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Essex Advanced Motorcyclist Group

April 2020

Welcome to T.U.G. Dear Members, There is an ancient Chinese curse which wishes “May you live in interesting times”, and those certainly seem to be what we have at the moment. The online issue has been delayed due to the editorial changes in response to the crisis, and the printed version cannot be distributed until restrictions are eased. The EAMG suspension of activity means that there will be little to report on, and a woeful shortage of pictures, for the June issue. It will probably contain a few ‘Golden Oldies’, and you are welcome to send in pictures of your bike being washed or otherwise fettled. Please take care of yourselves; particularly those who, like myself, are older and thus more vulnerable. Chris

Editor (TUG@eamg.org.uk)

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Essex Advanced Motorcyclist Group Promoting Excellence in Motorcycling Since 1982

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I’d like to thank Chris Johnson for postponing the April edition of T.U.G and making some editorial changes in line with the unusual circumstances we are in, and giving me time to re-write my report. I have just heard about the death due to Coronavirus of one of our members, Ian Hunter. Ian was one of our full members and his family have agreed to an article Ian wrote being published again in this month’s edition. Our thoughts go out to his family and wish them strength at this difficult time. My original report talked about the BBQ, Richard’s rides and the committee needing more members but all that is irrelevant for now. As I write this now I think of our older members and those with underlying health issues and hope with all my heart we will all ride together again as soon as restrictions allow.


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Following the AGM there are two people I need to apologise to. Firstly Michel Couque who we neglected to re- elect to the committee. Michel is a valued member with many words of wisdom and a voice of reason at meetings. He was co-opted back onto the committee at the meeting last week. Secondly I should have thanked Bob Cowl for organising the midweek rides throughout the milder months. I apologise to both. I’m struggling with the right words to say other than ‘stay safe’. .

Editor: Please note that all normal EAMG activities, Group Nights, AGTs, Rides etc. , are suspended until the current restrictions are relaxed. Unfortunately this may take months rather than weeks. The Committee will be keeping contact online to review the developments. When it is all over I expect to see some VERY clean bikes!

Essex Advanced Motorcyclist Group Promoting Excellence in Motorcycling Since 1982

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Tony Colby

7th February 2020 RoSPA Gold (retest) Observer: Richard Parker Examiner: Mick Jones

Trevor Greenway 3rd March 2020 RoSPA Gold Observer: Andy Parnham Examiner: Mick Jones

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Membership Information Dear Members & Prospective Members, The membership form is on the website or page 22 if you wish to join or if you are renewing.

Also please remember to spread the word about EAMG, recommendation is such a valuable tool and current members are always the best advocates for what a good group this is. The membership appears to dip in the first quarter because renewals have not all been made promptly!

Membership Fees for 2020 

New Associate Members


Associate Member Renewal


Full Member Renewal


Social Member


Full Member Training


(For more information on Full Member Training see page 42) This is in addition to the Full Member Fee















Essex Advanced Motorcyclist Group Promoting Excellence in Motorcycling Since 1982

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New Members

Associate Members: William Chapman

Full Members: George Khatcherian Neil Frost

Barry Barnes Sofia Khatcherian

The editor has viewing access to the membership database and hopes he has not missed too many people this time., or got their names too badly wrong. Sometimes it was not clear (to my old eyes) if a new member joined as a full member. Please accept my apologies if any of the above have the wrong status,

We wish you all heartily welcome to the Group, and hope that you can take full advantage of the wide range of training and social events which we offer, We all aim to be, not just better riders, but happy better riders!


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Essex Advanced Motorcyclist Group Promoting Excellence in Motorcycling Since 1982

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For the benefit of new members I thought I would provide a little more detail on the wide range of training options that the Group offers, to complement the summary provided by our one page 'Welcome Flyer': 1-to-1 Observed Rides (for Associate members - who have yet to pass an advanced test)1-to -1 rides form the core of Associate training within EAMG, with a dedicated Observer focussing on addressing your personal training needs and aspirations. All EAMG Observers are required to hold a minimum qualification of RoSPA Gold and are subject to EAMG Observer retesting every 2 years, by Senior Observer Assessors who are themselves subject to external retesting every 2 years by Police Class 1 Examiners. You will be trained to a level where you are able to pass a RoSPA or IAM advanced test. There is no obligation to take a test if you do not wish to but most trainees do, as this provides an opportunity to have your riding independently assessed against a nationally recognised standard. Associates are requested to make a ÂŁ10 contribution towards Observer expenses on 1-to-1 training rides. Associate Group Training (AGT)

AGTs provide Associates with the opportunity to attend a short Roadcraft presentation followed by an observed ride. Importantly you will usually be allocated to different Observers, which will give you a chance to ride with someone you may not know on alternative routes. The AGT is held on the Sunday after the Group Night meeting, which is always held on the first Tuesday of the month. Our venue is Longmeads House, 12-14 Redwood Drive, Writtle, Chelmsford, CM1 3LY.


