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May 15

Issue 63

Design & Desire London’s new Motel One building features a striking illuminated facade

Greenhouse FC&A introduces the world’s first Aktivhaus

Roofing, Cladding & Insulation Providing sunscreens that prioritise good looks in line with functionality

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Magazine May 2015


to Future Constructor & Architect...


he development of technology in the built environment has enabled the role of facades and cladding to move on from being purely a functional building envelope. In this day and age, the boundaries of design are constantly pushed to create striking, smart systems – benefitting both the environment and occupants. In this month’s edition, FC&A explores the role of cladding in two very different applications. The first, found within our Design & Desire spotlight, features the first commercial building in the UK to use DuPont Corian as an exterior cladding solution. This high-tech product incorporates an LED lighting system illuminating the structure to dramatic effect. The second project, found on page 38, looks more closely at the role of perforated sunscreens. Using sensor controlled screens and transmitting data to a motor, the building is able to automatically control the levels of light into the building – thus creating a more comfortable environment for its users. Embracing new technologies such as these, undoubtedly requires architects and specifiers to take a bold and brave approach to design but the benefits, visually and practically, are plentiful. Elsewhere in this issue, FC&A profiles the launch of Aktivhaus – a triple zero home that generates 200% energy. Thanks to a sophisticated energy concept and an intelligent building automation system controlled by a specially designed app, the Aktivhaus generates twice as much electric power from sustainable energy sources as it consumes making it the first functional Aktivhaus in the world. For more information on this outstanding concept, turn to page 6. I hope you enjoy this issue. Don’t forget you can also access all of the magazine’s features, product news and supplier information at your fingertips via Future Constructor & Architect’s state-of-the-art app. To download your version free of charge, simply search ‘fc&a’ on Google Play or the App Store.

The Kolding Campus of the University of Southern Denmark, enveloped by precision perforated panels provided by RMIG. See page 38 Terms and Conditions: Contributions are invited and when not accepted will be returned only if accompanied by a fully stamped and return addressed envelope. No responsibility will be taken for drawings, photographs or literary contributions during transmission or in the editors hands. In the absence of an agreement the copyright of all contributions, literary, photographics or artistic belongs to Mixed Media Information Ltd.The Publisher accepts no responsibility in respect of advertisements appearing in the magazine and the opinions expressed in editorial material or otherwise do not necessarily represent the view of the publisher.The Publisher does not accept any liability of any loss arising from the late appearance or non publication of any advertisement.

Hannah Frackiewicz Hannah Frackiewicz Editor, Future Constructor & Architect

Adjust. Dismantle. Re-set.

Frameless Glass Balustrade System • 50% faster to install than alternatives • Save Time & Money - The horizontal TAPER-LOC® design allows the system to be adjusted, dismantled and re-set • Meets BS 6180: 2011 requirements

To see a demonstration, visit t: 00 800 0421 6144 e: f: 00 800 0262 3299



BS 6180:2011

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Foros Shore Yacht House, Ukraine.

EASY GLASS速 SLIM The most popular in the wide range of balustrade systems, In the property above, Easy Glass速 Slim was used indoors Easy Glass速 Slim gives virtually uninterrupted views. The glass on staircases and outdoors on balconies as shown. is retained by an ingenious safety wedge system making installation if necessary de-glazing, Q-railing call: UK celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. For further and, information about Q-railingstraightforward products or to order your brochure and quicker than alternative products. We continue to develop new and innovative modular 01782 711 676 / 0800 781 4245 or email: balustrade systems to suit the widest range of aesthetic, Pictured is the Foros Shore Yacht House Holiday Resort, loading and installation requirements. situated in Crimea, Ukraine. For further information about Q-railing products or to order your brochure call: 01782 711 676 / 0800 781 4245 or email:




Contents News 14 Voice of the Industry: Mark Wakeford at Stepnell on behalf of the Built Environment Hub reflects on the current skills shortages in the construction industry.

24 Legal & Business: Mike Hartley, Managing Director of Praetura Asset Finance, discusses the benefits of alternative funding in the construction sector.

Features 22 Technical Focus: Jon Hill, Technical Manager of Polypipe Ventilation, explains why simply fitting green technology is not enough.

32 Doors & Windows: When the most prominent grade II listed building in Derby was renovated, enabling access for all was a key priority.

Portfolios 34 Disability: Area Sq has helped Mobility Operations create innovative, accessible and environmentally-friendly offices to improve the experience of both employees and visitors.

36 Entrance Systems: David O’Mara at garage door manufacturer Hörmann offers his advice on how to enhance kerb appeal and keep a property’s energy costs down.

38 Roofing & Cladding: As more buildings incorporate a ‘visual visor’, RMIG explains how the aesthetics of a facade can work in partnership with functionality.

40 May Design Series: For its third edition in 2015, May Design Series will be ‘Curated for Business’ and will present more international exhibitors than ever before.

06 Greenhouse: FC&A profiles the world’s first Aktivhaus – a triple zero home that generates 200% energy and is assembled in just one day.

10 Sustainability in Development:

A new children’s nursery building has been designed with a firm sustainability agenda in mind.

27 Design & Desire: DuPont Corian lights up the architectural face of the City of London, with cladding for the new Motel One building.

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Fact File Client: lE-Lab Projekt GmbH Architect: Werner Sobek

Assembled in just one day, the Aktivhaus known as “B10” for short was designed by Professor Sobek

Welcome to the world’s first Aktivhaus

Introducing Aktivhaus, a triple zero home that generates 200% energy. The design is based on spaces and shows how even the smallest of London sites could use this model. As the design is also stackable, in the future, it also could also apply to med-high rise developments.


uilt within just a few months in 1927, the Weissenhof Settlement in Stuttgart represented a revolution in house building. The designs, by a range of world-famous Bauhaus architects including Walter Gropius, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, were indicative of living in the future. Stuttgart based architect and engineer Werner Sobek has carried on this tradition with the creation of world’s first fully Aktivhaus


(active house). Assembled in just one day, the Aktivhaus known as “B10” for short was designed by Professor Sobek and realised by SchwörerHaus, specialists in prefabricated wooden constructions. Thanks to a sophisticated energy concept and an intelligent building automation system controlled by a specially designed app, the Aktivhaus generates twice as much electric power from sustainable

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Construction cost: €3000 per sq metre Energy concept: WSGreenTechnologies Building construction: SchwörerHaus Building control/Energy management: alphaEOS

energy sources as it consumes making it the first functional Aktivhaus in the world. The building is able to continuously adapt to changing conditions and requirements of indoor and outdoor areas; this enables it to generate approximately 200% of the energy required to power building services and controls, as well as household electricity by itself, all generated from renewable energy sources such as solar power. The PVT system on the roof is a combination of photovoltaic and solar thermal technologies, which means it produces electricity and heat at the same time and is projected to produce 8300kWh of electricity annually. A highly efficient water/water heat pump is used to heat the building. A hydraulic matrix enables the heat pump to


In the first year, the building will be used for demonstration purposes and for analysis

draw on two heat sources. The first (and most important) heat source is a 15m³ ice storage tank, which is located in the ground next to the building. The minimal source temperature in the ice storage tank of 0°C makes possible to operate the heat pump very efficiently and obtain high annual CoP figures. The photovoltaic panels on the roof with integrated solar thermal technology

(PVT) serve as a second heat source for the building.They are automatically utilised as heat sources as soon as the panels receive sufficient solar insolation during the winter months and in the transition period between seasons (and heat up to temperatures above the temperature in the ice storage tank). The 85m2 building uses the recouped energy to power two electric cars and – utilising smart grid technology – the

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The building is able to continuously adapt to changing conditions and requirements of indoor and outdoor areas

neighbouring house built by Le Corbusier now home to the Weissenhof Museum. The architectural design of Aktivhaus is based on the Triple Zero concept developed by Werner Sobek. The building is not only designed to fulfil the highest demands on aesthetics and user comfort, but also to generate more energy than is needed to run the house (zero energy), to produce no emissions and to be returned fully to the materials cycle (zero waste) at the end of its life. The objective is to minimise the consumption of energy on as well as maximising the proportion of ecologically friendly electricity consumed on-site. Werner Sobek sums up his approach in saying: “B10 is a prototype intended to show how the principle of an Aktivhaus can be transferred to concentrated apartment construction in major cities around the world. It demonstrates how future-proof buildings, new mobility concepts and residence-based energy supply can all be intelligently and sustainably combined with one another. New houses should also be able to supply older ones – we call it



The building is designed to fulfil the highest demands on aesthetics and user comfort

the sisterhood principle. In this approach, energy is consequently consumed where it is generated – and preferably at times when the cost is particularly low.”

An important innovation includes the installation of a hydraulically-powered facade attached to the steel beam frame that fulfils a dual function as a terrace

As well as its energy efficiency, the building offers important design innovations.Two important factors in this achievement were the high level of prefabrication and the integrated planning work of an interdisciplinary team consisting of architects, engineers and electronics specialists. B10 was planned and industrially prefabricated within a few months before being completely assembled onsite in one day. The constructive innovations of the building include for example, the use of just 17mm thick vacuum glazing in the form of a full height glazed front. Another important innovation includes the installation of a hydraulically-powered facade attached to the steel beam frame (on which Aktivhaus itself stands) that fulfils a dual function as a terrace. The electric Smart vehicles that belong to Aktivhaus are also able to access the building via this folding entrance.

Energy control systems B10 dovetails the energy systems of electro-mobility solutions and buildings to an overarching integral control system.As a consequence, it combines the charging infrastructure and the building services equipment to generate, store and manage energy in a central element – that in turn makes B10 the link between the user, building, vehicle and the smart grid. Combining mobile


and permanent infrastructures is an extremely promising approach towards achieving an integrated supply to serve the needs of both electro-mobility and the built environment. The Aktivhaus project team will spend two years continuously measuring how much energy B10 generates and consumes. In addition, a whole range of data will be gathered that is relevant for building research. This will be scientifically analysed at the Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design (ILEK) at Stuttgart University. In the first year, the building will be used

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for demonstration purposes and for analysis. It will then be used for another year as a residence to gather further experience with self-learning building control systems. Upon completion of the research project, the building is to be dismantled and reassembled in a different location. A showcase of sustainable architecture; once the research project concludes, B10 can be moved or used for other purposes – it was installed in just one day and can also be deconstructed in one day.

High level of design

Don’t get stuck with the wrong roof hatch Although there’s no British or European standard for roof hatches, you do have a legal obligation* to ensure adequate equipment is installed. That’s why we’d like to introduce you to Bilco Assist, the new online source to assist you in designing safe access points onto flat roof areas. Bilco Assist includes a tool that guides you through the essential design considerations needed to ensure safe access points onto flat roofs – covering hatches, ladders and other safety products. Bilco Assist will help you do just that.

Tel: 01284 701696 Fax: 01284 702531 email:

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*Working at Height Regulation 2005 and Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007


© Angus Bremner

Sustainability in Development

The different trapezoidal roof forms of the pavilions reflect the varied internal spaces

Sustainable teaching Trapezoidal pavilion roofs and facades, clad in a golden copper alloy, define the welcoming character of a new children’s nursery building designed with a firm sustainability agenda in mind, as copper producer Aurubis explains.


rcadia Nursery, designed by Malcolm Fraser Architects, brings together two existing University of Edinburgh nursery facilities, into a single, purpose-built complex. The new building provides early-years education for over 100 children aged from six weeks to five years and has been designed to facilitate a ‘free-play’ concept, whilst ensuring the children are safe and easily supervised. It was conceived as a free-flowing series of interconnected spaces that could be opened-up or closed-off to suit the activities of the day. The focus is not solely on creating one playroom per age group, but a series of additional spaces – such as shared ‘messy’ and art rooms, a children’s kitchen, raised cosy mezzanine spaces for quieter times, and a music and reading room. These are all connected at the heart of the building with a flexible welcome and circulation


space, used for many functions including dining and coat storage. Externally, each age group’s playroom is clearly identifiable as a welcoming, domestic – but also contemporary – form, creating a sense of belonging and ownership for each age group.

Trapezoidal roof forms These three pavilions are then linked together by a single-storey building, with large rooflight views to the tree canopy above. The desire to respect the facade of the adjacent protected Joseph Black chemistry building led to a more compact footprint, with raised mezzanines for the children and a first floor area for offices, staff and a family room. The different trapezoidal roof forms of the pavilions reflect the varied internal spaces. The outdoor space is considered as another ‘playroom’ for the nursery, with it being used every day by all age groups to

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encourage physical activity and engagement with nature. The ‘enclosed’ garden is directly accessed from the nursery building, leading, via a secure gate, to a ‘journey’ through the trees, then to more adventurous play facilities for the older children and finally to a space where the grass is allowed to grow long, meadow flowers flourish, birds and insects are watched and earth mounds provide activity for even the youngest children.

Warm and friendly material The architects selected copper producer Aurubis’ Nordic Royal alloy for roofs and some facades because of its warm and friendly persona, so crucial to a nursery setting. Having used bronze on other projects, the designers felt that this would become too dark, whereas Nordic Royal will stay light, both in terms of the colour and visual weight, sitting well alongside the timber cladding. Double lock, standing seam joints were used to give structure to the pitched roofs but the copper alloy wall cladding is installed with a reverse coulisseau joint, avoiding projections that children might catch themselves on at low level. Nordic Royal is an alloy of copper with aluminium and zinc, and is very stable, keeping its golden shade over time. It behaves differently to pure copper, with a thin protective oxide layer containing all three alloy elements when produced. As a result, the surface retains its golden colour indefinitely and simply loses some of its sheen as the oxide layer thickens

Sustainability in Development




1. 2. 3. 4.


9 10

5 6 7


9 12 13 14

“Materials were chosen that are renewable, have low embodied energy and a minimal carbon footprint”

© Angus Bremner



The golden alloy offers outstanding mechanical abrasion resistance

with exposure to the elements, with a matt appearance, as demonstrated by accelerated weathering tests. As well as exuding a sense of visual richness and quality, the golden alloy offers outstanding mechanical abrasion resistance, extremely high corrosion resistance and durability as well as excellent stability and material rigidity.The material can be easily cold-shaped and processed using standard techniques.

The ‘enclosed’ garden is directly accessed from the nursery building, leading, via a secure gate, to a ‘journey’ through the trees


Along with a requirement to achieve a BREEAM Excellent rating, the client was keen from the outset to create a highly sustainable building. We also felt the building’s use leant itself as an educational tool in its own right, to teach children about the varying aspects of approaching life in a sustainable manner. It was also of

© Angus Bremner

Highly sustainable

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Drawings courtesy of Malcolm Fraser Architects



© Angus Bremner

© Graeme Bell

Sustainability in Development

The new building provides early-years education for over 100 children


The architects selected copper producer Aurubis’ Nordic Royal alloy for roofs and some facades because of its warm and friendly persona


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foremost importance that a healthy, calm environment was created for the children. The cross-laminated timber structure provided the perfect combination of creating a warm, tactile interior, whilst also using a natural, sustainable product that could structurally achieve the clear roof volumes required to ensure the mezzanines spaces were not compromised. The specification of all materials was carefully considered. Materials were chosen that are renewable, have low embodied energy and a minimal carbon footprint – criteria that the copper alloy easily met – whilst also creating a vapour-open, breathable building fabric with high airtightness. This ensured that a high indoor air quality was achieved by minimising or eliminating products that emit lowlevel toxicity. The design stage BREEAM assessment achieved a high score of 82.2%, with material and pollution sections achieving a 100% score. The BRE ‘Green Guide to Specification’ is useful for assessing the sustainability

Sustainability in Development SECTION A







1 9






KEY: 1. 2. 3. 4.


of architectural materials and provides independent endorsement of the low environmental impact of both copper roofing and cladding. It rates a wide range of complete building elements from ‘A+’ to ‘E’, using Life Cycle Assessment techniques. Ratings form an important part of BREEAM and credits are available for using specifications for key building elements (e.g. external walls and roofs) with low embodied environmental impact.



Extreme durability

Various complete wall or roof build-ups are considered, each including materials for structure, insulation, moisture control and finishes. All the copper-finished roofs and most copper wall cladding specifications included achieved A+ or A summary ratings. Even the few build-ups with lower ratings could be improved easily with replacement components, without affecting the copper skin itself. Copper’s longevity


is a major strength, resulting from its complex patination process that ensures extreme durability with no maintenance and resistance to corrosion in virtually any atmospheric conditions. It is also important to remember that 100% of architectural copper products are manufactured from recycled raw material.

SECTION E architectural

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Voice of the Industry

Organisations need to learn to retain assets within their organisations so that they can diversify during the tougher times

Time for a different approach Mark Wakeford, Managing Director at Stepnell on behalf of the Built Environment Hub reflects on the current skills shortages in the construction industry.


in productivity. This last area could have a significant impact on reducing the shortages and also help support solutions to the structural causes of shortages.

