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Greenhouse Hanse Haus reflects on the evolution of prefabs

Sustainability & Development Iconic workspace has green business vision

Design & Desire Icebar refurbishment stays cool with Daikin

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One Trinity Green is an exciting new state-of-the-art development providing first class managed workspace for new and growing companies. See page 11.

Welcome Magazine October 2012

to Future Constructor & Architect...


he construction industry relies heavily on collaboration to produce exemplary projects and on-time delivery. With systems such as BIM, cooperation is more so being tested and challenged. However it’s not just project delivery that requires the industry to join forces. Sustainability and environmental concerns are increasingly taking precedence among the built community. This is seeing a wealth of organisations unite to promote and raise awareness of how new and existing builds can enhance their eco-credentials. Last month, members of the built environment community across the globe came together to celebrate World Green Building Week and this year’s theme ‘Green buildings for great communities’. All across the country, UK Green Building Council members hosted tours, seminars and pop-up showrooms demonstrating their sustainable efforts. Among these was Interface, which invited visitors to challenge environmental claims, as well as Nicholas Hare Architects, which hosted a series of discussion evenings based on making effective choices for sustainable refurbishments. World Green Building Week has been celebrated annually since 2010 and continues to receive wide media acclaim for its commitment to sustainability-focused events. For those who didn’t make it this time, it is certainly worth a visit in 2013 – in the meantime, readers can visit the UK-GBC website for this year’s highlights. On a final note, it seems preparations are already underway for the annual Ashden Awards – a leading green energy scheme which honours excellence in sustainable retrofit. The scheme is looking to hear from businesses, housing associations and public sector organisations that are helping to design, retrofit or educate with eco-technologies in mind. The deadline for entries is 30th October, so get those nominations in quick!

Hannah Frackiewicz Hannah Frackiewicz Editor, Future Constructor & Architect

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With everything you need to know With everything you need to know about design railing systems. about design railing systems. WWW.Q-DESIGNS.COM WWW.Q-DESIGNS.COM

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Voice of the Industry: Dulux explains how to distinguish the real eco-friendly products when it comes to paints.

Legal & Business: Is the industry ready for changes afoot? Wilo reflects on how the HVAC market is preparing.

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Doors & Windows: Security measures can now help occupants feel at ease when requesting bi-folding doors.


Disability: Symphony reveals the options for independent living by flexible kitchen design.

Glass & Glazing: Glazing doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture, as SAS International explains.

Heating & Plumbing: Create a warm welcome by specifying the right air curtain for your entrance system.

CIBSE Preview: A round-up of the special features and seminars lined up for the CIBSE annual event.


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Greenhouse: Hanse Haus reflects on the technical and costeffective benefits of the prefabricated house.

Sustainability in Development: One Trinity Green reveals its green workspace that has achieved a BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ rating.

Design & Desire: Icehotel recently looked to Daikin to help its renowned London ice bar keep its cool.

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Roofing, Cladding & Insulation: Ryder Architecture specifies Shackerley’s ceramic granite facade for new university centre.

Underfloor Heating: Nu-Heat explores the possibilities of underfloor heating with wood-based floorcoverings.

Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms: Independent living is made more accessible with Saniflo’s Sanimatic range.

Disability: Total Hygiene reveals its flexible washroom products designed to remove barriers.

Printed Graphics: Take a bold approach with inspirational graphics and signage.



The changing face of prefabs Bespoke design with an innovative build system, Hanse Haus prefabricated housing offers more than meets the eye. This highly-efficient build, as recently demonstrated in a recent private house project, can be delivered quickly and to precise standards with added energy savings.


or many, a prefab might well conjure up images of the temporary housing solutions built in large numbers after the Second World War. Cheap to make, easy to put up, and most importantly, much-needed after the wholesale bombing in parts of the UK. For most inhabitants in fact, they were vastly popular as a prefab because it was their first home with an inside toilet. For many, the 150,000 prefabs, known as ‘palaces for the people’ built around the country, represented not only comfort but also freedom. Today though, the term ‘prefabricated housing’ has a very different meaning. Sometimes referred to as ‘premanufactured’, the prefabs of today are built in state-of-the-art factory settings with highly skilled technicians and represent a new breed of homes with energy efficiency at the core. Over recent years, there’s been a


noticeable increase in pre-fabricated houses in the UK. Given that the main considerations for the self builder, are likely to be cost and time, and that each or both of these are minimised when it comes to pre-fabricated housing, it makes perfect sense.

Robust structure Established in Germany in 1929, Hanse Haus is a renowned timber frame provider. Specialising in highly energy efficient builds, Hanse Haus began to employ Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) in their manufacturing process, 10 years ago. “At Hanse Haus we use various unique and innovative construction techniques, machinery and materials within our build system. We started to use SIPs in response to the drive for more energy efficient homes, which is only truly achievable with this type of construction,” says technical director, Bruno Kleinheinz.

SIPs are heavily insulated thus removing the need for additional insulation. SIPs are very strong, and can be used for floors and roofs as well as external and internal walls, without the need for a more traditional timber frame. SIPs construction allows for the best possible use of space, free from many of the constraints imposed by other construction techniques, and allows for individual design whilst also keeping construction costs under control. Hanse Haus specialises in all aspects of SIPs building, from design through to manufacture of the panels, to on-site construction. A Hanse Haus build boasts a solid wall system, which combines the advantages of timber SIP and solid wall construction. “Our SIPs panels are bonded together with waterproof glue that is heated to 130°C. The external OSB boards are bonded to the vertical studs and also to the internal

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Greenhouse insulation.This gives our system a great advantage because the insulation will never shrink/settle,” says Hanse Haus architect, Bianca Keil. Externally, SIPs can be combined with many materials such as brick, steel, glass, wood, allowing an individual design to be led by aesthetic and function. And, given that manufacturing takes place in a warm, dry environment interior and exterior finishes are always of the highest possible quality and remain that way throughout the life of the building.

Airtight build The SIPs system proves to be exceptionally efficient in a number of ways. Firstly, the building envelope is virtually airtight allowing no air to leak out through joints or gaps, which, combined with the high degree of insulation in the SIPs, means that a build achieves outstanding thermal insulation and low space heating requirements. For example, requirements range from 60kW of energy per square metre of floor area per annum right down to just 15kW Passiv standard.This compares to a standard brick built property in the UK consuming around 240 kW/m2. The SIPs construction system also eliminates wasted time, as well as many of the headaches, that are commonly associated with building onsite. “The Hanse Haus headquarters in Germany, which manufactured a total of 300 homes in 2011, is a highly efficient operation. All components, like the windows, doors, windowsills and shutters are assembled in the factory.

Then, all final measurements are added to enable precision-engineered machines to automatically build the walls. As soon as the walls are on the assembly line, all other products including the windows and the

outside insulation are added step by step. This takes an average of just two days. The house is then delivered to site, in the UK, within just one week. “Once on-site, Hanse Haus commonly carries out the actual build, from start to finish, of a 200m2 property in just 8-10 weeks.The ceiling and roof elements are built with the outside membrane already installed, which ensures the roof is waterproof within just two, maximum three days,” says Bruno Kleinheinz.

Consistent quality A recent build in Bradninch, Devon confirms how fast delivery can still offer quality construction, plus provide a vast array of energy efficiencies. The private house provides 200m2 of living space over two floors and sits on approximately ¼ acre.The exterior has cedar cladding on the upper half and white render on the bottom.The exterior walls are 30cm thick and the house has tripleglazed windows and a flat roof.


Hanse Haus is a renowned timber frame provider, specialising in highly energy-efficient builds

The build in Bradninch, Devon confirms how fast delivery can still offer quality construction, plus provide a vast array of energy efficiencies

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The interior walls are 12cm thick and boast the Hanse Haus solid wall system. “The walls have a stud every 300mm and they are completely glued on both sides with OSB boards.That makes them loadbearing and the fixing of wall units, including heavy kitchen units for example, is possible everywhere,” says Hanse Haus architect, Bianca Keil. There is no boiler or central heating system. Instead, the house is heated passively through solar gain, energy generated from kitchen/household appliances and its inhabitants, and when

The exterior walls are 30cm thick and the house has triple-glazed windows


necessary, a log burner, supplied with the house. The living/dining room for example, has large, full length south facing windows, which means the natural solar radiation is used efficiently to heat the house. Also, as is characteristic of a Hanse Haus Passivhaus project, the precision and detailed technical construction ensures the house is virtually airtight.

The exterior has cedar cladding on the upper half and white render on the bottom

as moisture and odours from kitchens, bathrooms, etc, is continuously extracted. About 90% of the heat is recovered from this extracted air and added back to the newly introduced fresh air.This regulated room ventilation increases a sense of well being, as it guarantees room air quality and hygiene, whilst also leading to a reduction in heating energy requirements. There are many benefits of the ventilation system. High levels of humidity and possible problems such as the build up of mould on walls in living areas and bathrooms are prevented. By defining the air exchange rate, occupants can automatically control the warm-air heating needs, leading to a reduction in heating energy requirements. The regulated room ventilation also increases a sense of wellbeing as the room air hygiene is guaranteed. Within the SIP walls and ceiling voids a Glasswool product is used, which is produced with 90% natural mineral raw materials, like for example, sand and more than 50% recycled glass.The Glasswool product recently gained recognition as an environmental product due to its high content of waste glass and also gained a quality control mark to confirm that it is harmless to health. What’s more, the type of insulation ensures low heating demand in the house.

Renewable energy There is a wood burning stove for very cold winter days along with a small wall mounted heat pump.This heat pump is a low cost, very efficient device that will warm the house quickly when the occupants have been away. There are two thermal solar panels on the roof, which supplement the off-peak electric heating of water in the winter months and provide plenty of domestic hot water in the summer. The house has a Vaillant mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery. This system is used to control the supply and extraction of air from low and ultra low energy houses. Used air, which is often contaminated with pollutants, such

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Within the SIP walls and ceiling voids, a Glasswool product is used, produced with 90% natural mineral raw materials

Building homes for the future? Better build in Sky±HD

Talk to Sky about the digital entertainment buyers want Whoever your new builds are aimed at, your buyers will be looking for digital entertainment that keeps pace with technology. Increasingly, that means Sky±HD.

Our Specialist Installation Team can work directly with you, or your chosen contractors, to fit this future-proof solution. So arrange a free survey today.

By integrating a ‘5 cable IRS’ system and having 2 signal feeds to each satellite point (the only way of getting all the features Sky±HD offers), your residents will be able to enjoy TV the way they want it. And that makes your properties even more attractive to potential buyers.

Go to or call 08442 411 335 Sky TV: Sky box and Sky TV subscription required for customers to receive Sky digital programming. Only compatible with digital satellite. Two satellite feeds required for full Sky±HD functionality. You must get all consents required (e.g. landlord’s). General: Minimum Sky TV, Sky±HD subscriptions are 12 months. Further terms apply. Calls cost up to 5.1p per minute and up to 13.1p connection fee for BT customers. Calls from other providers may vary. Information only applies to residential customers in the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. Information correct at 5 January 2011.

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Sustainability in Development

Steve Mayes Photography

Green work ethos One Trinity Green is one of a number of major developments in a Borough that is fast emerging as a hub for the low carbon and environmental sectors


ne Trinity Green is a threestorey building featuring leading environmental technology. As well as providing a fantastic environment for businesses to locate, the facility offers tailored business support to help companies thrive. Built by Robertson North East, the infrastructure, support services and

Steve Mayes Photography

The award-winning environmentally-friendly architecture will provide a stunning location for present and future business pioneers

construction group, One Trinity Green is one of a number of major developments in a Borough that is fast emerging as a hub for the low carbon and environmental sectors. The building is centred around a striking lime green staircase with a soaring glazed atrium. Communal spaces, including a roof garden and meeting and conference facilities, encourage businesses to cross-pollinate. Businesses can choose from a wide range of accommodation, including 4 workshops, 2 hybrid units and 35 offices, ranging in size, from 16m2 to 178m2, all of which contain free WiFi facilities. One Trinity Green recently scooped a top international award as the world’s most sustainable office development of the year. The prestigious scheme took the crown for most sustainable office development at the international BRE (Building Research Establishment) Awards 2012. The scheme is benefiting from £2,466,500 invested by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), managed by the Department for

Communities and Local Government. One Trinity Green is one of a number of major developments at South Shields Riverside; other nearby projects include a multi-million pound business centre and park at Harton Quays. During construction of One Trinity Green, Robertson North East subcontracted services valuing £4.1m. Working closely with the local supply chain meant that Robertson North East was able to subcontract 40% of this spend to companies based in South Tyneside Borough, with 90% being procured from Robertson North East supply chain.This meets South Tyneside Council’s targets for local spend and also Robertson’s own procurement goal to deliver 90% of spend within a 50 mile radius of the project build.

Local sourcing Robertson North East sourced local North East expertise for the business development project using Castle Building Services, Look North Flooring,Topsy Tiling,Aspire IT installation and Warm Protection Products. Councillor Michael Clare, Lead Member Regeneration & Economy for South Tyneside Council, says: “One Trinity Green is an iconic building for the Borough, as it represents the business vision for South Tyneside. Its award-winning environmentally-friendly architecture will provide a stunning location for present

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One Trinity Green is an exciting new state-of-the-art development providing first class managed workspace for new and growing companies. Built on brownfield land in South Shields, the £5.4m scheme has been developed by a partnership of South Tyneside Council and Groundwork South Tyneside & Newcastle.


Sustainability in Development contemporary Victorian warehouses each with a distinctive character but bound together by a clean, bold, ribbon of elevation and the shared social space.An elevated roof garden provides further amenity and further differentiates One Trinity Green from other similar developments. Each ‘warehouse’ benefits from exposed structure (for passive cooling), opening windows and a central wintergarden (to aid cross ventilation) and a robust palette of materials (to minimise damage during tenant churn).

The building is centred around a striking lime green staircase with a soaring glazed atrium

and future business pioneers. “The aim is for One Trinity Green to be at the forefront of business enterprise on a regional, national and international basis. The award-winning business incubator is the perfect setting for companies to develop and grow, representing South Tyneside’s vision of promoting business excellence across the Borough, creating a benchmark for others to follow. “South Tyneside is recognised for its engineering and manufacturing excellence with One Trinity Green being a benchmark for business successes to come.”

Steve Mayes Photography

Inspiring brief

The vision for One Trinity Green was to create an inspiring business incubator which fosters innovation and creativity and supports business start-ups. As well as creating a stunning, sustainable building in its own right, the development acts as an important catalyst for the wider redevelopment of the South Shields Riverside regeneration area. The scheme redevelops and regenerates a brownfield site formerly occupied by an electronics factory, which was one of the major employers in the town. One Trinity Green is conceived as three

Steve Mayes Photography

One Trinity Green is an iconic building for the Borough, as it represents the business vision for South Tyneside


The design recognised the importance of creating a building of its time and place but with strong connections to the past and its surrounding context. South Shields is a townscape defined by generally low-rise buildings, punctuated by strong vertical elements such as the cranes associated with ship building and chimneys associated with the historic glass making industry. The initial proposals drew upon these features to create a simple low-rise form (3 storeys) punctuated by a lime green, vertical ‘ventilation chimney’ that acts as a beacon for the surrounding context and as a way-finding element both inside and outside the building. Stephen Richardson, Project Architect, +3 Architecture, says: “One Trinity Green really struck a chord with +3 Architecture due to the focus of the brief on new start-up companies and the similarities of their requirements with our position as a relatively new architectural practice.This gave us a slightly different angle from other architectural practices as we could tackle the design problem from the direction of what would we be looking for.The design problem then became focussed on the idea of creating a community first with a variety of office sizes and corridor zones so that each tenant has the opportunity to take ownership. “All too often with buildings of this type offices are provided either side of long uninteresting corridor spaces.We were able to put the focus on the shared spaces and try and maximise the intrinsic qualities of these areas as a chance for business development and knowledge sharing.” The building benefits from state-ofthe-art environmental energy systems, telecoms and ICT facilities, and the design has achieved a five star BREEAM “Outstanding” rating from the Building

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Sustainability in Development Research Establishment (BRE). At the heart of One Trinity Green is the importance of delivering a truly green building. BREEAM and sustainability was first and foremost in the design considerations and has driven the resultant architectural solution.The architects recognised that promoting green technology can only be successfully realised, if the building where people are working is truly sustainable. Design features include: Super-insulated building to protect from excessive heat gains; Photovoltaic cells on the roof to provide 20% renewable energy; Roof lights for natural light to reception area and circulation; Natural ventilation to control heating and cooling of the building; Roof terrace and brown roof system to increase biodiversity. One Trinity Green is the first building in the new mixed use neighbourhood of Trinity South. Key to successful regeneration of the neighbourhood is the relationship between the proposed uses, the existing community and the wider South Shields Riverside regeneration. For the regenerative benefits to be shared outside the boundaries of One Trinity Green, good connectivity is vital. As a result access, linkages and connections (by foot, bicycle, public transport and car) have been given careful consideration. Great emphasis has been placed on creating a strongly connected and legible development in which the threshold between private and public space is clearly articulated.Way-finding and place making is at the heart of the proposals with strong connections proposed to existing facilities.

