing Link with the second floor slab supported by the new structure. The space below the floor slabs is used to route new services, including the heating to the new Link.This is achieved by a suspended soffit below the Second Floor slab, which is shaped at its edge to reduce its visual impact.To provide patient support and safety, a balustrade and handrail has been incorporated, supported from the

The aim was to provide a visually transparent intervention, with the elevations and roof clad with a proprietary double glazed structural glazing system, hung off the new structural frame

steel structure, and echoing again the design used on the existing cast iron bridges.

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Legal & Business

EU in harmony with CE marking? Already mandatory in most EU countries, it is expected that the CE marking of joinery products will become compulsory for UK manufacturers in the next few years. The BWF (British Woodworking Federation) Technical Manager Kevin Underwood explains.


uropean law requires that all construction products placed on the EU market should be fit for purpose, as demonstrated by CE marks which signal a product’s performance in relation to its essential characteristics as defined by the relevant European harmonised technical specifications.These CE marks help the consumer identify high performing products manufactured within a controlled process, allowing them to make informed and confident choices. In preparation for the implementation of compulsory CE marking, the EU is currently in the process of developing the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) which will provide updated criteria regarding product performance and testing. CE marking is already possible in the UK where a harmonised product standard exists, but it is entirely voluntary unless the product is exported to another EU member state when it becomes a compulsory requirement. The BWF has been keeping a close eye on developments, and we are working to prepare a set of guidelines to help make the transition to CE marking as straightforward as possible for our members.We have known about the introduction of compulsory CE marking


for some time, but the European legislative process is notoriously slow, and it is still not certain when the new Construction Products Regulation will be agreed, let alone exactly when it will come into force. It is now expected to be implemented between 2013 and 2015, and with this in mind, we are working hard to make sure that all our members are ready and will soon issue technical advice and guidance. There has been some concern from smaller joinery manufacturers that the requirements imposed by the new legislation could be too costly, bureaucratic and complicated to meet due to stringent product testing and verification. However, there is some good news for the industry, as the way the Regulation is developing reflects the EU’s desire to ensure that it is easy for small and specialist companies to comply.The most recent draft also includes a new clause granting an exemption from providing a performance declaration where products are made to bespoke specifications or for products manufactured in a traditional, non-industrial way for heritage and restoration projects. Both of these, if included in the final Regulation, will make life easier for many of our members who work on small projects and on conservation schemes.

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Kevin Underwood

The new legislation is also expected to introduce a requirement for all manufacturers to have a factory production control (FPC) system in place to demonstrate their compliance with a set of standardised processes. Although it sounds like an arduous process, it is in fact not as challenging as it may seem. And in order to reduce the burden of compliance for our members, the BWF has put together a simple guide to establishing a factory production control system to help those companies who may not have formally documented their systems and processes. We know that the prospect of changes to legislation may be daunting, and that CE marking may sound like a challenging process. However, we believe that it will be beneficial in the long run as it will enable manufacturers to increase trade with other EU member countries and help consumers easily identify quality products.The BWF will be offering plenty of guidance to members to make the transition to CE marking as seamless as possible, whenever the new legislation comes into force. The important thing to remember is that although the new legislation is not expected to be implemented for some time, it is never too soon to start getting ready.











Exhibiting at 100% Design Stand Number L130


0 1- 6 0 8 - 2 6 9 - 7 4 4 7 Sparta, WI 54656 USA

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N D L E S S .


w w w. g a g e c o r p.n e t



Renewable Energy The installation of low carbon systems into renovation properties is quite rightly viewed as a more challenging undertaking than newbuild. However, Nu-Heat Underfloor and Renewables has successfully provided low carbon solutions for many such projects and has a wealth of experience in the design of such systems.

The Old New Holiday Home


hen Pulman’s Builders was tasked with converting derelict farm buildings into contemporary holiday cottages with eco-friendly, cost-effective heating, the combination of Nu-Heat’s warm water underfloor heating (UFH) with air source heat pumps successfully met the requirement for a future-proofed system offering both ecological and commercial benefits. The farm buildings were part of a Grade II listed farm courtyard and the biggest challenge was to maximise the available internal living space within the existing footprint and to retain as much of the original character as possible. UFH was recommended, as removing the requirement for radiators can increase room space by up to 15%.The ability to externally position the heat pumps allowed further use to be made of the internal space.The cylinders were housed outside


in a purpose-built area at the rear of one of the cottages, which allowed most of the pipe-work to be located centrally, and kept the majority of the mechanical equipment in one place. UFH is often mistakenly ruled out of retrofit installation because of concerns about raised floor heights. In this project, Nu-Heat’s aluminium ClippaPlate™ was used on the first floor. ClippaPlate™ is self-supporting and only needs a couple of screws or tacks to fix in before tubing is clipped into place, making installation faster and safer. Unforeseen costs are removed as there is no need for extra battening. Nu-Heat’s 14mm tubing was installed into a screed construction on the ground floor. When combining underfloor heating and heat pump technology, attention must be given to the effect of the lower water flow temperatures that will allow the heat pump to work at maximum efficiency. Nu-Heat carried out an extensive and

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thorough system design procedure and recommended integrating the underfloor heating with an 8kW air source heat pump linked to a cylinder to satisfy the domestic hot water demand in each of the cottages.The air source heat pump with a Coefficient of Performance (CoP) of approximately 3.51 was specified. According to Nu-Heat’s heat pump calculations, this has the potential to reduce the annual fuel consumption of the cottages of around 50% against gas and 58% against oil. Pulman’s Builders said they found working with the heat pump technology very straightforward. Information from Nu-Heat was readily available and the installer was keen to learn new skills. In this case the installer received specialist training from Nu-Heat at its bespoke training facility, where courses cover the company’s underfloor heating and renewables product range. Online Enquiry 010

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Our mOst advanced heat pump. simpler than ever.

NIBE Energy Systems Ltd Tel 0845 095 1200

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Design & Desire

Westside Story Apple, the computer company, is well known for its designs – so it comes as no surprise that the new New York store is a bit of an icon in itself!

The store is fronted by a wedge-shaped structural glass box Š Peter Aaron/Esto


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Design & Desire The transparency of the barrel vault insulated glass roof over the main retail area is heightened by the use of delicate and finely detailed steel trusses spanning the width of the building


he magnificent glass structure of the Upper West Side store, reaching out to the corners of Broadway and 67th Street, stands as a testament to innovative structural design. This retail oasis, with its gently curving roof and structural glass frontage – the largest structural laminated panels in the world at over 12m tall – was designed as a ‘significant’ (flagship) store for technology giants, Apple. The structure marries stone, stainless steel and glass to produce 850m² of sales area. Three stone-clad walls form a horseshoe on plan with a 20m wide insulated glass roof supported by five tied-arch trusses spanning between.The store is fronted by a wedge-shaped structural glass box, where all visible structure is pared down to the

bare minimum to create maximum impact. The transparency of the barrel vault insulated glass roof over the main retail area is heightened by the use of delicate and finely detailed steel trusses spanning the width of the building. The trusses support plate steel purlins which in turn support large insulated glass units, each curved to follow the radius of the barrel vault roof and each weighing in excess of 1 tonne designed to resist high snow drift loads. Structural glass wedge The glass wedge is a wholly structural glass assembly which follows the 60 degree angle made between Broadway and 67th Street.The two glass facades, 30m and 13m long respectively, rise to 12m in height and

© Peter Aaron/Esto

follow the gentle radius of the barrel vault roof behind.The wedge is topped with a similarly gently curving roof which.This part of the roof is supported , supported vertically by the façade on two edges and steel truss on the third, forms the only two connection points between the all-glass wedge and the steel structure behind. To accommodate and transfer all loads the wedge is divided into six structural zones, each of which combine to form local structural systems. Zones A, B, C and D take lateral loads and transfer them to the roof and ground, as well as bracing the structure in lateral directions. Zones E and F brace zones A, B, C and D against wind and seismic loads. Zones A and D also brace each other. Lateral stability system Each façade panel is lamination-spliced from smaller 6m panels to form 3-ply 12m full height monolithic panels, much in the same way as ply wood is produced, which are bolted to their neighbour in each structural zone to create four separate glass shear walls. These shear walls form the entire lateral stability system for the glass wedge creating a stiff box which needs to be isolated from the more flexible steel frame behind to prevent load transfer and complex stress concentrations. The doorway is created by structurally bridging glass panels above the door against the adjacent panels.These panels also take the weight of the 1 tonne logo which hangs from the wedge roof purlins.

© Peter Aaron/Esto

The wedge roof is similarly made up of lamination-spliced jumbo panels up to 12m Respond online or using free reader enquiry card




the stainless steel specialists Oakengrove Shire Lane Hastoe Tring HP23 6LY Tel 01442 82 6999 Fax 01442 82 5999 Online Enquiry 014

suitable for many environments

Design & Desire Fact File Project Name: Apple Store Upper West Side Client: Apple Inc., USA Architect: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, USA Structural Designer: Eckersley O’Callaghan Structural Design Location: 1981 Broadway, New York, USA Date of Completion: November 2009 Cost: £30m M&E: Buro Happold, USA Contractor(s): Shawmut Design & Construction, USA Seele GmbH & Co.KG, Germany TriPyramid Structures Inc, USA

The helical glass stair runs from the ground floor into the basement

long, which also employ the new technique of cold bending to develop the gentle curve to match the barrel vault.This technique forces a curve into the individual plies by clamping and physically distorting the layers of glass and interlayers before laminating. Once the lamination process is complete, the bond between the glass and interlayer keeps the curve without the distortion typically associated with hot-bent panels. These cold bent panels are then bolted together to form a horizontal “beam” or “diaphragm” which spans 20m between the stone parapets laterally bracing the façade panels against forces such as seismic acceleration and wind pressures. Solid modelling techniques The wedge structure utilises several different steel patch fittings, each ostensibly identical, connecting individual panels with their neighbour in various combinations of promoting or resisting movements. The details hidden within each fitting, the diaphragm roof and façade shear walls funnel forces into clear and distinct load paths through the wedge effectively resisting all loads. Connections between the glass elements are a focus of the design and refinement. It is necessary to analyse the key connections where holes and bolts in glass cause high stress concentrations. Solid modelling techniques are employed to establish behaviour and feasibility which are benchmarked against our experience and

testing results. Helical all-glass stair A final hidden structural glass feature, at least from street level, is the helical glass stair which runs from the ground floor into the basement.This all-glass structure, formed of steel-bolted chemicallytempered laminated glass panels, is based around the cylindrical core at the centre. Glass beams cantilever out from the cylinder using opposing edges of the cylinder as balance and fulcrum. Curved stringer panels are bolt-spliced to form continuous beams which span between the

cantilevers forming the outer ribbon and balustrade.The treads span between these stringers and the cylinder and themselves play a key role in the overall stability of the structure – the rise and offset of each tread stabilises the stringers against overturning which in turn stabilise the cantilever beams allowing the structure to function as a complete whole. Much of the innovation demonstrated in this project in the way glass is joined and formed has been driven by the company and for this they have been recognised with a Queens Award for Innovation in 2010.

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Exhibition Preview


00% Design London features world-class interiors show 100% Design, architectural and interior materials exhibition 100% Materials, and emerging talent showcase 100% Futures. If residential interiors are your thing, or if you’re or you’re looking for new ideas for contract, public and office spaces, 100% Design London will have what you’re looking for. The winner of the idfx Awards for contemporary residential design will be announced on Friday 24th.The categories have been created to give practices the scope to enter for more than one award; ranging from a single room, key design elements to a whole house project. The winner of the New Designers 100% Design London Award 2010, James

Shaw, won a 9m² Stand in 100% Futures and will be exhibiting his award winning project ‘Socket Light & Spun’ at stand G118. The central boulevard will once again this year be a theatrical, energetic spine and way-finding device through the show, populated with inspiring installations.The 2010 Feature Boulevard will bring a playful and well curated experience to the design fair’s feature spaces, with a bright and bold use of colour and branding in what is the show’s ‘sweet sixteenth’ year. The concept of ‘inspiration’ will be built on through feature installations that visitors and exhibitors can experience. It is about throwing open the doors to all things that design inspiration can be drawn from, and creating moments that people will hold in their memories.

