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“We Work Hard So Every Unsigned Artist Is Heard “ - Ceo Chocolate Butterfli

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Editor, Ceo Chocolate Butterfli

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8 The Mekanix 10 Dejuan Love 18 Ezywrk Music Group 20 Model Of The Month 28 Top Ten


It all started back in the day when my parents introduced me to the art of music.My father was a Chicago Doo -Wop r&b singer with an unsigned group that did shows across Chicago.That’s how I learned about the different styles of music (p-funk,soul,r&b,rock and roll,disco blues,jazz etc.).Once i got into H.S I learned about the art of djing. Then I saw Dj Deon,Dj Corey, Dj Boo and a few other s spin on the 1’s and 2’s at house parties in the projects of Chicago (Dearborn Homes) I became more eager to learn but the cost of equipment was to rich for my blood. So I would play dj on my grandfathers turntable while he was at work(bogus right but fun) now I no why he was mad at me.Also when I was younger we would have skating parties outside in the projects where I would watch them roll out the big speakers,turntables & wax .So since I couldn’t buy my own equipment I started following certain dj’s to their parties when I could Dj Deon, Dj Slugo,Dj Milton,Hot Mix 5,Lil Louis,Ron Hardy etc. While doing that I started to love our music in Chicago we call House Music,but this also changed to Ghetto House (which is now called Juke) Thanks to Dj Deon,Dj Slugo,Dj Milton,Dj Stew,Dj Funk,Dj

Gantman,Waxmaster,Traxman,Dj Rush just to name a few(Salute) we also had dj’s like Ron Hardy,Farley Jackmaster Funk, Pink House R.I.P but for me as an unknown rookie with no skills I knew that there were plenty of competition. Even though I had all of the odds against me I let nothing stop me. It took six years before I could purchase my own set of technique turntables and when that happen a dj was unleashed. Then i started djing parties on the low end of Chicago (29th state). After learning about house music a few years prior and now there is ghetto house in the Chi. People like Deon ,Slugo,Milton,Rush,Stew,Funk,Ron Hardy,Farley etc.The music and tracks they made in the house (hint Ghetto house) I had an arsenal of wax. Loving the music and eager to learn as I go I taught myself how to dj. I was fortunate enough to see Dj Kid Capri live downtown Chicago and that also helped me grow because he didn’t spin house music (hip hop only) and watching him do tricks with the records creating his own melody I learned pitch control, doubles etc. I quickly ran home to practice and create my own sound. Years down the line I was pretty good as a dj so things were ok until the ultimate happened (the stolen equipment


syndrome). When my equipment was stolen I thought it was done as a dj so I contemplated on what was next and worked hard to get new equipment after catching up with another dj (Dj Stew) and practicing on his equipment the thrill was back again an I eventually got more equipment. We did more and more parties. Also joining forces with Dj Lil Jon and the Urban Force Dj’s. Now I am making mix tapes and creating my own tracks and music with various local artist. In the mid-late 2000 I then grew to become a Violator Jukesquad Dj and finally getting to work with the people who music I have loved for a lifetime. This is what lead me to become a Blok Club Dj which was a great decision. Now as I go into my next chapter in life I am going to take my name,brand and make it official (BLOK BIZNESS DJ ROCK THE FRANCHISE) and you ask why do I call myself Dj Rock The Franchise its simple because of the struggle it took to get this far and with this team I am going to use my point guard skills to become a franchise player with hard work dedication this will be a true.