Beating the causes of the skills shortages Many companies adopt short term horizons and accept the churn endemic in the industry. This makes investing in people a difficult choice. The failure to attract new recruits to our industry is well documented and there are many worthy initiatives run by the CITB and professional organisations that seek to address this imbalance. The latest where Peter Hansford is encouraging organisations to adopt a school (or a careers advisor) make good commercial sense for organisations seeking to recruit from their local communities. Those thinking further forward will include primary schools in their area. Additionally the industry attempts to redress the lack of diversity are to be applauded. Construction has become complicated enough as to need different skills and approaches that diversity can support. These initiatives are excellent in addressing many of the causes of

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Mark Wakeford is Managing Director of Stepnell – a leading building and civil engineering business. Mark also sits on the Construction Leadership Council & the Built Environment Hub Strategy Board. skills shortages at an early stage and commercially astute organisations of all sizes and persuasions are contributing to these efforts in an attempt to secure their workers for the future. Construction’s boom and bust cycle is a far more intractable issue and I doubt that our industry can single-handedly create a steady state demand for new works. There are however many things that we could do to mitigate this corrosive cycle in which we operate. Organisations need to learn to retain assets within their organisations so that they can diversify during the tougher times. I know that on a small scale Stepnell used to enjoy a number of measured term contracts that could absorb employees during quiet times, but which could provide additional resources when the industry started to overheat. To do this we had to have managers who could adapt



ere we go again! The construction industry picks up after a recession, we are short of skills and everyone is surprised! Quite rightly the industry is responding to this in the time honoured way of encouraging more people into the industry at apprentice, graduate and mature entry points. However, it all sounds rather repetitive. Our industry has been here before and we are rolling out the same response, which many cynics would say allows us to train the next cohort in time for the next recession. Given the huge improvements in communications, the obvious needs to upskill everyone within the industry to meet new challenges and opportunities for clients to procure in ways that deliver better value, shouldn’t our industry be looking to tackle the skills crisis in different, more imaginative ways? So what to do? There are three discrete areas that construction industry companies must concentrate their efforts. These are; tackling the structural causes of skills shortages, treating the symptoms of a lack of skills, and thirdly making better use of the skills that we have within the industry through a massive improvement

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Voice of the Industry to different procurement regimes and operatives who were multi-skilled and versatile. The current trend to have highly focused managers and operatives who can undertake single operations very effectively puts their organisations at a disadvantage when this work dried up.

Tackling the symptoms of our skills shortages There are a huge number of initiatives in hand to increase the number of apprentices and trainee managers within the industry. Some companies are choosing to tackle uncustomary sources of new recruits, which is innovative and I wish them every success. We are seeing significantly more women and ethnic minorities being targeted to join our industry, recognising the value that they bring to diverse construction teams. A welcome change is the unrelenting march of apprenticeships and the increasing breadth of recognition within our industry. Apprenticeships as a route to professional qualifications now demonstrate that NVQs have matured and are of a reliable standard that really does match traditional academic qualifications. Creating these alternative routes is a great way of broadening out the appeal of construction to those who may not have considered us as a career.

Mitigating the skills shortages


There are a huge number of initiatives in hand to increase the number of apprentices and trainee managers within the industry

lower prelims. The tools fall into two discrete areas – communication tools and soft skills. The ability to communicate large volumes of information with a large number of people has been available to the industry for many years. The recent change has been in the ability to communicate the relevant information to those who need to know and avoid burying our staff in gigabytes of information. The second area is as crucial as it aims to give our managers the skills to drive productivity. Within Stepnell we have found it necessary to start with some selfawareness of our strengths and weaknesses

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to be able to demonstrate that none of us can be all things to all people in all situations. There is an opportunity to tackle our skill shortage in a new way that will help prevent a future crisis. I suspect that if we tackle the shortage as we always have then we will have the same problem at the next recession. There is a great opportunity with the advances in collaborative tools to train our managers in LEAN techniques that will reduce the skills deficit and prepare managers for a variety of new business situations as the economy rises and falls.


The third action must be to mitigate the shortages as best as we are able. In this crusade there are two principle targets. The first is off-site construction, which is much heralded and provides significant advantages in discrete areas. Clearly if the economies of scale are to work then we will need a significantly higher level of standardisation of common building elements so that we can garner the efficiencies promised within a factory environment. The second target is far more powerful. We must train our managers to increase productivity, which has remained stubbornly low. The construction industry has seen many improvements that could improve productivity, but, like our industry, these have been fragmented and rarely brought together. However, there are a growing number of tools in which managers can be trained which can significantly improve productivity. From an industry perspective a few percentage point improvements would reduce the skills gap significantly. From a business perspective a few percentage point improvements would improve quality and add profit to the bottom line through

Always moving forward

We know you don’t stay ahead by standing still. To keep moving forward we’re always innovating; whether through new product development, process improvement or service enhancement. Our two most recent innovations are the new Opus panel and sinusoidal profiled sheet.

Opus is the new plank panel that is available as part of an Elite system, a LINEAR Rainscreen and a LINEAR Rainspan system, as well as being ideal for use as a soffit plank.

Investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery enables us to provide the increasingly popular sinusoidal profile on a short lead time and at a competitive price.

Innovation provides you with roofing and cladding solutions that are as ground-breaking as they are practical and as valuable as they are cost-effective. Put simply we innovate to provide products that are relevant and useful to you. Some of our recent product innovations include Vieo, Opus, sinusoidal cladding, integrated solar panels, transpired solar collectors, and a more efficient stainless steel halter for standing seam roofs. A culture of innovation is present throughout our supply chain, with Elite Systems using only Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma® from Tata Steel. These Colorcoat® products come with the Confidex® Guarantee offering extended cover for up to 40 years on Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and up to 30 years on Colorcoat Prisma®. Colorcoat® products are certified to BES6001 Responsible Sourcing standard.

Wentloog Corporate Park Cardiff CF3 2ER 029 2079 0722 · @eurocladuk

Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra, Colorcoat Prisma and Confidex are registered trademarks of Tata Steel UK Limited.

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Instant adhesion means time and money can be saved by all parties – installers, specifiers and building owners

Self adhered membrane with benefits for all Installation times can be cut by up to 50%, with no need for the use of adhesives on site courtesy of the new Sarnafil self adhered membrane from Sika Sarnafil.


self adhered hot air weldable roof membrane – Sarnafil G410 FSA – combines all the traditional and proven advantages of a Sarnafil membrane with fast and easy installation thanks to a strong self adhered attachment method. Instant adhesion means time and money can be saved by all parties – installers, specifiers and building owners – with a quick turnaround and shorter times on site. The peel and stick application method of Sarnafil Self Adhered provides instant wind uplift resistance through the self adhesive backing. This multi layer synthetic roofing membrane is a premium quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material with an inlay of glass non-woven for dimensional stability and self adhesive polyester fleece backing.The membrane contains ultraviolet light stabilisers which assist weathering in direct exposure and is flame retardant. Suitable for new construction and refurbishment projects on smooth substrates, Sarnafil Self Adhered is prepared with an uncoated welding edge to ensure that a strong welding seam is achieved in the overlap. With no built in stress at the time of production the membrane is a dimensionally stable product. Installation could not be simpler. Just a case of align, peel, stick and seal.The membrane is rolled out and aligned then the release liner peeled off and using a brush or squeegee, to


prevent blisters, the membrane is adhered to the substrate.To fully press down the membrane it is recommended that a waterfilled or steel roller be used.An appropriate primer must be used together with the recommended substrate material. With its lacquer coated surface Sarnafil Self Adhered maintains its top quality aesthetic appearance for a long time and like all Sarnafil membranes comes with the company’s industry leading guarantees. In addition the new membrane is BBA certified in excess of 40 years. Prior to its launch the new self adhered roofing membrane was trialled with a number of contractors and found an enthusiastic response.The speed of installation and reduction of time on site to complete the project was noted by many during the field trials, as was the adhesion strength. Stuart Harding, Contracts Manager at RLW Roofing also attended the new product launch and was enthusiastic about the product’s business opportunities:“The launch provided ourselves and other registered contractors with an introduction to innovative new products and construction practices designed to ensure that we can continue to be at the forefront of developments within our industry. It means we can offer our clients the complete flat roofing solutions they require. “From the launch day demonstration and our involvement with the field trials, we have been extremely impressed with the quality, the ease of installation and the end

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Installation could not be simpler – just a case of align, peel, stick and seal

finish of the Sarnafil Self Adhered membrane. We can see this membrane offering unique opportunities on projects requiring a fully adhered roofing system where the ease of installation and reduction of COSHH hazards will be of great benefit.” During the pre-launch trials other registered contractors noted the easier application and advantage of not having to open, stir and apply adhesives on site.“It’s very fast to install, very good to weld – all in all a very good membrane and we will be using it more,” Grey & Jarrett.“Fantastic, so quick and easy to lay and no waiting for adhesive to go off,” Barclay Roofing. 8

* ( 01707



Yeoman Shield PVCu wall & door Protection Products - stops the need for repetitive and costly re-decoration. Visit our website

Sutton Academy’s Site Manager, Steve Humphreys: “We wanted to stop the need for costly and repetitive re-decoration. Yeoman Shield has provided us with a long term solution and has resulted in many complimentary comments on the improved appearance of the areas where Shield products have been installed.”

Yeoman House, Whitehall Industrial Estate, Whitehall Road, Leeds, LS12 5JB T: 0113 279 5854 F: 0113 231 0406 E:


The products benefit the chemical and food industry providing floor systems that will be in compliance with current EC norms

New floor systems to comply with hygiene standards Mapei has introduced its new Mapefloor CPU range of five flooring products for the food, beverage and chemical industries.


apei UK has added the Mapefloor CPU range which includes five new products to its Industrial Flooring line.The products benefit the chemical and food industry providing floor systems that will be in compliance with current EC norms regarding hygiene and safety within areas used for food and beverage production and storage areas. Mapefloor CPU/Cove is a threecomponent polyurethane/cement-based mortar which can be used to create coves, mould fillets and create seamless walls and floors within the industrial sector. It is ideal for coating channels and drains around plinths and can also re-construct edges and chipped joints. Mapefloor CPU/RT is a three-component high-strength polyurethane/cement-based mortar with high resistance to chemicals for coating industrial floors in layers of 6-9mm thick, with a textured finish. It is easy to apply and is best suitable for floors subjected to heavy traffic, aggressive chemicals and high temperatures.


The Mapefloor CPU/MF also comes in three parts but is a self-smoothing multifunction mortar which has high resistance to chemicals for coating industrial floors in layers of 3-6mm thick. It can be used to create a durable smooth or textured finish for floors in demanding areas. Also within this range is Mapefloor CPU/ TC, which again is in three parts and is ideal for coating walls and for finishing coats on the CPU products as well as coves. Offering a smooth ‘top-coat’ finish, this protective coating is easy to clean and has excellent resistance to abrasion within areas subject to intense traffic. Finally, the last product added to this range is Mapefloor CPU/HD, a three-component, high strength polyurethane/cement-based mortar, specifically designed with high resistance to chemicals for coating industrial floors in layers of 6-9mm. It can also be applied by trowel in one application.This then provides the floor with a protective layer resistant to high temperature, chemicals and heavy traffic. All products can be applied on ‘Early Age Concrete’ and can be used in conjunction

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All products can be applied on ‘Early Age Concrete’

with Mapei’s range of fast-drying screeds, admixtures and sealant products.The five products are advantageous for applying to floors in the following industries: chemical and pharmaceutical, food production/storage, wineries and breweries. 8 * ( 0121

508 6970



Liquid roofing and waterproofing at its very best ƒ

Ideal for roof refurbishment, repair and new build roofing projects.


Complete solvent free and odourless waterproofing systems available that can be laid whilst the building is operational - Ideal for schools, hospitals, food factories and offices. Have the work done when you want it or need it.

Yeoman Shield PVCu wall & door Protection Products - stops Sutton Academy’s Site Manager, Steve ƒ Kemperol is a cold liquid application removing the fire risk of hot works. Humphreys: “We wanted to stop the need the need for repetitive and costlyaand repetitive re-decoration. ƒ Laid in a single wet-on-wet process tofor form totally seamless, durable, Yeoman Shield has provided us with a long costly re-decoration. fleece reinforced, UV stable, elastomeric waterproofing membrane that ®

cannot delaminate.

term solution and has resulted in many complimentary comments on the improved appearance of the areas where Shield expectancy in excess of 25 years your roofing products have been installed.”

Visit our website ƒ With BBA Approval and a life budget will never be better spent. ƒ

For more information visit

KEMPER SYSTEM LTD. Kemper House, 30 Kingsland Grange Woolston, Warrington, Cheshire United Kingdom WA1 4RW Tel: 01925 445532 Fax: 01925 575096

Yeoman House, Whitehall Industrial Estate, Whitehall Road, Leeds, LS12 5JB T: 0113 279 5854 F: 0113 231 0406 E:


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Technical Focus

There are a number of ways to make a domestic property more energy efficient such as MVHR systems

Improving user understanding Jon Hill, Technical Manager of Polypipe Ventilation explains why simply fitting green technology is not enough.


ccording to analyses by the NHBC and the Zero Carbon Hub, families who live in new build homes built to the current standards could save more than £1400 a year on their energy bills when compared to their neighbours living in older homes. In fact, a four bedroom detached new home could be 57% cheaper to run than a comparable Victorian-built home.This gap is very likely to widen with inevitable increases in energy bills and the zero carbon construction targets which are due to come into effect in 2016 (although small developments may now be excluded from this). Rising energy bills are always a cause for concern – or at the very least a topic of breakfast table discussion – for most households these days. Properties that can halve these bills will have far more appeal to potential home buyers; which is good news for house builders and developers.


As we know, there are a number of ways to make a domestic property more energy efficient, including solutions ranging from low cost insulation and double – or even triple – glazing through to the incorporation of green technologies such as solar panels and Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems. Whilst the former are an integral part of the building and are pretty much a fit and forget product, the latter require a degree of interaction by the home owner..

Lack of awareness According to the NHBC Foundation, here is where problems may arise.Their report – ‘Low and zero-carbon technologies in new homes; Learning from the experiences of consumers and on-site sales teams’ – explores how home owners use the low carbon energy technologies incorporated

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within their dwellings.The report identifies a poor level of understanding of these ‘green’ systems by the home owner; including a basic lack of awareness of the potential benefits provided, coupled with limited understanding of how to correctly operate the systems. Many home owners haven’t ‘grown up’ with these energy saving systems and simply aren’t familiar with them. If you ask the average man-in-the-street what a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system is, I’m pretty certain you’d get a blank look and understandably so. It’s simply not enough to fit these energy saving systems and expect the home owner to muddle through – even if technical information is provided in their appliance information/handover pack. The NHBC Foundation report identified that the current level of written guidance on the use of the technology was not deemed suitable by the recipients, who generally felt there was insufficient effort made to enlighten them to the potential benefits and opportunities that these technologies may provide. If the home owner doesn’t understand the systems they have in place, they are very unlikely to reap the full benefits. So all the effort that installers, builders and developers have put into making a new build sustainable could be wasted and the suggested savings in energy bills may never be realised.

Technical Focus

Educating new owners This brings me on to another point: what happens when the owners of the new property decide to move on and the property changes hands? Whilst new homes usually come with a detailed appliance information pack, this information rarely makes it through to subsequent buyers. As a result, many new home owners don’t even know what technologies they have in place, let alone know how to operate them. This is now out of the hands of the developer, but manufacturers and installers can assist here. Firstly, rather than installing the MVHR

MVHR systems work by transferring the heat from the waste stale air extracted from kitchens or bathrooms to the fresh filtered air drawn in from outside

unit in the loft, which is often the norm in new builds, could it be fitted within an easy-to-access cupboard or a utility room? This has the added advantage of greater heat retention within both the fan unit and the ducting and is immediately accessible for regular filter maintenance. Clearly it will need to be a system that has a small enough fan unit to accommodate this. The new home owner is then unlikely to miss it! The filters themselves should also be readily accessible without the need to remove the unit’s cover. Secondly, the system itself must be easy to operate and the instructions should be attached to the unit permanently for all future resident access. One of the other key aspects that the

An MVHR system is not a substitute for heating, but it can help to reduce the amount of heat required in the property

NHBC Foundation report addressed was whether consumer behaviour needs to change to secure the benefits from the technology and if so, can we expect that change to occur? I think the honest answer is that apart from committed eco warriors, getting people to change their habits is very difficult. The technology therefore needs to be designed to take this in to account and work with the day to day lifestyle of the average person.

Fresh filtered air In the case of MVHR systems, for example, they work by transferring the heat from the waste stale air extracted from kitchens or bathrooms to the fresh filtered air drawn in from outside, which is then distributed to the living rooms in the home. In order for the system to work effectively it is preferable that the dwelling’s windows – especially in a steam filled bathroom (gold dust for MVHR systems!) – remain mostly closed. This isn’t too much of a change in habit for the resident in winter, but in summer it can be a lot to ask. At Polypipe we have adapted our technology to work in this scenario by introducing a summer bypass facility that only feeds in fresh filtered outdoor air. It’s this sort of thinking that’s important for the manufacturer to take on board and an important consideration when specifying such systems.

All parties have a role to play here to improve user understanding. Firstly, let’s look at the developer’s sales/customer service team. The research identified inconsistencies in the level of understanding of the ‘green’ technologies being offered by sales personnel. This translates into a very limited ability to communicate the benefits in an easy to understand way. It is therefore essential that the sales team are fully trained in both the benefits of these systems and how to operate them. An MVHR system, for example, is not a substitute for heating, but it can help to reduce the amount of heat required in the property and has proven health benefits ranging from the provision of fresh pre-warmed air to the reduction of indoor airborne pollutants. Thus there are a number of points to convey here and house builders and developers alike need to consider which are the key points required by their customer base and how to impart this information. Maybe equipment manufacturers should look to support developers by jointly producing a comprehensive set of material using consumer friendly methods such as videos and easy to understand graphics.

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Legal & Business Hire Purchase agreements enable acquisition of costly equipment and machinery through an instalment plan

Laying the foundation for business growth Mike Hartley, Managing Director of Praetura Asset Finance, discusses the benefits of alternative funding in the construction sector and why more SMEs are choosing to shun the major high street lenders.


By leveraging the value in your balance sheet, Refinancing agreements are specifically designed to facilitate growth. Asset finance providers, like Praetura, can release the equity within your existing asset portfolio by purchasing equipment and expenditure to provide a much needed cash injection – all whilst enabling continued use of said assets. As well as expansion, management buyout or buy-in and acquisitions, Refinancing can also be used to tackle HMRC debt and alleviate cash flow issues. At the end of the agreed term, ownership of the asset is simply transferred back to your business. Investment in new equipment is another major hurdle for growing construction firms. Traditionally, this meant using existing capital (often in short supply), borrowing funds or seeking investment, which tends to involve selling equity or sharing profits. Hire Purchase (HP) agreements enable acquisition of costly equipment and machinery through an instalment plan. Just like buying a car on finance, the item remains the property of the lender until the final repayment is made, which would include a one-off option-to-purchase fee, transferring ownership to your business. One of the major benefits of HP is that repayments are fixed and providers take into account any seasonal fluctuations to aid financial management.

