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July 12 Issue 29

Greenhouse Total renewable transformation for dilapidated Marris Barn

Sustainability in Development Worcester school boathouse becomes sustainable riverside landmark

Design & Desire Gallery architects dig deep to reveal past pavilions

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Welcome G Magazine July 2012

to Future Constructor & Architect...

reetings from the new editor of Future Constructor & Architect. As I begin to unravel the pressing issues of today’s sustainable building market, I can see one key theme which is common throughout all industry sectors – innovation. Whether it be architects and contractors with their revolutionary approach to building structures and composition or product manufacturers and suppliers whose commitment and dedication to sustainability is at the forefront of design, innovation is paramount. It is needless to say that without the adequate skills within a workforce, innovation is hindered. In light of the current economic climate, it seems that despite efforts to encourage and facilitate qualifications, skills shortages are impacting growth of the UK property and construction sector, according to a new report.The REED Property and Construction 2012 Salary and Market Insight report reveals that losing talent is a key concern among senior management, with four in ten businesses in the property and construction sector admitting they have skills gaps in their organisation which are having an effect on their business’ performance and growth potential. Reflecting on this report, it appears that businesses are already addressing this concern. At the recent launch of Specflue’s Renewable Training Centre, Lord Teverson – Liberal Democrat MP for Energy and Climate Change – claimed that with 110,000 employed in the renewables sector the only way to achieve growth is through training.Throughout this issue, readers will learn of several opportunities available to advance skills, including the launch of Saint Gobain’s new technical academy and Forbo’s linoleum CPD seminar. Across the wider business spectrum, investment in training is increasingly being deemed a worthwhile consideration in order to create a skilled, dedicated workforce. For those businesses that have their sights set on profitability and innovation, the potential for growth can start here. I hope you enjoy this issue and will look forward to receiving your comments.

The Serpentine Gallery unearths the history of pavilions through the use of cork cladding. © Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Weiwei. Image © 2012 Iwan Baan. See page 28.

Hannah Frackiewicz Hannah Frackiewicz Editor, Future Constructor & Architect

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News 14


Voice of the Industry: Des Franklin, European sales manager at MHI, explains why businesses should be thinking long term with major investments.

Legal & Business: Autodesk discusses why now is the right time to invest in BIM.

Features 22






Hotel & Leisure Building Focus: FC&A reviews the striking composition of London’s South Place Hotel.

Drainage & Wastewater: ACO Building Drainage provides minimum visibility at the National Maritime museum.

Doors & Windows: How modified timber can be confidently used in window and door frames.

Glass & Glazing: Senior Architectural Systems sheds some light on its recent glazing installation.

Floors, Walls & Ceilings:


FC&A welcomes the launch of Far East Facade (UK) global curtain wall specialist.

Portfolios 06



Greenhouse: A dilapidated barn is transformed into a renewable retreat thanks to an extensive set of eco-technology systems.

Sustainability in Development: Outstanding boathouse project makes it mark on Worcester’s riverside.

Design & Desire: The Serpentine Gallery’s 2012 Pavilion digs deep to reveal hidden foundations of past structures, symbolised through cork cladding.


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Greenhouse Solar panels are facing inwards overlooking the central courtyard

Renewable retreat As part of a wider holiday home complex set within the tranquil, rural Lincolnshire countryside, Marris Barn is Thorganby Hall’s newest addition. Not only is the build a result of considerable restoration, it also boasts major eco-credentials. FC&A explores the realisation of the project and extensive use of eco-systems.


ooking set to welcome its first paying customers this month, Marris Barn is a luxury holiday complex boasting outstanding eco-credentials. The barn lies within the grounds of Thorganby Hall, Lincolnshire, home to James and Emma Milligan-Manby who have been in the holiday lettings business for nearly 10 years. Before its renovation, Marris Barn was a completely dilapidated building, having previously been used as a wagon shed, dating back to the 18th century. James and Emma knew they wanted to break into a niche market from the offset so began discussions with their architect on how to retain the original features of the barn whilst install a complete set of renewable energy systems. With visions of a costly project, James and Emma attended an East Midlands Development Agency seminar on rural grant funding. The EOI was submitted in April 2010 and the main grant application was due in October 2010 once planning permission was granted. “The original


EOI was based on three smaller units,” comments James Milligan-Manby, “however further market research led us to target larger groups and provide extra facilities as well as following the green route. We were attempting to maximise

Renewable energy systems are able to heat the indoor swimming pool

our unique selling points.” Commenting on the finalised brief, architect Lee Holmes says: “Having been involved in providing high quality holiday accommodation at the farm for a number of years, James and Emma knew they wanted to offer something different at Marris Barn. During their research they hit on the idea of tailoring the development to larger parties, aiming for the extended family coming together for a special occasion or a group of friends looking for somewhere they could all stay together.” As with the majority of older builds, in spite of its character and charm, the cost of fuel and energy can drastically hinder its utilisation. With this in mind – and to offer guests a more unique experience – the aim was to convert Marris Barn into a totally renewable build. Lee continues: “Having reached an agreement on the type of accommodation they wanted to provide, James and Emma also decided at an early stage that this should be an

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Greenhouse environmentally sustainable development incorporating renewable energy technologies and sustainable materials. “The layout of the accommodation was primarily influenced by the configuration of the existing buildings and the disposition of existing openings. However, we were mindful of the need to accommodate roof-mounted solar panels in a sensitive and unobtrusive manner but with good solar access. The reinstatement of the lost crewyard area gave the ideal opportunity to site these without compromising the integrity of the existing historic buildings.”

Efficient insulation

Additional brickwork was locally sourced for an all-round sustainable restoration

the opportunity presented itself. Insulation now allows the renewable technology to operate at maximum efficiency. Despite limited scope in some areas of the roof, insulation was specified for its efficiency, and sheep wool was even featured in areas of the new build

which houses the swimming pool.” The next stage of the design process was to consider the types of eco-systems to install. “There are a lot of green energy alternatives out there,” recalls James, “and a lot of people offering a credible proposal. We used a University

In order to achieve a sustainable restoration, locally sourced materials were considered in the design stage from the start, as Lee explains: “Materials were locally sourced wherever possible. New oak for beams and roof trusses over the swimming pool all came from the Lincoln area and new clay pantiles for the roofs were made in the north of the county at Barton-upon-Humber. Hydraulic lime for the lime mortar used in both repairs and new brickwork came from Singleton Birch at Melton Ross which is less than 20 miles away and local chalk had been used for hardcore as well as paving. “The other main criteria of the renovation was to incorporate as much thermal insulation as possible wherever

Before its renovation, Marris Barn was a completely dilapidated building, dating back to the 18th century

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Greenhouse of Nottingham research team to flag up the various alternatives before settling on ground source, complemented by solar heating and PV panels. “Having committed to the green theme, rainwater harvesting and heat recovery were natural add-ons. One of our aims was to try and become a beacon for the renewable and hopefully attract people to come and stay and see the technology working in a day-to-day environment.”

Outstanding ambition Marris Barn prior to its restoration

the Oskar storage tank is an innovative stratified storage tank, which has a unique layer system. The supply and release of energy takes place at different heights in stratified layers. Oskar works without any wear and tear and at no cost – it operates naturally and with absolutely no control technology. The tank utilises every level of energy; for example, even the return heat from heating circuits. Despite an ambitious build, Marris Barn has accomplished what it set out to achieve. The five-star holiday complex boasts outstanding eco-credentials. With state-of-the-art eco technologies coupled with locally sourced materials

and interiors, the formerly derelict barn is a testament to all restoration projects looking to engineer an all-round sustainable approach.

For the specification of the technologies, James and Emma turned to renewable specialist Enviroeng, which recommended a number of products that would be suitable for the conversion. Enviroeng’s managing director Malcolm Paterson acted as the conversion’s primary consultant and advised a comprehensive package of systems designed to achieve significant environmental credibility. The systems included two ground source heat pumps, solar and photovoltaic panels to generate power, a rainwater harvesting system which serves all WCs, garden taps and washing machine and a heat recovery system, which utilises risen heat and exchanges the heat value. In addition to these, a 2000l Oskar storage tank was installed. As only the second to be installed in the country,

Fact File Client: Hall Farm Conservation Architect: Lee Holmes Architectural Design & Conservation Building Contractor: Noble Construction & Services Energy consultants: Enviroeng

Malcolm Paterson acted as the primary consultant for the installation of eco systems


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Sustainability in Development

Photovoltaic and solar thermal roof panels provide a low carbon energy contribution

Riverside landmark

Following previous successful contracts at King’s School, Worcester, national construction specialist Speller Metcalfe was appointed the contract to transform the existing 1950s school boathouse into the iconic Worcester riverside focal point it has now become.

Due to the complex structure of the build, there was no margin for error

forward by many years, with the school marking the finished project as The Michael Baker Boathouse. Prior to construction, the site was subject to an archaeological survey with the location found to be of significant historical interest. Ground and structural surveys indicated that the northern edge of Worcester Castle rampart was located in close proximity to the site. The existing Boathouse was located over the former castle ditch and potentially part of the former slip where the ditch met the River Severn. Following site surveys, foundations of buildings dating back to the late 18th and early 19th century were discovered.These included a cottage that was identified as probably belonging to local stone-mason Nathaniel Wilkinson. Along with the original moulded stones, four column capitals dating back to the 16th and early 17th centuries were also revealed, believed to have been brought back by Wilkinson to be incorporated into the cottage foundations. Each of the four columns are now displayed within the terraced

external walls, retaining the historic sense of what once stood on the site.

Structural form Built over a 16-month period, the new two-storey building elevates the main communal spaces to first floor level, offering views along the River Severn in both directions from a glazed cantilevered riverside prow. In contrast to the original small and unsightly boathouse, the elevated structure gives the building a greater presence in the streetscape and becomes a focal point along the riverside.The project was also designed as a key element of Worcester Waterfront – a two-year Worcester City Council project aimed at improving Worcester City’s riverside. To achieve such a complex building the structural form was created using a cantilevered steel frame. The frame was then developed through incorporation of a timber joist system with ply lining inserted underneath the joists, followed by ply formers which were inserted up to the prow point that overlooks the river. Finally, large glass panels were inserted

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eeking out over the River Severn, the King’s School boathouse was made a reality following the extraordinary donation of £2.5m by former pupil and previously keen rower, Michael Baker. The replacement of the existing facility had long been an ambition for the school and the incredibly generous contribution enabled the project to be brought


Sustainability in Development Sky lights achieve a bright and vibrant space

before sweet chestnut timber was clad carefully around the structure. Bill Cave, Small Works director at Speller Metcalfe, says: “Because of the design of the building, the quality of finish was uncompromising and getting the internal joinery to line up was particularly challenging with no margin for error – it was either right or wrong. If it had gone wrong, it would have meant dismantling the building piece by piece.” In terms of design, the lower levels of the build were increased in capacity by 60% compared to the original Boathouse site. A

newly bespoke-designed boat storage area which opens out directly onto the river was incorporated, which uses the existing step descent access for rowers.The secure ground floor storage unit accommodates 46 boats and equipment without the cumbersome task of detaching riggers, with a raised workshop for restoring and repairing equipment located at the opposite end of the building.

A raised profile The upper level is accessed via a stairway or lift, which retains a real sense of space and light achieved through the architectural design and implementation of sky lights and large windows on all sides. The main room will predominantly be used as a state-of-the-art teaching

and training facility, doubling as a function room with spectacular views over the river and terrace. This room links through to the school garden, providing disabled access to the school grounds for the first time. Changing and catering facilities are also incorporated on the upper level, alongside an office for the rowing club. The overall effect of The Boathouse is one of quiet magnitude; the sweet chestnut panelling retains a traditional boat quality that remains sympathetic to its environment, while at the same time creating a sense of grandeur to the waterfront. The project overcame some complex challenges in terms of the design and buildability; in particular the site location of single road, dead end access and its

The Boathouse now offers spectacular views over the river and terrace


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Sweet chesnut panelling creates a sense of grandeur whilst remaining sympathetic to its surroundings

Sustainability in Development proximity to the Diglis House Hotel, which remained live throughout the build. As well as having a prominent and visually striking impact upon Worcester’s riverfront, The Michael Baker Boathouse is a forward-thinking sustainable and efficient build. Building contractor Speller Metcalfe is well known for its sustainable construction work, and had previously worked with the project architects, Associated Architects, to build England’s first Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6 and Passivhaus-accredited Eco Vicarage for the Diocese of Worcester in 2011.

Sustainability and the future

Achieving an efficient building envelope was particularly difficult due to the irregular, narrow prow shape and materials used

a test brick panel was built and externally tested before the innovative design was constructed. Sustainable Warmcel insulation material, which is manufactured from recycled newspaper, was sprayed or injected into the membrane, ensuring all voids were completely filled as opposed to traditional insulation that is usually placed behind pipes or panels. Following the completion of The Boathouse and a stringent checking

procedure, airtightness levels reached an impressive 1.99 air changes per hour – very close to Passivhaus accreditation and significantly lower than the UK building regulation standards of 10 changes per hour. Other sustainable features include rainwater harvesting for toilet use and photovoltaic and solar thermal roof panels to provide a low carbon energy contribution. A wood pellet biomass boiler has also been installed alongside the heat recovery ventilation system to avoid the need for costly gas central heating. Due to the site’s proximity to the river and regular risk of river overflow, the ground level boat storage has been designed to allow for flooding in accordance with Environment Agency guidelines. Moving into a century of continued climate change, allowances have been made for the warmer, wetter winters and hotter, drier summers likely to seen in the UK, with continuation of rising sea levels. These factors will ultimately lead to increasing risks of flooding, however, the design of The Boathouse has been carefully considered to future proof against such risk. ■

The Boathouse was constructed in accordance with the German Passivhaus model, with the development incorporating super-insulation, air tightness and mixed mode (mechanical and natural) heat-recovery ventilation systems to minimise energy consumption. Warm air flowing out of the building passes through a heat exchange which is then used to warm the cooler air flowing in. These measurable features ensure carbon emissions are set at a fantastically low 11kg CO2/sqm/yr – attaining almost carbon zero status and an environmental performance to an EPC ‘A’ rating. Achieving an efficient building envelope was particularly difficult due to the irregular, narrow prow shape and materials used. Buildability issues meant particular elements relied solely on brickwork as the airtightness line without the use of membranes – a challenge due to using a traditional building method to achieve this. To ensure quality and airtightness levels,

The Boathouse is a key focal point along the riverside

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Voice of the Industry

Reluctance to review and update old equipment to more efficient systems only results in false economy

Prioritise investments As part of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, hefty fees are now being introduced to businesses to encourage a reduction in energy consumption. In response to this, Des Franklin, European sales manager at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) addresses the importance of energy management in order to generate long term savings.


this should be the industry’s focus. For example, we have a team of people here that specialise in promoting the Q-ton, our new CO2 heat pump. They

Des Franklin is the European sales manager at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Europe (MHIE). Having gained over 20 years’ experience in the HVAC industry, Des joined the air conditioning division at MHIE in 2008. Des is dedicated to providing energy saving heating and cooling equipment to the commercial market.

are talking to hotel chains about hot water, but can introduce other products if the businesses in question, such as hotels, need other solutions. It should all work together. To look at this in more detail then, it’s becoming more and more apparent that many so-called solutions are using unnecessary amounts of energy when it comes to heating water. Reluctance from some businesses to review and update old equipment to more efficient systems only results in false economy. Businesses should be thinking long-term by focusing on energy efficiency and running costs, rather than the initial purchase and installation costs of new equipment. As much as 65% of the total costs involved with heating systems are related to running costs. That’s why improving efficiency, even by 10%, could save a business a significant amount of money – especially since the price of fuel is only likely to go up. Investing in a more efficient system to heat water upfront will save costs down the line. This is especially true for

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ore and more I’m finding myself on a bit of a soap box. I feel passionately that businesses are missing a trick when it comes to efficiency and saving money, not to mention improving their environmental credentials. In some cases, businesses are actually being badly advised by the industry in terms of finding the best solutions. At MHI, we are looking not so much at heating and cooling, but at projects from an energy perspective. It’s all about energy management rather than, say, heating. Installers miss opportunities all the time by not thinking in this way and asking businesses ‘Why are they throwing energy away?’ We could use products so much more effectively by taking a holistic view. It’s a frustration we see and experience regularly – businesses are happy to put in a boiler and a cooler, instead of thinking about reclaiming heat. I firmly believe our future at MHI, and that of other manufacturers, will be in our track record with engineering and finding solutions –

Husqvarna PG 280. A floor grinder for surface preparation and grinding of adhesive residue, paint and spackle on medium-sized concrete areas. The grinding and suction is efficient thanks to the high rpm levels, the wide range of grinding discs and the design of the dust guard and vacuumport. PG 280 is easy and convenient to use, with ergonomically designed handlebar and low noise levels. Two engine options: 3 kW 3-phase or 2.2 kW 1-phase. It has a single grinding plate with multiple diamond tool distribution positions. The efficient suction of grinding dust is a result of the design of the dust guard and vacum port.

