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content march 2011 Fat Cat in Repose - Eric Krszjzaniek

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A vote for Prosser... - Chris Talbot-Heindl

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Don’t sh*t on me and tell me it’s for my own good - Chris Talbot- Heindl tecolote - kelly Lyrics to ‘Solidarity Forever’ Teachers Edition. - Anonymous Submitter

on the front cover: Fat Cat in Repose

Intelligent Koko - Jesha LaMarche

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Hipsters - samuelbeaton

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Laundry Soap - Dandelion Breeze Dirt-Covered Diamonds in the Rough - kelly The Ten - samuelbeaton

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Holloween - steve(ToyRobot) smith

Wisconsin Heroes (The Fab 14 11 and Dale Schultz) - Chris Talbot- Heindl What Can We Be - Katie Kloth 12-13 The Fool - Wlkn_Fire


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katrina shankland. Boiling in a Pot of Water: The New Wisconsin Workforce by: Katrina Shankland We’re crabs in a bucket. A pot of water is boiling on the stove; a hand is approaching us. As several of us move upward, scrambling to escape, many envelop the few and bring them down with the rest of us. “If one of us is going down, we all should go down,” we say. Wrong. This crab in a bucket mentality can no longer stand. Humans are uniquely positioned to help each other thrive through social programs and supportive communities. Instead of struggling to get out of the bucket alone, we should be striving as a group to get rid of the bucket altogether. In this case, the bucket is the limits on workers’ rights and labor conditions. Every single person deserves a living wage; safe, healthy working conditions and hours; and the right to ask one’s employer for these provisions and more. If you do not have the benefit of these employee provisions, it is time for you to ask for them. You deserve this, and likely much more. Instead of marveling at the modest wages and decent benefit packages our state employees receive, you should talk with your co-workers. Consider organizing, unionizing, and working collectively to speak with your employer about what you need in the workplace. While organizing your workplace to bring some form of democracy to it is constructive, calling for the government to take away state employees’ abilities to negotiate with employers is destructive and benefits no one. We all deserve the ability to sit at the bargaining table with our employer and tell them what we need in order to be happy and healthy employees. The Stevens Point


Area Public School District Board of Education does not agree with this. Recently they voted to remove collective bargaining rights from their educators, preempting the Walker-sponsored legislation that would do the same for all state workers once published and officially enacted. This was unnecessary and ethically irresponsible. We as taxpayers and fellow workers should be supportive of our educators and all workers. We do not save any taxpayers’ money by eliminating the right for workers to ask for safer working conditions, smaller class sizes, and other measures that protect their interests as tax-paying citizens and public employees. Furthermore, eliminating any form of collective action and discussion in the workplace only mirrors the dangerous political environment we live in right now. We have all noticed a decline in democracy in the state of Wisconsin: the Capitol doors have been locked, the people shut out. It is now illegal for citizens to hold signs within the Capitol building; their freedom of speech and right to assemble have been abridged. It appears that democracy is being curbed in our state. If we can’t have democracy in the workplace, then where can we have it? We would all do well to consider the harm in removing the collective bargaining rights of any worker. Our workplaces will be less safe, our state employees will face difficult times ahead, and none of us will have benefited from a few more crabs landing in the pot of boiled water. Let’s help each other out of the bucket and support all workers in all sectors. If an injury to one is an injury to us all, we are all about to be crippled by the removal of collective bargaining for public sector employees. It’s already begun in Stevens Point, and could be coming to a workplace near you next. But we can move forward with a newfound resolution to support each other in the workplace and out. The time has never been more appropriate.

jan haskell, chris talbot-heindl. The Great Flaw By: Jan Haskell

In resent years, we have seen an insurgence of major political movements. These movements have brought a great swing in the political structure of America, however, none of these movements have brought any change that was being sought. The major call from the people has been to change/reform the way in which the government works. Yet the need to have a victory, any victory, has cost these movements their credibility. The great flaw is that these movements always settle for the lesser of two evils rather then reach for the golden ring. Our vote is much more then yes this one or yes that one. It is our consent.

