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Over the years, Washington’s visionaries have made world travel affordable, put a mobile phone in one hand and a latte in the other, brought packages in their “Prime” to your door, gave astronauts the ride of their life on the moon, and transformed the way nearly everyone spends their free time (pickleball anyone?). Now, we’re onto the “next big thing,” whether it’s hydrogen fuel, electric aircraft, lifesaving therapies, digital crop management, multiverse communities – the possibilities are endless and, perhaps, transformational.


Key Sectors Aviation, Aerospace & Commercial Space

Forest Products

With more than 1,500 aerospace-related suppliers and

For nearly 200 years, Washington’s forest products sector

vendors, Washington’s supply chain is the largest in the

has been a mainstay of the state’s economy. With 1,700+

United States. The state’s aerospace industry specializes

companies, the sector generates a range of product lines,

in aerostructures, composites, advanced materials,

from raw timber and laminates to next-generation biofuels

avionics, ICT technologies, R&D, next-generation air

and cross-laminated construction materials.

mobility, space, and sustainable energy sources such as hydrogen.

Information & Communication Technology Washington is a global technology center of more than

Agriculture & Food Manufacturing

18,000 firms with Washington roots. A new generation of

The state’s 39,500 farms and 104,000 workers produce

innovative startups and high-growth firms can leverage

and ship 300 different crops. Washington is the top U.S.

the talent of 360,000 top-tier tech workers. New 5G,

producer of apples, blueberries, hops and many other

artificial intelligence, quantum computing, gaming, cloud

crops and the second largest producer of wine, potatoes,

computing and block chain opportunities are fueling

and more.

exponential growth.

Creative Economy

Life Science & Global Health

The monetization of ideas is one of the primary pathways

Some of the most significant advances in medicine and

to sustainable economic growth, equity and inclusion.

global health have come from Washington State, including

Washington’s Creative Economy supports a workforce

revolutionary new treatments for cancer and kidney

of nearly 200,000 creatives. The state works with a wide

and heart disease. More than 1,100 organizations across

range of stakeholders to provide the resources, policy,

the state are involved in researching, developing, and

connections and opportunities the creative sector needs

producing a new generation of pharmaceuticals, medical

to turn ideas into new products and services.

devices, health technologies, and much more to improve health outcomes worldwide.

Clean Technology Washington is a major player in developing new,


renewable, sustainable energy sources while protecting

With thousands of miles of shoreline, Washington State

the environment. The state is advancing new

has a robust maritime industry, including operating

technologies to decarbonize the “built” environment,

the fourth-largest container gateway in North America

including human-made structures, energy and

and handling approximately $75 billion in waterborne

transportation systems, offices, apartment buildings and

trade. Looking to the future, the state is focused on


the electrification of marine vessels, autonomous

technologies and sustainable harvests of the ocean’s bounty.

Tourism Thanks to the state’s diverse geography and unique cultural experiences, Washington is a popular destination for more than a million visitors annually. Tourism, the state’s fourth largest industry, brings in more than $21 billion annually to Washington and employs 180,000+ workers statewide.

Developing a future-forward economy

A fantastic place to call home

Inspired by home-grown global giants, companies

Washington State prides itself on its breathtaking natural

across the state are staking claims in a future focused on

landscape that is as inspirational as it is beautiful.

clean energy sources, commercial space, autonomous

The state boasts an unparalleled quality of life, vibrant

transportation systems, biopharma, medical devices,

communities, diverse cultures and a lifelong love of

artificial intelligence, robotics and more. The state is

learning and recreation.

consistently ranked as one of the top places to start a business and for entrepreneurs to bring their ideas successfully to market. A dynamic, diverse workforce Few places in the United States have a more educated, skilled workforce and ready to help businesses succeed than Washington State. The state attracts talent from all over the world. The state workforce is supported by worldclass research universities, a network of community colleges and technical schools and one of only 10 national laboratories in the U.S., the prestigious Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL).


A Few Fortune 500 Companies Headquartered in Washington Amazon Costco Microsoft Starbucks Expedia T-Mobile Alaska Air



A powerhouse of clean tech

Washington and the Pacific Northwest

The state plans to be carbon-neutral by 2045,

Hydrogen Association were recently

drawing 100% of its energy from clean sources.

selected as a Regional Clean Hydrogen

Researchers, utilities, and private enterprises are

Hub by the U.S. Department of Energy

exploring new ideas in wind, solar, hydrogen, and

to leverage the abundant clean power

tidal power production, as well as new battery

and innovative technology companies

storage systems, smart-grid management, and

in the Pacific Northwest to accelerate

industrial symbiosis, turning one company’s

the transition to clean hydrogen

waste into another company’s new products.

production and use.