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For 2020 a ÂŁ10.00 charge has been introduced for Associate & Full members wishing to participate in an observed ride at AGTs to help the Group cover the costs of running these training sessions. For the benefit of any new members the format of the AGT is: 09: 30 - A Roadcraft talk for approximately 20 minutes. then either: OPTION A: - Associates and Full Members signed up for Further Training for Full Members (FTFM) will be able to participate in an Observed ride. Individuals should arrive by 09: 15 at the latest, to get signed in before the Roadcraft talk commences. Please also ensure that your bike has a full tank of fuel. If you are considering joining EAMG for additional training you are welcome to attend as a Guest, at no charge, to check us out. You will be asked to sign a disclaimer to confirm that you have a valid driving license and relevant insurance. If you have any questions you would like answered beforehand please e-mail me via: training@eamg.org.uk or OPTION B: - Full members will also have the option of attending a social ride. You will be able to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee at Longmeads House if you wish, for a modest fee of ÂŁ1. Unfortunately, our February AGT ended up being cancelled due to the adverse weather conditions arising from Storm Ciara. March proved considerably more successful with Mick Hewitt providing a talk covering the subject of Cornering prior to 7 Associates and 1 Full member signed up for FTFM participating in observed rides. Associates are welcome to attend as many AGTs as they wish, regardless of whether or not they are also allocated to a 1-to-1 Observer. AGT enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that the Training Team recently approved Richard Parker's proposal to reintroduce a January AGT with effect from 2021, thereby increasing the number of AGTs from 11 to 12 a year.

Essex Advanced Motorcyclist Group Promoting Excellence in Motorcycling Since 1982

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Flexible Observed Rides Flexible Observed Rides provide Associates wishing to expedite their 1-to-1 training with an opportunity to arrange additional observed rides with an Observer who has spare capacity. Flexible Observed Rides are intended to complement and not replace rides with your 1-to-1 Observer. Without wishing to state the obvious it remains important to complete sufficient practise miles between Flexible Observed Rides to avoid 'similar' riding issues being highlighted from ride to ride. If you are interested in Flexible Observed Rides please let Observer Coordinator Eddy Brazier know when you are available (e.g. weekends, weekdays or anytime) and he will endeavour to match you with a suitable Observer. Associates participating in Flexible Observed Rides will be requested to make the standard ÂŁ10 contribution towards Observer expenses for each ride. Further Training for Full Members (FTFM)

Full members will have already passed an advanced test and FTFM provides these individuals with an opportunity to attend training with a personal 1-to-1 Observer, in a similar fashion to


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that provided to Associates. We request Full members to make a £10 contribution for each ride to help offset observer expenses. The majority of Full members sign up for FTFM to help prepare to take a RoSPA retest or an additional advanced test but the training can also be tailored to address specific issues or to further develop your riding skills. For example, if you wish to be assessed to become a Trainee Observer. FTFM is designed to be flexible and you can sign up when completing your annual membership form or pay your additional £20 (on top of the standard £25 Full member fee) at any time during the year, whenever it is most convenient for you.

If there is sufficient Observer capacity at AGTs Full members signed up for FTFM will be able to attend an observed ride, but priority will be given to Associate members (as Full members also have the option of attending a social ride at the AGT). Full Member Training (FMT) John Tipper has been successfully running FMT days for many years and these offer a great opportunity to allow Full members to identify and address any bad habits whilst developing their riding skills. By the time you are reading this the first FMT of 2020 is likely to have already taken place but details of the three remaining dates can be found elsewhere in this issue of TUG. You will be typically be riding with one other Full member over a predefined route of around 200 miles. This will give you an opportunity to ride on some unfamiliar roads and periodically 'take a break' while the second rider is being observed. You will be debriefed during the ride and given a comprehensive ride report. Several refreshment stops are incorporated into each route. The cost to attend a FMT day is £45. Great care is taken to ensure that each 'pair' of riders is matched in terms of their experience levels, ability and aspirations. Many Full members have attended FMTs prior to taking a RoSPA test or re-test; to check their riding skills; or to prepare for Observer training.

