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August 13 Issue 42

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Magazine August 2013



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s one of the largest airside projects in Heathrow’s history, the new Terminal 2 building has officially been handed over to the client after 3 years of on-going works. The final phase will now see the building undergo tests and further installations until it is ready for operation on 4th June 2014.

Not only is this handover monumental in the transformation of Heathrow, but it also marks the successful implementation of BIM for Balfour Beatty – no mean feat for a project of this size and complexity. The use of the data rich model resulted in savings of £10 million, improved coordination with over 30 active stakeholders through 13 interfacing projects and enabled a peak workforce of 1600 to complete work ahead of schedule. In an earlier statement Peter Trebilcock, BIM Director at Balfour Beatty, said: “BIM provides us with major opportunities to improve UK infrastructure through better design integration, shorter programmes, safety improvements and supply chain engagement. We are determined to give our customers the very best levels of service and to us that means making sure that we use the very latest in BIM technology and practices”. Despite the multiple benefits of BIM – as outlined above in Heathrow’s latest project – users are still facing barriers and encountering challenges when it comes to investing and implementing this model. In this month’s issue, FC&A asked a number of experts and specialists what their views were on the barriers of BIM. Turn to page 22 to find out more. Also in this issue, we bring you a selection of striking projects featuring the very latest building materials and technologies. Despite being completed over 10 years ago, the vision for the Imperial War Museum North has finally been realised. Having spent more than a decade in darkness, the museum is back in the spotlight thanks to the installation of a series of projectors. Sill Lighting explains to FC&A what this final component brings to the iconic build. Elsewhere, we profile a stunning office development, which demonstrates creativity to combat solar and heat gain. In order to prevent excessive overheating and also control thermal performance, a bespoke and contemporary facade solution was devised. See page 6 for more details. If you wish to comment on any of the articles featured in this month’s edition, please do not hesitate to get in touch at the usual address.You can also interact with us via Twitter in our Summer of Sustainability. As part of our campaign, we’ll inform you of all the latest issues in the way of ecoconscious construction and retweet your news and views. Simply add #SummerofSustainability to your posts.

Hannah Frackiewicz The illumination of the Imperial War Museum North at night places it as a striking architectural landmark on the Salford skyline. See Pg 28.

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News 14

Voice of the Industry: Simon Brown of Severn Valley Woodworks considers whether now is the time to revive and reaffirm the use of wood in construction.


Legal & Business: An insight into what the industry might expect from the revised edition of Part L of the Building Regulations.

Features 22

Building Information Modelling:


FC&A provides a platform for industry experts to air their views on the challenges and barriers still being encountered with BIM.


Interiors: Brendan Hegarty, Head of Sky Communal TV Solutions, talks about the benefits of advanced planning for new build developments.


Doors & Windows: With tougher regulations and the introduction of the new EN 16005 standard, Geze reflects on the additional responsibilities of the architect.


Leisure Building Focus: Concrete paving specialist, Kilsaran International has boosted the aesthetic appeal of a brand new sports facility for The Welsh Football Trust.


Glass & Glazing:


Folding-sliding-systems are rigorously tested for burglar security, meaning even higher standards of burglary protection and, as a result, added peace of mind for consumers.

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Greenhouse: A new Government office building in France takes control of potential heat and solar gain with a striking, bespoke DuPont facade solution.


Sustainability in Development: With city space at a premium, living wall specialist Mobilane discusses how architects can tackle urban air pollution.


Design & Desire: The Imperial War Museum North has been brought back into the spotlight following the installation of a series of lighting projectors.


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....specialists in solar thermal and heatpump technology • • 01302 325000


Office gains control The Community of the Cities of Lacq (CCL) is a local government institution created by the administrative fusion of 47 different municipal entities within the region. In order to create a productive working environment, the design team implemented a contemporary and innovation solution to combat heat gain.


ocated in the Lacq Basin, the new centralised office building was designed to visually, practically and dynamically reflect the scope of the brief covered by the CCL: from economic development to education, from housing management to environmental and energy control, and from cultural and sporting programmes to the safety of its citizens. The entire building is raised from the ground and sits above walkways with parking and service areas beneath the entire surface. The north-facing side of the building incorporates a glass frontage which reveals the internal organisation of the building. The office interiors is arranged around two conference and meeting rooms of 88 and 66 seats. In order to reduce the building’s energy use and ensure maximum performance at all times, a number of sustainable technologies

and systems were implemented. The energy used for heating comes mainly from gas with a central boiler room, while cooling is provided by a roof positioned system. The design team also installed photovoltaic panels in the main courtyard to make efficient use of solar gain. In order to manage heat and thermal conductivity, facades combat the risk of overheating. The east facade is made from coated sycamore lined with an acoustic glazing. An adjustable high and low opening system allows solar heat gains during winter and ventilation in summer, to create a refreshing airflow through the interstitial space. Meanwhile, the west facade is fitted with stretched canvas sun screen. However the main design challenge encountered by the architect was how to manage the solar gain of the south-facing facade. Architect Gilles Bouchez devised an

‘Floating’ panels can be appreciated from both the interior and exterior of the building


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The perforations encourage an interplay of light and shadow

fabricated to fit an external wall measuring 40 wide x 6m high, with a total surface area of 251m2. Applied here in the pure and pristine Designer White colour for DuPont Corian the performance of the material in terms of weather, graffiti, staining and UV resistance has been proven in existing installations over many years, but also comes with a 10-year guarantee. It was important to the architect that the beauty of the facade, with its perforated pattern of random circles in


ingenious and eye-catching solution.Working closely with expert fabricators for DuPont Corian, Crea Diffusion of Metz in France, he has exploited the multiple benefits and highperformance properties of the material to create a finely patterned and ‘invisibly’ fixed parasol which prevents excessive thermal gains while also allowing for a beautiful interplay of shadow and sunlight. Gilles Bouchez explains: “I wanted to find an aesthetic and contemporary alternative to solar shading for the building, a breakthrough solution, something in pure white that would not store heat, open enough to allow the light pass through and views to be glimpsed, robust but without having obvious structure. My idea was to achieve a sense of ‘floating’ panels, which could be appreciated from both the interior and exterior of the building, with an extra dimension created by the movement of shadows throughout the day.”

Improved appearance

This innovative system gives the appearance of having no visible structure

Dominique Bernard, CCL Vice-President, adds: “The solution proposed by Gilles Bouchez responded beautifully to these requirements, together with solving an important function in terms of controlling the effects of sunlight on the building, and this was achieved with pleasingly original and innovative aesthetics.” The individual facade panels made from DuPont Corian (in dimensions of 3m high x 2m wide x 12mm thickness) were

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The shading panels also had to work in harmony with the glazed interior wall

spellbinding interplay of light and shadow, evocative of the dappled effects of sunshine through a leafy forest.

Simple maintenance Furthermore, when natural light fades, the artificial illumination to the interior is reflected back into the room by the pure white panels, thus requiring lower levels of electric lighting. Gilles Bouchez also designed a decorative LED lighting system integrated to the facade, with chromatically adaptable light sources placed at ground level and mid-height, in between the Corian

If any unlikely damage should occur to the facade, individual panels can be repaired on site

sunscreen and the glazed wall, and oriented upwards to optimise the relief effect of the panels. The versatility, workability and proven performance of DuPont Corian has elegantly answered all the key requirements for this project, from aesthetic to functional, while also adding to the energy efficiency of the building.This service to the design is set to be sustained for the long term, as even if any unlikely damage should occur to the facade, individual panels can be repaired on site in most cases and the freshness can be maintained with a simple high pressure water and detergent cleaning system. The continuous efforts, investment and creativity of DuPont in research and technology, product innovation, new applications and marketing have made DuPont Corian high-tech surface a design tool offering exceptional versatility and almost limitless possibilities. From kitchens to lighting, bathrooms to the skin of buildings, seating solutions to home automation systems, radiators to touch control surfaces, furnishing to fashion accessories, DuPont Corian can be found in an extremely wide variety of products, systems and objects. DuPont Corian has received important independent certifications for its environmental performance (such as GreenGuard, NAHB North American Builders Association, U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Green Building Rating System, Scientific Certification Systems, Ecospecifier). Its hygienic performance has also been certified by prestigious independent institutions (for example, by NSF International,The Royal Institute of Public Health and LGA QualiTest). The environmental management systems of all DuPont plants that produce DuPont Corian have been certified according to ISO 14001. Moreover, as a result of a multiyear improvement program, all plants have reduced to zero any impact on landfill by reducing, reusing and recycling manufacturing byproducts and waste.

varying diameters, could be enjoyed within the building and from outside. The shading panels also had to work in harmony with the glazed interior wall. Therefore the solution-based skills of fabricators Crea Diffusion were called into action and they developed a special fixing system for the facade, in which vertical steel cables are positioned at 65cm intervals, onto which the panels are then ‘stapled.’ This innovative system gives the appearance of having no visible structure, adding to the ethereal appeal of the installation, and further enabled by the lightweight and easy-to-work-with nature of DuPont Corian. The beauty of light, both natural and artificial, is fundamental to this design – and the facade in DuPont Corian manages, manipulates and enhances its effects. The high reflectivity of the positive surface area within the sparkling facade prevents overheating from solar gain to the interior – and therefore cuts down on cooling costs and improves occupier comfort and productivity. Meanwhile the negative space created by the perforations allows for a


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Optimal insulation. Intelligent design. Perfect synergy. THE PROJECT: to embrace the concept of outdoor living in a detached 1960s property, maximising views of surrounding woodland. THE CHALLENGE: ensuring that energy efficiency was not compromised, and effective security levels were maintained. THE SOLUTION: SDL Akzent plus Wintergarden for the perfect synergy of indoor / outdoor space, SL60 heatinsulated glass system marrying style with performance.

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Sustainability in Development As evidence mounts about the damaging effects of pollutants on health, while pollution levels in our cities remain stubbornly high – public bodies are coming under increasing pressure to take bolder action. Sean Farrell, Director of green screens company Mobilane, argues that weaving greenery into our urban environments is a vital and cost effective response to a complex challenge.

Natural remedy


Boost biodiversity Green screens – or living walls – represent a tool for tackling pollution that delivers an instant result. Quick to install, cost effective and long lived, green screens are made of ivy, which has the ability to absorb high levels of PM10s. These are the tiny air borne particles (less than 10 microns in diameter) that make up dust, soot and

Research found that there could be a 30% reduction in our streets’ pollution levels through the intelligent use of green screens

smoke – and the toxic pollutants nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx). The miniscule size of PM10s mean they can penetrate deep into the lungs, damaging the respiratory system and, as we now know, the heart. As well as absorbing these nasty particulates, green screens offer a host of additional benefits; the living panels absorb noise pollution, boost biodiversity levels and add a welcome organic counterpoint to the bricks, mortar and steel of modern urban development. Using greenery to improve and cleanse our environment is far from a novel idea. In 1938, the Garden Cities and Town Planning Association published a pamphlet on the health benefits of ‘Garden Cities’. The document explored, in essence, how public health needed to be at the centre of the planning system and this meant allowing for green space. The pamphlet linked greenery to wellbeing, social cohesion and healthy habits. Roll on to the 1990s with the key issue of pollution gathering force, and

the importance of greenery in urban areas resurfaced under the parlance of ‘green infrastructure’. The sentiments of that 1930s pamphlet have now been captured in The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) where the


ardly a day goes by without a news story decrying pollution levels in the UK. Most recently, a study commissioned by the British Heart Foundation and published in The Lancet revealed that air pollution is harming people with weak hearts. Air pollution, mainly caused by traffic fumes, is also widely known to exacerbate lung conditions and has been linked to asthma, heart attacks, cancer and even autism. In June, the North Circular was named and shamed as London’s most polluted road by the campaign group Clean Air in London. The time for bold action is nigh.Yes, there have been attempts to reduce air pollution by encouraging bike and electric car use, and through initiatives like London’s congestion charge. But if we are to truly tackle pollution and achieve measurable improvements in the short run as well as the long, we need to deploy a far wider range of weapons. It makes sense to harness nature’s own method for cleaning up (and creating) air.

Quick to install, cost effective and long lived, green screens are made of ivy, which has the ability to absorb high levels of PM10s

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Sustainability in Development overarching guidance for local authorities is to promote healthy communities. Section 3 of the NPPF explicitly calls for green infrastructure and biodiversity to be enhanced and protected through the planning system. The Government clearly recognises the part played by greenery and the good intentions are in place. But what is actually happening on the ground? Space is at a premium in Britain, and especially so in cities – in practice it is hard to allocate space for public gardens. It is also difficult to accommodate trees – those traditional harbingers of fresh air to the city. We need to think more creatively to make use of the space we have available and it seems logical to think vertically.

Green screens have the potential to bring about an environmental, social and aesthetic transformation to our streets

Health benefits A 17-23m2 Mobilane green screen will remove the same number of pollutant particulates from the air as an averagesized city tree, its effectiveness due in part to ivy’s innate ability to suck up PM10s. Recent research further demonstrates just how effective green screens are in the fight against pollution. In the July 2012 edition of the journal Environmental Science and Technology, researchers from Birmingham and Lancaster universities investigated the potential health improvements that could be generated if more vegetation was strategically positioned in our busy roads. The research found that there could be

Depending on the plants used, living walls can boost biodiversity levels by providing a habitat and food source for birds and insects


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Sustainability in Development link between pollution levels and ill-health is clear.Yet our Government has already admitted that in 15 regions, air quality will breach EU limits until 2020. A radical problem surely needs a bold response. We need to rethink what it means to be urban – a city need not be a concrete jungle. With a vertical approach to greening up buildings, practically any space can be dramatically improved. Green screens along with traditional green spaces like parks and squares all link up to create a living, organic network in our built environment. This goes some way to creating a genuine green infrastructure that is able to support us, mitigating the harm of traffic.

a 30% reduction in our streets’ pollution levels through the intelligent use of green screens. But green screens are not just about improving air quality. When used in a targeted way, they can deter graffiti, promote more sensible road use and promote a sense of calm. Depending on the plants used, they can also boost biodiversity levels by providing a habitat and food source for birds and insects – including vital pollinators like bees and butterflies. If green screens are erected at the approaches to roundabouts, then they can prompt drivers to slow down so they can observe other road-users – as well as absorbing those PM10s. Research has also suggested that people living in areas with greenery are calmer and less disposed to violent behaviour. In 2001, researchers concluded that mental fatigue can be higher in areas without greenery, which in turn can result in cases of domestic violence being up to 20% higher.

scheme in Manchester to help better insulate a block of flats – and improve the looks of the ageing structure. Green screens are certainly garnering some high-profile supporters in the fight against poor air quality. London mayor Boris Johnson has secured funding for the London Clean Air Fund from Transport for London to reduce vehicle-generated pollutants. Green screens are to be a key weapon in the fight against poor air quality in the city. And it’s a fight where the stakes are high. According to the World Health Organisation, air pollution in towns and cities contributes directly to the deaths of 1.3 million globally each year, and the

Driving innovation Green screens have the potential to bring about an environmental, social and aesthetic transformation to our streets and open spaces. It is heartening that momentum is building to help bring about that change into our cities. Mobilane will continue to be at the forefront of driving forward this imaginative transformation which puts greenery at the very heart of our living and work space.

Research suggests that people living in areas with greenery are calmer and less disposed to violent behaviour

Increased support The combination of practical benefit married with aesthetic appeal has seen a wide and varied demand for green screens. Our screens were installed at the Olympic stadium’s athletes’ entrance, and grace the walls of Birmingham’s new library. They are also being used extensively as ‘living hoardings’, for example, in London’s huge Crossrail transport project and in a scheme to regenerate Ponders End high street in Enfield. Green screens have been used in further education colleges, hospital grounds and, very recently, a social housing

With a vertical approach to greening up buildings, practically any space can be dramatically improved

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Voice of the Industry reducing the environmental impact of buildings and infrastructure construction; we have to change the way we design and build.”

The EU Timber Regulation, which came into force this year, has been a key step in the right direction for the industry

Enhanced performance

The root of sustainability As the UK’s population continues to increase, so does the demand for construction; population pressures are encouraging a universal campaign, spurring countries to seek out new sustainable, cost-effective and modifiable solutions. In light of environmental and legislative factors, Simon Brown of Severn Valley Woodworks considers whether now is the time to revive and reaffirm the use of wood in construction.


on our ability to maintain a sustainable economy overall and has a major impact on our environment. Moreover, it is clear that we cannot meet our declared environmental targets without dramatically

Low-cost living Severn Valley Woodworks is a leading manufacturer of timber products and supplier of quality machined softwood. Simon Brown has been Managing Director for 13 years, having seen SVW grow into a major operation, manufacturing and supplying a diverse portfolio of product ranges; acquiring additional brands Challow, Lingward and Hutton.

