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Social Media Marketing Plan

The Real Juice Bar and Café Social Media Marketing Plan Prepared By: Paris Winfrey | Lee Johnston | Megan Headley | Chris Hickey 1 | The Real Juice Bar & Café 5/21/2015

Social Media Marketing Plan Table of Contents

2 Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing Plan

Executive Summary The Real Juice Bar & Café is a locally owned juice bar that caters to a wide array of market segments. Customers range from well off mothers, to health conscious college students. The local food scene in Morgantown, WV is very active and supports a community of “local foodies”. One untapped segment of this market is yuppie millennial young professional/student. This social media plan was designed to most effectively utilize the social web to engage, invite, and attract this large local market. It is based on research of the Juice Bar’s current social media metrics, and then a comprehensive analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. With a strategy focused on minimalizing the company’s weaknesses to capitalize on opportunities, the following goals were set: •

Revitalization of the company’s landing page

Building a strong brand community

Advocating for eating healthy and locally

Integrating Social Media Marketing with Public Relations and Advertising

Driving foot traffic to the store

Improving customer satisfaction

Driving word-of-mouth marketing

This plan also includes a set of strategies that focus on the multiple platforms being utilized. They outline how best to engage in various social media techniques to best capture the target audience and achieve the company’s social media goals. Within, there is a budget that outlines the cost of this plan which in total equals roughly $31000. Following this section is an analysis of the return on investment. The team responsible for the preparation of this plan is as follows: Chris Hickey, Megan Headley, Lee Johnston, and Paris Winfrey.

3 | The Real Juice Bar & Café

Social Media Marketing Plan

Brief Overview In recent years personal health has become a pressing concern for many Americans. With so many processed and genetically modified foods, it is hard to find "real" food these days. With these concerns continuing to grow, a profitable segment of the food industry has recently developed offering organic, GMO-free foods to appeal to a health conscious consumer. Real Juice Bar in Morgantown, West Virginia does just that. Offering locally grown, organic, non-GMO food and beverage options, Real Juice Bar is promoting a healthy lifestyle to its consumers. People of all ages have enjoyed the Real Juice Bar's cuisine, particularly health conscious students and young mothers in the community. Unfortunately, this is a rather new place and it is still trying to gain some public recognition. As explained in detail, social media can be used to promote and foster brand awareness and loyalty. A strong social media presence will increase awareness of Real Juice Bar, its products, and message. By interacting with consumer in a digital capacity, it allows for Real Juice Bar to continue the conversation outside the store and discuss the benefits of locally grown, organic, non-GMO foods.

Social Media Presence The Real Juice Bar began utilizing social media in 2014. Currently, they operate a website hosted by weebly, and a Facebook page. The health of the brand is good on Facebook, while the website struggles to represent the brand effectively. Presently, they have a blog on their site which is inactive, as well as an Instagram account. The general sentiment on all platforms is positive, with many people praising the company’s products and store. The two closest competitors are not direct, but categorical in nature. The Morgantown farmer’s market offers fresh local organic food, while the people’s co-op and Blackbear also cater to similar markets. The Real Juice Bar also competes with local downtown restaurants and coffee shops for quick order food and beverages. In the near future; however, there is a new juice bar opening up in WVU’s new Evansdale Crossing building. Since this café has yet to open, there is no data to measure. The social media presence of the local competition varies, but most perform moderately well and show comparable sentiment to that of the Real Juice Bar & Café. The following five metrics were examined to measure the company’s social media performance on all current platforms. It is noteworthy to point out that a majority, if not all activity comes from the Facebook page, while the Instagram and Blog report lacking numbers. •

Sentiment Analysis: Shows the number of positive, neutral, or negative mentions on each social media platform where the company has a sizable presence.

4 Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing Plan •

Reach: Indicated the number of Twitter followers, Facebook Fans, YouTube subscribers, and so on.

Company Posts: Measures how often the company posts on each social media platform.