Global Connectivity Washington’s transportation network includes 75 ports, 139 airports and 3,300 miles of roadways. It is equidistant to European and Asian markets, served by direct flights to international business centers.


Fast Facts •

Even though Washington is the 18th largest

Being an educated state, our folks have nearly

state in the U.S., we are one of the top 10

10% more science and engineering degrees


than the national average

We are a coastal state with ports that are a day or more closer to major Asian ports.

75% of the state’s energy production is renewable; nearly 70% is hydroelectric.

Seattle was the fastest-growing big city in the U.S. in 2022

We’re Here

Washington State is equidistant between key Asian and European markets.

Washington State is... Innovative


Washington is a state of firsts. Eddie Bauer

Washington’s transportation network includes 75

created the first down parka; K2 invented the

ports, 139 airports and 3,300 miles of roadways.

first fiberglass snow skis. The bass guitar,

It is equidistant to European and Asian markets,

cellular networks, pickleball and the jumbo jet

served by direct flights to international business

were developed in Washington, too. So were the

centers. The Internet and Washington are one:

world’s first espresso cart, tree farm and yum! –

93.7% of all residents have access to the Internet


via 100Mbps+ broadband.



We change the world a little every day, driven

36.7% of residents have a bachelor’s degree or

by a passion for building a brighter future.

higher, and the state’s two public universities,

Collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas

private and public colleges, 34 community

are the norms, leading to quantum leaps in

colleges and workforce training programs ensure

innovation and discovery. Perhaps that’s why we

a steady stream of highly educated, highly skilled

are consistently ranked as one of the top places

workers. Washington residents are naturally

to start a business and for entrepreneurs to bring

curious and well-read, as evidenced by our bevy

their ideas successfully to market.

of bookstores and public libraries.



Washington rocked your world with the music of

More than three-quarters of the state’s power

Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Heart and Macklemore,

comes from renewable, clean energy sources,

broke new ground in computing with some

including hydroelectric, solar and wind.

Windows and Words, and turned red hot sand

Washington’s network of hydroelectric power

into stunning works of art (thanks, Dale Chihuly!).

plants is the nation’s largest, allowing the state to

And we turned hot wax into stacks of hits, and

be one of the lowest-cost energy providers in the

when vinyl records became passe, we created

United States.

compact discs.



Washington celebrates diversity on so many

Yes, Washington is tucked up in the northwest

levels. Our varied climate features vastly

corner of the United States. But don’t think for a

different ecosystems, from the temperate rain

moment that we’re out of touch. Residents are

forest on the coast of the Pacific Ocean to the

very well informed about the world. We tend to

plains-like lands of Eastern Washington, which

lead the way when it comes to embracing new

enjoy more sunny days than some parts of

ideas, and we have our own pulse and rhythm

Florida. Our people are equally diverse. Every

that drives our natural curiosity, passion for

creed, color, religion and ethnicity can be found

lifelong learning and competitive nature. We even

within our borders, creating a rich landscape

have indoor plumbing.

of multicultural influences that is an excellent source of state pride.

Vibrant Washington offers an unparalleled quality of


life, one that is eclectic, energetic and diverse.

We don’t accept defeat easily. From the historic

There are plenty of cultural events to explore,

fires that leveled bustling city centers to the

world-class museums, restaurants and galleries,

ups and downs of an economy that once relied

theaters, symphonies, the opera and ballet, and

too heavily on a single industry, Washington’s

a calendar of events that is ever-changing and

residents continue to dust themselves off in

slightly overwhelming, particularly in the summer

times of adversity and recommit themselves to


success. It is part of our pioneer spirit that helped us tame this once-wild land, striking a delicate balance between preservation and progress.

Investment opportunities abound Washington’s intellectual capital, legendary entrepreneurial mindset, collaborative ecosystem and trade-savvy culture have drawn some of the world’s largest, most well-known companies to open offices in the state. They are joined by a host of multinational firms with U.S. headquarters or subsidiaries in Washington State.

Choose success. Choose Washington. Washington State has a rich and distinguished history of creating, nurturing, and building some of the most wellknown businesses, innovative products and services, and highly respected brands in the world. Our legendary companies have ushered in the age of jet and space travel, spawned an international coffee culture with a language all its own, built digital empires out of slivers of silicon and strings of binary code, and, in the process, fundamentally changed the way we think, shop, travel, communicate, eat, drink and play.

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Aviation & Aerospace Agriculture & Food Manufacturing Clean Technology Creative Economy Forest Products Information & Communication Technology Life Science & Global Health Maritime Military & Defense Tourism

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