2010 is the third year that the Hidden Art competition has taken place and provided Hidden Art members with an exclusive opportunity to show at 100% Design without the associated costs of buying a stand.This year’s winner is Tom Cecil, for his ‘Field of Lights’ interactive lighting installation. And, if you want to add an education element to your visit, the Interior Design Association will be presenting a seminar programme focussing on the information needs of interior design professionals and practices working in the UK and international commercial interiors market with public and private sector clients.

100% Design holds court Held over 23rd to 26th September at Earls Court, and hailed as “the UK’s leading design & architecture event”, 100% Design London is about the best of contemporary interior design.


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The Flex panel system from Silent Gliss

Onice Fantastico by Antolini Luigi and Co

Sunsquare FC&A:Layout 1



Page 1

Flat roof skylights SkyView


Horizon Walk on

Internal walk on


Sunsquare Limited offer a range of skylights including solutions for fixed units, hinged opening with both electrical and manual opening mechanisms, roof top access, and walk-on skylights. The entire range of standard skylights are manufactured from our own suite of extruded aluminium profiles, which are all thermally broken with two polyamide insulating sections. The framework of all products also benefits from our unique Decorstop detail – which allows the plasterboard to be integrated within the frame, so as to minimise internal sight lines. Sunsquare Limited Tel : 0845 226 3172

Aero Access


Access, Ventilation, Solar Control

High Specification

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To be launched at 100% Design Show 23rd-26th September D145 • Tele 020 8208 6310 Online Enquiry 016 Respond online or using free reader enquiry card



Two into one will go! T

he desirability to have ensuite facilities for each bedroom in a residential home places an enormous burden in terms of the cost of fitting out bathrooms and devoting space within the build to accommodate perhaps dozens of bathrooms.The illustrations below are fairly typical of rooms found in a residential home and whilst dimensions will vary from building to building the principle remains the same.The space required for the usual arrangement of two rooms in the example can be significantly reduced by using a Shared Bathroom Solution.The savings are further compounded by halving the bathroom furnishings and install costs. Alternatively better or larger facilities can be provided on the same footprint.

Hoyles Electronic Developments Shared Bathroom Solution allows architects and developers of public buildings and care homes to save both space and costs.

look after the whole process. The use is not just restricted to residential homes.The controller has been used in schools where disabled toilet facilities have to be shared between the school and another local authority organisation attached to the school without compromising the security and safety of the school. Other applications include meeting rooms shared between two organisations in the same building. In addition to the cost and space saving benefits the Shared Bathroom Solution can also offer other benefits. Comprehensive features include assistance alert.The occupant can generate a call using a pull

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cord for example.The controller will signal to a remote point or other nurse call system and unlock the occupant’s door to allow a helper to gain access. An anti-hogging alert is incorporated to give warning of extended occupancy and a similar alert is given if a door is propped open. If sensors are available for running water and consumables then these conditions can also be signalled.The controller is also capable of controlling the room lighting. Hoyles provide the control hardware, ancillary buttons, indicators, presence sensors and electronic door locks as required.

The usual arrangement; bedroom, bathroom, bedroom, bathroom

Hoyles interlock controllers have become standard equipment across many industries. One of Hoyles’ customers, TS-UK Ltd., have installed many such systems within their prestigious client base. “Hoyles Shared Bathroom Solution allows us to provide our customers with a cost effective solution allowing savings in both space and installation time,” said Terry Lawrence, Managing Director of TS-UK Ltd. “Hoyles technical knowledge and ability to solve the most complex of interlocking problems leads us back to their door time and again.” The Shared Bathroom Solution from Hoyles is a cost effective way of allowing two doors to be controlled and interlocked to maintain privacy and to ensure that the facility is available for use by either user immediately after use.The controller along with the peripheral equipment also ensures that security cannot be breached. It is just not possible to pass through from bedroom one to bedroom two under any circumstances. Users can only return to the area from which they came. Presence sensors and intelligent software control


The shared bathroom solution; bedroom, bathroom, bedroom

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11 Tonne SWL Covers DURA SLAB

For new or replacement trench covers, work platforms and industrial flooring Applications:


Trench Covers Industrial Flooring Work Platforms Tank Covers Service Duct Covers Bridge Decking

Light weight / High strength Easy installation Anti-Slip Surface Corrosion/Fire resistant Impact resistant Zero maintenance

Tel: +44 (0) 1255 423601 Fax: +44 (0) 1255 435426 Dura Composites Ltd., Unit 14 Telford Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex CO15 4LP UK

Charles Babbage Avenue, Kingway Business Park, Rochdale, OL16 4NW England

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Security Simulated lorry and car bomb attack


ost people killed or badly injured in a blast involving high-order explosives (HE) are affected by either primary or secondary blast injuries. Primary HE blast injuries are caused by high-pressure gases from the explosion rapidly expanding to produce a supersonic blast wave. This has devastating effects on human air-filled tissue, particularly the lungs and gastrointestinal tract. Primary blast injuries are generally fatal. Secondly, HE blast injury caused by flying objects, for example, glass fragments. Secondary blast injuries are much more common than primary blast injuries and are the most usual causes of death in blast victims.The penetrating injuries occur most often in the exposed areas of the body such as the head, neck, and extremities. The mechanism of injury from blast injuries has been studied since the Balkan Wars in 1914 and continued during and after World Wars I and II. Overall, blast injuries result in mortality ranging between 7.8% in open air to 49% in a confined space. A majority of victims (70%) will sustain soft tissue injury, and traumatic amputations will occur in approximately 11% of cases. Research from Oklahoma and elsewhere concluded more than one-quarter of glassrelated injury victims in buildings occur within 1.5 metres of a wall with glazed windows and nearly one-half of glassrelated injury victims are positioned within 3.0 metres of a wall with glazed windows, with it being noted that “the focus is on protecting people, not the building or other assets.Two key issues in the program are the primary cause of injuries and death in terrorist bombings; structural collapse, and flying debris, for example, glass.”

Shattering effects In an attack using explosives in an urban area, between 80-85% of all secondary blast injuries are caused by flying glass. Jane Embury of Wrightstyle describes how this risk can be reduced. distribution (search for Wrightstyle blast), Wrightstyle’s landmark test, conducted at a specialist site in the UK, involved the system being subjected to the equivalent of 500 kilos of TNT, acknowledged as an average-sized lorry bomb. The Wrightstyle system’s strength was achieved through a glazing technique that bonds the glass to its framing support, so that in an explosion the components work together to safely absorb the shock and retain the glazing elements. In the independent test at an RAF base, the simulated lorry bomb attack was immediately followed by a simulated car bomb attack (100 kilos of TNT). The lorry bomb was detonated 75 metres from the test rig, whilst the car bomb was detonated at a distance of 20 metres to produce a higher pressure loading and shock on the façade – and was also successful.

Wrightstyle designs, fabricates and installs its advanced systems worldwide. “The message that we have been trying to convey to architects is that, if a system such as ours is used for the external glazing, the glazing system will look no different from conventional curtain walling,” said Jane Embury of Wrightstyle.

“We may not have yet taken explosives from the hands of terrorists. But for the occupants of those buildings that incorporate the latest blast-resistant steel glazing systems, we have taken away an equally potent weapon: the glass itself,” concluded Jane Embury.

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Blast rig after test

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wybone Ear Piercing!

Manchester Airport Recycles with Wybone Wybone has developed a transparent version of the “Torpedo Bin” especially for Manchester Airport to use in their secure zones. These recycling bins have transparent doors, allowing any potential security threats to be seen easily. The apertures can be locked off in the event of a high profile visit or security alert.

exitguard The NEW exitguard 200 series with improved sound level on all models, now more than 108db! Simple to install, simple to use. Straight out of the box it’s Plug n’ Play offering the very best in door alarms. No programming needed for 90% of scenarios but if you have an odd ball problem exitguard will solve it. We’ve thought of everything. Well almost !!

Hoyles Electronic Developments Ltd T 01744 886600

F 01744 886607 W E

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Tel: 01226 744010 • Fax: 01226 350105

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For a unique wide range of applications with lasting FEIN quality. The new FEIN MULTIM ASTER sets – S ELECT PLUS and TOP PLUS.

even Now wit h ries! s so more a c c e FEIN MULTIMASTER – the universal system for interior fitting and renovation. No matter whether you’re working on your home, car, hobbies or in the garden, FEIN offers you everything you need for interior fitting and renovation work with the new FEIN MULTIMASTER sets, SELECT PLUS and TOP PLUS. That’s because FEIN has included even more useful accessories in the two sets. But no matter which of the two sets you

choose, you’ll be able to undertake all sawing, sanding and polishing applications, from renovating windows to restoring tiles in a professional manner with the powerful and versatile FEIN MULTIMASTER .

29.03.2010 10:07:54 Uhr Online Enquiry 024

EN_UK_Anzeige FMM.indd 1

AN INVITATION to apply for membership

Corporate Membership Annual Subscription £90.00 (including VAT) Personal Membership Associate (AGBC), Member (MGBC) and Fellow (FGBC) Annual Subscription £90.00 (including VAT) for further information call 020 8977 1105 fax 020 8943 3151 e-mail visit or write to The Guild of Builders and Contractors FREEPOST TK 1961, Teddington, Middlesex TW11 8BR

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Floors, Walls & Ceilings Installing a loose lay isolator membrane sheet

An underfoot overview Laying a new floorcovering may seem like a straightforward task. But in reality, a number of problems can jeopardise the success and life of the installation. Stephen Boulton, Technical Service Manager at F. Ball and Co. Ltd., outlines some of the common challenges encountered on site.


efore laying a new floorcovering the subfloor needs to be smooth, clean and permanently dry. If left untreated problems such as damp and contamination can cause the adhesive used to secure the floorcovering to the subfloor to fail, and can also risk damage to the floorcovering itself. Carrying out a thorough assessment of the subfloor at the start of the project will determine its condition and help specifiers to identify the appropriate preparation techniques and products required to ensure it is in an acceptable state. Coping with contamination Contaminated subfloors are more

common than you may think, with old buildings being at particularly high risk. Diesel/oil spills in a factory or garage, absorbed grease in a kitchen, poorly applied or old, flaking paint finishes to a floor, and even adhesive residue from a previous floor installation, are all problems that need to be addressed. Mechanical methods such as dust free/ grit blasting, scabbling and grinding are all recommended ways of removing contamination. However, sometimes rectification or removal of the problem can be more expensive than installing a completely new floor, especially in large areas or sites where the level of contamination is particularly high. A

simple an economical way to overcome this problem in, most circumstances, is to install a loose lay isolator membrane sheet.This will form a barrier to separate the contaminated subfloor from the floorcovering. Manufactured from reinforced vinyl, an isolator membrane is quick and easy to lay over the subfloor and allows a new resilient floorcovering to be bonded to its upper surface. Additionally, nodules on the underside of the isolator sheet allow any moisture in the subfloor to move freely away to the edges, preventing excessive moisture build up. Protection against moisture

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Floors, Walls & Ceilings important factors that should be taken into account, including the composition of the subfloor, the type of floorcovering being installed, and the levels of traffic and loads that will be applied to the floor. Leading manufacturers such as F. Ball have developed a range of high performance smoothing underlayments, with each product formulated to meet specific flooring requirements, and to provide architects and constructors with bespoke solutions to a wide variety of site conditions.