Feedback: Shows the number of comments, likes, or replies to company generated content.

Average Response Time: Measures response time to user comments on the company’s social media properties.

The table below shows a more graphical representation of our findings.



Company Posts


Average Response Time to Feedback


5 weekly

6 Comments and 20 likes daily

3-5 hours


Inactive (2 months)

37 average likes



Inactive (1 year)




Positive: 97% Facebook

Neutral: 2% Negative: 1% Positive: 99%


Neutral: <1% Negative: <1%



Competitive Analysis After a thorough review of the Real Juice Bar and Cafe’s social media presence, and by listening to the social web, the following SWOT analysis identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s current social media performance. It also examines opportunities and threats given the current market and local competition. These figures can give us a better idea of which strategy to employ. Given the company’s social media weaknesses and many opportunities on the social web, the analysis recommends a W-O (Weakness - Opportunity) strategy. According to the matrix, this advises the Real Juice Bar and Cafe to pursue opportunities on the web that eliminate the company’s weaknesses on various social media platforms. In response to this SWOT profile, a focus on the following social media platforms should be taken: Blog, Facebook, Twitter,

5 | The Real Juice Bar & Café

Social Media Marketing Plan Instagram, Pinterest, and a branded community. These platforms represent untapped potential for the company and are a good fit for the market.

Strengths •

The Real Juice Bar and Cafe has a strong presence on Facebook

The company has a proven track record on Facebook

Some of the company’s actions result in desired outcomes on Facebook

The Real Juice Bar and Cafe has staff capable of adequately using Facebook to market the company

The staff is enthusiastic about using Facebook and open to new platforms

Management is supportive of social media efforts

Resources are adequate for participating on some social media platforms

The Facebook is a lively social media property

The Real Juice Bar and Cafe’s local and organic food offerings, colorfully delicious cold press selection, and juice bar atmosphere satisfy the needs of the current social media target market.

There is a lot of momentum as the business expands juice productions.

6 Social Media Marketing Plan

Weaknesses •

The Real Juice Bar has less than desirable brand presence on their blog and Instagram with no presence on Twitter or Pinterest.

The company’s track record on their blog and Instagram are spotty.

The company’s actions on their blog and Instagram have fallen short of expected outcomes

The Real Juice Bar currently lacks the expertise to effectively market on their blog, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

The staff is apprehensive about working with platforms such as blogging, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The company lacks a comprehensive monitoring tool to track and measure qualitative social network performance as well as specific platform metrics

There has been an understandable reluctance by management to fully commit to an aggressive social media marketing campaign because of the inherent risk, cost, and lack of experience.

Resources are limited for building and maintaining a substantial presence on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The Real Juice Bar lacks a vibrant brand

Social Media Marketing Plan community where the company could directly engage with customers, eliciting valuable product feedback and new product ideas, as well as discussion forums for answering support questions. •



• Facebook has the largest concentration of the company’s current target audience. • The target audiences on these sites tend to be spectators and joiners. • Significant portions of the affluent college “hipster” market are content creators and critics with needs that are not currently being met. • The “hipster” college student audience is a strong emerging market on many social media platforms, with need to observe, join, converse, and criticize content. • The integration of branded communities on company websites and heavy usage of smart phone apps provide significant opportunities for the Real Juice Bar & Café. •

The present social media presence does not satisfy the needs of the WVU college student market.

Local businesses have a

7 | The Real Juice Bar & Café

• Potentially, two juice bars are opening in town within the coming year. Their social media presence is uncertain. • Local businesses offer deals that they often promote on Social Media (mainly Facebook and twitter). • Competitors have found moderate success on using campaigns to build brand presence online. • Many competitors offer more competitive pricing for lower quality food. • Any changes on behalf of the Real Juice Bar & Café’s social web will surely be noted by other companies and potentially copied. • The company has not yet utilized twitter contests or online forums to elicit customers. • The Real Juice Bar & Café offers little to oppose, but prices are

Social Media Marketing Plan community of followers that utilize various social media platforms. The Real Juice Bar & Café could partner with Blackbear and Mountain People’s Co-Op in providing joint deals to the community. WellWVU also offers a community of followers that would benefit from our products.

sometimes too high for potential customers. • The market demand for healthy foods is subject to changes in economy and food prices.

