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Thanks to you. choate rosemary hall | report on giving 2015

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Thanks to you. Each gift, regardless of size and scope, makes a difference within the School community and helps to provide a firstrate education for the next generation. On behalf of the Choate Rosemary Hall community, the students, faculty, and staff who are touched by your gift, many thanks.

ta b l e o f co n t e n ts The Choate Society.............................2 The 1890 Society................................7 Alumni Donors................................. 12 Parent Donors................................... 31 Past Parents....................................... 35 Grandparents.................................... 37 Annual Fund Endowment.................. 38 Faculty and Staff............................... 41 Friends.............................................. 42 Foundations and Corporations........... 43 In Honor Gifts.................................. 45 In Memory Gifts............................... 46


Report on Giving FROM NEW CONSTRUCTION, TO STUDENT ACHIEVEMENTS, TO OUR 125TH ANNIVERSARY, 2014–15 WAS AN EXTRAORDINARY YEAR FOR CHOATE ROSEMARY HALL. During Convocation in early September, Alex Curtis, Headmaster, announced a gift from Edward ’74 and Cameron Lanphier – one of the largest single gifts in School history. In recognition of their generosity, Dr. Curtis revealed that the new building would be named the Cameron and Edward Lanphier Center for Mathematics and Computer Science. This LEED-Gold building, which also houses the Shattuck Robotics Lab, a computer science lab, as well as the School’s first i.d.Lab, opened its doors in February. Since then, students and faculty from various disciplines have been utilizing this fresh new space in creative and practical ways. In the Fall, nine members of the class of 2015 were named National Merit Semifinalists and one became a Semifinalist in the Siemens Competition in Math, Science, and Technology. November’s Deerfield Day saw Choate dominate on the fields, winning eight of 13 competitions, including shut-outs in varsity football, girls varsity soccer, boys varsity soccer, and varsity volleyball. In addition, our young alumni bested Deerfield’s in the 7th Annual Choate/Deerfield Challenge. In January, the School launched its celebration of 125 Years and invited alumni, parents, and friends to be part of it. More than 4,500 people gathered at 82 events worldwide. In April, faculty member, Jim Davidson, traveled with two students to the Critical Issues Forum in Japan. They joined students from six other U.S. high schools, two Russian high schools, and five Japanese schools to present findings on the topic “Nuclear Disarmament: Humanitarian Approach.” In June, U.S. District Judge Katherine B. Forrest ’82 addressed the 256 members of the class of 2015 who proudly joined the ranks of Choate Rosemary Hall alumni that day. None of these accomplishments would be possible without the tremendous generosity of our alumni, parents, and friends. Last year, 4,700 donors contributed $20,951,276 to Choate, including a record $5,700,958 to the Annual Fund. Of that, 3,309 alumni contributed $2,973,688, and 527 current parents added $1,971,702. These gifts touch the lives of every student, faculty, and staff member and help keep Choate at the forefront of secondary education. We wish to express our deepest gratitude to the donors whose names appear on the following pages. By investing in Choate, you are helping to ensure its continued excellence for another 125 years. Please note: Our donor lists were compiled as accurately as possible. If you have any questions regarding this report, please contact AnnMarie Engstrom in the Development Office at


The Choate Society The William Gardner and Mary Atwater Choate Society honors the couple who founded both The Choate School and Rosemary Hall. The Choate Society was established in 1987 to recognize the generosity and thoughtfulness of alumni, parents, teachers, and others who have created gifts that will benefit the School in the future. To date, well over 550 individuals have become members of the Society by remembering Choate in their wills or living trusts, by funding life income arrangements (charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, and the pooled income fund), by making gifts of life insurance and retirement plan assets, or by establishing charitable lead trusts. Please take a moment to read the following honor roll of Choate Society members. We are deeply grateful to them for their visionary support of Choate Rosemary Hall. To become a member or for more information, contact Rick Henderson, Director of Planned Giving, at (203) 697-2117 or


Class of 1914

Helen C. Schwarz ◊

Abbott P. Smith, II ◊ Elizabeth C. Smith ◊

Class of 1916

Class of 1931

William J. Sampson, Jr. ◊

Class of 1918

E. Dorothy Booraem ◊ Richard R. Higgins ◊

Class of 1919

Marguerite Booraem ◊ Robert R. Comly ◊

Class of 1920

Frederick Gwinner ◊ Sylvia S. Shattuck ◊ Hobart O. Skofield ◊ Lunsford P. Yandell ◊

choate society members

Class of 1921

Elizabeth H. Brownell ◊

Class of 1922

Carl F. Fayen, Sr. ◊

Class of 1924

Gerrish Thurber ◊

Class of 1925 Paul Mellon ◊

Class of 1927

Donald G. Austin ◊ Sarah Jackson Doyle ◊ James F. Dwinell, Jr. ◊ Alexander Lofthouse ◊ Eolin E. Lofthouse ◊ Richard L. Wood ◊

Class of 1928

Roger L. Stevens ◊

Class of 1929

Edward R. Greeff ◊ Elizabeth Greeff ◊ Hamilton W. Wright ◊

Class of 1930

Gordon E. Brown ◊ Justin Kellogg ◊ Jean T. Rennie ◊ William R. Rennie ◊

James H. Childs, Jr. ◊ Benjamin B. Hinckley, Jr. ◊ Walter M. Kelly ◊ John S. McCormick, Jr. ◊ John H.G. Rogers ◊ Seymour St. John ◊ Constance F. Tenney ◊ Daniel G. Tenney, Jr. ◊

Class of 1932

Class of 1937

Calvin A. Agar, Jr. ◊ Walter O. Filley, Jr. ◊ Theodore Fuller ◊ Henry T. King, Jr. ◊

Class of 1938

Benjamin C. Arnold ◊ Quintin U. Ford ◊ Edwin C. McDonald, Jr. ◊ Gwynn H. Robinson ◊ Reginald E. Wigham ◊ Robert J. M. Wilson ◊

Julian Bach ◊ Robert C. Graham, Sr. ◊ Larry A. Hart ◊ Sally G. Hart ◊ Richard A. R. Pinkham ◊ William M. S. Richards ◊

Class of 1939

Class of 1933

Class of 1940

A. Oram Fulton, Jr. ◊ Herbert L. Gutterson ◊ James S. Macgregor, Jr. ◊ John J. Witherspoon ◊

Class of 1934

Richard C. Connolly ◊ Frank T. Hamilton ◊ S. Chapin Lawson ◊ G. Geoffrey Young ◊

Class of 1935

Paul J. Chase ◊ Malcolm M. Eckhardt ◊ Waller C. Hardy, Jr. ◊ Stuart M. Low ◊ James W. Williamson ◊ Hugh de N. Wynne, Sr. ◊

Class of 1936

Russell R. Ayres, Jr. ◊ Sally Ayres ◊ George F. Butterworth, III ◊ Molly C. Cook Eugene C. Kelley, Jr. ◊ Daniel L. Louchery ◊ Patricia C. Louchery ◊ Douglas Williams ◊ Charles T. Wilson, Jr. ◊

Anonymous (1) Charlotte W. Crosley ◊ Janet E. Lanman Emil Mosbacher, Jr. ◊ Philip W. Quigg ◊

Mary‑Edwards Newell Baird ◊ James N. Gamble ◊ Norman C. Heilman ◊ Torrence M. Hunt, Sr. ◊ Richard P. Kleeman ◊ David C. Lumb ◊ Chester T. Marvin ◊ W. Henry Russell ◊

Hal B. Howard, Jr. ◊ David Tod ◊

Class of 1944

Frank L. Chipman ◊ Daniel B. Conron ◊ Westi Hansen ◊ William M. Miller, Jr. James W. Russell ◊ Warren K. Watters Richard H. Whiteside ◊ Henry K. Willard, II

Class of 1945

Anonymous (1) Bruce S. Gelb Henry C. Gill, Jr. John S. Hanson ◊ Renville H. Jr. and Sheila McMann Stephen A. Ruddy, III Warren Sheridan ◊

Class of 1946

James B. Igleheart ◊ Andrew P. Monroe, Jr. ◊ Mary Monroe ◊ Edith D. Moore ◊ James T. Otis ◊

Anonymous (2) Edward B. Ayres ◊ David W. and Phyllis A. Carroll Dorothy M. Cholnoky Robert E. Elberson ◊ Roger K. Graham Davis U. Merwin ◊ James W. Russell John G. Russell William H.C. St. John ◊ Joseph M. Stafford Henry G. Stifel ◊ David F. Whorf ◊ H. Richmond Woods, Jr.

Class of 1942

Class of 1947

Class of 1941

John C. Barker ◊ Nancy W. Barker ◊ Thomas R. Brooks John W. Finney ◊ Maxfield S. Gibbons ◊ George S. Gordon ◊ Oscar M. Powell, Jr. ◊ Cochran B. Supplee Stephen A. Wise ◊ Joseph C. Worth, Jr. ◊

Class of 1943

Morley C. Ballantine ◊ William M. Conron, Jr. ◊


Robert G. Bowen, Jr. Robert P. Davis ◊ Juan C. Hauck‑Ortega Maxwell Lester III ◊ Allan M. Russell ◊

Class of 1948

Anonymous (1) A.James Bates George W. and Barbara Crampton Sam P. Davis, Jr. ◊ Gordon M. Morrison, Jr. ◊ = deceased


Class of 1949

Barbara Bryant ◊ George F. Bryant ◊ S. Spencer Merz N. Danforth Oates

Class of 1950

choate society members

James W. Carpenter Lee M. Clegg Joseph L. Davis, Jr. James D. English Charles A.J. Jr. and Barbara Gachot Gracia Goodyear ◊ Mary Ann Krotzer George W. Kurten ◊ Rodman H. Leavell Stephen J. and Shirley Lirot Chamberlain McAllester ◊ Robert M. McAllester Gerald C. Neary ◊ Malcolm H. Oettinger, Jr. ◊ Richard S. Jr. and Ann Robie Russell C. Taylor, Jr. ◊

Class of 1951

William M. Boyd Alan E. Faye, Jr. E. Wallace Peck, Jr. ◊

Class of 1952

Richard S. Boynton Peter R. Decker Alfred E. Devendorf J. Bernard Frazer ◊ John E. Houx David L. Kerr ◊ Edward J. Koczak Louise G. Thayer

Class of 1953

Anonymous (1) George C. Bryant, II Arne H. Carlson Jay C. Kuhn Jeffrey and Donna Laikind Russell K. Laros, Jr. Arthur B. Richardson