The vision for One Trinity Green was to create an inspiring business incubator which fosters innovation and creativity and supports business start-ups

Jayne Bainbridge, Low Carbon Energy Assessor, Mechanical Engineer for RPS Planning & Development, says:“Achieving a ‘green’ building that is affordable and still looks impressive can often be a difficult ambition, but the entire design team worked together from the on-set to achieve the prestigious BREEAM outstanding rating. It was enlightening to work with a team where everyone strives for the same thing, and helps each other achieve it. “What I think stands out for this job, is that every aspect of the building design and energy was considered; from the building fabric to the renewable technology adopted, to the site waste management and site ecology.

“The building not only performs very well and uses very little energy but also looks great and provides a real focal point to the area.” The first two local companies to move into One Trinity Green are Envirowatch Ltd and TacZee (a Nine Labs Investment). Peter Neasham, Director of Envirowatch, comments: “Any business such as ours that is biased to protecting the environment, will undoubtedly see the benefits of being in one of the world’s most environmentally friendly buildings, as we champion to portray environmental awareness and sustainability.” Andy Walton, Director of TacZee and Nine, talks of what it means for the start up business team to move into One Trinity Green. He says: “One Trinity Green is such a fantastic site to grow a nationally focused business that has been born from knowledge

influenced by our South Tyneside roots. “We feel that thanks to the connectivity, environmental considerations for the offices and the location, One Trinity Green will be our ideal business setting. Also given its size, we feel the fantastic new facility will provide the space to allow us to grow into a strong, sustainable company.”

Common interests

Steve Mayes Photography

• • • • •

Fact File Client: South Tyneside Council and Groundwork South Tyneside & Newcastle Main Contractor: Robertson North East Architects: +3 Architecture M&E and BREEAM Consultants: RPS Structural Engineer: Capita Symonds

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Voice of the Industry this means that the best choices are not necessarily those which seem to boast the strongest environmental credentials. Products which use ‘natural’ raw ingredients are not necessarily better for the environment. For example, palm-oil based formulations may be natural, but they often have a much more detrimental impact on the environment than their non-natural counterparts. Indeed, the use of the term ‘natural’ is often just one of the confusing claims made by firms. Others, such as ‘carbon neutrality,’ ‘local sourcing’ and ‘organic’, can also be misleading or unclear to specifiers and end users.

Paint analysis


The bigger picture

In fact, research, conducted by Dulux Trade in partnership with Forum for the Future, an independent, not-forprofit organisation, which looked at the ‘anatomy’ of paint from an environmental perspective, has found that it is important to look beyond simply what is in a paint product. The sustainability of a coating is best analysed by looking at three elements, of which its ingredients is just one. Of equal importance are how long it lasts and how much is needed. It is therefore necessary to consider a coating’s performance over its entire life-cycle. For example, there is little point in using an ‘eco-friendly’ product if it lasts half as long as a standard formulation, and therefore needs to be replied twice as often. Not only will this increase the amount of paint that is used, it will also

In recent years, the introduction of increasingly stringent legislation, and an ever more eco-savvy client base, has seen sustainability credentials grow to be one of the single most critical elements of any major project. However, as John Staunton, Marketing Manager at Dulux Trade, explains, the delivery of a truly sustainable project involves a wider range of considerations than is commonly thought.


ith specifiers coming under increasing pressure to deliver sustainable solutions in all aspects of product selection, manufacturers have rapidly expanded the range of ‘ecofriendly’ paints available on the market. However, it is a common


misconception that products which promote ‘green’ credentials on the tin will universally provide the best options for meeting sustainability targets, and this, in part, has been exacerbated by greenwash – the terms used to describe the exaggerated environmental claims made by some organisations. In practice,

John Staunton, Marketing Manager, is involved in the development of sustainability strategies for Dulux Trade. His work with painting contractors, specifiers and independent experts has led to the Dulux Trade Contract Partnership scheme.

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to y e k r You ng a creati


r e n e gre e m o h

home show h t 8 -2

h ber t 6 2 to Oc

2 1 0 2

The Big Green Home Show is the UK’s biggest show for anyone wishing to make their home more eco-friendly FREE one-to-one’s with eco experts 6 theatres with FREE seminars Over 200 exhibitors Real life case studies Guided tours of life-sized exhibits For budding self-builders, renovators or home improvers it brings everything green together under one roof, enabling you to learn more about making homes more sustainable – both in construction and day-to-day running.

out b a w o n k o t d e e n u A ll y o l e b u i l d i n g a n d s u st a i n a b u n d e r on e roo f ! e co - liv i n g

For further information and to book your FREE tickets, call 0845 223 4455 or visit

The National Self Build & Renovation Centre, Lydiard Fields, Swindon SN5 8UB

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Voice of the Industry


of their products, such as packaging and end-of-life disposal. Dulux Trade for example, now incorporates 25% recycled content in a selection of its plastic cans, reducing the packaging’s carbon footprint by up to 19%.

Minimising waste Alongside this, new resources have been implemented to support specifiers and appliers to cut down on waste. Many manufactures now offer paint calculator tools for example, to support specifiers in accurately estimating the amount of paint that will be required for a project, while paint disposal schemes are become more widespread, ensuring that left-over materials are dealt with in the most sustainable, and often cost-effective, way. Contractors also have a crucial role in driving sustainability in the industry. Many now incorporate more sustainable working practices into their approach, and have a strong understanding of how to minimise the environmental footprint of a project. Often, this practical expertise can be utilised by specifiers to ensure the overall project is completed using the most sustainable methods. Aware that not all contractors are

working to the same standards however, Dulux Trade supports its accredited painting contractor members, through the Dulux Trade Contract Partnership scheme. Several hundred Contract Partnerships have developed company specific policies that embed sustainability throughout their operations. Initiatives such as this are helping to spread best practice sustainable working methods throughout the industry. For a specifier under pressure to meet sustainability targets on a project, it can often be an easy option to simply select products that are marketed as having impressive green credentials. However, in order to deliver genuinely sustainable results, it is important to take a more holistic approach to assessing and evaluating the overall impact of a project. While this approach involves a wider range of considerations, support is available from across the supply chain – from manufacturers who are proactively supporting specifiers in addressing environmental issues, to contractors who are committed to delivering sustainable results in all their work.

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increase the carbon footprint associated with the wider reapplication process. Therefore, in high-traffic locations, where coatings can quickly deteriorate, the durability of a coating will often be an important consideration in evaluating the sustainability of a project. Similarly, if a coating has a poor spreading rate, the environmental impact of the project will be higher, as more paint will be required to complete the job. Wider features of the supply chain can also have an impact on a major decorating project. The positive results that can be gained from selecting a product with less embodied carbon, for instance, can quickly be undermined if the contractors have a poor waste management approach or if the products are transported inefficiently. Fortunately, a variety of leading manufacturers are taking steps to improve the bigger picture, meaning that specifiers can also have greater confidence in the wider life-cycle of a solution, from cradle-to-cradle. Forward-thinking manufacturers, for instance, are looking at ways to improve the sustainability of various other aspects




Warmagrip the only true “warm to the touch” DDA compliant handrail component system! DDA

Building Regs

Health & Safety

Warmagrip is a high quality PVC coated steel tube handrail system, offering the all important “warm to the touch” requirements set down in the current Building Regulations. It’s also quick and easy to install with internal fittings for a smooth continuous handrail. Available in grey and highly visible safety yellow.

For a FREE catalogue or more information:

0115 951 2450

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GALVANIZING GALVANIZING GALVANIZING themissing missing linkininyour yourproject? project? the link the missing link in your project? Galvanizing offers an economic method of steel

Galvanizing offers an economic method of steel protection against corrosion, with long life-span, protection against corrosion, with itsits long Galvanizing off ers an economic method of life-span, steel cost-effi cient savings and sustainable qualities, hot-dip cost-effi cient savings and sustainable qualities, hot-dip protection against corrosion, with its long life-span, galvanizing is is one ofof the most environmentally-friendly cost-effi cient savings and sustainable qualities, hot-dip galvanizing one the most environmentally-friendly fi nishes available. galvanizing is one of the most environmentally-friendly finishes available. finishes available. Why choose Wedge Group Galvanizing? Why choose Wedge Group Galvanizing? Why choose Wedge Group  14 plants across the UK Galvanizing? Scan to watch our

 14 plants across the UK

Scan watch our latestto Video

latest Video Scan to watch our  plants across UK long  14 Galvanize 1.5mmthe to 29m latest Video  Galvanize 1.5mm to 29m long  Collection Galvanize 1.5mm to 29m long  & Delivery Service Collection Delivery Service  Collection && Delivery Service  24hr Turnaround on Request  24hr Turnaround on Request  Unrivalled 24hr Turnaround on Request  Customer Service Unrivalled Customer Service  Unrivalled Customer Service  Design & Technical Advice  Design && Technical Advice Design Technical Advice For an information pack or to discuss your For an information oror to discuss your next project pleasepack contact us: For an information pack to discuss your next project please contact us:us: Email: Tel: 01902 600704 next project please contact Email: Tel: 01902 600704


Tel: 01902 600704 ISO 9001 FM 00382 ISO 9001 FM 00382

Head Office: Stafford Street, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 1RZ

ISO 9001

FM 00382 Head Office: Stafford Street, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 1RZ

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Head Office: Stafford Street, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 1RZ

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Roofing, Cladding & Insulation trees, so reflectivity was an important factor. Depending on the time of day, the elevations appear to have a mirrored finish, allowing them to take on the colours of the surrounding trees, landscape and sky.”

Sustainability rating

Ryder specifies ceramic granite cladding The availability of highly polished Sureclad ceramic granite facade panels in a wide range of colourways and formats is providing architects with new ways to give buildings a luxurious standout appearance, says Shackerley, a leading UK supplier of ceramic granite ventilated cladding systems.


eramic granite is exceptionally versatile and can be produced in a vast array of styles and colourways to meet any aesthetic brief,” says Shackerley CEO Brian Newell. “Our ‘mirror finish’ Sureclad facade panels in traditional rectangular and contemporary square formats are increasingly popular because they deliver sustainable, external ventilated cladding with the appeal and natural appearance of highly polished stone such as marble or granite, but at a fraction of the cost, and with much lower loadings on the building.”


Over 3000m2 of Shackerley’s Sureclad ceramic granite cladding was installed on behalf of Miller Construction

Appearances were not the only reason, as Mark Clasper explains: “As the primary envelope cladding for the University Centre, it was important that the material we selected was sustainable. The ceramic granite scored an A rating in the BRE Green Guide to material specification, contributing to the credits we achieved under MAT1.” The building subsequently attained a BREEAM rating of Very Good. Over 3000m2 of Shackerley’s Sureclad ceramic granite cladding was installed on behalf of Miller Construction by total building envelope contractor Norking Aluminium Ltd. All panels were prefabricated at Shackerley’s ISO 9001 accredited production facilities and supplied predrilled and bracketed using a patented undercut anchorage system to provide a secure mechanical fix to the Sureclad aluminium substructure. Commenting on the project Mark Clasper says: “The new University Centre is the third major development where Ryder has specified the Sureclad system, and once again we have achieved excellent results. We had assistance from Shackerley’s sales and technical teams all the way through and the team from Norking completed the cladding installation to a very high standard.”

The luxurious aesthetics are exemplified by a recently-completed project at Grimsby Institute, where Ryder Architecture has delivered a new £10m University Centre that makes a strong visual statement thanks to the specification of a white polished ceramic granite ventilated facade panel from Shackerley’s Sureclad Collection. Ryder Architect Mark Clasper says: “We chose this particular panel because we wanted a premium material that would help to add a ‘sense of grandeur’ to the University Centre. The building is set amongst mature

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The elevations appear to have a mirrored finish, allowing them to reflect trees, landscape and sky

www.psbj. ÂŁ4.00



Leisure Pu


The NPPF - will it be a friend or fo of the public e sector?

s - a lasting community legacy for regeneratio n Achievem ent by desig n - the importa nc academic en e of vironments

Modular trium ph - innovativ e construct ion in the healt hcare sect or

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Underfloor Heating

When used with underfloor heating, wood flooring can increase the sense of warmth

Underfloor heating wood be good Although ceramic tile, stone and marble are ideal floorcoverings for underfloor heating, many people prefer the option of wood, as it adds a warm, homely feel to a property. Wood flooring with underfloor heating (UFH) is a good option, as long as measures are taken to ensure that performance remains high and the floor remains stable.


If the wood is being laid directly on top of screed, flexible adhesive should be used.The alternative is for battens to be embedded in the screed and the wood to be nailed to the battens.This potentially makes the UFH design more complicated, and could lessen the effectiveness of the heating system through reducing the contact between the wood and the screed. With a suspended timber floor, as long as the wood is suitable to go over joists, this is a straightforward option.

Enhanced stability A floating floor will generally have an intermediate layer (such as chipboard), although this depends on whether the wood supplier thinks the wood will cope with the contact temperature directly and whether the boards can be joined to create a raft. Assuming there is an intermediate layer, it is again important to use a flexible adhesive. There are numerous advantages to using engineered boards rather than solid wood. Firstly, the cross ply gives better stability. Secondly, because only the top surface

is visible, the main constituent timber can be a more stable material – resistant to a higher contact temperature.The installation of engineered board is similar to solid wood in that it still needs to be acclimatized prior to laying. However, unlike solid board it generally has an interlocking system, making installation easier particularly with regard to floating floors. To prevent the wood floor being adversely affected, when it is first used and at the start of each heating season, the UFH should be turned on for an hour or so and turned off again. Over a couple of days this can be repeated and the heating left on for longer and longer. At the end of the heating season, this process should be reversed until the UFH can be turned off completely. However, if the system is partnered with a heat pump, this process is managed through the weather compensation element of the heat pump. Overall, a heat pump is an excellent choice for UFH with a wood floor due to the lower flow temperatures.


s an entirely natural material, solid wood reacts to moisture. The moisture content of the wood will change, depending on the humidity of the surroundings and any changes in temperature. If wood takes in more moisture it expands, and vice versa. The board width should ideally be 100mm or less to help minimise the noticeability of expansion and contraction. The more joints there are between boards the less each gap will change. The thickness of the board must be correct – if it is too thick then potentially the top could have less moisture than the bottom of the board which could cause cupping, or there could be too much resistance for the heat to travel upwards efficiently. The preparation of solid wood for use with UFH is very important. ‘Kiln dried’ wood is required – this is where wood is heated in order to lower the moisture content, with target values of between 5-9%. Once the wood is kiln dried, it is usually shrink-wrapped to prevent it absorbing moisture.

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11597 TCD FCA Feb 12 HPFC F_Layout 1 25/01/2012 17:43 Page 1

Work Process Solutions O N L I N E




• Improve the efficiency of your department. • Simple to setup, simple to use. • Access from anywhere. • Information at a glance. • Secured Data Servers. • Free 21 day Trial.

from only


per user per month Web based system only. Subject to conditions.

Tcards_FCA_Feb.indd 1

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Doors & Windows Origin is one example of a manufacturer exceeding this security. The system, designed by Origin has been created with security in mind. It combines an eight point multi-point locking system which adheres to the Police preferred ‘Secure by Design’ standards with a magnum locking cylinder and solid cast Yale security handles. Look for systems such as this one which includes chamfered 20mm linear bolts that are smooth to operate when engaging the lock and give maximum compression for increased weather resistance, 25mm deep security hooks – the deepest engagement on the market – and vertical locking shoot bolts as standard on all doors.