Applying an epoxy resin waterproof surface system

For instance, in heavy-duty areas, high strength products, such as F. Ball’s Stopgap 300 HD, are necessary to tolerate the stresses imparted by heavy trafficking. Underlayments incorporating ultra fast drying technology are an ideal solution for commercial and retail sites, causing minimal disruption to business and sales by allowing the smoothing underlayment and floorcovering to be installed in the same day. As it only became mandatory in 1965 for all new buildings to incorporate an integral damp proof membrane (DPM) at ground floor level, subfloors in many buildings constructed before this date are often too damp to install a commercial floorcovering. However, it is not just old buildings that are at risk. Even though a building may incorporate an integral DPM, it may still be susceptible to moisture. For example, the existing DPM may be damaged or not performing efficiently, or the area may have been compromised by a water leak. A particular risk for new buildings is the presence of residual construction moisture in the floor slab, which takes a considerable amount of time to dry out naturally – sometimes even up to a year after it has been laid. Consequently, when time can be costly in the race to occupy a new building, a protective waterproof barrier that solves this problem quickly is essential. Digital hygrometers are used to measure the Relative Humidity (RH) level of the subfloor. In accordance with BS 5325 and 8203 standards, where RH levels are measured at over 75%, the installation should not proceed until an effective damp proof treatment is applied. Moisture can be effectively suppressed by applying an epoxy resin waterproof surface system.


To aid coverage uniformity, a resin system should be selected which is pigmented, allowing the user to visually control product coverage. Alternatively, in listed buildings or properties that are to be occupied on a limited tenancy, an isolator membrane sheet can be applied. Again, this will provide a physical barrier to moisture, while allowing the easy removal of floorcoverings at the end of the installation, leaving the subfloor in its original condition. An isolator membrane is also ideal for installation over underfloor heating, where epoxy resin systems cannot be used. Ensuring a smooth and durable finish Regardless of whether a remedial treatment has been applied (with the exception of isolator membrane), it is recommended that a floor smoothing underlayment is installed before the final floorcovering is laid.This will ensure that a smooth and aesthetically pleasing finish, free of surface imperfections, is achieved. As well as optimising the appearance of the new floorcovering, preparing the subfloor in this way will also help to create a durable finish, ultimately prolonging the life of the installation and reducing the need for repair work in the future. When specifying a floor smoothing underlayment, there are a number of

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When laying a new floorcovering, overcoming potential challenges at the point of specification can save valuable time and money further into the project. Different challenges require different solutions, so knowing how to specify the most appropriate product is essential in achieving the best results and prolonging the life of the installation. A floor smoothing underlayment installed before the final floorcovering is laid will ensure that a smooth and aesthetically pleasing finish, free of surface imperfections


Glazing Innovations Ltd 6 Barnes Close, Brandon, Suffolk IP27 0NY

The Stainless Steel Handrail Component system

Tel: Fax: Email:

+44 (0) 1842 816080 +44 (0) 1842 813598

A TOTAL SOLUTION FOR ARCHITECTURAL GLAZING The team at Glazing Innovations specialise in the design,manufacture and installation of bespoke and modular architectural glazing. We pride ourselves upon the services we offer from pre-contract planning to site completion and subsequence maintenance.

• Competitive prices • Easy to install

• Atriums • Partitions • Facades • Rooflights • Canopies • Balustrade

• Delivery from stock • Choice of infill panel

• Conservatories • Framed Glazing • Walk On Floors • Structural Glazing • Shuffle Glazing • Frameless Glazing

• 304 & 316 Stainless Steel • More than 100 components • Request a catalogue now



T. 01708 25 35 45 F. 01708 25 35 50

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S& S

To find out how to achieve that perfect finish with a stylish yet cost effective handrailing and balustrade component system, please request a catalogue today.

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SAFETYWORKS Supply pp y Company p y

Your safety at height specialists


1 0

Y E A R S !

Walkways Handrails Lifelines Other products available – Fallguards, Steel Access Ladders & Staircases, Domoguard, Dermarkit, Fittings, PPE, Annual Inspection & Certification of equipment

Tel: 01487 841400 NOW OPEN: WESTERN REGION OFFICE AT SHIFNAL, SHROPSHIRE. T: 01952 462567 Online Enquiry 029 Respond online or using free reader enquiry card



Reaching the heights

Name: David Stone Family: Marie, my partner, and Oliver, my son, aged 1 year 9 months. Age: 47 Town of residence: Darlington, County Durham Position/Company: Managing Director of Stone Technical Services Ltd, conservation, restoration and high level maintenance experts with bases in Darlington and Middlesex. What was your first job, and when did you join the industry you are currently in? I joined the industry over 30 years ago – I was 16 and started out as an apprentice at a Darlington firm. I worked as a steeplejack and lightning conductor engineer and continued with my training within the


heritage field, focusing on spires, castle, and historic buildings. I was working on churches and other historic projects, from the ground up, for many years to build up my skills and experience. My brother and I set up Stone Technical Services in 1998, specialising in all aspects of high level maintenance, lightning protection, restoration and conservation. Did you have plans to achieve this, or was it a series of (lucky?) events? Getting into the industry at the age of 16 was very much down to luck – and persistence skill, I hope! Opportunities were very hard to come by at the time, the country’s economy was not buoyant with respect to young people and employment so I was persistent with the MD of a local company and this paid off as I got my apprenticeship which launched my career. What has happened along the way that helps you in your position today? I gradually became more involved in the

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areas of work I was interested in and I have always taken a huge amount of pride in everything I do. I made a point of learning a great deal from top tradesmen that, sadly, have not been replaced over the years. My brother and I set up Stone Technical Services in 1998, and during our first year of trading, we won the Darlington Business Ventures Company of the Year award. From 2000 our growth has been rapid. We now employ a team of 26 across our two sites, our HQ in Darlington and also at our offices in Middlesex. Our reputation has led us to secure contracts on incredibly interesting buildings and with major organisations such as the National Trust and English Heritage as well as with large industrial companies such as Teesside Power Station and INEOS Plant Utilities. Do you think that industry newcomers will have the same opportunities as you had? I believe that today there is a great void of talent in the sector, something I am trying to address at Stone Technical Services by training young people intensively and

Profile helping them progress in their careers through experience and qualifications. At Stone, we are passionate about giving young people a chance – offering them training programmes and opportunities to work on major projects with some of the best craftsmen and engineers in the industry.Whether they grasp the opportunity is another matter but we have a high success and staff retention rate. We do work hard to create opportunities as our business grows and there is a lot of enthusiasm for this profession in the North East. How much has your industry changed since you have been involved – and have you caused any of these changes? Technology has come a long way but employing traditional methods is still vital in restoration and conservation. Stone has embraced new technical breakthroughs without doubt, for example with regard to lightning protection. But we also place a lot of importance on more traditional methods of working, often carrying out sensitive restoration projects by hand, as this is vital for our conservation work on buildings such as the Royal Courts of Justice,Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral.That’s why we feel our working environment is one of the most advanced as we combine very modern techniques and technology with traditional skills which are lacking across some of the sector.We’re also members of associations, such as ATLAS and CITB, and these have come a long way. What advice do you wish you’d been given at 25 (or 35!)? Get a job, be good at it, learn as much as you can about it and stick at it. It’s too easy to go with the easy option. Do you think advice can be given to people, or does everyone have to make their own mistakes? Making mistakes is a big part of the learning process so you must take your lead from people who earn your respect though their personal professionalism and skill. Where do you see yourself/your industry in five/ten years’ time? Hopefully, forging greater links with technical bodies and expanding Stone Technical Services into other regions as we continue to secure a variety of contracts all over the UK. I also plan to continually work on understanding the fast-developing needs of the industry – however diverse – and respond appropriately. Obviously I would also like our business to continue to be looked upon as an outstanding company as leaders in our field.

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Stonhard completes new Veterinary Centre

A stunning new veterinary hospital has been completed in Solihull in the West Midlands, with Stonhard UK’s specialist flooring specified throughout the ground floor.


illows Veterinary Centre and Referral Service boasts five operating theatres, two X-ray suites, MRI /CAT scan facilities and twelve consulting rooms - in addition to intensive care and recovery areas. The state of the art new build was completed by Weaver Construction earlier this year and is now fully operational. The Willows is renowned for carrying out cutting edge procedures such as the first knee replacement surgery in Europe in August 2007.The operation was carried out on Grace, a seven year old bearded collie crippled with stifle arthritis. Today, in addition to providing a general practice service, specialist referrals come to Willows from all over the UK.The veterinary team is made up of highly skilled specialists across a number of disciplines, and the practice philosophy is one of being ‘committed to excellence.’

All ground floor areas, three stair cases and external kennels are finished with Stonshield HRI in Ash.The MRI suite has been finished with the anti static version of the product Stonshield ATS.

Specifying floor surfaces throughout the facility was critical. Partner Peter Renwick chose Stonhard UK after visiting floor installations at Cambridge and Liverpool Vet Schools.

‘The Stonshield product has proven perfect in providing a coved, seamless, highly durable hygienic floor in clinical areas,’ said Peter Renwick. ‘Additionally the RTZ product has proven a great success in the


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clinic offices where its noise deadening, impact absorbing qualities and decorative appearance have won the approval of both staff and visitors.We have found the Stonhard product range to be excellent and ideally suited to a veterinary setting. We would certainly use Stonhard again in the future.’

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wetrooms made easy



A winning combination for wetrooms





















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wetrooms 01629 815500



The Maxxus Kit is a third generation deck that takes the wetroom dream to a new level, answering all the deficiencies of existing products. It is the strongest deck on the market, sustaining a 470kg load over joists without any under-boarding, or alternatively set into concrete.






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Shaws of Darwen have been manufacturing robust fireclay commercial sinks for over 100 years. The extensive ranges and sizes of laboratory, shelf, cleaners and traditional Belfast sinks suit every requirement

The Natural Touch from Osmo An easy to apply, decorative finish for all exterior wood, Natural Oil Woodstain offers a high quality finish which allows the wood to breathe and reduces the risk of swelling and shrinkage. • protects against all weather conditions • prevents mould, algae and fungal decay • no cracking, flaking, peeling or blistering Available in 16 colour zones, anything from Pine to Mahogany and Walnut to Fir Green.

Every establishment needs one... All enquiries 01254 775111

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Suitable for doors, windows, carports, timber cladding, wooden decking, garden houses . . .

tel: +44 (0)1296 481 220 Online Enquiry 035

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Wood finish without wood

The Ultimate Defence!

A revolutionary finish with the look of real wood and without harming a single tree. Powdertech Wood Finish can be applied to any metallic substrate in almost any application. Handrail, balustrade, solar shading and curtain wall. Internal and external applications. Maintenance-free* with 15-year life expectancy.

Give your project long lasting protection against corrosion with Wedge Galvanizing.

For a long-lasting, sustainable finish that keeps its look and colour as good as the day it was installed call us for a sample and no obligation quote.

Galvanizing is: Durable > Resource Efficient > Recyclable Cost Efficient > Sustainable

* PWF should be cleaned with the same frequency as any external paintwork.

We offer you: • Quick turnaround, we operate 24/7 • 14 plants across the UK • Galvanize a 1.5mm washer to a 29 metre beam For more information on Wedge Group Galvanizing please email: or call: 0845 271 6094 Visit: www. One stop shop for architectural finishing To discuss your requirements call Working(Corby) with the right partnerat for Powdertech Limited

galvanizing and powder coating of 01536 architectural400890 steelwork makes a visible

ISO 9001 FM 00382

Head Office: Stafford Street, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 1RZ

Online Enquiry 036

…a seamless transition from concept to delivery.