Class of 1954

Rebecca S. Breed Stanley S. Conner Edward A. Fox Derry Ives

Susan C. King Robert O. Lindig Norris Love ◊ Robert W. McIntyre Charles M. Scotland Patricia B. Sweet Linda B. and John C. Trimble Jon A. Turner Howard F. Vultee, Jr. ◊

Class of 1955

Robert D. Brickman Richmond S. Corwin, Jr. Maude Dorr Peter B. Gregory Robert H. Messing ◊ Lawrence C. Moss David C. Reydel

Class of 1956

William W. Caldwell, Jr. Michael A. Clegg Donald P. Freedman Robert L. Gaines Thomas E. Gardner Christopher Hutchins Hugh F. MacColl, II James D. McCabe, Jr. David H. and Christina Nichols E. Peter Prezzano Stephen J. Schulte William G. Spears

Class of 1957

Robert D. Chapin Stewart S. Hudnut Robert J. Kolker ◊ Patrick J. McNulty Lauren M. Miralia Robert E. Morin MacDonell Roehm, Jr. Earl M. Smith, Jr. Vincent R. Stempien Arthur E. Trotman Gillett Welles, III

Class of 1958

Chaplin B. Barnes ◊ James F. Dwinell, III Kendrick B. Melrose James P. Whitters, III

Class of 1959

Douglass M. Barnes John D. Campbell Robert S. Colman Richard C. Diehl, Jr. Mary Ann K. Folter J. Holmes Morrison Roger B. Parsons J. Derek Stephenson ◊ Thomas M. Viertel Christopher M. Wiedenmayer

Class of 1960

Anonymous (1) David E. Brownell Arthur P. Dodge David H. Elliott Sue M. Galvin James M. Kasson Stuart M. Lamb, Jr. Bonnee C. Larsen ◊ John K. Lassen Michael T. Martin ◊ Harry C. Pape ◊ Richard W.B. and Evelyn Ruffin Nip A. Tanner Peter E. Van Nice

Class of 1961

Anonymous (1) Russell R. Ayres, III Lucy B. Cookson Jonathan F. Fanton Ogden Kniffin, Jr. Dave Phillips Thomas T. Rogers James H. Thomas Stanley S. Trotman, Jr.

Class of 1962

Raymond and Susan Egan Stephen E. Gilhuley Michael C. Graham Anne M. Henry Henri P. Junod, Jr. Wade H. Logan, III Alan S. Neely

Class of 1963

Anonymous (1) John W. Bitner, Jr. Victoria L. Brooks James C. Buttrick


Michael J. FitzSimons Alice C. Freeman Thomas F. Fuller ◊ J. Michael Hayes Robert G. Hynson Robert K. Keller, Jr. Edward R. O’Connell ◊ Clifford F. Ransom, II John M. Rivers, Jr. Anthony G. Van Schaick, III

Class of 1964

Anonymous (2) Philip Chan John G. and Jeanne W. Harms Charles C. Harrold, III Robert D. McCallum, Jr. Cary L. Neiman John L. Newquist ◊ Richard A. Pinkham, Jr. Lachlan W. Reed Peter E. Rosden

Class of 1965

Thomas G. Austin David E. Baines Richard H. Bott Danforth T. Bradley Michael G. Cain Russell Ford, Jr. Julie C. Goodyear Nan M. Harman John H. Iglehart Robert S. Johnson Peter S. Kastner Sandy McConnel Robert E. Simpson, Jr. Anthony M. Smith James A. Smith

Class of 1966

Cornelia Y. de Schepper Scott M. Donahue David R. Holmes Donald McAllister, Jr. Deborah C. McMullen James S. Vandermade, Jr. Jonathan A. Wells

◊ = deceased


Class of 1967

Robert W. Herrick, Jr. Daniel K. Hunt Alfred K. Potter, II Richard L. Terry

Class of 1968

E. Vernon Glenn John P. Hollihan, III

Class of 1969

Connie T. Ferguson William K. Gemmill ◊ Virginia B. Keyser Victoria T. Spang Henry A. Willard, III S. Miller Williams

Class of 1970

choate society members

John C. Burditt Pamela M. Lesino Franklin B. Sullivan Thomas L. Turnbull

Class of 1971

David W. Adler Brid Igleheart, Jr. Alex R. Murenia Norris W. Preyer, Jr.

Class of 1972

Charles L. Colman Jason T. Danielson Thomas C. Hazen ◊ Joanna T. Hurley W. Robert Miller Stephen M. Monroe Steven D. Triggs Loveday Ziluca

Class of 1973

Martha O. Alexander George F. Jr. and Louise H. Bryant Andrea D. Gelzer John H. Glanville Angus L. Macdonald Charles A. Schwefel Michael C. Sholtz F. Bradford Westerfield David M. Yudain

Class of 1974

John H. de Jong Bernard V. Drury

Rex S. Florian Sara S. Foland Harold C. Green Michael C. Kempner Edward O. Lanphier, II Kathleen Porter Michael and Maria Southworth H. John Steinbreder III Arthur S. Warner

Class of 1975

Andrew J. Armstrong, Jr. Katie E. Brooks Warren B. Kanders David L. Sack

Class of 1976

David Z. Beecher Roderick W. and Barbara Fletcher Robin H. Gabriel Thomas H. Pierpont Eric B. Propper John G. Toland Stephanie B. Warden

Class of 1977

William E. Epifanio, II Marie T. Falsey Thomas H. Roulston, III Alexandra L. Weems

Class of 1978

Allison S. Murray J.P. Natkin Philip J. Squattrito

Class of 1979

Thomas G. Auchincloss, Jr. Gabriela F. Cleveland Stewart B. Clifford, Jr. David H. Goodman Elizabeth F. Haselkorn Harlan S. Levinson Michael D. and Lydia A. Lewis Andrew H. Tomat

Class of 1980

John E. W. Baay, II Michael G. Furgueson Robert L. Harteveldt Anthony E. Malkin Lawrence J. Rush

Class of 1981

Anonymous (1) Annamaria A. Lindley Lora F. Mason Miles F. Spencer Stacey G. and Jeffrey A. Weber Kurt L. Willett

Class of 1982

Adam S. Greene Frederick J. Horowitz Elizabeth Solovay

Class of 1983

Hampton S. Coley Paul V. Roundy, IV John E. Smyth Martin F. Stein, III

Class of 1984

Matthew R. Piepenburg Kathrine G. and Eric Stein George B. Wallace

Class of 1989

Amelia C. Dalgaard Frederica Yang and Andy Chao

Class of 1991

Pete Meachum Severa E. von Wentzel

Class of 1992

Anonymous (1) Wendy M. Bingham

Class of 1993

Whitney A. Asher Bradford E. Miller

David W. Callander Mary Kelly‑Freiberg Paul T. McCormack Jorge C. Mestre, III Jill S. Reichman

Class of 1994

Class of 1985

Class of 1996

Susan M. Barclay Brian C. Hartzer Catherine Roosevelt Nicole Sanchez Ivan Taback

Class of 1986

John‑Peter R. Curcio Andrew D. Meehan Jan T. and Angela Miksovsky Amy R. Winston Julie O. Ybarra

Class of 1987

John L. Bantivoglio, III Robert S. Gutermuth Katherine A. McNulty Lisa B. Platt Suzanne G. Prentice Stephanie G. and Bruce Vinokour

Class of 1988

Alexandra F. Fisher Brett M. Johnson Gillian Munson Michelle M. and Shawn Orr


Amanda T. Turnbull

Class of 1995

Alexandra D. Scebold

Frederic D. Haeussler Christopher W. Holinger Hugh R. O’Kane

Class of 1997

Lindsay K. Bronstein W. Christine Durongapidya

Class of 1998

Sarah C. Day Ryan B. Igleheart

Class of 1999

Shannon C. Belzley

Class of 2000

J. Benjamin Young‑Anglim

Class of 2001

Jonathan T. Wang

Class of 2003

Austin S. Igleheart

Class of 2009

Joshua M. Smith ◊ = deceased


choate society members non-alumni

Anonymous (4) Irene N. Ayres (Widow) A. John Bartis (Faculty) ◊ Raymond L. Bergman (Parent) Virginia and Arnold Binder (Parent) Gerald E. Bisbee, Jr. (Parent) R. Stephen Card (Faculty) Steven S. Carnal (Friend) Phoebe and Charles Dey (Parent, Faculty) Beatriz and Garrett Dreier (Parent) Peter Wright Duble (Parent) ◊ Ethel H. Feltham (Friend) Mary M. Fullmer (Widow) Diane B. Generous (Parent, Faculty) Tom Generous (Parent, Faculty) Robert Gillis (Parent) ◊ Zachary Goodyear (Parent, Faculty) ◊ Laurie and Howard Greene (Parent) Tatiana Guevorguian (Parent) ◊ Belle I. Hagey (Friend) Dorothy Y. Hansen (Widow) Jeanne T. Hansford (Parent) Betsy and Arthur Holden (Parent) Diane F. Igleheart (Parent) (Widow) John R. Jahnes (Friend) ◊ Peggy R. Kalas (Parent) Mary L. Kasson (Parent, Grandparent) ◊ Hanna M. Kennedy (Widow) Jennifer and Dong Woo Kim (Parent) Yun Mi Kim (Parent) William E. Kline, Ph.D. (Faculty) ◊ Phyllis and Alexander Kroll (Parent) Eleanor and Donald Kunian (Parent) Lisa A. Macbride (Parent) Emilie D. Macgregor (Widow) Susan and Ed Maddox (Parent, Faculty) Susan and James Marinelli (Parent) Kathleen and John McCurdy (Parent) Carol V. Mead (Widow) Harvey D. Morse (Parent, Faculty) Susan and Donald Myers (Friend) Virginia M. Olson (Parent) Margaret B. Otis (Parent, Widow) Adolph J. Pletincks (Faculty) ◊ Marjorie A. Ransom (Widow) Edward J. Shanahan (Parent, Faculty) Marie L. St. John (Parent, Widow) Barbara O. Taylor (Parent) D. Christopher Taylor (Parent) ◊ Margery F. Terry (Parent) Mildred and Jett Thomas (Parent) Katherine and Lewis Traester (Parent)


Charles P. Twichell (Faculty) ◊ E. Blair Warner (Parent) ◊ Jane Warner (Parent) ◊ Barbara and David Webb (Parent, Faculty) Cornelia Westerman (Grandparent) ◊ Clare and Anthony White (Parent) Ann L. Williams (Staff) Yvette L. Wilson (Widow) Ronnie and Carl Wolfson (Parent) Andrew Wooden (Faculty) Heather and Robert Zavod (Parent)

◊ = deceased


The 1890 Society The 1890 Society, formerly called the Founders Association, was established in 1974 to afford special recognition to alumni, parents, and friends who demonstrate their commitment to the School with significant gifts to the endowment as well as to the Annual Fund. Whether unrestricted or directed to faculty support, financial aid, academic programs, or maintenance of the School’s buildings and grounds, leadership contributions significantly impact the entire Choate Rosemary Hall community.