• Customer driven content can be obtained by inviting participation on social media platforms. • Local and regional suppliers are prevalent on certain platforms. • The Real Juice Bar & Café’s customers value local, organic, highquality ingredients free from processed food, added sugar, and chemicals. They seek out the company to offer them a healthy meal alternative in a lively and inviting atmosphere. • Market demand is increasing.

Goals After considering the analysis above, it is apparent that a significant opportunity exists for the Real Juice Bar and Café within the affluent college student segment. New customers can be gained and retained by implementing an all in compassing social media marketing campaign. The following goals will help the company achieve this: •

Revitalization of the company’s landing page

8 Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing Plan •

Building a strong brand community

Advocating for eating healthy and locally

Integrating Social Media Marketing with Public Relations and Advertising

Driving foot traffic to the store

Improving customer satisfaction

Driving word-of-mouth marketing

Strategies Implementing multiple strategies is pertinent to the success of the social media plan. Below, are seven strategies that the Real Juice Bar and Café should use to effectively build and promote the business. These strategies can and will be used simultaneously. They are each an important part of the same moving machine. Such a comprehensive approach is obviously not without risk because it represents a sizable investment in personnel, time, and money. In addition, since no one controls the social web and since blunders do harm to a brand, in-depth engagement standards will be established for company employees interacting on the social web. •

Embracing customers by establishing a brand community, titled “Juiceheads”, will greatly contribute to not only the success of your social media plan but your business as a whole. People won’t be repeat, loyal customers based on juice alone. They’re continually coming back and paying a premium for the experience. They want to feel good about their purchase decision. They want to be a part of the community you’re building. Make it a community worth joining.

Interacting with the customers is a very important part of successful use of social media. Facebook and Twitter will be the two tools used the most for this particular strategy. Responding to customer’s comments, suggestions, praise, and criticism is an important part of making them feel like a part of the brand community. It will make you trustworthy to the customer, as it will prove your expertise and competence in the area as well as your desire to please the customer.

9 | The Real Juice Bar & Café

Social Media Marketing Plan •

Influencing the target market with blogs and info by disseminated to your target market information. Influence them with this information. Make them buy into what it is you’re selling, as discussed on establishing a brand community. Tell them how important it is to buy local, eat real, unprocessed foods, or simply how much fun this cafe has making them quality products.

Listening to the consumer to show that their voices are not only being heard but also acted upon. Make changes based on their suggestions. Be mindful of their opinions concerning service. Do things that encourage the customer to talk to you. Ask what their favorite special is or a recommendation for one, and then do it. Ask for suggestions for a new juice, and then introduce it. Make the customer feel that they’re an integral part of your business and your business’s success.

Contributing to the conversation about causes we stand behind. As the leader in organic, wholesome, and healthy food options in Morgantown, our blog and content should advocate for GMO regulation, support of local economies, and overall promotion of the lifestyle choices our customers are drawn to. This can be done by creation of content or sharing of relevant links.

Engaging customers to drive word-of-mouth recommendations with YouTube viral brand videos and vivid Instagram photos showing the beautiful and delicious food offerings at the Real Juice Bar & Café.

Converting strategy execution into desired outcomes such as brand building, increasing customer satisfaction, driving word-of-mouth recommendations, and increasing foot traffic to stores by linking goals with a call to action.