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Having working in financial services for more than 30 years, previously with NatWest and Sun Life of Canada, Mike Hartley’s last three roles saw him build a lending portfolio exceeding £60m within each business, before launching Praetura Asset Finance in January 2014. Finally, there’s Leasing. Similar to HP, Leasing enables businesses to have full use of an asset without liability of ownership. Again, costs are fixed and instalments flexible. At the end of the agreement you can continue use under the same plan or sell the item to a third-party, in which you’ll reap up to 95% of the sale price. With growth in the construction market on the rise, now is the time to invest in expansion and accessing the funds you need to do this could be easier than you thought.


fter enduring the brutal struggle of the financial crash, the construction industry is fighting back at an exhilarating pace. This resurgence is well documented, with figures from the Markit/CIPS construction PMI showing that 2014 was a bonanza year for the industry. In fact, it was the best 12 months for British builders since 1997; and with work expected to rise a further 5.2% in 2015, now is the time to implement a robust growth plan. Unfortunately, the age-old issue of cash flow remains ever-present for SMEs, with large projects and late payments sapping available funds. With traditional lenders reluctant to help, many construction firms rely on risky and expensive overdrafts or loans to bridge the payment gap. But in an industry that’s driven by cash injections to pay for supplies, labour and overheads, it’s crucial that businesses understand the available options. Asset finance can be a helpful alternative, and with lending figures at an all time high (£25.4b new business growth in 2014), take up of this funding option has been hugely welcomed. Asset finance has helped to make lending more accessible for many SMEs by offering preferable funding options in terms of borrowing costs, risk and flexibility.

As flexible as your imagination Designed and manufactured in Sweden, a Gartec Platform Lift is the most aesthetically and technically advanced available today.

Simple. Fast. Unique.

Commercial Lifts and Home Lifts

Frameless Glass Balustrade System


• 50% faster to install than alternatives

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• Save Time & Money - The horizontal TAPER-LOC® design allows the system to be adjusted, dismantled and re-set • Meets BS 6180: 2011 requirements

Look out for our new RIBA Certified interactive CPD, delivered at your own offices – now booking!



BS 6180:2011

Call 01296 397100 or visit the Platform Lift Industry

To see a demonstration, visit Leading the Platform Lift Industry t: 00 800 0421 6144 e: f: 00 800 0262 3299

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Design & Desire


The Sarnafil Self Adhered flat roofing system from Sika is BBA certified in excess of 40 years. It’s quick and easy to install by our experienced contractors, helping to keep costs down. Plus, we provide a range of comprehensive full system guarantees for your complete peace of mind. For more information call 0800 112 3825 or email #sarnafilselfadhered


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Design & Desire

Illuminated hospitality DuPont Corian is lighting up the architectural face of the City of London, with cladding for the new Motel One building by Mackay + Partners. This is the first commercial building in the UK to feature DuPont Corian as an exterior cladding solution.

advanced surface, the structure presents a sparkling new face to the heart of the financial district, set within the historic Minories neighbourhood. Offering a welcome new four star facility to the area, the latest Motel One operation hosts 291 bedrooms and is now open for business. The building comprises two forms: a seven storey “decorative

cube� fronting the street and a sixteen storey glass tower to the rear.

Full support Designed by Mackay + Partners for developers Endurance Land & Scottish Widows Investment Partnership, it brings a bright and a fresh new identity and a directional aesthetic vision to the

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aking the place of a run-down office building in the heart of the City of London, the striking new Motel One building by Mackay + Partners features ground-breaking use of DuPont Corian high-tech surface as an illuminated facade. The first commercial building in the UK to adopt this exciting application for the renowned DuPont


Design & Desire area. The concept enjoyed full support from the City of London planning department who were happy to explore the choice of DuPont Corian as the exterior cladding material, as opposed to the more typical specifications of steel, glass or stone. “The design is entirely contemporary, yet fully responsive to its current and known future context,” says Ken Mackay of Mackay + Partners. “I have specified DuPont Corian for other applications and so I am well aware of its properties, but the choice of Corian to clad this project came about through extensive research and working very closely with DuPont.”

Pure finish This elegant exterior skin for the new building functions both as a sustainable open-jointed rain screen facade and also as a distinctive design feature. The eye-catching cladding, made from DuPont Corian in a translucent white, presents a pure and simple finish during daylight hours, but at night, backlit designs within certain panels illuminate the structure to dramatic effect. The LED lighting system is on a colour wheel that can be changed via computer controlled dimming and the patterns and hues chosen reflect the Motel One brand. This combination of rain screen cladding with LED lighting is a first for London, according to the architects. The exterior cladding was created using approximately 1000m2 of DuPont Corian high-tech surface in a 12mm thickness and by exploiting the brand’s unique 1500mm width sheet to reduce the necessity for additional joints. The facade system was installed by specialists Silverside Trading of Shoreham-by-Sea in Sussex. Mackay + Partners ensured a high

The patterns and hues reflect the Motel One brand

The colour changing LED system is computer controlled

standard of sustainability in all aspects of the development, which has achieved a BREEAM Excellent energy rating. Key to this was the design of a facade with excellent thermal performance (and just 35% glazing) plus the specification of heat recovery systems and green roofs to further enhance efficiency and mitigate rainwater run-off.

Vibrant facade Gwyn Richards of the City of London comments: “The building’s vibrant and playful facades demonstrate that new hotel buildings need not have bland, monotonous and repetitive facades. The ground-breaking use of DuPont Corian as a facing material is innovative and convincing, both during the day and also


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Design & Desire FACADE DETAIL


West elevation and facade detail at the fourth floor (FFL) of the new Motel One building by Mackay + Partners


5TH FFL +31,530M

4TH FFL +28,530M





4TH SFL +28,530M







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Design & Desire accomplished in design terms, while ensuring beneficial functionality and long lasting performance. The results achieved with the Motel One project by Mackay + Partners are not only a first for the UK but also a beacon for adventurous and inspiring building design.”

Design versatility

DuPont Corian is proving to be a valuable solution for facade applications in many ways, from design versatility to long term functionality. Completely homogenous and non-porous, it is easy to clean and maintain. It is also fire rated, resistant to graffiti, UV and climatic conditions – and should any damage occur – the material is repairable. DuPont Corian is compatible with a ‘secret’ fix undercut anchor system and its lightweight, workable properties are a further benefit to both fabrication and installation. DuPont Corian also offers the broadest range of international certification for facade applications among solid surfaces and has passed a series of fundamental tests for its application to the exterior of buildings. These include freeze/thaw cycling resistance, standards proving the material’s resistance to exterior environmental substances, fire performance tests, and tests for abuse resistance. Further information and certificates are available on request from DuPont.

The new Motel One building by Mackay + Partners in the City of London features a sleek, thermally-efficient facade

when illuminated at night. The building demonstrates the importance of an ingenious architectural approach being carried through to implementation, in terms of the integrity of the original architectural concept, but also the highest quality of detailing and materials. “The building sits comfortably within its surroundings whilst creating a highly compelling work of contemporary


architecture which can be proud of its place in the City’s dynamic architectural character.” Mark Hill, Country Manager of DuPont Corian for UK and Ireland, says: “The possibilities for the application of DuPont Corian to facades are fascinating and full of possibility. We are totally committed to working with the industry to explore what can be

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The eye-catching cladding presents a pure and simple finish during daylight hours

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Quayside Conservatories Ltd.

Specialist trade manufacturers of bespoke hardwood orangeries - conservatories - garden rooms - lantern roofs

A Platform for Washroom Success A stylish, high profile, ‘heavy use’ environment boasting around 45 million visitors a year needed washrooms that looked good, worked well and were able to cope with this amount of traffic. The solution for perfect prestigious washrooms with this heavy traffic environment was touch free taps, panel mounted soap dispensers and behind mirror hand dryers. The Velocity High Speed Behind Mirror Hand Dryer increased the whole washroom experience blending style with functionality, while helping save time and money with reduced energy and running costs. It is made for a quick, efficient user experience that will stand the test of time!

Dolphin Velocity Behind Mirror Dryer

Dolphin Prestige Panel Mounted Soap Dispenser

Hardwood from sustainable sources Available in standard designs or completely bespoke Secure multi-point locking throughout as standard Fully factory pre-sprayed in various shades of microporous waterbourne system, or match to a RAL colour of your choice • Toughened safety glass to BS6206 class A. Doors with 20mm units, face frames 28mm and 24mm in roof • Maintenance free external aluminium roof elements

Dolphin Blue Panel Mounted Electronic Infrared Tap

washrooms worth experiencing


• • • •

Dolphin Dispensers Southpoint, Compass Park, Bodiam, Robertsbridge TN32 5BS t: 01424 20 22 24 f: 01424 20 52 00 e:

Completely bespoke, totally Quayside For our brochure or further information contact Quayside Conservatories on:

01502 714512 or visit our website:

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Doors & Windows

Council open to everyone When the most prominent grade II listed building in Derby was renovated there were several priorities including increasing workspace capacity, enhancing its environmental credentials and enabling access for all.


ith more than 200 internal doors, a range of reliable and efficient overhead door closers was needed that would ensure ease of use, whilst closing effectively to allow electronic locking to limit access to certain areas for security reasons. Satisfying all of these requirements was the challenge faced by GEZE UK at Derby City Council’s offices.The company, which was commissioned by architectural ironmonger Eisenware Limited on behalf of the project architect Corstorphine and Wright, supplied a range of automatic door operators as well as manual door closers for the project. The building refurbishment, which has subsequently won the Refurbished / Recycled Workplace category at the 2014 BCO (British Council for Offices) Awards, was designed to achieve a BREEAM rating of Excellent and an A rated Energy Performance Certificate. Electricity is even generated by a hydro-electric system that harnesses power from the River Derwent. It was, therefore, important that all contractors were equally committed towards this aim. GEZE UK


has achieved ISO 14001 and is committed to minimising environmental impact both through its products and processes. The Council Chamber at the council offices features large 2.4m high wooden doors – it was therefore essential to select a highly efficient yet powerful operator.With this in mind, three single and seven pairs of GEZE’s powerful TSA 160 NT automatic swing operators were chosen. The TSA 160 NT is an electronically

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For the main entrance and for specific wooden and glass doors in the corridors, GEZE’s Slimdrive EMD-F electromechanical swing door operators were specified

controlled, hydraulic swing door system that provides an accessible and sustainable solution, making it ideal for heavy doors in high traffic areas. It is extremely reliable and requires little maintenance. For the main entrance and for specific wooden and glass doors in the corridors, GEZE’s Slimdrive EMD-F electromechanical swing door operators were specified.While it is unusual for automatic operators to be fitted to internal glass doors, the slimline design of the EMD-F operator means that at just 7cm high, it is extremely discreet and sits neatly on the doors’ patch rails. In this case, automatic door operators were chosen for the internal doors so that swipe cards could be used to restrict access to certain areas of the building and also to assist with the vigorous demands of the Equality Act. Throughout the rest of the building, the doors were fitted with GEZE’s manual range of overhead closers. More than 175 TS 2000 NVs were installed.These are ideal for public buildings because they feature an over pressurisation valve, which protects the operators from damage caused by abuse. They are also highly efficient and feature fully adjustable closing speed, hydraulic latching action and adjustable closing force making it easier to conform to the requirements of Approved Document M and BS 8300. A further 21 TS 4000 manual overhead closers were used. The TS 4000 offers fully adjustable power EN 1-6 and is suitable for doors from 750-1400mm wide. It is also fitted with an adjustable backcheck as standard. Finally, 11 fire doors were fitted with the TS 4000 E, which has been specifically designed and approved for use on fire and smoke protection doors. It features an electrohydraulic hold open device, which is released in the event of a fire allowing the door to close safely.This compartmentalises the building, holding back fire and smoke, allowing occupants to escape safely. More than 175 highly efficient TS 2000 NVs were installed throughout the building

The UK’s Total Glass Solution ■ ESG Secure™ security glass ■ ESG Solarchromic™ climate control glass ■ ESG Switchable™ LCD privacy glass ■ ESG Pyrotech™ fire resistant glass ■ Architectural glass ■ Bespoke shapes and sizes ■ Fully CE Certified ■ BSI Approved

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The Stainless Steel Handrail Component System oversized doors now available steel reinforced natural hardwood doors entrance doors internal doors garage doors passive house certified doors made and designed in UK

• Now including Pro-Glass • Component system • On-site flexibility • Fast nationwide delivery 01494 778787

• Competitive prices • Available from stock 01708 25 35 45

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Disability Colour contrasting was incorporated into the interior to help people with visual impairments

Area Sq’s extensive design and fit-out project for Motability Operations’ Bristol Business Park campus has won the British Council for Offices ‘Fit-out of Workplace’ award, in the highly competitive region of ‘South West of England, Thames Valley & South Wales’.


rea Sq, the leading office design and fit-out company, helped Motability Operations, the company operating the Motability Scheme on behalf of national charity Motability, create innovative, accessible and environmentally-friendly offices to improve the experience of both employees and visitors and bring each building up to a Grade A office facility. The judging panel of BCO members were impressed with the vibrant and lively workplace that Area Sq had created with “dated and compromised offices [successfully] transformed into collaborative spaces, which meet the different needs of the occupier as well as its visitors”. The project was also commended for providing a completely inclusive workplace environment, achieving an unparalleled level of disability access. BS8300 (‘Accessibility of Buildings Guidelines’) was used as a

benchmark by Area Sq and all accessible designs and components went over and above any minimum Equality Act requirements. A major challenge was ensuring departments and teams did not become siloed in one of the four buildings. Motability Operations were keen to maintain a cohesive culture, team spirit and remain a single unified company. Another challenge and success of this project was achieving Motability Operations’ vision of ‘disability exemplary’. The concept of this did not exist, so the project’s Access Consultant recommended using BS8300 (‘Accessibility of Buildings Guidelines’) as a benchmark for best practice. With some difficult structural constraints to surpass, all accessible designs and components went over and above any minimum Equality Act requirements. An innovative approach was used to achieve the accessibility aims of this project.

A challenge and success of this project was achieving Motability Operations’ vision of ‘disability exemplary’

Colour contrasting was incorporated into their interior to help people with visual impairments to judge depth, width and distance. White ceramic sanitary wear was fixed against a walnut laminate, which worked well as a contrasting mechanism but also a beautiful and inclusive design for all users. Innovative external hand rails were selected that remain warm to touch even on the coldest of winter days. Further features included a garden that is inclusive to all, including wheelchair users. Motability Operations engaged in extremely high levels of employee project consultation and utilised many communication channels. They set up a Steering Committee to manage and deliver the project and seek feedback on every aspect from the employees’ perspective. Motability Operations has just over 500 employees located across four buildings on Bristol Business Park and the project by Area Sq saw the refurbishment and fit-out of each building to create a unique corporate campus. Area Sq’s sister company, Sketch Studios, also worked on the project and was responsible for managing each phase of the move, with employees relocated around the buildings, rather than taken off site, to avoid minimal disruption for the business and its customers. Sketch Studios also provided Motability Operations with flexible furniture solutions. Gary Chandler, Managing Director at Area Sq comments: “Having worked with Motability Operations over two years to design and fit-out their corporate campus at Bristol Business Park, we are delighted with the end result which surpasses the standards required by regulations, and incorporates innovative solutions that have helped us be recognised by this prestigious award.”


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A benchmark for inclusivity

Officially Supported by: Building Access

Taking place at:









with thousands of construction companies, project developers, suppliers, architecture firms and more

about the latest construction projects and opportunities across the capital

and do business in London’s booming construction industry

in the free Conference sessions and Workshops (CPD Accredited)

the London Construction Awards


@LondonBuildExpo #LondonBuild

* The event is free to attend for anyone working in or linked to the construction industry

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Entrance Systems

Side-sliding doors recess into tracks along the garage wall

The key to kerb appeal


p-and-over doors offer one of the best options for truly bespoke garage doors. Available in two styles, canopy – where the door lifts up and out – and retractable, which slides completely into the garage on tracks suspended from the ceiling, these doors can be chosen as open-for-infill frames that can be clad in almost any material. As with any style of garage door, upand-over doors can be automated or manually operated, and are often less expensive than other types. It’s worth noting, however, that these doors require significant exterior space to open, so for houses with short driveways, an alternative may be more practical. Roller doors are a particularly popular option in the UK. Requiring no ceiling space and opening upwards, the door rolls up around a central drum.The garage will need to be able to accommodate the roller barrel but no overhead or wall tracks are required, making these a good choice if space is scarce. The best designs are also spring assisted, which protects the operator mechanism. In the event of a power failure, the spring compensation also allows these doors to be opened manually by hand, without the need for a cumbersome crank handle. For integral garages, the door may need


to be well insulated. Sectional doors are usually the best for this, and the better designs come with seals around all four sides of the door. Hörmann’s sectional doors can achieve U-values as low as 1.4W/m2K for the fitted unit, with insulated panels adding to the door’s overall strength and rigidity. If the garage opening is an unusual shape, such as an arch, sectional doors are the ones to choose. Fitted behind the opening, they work with any shape entrance and can provide a stylish finish to a garage’s facade. Similar to retractable designs, sectional

Roller doors are a particularly popular option in the UK

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doors slide into tracks on the ceiling of the garage, creating more space in front of the garage. However, overhead space needs to be considered. For a style statement or if headroom is limited, side-sliding doors are ideal. They recess into tracks along the garage wall, offering a good alternative to the traditional sectional style. Decorative options, such as windows, frosted glass elements, textured surface finishes and assorted handles are also available. And if aesthetics are the most important element, you may wish to consider a matching entrance door. Hörmann offers styles specifically designed to complement its wide range of garage doors. With a huge selection of doors on the market, it’s important to be able to differentiate between the various options. A high-quality product, carefully selected will not only add to a property’s appeal but also stand the test of time.