HUSQVARNA CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS UK Tel: 0844 844 4570 Email: Copyright Š 2012 Husqvarna AB (publ). All rights reserved.

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Voice of the Industry


registered, these large users will pay £12 per tonne of carbon they produce when using gas, electricity or oil. The CRC will reduce the number of £12 tokens available in 2013 and in the following years thereafter. This will be worth a huge amount of money in the years to come; reducing energy consumption, running costs and carbon produced will be the chief target of financial departments of these large users. I believe our industry needs to play a leading role in raising awareness of the business implications of the CRC – this is fundamental to ensure that companies are aware of what can be done to operate in an efficient and effective manner and we will be repaid in the long run as suppliers if we are also good consultants. What’s more, companies need to prioritise investments in carbon cutting technology in order to take full advantage of the financial incentives on offer. The Enhanced Capital Allowance, for

companies that are making improvements in other areas of a building to increase efficiency. Improvements in recent times with the construction of buildings and materials, such as robust insulation and high quality double glazing, have contributed to a decrease in the requirements for space heating. The requirement and demand for hot water however, will remain constant in the future which makes this an area that many commercial businesses can’t afford to ignore. As well as saving money on fuel bills, increasing efficiency will positively impact their Climate Reduction Commitment (CRC) and subsequent VAT on any fines that may be incurred on carbon emissions. As of this year, companies who use more than 6000 MWhr of electricity per year will be subjected to power metering. The use of smart meters to determine annual usage has already shown who the largest users of energy are. Once forcibly

example is a scheme designed to provide businesses with tax relief for investments in equipment that meets a certain criteria. In terms of payback, heat pumps are a positive investment that will provide a tangible and regular return once installed. This is achieved through the advanced technology that allows the equipment to draw ‘free’ heat from its surroundings, whether that be from the ground, water or outside air – this is even the case on the coldest of days! Smart compressor technology, powered by electricity, then intensifies the free heat to generate warmth in other areas. Essentially, heat pumps produce more energy than they consume which is why they are so efficient at reducing energy costs. Air source heat pumps therefore provide the obvious solution for buildings and organisations that use large amounts of hot water in the commercial sector such as hotels, restaurants and care homes. For the many businesses in the commercial sector that require sanitary hot water on a regular basis, eliminating the need for unnecessary gas or electricity is essential so that they can work towards creating energy efficiency and sustainability. In today’s economic climate, with cutting costs high on the agenda for everyone, and increasing pressure from Government to become more sustainable, companies need to prioritise manageable changes that will have long lasting benefits in a number of areas. As an industry, we should be saying ‘We’re here to help’.

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Q-ton, MHI’s new CO2 heat pump

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Alumasc ensures the numbers add up With higher levels of rainfall throughout the UK, roof drainage systems for buildings are under increasing pressure to perform. Robust, efficient systems are now a key priority, and in an industry first, Alumasc has designed a new Rainwater and Drainage Calculator as an aid to the specification process.

For external rainwater disposal, the Rainwater Gutter Calculator designs a system based on the following criteria which need to be input by the user: catchment areas to be drained; geographical area/rainwater rate intensity; type and position of gutter; and roof dimensions and design detail. The system automatically calculates the correct gutter size and type, providing frequency of pipework based on the data entered. The system also retains this data for use across the alternative product ranges and profiles.

Alumasc has designed a new Rainwater and Drainage Calculator


ll UK roof drainage systems should be designed in accordance with BS EN 12056-3:2000.The standard recommends design methods for roof and paved area drainage based on modern hydraulics and meteorological knowledge. It is also important to note that systems are designed not to suit the amount of overall rainfall in any given area, but to cope with the intensity of that rainfall i.e the rate at which it falls within any given period of time.While Scotland may get a higher rainfall per annum than certain areas of England, it has a low intensity as the rainfall rate is spread out over a longer time period. East Anglia and London, however, are prone to greater rainfall intensity with rain falling in greater concentration over a shorter time period, as illustrated by Fig.1. Alumasc’s new Rainwater and Drainage Calculator presents the user with four modules for the calculation of foul drainage, internal rainwater drainage, flat roof drainage and external rainwater


drainage. Using a step-by-step process, the program enables users to build systems which are automatically compliant to BS EN 12056:2000. The Flat Roof Calculator will design a system to cater for the rainfall intensity of a specific project location. By inputting relevant criteria, it will calculate the required outlet type and number required. Once the flat roof drainage requirements have been ascertained, the Internal Drainage Calculator can then build an internal stack system to take rainwater internally from the flat roof, producing a variety of schematics showing the configuration of pipework as it would appear throughout the building. For the calculation of foul drainage, the system determines the size of Harmer SML pipework based upon the number of appliances that will be connected to the stack. The user is prompted to select factors appropriate to the type of building and a drainage system is then designed in accordance with BSEN 12056-2:2000.

Fig.1 – Rainfall intensity, r, for a 2 minute duration storm event, with return period of 1 year (in l/s per m2). Image courtesy of BSI

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Tessera Alignment carpet tiles have been used in three contrasting colourways to delineate different areas

Designed as a flexible education hub, the University of Bedfordshire’s new £34m Campus Centre in Luton houses a 240-seat lecture theatre, exhibition space, informal learning zones, the Student Union and a variety of dining areas.


he building’s multi-purpose nature called for a combination of flooring solutions. With its integrated flooring portfolio, Forbo Flooring Systems was well equipped to meet the brief. Tessera and Westbond carpet tiles form

Westbond Flex carpet tiles were manufactured in a bespoke colourway for the lecture theatre


the main components of the University’s flooring design, specified by the Facilities and Estates Department and brought to life by Hi-Tech Flooring of Dunstable. In corridors, common areas and offices, Tessera Alignment textured cut and loop pile tiles, in three contrasting shades, have been used to create individual flooring zones, separated by smooth flowing curves, hand cut on site. Meanwhile, Westbond Flex cut pile tiles, manufactured in bespoke colourways, provide style and comfort in the lecture theatre, circulation areas and breakout rooms. Westbond Natural tiles have been installed in the Campus Centre’s management suite. Comprising a rich blend of natural, undyed wool, this was a sustainable and attractive choice. As a rapidly-renewable resource, wool is one of the most environmentally friendly flooring materials available. In addition,

Forbo passes with honours

the backing of the Westbond Natural tiles comprises up to 74% recycled material, further bolstering the eco-credentials of the product. Forbo’s Safestep R11 safety flooring has been installed in the kitchen and food service areas and Coral Brush Activ and Nuway Tuftiguard rigid engineered entrance matting complete the floor scheme. Nick Perkins, sales director at Hi-Tech Flooring Ltd, comments: “With so many elements to piece together, it was very reassuring to know that we were sourcing everything from one supplier who wouldn’t let us down.The fact that Forbo offers an integrated portfolio really helped to streamline the whole ordering process.” Ash Carline, capital projects manager at the University of Bedfordshire, says: “Overall we are very pleased with the flooring throughout the new Campus Centre and are potentially looking to re-specify some of the products on future projects.”

Surestep safety flooring has been installed in the kitchen and food service areas

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• Underfloor heating – extensions, multi-site, refurb and new-build • Heat pumps – MCS approved with compliance documentation • Solar thermal – MCS approved flat panel, in-roof or on-roof models • Rainwater harvesting – standard packs to meet CfSH requirements All available individually or as a fully designed and integrated system Award-winning manuals, MCS Handover Packs and User Guides Complete design service with full system design warranty



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The complete kit –

integrated heating solutions from Nu-Heat Online Enquiry 013

Delta Balustrades Millbuck Way, Sandbach, Cheshire CW11 3JA Tel: 01270 753 383 Fax: 01270 753 207

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Hotel & Leisure Building ng Focus

Pride of place

©South Place Hotel, D&D London

Ahead of its imminent launch in September, South Place Hotel is a much-awaited boutique hotel located in the heart of London. Having been awarded a BREEAM Excellent rating for its commitment to sustainability, FC&A explores the hotel’s material palette and contribution to the city’s portfolio of buildings challenging structural convention.


ituated in the thriving and culturally diverse borough of London, Islington, South Place Hotel is D&D’s first London hotel designed to provide guests a highly

©Allies & Morrison


luxurious experience. Renowned for operating over 30 restaurants in London, Paris, New York, Copenhagen and Tokyo, the restaurant group’s new £20m hotel project is an eagerly anticipated venture. Formerly two vacant office buildings, real estate fund manager Frogmore began construction by appointed contractor McLaren in January 2011. Originally, the site had been planned for a more contemporary office development, however given the decline in rental values, Frogmore consequently reassessed its use and pursued a hospitality project based on its commercial viability.Whilst a number of hotel operators were approached, it was D&D London – formerly known as Conran Resturants – that was granted the tenancy. Alongside its 80-room capacity, the hotel also hosts 3 bars; Angler – a destination, roof restaurant and terrace; all day dining

at 3 South Place; five meeting and private dining rooms; a gym and wellness area; and a residents’ games room. Described as an ‘exciting hub where work merges with play’, the hotel serves to act as a top destination for business travellers and couples on weekend breaks.

Public engagement The brief put forward by Frogmore to Allies & Morrison – the architects already on board with the development – was to test the maximum capacity of the building, yet devise a design that would seamlessly complement the streetscape. Frogmore also proposed a distinctive building that would actively engage and welcome the public. As a result, the roof and eaves have been designed to sit in line with neighbouring blocks and the facade offers

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a textured, multi-layered surface designed to offer character in an already eclectic district. The use of glazing in the ground level is an added element, which activates the frontage and allows the public to engage more freely with the building. Being set back from the street, a wide pavement also encourages greater footfall and access to the entrance. In terms of composition, the building’s facade is conceived as two layers.The inner layer is composed of glass and a dark, warm coloured metal. Free from the thermal and waterproofing requirements, the metal outer layer acts as a counterpoint to the simplicity of the inner layer and articulates the building’s underlying structure. The facades have been designed to strengthen and elaborate the building’s basic composition and to respond to its immediate context. As a result, the hotel is not only a sustainable addition to the neighbourhood but it also improves the unity of the streetscape. McLaren was awarded the £50m contract to transform the 35,985ft2 site into a 72,000ft2 seven-storey hotel. McLaren used a number of innovative methods of construction to ensure the project completed on time for June.These

Fact File Client: Frogmore Architect: Allies & Morrison Employer’s agent: Gardiner and Theobald Contractor: McLaren Services Engineer: Hoare Lea Interior Designer: Conran and Partners Structural Engineer: Waterman

methods included using a twinwall precast solution for the walls and omnia decking for the upper slabs of the concrete frame. It also used a modular backing structure to the rainscreen cladding that enabled McLaren to get the building watertight as fast as possible. Darren Petit, project director at McLaren, comments: “Euro Bond cladding panels acted as a waterproof backing structure which was fitted prior to the external cladding.This enabled the interior fit out to start immediately where otherwise this could not have started until the cladding had been fitted.” Other interesting features of the building include the hybrid of silver anodized and bronze powder coated rainscreen cladding that inclines from the 5th floor to the roof.

As well as D&D’s commitment to sustainable dining – being accredited members of the Sustainable Restaurant Association – D&D London places as much importance on its environmental impact within its facilities.The scheme is designed to achieve a BREEAM Excellent rating and provides CO2 savings of 40% below Part L 2006 requirements. Responsible for overlooking the interior fit out, Conran and Partners delivers an unprecedented quality of fit out. Notorious for successful collaboration on a number of master planning projects, Allies & Morrison engaged continually with the interior designers to co-ordinate a high quality finish that was precisely executed.

The interiors are finished to an immaculate standard

Sustainable construction Structurally, the building incorporates a mixture of steel and concrete.Working within a confined area, construction had to be completed quickly and efficiently. In order to do so, a pre-cast frame was erected, as Darren explains: “In anticipation of the restricted area around the site and to cause minimal interruptions to traffic flow in the area, a pre-cast concrete frame was used.This proved a positive development from the original design, which would have seen the frame be constructed on site, which is a more time consuming process and would have required extensive shuttering on site. Introducing the pre-cast frame created less interruption to the surrounding area and reduced the schedule significantly by 6-8 weeks.” In order to successfully carry out the development, with minimum impact, an integrated central courtyard was used, which alleviated any disruptions to local services and also reduced risk. From the outset, the building had been set to achieve a BREEAM rating. McLaren ensured the build carried out a number of sustainable construction techniques including CHP, as Darren explains: “As a company we proactively recommend the use of recycled material and sustainable construction techniques wherever possible, monitoring energy use on site across all our projects. Combined Heating Power (CHP) has been implemented which uses a gas generator to produce power on site, alongside this the heat generated from the CHP is also used to heat the buildings water.”