T H E 1890 S O C I E T Y GIVING LEVELS Trustees Circle: $50,000 and up – Honors individuals who give to the School at the highest level. These donors are accorded special recognition by the Choate Rosemary Hall Board of Trustees. President’s Circle: $25,000-$49,999 – Honors the current President and Headmaster of Choate Rosemary Hall. Mellon Society: $15,000-$24,999 – Honors Paul Mellon ’25, Major Benefactor, Choate Society member, and Honorary Trustee.

the 1890 society members

St. John Society: $10,000-$14,999 – Honors George St. John, The Choate School Headmaster, 1908-1947, and his son, Seymour St. John ’31, The Choate School Headmaster, 1947-1973. Ruutz-Rees Society: $5,000-$9,999 – Honors Caroline Ruutz-Rees, Founder and Headmistress of Rosemary Hall, 1890-1938. Ayres Society: $2,500-$4,999 – Honors the lifelong dedication of former faculty member Russell Ayres; his wife, Jean; and their six sons, all of whom graduated from both Choate and Harvard. The Chairman’s Club: Ten or more years of giving at the $2,500 level or above. Young Alumni Circle: The Young Alumni Circle recognizes young alumni (through their 15th reunion) who give leadershiplevel gifts to the School. Kennedy Circle: $1,000-$2,499 – Honors the late John F. Kennedy ’35, former President of the United States. Hart Circle: $500-$999 – Honors the late Larry Hart ’32 for his boundless enthusiasm for, and commitment to, Choate Rosemary Hall.


Anonymous (1) Luis ’78 and Helena Ball (P) Peggy B. Bewkes ’69 Hannah F. Buchan ’88 Michael J. Carr ’76 C Lie Jin and Shi Qing Cheng (P) Piyawan and Prin Chirathivat (P) Celia and Silas Chou (P) George F. Colony ’72 C Moya and Paul Coulson (P) Caroline and Thompson Dean (P) Madeleine and Borje Ekholm (P) Edward A. Fox ’54 Che Fung Bruce ’45 and Lueza Gelb (P) C Melanie Ginter and John Lapides (P) Robert B. Goergen, Jr. ’89 C Jeffrey W. Greenberg ’69 Edith S. Hall ’93 Thomas C. Hazen ’72 ◊ Claire and Carlos Hernandez (P) Carolyn and Kevin Holt (P) Ryan Hong ’89 and Nicole Sohn‑Hong (P) Warren ’75 and Allison Kanders (P) C James ’60 and Betty Kasson (P) Kate and Robert Keith (P) Kenneth R. Kennerly ’83 Owen C. Kennerly ’87 Karen Seo and John Kim (P) Stephanie and Jack Koo (P) Kewsong Lee ’82 Ting Li and Ying Shen (P) Norris Love ’54 ◊ Maria‑Teresa Mata (P) Andres A. Mata (P) Kendrick B. Melrose ’58 Robert A. Minicucci ’71 C Emil Mosbacher, Jr. ’39 (P) ◊ Takashi Murata ’93 Peter ’64 and Beverly Orthwein (P) C Dave ’61 and Katherine Phillips (P) William C. Powers (P) Carolyn Greenspan and Marshall Ruben (P) David L. Sack ’75 C Vanessa Kong Kerzner and Nicholas Sagar (P) Bradlee H. Shattuck ’64 Lixin Sheng and Jianda Ni (P) Edwin L. Solot, Jr. ’81 Sally ’58 and Christian Sonne (P)

Matthew M. Sonne ’88 Nicholas B. Sonne ’88 Chali ’79 and Celia Sophonpanich (P) C Yong H. Suh Cynthia and Jan van Eck (P) Thomas R. Wall, IV ’76 C Ben and Lucy Ana Walton Fund of the Walton Family Foundation C Margaret and Jeffery Yau (P) Jenny Zhang and Fang Zheng (P) Xin Zhou (P)

P R E S I D E N T ’ S C I RC L E

Anonymous (2) Alexandra and Alan Airth (P) Faisal O. Al‑Sakkaf ’77 Kenneth Bartels ’69 and Jane Condon (P) C Samuel P. Bartlett ’91 C Richard H. Bott ’65 Joseph M. Bryan, Jr. ’54 C Leslie and David Burgstahler (P) Kateri da Silva and Alain Bellemare (P) Evelyn and Mike Donatelli (P) Odaria and Shane Finemore (P) Jane and Jeffrey Gale (P) Edward Harney ’82 and Kathryn Mikells (P) Robert ’80 and Kristy Harteveldt (P) C John H. Iglehart ’65 Elizabeth S. Jarvis ’83 ◊ Doy Young Jeung Domenig and Gaudenz Domenig (P) Ellen and Howard Katz (P) Courtney and Michael Katzenstein (P) Sydney Shapiro and Dara Khosrowshahi (P) Alix M. H. Laager ’76 Edward ’74 and Cameron Lanphier (P) C Gretchen C. Leach ’57 James ’75 and Margot Lebovitz (P) Ted ’49 and Frances Little (P) C Richard McVey (P) C Briar Faure Mewbourne ’85 Richard A. Miller ’62 Heather and James Murren (P) Marie and Paul Napoli (P) Gina Sanders and Steven Newhouse (P) David ’56 and Christina Nichols (P) Jill and Russell Platt (P) Bonnie and Jonathan Rothberg (P) Leslie E. Shearing ’85


Gyu Si (P) Janine ’82 and Michael Smith (P) Christy and Kenson So (P) Jennifer and Joel Stevens (P) Joanne C. Sullivan Rebecca and Joseph Tessitore (P) Louis J. Varsames ’79 Paul A. Varsames ’83 Karin and Douglas Waggoner (P) Amy Wang and Lexin Xu (P) Ting Cheng and Xiaoping Yang (P) Lisa and Daniel Zelson (P)


Anonymous (2) Carl ’67 and Betsy Anderson (P) C Clyde ’56 and Sharrie Buck (P) Robert Colman ’59 and Cheryl Atkins (P) C Mercy and Alfonso Cordero (GP) Thomas R. Courage ’65 Drake Darrin ’77 C Kathleen and Steven Elkins (P) Mylene and Carman Feng (P) Linda ’81 and Jeffrey Fine (P) Zachary Goodyear (P) ◊ David R. Hang ’94 Nan M. Harman ’65 Linda J. Hodge ’73 (P) Jeffrey J. Hoo ’86 Nancy and Paul Kelly (P) Isabel Kelly ’97 C Sandra and David Kirchhoff (P) Cecelia M. Kurzman ’87 Christine and Richard Marcks (P) Christopher P. Marshall ’86 C Donald Newhouse (GP) Susan M. Newhouse (GP) ◊ Robert ’78 and Patricia Patch (P) Eric ’76 and Marcy Propper (P) C Kristen and Robert Raskopf (P) Randi Frankel and Peter Reikes (P) David C. Reydel ’55 Rebecca V. Schamis ’91 Peter ’72 and Priscilla Schwarzenbach (P) Alison and William Schweizer (P) Pat ’85 and Patcharin Sethbhakdi (P) C Sunpitt ’84 and Anoma Sethpornpong (P) C Hank Snyder ’85 C Tina and John Springer‑Miller (P) Mimi and Barry Sternlicht (P) Ann and Thayer Stewart (P) c = Chairman's Club

◊ = deceased


Christina Zou and Adam Tan (P) Penelope and Karim Temsamani (P) Ben ’64 and Vivien U (P) Christopher J. Vlasto ’84 Mercedes Rodriguez de Werner and Martin Werner (P) Heather A. Woolbert ’95 Fei Wang and Liping Xie (P)

S T. J O H N S O C I E T Y

the 1890 society members

Anonymous (1) Aliya Islamkulova and Eldar Abdrazakov (P) Stephen ’80 and Anne Arcano (P) C Bassam H. Badran ’76 Richard R. Beaty ’70 C Julianne and Adam Beckerman (P) Stephanie Bell‑Rose and Christopher Rose (P) Lorena Casas and Svante Borjesson (P) Haesin Yoon and Jinhong Choi (P) Heesook Chung and Chanmin Chyun (P) Adam T. DiMartino ’89 Trinh C. Du ’84 Victoria Longo and Carl Eifler (P) C Chérie Kiser and Randall Eliason (P) Tolomy B. Erpf ’86 (P) Nicole Giroux and Michael Reeber (P) Eddie A. Goodman ’58 Lydia S. Gustin ’59 C John G. Harms, Jr. ’64 Charles ’64 and Stephanie Harrold (P) Laurence and Charles Heilbronn (P) C C. Wolcott Henry, III ’75 Angela Janklow and Jeffrey Stein (P) Linda and Morton Janklow (GP) Diehl Jenkins ’60 Worthington ’70 and Maria Johnson (P) C Brett M. Johnson ’88 C Evan ’75 and Cynthia Jones (P) Henri P. Junod, Jr. ’62 Alan J. Kanders ’83 C Sandra and Sean Kavanagh (P) Kiki and Ted Kennedy (P) Harue and Joseph Kim (P) Nathalie Kulle and George Weiner (P) Robert ’74 and Linda Lanphier (P) Bonnee C. Larsen ’60 (P) ◊ Robert R. Larsen (P) Thomas D. Lasersohn ’74 C Michele Volpe and Thomas LaTorre (P) CJ Lee ’91