Target Market The Real Juice Bar & Café has a wide range of market segments ranging from the health conscious college student, to the retired “townies” that enjoy throwing extra cash to help support local business. One area in which the company falls perfectly in line with the needs and desires of the consumer is that of the affluent young professional/graduate student or upperclassman; especially with those who exhibit a certain amount of social and environmental awareness. 10 Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing Plan This group is characterized having a slight female majority, usually in the age range of 20-35 and involved in some combination of professional work and schooling. Being located in Morgantown, there are on average 30,000 students on campus during the fall and spring semester with roughly 7,000 of those being graduate or professional students. 1 Of these 30,000 students, and unknown number of them stay in the area to start careers and families. As we dive deeper into understanding this segment, we recognize that they possess many strong passions and have the desire to share and talk about them. They often shop not only for price, but for ethics and sustainability. In fact, a recent study shows that 92 percent believe that business success should be measured by more than profit, and 61 percent feel personally responsible to make a difference in the world. 3 Many are interested in supporting local food and business, environmental concerns, and health and food policy. This group enjoys having a “spot” for taking a lunch break or enjoying good food that not only satiates their physical hunger, but also makes them feel good about themselves. There is also a desire for exclusivity and uniqueness. They wish to separate themselves from everyone else with their choices in higher quality food at a price premium. Some are even parents with a desire to have control over their children’s healthy, and who find their identity in being the deciding power of their child’s food choices. The key factor of this analysis is the behavior of this group, specifically on the social web. Forrester Research surveys have determined that millennials constitute the largest group of creators, consisting of roughly 40%. Simply put, this group is the most active of the personas in producing videos, blog posts, articles, discussion forum text, and so on. Forrester also indicates that 93% of U.S. millennials are spectators, 84% are joiners, 53% are critics, and only 44% are creators. Females are less inclined to be spectators (85%), more likely to be joiners (86%) and creators (48%), but less inclines to be critics (47%).

Tools With the demographic and behavioral characteristics of the personas defined for the company’s target market, the social media platforms with the highest concentration of the target audience have been chosen. The types of personas within the target market played a key role in the selection of each social media platform. For example, since the personas for both male and female demonstrate a high propensity to be joiners, the company’s Facebook page was chosen to interact with them as a means of strengthening the brand. Furthermore, females within the millennial target audience are strong conversationalists, making the company’s Twitter account and Pinterest are ideal social media platforms for interacting with them, further strengthening the brand among this important target market. Moreover, given that many of the company’s business practices meet a deeper need of consumers, it was decided to also focus on maintaining a blog as a means to help drive the thoughts on GMO regulation, healthy eating, and juicing.

11 | The Real Juice Bar & Café

Social Media Marketing Plan Since the males in the millennial target market are more inclined to be critics of content while females tend to be creators of content, it was deemed worthwhile to construct a brand community where the company could directly and more intimately embrace these groups by offering them a chance to provide feedback about the company’s products, seek support and assistance, and suggest new product ideas. The intent is to fortify customer relationships, improve customer satisfaction, and hence increase customer retention. This factor was also taken into account when proposing the utilization of Instagram.

Implementation The above goals, strategies, target market, and tools have been taken into consideration in creating the following actionable social media platform-specific tactics. In addition, this section of the plan indicates how content will be generated efficiently and effectively for each social media platform, as well as assigning staff to be responsible for carrying out these tactics and preparing content for dissemination on the various platforms.

Platform Specific Tactics The social media platforms and tactics below were chosen as the optimal means for implementing the company’s overall strategies and reaching its social media goals. The company website will be the central hub of the social media wheel, so to say. Unlike traditional social media, a website takes little maintenance, but requires a lot more work upfront to create a site that best represents your brand. This will also be the home base to which we drive our customers to. This plan involves a professional overhaul of the current website, and the addition of some new features to be discussed below. When redesigning the page, there are a few key tactics to keep in mind. •

Use the site to tell the story of the Juice Bar and build a strong brand identity