Associate Member Training (AMT) For 2020 John Tipper has reintroduced AMT days, which will be run in parallel with and adopt a similar format to FMTs - but for Associate members. AMTs will typically cover 100120 miles and are being targeted at Associates who may be approaching test standard; have been recommended to apply by their 1-to-1 Observers; or individuals who are comfortable with riding greater distances than covered on a typical Observed ride. The cost to attend a AMT day is £35.

Essex Advanced Motorcyclist Group Promoting Excellence in Motorcycling Since 1982

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Slow Riding Days We run slow riding days for the benefit of all members twice a year and charge a modest entry fee of ÂŁ5 to cover the provision of biscuits & water and help offset our expenses. We always endeavour to offer as wide a range of activities as possible, including emergency braking; manoeuvring exercises (straight & offset slaloms, peripheral vision, swerve, etc.); the correct way to pick up your bike; and the slowest rider race - to win the much coveted 'snail' t-shirt. We will also provide 1-to-1 assistance to address specific issues as required. Our next Slow Riding Day will be held at the Ford Dunton Test Track on Sunday, 14th June. If you wish to attend please let me know beforehand, to help ensure we have sufficient numbers of Observers (and biscuits) available. STOP PRESS:


Since writing the rest of this column the current pandemic has moved on significantly and has already begun to impact upon EAMG's training activities. John Tipper has been forced to defer the Full Member Training/ Associate Member Training day scheduled for 29th March, due to ever increasing restrictions being placed on the opening of venues (including garden centres & cafes) used for refreshment stops. Andy Hems has also been advised that all meetings at Longmeads House have been stopped until further notice. With this position not due to be reviewed until the end of April this will effectively force us to cancel the 12th April AGT. Please keep an eye on EAMG's Forum and our Facebook page to ensure you keep up to date with further developments before committing to attend a scheduled Group event.


Should any members have any training related queries then please contact me via e-mail to training@eamg.org.uk , or on 07570 992801 or speak to the most relevant member of the Training Team.


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Essex Advanced Motorcyclist Group Promoting Excellence in Motorcycling Since 1982

P. McKelvey & Co Chartered Certified Accountants and Registered Auditors

Services available include: 

Statutory audits

Limited Company accounts preparation

Payroll preparation & Employer returns

Management accounts

Corporation tax returns

Profit extraction

Sole traders & Partnerships



New Company formations

Self assessment tax returns

Capital gains

Company Secretarial & Annual returns

VAT returns

Incorporation planning

FREE initial consultation FIXED fees available

For further information contact Paul McKelvey Telephone: Facsimile: Mobile: Web: E-Mail:

01708 220548 01708 220616 07949 827309 www.pmckelvey.co.uk Info@pmckelvey.co.uk

St Lawrence House 2 Gridiron Place Upminster Essex RM14 2BE

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UK Female Bikers Essex Hub, Coffee Cake and Chat Jill Winn

On Saturday 7th March I joined up with the Essex Hub of the Female Riders UK National Ride Out, for coffee, cake and chat. The day started with me meeting up with Denise who was organising the Essex hub and 10 other ladies on bikes at South Woodham Ferrers. Denise led us to the meet at Cannon Motorcycles where we were joined by another 20 ish ladies. Those of you that know me would not trust me to lead a ride due to my total inability to find my way anywhere further than 5 miles from home‌however I led 25 of the ladies on a 40 mile ride from Cannon’s towards Great Totham up to Abberton Reservoir. Many of the riders had never used the drop off system or ridden in a group before but all arrived safely back with smiles. There were 39 simultaneous meets throughout the country, many with rideouts. All Essex Advanced Motorcyclist Group Promoting Excellence in Motorcycling Since 1982

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shared coffee and cake with raffles and the chance to make new friends.

Mick Hewitt and Andy Parnham from EAMG supported the event, as did the Firebike team.

They are meeting again on the first Saturday of May, July, September and November at Cannon’s. The meet is between 10:00 & 1200 with a short ride out planned from 12:00. All female riders welcome.


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Then & Now Ian Hunter Editor: This article was first published in T.U.G. in 2016. It is being reprinted in memory of Ian, who unfortunately died recently. My association with motorcycles since 1956 has been an intermittent affair (“on & off” wouldn’t be the right phrase to use here). I learned to ride along the banks of the River Roding at Wanstead on a pal’s 125cc Bantam. During my last year at school I was the only one to attend by powered vehicle. It was a 25.7cc Cyclemaster motorised wheel that replaced the rear wheel of my pedal cycle. It had a throttle lever on the right handlebar, a sort of disengagement (clutch) on the left. I did a lot of miles on that. Cycle brakes in those days weren’t very clever either!