so lightly by the political structure, we have cheapened its value to no more then a rubber stamp for one party or the other. America is no longer the country controlled by the people, but who controls the mob. The conversations no longer discuss ideas, dreams, or solutions. Rather we become subjected to one liners that after a day become nothing more then clichĂŠs to be pounded into our heads until a new one comes around. Even the candidates bios turn into clichĂŠs till what we care about is just winning, regardless of what we get. So if we believe, which I do, that our government needs a major overhaul, then we must use our consent to do more then replace Tweedle Dumb with Tweedle Dee. Let us once more reach for the golden ring. Let us bring some value back to our consent. Let us vote NO, and take back our birth right, and America.

By allowing our consent to be used so lightly or taken

A vote for Prosser... Chris Talbot-Heindl GicleĂŠ print


chris talbot-heindl, kelly.

Don’t sh*t on me and tell me it’s for my own good. Chris Talbot-Heindl Gicleé print


tecolote kelly Mixed media

anonymous submitter, jesha lamarche. Lyrics to ‘Solidarity Forever’ Teachers Edition. Revised by: Anonymous Submitter

When the Unions inspiration through the workers blood shall run, There can be no power greater anywhere beneath the sun; Yet what force on Earth is weaker than the shouting voice of one, But the Unions make us strong. Solidarity Forever, Solidarity Forever, Solidarity Forever, For the Unions make us strong. Is there aught we hold in common with the corporate parasites, Who would deny us the due-process and crush us with their might? Is there any other option left, but to organize and fight? For the Unions make us strong. It is we who teach the children give them knowledge and self-esteem; Write the lesson plans, and extra hours spent on marking grades. Now we stand outcast and wondering, what futures will be made; But the unions make us strong.

Intelligent Koko Jesha LaMarche Painting

All the world owned by corporations, is ours and ours alone. We laid societies foundations; built them stronger home by home. It is ours, not to slave in, but to educate and hone. While the Unions make us strong. They have avoided paying taxes with millions they never toiled to earn, But without our brains and muscles not a single pencil will turn. We can break their cretinous power, gain our voices when we learn That the Unions make us strong. Glory, glory hallelujah! Glory, glory hallelujah! Glory, glory hallelujah! The Unions make us strong! repeat from the beginning... 7

samuelbeaton, dandelion breeze. Hipsters

by: samuelbeaton I don’t mean to sound like a broken record here (zing!), but I can’t help noticing the kids of today thinking they’re better than us. I was told that my shoes weren’t cool enough, my jackets weren’t punk enough, and that the albums I listen to aren’t on vinyl. You know what: There is a reason for that. I’m not a poseur.

Shoes I wear what’s comfortable. And I only wear a size 7. I don’t care if you wear Chuck Taylors or Van’s or whatever it is that was cool 20 years ago. It’s not my thing. The definition of retarded is “slow”. Hipsters are the epitome of this. I may not be cool, but maybe that makes me a hipster. I don’t know anymore. People Like To Protest Things They Don’t Know Anything About Nobody is blind to the fact that Wisconsin just had a pretty huge bitch slap in the face. Even Republicans are changing their tune. This won’t be political. I swear. I can’t stand all these kids who know absolutely nothing, but see some “Hate Walker” status’ on Facebook and think they’re the most influential push on issues. My favorite thing to do is to ask “Hey why are you against Walker?”. The common response was “Because he’s a douche bag”. Yes, yes. That is true. But why? Are you against the benefit cuts to Unions that you had no part of, or is it because you saw this on FOX NEWS and you heard you shouldn’t like them? All I’m saying is that you should know what you’re standing up for. By the by, I hate Scott Walker. Vinyl Records Yeah, you’re so cool. You don’t listen to those nonskipping cd’s, you have to go and find an album in the back of a record shop. You know why I like cd’s? Because I’m


against the pops and scratches. I’m not sure what you’re talking about when you say that it has a better sound. Get a new stereo if that’s your problem. Just to be clear, I’m not talking about people that were born in the 50’s or 60’s. Even 70’s for that matter. They remember a time when that was the way songs were listened to. You kids today are just trying to fake your way. I always found it funny that you would say that “all the bands sound corporate”, while you sat and listened to the band Something Corporate.