• • •

e-mail difference to the finish, ensures a first class service and gives a performance or visit

Hot dip galvanizing to British and European Standard BS EN ISO1461 Syntha Pulvin architectural polyester powder coating to BS6497 and ISO13438 Management by a single supplier

To discuss your requirements call

Powdertech (Corby) Limited at

01536 400890 e-mail A beautifully or visit engineered solution to your car parking requirements, designed and crafted in England to your exact specification

life of up to 40-years.

Online Enquiry 037

We call this Powergalv – the onestop-shop for galvanizing and powder coating.

Powdertech have proven experience and expertise to support major architectural projects and bring the benefits of a one stop shop service directly to the customer. From a single balcony to major Raised for Access construction projects on some of the countries landmark buildings the benefits of working with Powdertech can be seen.

Double Deck Secure Parking Underground Basement Access

Lowered and Out of Sight

T. 01440 730640 Lyfthaus by Edmolift work exclusively with architects, building contractors and discerning home owners to bring your lift ideas to life! Lyfthaus by Edmolift UK Ltd, Steeple Bumpstead, CB9 7BN

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Waste Handling

Green Compass Scheme celebrates first year T

Constructing Excellence in Wales is celebrating the successful first year of the Green Compass Scheme.

he aim of the Green Compass Scheme is to develop a network of waste management companies which customers can depend upon to provide an efficient, effective and measured solution for waste. It allows customers disposing of waste the certainty that their waste will be collected, checked, recycled or disposed of in an environmentally sound fashion, and provides the framework within which waste handling organisations can seek compliance with the new PAS 402:2009 (Publicly Available Specification). Eligible waste handling organisations in Wales can access over £5000 worth of funding, which supports both the implementation and the inspection aspects of the Green Compass Scheme, including 1-2-1 tailored support to help prepare and produce performance reports, free access to a dedicated website and a free copy of PAS 402:2009, plus support to prepare for a UKAS accredited inspection. Successfully inspected organisations will receive a certificate, recognition on the official website and are be able to use the logo for display and tender purposes, giving Welsh companies the competitive edge when bidding for work.

reported an increase in the reuse and recycling of construction and demolition waste in Wales, plus improved efficiency across their business. With the provision of independently verified and validated performance data for clients and government, including landfill diversion and materials recovery rates, those who have participated in the scheme are also benefiting from a framework to continuously improve their waste management practices, and are receiving the competitive edge on those companies who don’t comply with PAS 402:2009. Emma Cottrell, Construction Waste Programme Manager, says, ‘In Wales the construction sector is responsible for generating more than 50 per cent of total waste. As landfill becomes more costly both financially and environmentally, the construction industry needs to find alternatives.’

‘With the timely launch of the Towards Zero Waste Wales Strategy and the forthcoming Wales Assembly Government sector plans, there possibly could be a shift in focus in the development of procurement strategies in industry and the public sector to direct waste to Green Compass organisations - complying with PAS 402:2009 is therefore moving quickly up the agenda of waste management companies.’ To receive an application form or further information on the Green Compass Scheme, please email or visit green-compass.

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To access this support package worth in the region of £5000 there is a one-off company contribution of £200. Waste handling organisations that have already benefited from the scheme have

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Window Security with Appeal Window Security Solutions offer an exciting range of innovative window safety and security products and services including: • Window Security Shields that Prevent Vandalism and Burglary The shields look not dissimilar to tinted glass from a distance and are barely noticeable from inside a building (pictured above). Free site surveys can also be arranged upon request. • Safety and Security Window Films Window films offer improved safety from broken glass, are energy efficient and enhance building aesthetics and privacy. • Independent Regulation 14 Glazing Compliance Audits Comprehensive Regulation 14 reports can be commissioned to assess compliance against Regulation 14, detailing the condition of your glazing, the classification of any risks, and recommended glazing upgrades. For more information about our products and services please visit or contact us on: Freephone: 0800 980 9444 Freephone: 0800 980 9444

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Disability, Access & Security

Window Security with appeal

Another innovative new product from Heald Ltd

Window Security Solutions has a range of cost-effective window security products that prevent vandalism and keep intruders at bay.The difference with the window security shield products is that they do not appear dissimilar from tinted glass from a distance and are barely noticeable from inside a building. If you are interested in installing window security products, you can also take advantage of a free window security risk assessment survey by contacting Window Security Solutions.

The shallow mount automatic HT1-RAPTOR PAS68 2010 has an unique design which ensures no trapping hazard, is extremely safe for pedestrians and site personnel with no overhang (no safety skirts required); operational after impact, therefore protecting site against secondary attack; is 985mm High 380(w) x 300(d) mm and only 435mm deep. It is fitted within 2 hours (to pre-prepared site) using minimal concrete.The unique design ensures quick cost effective installation. It’s easy to just add extra units for wider roads, and is impact tested PAS68 2010 7.5 tonnes @ 80KPH (V7500(N3) 80/90/3.3/18.9).

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‘Fast Track’ to opening the door Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies’ ‘Fast Track Service’ for steel doorsets simplifies specification and speeds up delivery of their most commonly specified doorsets options.The service is particularly suitable for joinery and fit-out contractors as well as general builders who are looking for a single source for competitively priced steel doors - complete with fully certified ironmongery – on a reduced lead time. Designed to meet time-critical deadlines without compromising quality, Martin Roberts steel doors, frames and ironmongery are an ideal choice for general purpose, fire, acoustic or thermal Online Enquiry 045 applications.

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Total Hygiene ‘Changing Places’ CPD For designers and specifiers of public environments, compliance with latest Codes of Practice is being simplified, with a new CPD on specific aspects of accessible building design. Under the revised BS8300:2009, most buildings to which the public have access, from civic buildings through hotels to leisure facilities, should include a ‘Changing Places’ facility; a toilet for the disabled which Online Enquiry 047 goes beyond the established Document M regulations.Total Hygiene, the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of disabled toileting solutions and sponsor of the ‘Changing Places Changing Lives’ campaign, is continuing its pioneering by the development of a bespoke Changing Places CPD seminar.

Surgery prescribes movemanSKG! Salisbury House Surgery and a neighbouring chemist have spent over £500,000 amalgamating and expanding their premises in Leighton Buzzard, and thanks to movemanSKG, can accommodate less able patients and employees.Two movemanSKG platform lifts ensure accessibility, and also ensure compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). Residing in a shallow pit with its own integral shaft, movemanSKG’s Prestige platform lift travels 6.8 metres and connects the newly renovated building’s three floors. Because the surgery and the property next door are built on different levels the storeys are staggered, meaning Prestige is a six stop unit.

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Access Part L compliance with Bilco Access hatches from Bilco offer high levels of thermal insulation and low air leakage to meet the requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations.They are fitted with 50 mm insulation board on both the cover and the curb and have a closed cell sponge gasket to give a tight seal. Bilco hatches are built in high-grade aluminium with compression springs for ease of opening and automatic hold-open arms to ensure they cannot be blown closed.Their performance has been independently verified and Bilco can provide full test results for inclusion in building documentation. Online Enquiry 049 Respond online or using free reader enquiry card


Surface & Landscaping

Marshalls launch commercial Carbon Footprints brochure Marshalls pioneering approach to sustainability is well known throughout the construction industry and now Marshalls has achieved another industry first with the launch of its new Commercial Carbon Footprints brochure and Carbon Calculator, covering over 1500 commercial products. The government is aiming for an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050, however, we cannot reduce our emissions if we do not know what they are to begin with. That’s why Marshalls has produced the brochure which contains clear and

easy to understand guidance on climate change and features an easy to read carbon footprints table. Marshalls has been working with the Carbon Trust to provide third party verified numbers for commercial products which will give specifiers and users the tools to be able to calculate the Carbon Footprint for the hard landscaping products used in their scheme. It also gives clients the assurances that when working with Marshalls, they are dealing with a partner clearly committed to both understanding and reducing its environmental impact.

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TENAX copes with life’s “Ups and Downs” New for 2010 from TENAX is PP-Flex™, the flexible porous paver! PP-Flex™ is manufactured from recycled polypropylene and due to its unique cell structure, unlike most other ridged pavers, can be installed on uneven ground and can cope with loads from pedestrians through to fire engines. PP-Flex™ can be either filled with stone; grass seeded or covered with turf and is ideal for tree root protection, pathways for parks and woods, car parks and access roads. PPFlex™ is designed to be used for source control as part of a SUDS system. Online Enquiry 051


New RECYFIX® channels from Hauraton Hauraton Limited has added a new range of surface water drainage channels to their popular RECYFIX® series. RECYFIX® PRO, suitable for both domestic and commercial applications, features FIBRETEC® slotted gratings moulded from PA-GF Polyamide, a tough, non-ferrous synthetic material that allows loadings up to Class C250 (BSEN 1433).With the channel component made from 100% recycled PE-PP, the six sizes offered are 160mm wide and range in height from 75mm to 201mm.The FIBRETEC® non-rust grating is factory fitted. As the largest size is only 4.6kg, this robust system is quick and easy install. A matching trash box and end caps are also offered. Online Enquiry 052

Streetscape: Ultrascape Letchworth Garden City’s Town Centre has undergone a dramatic transformation with the help of Ultrascape’s BS7533 compliant mortar paving system. Pro-Bed HS is a fine bedding concrete that can be open to foot traffic in 12 hours. Supplied in 30 tonne silos, Pro-Bed HS provides the perfect solution for large scale streetscape projects. It’s also available containing recycled glass as Pro-Bed HS ECO, meaning a massive 6 tonnes of non-virgin aggregate in one silo.Yorkstone and granite were laid after application of Pro-Prime slurry primer, and Flowpoint rapid setting grout was used for jointing the area. Online Enquiry 053

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June 2010


Imitation iiss the Imitation the sincerest sincerest fform orm of of flattery... flatteryy Tuscan of Tuscan offer fffer 19 different difffer f ent e profiles, profiles, 3 dif ffferent pipe profiles profile es and different over 60 ornamental rainwater ra ainwater hopper heads. • Life expectancy of 100 100 years • Low maintenance • Strength Strength and durability durabiility • Sustainable and environmental env vironmental benefits over modern moderrn materials • Excellent fire fire rresistance esista ance

...other m ...other materials aterials m may ay ttry ry and and rreplicate eplicate tthe he a appearance, ppearance, but n othing p erforms like like a cast cast iron iron rainwater rainwater system. system. but nothing performs www w..tuscanfoundry For a br o ochur e call 0800 174 093 brochure

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Rainwater Harvesting Systems Over 30 options - Tank sizes from 1000L-10000L Flat Tanks 1500, 3000, 5000 & NEW 7500 litres High quality - 25 year guarantee on tanks Competitve prices - Easy installation No concrete required Provides up to 50% of your water needs

Stormwater Management Solutions

Full installation and maintenance support throughout the UK

SBR Sewage Treatment incl. Upgrade Systems Cost effective and simple solution Treatment Plant instead of Septic Tank Meets all EA Consent Levels - No concrete required for installation 25-years guarantee on your container 3 years guarantee on the system EN-12566-3 approved New plants for 2 to 300

Ideal for new build or existing developments

01844 238111/238702 Visit our website: Telephone: Email:

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Graf Treatment Plants UK Distributor

Vortex flow control

JFC Manufacturing Ltd

Maes Y Clawdd Ind Estate, Maesbury Rd, Oswestry, Shropshire SY10 8NN 31

Tel 01691 659226 Fax 01691 659344 e-mail Online Enquiry 057 Respond online or using free reader enquiry card





A-20 Plural-Component Proportioner


Be ahead of the pack with spray foam insulation Cost-effective, high-performance, Cost-effective, high-performance, air-drivenair-driven foam proportioner foam proportioner


• foam Great for spraying residential • Great for residential insulation




foam insulation spraying

• Combines Gusmer’s proven reliability with Graco’s advanced Combinesperformance Gusmer’s proven reliability with Graco’s and control

advanced performance and control

• Simple to operate and maintain

• Simple to operate and maintain

• Longer life and improved reliability



• Longer life and improved reliability Tel: 01827 313951, Fax: 01827 54683, Internet: Email:

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System EdstrĂśm vehicle racking:

A place for everything

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RUNDEL TONE LTD. Cast Stone products from pier caps to porticos With a large standard range we will be sure to meet your requirement, we also manufacture bespoke items.