I later bought my friend’s Bantam and took my test on it at Leytonstone in 1955– a few times round the block and an emergency stop when I saw the examiner step into the road holding up his clipboard! That BSA did me proud as I rode it very regularly from Romford to Huntingdon during my two years’ National Service in the R.A.F. Changing spark plug & magneto points was a regular fix for problems. On moving to Colchester in 1961, after some time with a NSU Quickly moped I became a full time ‘cager’ with an Austin Somerset, followed by a Ford Zephyr 4. About 1965 I bought a 1959 700cc Royal Enfield Constellation or Meteor with a double adult chair attached. A great outfit, my three young daughters in the sidecar and their mother on the pillion. This was our sole means of transport for some time. (See old photo) After that it was a 1949 Austin 16 – wow- leather seats (cracked & split!) huge headlamps,

Essex Advanced Motorcyclist Group Promoting Excellence in Motorcycling Since 1982

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running boards and awful rod brakes! That was replaced after a while by slightly more modern cars. Around the mid 60s I bought a ‘Step through’ Honda C50 – I used that for commuting and shopping – a great workhorse although I always wished that I’d gone for the C70 or C90.I rode that for some years before selling it on for £15! Years went by and I decided that with retirement looming fast I would get a scooter for running about locally so that my wife & I could then just have one car between us. In 2003 I bought an almost new Honda 250 Foresight scooter. It seemed brilliant except that when trying to overtake at 66mph there wasn’t much left in reserve. A bigger machine was called for! In the summer of 2006 I found my present Honda 600cc 50HP Silverwing advertised on e-bay; this entailed an adventure journey to view & test ride it in Liverpool – a long way from Essex- and bring it home. Realizing that I now had a seriously fast bike (theoretical top speed 110mph!) I decided to take steps to improve my riding skills. I was fortunate having had advanced car-driving training in my work so it was mainly bike-handling that needed some serious attention. A search of the web indicated that Essex Advanced Motorcyclists Group (EAMG) might meet my needs so I went along to their January social meeting at Chelmsford. I was made most welcome by a bunch of guys (and girls) who were driven with a desire to improve the riding skills of themselves and others. This seemed too good to be true – for £50 a year as an Associate member I was able to have at least two 1 to 1 training sessions a month for as long as I wished with no pressure to take any test. One Sunday meeting each month was Associate training day where, after an hour’s theory instruction on varying aspects of advanced riding, I would ride out followed by an (Continued on page 30)


Building, Civil Engineering and Maintenance 

Extensions - Garages - Loft Conversions

Block paving Driveways - Patios

All Types of Roofing

Carpentry - Brickwork

Water Main and Sewer Repairs and Renewal

Fencing - Replacement Windows (uPVC, Hardwood, Aluminium)

uPVC Cladding, Fascias, Soffits

Underpinning - Landscaping

Painting and Decorating Fully Insured (But not yet Needed!)

For free no-obligation quote, phone Clint on

01621 828276 (Office) 07836 277223 (Mobile) Domestic and Commercial Work Undertaken Insurance Work also Welcome Member of The Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors Flagstaff Farm, Green Lane, Althorne, Essex, CM3 6BQ

All Full Member Rides will leav e Sainsburys Springfield, Ch elmsford

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Please note that all events in the Diary are now suspended until further notice February Sunday, 2nd Tuesday, 4th Sunday, 9th Sunday, 23rd

Richard's Full Member Ride Group Night - AGM Associate Group Training (AGT) Mick & Alan’s Associate/Member Ride

Sunday, 1st Tuesday, 3rd Sunday, 8th Sunday, 15th Sunday, 22nd Sunday, 29th

Richard's Full Member Ride Group Night— Triumph Lings? Associate Group Training (AGT) Mick & Alan’s Associate/Member Ride Observer Peer to Peer Ride (2001) Associate/Full Member Training (AMT/FMT 2001)

Sunday, 5th Tuesday, 7th Saturday, 11th Sunday, 12th Tuesday, 21st Sunday, 26th

Richard's Full Member Ride Group Night Super Sausage Run Associate Group Training (AGT) Bob's Midweek Ride - TBC Mick & Alan’s Associate/Member Ride

Sunday, 3rd Tuesday, 5th Sunday, 10th Sunday, ??? Sunday, 17th Tuesday, 19th Sunday, 24th Sunday, 31st