Contemporary furnishings can be found in each of the 80 rooms


Visitors can enjoy a luxurious stay overlooking a thriving London district


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Legal & Business

A timely transfer There’s no denying that adopting Building Information Modelling (BIM) takes money and time. However, there are some compelling reasons why now is actually a good time to consider the change, as Will Nicol of Autodesk points out. and engineers to integrate analysis, simulation and visualisation into their design workflow to gain more insight and make informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle. They can predict and improve building performance, evaluate multiple alternatives, reduce construction waste and optimise the use of materials as an integral part of the design process. Vendors are beginning to recognise that BIM means greater collaboration between disciplines, and in turn this demands enhanced interoperability of software products. For example, Autodesk is now offering its different software solutions in suites, providing a comprehensive set of tools to manage all phases of design and construction. These suites represent exceptional value as they combine the latest version of AutoCAD with BIM tools, such as Autodesk Revit. The bundle offers savings of as much as 71% compared with purchasing all the software separately. Suites also mean that a smaller firm can stage its transition to BIM, using AutoCAD for drafting and detailing and gradually incorporating BIM tools as and when they are ready. BIM and the cloud are a great fit. First, data and functionality can be accessed at any time and from any location, whether from the design office, on site or en route to a meeting via a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Next, the cloud is infinitely scalable, which means that extra computing power is available when required, reducing the need for capital expenditure and enabling businesses to pay for this access as they would any other project service.

Common ground Will Nicol, head of sales AEC EMEA has been in the frontline of Autodesk’s BIM campaigns since 2007, working with major customers such as Halcrow, Jacobs, WSP, Mott MacDonald, Atkins and COWI and witnessing the growing take-up of BIM across the industry.


ordination and version control. As firms become more familiar with BIM and their workflow becomes more efficient, they begin to discover ways that they can use the models or the data produced to add value to their service. Of course by ensuring a building is as efficient as possible and avoiding errors and waste on site, they are already offering more than firms sticking to traditional methods. However, think how valuable a 3D model of a building fully-populated with asset data can be to a client. It can help significantly reduce total cost of ownership. BIM data from across a number of projects can also help a firm identify trends and optimise supply chains. The National BIM Library – opened this spring – now provides an extensive selection of generic BIM objects for a comprehensive range of systems.Visit the website to see how these systems can enhance consistency and aid collaboration. There are so many carrots to encourage the adoption of BIM, that it may be superfluous to mention the stick. However, the UK government has mandated the use of BIM on all of its projects over £50m by 2016 and this is bound to have an impact. Already many larger contractors insist that sub-contractors are BIM-enabled. Whether or not there will be a knock-on effect on smaller businesses and projects remains to be seen. However – just one more thought.When those who had adopted BIM were asked by the NBS if they wished they hadn’t, only 2% replied in the affirmative.


ost people from outside the industry find it hard to picture how a design will look when it is built when they only have a 2D drawing to go by. Present a client with a photo-realistic, 3D image of their proposed home extension and they will be impressed. This also works well with commercial clients. Sit with the decision makers and show them the impact of any changes they request while they look on. BIM users start developing the final model right from early concepts.This means quantities can be calculated at these very early stages to begin costing and ensure the job is feasible. Responding to RFIs takes time and money. Research has shown that correcting clashes on site can cost up to £3000 each time. On a large building where one mistake is iterated through several storeys, the costs can quickly escalate. Adjusting the position of a pipe, which clashes with a beam, on screen on a 3D model, costs nothing and, because co-ordination is automatic throughout the model and documentation, simple changes may take only an instant. What’s more, BIM enables architects

As a result, this helps address many of the practical barriers to BIM. It provides a place where all project team members can combine their designs, documents and data in a central model with one interface for quick and easy access.This not only sidesteps the problems of exchanging large, data-rich models, but also provides a ‘single version of the truth’, avoiding issues of co-

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Water repellent, oil repellent, stain-resistant and graffiti repellent Total protection of all porous building surfaces See more information about our range of protection on t

Sunsquare.indd 1

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Drainage & Wastewater

Discreet drainage As an extension of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, the new Sammy Oferwing enables additional access for visitors via Greenwich Park. When architects were called upon to design the new wing, it was vital all elements complemented the existing build, including its drainage system which was supplied by ACO Building Drainage.


he elegant buildings that comprise the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich have a distinguished pedigree; designed by architects including Inigo Jones and Sir Christopher Wren, the site is one of the architectural treasures of London. So, when it came to adding a new wing for the 21st century,

ACO provides a robust, yet aesthetic, drainage solution


enabling visitors to enter the museum via Greenwich Park, it was vitally important that every aspect of the design work was in visual harmony with the existing site. To provide a high performance, shallow water drainage system, the architects turned to ACO Building Drainage and capitalised on the company’s proven ability to provide robust yet aesthetic drainage solutions. The key challenge for ACO was that only three downpipe outlets were available for use as discharge points for the channel design. With a rainfall intensity of 200mm/hr set out by the consulting engineer and a large surface area to drain, ACO needed to design a system with high capacity for drainage but with minimal surface visibility, to ensure that the architect’s designs were also met. To provide a system with a limited

Churchman Landscape Architects specified minimal surface visability

number of outlets that could nevertheless drain a high intensity of rainfall, ACO based its design on the use of a large channel. The architect did not want a visibly large channel at surface level, so ACO designed a solution that could be buried below the paving slabs.This was fed by a smaller, 58mm wide discreet channel visible at the surface via 50mm pipes at 1000mm centres. The buried channels were manufactured from galvanised mild steel to save on cost, but the grated finish was in grade 304 stainless steel, with a flexible coupling separating the two dissimilar metals. Access points were also required to the channel and these were designed as recessed covers finished with masonry, which kept the design in line with the architect’s desire to achieve discreet drainage. ACO Building Drainage’s completely bespoke surface water removal system with a grated stainless steel finish works in sympathy with the surrounding stone, while maintaining a full hydraulic design capacity to ensure that the drainage areas are kept clear from water, even at times of extremely high rainfall. “ACO worked closely with us to achieve a custom-built solution,” says Nick Adkins of Szerelmey, the installer responsible for the stonework and paving at the new wing. “This was a challenging project but the design and execution offered up by ACO enabled us to satisfy the architect’s brief while completing the work on time and on budget.” ACO Building Drainage played a significant role in the design of The Sammy Oferwing, enabling Churchman Landscape Architects to successfully carry out the sensitive task of creating a new build within a World Heritage site, adding an attractive, tasteful addition to a beloved public space and a site of great historical importance.

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ACO’s surface water removal system works in sympathy with the surrounding stone

KLP® - sustainable solutions from recycled plastics! BEFORE

Case study with KLP® recycled plastic at Fegen Road, Plymouth The case study involved the replacement of the existing wooded bridge crossing an inlet from Kiln Bay, Plymouth, Dorset. The reason the existing bridge needed to be replaced was the fact the wood had, pretty quickly, become slippery and several of the decking boards were rotting away. This created a dangerous situation. The local city council contacted Marine & Civil Solutions in mid 2011 and after several site visits the council granted the tender project to MCS and the manufacturer Lankhorst Recycled Products. Lankhorst in tandem with their R+D team designed an environmentally friendly KLP® bridge using 100% recycled plastic materials, which is rot resistant, vandal proof and maintenance free. In fact you could say ‘fit and forget’. Early December 2011 the MCS Ltd fitting team had taken down and disposed of the old bridge, and quickly built and installed the new foot bridge. MCS Ltd have confirmed that everyone from Plymouth City Council is extremely happy and that the council is currently looking at other projects as well. Marine & Civil Solutions Ltd Contact: Gavin Drew Tel: 0845 3666521 Email: Web:

Lankhorst Recycled Products Contact: Alexander Bragg Tel: 0800 0430880 Email: Web:

7/ 8 Victoria Building - Lewin Street Middlewich - Chesire - CW10 9AT

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© Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Weiwei Image © 2012 Iwan Baan

Design & Desire

The Serpentine Gallery Pavilion is testament to the use of cork as a building material

Dig for victory The Serpentine Gallery, located in Kensington Gardens, is one of London’s most-loved galleries for modern and contemporary art. As part of an acclaimed annual series of commissions, the gallery unveils its twelfth pavilion, which inspires visitors through its archaeological approach to design and striking use of cork cladding. With the 2012 pavilion now officially open, FC&A takes a closer at the concept behind this unique scheme and explores how this year’s project is far from convention.


he Serpentine Pavilion commission, conceived in 2000 by gallery director Julia Peyton-Jones, has become an international site for architectural experimentation and has presented projects by some of the world’s greatest architects. Each pavilion is sited on the Gallery’s lawn for three months, where the immediacy of the commission provides a unique model worldwide. This exclusive initiative has so far resulted in 12 buildings that have served to act as a public space by day and a forum for performances, talks and film screenings by night. As the world’s first and most ambitious architectural programme of


its kind, the commissions receive no budget. Sponsors, philanthropists, trusts, foundations and the sale of the finished structure, which does not cover more than 40% of the cost, fund the projects.

A timely partnership Since the programme originated in 2000, designers have included Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry and Jean Nouvel. This year’s concept has been designed by Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Weiwei, where the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion marks their first collaborative structure here in the UK. Renowned for being the design team responsible for Beijing’s National Stadium, which was built for the 2008 Olympic Games, the partnership has aptly come

alive again for the Serpentine’s annual commission, presented as part of the London 2012 Festival – the culmination of the Cultural Olympiad. Commenting on the timely collaboration, Julia Peyton-Jones, director, and Hans Ulrich Obrist, co-director at The Serpentine Gallery, comments: “It is a great honour to be working with Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Weiwei. In this exciting year for London we are proud to be creating a connection between the Beijing 2008 and the London 2012 Games. We are enormously grateful for the help of everyone involved, especially Usha and Lakshmi N. Mittal, whose incredible support has made this project possible.”

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Design & Desire Officially opened last month, this year’s pavilion takes visitors beneath the Serpentine’s lawn to explore the hidden history of its previous pavilions. Eleven columns represent each past pavilion and a twelfth column symbolises the current structure, which supports a floating platform roof 1.4m above ground.

© Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Weiwei

The designer’s vision for the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion

only makes us very proud, it also provides a great opportunity for consumers and professionals to understand better that cork is truly nature’s own high-tech, 21st Century material.” Taking an archaeological approach, the architects have created a design that will inspire visitors to look beneath the surface of the park, as well as back in time across the ghosts of the earlier structures.

Looking beneath the surface Speaking before its official opening, Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Weiwei commented: “Every year since 2000, a different architect has been responsible for creating the Serpentine Gallery’s Summer Pavilion for Kensington Gardens.

Fragments of cork add depth and texture to the overall build

That makes 11 pavilions so far – our contribution is the twelfth. “Our path to an alternative solution involves digging down some five feet into the soil of the park until we reach the groundwater. There we dig a waterhole, a kind of well, to collect all of the London rain that falls in the area of the pavilion. As we dig down into the earth to reach the groundwater, we encounter a diversity of constructed realities such as telephone cables, remains of former foundations or backfills. “Like a team of archaeologists, we identify these physical fragments as remains of the 11 pavilions built between 2000 and 2011. Their shape varies: circular, long and narrow, dot shaped and also

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With considerable media acclaim for its complex design and concept, the pavilion has also been put on the architecture radar thanks to its extensive use of Amorim cork cladding.The material, which lines the interior of the structure, was specifically chosen for its environmental credentials and its ability to echo the excavated earth. “Across all applications, sustainability is at the forefront of design,” says Carlos de Jesus, marketing director of the pavilion cork supplier Amorim. “As a leading provider, we believe that cork – still a fundamental social, economic and environmental resource – is a key material for sustainable design solutions. “Not only is cork renowned for its CO2 retention and renewable qualities, in terms of structure it is also highly durable and reliable. Being specified for the pavilion, which is due to witness in excess of 750,000 visitors, is a testament to cork as a building product.” Antonio Rios de Amorim, chairman and CEO, Corticeira Amorim adds: “This partnership embodies Amorim’s incessant drive to make the unbeatable technical and sustainability credentials of natural cork known worldwide. Seeing cork so beautifully and prominently featured, not

© Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Weiwei Image © 2012 Iwan Baan

Sustainability is key


Cork cladding is carved to reveal former foundations

us as a design team to build on the strong working relationship we originally forged designing the National Stadium for the Beijing Olympics. With London as the centre of the Cultural Olympiad it has been a pleasure and privilege working together on creative design and

engineering innovation to literally delve deep into the history of past Pavilions creating an exciting living experience for visitors to enjoy.”

A sporting success Engineering firm Arup collaborated with Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Weiwei to realise the 2012 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion. The Arup team, led by Stuart Smith, provided all engineering and specialist technical advice for the project. Director Stuart Smith comments: “This year’s Serpentine Pavilion has allowed


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A total of 12 pillars elevate a floating roof

© Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Weiwei Image © 2012 Luke Hayes

large, constructed hollows that have been filled in. These remnants testify to the existence of the former pavilions and their more or less invasive intervention in the natural environment of the park. “All of these traces of former pavilions will now be revealed and reconstructed. The former foundations and footprints form a jumble of convoluted lines, like a sewing pattern. The pavilion’s interior is clad in cork – a natural material with great haptic and olfactory qualities and the versatility to be carved, cut, shaped and formed. “The roof resembles that of an archaeological site. It floats a few feet above the grass of the park, so that everyone visiting can see the water on it – its surface reflecting the infinitely varied, atmospheric skies of London. For special events, the water can be drained off the roof as from a bathtub, from whence it flows back into the waterhole, the deepest point in the Pavilion landscape. The dry roof can then be used as a dance floor or simply as a platform suspended above the park.”

© Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Weiwei Image © 2012 Luke Hayes

Design & Desire

FCA 1-2 landscape May_Layout 1 25/04/2012 12:38 Page 1

Broaden your horizons . . .

Established in 1994, Glazing Vision is now the UK’s leading manufacturer of innovative glass rooflight solutions. From standard Fixed, Hinged and Sliding Rooflights to Bespoke Designs. Our access rooflights range from a Manual Access Hatch for maintenance to Free Standing Box rooflights and Wall Mounted Box Rooflights for terraced access.

. . .discover our access rooflights Electric Skydoor

Hydraulic Skydoor

VisionVent (Vent & Access)

Box rooflight

All our rooflights are designed to the following principles: Minimum framework, maximum daylight resulting in increased thermal performance. Concealed dual synced mechanisms and electronics Multi option operating devices and BMS integration Manual overrides & safety override devices Adaptability of glass unit insertion to achieve desired U-Values Fixed rooflight integration for large glazing requirements

Glazing Vision employee a team of designers, engineers and electronics specialists to make sure our rooflights meet the demands of the market place. Each rooflight is tested extensively in our hi tech research and development centre in Diss, Norfolk. To arrange a visit by one of our representatives throughout the UK or for a brochure call us now on 0333 8000 881.

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Contemporary Glass Structures by Eagle S G & W Ltd Tel: 0845 230 9569 /


Photo credited to: Charles Barclay Architects.