Elegance of stone at affordable price

Visit EdstrĂśm at Interbuild Onsite 17-20 October, NEC Birmingham, Stand G22 - Hall 4

For your FREE ticket email: with the code BFK0587 t. 01536 203040

62 Aldwick Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO21 2PE Tel: 01243 829151 Fax: 01243 860341

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Roofing & Insulation

YBS: preparing for Kingspan: high standards change! for high-rise Kingspan’s Kooltherm K5 External Wall Board was used on a major refurbishment project for Wigan and Leigh Housing. Over 15,000 m2 of 60mm thick Kooltherm K5 was mechanically and adhesively fixed to the substrate. A basecoat was then applied to the insulation boards with a fibreglass mesh suspended within it to offer the system additional reinforcement. The system was then finished using a cement free WBS Silicone ‘K’ textured render.The work was carried out with the tenants still in residence, because K5 minimises disruption for the building occupier and has no impact on habitable space.

In order to ensure compliance with the next step-change in Part L Regulations, those involved will need to work to even lower target values. “The impact of such a move can be easily overcome with the installation of a multi-foil insulation membrane,” said Tony Reed, Sales Director of YBS Insulation. “For example, SuperQuilt offers a fully certificated Agrément tested (EN 12667 Nos. 09346/347) thermal resistance of 2.71m2K/W. As a result, a U-Value of 0.15 is easily achieved with just one layer of SuperQuilt with 90mm PUR.This fits comfortably into a 150mm roof rafter.” Online Enquiry 062

Online Enquiry 064

The future of roofing with Unilin Systems For roofing contractors and developers keen to embrace warm roof technology, Unilin Systems can provide a dedicated solution to achieving Online Enquiry 065 the requirements of low carbon homes while maximising space and retaining the aesthetic properties of traditional style roofs. Unilin Systems structural insulated roof panels incorporate thermal insulation, rafters and ceiling board in one panel, forming an integral part of the roof structure and replacing traditional rafters.The panels are supported by timber or steel purlins, ridge beam and spandrel panels. Offering advantages both at the design stage and in refurbishment applications, Unilin Systems roof panels are the future of warm roof technology.

Fakro mark UK solar launch FAKRO’s SKW inroof solar thermal system enables a modular approach to be taken using four panel and roof window sizes. Systems for up to five people can provide 70% of hot water needs, using panels as light as 21kg. Low iron, toughened prismatic panes use a copper absorber sheet and a water and glycol solution feeds a dual core cylinder with heat exchanger. Standard roof window flashings are suitable for pitches of 15° - 90°, while a patented fixing system allows rafter spacing adjustment. Panels all carry a three year product guarantee. Online Enquiry 063

Xtratherm offer Part L guidance Xtratherm have taken the lead in publishing a suite of guidance materials on the changes to Part L of the Building Regulations.The initial Part L Briefing Note 2010, a RIBA-approved CPD, is now available to download from the xtratherm. com website and gives a comprehensive analysis of the four sections in Part L. Also available soon is the update to the Part L Guide to Mixed Development Housing, revised to meet the 2010 25% improvement. Guides will also be available for extension and refurbishment projects and new build non-domestic projects. All subjects are backed by CPD for architects and specifiers.

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London depot supplies Cembrit’s Cemsix Cembrit’s widely-popular Cemsix corrugated sheet is now available direct from its London Depot, ensuring Cemsix is available to the London, East Anglia, and Home Counties regions and beyond. Available in all common sheet lengths, Cemsix is the standard UK corrugated six inch profile, with full BBA certification: 03/4049 and a warranty available

on request. Available ex-stock in natural grey and to order in eleven pre-coloured options, it is robust and practical, requiring no maintenance to preserve its strength, making it ideal for commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings.The sheets are weatherproof and will not rot or decay. Online Enquiry 067

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Double top for Shaws ModuMax Boilers for an Egerton, a British-made double bowl, ceramic sink ‘Excellent’ building from Shaws of Darwen.With a unique patterned front and offset dividing wall the sinks come without overflows but include 3½” waste outlets which accommodate basket strainer or waste disposer. Shaws basket strainer wastes are available in chrome, brushed nickel, gold and antique gold which co-ordinate with our Waterside Collection of traditional and classically designed taps which are the perfect choice to complement the full range of ceramic sinks. The Egerton is available in white and biscuit finishes. Online Enquiry 068

Cistermiser: save water, save money Sensazone from Cistermiser is a method of controlling water supply to all the appliances in a washroom. Sensazone is an intelligent infrared sensor located on the ceiling that dictates the activation of solenoids to allow the supply of water only when it detects the movement of someone entering the washroom. It continues to monitor the user as long as movement is recognised and after that the length of time allowed for the continued supply of water is pre-set, usually 15 or 30 minutes. All inflow then ceases once more preventing water loss due to faulty appliances, negligence or vandalism.

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A Wessex ModuMax 250/750 condensing boiler from Hamworthy Heating was selected for the Hive, in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter, and is making a valuable contribution to this landmark building’s excellent environmental credentials.The Hive is a new hub for creative businesses. Its environmental achievements, to which the Wessex ModuMax boiler has contributed, include a BREEAM* ‘Excellent’ rating and a grade ‘B’ energy performance rating. The former is recognition of top level sustainable design as confirmed through independent assessment and certification. Online Enquiry 070

NIBE helps RHS go greener still! The innovative design of the new Bramall Learning Centre at the RHS Garden Harlow Carr includes virtually all established energy saving or conserving systems including a NIBE F1330 22kW Heat Pump sourced from boreholes drilled in rock under the open area surrounding the new building. The heat collected from five boreholes – three 100 metres and two 50 metres deep – is passed to the heat pump which by advanced heat exchange systems concentrates the energy.The heat generated is then passed via a NIBE UKV ‘surge’ vessel designed to maximise hot water capacity to a NIBE VPAS accumulator tank, just about the most efficiently insulated storage unit available. Online Enquiry 071

Oventrop: controlled and competitive Specified for their quality and competitive cost, Oventrop valves were selected to use for the wards refurbishment project at Diana Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby.The company’s mechanical services valves have been used throughout the first two phases of the refurbishment with a third phase about to begin.The M&E contractors also replaced the existing hot water infrastructure which was giving temperature control problems. To ensure stability with the new system Oventrop Aquastrom T Plus multifunction DHW secondary circulation regulating valves were installed on groups of returns. The valve provides significant energy savings by thermostatically controlling temperature and flow in the system. Online Enquiry 072

Stylish towel rails from JIS EUROPE JIS EUROPE of Haywards Heath have a new range of heated towel rails named ASHDOWN, manufactured in an elegant round section shape displaying an appearance of refined luxury.The rails are manufactured in four sizes all 1250mm wide and with heights of 300, 400, 520 and 620mm.They can be


used in central heating, electric or dual fuel formats.The Ashdown towel rails are manufactured in 100% stainless steel pressure tested to 12 Bar and are available in brushed satin or polished finish making these radiators durable and hygienic and they come with a 25 year guarantee.

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ICB achieve first Lancaster University

Flag-Soprema ‘Premium’ Sponsor of World Green Roof Congress

ICB (Solar) Ltd has completed the first SOLYNDRA® Solar installation in the UK, as part of a £4.5m contract to build the eco-friendly Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts (LICA) for Lancaster University. It is one of the first higher education buildings in the UK aiming to achieve the 2009 BREEAM HE rating of Outstanding. Especially developed for flat or typical low slope rooftops, SOLYNDRA® Solar challenges all current thinking around photovoltaic solutions and with performance guaranteed for 25 years, SOLYNDRA® Solar is the photovoltaic system that will more than pay for itself.

Flag-Soprema UK Ltd has announced its agreement to become a ‘Premium Sponsor’ of the World Green Roof Congress in London on 15th and 16th September. Commenting on the company’s participation, Managing Director Steve Greaves said, “The choice and comprehensive nature of Optigreen systems has enabled us to accommodate specifications of considerable diversity.The WGRC brings together leading green roof experts from across the world, so our involvement will give us a platform to address leading designers and clients and discuss the latest projects and research initiatives”. Online Enquiry 075

Other Radiator styles in various colours: ● Cast Iron Specialists ● Alluminium Sectional ● Steel Tubular ● LST High Output ● Steel Panel High Output ● Designer Towel Radiators ● Goods available ex stock

Linear Planrads TubaRad with feet

TV17AB Thermostatic valve set

Detailed drawings of AEL radiators and valves in a CAD drawing format that is also compatible with AUTOCAD is available on digital disc or via e-mail: Tel: 01928 579068

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©AEL copyright all photographs & CAD drawings


Multizone 2

AEL Heating


Autocad Solutions

Linear Planrads

Energy Saving Products by Warmworld

Dataterm reduces your fuel bill by up to 25%!

Multizone 4


Heating & HW

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Renewable energy is becoming increasingly affordable especially with the number of financial incentives available. But how do you know the technology is performing efficiently? Wattsure is a cutting edge monitoring device that provides you with your own webpage containing easy to read live performance data detailing your energy generation and CO2 emissions saved. It also provides a bespoke, failsafe system that has the ability to identify faults as they occur ensuring that all technologies are performing at maximum efficiency. It’s a failsafe system so that you get the most out of feed-in 1:57 pm Page tariffs making sure any faults are fixed immediately. Online Enquiry 076

Multizone 3

AEL 130x94 2009 1/4 page ad:Layout 5

Wattsure – protecting your client’s investment

It Saves Fuel, is Energy Conscious and it is kind to the planet by reducing Co2 emissions. It is simple to use and very cost effective. Dataterm will reduce your CO2 emissions by at least 1 Ton per year without any loss of comfort or control. Programming is flexible & easy with 8 time and temperature set-points per day with room for 3 personal and 30 built in plans to choose from. So if comfort and control with no fuss sounds good to you fit Dataterm Today! Features include illuminated display, optimum start / stop, close temperature control and an average 25% savings in fuel spend per annum...Dataterm is recognised by the Energy Saving Trust in recognition of its ability to save fuel and help the planet.

Tel: 0117 949 8800 Online Enquiry 078

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Floors, Walls & Surfaces

Forbo Marmoleum with guaranteed long term availability Selected from Forbo’s extensive Marmoleum Global 3 linoleum portfolio is a special range of colourways which can be specified by architects seeking absolute certainty that their chosen floor coverings will be available for many years to come. Many specifiers are required to implement projects in phases extending over several years, and still deliver original Interior design schemes. Similarly many clients demand the flexibility to be able to ‘update’ or extend their flooring installation in the future using exactly the same designs as originally installed. To meet these demands, Forbo has created the Authentic Collection, a range of attractive and versatile 2.5mm linoleum floor coverings with guaranteed availability until at least 2017. Authentic delivers a classic marble appearance to suit the aesthetic requirements of a wide range of interior environments, and offers a compact and well balanced palette of 24 colours, providing freedom of design with the reassurance of long-term continuity. The pure, natural characteristics of Forbo Marmoleum make this high quality, longlasting floor covering an ideal solution for sustainable buildings. Long recognised for its supreme ecological benefits, Marmoleum flooring has earned independent international environmental awards such as the Nordic Swan. Made from natural and renewable raw materials it boasts a proven low environmental impact production process according to independent Life Cycle Assessment criteria. All Marmoleum products also boast proven natural bacteriostatic properties. Like all other Marmoleum flooring, the marbled colourways in the Authentic Collection feature a proven Topshield water-based finish for easy and cost efficient cleaning and maintenance.