The Mekanix production team consists of two talented young producers “Kenny Tweed & 4 rAx” Both whom reside in OAKLAND CA. They produce many genres of music but are currently focused on R&B, and Rap. THE MEKANIX launched their independent record label “ZOO ENTERTAINMENT” about 8 years ago with the introduction of “ J STALIN “ and a female singer by the name of “NATE` “ . Fast forward to now and you can find THE MEKANIX working hard as ever to become a house hold name when it comes to producers. Their resume is crazy. Currently they are doing a series of albums called ‘ THE CHOPSHOP “. Basically a producers album where they host artists whom they musically respect all on one record. Part one is available on itunes now. Part two will be dropping july 2012.. They have their hands in so many pots, it`s ridiculous. From the new ‘GO BOYZ album ( available on itunes) which consists of J STALIN, KAZ KYZAH (The Team), and SHADY NATE, to spear heading creatively G STACK of The Delinquents albums, to a album with HUSALAH of the mob figgaz, to numerous PHILTHY RICH records, to numerous J STALIN records, to numerous BEEDA WEEDA records.. The list goes on and on. Besides their in house projects “THE MEKANIX” have produced and/are producing tracks with bay area artists such as “ E40, THE LUNIZ YUKMOUTH & NUMSKULL” TOO SHORT, DRU DOWN, DIGITAL UNDERGROUND, KEAK DA SNEAK, THE TEAM, MESSY MARV, MAC DRE, SAN QUINN, THA JACKA, R.O.D., C-BO, ERK the JERK, HD of BEARFACED, DB THA GENERAL, LIL MIKEY, YOUNG BARI, YOUNG GULLY, NEPHEW, HARM, D-LO, YOUNG BYRD, VELQUAN, STEVIE JOE, MIZ DRE, The DELINQUENTS, DEM HOODSTARZ, PSD, LAROO, T-LUNI, CUTTHROAT COMITTEE, FM BLUE, YA BOY, RICHIE RICH, MITCHY SLICK, BAVGATE, DUBEE, MISTAH F.A.B., ESINCHILL, SAAFIR, NO COAST

(CHRIS WEBBERS group), LIL RICK, FREEJACK, THE BUMS, SILK E, The HIEROGLYPHICS, and a gang of other artists, signed and unsigned-------------------- THE MEKANIX first met each other in 1999 while both were doing production for a local artist, they both liked each others styles and decided to come together, and since then they havent looked back. They have produced for numerous hot groups and artists not too mention write

up’s and reviews in magazines and have had cover storys in the SAN FRANCISCO GUARDIAN. 4 rAx, one half of THE MEKANIX also has been very active on the artist side of things by writing as slew of hooks for artists and has silently been recording his own album entitled “ THE DIKTATOR “ coming soon. Recently THE MEKANIX started their visual push by shooting and also directing videos. 2012 be on the lookout for a exclusively produced album with J STALIN entitled O.B.O.T.S 2. STEVIE JOE`s “ LIVE ON THE WIRE “ PARNELL (zoo entertainment`s newest signee`s) mixtape entitled “ 90`s mentality “ and collaboration “ CHOPSHOPS “ with fellow producers DJ FRESH, CMT, and ROB LOW. On both sides of the camera and On both sides of the music these two producers are definently not ya average “ beat makers” it’s no stopping THE MEKANIX look out....


The Mekanix 9 | Unsigned

was born August 1983 by his mother Sharon Lue whom lost her life shortly after he was born due to medical complications. After the death of his mother, his aunt took on the responsibility of raising Dejuan later deciding to move to Northern California to San Francisco’s bayview district in hopes of a start new. Dejuan was raised singing in Church and it was there that he developed a love for music and showcased his god given ethereal voice. De’Juan Love’s comforting sound goes right into the listener’s heart, while his range proves to be smooth and effortless. He has been compared to Luther Vandross in both sound and the soothing effect he has on listeners. He also has been coined the “West Coast’s Jahiem” De’Juan says he just feels blessed that the lord gave him the ability to sing and that people want to listen. DeJuan’s vocal coach says about him, “I have been teaching voice for 30 years, and De’Juan voice is one of the most natural, pure and effortless that I have ever heard”. De’Juan prides himself on being a singer/songwriter and explains that writing songs have helped him get through tough times throughout his

life. In his debut release “Yesterday, Today, and tomorrow” he talks about bad relationships he’s been through, the difficulties of growing up poor in the inner city, and being a young Black father. He also dedicates a song to his mother whom he describes as “two parents in one” in the song, “Thanks to You”. De’Juan pedigree includes singing back up on numerous hip-hop songs that receive airplay in major metropolitan areas, and at 29 he’s ready to break out on his own.When asked what he hopes to bring to the music world he says, “I want people to remember love. The kind of love that comes from way down in your soul, and moves all through your spirit...There’s too much wrong in the world to leave this place without feeling love.” and through his songs he wish to bring comfort to those that have been were he’s been and wish to go were he’s going.........