Heightened security

A secure view Security and privacy worries can often go hand in hand with large expanses of glass on properties. Neil Ginger, CEO of Origin, a UK specialist manufacturer of folding sliding doors, illustrates the ways you can reassure clients that their new doors are not only a beautiful addition to their home but can alleviate security worries too.


hen a client requests a luxurious and modern rejuvenation to their home that combines natural light, superior engineering and security all in one, aluminium bi-folding doors offer the perfect solution.With the latest in security technology being cleverly encompassed into these striking doors, security needn’t be a concern. Homeowners can be safe in the knowledge that they really can have it all.The latest in manufacturing and safety technology combine to create the perfect balance between the luxurious ‘wow factor’ and security ‘peace of mind’ that homeowners strive to achieve.


A recent police campaign highlighted that many households across the UK rely on vulnerable locks to defend their properties and that the weakest point on a door is often the locking cylinder, making it a favourite target for intruders. Police recommend using a combination of strengths against forced entry such as a minimum of a five point multi-point locking cylinder and tough door accessories including handles and locks. Hinges should not be overlooked and can often be the weakest point of a door system. Hinges should be designed to withstand attack to enhance the overall strength and integrity of a door system.

The addition of the latest security to windows and doors follows the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO)’s recent home security initiative. In response to the launch of the ACPO campaign to raise awareness of door lock security, doors incorporating improved security features that conform to demanding police preferred ‘Secured by Design’ standards are the preferred choice for protecting homes. To get maximum security benefit from bi-folding doors, it is always advisable to use odd numbers in your configuration. A set up such as 3 + 1 utilises this method.This will mean you have a lead door that holds the security locking features and can be used independently of the remaining three sliding doors. There are many manufacturers of multipoint locks available and suitable for timber, UPVC, Aluminium and Composite doors.When choosing doors, take into account every element of door security from glass type, frame material and locking mechanisms to ensure a multi-faceted defence against criminal activity on a property. Aluminum is highly recommended when considering materials for bi-folding doors.The material is lightweight, strong and available in a huge range of powdercoated colours to achieve the perfect match for any property regardless of age or style. Realistic wood grain effects are also available to offer the aesthetic beauty of wood with the superior performance of aluminium. The strength of aluminium as a door material ensures the doors remain resistant to flex, twist, expansion and contraction with heat variation. Doors powder-coated

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Doors & Windows

The latest in manufacturing and safety technology combine to create the perfect balance between the luxurious ‘wow factor’ and security ‘peace of mind’ that homeowners strive to achieve

can reassure them by suggesting a complete soft furnishing solution specially configured for bi-folding doors. Origin for example, is the only manufacturer of blinds specifically for bi-folds and can offer configurations to meet multiple widths of doors and operating requirements. For example, on a property with a five door bi-folding set, one or multiple operating channels can be utilised to make use of just one, two or the entire blind set at any one time.This means the light can be altered to suit the user, mood and purpose of the room. Tailor-made blinds come in a variety of styles and colours, perfect for the interior focused homeowner. Roller, Roman,Vertical and Panel blinds should

all be designed for complete safety and incorporate features such as cord and chain tidy, cord and chain cleat, bell toggle and easy break chain connectors. Blinds will offer a further dimension to the room providing privacy, shade or an open view during the summer months and a shield for the dark nights to see you through the winter. By combining the latest in security and manufacturing technology, with complimentary soft furnishings, it really is possible for homeowners to strike the perfect balance between effortless luxury and unbeatable protection for their homes.

in aluminium will not corrode, discolour, rot or warp, and are so resistant to fading in sunlight that the doors are even installed in extreme hot climates, like Dubai.This strength and resistance ensures security isn’t compromised by age and weathering. These material benefits are of great importance when investing in renovations that need to perform perfectly for home owners for years to come.The vast array of finishes available combined with its tough properties make aluminium a great option for ensuring maximum protection to the bi-folding doors and client’s home. For clients seeking the most exceptional views from their property, an aluminium bi-folding door set will enable frames to be narrower than other materials available. This means even more light can enter the home and the best sight lines across the landscape achieved even when the doors are closed. Origin’s sightlines are as narrow as they can be to ensure the security of the system is not compromised.

With the latest in security and manufacturing technology it really is possible for homeowners to strike the perfect balance between effortless luxury and unbeatable protection

Style in mind Those wanting bi-folding doors to be a reflection of the style and tastes already echoed throughout their home can be accommodated. An extensive range of colours for frames, door furniture and gaskets allow for full customisation and a perfectly integrated look to the property’s interior and exterior. Finally, to address any concerns of privacy or light control your clients may have, you For a faster response visit or use the free reader enquiry card


Legal & Business

Influence is key

Europe’s influence is never far away from us and for those who manufacture, specify or install pumps in the buildings and projects on which we work, there’s a series of major changes coming up that start with effect from 1st January 2013 – and that’s not far away. Richard Harden, Sales Director, Wilo UK, outlines the revisions.

Previously Commercial Manager, Richard Harden is now Wilo’s Sales Director UK (Building Services).


the European Commission, the EU ordinance prohibits the sale of technically outmoded, inefficient pump models from 2013 onwards. This will mean a ban on sales of about 90% of the glandless circulating pumps that were on the market in 2009. The reality is that the new efficiency requirements will be practically impossible to achieve without using highefficiency pumps with EC – electronically commutated – motor technology.

Advanced preparations The important new yardstick for determining which pump models can continue to be used in future is referred to as the energy efficiency index (EEI). From January 2013, the limit EEI value of glandless circulating pumps installed outside the heat generator will be defined as 0.27. The energy efficiency classes specified at present will then become superfluous, because as a rule, pumps will be better than the minimum requirements of the current A rated pumps. From August 2015, the EEI limit value will be reduced to 0.23. This will also apply to glandless circulation pumps, designed to operate in newly installed heat generators or solar thermal systems (integrated pumps). In the last implementation stage, the regulations starting from 2020 will also apply to the replacement of integrated pumps in existing heat generators. The regulations apply to all glandless circulating pumps in heating and air conditioning applications with the exception of drinking water circulation pumps. As an example of what is possible, the Wilo-Stratos and Wilo-Stratos PICO series of single pumps offer potential electricity savings of up to 90% compared to standard pumps without speed control. They already comply not just with the first stage requirements for 2013 but with the limit values of the second stage of the glandless circulating

pump ordinance due for 2015. The electronically controlled glandless circulation pumps with maintenance-free frequency converters automatically adjust their power to the changing operating status of the heating system. There are currently about 140 million small circulators in Europe running constantly, whether they are needed or not. It simply makes sense that all small circulators should respond to the needs of the heating or cooling system they are part of, using the minimum necessary energy to run them – and none at all when they aren’t required to operate. The EU Commission estimates that inefficient circulators are responsible for about a 20% share of household energy bills and removing them and replacing them with intelligent circulators could save as much as €2.2b by 2020 across the 27 European member states.


he European Union has recognised that in order to achieve anywhere near its requirements for carbon emission reductions, and to see significant reductions in the energy needed to power heating and hot water systems across the twenty seven member states, it has to lay down the law. The total electricity consumption of all glandless circulating pumps operated in the European Union for heating and air conditioning – which includes the normal small circulating pumps – has to be halved by 2020. This is the objective of an EU ordinance under the European ErP (Eco-Design) Directive which will regulate the energy efficiency of this type of pump, from 1st January 2013 onwards, with a further tightening of requirements planned for 1st August 2015. Overall, these changes are thought to be likely to provide an energy saving that equates to the electricity generated by about six medium-sized coal-fired power stations, or a reduction in EU-wide carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of about 11 million tonnes per year. In order to achieve this goal set by

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Sunsquare.indd 1

Contemporary Glass Structures by Eagle S G & W Ltd Tel: 0845 230 9569 /


Photo credited to: Charles Barclay Architects.

Eagle_FC_Feb.indd 1

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With over 11 million people registered as disabled in the UK, there has never been more of a need for house builders to provide accommodation tailored to those with impairments. Until recently, products and services created specifically for those with a disability were hard to find.


he key to any successful project comes in understanding the needs of the end user, and this is never more important than when it is for a homeowner with an impairment. The number one priority for those living with impairments is to retain a sense of independence within their own home. Traditional ‘fitted’ kitchens have long been a problem area for builders. Knowing how to make a kitchen work for those with impairments can often become problematic, especially when an ‘off-the-shelf’ kitchen is considered. In order to deliver a fully accessible kitchen, one needs to build in increased flexibility into the design. Within Symphony’s Kubix collection, Esprit and Freedom were the first kitchens solely designed around making the space fully accessible and adaptable to individuals with impairments. The Kubix range, which includes


Freedom and Esprit, has been designed with flexibility in mind, helping to support independent living for those with a variety of impairments. Incorporating simple design elements such as adjustable-height wall mounted cupboards, and worktops that can be raised or lowered using hydraulics, the kitchens can provide easier access for those in wheelchairs, without compromising on aesthetic.

Flexibility in kitchen design

Accessible facilities Similarly, enhanced flexibility factored into the design enables housebuilders and developers to integrate mid-height appliances and pull-out pan drawers effectively to enhance accessibility. Options such as worktop-height recycling and waste bins, pull out shelving underneath worktops and ovens providing extra put-down space for heavy or hot pans and rounded drawer boxes, also help to improve the functionality of a kitchen for those with limited dexterity.

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Options such as worktop-height recycling and waste bins, help to improve the functionality of a kitchen

Symphony’s Kubix range has been designed with flexibility in mind, helping to support independent living for those with a variety of impairments

For those with limited vision, a standard kitchen can become burdensome as their sight deteriorates. Builders fitting a kitchen for a visually impaired user need to ensure that a number of factors are included. Worktop, frontal and splash back contrasts for maximum light reflective values should be included as part of the design to help those with limited vision to access things easily and safely. Understanding the effects that cognitive impairments such as dementia, have on a person, is of importance to housebuilders as these impairments can impede an individual’s ability to remain independent, making simple tasks such as remembering where things are kept, difficult. Features such as glass fronted wall units, to enable quick identification of its contents and open shelving for clear easy access to kitchen accessories are an easy way to overcome this, and should be considered from the offset. Similarly, handles with labels telling the user what is in the cupboard can be added at little cost to assist those with cognitive impairments in identifying where items are kept in their kitchen. Within a specialist kitchen optimised for those with impairments, every aspect of a ‘traditional’ kitchen can be factored into the design, without compromising on aesthetics or functionality, providing a builder chooses the appropriate kitchen supplier. Working closely with leading care experts to identify problems, and using their design expertise to create innovative solutions has meant that Symphony has been the driving force behind the fitted furniture market.




June 1 2 Issue


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Concr ete ev idence – rewrit book fo ing the r sustai rule nable constr uction

Design & Desi re

Titanic Belfast takes on a vo the wor yage of ld discove ry

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Design & Desire Daikin’s Zeas condensing units provide an ideal solution for refrigeration applications with high efficiency or fluctuating load requirements

Cold as ice

The exhilarating icebar experience is a phenomenon that orginated in Scandinavia. The inaugral icebar brand, Icehotel, has since grown worldwide including a high-end London branch. In order to maintain the impressive ice sculptures and freezing temperatures and improve energy efficiency, Icehotel looked to Daikin to help the venue stay cool.


he über-cool Icebar by Icehotel, in the heart of London’s fashionable West End, is housed in the former wine vaults of the British monarchy. Here, guests can enjoy a drink or two at -5°C in an environment where the walls, bar, tables and even the cocktail glasses are hand-crafted from ice from the River Torne in Jukkasjärvi in Northern Sweden. Each autumn, a team of ice sculptors creates a new themed interior using chisels and chainsaws to create an impressive artistic transformation enhancing the customer’s visual and sensory experience. In order to maintain this temperature and to preserve the ice sculptures, a highly energy efficient refrigeration system was required to work in conjunction with a total climate control solution that would provide


air conditioning, heating and ventilation to the bar, restaurant, kitchen and washroom areas.

Climate control The Icebar, in Heddon Street, initially required a refrigeration system for cooling the bar area to preserve the ice sculptures within a -5ºC ambience. However, after the client saw the energy saving potential of Daikin’s systems, the initial plans were expanded to incorporate other areas, including the restaurant, which required comfort cooling to 21ºC, as well as an over door air curtain, heating and hot water provision. Two Zeas condensing units from Daikin UK were chosen, along with a VRV heat recovery system, a Biddle Air curtain and ventilation via Daikin’s VAM system. The Zeas condensing units provide an ideal solution for refrigeration

applications with high efficiency or fluctuating load requirements. The entire Zeas range is inverter controlled and is suitable for medium and low temperature refrigeration applications. The primary model chosen was a medium temperature unit, which can

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Design & Desire

Once management realised the benefits of the Zeas system, it was specified in a number of other areas

“This challenge, combined with the constant heat gains in the carefully maintained -5ºC atmosphere of Icebar, led us to work very closely with Daikin UK to design a controlled installation for the whole venue which will lead to heat recovery savings of over 50% by using new technology.”

Fast delivery Zeas condensing units are ideal for applications with fluctuating loads and high energy efficiency requirements, such as hotels, restaurants and retail stores, as well as cold storage applications. Offering a complete solution for contractors,


deliver evaporating temperatures from -20°C to +10°C. With a capacity of 37kW, the Zeas unit offers energy efficiency levels of up to 300% (a COP of 3.0), yet it has a small footprint of just 1240 x 765mm and very low sound emissions of just 43dBA at 10m, making it perfect for this project. The unit also has an ultra-low noise setting which allows it to operate at 36dBa at 10m. A slightly smaller, 22kW model was also installed in the building with a footprint of 930 x 765mm and low sound emissions of just 39dBA at 10m. This unit also has an ultra-low noise setting of 32dBa at 10m. It can also deliver evaporating temperatures between -20°C and +10°C.

space cooling, with the recovered heat used for the over door air curtain and to heat hot water in the kitchen and washrooms. Daikin’s VAM ventilation system was also used to temper fresh air to a comfortable temperature and to provide free cooling when available. Alex de Pommes, Icebar’s Director, says: “We had been meaning to upgrade our heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems in our restaurant and Icebar for a while. Ascertaining the correct comfort levels for our customers in the restaurant was of prime importance and had to be balanced against energy loss from the large open entrance doors.

Added specification Calculations show that the Zeas condensing unit provides a 24% improvement in energy efficiency (compared with a non-inverter condensing unit) with an estimated payback period of six months. Tom Davey, of AC Direct Ltd, who carried out the installation, says: “Once our client saw the potential energy savings of the Daikin Zeas system, he was so impressed that he asked us to extend the installation to include other areas.” In these areas Daikin VRV heat recovery units were used to provide

Each autumn, a team of ice sculptors creates a new themed interior using chisels and chainsaws to create an impressive artistic transformation

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Design & Desire

Economic solution To deliver even greater energy efficiency, the inverter scroll compressor has a reluctance brushless DC motor with powerful neodymium magnets. This uses two different forms of torque simultaneously (normal and reluctance torque) to produce extra power from small electric currents, delivering significant increases in efficiency compared

Guests can enjoy a drink or two at -5°C in an environment where the walls, bar, tables and even the cocktail glasses are hand-crafted from ice

with conventional AC inverter motors. The unit is also equipped with an economiser function, which provides significant improvements in the ratio of refrigeration capacity to power consumption, when compared with standard systems. These advanced features ensure that Zeas operates extremely efficiently, helping to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Zeas condensing units use R-410A refrigerant, which has a lower global

warming potential than R-404A and zero ozone depletion potential. In addition, its lifetime carbon emissions are typically much less than using lower GWP refrigerants such as CO2. R-410A also has a larger heat transportation capacity than R404A and R134a, so the refrigerant can be delivered via more compact components and reduced piping sizes.


the system is fully equipped, factory tested and pre-programmed for quick and easy installation and commissioning. The system is based on Daikin’s highly successful VRV technology, which is renowned for its energy efficiency and controllability.The inverter adjusts the power used to suit the actual requirement, gradually increasing its output based on the refrigeration capacity needed. Inverter control also shortens system start-up time, so that the required temperature is reached more quickly and temperature fluctuations are avoided.Then as soon as that temperature is reached, the inverter ensures that it is constantly maintained. Because an inverter continually monitors and adjusts the temperature whenever needed, it avoids cycling of the compressor meaning that there are no voltage peaks and energy consumption is therefore 30% lower than a traditional on/off system.