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In addition to the environmental credentials, there are also a number of social and economic benefits deriving from the use of wood in construction. Wooden buildings are easy to renovate or expand with minimal impact on the environment; most traditional buildings made from wood blend in with their environments and are typically aesthetically pleasing. Economically, these efficient structures can provide a substantial reduction in living costs and help retain value; simply, the buildings



longside tightening regulatory and legislative frameworks for construction and manufacturing, ‘The British Woodworking Federation’ acknowledges that “environmental impacts, costs and performance are going to be key drivers for the foreseeable future throughout the construction sector”. According to a recent study from the ‘Waste Resource Action Programme’ (WRAP), actively used buildings are responsible for almost half of the UK’s carbon emissions as well as half of the water consumption, and their production accounts for around a third of landfill waste and one quarter of all raw materials used in the economy. As a result, the construction industry has a fundamental responsibility for driving sustainable development. The Government has acknowledged the importance of supporting sustainable development by embarking on an ongoing campaign, detailed in ‘The Strategy for Sustainable Construction’ (2008). Moving towards a more responsible industry, the key findings suggest that a change in the industry is imminent, with the report clearly stating; “The output of the construction industry…has a major impact

Economic factors and significant environmental benefits are attributed to building with wood; it is completely unique, a naturally renewable source, relatively inexpensive and is the only truly sustainable material used in construction. Compared with alternative building materials, such as concrete or steel, commercial wood manufacturing not only has the lowest carbon emissions associated with it but the natural life cycle of the timber industry ensures that the products are at worst carbon neutral and at best promote efficient carbon bio-sequestration. According to ‘Life Cycle Assessments’ (LCA), wood used in construction can foster the reduction of an organisation’s CO2 emissions; it does not use high energy fossil fuels in its production, unlike products such as steel, concrete, bricks and plastic, instead trees lock carbon into wood for an extended period of time. Surprisingly, adolescent forests have greater productivity potential; young trees rapidly absorb carbon, where it stays locked in the wood and remains throughout the service life of the product, reducing the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. A growing industry is emerging, whereby using renewable materials, such as wood, in the right context, such as construction, can deliver enhanced environmental properties; for example, through performance in use (energy consumption) and at ‘end of life’ (how the material is recycled). According to the UK Green Building Council, almost 50% of waste sent to landfill in the UK is produced by the construction industry; using such an easily recyclable and reusable material like wood, helps organisations reduce the amount of waste they send to landfill, which in turn allows them to maximise profits.


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Voice of the Industry

Barriers in construction So what are the key issues preventing the widespread use of wood in construction? To begin with, there is not enough •research or data to provide clarity on the often-disputed carbon credentials of timber products; Wood for Good’s campaign, ‘Wood First Plus’, aims to research the carbon credentials, conduct an LCA for sustainability and analyse the Engineering and Performance data. In addition, a combination of scientific advancement in Life Cycle Assessments and the development of new technologies for improved and extended wood utilisation are needed to continue to advance wood as a green construction material. Structurally sawn timber is not as •strong as steel or reinforced concrete and so is not generally used to support larger superstructures; engineered timber is proving to be a viable alternative for larger structures, being used for portal frames for warehouses. Although innovation within engineered timber has improved its capabilities and versatility; using engineered timber within really tall buildings, such as skyscrapers, is not yet viable. The Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA) has recorded the

tallest timber engineered building to date as nine storeys high, an apartment block in London, and explains there are plans afoot in Norway to build a fourteenstorey block by 2014. The main issue here is documented by The Economist; “while technology marches on, regulations lag behind”. Building codes and regulations must evolve with innovation to allow engineered timber, such as cross-laminated timber, to be used more widely; it is important to note however that Britain is one of three countries that has no height restrictions in place. Not all the forests currently being •farmed are sustainably managed; the EU Timber Regulation, which came into force this year, has been a key step in the right direction for the industry. It is extremely important that measures are put in place to preserve the world’s natural environment, reduce illegal forestry and ensure that our forests are protected. The new legislation dictates that both wood suppliers and constructors have a duty to reduce the industry’s environmental impact and will be held fully responsible for ensuring that they are not selling or using illegally harvested timber. Over the years, the increased awareness and lack of tolerance has introduced various organisations, such as the PEFC and FSC, encouraging and monitoring the timber industry, its members and other associated industries. The UK timber industry has made credible progress in the adoption of the ‘chain of custody’ certification; the specifiers and users are assured of the source of

Economically, these efficient structures can provide a substantial reduction in living costs and help retain value

their material and can be certain of its environmental credentials. Although timber in construction has come along in leaps and bounds, particularly in the UK, demonstrating some interesting and aesthetically-pleasing structures, it still has some way to go. Furthermore when addressing timber’s environmental benefits, with continued regulation and certification of wood there are now even more reasons to use wood; its unique attribute as the only truly renewable and sustainable material, supported by certification, demonstrates another reason why wood is a great contender in the future of construction.

will cost less and deliver more. Countries prone to earthquakes can maximise on the strength and flexibility of wood, less prone to crumbling like bricks and mortar.

Wooden buildings are easy to renovate or expand with minimal impact on the environment


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Glass & Glazing

Zero energy housing The UK Government has set out an ambitious plan for all new homes to be zero carbon from 2016. Martijn Venema, Managing Sales Director from Solarlux, explains the company’s most recent zero energy housing project and challenges those who raise doubt over the viability of zero carbon homes in the UK.


ver the past few years Austria, Germany and the Netherlands have played a major role in pioneering zero carbon homes. Germany has been developing its PassivHaus for more than 10 years, with better insulation, glazing, air-tightness, solar energy and ventilation. The PassivHaus has shown how it is possible to build up an infrastructure of designers, suppliers and

builders who understand the product and can achieve their energy targets. Saving energy is a vast and widely-debated topic nowadays, in particular as energy prices continue to rise. If new homes are too expensive, buyers will not be able to afford them. The challenge for the industry is to develop and refine zero-carbon homes so they work and are affordable. In 2009, Solarlux began working with

Tests have indicated that a pleasant indoor temperature of 20-25 degrees is maintained with outdoor temperatures of minus 4 degrees


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architects from ARX on a zero energy housing project in the Dutch town of Ulft in Gelderland, completed in 2012. Architects from ARX won the competitive tender to become part of the truly unique project, named ‘bomenbuurt’. In the small town of Ulft, 61 sustainable, energy-neutral properties were designed and developed, of which 35 were used for social housing. Solarlux worked closely with architects and engineers over a period of two years to develop the concept, using uninsulated Wintergardens to act as temperatureregulating thermal buffer zones. Post installation tests indicated that a pleasant indoor temperature of 20-25 degrees was maintained with outdoor temperatures of minus four degrees.

Minimal energy loss The energy neutral properties means the buildings generate as much energy as they consume and as such have minimal impact on the environment. This is achievable because the outside shell of the building has excellent insulation properties, the buildings were constructed to be as compact as possible and considerable attention has been paid to the position of the buildings in relation to the sun. In addition, the warmth and cold generated in the building is stored, ensuring that the energy loss is minimal. Furthermore the roofs have been fitted with solar panels. The building plans included the use of environmentally-friendly construction panels, called ‘vertical green’, which ensures that fine dust particles are filtered out, thereby reducing CO2 emissions. As such the buildings provide both environmental benefits and low energy costs for residents. A timeless architectural design was

Glass & Glazing

Fixed elements from the uninsulated aluminium system SL 45 with integrated double turning door for access, single glazed

or cladding systems, as used in this project. Of the total 61 properties 39 are rental properties and 22 are for home owners. To ensure minimum energy loss, the buildings are very compact. The two storey, 17.5 Wintergarden is uninsulated by design and was built on the south side of the homes to harness passive solar energy. It includes the upper windows of the home, which boast an impressive ridge height of 6.37 metres. At a height of 2.5 metres an interior canopy is mounted on the house to provide protection against the sun and glare. The uninsulated single-glazed Solarlux roof system SDL Ambition was used to construct the roof, with a pitch of 35 degrees.

Zero carbon reality types of semi-detached house. The striking architecturally different houses are completely independent of the electricity supply network thanks to photovoltaic modules on the roofs, the use of geothermal energy and two storey Wintergardens, which act as additional thermal buffer zones. The geothermal energy and pre-heated air from the Wintergardens are used efficiently to heat the living spaces. To make a home completely zero carbon, the equivalent of roughly 4,000kWh would have to be generated to power appliances. Photovoltaics are generating more power per pound spent, owing to rapid advances in technology. At present, they are the most expensive way to generate electricity but could rival conventional power in the next 10 years. Panels can easily be incorporated into a building, for example in the roof, glass

Single-glazed SDL Ambition, including skylights for ventilation

Integrated skylights open and close automatically and provide full ventilation for the Wintergardens. Steel reinforced rafters and eaves ensure that the roof system has a high load capacity and maximal distances between posts. Furthermore, the system is largely prefabricated, which ensures short installation times and considerably reduces costs. At the client’s request the roof construction was combined with SL 45 vertical fixed glazing. The uninsulated aluminium system consists of a narrow frame section, whilst circumferential sealing systems on two levels, provide a high level of wind and rain resistance. The strong hollow chamber sections have an installation depth of 45mm coupled with solid press-fitted and bonded corner joints for maximum strength. Access to the Wintergarden is gained through a double turning door with the same frame system. The Ulft project is proof that zero carbon homes are achievable and a reality. It is possible to increase the overall energy efficiency of a home and achieve net energy – a truly green home – without compromising on style. Solarlux works closely with architects to provide a full consultancy service on a wide range of new constructions and major renovations of housing projects pursuing exceptional energy performance. Our truly innovative approach means we are fully equipped to tailor designs to our clients’ requirements and incorporate their energy specifications, whilst maintaining a unique sense of style. We are the only company worldwide to offer bi-folding glass doors, which achieve passivhouse standards.

chosen, in addition to the use of resilient, durable materials. The maintenance of the building was also extremely minimal. In this urban architectural design, a large amount of consideration was given to the quality of life, diversity and social cohesion of the community. In addition to urban integration, one of the buildings’ specification criteria was varied architecture, which was characterised by a mix of forms, using ecological and sustainable building materials. Accessibility was another key factor with installation of extra large doors for the upper floors as well as plenty of green spaces and seating to encourage social interaction within the community. The finished result is a housing development comprising of 61 south facing properties, including three different


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Sika tool offers fast and simple specification Incorrect specifications not only affect every stage of the construction process, they can also end up costing the client a great deal of time and money. With a high quality specification, project delivery is greatly improved and the build process is fast, efficient and cost-effective. So how do we get the specification right first time, every time?


or west facing. In addition there is the type of joint to be sealed – masonry to masonry; masonry to non-masonry; non-masonry to non-masonry – the specific joint type, the colour or shade of sealant required and the maximum cyclic movement of joint. SikaSpec takes all of these materials into consideration and provides the user with an intelligent method of factoring in criteria such as geographical location and type of joint. Following a simple eight step process, each element of the roof construction can be specified from a wide range of options. SikaSpec also allows the user to specify up to three different roof areas on the same building. These are all saved in the user’s own account and can be repeatedly accessed and modified. Where roofing components are not supplied by Sika, a generic solution can be specified or the user can select a preferred equal or approved supplier. At the end of the process, the user receives an electronic Sika specification document and an NBS document if required. Waterproofing below ground structures and water retaining structures can only be achieved through careful design, the right choice of waterproofing materials and professional workmanship on site. With approximately 75% of building failures attributed to water ingress, the best defence is choose the most appropriate waterproofing solution. Once the ‘step by step’ process has been completed, SikaSpec generates a comprehensive written specification, also providing an NBS version as requested. The final specification includes waterproofing options with a range of different solutions

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including mortars, renders and slurries, screeds and cavity drain systems. It also recommends products and systems for all stages of the process from surface preparation through to application and finishes. With quality assurance crucial in every aspect of construction, a comprehensive specification tool such as SikaSpec can help to deliver this while speeding up build processes, meeting budgetary requirements and minimising risk. As architects and specifiers create improved specifications that meet the highest quality standards and best practice, the industry can now get it right the first time, every time.


reated by global building products manufacturer, Sika, SikaSpec is a fast, accurate and efficient way to create and store the highest quality specifications for a range of products including single ply roofing systems, facade joint sealants and basement waterproofing systems. Providing users with considerable time savings, SikaSpec, which can be found at, is supported with ongoing development to ensure it meets any changes in building regulations and legislation. It is also updated with product changes, development and additions to maintain its position as the most comprehensive online specification system currently available. Architects, surveyors, and building owners can register for free to discover how the time-saving tool will help them. Once registered, users are given their own account which enables them to repeatedly access and amend specifications, as well as allowing NBS documents and Sika specifications to be easily downloaded. Every building features joint sealants. Although representing just 1% of a typical build cost, if you incorrectly specify a joint sealant the results can be disastrous. With water ingress, air leakage and facade and substrate staining just a few of the potential issues, it’s clear to see that joint sealants need careful consideration. So what is there to consider? The design of the movement joint has numerous attributes each affecting the type of sealant required. For example, the type of building – new build or refurbishment, the number of storeys and geographic considerations such as whether the building is north, south, east

SikaSpec takes all materials into consideration and provides the user with an intelligent method of factoring in criteria

With potential water ingress, air leakage and facade and substrate staining, it’s clear to see that joint sealants need careful consideration


( 0800 112 3863



ROOFING, JOINT SEALING AND WATERPROOFING The fast, simple and efficient way to generate specifications any time, any place. SikaSpec has been created to help make specifying Sika products easier for you - and can now also be used to create NBS specifications on-line. Register at today to see how much time you can save.

htOnline tp:/ wOnline ww.fca-magazinEnquiry contact-us/adver011 t-011 enquiry


Building Information Modelling

Breaking down barriers In previous BIM forums, FC&A has addressed the opportunities and limitations of both software and training. Whilst it seems there are plenty of tools and learning facilities on the market, the industry is still encountering challenges with this new system. Here, a number of industry experts express where problems can arise.

Andy Almond Partner at Pick Everard Architects

Alan Muse Director of Built Environment Professional Groups at RICS A recent RICS’ BIM survey has revealed that limited client demand is standing in the way of industry-wide adoption of BIM. 100% of survey respondents, from a broad spectrum of built environment disciplines, reported that they are now using or actively considering adopting BIM. 49% of those surveyed at RICS’ National BIM Conference have not actually implemented a BIM strategy though, with an overwhelming 46% claiming minimal client demand is impeding actual usage. A current absence of standards, and insufficient IT and technology systems were also referenced by 17% and 15% of respondents respectively as further barriers restricting uptake.


Implementing new technologies and processes across 10 offices and multiple disciplines has been challenging, not least because of the investment in software, hardware, documentation and training. Adopting a logical rollout programme, structured around support hubs has enabled us to achieve our goals. In many ways, training is the easiest part but it has a huge impact when you are busy. Unfamiliar software and new working methods affect productivity, which increases pressure on deadlines and fees. Inspiring staff to embrace change and redefine their comfort zones isn’t easy. It needs a clear strategy, management support and good communication. Fee structures and programmes could become significant barriers to BIM if they do not support requirements.

Stephen Hamil Head of BIM at NBS At NBS we have done a number of surveys and events around BIM in the last few years and there are three main barriers that are repeatedly mentioned: the cost of software and IT, training and the creation of quality, UK-specific, content libraries. The first two points involve similar issues to those addressed 20 years ago with the move from drawing boards and typewriters to the first CAD and office systems. You have to look at the benefits and weigh them up against the investment costs – by comparing the cost of change with the cost of remaining with your existing processes. The third barrier – the creation of quality, UK-specific, content libraries is something that the industry is trying to address. The UK Government’s BIM Task Group is defining standards for information templates and guidance for level-of-detail, which will allow anyone in the supply chain to engage with BIM regardless of software ability.