Richard's Full Member Ride Group Night — KTM Associate Group Training (AGT) Essex Motorcycle Show, North Weald Observer Peer to Peer Ride (2002) Bob's Midweek Ride - TBC Associate/Full Member Training (AMT/FMT 2002) Mick & Alan’s Associate/Member Ride

Tuesday, 2nd Sunday, 7th Sunday, 14th Sunday, 14th Tuesday, 16th Sunday, 28th

Group Night Associate Group Training (AGT) Slow Riding Day Richard's Full Member Ride Bob's Midweek Ride - TBC Mick & Alan’s Associate/Member Ride

Sunday, ?5?th Sunday, 5th

Maldon Motor Show Richard's Full Member Ride





Diary 20 20





Richard's Full Member Ride Group Night Associate Group Training (AGT) Mick & Alan’s Associate/Member Ride Bob's Midweek Ride - TBC Audrey & John's Cotswolds Ride (to be confirmed)

Group Night Associate Group Training (AGT) Essex Air Ambulance Run/Show Richard's Full Member Ride Mick & Alan’s Associate/Member Ride Bob's Midweek Ride - TBC Slow Riding Day Observer Peer to Peer Ride (2004) Copdock Show Richard's Full Member Ride Group Night Associate Group Training (AGT) Associate/Full Member Training (AMT/FMT 2004) Bob's Midweek Ride - TBC Mick & Alan’s Associate/Member Ride Richard's Full Member Ride Group Night Associate Group Training (AGT) Bob's Midweek Ride - TBC Mick & Alan’s Associate/Member Ride Group Night - Xmas Quiz Associate Group Training (AGT) Richard's Full Member Ride Mick & Alan’s Associate/Member Ride

Diary 20 20

Sunday, 2nd Tuesday, 4th Sunday, 9th Sunday, 16th Tuesday, 18th Sunday, 23rd September Tuesday, 1st Sunday, 6th Sunday, 13th Sunday, 13th Sunday, 13th Tuesday, 15th Sunday, 20th Sunday, 27th October Sunday, 4th Sunday, 4th Tuesday, 6th Sunday, 11th Sunday, 18th Tuesday, 20th Sunday, 25th November Sunday, 1st Tuesday, 3rd Sunday, 8th Tuesday, 17th Sunday, 22nd December Tuesday, 1st Sunday, 6th Sunday, 13th Sunday, 20th

Group Night Associate Group Training (AGT) Observer Peer to Peer Ride (2003) Bob's Midweek Ride - TBC Mick & Alan’s Associate/Member Ride Associate/Full Member Training (AMT/FMT 2003)

Group Nigh ts @ 19 : 30 , AGTs @ 9 : 15 am

Tuesday, 7th Sunday, 12th Sunday, 19th Tuesday, 21st Sunday, 26th Sunday, 26th

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Picture Gallery ■ Picture Gallery ■ Picture


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Gallery ■ Picture Gallery ■ Picture Gallery

Essex Advanced Motorcyclist Group Promoting Excellence in Motorcycling Since 1982

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‘Observer’ (as the instructors are called). Usually about 60 – 90 miles with occasional stops for words of advice and refreshment. I had some mixed feelings; I was disappointed when I realised how little I knew but delighted to know that I was steadily improving. On top of this I was also allocated my own local Observer who would take me out on similar training runs every few weeks. This gave me a chance to put in some practice at what I was being taught and also brush up on the Highway Code and the Police riders’ manual “Roadcraft”. I was delighted to be told, after a check-run with a senior observer, that I was considered ‘test-ready’ which allowed me to apply to the Institute of Advanced Motorists. This I did and two weeks later, feeling like a kid doing an exam, I took the reasonably exacting test which I passed. This was nine months after starting training. I feel that this has probably improved my survival chances by some 85%. I shall be eternally grateful to EAMG for that. I would urge all riders, however expert they might consider themselves, to have a go at advanced training via one of the numerous IAM, or similar, groups. (It can also help with insurance premiums too!) Since then I have continued to enjoy the freedom of two wheels for local use, days out and a Revellier Ride with John Tipper in France. I count my blessings.