Sports hall refurbishment completes uses Ultra Floor Lilleshall National Sports Centre is one of the latest contracts completed by experienced flooring contractors, Quattro Flooring. Quattro completed over 1000m² of subfloor preparation using Ultra Floor DPM IT two coat for waterproofing and Level IT SmoothFlow for self-levelling. Level IT SmoothFlow has a set time of 2 hours and can be laid at depths from 3 to 10mm, covering 5.5m² at 3mm thickness. Once dry, Gerflor’s Taraflex® Sport Performance Plus synthetic indoor sports floor was laid. Online Enquiry 080

The sky’s the limit for Planet Online Enquiry 081 Partitioning Partitioning specialist Planet Partitioning has helped to create a stunning interior environment at the newly built Augustine House at Canterbury’s Christ Church University.With 60/60 (integrity/insulation) fire-rated performance, Solar single-glazed partitioning was ideally suited to meet the design brief along with matching 60/60 Fireclear Plus door sets. The dry-jointed construction of Solar creates a virtually seamless appearance, used floor to ceiling across four floors.

Ronacrete scores at Twickenham Recently the tarmac paving outside Twickenham stadium was renewed, and paths and walkways applied. Ronacrete’s Ronadeck Resin Bound Surfacing System was applied to create decorative, slipOnline Enquiry 082 resistant pavements. Supplied in easy to use packaging, the two-component polyurethane non-yellowing resin was mixed with a drill and paddle, then added to the dry aggregate, mixed and laid onto the prepared surface.

Xtratherm cost report

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The implications of widening walls must be considered when the decision is taken to insert a greater thickness of insulation. In the Zero Carbon Hub’s publication ‘Defining a Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard for zero carbon homes’, the cost involved in increasing a wall cavity from 85mm to 210mm added an additional cost of £2,570 to a typical semi-detached property. Xtratherm commissioned a report from Cyril Sweett Construction and Property Consultancy to analyse the cost of increasing cavities up to 200mm. Online Enquiry 083

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Altro transforms Newfield School

As part of the Government’s Building Schools for the Future (BSF) project, Newfield School in Sheffield has received an interior transformation thanks to flooring and walling specialists Altro. Over 3,000 meters of products including Altro Marine™, Altro Suprema™,Altro Stronghold™ and Altro Whiterock™ have been installed in a variety of different areas throughout the

school, helping to keep pupils and staff safe from slips and trips. With hundreds of youngsters pounding the floor every day, durability, cleanability and aesthetics were key so Altro Suprema was fitted in laboratories, toilets and general storage and circulation areas. Altro Suprema is a hard-wearing vinyl safety flooring

offering excellent slip and impact resistance. It provides a safe and durable surface with an attractive finish with none of the sparkle commonly associated with traditional safety flooring. Furthermore, it incorporates Altro’s revolutionary Easyclean™ Maxis technology for its ease of cleaning which ensures the floor retains its aesthetic qualities for longer. Within the kitchen and canteen the likelihood of spilled food or chemicals is greater and the need for high levels of hygiene was paramount, therefore a combination of Altro Stronghold and Altro Whiterock was chosen to offer a complete flooring and walling solution. Resilient, comfortable to walk on, and with the added benefit of acoustic properties,Altro Stronghold is a heavy duty safety flooring which is easy to clean and combines excellent under-foot security with long-term durability and ease of cleaning. Online Enquiry 084

Play it

safe! ...with the cfa

Flooring Problems?

When you engage the services of a CFA member you not only get a quality flooring installation, but because all members are vetted, you also get piece of mind. All members are established businesses, have full access to the very latest technical information & British Standards, are provided with business support and as a leading contract association the CFA promote high quality training through our training organisation, FITA, a joint venture between the CFA and NICF.

Employ only CFA members for quality installation with piece of mind.


or call

0115 941 1126

The Contract Flooring Association 4c St Mary’s Place, The Lace Market, Nottingham NG1 1PH. Email

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Here’s the solution... Hygienic Coatings & Screeds, High Friction Anti-Skid, Car Park Coatings & Safety Surfacing

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Doors, Windows & Façades

Memco’s emergency elevator telephone scores 10/10 Memco Limited is celebrating a ground-breaking first year in sales for Memcom, its elevator emergency telephone, with exceptional sales across Europe. Memcom incorporates a variety of features to make installation, setup and continued use as easy and simple as possible. An on-unit keypad, backlit LCD and

microphone all help to ease programming of numbers and messages, and the MPS (Multi Point Station) accessory is suitable for the motor room, pit and under-car locations instead of needing different units for all three.The flexibility of the product means that it also fulfils EN81-28 safety requirements across Europe. Online Enquiry 087

It hinges upon Simonswerk!

Levolux helps HML to protect its assets

SIMONSWERK UK will display on stand G140 at London’s 100% Design their latest additions to an outstanding selection of door hinge systems. The TECTUS award winning completely hidden hinge, featuring convenient continuous height adjustment, now has a new version for door claddings up to 8mm including glass & laminate.There is a new size range of SAMSON solid brass hinges with concealed bearings, the VARIANT VX high performance heavy duty hinge Planum alternative with slim 15mm knuckle, and a new range of antimicrobial copper plated hinges, ideal for hospitals & surgeries.

HML’s new multi-million pound headquarters in Skipton brings together more than 800 of its staff into a BREEAM “Very Good” rated building, equipped with a revolutionary Levolux Solar Shading system - which actually generates its own electricity. As the UK’s leading Solar Shading specialist, Levolux was chosen to design, fabricate and install a bespoke Solar Shading solution, incorporating its external Glass Fins with integral photovoltaic cells and its internal 760SX Roller Blinds.The external, motorised Glass Fin PV Solar Shading system incorporates 210 horizontal Glass Fins, each measuring 535mm wide by 18mm thick and spanning up to 1937mm. Online Enquiry 090

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Light filled living with Solarlux Solarlux’s contemporary Wintergarden can be added to any part of the house creating an exciting living area. A thermally insulated glass roof and folding glass doors allow the light to fill the room.The doors can be folded back to open up the room to the outside, creating a seamless transition between the house and the garden or patio and also adding the ‘wow’ factor.The folding doors have multipoint locking systems, providing high security, are available with a choice of double or triple glazing. Online Enquiry 089


Laidlaw MicroClean: passive protection against MRSA MicroClean is a new nano-technology based, photocatalytic coating which counteracts contamination of hard surfaces. It needs no extended curing period and destroys organic compounds such as those found in MRSA, C.Difficile, e.Coli, SARS, Listeria, and Salmonella.The UV coating is lightactivated and nearby water molecules are broken down into highly reactive hydroxyl radicals and super oxides.These free radicals create a powerful oxidising reaction which quickly breaks compounds down. MicroClean can be either factory applied to Laidlaw’s diverse range of ironmongery products or spray applied on site to surfaces such as doors and walls.

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TORMAX doors link listed building Providing seamless access between the original Cathedral of St John the Baptist, Norwich and a significant 400m² development known as the Narthex, the contemporary TORMAX glass sliding door system is both practical and aesthetically appropriate for this listed building. The powerful All-Glass Win Drive 2201 operator silently slides opens the frameless doors, effectively welcoming visitors to explore the entire complex. “It was important that the new Narthex and the Cathedral, which celebrates its centenary this year, were linked in unity,” said Clare Goddard, Development Manager for the Narthex. “We are delighted with the resulting entrance.” Online Enquiry 092

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Doors, Windows & Façades

Hunter Douglas ExCel at ceilings!

Glazing Innovations: Cost Effective

The installation of Hunter Douglas Open Cell ceiling system has recently been completed at the Phase 02 extension at ExCeL in London, where the original white panels have been continued before leading into a vibrant red colour within the meeting areas. Externally, high performance Open Cell panels were used, in conjunction with an insect mesh to prevent birds being able to get into the void above. Manufactured from lightweight and recyclable aluminium, Hunter Douglas Open Cell systems enable complete flexibility of design for angles and height changes while multiple finishes include a variety of colours and metallic options.

The team at Glazing Innovations Ltd continually develop cost effective modular systems to meet the architectural glazing markets greatest requirements. These systems mitigate design and management input and often utilise standard stocked glass panels. Having specialised in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke architectural glazing for many years, the team are proud to introduce our modular structural glass balustrade and frameless glass canopy systems.

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Go for gold with Luvata

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An exciting copper alloy with a long-lasting, rich golden colour has been developed for architectural applications by international metals specialist Luvata. The first project using this Nordic Royal alloy in the UK is a fairytale-inspired lakeside shelter created by the designers Studio Weave. Luvata’s alloy of copper with aluminium and zinc is very stable and keeps its golden shade. Unlike pure copper, which develops a dark brown colour with oxidisation followed by its distinctive green patina, Nordic Royal has a thin protective oxide layer containing all three alloy elements.

Bespoke steel buildings for hire, lease purchase & direct sale


Quickway Steel Buildings are fully relocatble, made in the U.K. and can provide a fast, durable and economical solution to a wide range of accommodation requirements. Designed in accordance with BS 5950, Quickway Buildings have been specified by national, regional and local companies throughout britain, providing secure, visually attractive premises to suit a wide range of purposes.

Telephone: 01304 612284 Fax: 01304 620012 Email:

The Flexible Solution to your Building Needs

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contemporary steel reinforced doors 01494 778 787

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Building Elements

Step up to ‘Kodiak Everyone’s a winner with Firestone Online Enquiry 098 Online Enquiry 100 Firestone Building Products hosted Blue’ a winning day out at Newmarket Dickies is offering the ‘Kodiak Blue’ work boot as part of its newly extended range. The boot works with the natural movement and shape of the foot ensuring all-day comfort. ‘Kodiak Blue’ is constructed from premium Nubuck waterproof leather with sealed seams, exclusive ‘claw design’ oil resistant rubber outsole, an aluminium toe cap and a Lenzi mid-sole for lightweight underfoot protection. Further comfort is provided by a V-back padded collar, double layered back collar, injected toe-bumper and a removable Comfort Zone 2-density PU sole.

Technal passes the Online Enquiry 099 test Hydro Building Systems has opened a new, highly sustainable technical centre for the research, development and testing of its Technal brand of aluminium façade products.Technal’s latest innovation, the revolutionary MODAL low rise glazing system (developed in the UK), was the first product to be tested in the new centre. Located in Toulouse, the £1.8m 1,600m2 technical centre is equipped with three test rigs to assess air, wind and water resistance in line with the latest European standards, for windows up to 4m by 4m, and curtain walling up to 6m by 8m. There is also a unit to carry out mechanical tests for strength and resistance.

Racecourse for their main roofing and lining distributors, specifiers and customers from all over the United Kingdom and Ireland. Firestone also sponsored the second race of the day, The Firestone Building Products Selling Stakes, which was won by Painter’s Easel and ridden by James Doyle. As part of the sponsorship the ladies had the enviable task of entering the parade ring and judging the best turned out horse which went to Bathwick Siesta, followed by the opportunity to watch the race at a great vantage point in the grandstand.