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Image courtesy of Autodesk

Will Nicol Sales Director at AEC EMEA

Mark Tilston Business Development Manager of James Jones Timber Systems

Key barriers to BIM adoption include the following: Collaboration – how to rapidly and effectively share, aggregate and communicate BIM-based information in a controlled manner, across a diverse, often geographically dispersed and changing project constituency. Iteration – how to rapidly undertake exhaustive analysis of projects across an increasing number of dimensions – cost, schedule, carbon, energy performance, etc – across the project lifecycle and make the right decision, first time, every time. A challenge exacerbated by the increasingly compressed timelines imposed by clients. Scalability – how to provide both the technology and the people to meet the changing demands of a portfolio of projects and seamlessly bring new companies into a project supply-chain.

One barrier to BIM we can envisage is getting the ‘buy-in’ from all component suppliers, contractors and clients involved with the structure. Using BIM in isolation has its benefits when properly integrated into an office workflow, but its real potential is realised when every contractor works with one common model. With collaborative BIM, you can have greater assurance that all the separate components of the building’s structure and services will fit together and reduce the risk of delay and cost, due to on-site decisions and remedial actions. Without this BIM ‘buy-in’, interpreting and checking drawings will take longer and mistakes will be easier to make. Encouragingly, we see these same concerns across the industry, which means we are all thinking about moving forward with BIM.

Professor David Boyd Director of Centre for Environment and Society Research at Birmingham School of the Built Environment The biggest barrier is the lack of understanding of the way organisations and people work in an ICT supported world. Almost universally organisations believe that they just need to purchase the software and train people in its use. This will induce unnecessary problems, which will cause resentment and failure. Roles will need to be redefined and there will be much posturing and negotiation of position as current roles and professional bodies vie to have superior positions in the new ICT enabled world. This will devour time and produce much unnecessary entrenchment and protocols to give authority to particular positions.

Rob Charlton Chief Executive at BIM Technologies The fundamental barrier with BIM has always been the reluctance to change. BIM requires financial investment for hardware/software and training. It also requires the rethinking of longtime established approaches. Several years ago there was the additional barrier of whether BIM would be the future. Since the commitment from the UK Government and the identification of the benefits, this barrier no longer exists. The adoption of BIM is no longer about ‘if’ but ‘when’. We now see little resistance to the concept of BIM however individual organisations are making their own choices as and when they wish to make the change.

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Legal & Business Early indications suggest we are likely to see the removal of the requirement for multiple heating zones within smaller homes on new system installations

Changes on the horizon I

t seems likely that the 2013 edition of Part L of the UK Building Regulations (The Conservation of Fuel & Energy) will include changes to the Building Services Compliance Guide, which governs the majority of the heating system requirements. By and large, the Guide will remain as it was in its 2010 form; however early indications suggest we are likely to see the removal of the requirement for multiple heating zones within smaller homes on new system installations. Looking back, from 2005 to 2010 there was only a requirement for a single time and temperature controlled zone within a typical domestic property. Taking the example of a combi system feeding a typical three or four bedroom house, you would need a room thermostat, a programmer or a time clock and preferably thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) in the bedrooms at the very least. In 2010, a change was made which meant that when a brand new system – including radiators – was installed, you had to be able to zone the upstairs and downstairs of the property with motorised valves, room thermostats and programmers, or


equivalent. Essentially, the requirement was there for the installer to electronically control the time and temperature of upstairs and downstairs differently. This may have sounded like a relatively minor change, but it resulted in a lot of extra work for the installer, whilst compromising the aesthetics of the pipework within the property, with next to no tangible benefits. When this was first introduced in 2005, it was brought in with large properties over 150m2 in mind. For small properties below this, however, it made little sense to introduce the requirement to time and temperature control the upstairs and downstairs separately due to the large-scale pipework alterations required, which would prove very costly for the homeowner. I believe the most welcome change to Part L of the Building Regulations is likely to be the return to the 2005-2010 requirements for one single time and temperature controller and TRVs on some of the radiators, in properties of 150m2 and below. The other noteworthy change is that we are likely to see the installation of a system cleansing filter to the primary water

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pipework considered as best practice. Whilst this will not deem the installation of a system filter mandatory, it will go some way to encouraging installers to ensure measures are being taken to safeguard the heating system against potentially-damaging contaminants. The important thing to note at this stage is that these changes are as yet unpublished, however the initial consultation suggests that the industry’s professionals can expect the aforementioned changes to come into play later this year.

With consultation over the revised edition of Part L of the Building Regulations currently taking place, Martyn Bridges, Director of marketing and technical support at Worcester, Bosch Group, offers an insight into what the industry’s professionals should expect when the finalised document is introduced later this year.

Martyn Bridges joined Worcester in 1986 as a Technical Service Engineer working on heating designs, technical enquiries. As Director of Marketing and Technical support, Martyn is responsible for product management, training, heating design and marketing.



Are your fire doors in need of a makeover?


After â–˛ Yeoman Shield Door Edge Protector, Door Protection Panels, PVCu Encapsulated Glazing Bead

Yeoman Shield’s fire tested door protection products are a cost effective alternative to new door sets and will maintain the fire integrity of doors. Full fire reports available on request.

Yeoman House, Whitehall Industrial Estate, Whitehall Road, Leeds, LS12 5JB T: 0113 279 5854 F: 0113 231 0406 E: Please check out our new website For a faster response visit or use the free reader enquiry card


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Integrating communal services

Brendan Hegarty, the Head of Sky Communal TV Solutions, talks about the benefits of selecting the right TV system at the planning stage of a new housing development.


hen planning a new housing development, there are many and varied decisions to be made. Selecting a suitable communal TV system might be considered something to address at a later stage, as one of the finishing touches once the build is complete. However, we would suggest that those developers who look ahead and plan their system in advance of a build are far more likely to find the very best solution for their block at the best price. Communal TV systems have a number of advantages for blocks of flats. For example, they can help improve the look of a block, negating the need for mini-dishes and avoiding excess cabling. When installed whilst the block is being built, the ‘finish’ is naturally better still. However, it is in the suitability of the system itself that developers tell us they see the most benefit. With a correctly specified system installed in a block, future residents are able to enjoy the latest TV services like High Definition, 3D, and TV on demand, and be best placed to accommodate future innovations. We would recommend an IRS (Integrated


Reception System) for most new build developments. With it, future tenants or buyers can access a wide range of digital TV services and, being ‘platform neutral’, IRS provides a choice of TV suppliers, such as Freesat, Freeview or subscription services. In choosing a suitable TV system for a development, we believe it is vital that landlords and developers seek professional advice. Things to consider include the leasing and maintenance options and if a system can be tailored to suit the type and size of the block. Guidance on procedures required for planning the individual system is important as well as specification details such as correct wiring. For example, to provide Sky+, with functions such as the ability to pause live TV and record two programmes at once, requires a ‘5 cable IRS’ communal solution with two signal feeds for each satellite point in the home, rather than a single feed. Similarly, if developers specify the correct wiring at the outset, future residents are able to sign up to services such as Sky Multiroom, which allows them to watch Sky TV in different rooms. We’re finding that such provision is increasingly being

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expected by tech-savvy residents and if wired for at the outset, serves two purposes: Firstly, it will help your property appeal to buyers and tenants. Secondly, it means residents won’t be tempted to put up their own mini-dishes to access services, spoiling the aesthetics of your development. Developers should also be aware of an exciting new development on the horizon, which is set to further improve the aesthetics and flexibility of communal TV systems. New fibre optic technology allows satellite signals to be transmitted down just one fibre optic cable, providing a huge amount of bandwidth to a vast number of homes, with far less unsightly cabling. In fact, we believe that in the near future it will be possible to cover up to 10,000 homes with just one system. One development that made sure it planned in a Communal TV system from an early stage is Phoenix Square – a luxury development in Leicester. The developer, Blueprint, always specifies the latest Communal TV Solutions in its properties and for this development worked with Sky approved installers, DAS. Working to Blueprint’s detailed specifications, the DAS installation team worked alongside the electricians during the first and second ‘fix’ of the electric system wiring. The whole process was relatively straightforward and took around 12 weeks. The result is that each apartment lounge now has the full range of platform neutral TV options including: Sky+, Sky+HD, Freeview, DAB/FM radio and freesat.

One development that made sure it planned in a Communal TV system from an early stage is Phoenix Square

An Integrated Reception System is recommended for most new build developments


OUR LADDERS AND HATCHES ARE THE PERFECT SOLUTION Models to suit all spaces Vertical and ceiling access Electric versions available Fire rated hatches

With over twenty years experience and unrivalled technical expertise, Loft Centre Products has developed an exhaustive range of access ladders and hatches for all commercial applications. Tel: 0845 676 0704 | Fax: 0845 Email:


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Design & Desire The museum is significant both in its architectural quality and its location by the quay at Salford

Back in the spotlight T The illumination of the Imperial War Museum North at night places it as a striking architectural landmark on the Salford skyline. Lighting the museum after 10 years of darkness has transformed not only the building itself but also the surrounding area, and marks the final realisation of the architect’s vision.

he multi-award winning museum, the youngest of the Imperial War Museums’ (IWM) five branches, is the first UK building to be designed by the world-renowned architect Daniel Libeskind. Opened in 2002, its design explores the concept of a world destroyed by conflict, which is represented in the architectural form of a shattered globe reassembled in three interlocking shards. The three shards, which symbolise air, earth and water, form the entrance, exhibition spaces and cafe facilities of the museum respectively, and their powerful shapes are given prominence by luminaires provided by Sill Lighting UK. The lighting by Sill, a leading manufacturer of high performance luminaires, enhances the striking aluminium-clad building, accentuating its sharp angles and drawing attention to its metallic surface.

Dusk till dawn Alex Knight, of IWM North, explains the importance of the new lighting scheme. “We are fortunate that IWM North is a stunning building. We wanted the new lighting to illuminate the building, to show off the unique architecture and to ensure it looks as dramatic in the evening as it does in the daytime. The results are excellent.” Previously the iconic building remained in darkness throughout the night, whilst the adjacent bridges and buildings across


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the canal were lighted. Although the museum was designed by Libeskind to be illuminated, budgetary constraints had formerly prevented this, and the longawaited exterior lighting has improved the image of the museum and enhanced its status as a world-class visitor destination. Across the water from the Imperial War Museum North is Media City, the new home of the BBC, which is also

The museum was designed by Libeskind to be illuminated, however budgetary constraints had formerly prevented this

Design & Desire

illuminated by Sill. Linked by a bridge across the Manchester City Canal the two developments are unified through their use of Sill luminaires and fittings. At the IWM North, Sill’s 022 series 1000W parabolic projectors with customised pan and tilt brackets are mounted on Sill-designed 10 metre tubular columns that match those used at Media City. Six metre columns hold Sill 030 stripe projectors, which with the

Across the water from the Imperial War Museum North is Media City, the new home of the BBC, which is also illuminated by Sill

pan and tilt brackets project a strip of light at any angle, making them the ideal solution to lighting the angular elevation of the museum with the minimum of light-spill. These elevated projectors combine with Sill’s 485 series buried uplights to make the Imperial War Museum North a dramatically lit architectural backdrop for BBC news bulletins from Media City, as well as an iconic building recognised nationwide.

Striking effect The museum is significant both in its architectural quality and its location by the quay at Salford, and it presented an interesting and unusual opportunity for illumination. The museum rises above the adjacent canal, and the reflective surfaces of both the building and the water are used to dramatic effect in the lighting design. This enhances the long, uninterrupted view a spectator has of the building, and encourages users of the area to walk out onto the canal bridge, to better appreciate the stunning visual effect. The revival of such a conspicuous building in the city landscape through lighting will enhance the evening experience at Salford Quays. Lighting designer Des O’Donovan of DHA Design explains why Sill UK was specified: “DHA has worked with Sill for many years and we have used Sill products on some of our most successful projects. We were so impressed with the help that Sill provided, both technically and logistically, that they were the obvious

choice for Imperial War Museum North”. The lighting design successfully overcomes the reflective nature of the facade. A complex and challenging surface to light, the aluminium is now enhanced, making the museum visually arresting not only by day but also throughout the night. The scheme has been carefully designed and implemented to ensure that only the elevation is illuminated, and the light sources face away from the residential and business areas on the north side of the canal, meaning a minimum amount of disruption for those in the area. Des O’Donovan said: “The Sill products used at the IWMN are compact and efficient which means they can be mounted relatively discreetly without compromising views of this iconic building. The range of accessories means glare is minimised and the high quality optics means that light is used efficiently.” The illumination of the building was implemented with as little disruption as possible to the operations of the museum, which remained open throughout the scheme. Lighting positioned on columns allowed the cordoning off of small areas at a time, meaning that interruption to the museum running was minimal. Logistical and budgetary constraints steered some of the specifications for the project. The installation of lighting columns required ground-works, and therefore planning consent from Trafford Council, which was supportive of the lighting scheme to

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The Sill products used at the IWMN are compact and efficient which means they can be mounted relatively discreetly


Design & Desire

The lighting by Sill enhances the striking aluminium-clad building, accentuating its sharp angles and drawing attention to its metallic surface

lighting of the popular and important St Pancas station, which was dirty, dark and threatened with demolition, has enhanced it not only as the European rail gateway, but also as a popular shopping and eating venue. By night it is stunning, and well worth the seven years that Sill spent involved in engineering its rebirth.” IWM North is made more conspicuous by illumination. Mr Bohannon continued: “Lighting key buildings by night adds to a

sense of place; it allows one to navigate by night in a more meaningful way and ensures a correct sense of visual order. Lighting establishes which buildings are really important to the community, not just a brightly lit billboard, fast food outlet or petrol station.”

Quality service Sill’s considerable experience in lighting solutions for demanding architectural projects is combined with significant technical expertise in optics. This has enabled the prompt and efficient design, manufacture and delivery of customised luminaires and fittings for Imperial War Museum North. Des O’Donovan said: “We are once again very happy with the help we received from Sill. It’s like dealing with a family-run business rather than a large multinational. Everyone at Sill UK seems to be dedicated to helping their customers.” Sill Lighting is a market leader in developing high performance metal halide and LED projector systems that provide sustainable solutions to often complex lighting requirements. The company produces the highest quality in optics and thermal engineering using environmentally friendly materials and offers specifiers and users bespoke and adaptable lighting systems.

revive the landmark building. The importance of bringing buildings back into the spotlight through lighting is explained by Bob Bohannon, Managing Director of Sill Lighting UK: “Exterior architectural lighting has a number of benefits. Darkness can be perceived as threatening, so by attractively lighting a building or a space, we encourage people to go there and spend time, thus lengthening its hours of use. The re-

The scheme has been carefully designed and implemented to ensure that only the elevation is illuminated


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Doors & Windows

A question of liability A new European safety standard covering the use of automatic doors came into force this year, increasing the testing required before specifying and installing a powered pedestrian door. EN 16005 brings onerous new requirements and potential liabilities to architects and specifiers. GEZE UK’s Managing Director Kaz Spiewakowski looks at where architects can find the advice they will need.


n parts of Europe the standards of installation and maintenance of automatic doors have been rising, improving the safety, reliability and efficiency of powered doors in many public spaces. However, there is now an increasing discrepancy between the very best and the very worst examples. That’s why EN 16005 has been brought in to help enforce the very best practice across the board. This will have an impact in the UK where the Automatic Door Suppliers Association (ADSA) is currently developing guidance notes to cover discrepancies between BS 7036, and these new, tougher regulations


and requirements. One of the key changes will be that the responsibility for the safety and reliability of automatic doors throughout their lifetime will be shared across the supply chain, starting with the responsibility of the architect and specifier. If an automatic door were to open too widely, operate too quickly or close without warning, members of the general public could be at risk from an injury. For example, in 2004 at a supermarket in Pennsylvania, a man was seriously injured and subsequently died after the automatic doors at the entrance closed abruptly while he was walking through

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Responsible manufacturers have invested significantly to enhance the safety of automatic doors

them. Thrown to the ground, he broke his hip and was unable to walk. He developed pressure sore ulcers as a result and the sores became infected, leading to his death from sepsis a year later. It was claimed by the man’s family that the sensors on the doorway were positioned at the wrong height, allowing the doors to close while a pedestrian was walking through the doorway and even though presence sensor technology was available when the automatic doors were installed, no sensor was fitted. The family sued both the architect and the main contractor, who each paid tens of thousands of dollars in order to settle out of court. To help architects make sure members of the public are safe and to avoid the cost of lawsuits or settlements, responsible manufacturers have invested significantly to enhance the safety of automatic doors. There is a liability issue here, as everyone in the chain bears some responsibility for the overall safety of the powered door. The architect, developer, manufacturer, installer, building owner, facilities manager and servicing company are all liable if there is an accident involving a powered door and if due diligence can’t be proven or the paperwork is not in place, it could be bad for business – and very bad for brand reputation. Under the new EN 16005 standard, architects are responsible for specifying the right product for particular locations and applications. To do this in a compliant way, architects will need to ascertain the danger points on the automatic doors they are proposing to use and know how to overcome them. It is also the responsibility of the architect to ensure that the automatic door products specified are CE marked and that the manufacturer has verified that the products meet safety requirements.