Sandra Ryee and John Lee (P) Margaret A. Lord ’86 Lili and Jiabin Luo (P) Jocelyn and Alfred Lutter (P) Caroleen and John Mackin (P) Stella and Richard Maly (P) Lillian Garcia and Bruce Mandell (P) Sarah and George Markantonis (P) Jean‑Pierre Martel (P) Yemin and Patrick McDougal (P) Paul Mellon ’25 ◊ J. Christopher Meyer, III ’65 Duncan Miao ’94 Whitney Ross and Stephen Moseley (P) Eve Konstan and Jonathan Mothner (P) Douglas ’64 and Sue‑Ellen Myers (P) Jeanette Sublett and Langdon Neal (P) C Cary L. Neiman ’64 C Elyse and Michael Newhouse (P) Sally and Steve Paridis (P) Kyung Hee Lee and Heil Park (P) Beate Chen and Jason Peng (P) Carla and Robert Petrocelli (P) Clifford F. Ransom, II ’63 Charles M. Royce, Jr. ’90 Richard W. B. Ruffin ’60 John G. Russell ’46 (P) C Patrick G. Ryan, Jr. ’86 Lisa and Adalio Sanchez (P) Katharina and Dorian Sandberg (P) Leigh and Jeffrey Schwartz (P) Minhee Shin and Jeongdae Seo (P) Lisa and Mark Souza (P) William ’56 and Maria Spears (P) C Laurel Southworth and Andrew Susser (P) Yuda and Johnny Chan (P) Fred ’74 and Bonita Valenti (P) C Jeffrey ’83 and Kimberly Veber (P) Thomas ’46 and Esther Wachtell (P) C Rob and Melani Walton Fund of the Walton Family Foundation (P) C Peter S. Welles ’59 Carolyn S. Wiener ’66 Guqing Wu Hyo Young Lee and Jong Hwan Yoon (P) Cynthia and David Yowan (P) C

RU U T Z ‑ R E E S S O C I E T Y

Anonymous (1) David W. Albert ’87 Henry ’70 and Natalie Armour (P) Andrew J. Armstrong, Jr. ’75 David ’65 and Sharon Baines (P) Katherine and Christopher Bazinet (P) Catherine and Timothy Birch (P) Paige and Patrick Birney (P) Linda and Thomas Blackwell (P) Michael J. Bohlsen ’88 Elizabeth and Christopher Boissard (P) C Michael Browne (P) K. Niles Bryant Amy and Lawrence Buhl (P) Tea and Stephen Canna (P) Sandy and Franklyn Chang (P) Lili Zhou and Jack Chen (P) Hannah Chen and Wei Wang (P) Hsiao‑Lien Chin and James Boardman (P) Dorothy M. Cholnoky ’46 C Henry ’67 and Pamela Clark (P) C Eliot R. Clauss ’70 Lee S. Cochran ’05 Sanford Cockrell (P) Lisa Pomerantz and Jonathan Copplestone (P) Clifford ’80 and Linda Corso (P) Laird ’65 and Margot Davis (P) Vincenzo ’87 and Denise DiNatale (P) C Robert M. Doyle ’61 C Claudia and Fernando Espinosa (P) Patrick J. Fallon ’76 C Connie ’69 and Robert Ferguson (P) C Mindy and Laurance Friedman (P) Barbara and Louis Furlo (P) Gardenia P. Galiardo, Esq. ’86 John T. Gelb ’72 (P) David R. Gens, M.D. ’64 Inger D. Golob ’85 Gayle and Rory Gorman (P) Hugh A. Grant ’63 Sarah and Schuyler Grow (P) Mikyung Han and Ohchul Kwon (P) Amy and Stewart Herman (P) M. Thomas Herzig ’72 (P) C George R. Hoguet ’65 Patrick J. Holley ’90 Thomas C. Hudnut ’65 Seoung‑Eun Huh and Yoon‑Dong Kim (P) Pamela and Roger Hull (P)


Torrence M. Hunt, Jr. ’66 C Charles M. Hutchins ’81 Peter C. Jeton ’72 Anita and Suraj Kalra (P) Valerie Malter and Stuart Kaye (P) Patricia A. Kenner (GP) Margaret Kilgore (P) Shauna and Stephen King (P) John M. Kingsley, III ’87 Donald ’81 and Fay Kirby (P) Patricia and Timothy Kish (P) Peter C. Kovner ’63 Stephen F. Krom ’82 Lambert M. Lau ’97 Philip M. Laughlin ’65 W. Jeffrey Lawrence ’73 C Wonhye and Myungho Lee (P) Alexandra Hokin and Glenn Levin (P) Hua Yang and Ping Li (P) Lisa Li and John Xu (P) Andrew A. Lipsky ’83 Karen Zhang and Jian Liu (P) Carolyn and Vance Loiselle (P) Stuart M. Low ’35 (P) ◊ Elizabeth and Charles Lyman (P) Daniel B. Marquardt ’07 Linda and Jenkins Marshall (P) Christopher T. Martin ’90 Patrick J. McCurdy ’98 Robert B. McKinnon ’55 Jennifer and Michael McNiff (P) Sharon and Daniel Milikowsky (P) Rand P. Monaghan ’11 Ann and James Mrazek (GP) Pauline and David Musto (P) Lisa and Robert Myers (P) Leslie and John Needham (P) Mary Nee and Douglas Ng (P) C. Walter Nichols, III ’55 Kristin and David Norton (P) Peter O. Paige ’65 Diane Palmeri and Albert Rossini (P) Walter Parrs, III ’95 William E. Poole, III ’55 Carlo Gil D. Portes ’95 Martin J. Power ’74 Lan Luo and Mark Qi (P) Debra and Rick Rees (P) C Meredith and Eliot Rubenzahl (P) Peter and Deirdre Rusnak (P) Ramesh Sachdeva (P) Rada Sagadiyeva and Erlan Sagadiev (P) c = Chairman's Club

◊ = deceased


the 1890 society members

Heather and David Saskas (P) Marcia C. Saunders ’81 C Val Schaffner ’68 Michael P. Schnabel ’95 Susan and Robert Schulz (P) Peter H. Seed ’55 James H. Shattuck ’34 (P) ◊ C James H. Sherman ’80 So Hyun Park and Jong‑Seok Shin (P) Earl M. Smith, Jr. ’57 Elizabeth and Richard Solazzo (P) Zhihong Deng and Lingfeng Song (P) Valerie M. Sumner Xi Cheng and Wai Marco Sze (P) Stanley S. Trotman, Jr. ’61 Peter ’60 and Jeanette Van Nice (P) C Cynthia G. Vanneck‑Smith ’85 William J. Von Klemperer ’65 Joshua ’77 and Elizabeth Wall (P) Mara Wallace ’84 Patrick T. Wang ’92 Kevin M. Weiss ’75 Charles Wendel (P) Christopher M. Wiedenmayer ’59 Maria D. Wildermuth ’79 Henry K. Willard, II ’44 (P) C Tanya and Riley Williams (P) Sallyan Windt (P) Nancy Winter (P) C Heidi Wissmiller and Tobias Keller (P) Charles H. Witmer ’74 C Jennifer N. Yu ’99 Jacquelyn Shuai and Paul Zhao (P)


Anonymous (2) Randall C. Abrams ’67 Steven M. Alfond, M.D. ’80 Joseph ’80 and Sara Angeletti (P) Louis J. Appell, III ’69 Nathaly and Corey Arredondo (P) William ’79 and Midori Atkins (P) Evan C. Auyang ’90 Kristen R. Aversa ’90 Roy A. Azout ’87 Amanda G. Back ’90 John ’77 and Linda Ball (P) Barbie S. Bancroft ’64 William R. Barrett, Jr. ’60 John ’62 and Anne Beaty (P) C Rodney B. Berens ’63

Sally and Miles Berger (GP) Elizabeth Berger (P) Deena R. Bernstein, Esq. ’84 C James B. Bertles ’73 G. Gordon Biggar, Jr. ’56 Ann‑Elisa Black Edward A. Bogdan, III ’82 Fevzi Bozer (P) Evelyn and Lawrence Brandt (P) C Steven J. Bresky ’71 Christine M. Brogan ’90 Jill Brooke and Gary Goldstein (P) David C. Buck ’86 Barbara Endres and William Butler (P) John G. Callan ’65 Malcolm ’50 and Irene Caplan (P) Santiago Caraballo ’95 Julie and John Case (P) Bo‑Young Bae and Seungil Chae (P) Judith Chevalier and Steven Podos (P) Ampaphan and Nakul Chiaravanont (P) Christine and Vincent Chiocchio (P) Jay H. Choi ’90 Ho Yeon Song and Kyung Jin Choi (P) Thomas Clements, III ’53 C Renita and Bryan Cook (P) Christopher ’80 and Maura Craig (P) Sarah B. Crocker ’03 Michelle and Richard Cuomo (P) Alex Curtis and Elizabeth Fecko‑Curtis (P) Dennis ’66 and Margot Dilmaghani (P) Matthew D. Dilmaghani ’97 Margaret A. Doyle ’87 Nicole C. Eades ’89 (P) Allis F. Edelman C Jill and James Fadule (P) Michele Curry and Eugene Ferrer (P) Donald L. Flexner ’59 Michael G. Furgueson ’80 (P) Xiaomei Gai and Hang Zhou (P) Susan and Mike Garver (P) James M. Gelb ’88 Michelle E. Generous ’84 Alan J. Gerstein ’84 Lucas Giannella ’95 Nathaniel W. Gibbons ’75 John F. Green ’77 Kathryn L. Greenberg ’98 William E. Gryboski ’79 Lisbeth Steen‑Hackett and Craig Hackett (P)

Jonathan A. Hakim ’90 Gunther S. Hamm ’98 Brian C. Hartzer ’85 John B. Hayes ’59 Brigitta Herzfeld ’96 Christopher J. Herzog ’99 Parul and Joachim Hinzen (P) Anisa and Peter Ho (P) Martha F. Hodgman ’69 Betsy and Arthur Holden (P) Leslie Holstrom and Keith Marsden (P) Jonas Honick ’73 and Donna Mezias (P) Kelly M. Hopkins ’91 Sabrina Diano and Tamas Horvath (P) Michelle Hu and Henry Gong (P) Yoonjeung Rhee and Donghun Im (P) Melville H. Ireland, Jr. ’72 C Kimberley Mais‑Issa and Christopher Issa (P) Richard ’63 and Jeanne Jaffe (P) Kiran and Sunil Jaiswal (P) Alexandra C. Jennison ’79 C Eun Joo Jeong and Young Sik Jang (P) Shandi O. Johnson ’98 Daniel Kelly ’69 and Annette Wheeler (P) Edward ’74 and Janet Kelly (P) Michael C. Kempner ’74 C Sarah and Tariq Khan (P) Ritu and Anuj Khanna (P) Elsebeth F. Kirby Alix D. Kirby Charles ’61 and Jill Koons (P) Andrew M. Kramer ’75 Irene W. Lai ’88 Jeffrey Laikind ’53 C John G. Leckie, III ’90 John H. Lee ’87 Ye‑jhin and Shin‑il Lee (P) Xiaoqing and Ming Li (P) Jane Yan and Michael Li (P) Simon Li ’95 Lorraine and Gary Lilley (P) Gary H. Loeb James S. Love, IV ’89 Jonathan R. Macey ’73 Nita and Philip Maddox (P) Nicholas Maisano ’97 Bradford J. Mak ’96 Brian A. Margolis ’78 Robert D. McCallum, Jr. ’64 C Thomas F. McCoy ’62


