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Spot Color Spot Color Spot Color Spot Color Spot Ink Strip

Basic Color box

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Basic Color box Workflow

Original Color Monitor Calibration

RGB Lights Monitor Caracteristics

Color Box (Simulation of the Color Checker® Chart from GretagMacbeth™)

RGB Design

Production Print CMYK Original Color Simulation Monitor calibrated to RGB














Spot Color Spot Color Spot Color Spot Color Spot

DQ Box

Cylinder Cell Basic Engraverone Caracteristics

Press Calibration Ink Strip

Printing Press Caracteristics Substrate Ink

Color Box Strip

Original Color Simulationon Press calibrated to CMYK © by Gravure Asia Sdn. Bhd.

Basic Color box Products

Basic Color box Design Production

(including Spectrophotometer, color patches, software)

Color Measurements

Measure Original Colors by the spectrophotometer. These color values can be entered into the Design application like Adobe® Illustrator and Photoshop. Color defined as spot-colors are converted into the color calibration of the monitor and the printing system.

Color Monitor Calibration Ambient light conditions, brightness and light temperature have to be measured for a perfect simulation of the reflected light and the looks of the colors in your room. This enable the viewer to see the same color on screen as it shows in his working environment. For reference purpose, the color can be visualized under different light conditions (recommended Mac OS).

Color Box (Simulation of the Color Checker® Chart from GretagMacbeth™)

Color Box and Color strip Color samples to certify color reproduction on Monitors and digital printers based on 24 colors of the ColorChecker®. These colors are widely used in photography and are used as color quality reference throughout the process of design to print. Color Box Strip

Basic Color box Print Production

(including spectrophotometer, ink/color patches, software)

Master Cylinders

One set of engraved cylinders with 1617 reference CMYK ink patches. The engraved cell volumes have to be in tide tolerances. The Master cylinder and the production cylinders can be certified using the Microscope (see below). With the Master Cylinder a custom standard is printed (target print or “finger print“) with the custom ink, substrate and press settings.

Press Calibration With the spectrophotometer all ink patches have to be measured. The Software basICColor Print generate the required Press calibration. This calibrations (ICC Profile) are needed to simulate the original colors looks on a calibrated display or to simulate the gravure printing process on a digital ink jet printer (color proof). The need of spot colors and color matching must be certified before the cylinder production. With the correct press calibration, hard copy proofs from digital printers and soft proofs on the computer display simulate the press printing condition and the colors as they will appear on the respective substrate. The same press calibration is used for engraving the cylinders. We recommend to engrave the DQ strip on each cylinder for cell size certification of the cylinder using the microscope. The Basic Engraverone is equipped with the functions for repeatable cell volumes. The coresponding contrast settings are preset.

Color Quality Control The Digidens densitometer may be used to assist the printer for a fast checkup of the gravure press printing conditions. For a detailed ink and color analysis the spectrophotometer and basICColor catch pro may be used. Spot Color Spot Color Spot Color Spot Color Spot

Ink Strip

Options for Design and Production Professional Color Monitor (for Design and Print Production)

A good Monitor is needed to display colors correctly. The displays native white for the Printing Industry are around 5000º to 6000º Kelvin. Monitors used in most other Industries have a white point from 6500º to the color evaluation room of a printer.

Proof Capable Color Printer (for Design and Print Production) The EPSON Stylus Pro Printers (recommended) print photorealistic color images. The same color printers can simulate the printers Rotogravure Printing press. The necessary calibration are made by the Printer.

Microscope for Cylinder certification (for Print Production) The microscope needs to have functions to reduce inaccurate measurements caused by the reflections of the copper or chrome cylinder. This device is equipped with a dimmable coaxial light source and with a 5 Mega pixel camera. reflections and glare can be reduced to a minimum. (The software is included, Windows PC or Tablet on request) © by Gravure Asia Sdn. Bhd.

Color Competence

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