If an automatic door were to open too widely, operate too quickly or close without warning, members of the general public could be at risk from an injury

Only Only from fromHörmann Hörmann

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a total solution for architectural glazing Lenkwerk, Bielefeld

Function meets design: ALR Vitraplan • For sophisticated architecture • Especially elegant thanks to flush-fitting glazing

• DURATEC glazing with maximum scratch resistance

• atriums • facades • canopies • partitions

• rooflights • balustrade • conservatories • walk on floors

• shuffle glazing • framed glazing • structural glazing • frameless glazing

ref: FCA

Tel: 01842 816080

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Doors & Windows

products are capable of meeting the new requirements. That’s why we’re the first company to offer British architects a RIBA-approved CPD seminar explaining the implications of EN 16005 and how it addresses the potential hazards and hazardous situations relevant to power operated doorsets. We also have a dedicated architects’ hotline, so specifiers can find the advice and hazard analysis they need, just when they need it. It’s envisaged that EN 16005, which is already being adopted in the Middle East and Asia, will become an international standard in time, so it is the job of all architects and specifiers to make sure they choose the right CE marked products from reputable manufacturers in all their projects regardless of location or international border. Ignorance is no excuse in the court of law, and the consequences could be severe.

The standard also details failsafe systems, which continually check all the components of the automatic door system including its sensors and battery

With liability shared throughout the supply chain, the accuracy of the original specification is incredibly important. EN 16005 has introduced a number of specific measurements that must be complied with, many of which represent an increase on those within the previous BS 7036 standard, well as the inclusion of additional products, ranging from sensors to pocket screens. Changes include the minimum activation distance for automatic doors, which has been increased from 1400mm to 1500mm. This is because people move faster in an emergency and so doors need to open sooner.

Safety check Similarly, the safety distance for fingerguards has increased from 6mm to 8mm, while the use of anti-finger entrapments (profile design) or pocket screens are now recommended to help overcome possible injuries on the secondary closing edge. The standard also details failsafe systems, which continually check all the components of the automatic door system including its sensors and battery. The most complex of automatic door is the revolving door, which has several potential danger points due to the number


of closing edges. As a result, this is the type of automatic door that will be most affected by EN 16005. For example, on moving leaves, foot or heel switches are needed so that if the door catches up to the user the door will stop. Safety sensors are required on the edge of each moving leaf, and on the leading mullion a safety strip is required. The standard refers specifically to an ESPE – electro sensitive protective equipment (or sensors) and PSPE – pressure sensitive protective equipment (pneumatic/touch sensitive strips). Other requirements that have been significantly upgraded include peripheral speed, emergency stop functions and lighting. That’s why it’s so important that architects can work with highly trained specialists that they trust during the specification process, to get these details correct every time. As one of the leading manufacturers of automatic doors, GEZE has been very involved in the development of the new standard and GEZE GmbH’s Head of Product Management Peter Ruerup has been a member of the working group in Europe. As Germany already boasts some of the highest global standards, all our

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It is the responsibility of the architect to ensure that the automatic door products specified are CE marked

ed ed! lifi is ua gn t q co Ge et re g &

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Design & Desire

The MCIAT Professional Assessment

– a new qualifying route What is the MCIAT Professional Assessment?

The MCIAT Professional Assessment is a flexible, rigorous, robust and quality assured qualifying process, based on performance and designed to recognise the diversity of Architectural Technology. Candidates must provide an in-depth critical analysis clearly summarising their professional experience. This should be a reflective report and should refer to challenges and successes encountered whilst working on projects and how any issues were resolved. Applicants should also undertake a self-evaluation highlighting their strengths and weaknesses in relation to their area(s) of practice. The Professional Assessment process is based on four core competencies: • Designing • Managing • Practising • Developing (self)

Who can apply for the MCIAT Professional Assessment? Any applicant working in or on, for example, academia, general practice, component design, refurbishment, small residential projects, large commercial projects etc within Architectural Technology, should be able to apply their own experience to the Professional Assessment process, but they must hold one of the following membership grades: ACIAT, TCIAT or profile candidate. Each application will be assessed on its merit. However, each applicant will need to demonstrate a sufficient level of knowledge and understanding and professional competence/experience in relation to their sphere/s of practice and demonstrate to the Institute they can meet the expectations of a Chartered Architectural Technologist, MCIAT.

How much does it cost? To apply for the Professional Assessment, applicants are required to pay £300 for the assessment of the application and the Professional Assessment Interview.

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Leisure Build Focus

The £5m multi-purpose building situated in Newport incorporates a range of both administrative and player facilities

Paving the way The Welsh Football Trust had a vision for the newbuild of its Newport headquarters, completed in spring this year. With a strategic plan to ‘grow the game and raise standards’, the Trust aims to improve the grass-roots amenities that develop talented players and progress their performance, supporting recreational and informal leagues and inspiring ‘fit for the future’ facilities.


he charity’s headquarters were built with the future in mind, evident in every aspect of the planning from the early concept and design through to an exclusive opening, uniting funding bodies and council representatives with a host of sporting stars, inc Welsh former professional footballer, Ian Rush, and the president of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), Michel Platini. The £5m multi-purpose building situated in Newport, and dubbed a ‘super-HQ’, incorporates a range of both administrative and player facilities. Boasting an impressive 100-seat conference centre, the capacity extends with various meeting and breakout rooms in addition to housing the Trust’s office and administration headquarters. Player facilities include extensive changing


rooms, physio and treatment suites to incorporate an ice bath, a dedicated players’ room and a cutting edge video analysis facility and viewing balcony across the outdoor pitches. Specialist in concrete paving, Kilsaran International successfully won the contract to supply hard landscaping for the project. Robert Davenhall, Specifications Manager at Kilsaran, commented: “The Welsh Football Trust HQ was such an exciting project to be involved in, paving the way for famous feet and future football stars, but it is strategically important for Kilsaran UK as we were not originally selected as the hard landscaping supplier. “We have noticed a rising trend in the UK where contractors and sub contractors put our products forward over the original specifications, based on the quality, price

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and performance of our product offering. Word of mouth is the most influential recommendation a company can have, particularly in our industry, and that is what hard landscaping suppliers and construction companies should aim for.” The construction of this ambitious project was governed by a myriad of strict requirements to ensure the build was on time and on budget from the first phase to the last. The hard landscaping is the most visually impacting, interactive elements of

Leisure Build Focus

The building launch welcomed invitees including Ian Rush, former professional footballer, and Michael Platini, President of the UEFA

the external envelope, contributing to the creation of the site’s vital first impression. Aesthetic considerations were central to the landscaping specification criteria, keeping the outward appearance representative of the Trust.

Treading carefully

Beyond the standard requirements to withstand regular footfall and weathering, a ground paving flag was selected due to its smooth finish

the functionality of the paving was under increased scrutiny. Beyond the standard requirements to withstand regular footfall and weathering, a ground paving flag was selected due to its smooth finish, as a heavier textured products would wear down the studs on the players’ football boots. Shelbourne offers a smooth paving product while maintaining good slip/ skid resistance of USRV52, meeting all requirements which were central to the specific nature of this site. Furthermore, Dragon Plant, the landscaping sub contractors, implemented a stack bond lay to minimise running joints across the 400 x 400 x 50mm paving slabs, further enhancing the smooth, even surface. Environmentally friendly product manufacture and development are important credentials, increasingly central to the decision making process; particularly for high profile customers whose branding is based on a robust green policy. Architects must look across the project supply chain to ensure these brand values are adhered to. The Shelbourne range of hard landscaping solution is manufactured at Kilsaran’s award-winning factory in Ireland, using 100% recycled water and a minimum

of 25% non-primary aggregates. The paving also boasts up to 10% pre-consumer aggregate replacement, with at least 50% of the ordinary Portland cement substituted with a carbon-neutral, high quality cement replacement. Using ground granulated blast furnace (GGBF) cement reduces the carbon footprint of the landscaping by up to 50%, matching the Football Trust’s stipulations at every step to score specification. Commenting on the successfully completed hard landscaping, Ian Davis, Head of Commercial and Marketing at the Football Association of Wales, said: “The build of the headquarters was subject to rigorous criteria to ensure it conveys the brand values of the Football Trust. It was critical that all specifications carried aesthetic, functional and environmental benefits. Kilsaran’s paving is eco friendly, looks great on site and delivers excellent value. It made business sense to choose Kilsaran as our hard landscaping supplier; their product fulfilled all of our requirements and their service and understanding of the project was second to none.”

The premium Shelbourne flag paving used on the project contributes to the overall concept and design of the site, delivering a relevant, on-brand and pleasing look in the new light granite colour option. The design also features the use of a change in colour and material surrounding the emergency exits. This change in colour provides an additional aesthetic flair to break up the larger portions of single colour paving whilst also improving the visibility of these critical areas at a quick glance, crucial for sites where high volumes of visitors will regularly occupy both external and internal areas at any one time. Due to the sporting nature of the facility,

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Glass & Glazing

Clearly secure At a time when people are looking to bring more light and space into their buildings, it’s good to think about what the security implications might be. FC&A asked Solarlux what safeguards were being put into place to thwart would-be burglars and vandals.


here’s a desire amongst many to have a nice modern home, which offers more space, light and exceptional design; but none of that can be at the expense of security. As well as installing things like window locks and alarms, people are increasingly looking to the construction industry to take the lead when it comes to ensuring their home or facility is as safe as possible from the opportunist thief. Because it’s all about finding the right equilibrium between light, space and security to meet customer demand, companies are responding to this challenging environment to meet the expectations of customers, dealers and architects – recognising the importance of achieving the right balance between product design, as well as quality and safety. Over the last five years, all folding-slidingsystems have been rigorously tested for burglar security. This means even higher standards of burglary protection and, as a result, added peace of mind for consumers, with greater protection of windows, doors and attachments. Simply put, the designations have now changed. A new class has been introduced, which defines the degree of resistance that windows and doors have to achieve. The difference between the old resistance classes is that the tests are now conducted according to stringent requirements and in addition, new


tools and burglar mechanisms are used. Burglars are extremely cunning – so it’s up to manufacturers to ensure they stay one step ahead! A family-owned German company founded in 1983, Solarlux has long manufactured its folding glass doors, horizontally-sliding-walls, glass canopies, wintergarden and balcony glazing according to high national and international standards. Production – as well as product development – takes place solely in the company’s own factories, where all products undergo rigorous testing in the company laboratories. Additionally, products are

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From a consumers’ point of view, they can be inspired by the exceptional design of glazed products

tested and certified at established testing institutes in Germany, with five sliding door systems also tested by the renowned Institute Velbert (PIV) in the last year alone. “As a company, we are acutely aware of the fact that through good quality windows and doors, the risk of potential burglaries can be reduced,” says Martijn Venema, Managing Sales Director. “That’s why we have put real effort in developing measures to improve the safety of our market-leading products.” Solarlux has now developed a new concept in burglar protection which considers the type of construction involved, including the design characteristics – like folding facades, for example. “Specificallyspeaking,” continues Martijn, “in the turnpanel-area of the folding doors, a threepoint-lock is used, which means that the turn panels are locked from above, below and at the side of the frame. For all panel elements which are not turn-panels and not transit doors, we use two-point-locks.The benefits are two-fold: high stability during excessive wind pressure, and increased burglar security. So in fact, in a sense, the threat from burglars has made our design even stronger!” With the reassuring commitment to security of companies such as Solarlux and others, it’s quite clear that people looking for burglar-proof accommodation need not be discouraged if they are looking to add light and space to their home. From a consumers’ point of view, they can be inspired by the exceptional design of glazed products such as folding doors, wintergarden and others, without the doubt of becoming more a more likely victim of burglary than others. This is good news for architects, who still retain the freedom of embracing glazing opportunities which offer bespoke solutions in extraordinary design, whilst meeting high standards of burglar protection.

Higher standards of burglary protection have resulted in added peace of mind for homeowners

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Timber Expo Preview aim is for exhibitors to access relevant buyers and match suppliers wants with the Buyer’s preferences.

Timber Accord Pavilion

Timber Expo is gearing up for an expanded show at the Birmingham NEC from 24-25th September. It will be two days brimming with the latest products, innovations and developments across the timber sector – not just from the UK but from an increasingly diverse international market.


ith only weeks to go before the doors open to Timber Expo, here are the Top Ten essential highlights not to miss.

Exhibition Floor & International Content A huge range of companies from all four corners of the timber industry will be unveiling their latest products and services plus giving advice on how best to use the construction industry’s leading mainstream low carbon building material.

Timber Talks A key element to the show and a central part of the Expo experience. The philosophy behind the free seminar sessions is to provide a valuable learning tool based around case studies delivered by industry experts. The Timber Talks programme has been developed by TRADA with themes and specific topics based on fresh market research and feedback from the 2012 event. The seminars will take place in two bespoke theatres designed, developed and delivered especially for Timber Expo.

Seminar Theatre 1 – the Fabric First Theatre Built by leading timber frame specialists Frame Wise, the Fabric First theatre will extoll the virtues of building with an airtight building envelope in mind. The Fabric


First approach and its superior thermal properties, are ideal as the basis of a modern energy efficient building, without the need for expensive additional microrenewables.

Seminar Theatre 2 – the Solid Wood Theatre Built by B & K Structures, this eye-catching building will showcase the strengths of timber and advanced closed panel timber technology. Solid wood use is beginning to soar in the UK and is increasingly being seen as the finest way to build low carbon, architecturally impressive and structurally strong buildings.

Toolbox Talks New for 2013, a new section of CPD presentations will focus on the detail of processes, technologies and solutions on display at the show. From manufacturing process to onsite engineering solutions, Toolbox Talks will complement the Timber Talks and will be held in a purpose built 30 seat presentation theatre.

Timber Buyers Forum Sponsored by Vandecasteele, these 30 minute appointments are acknowledged as one of the successful and dynamic parts of the show giving attendees a perfect way to build business relationships in a formal but relaxed environment. The Forum’s primary

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Careers in Timber Area While there continues to be a drive for higher skills levels everywhere in the timber and construction sectors, these skills are constantly changing. Hosted by ARV Solutions, pop in to see what your options are either for moving job, changing career path or securing the best calibre new employee.

Wood Awards Shortlist 2013 The Wood Awards is the UK’s premier award in the timber sector and will once again recognise outstanding design, craftsmanship and installations in wood that have taken place over the last 12 months. The 2013 shortlist will be unveiled and on show throughout Timber Expo and you will be able to hear more about the projects in the Timber Talks programme.

Media Centre Sponsored by SCA Timber Supply UK, the Media Centre will be a central port of call to pick up press info, tweet your latest scoop, conduct interviews and soak up news from across the show.

“The 2013 show is shaping up to be tremendous in every way,” says Timber Expo Event Director, Loretta Sales. “The show is nearly 80% sold out with an expected 170 companies exhibiting this year. The move to the NEC has grabbed everybody’s attention and will make exhibiting and visiting very easy indeed.”

New platform for growth

Sponsored by Timbmet and building upon the Timber Accord agreement signed in 2012. The Pavilion will be situated at the heart of Timber Expo on the main exhibition floor. This will be a unique opportunity to touch base with 12 leading trade bodies representing the supply chain of the forestry and timber industries, in the same place at the same time.