Brittain McJunkin, M.D. ’65 Mary Ellen and Robert McMillan (P) Patrizia and Omar Meguid (P) Catherine and James Merrick, Jr. (P) Gillian and Eduardo Mestre (P) Jan T. Miksovsky ’86 C Sue‑Ellen Mitchell (P) Keith C. Mitchell ’84 Todd E. Molz ’89 Kevin S. Moore ’72 Barrie Berg and Antonio Munoz‑Sune (P) Frank Murray (P) Donald L. Nagle ’72 Alexis P. Nason ’39 (P) Cynthia and Jeffrey Nobel (P) Jamie ’80 and Sarah O’Donnell (P) Hugh R. O’Kane ’96 Adolphus B. Orthwein, III ’86 Peter B. Orthwein, Jr. ’94 William D. Orthwein ’88 Alexandra and James Paladino (P) Laura Pappano and Thomas Lynch (P) Soo‑Ok Park and Sang‑Kyung Lee (P) Nathaniel J. Pastor ’95 Brian J. Patrican ’89 Anita Bourque and Albert Perrino (P) Alec H. Peterson ’95 Eric J. Ploumis ’75 C Charles T. Post, Jr. ’60 Dawn and James Quinn (P) Carolyn and Jeffrey Reisman (P) Jody Ellant and Howard Reiter (P) Henry P. Renard ’50 Robert A. Riccio, Jr. ’86 Richard ’50 and Ann Robie (P) C Richard ’78 and Susan Robie (P) Daniel N. Romanow ’98 Ellen and Tony Rose (P) Kari Weil and Michael Roth (P) Juliana Wilson and Thomas Ruggieri (P) Danielle and Rocky Salinas (P) Charles W. Santoro ’77 Robert Schwab ’78 and Leslie Garvey‑Schwab (P) Nicola and Michael Scott (P) Tracy and Philip Scruggs (P) Peter E. Senne ’64 ◊ Kathy Senne Michelle B. So ’95 Paul S. Spivack ’81 Philip J. Squattrito ’78 c = Chairman's Club

◊ = deceased


the 1890 society members

Razvan Surdulescu ’94 Patricia B. Sweet ’54 Kay and Paul Taheri (P) Matthew H. Taylor ’90 Jana and John Thorbahn (P) Michael B. Treisman ’90 Holly and Gregory Trubowitsch (P) David M. Turetsky ’95 Thomas L. Turnbull ’70 Lisa and Simon Van Den Born (P) John Vaughn (P) Alfred M. Vinton, Jr. ’56 Judy and Angelo Volta (P) Stacey ’81 and Jeff Weber (P) Bryan E. Wong ’85 Ja Eun Goo and Min Jae Yoon (P) Christopher Y. Yu ’01 Gregory H. Yu ’95 Heather and John Zetterberg (P) Ying Ming and Yimin Zhang (P) Sarah Zhang and Guozhu Liu (P) Aaron P. Zubaty ’96


Thomas B. Bennet ’04 David P. Byeff ’01 Samuel C. Chao ’04 Cyrus T. Childs ’00 Alicia A. Forry ’00 Austin S. Igleheart ’03 Clara M. Jackson ’02 Ryan Kang ’04 Kreagan C. Kennedy ’10 David F. Knapp ’01 Rebecca S. Maddox ’06 Catherine A. Maddox ’05 Jennifer M. Milikowsky ’05 Joshua P. Muniz ’10 Caitlin C. O’Neil ’01 Matthew A. Phillips ’06 Hin Polcharoen ’14 Robin C. Ried ’00 Michael Selberg ’08 Brendan H. Shattuck ’01 Brooke E. Sussman ’01 Charles T. Sussman ’01 Jonathan T. Wang ’01 Grayson E. Warrick ’12



Anonymous (1) Rachel M. Attias ’03 Mac C. Bartels ’04 Andrew S. Brady ’04 Benjamin N. Broderick ’05 Sean M. Carey ’09 Elissa Chao ’00 Yehudit M. Chervony ’01 Dong‑Wook Choi ’02 Derek T. Davidson ’04 Stephani L. DeLuca ’00 Tatiana B. Donaldson ’13 Dane M. Evans ’05 Benjamin C. Fenton ’00 Ross H. Freiman‑Mendel ’11 Anne E. Harleman ’04 Arthur D. Heilbronn ’04 Michael F. Hoepp ’01 Jaime M. Hollander ’00 Ashley E. Holt ’11 Kristal Hui ’01 Suril A. Kantaria ’09 Jason R. Kasper ’05 Michelle W. Lau ’03 Henry M. Lau ’02 Emmalaine Leibman ’12 Christophe H. Lirola ’08 Kanika S. Metre ’05 Arthur Mui ’04 Manu G. Nathan ’00 Clarissa M. Padula ’04 Andres Posada ’05 Matthew P. Reid ’01 Zachary P. Remsen ’07 Matthew P. Sheridan ’11 Ryan E. Tveter ’12 Jonathan S. Urban ’01 Christopher M. Verrillo ’05

c = Chairman's Club

◊ = deceased



Annual Fund Your participation in the Annual Fund protects and strengthens the value of a Choate Rosemary Hall education in many ways.

Most simply, annual gifts provide an important income stream that underwrites School activities and ensures the School’s fiscal health and, thus, its continued excellence. In fact, contributions go to work immediately, providing funding for academics, athletics, and curricular programs as well as the preservation of Choate’s historic campus. They also support student financial aid, promote faculty development, and reduce the amount of the endowment income needed to maintain Choate’s legacy of educational excellence.  Truly, every gift, no matter its size, makes a difference in its own right and not only strengthens and sustains Choate but also encourages and inspires other donors.


1923 C

William B. Pollock, II + ◊

1925 C

Paul Mellon ◊

1932 C

Henry N. Barkhausen

1934 C

Lewis R. Donelson, III James H. Shattuck C ◊

1935 C

Stuart M. Low ◊

1938 C

Douglas C. Plate, USN (Ret)

1939 C

alumni donors Consecutive Giving Recognition The Chairman’s Club Ten or more years of giving at the $2,500 level or above. The Wild Boar Club Ten or more years of giving at any level. Hill House Circle Young alumni - five or more years of giving at any level.

Allan R. Hardie Emil Mosbacher, Jr. ◊ Alexis P. Nason +

1940 C

James J. McTernan, Jr. + William W. Pugh

1940 RH

Jean A. Peterson +

1941 C

James H. Fannon Andrew P. Monroe, Jr. C ◊ Tom Sanders, Jr.

1941 RH

Juliet F. Marillonnet + Cherry G. Taylor +

1942 C

Herman F. Froeb, M.D. + Robert M. Taylor + ◊ Harry W. Wellford Willard H. Wheeler

1942 RH

Helen L. Dickey +

1943 C

Stuart C. Whiteside, Jr. + ◊

1944 C

Gordon F. Allen Richard C. Barker Thomas U. Chace + Frank L. Chipman + ◊ John H. Flagg + Walter A. Friend, Jr. Richard I. Goodkind John R. Hardie David C. Hazen + G. Brinton Jack, III + Colonel George A. Kaye + David A. Kurr + Charles F. Kuyk S. Peter Law William M. Miller, Jr. + Arthur N. Otis, Jr. + Gordon L. Smith + George H. Stege, III Charles E. Utley Robert F. Walmsley, Jr. + Warren K. Watters + Henry K. Willard, II C John M. Williams ◊

1945 C

Anonymous (1) John P. Barrett + Richard L. Cretella + John C. Dorn David H. Fields + Bruce S. Gelb C Henry C. Gill, Jr. Renville H. McMann, Jr. + James A. D. Pollock + George A. Scanlan, Jr. John H. Staub, II Alan N. White +

John H. Buckingham + ◊ David W. Carroll + Alan P. Clark + Ronald J. Corn + Clifford M. Cowles, III + William C. Crutcher + William D. Davies, Jr. + Jed Dreifus + Peter R. Ehrlich + ◊ Robert W. Frazier + George T. H. Fuller + Roger K. Graham + Howard K. Gray + James L. Hamilton + Robert L. Hart + Richard D. Hausman + Sandy A. Mactaggart + Henry N. Marshall, II + Frederick C. Meekins + Frederick L. Preyer + Frederick D. Remsen + John G. Russell C Robert W. Rust, USMCR (Ret) + Joseph M. Stafford + Richard B. Steinmetz, Jr. + Jay E. Stempel + Francis F. Storm, III + T. Perry True + Thomas Wachtell C Charles S. Walsh, Jr. + Bryan Webb + H. Richmond Woods, Jr. + Samuel D. Young, III +

1946 RH

Claire S. Boody Andree M. Dean Cynthia B. Martin

Magalen O. Bryant Dorothy M. Cholnoky C Allis F. Edelman + Nancy R. Meckauer + Elizabeth S. Pratt Mary W. Tappin Sylvia M. Van Sloun + Josephine F. Zelov +

1946 C

1947 C

1945 RH

Edward F. Albee, III + David C. Beaty + Ernest P. Bilhuber + Henry R. Bilhuber + ◊ Sumner F. Bissell + Arthur F. Bohner + Stanley N. Brown, Jr. +

Charles F. Chapin + Girard L. Clemons, Jr. + Richard N. Coffin David A. DeGhetto + David S. Hall + William G. Hyland + William H. Kirby c = Chairman's Club


William B. MacColl, Jr. + Ernest E. Monrad + Bradley P. Noyes + Randolph Raynolds, Jr. Robert E. Rothen + John J. Sheehy, Jr. Daniel B. Silliman + George L. Wachtell Putney Westerfield + Frank H. Wood +