I’m not guilt free. Don’t think that I’m making fun of all of you nonsense punks. I’ve done it all, kids. However, I haven’t changed my views on you. I still play cassette tapes when I need to. Do you know how hard those are to find? I still like indie bands. My uncle Paul does too. We’re not old, or out of the loop. You just need to experience more than what you see on MTV…..sorry, I know that’s not hip anymore….on whatever PodCast you see fit. But, I won’t take anymore of your elitist, sophomoric, self-loathing (to make people wonder), AIDS Benefit-wristband-wearing-person-who-never-went-to-afundraiser dick self. So, I hope you have a good day. Sorry for the swears. samuelbeaton

Laundry Soap

Revised by: Dandelion Breeze 13 c. water 1 oz. grated soap Slowly heat until soap is dissolved Remove from heat Then add: 4 T. baking soda 2 T. borax Use 1 cup solution for a large load of laundry

kelly. Dirt-Covered Diamonds in the Rough by: kelly 03.2011

It all means so much more... what swept me out east in that rising tide unwittingly catching a current southwest reuniting with my brother to stand by his side and now here, we promise each other success ‘Cause it’s been like troubled waters, choppy seas, and stormy skies rocky shoals in shallow harbors; coral reefs and sandbars, like: “Tough luck champs; at least you made it out alive now g’;ead--here; try on a late-start for size” And yeah, it’s “been there, done that...” like none too proud, neither too ashamed the way we laid into our world, stood up and just blew it in her face Uncertain who we are? Damn certain what we about as we were born onto this earth as kings indigo-coated defection; renegade soldiers feather-weighted crowns and paper rings (and while the odds are stacked against us, sweet; Jesus I just wanna hear you sing) It’s a deal with the Devil or a promise to God we some desperado motherfu*kers with dreams like me; my brother’s keeper: a black-magick cat so close to God, I think could be a high-priest... And that’s like no dishonor, always faithful, never falter, never flinch take a number, write your fortunes, stack ‘em high, and mind the grid... See, these are my dreams; do you know what I mean? can you remember those words that I spoke? like a plot that was writ and a storyboard with no script try ‘n remember; I’m a star in that role- -call it what you will; call it what you may... Your captivated eyes starred at a sinner who stood by rites a reckless cynic that refracted the world and stood it on its head it’s not a question of good or evil; we all got each inside it’s just a matter-a-fact that I’m the perfect blend Like the question being raised to me these days since one day some-three years ago: “Did you come here to kill, or did you come here to die?” one syllable: my answer is, ‘both’ so: I hereby dedicate my life to her whether she likes it or not like when threads were crossed how my soul was seared with the patterns of her heart Know that I acknowledge circumstance as circumstance I’ll never blame anyone but myself but it’s like some things happen for a reason, I think so I sent my luke-warm greetings from hell. And I promise: If I make it out alive, I swear I feel I’ll owe her everything whether or not she accepts it; whether or not I ever see her again.


samuelbeaton, steve(toyrobot)smith. The Ten

“performance”. I don’t think I need to tell you that Rusted Root stole the show. Track to listen to: Beautiful People.

I was reading an old Rolling Stone the other day and it had the best albums of the past 20 years in it. I wish I was a writer for them because they made some serious mistakes. I mean, Pink shouldn’t be on the list at all. Nor should Justin Timberlake. I think RS is going by the amount of sales and not the actual awesomeness per album. So, that being said, I will give you my top 10 albums for the past 20 years.