Timber Expo Preview

Award-winning alliance on show

On the back of announcing a record number of contract wins, the X-LAM Alliance has confirmed its attendance at Timber Expo 2013. Formed in 2011, the X-LAM Alliance formalises a long-standing working relationship between B & K Structures, a leading UK solid timber structural engineering contractor and Binderholz, who in 2012 produced the most cross laminated timber (CLT) in the world. Bringing to the UK construction market a seamless and consistent way to supply CLT, the partnership provides two experts in manufacture, design and construction coming together to deliver solid timber buildings with fully integrated turnkey packages. Speaking on behalf of the Alliance, Managing Director, Nick Milestone says: “Timber Expo has international appeal and with the move to the NEC this year, will attract more visitors from across the UK, Europe and beyond. By exhibiting at the event we are aiming to promote our award winning services to a wider audience. “Recent contract wins have resulted in


50% growth on the same trading period last year, clearly demonstrating the demand for Cross Laminated Timber is rapidly increasing as the construction industry recognises its aesthetic qualities and multiple benefits.” With award-winning buildings in education, healthcare, commercial, residential, transport, sports and leisure facilities – the X-LAM Alliance attributes this success to delivering exceptional projects, bringing schemes in on time and within budget. Timber Expo Event Director, Loretta Sales commented: “As one of the leading CLT innovators, we are delighted to welcome the X-LAM Alliance to Timber Expo this year as

a Silver sponsor.Visitors can meet the team on Stand A28 and hear first-hand about their ground-breaking projects and services. X-LAM Alliance personnel will also be delivering presentations in our very popular Timber Talks seminar session. This year’s show will profile the full range of timber technologies and wood products available on the global market, and the widest display of new and innovative applications for timber within the built environment.”


( 01773 857512



for iPhone, iPad & Android Free download available now BROWSE | SPECIFY | SOURCE | DIGEST The smarter way to access news and products for the sustainable building market. With its easy-to-navigate format, users can benefit from a variety of useful tools, such as the magazine’s latest issue, digital archive, suppliers and newsbank. The App is also synced with SBP Library ( providing an essential specification portal.

swipe to see more!


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Wood Wool Panels Lupo’s conversion task involved a great deal of creative restoration and adaptation as they set out to transform the Studios from a large, fairly open works area into the attractive Village Green format of five separate shops.

Sound structure

The architects used Marmox Heraklith Wood Wool Panels as the cover material and as the final decoration layer

Marmox aids Village Green conversion

The Village Green, launched in the middle of April this year, is the latest project from Creative Network Partners. Set in Hackney Downs Studios, The Village Green is a brand new independent East End experience; a shopping and cultural development initially incorporating five local small businesses but with the possibility of further expansion.


he project comes as one part of an overall aim to create new communities and rich working environments for the creative sector in the East End of London.

Hackney Downs Studios was a fairly unprepossessing redundant printworks when Creative Network Partners took it over towards the end of 2011. Architects Iolanda Bianchi and Mirko

Fire protection They are also renowned for their fire proofing qualities and in the event of fire they will protect for up to 90 minutes allowing ceiling and wall constructions to stay intact. They do not melt and drip, create fumes or toxic gases and they do not spread fire. Iolanda Bianchi underlines the point. “I was looking for a reasonably priced material that would absorb sound and meet the fire safety requirements, leaving individual units to create their own ambience.” She continues: “Heraklith panels fitted that bill and also had the advantage of very simple fixing, saving time and money during installation.” Her efforts have transformed Hackney Downs Studios into a pleasant shopping experience for the public and an important sales outlet for small local businesses.

Heraklith panels are multipurpose and can be used internally or externally on walls, floors and ceilings

Two of the conversion problems were the need to build a new mezzanine floor structure above the shops and to ensure that the interiors of the shopping areas were quiet and intimate. These two problems were actually rolled into one as the architects used Marmox Heraklith Wood Wool Panels as the cover material and as the final decoration layer. Heraklith wood wool panels are a natural product consisting of certified spruce wood, which originates in North European timber production forests and are produced with respect for the highest ecological, social and ethical standards. Heraklith panels are multipurpose and can be used internally or externally on walls, floors and ceilings. Being designed with an open surface structure they hold great acoustic properties that contribute to a quieter and more comfortable living and working space. These hygroscopic panels allow the building to breathe by absorbing the moisture in the air and releasing it back when most needed, when it’s dry.




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Accoya is one of the most advanced wood products on the market

Advanced timber provides the answer

In addition, WoodEx is made from finger jointed lamells which are glued together, and James Latham can supply the product either as finger jointed or as one piece. James Latham’s Group Product Sales & Development Manager, Paul Leach, comments: “As demand for sustainably modified wood continues to grow, whether for windows, doors, decking, cladding or other joinery applications, Accoya is a fantastic material for external specification.” He adds: “Having introduced WoodEx to the market last year, we have had a fantastic reaction from the joinery and construction sectors due to the options it offers. In line with growing demand, our stock of WoodEx now covers a wide range of sizes and species and provides a versatile addition to our already extensive timber range.” WoodEx is available ex-stock in lengths of 0.8m to 3m, and in sizes ranging from 48 x 95mm to 72 x 120mm. Special sizes and lengths are also available to order.


( 0116 257 3415



ne of the most advanced wood products on the market, Accoya is a modified, highly durable and dimensionally stable certified softwood, incorporating Accsys’ proprietary wood acetylation technology which delivers outstanding levels of performance, stability and durability.

Accoya is a perfect solution for exterior cladding

Guaranteed for 50 years in exterior use and 25 years when used in the ground, Accoya is produced using modified, fast growing species and can be safely recycled. As impressively durable as the highest quality tropical hardwoods, Accoya is a quality, long lasting product that is suitable for a wide range of external joinery applications including windows, doors, decking, structural and much more. Plus, Accoya is a perfect solution for exterior cladding, siding and facades where aesthetics, less frequent maintenance, dimensional stability, durability and insulation value are key factors. Accoya’s versatility makes it ideal for use in residential, commercial and industrial structures. Produced from laminated Oak, Sapele and European Redwood, WoodEx offers numerous features and benefits. It has two high quality, clear faces for use in joinery applications and is ideally suitable for use in timber doors and windows as the product offers greater dimensional stability.

Increasingly, the joinery and construction sectors are looking to specify products which are not only dimensionally stable and durable but also legal and sustainable and both Accoya and WoodEx – which are supplied by James Latham – offer an attractive solution.

WoodEx offers greater dimensional stability for the manufacture of doors and windows

WoodEx has two high quality, clear faces for use in numerous joinery applications

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Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Optmise accessibility to grow business Evidence shows many supposedly accessible toilets do not reach even the basic Building Regulations Approved Document M standard. Yet nominal investment in creating a more accessible toilet will encourage a growth in visitors – and their spending.


Accommodating diversity Under the ‘mix and match’ package, Closo-Mat can provide design advice, supply, installation, commissioning and service/ maintenance. In addition to the core Document M equipment, it recommends simple upgrading of a conventional WC for its Clos-o-Mat floor-mounted Palma Vita or height adjustable Lima Lifter automatic (wash and dry) toilet. Robin continues: “In our experience gained from installation of hundreds of accessible toilets in public environments, we more often than not find that the operators choose to install a Clos-o-Mat as they say it makes the toilet even more inclusive.


Toilet accommodation needs to be suitable not only for disabled people, but for all people who use the building

Cadbury World is a prime example: its view was that inclusion of the Clos-o-Mat meant their toilets encompassed the full diversity of disabled visitors.” Looking like, and no bigger than, a conventional WC, the Clos-o-Mat ‘wash and dry’ toilet incorporates integrated douching and drying, eliminating the need for the user to wipe clean, or be cleaned by a carer, thus

improving dignity, independence, and hygiene. The in-built features also deliver compliance with Islamic Qadaahul Haajah. A range of accessories enabling precise tailoring of the Clos-o-Mat, from support arms to plinths, to enable the Palma Vita toilet to be set at exactly the right height to facilitate wheelchair transfer. Clos-o-Mat has a 50+ years-long proven track record on the supply and installation of fully accessible toilets, hygiene rooms, and Changing Places facilities. Its ability to deliver design advice, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance across the ambit of accessible toileting equipment, including the Clos-o-Mat wash and dry (automatic) toilet, means it is uniquely positioned to simplify the whole process for forward-thinking environments to which the public have access.

los-o-Mat, a leading UK disabled toileting solutions provider, has developed a ‘mix and match’ package from design advice to installation and ongoing servicing, to enable any enterprise to which the public have access to capitalise on the disabled market, by creating a ‘Document M+’ style toilet. Explains Robin Tuffley, Clos-o-Mat Marketing Manager: “Disabled people account for a UK spend of £80b pa, and research shows for the average business, some 20% of the customer base is disabled. Under the 2013 Building Regulations Approved Document M, toilet accommodation needs to be suitable not only for disabled people, but for all people who use the building, yet LABC (Local Authority Building Control) says many Document M toilets do not comply. Research also shows people make a conscious decision NOT to visit somewhere if they believe they cannot find suitable toilet facilities. “Using our package of solutions, it is easy to create an accessible toilet to ensure compliance, and go beyond, to deliver a facility that is even more inclusive – a Document M+.The cost of installing toilets and sanitaryware to comply with DDA/ Equality Act requirements can be offset under tax allowances, so it is a win: win situation.”

Research shows people make a conscious decision not to visit somewhere if they believe they cannot find suitable toilet facilities

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( 0161 969 1199


Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms

On The Level offers bespoke solutions for wetrooms On The Level, a leading manufacturer of concealed wet floor shower trays, is the only manufacturer that can produce bespoke solutions in any size or shape. On The Level underfloor wetroom trays are precision engineered in 24mm birch ply which means the trays are extremely strong, but light and easy to handle and can be readily shaped on site and screwed into position. They are an essential part of the wetroom because they dictate the gradient of the tiled floor in the shower area and it is this gradient that allows the water to drain away quickly. On The Level trays are guaranteed for 25 years. *


01525 373202

Mira Showers serves more ACEs In response to customer demand, Mira Showers is enhancing its successful ACE range of framed shower enclosures with the addition of four new sizes.The two new sizes of quadrant are 1200 x 900mm and 1000 x 800mm, with both featuring 5mm toughened safety glass and frameless centre-opening doors with a double roller for a consistent slide movement, providing door openings of 490mm and 420mm respectively.The pentagon enclosure with its minimalist styling is ideal for situations where space is limited and the two new sizes – 900 x 900mm and 1200 x 900mm – extend the versatility of the range even further. * ( 01242 221221


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Intelligent shower control

As a highly functional solution for exposed installations, the Hansgrohe experts have developed the ShowerTablet Select 300, an attractive and generously dimensioned shelf for storage, in a unit that also does the work of a thermostat. A new shut-off valve allows turning the flow of water on and off by simply pushing a button and no longer by rotating, making it easy to use for all ages. The Select buttons with their elegant matt finish are positioned on the left and feature clear symbols either with a shower icon only or shower and bathtub for the model with integrated bath spout. *

( 01372 465 655


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Doors, Windows & Balustrades electro-mechanical drive which is extremely quiet and smooth in operation. The master switch and illuminated program selector buttons are integrated into the side cover of the operator housing for intuitive operation. Additional control options include radar, motion sensor, contactless detection sensor, foot or hand operated switch or remote control through Gilgen Door Systems’ F9000 unit. Adjustable functions include push & go operation, safety monitoring and wind-load regulation for external doors.

Ultimate compatibility

Gilgen enhances door functionality Gilgen Door Systems has launched its most powerful and silent running swing door operator yet. The technologically advanced Gilgen FD 20 swing door drive is designed for the automation of new or existing doors up to 250kg in weight and can also automate external doors facing wind loads up to 50mph.



ue to its Swiss build quality and strength the FD 20 is ideally suited to tough applications such as hospitals, schools, garden centres and transport hubs. The versatile FD 20 is 50% more powerful than its predecessor and enables easy, contactless and hygienic access for a wide variety of commercial and public sector buildings. Lightweight doors, external doors up to 1600mm in width (EN7) and even fire rated doors can be automated with ease. A range of lintel and door leaf installations is available featuring Gilgen’s optional sliding rod mechanism which offers improved aesthetics over conventional push rod systems. David Cerquella, Managing Director of Gilgen Door Systems in the UK, explains: “We have improved the functionality, power and versatility of our swing door operator to ensure fit for purpose operation, low running costs and effortless performance. The FD 20 is quieter, more controllable and more attractive than its predecessor and can be tailored to the needs of a greater range of applications.” The FD 20 features a powerful new

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The FD 20 features a powerful new electro-mechanical drive which is extremely quiet and smooth in operation

An extensive range of configurations is possible for single and bi-parting doors, emergency exit, fire safety operation and bespoke solutions. Safety features are built in as standard and the drive is tested to EN16005 and BIN 18650. Optional safety sensors with ‘reverse’ and ‘stop’ functions offer additional protection for pinch points. The FD 20 unit is also characterised by its fast installation and start-up capability. Once the unit has been mounted, the user-friendly joystick and integrated LCD display inside the housing can be used to programme the operating parameters such as the opening and closing speed, safety monitoring and reinforced closure. The engineer can also adjust the power of the return spring to the corresponding weight and size of door. The Gilgen FD 20 is a swing door operator for virtually any application providing effortless trouble-free access, safety and security. Its attractive appearance makes it compatible with any architectural design thereby enhancing the overall aesthetic approach.

The FD 20 is quieter, more controllable and more attractive than its predecessor


( 032 0800 316 6994

Doors, Windows & Balustrades

AluK launches complete Specification Guide AluK (GB), a leading manufacturer of innovative aluminium building systems is pleased to announce the launch of its complete Specification Guide. The comprehensive guide provides specifiers and architects with information on design features, options, technical specification and product performance & accreditation, and it is available to download for free from the AluK website.To provide further support to its partners, AluK also offers the ability to download a complete range of CAD files and BIM components for its products, helping specifiers, fabricators and contractors to make the right choice when specifying and installing windows, door and curtain walling systems. *

033 ( 01633 810440

Permadoor appoints new National Sales Manager In response to increasing customer demand, specialist composite door supplier Permadoor has appointed Michelle Humphreys as National Sales Manager. With over 15 years’ experience in the affordable and social housing sector Michelle understands the needs of the industry. Permadoor Sales Director, Adrian Sunter says: “We are really pleased to have Michelle on board. She joins us with an impressive background in the door industry and good market awareness, both of which are invaluable. Her knowledge and understanding mean that she is able to respond effectively and efficiently to the changing face of the social housing sector, which is an important part of the role.” *



01684 595200

VBH stocks Maco automatic lock Hardware supplier VBH has added the automatic locking Maco Z-TA multipoint door lock to its range of keyless door locking solutions. Suitable for all Eurogroove doors, Z-TA features 3 locking latches, 2 hooks and a central deadbolt. When the door is closed all 3 latches pull the sash in against the frame, providing compression over the full door height. A magnet in the latchplate then triggers the locking mechanism to engage the deadbolt and hooks. A single turn of the cylinder now renders the door fully secure, making Z-TA ideal for the elderly or infirm. *

( 01634 263300


Q-railing relaunches acclaimed ‘d line’

New academy strikes the perfect balance

Beautiful glass balustrades from Sapphire provide the perfect balance between high style and student-proof performance at the new £32m Shoreham Academy in West Sussex. Sapphire was selected to manufacture and install high quality internal balustrades to complement the threestorey building’s contemporary design and deliver the durability demanded by such a high traffic education environment. Balustrades to atria and stairways combine elements from Sapphire’s core range of handrails, balusters (uprights) and infills, with custom detailing to satisfy the design criteria of each application. *

( 0844 88 00 553 036

Q-railing has recently launched its new 2013 range. A highlight is the re-introduction of the world-famous ‘d line’ railing system, a high-end designer system that is extremely popular amongst interior designers and architects. Now Q-railing has returned this timeless designer system to the European market, giving d line its own brand that retains its original quality. “The expressive and minimalist stainless steel design shows up perfectly as part of the d line handrail system,” states designer Knud Holscher. “Besides being beautiful to look at and practical in use, this range is also easy to install and modify.” * ( 0800 781 4245


Professor Yi captures the ‘spirit of the location’

Against the spectacular background of Tower Bridge and the Shard, Professor Eun Young Yi shared his controversial architectural perspective on the London skyline at GEZE UK’s exclusive evening reception. More than 150 architects gathered on the deck of HMS Admiral Landside, enjoying drinks, canapés and an inspirational view, before listening to Professor Yi’s theory about a simple, more spiritual approach to new architecture. “If we look at the phenomenon of the architecture today, we can find a growing degree of disorientation,” explained Yi. “What we have to create is architecture which stays true to its essence and its implicitness.” *