1947 RH

Anonymous (1) Anne Sinsheimer

1948 C

Harold E. Aken, Jr. + Stephen E. Baker, Sr. + James Bates + Franklin T. Birdsall, Jr. George A. Bomann, III + Kent L. Carson Henry James, Jr. David C. Mactye Paul Mathewson, Jr. + D. Richard Mead, Jr. Herbert S. Meyers Robert C. Stempel + Robert S. Walin Harry H. Westbay, III + Henry Zuckerman

1949 C

Henry Blodget + Donald G. Geddes, III + Peter Hallock + F. William Hawley III + Ted Little C James L. Macdonald Thomas L. Maker + ◊ Barrant V. Merrill S. Spencer Merz + Robert L. Prosser + Dan Ritter + E. MacBurney Storm John C. Todd + Richard R. Warren Charles O. White +

1949 RH

Emily S. Bagwill + = Wild Boar Club

^ = Hill House Circle ◊ = deceased


1950 C

alumni donors

Thomas E. Aschenbrener Rolf M. Augustin, Jr. + Peter M. Bauer + Donald C. Berry, Jr. + Fitzhugh L. Brown + Albert H. Burchfield, III Malcolm Caplan James W. Carpenter + Thomas K. Clarke + Lee M. Clegg + H. Jay Cozzolino Joseph L. Davis, Jr. + Arden H. deBrun Charles V. Drew + E. Peter Elsaesser James D. English + Eyvind M. Faye, Jr. Edward L. Fuller + Charles A. J. Gachot + William T. Hadley + Peter N. Hillyer + Robert C. Lanphier, III Robert M. McAllester + Allen E. Nichols + Nathan G. Pond + Henry P. Renard + Richard S. Robie, Jr. C Thomas C. Ryan + Francis V. Tracy + Frederick M. Trapnell, Jr. Ferdinand L. Wyckoff, Jr. +

1950 RH

1951 RH

Marilyn M. Bauch + Ruth D. Diefenbach + Patricia J. Friedman Joan S. Gilbert Elizabeth E. Hamilton + Sara‑Gay A. Kelley Diana B. McGhie + Margaret H. Rogers

1952 C

Robert F. R. Ballard + Gordon Black Howard F. Burdick Jr. + Peter R. Decker Alfred E. Devendorf + Peter G. Fay + Arthur E. Gibbs, Jr. + Phillip K. Goodwin + Robert M. Gordon, Jr. Svend H. Hansen, Jr. John E. Houx + Richard I. Johannesen, Jr. + Edward J. Koczak + Arthur W. McCain, Jr. + Michael R. O’Connor + Cornelius Shields, Jr. Theodore B. Smith, Jr. + George L. Unhoch, Jr. + Peter V. Vanstory Thomas A. Yankus

1952 RH

Phebe A. Bowditch Nancy E. Burns +

Edith E. Hunnewell Louise G. Thayer Sidney F. Van Zandt +

1951 C

1953 C

Richard W. Anderson Brooks Barrett Benjamin Bouck Ogden G. Brandt + George P. Edmonds, Jr. + Lindsay A. Faye, Jr. David C. Hawley + Addison E. Igleheart + Charles A. Krause, III Daniel A. Moriarty Thomas H. Roulston, II ◊ J. David Rowland + Richard V. Santoro Roy H. Weaver, Jr. + Marcus W. Ziegler, Jr. +

William Q. Ascari, M.D. + Arne H. Carlson Thomas Clements, III C Stanley G. Cook + Caspar Cronk + Matthew J. Dillon + R. Bruce Hilton Jeffrey Laikind + Elizabeth B. Molinari + John J. Post Crosby R. Smith + Edward L. Spetnagel, III + C. Bradley Tips +

1953 RH

M. Lynn Gargill Jean H. Wilson +

1954 C

Joseph M. Bryan, Jr. C Thomas M. Clyde + Thomas J. Cogswell Gardham W. Comb + H. Calvin Cook + Edward S. Crane + Paul Draper William K. Ely + Jose M. Espino John S. Foster + Edward A. Fox Jackson K. Haberman + Robert P. Habgood, III + Robert T. Hall Roger Healey, Jr. + Benjamin Horne + R. Peter Hunt Derry Ives + Jenk L. Jones + Norris Love + ◊ Robert W. McIntyre + Robert P. McVey + Karl R. Meyers + Boynton M. Rawlings + A. Thomas S. Safford + John J. Selig + James W. Sherwood, III + ◊ David B. Smith + Samuel H. Stevenson Edwin F. Thrall, Jr. + Jon A. Turner Robert C. Ziebarth

1954 RH

Ethel O. Burwell + Mary A. Loomba + Isabel W. Malkin + Margaret P. Parsons Ellen S. Simmons + Patricia B. Sweet + Linda B. Trimble +

1955 C

Lewis T. Barringer, Jr. William Bindloss + ◊ Robert D. Brickman John Bryan c = Chairman's Club


Richmond S. Corwin, Jr. + Ashton G. Eldredge, Jr. + Peter B. Gregory + William S. Griswold, USCG (Ret) + Cyrus C. Hopkins Richard W. Lambrecht, Jr. + Charles Lockhart, III William B. Long John S. McConnel William O. McConnel Robert B. McKinnon + John A. C. McLean, II + Randolph J. Ney C. Walter Nichols, III + John R. Oettinger H. Jeremy Packard + William E. Poole, III David C. Reydel + Peter H. Seed + Frederick Spiegelberg, III + Orson L. St. John, Jr. Chia‑Ming Sze Barry E. Thors George E. Villerot, Jr. William H. Yankus +

1955 RH

Lucinda P. Day Maude Dorr Patricia D. Gondelman Debbie D. Leeming + Carolyn F. McNaught + Verena T. Rasch Elizabeth P. Salett Pamela B. Simonds + Anne W. Whiting +

1956 C

Robert W. Ackerman + Samuel F. Beach, Jr. + John J. Belles, Jr. + G. Gordon Biggar, Jr. + Peter S. Booth Clyde Buck + Geoffrey S. Bullard William W. Caldwell, Jr. + Michael A. Clegg + Oliver T. Cook David T. de Neufville + John R. Drucker Chandler H. Everett Donald P. Freedman + + = Wild Boar Club

^ = Hill House Circle ◊ = deceased


G. Michael G. Furgueson + Theodore L. Gaillard, Jr. Robert L. Gaines + Thomas E. Gardner + David W. Gordon + Rudolf F. Haffenreffer, IV + Edward J. Henriquez, Jr. + Alan Jenks Harry C. Lane + Robert C. Lawrence, III + Hugh F. MacColl, II + James D. McCabe, Jr. + John M. McGuire David H. Nichols + Bernard G. Preyer E. Peter Prezzano + John L. Schoellkopf Dudley R. Smith + E. Ward Smith + William G. Spears C Alfred M. Vinton, Jr. David Y. Wood +

alumni donors

1956 RH

Susan R. Breig Carol P. DeBerry Lyn Mathews‑Perrin Barbara S. Williams

1957 C

Anonymous (1) Gardiner Brown George N. Chandler II ◊ Robert D. Chapin David L. Croasdaile + G. David Forney, Jr. + Robert A. Gay David R. Geis + Stewart S. Hudnut + Penfield Jarvis William H. Lathrop + Patrick J. McNulty + Lauren M. Miralia Robert E. Morin Benjamin B. Page Eric Ravndal, III + Edwin L. Read, III + Charles E. M. Rentschler MacDonell Roehm, Jr. Richard J. Sabin Peter W. Sipple + Earl M. Smith, Jr. +

William J. Tingue E. McIntosh Wiener + Robert M. Zavell +

1957 RH

Susan F. Boyle + Catherine C. Crane + Nancy M. Le Roy + Gretchen C. Leach

1958 C

Scott A. Brooks Cameron Carey Christopher T. Cory J. Gardiner Dodd + James F. Dwinell, III + Paul S. Fenton Boyd Finch + Richard M. Gale + Eddie A. Goodman + David A. Hovland Robert A. Knisely Harold H. Krider, Jr. E. Tompers McMahon Kendrick B. Melrose + Richard P. Murdock + George H. N. Riddle + William U. Shipley + Stanley B. Sprague + David D. Thomas James P. Whitters, III + Donald C. Yates

1958 RH

Linda J. Balink‑White Sally B. Sonne +

1959 C

Alfred M. Andersson John M. Angier Seeley Booth, Jr. James A. Brown, Jr. + William C. Bryant, Jr. + John D. Campbell + Robert S. Colman C F. Lowell Curtis, Jr. Richard C. Diehl, Jr. + Paul Duchin + Jeffrey D. Faigle + Norman F. Fishbein + Donald L. Flexner Philip M. Francoeur, Jr. +

Robert L. Friede Robert C. Graham, Jr. + Mike Harris + John B. Hayes + Michael H. Heath + Carl T. Holst‑Knudsen C. Hadlai Hull + Denes Karczag Ivan H. Light + K. Prescott Low + Peter R. Martin + Sandy Morehouse + J. Holmes Morrison + Frank J. Pagliaro, Jr. + Roger B. Parsons + J. Robert Ransone + David C. Royce + H. Ashley Smith, Jr. + Ronald J. Stempien Colby Stilson, Jr. + Donald R. Strain Peter S. Welles Eric S. White + Scott Whitlock Christopher M. Wiedenmayer + Geer Wilcox

1959 RH

Mary Ann K. Folter + Lydia S. Gustin C Louise P. Meyer + Anne T. Ralph + Paulette D. Van Vranken

1960 C

William R. Barrett, Jr. Bentley H. Beaver + Peter A. Bradford Charles M. Brennan, III F. Sedgwick Browne Robert O. Buck, Jr. + Richard W. Constantine + L. Geoffrey Cowan Philip R. Farnsworth + Richard G. Fine Eric E. Frische + Christopher T. Gilson Gary C. Gischel + John D. Henderson, II Diehl Jenkins + Jotham Johnson + James M. Kasson c = Chairman's Club


Cary Kelly Richard S. Kelso Alexander Y. McFerran + Charles T. Post, Jr. Christopher E. Ridley Gardiner S. Robinson Richard W. B. Ruffin + Len R. Small Eugene C. Sullivan, II + Nip A. Tanner + Otto D. Trautz + Peter E. Van Nice C John T. Vinton + Thomas C. White, III +

1960 RH

Muriel S. Badgley Katharine L. Ercklentz Sue M. Galvin + Elizabeth S. S. Haeussler + Nancy E. Kales + Bobbie C. Lane Bonnee C. Larsen ◊ Stuart A. Watters +