Essex Advanced Motorcyclist Group Promoting Excellence in Motorcycling Since 1982

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Dreams Really Do Come True Audrey Tipper My first experience on a bike was riding pillion to hubby John on his Kawasaki Z1000ST in the late eighties; it’s still in the garage! We’d visited my mum in Clacton on what started as a fine day but that changed for the return journey. John was ok as he had a wet suit but, never having ridden in the wet before, I had to make do with a cheap two-piece walker’s over-suit. We stopped at some traffic lights about 5 miles from home when John turned round to see if I was ok. Loving every minute, I replied. GREAT came his reply! It was 1997 when I read an article in the Daily Express under the heading of “Midlife Motorcycle Crisis” realizing it was a mirror image of John and myself. I agreed whole-heartedly with every single word that had been written so I wrote this response: ‘My husband John has been a ‘biker’ since his teens (he’s now 52) and used a bike in his 30’s commuting to work in London. I rarely had the chance to be a pillion as we had two young children but as soon as they became ‘independent teenagers’ having social lives of their own, I felt it was OK to join him on Sunday jaunts.’ Bikes had always fascinated me, I wondered how was it that gears were changed by ones feet not by hands, how was it that by a small twist of the wrist, power would surge effortlessly from the machine. My husband’s Kawasaki Z1000ST, wasn’t really an up to date modern powerhouse of a machine. That was until our daughter bought him a motorbike book for his 40th Birthday, everything changed when he read about these modern sports/tourers with fairings and speeds of 0-60 in??? Seconds. Midlife crisis here we come. He became obsessed, life was passing him by, he was out of date, “we only live once” was his new philosophy and I want to live this new experience, so new bike, new leathers, new everything. Well what can I say; he was rejuvenated in every which way!

Essex Advanced Motorcyclist Group Promoting Excellence in Motorcycling Since 1982

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The more we went out riding the more intrigued I became on how this new, 1100cc gentle beast that I sat on performed. How it burst into life at my husbands command. We suddenly had respect from other road users, envious looks from car drivers and their young passengers waving at us as we passed them and always a wave of a hand or a nod of a head from other bikers. I wanted to be part of this close-knit fraternity; I wanted to experience the freedom, the excitement and the “ticket” to allow me to turn the clock back on my then tender years of 43. I wanted, no needed to ride for myself. I mentioned to hubby how I was feeling and, to my surprise, for my Christmas present that year he bought me CBT lessons. I started my lessons in the April 1992 on a 125cc and gained my full license on June 1 st. I hadn’t told him when I was taking my test (just in case I failed) but he had made a glib comment that when I did I could take his beloved 1100cc bike round the block. How I wish I had taken a photo of his expression on the day when I passed. He came home from work and there was I, all leathered up asking for the keys to his bike so I could take him up on his kind offer. Poor hubby, he seemed to realize, quite quickly, that now I had the bit between my teeth my 125cc was not going


Page 33

to satisfy me for long. After one or two road tests on different machines we finally tried a Kawasaki GPZ500 and ZZR600, hubby riding the 6oo! After lunch, I desperately wanted to try the 600, too big a bike, he said but I wanted to try. I loved it. A short while later he presented me with a lovely surprise. A black and purple Kawasaki ZZR 600, adorned with red ribbons, sitting in the garage. What a feeling, what a joy, there is life after 40, not only had I been given a key to my own bike but I now had the key to the clock of rekindled youth. Fast Forward to our Next ERA: Since 1992, we have enjoyed a great pastime together. We joined EAMG to gain further experience and ride many miles a year both in the UK and abroad and have taken many Group Members on tours. We have gained experience on Track days without the worry of normal road hazards, furthered our experience riding with Class One police riders and passed IAM and ROSPA tests. John became and still is an instrumental part of EAMG and has been a Senior Observer for many years. I have been blessed that he has always given me encouragement and training along with others on my journey to be the best I can be on my bike. I celebrated my 71st Birthday in February this year 2020 and am sadly aware that time on my bike will lessen, not by choice but by an ageing body. BUT I have had the best.

Essex Advanced Motorcyclist Group Promoting Excellence in Motorcycling Since 1982

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My Bike History and mileage to date: Yamaha RX125 Pre test bike for practicing Kawasaki ZZR600 Mileage = 21,250m Kawasaki ZZR600 Mileage = 28,607m Kawasaki ZX6RGl Mileage = 14,000m Kawasaki ZX636A1P Mileage = 39,765m Kawasaki ZX636A1P Mileage = 39,365m Kawasaki ZX636A1P Mileage = 26,000m Kawasaki ZX636A1P Mileage = 40,346m Honda CBR600F Mileage = 54,000m Total and still counting = 263,333m I loved my Kawasaki’s and very disappointed when the design became too radical; head down and bottoms up wasn’t for me so I changed to my Honda. I have to admit this took me a while to become comfortable and ‘feeling’ at one with the bike when riding. I didn’t want just to ride my bikes; I wanted to be the best I could in all aspects of being part of this amazing fraternity. I’ve had the opportunity to ride with Police riders and passing RoSPA Gold’s but ashamed to admit these are now out of date! I’ve also taken the opportunity to ride with Fire-Bike making sure I’m still up to a good standard and of course John and all those from the Group that I enjoy riding with. Riding at this level for me, at this stage in my life, has kept my mind focused and my body fit, although I have to admit that sometimes, after a long and enjoyable day, aches are becoming more apparent. I dread the day that will inevitably come when I’m no longer able to ‘get my leg over’, THE BIKE, I