01543 443000

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Doors, Windows & Facades

Glassolutions invests in EMALIT EVOLUTION Lead-free toughened enamelled glass EMALIT EVOLUTION can now be manufactured into sealed units in a range of 11 standard colours in 10 days, as a result of significant investment by Glassolutions. EMALIT EVOLUTION is used primarily for external facades in insulated spandrels or cladding panels in non-vision areas for an aesthetically clean appearance.The new production capability means that as well as the standard range of 11 colours, bespoke colours and colourmatching services are available. EMALIT EVOLUTION is an opaque coloured glass.The enamel is free from lead and other dangerous metals making it more environmentally friendly and totally recyclable. *



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Facade system gains technical approval

Schueco Jansen’s VISS SG structural glazing facade system has just been given European Technical Approval (ETA-13/0015).The contemporary sought-after ‘all-glass’ appearance of a VISS SG Facade is achieved through a special toggle and channel system which holds the glazed unit in place mechanically, without the need for the traditional mullion/transom pressure plate and cover cap profiles.The result is that, from the outside, only the narrow silicone joints between adjoining units are visible. Capable of supporting glass panes up to 2.5m wide x 5.0m high and weighing up to 800kg,VISS SG delivers maximum transparency together with excellent U values. *



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Triple goes on growing for Glazerite installers Glazerite installers are proving that triple glazing is a real boost for business as well as a welcome benefit for consumers. It is also emerging that the bonus of extra sound insulation is proving a major part of the buying decision. Mark Pearce, MD of Andover-based KJM Group, says: “Nearly 20% of all our window sales are triple glazed. It’s a niche product that can be sold for a premium. Plus the benefits are really appreciated by the homeowners. In my own home, it has noticeably improved the sound insulation as well as giving me a warmer house and our customers say just the same.” *

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Achieve the right finish

Duration Windows opens grand centre

Duration Windows believes that it is important to ‘try before you buy’ which is why the company has created its Grand Design Exhibition Centre.The brand new centre is fully equipped with an extensive range of aluminium products and is over three times the size of Duration’s previous premises. Bi-folding doors and two roof lanterns have been installed into a life size orangery style construction to show customers what can be achieved for custom projects.The new showroom is open seven days a week. Book an appointment now to utilise a personal service and an extra 5% discount. *


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Macclesfield-based Capstone Doors has introduced a new water-based paint finish for its increasingly popular GRP Composite door. Capstone can now offer its full range of doors in any colour and in any level of gloss. RAL colours form the basis of Capstone’s standard range but other colours can be provided, including those defined under British Standards. Exceptional paint finishes are achieved using a three-part system which incorporates a primer to provide adhesion, top coat for the deep colour and a finishing coat that provides superb durability. Gloss levels can be provided between 30% and 60% with the finish guaranteed for 10 years. * ( 01625 430779


New addition to Schueco AWS exceeds regulations

The tried-and-tested AWS range of outward-opening aluminium windows from Schueco UK has now been extended by the addition of a new system, AWS 75.SI. This new window offers superb design flexibility and benefits from a number of optimised features which help it set new standards in thermal insulation. With a face-width of 111mm, Schueco AWS 75.SI can achieve a Uf value of 1.3 W/(m2K) and a Uw value as low as 0.91 W(m2K), figures which will not only comfortably exceed the new Document L 2013 regulations but which make it one of the highest performing aluminium outward-opening window systems in the UK. *

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Doors, Windows & Facades

New Heritage door from Smart The new Alitherm Heritage door from Smart Architectural Aluminium offers a modern solution to the problem of replacing traditional steel-framed doors. The door sits alongside Smart’s established Evolution window range, echoing the systems’ elegant lines and robust performance. Designed specifically to replicate the slim profiles of traditional steel windows and doors, Alitherm Heritage is ideal for sensitive planning areas and for heritage, renovation and refurbishment projects where traditional steel doors and windows have to be replaced. Providing all the advantages of modern, thermally-broken aluminium profiles, the door delivers a U-value of 1.8 W/m²K when installed with a suitable sealed unit. *



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Garador launches Chatsworth door

Garage door manufacturer Garador has launched the new PVC Chatsworth door. Constructed from a UV-fast low-gloss plastic, the Chatsworth offers an attractive and durable solution for any garage.This new Chatsworth door is constructed to complement existing white PVC doors and windows in the home and designed to be low maintenance and long-lasting. Simon Hipgrave, Managing Director of Garador, explains: “The Chatsworth and Sherborne doors are an extremely low maintenance and hard-wearing solution for any home.The surface of the door panel is a strong, crisp and elegant with its vacuum formed panels offering an attractive and very desirable finish.” *



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Spring into action

Provider of security and safety solutions Ingersoll Rand has launched a new Floor Spring, the Briton 2820 series, suitable for high traffic single and double action doors. The Briton 2820 Floor Springs have been designed to the highest possible standards ensuring excellent quality, efficiency and reliability. The Floor springs are available in two fixed power sizes, which meet the requirements of EN 1154/CE marked doors and EN1634 fire testing for timber doors. The Floor Springs are suitable for use on doors up to a weight of 100kg, a width of 1100mm and with an opening angle of no more than 120 degrees. *

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Corpus Christi replacement with Crittall One of Cambridge’s oldest and best known colleges, Corpus Christi, has been undergoing extensive refurbishment, with Crittall Windows installed in an accommodation block on the historic site. The work involved replacing the existing Universal steel windows with profiles from the Corporate W20 and 2000 ranges from Crittall Windows, in a like for like scheme. In addition, a bespoke pressed steel surround was also fabricated to replicate the original subframe.The Crittall windows and doors that were installed serve a dual purpose; maintaining the overall visual appearance of the traditional Cambridge architecture and significantly improving the thermal performance of the existing building.

Brio’s blueprint for architects

Bi-folding exterior and interior doors have become the latest ‘must have’ adjunct to modern living. And all the indications are that this trend will only continue to grow. According to David Newton, General Manager at Brio UK: “Brio is a global provider able to offer architects a win-win situation as we manufacture and supply products that are flexible and are more than happy to adapt products to work with various materials thereby allowing the architect the freedom to think outside the box and be flexible within budgets.” *

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Composite doors receive a facelift

The Door Factory, based in Staffordshire, has developed a brand new concept for composite doors.The external face of the company’s rebated doors can now be clad with a series of aluminium extrusions which lock together to replicate a traditional door construction.This means doors can be finished with vertical, horizontal or diagonal panels.There are just three components; bottom/midrail, top/side-rail and the plank panels.The aluminium facings are available in Golden Oak, Rosewood, Cedar and Walnut woodgrains, which are finished using the Decoral sublimation process. Powder coated RAL colours are also available, but on an extended lead time. *


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Roofing, Cladding & Insulation

Secure systems on another level

Protecta-Clad was developed to take advantage of the installation process for safety barriers

The new Thames Valley Police Base at Taplow in Berkshire includes a two-storey concrete car park for both fleet and commuter parking. TTSP Architects specified Vision 38 perforated aluminium cladding on the two sides facing into the rest of the site and Securegard 358 mesh fencing on the two exterior facing sides. was completed with 53 metres of rubber wallguard and 38 rubber corner fenders to protect the concrete wall on the ramp and the concrete columns from unsightly and potentially expensive vehicle damage. Protecta-Clad can be floor or column mounted by utilising brackets cleverly affixed to either the spring steel buffer base plates or the column fixings. These brackets are designed so that the barrier can still absorb energy by deflecting on impact but the cladding is not affected.

Mounted barriers All Berry Systems’ barriers are independently tested at MIRA. In some circumstances the cladding element of Protecta-Clad can be specified to meet the pedestrian loading requirements of BS 6180 so that no pedestrian handrail is required on the main perimeter. Alternatively, as at the Thames Valley Police Base, a handrail and anti-climb mesh can be mounted onto the barriers instead. Berry Systems Managing Director

Installation of the cladding and fencing was achieved from the deck, disposing of the need for cherry pickers or scaffolding


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commented: “This project for the Thames Valley Police is a great example of the benefits that can accrue when we are involved in the specification process at an earlier stage. Protecta-Clad is still a relatively new concept but because the safety barriers are frequently part of the final finish, they are often specified much later than the external envelope. So by the time the architect is aware of Protecta-Clad’s advantages, the project has progressed too far for it to be included.”


TSP Architects also specified Berry Systems’ spring steel-mounted safety barriers for perimeter edge protection and made this decision early enough for Berry to demonstrate that its Protecta-Clad system could be used to combine the barriers, the cladding and the fencing thereby saving components and installation time. Protecta-Clad was developed to take advantage of the installation process for safety barriers. The base plates of the spring steel buffers are extended to carry the mounting brackets for the cladding and, at Taplow, were also used to support the fencing posts. Installation of the cladding and fencing was achieved from the deck, disposing of the need for cherry pickers or scaffolding. The barriers also provide immediate ‘working at height’ safety for the installers. A total of 166 metres of safety barriers were installed to which 163 square metres of cladding was attached and 158 square metres of mesh fencing. The installation ( 01902 491100 *


Roofing, Cladding & Insulation

Shackerley contribution is written in stone Shackerley has supplied two of the most visible new external architectural elements at Liverpool Central Library, now re-opened to the public after a £50m project to transform the facility into a state-of-the-art civic centre. Behind the iretained Grade II listed Victorian frontages is a striking new five-storey library and archive repository building, the external elevations of which have been predominantly clad with Shackerley’s Sureclad ceramic granite ventilated facade system.The new facades have a distinctive style, featuring randomly positioned panels of varying widths in a palette of carefully selected natural tones. In addition to supplying over 2200m2 of prefabricated ‘installation ready’ ceramic granite cladding, Shackerley also utilised specialist in-house facilities at its ISO 9001



accredited Lancashire factory to create the Library’s 20m high ‘Literary Wall’ – a gleaming black roll-call of famous authors playwrights and poets associated with Liverpool, engraved in gold lettering on large format solid granite panels, cut to bespoke sizes measuring up to 2800 x 600 x 30mm. Architect Ben Aston of Austin-Smith: Lord comments: “Shackerley offers ceramic granite in an extensive range of colours and finishes from which we selected our tonal palette of neutral colours with a natural unpolished finish. The flexibility of the Sureclad system

allowed panels of different sizes to be used, achieving the non-monolithic appearance required. “For the Literary Wall we wanted a high quality polished black stone that would retain its good looks in all weathers. Granite is by no means an easy material to work with but Shackerley had the specialist in-house cutting, drilling and engraving facilities to supply everything we needed.” *

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052 bespoke

Meet the family... With its Conservation, EVO, Planus and Bespoke product range, Lumen Rooflights have a family to be proud of! Check out our new 3D product viewers online at Contact Lumen on: 0330 300 1090 email: The bright choice for architects Online Enquiry 053 For a faster response visit or use the free reader enquiry card


Roofing, Cladding & Insulation

Striving to be the best The construction of winter sports facilities is always a significant challenge for building engineers as there are so many intricacies to consider, such as the need for multilevel ventilation. Much depends on how well services such as mechanical ventilation and air conditioning are performing, in terms of both the comfort and well-being of athletes and fans – and the condition of the ice and of the building itself. Complex structures demand high quality materials with proven performance and reliability, which is why DuPont Tyvek membranes have been installed in building envelope of the ‘Ice Cube’ curling center in Sochi, Russia.

Taking inspiration from the shape of a curling stone, the designers specified hi-tech materials in different tones varying from gray to silver to decorate the curving structure. The building has been clad with ‘sandwich’ panels applied as element-by-

element assembly, the key elements of which include base structure, insulation, membrane and exterior cladding. In order to ensure the smooth operation of ventilation and to reduce air conditioning costs a total of 12,000m2 of DuPont Tyvek advanced breather membranes have been applied to the walls and roof of the building. DuPont Tyvek membranes have unique properties offering protection against weather conditions such as rain, snow and wind. In addition, moisture vapour diffuses freely through the natural pores in the membrane structure, optimising interior climate, while the airtight membranes work as part of a holistic solution for improved thermal performance and energy-efficiency. The lower level of the stadium facade is constructed from insulated glass units with a mirror-like finish to echo the reflectivity of the ice within. To the interior, the ice curling field is made up of four tracks, surrounded by facilities for the athletes and their support teams, plus referees and press, with stadium seating above. The second tier of the arena features facilities for officials, families and VIPs. *

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CitiDeck solution for Library Street Housing development Firestone – the natural choice for centre expansion The popular Bicester Avenue Garden Centre underwent a planned expansion to provide additional internal floorspace. The Firestone roofing solutions team worked closely with the client and contractors from concept to completion to develop a roof specification to meet the demands of the centre. Firestone RubberGard EPDM Single Ply Roofing system was selected for ease of application and long-term weatherproof integrity. Firestone Polyiso insulation was a key element of the design, both in meeting the Part L energy conservation requirements and through use of the unique ISOGARD HD cover board which provide the optimum surface for the waterproofing. *


52 01606 552026


The Library Street housing development in South East London was designed to provide high specification living and outdoor space, but as affordable housing. JB Citideck, a smooth non-slip deck board was chosen for all raised walkways and balconies, and the roof garden. Initially developed in conjunction with the inclusivity officer for the Olympics, the deck boards provide a safe non slip surface, whilst complementing the high design standards of the project.The JB CitiDeck boards used for the Library Street Development were supplied with full PEFC chain of custody, treated to Use Class 3 and strength graded C16. * ( 01427 675588


Educational copper from Aurubis

Dudley College’s aspiration for a bold contemporary building which respects its historic town centre context is realised with the completion of Dudley Evolve, characterised by horizontal copper panels from Aurubis Architectural. In addition to Nordic Standard mill finish copper, Aurubis Architectural supplied panels in Nordic Brown and Nordic Brown Light, both preoxidised at its factory to give straightaway the same oxidised surface that otherwise develops over time in the environment. The thickness of the oxide layer determines its colour: either Nordic Brown Light or the darker Nordic Brown. *

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Roofing, Cladding & Insulation

BIM sparks fresh interest in Dryseal Hambleside Danelaw’s Dryseal GRP flat roofing system has been attracting international interest from architects and specifiers since the system’s AutoCAD Revit building information modelling (BIM) components went live on the online BIM Store. Available on the Store are the various components that make up the Dryseal system, different roof build-ups and details. The BIM box gutter detail is getting the most views while the full system is the most downloaded component. Hambleside believes that Dryseal is one of the first flat roofing systems to be available via BIM – another innovation from the British manufacturer. *



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Greater need for fire protection

Following the recent announcement to changes in the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT), the need for fire protection in lofts is more important than ever, claims Aico. Aico provides a simple, costeffective solution in the form of its Loftcap range which has been specifically designed to reduce the risk of fire by keeping combustibles away from the hot downlight and by preventing the spread of fire through the opening in the ceiling made for by the downlight, for up to one hour. Manufactured from inert fibres and organic binders, Loftcaps are rot, corrosion, vermin resistant, non combustible, non-electrically conductive and entirely maintenance free. *



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Clubhouse invests in green roof Kemper System’s Kemperol V210 waterproofing membrane has played an important role in the development of a new sustainable club house at Richmond Park Golf Club.The building boasts a green roof over a warm roof build-up, which uses acid turf from the Royal Park at Richmond allowing the gently sloping building to blend into the rolling landscape of the course. Gary Millsom of roofing contractor, Garhigh, says: “In order to ensure the roof remained watertight, Kemper System’s seamless liquid waterproofing system Kemperol V210 was selected for its FLL certified rootresistant properties, durability and proven performance in green roof developments.” ( 01925 445532 060 *

LEVATO MONO, a next generation paver system Pavers comprised of a 20mm single layer of load-bearing porcelain stoneware, with incredible technical and aesthetic features. Selflevelling and height adjustable pedestals allow for rapid installation over uneven sub-surfaces and any waterproof membrane.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Ideal for roof terraces, balconies and walkways Floating floor – installation over single ply membranes Eternal finish – massive over life savings Zero maintenance Completely non-porous; stain resistant Slip resistance; BS pendulum test up to +65 wet Lightweight – 45kgs per m2 Timber & stone effects – 30+ finishes available High load bearing- static load up to 1 tonne per paver Fire and frost-proof Height adjustable pedestal support system Hidden services with easy access

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Roofing, Cladding & Insulation

Kemper System helps optimise university assets Waterproofing specialist, Kemper System has helped Anglia Ruskin University transform a former office block into a prestigious faculty building thanks to its Stratex warm roof and Kemperol V210 cold liquid-applied waterproofing systems.The installation team laid a Kempershield vapour control layer on all three roofs before beginning installation of Kemper System’s Kempertherm insulation board. Although Kemperol V210 is impervious to standing water, a tapered insulation board was chosen to create a slight pitch on the existing flat roofs to help with water drainage and, once this had been primed, the installation team applied the Kemperol V210 liquid membrane. *