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Doors & Windows

With the market previously dominated by uPVC frames, wooden frames are making a comeback thanks to modified timber. Steve Rogers, product director at International Timber, discusses the advances of this sustainable and aesthetically-pleasing alternative and how it can be confidently used in window and door frames.


imber was traditionally used as a core material for window frames and doors. However the introduction of uPVC changed this due to its quality of finish, improved performance and ease of care. People found they could replace existing windows and doors with a product that would last for years with minimal upkeep, although its finish is not as warm as the more traditional timber options. The timber industry has worked hard over the past 15 years to improve performance in the joinery sector and the introduction of laminated and finger jointed components has enabled joinery manufacturers to produce high quality windows and doors that can compete with alternative non-timber products. One such alternative we have seen


significant developments in is modified timber and, in particular, the launch of Accoya commercially in 2005. Dimensionally stable, durable and aesthetically pleasing, Accoya has been proven by experts to have excellent performance against dry rot, water damage, fungi and termites, as well as being UVresistant and having a 50-year life span, while still retaining its recyclable, non-toxic properties. It also combines the proven modification technique of acetylation with cutting-edge proprietary technology.

Maintaining quality Wood acetylation is a process which increases the amount of ‘acetyl’ molecules in the wood, thereby changing its physical properties. It protects the wood from rot by making it ‘inedible’

Changing faces

to most micro-organisms and insects without, unlike conventional treatments, making it toxic. The other benefit to this process is that it greatly reduces the wood’s tendency to swell and shrink. A report published last year by the BRE (Building Research Establishment) concluded that Accoya wood can have a working life of up to 60 years and offers a financially viable solution for windows. The field tests took place over a 13-year period and compared the rot and decay levels of acetylated L-Joints against nonacetylated L-Joints. The results were quite astonishing as the Accoya wood was still in good condition while the untreated timber was severely decomposed. These results mean that Accoya wood has a Class 1 durability rating. However, having the entire window frame or door made out of modified timber can be expensive so, to help minimise costs, without losing the benefits of the engineered timber, a component product has been developed – Accoya Face Laminated Components. To create the component, the Accoya wood has been laminated to the external weather face of the engineered Redwood components. This ensures the window frame or door has a contemporary, smooth finish with the ability to withstand the elements and a Class 1 durability on the external face. Due to the modification technique undertaken, the thermal conductivity is also 30% better than hardwood, which is of course another reason why modified timber windows and doors should be a serious consideration when renovating or specifying a new build. When working with timber it is also important to consider sustainability and ensure that the timber used is from a legal and verified source, especially with the EU Timber Regulation due to be introduced in March 2013. Timber has always been a key material within the construction industry but over time and through the introduction of synthetic alternatives it has sometimes been considered an outdated material. However, through the development of modified timber and an expansion of the products available, it is fast becoming a product that can fulfil the needs of the industry while also being aesthetically appealing.

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Glass & Glazing a central atrium and extensive glazing amounting to 2500m2.To complement the visually striking building and to help achieve Wakefield One’s BREEAM Excellent Status, Dortech Architectural Systems (approved fabricators of Senior Architectural Systems) provided a composite fenestration solution. Senior Architectural Systems’ Hybrid Series 3 composite curtain wall features the aesthetic qualities of engineered timber internally, and the protection and thermal efficiency of aluminium facings to external surfaces. Around 200 window pods were formed in the Hybrid curtain wall – a medium rise stick system that has been designed to achieve high weather and thermal performance. The architect’s design called for a myriad of different sizes – whilst the height remains constant, the recess width varies significantly across the facade of the building. Meanwhile, south facing elevations were fitted with Dualtherm HP70 solar controlled glass, whilst the other three elevations were glazed with 6mm clear toughened panels. The manufacturing and installation process was not without its technical challenges. These included the development by Senior Architectural

Wakefield One will facilitate the relocation of some of the council’s key services

Urban perspective

Hybrid Series 3 features the aesthetic qualities of engineered timber internally

As part of an ongoing redevelopment of Wakefield’s Merchant Gate, the city now has a clearer vision for the future thanks to the extensive glazing used in the construction of Wakefield Council’s new civic building.


he new civic building for Wakefield Metropolitan District Council – 123,000ft2 of prime office accommodation called Wakefield One – is a key part of the city’s Merchant Gate redevelopment programme, which aims to create a new


17-acre urban space. Situated adjacent to the Grade I listed County Hall, the new four-storey civic offices provide office space for 1200 council employees. Designed by architect Cartwright Pickard and constructed by Morgan Sindall, the complex features open-plan design,

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Around 200 window pods were formed in the Hybrid curtain wall

Glass & Glazing

Glazing amounts to 2500m2 within the total build

Excellence Awards, which recognise builders and developers achieving high standards of workmanship. The project was one of just three schemes shortlisted for the award which was announced last month. Chris Brown, area director at Morgan Sindall, says: “The regeneration master plan is of great importance to Wakefield city centre and its wider business community and these new state-of-the-

art civic offices will play an important part in the new, modern look and feel of the city. Morgan Sindall has a wealth of experience working on major urban regeneration projects across the country and we’re proud to play a part in such a significant regeneration scheme.”

Systems of bespoke external feature cappings, anodised to match the colour scheme of other aluminium facings that form an integral part of the glazing frame. Wakefield One will facilitate the relocation of some of the council’s key departments, offering a single point of access to a range of services, including a customer access point, business lounge, library, and museum. The building was delivered by English Cities fund (ECf), a partnership between Muse Developments, Legal and General Property and the Homes and Communities Agency. Councillor Peter Box, leader at Wakefield Council, comments: “We are really pleased with the new building, which looks great, and has been built on time and on budget.Wakefield One will save the council at least £1m a year and, through bringing several services into one place, provide a better service for residents. So we’ll be providing more for less, a great achievement in these tough financial times.” As further testament to this impressive build, the Morgan Sindall team has recently been crowned winners of the Commercial award in the West Yorkshire Local Authority Building Control Building

The use of glazing adds substantial light to the internal space

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Floors, Walls & Ceilings

A clear vision To coincide with Far East Facade’s UK launch, FC&A talks to the company’s technical manager Richard Hart to discuss business opportunities, global expertise and how the company can add value to the UK’s curtain wall market.


ar East Facade is a subsidiary of the Hong Kong-based Far East Global Group, which operates globally and fabricates product in four production facilities – two in China and two in North America.With an already well-established business operation and a recent acquisition of US curtain wall leader Gamma Industries, the company’s move into the UK and European market is an indication of its ambitious plans, enhanced by an impressive project record. “Founded in 1969, Far East Global Group is one of the leading curtain wall specialists,” comments technical manager, Richard Hart. “The company has successfully carried out over 520 major projects and, whilst it has an industryleading reputation for complex facades for tall buildings, recent years have seen increasing involvement in smaller, specialist projects such as highly specialised glazing to Apple outlets in a number of countries.” Confident in its ability to service the UK and European market with specialist quality products and a highly knowledgeable team, Far East Facade UK is already in advanced discussions with


leading industry names and is bidding on key strategic projects across the UK and Europe. Commenting on the company’s dedication to servicing its new market, Richard says: “Far East Facade can offer the UK and European markets a full range of facade products. At the core of the company is a highly skilled team of close to

Dubai’s Burj Khalifa - currently the tallest building in the world

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Kai Tak, Hong Kong Cruise terminal building

200 designers with truly global expertise. This expertise is harnessed by our central design facility and delivered at local level by country specific specialists. In the UK, for example, this means that our Londonbased Design Management team is on hand to provide support to UK architects and to respond to any requirements.” To bolster its prestigious project portfolio, the team is providing support for a variety of on-site global projects including the Foster and Partner designed Kai Tak Cruise terminal project in Hong Kong. “At present we are on site on Sir Norman Fosters’ superb Hong Kong Cruise terminal building,” explains Richard. “Such is the complexity of this beautiful structure that most of the building has had to be 3D modeled.This has been a collaborative effort working closely with the Fosters team and has proved a tremendous success.” This will be Far East Facade’s second Fosters project, having recently completed the acclaimed Providence Bay development in Hong Kong. However its most challenging and impressive project to date is the Burj Khalifa, as Richard recalls: “We are, of course, particularly proud of our work on Burj Khalifa, which remains the world’s tallest building.The programme on this project was really challenging and the fact that we managed to deliver the first panels to site only five months from date of order is testament to the companies’ design and manufacturing capacity (it often takes at least 10 months to get the first panels to site on such a complex build). Of course, the design itself presented a number of challenges – not least the significant building movement on such a tall structure.” With proven success on some of the world’s most complex projects, tailoring its services to the UK will push the company’s boundaries of design and integrated curtain wall solutions.With collaboration being a fundamental principle, Far East Facade is committed to providing start to finish consultancy. “Many of the major architectural practices now operate internationally and their approach to design reflects this in my opinion,” claims Richard. “We believe UK architects to be at the cutting edge of the industry globally, and in our experience their services are respected worldwide.We do find that UK designs tend to be very well-

Designflooring for commercial interiors Van Gogh collection: • Lower maintenance • Quicker to install • Replicates natural materials • Guaranteed for 10 years

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becomes more stringent, and a building’s eco-credentials are increasingly put under the spotlight, curtain walls play a major role in the overall building performance. “As a design specialist, Far East Facade takes a lead in ensuring that the building envelope meets the performance criteria laid down by the architect and project team,” comments Richard. “Our designers will liaise closely with the team and other trades such as M&E specialists in responding to thermal performance requirements. Once levels have been set – these are measured as U-Values – this dictates glass selection, the aluminum framing systems and insulation levels to non-vision areas such as spandrels.” “Target weighted U-Values for glazing will typically be in the region of 1.6W/ m2K and for spandrel areas 0.35W/ m2K,” continues Richard. “Designs will be thermally modelled using specialist software to prove out performance in advance of manufacture. In terms of durability and product life, warranty

developed by the time we get involved by comparison with other countries. Design in the UK also tends to have a number of potentially conflicting drivers – budget, client requirements, environmental issues, energy efficiency – to name but a few.” As environmental responsibility

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requirements in the UK and worldwide are becoming increasingly stringent with typical warranty periods being 10 years for glass and 12 years for aluminium framing. Predicted service life requirement can be up to 50 years for aluminium and 25 years for glass.” Such commitment to standards is transferred across all areas of the business’ operations. From initial consultation through to project delivery, the company operates stringent quality controls under its ISO 9001 management systems to ensure product and service is delivered accurately and efficiently. “Far East Global Group operates a unique model of specialised local senior management,” states Richard, “backed by significant centralised company resources – over 1100 personnel currently. This ensures that in the UK, for example, each discipline from initial construction right through to project handover is represented locally, with each UK-based senior manager leading a specialist head office team. The model has been perfected and proven during successful delivery of over 520 major projects worldwide.” As the company looks ahead, growth in the UK and Europe will mark the ambitious evolution of this reputable curtain wall specialist. With advanced BIM competency and an extensive knowledge bank delivered by a team of high calibre professionals, Richard – who holds the distinction of being the first student ever to undertake the Bath University MSc in Facade Engineering – is optimistic about the future: “With the financial strength of the Group behind us, together with a superb product range and strong UKbased team, we see no reason why Far East Facade cannot become one of the leading players in the European market within five years.”

Kai Tak 3D model

• Rot proof

• Non-toxic under fire

• Vermin resistant

• Up to 200˚C working temperature

• Impact resistant

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• CE marked

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Roofing, Cladding & Insulation

Powdertech gives London Underground the ultimate finish

London’s underground railway comprises numerous stations, all of which present many opportunities for coating metal structures. Corby-based Powdertech has been busy applying its expertise in different specialist metal finishes to a number of projects within the London Underground network.

The Grade ll listed entrance at Farringdon Underground Station has recently been opened up to incorporate a larger ticket hall and a link into an adjacent concourse. Totem masts supporting CCTV cameras, lighting and signage needed coating in a long lasting, durable powder. For this, Powdertech used Syntha Pulvin powder coating, guaranteed for 25 years. Powdertech also coated the balustrade in the new extension, platform cladding panels and electrical service panels with a polyester matt finish meeting London Underground

colour and fire resistance specifications. Meanwhile, Swiss Cottage Underground Station specified an anti-graffiti coating for the tunnel lining above the platforms. Powdertech used a polyurethane powder coating, creating a surface from which graffiti can be more easily wiped than from conventional polyester powder coatings. At Paddington Underground Station, Powdertech is providing the coating for access handrails. To meet Disability Discrimination Act regulations, Part M, hand rails must provide grip and be warm

to touch. Powdertech are approved applicators of Plascoat Thermoplastic, an internationally-acclaimed powder coating providing these benefits together with excellent impact and corrosion resistance. “Each job was an entirely separate contract,” explains Powdertech sales director, Richard Besant, “and in each case a different metal finish was required. We felt particularly pleased that, as a single firm, we were able to supply all the specialist finishes required.”


Record entries for Roofing Awards

Flexible panel solutions Formica Group remains at the cutting edge of building envelope art and science with the innovative decorative lightweight rainscreen cladding VIVIX. With a decorative surface on both sides, VIVIX panels are easily machined and can be cut into a range of shapes and sizes to express virtually any design concept. UV- and weather-resistant,VIVIX panels are easy to maintain and contribute to a building’s thermal efficiency and its protection.The product brochure entitled VIVIX, a Fresh Perspective in Architectural Panels by Formica Group is available to download at



The annual Roofing Awards received a record number of entries this year, in particular for the Liquid Roofing category which was sponsored by the Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Association (LRWA). “A measure of the success of our sector is the quantity and quality of the submissions for this year’s Roofing Awards,” comments Dave Roberts, retiring Chair of the LRWA. “The number of entries in our category rose again this year, going from 29 in 2010 to 36 in 2011.” The winner of the category award was Stirling Lloyd for its work on the Olympics.The team was awarded its prize by the LRWA’s new incoming Chair Harry Cowell from Kemper System.


Recticel’s rapid response Stoke-based insulation manufacturer, Recticel, was chosen by Miller Roofing to provide 7000m2 of Eurothane Eurodeck insulation board to Hamilton Technology Park, Scotland. The135mm Eurodeck boards will be used to provide insulation for a number of office and retail buildings on the Technology Park. Alan Hilditch at Miller Roofing comments: “We were very pleased with Recticel’s ability to respond to our requirements and produce a large quantity of high quality insulation product in such a short space of time. The speed of which they fulfilled the large order allowed the project to progress without any delay.”

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Roofing, Cladding & Insulation

CavityTherm unveils extensive online resource tool Xtratherm, a leading manufacturer of high quality PIR and phenolic insulation, has launched – a new website dedicated to its innovative and unique range of full fill built-in wall insulation. Xtratherm’s CavityTherm is a pioneering product with a unique profiled facing that avoids thermal bridging, directing any moisture that might have penetrated the external wall down the protecting facing and back onto the external leaf. The high performance composite PIR board also includes specifically-designed rebated edge detailing on all four edges to allow the system to tightly interlock when installed. An extensive range of accessories to insulate junctions at corners and cavity trays means CavityTherm not only delivers unrivalled U-values, but also continuity of the insulation system to give exceptional thermal bridging Y-values.