Provide answers to any and all questions customers have or could ever have

Website should be easy to navigate and have a logical flow

Image driven pages appeal more to customers

Show links to all social media pages on the site

12 Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing Plan •

Encourage customers to contact you via contact form

Send periodic newsletters and make it easy for people to sign up

Blog A blog is an important part of disseminating information about the company. It’s cheap and easy to do, and published content can be seen worldwide. Blogs are findable via search engines and can often spread like wildfire. Viewers can easily subscribe to feeds and stay updated in real-time. They also allow for conversations to occur via direct comments or shared links. They are an excellent way to build influence on the web, promote word-of-mouth marketing, and communicate with (potential) customers. The current website host, weebly, provides a free blogging platform which will easily connect with the existing site. The blog should contain posts about the café itself, the employees, and advocate for the food practices the juice bar represents. Below are a few tactics to best leverage the blog in concordance with the goals of this plan. •

The blog should be located as a tab on the website, as well as having its own page

Blogs should have catchy titles o

Use the title to communicate a benefit


Ask a question in the title


Include keywords in the title to optimize search engine ranking

Company blog posts should be published 3-4 times a month

Keep posts focused on the topic

Invite comments and interaction from viewers

Cross promote the posts via social media platforms

Engage with others by commenting on and re-blogging related posts

Branded Community Due to the nature of the business, there are many fundamental business practices and values that warrant conversation and advocacy. Those who buy from the juice bar are not merely buying food or a beverage. They are buying into a community of people who support local, organic, and natural food. Given, join the conversation surrounding GMO regulation and eating right. One tool to facilitate this community is to build a forum for open discussion. This space will allow a continual flow of conversation between Juice Bar enthusiasts, health enthusiasts, and the like on topics discussed on the blog, topics discussed on the website, and

13 | The Real Juice Bar & Café

Social Media Marketing Plan topics brought to light by users. This space will be the home base for the “Juicehead” brand community. The current hosting site has a forum feature which will allow easy synchronization with the website. Membership should be encouraged in store to recurring customers, and invites should be sent to local thought leaders in the community. The following tactical actions will be taken to construct a vibrant brand community: •

Create a friendly, comfortable, and responsive environment using well-designed discussion boards and forums with a specific target audience in mind

Appeal to the customer personas that might be interested in the product and let the conversation develop organically without directing the topics toward the product

Ask open-ended questions, have polls in which users vote, and recognize quality posts

Allow some democratic input to make forums more interesting for users

Answer questions and handle complaints promptly, within the hour whenever possible

Encourage participants to use the discussion forums to suggest innovative product ideas and to provide valuable feedback about existing products and services

Encourage members to invite their friends to the community by offering competitions with prizes to reward members for bringing in new people

Facebook There are over 900 million users on Facebook, making it the most popular social network. It is especially well suited for interacting with end consumers. For this reason alone, it’s worth the effort of creating and maintaining a page on the site. The Facebook page already created for The Real Juice Bar is doing extremely well. To take it to the next level, we suggest moving some content away from Facebook and to other platforms. Although not exhaustive, the following list of Facebook Tactics can strengthen the brand by improving brand awareness, recognition, and perception. •

Provide content that is distinct from the company’s website or other platforms

Light and funny ads to direct traffic to the company website o

Use Facebook as tool to determine and set reach

Post content times per day. The goal is to be persistent, genuine, and consistent

14 Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing Plan •

Create share worthy content that encourages further discussions among target market to advance the brand’s position by making the brand more personable and memorable

Offer a deal or giveaway monthly to increase number of likes

Facebook Places coupons to encouraging customers to check-in

Participate in industry pages

Give useful tips, ask open-ended questions, and be a thought leader in the advocacy for eating simple and whole foods

Include links to company Facebook page on all outbound communications such as promotional materials, brochures, and email signatures, as well as on the company website

Twitter Twitter is currently the second most popular social media platform, with over 310 million unique monthly visitors. With Twitter it is possible to instantly reach a large (often mobile) audience with brief but focused messages, making the site a great marketing platform for interacting with users on the go, especially the millennial young professional/student market that the Real Juice Bar is targeting. The Following tactics will be pursued to take the utmost advantage of this platform for strengthening the brand among the target audience: •

Respond to questions and comments promptly

Average of ten to fifteen tweets daily and use hashtags frequently

Use shortened links to share interesting articles, videos, breaking news, etc.