ARTIST PROFILE 11 | Unsigned

12 | Unsigned

Chocolate interviews;

Dejuan Love Chocolate: Do u remember the first track you wrote? DL: It was called “If you’re ready”. Chocolate: How was the experience singing at a young age? DL: Very challenging, intimidating, but also motivating being a dreamer. Chocolate: The tragedy you experience did music help you? DL: Tragedies helped my fears, and overcome self limits. Chocolate: Singing in church did it help your craft? DL: It did. Especially with using what you have, to the best of your ability. Making every sound your best one. Feelings show,when you apply it.

“90’s & 80’s will forever rule” Chocolate:You have accomplished many things in music do you enjoy that more then performing? DL: Not at all. Nothing beats the feeling of performing.

13 | Unsigned

Puting the game face on. Transformation and grabbing the croud. Chocolate: How was the experience being comparing to Luther Vandross? DL: Great, but a burden on my originality. I’m me at all times. Chocolate: Your thoughts on the new R&B? DL: 90’s and 80’s will forever rule.

Chocolate: Would you say your talent will change how some people think of music? DL: Yes indeed. It will heal the world and make folks remember where the heart should be in the music. It’s still a healer. Chocolate: How is your single going? DL: We’re pushing, everything good is getting better. We’re indeed on our way. Chocolate: What’s the next big thing for you? DL: The new E.P. and cover albumn which follows with visuals, videos, and a deep rooted documentary about my life story. Stay tuned

Unsigned Muzik Top 10 1. Early Mornin Trappin Tae From Da A 2. Life As A Shawty Jah Stone 3. Miss Me With That BHS 4. Turn Heads BHS 5. My Main Chick Exotic Tunez 6. ProbCause LSD ft. Chance Tha Rapper 7. Cool Like That Remix Doubt 8. Mona Lisa Young Chitown 9. Secret Lovers Mic Sharper 10. GameFace Queen Guttah


19 | Unsigned

Cillah Brown

Height: 5’2 Bust: 36D Waist: 20 Hips: 24

Beauty Of The Month 20 | Unsigned

Mr . In te r n a t i o n a l


usic can alter ones mood and feelings,

and in the present time there are a vast genre of music flooding the media; Mr InTernational draws in a metaphorical style of lil wayne, a stage presence of bob Marley, and creativity of Wiz Khalifa. Born on East side of London in the low income community Mr InTernational always had a drive and a motivation to do better for himself his mother and sister whom he lived with. With Both his parents being from Nigeria he had the privilege of living there for seven years of his life.` In his early childhood Mr InTernational can remember waking up the whole house every morning by beating on

the stairs and singing out loud. For along as Mr InTernational can remember music has always been a part of his life. He was a drummer for his church and also participated in the choir; he took recorder and drumming lessons. Music was his way of keeping off the harsh reality of the East side London neighborhood and keeping a level head. At the age of fourteen He moved to Chicago where he finish high school and attended junior college for three years. While attending junior college Mr InTernational knew the original career goal to be a chiropractor was not for him. He moved to the North West suburbs to get an apartment and to work. There he meet several Artist who had the same goals as he did, there is where he linked up with one particular artist by the name of tha Kid Bode. With the newly found partnership and cooperation with EZYWRK Music Group he could now start to pursue his dreams. Due to diverse sound that Mr InTernational creates his music is able to reach a vast amount of people. He has upbeat songs or party rockers, and slow songs for the lovers. Mr InTernational’ s music reaches out to everyone and always leaves his Fans wanting more.

ARTIST PROFILE 21 | Unsigned

Mr. International chats w/ Chocolate Chocolate: How did music comfort the lifestyle you lived when you was younger in London? Mr. I: Listen to music put me in a different mind state because hearing artists like Tupac, Bob Marley and Michael Jackson I knew I wasn’t the only one going through a struggle.

Chocolate: Your advice to other international artist? Mr. I: Use your knowledge you have gained from music from having the privilege to be an international artist and express that knowledge in your work.