The new website is a resource centre for architects, builders and contractors, giving them all the information they need about CavityTherm in the context of today’s building requirements. This includes downloadable brochures, information on thermal bridging, full specification clause, BBA certification, extensive CAD downloads, plus also provides comprehensive information on thermal bridging certified performance and how to calculate Y-values.Visitors can also see videos of CavityTherm’s unique features and benefits, Cavity Tray Channel and detailing. Technical manager Danny Kearney

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comments: “It was important for us that the site not only highlighted the uniqueness of CavityTherm but also the key standards and regulations that demand higher performing products to meet the necessary targets.”


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Roofing, Cladding & Insulation

First choice for cost savings, faster construction and improved safety When compared to traditional methods, there are many ways in which SkanDek Roof Solutions can be more cost effective – faster construction, fewer columns and edge protection to name but a few. When SkanDek is designed as part of the building’s structure, it will eliminate purlins, replace secondary steelwork and the increased floor grid can save on foundations with fewer columns that will make interior space more attractive and flexible. SkanDek’s large elements make it possible for the contractor to plan construction in new and more efficient ways. It is possible to deliver a complete, waterproof roof much faster than with standard building components. Plus, build rate of 2000m²/day is achievable. Safety can be improved with SkanDek elements. Fewer workers are required for a shorter period when compared with conventional roof construction

methods. Where the design of the roof does not provide permanent edge protection, such as a solid parapet, SkanDek elements can include preinstalled mountings for edge protection that potentially can eliminate the need for fall netting.


Withstanding the elements Fibre cement Profile 6 from Marley Eternit has been specified for the new waiting room at Kinloch’s ferry terminal on the Isle of Rum.The architects specified Profile 6 because of its durability, which means it will be able to withstand the severe weather conditions experienced in this part of the Inner Hebrides.Profile 6 was used for the mono pitch roof and was fixed directly to the timber roof purlins using stainless steel top fix fasteners. Matching coloured fibre cement Laurel Green external bargeboards from Marley Eternit were used along the roof verges and ridge. With a 50-year life expectancy, Marley Eternit is low maintenance, meaning that once installed, clients have the peace of mind that the material will sustain performance.

Versatile roofing solutions Metrotile Lightweight Steel Roofing is a durable, versatile roofing material that is suitable for any rooftop application and comes armed with a plethora of traditional roofing material-beating benefits. Weighing just 1/7th of the weight of comparable traditional materials, the lightweight Metrotile profile saves money in reduced transport costs, reduced labour costs due to rapid installation and low weight on the supporting structure. Each Metrotile roof is backed by an industryleading 40-year guarantee.




BBA certificate for dynamic insulation Jablite Dynamic Frame, distributed by The A Proctor Group, is a dynamic insulation system for timber framed housing. By channelling incoming ventilation air through the fabric insulation, the system converts the building fabric into a heat exchanger, tempering incoming air, and thereby reducing space heating requirements and lowering energy consumption. The newly BBA-certified system can be supplied in a variety of configurations to suit each project’s specific requirements, and is fully approved under SAP Appendix-Q. Depending on the system selected, U-values as low as 0.1W/m2K can be achieved with standard timber frame kits, and by removing the need for complex and expensive heat recovery ventilation, further cost savings can be realised. 035

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Roofing, Cladding & Insulation Sustainable roofing solutions A high quality roofing solutions company has chosen Hambleside Danelaw’s Dry Fix mortarless GRP Valley Trough for a complicated roof on a Buckinghamshire care home. Malone Roofing went for the sustainable and quality solution offered by the British roofing products manufacturer when working in partnership with Castleoak on Lent Rise House, a new 60-bed care home in Burnham. The house forms part of Buckinghamshire County Council’s major Project Care reprovisioning programme. Alan Stagg of Malone Roofing says: “The new care home has a complicated roof by industry standards so we needed roofing and ventilation products that were ideal for a complex job.”


Jablite tightens focus Jablite, a leading supplier of EPS insulation products and solutions, has taken the decision to close its technical information line. “We have a talented and dedicated team of technical advisors and they are leading our innovations process,” explains Steve Broadhurst, technical manager, Jablite. “Using these highly qualified experts to answer consumer queries that can easily be dealt with by providing the information on our website – well it just does not make business sense. Instead, our technical advisors will be partnered with key customers to provide a dedicated technical support service that will be included as part of our trading agreements.” 037

Innovare extends managerial team Innovare Systems, provider of structural insulated panel systems (SIPs), has appointed Kerry Mihailovich to the Coventry-based team as business development manager. Kerry joins from Cygnum Timber Frame, the largest timber frame manufacturer in Southern Ireland, where he also worked as business development manager. His role involved sourcing, targeting and building relationships with new and existing customers, progressing quotations and agreeing specifications, account maintenance and closing sales. Pete Blunt, managing director at Innovare Systems, says: “Kerry’s knowledge of the industry, track record and practical experience, gained in many regions throughout the UK, will be a major asset as we continue to develop the business.” communications@


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Space Air assists charity install long-term solution Space Airconditioning, UK Daikin distributor since 1980, was recently nominated to supply replacement air conditioning equipment at the Windsor HQ of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. The building suffered from an aging and dysfunctional air conditioning system, which lacked centralised control for the multiple, HCFC R22 based, split system air conditioning units and had an ineffective ventilation arrangement. In addition, a number of the existing

Arrow Valves has introduced an Ablution Plant (model BTHW) to deliver safe hot water to hoses adjacent to a WC or bidet. The unit is neatly housed in a cabinet consisting of a break tank with type AB air gap, booster pump, water heater and Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV3, DO8). The Ablution Plant is suitable for applications requiring safe hot water with the highest backflow protection. In particular, it assists with the growing need to provide multicultural toiletry facilities, allowing users to wash themselves without the need for toilet paper.



Kingspan heats up its solar offering

Hot water delivered safely

A/C units were out of order, as a result comfort levels got a definite thumbs down from the staff and visitors alike. Space advised the charity on various Daikin-based options available, and on current legislation, recommending that the best long-term solution would be

Daikin VRVIII systems, with integrated Heat Recovery Ventilation and a Centralised I Touch Controller to provide the ultimate in energy efficient climate management, dramatically improving occupancy comfort, greatly reducing both operating and maintenance costs. The Daikin VRVIII systems incorporating, a mixture of four-way blow cassette, ducted and wall mounted fan coil units with fully integrated VAM Heat Recovery Ventilation units, were installed on a floor-by-floor basis to minimise disruption and much of the work was carried out at times that were least inconvenient to staff. On completion, the new systems, including the Daikin I-Touch centralised control, were commissioned and staff training was conducted by Space Air technicians, prior to formal hand-over to the client. As a result of the client’s satisfaction with the support services provided by Space Air, the company was awarded the order to supply Daikin equipment for the charity’s London offices.


Following the success of Varisol, the world’s first modular solar thermal collector with no manifold, Kingspan Renewables has launched Varisol HP – an exciting new design, which uses advanced heat pipe technology to deliver sustained, top quality performance matched with a lifetime of energy savings.Varisol HP includes a temperature limitation device in the condenser for system protection along with dry tube connections for ease of installation and maintenance. Suitable for both domestic and commercial markets,Varisol HP collectors do not degrade in performance levels, allowing end users to benefit from long-lasting, optimum energy capture and savings along with low cost of ownership. 042

Toyota moves forward with Elta When sales manager Jim McGregor at Scotland’s Linwood Toyota dealership recognised that the heating within the showroom was resulting in hot and cold spots, he was recommended the new Zone of Occupancy (ZOO) range recently launched by manufacturer Elta Fans.The ZOO destratification fans have been developed to address the problem of heat rising which can result in the upper area of a given space being warmer than the lower area where it is actually needed. By installing two fans in the roof space of the showroom, columns of air gently force the warmer air down to floor level, therefore significantly improving the environment for customers.

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HVAC / HVP Compact energy efficiency unit

Waterloo delivery is a winner Waterloo has always provided fast lead times on products but its five-day fast track service is proving very popular with customers running tight projects. Says Rick Edmondson, chairman of Waterloo Air Products: “The service Waterloo provides is as much a part of our business as the actual products we deliver and the relationships forged with the supply chain are key to remaining competitive. Project requirements can change but with UK-based manufacturing facilities in Maidstone and a highly skilled and flexible workforce, Waterloo can adapt very readily to critical project requirements.”


Selfbuilder Stuart Barley has just completed his low energy home in Pantymwyn, North Wales, which incorporates Total Home Environment’s compact service unit – the Genvex Combi mechanical ventilation, heat recovery heat pump (MVHRHP). The Genvex Combi combines heat recovery ventilation, a heat pump to add more heat to the air and a domestic hot water heat pump appliance that has up to 95% efficiency. Stuart comments: “The Genvex Combi system has performed very well and has fulfilled all our hot water and heating requirements.We wanted to have a more economical heating system after previously having an oil burner and felt Total Home Environment provided the best solution.” 045

Enhanced meter reading capabilities The Evinox Modusat heat interface unit for communal heating systems now offers the facility to read electrical pulse meters in addition to reading heat and cold water meters. This enables Evinox to provide an enhanced billing solution, which includes metering and billing of electricity usage as well as energy for heating and hot water and cold water usage. In addition to this, Evinox’s ModuSat Room Controller allows residents to read all three meters. A new development with 32 Extra Care homes in Hampton Lane Solihull will soon be benefiting from this facility, when Evinox ModuSat heat interface units are installed in each apartment. 046

Daikin UK acquires British Gas contract Daikin UK has been awarded a contract to supply 200 air-to-water heat pumps to British Gas, as part of a project that aims to provide homes in the North East of England with energy efficient low carbon heating and hot water systems by October 2012. The contract was awarded after British Gas was chosen by OFGEM to be a key partner in the Customer Led Network Revolution – a £54m project aiming to reduce the amount of carbon produced by domestic heating in the North East and Yorkshire. The Daikin heat pumps supplied to British Gas will include a mixture of low temperature split systems and monobloc heat pumps for smaller properties.


Johnson & Starley enters renewables market Johnson & Starley’s Gencair HPT air-to-water heat pumps have marked the company’s entry into the renewable market. They have been developed for comfort heating when integrated within traditional residential heating system, converting latent energy from outside air into high-grade heat that can be used for domestic heating and hot water. Maximum COP of 4 certified by TUV A7 – W35, the 5-13kW range has dual temperature operation for maximum efficiency with temperatures of up to 55ºC for domestic hot water and up to 50ºC for space heating. The heat pumps are operational in temperatures from -15ºC to +43ºC. Johnson & Starley offers a full design service for installers together with comprehensive technical support and service back up.


College looks to bright future Mila Maintenance, the UK’s largest specialist window and door maintenance and repair company, is gearing up for its busiest time of year fitting and repairing window restrictors in multi-storey housing blocks. Dave Cooke, projects director at Mila Maintenance, says: “Both private and social housing landlords owe the same duty of care to their tenants and, whilst we haven’t seen too much sunshine yet this year, the heatwave at the end of May showed just how real the danger still is. During 2011 we fitted more than double the number of restrictors as we did in 2010 so our message is certainly getting through but there is still a long way to go.”

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Floors, Walls & Ceilings

James Latham extends flooring choice In order to meet increasing customer demand, James Latham has added to its range of timber flooring. New products, plus Bausen advice and samples, helps the distributor to stay one step ahead. National timber importer and distributor James Latham, is now carrying stock of popular product lines from its extensive range of solid and engineered wood flooring at all 10 of its UK-wide depots. As well as having choice and variety – which they can see first-hand – it means that customers can now either collect flooring, or have it delivered from their local depot, quickly and efficiently. In addition, technical advice and samples from across the Bausen range are available by calling Latham’s freephone number on 0800 917 7056. Director, Paul Latham, who heads up James Latham’s Flooring Division explains: “The quality and choice of our range of

solid and engineered wood flooring is second to none and having spoken to a number of our customers, the three most important things for them are to have local access to popular stock lines, samples that can be provided within 24-hours and access to technical advice. Because James Latham is a national distributor with 10 depots covering the length and breadth of country, including Scotland, we are able to offer this.” James Latham also has a dedicated website for its range of flooring – which is all purchased in accordance with the UK Timber Trade Federation’s Responsible Purchasing Policy – and is marketed under the Bausen brand.

Remmers smooths the way for Avolon

Polysafe treads new ground Vinyl floorcovering specialist, Polyflor, has launched a new product in the Polysafe range. Polysafe Modena PUR features a high-clarity, micro-granite appearance across 14 different shades and is available with the manufacturer’s Polysafe PUR. The inclusion of clear aluminium oxide within the vinyl ensures that Polysafe Modena PUR is fully compliant with HSE and UK Slip Resistance Group Guidelines, achieving 36+ in the Pendulum wet test and a surface roughness of 20 microns and above. Polysafe Modena PUR fully meets the requirements of EN 13845, the European standard for safety flooring and achieves a BRE Global Generic A+ environmental rating.




A Remmers polyurethane (PUR) comfort floor system was chosen to complement the new Dublin-based headquarters of Avolon, the global providers of aircraft leasing and lease management services to airlines.The seamless flooring system was applied to the raised access floor of the reception and circulation areas, giving a cleanable floor requiring minimum maintenance.This flooring system offers complete colour stability and maximum foot comfort wherever it is used. All Remmers PUR systems benefit from the almost limitless choice of RAL and NCS colours and the possibility of matt, silk or gloss finish – with or without Remmers’ slip resisting additive – which does not compromise the cleanability of the floor. 052

Safe and sound structures with Eurovib Eurovib (Acoustic Products) is a Surrey-based noise and vibration control specialist.While the company’s primary role is vibration isolation within the HVAC industry, it also has products suitable for marine, oil and gas, power generation, process equipment and ordinance and Seismic shock applications.Vibration isolators increase the life expectancy of the plant as well as reducing vibration and associated structural noise.There are two primary scenarios to consider regarding vibration isolation.The first is to protect a structure from the vibration effects of machinery operating in or close to that structure. Equally as important is to protect equipment or people within a structure from the vibration effects of the structure. 053

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Floors, Walls & Ceilings

Sustainable solutions explored in Forbo’s Linoleum CPD Seminar Forbo Flooring Systems offers specifiers an opportunity to explore the environmental credentials and versatility of linoleum in a RIBA-certified CPD Seminar entitled The Performance, Environmental Impact and Life Cycle Analysis of Linoleum. One of the leading suppliers of linoleum, Forbo, offers high quality, durable floorcoverings that not only enhance the interior environment but which also answer today’s ecological concerns. A perfect fit with sustainable building projects, the company’s market-leading linoleum brand, Marmoleum, is made from natural and renewable materials including linseed oil, rosin, wood flour and jute, and has 40% recycled content. At this particular CPD seminar, one of seven offered by Forbo, attendees will be able to find out more about

the independent life cycle assessment methodology and life cycle cost of linoleum and the product’s performance and design. They will also discover through the use of inspirational case studies how Forbo’s linoleum floorcoverings have been used to great effect in many different settings. Marmoleum boasts 12 independentlyawarded eco-labels, including the Nature Plus, Nordic Swan and Blue Angel marks and Cradle to Cradle accreditation.