Page 35

MEAN THE BIKE! I feel very privileged to have ridden and still ride with so many talented likeminded people and hope this gives an insight into my amazing journey of succeeding and enjoying all the miles with all the friends I have made along the way, long may it last. Thank you EAMG and all those that have been part of my journey. Long may it continue.

Essex Advanced Motorcyclist Group Promoting Excellence in Motorcycling Since 1982

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Old Adverts!


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Essex Advanced Motorcyclist Group Promoting Excellence in Motorcycling Since 1982

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Events Report Chris Johnson Richard's ride on 2nd February was to the Rushbrooke Arms. It started as a grey day, although the rain had stopped when 11 of us set out (10 bikes and a pillion). The temperature was 10C and rising. Richard told us he was using major roads to Thaxted. He knew what was coming and wanted us to generate some commitment. After that it was a complicated and ingenious route on unclassifieds. These were either a stimulating challenge to one's machine control, observation and judgement, or a nightmare of mud and surface water, depending on your attitude to life. Brazenly going along the road which had been closed for major works had its moments. When we sneaked up on the Rushbrooke Arms it was a pleasant surprise. The '2 for a tenner' breakfasts were excellent. The ride back was mostly on more conventional roads which were, if not dry, at least drier. We got back to the Regiment Way McD at about 2pm, after just under 120 miles. John, with his refreshingly distinctive white VFR, swept both the outward and return legs. It was actually an enjoyable ride, in retrospect at any rate. Mick and Alan's 'relaxed' ride to the Blue Egg at Gt Bardfield on 23rd February was cancelled because of the very high winds (Storm Something-orOther, I forget which, we had a rash of them in quick succession). It was moved to 15th March, and took place successfully then. To my chagrin I misread the Forum announcements and missed it, thinking there was no ride. What was particularly galling was realising my mistake just a little too late to get to Chelmsford for the run. Consequently I have no information about it.

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Richard held a ride to St Ives on 1st March. It was a fine day after overnight rain, but bitterly cold and windy (3.5C early, 7.5C for most of the ride, and a tropical 9.5C at St Ives) and there was a lot of surface water and grit which had been washed onto the roads. We had 23 bikes, and an unusual route out (I need to look at a map and try to work out what Richard did). The liver, bacon and onions at the Local Cafe were as excellent as ever. When I left the run at the petrol stop on the A505 we had covered 118 miles. I think the early departure meant that I missed some electrical problems which Richard had with his bike; requiring borrowed PowerPaks and jump leads. Apparently it wasn't the battery and the problem miraculously cleared itself later. John of the white VFR acted as back marker again. For I think the first time ever I had forgotten to bring my camera, but we have ridden to St Ives a zillion times before, so I have used an old photo. That is the end of a rather brief report and, with EAMG in shutdown, the last for the immediate future. For the next T.U.G. I shall probably reprint an old Events Report from the days when men were Men, women were Women, and all bikes were not KTMs!

Essex Advanced Motorcyclist Group Promoting Excellence in Motorcycling Since 1982

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Observer Profile Paul Carden Current Bikes: My all-round bike is a KTM 1290 Adventure S. The bike I use for observed rides is a V Strom 650. I also have a KTM 300 TP for Green Laneing and a classicYamaha dt 175 I am restoring.

Fantasy Bike: Ducati Panigale V4. Preferred Roads: Any area that has nice flowing undulating roads with very little traffic or villages.

When did you first start riding? Motorcycling was in my blood. When I was born my dad picked us up from the hospital on a motorbike and sidecar. I always had a passion for motorcycles. If any of my friends had a bike I would be there riding over the fields; you could get away with doing that in the early 70s. On my 16th birthday I bought a brand new Fizzy in 1974 for ÂŁ199. Had it on HP at ÂŁ10 month for two years. Bike was stolen after six months.