Casella CEL redevelop dBadge Casella CEL has redeveloped its popular lightweight and cable-free dBadge noise dosimeter to increase its robustness, allowing the dosimeter to be used in the harshest of environments with absolute reliability. The dBadge now features rubber overmoulding on the case to increase toughness, and protect from water and dust. Casella has also added a new model to its noise dosimetry range, the CEL-350L dBadge ‘Lite’, offering simple functionality at an affordable price.The ‘Lite’ measures the same occupational noise parameters as the original except for the time history of exposure to noise levels. Online Enquiry 101

Wernick country school for conservation area With the expansion of pre-school provision Ermington Primary School in rural Devon required extra space rapidly. Cost-effectiveness was a priority. A Wernick modular building was chosen because the designer had used the company before. “Modular is fast, cost-effective and adaptable to just about any concept; it’s limited only by the designer’s imagination”, he stated. The building was craned-in in one day; finishing work took eight weeks. The building’s stone and timber exterior and slate roof ticked all the right boxes for planning requirements within a conservation area. Wernick Buildings are available for sale, hire or lease purchase. Contact Wernick for a brochure. Online Enquiry 102

Radar access from GEZE UK Paralysed 22-year old Cameron Wood is enjoying his independence again, in a purpose built home fitted with radar controlled automatic doors from GEZE UK.The UK’s leading manufacturer of door and window control technology has fitted its unique Slimdrive EMD-F operators to Cameron’s front door, and to the door exiting from his


bedroom to the balcony.The operators are both controlled by radar, which opens the door as the sensor on the operator picks up the movement of his wheelchair.This electro mechanical swing door drive control system can be used with all control elements including push pads, key switches, infrared movement sensors, radio/remote control - and radar.

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Building Elements

Andy is Dickies’ “People’s Choice” Dickies innovative UK Worker of the Year programme has delivered its first People’s Choice monthly award which goes to mobile vehicle repair specialist Andy Rose. Andy Rose emerged as the person with the most votes at the end of the voting period (June 30th) and recently he came to local

Big Green Home Show 2010 If you want to know more about lessening your impact on the environment, or want to use eco technology to save money on energy bills, it’s important to keep up with the latest changes in legislation and get as much independent advice as possible.With expert advice, hands-on demonstrations, topical and informative seminars and hundreds of exhibitors, the third annual Big Green Home Show at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre, Swindon (29th to 31st October) will give you all the information and advice you need about the products and services available to help you separate the facts from the ‘green-wash’. Online Enquiry 105

CPS: the right direction Lawful off-road parking is created when all vehicle movements to and from the highway can be made in a forward direction, in the best interests of safety for the driver, pedestrians, cyclists and other road users. A CPS Car Turntable is a superbly designed and built product enhancing the amenities of a property, increasing its desirability and market value. Most existing “hardstand” parking areas within a curtilage can be upgraded to LAWFUL STATUS with the installation of a CPS Car Turntable. Our quality product is renowned for reliability, durability and user friendliness.

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hardware experts Drews, one of the major Dickies stockists in Reading, where he was duly presented with his voucher for £250 worth of Dickies clothing. The finalists for the main UK Worker of the Year competition will be chosen by a panel of expert judges after August 31st.

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Get connected with Kidde Fyrnetics Housing provider Gentoo is incorporating comprehensive safety measures in its groundbreaking PassivHaus development in Houghton-le-Spring,Tyne and Wear, choosing Kidde Fyrnetics’ smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms using the Smart Interconnect facility. Kidde Fyrnetics hard-wired, digital display CO alarm, interconnected with the company’s 10-year guarantee Slick® range of smoke and heat alarms achieve a higher standard than the Building Regulations. Kidde’s Smart Interconnect means that when a smoke or heat alarm is triggered by a fire, all the interconnected alarms - including CO alarms - activate to alert occupants of danger. Online Enquiry 107

Grant fast-tracks at Online Enquiry 108 Fastlane Air handling and heat recovery specialists Fastlane Ventilation Equipment have made a key appointment to their sales team. Grant Griffiths joins the company as external sales engineer operating nationwide. Grant’s specialist knowledge within the air handling industry will ensure existing clients are supported whilst achieving sales growth into new markets. Working closely with the internal sales team Grant will be involved in generating specifications and quotes whilst examining new ways to improve and streamline operations for the benefit of Fastlane’s customers.

Totectors’ salute to past and future The safety footwear company that introduced the first steel toecap into the UK for munitions and mining workers during the Second World War, is unveiling an entirely new range of safety footwear for heavy outdoor use and other high risk fields.The Totectors launch celebrates a 125 year history of safety footwear development that has established the pioneering brand across the world.The Rugged Outdoor Wilkins Range has been specifically developed for heavy outdoor use, where weather conditions subject footwear to high stress. Some styles have enhanced functions, such as OutDry 100% waterproof technology and CI rated footbed.

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Fast Track Floor Refurbishment Industrial and commercial resin flooring specialists ACC Flooring Ltd have recently installed more than 5000m_ of Pumashield medium viscosity epoxy coating in a high production factory refurbishment project at in Bradford. The project was undertaken to provide a safer working environment, efficient shop floor layout and improvements to the aesthetics of the production facility and Pumashield, manufactured by Resdev Limited, proved to be the ideal product offering excellent levels of chemical and abrasion resistance to complement it’s smooth, easily cleaned finish. The system was applied at one of the largest printing businesses in the UK, with additional facilities located in Europe and the US. The initial project on the Bradford site involved the floor to a palletised stock storage area measuring circa 800m2, including demarcation. After successful completion of this initial phase of work, ACC Flooring were then requested to carry out a survey of all pedestrian/truck routes within the factory, and to make recommendations on both materials and colours for a full refurbishment programme. The area in question totalled some 3,500m2, to be completed using several different colours as well as floor decals depicting forklift trucks and ‘walking men’, to assist with the site safety management system. The work was completed by ACC Flooring in line with the customer’s requirements, working to very tight schedule to minimise site downtime with the project being carried out over a weekend with the plant back in full production on Monday morning, working on a new floor. Following this successful application ACC Flooring were awarded with an additional contract to complete the remainder of the factory to the same high quality standard throughout. ACC Flooring Ltd has a proven track record providing high quality industrial and commercial resin flooring installations in food, pharmaceutical, printing, electrical and engineering environments and works closely with leading construction and manufacturing companies within the UK.


For further information please contact:

ACC Flooring Ltd Unit 1a Woodvale Workshops Thornhill Beck Lane Brighouse West Yorks HD6 4AH Tel: 01484 715400 Fax: 01484 71600 Web:

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Building Elements Merlo: the art of access Get your colour fix The new Pompidou Centre in Metz will become a showcase for French artists, and also for the very latest in design and building technologies. A harmony of steel, concrete and wood, with a sweeping cantilevered ‘tent’ roof, the basis for the interwoven, prefabricated structure is a steel scaffold pipe system, permitting access throughout the building process for boom-type lifts and platforms. Using up to five Merlo Roto machines (25m, 21m and 16m), each was fitted with a Merlo SPACE system, which allows reach through and around the pipework structure. Online Enquiry 114

Alu-Timber launch website To support the Alu-Timber launch, The Parkside Group Limited announce that the Alu-Timber website www. is now live, featuring Online Enquiry 115 comprehensive information on the range of aluminium/timber windows, doors and framing that combines sustainably grown FSC or PEFC timbers with 100% recyclable aluminium. Alu-Timber has a nationwide team of architectural advisors who are specifically tasked with providing projectby-project U-value, wind loading calculations and provide guidance for the completion of NBS clauses upon request. Alu-Timber product information has been listed within NBS Plus, part of the NBS industry standard specification software used by architects, building surveyors and other construction industry professionals.

with Milliken Contract Colour mania hits the floor in Fixation, the latest modular carpet from Milliken Contract. For those with a fix on colour this carpet tile is just the ticket, with 40 colours to choose from and all presented on a high performance Carbon Neutral base. Smart neutrals can add simple detailing, while richer reds, oranges and turquoise will give slabs of full-on colour and both can be complemented with sharp accent details.With Fixation, specifiers and designers can create a bespoke floor from an off-the-peg carpet tile range that focuses on everyday value and performance.

Back to school, with Portakabin A school in Doncaster was able to re-open just 13 weeks after 90% of its buildings were destroyed in a devastating fire. The Portakabin rapid-response team built an entire 6,000m² interim school for 800 pupils and staff at Campsmount Technology College in only 10 weeks.Working weekends and in adverse weather conditions, Portakabin configured 179 steel-framed modules to meet the school’s exact requirements, which were installed to form 21 buildings. Portakabin has successfully delivered 99.6% of buildings on time and on budget in the past four years – significantly raising the bar for the construction industry. Online Enquiry 117

Foremans publishes new selection guide

Online Enquiry 118

Foremans Relocatable Building Systems, the UK’s largest supplier of recycled and refurbished modular buildings, has announced the publication of a new technical paper ‘How to Select a Pre-owned Modular Building’. Providing contractors, architects, and construction clients with a comprehensive guide to procuring a preowned modular building, it gives 28 practical tips to help avoid some of the common pitfalls, and to help ensure modular building projects are completed on time, on budget and to specification.The use of pre-owned modular buildings continues to increase as more organisations recognise the cost, sustainability and quality benefits of this highly innovative solution to providing new accommodation.

Flag-Soprema Green Roofs for Addenbrookes Flag-Soprema Optigreen ‘Economy’ green roofs have been installed on Sanctuary Housing Association’s £20 million key worker accommodation project at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. The upper three storeys of each building’s step construction have low maintenance sedum planting over a 600m2 overall area.The roofs provide

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a balanced eco-system for insect and bird life and provide effective rainwater retention. Flag-Soprema MD Steve Greaves added, “This style of design shows how virtually any living space can incorporate a green roof. A hospital of worldwide reputation also shows how well respected Optigreen systems have become.” Respond online or using free reader enquiry card


Building Elements

KANSAS launches its 2010 catalogue Under the title “Pride & passion since 1952” Danish workwear brand KANSAS has launched its 2010 catalogue. In addition to presenting the wide KANSAS assortment, the catalogue is also intended to inspire and pay tribute to hardworking men and women.

Ironmongery Direct: Meeting specification requirements In difficult financial times substitution of products for an alternative, sometimes cheaper, product than initially specified can occur. However the question needs to be asked, will the ironmongery meet the specifiers original requirements? In difficult financial times substitution of products for an alternative, sometimes cheaper, product than initially specified can occur. However the question needs to be asked, will the ironmongery meet the specifiers original requirements?