Versa Tecbor put to the test Euroform’s A1 non-combustible board,Versa Tecbor, has now been tested and approved for the protection of steel beams and columns in accordance with EN 13381-4.Versa Tecbor has proved itself capable of offering fire protection to a building’s steel structural elements of between 30 and 240 minutes. This latest approval is just one of many. Versa Tecbor has been tested and approved to EN standards for a broad spectrum of applications, including internal fire partitions, independent wall linings, ceiling systems, curtain/parapet walls and ventilation ducts.

Keep walls in good condition


Coba has the perfect plan Coba Europe has added a selection of competitively-priced aluminium systems to its specialist entrance matting range, aimed at flooring contractors and specifiers. Known as the Plan range, the high quality entrance systems provide an extensive choice of primary and secondary matting designs that are custom made to order. There are four main product categories in the versatile Plan range, each with their own unique features and benefits, but all are suitable for heavy duty use. Depending on the style selected, there is even the opportunity to incorporate logos. For the environmentally-conscious, there are options that are manufactured from 95% recycled materials. The entire Coba Plan range has a minimum of 30% recycled content so all products have some eco-friendly credentials.


With over 45 years’ experience Yeoman Shield’s expertise has helped win many prestigious contracts including the recently opened £24m flagship Hotel La Tour in Birmingham.The walls of the store room and staff restroom are covered by Yeoman Shield wall protection panels (mid grey) providing an effective solution against damage.The hotel’s maintenance manager Charlie Wilson says: “Installing Yeoman Shield before damage has occurred will help us to keep the internal fabric of our new building in good condition and cut back on the need to spend on expensive and time consuming remedial work.”

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Floors, Walls & Ceilings

Reliable surface preparation Level IT two, a two-part latex levelling compound, remains Ultra Floor’s best selling leveller as customers continue to make it their material of choice. Ultra Floor Level IT two is suitable for a variety of projects from retail stores, hospitals, school classrooms and football stadiums. As a traditional two-part powder and liquid system, Level IT two is ideal for levelling uneven internal substrates prior to the application of a floorcovering. The two-part system allows for fast and efficient mixing preparation as there is no requirement to add water. It combines excellent flow characteristics with strong adhesion properties through the inclusion of a synthetic latex liquid component. This

liquid component provides increased flexural capacity, ensuring Level IT two has exceptional compatibility with timber substrates. The product’s formulation is free from ammonia, creating a very low odour material suitable for confined areas as well as open, proving particularly suitable for ‘inhabited’ public sector buildings such as hospitals, leisure centres and schools. Level IT two is ready to receive foot traffic after just 2.5 hours and decorative flooring after 24 hours (at 6mm) and can be laid up to 10mm, covering an optimum 5.2m² at 3mm thickness. Ultra Level IT two can be used on all common substrates, such as concrete/sand screeds, floor grading asphalt, internal steel decks and flexible substrates like wooden floors.

Specifying silence Troldtekt acoustic ceiling tiles have been specified for the City of Westminster College. Sound absorption was particularly important in the large leisure and sports facility and the workshops. The solution was to install ceilings comprising Troldtekt tiles. These high performance tiles are made of 100% natural wood fibres mixed with cement to create wood wool. Their main benefits are high sound absorption, resistance to fire and humidity, high durability, natural breathability and low cost life cycle performance. Available in various sizes and in three grades from ultrafine to coarse, they can be left untreated or more commonly are factory painted white, while virtually any other RAL colour is available to order.




System tackles uneven subfloors A. Proctor Group recently supplied its Profloor Levelling System to Countryside Properties’ recent developement at New Hendon Village, Colindale, London.The Profloor Levelling System was developed so that a level, finished floor could be laid on a cambered, stepped or uneven sub-floor. The Levelling System is used on typical structural concrete floors where differences in level are too great for a finished floor.The floor is levelled by inserting packers in each levelling base to adjust the level of the timber battens and thus create a level finished floor.This system is ideal for new build flats and conversions to flats where impact and airborne sound reduction is mandatory. 060

Armstrong Ceilings goes full circle Interior building solutions provider Armstrong Ceilings has enhanced its portfolio of island systems with the launch of curved and circular versions of its popular Axiom Classic range.The curved and circular variants are now offered as standard monolithic modules in addition to the original square ones.The new modular system comprises an aluminium grid with a choice of highly light-reflective mineral or soft fibre tiles and two standard kit options for the curved and circular canopies with Tegular and MicroLook edging.With tiles manufactured from up to 82% recycled content, the system is designed to create ceiling ‘clouds’ and is ideal for acoustically-challenged or exposed structure spaces. 061

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Floors, Walls & Ceilings Safe adhesives with Uzin

Kahrs’ time to shine Kahrs has introduced its new Shine collection – a striking range of eight one-strip wood floors, which feature a high gloss, reflective lacquer sheen. Crafted from sustainable European oak, beech and ash, all floors from the new Shine collection feature Kahrs’ ecofriendly multi-layered construction. The construction uses hardwood down to the joint only, with fast-growing timber below. This design provides 75% greater stability than a solid floor, eliminates gapping and promotes fast installation. Kahrs’ high gloss prefinish, built-up over several thin layers, provides exceptional durability and easy maintenance, without compromising the timber’s natural lustre.


Uzin WK 222 contact adhesive was used to install the majority of wall and floor claddings of the seclusion rooms at Northgate Hospital in Morpeth. Due to the sensitive environment, Uzin WK 222, a solvent-free contact adhesive, was used to keep VOCs to a minimum during the ongoing refurbishments. Uzin WK 222 is the first to be awarded an EC 1 classification for being totally solvent-free and guarantees low emissions. Not only does Uzin WK 222 meet the highest requirements on occupational safety and environmental protection according to the hazardous substances ordinance but it also meets consumer demands in protecting a healthy indoor environment.


Design week delights for Milliken At the recent Clerkenwell Design Week 2012, flooring specialist Milliken was one of the major beneficiaries that enjoyed a record number of visitors to its showroom on Berry Street.Visitors were given the chance to participate in a range of events that showcased the tradition of crafts and designs historically associated with Clerkenwell. Nearly 800 people attended sessions featuring some of the UK’s most innovative thinkers and practitioners in their field. Sessions included: typography workshops with Turnbull Grey; a retrospective of the work of legendary typographer and designer Alan Kitching; vintage design with Wayne Hemingway, as pictured above; and round table discussions led by Grant Gibson of the Crafts Council and writer and commentator Max Fraser. 064

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Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms Buoyant pod sales Caledonian bathroom pods, launched less than a year ago by offsite construction specialists Caledonian Modular, are bucking the trend in the building sector with strong sales, particularly in the hotel market.The company’s high specification bathroom pods are fast becoming the preferred choice for some of the world’s leading hotel groups. Pods designed and manufactured to individual brand standards in Caledonian’s quality-assured UK production facilities are providing a hassle-free solution for main contractors and their clients, contributing to faster completion on site and enabling new and extended hotels to open for business much sooner.


Boutique bathroom design As European boutique style bathrooms become increasing popular, the Francis Pegler range has incorporated concealed bathroom systems plus increased its tap collections to satisfy demand. The Francis Pegler Bathroom tap range has now been classified into three distinct categories Designer, Modern and Traditional. The three new ranges Adorn, Manta and Strata Blade are featured within the Designer and Modern collections. Meanwhile, the concealed bathroom systems range offers a solution to meet every type of bathroom construction. These systems eliminate all constraints of floor standing sanitaryware and offer greater perceptions of space, style, harmony and functional efficiency. 068

Mereway Kitchens has launched a new range of natural wood hand stained and hand painted veneer doors. Joining its contemporary Cucina Colore collection, the new veneers present a striking horizontal grain that forms a naturally textured woodgrain surface and come in four hand stained finishes from Bleached Oak to Burnt Oak and five hand pained options from pure Chalk White through to deeper Truffle and Anthracite. With coordinated plinths available and complementing cabinet options, these new doors are available for all base and wall units, including brand new chunky veneer panels and open veneers shelves in the stained veneer finishes.


Lecico’s latest catalogue offers 70 full colour pages packed with hundreds of bathroom and sanitaryware products. Highlights include several new ranges including Roseia, Avensis, Zurich, Geneva and Madison Square plus many additions to existing product lines. Also making its first appearance in the catalogue, is the new range of bowls and interchangeable brassware.Ben Viggars, product and marketing manager says: “We have completely redesigned the catalogue this year and have made a conscious decision to promote our key and core product areas, where we know that we are the best in the market place for quality, service and value.”


A refreshing launch from Aqata

Perfect palette of veneers

Lecico extends range offering


Aqata, the UK shower specialist, introduces a new addition to its popular Spectra frameless collection, the Spectra SP456. With clean, minimal lines and stylish chrome accents, the Spectra SP456 transforms a corner area into a luxurious shower haven. Corner enclosures are a popular choice as they neatly fit into most bathroom layouts and the SP456 furthers this appeal thanks to its clear spans of pristine 8mm toughened glass and minimal detailing, which create a sense of openness and light to maximize the space.


Symphony commits to sustainable kitchens Symphony, a leading fitted furniture manufacturer and kitchen supplier, is demonstrating its commitment to housebuilders and sustainability issues with a new initiative across its kitchen brands Kubix and Koncept. Eko Design by Symphony provides today’s housebuilders with an easy step-by-step guide to maximise energy efficiency and utilise sustainable materials. Eko Design by Symphony is available across the Kubix and Koncept kitchen ranges in seven cabinet colours and over 60 different door finishes. By incorporating the products and accessories within the Eko Design portfolio housebuilders can achieve up to 17 credits towards the Code for Sustainable Homes. 072

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Disability / Access

Robin Tuffley, marketing manager at Total Hygiene, a leading UK supplier of disabled toileting solutions, examines developments in inclusive bathroom/washroom design


isabled consumers account for £80b of consumer spending per annum according to a report for the Office of Disability Issues. 10.5 million people in the UK population have limiting illness which impinges on their ability to carry out daily life – including going to the toilet.


Commercial and public locations have to address Building Regulation requirements and British Standards, perceived as ‘good practice’, including the latest BS6465-4 code of practice for the provision of public toilets, which integrates with BS8300:2009 accessible building design. This lays down down standard criteria for all buildings – and their toilets – to which numbers of the public have access. BS6465 states “Research and feedback from community groups has shown that public toilet provision is essential in creating accessible and sustainable cities, and meeting the needs of commuters, tourists, visitors, and residents.” The Standard cross-references with BS8300:2009, which recommends buildings to which numbers of the public have access – new and existing – should have an accessible toilet, so if there

A total approach to inclusive bathroom design

is capacity for only one loo, it should be unisex and have enough space for someone in a wheelchair or with a carer or guide dog to maneouvre. BS8300 further includes a whole new type of accessible toilet, Changing Places – the campaign for which Total Hygiene is sponsor. Changing Places toilets include adequate space for the disabled person and up to two carers, a height adjustable adult sized changing bench and tracking/ mobile hoist system. Housebuilders, especially those in the social sector, also need to accommodate Lifetime Homes criteria, a key element of which is that “new homes should be built to be accessible for all people, young and old, single or in families, disabled and non-disabled”, with a specific requirement being the provision of an accessible toilet, and it being ‘good practice’ to create a room from the outset that can be turned into a full wetroom in the future. The market is already big, and can only continue to grow, as our population continues to age. Total Hygiene’s premium toilet, the Clos-o-Mat, already has over 40,000 installations across the UK, and some of those have been in daily use for over 30 years. A little time invested in learning about the considerations and requirements, and putting that into practice, could reap significant dividends, generating more footfall and more business.

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Drainage & Landscaping

Hauraton installed at Northumbria Police HQ

station to be built by Northumbria Police Authority in 10 years. Hauraton Faserfix Super KS 100 surface water drainage channels, made from tough fibre reinforced concrete, were installed around the building. Immediately in front of the building the architects chose Class A15, stainless steel longitudinal slot gratings along the main footpath channel run as these provided an elegant curving line up towards the building’s public entrance. The same gratings were also specified along the facade to co-ordinate visually with the footpath gratings. Faserfix channels were also installed along the access road, but these were fitted with Ductile Iron Heelsafe gratings having 6mm slots and a loading Class of C250.

Northumbria Police serves a population of 1.5 million people and covers an area of more than 2000 square miles in the North East of England. The £27m Northumbria Police area command headquarters in Wallsend, North Tyneside was officially opened and became fully operational in early November 2011.

The new headquarters building includes a 40-cell custody suite and is a base for up to 300 North Tyneside police officers and support staff. Designed by Ryder Architecture, this is the first new police


Natural surface water solution Meltonwest Business Park on the rural outskirts of Hull, has installed Hydro-Brake Flow Control technology to engineer a natural solution to surface water drainage. Hull-based developer, the Wykeland Group, chose a sustainable drainage solution to regulate the expected high surface water flows created by the 50-acre site discharging into an existing open watercourse. Aiming to achieve pre-development flow rates, two Hydro-Brake Flow Control devices were installed to regulate the discharge from two balancing lagoons. The two Hydro-Brakes are located at the outfall of each of the lagoons to help control the onward flow of the watercourse as it continues its journey away from the site.

Award-winning therapy An award-winning show garden that won a Silver Flora Medal at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Show in July last year has now been relocated and installed at the LOROS Hospice in Leicestershire. The Garden of Light and Reflection, which was sponsored by Brett Landscaping, has been designed to heighten the awareness of the therapeutic benefits of gardens and features raised beds, paved walkways and patio areas to allow easy access around the garden in particular for wheelchair users.




Mobilane’s Screens improve road safety Road safety and the environment in Marlow have been boosted by the inventive application of an environmentally-sound product.Transport for Buckinghamshire – working on behalf of Buckinghamshire County Council – has installed 6ft high Mobilane Green Screens on the central reserve area of the A4155 Marlow Road, on the east side of the roundabout at the junction with the A404. The new sustainable walls have already proved effective in the safety-critical aims of reducing both driver distraction and roundabout approach speed. Green Screens have a wide range of uses, including encouraging biodiversity, improving air quality and tackling graffiti.

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KEEP GRAVEL IN ITS PLACE NO SINKING • NO MOVEMENT • NO WEEDS • NO PROBLEM Gravel is one of the most attractive, economical and versatile surfaces on earth. But without help, it’s inclined to move around, creating ridges and ending up where it shouldn’t.

COREgravel is the solution. It creates a naturally porous stabilising base into which the gravel sits – and STAYS! It’s easy to lay, inexpensive and very, very effective.