Superdrag- Regretfully Yours This is probably one of the best unknown pop bands of my time. I really believe that they should have all been famous in the 60’s, but they weren’t born yet. It’s a shame that nobody caught on to them. I mean, they had a hit song with “Sucked Out”, but the entire album was great. It’s one of those pieces of music that you can listen to when you’re hung over and still think “Wow, maybe I should go to work today”. Track to listen to: “Slot Machine”.

By: samuelbeaton

Smashing Pumpkins- Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness This album was one of the first double discs that I ever bought. Who knew you could put so much rock on one LP? Billy Corgan did, that’s who. A few hits were spawned from it, but it’s really the songs that only the fans who picked up the album will understand. The “gems” are really the heart of a forgotten record. Track to listen to: “Stumbleine”. Ani Difranco- Little Plastic Castles My brother Josh got me into this back in the day. I’ve seen her 4 times in concert since. When people think of Ani, they think of a feminist or a man hater. You’d be so wrong. Ok, maybe not totally wrong, but she has validity to what she’s preaching. Plus, any guitar player will tell you that she tunes her guitar in a crazy fashion. One that made me buy the album. Track to listen to: Independence Day

Rage Against The Machine- Evil Empire Have you ever wanted to punch the mailman in the face for being super late with your check? Didn’t have the nerve? Listen to this album. You’ll have no problem taking a baseball bat to his head. Or her head. I’m not sexist. I actually do blare this through my cheap headphones at about 5 a.m. before I get ready for work. It makes the day a little more intense and a lot less normal for the people I work with. Track to listen to: People Of The Sun.

Blind Melon- Soup This is the last record that Shannon Hoon made before he died from an overdose on their tour bus. I think it was a great way to go out. The hooks are so simple, yet so genius. It almost makes me want to do heroin. Track to listen to: Mouthful Of Cavities. Soul Asylum- Grave Dancers Union Such an underated album. Everyone remembers “Runaway Train”, but what about the other 11 tracks? They were great. This is the record that got me into guitar and music in general. I was obsessed. Seriously, my brothers and sister can tell you that. I think everyone who knew me could. But screw them. They all think Pink deserved to be on the Rolling Stone list. Track to listen to: Somebody To Shove. Rusted Root- When I Woke Man, this one brings back memories. From start to finish, it’s amazing. I used to hate hippie bands, but this one gave that generation hope. My friends and I went and saw them about 15 years ago in Milwaukee. They opened for Jewel. I still think that’s funny. And yes, we did stay for her


Holloween Steve(ToyRobot)smith Ink on paper

samuelbeaton (con’t), chris talbot-heindl. Chixdiggit- From Scene To Shining Scene Need a cure for depression? Here it is. People know that I’m a crazy fan of this band. It’s pop punk at it’s finest. It will pick you up when you’re feeling down because there isn’t a sad song on the entire disc. They deal with issues like what to do on a Thursday night, Paul McCartney starting legal wars, and baking cakes. Yeah, it doesn’t get better than that. Track to listen to: Born In Toulouse. NOFX- Pump Up The Valium It’s politcal, it’s funny, and it’s fast punk rock. These ingredients make for a fine Saturday night. Plus, a bunch of Heineken to get you in the mood to rock. Some of you will read this and say “Sam, they had so many other great albums. Why choose this one?” I will respond by saying “Shut up. I’m writing this. I don’t see you up at 1:30 in the morning being lame on the computer!” You’ll say “It’s

because I have a life and like to go to the bars”. I will then remind you that the $20 that you owe me shouldn’t go to PBR’s. I got off track arguing with my pretend friends. Track to listen to: All of them

Marcy Playground- Marcy Playground This is still one of my brother Cory’s favorite albums. And he has a good ear for catching it. They only had one hit song with “Sex And Candy”, which I don’t really like. I find myself listening to it over and over again thinking of what high school would be like if I knew just a bit more about life back then. Pretty sure I would have smoked more pot. Track to listen to: Sherry Fraser. Ok, that’s the best I can do. If you don’t have these albums, illigally download them. samuelbeaton