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Riding Companions: I enjoy riding with anyone who has a passion for motorcycling, and who enjoys a good laugh when not on the bikes. On or off roading. I’ve made some great friends over the years through motorcycling. Becoming an Observer: The reason why I became an observer. When I look back over the years I had many near misses and mainly through luck I got away with it. By becoming an Observer I can put aomething back into motorcycling. And get away from the myth that advanced tiding is just for bring old farts with a clipboard and no sense of humour. By showing advanced riding can be fun. And by becoming a safer rider they will probably enjoy motorcycling more and hopefully make some great friends at the same time. Scariest and Most Embarrassing Moment: Many, many, many years ago I was watching Carl Fogarty in World Superbikes. After watching him on television I decided to go out for a ride on my Yamaha RD350 YPVS and I was riding like an idiot. I got away with a couple of near misses, ending up on the wrong side of the road, but my luck ran out at Goldhanger. I was doing about 70mph and looking at my rev counter going into a sharp left-hander. Going fartoo fast I went straight across the road and just missed a car. There was a three foot grass bank there that I flew over; must have looked like Steve McQueen doing his jump (maybe not). Ended up crashing, luckily not too badly hurt, and the guy that I just missed coming over to see if I was okay. I Essex Advanced Motorcyclist Group Promoting Excellence in Motorcycling Since 1982

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just said I got it all wrong, very embarrassing, he must’ve thought “What a bloody idiot”. He was right. Also in the field was a farmer with his tractor. I’ve picked up my bits of fairing, stuck them down my jacket, and rode my bike across the field to get out as quickly as possible, very embarrassed but very lucky. That was my last accident on the road, that was about 1993.

I would like to say a big Thank You to Richard Parker for doing my advanced training about 10 years ago, and also putting me through my Observer training and giving up so much of his valuable time.


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Further Training Opportunities for Full Members EAMG FMT & AMT - 2020 1st January 2020 celebrated EAMG’s fifteen years of independence enabling the Group to draw upon the most appropriate riding techniques to meet the training needs of our members, without having to accommodate restrictions imposed by a governing body. With independence, came the responsibility to ensure our training standards progressed and maintained at the highest level. EAMG Observers fulfill a crucial role within the Group. All are required to hold a current RoSPA Gold qualification before they can be considered for observer training. Once qualified, Observers are re-tested internally every two years by one of four Senior Observer Assessors (SOA’s) who, in turn, are re-tested externally every two years by Police Class: 1 riders. Full Members and Associates can therefore be assured that EAMG’s training is of the highest standard. EAMG; ‘Promoting Motorcycling Excellence’.

Full Member Training (FMT) FMT format allows greater focus on many aspects of advanced motorcycling over longer distances on less familiar roads. Make no mistake, passing an advanced motorcycle test is an excellent achievement but it’s only a measure of your riding standard on test day. Riding skills require continued practice to be retained or they will sadly be lost. Associate Member Training (AMT) Similar training courses are now available for Associate Members who may be approaching test standard, have been recommended to apply by their 1 to 1 Observers or those familiar with riding greater distances than covered on a typical Observed ride. Associates will be encouraged to make their most recent Ride Report Forms available to ensure the Observer on the day has the necessary information to identify needs and address any issues that may be apparent.. Ride Format Duration of rides will be circa 200 mls for Full Members and 100-120 mls for Associates. Regular stops, most including refreshments, will include debriefs so that issues identified can be addressed during subsequent legs. We will NOT be riding in one large group. Allocation will usually be on a 2 to 1 basis to avoid continuous Observation. Every effort will be


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made to match riding ability and/or aspirations. Routes will be pre-planned and forwarded to all participants beforehand. Initial briefing will be comprehensive and a full Ride Report Form will be provided.

2020 Events Joining Fees Please note that this program is suspended for the duration of the pandemic! FMT—(£45)

AMT— (£35)


Sunday, May 24th ?

Sunday, July 26th ?

Sunday, October 18th ?

Register by completing and returning this form to: John Tipper Email: john@reveillerrides.co.uk Tel: 0208 360 8590 or Mbl: 07860 773711 Pay direct to Sort Code: 30-96-94 a/c no: 00791646 Ref: FMT or AMT + your name Cash or Cheques payable to Essex Advanced Motorcyclists Group Ltd on the day Name:

Address: Postcode:


Email: Riding Experience Aspirations: Annual Mileage:


FTFM - 2020 Membership Secretary

Observer Co-ordinator

Paula Hockey

John Tullett



Additional Membership Fee

Contribution to Observer

£20 pa

£10 per ride

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