Zeas condensing units use R-410A refrigerant, which has a lower global warming potential than R-404A and zero ozone depletion potential


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Broaden your horizons . . .

Established in 1994, Glazing Vision is now the UK’s leading manufacturer of innovative glass rooflight solutions. From standard Fixed, Hinged and Sliding Rooflights to Bespoke Designs. Our access rooflights range from a Manual Access Hatch for maintenance to Free Standing Box rooflights and Wall Mounted Box Rooflights for terraced access.

. . .discover our access rooflights Electric Skydoor

Hydraulic Skydoor

VisionVent (Vent & Access)

Box rooflight

All our rooflights are designed to the following principles: Minimum framework, maximum daylight resulting in increased thermal performance. Concealed dual synced mechanisms and electronics Multi option operating devices and BMS integration Manual overrides & safety override devices Adaptability of glass unit insertion to achieve desired U-Values Fixed rooflight integration for large glazing requirements

Glazing Vision employee a team of designers, engineers and electronics specialists to make sure our rooflights meet the demands of the market place. Each rooflight is tested extensively in our hi tech research and development centre in Diss, Norfolk. To arrange a visit by one of our representatives throughout the UK or for a brochure call us now on 0333 8000 881.

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We guarantee great British fencing designed around you. We guarantee a seamless installation by our team of specialists, and most of all, we guarantee all of our products for 25 years. To view our full range visit or call 0800 41 43 43 for a brochure.





































































From the boldest ideas to the finest detail, we understand exactly what goes into the areas you create. That’s why, since 1947, we’ve guaranteed to meet your vision with our guarantee.






















































Head Office: 94 Stowting Common, Ashford TN25 6BN. Also at Bath and Chester.

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Glass & Glazing

Divide and conquer One of the most demanding requirements when considering partitioning systems is balancing aesthetics with key performance criteria. Here Malcolm Stamper at SAS International takes a closer look at performance criteria of fully glazed partitioning systems which importantly will allow premises to be flexible for future organisational change.


n aspect commonly overlooked is how the partitioning integrates with its surrounding materials.With a range of head tracks available, partitioning can blend seamlessly to allow integration with the ceiling or wall and floors. Ease of integrating building solutions in the internal environment is a key consideration to allow for future office change. It is possible to provide a clean integration with drywall using trims to create a part glazed, part drywall configuration. An important consideration when installing partitioning systems is to allow for building slab deflection.With most new building projects dead and live loads can cause significant movement in some long-span floor systems. A live load will almost certainly cause some degree of movement which impacts on the space between the floor and ceiling plane.


This is where deflection is becoming an important consideration on any new build or refurbishment and especially when considering future office change. As suspended ceilings, along with other building services, are fixed to a building slab using rigid hangers any deflection must be handled by the partitioning system. A wide selection of head tracks provide varying degrees of deflection, up to ± 25mm, to suit specification requirements. One of the most important areas to consider at the outset is meeting requirements of Approved Document B of the Building Regulations. It states that in an emergency occupants should be able to escape a building without external assistance.This is where partitioning, used as a fire precaution to safeguard escape routes, is critical.The results of fire tests, BS476 Parts 20 and 22, are measured in time for integrity and insulation.

Integrating building solutions in the internal environment is a key consideration to allow for future office change

Partitioning systems available today can provide fire performance options up to FD60/60 (integrity and insulation). The workplace has changed considerably with many factors placing demands on acoustic performance yet what is vital is the key role that acoustics play to provide enhanced occupant comfort for workers and visitors alike. Partitioning systems can provide high levels of sound attenuation – the reduction in sound between two spaces separated by a dividing element. Up to 47dB can be achieved with SAS International’s System 8000.This helps with both privacy and to ensure that there is minimal disruption from sound outside a meeting room or office. SAS International understands that one size does not fit all and that ease of installation and future relocation of partitioning systems are important considerations.This thinking led to the design of its new fully glazed partitioning – System 8000. It enables integration with a variety of wall and ceiling systems providing a range of design options whilst fulfilling demands for performance and aesthetics. In most projects performance and aesthetics of partitioning will be set at design stage, however ensuring that specification is adhered to when installing partitioning is crucial.This is not only to prevent costly mistakes but also to ensure fire protection and acoustic comfort is maintained and to help ensure workspaces can be adapted in the future to accommodate change. There’s so much to consider and each project is different therefore talking to and working closely with a manufacturer at design or installation stage can alleviate any concerns and ensures the correct solution is supplied for project requirements.

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Future relocation of partitioning systems is an important consideration


HST side sliding sectional door

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New from Europe’s no. 1: the side sliding sectional door A special door for special fitting situations: you don‘t want to lose the storage space in the ceiling area? From now on, this is no longer a problem thanks to Hörmann’s side sliding sectional door. And a quick twist of the handle moves the door into the “wicket door” position. Only from Hörmann: automatic wicket door function.

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For literature on our complete range call 01530 516888 - ref: FCA

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Heating & Plumbing pressures from within the building, an increase in output will be required. The most common error in air curtain installations is the use of an underpowered air curtain that doesn’t provide enough air volume. However, if an air curtain is oversized and provides air at an excessive volume, the turbulence created at the bottom of the doorway can have a negative effect and promote thermal transfer through the entrance rather than reduce it.

Feel the pressure

A warm welcome

Air curtains create an invisible barrier of air that separates two thermal zones. They are often used on shops, offices and other public doorways but can be used in industrial situations, like warehouses or factories, and also on cold stores. Mike Verney, Sales Director at JS Air Curtains, details what to consider when specifying these systems.


esigns and performance vary greatly and ensuring the correct air curtain is used for a specific application depends on many variables. An open doorway without an air curtain will experience a flow of heavy cold air at the bottom from the cold to the warm side and a flow of light warm air at the top from the warm to cold side. An air curtain must be powerful enough to


create a seal that resists this air pressure and substantially reduces the flow of air. Under normal conditions an external door that is 2.2m high will need an air curtain that provides around 1,300mÂł/h of air per metre of doorway. At this output two temperature zones on either side of the door will be successfully separated. For doorways that are exposed to particularly windy conditions or are subject to negative or positive

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Comtesse air curtain at Mothercare

The length of an air curtain ought to slightly overlap the width of the doorway (when mounted above) in order to minimise air leakage at the edges. If it is too small, irrespective of the air velocity it produces, it will not provide an effective barrier. It is also important that the air curtain is located as close to the door opening as possible. An air curtain that is located at a distance from the doorway will allow air leakage around the edges of the barrier it creates, reducing any benefit. Most air curtains have adjustable outlet vanes that enable the air flow to be directed at a certain angle for the best possible seal.The optimum angle for the flow of air is slightly into the colder side irrespective of whether the application is protecting a heated or chilled environment. When the air flow hits the ground it will split, with the majority returning inside the warmer area due to the pressure created by the heavier cold air.

Rund air curtain at Cadburys


Britain’s leading manufacturer of clean burning wood stoves Clearview Stoves offers the complete solution for homebuilders & renovators We are the UK’s largest dedicated manufacturer of clean burning wood stoves, designing, manufacturing and distributing from our ten acre site in Shropshire. With installation and product knowledge unequalled in the industry, we can provide all that is necessary for a trouble free installation. Some of our benefits include: Money saving. Certified for use in smokeless zones. We were the first ever company to achieve this. A heat source that is 70% efficient, most open fires are only 10%. Very easy to light and maintain. They burn for long periods unattended and the ashtray only needs to be emptied every two to three weeks. You are in control of your fuel supply, no longer dependent on the big energy companies. A satisfying and pleasurable way to heat your home. Reduced dependence on fossil fuels. Thousands of accessories and flue components in stock.

STOCKISTS THROUGHOUT THE UK Brochure Line: 01588 650 123 Dinham House, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 1EJ. Tel: 01584 878 100

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Heating & Plumbing Zen air curtain at Manzil Banquet Hall

of heated units at the bottom and unheated units on top.

Sealed and delivered In the summertime air curtains can be used without the heater to provide an ambient air seal and keep in air conditioning. It can be tempting to use this approach in the winter to keep out cold air, as it reduces the energy consumption of the air curtain system. However, heated units will improve the comfort level inside a room. Before specifying an unheated system, consider what the acceptable temperature is internally and whether there is an additional heat source.

Selecting the correct control strategy is essential to prevent under or overheating and reduce energy consumption. The basic control option is manual on/off with fan speed and heater level control. In addition, room thermostats can be used to control the heat output and door switches to adjust fan and heater settings when the door is open or closed. A combination of room thermostat and door switch can provide an appropriate level of heating and air velocity only when required and minimise energy consumption. Intelligent control options are also available that incorporate external and internal temperature sensors and adjust the air curtain’s output depending on the difference between the two conditions. Other control features include delayed timer run-on, and all control options can be operated from a BMS. Modern air curtains don’t just create an air barrier. Some can incorporate other services like lighting, aroma diffusers or CCTV. Signage and branding can also be carried on fascia panels and other design elements such as clocks or digital displays.


Air curtains can be positioned horizontally above a door or vertically to the side. The choice is often purely an aesthetic one but other factors can play a role. A lack of space above a doorway, a very high ceiling, glass fascia or other structural elements could make vertical installation at the side of the door a better option. The possibility of collision with the air curtain, a lack of available floor space or a very wide doorway would require a horizontally-mounted air curtain above the door. It is often possible to overcome initial difficulties in positioning an air curtain through innovative design. A high ceiling can still accommodate a horizontallysuspended air curtain with a long, attractive support column. Alternatively goalpost type legs can be used so that a horizontally-positioned unit is suspended above a doorway but independently supported from the ground. Air curtains can be heated with electric elements, low pressure hot water or steam. Air curtains maintaining a chilled environment, such as a cold store, are employed without heating. Some warehouse doorways that are very high employ a vertically stacked combination Vertical Rund air curtain at Canary Wharf


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The The Electric Electric Lifestyle Lifestyle Central Central heating heating of of the the future, future, just plug in and turn on. just plug in and turn on.


Eco-friendly, Eco-friendly, new new and and unique unique technology technology that that is is super super efficient, efficient, creates creates rapid rapid and and optimum optimum heat heat without without compromising compromising interior interior design. design. Wireless Wireless controlled controlled energy energy consumption. consumption. Rapid Rapid installation, installation, just just plug plug in. in. As As cost-effective cost-effective as as gas. gas. PATENTED PATENTED HEATING HEATING SYSTEMS SYSTEMS



by by

Advanced Advanced Condensing Condensing System System

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CIBSE Preview

Closer collaboration Cross-industry cooperation will be a key theme running through the packed schedule for The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) annual conference, taking place on 10-11th October at London’s Olympia as part of Building Services – The CIBSE Conference & Exhibition.


Informative programme Other confirmed participants for Building Services – The CIBSE Conference & Exhibition include; David Mathieson, Director at Turner & Townsend, Neil Billett, Partner and London Office Managing Director for Buro Happold, Myles McCarthy the Managing Director for the Carbon Trust Implementation Services, David Fink, Architect and BIM Manager for schmidt hammer lassen architects and Sarah-Jane Stewart the Sustainability Group Leader for Building Services Engineer at Arup. Over the two days, the conference will

split into two streams after lunch to enable delegates to tailor their own agenda and attend sessions that are relevant to them. Sessions within these streams encompass sustainability, regulatory and legislative changes, business opportunities abroad and how the process of Soft Landings will help new and refurbished buildings bridge the gap between design intent and actual performance. Additional sessions will take a more detailed look at The Green Deal, BIM and BREEAM. Panel sessions, external industry insights and roundtable discussions will explore topical issues within the industry offering lively debate on what can be done to move the industry forward. Sessions include a panel discussion featuring Robin Nicholson CBE a Senior Partner at Edward Cullinan Architects, Akhtar Hussain, Director, Building Engineer at AECOM and Sarah Cary, Sustainability Executive for British Land on how different sectors can work together to optimise a projects’ success and ensure effective lifecycle management. The closing session of the conference will offer insight into how an integrated approach for this summer’s London games was delivered. A select panel of experts, including Philip Johnson, Principal at Populous and Daniel House, Associate Director for UKMEA Residential Leader Arup, will deliver an in-depth case study on how they worked together to deliver both comfort and safety for the performers and spectators as well as energy efficiency and sustainability across the huge variety of venues. Building Services – The CIBSE Conference & Exhibition will be colocated with the UK’s leading energy management event, Energy Solutions, which this year will host Lord Sebastian Coe KBE and The FM Event – the UK’s longest-running facilities show.

he two-day event brings together a high-level delegation from across the building services supply chain to debate the challenges facing the industry, identify the most successful business strategies, forge and renew relationships for the future and help to ensure the success of projects, businesses and careers. CIBSE President, David Fisk, says: “We are delighted to have more than 40 internationally recognised experts taking part in the conference. Our speakers come from diverse sectors including government, building services and architecture practices as well as client organisations and academia. Throughout the two days they will share with each other, and our attendees, the latest thinking and best practice whilst offering expert opinions and showcasing successful case studies. “At CIBSE we recognise that this is a

challenging time for the whole industry. This year we created a programme that seeks to address the current challenges faced by building services and what needs to be done to secure its future.” Paul Morrell OBE, Chief Construction Advisor to the Government since 2009, will give the keynote address on the first day, providing in depth insight into the construction industry as a whole, looking at the challenges and opportunities around financing in the future and the drive for sustainability.


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100% Design Preview

The CIBSE Conference & Exhibition

Bringing the building services industry together Meet with industry leaders and your peers to learn more about new legislation and policies, understand best practice and ideas to reduce carbon output

Building Services - The CIBSE Conference & Exhibition brings together engineers, installers, architects, building services engineers, consultants and other industry professionals to network and share knowledge with the entire supply chain. Visiting the Building Services Exhibition will give you the opportunity to meet with a diverse range of exhibitors and benefit from an unrivalled free education programme, including the reinvigorated Energy Academy which will feature a keynote from Lord Sebastian Coe KBE.

Colocated with

10-11 October 2012, London Olympia

Supported by

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Flexible stone tiles. Exciting possibilities. Solus Ceramics one of the UK’s largest commercial tile suppliers, introduces Flexstone, a unique and flexible wall tile that can be applied to flat and curved surfaces. Thin enough to bend easily, the natural laminate stone plate offers endless design possibilities. Call the sales team for more information.

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Kitchens & Bathrooms

Inclusive design for independent living As life expectancy increases and there is a huge shift in the demographics both here and throughout the Western world, we are getting older and living longer. In consequence there is an increasing demand for products to improve the quality of life for the less able, either through disability or the natural ageing process.


to bathe without the need for them to ‘climb in and out’ – which can be both difficult and potentially dangerous.

Complete control Also from Saniflo is the Sanimatic Wash Basin – an electrically controlled rise and fall wash hand basin. The Sanimatic wash hand basin enables the user to move both wall hung basin and mirror (not provided) by use of a corded remote control. From a minimum height of 65cm to a maximum of 95cm the wash basin and mirror will accommodate users of all heights and of course those in wheelchairs. Sanimatic products are minimalist in design and will blend harmoniously into

The Sanimatic range makes independent living safe and comfortable

any decor.The user has a full choice of wall hung WCs, wash basins and mirrors. Easily fitted in a couple of hours where water and electricity is readily available Sanimatic products will help keep life moving. Sanimatic WC is an electrically controlled rise and fall WC. Complementing the Sanimatic wash hand basin, the Sanimatic WC enables the user to adjust the height of a wall hung WC using a corded remote control.The Sanimatic enables the user to adjust the seat height up or down whilst seated and also to flush the WC without having to turn or stretch.The range of travel is 37cm from a low of 38cm to a high of 75cm. Sanimatic will move weight of up to approximately 200Kg (440lbs).The advantage to those who need assistance when standing up or sitting down is clear. Sanimatic is compatible with most wall hung toilet bowls (not provided) so design choice is not limited. It blends unobtrusively with modern bathroom furniture.The unit can be wall mounted or recessed and the rear panels can be decorated as required. Optional arm rests are also available.

urrently there are more over 60s in the UK than under 25s so independent living is becoming a major concern. Saniflo has developed a range of products called Sanilife that enable practical modifications to be made to a bathroom to enable the elderly and less abled person to remain in their own home, where formally they may have needed to be rehomed into a care home or similar, but the nature of the design makes them perfect for use by the whole family. The Kineduo is an exclusive ‘2 in 1’ product. It is a shower/bath which incorporates a high shower screen, bath access door and removable seat; thus enabling people with restricted mobility


The Kineduo ‘2 in 1’ product is a shower/bath which incorporates a high shower screen, bath access door and removable seat

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Kitchens & Bathrooms Roman launches Project Specification Guide Leading UK shower manufacturer and designer, Roman, has launched a revolutionary Project Specification Guide. This has been created specifically for designers, architects and specifiers who are working on large scale projects, and require a totally bespoke showering solution, to meet their own bathroom design. The Project Specification Guide is available to be accessed in a variety of formats, including a dedicated website ( and a brochure, which is available in PDF format, or as a printed edition. From this guide the specifier can pick and choose every part of their enclosure design, right down to the smaller details.