1961 C

Dan Armour + Russell R. Ayres, III + Donald C. Ballou + Harry L. Belin William Braden Rick L. Buddenhagen Robert J. Dodds, III + Dallas C. Dort Robert M. Doyle C Richard H. Eisenhart, Jr. Richard G. Fabian Timothy J. Fullam P. Benjamin Grosscup, III + Erle P. Halliburton Allan B. Hancock Terry Hannock Seth E. Hoyt Ogden Kniffin, Jr. Charles A. Koons, Jr. Robert Liberman + William S. McChesney, Jr. + William F. Mohan, Jr. Adolphus B. Orthwein, Jr. + Dave Phillips Thomas T. Rogers Ras Smith + = Wild Boar Club

^ = Hill House Circle ◊ = deceased


Andrew J. Sordoni, III + Robert J. Stapleton + C. Richard Stasney Peter W. Sullivan + Stanley S. Trotman, Jr. +

1961 RH

Diana D. Calderon Priscilla S. Goldfarb Susannah Sard +

1962 C

alumni donors

John T. Beaty, Jr. C Tito J. Bianchi Robert F. Boggs John W. Bowman, Jr. + John R. Campbell Austin B. Chinn, Jr. Gerald C. Cooper + Bradley B. Geist Stephen E. Gilhuley + David L. Gilpatric Hugh Halsell + Francis E. Hardenbergh, II + Henri P. Junod, Jr. Peyton M. Lake Timothy C. LaRiche + Parker B. Llewellyn Wade H. Logan, III + Thomas F. McCoy + Richard A. Miller + Jeffrey C. Morse, M.D. + Alan S. Neely John C. Pogue, III Edward B. Self, Jr. N. Nicoll Snow James H. Stevens + Wayne T. Strickler Chris A. Swindells William P. Thomas Reuben J. Trane, Jr. John M. True, III + Ralph B. Valentine + F. John Wilkes, Jr. +

1962 RH

Georgia B. Barnhill + Anne M. Henry + Susan A. Huberth + Margaret G. McCormack + Deidre C. McGurk + Tania R. Silver

Alice L. Steyaart + Nancy E. Swan Binney K. Wells

1963 C

James M. Beaty + Rodney B. Berens Jorgen G. Berthelsen John W. Bitner, Jr. + Peter E.G. Bruckmann, M.D. Carleton F. Bryant, III + Paul Buddenhagen + James C. Buttrick + John B. Calfee, Jr. E. Alan Catmur David B. Escher + Bruce S. Fenton Michael J. FitzSimons Warner S. Fletcher + Robert J. Gould + Hugh A. Grant + George H. Harder, III J. Michael Hayes + Robert G. Hynson + Richard P. Jaffe + Wal Jarvis + Robert K. Keller, Jr. + Richard A. Knight + Peter C. Kovner Leighton Lee, III Daniel H. Magill, III + A. Walker Martin, Jr. + Robert M. McIntosh + M. Lane Morrison + Gerald G. Pearce Clifford F. Ransom, II Jonathan M. Samet Thomas Smidt, II + George C. Stephenson + William W. Tomford, M.D. Anthony G. Van Schaick, III + George von Liphart, Jr. Frederick S. Wilson

1963 RH

Margaret H. Bradford + Victoria L. Brooks Sandra H. Conklin Alice C. Freeman +

1964 C

John R. Atwood Michael T. Barry + Porter D. Caesar, II G. Alexander Carden Philip Chan + Geoffrey L. Clarkson + David R. Gens, M.D. Douglas M. Grant John G. Harms, Jr. Charles C. Harrold, III + Charles S. Johnson + John G. Lathrop Robert W. Lishman, Jr. Robert D. McCallum, Jr. C Mark Mullaney Douglas M. Myers + Cary L. Neiman C Peter B. Orthwein C Stephen A. Orthwein + Richard A. Pinkham, Jr. Richard D. Rheutan, Jr. Thomas K. Rudel Daniel M. Rugg, III + Peter E. Senne + ◊ Bradlee H. Shattuck + Lee H. Simowitz Jeremy L. Smith + Peter H. Sprayregen Frederick S. Stevens Curt R. Tobey + Ben U William W. Veronda Edward G. Warren, III + Roger C. Williams H. Alex Wise + Robert W. Wood

1964 RH

Barbie S. Bancroft Mary F. Brodie + Ellen K. Halsted Elizabeth C. Stevens Christie T. Sumner Jamie R. Wolf

1965 C

James L. Abbott ◊ Thomas G. Austin David E. Baines + Henry W. Barkhausen c = Chairman's Club


Mason M. Barlow Peter S. Bennett John W. Blair Richard H. Bott + Danforth T. Bradley Bart Bramley + Michael G. Cain Peter D. Calder John G. Callan W. Douglas Cooper Thomas R. Courage + Marshall B. Crawford + Dean W. Currie Laird Davis William F. Dore, Jr. Charles B. Dudley, III John C. Ferguson, M.D. Allen W. Fletcher Russell Ford, Jr. Thomas A. Gardner Stewart K. Hall George Handzo Philip M. Hawes John T. Haygood George R. Hoguet Philip E. Hoversten Thomas C. Hudnut John H. Iglehart Robert S. Johnson Roger F. Knight Raymond P. Kosinski, Esq. + Stephen B. Lamb, II Jeffrey T. LaRiche Philip M. Laughlin Gordon A. MacKenzie Sperry A. MacNaughton David C. McAdoo + F. Grant McClintock, Jr. Donald C. McClure, Jr. Sandy McConnel Brittain McJunkin, M.D. Henry B. McNulty + J. Christopher Meyer, III + James R. Mulvey George Muser Nathaniel G. Norton Charles A. O’Malley, III + Lee Osterman, Jr. Peter O. Paige James D. Robertson Robert B. Santulli, M.D. + = Wild Boar Club

^ = Hill House Circle ◊ = deceased


Robert E. Simpson, Jr. Anthony M. Smith + James A. Smith + Thomas A. Stevens Gordon H. Taylor Robert R. Thompson + William J. Von Klemperer + Robert Y. White, Jr. Bruce G. Wilcox G. David Wilmoth, Ph.D. Bryant Young

1965 RH

alumni donors

Joan P. Andrews Margot G. Botsford Helen M. Caivano Deborah Choate + Wesley C. Davidson + Elizabeth A. de Lima Pamela C. Dilsizian + Anita T. Dunford + Ruth B. Faulkner Leigh B. Furda Julie C. Goodyear Nan M. Harman Sarah F. Hudson Sarah M. Kernochan + Leslie B. Kotiza Wendy W. Lofting Sayre S. Lukason Mary M. Manchester Susan H. Mygatt + Susan P. Napier Julie S. Newhall Janice R. Olson Cordelia W. Robinson Ann M. Sears + Lesley Starbuck Betsy W. Varian Kathleen K. Wikowitz

1966 C

John M. Arthur + James D. Baldassari Craig L. Battle Stephen L. Black John D. Dale Lawrence S. DeVan + Jacques B. Dickinson Dennis A. Dilmaghani + Scott M. Donahue William J. Gilbane, Jr.

Christian Havemeyer + Christopher G. Hoge David R. Holmes + Peter T. Hovey George M. Hubbard, III Torrence M. Hunt, Jr. C Robert R. Hurst, Jr. + Noel Hynd Walter M. Kelly, II Russell W.H. Kridel + Hugh C. Lane, Jr. William F. Macreery Donald McAllister, Jr. Herbert S. Ormsbee, III + Thomas R. Pratt Hugh C. Riddleberger, III + Jeffrey R. Sturges Joseph J. Sweeney William H. Todd, III David A. Tracy + James S. Vandermade, Jr. + Roderick S. Walker M. Kirby C. Wilcox Peter T. Wiles + William B. Woody

Lloyd Miller Roger C. Mixter + Douglas W. Paige II + Jorge J. Pedroso Jeremy B. Platt Roxburgh Rennie + Richard H. Robinson Richard L. Rosenthal William K. Scheer + John R. Shortall + Richard L. Terry David B. Winder + Robert L. Wiskocil, M.D. Russell S. Wright Jeffrey M. Yates +

1966 RH

David N. Barkhausen + David H. Battle Scott Bobb Robert S. Bradshaw Kenneth H. Buchanan + John I. Crews, Jr. Patrick R. Duffy William L. Hardy + W. Donald Hudson, Jr. + Paul H. Jones + Edward W. Lane B. Timothy McGinnis + David H. Miller, M.D. + Henry L. Miller William T. Monroe + Alfred H. Nuckols, Jr. Paul E. Pepe, M.D. + C. Gregg Petersmeyer + Frederick S. Porter, III Val Schaffner + Thomas H. Shorten Philip M. Snyder, Jr. Bill Wadsworth

Susan S. Bradford Judy Donald + Alexandra M. Howard + Gusty Lange + Anne W. Markle Edwina von Gal Carolyn S. Wiener

1967 C

Randall C. Abrams Carl T. Anderson C Douglas E. Bryant L. Hardwick Caldwell, III + Walton Childs Henry A. Clark, III C Leeland J. Cole‑Chu Bradley W. Fenton, M.D. Robert W. Herrick, Jr. + Edwin S. Hetherington + Selby N. Hinkebein Daniel K. Hunt + Clinton M. Johnson William R. Kuntz, Jr. + David C. Martin Robert H. Merritt, Jr. +

1967 RH

Anonymous (1) Victoria T. Brawley Lisa‑Margaret S. Bryan Susan R. Cullman + Anne E. Fisher + Portia L. Fitzhugh + Jeremy N. Pierce +

1968 C

c = Chairman's Club


1968 RH

Jan C. Heaviside Mary B. Hotchkiss Anne P. Landis Jane E. Pearce Jean E. Robertson

1969 C

Louis J. Appell, III Kenneth G. Bartels C Thomas C. Bishop Brendan N. Buckley, M.D. Lawrence F. Camp John B. Connell D. Grant Fash, III + Jeffrey W. Greenberg David R. Hill. M.D. Daniel G. Kelly, Jr. + Theodore R. Killiam Roderick L. Macdonald Mark P. McIntyre Malcolm E. Meldahl John M. Morehead + Arthur B. Page + Russell P. Pennoyer + Blair B. Sanders David A. Schirmer, Jr. Mark Sohmer + Peter D. Stanton + Richard H. Thomas Benjamin Tuttle + Bradford H. Warner Pelham Wilder, III S. Miller Williams A. Stephen Zavell +