The garage door may seem only a relatively minor aspect of a house-building project. However, with its potential to dramatically enhance kerb appeal and keep the property’s energy costs down, the garage door should be carefully considered during the initial planning stage. David O’Mara at garage door manufacturer Hörmann offers his advice on what to look for.

REACH NEW HEIGHTS Access Product Solutions for the Construction Industry

FREE ADVICE AVAILABLE We can help to specify the correct product for your access problem or provide a bespoke solution

Models to suit all spaces Vertical and ceiling access Electric versions available Fire rated hatches


0845 676 0704





T: 0845 676 0704




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Roofing, Cladding & Insulation Part of the University of Southern Denmark, the low-energy building is enveloped by precision perforated panels provided by RMIG


Dynamic light control As more buildings incorporate a ‘visual visor’ in the form of a perforated metal sunscreen in order to control light and heat, Andrew Wadbrook-Mclay, Technical Sales Manager at RMIG, explains how the aesthetics of a facade can work in partnership with the functionality together with the role of holes. 38

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ntegrating a facade into a building blueprint that allows in the right amount of natural, controlled daylight while conserving heat is pretty much the standard at a time when sustainability within construction is a top priority. For architects, delivering a unique design that is both highly functional yet still eye-catching is always a challenge to be relished. So when tasked with a brief such as this, the material that usually meets all the criteria is some form of perforated metal. And for it to fulfil its purpose, it’s worth considering the value and arrangement of the holes within this, as well as the metal holding it together. For any design team providing a perforated metal sunscreen, it’s critical that the specific needs of the people that work, study or in the case of being treated in a hospital are fully considered. This means providing a facade that allows in a comfortable amount of light that neither blinds the occupants nor leaves them under the cover of darkness throughout some of the brightest hours, when the only solution is pulling down internal blinds to create shade. According to research, the natural light filtered through a building sunscreen can certainly boost the productivity and psychological well-being of the office workforce much more so than artificial light. Within the hospital environment, the maximum amount of natural light can also aid patients’ recovery time as it can alleviate stress and anxiety, thus helping to reduce their overall stay. This, together with the amount of heat that can be naturally absorbed, which in turn saves money on energy bills, provides a strong economic reason for providing a metal facade while also reducing the environmental footprint.

Roofing, Cladding & Insulation

The addition of a sunscreen presents the architectural community with opportunities to be bold and brave in their approach to design

This balanced environment of light and warmth in a building with a perforated metal sunscreen is achieved through an exact combination of factors; hole pattern, amount of open area on the metal, the angle, structure and mechanics of the sunscreen, as well as the metal and finish selected. Even working within these rather precise parameters, this still leaves the architect with a wide scope for original design and innovation. The Kolding Campus has embraced this combination of enterprise, environmental awareness and functionality. Part of the University of Southern Denmark, the lowenergy building is enveloped by precision perforated panels provided by RMIG as one of the eye-catching City Emotion projects. These have been treated with natural anodisation, creating a striking solar shading facade.These are no ordinary static or tilted panels though.The 1600 sensor controlled screens measure both outdoor light and heat, which transmit the data to a motor.The screens can therefore be adjusted, so that both students and staff experience dynamic light changes throughout the day, while

enjoying a comfortable and controlled climate. Stainless steel was the material of choice for the Universite Catholique in Lyon, France. Another example from RMIG’s City Emotion projects, the adjustable, perforated sunscreens delivered the dual benefit of reducing energy consumption while filtering through the right amount of light.This would be conducive to learning and concentration, while the durable stainless steel has provided a long-lasting and sustainable solution.

The composition of a building sunscreen Although stainless steel and copper are popular, the most commonly used core material for a sunscreen tends to be aluminium, which is recyclable and relatively easy to attach to a building due to its light weight. In addition, very little upkeep is involved meaning that once in position, it can enjoy a long and economical life, as opposed to tinted windows which are not just costly to install but expensive to clean. The finish that is applied does not just add to the lifespan and durability; it also

The screens can be adjusted, so that both students and staff experience dynamic light changes throughout the day

provides an element of aesthetic appeal. Anodisation is used with aluminium as it completely integrates with the metal substrate. The outcome is an impenetrable sunshield that resists corrosion but still maintains an appealing sheen. The exact layout, design and diameter of the holes is also a critical factor, especially the ‘open space’ which is the area remaining on a metal sheet after the holes have been punched. When used as sun screens the standard for this is set between 20-30%, as this offers the ideal heat and light amount while conserving energy. While sensor controlled panels were a perfect choice for the Kolding Campus, the options of tilted or static panels on sunscreens are often more suitable. As with the entire design and build cycle of a perforated sunscreen, the decision over which angle to position panels is reliant on open and honest collaboration between architects, surveyors, builders, energy specialists, as well as experts in the sunscreen building sector. The addition of a sunscreen to a new build structure – and all the factors that need to be considered – certainly presents the architectural community with opportunities to be bold and brave in their approach to design. Delivering durable yet visually appealing facades that can deflect light and conserve energy, while appreciating the materials and spaces that make this, is the first step of the journey. Having the end user acknowledge the difference it has made in terms of ambience, atmosphere and energy efficiency is the true measure of ongoing success.

The 1600 sensor controlled screens measure both outdoor light and heat, which transmit the data to a motor

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May Design Series Preview

Get the latest business insights from the world of interiors from leading professionals

Design show curated for business

A new feature this year will be a complimentary CPD-accredited seminar and conference programme

May Design Series returns to London for its third edition in 2015. This year, the event is ‘Curated for Business’ and will present more international exhibitors than ever before as well as showcasing the best of new British design.


In an exciting new partnership with Bucks New University, there will be a collection of students’ work that has been influenced, inspired by or designed in collaboration with the industry.While Birmingham City University has again teamed up with Global Color Research and digital wall covering brand,Tektura, to bring innovative students from the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design to the show and explore 2015/16 trend predictions from Mix Publications. Organised by the creators of Decorex and KBB Birmingham and curated to reveal some of the most exciting design-led products, May Design Series is perfectly positioned at the finale of the European show cycle to present shop-ready collections. The 2015 exhibition will include companies from over 25 countries, meaning that May Design Series is truly unique in offering a floorplan that is evenly allocated between British and overseas exhibitors.

DX Events

design and commerciality. The New Design Britain Awards at the entrance to the show, will display the work of 30 finalists across six categories: Interior Design, Architecture, Furniture, Fabrics, Surfaces and Accessories, with the winners revealed live on Monday 18th May. A selection of New Design Britain alumni will also be exhibiting as part of the feature. Brand new for 2015, May Design Series will be partnering with CEDIA (the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) to create a brand new audio visual and home automation area, with names including Savant Europe, Habitech and Face to Face Digital already confirmed. May Design Series will also welcome 40 of the UK’s top Designer Makers, showcasing bespoke product designs ready to buy or commission. The Fabric Pavilion will reveal a world of beautiful textiles, from the most luxurious to multipurpose materials.

May Design Series will also be home to a number of exclusive features themed around

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new feature this year will be a complimentary CPD-accredited seminar and conference programme. This will explore and debate the future impact of such issues as changing demographics, latest technologies and advanced materials with a focus on attracting and keeping customers and clients across all sectors of design. Promising to be the biggest yet, the show will span three days from 17th May at ExCeL London, offering numerous opportunities to network with fellow professionals and presenting an array of products for every interior space across five sectors: Furniture; Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms; Lighting; Decor and DX, the pavilion showcasing products which are using new materials and technology. The programme is busy with other highlights as well.These include a selection of products showcasing the very newest talent on the design scene curated by the editor of Fiera Magazine, Katie Treggiden, who has trawled the design fairs of Stockholm, Frankfurt and Copenhagen in her quest.


Curated for business, the May Design Series is the most commercially focused interiors trade show in the UK calendar.

London ExCeL 17–19 May 2015 Be part of it now

International suppliers will meet the smartest buyers across five show sectors: Furniture | Kitchens, Bedrooms + Bathrooms | Lighting | Decor | DX The UK is ranked 7th in the world for furniture consumption.

Organised by

London is home to 1/5 of the world’s top architectural firms and 40,000 retailers. May Design Series is the perfect Trade only. No children

platform to sell to this market. Find this issue plus much more on the fc&a app and


CPD Focus

Hansgrohe leads the way to WRAS Compliance Hansgrohe has a new RIBA approved core curriculum CPD about WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) called ‘Why WRAS’. Content discusses the importance of compliance to ensure successful project specifications and explores the risk of non-compliance which can have far reaching implications across all the stakeholders. Hansgrohe has over 800 WRAS approved products across a wide range of collections, awardwinning designs and price-points. This impressive figure represents an investment of over £2m and is more than double the number of approvals compared to the next closest bathroom fittings manufacturer operating in the UK market. *

( 01372 472001 8

Designing with stone wool acoustic solutions Earn double CPD points by attending ROCKFON’s informative and enjoyable RIBA Accredited CPD seminar. Learn about all aspects of stone wool acoustic ceiling and wall solutions. This 45-minute


seminar covers sustainability, building regulations, key performance characteristics and illustrates their suitability for all environments including education, healthcare, retail, leisure and office. ROCKFON acoustic stone wool and metal solutions for ceilings and walls are a fast and simple way to create beautiful, comfortable and safe spaces. Easy to install and durable, they protect people from noise and the spread of fire while making a constructive contribution towards a sustainable future. *

( 0800 389 0314 8

CD (UK) unveils solid surfaces CPD CD (UK) Ltd, the exclusive UK distributor of Corian, has unveiled a new CPD titled DuPont Corian For Interior and External Architecture. The seminar is structured as follows: development of solid surface from 1960s to present day; raw materials, adhesives and composition; solid surface characteristics and benefits; manufacture: sheet, matrix sheet and shape product; comparison of solid surface characteristics; from production to fabrication process; properties of solid surface; architectural and design possibilities; current applications (visuals); environmental considerations and support, warranty and service infrastructure. *

( 0113 201 2240 8

Third Roncrete CPD gains RIBA approval Industry expert and manufacturer of construction products, Ronacrete has had a third CPD approved by RIBA. Concrete Repair and Protection to BS EN 1504 is the third CPD from Ronacrete to receive RIBA approval in less than a year. Learning outcomes of the CPD include a knowledge, awareness and understanding of causes of concrete degradation, assessing the types of repairs required, types of repair available and testing methods. This RIBA certified seminar offers guidance on the correct methods of carrying out concrete repairs and what can be done to avoid future issues. The seminar focuses on the importance of preparation, installation methods and protection. *

( 01279 638700 8

Key considerations for wetroom design As the popularity of wetrooms continues to grow, CCL Wetrooms, a leading manufacturer of wetroom systems and waterproofing membranes, has developed a Wetroom Design &

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Specification CPD to help guide architects through the process of designing and specifying a watertight wetroom. The technical presentation covers the key considerations of designing and specifying a wetroom, including wetroom design & layout, waterproofing, drainage, floor build up and installation. It also includes a section on how wetrooms can help meet the Lifetime Homes Standard. *

( 0844 327 6002 8

Coopers Fire freshens up smoke and fire CPDs Coopers Fire is the only smoke and fire curtain manufacturer to have RIBA approval for CPD seminars and has recently redesigned all its CPD presentations. The new presentations have been brought more in line with the Coopers re-brand and more Solidworks images have been included to help provide a greater educational insight into smoke and fire curtains. Coopers Fire is a leading manufacturer of fire and smoke curtains and offers CPD Seminars on Smoke Barriers, Fire Curtains and BS 8524 Parts 1 & 2, plus a combination of all three. Its CPD Seminars help to educate architects, building control officers, approved inspectors, fire engineers and Fire & Rescue Services. *

( 02392 454 405 8

CPD Focus

New RIBAapproved CPD from Construction Specialties Construction Specialties, a leading manufacturer of Expansion Joint Covers has launched a new RIBA-approved CPD Presentation: The ABCs of EJCs – Understanding & Solving Complex Building Movement Problems. The main focus of this presentation is for the attendee to gain an understanding of how to specify the right expansion joint cover for the building’s use as well as understand: what expansion joint covers are and why they are required; how building movement can be expressed; the different types of expansion joint covers available and the factors that influence the selection of an expansion joint cover system. *

( 01296 652865 8

Sika Sarnafil addresses roofing specification Sika Sarnafil has launched a new RIBA approved CPD presentation titled ‘Selective, effective and secure flat roof systems’. The CPD presentation is aimed at assisting architects and specifiers to design

and select single ply roof solutions that provide levels of required performance with guarantees. Commenting on the introduction Charles Pierce, National Sales Manager for Sika Sarnafil said: “In addition to taking the delegate through each stage of the build process from design to application, we include some new topics. The important and growing subject of sustainability, along with the role of BIM are included within the content of the CPD, given the significance of these subjects to the industry.” *

( 01707 394444 8


Hambleside Danelaw unveils GRP CPD Hambleside Danelaw, a leading UK manufacturer, offers a seminar analysing Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) and its use in flat roofing. The seminar covers the invention, history and development of GRP, the basic process of manufacture and applications as a roofing material. It looks at the impressive environmental performance of GRP as well as the benefits of GRP within the building industry. The CPD guides architects through the production of GRP, and how a component based system is fitted and compares this to typical ‘wet-lay’ GRP roofing systems. *

( 01327 701907 8


Designed to mimic natural grass as closely as possible, our artificial grass range is without doubt among the most realistic synthetic turfs availabe in todays market. No other UK company can offer such outstanding value for money. Perfect for pets and children, suitable in commercial or domestic applications.

Request a Trade Pricelist & Samples Pack TODAY!

THE PERFECT LOOKING LAWN 365 DAYS A YEAR We are proud to say our products are manufactured in strict accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. These standards are implemented from raw material acquisition to delivery of the finished article. Our artificial specialist sports turfs have been awarded FIFA, SGS and CE certification.

Landscape COREProducts

0800 118 22 78

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Fire Protection Coopers was appointed as the preferred supplier of smoke curtain barriers for the Gherkin

Key Benefits The open plan office environment remained as designed Manufactured by Coopers in the UK under ISO 9001 CE Marked Recognised approval under an Independent Third Party Certification scheme Recognised approval under an Independent Third Party Certification for installation, commissioning and servicing to conduct continuous service of active smoke and fire barriers

Protecting against the harmful effects of fire One of London’s most iconic and prestigious landmarks, 30 St Mary Axe, affectionately known as the Gherkin, is one the UK’s tallest and most distinctive buildings. However, for the open plan office to remain as the architect had intended, a unique approach to smoke and fire management was necessary to meet stringent fire regulations.


rotecting the building’s 41 floors from smoke migration required a comprehensive smoke containment and channelling strategy designed to move smoke safely through and out of the building, effectively separating the tower’s occupants from the deadly effects of smoke in the event of a fire. Architects Fosters + Partners planned to utilise the latest smoke barrier technology as a method of facilitating the Gherkin’s open plan office environment. This strategy would see retractable smoke curtain barriers installed on 39 of the Gherkin’s 41


floors. In the event of a fire, the barriers deploy to form a channelling system designed to work with the building’s smoke control system, and moving the smoke through and out of the tower safely. Fosters + Partners previously worked with Coopers in the commissioning of London‘s City Hall (GLA building) and Stanstead Airport so were familiar with the high standards that Coopers Fire fire and smoke curtains are tested too. Furthermore, Coopers’ reputation for delivering on high profile contracts around the world meant that they were qualified to overcome any challenge that a project may present. Following a comprehensive tender, Coopers was appointed as the preferred supplier of smoke curtain barriers for the Gherkin and quickly started working with appointed fire engineers Arup in developing a smoke curtain barrier system that would fit within ventilation voids and work in conjunction with the building’s Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation System (SHEVS). Coopers’ solution was to install SmokeStop smoke curtain barriers. Concealed within the ceiling voids on each of the 39 floors, the SmokeStop smoke curtain barriers were developed to deploy in the event of fire, channelling smoke away from occupants and extracted out of the building. This effective strategy for containing and channelling smoke would ensure that the Gherkin’s 41 floors were protected from filling with smoke thus providing escaping occupants with a safe and tenable means of escape. Coopers manufactured, installed and commissioned over 100 SmokeStop

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smoke curtain barriers to form an integral component of the Gherkin’s smoke control system. Working closely with fire engineers Arup, Coopers helped to ensure that the Gherkin’s unique open plan office configuration remained as was intended by Fosters + Partners vision. Furthermore, Coopers installed the smoke curtain barriers to blend sympathetically with the building’s architecture, remaining hidden from view until needed. Each curtain has been developed to deploy under controlled, safe speeds using Coopers’ patented true TOTAL fail-safe by gravity (TGFS) and was manufactured by Coopers in the UK. Coopers continues to conduct planned maintenance and servicing on all of the Gerkin’s smoke curtain barriers. 8 * ( 02392

454 405

The barriers deploy to form a channelling system designed to work with the building’s smoke control system

Fire Protection BM TRADA upgrades testing facilities

AICO launches new technology for its CO alarms

BM TRADA is upgrading its testing facilities in High Wycombe with a new weather rig, which will increase the capacity of its mechanical testing laboratory and improve turnaround times.The new state-of-the-art rig from K Schulten was installed in March and represents a significant investment by the leading testing, inspection certification and compliance organisation.The rig incorporates a 4.5 x 4.5m test wall for testing doors, windows and other relevant construction products, and is able to accommodate samples up to 3.7 x 3.7m. It also incorporates a Windows-based computer controlled monitoring system and features pneumatic clamps which will lead to shortened turnaround times for clients. *


01494 569800

Aico has announced the launch of AudioLINK, a new data extraction technology integrated into all of its Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms. AudioLINK allows for invaluable real time data to be extracted via the Alarm’s sounder – all you need is an AudioLINK enabled CO Alarm, a tablet or smartphone and most importantly the free AudioLINK App. This data is converted into an Alarm Status Report.The Report is created for the life of the Alarm, and is colour coded to identify the urgency of any issue.The Report displays useful information about the Alarm, such as battery life, alarm sensor status, number of times tested and removed; and detection levels of CO.