Cooking up a storm in the kitchen When it comes to taps, choice is what most want with guaranteed quality. Renowned manufacturer Pegler Yorkshire has developed its Francis Pegler kitchen tap range to offer both of these essential qualities. The Francis Pegler Designer kitchen tap collection boasts a large array of innovative and adventurous models with distinctive control mechanisms and body design, perfect for adding high-end panache to a plethora of kitchen styles. The Modern Francis Pegler collection, including Galiceno, Chef, Adorn and Cyber styles, is an arrangement of simple designs that are a perfect blend of form and function and would add a touch of elegance to any kitchen.


OpenSpace wins red dot award In July 2012, the OpenSpace shower enclosure by Duravit and EOOS received the coveted ‘best of the best’ red dot award in Essen. OpenSpace, designed by EOOS, is a shower enclosure that is there when it is actually needed. Afterwards, both doors are simply folded away. This not only creates a more spacious feel, but it also enables greater freedom of movement in the bathroom – a particular benefit for small bathrooms. This new form of space efficiency is possible thanks to a frame with a high-gloss chrome look. It encloses two large, self-locking and, as an option, mirrored glass doors.



Mereway Kitchens is ‘switched on’ Leading kitchen furniture manufacturer Mereway Kitchens has embarked on a new partnership with forward-thinking lighting company Sensio Lighting. Sensio has joined forces with Mereway Kitchens to formulate a strong offer of the best lighting solutions on the market that are pre-integrated into kitchen furniture. Sensio is the perfect supply partner for Mereway as it offers a range of premium HD LED lighting solutions to complement Mereway’s furniture collections. Graham Jones, Mereway Kitchens’ Sales and Marketing Director, comments: “We are extremely pleased to be working with Sensio Lighting to formulate an alliance to offer our retailers the opportunity to gain a competitive edge.”


Quality is affordable With such a broad product range, offering quality at an affordable price is something Mereway Bathrooms can certainly do. A keenly priced collection of bathroom furniture; the Java range encompasses a collection of stunning finishes within a lower price band, bringing value for money and quality together. The timeless Java range presents absolute flexibility and looks amazing in both modular wall hung or fitted formats. The full range comprises five woodgrain finishes, each with a delicate texture effect.This versatile range sits comfortably in a lower price group and as with all Mereway Bathrooms’ door styles, offers broad planning scope being available across the entire cabinet matrix.


Hansgrohe offers improved comfort and safety The Talis Care product range, together with the Ecostat Comfort Care thermostat from mixer and shower specialist Hansgrohe, offers additional safety, comfort and ease of use in the bathroom.Talis Care is the ergonomic product line for the convenient use of water, while Ecostat Comfort Care ensures a pleasant pre-set temperature. The well-designed mixer solutions are ideal for anyone requiring extra assistance, or where there are special hygiene requirements: in care homes, hospitals, spa facilities and hospices. And wherever there is a need for higher levels of comfort and safety, such as in nurseries, hotels and homes accommodating multiple generations.

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For all your Swimming pool, Sauna, Spa, Steam Room & Leisure requirements

Swimming pool equipment suppliers for all types of pools Pool hall dehumidification systems Pool filters, pumps & heating equipment LED pool lights & conversion kits Counter current units / wave machines Slides, diving boards, pool ladders & flumes Automatic pool covers, rollers & manual systems - commercial or domestic Pool & spa auto chemical dosing systems / UV units / ozone systems Spas: sales & spares - domestic & commercial Saunas & steam rooms: supplies & spares Pool liners, mosaic tiles, fibreglass pools Sales office & customer service Tel: 01924 479717 Fax: 01924 359 247 Email: Executive Pool Products, Batley WF17 8NN Contact us for a quotation

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Roofing, Cladding & Insulation

First choice for cost savings, faster construction and improved safety When compared to traditional methods, there are many ways in which SkanDek Roof Solutions can be more cost effective – faster construction, fewer columns and edge protection to name but a few. When SkanDek is designed as part of the building’s structure, it will eliminate purlins, replace secondary steelwork and the increased floor grid can save on foundations with fewer columns that will make interior space more attractive and flexible. SkanDek’s large elements make it possible for the contractor to plan construction in new and more efficient ways. It is possible to deliver a complete, waterproof roof much faster than with standard building components. Plus, build rate of 2000m²/day is achievable. Safety can be improved with SkanDek elements. Fewer workers are required for a shorter period when compared with conventional roof construction

methods. Where the design of the roof does not provide permanent edge protection, such as a solid parapet, SkanDek elements can include preinstalled mountings for edge protection that potentially can eliminate the need for fall netting.


Award-winning insulation

Robust Roofshield for Stillpoint The Roofshield vapour and air permeable underlay, supplied by the A. Proctor Group, was recently installed on the roof at Stillpoint Clinic and Dojo, Bath.The project is a 600m2 mixed use scheme in the heart of the World Heritage site of Bath, comprising an alternative health clinic, martial arts dojo and two houses. The very low vapour resistance of 0.09MNs/g combined with high vapour and air permeability reduces the potential for interstitial condensation as far as is possible, and without the requirement to use a vapour control layer, thus giving a robust and dependable solution that can be specified with confidence.



Norfolk-based practice Parsons + Whittley Architects has won the residential category of the first ever UK Passivhaus Awards for a scheme which was insulated with Styrofoam insulation. Parsons + Whittley won the much sought after award for the Wimbish Passivhaus project, a scheme of 14 dwellings designed for Hastoe Housing Association which delivers extremely low fuel bills and has minimal carbon emissions. The buildings were insulated below the concrete floor slabs with Floormate 300-A Styrofoam insulation from Dow Building Solutions. Manufactured in nearby King’s Lynn, the material is highly durable with excellent moisture-resistance and compressive strength, enabling it to perform outside the waterproofing envelope. 039

Safety at height Safetyworks & Solutions, the safety at height and roof access specialist, regularly supplies fall protection systems and roof access solutions to many locations across the UK, including hospitals, schools, offices, industrial buildings, and housing associations. Its extensive product range includes Freestanding and Fixed Handrail Systems for both new build and retro-fit to existing roof decks,Walkways, Domoguard, Fall Restraint and Arrest Systems, Demarcation, Anchor Points and Access, Cat and Modum Ladders, Uniline stainless steel systems, plus a large selection of Personal Protective Equipment. In addition, Safetyworks & Solutions personnel are also fully authorised to carry out Annual Inspection and Certification of equipment to the British Standard requirement.

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Roofing, Cladding & Insulation

Xtratherm enriches SPRA training scheme Seven apprentice roofers were recently taken on a tour of the Xtratherm factory at Holmewood in Chesterfield. This was part of the Single Ply Roofing Association’s (SPRA) first ever specialist apprenticeship programme in the UK. The SPRA course is hosted at East Midlands Roofing College in north Nottingham, and offers generic training and certification in safety and access plus detailed modules in all aspects of single ply. It is a two-year programme with the final six months being assessment. Successful completion of the course results in an NVQ2 in applied waterproof membranes - single ply, level two. This event was not part of the apprentices’ formal training but is an ‘enrichment’ activity, to complement their college-based work. The apprentices are from local employers Advanced Roofing, Briggs Amasco, Metclad Contracts and J Wright Roofing. They were all given a

two hour presentation, followed by a tour of the factory, to familiarise them with production techniques and see how Xtratherm’s innovative engineered insulation materials are manufactured. The apprentices all went away with certificates and photos of their day’s training. Darran Eastap, one of the apprentices from J Wright Roofing said: “Staff at Xtratherm had all been very welcoming and incredibly knowledgeable, able to answer any questions that were asked immediately. The tour of the factory opened my eyes as to how the manufacturing process worked,

in particular the quality assurance process.” Xtratherm as a member of the Single Ply Roofing Association is keen to be involved in this training pilot. Once feedback from the scheme has been reviewed it is hoped to roll out across all the regions in the UK.


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Roofing, Cladding & Insulation

Swish specified for prestigious home transformation Light Oak foiled wood grain cladding from Swish Building Products has been specified on the full-scale renovation of a prestigious property in an exclusive Hertfordshire post code. The 6,000ft2 property was originally built as a Swiss chalet style home. Appointed to deliver its wholesale re-design, architects practice Design Team Consultants, specified Light Oak foiled cladding from Swish. Andrew Hayward, Design Team Consultants, explains: “The property was originally built in a ‘Swiss-chalet style’ and its appearance had become really quite dated. Our brief from the owner was to create in a sense, a completely new home from that original footprint and fabric.There are a number of quite strong features, the red roof, grey aluminium windows and white render and we have used the cladding to hold it together and combined it to give the property an

exceptionally modern appearance and feel.” Swish Building Products offers a recently expanded range of foiled fascias and soffits including, Light Oak, Irish Oak, Mahogany, Black and Rosewood. Sitting alongside window board and trims, this includes a full 16mm square fascia and soffit system, offering a perfect match across individual elements of roofline installation work. Also carrying a full Swish 10-year guarantee, the roofline specialist has reported a growing demand for wood foil and coloured finishes, specified as hard wearing low maintenance alternatives over traditional timber. Greg Wilde, Swish Building Products: “It’s been an uphill struggle trying to persuade

architects that PVC foils can deliver a great long life alternative timber. “Life time cost savings alongside the A+ material sustainability rating the material has been awarded by the Building Research Establishment, have perhaps supported us in persuading architects and specifiers of the advantages of using PVC and we are now seeing a definite increase in its use in specification.”


Animated copper

Cowell becomes LRWA chairman Harry Cowell has been appointed as the new chairman of the Liquid Roofing & Waterproofing Association after being voted to take up the post by the Association’s membership. Harry, who is managing director of cold liquid-applied waterproofing specialist, Kemper System, has been a member of the Association since 1997. He has been involved in the Association’s development throughout as it evolved into ELWA (European Liquid Waterproofing Association) in 2005, and as chairman of the Association’s marketing committee he was responsible for its re-launch to the LRWA in 2010.



Vertical copper panels with various Nordic surfaces from Aurubis Architectural animate an otherwise typical large multi-storey car park in Nottingham, adding a sense of movement appropriate to its transport interchange setting. The palette of Aurubis Architectural surfaces at Nottingham includes solid coloured Nordic Green Traditional pre-patinated copper and Nordic Green Living 1 with less intense patination, revealing some background material.The composition gives a mosaic of colour that sits in clearly defined horizontal bands along the length of the building, breaking up the subservient concrete frame – typical of multi-storey car park buildings – and curtain walling. 046

Ash & Lacy emergency treatment Ash & Lacy Building Systems has proved invaluable to several ambulance stations in Yorkshire that have all undergone refurbishments or re-roofing projects. Stations from the Yorkshire Ambulance service in Halifax, Longley and Rotherham all decided Ash & Lacy’s AshJack flat to pitched roofing system would be the perfect solution to eradicate the long term water ingress problems that were affecting all the sites. Ash & Lacy’s AshJack was specified by Abbey CCL following their research into other comparable systems which proved Ash & Lacy to be superior and the best solution for all of the projects, despite their slightly differing requirements.

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Roofing, Cladding & Insulation

DuPont develops eco-friendly breakthrough technology DuPont has combined its know-how in materials science and chemistry, to develop an ecofriendly patented technology for greater building safety. Offering extremely high levels of flame retardancy (up to Class B) new DuPont Tyvek FireCurb adds to the renowned properties of the breather membranes, such as long-term protection and effective vapour diffusion. When flames meet Tyvek FireCurb, they stop, die down and go out, limiting flame propagation between floors through the external envelope. While crucially offering higher safety to occupants and fire fighters, this new product line also potentially reduces the damage and cost caused by fires. Typically installed onto the external side of the insulation material or integrated into the wall structure system, Tyvek FireCurb represents an

excellent solution to protecting for such important and long-term investments as buildings. Extremely versatile, the membranes will be available in variations for ventilated facades, open rain screen cladding, timber frame and roofing constructions and will provide protection during the installation phase. The novel technology involves

no halogens, instead a phosphorous containing agent forms a ‘char’ layer at the surface, slowing the release of flammable materials. Starved of fuel, the flame spreads over the membrane more slowly or not at all. There is also less smoke when the membrane does burn, another advantage for people attempting to flee a burning building.


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Total solution to washroom compliance A British company has a total solution to effectively help the leisure industry comply with the new legislation and guidance. In this article, Total Hygiene stresses the importance of designing appropriate and inclusive washroom design.


n estimated 80m people in Europe, of which 10m live in the UK, are disabled; the new European Disability Strategy aims to enable them to ‘go about their daily lives like everyone else…removing barriers to equal participation in public life and leisure activities…’, fulfilling the EU’s commitment to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The Strategy follows the introduction of BS8300, which advises multi-occupancy buildings provide up to 15% of bedrooms as accessible, and that buildings to which numbers of the public have access include a specialised Changing Places accessible toilet. Total Hygiene, one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of disabled toileting solutions,


provides an effective means of compliance, via delivery of a fully accessible washroom or Changing Places toilet. Larger than traditional accessible toilets, Changing Places toilets include extra equipment including a height adjustable adult-sized changing bench and hoist, in locations such as shopping centres, transport hubs and leisure venues. Total Hygiene can not only provide the design advice, equipment supply, installation and commissioning and maintenance for a Changing Places toilet, but can make that washroom facility, or alternative accessible toilets, as inclusive as possible by additionally including a Clos-o-Mat (wash and dry) toilet, which meets the needs of anyone who requires the help of a carer to clean them after

Total Hygiene provides an effective means of compliance, via delivery of a fully accessible washroom or Changing Places toilet

toileting, and specific Islamic hygiene requirements. “We all go to toilet an average 8 times a day!” explains Robin Tuffley, Total Hygiene Marketing Manager. “Able people take accessing appropriate toilets when ‘out of home’ for granted, but for disabled people, especially those that need the help of at least one carer, many current ‘accessible’ toilets do not meet their needs. “The 2012 London Olympics made the need to cater for foreign, including EU and all disabled, visitors front of mind, but it is something our local authorities and leisure sector need to address for the longer term. A fundamental element of the UN Convention is universal designof products, environments, programmes and services to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialised design. “Research also shows that for the average business, disabled customers may already account for up to 20% of the customer base: it therefore makes sound commercial sense to accommodate them, by providing appropriate washroom facilities.” Total Hygiene is unique in being able to provide, in-house, design advice, supply, install, commissioning and service & maintenance of its equipment, enabling customers to have just one point of contact. Full details of Total Hygiene’s range of options, plus its interface with British Standards and Building Regulations, are available from the company’s website.

Total Hygiene can design, supply, install and service all of its equipment

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Disability Ofwat recommends accessibility for water meters

Closer offers little resistance Samuel Heath’s Powermatic controlled, concealed door closer provides a host of benefits that enable ease of access to be combined with aesthetics, performance and reliability. With an operating efficiency in excess of 80%, Powermatic far exceeds the recommendations for efficiency of Approved Document M and BS EN 1154. As such, it is classed as ‘superefficient’ and is one of the most efficient closers on the market.In addition, total concealment and the fact that Powermatic can be installed towards the bottom of the door jamb also means that the closer offers a useful solution in anti-ligature situations, further enhancing the product’s safety credentials.