Aim for a 1-1 ratio of followers to follows

Retweet to increase sharing of our content in return

Giveaways once every month to increase followers

Daily posts of specials, soup of the day, and other time sensitive info

Include links to company Twitter on all outbound communications such as promotional materials, brochures, and email signatures, as well as on the company website

Instagram As the 7th most popular social media platform today, Instagram allows for users to share and like photos and follow friends, businesses, and celebrities. The platforms offers built in filters 15 | The Real Juice Bar & Café

Social Media Marketing Plan and photo enhancements to give users the ability to edit their posts. It is a great way to reach mobile users with vivid photos pared with captions. The following Instagram tactics will be taken: •

Average at least two posts a day

Share daily photos of the food being prepared at The Real Juice Bar and Café

Host monthly photo-sharing contests

Photos should be stylized appropriately

Always pair a picture with a call-to-action

Cross utilize pictures to Facebook and Twitter

Include links to company Twitter on all outbound communications such as promotional materials, brochures, and email signatures, as well as on the company website.

Pinterest As the 4th most popular social media platform, Pinterest provides a more female focused strategic opportunity for the Real Juice Bar & Café. Pinterest is a different form of photo sharing site. The photos posted to Pinterest are connected to a link taking the user to relevant content related to the photos. The female segment of the target market is a heavy user of Pinterest. This will be a great way to funnel traffic to the site by reaching out to our female target market with appealing content. The following Pinterest activities will be taken on behalf of the company: •

Maintain boards pertaining to relevant topics

Pin original content to Pinterest on a weekly basis

Re-pin relevant content to build a comprehensive board

Respond to comments promptly

Include links to company Twitter on all outbound communications such as promotional materials, brochures, and email signatures, as well as on the company website.

16 Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing Plan Content Development Even though each specific platform will have site specific content, the following tactics will allow for greater generation of quality content that can be repurposed and used multiple times. This will not only save time and money, but it will maximize the impact of our message. •

Developing Content: An analysis of each social media platform will identify the specific needs for each community; finding gaps in content, and filling them with satisfactory material that meets the needs of our consumer. An inventory of existing content will be taken to find material that can be repurposed for use on social media platforms. Employees will also be encouraged to write blogs and capture images and video for our social media purposes.

Managing Content: Content gathered will be promptly processed and organized effectively. All content will be carefully edited before posting. Consumer created content will be monitored to make sure the conversations stay on topic. A comprehensive, but fluid editorial calendar will be established and maintained.

Cross-utilizing Content: To leverage content across platforms, it will be restructured for cross-platform utilization. Care will be taken to not overuse this tactic, as it could warrant unwanted attention from search engines harming our site traffic.

Breaking Apart Content: Making content into smaller chunks and reformatting it will stretch the utilization of the material, allowing it to appear in various forms on multiple platforms, such as blogs, microblogs, discussion boards, and so forth.

Assignments In order to execute platform-specific tactics and generate content, specific roles and responsibilities will be assigned based on expertise and availability of staff. Assignments for executing the social media marketing plan will be carried out by those with the knowledge, experience, and training to effectively engage with customers on the social web. The following personnel will be involved in the implementation of the social media plan: •

Owner, Ruth Haas

Hire the following positions: 1. Website Designer (contract)

17 | The Real Juice Bar & Café

Social Media Marketing Plan 2. Marketing & Community Manager (Full-time) 3. Two social media marketing specialists/student workers To make this plan the most cost effective, the Real Juice Bar & CafĂŠ can capitalize on the university to hire student workers. The federal work study program offers community partners with the chance to connect with eligible student workers. They will pay 65% of the cost of wages for a student work study employee. Hours are limited to 20 per week, and an application must be filled out.6

Monitoring Social media monitoring is the process of tracking, measuring, and evaluating an organizationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s social media marketing activities. The following sections explain how each of these activities will be executed to determine if the plan is achieving the desired social media goals laid out above.