FDS appointed to vibrant new residential development

Award-winning smoke ventilation contractor Fire Design Solutions (FDS) has been appointed to work on an exciting new residential development in Deptford, London. Engaged by mechanical engineer LKF Limited, FDS will design, supply and install a number of smoke ventilation systems for the impressive riverside Marine Wharf site, currently delivered by developer Berkeley Homes East Thames.The FDS team initially carried out an appraisal of two of the development’s three-core blocks, and will now begin installing the mechanical smoke ventilation and car park ventilation systems to meet the required fire safety standards. FDS has also worked with Berkeley Homes’ technical team to develop appropriate corridor environmental systems for the project. *


01322 387411

8 * ( 01691



It’s all about confidence. Tried, tested and trusted fire protection for timber.



Real World Thinking. Real World Performance. DRICON and NON-COM are registered trademarks of Arch Timber Protection. Arch Timber Protection is a Lonza company.


INTERIOR Humidity Resistant type fire retardant for permanent interior applications.



EXTERIOR Leach Resistant type fire retardant for permanent exterior applications.



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Health &Walls Floors, Safety & Ceilings

Silence under the Iceberg The so-called Iceberg residential block in Aarhus is another remarkable design from celebrated Danish architects Cebra. It is also a showcase for the way in which bare basements and indoor car-parking areas can be transformed into pleasant and quieter environments by using sound-absorbent ceiling panels.

The building’s unique geometry is the result of a desire to maximise the views of every apartment over the water. Consequently, it has transformed the former container port of Aarhus into a vibrant and lively local community with a variety of different apartments for 7000 people and 12,000 workplaces. Since its completion, it has received international interest and recognition, including Archdaily’s Building of the Year Award, the MIPIM 2013 Award and, ARCHITIZER A+ Award 2013. Like many other residential blocks, cars are parked under the building together with special niches around the staircases to accommodate cycles. In this large and rather ‘cold area’ with hard concrete surfaces, it was considered important to upgrade by reducing noise from cars and other resident activities. The architects’ solution was to

install 2000m2 of Troldtekt panels in natural colours to improve the acoustics and create a pleasant texture and warmth. Danish manufactured Troldtekt acoustic tiles are specified throughout the UK and Europe. Made with 100% natural wood fibres, their benefits are high sound absorption, high durability, natural breathability, low cost life cycle performance and sustainability. They are used to improve acoustics in many different projects, such as schools, swimming pools, commercial and public buildings. Available in various sizes and in three grades from ultrafine to coarse, they can be left painted or painted in virtually any RAL colour. 8

* (

01978 664255

Polyflor flooring helps make Winchcombe Place feel like home New virtual showroom at

Kährs has launched a new, interactive website at new site combines a wealth of wood-floor related resources, along with a virtual showroom, where Kährs designs can be laid within decorated roomsets, to aid in selection and specification. With a simplified structure and easy navigation, the website provides an inspiration hub for retailers, designers and specifiers, and home-owners. The new, combined Floorfinder/Virtual Showroom allows you to choose a floor and install it within a bespoke roomset, within minutes, and compare designs side-by-side.A new pattern-laying tool can also be used within the Showroom area, allowing you to ‘lay’ floors from Kährs new Bloc pattern range. 8 * ( 023


9245 3045

Polyflor safety flooring was used to help create beautiful, homely interiors for the award-winning Winchcombe Place care home in Newbury, Berkshire. Polysafe Wood fx PUR decorative safety vinyl flooring was installed in the reception area, dining room and hair salon of Winchcombe Place care home.The European Oak 3347 shade was chosen to create a welcoming, inspirational and comfortable atmosphere which fitted in with the eclectic style of each of these communal areas.The flooring’s replication of natural materials and homely appearance helped to create a stylish environment that complements the use of historical artefacts on display. *


0161 767 1111


SimpLay ensures quick turnaround for Vodafone store Polyflor’s SimpLay loose lay vinyl floor tiles helped add the finishing touches to a refurbished Vodafone store in Birmingham city centre recently. Suitable for retail and commercial environments, SimpLay tiles and planks have been developed for loose lay installation without the use of adhesive, so they can be fitted quickly with minimal downtime required. The SimpLay collection of loose lay tiles features eight authentic wood planks designs, six natural stone tile effects and two weave pattern tiles. The Rich Walnut 2504 shade chosen for this Vodafone store perfectly complements the brand’s signature red and white colour scheme. *

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0161 767 1111


Meet modern architectural demands

with grey wood stains from Osmo Pick between six shades of grey in the Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain range > Decorative finish in line with current architectural trends > Suitable for cladding, doors, windows, decking, fences and garden houses > Protection against all weather conditions > Highest coverage - 26m² per litre per coat Call or visit the web for stockists.

+44 (0)1296 481 220

Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain (Greys) 130x90 v3.indd 1

16/02/2015 16:52

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Health &Walls Floors, Safety & Ceilings

Tessera Diffusion carpet tiles from Forbo Forbo’s new Tessera Diffusion incorporates a beautiful prism pattern that plays with light and shade resulting in a fascinating oblique design that meets all the current requirements for contemporary commercial applications. Stepping away from the more definitive linear trend of angular blocks, Tessera Diffusion is inspired by crystalline structures, with fractal shapes that fade in and out, creating an almost three-dimensional effect with a much softer background. There are 16 colours in the new range, which reflect a tonal movement with an urban edge. Muted and natural shades, ranging from intensely dark to very pale, inject character whilst responding to the commercial demand for warmer, neutral hues and lighter LRVs in workspaces. Completely practical and versatile, Tessera Diffusion sits perfectly with Forbo’s luxury Westbond fusion bonded carpet tiles in zoned floorspaces, and perfectly complements durable tiles from Forbo’s

Allura Flex LVT collection which are fitted using the same tackifier. Janet Lowe, UK Market Manager at Forbo Flooring Systems comments: “Tessera Diffusion also meets SKA rating criteria for M12 soft floor coverings, contains over 50% recycled content by weight and is manufactured with Refresh fibre; a 100% solution dyed nylon 6.6, with recycled pre and post-consumer carpet fibre that delivers exceptional performance and sustainability. This new carpet tile is therefore the perfect choice for office environments.” 8 * (

0844 8223928

Interface brings biophilic debate to Clerkenwell

The Golf Classic 2015 is in full swing!

At this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week, Interface will be exploring the positive impact of nature inspired design and wellbeing. During the event, the modular flooring manufacturer will be hosting a series of inspirational talks from influential industry figures including: Sebastian Conran, Industrial Designer and Founder of Sebastian Conran Associates; Oliver Heath, Biophilic Design Ambassador for Interface and Founder of Heath Design; David Oakey, Designer and Owner of David Oakey Design; Melissa Sterry, Design Scientist; and Elina Grigoriou, Interior Designer and Founder of Grigoriou Interiors. Interface will be encouraging visitors to escape from the busy hustle and bustle by taking a moment to chill out at the Interface Retreat. *

Golfers from a wide range of professions and trades within the UK construction industry have had an exciting start to the Golf Classic 2015 tournament.With many matches taking place over the Easter weekend, golfers of all abilities were able to take advantage of the warm weather and enjoy a game of golf. The Golf Classic has established itself as the must-attend sporting event for the industry.The Golf Classic is proud to be supported by Marley Plumbing & Drainage who’ve been a sponsor of the tournament since it started 23 years ago.



A high performance smoothing underlayment and waterproof surface membrane from F. Ball and Co, have been used to create a luxury floor finish at the new Abbey Sands seafront apartment complex in Devon. Lang and Potter flooring contractors conducted moisture tests on the new subfloor, which showed high levels of relative humidity.After scabbling the substrate, contractors applied a base coat of Stopgap 1200 Pro smoothing underlayment to thicknesses of between 7 and 10mm to level the surface. Stopgap F78 one component, rapid drying waterproof surface membrane was then used to impede the passage of subfloor moisture.A final, 6mm coat of Stopgap 1200 was then applied to complete the subfloor.



0161 817 6600

F. Ball provides luxury finish in seafront apartments

8 ( 01892



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01538 361633


Floors, Walls & Ceilings

Holiday village picks Schlüter for safe and secure floors

Underflooring solutions expert Schlüter-Systems has played its part in the construction of Center Parcs innovative new village which will inject £20m each year into the regional economy.

Woburn Forest in Bedfordshire, which has received backing from Prime Minster David Cameron, features a Subtropical Swimming Paradise,Aqua Sana Spa, 625 lodges, a 75-bedroom hotel, six spa suites and a host of restaurants, shops and leisure activities. Schlüter-Systems products were used throughout the village to make sure that its brand new floors were high quality, safe, secure and waterproof. Ideal for buildings that experience a lot of use, the products work beneath flooring to provide them with the ultimate in security and durability whilst also offering an aesthetically pleasing appearance on the surface.

Chosen for its easy assembly and great results, popular product Schlüter-DITRA matting was used in the Village’s Aqua Sana Spa, sports hall and hotel.The matting works by neutralising tensions between substrate and surface and has the added benefit of interconnected air channels which help moisture to evaporate. The Village’s floors were finished to perfection with threshold strip SchlüterSCHIENE.The profiles protect exposed edges of tiles and prevent trip edges as well as providing slip resistance. Exposed edges are prone to being cracked or chipped by heavy objects and Schlüter-SCHIENE works

by protecting the edge of tiles from such damage and also gives the overall installation an attractive finish. The work to install Schlüter’s products, carried out over the past year, was undertaken by subcontractor P.Plunkett Tiling Contractors Ltd. Construction at Woburn Forest, which has become the fifth Center Parcs Village in the UK, started in 2012 and was completed on time and on budget. 8

* ( 01530


BDA announces launch of Design Day Brick Works!

The Brick Development Association is launching its inaugural Design Day Brick Works! To be held on 16th June at the Building Centre, London, Design Day Brick Works! is a meeting of contemporary architecture, specialist contracting and artistic interpretation: all focused on brick. It is a high-profile event conceived by the BDA as the champion for current and future use of brick products. The BDA Design Day is a ticket-only event that is CPD accredited.Tickets are £40 each and are available via the BDA website. Student tickets are £22. *


020 7323 7030


HM The Queen honours Ancon with a second award Three years after receiving the prestigious Queen’s Award for Innovation, Ancon’s outstanding business performance has been recognised again in 2015 with a second Queen’s Award, this time in the International Trade category.The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are presented annually by HM The Queen for exceptional business achievements in International Trade, Innovation and Sustainable Development. Ancon exports its wide range of high integrity steel fixings to the construction industry throughout Europe, Australasia and North America, and in selected territories of Asia and Africa. *


0114 275 5224

A high performance from Remmers

To complement its recently refurbished showroom, a new ‘high tech’ workshop has been constructed at Charles Hurst Ferrari, the official Ferrari dealer in Northern Ireland. Remmers UK was appointed to oversee the installation of a flooring system in keeping with the Ferrari brand and suitable for a workshop environment. The existing old concrete floor in the workshop was constructed in several slabs and therefore a high potential for movement existed.The system proposed by Remmers was a flexible 3mm visco elastic PUR resin system with a polyurethane seal coat.The seal coat has integral R11 slip rating and a high degree of chemical resistance. 8 *


( 0845

373 0103

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Roofing, Cladding & Insulation The Lumen Horizon is designed for use on a flat or low pitch roof construction

A new horizon for Lumen Lumen has launched its new rooflight, the Horizon. The timber rooflight is handmade in the UK from Accoya which is renowned for its durability, stability and sustainability.


he Lumen Horizon incorporates a high performance triple glazed Pilkington Activ self-clean unit and is crafted entirely from sustainable sourced Accoya timber. The Lumen Horizon is produced from Accoya as it provides compelling environmental advantages over other hardwoods, has superior dimensional stability and boasts exceptional durability, offering a 50 year life span. The Horizon is available in a variety of colours on both the inside and out. Available as a fixed casement design, manual or electric actuation for ventilation, the Lumen Horizon is designed for use on a flat or low pitch roof construction including lead, zinc sheet, copper and asphaltic material. It can be supplied with or without Lumen’s unique Horizon insulated kerb system. Lumen Managing Director, Paul Trace, said: “As the UK’s leading supplier of bespoke rooflights we understand that builders, architects and homeowners do


not always want an off-the-shelf product. That’s why we offer more choice in the specification process than any other rooflight manufacturer. “With the Horizon, we have developed a ground-breaking British made rooflight, using only the highest quality products. The combination of the Accoya timber frame and Pilkington triple glazed units allow the Horizon to boast an impressive thermal and environmental performance.” The Lumen Horizon combines the latest in rooflight technology with British craftsmanship to provide an extremely durable, low maintenance rooflight, proven to withstand all types of external environments. Visit Lumen’s website to download its ebrochure. 8 * ( 0330

300 1090

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The Lumen Horizon combines the latest in rooflight technology with British craftsmanship

Nordic Royal Nordic Royal Nordic Brown Nordic Brown Nordic Green Nordic Green Nordic Brass Nordic Brass Nordic Blue Nordic Blue Nordic Bronze Nordic Bronze Nordic Standard Nordic Standard








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X=uppercase height


X=uppercase height X




X Project: Hwb Dinbych, Denbigh; Architect: John McCall Architects; Photo: John Garon. X

y X Project: Hwb Dinbych, Denbigh; Architect: John McCall Architects; Photo: John Garon.

ARCHITECTURAL ARCHITECTURAL NORDIC COPPER ARCHITECTURAL NORDIC COPPER ARCHITECTURAL NORDIC COPPER designs, with dedicated the addedexpertise strength of the world’s leadingrealise integrated – combining in helping architects their copper group recycler. designs, with and the largest added copper strength of the world’s leading integrated surfaces / forms / systems copper group and largest copper recycler.

surfaces / forms / systems

NORDIC COPPER surfaces / forms / systems surfaces / forms / systems realising your designs in copper


y y



X=uppercase height

X height X=uppercase X X X


realising your designs in copper Tel: +44 (0)1875 812 144 / Email: /

AURUBIS Tel: +44 (0)1875 812 144 / Email: / AURUBIS AURUBIS AURUBIS


14/01/2015 08:2

Roofing, Cladding & Insulation

Products from Alumasc’s Heritage Cast Aluminium range were specified for both properties

Carmyle House features 125mm Beaded Half Round guttering, complemented by 76mm diameter pipework

Rainwater systems complement luxury homes Heritage Cast Aluminium rainwater systems from Alumasc have been specified for two luxury homes in Hertfordshire.


ob Stephen is the Managing Director of Hollywell Building Services, and in 2013 he began the construction of the two properties – one as a family home for himself, and the other as a company investment. Products from Alumasc’s Heritage Cast Aluminium range were specified for both properties by Hollywell Building Services, each being chosen to complement the differing building designs. The first, Carmyle House, features 125mm Beaded Half Round guttering, complemented by 76mm diameter pipework. The second, Hollywell House, showcases Heritage Cast Aluminium Moulded guttering finished with 76mm diameter pipework. Both systems are finished in Alumasc’s factory applied BBA Certified polyester powdercoating. The products at both properties were sourced by Hollywell Building Services from merchant suppliers, Gutters and Ladders Watford, and fitted by Hollywell’s roofing subcontractor in a straightforward installation which has left Hollywell’s MD, Bob Stephen, very pleased.


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He explains: “I chose Alumasc Rainwater for this project as I have used the products extensively in the past and have always found them to be high-performing, durable, attractive and in keeping with various building styles. I am delighted with the results – the products complement the style of the properties very well.” All of Alumasc’s cast aluminium products are now manufactured from LM6 alloy standard, known as Marine Grade, for its exceptional resistance to corrosion. Marine Grade cast aluminium products are available with an extensive BBA-certified range of gutters, downpipes and fittings, available in 26 BBA certified polyester powder finishes, which can also be supplied to any RAL or BS colour reference for bespoke projects. Marine Grade aluminium also retains all of the advantages of pure aluminium, including its 100% recyclability at end of life, as well as being lightweight and easy to maintain. 8 * ( 0808

100 2008

Roofing, Cladding & Insulation

RMIG panels depict a new Golden age for Bang & Olufsen Precision perforated panels from RMIG have helped to create a unique, show-stopping facade for Bang & Olufsen’s (B&O) new flagship store in Herning, Denmark. This new building reflects the audio-visual giant’s new design concept for its stores. B&O is renowned around the world for its high quality product design and technological excellence. When embarking on the project of creating a new flagship store, the primary objective was to ensure that the building’s exterior reflects the brand’s reputation for high-style and is as arresting in design and appearance as the store’s interior. The striking flagship store was designed by Arkitec as who, through RMIG’s City Emotion programme, chose perforated TECU Gold panels for the building’s facade to cover approximately 350m². Using RMIG ImagePerf, each bespoke panel has its own specially designed perforation pattern,

which when assembled, runs across the whole envelope of the building creating an unusual and fascinating design that resembles entangled snakes. LED lights sit behind the golden perforated facade which are programmed to fade in and out, creating a visual energy and a constantly changing light, both day and night, in the city square where the building is situated. The material selection and design of the whole building were a fusion of B&O new concepts for both its stores and product designs, as well as inspiration from the modernist style from the middle of the last century.