In a document re-issued by the Water Regulator in January, it was stated that water meters, as with other utility meter boxes, should be placed in such a position as to be fully accessible to handicapped and disabled occupants of the property being served. By far the best method of providing access to a water meter is to leave it in an accessible position on the property served. By use of the Groundbreaker water management system you are providing an easily accessible wall mounted water meter, as well as providing the perfect platform for smart metering, without the need for secondary meters being installed.


New WCs join Rakrimless range RAK Ceramics has introduced a series of extended projection WCs to its new Rakrimless range. Offering improved accessibility and a hygienic rim-free design, the new range includes both extended close coupled and extended back to wall WCs, in a variety of formats. All models are HTM64 compliant and suitable for wheelchair users and healthcare settings.Within the new Rakrimless range, designs include extended projection close coupled WCs with a 45cm comfort height and reinforced ring seat/ chrome hinge or soft close wrap over seat. Extended projection models are available in 70 or 75cm formats and back to wall models in 45 or 48cm format.


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Floors, Walls & Ceilings

FINSA launches new Superpan TECH P6 The UK division of the multi-national Spanish wood-based board manufacturer has announced the introduction of the super board to give major advantages to the construction and industrial sectors. Superpan TECH P6 is a new patented board that offers structural, performance and sustainability advantages to architects, specifiers and project managers. Superpan TECH P6 is essentially a composite board formed from two MDF

faces enclosing a particle board core produced in a patented single process. It offers greater bending strength and traction than standard chipboard and is therefore much more versatile in general construction and structural applications.

In particular Superpan TECH P6 is ideal for special partitioning, and industrial flooring for access surfaces, mezzanine decks and shelving in cantilever and other racking. The P6 classification meets the more stringent building regulations and architects and planners will appreciate the ability to have any side tongue and grooved for easy assembly and installation. Critically in the modern environmentallyaware world, Superpan TECH P6 is a highly sustainable product being 100% recyclable and reduces the carbon footprint by acting as a CO2 store. Furthermore full PEFC and FSC certification guarantee that the raw material used to manufacture Superpan TECH P6 comes from sustainable natural sources. FINSA UK Managing Director Rafael Willisch says: “We are very excited about introducing Superpan TECH P6 into the UK and our stock holding facilities in Birkenhead will offer the UK construction sector easy and immediate access to this high performance board.”


Armstrong Ceilings gets warmer

Great expectations for Yeoman Shield As part of a £1m refurbishment of a maternity unit carried out by main contractor E Manton,Yeoman Shield wall and door protection has been supplied and fitted into the new Midwife Led Unit (MLU) at New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton. Corridors of the unit have been fitted with Yeoman Shield ‘FalmoutEx’ wall sheet along with 200mm Protection Rail and Strip. Lyndsay Durkin, Midwifery Led Unit Manager, says: “We are delighted with the way the unit looks and having Yeoman Shield fitted has given us an attractive finish which will help us to keep it looking pristine for many years to come.”



A new range of tiles has been launched as part of Armstrong Ceilings’ Atelier offer. The company has selected the finest quality wood finish, which complies with all fire requirements (Euroclass B-s2, d0) without comprising acoustic performance (sound absorption up to Class C) or environmental considerations (FSC-certified), to offer a luxurious, modern interior finish to new-build and refurbishment projects alike. Armstrong’s new wood range is available in tiles and planks and in laminate, for a durable and more affordable option, or veneer, where real wood gives a particularly prestigious, high-class solution. Both options are coated with a clear UV-enhanced and solvent-free lacquer. 057

Mapei runs RIBA-accredited CPDs Mapei’s five RIBA assessed and accredited CPDs are now available to book at Domus’ New Specification Home in Clerkenwell, London.The Specification Home showcases many technologically-advanced installation systems and products, detailing the succession of layers involved to reach the surface finish – supporting both Mapei and Domus’ CPDs. Mapei and Domus invites guests to the first seminar in this state-of-the-art facility, titled Avoiding Ceramic Tiling Failures on 23rd October at 8:30am and 12:00pm.The CPD’s are independently certified by RIBA and the Construction CPD Certification Service and provide a valuable tool for Architects, Specifiers and Contractors across the UK and Ireland. 058

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Floors, Walls & Ceilings Dulux Trade unveils new Colour Guide Dulux Trade has launched a new and improved Professional Colour Guide featuring an updated range of colours. Following a complete refresh, the brochure includes over 30 new contemporary shades, as well as the ever-popular classics, providing decorators and their customers with a selection that is ideal for a variety of commercial and domestic environments. The latest collection has been developed by Dulux Trade colour experts to include the right balance of new colour styles and traditional favourites.The colours flow from the palest at the top to the most intense at the bottom, so users can quickly and easily find the shade they want.


Performance partitioning from Planet Planet Partitioning, partitioning specialist, has supplied a substantial quantity of frameless single-glazed partitioning and feature Barrisol ceilings to the newly-built Ferrari and Maserati car showroom in Swindon. Planet was also able to fulfil custom requests including a large S-curve which forms part of the continuous atrium glazing on the first floor looking down onto the main showroom. A bespoke doublecurved, back-painted and sandblasted glazed screen was constructed on the ground floor to mirror the atrium glazing above forming the main customer reception desk area, with an adjacent clear glazed back-lit large feature screen which carries a striking manifestation image of a Ferrari F1 racing car. 060

Acoustic ceilings enhance fine wines

Hedonism Wines is a new drinks boutique which recently opened in the heart of London’s upmarket Mayfair district and sells around 1000 spirits and 3500 different wines. Sound absorption was particularly important because of the wood floors and hard surfaces, so the solution was to install ceilings comprising Troldtekt ultrafine tiles. The 2400 x 600mm tiles also create a very attractive surface which complements and helps tie the whole interior together. Danish manufactured Troldtekt tiles are made from 100% natural wood fibres mixed with cement.Their benefits are high sound absorption, high durability, natural breathability, low cost life cycle performance and sustainability.


Schlüter’s recipe for success Chefs at culinary school Le Cordon Bleu London will be perfecting their dishes amongst the crème de la crème of tile installations after products from Schlüter-Systems were installed there by Harper & Edwards Ltd. In the kitchens this includes Schlüter-ECK-E, a stainless steel corner profile for tiled walls which provides protection for edges subject to heavy stresses and is especially suitable for areas where strict hygienic requirements must be met and where aesthetic appeal is desired. Finishing threshold strips from the SchlüterSchiene-E range can also be found in the kitchens as well as corridors and the main reception area.


New Interface bio-based yarn collection Interface has unveiled its first commercial carpet tile made from plant-based nylon. Fotosfera consists of yarn exclusive to Interface that is made from castor plant oil produced in rural communities. Castor oil, the main ingredient of Fotosfera, is produced from plants that are fast growing, therefore readily renewable, resilient and exceptionally low-maintenance. Fotosfera comes in two designs – Structured and Micro – which are both available in eight co-ordinating colourways. As well as including 63% bio-based content, the designs benefit from some of Interface’s other unique sustainability services. Like Biosfera, the product comes with the Cool Carpet carbon neutral service and the glue-less installation method TacTiles as standard.


Hemclad helps deliver ‘green’ factory Lime Technology’s innovative pre-fabricated wall panel system, Hemclad, has helped Kanes Foods deliver the highest standards of sustainability at its new 10,000m2 factory in Middle Littleton. For the building’s facade, Lime Technology’s Hemclad proved ideal, offering high thermal inertia, low U-values and negative embodied carbon.The 3500m2 application onto the building’s steel frame took approximately half the time expected – only 15 to 20 minutes for each individual Hemclad panel – helping the project to be delivered within a short timeframe to exceed the client’s expectations. Developed by Lime Technology, the Hemclad system features bespoke timber cassettes which are manufactured in a controlled factory environment.

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Floors, Walls & Ceilings

Metro takes Flotex in a new direction Forbo has launched Flotex Metro, a stylish and versatile range of flocked floorcoverings available in 50 x 50cm tile and 2m sheet format, with a bright palette and understated pattern designed for wide appeal, conveying colour and texture without definite form. Metro’s textile-like aesthetic lends itself perfectly to heavily trafficked reception areas, corridors and lobbies in hotels, offices and leisure facilities and fits easily

Glidden Trade has been awarded British Board of Agrément (BBA) approval for its Endurance Smooth Masonry and Endurance Pliolite Masonry paints, verifying that they have met a range of key performance standards and can provide up to 15 years of protection. Glidden Trade Endurance Smooth Masonry Paint is an exterior emulsion paint which provides a smooth finish that protects against weathering and minimises surface imperfections. Endurance Pliolite Masonry is a solvent-based paint which provides a durable finish that is resistant to moisture and alkali attack. Both coatings are suitable for application to exterior rendered brick work and concrete and provide longlasting protection to surfaces.



Dulux gives Business School a majestic finish

Glidden Trade achieves BBA approval

within integrated modular floor schemes. The palette of 24 colourways includes 14 contemporary trend shades, confirming the collection as a design-led choice for a

wide range of interiors. Adopting a ‘4-Rs’ approach – Reduce, Renewable, Reuse, Recycle – to all product development, Forbo manufactures Flotex Metro tiles with a recycled content of 59% by weight. Flotex designs in sheet format are the only flocked floor coverings to have been assessed under BREEAM, and they achieve an A+ rating. Made from millions of electrostatically flocked fibres, Flotex combines the looks, warmth, comfort and acoustic properties of a carpet with the hard wearing washability of a resilient. This unique construction has earned Flotex the prestigious Seal of Approval from Allergy UK. Thanks to the highly effective anti-microbial treatment Sanitized, Flotex also offers constant protection against bacteria, including MRSA, E-coli and the development of moulds and odours. These unparalleled benefits combined with the introduction of new trend colours and a versatile, textile like aesthetic, makes Flotex Metro the right choice for a wide variety of interiors.


Dulux Trade Weathershield Smooth Masonry Gloss has been used in a major refurbishment project at the main building of the London Business School, situated in London’s Regent’s Park. The colour was originally inspired by the Regency buildings that edge around the perimeters of the world-famous public garden, so was a perfect fit for the project. Dulux Trade Weathershield Smooth Masonry Gloss is a high gloss quality emulsion coating. Its smooth formulation discourages dirt retention whilst the added fungicide inhibits mould growth. It is also particularly suitable for use in changeable weather conditions and is shower resistant in 30 minutes after application.


Handling airside safety underfoot Vynagrip slip resistant matting, manufactured in the UK by Plastic Extruders, has been extensively installed airside in the baggage handling area of George Best Belfast City Airport. Vynagrip matting as ideal for this application. Vyngarip is available in standard colours of red, blue or black with the additional option of black with yellow edge bands for Vynagrip Plus. The black version is manufactured with a minimum of 30% post-industrial recycled material and is fully recyclable, making it a sustainable and environmentally-sensitive choice. The matting is supplied in 5 or 10m roll lengths, 60, 91 and 122cm wide.

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Yeoman Shield wall and door protection - a winning combination

▲ Heavy Duty Hazard Corner Guards

▲ Door Protection & Glazing Bead Protector

▲ Handrail, Corner Protection & Bed Head Protectors

▲ Guardian Handrail

▲ Door & Architrave Protection

▲ Wall Protection Panels with Inlaid Logo

Yeoman Shield Wall & Door Protection - the quick, easy and cost effective solution for damaged walls and doors. Available in a choice of materials, styles and colours.


Yeoman House, Whitehall Industrial Estate, Whitehall Road, Leeds, LS12 5JB T: 0113 279 5854 F: 0113 231 0406 E: W: Online Enquiry 069


Uponor’s new One Pack gives customers control Uponor’s One Pack concept offers customers an easier way of quoting, buying and stocking bespoke underfloor heating systems by minimising the list of components to choose from and reducing quote to delivery times. “We launched our first One Pack product around three years ago,” says Neil Young, Uponor’s Indoor Climate Applications Manager. “The concept gave installers the power to order everything they need for a complete wet underfloor heating system without needing to get into the schematics

Rehau reduces installation time Rehau provided Rauthermex pipework at the new HMP and Young Offender Institution (YOI) Grampian project in Peterhead, Scotland for design and build contractor Skanska. Skanska required a solution that achieved the installation dates without compromising the specification of the pipework.The Rauthermex pre-insulated PE-Xa polymer pipework achieves best in class longitudinal stability which means the pipe does not expand or contract due to temperature fluctuations while in operation. It features a water-tight insulating layer made from polyurethane which achieves Lambda values of just 0.0216 W/mK and it has a corrugated LLD-PE outer jacket to improve flexibility.



allowing installers to plan their time an eradicate the need to wait for drawings or quotes, so they can manage their own projects from order through to installation.” The new concept will see all timber suspended packs removed and the new and improved One Pack will now feature 16mm PEX pipe in 80m coils, which replaces the

former 75m MLCP (multi-layer) giving a larger pipe coverage and improved efficiency, new wired Digital Programmable ‘Auto Balance’ thermostats, Radio option with wireless digital thermostats including DEM technology and a ‘no-water temperature control’ option.The introduction of these new thermostats will now mean that every One Pack supplied by Uponor will come with Auto Balance Technology as standard. This will benefit the user by saving them up to 12% energy usage, a figure that has been independently tested and verified by several research institutes. With One Pack, customers can log onto an online toolkit at and submit their own underfloor heating criteria – all they need to know is the number of zones, the floor area of each zone in square metres, the manifold location and distance from each manifold to each zone – allowing an immediate calculation of the number of heating loops required for each flooring area. Uponor has also produced six easy to follow online videos to take the installer through the entire installation and set-up process.


Modusat simplifies regulation compliance Current Part L1A Building Regulations stipulate that all new heating systems in dwellings that are not open plan must include at least two heating zones, each controlled by a thermostat and zone valve. The Evinox Modusat heat interface unit for communal heating systems not only makes it easier for the M&E consultant to achieve building regulation compliance, but also simplifies the installation process for the contractor. The Modusat uses two room controllers providing time and temperature control, which are wired on a BUS within the dwelling. The Modusat features two 230v power outputs that control two zone valves, one for each circuit.


Primark uses Durapipe for a sleek finish Fashion chain Primark’s store in Reading has used Durapipe’s leading pre-insulated pipework system, Duracool, as part of a store refurbishment.The new pipework system was needed to carry chilled water through the store from the plant room to feed the store’s air conditioning system. Duracool pre-insulated piping in sizes 63mm-110mm was specified due to its performance properties combined with its cost-effective installation. Its lightweight properties made the logistics for installation along the roof easier than if using traditional steel pipework.The easy-to-install plastic pipework system does not require use of specialist jointing tools or hot works resulting in a simple and easy product to work with.

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HVAC/HVP New Four Seasons spa Compact heat gets Schlüter treatment recovery units for luxury spa at The Four Seasons hotel on Belfast development AParknewLane, London has recently benefitted from the Ventilation supplier Vortice has supplied its compact heat recovery units to a new development on the Shankhill Road in Belfast and will also be supplying a heat recovery system for a new Care Home on Northumberland Road in Belfast for the same customer. The HR200 compact heat recovery system offers up to 93% heat recovery and is SAP appendix Q eligible in all configurations from kitchen plus 1 to kitchen plus 4 additional wet rooms. Vortice offers a whole range of heat recovery systems from the new Prometeo Plus to the HR200 compact version and the NRG products.

environmentally-friendly underfloor heating system, Schlüter-Bekotec-Therm, by Schlüter-Systems. Schlüter-Bekotec-Therm has been installed throughout the spa’s nine treatment rooms, steam rooms and saunas, many of which have magnificent views over London.The new spa exudes luxury and therefore products were specified within its construction that would not only reach this high quality standard, but would also perform to the very highest levels. One of the key performance benefits of Schlüter-Bekotec-Therm is its 30% thinner screed which helps to distribute heat that much faster and therefore uses less energy. 075

A warm welcome guaranteed When it came to replacing its ageing heating system, the White Water Hotel Spa and Leisure Club in Cumbria chose five super high efficiency Atag boilers to help maintain for many years to come the warm welcome for which this popular hotel is famous. The boilers, five XL 110kW models in a Cascade installation, feature Atag’s tried and tested 316 stainless steel heat exchanger technology, which help to give the XL a class leading efficiency up to 110.2% (EN677), achieved through seamless upwards modulation. NOx emissions have also been reduced to below 30ppm, again the lowest in its class.