Tracking The company will implement a sustainable and actionable tracking plan that identifies the right keywords to find and follow the relevant data on the social web. The tracking plan will choose optimal topics of focus, select platforms with the greatest concentration of the target audience, identify optimal keywords and phrases by studying how people actually describe brands or other topics, use Boolean operators to zero in the desired data, and adjust searches when they do not produce the desired results.

Measuring Social media measurement is the determination of the volume of content and the sentiment toward a brand or topic on the social web. The volume of content is the quantitative measurement, while judging sentiment is a qualitative measurement. The number of posts, comments, tweets, retweets, likes, and follows are instances of quantitative metrics, while mentions, comments, conversations, and feedback about a brand are examples of qualitative metrics. Quantitative and qualitative metrics are called Key Performance Indicators. A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a social media metric that indicated the progress of strategies in achieving goals. Choosing the right social media KPIs is reliant upon having a good understanding of which social media goals are important to an organization. Understanding what an organization wants to accomplish defines which social metrics it should collect. In other words, an organizationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s desired outcomes determine the most appropriate measurements.

18 Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing Plan To make quantitative social media metrics useful, they must be tied to specific market goals. The primary challenge of connecting quantitative KPIs to marketing goals is to make the goals specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely (SMART). Quantitative KPIs With the above considerations in mind, the following table lists the quantitative KPIs that have been chosen to measure progress in achieving the organizationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s marketing goals on the social media platforms where the highest concentration of the target audience resides. Social Media Platform

Quantitative Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the Next Year


50% increase in comments 30% increase in visits to website 25% increase in sharing blog content


20% increase in number of likes 30% increase in number of comments and likes on admin posts 25% increase in visits to company website from Facebook ads 10% increase of customer reviews


30% increase in views 100% increase in newsletter subscribers


20% increase in number of followers 15% increase in number of hearts per average post 50% increase in number of customer tagged posts 5% increase in comments

Pinterest (new)

100 followers by end of year 1 40 pins per month 40 visits to website from pins

Branded Community (New)

100 visits per month 50 active members in a year 5 active threads

19 | The Real Juice Bar & CafĂŠ

Social Media Marketing Plan Twitter (new)

500 followers by end of year 1 50 retweets per month 30 mentions per month 35 visits to website from tweet links

Qualitative KPIs The next table shows the qualitative KPIs designed to measure the social media goals for the Real Juice Bar & Café (naturally, benchmarks will be established for each of these metrics so that progress can be assessed. However, with no current social media activity, these will be taken after a presence has been established.)

Social Media Goals

Key Performance Indicators

KPI Formula

KPI (One-Year) Performance Targets

SR = Brand Strengthening

Sentiment Ratio (SR)

Positive : Neutral : Negative Brand Mentions 10% increase Expenses Brand Mentions Total Mentions

15% increase

Comments + Shares+ Trackbacks Total Views

20% increase

Total People Participating Total Audience Exposure

10% increase

Share of Voice (SV)

Word of Mouth

Audience Engagement (AE) Conversation Reach (CR)

Customer Satisfaction

SV =

AE =

CR =

IRR = Issue Resolution Rate (IRR)

Resolution Time (RT) 20 Social Media Marketing Plan

Total 10% increase Total ¿ ¿ Issues Resolved Satisfactory Service Issues ¿ ¿ RT =

20% increase

Social Media Marketing Plan Total Total Inquiry Response Time Service Inquires ¿ ¿ Satisfaction Score (SC)