Chocolate: Having Nigeria parents, How did the support your musical selection of an artist growing up? Mr. I: None at all. My parents would rather have me in the medical field. Chocolate: Do you still enoying playing the drums? Mr. I: Yes I love playing the drums. Its very therapeutic. Chocolate: When did you know music was where you needed to be? Mr. I: When the only thing that could keep me focused and on the right track was music. Chocolate: How have the experience with Ezywrk Music Group? Mr. I: Great and more experience to come ezywrk is my family we are friends before we became business partners. Chocolate: When did you know your sound was perfected? Mr. I: I don’t think my sound can be perfected, It can only evolve. Perfection can be in one type of sound what if that sound gets played out what do you do then?. So my sound evolves. Chocolate: Your thoughts on today’s music? Mr. I: Seems more about business than the music it’s self. You have artists who are not artists. They can’t paint a picture with their words. Chocolate: The next big thing happening for you? Mr. I: Being signed to a major label and live up to it. 22 | Unsigned

“They can’t paint a

picture with

their words”

Papi Illa


oon be everyone’s favorite-actually, already iller than your favorite: Papi Illa, Gracing the world on June

20th 1991! He developed a passion in wiriting iand making music in junior high school until he finally pursued making his perspectives on life listened to and understood. “ How do we have the same goals and different accomplishments? Throughout his adolescence, listend to Cassidy and T.I, but Jay -Z has the most prominent influence on Illa. His personal connection with their music provided him insight and goals that, he wanted to proclaim in my co,positions. Papi Illa provides reinforcement to the new voice of Hip-Hop. Follow on Twitter @YA_FAV_IL1.

ARTIST PROFILE 23 | Unsigned

Papi Illa Explains how Ill to/Chocolate Chocolate: When did you first know you wanted to persue music as your career? Papi Illa: It was something I always did in my free time, it never seemed like a chore or an option, it was always something enjoyable. I’ve have other talents but this was always at the top of the list. Chocolate: Do you ever wish you can return to the high school days and still have fun making music? Papi Illa: No I don’t Chocolate: How did you come up with the name PAPI ILLA? Papi Illa: The ladies just call me Papi, Illa than your favorite artist. Chocolate: Where do you see your career headed in the future? Papi Illa: My future, I see myself working with mainstream artists. Whether it be behind the scenes, working side by side, live sound or something in the studio, I’m well rounded to work with any aspect of sound. I really have no set path, I’m just trying to get in where I fit in. Chocolate: How is the experience going with Ezywrk for your future in hip hop? Papi Illa: It’s working really well. We’re getting a lot of things done, we’re building our team right now we all have set tasks and goals were trying to get to and it just works. It just mashes together. We don’t really need to go outside the team for anything. We’re not perfect but we’re getting there. Chocolate: How do you feeel about the appearence that some people put on hip hop? Papi Illa: It’s somewhat accurate, just listen to the music and the radio it’s all the same, they don’t want to promote anything else. Not saying its right or shouldn’t change, but people don’t want it.

24 | Unsigned

Chocolate: Do you ever just want to shut down the whole music dream and pursue something else cause of the struggle in hip hop today? Papi Illa: I’ve thought about it, I wouldn’t shut it down, but I would do it on a smaller scale. Right now we’re trying to go national, global right now, they’re either going to want us or not. Chocolate: Tell everyone who inspire you today? Papi Illa: Jay-Z, T.I, Cassidy, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. I’m sure there are more but those are the ones that stick out the most for me right now. Chocolate: Do you still have that passion that you had in junior high for writing music? Papi Illa: I do still have the same passion. I’ve been through a lot of different situations and different experiences in my life that have helped me be able to write more. Things come easier and I have a lot more topics and subjects to touch upon when i’m writing.