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Drainage & Landscaping

Lonza launches next generation wood preservative Lonza Wood Protection (formerly Arch Timber Protection) has launched Tanalith E 8000 wood preservative, the company’s next generation timber treatment, throughout the UK and Ireland. This high-performance product features all the key ingredients to fight decay and insect attack. Tanalith E 8000 is the culmination of extensive research, technological evolution and rigorous testing, and will provide an innovative and improved performance for construction and outdoor treated timbers. It answers market demands for proven protection with improved quality, value and performance. Pressure treatment with Tanalith E 8000 combines the benefits of the unique and proven core Tanalith E product that now has over 20 years of proven performance

around the world, with an extra patent pending blend of ingredients, known as BARamine technology, to boost its performance. This cutting-edge technology provides improved activity against standard fungi and various copper-tolerant organisms, along with a more consistent and deeper penetration of the preservative into the timber. These are all key elements in achieving the very best protection against

decay and insect attack, particularly for the home grown species used in the UK and Ireland. The resulting next generation Tanalised timber is now available from leading treatment companies and stockists throughout the UK and Ireland. Further details on this high performance treated timber is available from – the new website.


Extended choice for landscapers One of Long Rake’s success stories has been the introduction of its unique product Flamingo, a versatile and recycled product from marble tiling offcuts/rejects. Its comprehensive range, along with Flamingo, is suitable for numerous applications including corporate and domestic landscaping schemes.The Grantex range of resin-bonded and resin-bound surfacing is also ideal for use on driveways.These solutions meet SuDS requirements, allowing rainwater to quickly and easily drain through the porous surface.The range of Grantex products offers a wide choice of natural coloured aggregates that provide an attractive, low maintenance surface.

Winn & Coales’ products application film

A new film featuring the wide range of applications of Denso, Archco-Rigidon, Densostrip, SeaShield and Sylglas products has just been released by specialist anti-corrosion and sealing products manufacturer Winn & Coales (Denso). A free DVD of the film is available upon request but the film can also be seen on the company website, full version of the film is approximately 15 minutes long but for those in a hurry or with a specific problem area to deal with, it is also available online in segments, each one lasting just a couple of minutes.




Fernco provides concrete waterproofing CPD Fernco Environmental now has a new RIBA Approved CPD to provide to architects and specifiers throughout the UK. The CPD is titled Concrete Waterproofing – Issues and Solutions. The CPD reaffirms the importance of waterproofing new build structures, by providing permanent resistance to water ingress and eliminating a main cause of structural issues. Legal and structural perspectives are explained, and the CPD then focuses on crystalline waterproofing, both through use of an admixture and also crack repair and surface applied solutions. The technology and the benefits of it are explained, and several case studies outlined.

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Drainage & Landscaping KEEP GRAVEL IN ITS PLACE

School and community sports facilities NO SINKING • NO MOVEMENT • NO WEEDS • NO under pressure

Gravel is one of the most COREgravel is the so attractive, economical and It creates a naturally versatile surfaces on earth. stabilising base into Tim Connolly, Sales and Marketing Director at Hauraton Limited, But without help, it’s inclined gravel sits – and STA considers how current UK Government thinking will impact on to move around, creating the provision of school and community sports facilities. ridges and ending up where It’s easy to lay, inexp it shouldn’t. and very, very effect Even though it has been reported there designed to withstand higher use and including expert could be a possible reduction in the size and incorporate surface drainage systems to specification and technical advice from number of sports fields, the Government control rain water run-off. the initial survey through to completion. is seemingly now set to encourage more Over the years, Hauraton has built a The new catalogue, available digitally on sport participation in schools and the trusted reputation of supplying products for community in general. It can be expected sports facilities to exacting specifications.The, features drainage and other essential components for IAAF local sports facilities will be more intensively company is highly experienced at providing (International Association of Athletic used and need to be designed to meet advice about reliable surface drainage and auxiliary components for running tracks and Federations) approved venues as well as higher safety and performance criteria. surface drainage and safety products for playing surfaces. Our new 68-page, SPORT Be it an athletics track or playing field, school and community athletics and other catalogue features a comprehensive range school, community or regional facility, sports facilities including synthetic running of products designed specifically for modern designers will have to ensure optimum tracks, tennis courts, artificial turf playing sports venues.At Hauraton, we support condition for those actively participating designers with project specific proposals, pitches and playgrounds. and for their supporters. Just like national or prestigious international venues, smaller local facilities will have to be robustly 083





COREglow pebbles are the The phosphorescenc bright choice for eco-friendlyNO MOVEMENT by COREglow is not lighting that requires no powerNO WEEDS toxic, making it idea tanks and aquariams source. NO PROBLEM and driveways, flowe When exposed to natural or and pots. Gravel is an attractive, and versatile artificial light,economical the stones emitsurface, but without help it’s BECOME APPROVED INSTALLER inclined to move around -AN creating ridges and ending up where it shouldn’t. a magical glow in the dark. COREgravel naturally stabilising base which the gravel sits Do creates you fitathe bill?porous To join our list ofinNationwide and STAYS! It’s easy tovisit lay, inexpensive and very, very effective.or Approved Installers call us freephone 0800 118 2271


Ask at your trade counter • Available at builders merchants nationwide

0800 118 2278

Woodend Freephone: Online Enquiry 085 Horseshoe Hill 0800 118 2278 Littleworth Common For a faster response visit or use the free reader enquiry card 57 SL1 8QE Online Enquiry 084


Doors, Windows & Facades

Balcony Systems curved patio door makes impressive statement At nearly 10m wide, David and Lynn Walton’s curved patio door with four fixed and four sliding panels makes a truly impressive statement at their Nottinghamshire home. It is also one of Balcony’s largest curved patio doors installed in the UK and amply demonstrates the spectacular appeal of the product. Commenting on their new curved patio door, David Walton says: “It certainly achieves what we wanted; that is to make the most of views to the garden and we have brought the garden into our home. The door is a focal point in the living room where it forms an entire wall at one end. It’s so striking and everyone likes it! “Now we have fitted the decking the curved patio door really comes into its own. It is never too hot or too sunny and the pleasure of the panoramic view of the garden cannot be over emphasised.” The door, finished with a RAL 7038 Agate

A Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 development in Gorton, Manchester features more than 800 windows in Rehau’s S706 70mm PVC-U system and 20 screens in the Rehau Polytec 50S composite curtain walling system. The focus throughout is on sustainability, security and lifecycle costs and the Rehau PVC-U window and curtain walling system satisfied all three criteria with a WER ‘C’ rating on the windows, a Uf-value as low as 0.88 W/m2K on the curtain walling, Secured by Design accreditation and proven low maintenance and long term performance. All of the frames were coloured grey on the exterior using Rehau’s Acryl II PVC-U colouring system.


once the couple saw Balcony’s curved patio door at the Grand Designs show and that sealed the deal for them. “The price was right – and quite competitive – for what is a totally bespoke job,” adds David. “The door is so dramatic and there really is nothing quite like it on the UK market.” David and Lynn are now planning to fulfil their dream of a complete new self-build project and have put their four-bedroom home on the market at £675,000.


Simonswerk hails show as 100% success

Rehau windows meet criteria

Grey powder coating, was installed as part of extensive renovations to the 300-yearold property, which now comprises three former farmworkers’ cottages in one. Measuring 9.81m by 2m, the door forms a circular glass ‘wall’ flooding the living room extension with light. Directly above is a bedroom topped with an Oast Houseeffect pointed roof with glass apex that casts light into the room below. The circular shape was originally designed with oak uprights, but the plans changed


At this year’s 100% Design, London exhibition Simonswerk UK launched a new website with an online advanced ProductSelector information system for architects, ironmongers, specifiers, interior designers, and building contractors.The company also introduced a new catalogue and visitors to its stand were able to view the company’s latest Fire Rated and Heavy Weight 300kg Tectus fully-concealed hinge systems and the new Samson TriTech concealed bearings solid brass hinge. Robin Guy, Managing Director of Simonswerk UK declared the show a great success with their new dynamic stand extremely popular with visitors who were able to examine in detail advanced hinge technology displays.


Technal’s Modal acquires patent The new Modal low rise facade system from Technal, has received a European patent for its innovative and technically-advanced design. Modal uses a completely unique modular framing system which gives specifiers the widest choice of configuration options currently available for low rise facades. It also radically reduces work on site – the framing modules are fully fabricated and assembled in the factory for better quality control, rapid installation and onsite glazing. Fully tested to both BS EN 13830 for curtain walling and BS EN 14351-1 for windows, the Modal system was developed by Technal to provide stylish, robust and high performance glazing for low rise applications.

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Doors, Windows & Facades Cricket facility gets the edge Curtain walling and doors from Kawneer feature on the redevelopment of Edgbaston Cricket Ground. Kawneer’s AA 100 zone-drained curtain walling, with 50mm sightlines, complemented by Kawneer’s series 190 heavy-duty and 350 severeduty commercial entrance doors, form the majority of glazed areas to the project, from the external entrances to the pitch-side hospitality areas. AFL specified a stick system of curtain wall to maximise glazed areas in the most cost-efficient way possible. AFL associate Marcel Ridyard adds: “The thin sightlines achieved by the framing were important and the colour of the Kawneer systems could also be matched with the cladding and internal finishing.” 090

Reynaers provides natural ventilation When it was discovered that standard opening windows were not offering sufficient ventilation at Downham Health & Leisure Centre in Lewisham, the decision was taken to find an alternative, cost-effective solution with Reynaers Airmax parallel opening windows providing the answer. Each provides high efficiency ventilation, having the ability to allow air to circulate around the entire perimeter of the window, significantly increasing the natural ventilation levels throughout the building. Richard Jekiel of Reynaers Aluminium says: “There is a significant amount of data available on the airflow characteristics of the parallel opening windows. It clearly demonstrates the consistent change of air within an internal space.”


Levolux makes it big in Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi boasts some of the finest hotels in the Middle East, including a new five-star luxury hotel, which features a unique internal Solar Shading solution from Levolux. Australian based architect, DBI Design were responsible for designing the building’s exterior, interior and landscaping. Levolux created a unique solution comprising a series of fully automated, motorised, tensioned Roller Blinds. In total, Levolux provided 50 blinds, each measuring 1.8m wide, with a drop of 20m.The scale of the installation is all the more impressive considering that the building’s glazing is not only curved on a horizontal plane, but is also inclined outwards at an angle of 15 degrees.

092 T: 01670 736124 F: 01670 738080

Unit 17 South Nelson Rd, South Nelson Industrial Estate, Cramlington, Northumberland, NE23 1WF

With vast experience in the commercial and domestic markets, Rooflight Architectural manufacture and supply lantern lights, pitched glazing, and walk-on rooflights to any size or specification. With thin site lines and availability in any colour, we offer a one stop solution, including technical advice, CAD drawings and nationwide installation.

SEAL DOORS AGAINST Fire, smoke, sound, pressure, temperature, vermin, wind, rain, light, emi, rfi and water thresholds-ramps-stair nosingsframe seals-drop down sealsunder door seals-meeting stile seals-rain drips-brush seals-glass door seals-hangar seals-unigear hinges-flood barriersintumescent seals-kerf seals

Contact us for more details or to see samples

Zero Seal Systems Ltd Units 43 – 45 Ladford Covert, Seighford, Stafford ST18 9QG t +44 (0)1785 282910 f +44 (0)1785 282498

e w

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Doors, Windows & Balustrades Q-railing acquires Carl F railing division Q-railing, one of the world’s leading developers of design railing systems, has completed its purchase of the railing system division of India-based Carl F International. Q-railing is excited to add the 60-person office in Mumbai from which Q-railing will be able to serve customers throughout India as Q-railing India. Carl F International is a renowned manufacturer of railing systems and various other architectural design products. The company’s railing system division fits perfectly with Q-railing’s strategy of global expansion and partnerships. And it is a perfect fit for Q-railing’s design mantra: safety, simplicity, quality and functionality. 095

Ringing the changes at Fort Nelson Once an impenetrable ring of masonry and earthworks, designed to protect Britain’s premier naval dockyard in Portsmouth, Fort Nelson is now open to all visitors thanks to a range of easily accessible automatic entrances.To improve accessibility, Geze UK installed two circular glass entrances to the visitor centre to reflect the round nature of the new building and the hill fort itself, before installing an unusual glass lobby within the original building’s ancient arched entrance. As well as complementing the shape of the new building, Geze’s two circular entrances featuring Slimdrive SCRs, were chosen because they provide a feeling of light and space, maximising the available light within the centre.


Mila shares special expertise Homes for Haringey’s Repairs Services division has just entered into an agreement with window and door maintenance company Mila Maintenance.The specialist company is carrying out planned cyclical maintenance and repair on windows and doors in nearly 1400 individual properties across the London Borough, whilst at the same time training the Repairs Services division’s own staff to be able to carry out the repairs themselves in the future. Mila Maintenance first began providing specialist window and door maintenance services direct to Homes for Haringey in 2008 and since then the spectrum of work has included risk assessment surveys, cyclical preventative maintenance and hardware repair.



ESG set for CE marking overhaul Dedication to legislative compliance will test many with the looming changes to CE marking for building products that become a mandatory requirement from 1st July 2013. However, leading glass processors ESG is already ahead of the game, being fully CE compliant. Gavin Gunn, Quality Manager at ESG, comments on the importance of being prepared: “CE marking under the new CPR requirements means much stricter controls with the ability to provide conformity information on products being sold in the construction sector. Our dedication to compliance at all levels is paramount, and the new CE compliance under the CPR is no exception.”


JS Air Curtains ‘at home’ Retailer John Lewis has selected JS Air Curtains as its air curtain supplier for four new build ‘at home’ shops.The four shops all have Zen air curtains from JS helping to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature for customers and staff. Smart and minimalistic, the unit can be fitted with bespoke fascia panels of different materials and any RAL colour.The air curtain comes with anodized aluminium covers and a black inner section as standard but the units selected by John Lewis had totally white covers and inner sections, seamlessly tying-in with the white interior design of the stores’ entrances. 099

Geze UK launches unique MediaPool An international architectural image database has been launched by Geze UK. MediaPool is a unique online resource for approved customers and clients, which uses a powerful keyword search engine to pinpoint relevant photography from thousands of projects across the world. Images are searchable by application, country of origin, or even by architect, as well as by product name or category.The useful clipboard feature allows architects and specifiers to select images of different window and door control systems to compare them side by side, or to see how identical products can be used to achieve very different effects when they are actually in situ. 100

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Doors, Windows & Balustrades Birmingham available from VBH

VBH stocks the new Birmingham Series door handle from Hoppe. Birmingham is an economic solution - efficiencies are gained through the use of basic packaging, which means the product quality synonymous with the Hoppe brand is not compromised. Birmingham is available in short and long screw pitch versions in standard 92mm centres. There is also a 92/62mm offset lever/pad for use with dual spindle locks such as Millenco Mantis 3, Lockmaster, Roto,Yale etc. Birmingham is available in seven attractive Duranorm finishes, each of which is fully covered by Hoppe’s Surface and Mechanical and Operational guarantees.


Sapphire prescribes excellence Sapphire Balustrades has manufactured and installed high quality internal and external balustrades for the new Ongar War Memorial Medical Centre in Essex. Structural glass balustrades from Sapphire’s Crystal system provide the perfect combination of performance and style for the high traffic healthcare environment. Constructed to BREEAM Excellent standards by Rydon Construction for West Essex Primary Care Trust, the new building offers a comprehensive range of medical facilities over three floors, including two GP surgeries, physiotherapy, and dentistry suites. Rydon’s Assistant Site Manager on the project comments: “Sapphire’s team was professional and approachable throughout and always ready to assist with solutions to any specific design requirements.”


New standards of burglary protection Among the latest developments in the roof window sector, Fakro has launched the FTP-V P2 Secure roof window. This provides a previously unseen level of burglary protection as it not only utilises the company’s unique topSafe system of hinge and lock reinforcement but a system to prevent the glazing unit from being forced or broken. Class P2A laminated anti-burglary glass is also fitted together with an additional safety lock. 13 sizes are available in both standard and conservation style, with all having an automatic vent to prevent unnecessary heat loss.