The last third of the catalogue provides a clear overview of the KANSAS assortment and the benefits of the individual products.You will find solutions for industry workers, tradesmen, service & transport workers and for jobs requiring Hi-Vis or protective clothing. While the middle section is all about inspiring product options for various professions and small articles focused on the driving forces behind the KANSAS quality design and product offerings, the first part is an illustrated tribute to the people who use KANSAS workwear every day. Consequently no fancy models have been used – only real workers on the job. In addition to the main catalogue KANSAS has also launched a condensed trade catalogue which gives information about the KANSAS products in a user friendly format. Online Enquiry 120

Products may not be fit for purpose if changed from the initial specification.When buildings call for compliant fire products, such as door closers, should these fail this could lead to legal proceedings for both specifier and client.Therefore remaining informed about performance criteria of stock is essential. Who actually drives the specification can impact on how much it is enforced at the final purchase. If architecturally driven then the architect will usually ensure that what is specified is fitted. As a major supplier of ironmongery, we can offer advice on products compliant with current building legislation, health and safety and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).With the products we stock we have already asked suppliers in-depth questions to ascertain certification. For example, if you are fitting a fire door you want a product that is fully certified.We work closely with suppliers to ensure we have answers to your questions from the outset. If a product is specified we can only assume that it is fit for purpose. If asked, IronmongeryDirect can provide advice on ranges of products by our GAI (Guild of Architectural Ironmongers) trained staff. If price is the driver we will look at what ranges we have on offer but we would only ever advise of a lower spec product if it provides the correct level of performance. If in doubt ask your ironmongery supplier, helping to make projects Fit for Tomorrow. For further information call freephone 0808 168 28 28, or visit

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No 9 Studio UK Architectural Ceramics, Mole Cottage, Chittlehamholt, Devon, EX37 9HF T: 01769 540471 F: 01769 540864 RAINLINE 210 x 135mm Ad's.qxd E: W:


SIMONSWERK are a leading manufacturer of high quality door, window & conservatory hinges for the Architectural Ironmongery & Builders Hardware sectors. Ranges include the award winning TECTUS steel & stainless steel fully concealed system and an outstanding selection of solid brass hinges made in the UK

New TECTUS 3D – continuous height adjustment hinges, completely hidden when door is in closed position. CE marked & fire rated options plus A8 version suitable for door claddings up to 8mm, including glass and laminate



Boddingtons Ltd Blackwater Trading Estate, The Causeway, Maldon, Essex T: 01621 874 200 F: 01621874 299 W:

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environmentally friendly

Simonswerk UK Ltd Burcot Works, Spring Street, Tipton, West Midlands, DY4 8TF T: 0121 522 2848 F: 0121 557 7042 E: W:

Heckmondwike FB PO Box 7, Wellington Mills Liversedge, West Yorkshire WF15 7FH T: 01924 406 161 F: 0800 136 769 E: When it comes to creating W:

TLC Winslow House, 16 Rumford Court, Rumford Place, Liverpool, L3 9DG T: 0151 227 4957 W:

RADIATORS AEL Heating 4 Berkeley Court, Manor Park, Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 1TQ T: 01928 579068 E: W:

Filcris The Old Fire Station, Broadway, Bourn, CB23 2TA T: 01954 718327 F: 01954 719908 S T E EE:Linfo@fi r a inwater system W:

HANDRAILING COMPONENTS FH Brundle 24/36 Lamson Road, Rainham, Essex, RM13 9YY T: 01708 253 545 F: 01708 253 550 E: W:



BlackChilli Media Stapeley Manor Farm, Long Lane, Odiham, Hampshire, RG29 1JE T: 0870 850 6158 F: 0870 850 6159 E: W:



High Performance Hinges


1st Folding Sliding Doors Unit 26/7 Silicon Business Centre, 26 Wadsworth Road, Greenford, Perivale, Middlesex, UB6 7JZ T: 0845 0066 127 E: W:

Soundsorba Limited 27-29 Desborough Street, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP112LZ T: 01494 536 888 F: 01494 536 818 E: W:

Apollo Radiators Unit 2, Madleaze Trading Estate, Bristol Road, Gloucester, GL1 5SG T: 01452 311 712 F: 01452 311 719 E: W:


Eco Polyurethane 57 Salts Lane, Wyndineruk, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B79 8BH T: 01827 313 951 F: 01827 54683 E: W:


friendly and maintenance free buildings, using




CIVIL ENGINEERING PRODUCTS the right materials is everything. aditional The Lindab system Boddingtons Ltd Rainline Steel Rainwater ppearance LANDSCAPING Blackwater Trading Estate, The Causeway, Maldon, � Resin Bound Surfacing uses the very best in lightweight galvanised steel Is your Air-conBoddingtons costing Ltd the earth? Essex th composite Blackwater Trading Estate, The Causeway, Maldon, T: 01621 874 200 to create a contemporary, cost effective and Essex F: 01621874 299 chnology � Resin Bonded Surface Dressing w w w. s i m o n s w e r k . c o . u k W: T: 01621 874 200 eco-friendly guttering system that won’t shrink,

t: 0121 522 2848 e:


rraces alks Decking Centres

Parks cking Pontoons reas rdens and Terraces

Natural wood look Low maintenance No trip hazards Long Lifespan Concealed fixings No splintering UV Stabilised Slip resistant Colour fast Water resistant

For more information call (0121) Campbell Scientific Ltd Campbell Park, 80 Hathern Road, Shepshed, Leicstershire, LE12 9GX T: 01509 601141 E: W:


Lindab Ltd


Shenstone Trading Estate


posites, lford Road, n-Sea, O15 4LP UK

Bromsgrove Road





West Midlands B63 3XB


Fax: (0121) 585 2782


T: 01373 837275 | F: 01373 837276 STRUCTURAL REPAIR Email: Website:

South Survey 21 Deanfield Court, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 1QS T: 01200 429870 F: 01200 429968 E: cool phase a4 + 3mm bleed.indd


Vibration Isolation steni UK Ltd Unit 1 – 4, Vauxhall Industrial Estate, Ruabon, Wrexham, LL14 6HA T: 01978 812 111 E: W:

Breeze Free Riverside Business Centre, Bendon Valley, London, SW18 4UQ T: 020 8877 3030 F: 020 8870 6877 E: W:

Step On Safety 23-24 Jubilee End, Lawford, Manningtree, Essex, CO11 1UR T: 0870 803 2321 With over 18 years experience in the composite industry Step On Safety Ltd specialise in the F: fabrication of composite 0870 803 2456 (GRP) structures & the supply of industrial access flooring. We are committed to providing high quality products, W: promises unbeatable value for money and exceptional customer service. We deliver our




Boddingtons Ltd Blackwater Trading Estate, The Causeway, Maldon, Essex T: 01621 874 200 F: 01621874 299 W:

Sales Hotline, Quotations & Technical Assistance: 0870 803 2321 ( 3 Lines )


• Fibreglass Open Mesh Grating

• Anti-Slip Stair Tread Covers & Nosing • Ladder Rung Covers


EE Ingleton • GRP/FRP Platforms & Handrail Composite service Open mesh FRP (GRP) access HT Works, • Anti-Slip Plate RNIG 55 Mowbray Street, Sheffield, S3 duct & chamber floor grating platformsAdelaide stairways OVE RVICE” covers & fixed8EZ access “FAST • GRP/FRP Ladders & Stairs Y SE ladders IVER • GRP/FRP Structural Profiles DEL T: 0114 275 7834 F: 0114 272 9672 Step On Safety Ltd. 23 - 24 Jubilee End, Lawford, Manningtree, Essex, CO11 1UR FAX: 0870 803 2456 E: W: • Duct, Tank & Manhole Covers

Helifix 21 Warple Way, Acton, London, W3 0RX T: 02087 355200 E: W:

Wrekin Timber Frame Ltd Unit 18 Cedar Court, Halesfield 17, Telford, Shropshire, TF7 4PF T: 01952 586354 F: 01952 680056 E: W:

TRAINING - REFRIGERATION AND AIR-CONDITIONING Practical Refrigeration Training Centre Unit 2 Withams Mill, Plumbe Street, Burnley, Lancashire, BB11 3AW T: 01282 452152 E: W:


Monodraught Halifax Cressex Business High Monodraught Ltd,House, Halifax House, Cressex BusinessPark, Park, High Wycombe, Bucks HP12 3SE Wycombe Tel: 01494 897700 Fax: 01494 532465 email: T: 01494 897700 F: 01494 532465 W: 27/01/2010


Lindab Unit 1, Block 1, Shenstone Trading Estate, Halesowen, West Midlands, B63 3XB T: 0121 585 2780 E: W:

Parks : Driveways : Swimming Pools Tourist Attractions : Car Parks : Paths Promenades Pedestrian Areas TIMBER: FRAME MANUFACTURER


Designed and manufactured in the U.K.

Eco Roofing Services Ltd Unit 12 LDL Business Centre Station Road West Ash Vale, Surrey, GU12 5RT T: 0845 500 5040 E: W:


WHICHMEDIA Ltd Landmark House, Station Road, Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire, SK8 7BS T: 0161 486 3349 E: Passive cooling and heat recovery system W: Cool-phase is an extremely low energy, fresh air ventilation system for use within the Commercial, Education and Healthcare sectors. It is capable of providing both cooling and heat recovery, but at a of the power of typical AC systems. Using The Nationalfraction Self Build & Renovation Centre Phase Change Material, Cool-phase is able to store and Lydiard Fields,release Greatthermal Westernenergy Way, Swindon SN5 The system highly effectively. 8UB (M4 Jct 16) is constructed from recyclable materials and the PCM T: 0845 223 4455 at the end of its serviceable life is mixed with fibrous E: material such as hedge cuttings and composted. W:





Helifix 21 Warple Way, Acton, London, W3 0RX T: 02087 355200 E: W:

Thermilate Europe Ltd 7 Northumberland Street, Huddersfield West Yorkshire, HD1 1RL T: 0845 313 8681 E: W:

g in action on our website and check out fer.

Tel: (0121) 585 2780



ish and cost effective way to create spaces functional. They can be any shape or size, are installed with minimal fuss.


AMI UK Inveralmond Road, Perth, PH1 3TW T: 0844 3843110 F: 01738 450165 E: W:


Crown Paints Limited Crown House, P O Box 37 Hollins Road, Darwen, Lancashire, BB3 0BG T: 0845 389 9583 E: W:


� Hotlay Clear Macadam


585 2780

Dura Composites Unit 14 Gorse Lane Industrial Estate, Telfors Road, Clacton on Sea, Essex, CO15 4LP T: 01255 423601 F: 01255 435426 E: W:

0) 1255 423601 0) 1255 435426

� StreetPrint Asphalt STEEL GUTTERING

F: 01621874 299 W:

split or leak - and looks great too. Benefits: DATA LOGGING & VIBRATING WIRE INTERFACES

Inlay Unit 6 Pyle Farm Business Park, Trudox Hill, Frome, Somerset, BA11 5DL T: 01373 837275 F: 01373 837276 E: W:


Leemick 70 London Road, Newington, Kent, ME9 7NR T: 01795 841249 E:: W:

VIBRATION CONTROLS Eurovib Acoustic Products ltd 86 Holmthorpe Ave, Redhill, Surrey RH1 2NL T: 01737 779577 F: 01737 779537 E: W:

WORLD’S FIRST A3 COMPACT INKJET MULTIFUNCTION PRINTER Brother UK Ltd Shepley Street Audenshaw Manchester M34 5JD United Kingdom W: T: 08444 999 444

Company Registered in England & Wales 6203390 VAT Number 906 5044 41

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Signing off...

Coming up in f o e u s is t x e n your r o t c u r t s n o C e r u Fut & Architect:


n September we’ll be visiting 100% Design (23rd – 26th at Earls Court), and coming away with all sorts of ideas for our own houses and possibly the office too - sometimes there’s more fun in the planning than the execution! And we’ll also be preparing for October’s visit to Interbuild’s new incarnation, re-branding this year to BEST (Built Environment Solutions & Technology). We’ve had some great feedback from our case studies in Sustainability in Development, Greenhouse, and Design & Desire. If you have a project you think we should feature, give me a call! We’re already looking at content for next year’s FC&A, we’ve come a long way this year, and intend to continue and build upon this success, with your suggestions and input. Coming up in our October issue we’ll have a Public Sector Focus, with some case studies on education, healthcare and social housing, and a heating & plumbing feature with some pretty unusual houses! Did you know there were pyramids in Austria?



Juliet Davies, Editor Future Constructor & Architect

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Features • Doors & Windows: High performance doors • Heating & Plumbing: Trenchless installation for waste water

Exhibitions • We look back at 100% Design, and forward to BEST (Built Environment Solutions & Technology)!

Public Sector Focus • Education, Healthcare & Housing

...and more

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Windcatcher X-Air

Introducing the new WINDCATCHER® X-Air Natural Ventilation System • Computer generated aerodynamic aerofoil design delivers greater ventilation rate • ACTIVLOUVRE® modulating louvre technology provides enhanced ventilation control and ultimate weather protection • Integral solar powered architectural lighting system • Composite insulated upstand allows rapid installation, low U-valve and high air tightness • Reduced lead time • Manufactured from fully recyclable materials

Online Enquiry 123

Tel: 01494 897700 Monodraught - X-Air Launch - FP.indd 1

Fax: 01494 532465 19/8/10 11:31:37

FC&A September 2010  

FC&A September 2010

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