063 ( 01925 445532

BBA certifies Jablite Flat Roof Inverted Insulation The British Board of Agrément (BBA) has certified Jablite Flat Roof Insulation (FRI) for use on zero fall flat roofs, balconies, terraces and green roofs. “This is the first time that an inverted roof insulation board for use on zero fall roofs has been approved by the BBA,” says David Teasdale, Jablite’s Sales & Marketing Director. “We are very pleased to finally have the BBA certificate in our hands. It was particularly pleasing that Claire Thomas-Curtis, CEO of the BBA presented it to us at our breakfast discussion about innovation and sustainability at the Gherkin.” *



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Routinely check roof system compliance

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of roof access and safety systems, SAFETYWORKS & Solutions are also authorised to provide inspection and maintenance of systems and personnel protective equipment in accordance with the appropriate HSE legislation. The process ensures that all components are inspected for signs of damage/ wear and tear, or corrosion, as well as testing relevant fall arrest and restraint products to confirm that they remain fully operational in terms of sustaining their designated load issued upon installation. *


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Recticel makes its mark on insulation

Langley enjoys life in the fast lane Langley Waterproofing Systems has undertaken a roofing project at the Mayfair home of British racing icon Sir Stirling Moss. The specialist copper veral solution from Langley was selected by Sir Stirling and the project’s contractor, Keith Marzetti of Tower Asphalt. Sir Stirling knew he could trust the product, as the roof being replaced was a Langley copper veral system installed more than 20 years ago. What’s more the original Langley roof had performed so well it was possible to install the new solution using the property’s existing copper veral cladding as part of a planned upgrade of the roof’s photovoltaic panels. *


54 01327 704778


Recticel Insulation has underlined the quality of its products by making a Declaration of Performance for each one readily available via its website. The move follows the recent July 1st deadline when the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) came into force, replacing the Construction Products Directive. Recticel Insulation’s Technical Manager, Peter Wilcox comments: “Our products already carried the appropriate markings prior to the change, as we were already CE Marking. We’ve now made the declarations downloadable from our website so that customers can access them at the click of a mouse, or even at the scan of a QR label.” * ( 01782 590470


Enewall builds on reputation with BBA Renders and aggregates expert, Enewall, has cemented its reputation as a construction industry leader after being awarded four BBA certifications. Enewall, which has developed a wide range of polymer-based render and stone aggregate products, has gained BBA accreditation for its Render and External Wall Insulation systems. Combining the two systems will guarantee a life expectancy of 60 years. The certificates were awarded after undergoing rigorous, independently verified product testing, exceeding specification standards in performance, strength and stability, behaviour in relation to fire and durability, among other assessment criteria. *

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Encouraging investments

The Green Deal is a programme aimed at encouraging us to take steps towards a ‘greener’ lifestyle. Under the Green Deal, we are able to buy home energy efficiency improvements without having to front up the cash. Instead, ‘loans’ are available from Green Deal Providers, who will get their money back through our energy bills.


is to replace the conventional gas, oil or all-electric (fossil fuel based) heating system with a more efficient alternative. The Green Deal coincides with another government scheme – The RHI scheme, which is already available for commercial projects. Announced on the 12th July, the Domestic RHI scheme pays the installation owner for the renewable heat generated provided that they meet certain eligibility criteria. The tariff payments will be calculated by multiplying the proposed tariff per kWh by the amount of heat

wner-occupiers and tenants will both be able to reap the rewards through reduced energy bills and the environment will benefit from a reduction in the carbon emissions from power stations. The Green Deal is also key to the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. Heating systems (for heating and hot water) are claimed to be responsible for 84% of the energy consumed in the average UK home. The single, most effective way to address the energy efficiency of our homes

output of the system. RHI payments will become available from April 2014. In the interim, one off ‘grants’ are available under what is known as The Renewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme (RHPP) for a range of renewable heat technologies, including air to water heat pump systems. The general idea is that the Green Deal and the RHI will co-exist to encourage investment in energy efficiency improvements not only through better insulation but also by incentivising the adoption of renewable heat technologies. Space Air, (est. 1980) is an MCS registered company that specialises in the supply of Daikin Heat Pumps, including those that qualify for RHPP and RHI payments, that have been designed to replace existing fossil fuel central heating systems with minimal disruption. Already highly popular in Continental Europe as their reliability is excellent, maintenance is low, they are generally compact, quiet and offer remarkably high operating efficiencies. Heat Pump systems can supply more than 3 times the heat output of a conventional boiler for the same amount of energy input. For householders to qualify for the domestic RHI, or the RHPP, certain eligibility criteria apply. Heat pumps for example, must be MCS certified and installed by an MCS registered company, as this provides consumer assurance that both have gone through rigorous, independent assessment processes. In most cases, subject to ensuring your property has a reasonable level of insulation, it is a simple matter of selecting a system that suits your requirements and adapting to a different physical and visual concept for achieving comfort in the home. Some heat pumps can be combined with solar thermal energy, thus saving even more on energy bills, and protecting our environment.

The Green Deal and the RHI will co-exist to encourage investment in energy efficiency improvements




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Evinox provides solution close to home

Epsom Railway Station has been redeveloped to provide new and improved facilities for the town alongside 117 new homes, a Travelodge hotel, and three retail units. Evinox Ltd, a local company based in Epsom has provided a complete communal heating solution for the new development. Evinox’s involvement includes M&E design support, heat interface units and an energy metering and billing service. Managing Director David Whitfield comments: “As a local business owner and Epsom resident, I was very keen for Evinox to be involved in this exciting regeneration scheme. From the early planning stages we worked closely with the M&E consultant on the design, to help ensure that the best system was specified for the building.” The communal heating system is connected to an energy centre that includes a combination of dual fuel, bio diesel and gas fired boilers to achieve renewable targets and reduce carbon emissions for the building. Each apartment features an Evinox ModuSat heat interface unit with integrated

hot water storage tank. The ModuSat draws energy from the main heating primary circuit delivered from the energy centre. The ModuSat storage model enables the centralised plant space to be greatly reduced due to the increased thermal storage facility being utilised in each apartment.

Residents benefit from the Evinox remote billing solution, where they only pay for the proportion of energy that they consume, and they will receive fully itemised bills. The ModuSat heat interface units feature in-built energy meters, which enable Evinox to accurately monitor and record the energy used to provide heating and hot water for each dwelling. Additional, using SmartTalk two-way data communication, the system in each dwelling can be remotely metered, controlled, interrogated and tested. Evinox is also providing service and maintenance contracts for both the ModuSat Heat Interface Units and the central plant equipment at the development. *

( 01372 722277


REHAU introduces coolboard chilled ceiling system REHAU has launched a new chilled ceiling system designed to provide a cost effective and energy efficient heating and cooling solution in commercial environments with suspended ceilings. REHAU CoolBoard is the first one piece system in the UK with polymer pipework pre-embedded into plasterboard panels. It features predrilled fixing holes to make it fast and easy to install and offers a simple and permanent jointing system. REHAU CoolBoard comprises standard gypsum plasterboard panels with grooves milled into them to accommodate loops of pre-integrated 10mm RAUTHERM PE-Xa pipework. *


01989 762600


Installation improves for air quality management

Many opportunities exist to upgrade older houses and flats where multi-point water heaters are used and where space heating is by electric, solid fuel or partial gas fired space heating. Replacing these fragmented systems is now far easier.The installation of an Aquair HIU heating interface unit, linked to a domestic high efficiency combi boiler has become an efficient and cost effective solution. It saves space and gives substantial savings in CO2 emissions – in every case it can make substantial savings through reductions in gas consumption. It provides added benefits such as summer air circulation and electronic air cleaning, thus improving indoor air quality. *


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DMS installs Sontex Heat Meter on GSHP

DMS will move to its 5500ft2 purpose built premises this month.To service the offices and warehouse with underfloor heating/ cooling, it has had a Nibe 1340 – 30kW GSHP with cooling installed by specialist contractor Henson Heat Pumps. DMS have also installed an RHI Compliant Sontex Superstatic 440, the ideal meter for the application, as on the cooling side the system contains glycol.The 440 meter can accurately measure the kW or MW energy in heating/cooling system with a glycol additive – it can also be programmed to account for the percentage mix of over 65 different types of glycol. *

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Enhanced ventilation with new RENSON louvre The new Linius L.050W high performance weather louvre from RENSON allows architects and constructors to create aesthetically elegant louvre facades with excellent weather protection and still allowing excellent ventilation. This HEVAC tested louvre system achieves class A2 with intake suction velocities up to 3.0 m/s as well as a free area of 57%. This means a low resistance louvre with exceptional water protection performance. The system is easy to install and integrate with other facade elements. It is available in both continuous louvre and panel form.

For places in the facade where the water-resistance is not so vital, RENSON has developed the Linius L.050WS, a cost effective blade that architecturally matches the L.050W. RENSON also provides a range of structural mullions and fixing options, therefore reducing the need for structural steelwork.

These systems can be provided in a variety of finishes, including anodising or polyester powder coating. Typical applications are electricity plants, data centres and IT-applications. *

( 01622 754 123


Technical Specifications: Linius® Pitch (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm) K-Factor (supply) Physical free area (%) Maximum unsupported span between two mullions (mm) at qb 800 Pa wind pressure



50 130 89.6 10.47 57 1900

50 130 89.6 6.09 59 1900

Pegler Yorkshire invests to double production Affordable energy saving radiators

Installers and home owners could get better efficiency benefits from one of Quinn’s panel radiators, rather than paying a premium for energy saving models, according to the company’s Managing Director Nick Whitwell.Quinn Radiators’ rebranded Hi-Lo Round Top and Compact models emit up to 25% more heat than other like for like panel radiators but can also deliver greater efficiency benefits than more expensive radiators that are branded as energy saving. Quinn radiators feature smaller water channels and more convection fins, enabling them to heat rooms quickly and keep them at reliably constant levels. *


58 01633 657000


Leading UK plumbing and heating manufacturer, Pegler Yorkshire, has invested millions into its two Yorkshire sites in order to double production capacity to cope with the expected demand in its range of metal push-fit fittings. The company’s Leeds site has received an investment of £2.8m, whilst its Doncaster factory has seen an injection of an additional £2.5m all part of Pegler Yorkshire’s strategy to remain competitive in a global market place. The investment has been made in new presses and related machinery for the production of components for plumbing systems, thermostatic mixing and engineering valves. * ( 0844 243 4400


Faster installation with new Atag Q Series rig

ATAG Heating UK has introduced an enhanced installation rig for its Q Series condensing boiler’s Cascade installations. The rig enables up to three Q Series condensing system models to be installed in a variety of configurations and being only 1.5m in overall height, is particularly suitable where plant headroom is restricted. Advantages of the new rig include faster and easier installation, a reduced surface area requirement and lower maintenance costs. Designed for the larger domestic and smaller commercial properties, Q Series condensing boiler rigs offer modulating outputs from 9.0 to 171.9kW. All models come with a 5-year parts and labour guarantee. *


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079 Your essential new reference for sustainable building product information. Browse and download the latest product brochures, technical videos, testimonials, CPD, BIM and press releases free of charge. is the comprehensive online directory for architects, specifiers and construction professionals looking to source sustainable building products and materials.


LIBR sustainable-buildingpr



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apollo monza aluminium column radiator

Ultimate system design. Maximum efficiency. Worry-free management. Discover better communal heating with Evinox.

Modern contemporary aluminium column radiator Ideal for low temperature renewable systems unique design, half the weight of steel 40 sizes of vertical and horizontal 3 day delivery white, 7 days 46 colours Online Enquiry 081

Communal Heating Specialists

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Drainage & Landscaping durability and weathering resistance. The Heritage style cast aluminium fingers feature raised text and borders highlighted in gold, with a classic Pagoda finial top mount. These attractive information posts provided the ideal solution for guiding the public to the local amenities and attractions. Bollards International successfully manufactured and delivered a cost-effective and durable solution for this prestigious project. East Devon District Council were highly delighted with the way in which Bollards International’s Manchester fingerposts complemented the town centre.

Seaside town enjoys a new direction

East Devon District Council required the expertise of Bollards International to provide an alternative solution for replacing the existing cast iron fingerposts previously used for the seaside town of Sidmouth. The use of polyurethane was their key decision when looking to provide new signage for the town. Bollards International’s Manchester-styled finger posts were chosen to suit the surrounding Victorian and Regency architecture. The Manchester Fingerpost has a fully galvanised recycled steel core and is moulded from engineering-grade polyurethane elastomer containing

chemicals derived from a renewable source (rapeseed oil) and fillers from recycled materials. Ensuring the posts remain of a consistently high quality, a top-coat of high-performance, two-part polyurethane paint is used. This finish chemically bonds with the PU body eliminating any possibility of paint flaking or chipping. It is the best product on the market for long-term


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Yeoman Rainguard ‘polishes’ up colour range

Polypipe goods doing the biz Polypipe’s reputation as a leading supplier of uPVC rainwater goods for new build and retrofit applications, continues to grow on the back of quality options like its cast iron lookalike product – Elegance.The Elegance range includes rainwater goods and a range of soil and vent products.Whilst specifiers are drawn to the new system because of its quality and aesthetic benefits – it’s ideal for use in refurb projects on older buildings, self build projects and in conservation areas or in areas where older style homes predominate – installers have welcomed the ease of installation and the light weight of the system. *


60 01709 770000


In line with today’s market demands,Yeoman Rainguard, a leading specialist in rainwater systems, has expanded its exciting colour range to now include a choice of metallic shades.The metallic colours have proven a popular choice for contemporary design and are available in the Aluminium range whilst the Vision Range holds a wide range of colours for both Aluminium & GRP systems. Along with offering colours from a standard pallet,Yeoman Rainguard can supply any BS5252 (inc BS4800) colour as well as the RAL colour range. A colour matching service is also available. *


0113 279 5854


The right selection for SuDS A unique new industry tool is being launched to help users explore the options for designing and building a surface-water ‘Treatment Train’ as part of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) in anticipation of growing water quality regulations. The free-to-use Treatment Selection Tool available at stormtrain/tool has been developed by Hydro International in response to tougher environmental and planning requirements for SuDS that remove silts, sediments, oils and pollutants from surface water runoff. With the Treatment Selection Tool, users can specify the catchment type and receiving water body and then investigate ‘what if’ scenarios to build example treatment trains. * ( 01275 878371

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Drainage & External Works

Rhinophalt provides answer to road crisis In June, The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) released its flagship ‘The State of the Nation Transport 2013’ report which highlights key infrastructure opportunities to help combat the challenges that the UK is currently experiencing, therefore it is no secret that the UK’s road infrastructure requires much needed maintenance. According to the ALARM 2103 survey, one in five of the UK’s roads are in poor condition, which means they have less than five years of life remaining. With the cost of maintenance far outweighing the budget, the future looks bleak for one of the country’s most important assets. In the report, the ICE recognises the significant benefits that the transport infrastructure brings to the economy and urges for a more strategic approach to maintaining it; more long term planning regimes for road maintenance, instead of reactive, short-term solutions. Rhinophalt from Ultracrete is a unique

BBA HAPAS approved, proven preservation system that significantly extends the life of asphalt surfaces by sealing in the essential oils of the bituminous binder and providing protection from weathering, oxidisation and the ingress of water and saline. This prevents the loosening of aggregate and development of cracks such that water cannot penetrate into the road’s surface and lead to eventual pothole formation. Rhinophalt is cold spray applied to the existing asphalt surface; for optimum whole life benefit it should be applied to asphalt that is yet to show signs of deterioration, but is also proven on sound, older surfaces,

in order to prevent further degradation. Our road network has an estimated asset value of £300bn, so it makes financial sense to invest in its protection, so that we can get the best out of it and save our already burdened economy a whole lot of money. A system, such as Rhinophalt, will contribute enormously towards cost savings, and strengthen the back bone of our infrastructure; the core of our transport system, without which, the country would grind to a halt. *