Topic Trend (TT) Generating New Ideas

SC =

Customer Feedback Total Customer Feedback

25% increase

¿ of Specific Topic Mentions TT = All Topic Mentions

20% increase

II = Idea Impact (II)

¿ of PositiveConversations , Shares , Mentions15% increase Total Idea Conversations , Shares , Mentions AA =

Promoting Advocacy

Active Advocates (AA)

Total ¿ of Active Advocates within 30 days

Advocate Influence (AIN)

Unique Advocate ' s Influence AIN = Advocate Influence

¿ 20% increase Total Advocates

15% increase

AIM = Advocacy Impact (AIM)

Number of Advocacy Driven Conversations 20% increase Total Volume of Advocacy Traffic

Evaluating Once the social media data has been gathered and measured, it will be carefully evaluated on a quarterly basis. Only through establishing the relationship between social media metrics and business goals can the marketing team properly analyze the impact and value of social media marketing activities and then present the results to management. The end game is to produce a thorough description of the progress of the company’s social media marketing activities over time in order to reveal when strategies have succeeded or when they require adjustment. This evaluation process will uncover opportunities and threats, potential areas for improvement, and possible new courses of action. Such analysis will enable the marketing team to see where it must next focus its efforts and resources.

21 | The Real Juice Bar & Café

Social Media Marketing Plan Social Media Monitoring and Management Tools The selection of the social media monitoring tools was based upon four factors: the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s social media marketing goals, the metrics chosen to measure progress in achieving these goals, the training necessary to use the tools, and the costs. Free monitoring tools, including Google Alerts, Google Trends, Google Reader, and Social Mention, will be used to track and measure most of the quantitative metrics. The Weebly Hosting server also offers free metrics to help monitor activity on the landing page. The paid monitoring tools will be Hootsuite and Quintly. Hootsuite is a very cheap and easy to use program that allows users to schedule tweets and posts. It also has built in analytics while sporting a user friendly interface. Quintly is a very cheap solution to measure qualitative KPIs.

Tuning Keeping abreast with the constant influx of social media activity is critical throughout the tuning process. The Real Juice Bar can determine how to better utilize its social media platforms when tailoring messages to their consumers. A thorough analysis can also help evaluate social media performance. If a certain tactic is not eliciting a desired response from customers, the strategies might have to be reevaluated. Reevaluating the goals, strategies, and execution of the plan is necessary because of the ever-changing nature of consumer tastes, countermoves by competitors, and the continual introduction of new social media technologies. In short, planning and executing social media marketing activities is a never-ending process. Hence the marketing team will constantly monitor and fine-tune the plan to maximize results.

Budget In accordance with our marketing plan strategies, the following is an estimation of expenses for implementing this plan and for achieving the stated goals within the next year. Quintly Monitoring Software ($129/mo)


Hootsuite Pro ($9.99/mo)


Website Redesign


Marketing & Community Manager


Two Social Media Specialists (35% of $8/hr)




22 Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing Plan Facebook Ads


Total expenses for the year (+3% contingency)


Return on Investments Measuring the return on investment after implementing the marketing plan will require time. A baseline for sales can be set once the new juicer is incorporated into daily operations. Additional sales attributed to social media efforts can be roughly accounted for with the help of Hootsuite. While precise figures tying sales to social media is extremely difficult to measure, The Real Juice Bar can acquire a general understanding of which platforms and content are helping to drive consumer demand through performance metrics that require responses from consumers (i.e. likes, comments/posts, retweets, etc.). Proxy ROIs can also help measure long-term impact of social media marketing investments on customer response. They indicate both quantitative and qualitative measurements, such as the number of views of the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s social media properties; the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s posting activity, and the customer responses rate, as well as sentiment analysis, share of voice, satisfaction scores, and advocacy impact. These proxy ROIs provide a meaningful way to judge the expected rewards for investing in this plan.

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Social Media Marketing Plan

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Social Media Marketing Plan

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Real juice bar social media plan  

Real juice bar social media plan