The combination of RMIG’s precision perforated panels and the building’s beautifully rounded glass corners give it a unique charm with lightness and transparency. At the same time, it beckons customers and passers-by to step in and experience the top quality sound, image and design that B&O is famous for. 8

* ( 01925


Sterling OSB – perfect as a roofing panel

Sterling OSB (oriented strand board) is perfect for roofing projects. Increasingly, builders are substituting plywood for Sterling OSB; it’s more cost-effective, environmentally-efficient and highly versatile with many variations depending on the application.Tough, consistent and great value, Sterling Roofdek (pictured) is a sanded, tongued and grooved board designed specifically for flat roof decking and pitched roof applications. Norbord, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of engineered wood-based panels, now produces eight types of Sterling OSB – SterlingOSB2, Sterling OSB3, SterlingOSB T&G, SterlingOSB – Conti, SterlingOSB Roofdek, SterlingOSB Sitecoat and a range of three new SterlingOSB fire solutions. (

01786 812921


FAKRO launches window for roof terraces The latest innovatory design to be added to the range of FAKRO flat roof windows is the DXW. Designed specifically for areas of regular foot traffic, such as roof terraces and exposed areas over basements, its specially strengthened sash and frame enables it to be fitted flush within the roofline. Providing the very latest in contemporary styling, the DXW has a fully anti-slip surface, can withstand heavy stresses and is equipped with laminated, P2A anti-burglary glass as standard. Eight standard sizes are available from 600 x 600mm to 1200 x 1200mm. *


01283 554755

End-of-year accounts show growth at Metrotile UK Year-end accounts show 32.8% year-on-year growth at leading lightweight steel roofing tile firm Metrotile UK.The Chippenhambased company enjoyed sales of just over £7.1 million in its year 2014/15 which came to a close at the end of January. John Cunningham, Managing Director of Metrotile UK, said:“It’s been an amazing year for us as we’ve sold more than one million tiles for the first time, with a record month in September of more than 120,000 tiles.We’re keen to keep breaking into new markets and I believe our products can have a major impact on the construction industry as a whole.” 8 *


( 01249


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Roofing, Cladding & Insulation

Non-fragility, how safe is your roof? The safety of roofers is paramount when specifying roofing products and planning a building, as stated by the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations. Working at height remains the biggest cause of injury and fatalities in the workplace in the UK, and the appropriate safety regulations must be adhered to in order to prevent this. It is everyone’s job to ensure risks are minimised by eliminating anticipated hazards when constructing a roof; and it is up to the contractor to plan a safe construction process. Recent tragic stories of working at height highlight the safety plan for a roof must also take into account the safety of those working on it. The terms ‘fragile’ and ‘non-fragile’ describe the tested, proven ability of a finished roof assembly to resist the impact of a person falling onto it then to support their weight. The test is strictly prescribed in document ACR[M]001:2014 [Fifth Edition].There is no margin for error or misunderstanding because

someone’s life may depend on it. This is something Hambleside Danelaw takes very seriously. A correctly installed new roof structure which includes in-plane Hambleside Danelaw Zenon rooflights passes the non-fragility test. In fact, Zenon Evolution significantly outperformed it, resisting impact after impact. The whole Zenon rooflight range has been subjected to this rigorous test programme and is classed as non-fragile in accordance with the National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers [NARM] Technical Document NTD03 [2014].

Whether Hambleside Danelaw’s Zenon range or another brand of rooflight is specified, it is imperative a Manufacturer provides the Contractor with evidence that their rooflight meets non-fragility requirements. A number of factors will impact on the period of non-fragility which will be achieved by a roofing assembly. Manufacturers can only indicate the expected period of non-fragility. 8

* ( 01327


Low energy SIPs house ‘riding’ on ThermoBlock A regional developer specialising in very low energy and PassivHaus projects is making use of the ThermoBlock structural insulation for the first time as part of a bespoke SIPs construction for a client in the East Riding of Yorkshire. On its most recent project near York, RM Developments is creating a spacious two-storey family home where instead of blockwork or timber frame, the main loadbearing walls are all formed of SIPs – Structural Insulated Panels. These are located on top of the beam and block oversite whose ends are carried by a course of the Marmox ThermoBlocks in order to prevent heat loss at the critical wall/floor junction. *


01634 835290


Counting on Köster Easy application to the most complex of architectural details is promised with Köster 21 – a two-component, solvent-free, multiple use crack bridging waterproofing coating from Delta Membrane Systems. This elastic, crack-bridging waterproofing material offers excellent adhesion to dry and moist substrates and – being liquid applied – it creates a seamless coating around difficult or complicated detailing. Applied in two coats by brush, roller, trowel or other customary masons’ tools, it is supplied in 20kg containers which gives a coverage of about 8 to 10m2. It is suitable for internal or external application, and has a white finish that reflects sunlight and reduces building surface temperatures. *



01992 523523


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Copper conflagration

Visitors approaching Żory in Poland are greeted by a dramatic, copper exhibition pavilion in the form of dancing flames – referencing the city’s historical links with fire and its Festival of Fire that continues to this day.The sculptural design of the new pavilion, by architects OVO Grabczewscy Architekci, was inspired by an irregularly shaped building area resulting from below-ground infrastructure and other constraints on its prominent site. Three independent walls, each clad in crisply detailed strips of Aurubis’ Nordic Standard copper, interact to create the ‘fire’, separated by fully glazed entrances. Copper also covers several internal wall surfaces, alongside exposed concrete. 8 * ( 01875



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Health & Doors, Windows Safety & Balustrades

Exclusive access for residents Residents of the prestigious Boydell Court in Swiss Cottage, London, enjoy the convenience of two automatic entrance systems designed and installed by TORMAX. The full-glass sliding doors are driven by technologically advanced TORMAX iMotion 2202 operators. Boydell Court comprises four recently refurbished 1960s purpose-built Pottered blocks. Incorporating 130 impressive properties, potential residents can enjoy a high standard of living in or one of the three and four bedroom apartments and houses or penthouse suites, all with impressive internal decor. A gateddevelopment, vehicular access to the property is gained via an electronic barrier to an open area car park from which residents enter the reception area through the TORMAX automatic entrances. “We have been delighted to be involved in such an exclusive development,” comments Managing Director for TORMAX, Simon Roberts. “Our iMotion

range of operators represent one of the most cutting-edge solutions on the market today that is totally befitting such a location.” The iMotion 2202 door drive features unique AC motor technology and a stateof-the-art microprocessor control system. These work in tandem to guarantee permanent monitoring of door leaf movements, making automatic adjustments as necessary to deliver exceptionally reliable operation. With a slender profile, the operator has an installation height of just 100mm, which combined with exceptionally quiet movement of door leaves thanks to vibration-absorbent mountings of

the guide rails, delivers a solution that is elegantly unobtrusive and ideal for upmarket environments such as Boydell Court. As well as being certified for rescue and escape routes, an electro-mechanical locking mechanism ensures a high level of security burglary protection. 8

* (

01932 238040

REHAU system replicates timber in renovated cottage Safety prize for Solar Windows team ‘Team Solar’ were awarded the Monthly Safety Award by Willmott Dixon Construction Limited for their attitude and performance on the Centenary Quay development in Southampton. Solar Windows specialist on-site installation team were particularly commended for maintaining scaffold cleanliness to a very high standard, disposing of COSHH materials as requested and completing all safety registers fully and on time. Installers Ryan Evans, Lance Evans and Darren Edwards received their award from Willmott Dixon’s Building Manager Harry Noakes. Solar Windows is fabricating and installing REHAU windows and doors on phase three of Centenary Quay which includes two six-storey apartment blocks and a supermarket. 8 * ( 01989



REHAU’s highly efficient, flush fitting Nordic Design Plus window system proved the perfect choice recently for a homeowner in Gloucestershire, who was renovating his poorly insulated cottage.The homeowner wanted to replace the single glazed timber windows and the REHAU Nordic Design Plus system proved the perfect choice. Seven windows have been installed, all of which are triple glazed with U-Values of less than 1.0 W/m2K.They have the appearance of a solid timber window, complete with traditional timber detailing on the inside, but are manufactured using REHAU’s self-reinforced RAU-FIPRO fibre composite material with a coextruded PVC outer layer which means they have better strength, torsional stiffness and thermal properties. *


01989 762600


GEZE UK appoints new Specification Sales Manager GEZE UK continues to demonstrate its commitment to supporting customers with technical advice and specification guidance with the further expansion of its specification team. The company has appointed Robert Workman, who has worked in the construction industry for nearly 40 years, as Specification Sales Manager for London and the South East. In his new role, Robert will draw on his extensive experience to provide specification sales and technical support to architects and specifiers across all GEZE’s range of automatic and manual door and window technology ranges. He will also be responsible for generating new business, and delivering both product training and the company’s popular RIBA-approved CPD Seminars. *

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Doors, Windows & Balustrades

Offices of distinction Falling within the Royal Borough of Chelsea and Kensington, Sloane Street is internationally recognised as one of London’s best addresses, famed for its luxury stores, chic shopping and rarefied property market. Under the stewardship of the Cadogan Estate, Charles “Sloane” 1st Earl Cadogan, sold a development lease to architect and builder Henry Holland – perhaps better known as the son-in-law of ‘Capability Brown’. Holland laid out the street plan for the area encompassing Sloane Street,

Sloane Square and Hans Place – to be known for half a century as Hans Town. In the early 1800s Jane Austin moved to No. 64 Sloane Street to be with her brother and literary agent, Henry. It was here that she wrote Sense and Sensibility. This magnificent six-storey property,

along with its neighbour No.65 has been refurbished, and now provides office accommodation to the very highest modern standards. Selectaglaze Secondary Glazing was chosen as an ideal solution to provide high levels of acoustic and thermal insulation, leading to a more comfortable and peaceful environment. Selectaglaze’s very wide product range allowed sympathetic designs for a variety of window styles, including gently curving bays and arched headed frames. A total of 95 windows were treated mostly with hinged and sliding systems, all with a white powder painted finish to match the interior decor. Toughened safety glass with a low emissivity coating provides very high insulation levels. All frames are bespoke manufactured and individually site measured to ensure the closest fit and optimum sealing. Founded in 1966, Royal Warrant holder since 20014, Selectaglaze is a specialist in the application of secondary glazing within buildings of all styles. 8

* ( 01727


The auTomaTic way To save energy Gilgen PSW ‘green wings’ automatic door system delivers high levels of insulation, retains more energy and reduces building utility costs:

• Low u-values of 1.5-1.9w/(m2K), double glazing to 1.0 • sound insulation to 30dB • highly resistant to wind and driving rain • Powerful door operator • stylish appearance to suit different facades • wide range of configurations and options Contact us today for further information: 0800 316 6994 with gilgen Psw

PSW-HalfPage-Horizontal.indd 1

• automatic Doors • industrial Doors • security Doors • service & Parts 03/10/2014 15:03:57

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Doors, Windows & Balustrades

ESG unveils innovative new launches ESG, a leading UK manufacturer of switchable LCD privacy glass products, is continuing to lead the way in 2015 with an impressive, ever expanding product range. New products added to the range for this year include: ESG Switchable iD allows for the inclusion of words, logos and simple images inside the film, which can be switched independently from the rest of the panel.

ESG Switchable Shutter is a panel that is designed to mimic the slat design of a venetian blind and switches from top to bottom as if it were being lowered and raised. It also allows for a selectable height on the amount of glass switched to opaque

to be chosen, in the same way as you choose blinds heights. ESG Optic is a fusion of LED lighting and glass, where the LEDs are laminated within the glass creating a product that allows the creation of unique lighting effects that enhance any interior. The most important inclusion to the range is the ESG Switchable HD Control box. This patented control box has been developed with a host of features that means that it does more than simply powering the glass. The new controller is fully CE certified with inbuilt software that is designed to optimise the performance of the LCD film with a colour code plug and play connection system that makes ESG Switchable glass quicker and easier to install. As the product range expands and offers different applications for ESG’s switchable glass, so does the interest in its product.This year has seen the glass installed in some of the most prestigious locations in the UK from the most famous shop in the capital to London’s newest ‘must have’ apartment block. 8 * ( 01376


Hotel enhanced with Conservation windows and doors

Five shades of Grey from Vicaima is a real leaf turner

When it comes to the latest trend for interior door colours,Vicaima really knows how to excite the imagination. Grey is proving to be a very popular choice with interior designers and developers right now, so it’s only right that with a reputation for innovation,Vicaima has come up with five finishes that seem sure to satisfy the growing desire for shades of Grey. The shades include Dekordor 3D Grey, Grey stained Oak veneer, Dekordor HD Dark Grey, Straight Line veneer Grey and Dekordor SD Grey Walnut. All of which are available as made to order products to individual project requirements. 8 * ( 01793



Mumford & Wood’s double glazed, timber Conservation box sash windows and doors have been incorporated in the restoration of Artist Residence London. Mumford & Wood’s Conservation box sash windows, finished in white, were specified by Child Graddon Lewis, architects and designers, Spitalfields, London E1 replacing inefficient single glazed windows of a more simple design. Two exceptionally tall entrance doors at street level, one providing access to the hotel and the other to the restaurant, as well as windows to the restaurant have been replaced and finished using Mumford & Wood’s colour service to match the venue’s interior and exterior facade in dark grey. *


01621 818155


Modus hops to it in Conservation Area Derbyshire-based Wheeldon Homes has become the latest housebuilder to specify the innovative new Modus window and door profile system from Eurocell. Appropriately enough, Modus was specified on 47 properties in a Conservation Area of Middleton, near Wirksworth, a beautiful Derbyshire village in the same county as the Eurocell manufacturing and recycling facilities. Wheeldon has a policy of employing local suppliers wherever possible, something exemplified by the Hopton Rise development. Modus is the UK’s first fully integrated window and door system, available with three stunning sash design options. The standard rebate, slim rebate and fully flush sash styles offer developers like Wheeldon Homes a much wider range of design aesthetics. *

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Doors, Windows & Balustrades New Schueco Guide will assist in obtaining BREEAM certification

With sustainability becoming increasingly important in the design and construction of new buildings, Schueco has produced a Guide and comprehensive set of documents to assist architects in the selection of Schueco aluminium windows, doors and facades best suited for BREEAM projects. As well as explaining the fundamental aspects of BREEAM and the scoring system, the Guide demonstrates the influence Schueco products can have on the various BREEAM categories where credits are scored – the main ones being Management, Health and Wellbeing, Energy, Materials and Waste. In addition, Schueco is able to offer specific project-related information, such as Environmental Product Declarations, as part of supporting documentation. *


01908 282111


Brio brings flexible space to a London apartment Brio, a manufacturer of folding door and window architectural solutions has provided architects CGT Works with the solution for opening up a Georgian interior in a flexible manner. The owner still wanted the option of closing it off so the decision was made to install custom 3.4 x 8m panel doors. The doors were installed using Brio’s top hanging Single Run Zero Clearance hardware system. According to CGT Works Director and Project Manager Enrico Trolese: “Brio was the only manufacturer that provided kit that suited the requirements for such heavy doors. It has been so successful we are now using the system on another project in the same building.” *


0191 229 1224

Aluminium: the trusted building material

Aluminium is constantly evolving with design. It naturally has high strength to weight ratios so large glazed spans and multi-storey applications can be achieved with slim sight-lines. The opportunity to polyester powder coat or anodise means that a multitude of shades can provide contrast or minimal visibility to the project.Aluminium has developed to provide function, form and solutions for the most demanding projects. Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems continually develops and refines its profile catalogues to meet the demands of cutting edge designers, providing support and calculation at any stage of the tender process. 8 *


( 020

8685 9685









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Doors, Windows & Balustrades

Liniar launches ‘bible’ for specifiers Innovative window and door specialist Liniar is delighted to announce the launch of its brand new, full colour, 94page Specification Guide – to fantastic feedback from customers, architects and specifiers alike. The long-awaited book contains all of the information that anyone could possibly need to know about specifying the industryleading company’s PVCu products, making it the perfect ‘bible’ for the Liniar range. “It’s been a lot of hard work to put together,” says Chris Armes, Liniar’s Design and Development Manager. “But it was all well worth it once everyone saw the final product. “We believe that using full isometric renders of our profile, created with 3D software, gives architects a much better representation of how our products would fit into their projects.” Packed from cover to cover, the Specification Guide contains full details of Liniar lead-free PVCu products, including in-depth technical data and measurements

on every different window and door in the range, ancillaries, case studies and follow up information. Architect Gary Parker from Parker Design Associates, was impressed with the content, commenting: “At last, a guide that is both interesting and extremely informative, an essential reference that all architects and designers should find invaluable!” An online version of the Liniar Specification Guide can be viewed in book format at on by searching LiniarSpecGuide and specifiers can order their own free hard copy at www. To accompany its Specification Guide, Liniar has also launched an online resource centre for specifiers and developers to assist with specifying Liniar profile.

8 * ( 01332


GEZE continues expansion with appointment of Karen Sum Schueco launches Parametric Facade System The launch of Schueco’s Parametric Facade System by sustainable building envelope specialist, Schueco UK Ltd, offers architects a new level of dynamic design freedom. For the first time ever, geometrically complicated 3D facades can be designed as straightforward system solutions whose cost can be calculated with the certainty of a series product. Like all Schueco systems, the Parametric Facade is highly insulated, with Uf values up to 0.5 W/m2K, and surface elements that can be transparent or opaque. Sunlight and shading, guided views and daylight optimisation can all be employed as active design factors.The system can also accommodate BIPV panels for solar energy generation.

With more than 30 subsidiaries serving 100 countries GEZE is supporting its worldwide growth with the appointment of a dedicated global account manager. Karen Sum, who is based at GEZE UK’s HQ in Staffordshire, will work with both the UK operation and GEZE GmbH in Germany to promote the company as a window and door technology solutions partner for large multinational organisations. In her new role, Karen will co-ordinate international projects from the provision of bespoke solutions through to developing service contracts and trading agreements to be handled both centrally and locally by the company’s subsidiaries. *


01543 443000


Voted ‘Installation of the Year’ by systems company REHAU and its customers, the recent contract completed by Solar Windows for Crest Nicholson in Colchester features more than 1000 tilt and turn windows and open out French doors. Solar Windows installed tilt and turn windows in the REHAU TOTAL70C PVC-U window system and French doors in the high performance REHAU GENEO composite window and door system. The emphasis throughout is on both aesthetics, with all of the frames being coloured RAL7015 light grey on the external faces, and on thermal efficiency to help the development achieve its target of a Level 4 rating under the Code for Sustainable Homes.