Sapphire enhances Added security modern retirement living with Hoppe Atlanta Safe and stylish internal and external balustrades

have been manufactured and installed by Sapphire Balustrades to enhance retirement living for elderly residents at Richards Close in Harrow. Balconies and stairways in two new blocks of purposedesigned apartments feature several different balustrade solutions from Sapphire’s aluminium and stainless steel systems. Sapphire’s flexible design and manufacturing expertise ensured that custom features could be incorporated to create a bespoke product package for the multi-million pound project, from Iroko hardwood handrails to colour laminated glass infill panels to complement the apartments’ vibrant facades.


Sporting success for Tormax The new automatic sliding entrance to the Sports Centre at Rugby School delivers DDA-compliant access for all pupils, staff and members of the public. The double set of two-leaf sliding doors were designed and installed by Norman and Underwood and are powered by reliable Tormax Win Drive 2201 door operators. Neatly compact, a Tormax Win Drive 2201 door operator measures just 142mm x 100mm, allowing an automatic entrance to be installed in almost any location. Mike Smith, Site Manager at the School, comments: “While there may be cheaper products available the Tormax system looked and has proven to be, a wise choice.” 105

VBH stocks the new Hoppe Atlanta Secured by Design approved security door handle. The handle features a solid aluminium external backplate for added strength. Further attack resistance is provided by the ‘slippery’ shape of the backplate that makes attempts to wrench it off the door more difficult. Atlanta is available with short or long screw pitches, making it suitable for use with most popular 92mm PZ single or split spindle locks. Fixing positions are identical to those on standard Hoppe door furniture so the product is easy to retro-fit on existing installations with no additional door-prep required.

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Building Elements

Schöck Group celebrates 50th anniversary When Eberhard Schöck started a small construction business near Baden-Baden, Southern Germany in 1962, he could not have known how well his motto, “Never get stuck in the old way of doing things”, would serve him. Today, the company has revenues of €100m and markets products across 34 countries from 18 locations worldwide. The business focus at Schöck has always been on developing products which help simplify the building process on

construction sites. More recently, the emphasis has also been on producing products that meet and exceed energy and sound insulation standards. Although there is now a widely diverse portfolio of applications, the flagship product remains the Isokorb – a load-bearing, thermally efficient range of insulation elements, that prevents cold bridging at balcony and other cantilever connections. Two new products in the range underpin Schöck’s design capability. The latest generation concrete-to-concrete connection, the type KXT, is now certified for ‘low thermal bridge construction’ from

the Passivhaus Institute in Darmstadt. It allows cantilevered balconies to be connected to Passivhaus structures and offers architects a new level of design freedom. The new type R Isokorb, used primarily for balcony connectivity involving refurbishment and renovation projects, is also certified from the Passivhaus Institute. To tie in with the anniversary celebrations this summer, a museum was officially opened at the Schöck Baden-Baden headquarters, to celebrate the lifetime achievement of founder Eberhard Schöck and his wife Sabine.The occasion was attended by hundreds of guests from commerce, politics and the Eberhard Schöck Foundation; along with family, business partners and past and present employees. With input from architects, museum professionals and specialists in historic research, the museum, with its theme, 50 years of Schöck – 50 years of Innovation, has themed multimedia stations, sound stations, and numerous product examples which allow visitors to explore the colourful history of the company since the very beginning.


Wicona solutions for Slovenia business centre

A guide to facility expansion Portakabin, a leading modular building specialist, has published a new guide to help healthcare providers rapidly expand hospital facilities to reduce patient waiting times and meet more stringent Government targets.The new report, which can be downloaded from www., provides a useful 10-step guide to expanding ward accommodation to rapidly increase capacity whilst maintaining the highest healthcare standards. It looks at items such as the cost benefit analysis of hiring a building, how to find a site, how to select a modular building supplier and how to manage the building installation phase.



The first business centre in the Goriska region of Slovenia has been completed using a range of aluminium facade solutions from Wicona. Eight storeys of the tower have a double skin facade constructed using the WICTEC 50 unitised curtain wall. Combined with an inner layer of 10mm safety glass, they deliver a U-value of 1.1W/m2K.The space between the double skin is naturally ventilated with opening vents based on Wicona’s WICLINE window system. Wicona also engineered four different corner profiles, which were installed at varying angles.The lower three floors of the business centre, which accommodate retail units, bars and restaurants, are enclosed in Wicona’s WICTEC 50 ‘stick’ curtain walling. 109

Ultima Solar appointed as exclusive distributor

Ultima Solar of Chelmsford, Essex, has been given sole distribution rights in the UK for the Thermodynamic Panel. Unlike traditional solar thermal heating, the Thermodynamic panels work day and night because the panels are capable of absorbing both solar and environmental energy all year long. Installation is straightforward as the panels can be fitted to a wall eliminating the need to clamber over a roof.The overall dimensions of the cylinder – 600mm wide x 590mm deep x 910mm/1360mm/1925mm high) – allow installation in an airing cupboard, utility room, garage even a loft space, and replaces any existing hot water cylinder.

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Building Elements

EMSc launches HV MAX Following on the success of its existing Star range of energy saving solutions, EMSc (UK) is proud to announce the launch of an innovative new system into the Powerstar collection, particularly relevant to new build developments. Powerstar HV MAX is a low-loss amorphous core HV transformer with the award winning Powerstar Voltage Optimisation combined that allows for 11,000V input and electronically regulated 380v (or user regulated) output.The new innovative product will allow companies to save costs and reduce carbon emissions in

both the High Voltage as well as the Low Voltage areas. The Powerstar HV MAX combines a low-loss transformer with the intelligent electronic-dynamic technology that has been successfully used on the Powerstar MAX. Managing Director Dr Alex Mardapittas

Sika puts the seal on development For Minerva Plc’s 640,000ft2 commercial office and retail development – The Walbrook Building, designed by Foster + Partners – air and water tightness around the building’s facade was vitally important. To provide a longterm, weatherproof seal around the curtain wall and window installation, specialist contractor Josef Gartner used Universal Membran, an advanced sealing system from global building product manufacturer Sika. Sika Universal Membran regulates and controls the amount of moisture escaping from the inside of a building thus minimising the risk of interstitial condensation. Manufactured in 25m x 0.6mm rolls, Sika Universal Membran is available in a variety of widths ranging from 100 to 1400mm.


Yorkon publishes guide to BREEAM Off-site construction specialist,Yorkon, has published a new technical paper for construction clients and contractors – A Practical Guide to BREEAM – An Essential Tool for Sustainable Development, Design and Construction. The new technical paper sets out the most recent changes to the BREEAM methodology and provides a valuable guide to the process and how it should be thoroughly integrated into the design and construction phases of a project. The report, which can be downloaded from, outlines how the Yorkon approach to off-site construction can add significant value to the BREEAM process, promoting both sustainability and whole life value. 113

comments: “By utilising the electronicdynamic technology of our MAX systems, Powerstar HV MAX ensures that voltage is supplied to a site at a constant level regardless of the input instability.This guarantees that when the grid voltage varies the HV MAX technology is able to hold the site voltage at the optimum level and maintain a higher level of savings.” The new solution is particularly relevant for new build developments, where it can help achieve sustainability marks and high energy efficiency ratings through accreditations such as LEED. Powerstar HV MAX is also ideal for sites with older transformers, and those that have previously been faced with physical space restrictions that make voltage optimisation installations difficult to implement. In addition to reducing standing losses and energy consumption, Powerstar HV MAX – which is wholly designed and manufactured in the UK – boasts a number of additional benefits, including simple installation and a payback period of less than 5 years.The product has also been designed to be over 98% recyclable.


New Arco Big Book

Arco, a leading safety company, has launched its 2012/13 Big Book catalogue, with the biggest selection of workwear, safety equipment and workplace safety products, plus advice and information on training packages. With over 936 pages, the largest catalogue to date, the Arco Big Book has become the reference tool for safety managers, business owners and workers throughout the UK and Ireland for selecting the best safety products and advice. The new catalogue makes it easier than ever to select the right equipment for the job with the new Arco ‘Safety Language’, a range of easy to use symbols that help to make product selection easy.

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Building Elements

tesa provides the perfect fix With 75 years of experience manufacturing and marketing adhesive tapes, tesa has long been extolling the dual virtues of performance and aesthetics, available to the architectural community through the use of its double-sided tapes. The introduction of its latest range, tesa ACXplus, has reinvigorated this dialogue because these technologically-advanced products compensate for uneven surfaces and the differential thermal expansion of materials extremely well. Specifiers can add

to this outstanding resistance to static and dynamic forces plus the ability to withstand temperature and climatic variations. This check list of product attributes provides reassurance in performance terms and the range of applications extends from relatively ‘lightweight’ functions such as internal trim, to much more challenging areas such as exterior facade panels, signage and solar modules, where the dead weight of the units and aging stability throughout seasonal weather patterns provide a much tougher assignment. Panel bonding is a virtually ubiquitous requirement in modern commercial, retail and industrial premises. Both for indoor and outdoor applications, tesa ACXplus products offer a significant additional benefit and that is in the matter of aesthetics.

Concealed mounting with the use of double-sided tapes offers the architect a seamless finish where recessed or buttedup panels can be fitted without loss of line and form. Typical examples of this are on facade panels, where the entrance and frontage of buildings require a clean, uncluttered finish and also in specific applications such as decorative door panels and elevator panels, often encountered in reception and public access areas of buildings, where the ambience is of particular importance. tesa ACXplus tapes are based on highperformance acrylates and have been developed with constructive long-term bonding in mind. For architects and specifiers they offer a combination of functionality and aesthetic integrity which is especially relevant.


Timeguard expands LED floodlight range Timeguard has added a powerful 32W model to Nighteye LED floodlights range – and it features the same slim line design that made the original members of the Nighteye family a hit. Instantly bright, the new 32W model’s output is equivalent to 2000 Lumens, yet with only 14% of the running costs. One of these floodlights, with an integral PIR detector, is powerful enough to switch up to five slave floodlights that are also now available. With IP55 weatherproof rating, these powerful floodlights are ideal for use outdoors. Timeguard’s Fast Fix terminal connections and the simple fact that these units weigh so little, makes for easy installation.



Maruyama products trial success Celebrating its first year being imported into the UK, Maruyama’s power tools have performed well at trials carried out by Eastleigh Borough Council, Hampshire.The distribution of Maruyama in the UK is handled by Leicestershirebased importer DMMP. The Maruyama range includes trimmers and brush cutters, multicutter systems, edgers, blowers, hedge trimmers and accessories but it was the Maruyama Multi-Cutter with Landscape Blade and the new Maruyama Brush Cutter BC-V Plus which were tested.This has been a useful trial explains Commercial Director Colin Hood: “The Maruyama products are imported by us fully tested and with excellent performance histories, but it is good to get the British perspective.”


Home development made easy Don’t miss the one stop Big Green Home Show, packed with impartial advice on green self build, renovation and home improvement. It is the UK’s biggest show for anyone wishing to make homes more eco-friendly; whether it involves retrofitting solar panels, building a new zero-carbon home from scratch, or adding extra insulation to the loft. Visitors will find scores of exhibitors, showcasing products, materials, construction methods and finishes. Visitors can also join a walking tour of life-sized exhibits, sit in on an array of in-depth seminars, hear first-hand how other like-minded home builders and improvers got on or ask an expert for advice.

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Building Elements

Hear the difference with Marcrist Marcrist International has been a market leader in the field of diamond construction tools for over 30 years and is now launching an innovative diamond blade in the UK. The new blade offers revolutionary levels of noise reduction combined with outstanding cutting performance. It is currently estimated that 2,000,000 people are exposed to potentially harmful levels of occupational noise and 500,000 people are already suffering due to exposure to noise at work in the UK – occupational noise has become a National epidemic. The groundbreaking BF850 SilentMAX not only gives the operator many advantages in blade cutting performance expected from Marcrist, with the fastest cut and longest life combination, but also reduces the potential dangers of hearing loss through the use of blades on hand held machines. The Marcrist BF850 SilentMAX is the only blade on the market today that offers noise reduction that complies with current UK law and also gives

superior cutting performance. This blade has been independently tested by a leading EU Health & Safety Organisation. Tests have shown the BF850 SilentMAX gives up to 16x noise reduction in the range of diameters from 115 to 400mm. The Marcrist BF850 SilentMAX gives the employer the opportunity to comply with the law and ensure he has taken all available steps to control noise exposure. It also ensures operators are less at risk from occupational hearing damage through the use of this new technological break though. Marcrist has long encouraged diamond blade users to ‘experience the difference’. Now, it asks users to ‘hear the difference’.


Simpson Strong-Tie racking solutions Simpson Strong-Tie has launched two new products which help to improve racking resistance in timber framed buildings. The Strong-Portal can be installed around openings such as garages, patio doors and bay windows, in external walls with a minimum thickness of 149mm. It is easily integrated into existing timber frame designs by securing it directly to the foundation and adjacent timber frame. The Steel Strong-Wall is a corrugated steel panel designed to give resistance where only small sections of wall are available. Suitable for internal and external walls of 89mm or 140mm, it can be fixed directly to the concrete foundations of the building via a bolted connection.


Triton barrier systems provides protection Triton products were specified to form a ground gas barrier system in the redevelopment of listed almshouses, situated near to a landfill site. Externally, two coats of TT Vapour Membrane were applied to the entire wall area extending below internal floor level to the base of the wall/foundation level. Internally, two coats were applied to the new floor slab, returning up the walls to beyond the new damp proof course. The new DPC was created using Triton Injection Mortar which also improved the impermeability of the wall to ground gas migration. A perforated sub floor drain under the slab was linked to Triton’s Ground Gas Fan.


New comparison site for specifiers A brand new portal has been designed to help specifiers who are seeking information and quotes on automatic doors. is designed as a comparison site so that specifiers and buyers have an opportunity to receive multiple quotations from different door contractors who are experts in these types of systems. is a free-of-charge service with a very simple three-step process. Project details such as location, brief overview and any plans or drawings can be submitted as a single enquiry and with a simple click it is sent to multiple door contractors to prepare an estimate or arrange contact for further information.

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More and more companies are investing in inspirational environmental graphics such as digital wallpaper as they recognise that the ambience, aesthetics and visual appearance of the workplace can have a profound effect on staff, visitors and stakeholders.


eeting the demand for more inspirational working or sales environments is Signbox’s new EG Division that uses revolutionary new print technology to create large format graphics at fine art quality. An increased number of organisations

are adopting a bold approach to create inspirational working or sales environments, recognising that the ambience of the workplace – how it looks and feels – will affect staff, customers, visitors and stakeholders. Signbox’s EG Division is at the forefront of these positive developments in

Bold approach Mark Bartlett, Managing Director of Signbox Ltd, comments: “Our new EG Division uses revolutionary printing technology to create large format graphics that are digitally printed on to Class O fire rated, Digimura 2.1. It gives us the capability to print at high resolution, up to 1728dpi – effectively fine art quality – direct to virtually any material such as metal, glass, acrylic, vinyl, wood and composite board. “So it’s not just wall coverings that can benefit but also glass manifestations, partitions, banners, screens, blinds and more besides.” To illustrate how digital wallpaper and other environmental graphics can transform the ambience, aesthetics and visual appearance of the workplace, Signbox has produced a new booklet for the EG portfolio of products. This comprehensive guide is an invaluable tool for architects, interior designers, brand managers, shop fitters, developers, building contractors, property managers and anyone else with a professional interest in the look and feel of the built or working environment.

Bored rooms or board rooms?

the workplace with digital wallpaper produced from high-resolution imagery. Digital wallpaper can be used to create a dynamic visual impact that stimulates the senses and enhances well-being, transforming breakout areas, meeting rooms, internal office spaces, reception and sales areas into bright, energising spaces that maximise natural daylight.

Graphics by Edge Architecture + Design

Digital wallpaper can be used to create a dynamic visual impact that stimulates the senses and enhances well-being, transforming spaces

Graphics by Edge Architecture + Design

Building Elements

Graphics by Edge Architecture + Design

Signbox’s new EG Division that uses revolutionary new print technology to create large format graphics at fine art quality


It’s not just wall coverings that can benefit but also glass manifestations, partitions, banners and screens

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