Online Enquiry 080 Daisy Mill (Gate 3) Daisy Street Waterside Colne, Lancs BB8 8ER

Eco-friendly, Maintenance-free The ideal replacement for wood Recycled plastic lumber, street furniture and accessories for the construction industry in mixed plastic and high density polystyrene.



COREglow pebbles are the The phosphorescence given off bright choice for eco-friendlyNO MOVEMENT by COREglow is not harmful or lighting that requires no powerNO WEEDS toxic, making it ideal for fish tanks and aquariams, pathways source. NO PROBLEM and driveways, flower borders When exposed to natural or and pots. Gravel is an attractive, and versatile artificial light,economical the stones emitsurface, but without help it’s BECOME APPROVED INSTALLER inclined to move around -AN creating ridges and ending up where it shouldn’t. a magical glow in the dark. COREgravel naturally stabilising base which the gravel sits Do creates you fitathe bill?porous To join our list ofinNationwide and STAYS! It’s easy tovisit lay, inexpensive and very, very effective.or Approved Installers call us freephone 0800 118 2271


Ask at your trade counter • Available at builders merchants nationwide

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Woodend Horseshoe Hill Littleworth Common SL1 8QE

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This is the ideal sustainable material for battens, studding, fascias and soffits, cladding, decking, gates, fencing, fishing pegs, drainage and ground reinforcement grids, sheds and board walks. It will last a lifetime.

Get a quote today: Call 01282 861325 or email

Eco-friendly / Maintenance-free / The ideal replacement for wood

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Doors, Windows & Balustrades

A clear vision for heritage A consequence of a vibrant neighbourhood is noise, however thanks to Selectaglaze, a leading specialist in secondary glazing systems, two Central London boutique hotel developments, The Zetter Hotel in Clerkenwell and Hotel Indigo in the Minories, can now benefit from high performance noise insulation. The Zetter Hotel had retained the building’s original sash windows and installed bi-folding shutters to the room side of the bedrooms but this

combination did not provide the required level of noise insulation. To remedy this, Selectaglaze provided sliding secondary units fitted flush to the window openings, thus allowing easy access to the shutters and external windows. This has not only produced exceptionally quiet rooms but will help considerably in reducing energy consumption. Hotel Indigo, meanwhile, occupies what was formerly an office building and bank. As part of the conversion it was decided to replace the windows with double glazed frames but standard double glazing did not provide the levels of sound insulation needed by the guests. The solution was to install secondary glazing, thus creating triple-glazing which

offered noise insulation in excess of 45dB and further improved the energy performance of the window, reducing heating costs and improving sustainability. The secondary windows were made bespoke to ensure the best fit and included horizontal sliding, vertical sliding and hinged casements all finished in a grey powder paint to blend with the new external windows. Selectaglaze’s secondary windows are designed to maintain the character of the property and are accepted by all Heritage bodies. Frames have a permanent, easily maintained finish usually white but a wide choice of colour options, together with a selection of timber-grained finishes, are available to suit almost any decor.


Kawneer is knight in shining armour Glazed elements by architectural aluminium systems supplier Kawneer have played an integral part in the look of a landmark building at the University of Reading. At the university’s new £12m Enterprise Centre, Kawneer’s mullion-drained AA 100 Structurally Silicone Glazed (SSG) curtain walling with 50mm sightlines was used on the main entrance screens. In addition, AA 605 low/medium-duty swing doors were used as facade and window elements. The Kawneer systems were installed by specialist sub-contractor Aluminium Sashes for main contractor Kier Moss for developer Kier Property and have been used as a curtain wall facade as well as window sections within the brick, timber and rainscreen facades. 084

Schueco extends partner network Building envelope and solar products specialist, Schueco UK, has announced that Booth Industries of Bolton, leader in the design and construction of high-integrity doors, windows and modular wall systems, is joining the Schueco Partner Network. Barry Gregson, Director, Commercial Doors at Booth Industries comments: “I had been planning to add a range of glazed steel fire doors and screens to our steel fire-door portfolio and was extremely impressed by the comprehensive nature of the Schueco Jansen fire and security offering. It was obvious that it would complement and enhance our own product range and would enable us to extend our marketing reach with specifiers.”



Religious calling for Sash UK

Wirral Glazing Contractors has completed a very special supply-and-fit refurbishment at St. Augustine’s Roman Catholic Church in Castlefields, Runcorn.The church’s old, rotting timber frames and curtain walling have been replaced with brand new PVCu products from leading fabricator, Sash UK, including a large panelled window at the front of the building that was specially designed to mimic the stained glass cross that had been there previously. Says Father George: “The refurbishment has helped to modernise the building while retaining original features. As well as sprucing up the place, it has also helped to improve the performance of the building thus reducing our energy consumption and the associated costs.”

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Doors, Windows & Balustrades Just white for Marcus Homes

Style and heating in union at Unite

Vicaima’s Just White doors have been used throughout Marcus Homes’ latest new build development, Whitefriars Court in Cheltenham. Vicaima’s Just White doors were an ideal choice for this development – fresh designs echoing the sleek, clean lines of the exterior. The edgebanded doors all feature a quality white lacquered grooved finish and a solid core and were supplied with primed MDF door kits.Vicaima also provided architraves and skirtings throughout the development. All materials are FSC certified, meeting Marcus Homes’ requirement for sustainability, and are FD30 fire rated. 088

A Zen air curtain from JS Air Curtains is providing the primary heating source for the main reception area at the headquarters of Unite, Britain’s biggest union, in Holborn, London. Having worked with JS Air Curtains on previous projects, electrical contractors E J White & Son specified the 2m Zen air curtain to sit above the automatic doors of Unite’s main entrance, where it can supply up to 30kW heating output. In this application, the Zen was supplied with stainless steel covers, one of several cover options available with this air curtain, to complement the reception area’s decor.


Unrivalled protection with Schueco

Kloeber ad 90x122:Quarter page 26/04/2012

Schueco UK now offers the ADS 90 BR and AWS 90 BR ranges of security door and window systems. Constructed from special multi-chambered aluminium profiles and equipped with enhanced security hardware and P6B security glazing to EN 356, these door and window systems provide burglar resistance far in excess of the requirements of Secured by Design. In addition to burglar resistance, a variation of these doors and windows also provides ballistic protection to level FB4 of EN 1522/1523. This means that whatever the level of perceived threat, the occupants of a building have the reassurance of unrivalled protection without the need to live and work behind bars or grilles. 089 15:51 Page 1

Anglian Architectural


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Glazing & Rainscreen Systems Kustomfold aluminium folding sliding doors Telephone: 0845 270 6464


Kloeber’s advanced glazing solutions available in bespoke or set sizes, with low U values and double or triple glazing options.


Please refer to our website for further details of our full product range.

• folding sliding doors • sliding doors • windows • glazed screens • roof lights


• french doors • contemporary entrance doors • traditional entrance doors • room dividers • single doors


Kloeber’s Timber bifold doors and Funkyfront entrance doors are Secured by Design

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Doors, Windows & Balustrades Minimum heat loss A Zen air curtain from JS Air Curtains is integrating seamlessly into the entrance hall at 1 Bishopsgate, following the building’s recent refurbishment.The air curtain is helping to keep the large reception warm whilst minimising heatloss from the entrance. Garry Merison, project manager for electrical contractors PIP Electrics, and who worked closely with JS Air Curtains, says: “The 1.5m model provides a heating output up to 22.5kW which is ample in this application.The flexibility of installation with the Zen was a key benefit as we were able to hang it with drop rods to the required height. Its smart, minimalist design was another factor.”


Schueco Jansen doors approved After extensive testing to ensure they meet relevant EN standards, a new range of Janisol fire doors and screens from steel systems specialist, Schueco Jansen, has been approved for use in the UK. Designated Schueco Jansen Janisol C4, the steel systems offer high fire-resistance performance, narrow sightlines, large glazed areas, stylish hardware and a wide variety of design options. By maintaining an average temperature of 140°C on the non-fire side, they can help to save lives by protecting vital escape routes.The tests and assessment procedures take into account fixing into masonry and concrete walls, as well as steelframed partition systems. 093

Tormax was recently contracted by Kier Services Facilities Management to install an automatic folding door to the main entrance at Surrey County Hall. Maximising available opening width,Tormax recommended its hi-tech folding door system. Advanced sensors activate the two sets of automatic leaves to fold smoothly and silently back, whilst the durable aluminium profile combines with integrated lip seals to deliver a high level of safety. “The new folding entrance contributes towards disability discrimination compliance, allowing easy access for all members of the staff and the public,” comments the council’s facilities manager. “It also helps maintain the ambient temperature in the lobby area, by minimising heat loss from the building.”


Mila Maintenance, the UK’s largest specialist window and door maintenance and repair company, is gearing up for its busiest time of year fitting and repairing window restrictors in multi-storey housing blocks. Dave Cooke, projects director at Mila Maintenance says: “Both private and social housing landlords owe the same duty of care to their tenants and, whilst we haven’t seen too much sunshine yet this year, the heatwave at the end of May showed just how real the danger still is. During 2011 we fitted more than double the number of restrictors as we did in 2010 so our message is certainly getting through but there is still a long way to go.”


Save time, cut costs

Tormax ensures easy access

Putting safety first


Stylish balconies manufactured offsite by Sapphire Balustrades have helped reduce construction time and costs for a development of apartments in south east London by awardwinning housebuilder Hill Partnerships. Enterprise House in Bromley features bespoke balconies and balustrades based on Sapphire’s versatile Crystal glazed system combined with aluminium balusters (uprights) powder-coated in a smart slate grey finish. Over 50 projecting balconies and balustrades were manufactured in Sapphire’s state-of-the-art offsite production facility and delivered to site, fully assembled, ready to be craned into position and fixed to the facade of the building, saving the need for scaffolding.


Comar relaunches window range Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems has relaunched its Comar 5P.i and Comar 9P.i high performance window systems, offering specifiers a comprehensive single-source solution. Comar 9P.i has a top projected casement window system with slim 84mm profiles offering maximum heights of 2500mm. Depending on the type of build, Tilt and Turn and Parallel Opening systems can offer a solution for maximum air-exchange, smoke ventilation and restricted ventilation with lockable handles for cleaning inside and outside. Comar 9P.i also offers two door options: rebated and rebated with anti-finger trap stile. Meanwhile, Comar 5Pi ECO achieves a Green Guide A rating, providing points for BREEAM and A Grade Window Energy Ratings with a standard double glazed unit. 097

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Doors, Windows & Balustrades





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The Stainless Steel Handrail Component System The Stainless Steel Component System The Steel Handrail Component System The Stainless Stainless SteelHandrail Handrail Component System NEW NEW NEWNEW











• •

• No welding just glue & screw •• No No welding welding just just glue & screw • Competitively priced •• Competitively Competitively priced • Large UK stock – immediate delivery •• Large delivery Large UK UK stock stock – immediate delivery No welding just glue &supplied screw • Pre-assembled posts •• Pre-assembled Pre-assembled posts supplied • Stainless Steel Type 304 & 316 Competitively priced •• Stainless Type 304 & 316 Stainless Steel Steel

You could be specifying or installing a high quality component handrail system in • Large UK stock –oror316 immediate delivery You be specifying installing highyou component handrail system Youcould could be specifying installing quality component system inin stainless steel Type 304 & soonerathan think. Request ahandrail catalogue today. 01494 778 787

stainlesssteel steelType Type 304 304 & & 316 316 sooner than you think. stainless think. Request Request aa catalogue cataloguetoday. today.

• Pre-assembled supplied 01708 25 35 45 posts 0170825 25 35 35 45 45 01708

contemporary steel reinforced doors made and finished by hand, in england

01708 25 35 45

• Stainless Online Enquiry 099

Steel Type 304 & 316

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You could be specifying or installing a high quality component handrail system in stainless steel Type 304 & 316 sooner than you think. Request a catalogue today.

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Building Elements

Decorators and trade specifiers have always looked for performance and value when selecting a paint, but now they also expect outstanding eco credentials. The Ecopro range from Earthborn, a leading UK supplier of eco friendly paints, ticks all three boxes.


arthborn’s Ecopro range is formulated with the professional in mind, and has impeccable credentials; it is long lasting, weather resistant and mould resistant, and provides a crisp matt finish that does not discolour with time.


John Dison, managing director of Earthborn Paints, says: “Our Ecopro Emulsion not only meets stringent environmental, health and performance criteria, it has been specially formulated to give trade customers the performance they need. “It has exceptional opacity and scrub resistance, giving it great covering power and durability. It does not give off any harmful emissions or odours, which means that newly-decorated rooms can be brought back into use quickly.” Ecopro Emulsion meets the quality and environmental criteria that customers expect from Earthborn and the Ecolabel accreditation, while being packaged and

Ecopro – made for the trade

priced to suit the trade.The Ecolabel means that professionals can specify and use Ecopro Emulsion with total confidence. Ecopro Emulsion looks like a classic matt emulsion but performs so much better. Being water based and free from oils, acrylics and VOCs, it is exceptionally breathable and helps create a healthier, more comfortable living or working environment. Just like Earthborn’s other products, it provides a great looking, hardwearing, antistatic finish that is very easy to live with. The Ecopro Emulsion colour card offers 12 classic shades and bespoke colours are available through Earthborn’s nationwide network of stockists. The Ecopro range also includes Ecopro Silicate Masonry Paint – a breathable, high-performing alternative to standard masonry paints. It has been shown to outperform both conventional masonry paints and traditional limewash. It is suitable for all unpainted, permeable mineral surfaces such as render, stone, brick, concrete, pebbledash and lime plaster. John Dison says: “Our Silicate Masonry Paint and its partner primer work by bonding with the masonry to form a durable finish that is waterproof and weather resistant yet allows the masonry to breathe. It can last for 15 years or more between maintenance coats, thanks to exceptional resistance to weather, moisture, mould and algae.” Ecopro Silicate Masonry Paint gives a crisp, matt, uniform finish and is available in 40 standard shades, which do not discolour with time.The extensive range of Earthborn paints can be found on the website 101

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Building Elements Yorkon safety accreditation Award-winning off-site construction specialist,Yorkon, has announced that as part of the Portakabin Group, it has achieved OHSAS 18001 accreditation for design and manufacture – the internationally-recognised standard for occupational health and safety management. The OHSAS standard promotes a safe and healthy working environment by providing a framework that allows an organisation to constantly evaluate and manage its health and safety risks, therefore significantly reducing the potential for accidents, helping legislative compliance and improving overall performance.Yorkon provides bespoke steel-framed buildings, which are manufactured off site in significantly less time, with less disruption and less impact on the environment. 103

Fast-track furniture

Cambridgeshire-based joinery company, Strata Panels, has manufactured bespoke bedroom furniture for the 4-star Connaught House Hotel in London against a tight three-week deadline. All furniture was made in 18mm thick melamine-faced MDF panels in Lugano Oak. All units were finished with 2mm PVC edging to all exposed edges and high quality hinges and runners. Furniture combinations included assorted beds, bed side units, wardrobes and desk units. Hotel owner Steve Evans comments: “The customer service was excellent and the products competitively priced.There was a quick turnaround from design to installation; I would certainly recommend Strata Panels on any of our future developments.”