Solar Windows completes installation for Crest Nicholson

8 ( 01908


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Doors, Windows & Balustrades Senior’s Hybrid system is just the ticket Window and curtain walling solutions from Senior Architectural System’s innovative Hybrid range were recently specified for use on a new Park & Ride scheme in York. Installed by Aire Valley Architectural Systems for main contractor Balfour Beatty, Senior’s Hybrid Series 3 curtain walling and Hybrid Series 1 windows have been used as part of the creation of the two new terminal buildings at Poppleton Bar and Askham Bar. The innovative construction of Senior’s Hybrid range, which combines the durability of aluminium externally with the environmental benefits of timber internally, made it the ideal choice for use on the striking timber clad buildings. *


01709 772600 8

Metal Technology products add style in Polwarth Terrace Metal Technology curtain walling, door and window systems have been installed on the Polwarth Terrace development of high quality homes in Edinburgh. Designed to showcase the best in contemporary architecture, each apartment and penthouse features energy-efficient panoramic windows to maximise light. System 17 curtain walling offers the designer a wide and diverse range of profiles that provide structural integrity, weather performance and thermal enhancement.A cost-effective, quality engineered glazing solution, System 17 was an appropriate option for this expansive high rise glazed application.This was further enhanced when combined with system 25 four pane lift and slide patio doors. *


028 9448 7777


Slimlite Double Glazed Units clearly the best

Slimlite has introduced its Ultra Clear Self Cleaning Double Glazed Units,which have a visible light transmission of 85%. This indicates the percentage of visible light that is transmitted through the unit or daylight through a double glazed window. It is the clearest Low Emissivity double glazed unit on the market today. This product has been introduced to the market in response to the concerns expressed by Planning Officials and others concerning the visual tinted effect apparent in Low Emissivity double glazed units. 8 * ( 0131

551 2931

“The Difference is Clear”

Unit 2, Forth Industrial Estate, EH5 1RF

0131 551 2931

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Kitchens, Bathrooms & Washrooms

Matrix washbasins – designed for style and comfort Designed for both style and comfort, Matrix washbasins by Pressalit Care make an elegant addition to any bathroom. When combined with the practicalities of a bathroom that’s required to meet lifetime needs, the Matrix range becomes a must-have. Produced from the highest quality crushed marble, and with the design flair and expertise of Pressalit Care which has been providing specialist, top end sanitaryware for over 40 years, the Matrix range is a welcome addition to any bathroom. It is where owners have an eye to their future that the Matrix range comes into its own, making it the ideal choice for lifetime homes. Sleek and ergonomic, the Matrix range offers features to help with the practicalities of independent use. Every aspect has been considered and tested from material, surface, design and function. From the integrated handles which, as well as being a towel rail, are there for

balance and support, to the shallow bowl which leaves plenty of space and legroom for either standing or seated users. The Matrix washbasins are at home in the smaller bathroom just as they are in one more spacious. The Small style has a narrow bowl with two integrated handles at the front, while the Large features a wider vanity style basin with handles at the front and side. Where a corner basin is more appropriate, there’s the Matrix Angle. The basins are wall mounted, but greater flexibility can be achieved with addition of Pressalit Care’s height adjustable bracket, which allows an adjustment of up to 300mm with a simple hand control or lever. The Pressalit Care Matrix washbasins are

available alongside a range of other sanitary ware, together with a range of accessories, including taps, modular shelves and baskets, and can be used alongside Pressalit Care’s extensive range of grab rails and support arms. 8 * ( 0844

880 6950

Maxwood Washrooms launches London showroom RAK porcelain joins prestige spec at Weston’s Preston Hall

Weston Homes plc has specified RAK Ceramics for its new development at Preston Hall, near Aylesford in Kent. The new, luxurious homes are located within a former Grade II listed historic mansion, dating back to 1102 and occupying over 53,000ft2. Beige and grey-toned porcelain finishes, from RAK’s best-selling Lounge Collection, were chosen for all bathrooms and en-suites.Throughout the spacious, stone-paneled bathrooms, RAK’s two-toned Lounge surfaces provide a sleek and elegant finish – on floors, walls and countertops. The tiles also provide a host of practical benefits, including resistance to water, stains, abrasion and impact, as well as easy care. 8 * ( 01730



Maxwood Washrooms’ new London Showroom is now open, providing the perfect place for architects and designers to find inspiration for styles, materials, and layouts for commercial washroom projects. Located in Clerkenwell, the new showroom offers a chance to view full-size washroom mock-ups, including project-specific details designed and manufactured by Maxwood to bespoke specifications.The showroom can also host technical workshops and demonstrations and offers fully equipped meeting facilities where project teams can work in close collaboration with Maxwood to bring their design concepts to life. Maxwood’s new London showroom will be among the venues taking part in this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week from 19th-21st May. *


024 7662 1122


MX electric shower success MX Group’s new ‘QI’ electric shower range – a ‘quick installation’ range of electric showers that sets new standards for simple installation – has been a huge success. Featuring eight entry points for water and electric, these showers are the simplest and most effective electric shower installation option in today’s marketplace. Ideal for new build or retrofit opportunities, these attractive showers are up to 30% slimmer than other units on the market. They’re an ideal replacement product where an old shower has been removed or for shower replacement programmes for social and private landlords. Models are available in 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5kW models. *

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Kitchens, Bathrooms & Washrooms

Franke angry at lack of support for UK manufacturing Franke Sissons, which has been manufacturing for over 230 years, has headed a hard-hitting parliamentary discussion to outline the lack of surveillance for genuine CE Marking, required by UK Law, on products fitted in commercial buildings. Franke Sissons employs the majority of its staff from the Derbyshire area and says it could expand its business and create even more employment opportunities if mandatory proof of CE Marking at tender stage was instigated. The company, based at Carrwood Rd, has solicited the support of local MP Toby Perkins and the industry body that supports manufacturing in the bathroom industry,The Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA), to host a hard hitting briefing session for MPs in Westminster. Aiming to highlight the obvious shortfalls of legislation that currently goes completely

unchecked, the briefing detailed to MPs how contractors are regularly substituting unlawful and inferior products in the final fit, through either lack of knowledge in the law or in ignorance for the cheapest option. Franke’s Managing Director,Andy Dukelow explains:“This is a problem right across the building industry not just in our sector.Without a CE Mark on products for bathrooms and washrooms, consumers may endure scalding injuries, product failure under load and ultimately products will fail completely, there is no back up and absolutely no guarantee. “Those manufacturers and suppliers who

have made the investment to comply, with what is actually a law not just a guideline, will continue to be undercut by non-conforming companies putting UK jobs at risk. I am personally deeply frustrated by the slow pace of understanding at Government level, this is a UK Law, and one of the few that could offer UK business a tangible level of support and actually add longevity to cash savings to the British tax payer.” 8

* ( 01246


RAK exhibits new launches at May Design Series

RAK Ceramics is set to launch a new compact bathroom range and complementary surfaces at this year’s May Design Series, Stand A190. Exhibiting at the show for the first time, RAK’s launches will include the Origin 62 range of basins and sanitaryware, and polished porcelain tile collection, GEMS.The new Origin 62 range includes three basins and a WC, which each have a sleek, contemporary design and are WRAS-approved. Basin options include a hand basin, pedestal wash basin and a semi-recessed design, along with a close-coupled WC design.The complementary GEMS tile collection includes four colour options in a variety of formats, for wall and floor installation. *


01730 237850


New over-bath showering solutions from Aqata For 2015, UK shower enclosure manufacturer Aqata has introduced three new bath screens to the Spectra frameless range, including the Spectra SP493 Triple Panel Folding Bath Screen (shown). Providing a multitude of space saving design solutions for over bath showering, the new screens feature the award winning ClearShield ECO-GLASS as standard. *


01455 896500

Fast track wet rooms

The unique Modular Wet-Floor System from CCL Wetrooms, a leading wet room specialist, allows any size or shape of wet room to be quickly and easily created on a timber floor.The key to the system is its design flexibility, allowing a stunning linear drain to be situated in almost any position within the shower area.The Modular WetFloor system is a totally unique concept in wet room technology, consisting of only three elements: Drainage Component, Tapered Board, Floor or Wall Grill.Thanks to the flexible nature of these components, almost any size of wet room can be achieved. 8 *


( 0844

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Health & Safety Drainage & Landscaping

Five real reasons to choose steel Lindab often gets questions about comparisons of different materials. Very frequently the choice is between steel versus plastic or aluminum. The choice at Lindab is, and has always been, steel. Here, the company offers five real reasons to choose steel for rainwater systems rather than PVC or aluminum. 1. Carbon footprint With steel you get a cost effective and environmental friendly installation that is 100% recyclable. Our Rainline system is made from sheet steel, a raw material that has a natural place in today’s approach towards sustainability. 2. Steel stays in shape Virtually all materials are affected by differences in temperature and grows and shrinks as the weather changes. Compared to aluminium and plastic, steel has a lot smaller movement factor. This means that your installation is much more likely to last as connections and fixation points won’t take such a beating as with other materials.

3. It’s really long lived A rainwater system made of steel can last in excess of 70 years.To aid to the lifespan we rustproof the material with a 275 grams zinc coating.This gives the system a selfhealing quality where scratches and cuts are automatically sealed by zinc ions that migrate to re-coat the uncovered steel. 4. Strong as steel Steel is the foundation of all modern construction, and there is a reason for that. Steel is strong. Snow, hail, falling tree branches and other circumstances can easily break a rainwater system made from aluminum or plastic materials.

5. Steel is a cheaper alternative The initial cost for a steel rainwater system is higher.We’re not saying that it’s not. But if you take into consideration the lifespan and maintenance needed for the respective systems, you actually save money.The lifecycle cost for a steel system is considerably lower than any other system out there. 8 * (

0121 585 2780

Two Hauraton systems installed at Maltby Academy School

Leigh Sports Village sports Zaun spectator railings Sports fencing specialist Zaun has provided spectator railings for the table-topping under-21 Manchester United side and their Premier League division 2 counterparts from Blackburn Rovers. Zaun has supplied 150m of its Duo8 FA-approved 1m-high spectator railing in black along with 12 single gates for installation at the Leigh Sports Village in Wigan.The £50m multi-use sports, retail and housing development was opened by Her Majesty The Queen following the biggest investment in public sports, recreational and educational facilities in Wigan borough for many years. 8 * ( 01902



Early in 2012 it was decided to refurbish the older building at Maltby Academy and build a new open plan business/enterprise centre and sport science block. In addition, the old gymnasium was to be converted into a performing and creative arts facility.With the site being quite flat, and the old and new buildings surrounded by paved and asphalted surfaces, it was essential rainwater is drained effectively.Two Hauraton channel systems were chosen to drain surface water: RECYFIX PRO 100 with FIBRETEC C250 gratings for the asphalted yards and car park and RECYFIX SLOTTED channels for the paved walkways, these providing an unobtrusive, narrow line of slots in the paved surfaces. *


01582 501380


Brett Landscaping launches tailored brochures Customising key information to better meet the requirements of specific commercial customers, Brett Landscaping has launched two new brochure formats. Whereas previously, the manufacturer produced a singular commercial brochure, Brett Landscaping’s latest literature is divided into two. Specialist Kerbs & Permeable Paving is aimed at the highway engineer. It covers the more technical products such as Trief containment kerbs, Kassel bus access kerbs and permeable paving where functionality is key. Inspiring Paving & Kerbs is targeted at the landscape architect and specifier audience who are far more interested in product aesthetics and design attributes. This brochure accesses its extensive range of commercial block, flag and housebuilder paving products. *

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IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW WE WERE HERE TO HELP YOU’D BE GUTTED. UNIFOLD® from Ampteam. Another clever product designed to protect. Ampteam have created a family of innovative products that combat the ever increasing deluge of bad weather we have in the UK. A knowledge based organisation with over 100 years of cumulative technical experience our products are manufactured from the highest quality materials, add all this together and that makes Ampteams products the best on the market today. UNIFOLD®, the superior gutter lining system manufactured from the highest quality materials is guaranteed for 25 years, with a life span in excess of 50 years. Made from EPDM membrane it is manufactured in 2.8 metre lengths that are easily handled so installation is both quick and easy. UNIFOLD® is installed by a nationwide network of Approved Contractors. If you’re concerned about the potential damage caused by poor guttering Ampteam will take that worry away with extensive technical advice and expertise, and if required a site survey where our aim is to make sure you are getting the right product doing the right job for a long time to come. For free technical and friendly advice please call 01384 252777 More technical data and product animations can be found at Alternatively please email us at

Weatherproof your business once and for all.

the best fencing systems around

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Building Elements New CPD module gives introduction to unitised curtain walling

Smooth finish for any application Improved ROCKFON Mono Acoustic makes seamless acoustic ceilings and wall linings smoother and whiter than ever before. Made from stone wool, Mono Acoustic provides Class A sound absorption, reduces echo and significantly decreases reverberation. Ideal for any space, Mono Acoustic can be installed in new builds and renovations. Installed on a Chicago Metallic suspension system or directly mounted on existing ceilings and walls, the timeless, monolithic look complements the character and original architecture of historic buildings. Equally suitable for new builds, it can be installed in large atriums or smaller rooms as seamless spans, ceiling islands and on walls. 8 * ( 0800 389 0314

There is a new CPD certified module available on the Reynaers Aluminium website accessible to anyone seeking to develop their knowledge and skills. Entitled: Introduction to Unitised curtain walling, the module presents a comprehensive and extremely clear guide to the facade system and includes a series of questions that have been compiled to test the knowledge gained in order to qualify for CPD credits. Detailed examples on types of unitised curtain walling, distinguishing features and benefits along with installation advantages of the facade system are given throughout the module. *


0121 421 1999


Museum artefacts protected by ATAG Heating Maintaining precise temperature and humidity levels to protect its extensive artefact collection, while keeping energy costs and emissions down at its award winning Downland Gridshell Building, were key requirements for the management at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum when selecting a replacement for an inefficient old boiler serving the building’s underfloor heating system.Their choice was an ATAG Q60S condensing combination boiler, supplied by Chichester-based ATAG Heating UK. “The new boiler will ensure the correct level of relative humidity within our artefact store for the continued wellbeing of the important collections housed there,” said Guy Viney, Gridshell Manager. *


01243 815770


Refurb of City Council roof is disruption-free

Refurbishing the roof of Loxley House, the central hub of Nottingham City Council, caused no disruption to essential public services, thanks to Sika Liquid Plastics’ new low odour cold applied liquid roof membrane, Decothane Ultra.The main challenge was the waterproof coating for the roof needed to be applied around the air handling units for the building. As the offices below were in constant use, it was essential that any potential smells were minimised. Luckily it was at this time that Sika Liquid Plastics was bringing Decothane Ultra to the market, a new low odour liquid applied roof membrane. *


01772 259781


JS launches Finesse recessed air curtain JS Air Curtains is launching the Finesse, a discreet and high-performance recessed air curtain suitable for a range of environments from banks and boutiques to shopping centres and airports. The Finesse delivers an air flow up to 6,100m3/h enabling it to seal doorways up to 3.5m high and, with its easy to install compact design, fits neatly into a suspended ceiling system. The aesthetic Finesse is available in white RAL 9010 as standard but any RAL colour on request. The Finesse can incorporate water or electric heating elements. The electric heating element provides an immediate heating output, and in just 40 seconds can reach 100% output. *



01903 858656


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Timóleon saves barn from the sledge-hammers When the owners of an old brick built barn conversion discovered that the underfloor heating circuits beneath their feet needed to be replaced, they called in Pure Plumbing and Heating of Cambridge who offered an alternative solution from Timóleon, which prevented the propery from being gutted. ToronFloor presents a rapidly laid and versatile approach to fitting pipework which can be fitted floating over a concrete base as well as across joists or battens.The high quality moisture resistant particle board panels feature routed channels to take the 12mm diameter heating pipes and were glued as well as screwed over the existing joists to prevent any squeaking in use. 8 * (

chris.weaver@timó 01392 363605

WEDGE GROUP GALVANIZING Your Galvanizing Partner

We offer you quality approved Galvanizing along with unrivalled customer service. Our 14 plants across the UK offer you collection, delivery and direct to site services, as well as 24hr turnaround on request. We can galvanize steel from 1.6mm to 29m long.