Wisconsin Heroes (The Fab 14 and Dale Schultz) Chris Talbot-Heindl Gicleé print 11

katie kloth, wlkn_fire. What Can We Be by: Katie Kloth

Language aside momentarily, dismiss the word capitalism and socialism, and instead recognize that the only way to survive is to help one another, and exist in a paradigm where practical goods, services/skills and advice are traded instead of intangible paper rectangles… If survival is not a common goal, understand that maintenance of destructive lifestyles will also surely be a means to an end of the vast oppression committed against non-human animals, as chosen destructive lifestyles will surely destruct the chosen… Whether we are removing a mountain top to burn coal in our homes, or for our corporate facilities, or mining materials to build wind turbines, we need to ask ourselves, “What exactly are we doing, and what can we do differently or better/more efficiently?” …The earth can and will soldier on without humans. Someday, the sun will surely explode and change the nature of Earth, or Gaia altogether outside of human impact(s)…

A general strike, is a vehicle for social change, and is inherently, by the nature of what it aims to do (i.e. shut cities down, etc.), also anti-capitalist. General strikes are also only “General Strikes” if everybody participates. These strikes can also be organized to reflect your communities’ needs and resources. Past general strikes have blockaded roads, but let medical supplies and food for the people through. Ontario Canada has some examples of successful general strikes in the late 1990’s, that you can all use your favorite search engines to research. Long story short, I have no interest in coercing anyone to do anything; I just want to offer inspiration, and describe to you some options that we have, (the option of general strike in this case, being the only thing I personally can adhere to). By just banking on recall elections and elections in general, where political parties still reign supreme, supporting this system (I believe), is supporting a vicious quagmire of oppression and violence; I cannot condone this. The current system continues to oppress people with wage slavery, and is not a total democracy where everyone

With all this in mind, as painful as it can be to admit it at times, I still believe ALL creatures and their actions serve a purpose in the greater scheme and connections of the universe. HOWEVER, to exploit anyone for your own happiness, be it a cup of coffee or a tank of gas without remorse, is to lead a delusional life. SYSTEMIC PROBLEMS~ Whether it’s in reference to the government, nature, church, the/your work environment, everything operates in some sort of system, be it intentional, or random serendipity. SO, can we agree, at least for humans, many of our problems are socially constructed (i.e. pollution from human-made cars, political representatives that don’t actually talk to everyone they represent, etc)? If so, what can we do to change this system? How can we learn to deconstruct (peacefully) what we were born into supporting? How can we live in systems that are more people-oriented for our immediate communities? Create free-stores? Learn to grow our own food? Fix/make bicycles? Build communities on our own terms? In my opinion, all the above listed ideas are necessary, as well as are components for a general strike.


The Fool Wlkn_Fire Watercolor on paper

katie kloth (con’t), dana talbot-heindl. has the option to weigh in on all decisions if they choose. “Representatives” are also NOT held accountable by any law or committee/working group to actually make any sort of contact with their constituents, and are not required present proof of supposed interactions. So, while I have made peace with the fact that change can often be slow (and sometimes needs to be), this is a perfect opportunity to organize our communities into different working groups in charge of preparing/setting aside food for general strike and/or natural disaster, in conjunction with medical supplies, legal aids, etc. The sky is the limit! We cannot continue to view ourselves in any capacity as “us and them”. This is divisive and unproductive. Instead, how can we reach-out to one another, listen to each other, and build something better for all from the ground-up? In a last reflection, one of the original reasons I was drawn to Madison in the current waves of the ‘Labor Movement’ was to help-out with the capitol occupation. For one, there was a very diverse group of people in the occupation, as well as reasons for being there; secondly, the occupation gave hope to so many, as it was an example of an alternative…alternative lifestyle, government structure, and community. All these diverse people came together, and lived/learn to live collectively and non-hierarchically, and also conducted meetings as such, under intense conditions as well… It was really an awesome example of what we all have the potential to be and have.

Bott-Walker Dana Talbot-Heindl Ink on notebook paper


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