Trend-setting tiles

AUT PSBJ0612.qxp 14/05/2012 10209:24

Italian tile maker Trend has introduced a series of decorative designer finishes for indoor and outdoor environments, named Best Collection. Unique in its use of handcrafted materials,Trend’s latest collection is the work of Italian artist and designer,Veronica Tommasin.What distinguishes this collection from any other on the market is the combination of authentic Italian glass mosaic tiles, many shaped by hand, and recycled glass agglomerate panels, waterjet-cut to produce exclusive composite patterns. Each material brings its distinctive finish for use in areas such as dining and drawing rooms, bathrooms and wet areas, kitchen and utility rooms, reception areas, even outside patios and swimming pools. Page 1





Parking posts Bollards Automatic barriers Manual barriers Gates Speed ramps Cycle lockers Cycle racks Cycle shelters Motor bike security Shelters Canopies Walkways Seating Tree grilles & Bins 01788 550556

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Low Energy Housing from Honka As sole UK importers of Honka log homes from Finland, Logwise offers outstanding bespoke solutions for sustainable dwellings that are at one with the environment. Honka buildings are highly insulated and airtight whilst breathing and naturally controlling inside air humidity for a healthy environment. 01271 325516

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Building Elements

Lindapter Hollo-Bolt now CE marked After a thorough and rigorous testing process, Lindapter reveals that its range of Hollo-Bolt connections are now labelled with the CE marking offering peace of mind to trade professionals. Lindapter has announced the CE marking of the Hollo-Bolt, giving engineers, architects and contractors additional confidence in specifying the popular connection for Structural Hollow Section (SHS). The Hollo-Bolt is the first steelwork ‘blind fixing’ of its kind to attain CE marking, proving that Lindapter is at the forefront of product development.The accomplishment follows a thorough and independent assessment of Lindapter’s Factory Production Control System and a detailed analysis of the Hollo-Bolt’s performance. Hexagonal, flush fit, countersunk and

button/security head variants in lengths 1, 2 and 3 are covered by the European Technical Approval (ETA) 10/0416. Structural engineers can now design Hollo-Bolt connections to the Eurocode 3 standard by using the characteristic values of tensile and shear resistance, featured in both the latest Lindapter catalogue and the new Hollo-Bolt brochure. The Hollo-Bolt’s wide product range provides specifiers with a connection solution to suit many applications. For instance, Lindapter’s patented flush fit Hollo-bolt offers an aesthetic finish, particularly suited to architects.


GPDA takes next step toward zero waste The UK’s plasterboard manufacturers, represented by the Gypsum Products Development Association (GPDA), have agreed to take the next step in the journey towards zero plasterboard waste sent to landfill. A new voluntary agreement on plasterboard recycling signed by GPDA members in Britain, British Gypsum, Knauf Drywall and Lafarge Plasterboard, builds on the success of the 2007 Ashdown Agreement, initiated by the GPDA, and supported by Waste and Resources Action Programme and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Ashdown 2, as it is being called, takes plasterboard recycling targets for production and new construction waste beyond the earlier agreement’s 2010 deadlines and sets a new long term objective of zero plasterboard waste to landfill by 2025. 108

All change with Portaloo Portaloo has launched a specially designed sports changing facility, which can be operational just 24 hours after delivery, and supplied for interim or permanent use with the minimum disruption. Designed in accordance with Sport England guidelines and available to buy or hire, each 117m2 building provides two large communal changing areas with bench seating, and individual showers and toilet cubicles for use by different teams or male and female players.Toilet cisterns and plumbing are concealed and sensors operate toilets, urinals and washbasins so there are no visible moving parts. For additional safety and security, there is emergency lighting throughout.



Merlo’s unique, all-in-one concept Merlo’s unique MPR 15 combines the benefits of a conventional self-propelled work platform with the offroad mobility of a telehandler, and roadability of a truckmounted platform. Access to the 4 x 2m, 1000kg, 6-man platform – which hydraulically slews ±275° – is through a front gate, whilst the rear can be opened to load materials up to 500kg. Maximum working height is 15.7m. There is full control from the platform, including driving at up 6kph with the boom stowed, and 1kph with the boomraised. When the boom is lowered, full driving speed up to 40kph is available from within the all-weather cab.

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Building Elements Foremans expands academy Enfield-based Cuckoo Hall, one of the UK’s first primary schools to achieve Academy status, has used a highly sustainable recycled modular building solution from Foremans Relocatable Building Systems to expand its classroom facilities. Foremans has supplied 10 recycled steel-framed modules which have been configured as two adjacent teaching blocks to accommodate 120 children in three classrooms and one shared teaching space. The buildings are constructed to permanent standards and feature a decked area, timber cladding and a covered walkway to the main school. All Foremans’ recycled modular buildings are fully refurbished with new windows, wall linings, partitions, mechanical and electrical services, doors, flooring, and cladding, to create high quality accommodation.


Concrete foundations get Denso protection Macalloy of Dinnington, Sheffield, is recognised as a leading specialist in post tensioning bar systems.This experience has led to its pre-stressed steel bars being exported for worldwide use in concrete foundations for onshore wind turbines. In order to protect the pre-stressed bars from corrosion after they are embedded within the concrete foundation, Macalloy applies Winn & Coales Denso Tape followed by Denso PVC Outerwrap. Macalloy and Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd were both recognised for their worldwide export sales in 2010 by the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade. Denso Tape is a non-woven synthetic fibre fabric impregnated and coated with an adhesive compound based on petrolatum. ABC_0612_StepOnSafety 23/5/12 11:38 Page 1 112

Anti-Slip Stair Tread Covers

Quartzgrip™ Fibreglass Grating

Lumira aerogel insulates swimmers The William Penn Leisure Centre at Rickmansworth, home to Beaumonts Health Club, includes a 25m swimming pool. Designed by Atkins Architects, the brief for this state-of-the-art design was to maximise interior daylight while maximising thermal insulation. The solution was to introduce Lumira aerogel inside the full height Kalwall at the end of the pool. Lumira aerogel is the world’s lightest and most insulating solid. Within the Kalwall panel a U-value of 0.28W/m²K can be achieved. Combining Kalwall and Lumira means that architects can now design large insulated areas of daylighting in walls and roofs while minimising energy loss and reducing running costs.


Timbergrip™ Anti-Slip Surfacing for Timber Decking Step On Safety Limited 122 Station Road Lawford, Manningtree Essex, CO11 2LH TEL: 01206 396446 email: Website:

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Lonza Wood Protection specified for innovative timber home Lonza Wood Protection’s Tanalith E wood preservative has been used to treat and protect the wood frame supporting an innovative and striking timber house, known as Daylighthouse 2, in a scenic lakeside location in The Netherlands. Tanalised E pressure-treated timber can be specified for both in- and out-of-ground contact applications where there is a medium to high risk of decay or insect attack. It provides effective long-term protection against fungal and insect attack and has proven performance. The house was designed as a perfect cube of 9 x 9 x 9m by a team from Mirck Architecture, led by Sander Mirck, who explains: “We chose the Tanalised E WaxedWood with a built-in water repellent because it carries a 30-year warranty, and has the best colour, strength and texture for the project; we needed a wood that we could use for load-bearing parts of the building as well as for the facade.” Daylighthouse 2 is an open-plan house with three split-level floors.The timber

frame, made of FSC-certified larch Tanalised E WaxedWood from Foreco of Dalfsen, was prefabricated to cut the time needed to construct the house.The treated frame supports, wooden cladding and joinery are also made from Tanalised E WaxedWood, and the ceilings from untreated okoume wood.The white-painted window frames are meranti – an Asian hardwood. Located on the shores of Ijsselmeer, the largest artificial lake in Western Europe, Daylighthouse 2 overlooks a marsh populated with wild birds. The architect designed the house to blend into the local environment and to make the most of the natural light, including large windows, a full glass facade on the south-west side of the ground floor and a glass-roofed winter garden.

Superior yacht luxury KNX UK, association member KNX Consultants, has opened up a new world to KNX intelligent building technology with entry into the super yachts market. On the new Pegaso 73.6m super motor yacht, KNX bus technology has clearly demonstrated its versatility, flexibility and total suitability for controlling many of the key lifestyle functions that the yacht managers wanted to provide. KNX Consultants has used its long standing expertise to provide an effective means of controlling automatically a number of functions on the Pegaso including blinds and curtains, plus the yacht’s air conditioning and heating system. Motorised locks on the yacht’s main external doors are also operated via KNX and on the bridge a KNX visualisation panel has been integrated alongside all the vessel’s other electronic control systems.


Technal launches shading system in UK Architectural aluminium facade specialist,Technal, has launched its new brise soleil sun shading system in the UK, which provides highly efficient solar control and the highest standards of architectural aesthetics. Suneal uses passive solar protection to reduce the reliance on mechanical cooling systems, generating reductions in energy consumption. It allows high levels of natural light into the building and has the option of fitting photovoltaic blades for the supply of renewable energy to the building whilst providing effective solar control. Further assistance with design and calculations can be provided by Technal’s technical team to meet specific project requirements and by using TechTouch – its dedicated energy simulation software package – to optimise solar gain and light transmission. 117



Game on with green wall

Liquid waterproofing specialist, Kemper System, has helped to camouflage some of the electrical infrastructure for 2012’s summer of sports with its Kemperol V210 waterproofing membrane.The wet-onwet system has been used for a green wall constructed by approved Kemper System contractor,Tiga Europe, adjacent to the pedestrian entrance by the new Velodrome in Greenwich. Harry Cowell, managing director of Kemper System, comments: “Our Kemperol waterproofing is used widely as a base for green roofs and green walls, and our own KemperGro green roof system, and we’re delighted that it will play a role in creating a great impression of what the UK can do.”

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Building Elements Saint-Gobain extends Technical Academy Leading international construction materials company Saint-Gobain has expanded its UK training network with the opening of its latest Technical Academy in Erith, Kent, by Paul King, chief executive of the UK Green Building Council, and Peter Hindle MBE, general delegate for Saint-Gobain in the UK, Ireland and South Africa. The launch of the new training facility coincides with the introduction of a new range of courses focusing on key industry issues and developments, including the Code for Sustainable Homes and the Green Deal. These courses will be rolled-out across Saint-Gobain’s Technical Academy network, equipping all areas of the construction industry with the skills and expertise required to maximise opportunities.

Dickies seeks UK Worker of the Year Workwear brand Dickies is joined in this year’s nationwide search to find the worker who exemplifies everything that embodies “doing a great job” by car manufacturer SEAT, which is providing the prize for the winner of the title – the new 143PS Exeo S Ecomotive TDI. This is the third year that Dickies has staged the competition and all the signs point to it being by far the biggest one yet. Free to entry, UK Worker of the Year is open to anyone who works in the UK and who was aged 17 or over at the start of the competition in April. Entries and nominations will be accepted up to 31st August.


Dulux expands specialist flame retardant range

Dulux Trade is giving specifiers greater choice when it comes to addressing fire safety regulations, with the launch of Pyroshield Durable Eggshell. Extending its existing Pyroshield range of flame retardant coatings, Dulux Trade has unveiled a new water-based, highly scuff and stain resistant finish, which is designed to upgrade surface fire classification from Class 3 to Class O of Approved Document B to the Building Regulations, as measured by British Standard BS 476-10:2009.The Pyroshield range works in three ways – firstly, it reduces the amount of oxygen available to the fire. Secondly, when exposed to heat, Pyroshield takes in oxygen and releases steam, which cools the heat of the fire.Thirdly, it creates a thermally-stable char which forms a barrier between the flames and the flammable sub-layers. 120



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Greenhouse Going Dutch – a villa built from 70 per cent recycled materials

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The Maxxus Kit is a third generation deck that takes the wetroom dream to a new level, answering all the deficiencies of existing products. It is the strongest deck on the market, sustaining a 470kg load over joists without any under-boarding, or alternatively set into concrete.


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The Radisson Blu East Midlands –

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Building Elements

Campaign revival reveals 50 years of protection


“As the finish lasts through the seasons and through the years, it shows how the paint has stood the test of time, unlike the lighthouse keeper! “The message is delivered in a memorable, fun and engaging style and we are sure this advert will be just as popular as the original – and demonstrate to specifiers the value of Sandtex Trade products.” Happisburgh Lighthouse was painted in 2009 with Sandtex Trade premium products. Three years on and Patrick Tubby, chairman of the Happisburgh Lighthouse Trust, says the structure has never looked in better shape. Sandtex Trade’s highest performance masonry paint X-treme X-posure was used to create distinctive red and white bands, giving the 85ft landmark building a distinctive look visible for miles around. Before Sandtex Trade coatings were applied – despite the best efforts of the Happisburgh Lighthouse Trust which, with voluntary funding, maintains and operates the building – it had always proved difficult in the past to prevent the red bands of colour from fading because of the permanently exposed conditions, the driving rain and the corrosive effects of the salty air. Patrick Tubby says: “The lighthouse is still looking great after the 2009 repaint, and we are confident it will last for years to come. We are delighted it is now featuring in a television advert. “I have been involved with Happisburgh Lighthouse in one way or another for the last 20 years, and have never known the lighthouse to be as conspicuous as it has been since the repaint – and as a working

navigation aid that is very important.” Patrick adds: “In the past, the red and white bands have tended to fade to more muted pink and cream shades within a couple of years of repainting. However as much as we might like to keep the lighthouse looking in tip-top condition at all times, we’re a charitable trust with very limited funds and simply cannot afford to keep repainting as soon as the paint starts to lose its colour. “When the time came to carry out our most recent repainting project we turned to Sandtex Trade for help, to provide the best possible level of protection and also the colour retention and longevity we were looking for. Since the redecoration we’ve continued to pass our Annual Inspection from the Inspector of Seamarks with flying colours.”


hirty years since the brand last advertised on TV, a new advert has been developed which breathes new life into a classic campaign where a lighthouse keeper struggles against the elements over time, while his lighthouse’s paint finish remains immaculate. The original version of the advert received wide acclaim among specification, trade and consumer audiences, and helped put Sandtex Trade on the road to success as the UK’s premium masonry paint. This latest version of the advert, which appears on television screens until midAugust, was filmed at one of the UK’s most challenging locations, Norfolk’s historic Happisburgh Lighthouse – where Sandtex Trade products are helping to maintain the structure’s distinctive colour scheme for the long-term. The advert can be previewed at from early July. Sharon Smith, Sandtex Trade brand manager, says:“The advert carries a strong message about the brand’s renowned durability, visually demonstrated through the lighthouse, which is protected with Sandtex Trade X-treme X-posure masonry paint.

Sandtex Trade brings back its classic advert from the archives to illustrate how the brand has been protecting buildings for over 50 years.

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