" Illa than Your Favorite Artist"

Tha Kidd Bode


ith all the different music out there, Kid Bode pulls together the creativity of Kanye West, party feel of LMFAO and rhyme style of Big Sean. Born on the west side of Chicago he feels more of a drive and passion to do something big with his life. He is the youngest of six kids. Unfortunately, his family dealt with many hardships before he was born, his mother lost four of her kids due to different complications. Bode grew up with only one older brother, who was 10 years older. As long as he can remember he has always been interested in music. His grandfather was a musician so music was in his blood at a young age. Growing up, music was always something he got lost in, whether it was beating on the table or listening to MTV Jams. His mother was, and is, his biggest supporter and critic. He has always tried to do better and go farther with his music. She has tried to help him in any way she could, whether it was buying him instruments when he was young or giving him critiques on songs as he has gotten older, she has always been there to support him. After high school he attended culinary school and started working in the food industry. After a couple years he realized that wasn’t where his passion was, it was in music. He moved out to the northwest suburbs to attend school and pursue his passion in music production. While attending the Illinois Institute of Art- Schaumburg he was surrounded

by other people who were also passionate about music. He met people who supported him, who also had the same vision, focus and drive as him. Along with his mom pushing him forward and being a big supporter he has his group, EZYWRK to keep pushing him forward and challenging him with his music. Because he has people that believe in his music it has made it easier for him to constantly move forward. Since his music is so diverse, he is able to reach all his fans inner music soul. He has songs that reach people from every walk of life, whether they are looking for a slow song or a song to get them in the mood to party, he has songs for all the moments of life. That is what sets Bode apart from the rest and gives his music versatility and a change from all the other artists out there. When Bode performs he treats it like it is his biggest performance and gives it everything he has. He builds on every show to bring a high energy performance for everyone to enjoy, whether it is their first time seeing him perform or their tenth time, they’ll enjoy it every time

ARTIST PROFILE 25 | Unsigned

CB: How did you come up with your musical style? Bode: I was a big fan of battle rapping and punch lines was something that caught my attention. I used that with my creative style of thinking to be able to make music and songs with an inspired purpose and meaning for people to be able to connect with the different styles I produce. CB: How did music help you through your hardships? Bode: I used it as a release to help me get through them. Different music makes you feel something different. There’s song that will make you feel happier and times I listened to more up tempo music and at others times slower songs. CB: Have you ever recorded a track using any of your grandfathers music? Bode: I’ve never actually met my grandfather, maybe sometime in the future I finally will. I’ve just always been told about him. His stories about his music were passed down through my mother. CB: When did you configure the group Ezywrk? Bode: I was 13 and always watched New York Battle Rapping, every time someone finished rapping they would said “easy”. I heard it all the time and it just stuck with me and has grown to be what it is now. Easy is how I look at things, I feel and live Ezywrk.

“Stay True to your Fans” CB: How is the experience of pushing the group along in hip hop? Bode: It has it ups and downs and challenges to get over. We all work together to overcome those challenges and move forward. It’s not an easy task but I wouldn’t want to do it with another group of people. 26 | Unsigned

CB: Do you still enjoy doing Culinary? Bode: Of course. My long term goal, besides doing music, is to start a not-for-profit group to teach kids how to cook and to give them something to do and build a passion for something. CB: By your music being so diverse do you still have that Midwest sound to it? Bode: The Midwest is a meeting ground between so many different cities, and all those cities bring a different style and flow with it. All of the different styles come to a head in Chicago, it brings all the different sounds together in one city. That’s what makes the midwest so different, it’s a compilation of all the different styles put into a style of it’s own. CB: Who are some of the producers you would like to work with? Bode: Some of the producers I would like to work with are Timbaland, Kanye West and Pharrell. CB: Your next big project? Bode: The project we’ve been working on for the last 6 months has been to just increase our fan base and get our name out there. We’ve been releasing a compilation of songs and music videos of all our past songs before we release our hit single “They Be Talkin”. CB: Your advice to artists on how to hype the crowd and to perfect stage performance. Bode: Stay true to your fans and they’ll be able to feel your energy towards the music. Human beings in general are nothing but a big energy source, so if you have great energy your presence will be felt and reciprocated by the crowd and the fans.

Creativity is my addiction

E d d i e 2 Dee p I am graphic designer. Born and raised in St. Louis, Mo, I am 24 years and one of my goals is to create my own design and marketing business. I prosper towards creating visual appealing artwork that may have a clear or undefined message.� ARTIST PROFILE 27 | Unsigned

Lateef “Teef Daddy” Idris

Lateef "Teef Daddy" Idris 3d Artist, Motion Graphics Artist, Video Editor

29 | Unsigned



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