E: T: 01902 600704 @wedgegalv

Head Office: Stafford Street, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 1RZ

ISO 9001 FM 00382

Air experts 60 years since its launch, Vortice is still European market leader, providing energy efficient ventilation

Vortice offers:

Subscribe to free of charge - simply visit /subscriptions


Initial free of charge consultation service


Sales and technical assistance from design, install and after sales support


Advice from industry experts


Fully trained sales department


BPEC Training course at the UK head office


Area Business Manager network throughout the UK

01283 492949

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Building Elements

Designing out Legionella risk Chris Goggin of Rinnai looks at what smart design and control considerations are available to help design ‘out’ Legionella profileration.


egionella control and risk avoidance are rightly regarded as a ‘must’ for product and system design consideration within the heating and hot water industry.The whole supply chain – manufacturers, distribution, contractors and end-users – dread the thought of having a Legionella problem at any of their sites. So how can installers and designers avoid the problem – and give peace of mind to their customers and end-users? A glance through the Health & Safety Executive ‘Approved Code of Practice’ highlights the vast amount of detailed maintenance needed to keep a stored hot water system Legionella free; the level of work involved is time consuming, expensive and must be adhered to religiously and rigorously. According to the HSE stored hot water systems present an enhanced risk for the proliferation of Legionella, especially at the base of calorifiers where the incoming water merges with the existing hot water. Legionella bacteria multiply where temperatures are between 20-45°C.Water at the base of the calorifier is liable to collect sedimented organic and mineral deposits, which support bacterial growth, including Legionella, which is then distributed throughout the system. To ensure total safety, therefore, the whole water contents of the calorifier, including at the base, must be heated to a temperature of 60˚C for one hour each day. A lot of these problems are solved by choosing to install a continuous flow hot water heating system. With a gasfired continuous flow system there is no cylinder to cause problems because the cold water enters the water heater directly from the mains and is immediately heated to advisory levels. With Rinnai continuous flow units water temperature for distribution is accurate to ±1˚C.The fact that there is no stratification as there is no storage ensures permanent even temperature.There is no requirement to heat a volume of water just to ensure


the elimination of Legionella bacteria as the minimum temperature that a continuous flow unit achieves is in excess of advisory levels. However, when considering design parameters that incorporate secondary return systems pipework and dead legs can act as water storage. Engineers and installers can argue that ‘tankless’ (continuous flow units) systems and point of use have a much reduced risk of legionella proliferation. They are correct – until it comes to secondary return systems. When the taps or shower heads stop running, after use, the pipework will be full of cooling water capable of breeding Legionella bacteria; therefore you do have stored water and appropriate safeguards must be put in place with that type of system. So what is a smart design consideration to eliminate any risk of Legionella bacteria multiplying in a hot water system without keeping water circulating constantly at 60

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With Rinnai continuous flow units water temperature for distribution is accurate to ±1˚C

degrees? The technology is available in the form of smart controls linked the water heating system, inside which is a timer channel programme and a temperature controller.The timer will over-ride the temperature control for a short period and then revert back to safe levels.This combination allows for safe running of water at 42°C core temperature during the day and thermal shock of the system at 60°C intermittently at times when the building is not in use. By the time the building opens again, core temperature is back down to 42°C for safe use. 8 * ( 01928


It is a very simple technology that takes advantage of innate high tech controls within the water heater

Building Elements Mira takes a Leap forward with screwless enclosure range

The Leap range of shower enclosures from Mira Showers – a manufacturer of showering products and accessories – feature the company’s hallmarks: top-end design and engineering excellence, backed by a market-leading lifetime guarantee.The Leap range provides the uncluttered look that typifies current contemporary taste while also being easy to clean and maintain.An accent on quality extends right through to the details, the small elements of design that make all the difference to how the enclosures look, feel and operate. For instance, the 6mm and 8mm Cleancoat safety glass provides a refined appearance while the high grade aluminium extrusions not only look good but are highly resistant to corrosion.



01242 221221


Washroom adds a touch of glass 125 Wood Street now provides 65,000ft2 of Grade A office accommodation over nine floors. A key aspect of the project was the fact that each WC cubicle was designed to be self-contained, including its own bespoke Corian vanity unit and hand-drying facilities. This unisex washroom solution is an ideal way to maximise the available space. Washroom Washroom’s full height, floor to ceiling, Alto Kristalla WC cubicle doors not only ensure complete privacy for end users, but also create an attractive seamless facade. Washroom’s full height Concerto integrated WC duct panel system was manufactured in glass back-painted in a deep maroon to create a smooth glossy finish, which adds to the high specification feel. *


0845 470 3000

Simpson Strong Tie connects with customers

60 years following the release of its first joint hanger, Simpson Strong Tie has launched an innovative new marketing campaign, taking its customers back to the core of its company ethos – offering genuine quality, service and innovation for the construction industry. Built on premium service and product, the new ‘Genuine’ campaign puts the customer at the heart of the business, reaffirming Simpson’s position as a market leader in manufacturing connectors for the construction trade. Simpson’s versatile connectors, which are available to buy from selected DIY retailers, guarantee speed, flexible order quantities and technical and merchandising support for its end users – both builder’s merchants and distributors alike. 8 *


( 01827


FLOORS Don’t replace, just refurbish! Before treatment

Transform tired floors with PU Design ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

New designs and protection in one step Works on all resilient and industrial floors Saves time and money Full treatment in one day More than 200 colour and chip combinations 01296

437 827

Dr Schutz PU Oct 14.indd 1

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Building Elements

Kingspan Timber recently completed the first site in the government’s Carbon Challenge Initiative – Hanham Hall in Bristol

Are targets in sight with offsite? The call for a quick and sustainable solution to the current housing shortage has created an opportunity for offsite construction to become a key method of building to meet the demand in the housing industry.


y 2030 we will be looking at a shortage of around two million homes in the UK, if current factors such as population growth remain the same. In order to prevent this and rectify the current shortfalls, modern and innovative methods such as offsite construction must be adopted to provide quick, sustainable and energy-efficient homes. The offsite construction of a house typically takes four to six weeks, which is nearly a quarter of the time taken by traditional methods with an average timescale of around 20 weeks, which is dependant on weather conditions. Offsite construction methods reduce the potential impact of bad weather on build-times and swift weather-proofing of the structures decreases delays for follow on trades. This makes offsite construction the most viable option when working to meet the recommended increase from 100,000 homes per annum to 230,000. Kingspan Timber Solutions’ Business Unit Director, Ian Loughnane, offers his views on offsite construction in the housing industry: “Offsite construction of housing means that there is a predictable performance level in each unit with fewer construction defects or wasted materials. We are able to provide a marked decrease in the


build time with a marked increase in the standard of the build. This combination of requirements plays to the strengths of Timber Frame and Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) which offer a low-energy design as standard.” Kingspan Timber solutions are at the forefront of technology in this drive to provide quick build and energy efficient homes. They recently completed the first site in the Government’s Carbon Challenge Initiative – Hanham Hall in Bristol – using Kingspan TEK Building System to reach the Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6. It is not just within the housing sector that the government is beginning to exploit the benefits of offsite construction. The education sector is also facing a shortage of almost 900,000 school places and the government has pledged an investment of circa £2b to refurbish and rebuild 277 schools. The speed and ease of onsite build that offsite construction provides is crucial to it becoming the choice method of building in the education sector, matching similar requirements to the housing industry.

Explore Offsite Kingspan Timber Solutions will be presenting a range of these innovative solutions developed to deliver high performance buildings at a series of

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Event diary Explore Offsite: Offsite in the Housing Sector, 07th July 2015, Birmingham Explore Offsite: Offsite in the Commercial Sector, 24th November 2015, Manchester Explore Offsite events. Explore Offsite will bring together technology leaders to discuss the opportunities being presented for offsite construction to play a major role in the coming years. These events are aimed at attracting construction professionals and clients together with architects, surveyors, engineers; facilities managers; building product manufacturers and suppliers. 8 * ( 01767


The offsite construction of a house typically takes four to six weeks, which is nearly a quarter of the time taken by traditional methods

Building Elements

Marshalls brings street furniture brands together Marshalls, a leading UK hard landscaping manufacturer, has announced that it will be bringing together all of its street furniture products and specialist businesses into a singular brand offering. Having been a part of the brand for 10 years, leading street furniture, lighting and signage manufacturer Woodhouse, has now become fully integrated into the Marshalls street

furniture portfolio. Now, Marshalls is delighted to announce these bespoke product solutions will be brought together with the rest of its

street furniture portfolio into the single Marshalls brand – helping clients to create an extraordinary, cohesive style with ease. All of the things customers love about Woodhouse will remain, but with a number of added benefits. It will still have the same philosophy for quality and design, but with the wider selection of products and extra technical support that the Marshalls brand brings.As an element of the Marshalls brand,Woodhouse will become its bespoke street furniture solutions offering.As such,Woodhouse Bespoke Product Solutions will be perfect for bringing your creative concepts and ideas to life. Marshalls, best known for hard landscaping products, has been a leading supplier of street furniture for nearly 35 years. All of the products and content from the Woodhouse website has been migrated across to the Marshalls website.The company will continue to publish and share the great social content that clients enjoyed through the Woodhouse website, however this will now be published through Marshalls new ‘Creating Better’ knowledge blog where a broader range of subjects will be covered. 8 * ( 0870

990 7504

Producers and recyclers unite to boost gypsum recycling rates

Manufacturers of gypsum-based products and the recycling industry are working together to achieve higher recycling rates for plasterboard waste from the construction and demolition sectors. A recent meeting in Brussels, hosted by Eurogypsum, provided an opportunity for producers and recyclers to share their views on issues ranging from effective implementation of waste regulations and acceptance criteria to the role of gypsum waste collectors and sorting centres.Among those attending were a major board and plaster manufacturer from the UK; Rotherham-based recycler Roy Hatfield; MUEG, operator of Germany’s first gypsum recycling plant with approved product status; and French waste recovery and recycling specialist, Nantet Locabennes. *


0207 935 8532


Forest Stewardship Council Project Certification Whole buildings can be FSC. While many people are familiar with the FSC logo on products, indicating that they’re from sustainable sources, certifying construction projects is relatively new. From wooden houses and theatres to city office blocks, FSC certification is diverse enough around the world to provide the wood you need. To design a beautiful building is one thing, but to create a project that supports responsible forestry, protects the environment and creates better living conditions for forest workers is something truly special. Licence code FSC-F000231. *


01686 413916

Saracen ‘banks’ a good year in the city

Saracen Interiors has rounded off a successful year, which has included a significant rise in the number of London fit out, facilities management and move management contracts it has secured, with the completion of a £120,000 fit out and move management project for a Shariah trading investment bank on Old Broad Street.The project covered alterations to a meeting room space, to create two further meeting rooms, a prayer room and additional managers’ offices plus the reconfiguration of open-plan office space to accommodate an additional 20 members of staff.Work included the fitting of carpets and glazed screens and the adapting of existing door modules and storage cupboards. 8 *


( 0208

226 2161

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Building Elements

Berry Systems provided a solution and appropriate perimeter barriers for the six decks and the spiral entrance and exit ramps

Berry barriers help enhance passenger experience A revised design for the new Heathrow Terminal 2 multi storey car park called for a floor depth of just 150mm comprising a 60mm deep slab with 90mm structural topping.


owever, and there’s always a however, a traditional rigid safety barrier post needs fixing with 4 bolts each to a depth of 170mm. Obviously these couldn’t be used so contractors Laing O’Rourke turned to barrier specialist Berry Systems to provide a solution and appropriate perimeter barriers for the six decks and the spiral entrance and exit ramps. Over many years Berry Systems has developed a range of flexible spring steel barriers that ‘give’ on impact. This not only reduces damage to both the barrier and an impacting vehicle but crucially reduces the pull out loading on the anchorage by 50% or more. This in turn allows post fixing to be achieved by using only a single bolt embedded to a depth of merely 110mm – a depth achievable into the new slabs. The specification was completed with Berry Beam safety rails to provide a more attractive appearance than the well known “Armco” style. Post extensions provided mountings for a pedestrian handrail at 1100mm high with integral anti-climb mesh where needed. The thin slabs were developed by Bison Manufacturing and are the thinnest precast concrete planks produced to date in the


UK. They led to many benefits which considerably reduced the construction programme. It also allowed six floors in the usual height of five, increasing capacity to 1340 spaces. But perimeter protection would have proved problematical without the expertise of Berry Systems. Its experience in producing barriers curved to fit spiral ramps was also important as these have to be carefully planned to ensure the right section is available in the right place at the right time throughout the installation programme – and fits the radius required. The £2.5b redevelopment of Terminal 2 is central to the overall strategy for the future of Heathrow and crucial to this was the construction of the car park that acts as the Terminal’s front door. Heathrow T2 programme close-out lead Andy Weber explains: “Unless you come and go by train, you’ll see some element of the car park – it’s not just for car drivers. It’s a big part of our passenger experience – the top deck is the departures forecourt and the ground level is the arrivals forecourt.” The total project includes the main Terminal 2 building, a 522-metre satellite pier, an energy centre and cooling station as well as the 1340 space car park.

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Over many years Berry Systems has developed a range of flexible spring steel barriers that ‘give’ on impact

8 * ( 01902


Building Elements

Abet provides gateway to the world’s most innovative laminates Based in London’s Dockland, Abet forms part of Abet Laminati, Europe’s largest supplier of high pressure laminate. Abet has produced its own UK & Ireland Collection to provide specific market sectors with products that are stocked in the UK and competitively priced and available ex-stock with short lead times. The dedicated collection services eight specific sectors:

Cubicles Collection A selection of sheet sizes to suit the washroom, locker and cubicle markets.

Labgrade Collection A collection of compact grade laminates with a chemical resistant surface suitable for use in laboratories, schools or hospitals.

Locker Collection A collection of compact grade available in two thicknesses and sizes to suit locker doors and carcasses.

MEG Collection Material External Grade. An exterior selfsupporting compact grade laminate.

Diverse Collection For the contract market.

Oberflex Collection Laminates with the Oberflex real wood finish.

Door Collection

Woodgrain Collection

Sheet sizes to suit door applications.

Woodgrain effect decors for all applications.

8 * ( 020

7473 6910

GTC and Sky partnership to service new homes in Reading Ponte Giulio launches new grab bar fastening Ponte Giulio has been appointed sole distributor for WINGITS – the world’s strongest stud wall fixture – in the UK and for the rest of the world outside of the USA. Nick Gontar, Business Development Manager at Ponte Giulio, said:“When weight and strain is applied to wall fixtures and fittings, over time they can work themselves loose and become unsafe. Although there are lots of different wall fixture and fastening solutions available on the market, very few of them offer the strength and durability of WINGITS. Most walls in the UK are stud/ dry wall systems and WINGITS have proven to be the strongest fastenings in the world.” 8 * ( 01273


A partnership between GTC and Sky, collectively offering a unique package of superfast fibre broadband (GTC) and premium TV services (Sky), is due to service homes at a new Bellway Homes development in Reading. GTC has been awarded the contract to provide gas, electricity and fibre-tothe-home infrastructure networks on the site, which features a range of homes and apartments. GTC and Sky have revealed that as a result of their partnership, the new homeowners will have the opportunity to benefit from a market-leading package of premium TV services from Sky and fixed-line home phone and broadband speeds of up to 300Mbps will be supplied by GTC’s fibre optic network. *


08442 411 335


All eyes turn to Donington Park for UKWOTY launch UK Worker of the Year (UKWOTY), a competition set up by workwear brand Dickies, is set to officially launch at Donington Park, at the first MCE British Superbike round of the 2015 Championship. 2015 has sprung exciting changes to the competition, with Kawasaki coming on board as an associate sponsor. This has resulted in the manufacturer offering this year’s winner a uniquely liveried Ninja 300 motorcycle. Maurice Morton, Sales & Marketing Director at Dickies, said: “It will be great to get the competition up and running for another year, and our involvement with the Be Wiser Kawasaki team makes the anticipation for the upcoming round that even more special.” *


01773 514748 8

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Building Elements

It’s a wrap for Anomatch at Corby’s new cinema Anodised aluminium has a natural metallic radiance and sheen. Powdertech’s Anomatch powder coating system achieves the same appearance on both aluminium and steel; a finish that brings the metal alive, with light moving across its surface. The similarity between anodised aluminium and Anomatch has been used to great effect on the exterior of Corby’s new cinema complex. The aluminium rainscreen

has been anodised, with different shaded panels creating an attractive effect. Flashings run around the top and bottom edges of the anodised panels and

these need to be consistent in shade in order to form a complementary border to the multicoloured panels. Due to their shape, anodising the flashing would be difficult, and, more importantly, variation in shade of anodising on different sections, would spoil the overall effect. Powdertech Anomatch was the perfect solution as it provides excellent colour stability and consistency between batches. An Anomatch shade was chosen to match the lighter of the anodised panel shades and this was applied, resulting in a border of consistent colour along the length of the building. Anomatch provides excellent resistance against corrosion. A lower grade aluminium can be used, rather than the high grade needed for anodising, thereby saving costs, and the turnaround is quicker than that of anodising. With a 25 year guarantee, Powdertech Anomatch has created a professional, durable finish with a radiance that wouldn’t be out of place on any red carpet. 8 * ( 01536


Messagemaker display scores with Chesterfield FC Portakabin Hire delivers 300 disaster recovery Portakabin Hire, a leading supplier of interim building solutions, has delivered 345 disaster recovery projects to date, helping organisations to get up and running again as quickly as possible after major incidents such as flooding, fire and the discovery of asbestos. “It is really important that all organisations can be fully operational as fast as possible to minimise the impact of a major incident,” said Robert Snook, Director and General Manager of Portakabin Hire. “Our local hire teams around the country have a wealth of knowledge in disaster recovery and work closely with a number of major insurers to help ensure disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.” 8 * ( 0845


401 0010

Visitors to Chesterfield FC’s ground are benefiting from a new electronic scoreboard supplied and installed by digital LED specialists Messagemaker Displays, thanks to a unique lease partnership. Standing tall at 30m2, the new screen forms a focal feature for the ‘Spireites’ match-goers, allowing them to keep track of the score and time during matches.The new technology offers added versatility, enabling selected video material to be shown during the pre-match build up. Comments Chesterfield FC’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Kevin Fitzgerald: “The new screen lends the stadium added prestige, reinforcing our status as a professional club able to offer the latest facilities to create the best visitor experience.” *


0800 170 7780


New accessory set enables a quick switch to LED Tridonic has recognised how LED light sources can open up new possibilities in lighting design. With the new accessory set for TALEXXmodules LLE from Tridonic, existing linear luminaires equipped with T5 or T8 fluorescent lamps can be quickly and easily upgraded to state-of-the-art LED technology. To facilitate the switch, Tridonic offers a complete set for upgrading existing luminaires to LED technology. T5 and T8 light sources can easily be swapped out for TALEXXmodules LLE 16 and 24 and other available accessories including covers with different transmission grades, end caps and fixing clips. *

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01256 374300


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40 years

in the making... Founded in 1975, Firman Glass has built a reputation for excellence in architectural glazing. Challenge us with your project today!

✓ Toughened n ✓ Processed n ✓ Laminated n

✓ Decorated n ✓ Fire Resistant n ✓ Sealed Units n

01708 374534 In association with

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