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100 95 75

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Floors, Walls & Ceilings

Nuway Connect keeps floors clean dry and safe With over a quarter of a million visitors every week, Castle Quay Shopping Centre in Banbury places a very high priority on public safety. When refurbishing the six entrance areas of the Centre, Operations Manager Nick James knew that he needed to specify a highly effective entrance flooring system that could withstand intensive use. The system also had to provide safe and easy access for disabled visitors. Nuway Connect was specified, one of Forbo’s new flexible engineered entrance flooring systems on the recommendations of SDS Matting of Allton – a member of FESSI (the national network of Forbo Entrance Systems Specialist Installers). A versatile mat design developed to provide a very high level of moisture absorption, Nuway Connect is available on open and closed constructions and in heights ranging from 10 to 22mm. Unlike

most ‘engineered’ entrance matting, Nuway Connect in its ‘open’ construction can be rolled up making it easier to clean the matwell below. Castle Quay was able to choose from a wide range of mat ‘infill strips’ including rubber, bristle and six different textile colours, drawn from Forbo’s Coral Classic range. Forbo’s Technical team advised on the choice of Coral Classic in anthracite which, combined with Connect’s low

lustre, anodised aluminium finish, would help to avoid ‘strobing’ in bright conditions. SDS Matting were required to fit over 240m2 of Nuway Connect in total, but thanks to the product’s ease of cutting and shaping on site, the installation was completed quickly and easily, out of hours, with no disruption to the shopping centre. *

( 0844 822 3928


Dulux Trade paint enhances durability range Dulux Trade has extended its range of durable solutions, with the launch of a coating purpose designed for super high traffic environments. Diamond High Performance Eggshell is formulated to provide superior scuff resistance and extended maintenance cycles, making it ideal for even the most demanding of spaces. Dulux Trade Diamond High Performance Eggshell is the newest solution within the company’s range of hard-wearing water-based coatings, which are stain resistant and can be scrubbed clean without burnishing. The new addition is five times tougher extending maintenance cycles by an extra year compared to other Diamond Eggshell formulations. *


0870 242 1100


Ted Todd unveils new masterpiece Ted Todd has introduced its new and unique engineered range, Masterpiece, which takes its inspiration from the master furniture makers. Produced from only the finest materials, the products within the Masterpiece range are suitable for use on both the floor and wall. Patterns range from contemporary abstract designs such as Aagaard and Hepplewhite through Gillow and Bissill to the more traditional Sheraton all of which are available in a range of colour options – this range is truly like having a work of art in your project. *



01925 283000


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Sika supports young apprentices Sika Limited, global provider of construction solutions, has supported a new initiative to help provide apprenticeships for young people in Lambeth. The company has donated 1500 hi-vis vests to the scheme, as well as provided free of charge materials to help complete the regeneration of Stockwell Community Centre.Ivo Schaedler, General Manager of Sika Limited, comments: “We are very proud to be able to support this innovative new programme that will not only help young people gain valuable skills, but will also help to restore empty properties across the Lambeth borough over the next two years.” ( 01707 363866 *


Floors, Walls & Ceilings

New Sandust tiles join RAK’s Collection Inspired by the varying tones and textures of the Arabian Desert, RAK’s Sandust Collection includes two new porcelain tile formats in a striking Anthracite and White colour tone.Suitable for wall and floor application, RAK’s Sandust tile is offered in 60 x 60cm and 60 x 30cm formats. The design is achieved using the latest ink jet technology, which provides great depth and an authentic colour pallet. All tiles have a matt finish and a R10 slip resistance rating, achieved by intermittently striking the surface during the pressing process. They can be installed both internally and externally, providing a stylish, contemporary surface. *



01730 237850

Knauf Metal Sections simplify installation

Providing the maximum performance with minimum fuss, Knauf Metal Sections are easily installed in any modern interior or refurbishment project to construct partitions and suspended ceilings in systems that are rigorously tested to meet a wide range of acoustic and fire protection requirements. Knauf Metal Sections offer designers a choice of configurations and performances that will fulfil the demands of the most complex projects and will be backed by a complete warranty as part of a compliant Knauf system. Specifiers can also draw upon the resources of Knauf’s in-house technical support team and field-based team of project managers. *


Ancon updates technical literature Stainless steel fixings specialist, Ancon Building Products, has updated its technical literature to highlight the products that now carry CE Marking under the Construction Products Regulation. The new Ancon publications, which can now be downloaded from, or are available in hard copy on request, are Wall Ties and Restraint Fixings, Masonry Support Systems and Lintels, Windposts and Parapet Posts and Tension and Compression Systems. As well as providing an introduction to the new regulation, the updated literature uses the CE logo throughout to help readers identify immediately those products designed, tested and manufactured to a harmonised European Standard or European Technical Approval. *

( 0114 275 5224


01795 424499


Heavy duty PVC recycled tiles for large areas

Plastex Chex is a tough floor comprising large square interlocking tiles manufactured from 100% REACH compliant recycled PVC. The tiles are used for permanent or temporary heavy duty covering of large areas offering a combination of durability, value for money and long life cycle performance. The checker plate surface with interlocking jigsaw design ensures slip resistance for improved safety at work as well as providing comfort underfoot and offering a safe and comfortable alternative to bare concrete floors. The flooring is specially designed for use in heavy duty workplaces, such as finishing/ assembly areas, laboratories and factories. *

( 01268 571116


Planet Partitioning claims Gold at AIS awards In recognition of its work carried out at The Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Planet Partitioning has been presented with the Gold award for Partitioning at the 2013 AIS Contractors Awards, held at The Dorchester Hotel, London. The awards are presented to AIS’ contractor members who have delivered outstanding projects of exceptional quality and value. The Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) required a double glazed partition and doorframe solution to wrap around plasterboard walls of varying thicknesses. Planet worked hard with their team of technical designers to create a bespoke system, whilst maintaining the clean stylish design of the rest of the LMB. *



01444 247933

Latest guide helps healthcare designers Designing better healthcare facilities is the aim of a new guide produced by flooring experts Tarkett. The guide covers all areas of healthcare, from sanitary facilities to operating theatres and pharmacies. The Healthcare Solutions Guide details how design and ergonomics can change perceptions and improve patient comfort. It suggests suitable products for each area and provides a list of considerations for designers to take into account. One example is in the use of flooring in operating theatres, where the product must be suitable for intensive cleaning and provide protection from electrostatic discharge, which can damage sensitive equipment and ignite flammable gasses. *


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Building Elements

ROCKPANEL announces Product Design Award ROCKPANEL has launched a unique Product Design Award, ‘Stone becomes Art’. The company is calling on architects, planners, product designers, students and working groups to create a unique ‘stone look’ facade board design. The winning design will be developed until it is ready for production and added to the ROCKPANEL product range. The winner will receive €5,000 in prize money, with second and third place winning €2,000 and €1,000 respectively. The finalists will also be invited to the opening of the new ROCKPANEL production facility on 10th October 2013 where the winner will be announced. The closing date for entries is 31st August 2013. For more details visit *



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Troldtekt helps R&D centre take the LEED Vestas Technology’s new R&D Centre in western Jutland is the first LEED building in Denmark to achieve certification in the platinum category. Designed by architects Aarhus Arkitekterne, the latest materials have been used to create the most sustainable building as possible.This includes ceilings formed with Troldtekt acoustic panels and Troldtekt lighting installed together to provide a combined package of energy efficient solutions and a perfect indoor climate.To help architects and specifiers obtain LEED status for their projects,Troldtekt offers LEED assessors a free and comprehensive range of readyto-use packages with thorough documentation and information for the LEED criteria. *



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Yorkon helps deliver additional school places Off-site construction specialist,Yorkon has been awarded contracts in the education sector worth in excess of £12m to help meet the national shortage of school places.Yorkon was specified for using off-site construction to speed up the build process and respond to the urgent need for additional teaching facilities. The latest series of contracts awarded to Yorkon includes a new agreement with Enfield Council to expand capacity at seven schools in the first phase. Following completion of a new teaching block at Trinity School, Barking & Dagenham Council is also working with Yorkon to deliver a number of new projects. *

( 0845 2000 123


Iconic ‘super library’ features Technal curtain walling Portakabin awarded £8m council contract

Portakabin, the modular building manufacturer, has been awarded a major contract by Surrey County Council to provide around 20 new classroom buildings to help meet the rising demand for primary school places in the region. In line with building standards and the latest Department for Education guidelines for teaching and learning, spacious classrooms for 330 children at 11 different schools will be delivered by Portakabin in time for the start of the 2013/14 academic year. All the buildings will be finished to the highest standards, with architectural detailing such as cedar cladding, brickwork and pitched roofs to complement existing facilities. *


64 0845 401 0020 102

Southwark Council’s iconic new ‘super library’ in Canada Water, London, has won the Civic Trust Special Award in recognition of its outstanding design and contribution to the local community. Spearheading an ambitious programme of regeneration, Canada Water Library resembles an inverted terraced pyramid of successively receding storeys that partly overhang the Canada Water basin. Finished in bronze anodising,Technal’s GEODEMX SSG structural glazing and commercial doors have been used for the ground floor of the library. GEODE-MX Visible Grid features as strips of curtain walling to the three upper floors of the building, with GEODE-MX top hung concealed vents for natural ventilation. *



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DMMP to power into Saltex

After a successful debut two years ago, DMMP is returning to SALTEX to launch new products from manufacturing partners Maruyama Japan and Earthway Products. Recently introduced to the UK, Maruyama is a leading Japanese manufacturer of pumps, sprayers and outdoor power equipment. The newest Maruyama product will be officially launched at SALTEX plus DMMP will be announcing details of Maruyama’s new UK unrivalled and unmatched five year commercial product guarantee. EarthWay, manufacturer and innovator of pedestrian fertiliser and ice control spreaders designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA will also be launching a new spreader with interchangeable tools.Visit DMMP on stand A40. *


0845 643 9776

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Building Elements

United Utilities chooses recycled modular buildings Three recycled and refurbished modular buildings have been provided by Foremans Relocatable Building Systems to United Utilities – the company which supplies water and sewage services to around seven million people and 200,000 businesses in the North West.The buildings were needed on two sites to upgrade office accommodation and replace outdated facilities with purpose-designed office space and meeting rooms. Completion was just 10 weeks after receipt of order. Each building was delivered to site around 70% complete, reducing disruption to United Utilities’ operations. Foremans also supplied folding partitions, roller security shutters, air conditioning, and fire and security alarms. *



01964 544344

Converted cinema gets a grand design Brilliant white, weather resistant external render from Knauf Marmorit has helped to give a new lease of life to a disused cinema near Doncaster which has been converted into a unique family home. Taking over two years to complete, the ambitious building project has been filmed for a future edition of Channel 4’s Grand Designs television series. Knauf Marmorit’s render systems are proven in use on all types of building project and are backed by excellent quality control and technical support, including helpful standard details to assist in the design and specification process. *



0117 982 1042

New look for BM TRADA Group BM TRADA Group, the UK-based international testing, inspection, certification and compliance body has introduced a new name and visual identity. The move will see all BM TRADA Group companies (excluding FIRA International) trading under the same name – BM TRADA. By creating a strong single identity, BM TRADA aims to highlight the broad range of services it offers, increasing the understanding of all across its wide customer base. A new strapline ‘… when experience matters’ emphasises how the group’s depth of experience adds value to all of its services, enabling it to make sound judgements when it comes to developing new services. *

( 01494 569750


KNX members team up for installation

FACTA welcomes Hi-Tech Access Covers The Fabricated Access Covers Trade Association (FACTA) is to welcome Hi-Tech Access Covers of Telford into membership of the Association. FACTA is the leading industry body at the forefront of the fabricated access cover industry. HiTech Access Covers’ more than 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of access covers and general fabrications, enables it to provide innovative solutions to meet its customers’ needs. They are committed to the production of high quality products in all of its market sectors: water utilities, power, defence, rail and building, from simple commodity designs through to bespoke specials. *

( 01827 52337


A challenging home automation project has seen two members of the KNX UK Association working closely together. Beasons of Dolphinton, Peebleshire was approached to install a KNX home automation system that would help to maximise energy savings and provide lifestyle benefits in a barn conversion. The owners wanted the flexibility to be able to extend the system into an adjoining cottage and across the property into an equine centre and a garage. Seeing the potential complexity of the project, Beasons called upon the expertise of fellow KNX UK member KNX Consultants, who provided documentation that covered everything needed on site to carry out the installation. *



0845 869 5908

James Tobias announces new appointment James Tobias, a leading storagewall manufacturer, has strengthened its national sales force with the appointment of Robert Flanagan as regional business manager for the north. The company is signalling its intention to increase its presence in the north of England and Scotland. James Tobias is the UK’s only manufacturer of aluminium-framed storagewall, and is expanding its business with commercial customers all over the UK, with established and new products, which include sliding door systems and operable wall. The company continues to invest in maintaining its leading share of the storagewall market, bucking the trend and demonstrating all that is best in high quality British manufacturing. *


01278 437300


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Building Elements

Dulux Trade unveils plans for leading specification panels Dulux Trade has announced its plans to create four expert panels which will lead industry debate and tackle specification challenges. The ‘Leaders in Specification’ panels, spearheaded by Dulux Trade, will meet biannually to discuss and address the latest industry wide issues and legislation, with the aim of then circulating the results of these discussions with the wider industry to advise and share best practice. The paint manufacturer is on the lookout for three experts in building specification from the education, social housing, construction, and retail and leisure sectors, to become part of the four panels, which will also each include a representative from Dulux Trade.

Invest in decorative paving Long Rake Spar continually strives to introduce unique new products to the trade. The sales of its Flamingo chippings have excelled in this respect, already outselling many established products such as Plum and Blue Slate in both bulk bags and pre-pack. Following on from this success the company now introduces Onyx, a unique, decorative chipping. The enriching, golden, buff and apricot tones of this 20mm angular chipping uplifts and contrasts beautifully with paving. Onyx is available to order in either bulk bags or pre-pack bags with complimentary samples available by immediate delivery. * ( 01629 630133




0870 242 1100

Flexible workstation solution KI’s UniteSE is a comprehensive workplace collection, made in the UK. It unites KI’s proven storage ranges with new personal storage solutions, such as SpaceStation, which has received a Design Guild Mark award and a new versatile workstation system. The collection combines a simple clean design with a well engineered, highly robust and flexible construction. The UniteSE Workstations with height adjustable benches allow for flexible working whilst offering a range of options that can be tailored to specific modern day workplace requirements. The understructure of the UniteSE Workstation range provides a sturdy modular platform for the addition of multiple worksurface and screen options.




01908 317766


Armstrong Ceilings introduces PCM CPD Armstrong Ceilings has introduced a RIBA-approved CPD on the use of the Phase Change Material (PCM) used in its eco-friendly CoolZone system. ‘Using phase change materials in construction for a more sustainable built environment’ is designed to help specifiers and clients understand where and how PCMs can be used to create a more energy-efficient and comfortable environment. Formulated specifically to meet the requirements of RIBA’s core curriculum in terms of ‘Climate: sustainable architecture’ and ‘Designing and building it: design, construction, technology and engineering’, the CPD advises on the how, what, where and when of PCMs in new-build and refurbishment projects. *



0800 371 849

Schindler launches revolutionary new lift system Schindler has launched a new lift system which offers the widest range of options available from any lift manufacturer in Europe. The Schindler 5500 has up to three million variations and its intelligent design sets new standards in flexibility, space efficiency, reliability and sustainability.The Swiss-engineered system features a number of innovations that combine all the benefits of a bespoke lift with the cost efficiency of a standardised product for applications such as commercial offices, high specification residential schemes, hotels, hospitals, shopping centres, transport hubs and sports stadia. *



01932 758100


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Maple enhances Honda identity

The clean, continuous lines of an external ‘horizontal rack’ brise soleil system from Maple Sunscreening are part of the striking design of a new Honda car showroom in Manchester. The bespoke solution, comprising panels with 300mm wide horizontal aluminium louvres from Maple’s Strata Aurora range, was specially designed to satisfy Honda’s strict visual identity standards for UK dealer showrooms. Although specified primarily for aesthetic appeal, Maple’s system will also provide effective solar shading for south and east facing glazed facades, helping to reduce solar heat gain and glare inside the showroom. *

( 0845 384 5000 116

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Building Elements

HOW WILL YOU EVACUATE SAFELY? If you don’t know the answer then Evac+Chair can supply you with the right solution. Evac+Chair is a universal evacuation solution for smooth stairway descent during an emergency. Single user operation ensures no heavy lifting or manual handling is required during emergency evacuation procedures.


FREE COMFY SEAT When you purchase any Evac+Chair Model.

For a limited period only.

CALL NOW: 0845 230 2253

or visit


RRP.00 £90




SMS: Text HELP to 60066

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FC&A August 2013

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