1969 RH

Peggy B. Bewkes Margaret P. Bondy + Ann S. Davis + Anne L. Edgerton Connie T. Ferguson C Martha F. Hodgman + Virginia B. Keyser + Elizabeth W. King Alison B. Norton Katharine H. Ralston Victoria T. Spang

+ = Wild Boar Club

^ = Hill House Circle ◊ = deceased


1970 C

alumni donors

Anonymous (1) Henry O. Armour Dwight L. Armstrong Richard R. Beaty C James S. Berrien Luther F. Black John C. Burditt + David C. Cansler + Eliot R. Clauss Frank S. Clowney, III Jonathan B. Eddison John B. Faber Timothy A. Fromson + John S. Grimshaw Timothy B. Harwood + John B. Heffernan + Christopher M. Hunt + Worthington Johnson, Jr. C James E. Kjorlien R. Bruce MacDougall William C. McMahon, Jr. John E. Osborne David O. Pratt Peter T. Robinson James M. Rowan Martin J. Ryan, III S. Christopher Scott Stratford P. Sherman Geoffrey R. Smith + Charles L. H. Staub, M.D. Peter C. Talbert + John E. Thomas David E. Tolles Thomas L. Turnbull + Robert B. Wright Norm Wu

1970 RH

Gaylen K. Baxter + Lisbet M. Nilson Katherine D. Roome Sue A. Strickland

1971 C

David W. Adler + John E. Avery, III John M. Battle + Stephen G. Biddle Bradford M. Boyd + Steven J. Bresky +

Scott C. Burbank Matthew C. Carroll Roger B. Collins Maurice P. Gourdon + James B. Gray + Brid Igleheart, Jr. Francis E. Kelly, III + Maurice A. Libner Daniel E. McCrimons, M.D. James J. McMahon Robert A. Minicucci C Stephen L. Mixter + Alex R. Murenia + Franklin B. Pierce + Norris W. Preyer, Jr. Benjamin J. Sullivan, Jr. + John A. Warner + Dana L. Woodbury

1971 RH

Julia H. Geer + Rosemary C. Lisitano Katherine K. Piven + Catherine E. Sullivan

1972 C

Anonymous (1) John J. Beardsworth, Jr. + Carl W. Beck + James H. Bigwood + Stephen Bogardus + Timothy N. Burditt + Toby Chamberlain George F. Colony C Jason T. Danielson + Michael A. Duffy Richard B. Floyd + Thomas C. Hazen + ◊ M. Thomas Herzig C William C. Holly + Melville H. Ireland, Jr. C Peter C. Jeton + J. Hovey Kemp Garrison d. Lickle + Alexander S. Mathews Stephen M. Monroe + Kevin S. Moore William F. Murray + Donald L. Nagle + Taylor E. Neff, M.D. George S. Nelson +

Christopher H. Rice + Peter M. Schwarzenbach Robert E. Weeden + Michael H. Welles William O. Wick, Jr.

Lisa Maddox McCurdy + Melinda N. Mayer + Judith F. McGeorge Meg Smith

1972 RH

Michael M. Bidwell Jesse D. Bogdonoff Drew J. Casertano + Mark E. Crain Martin J. Davis John H. de Jong + James E. Deveau + Edward F. Kelly + Michael C. Kempner C Edward O. Lanphier, II C Robert C. Lanphier, IV + Thomas D. Lasersohn C Thomas D. Lenahan Paul J. Malchodi + Douglas H. May Jeffrey S. Morris + Grant Mudge Martin J. Power + Peter J. Rowden + Alan J. Sinsheimer Edward M. Snook John F. Spatola + Thomas W. Spence, Jr. Fred M. Valenti, Sr. C Peter A. Vogt + Glenn N. Wagner + W. Temple Webber, III Charles H. Witmer C

Alicia Chandler‑Wagoner + Barbara W. Finn Andrea F. Gilbert Susan D. Gridley Nancy M. Pascoe Carlotta W. Rice + Julie F. Schauer Barbara L. Swenson Carol L. Tabas +

1973 C

Gordon Anderson + Bruce T. Atwood Robert C. Beck James D. Beloff + James B. Bertles Christopher J. Danielewski + Stephen M. Davis + Richard J. Duffy, M.D. Basil Hero Jonas I. Honick Peter V. Koenig + W. Jeffrey Lawrence C Angus L. Macdonald + Jonathan R. Macey Charles G. McCurdy + Mark L. Niemiera James J. Poropatich Louis G. Shenk, III + Michael C. Sholtz Chip Steppacher + William S. Stout, Jr. Michael V. Ward + George C. Whipple, III David J. White

1973 RH

Susan B. Bailey Edith M. Blair Tara M. Dane + Laura S. de Frise Caroline B. d’Otreppe + Andrea D. Gelzer + Linda J. Hodge + c = Chairman's Club


1974 C

1974 RH

Sandra R. Adzick + Pamela L. Forrester + Jody Gelb Nancy M. Hudak Sara MacAllaster‑Brooks + Elinor D. McKenna Anne A. Mosychuk Susan P. Nichols + M. J. Penn Sarah Miles Williams Margaret M. Zellinger

+ = Wild Boar Club

^ = Hill House Circle ◊ = deceased


1975 C

alumni donors

Andrew J. Armstrong, Jr. David P. Barberino Timothy H. Barnard Paul M. Canelli + Kevin Cobb Peter P. Cunningham David P. Diefenbach + Thomas C. Frame, Esq. Nathaniel W. Gibbons + Eric D. Grayson, Esq. Stephen K. Grimm + Everette P. Hardy C. Wolcott Henry, III John E. Hoffman, III + Evan Jones Leon T. Jones Robert A. Kaiser, Jr. Warren B. Kanders C Andrew M. Kramer + Chip Lamb James Lebovitz + Peter F. Lent + Warner Lewis, III Dan D. McClain John J. Owens John R. Parziale, M.D. Eric J. Ploumis C Martin J. Remsen + Alan D. Romefelt Warren S. Roos + David L. Sack C Peter N. Slack Edward F. Smith, III T. Wakelee Smith Edward D. Stone, III Christopher A. Szechenyi John W. Uhlein, III K. Skip Weinbel, Jr. Kevin M. Weiss

1975 RH

Margaretta S. Andrews + Annis Campione‑Karpenko Jill S. Cobbs + Ruth M. D’Agostino Anne L. Drake Muffy K. Fox + Michelle Gourlay Deborah R. Kaczmarczyk Helen H. Lenart Pamela R. Mitchell

Margaret M. Rahe Liv Rockefeller Andrea R. Ross Virginia P. Worcester Kelley L. Workman

1976 C

Bassam H. Badran David Z. Beecher + Benjamin A. Burditt Michael J. Carr C Daniel J. Carucci, M.D., Ph.D. Philip A. Chou + Jonathan S. Cooper + John G. H. Coster Richard M. Diamond Philip A. Eifert Patrick J. Fallon C Roderick W. Fletcher + Ferdinand H. Frassinelli Thomas Gettinger + David A. Gillies Edward Q. Goddard + Joseph W. Gordon, Jr. + Michael E. Hagan Hans T. Kaiser + James W. Kennedy Nicholas E. Lefferts + Albert G. McCarthy, IV + James B. Olcott Thorleif A. Orndahl + Stephen R. H. Ortiz Herbert C. Oven, Jr. David M. Parry John W. Persse, III + Eric B. Propper C R. Scott Taylor + Spencer O. Taylor David S. Teeple Jeffrey P. Trout + Thomas R. Wall, IV C Fabian W. Yeager +

1976 RH

Susan Z. Barrows Dana S. Berg Nancy A. Brown + Katherine W. Caroland Erica E. Disch Robin H. Gabriel + Cicely Hall + Alix M. H. Laager

Shelley B. Meltzer Donna C. Miller Carolyn A. Roehr + Laura D. Thomas Catherine B. Trout + Susan Y. Vandewater Stephanie B. Warden

1977 C

Anonymous (1) Faisal O. Al‑Sakkaf William M. Ayres, Jr. + James F. Baker, II + John F. Ball + Donald Barberino Michael B. Carucci Stephen M. Conway + James L. Cott Drake Darrin C Michael V. Flannery John A. Giammatteo John F. Green Leonard A. Hockstader, III Eric A. Lawrence Jonathan M. Lincoln George H. Love, II Jonathan G. Maurer + John K. McColpin Alexander G. Nason Scott F. Norberg + Samuel R. Otis William A. Peattie George T. Peck, Jr. Jon L. Rewinski + Tobey H. Roland + Charles W. Santoro John A. Siemon Brooks S. Thayer, Esq. + Joshua I. Wall

1977 RH

Carrie M. Brown Elizabeth A. Cameron Jennifer W. Campbell Katharine K. Czarnecki Louise Y. Dye Marie T. Falsey Shannon P. Gilligan Devon B. Mansell + Elizabeth T. McMillan Pamela W. Mosdale Laura S. Patterson c = Chairman's Club


Lili Ruane + Mary M. Schneider


James S. Altschul + Luis H. Ball James W. Carpenter, Jr. + William J. Carrozzella Kurt Caswell George K. Coggeshall Michael R. Collins Ellen C. de Saint Phalle + Robin E. Dey Donald V. Farriss, Jr. + Lisa Finis Robert J. Gantz + Jeffrey M. Haggerty + Christopher M. Hodgson + James L. Isaacs Marc C. Jeton Sara B. Kaul Geoffrey S. Knauth + Glenn C. Krokus Georgette C. Mallory + Brian A. Margolis Lansing T. Martin + Francisco J. Martinez‑Alvarez Edward J. McCormick, Jr. + Duby P. McDowell John D. McKinney Kenneth Mendez Thomas J. Mills Allison S. Murray + George R. Nugent + Robert D. Patch + Katharine Propper Richard S. Robie, III + Robert L. Schwab + Ann W. Sharpe + Joy D. Simpson + Georgiana J. Slade + Kerry D. Solomon, M.D. Philip J. Squattrito + Charles A. Staley, III


William J. Atkins Geoffrey B. Baker Monica L. Bullet Stewart B. Clifford, Jr. Brooke T. Cohn Benjamin Cooper + = Wild Boar Club

^ = Hill House Circle ◊ = deceased


alumni donors

Julien Dedman, Jr. Lyn DesMarais Katharine Dodge Dina M. Esposito Heather R. Ettinger Beth Falcone Robin A. Foley Michael M. Gaba + Geoffrey K. Gill Sarah K. Girardi, M.D. + Elisa B. Glazer William E. Gryboski Raymond P. Happy Elizabeth F. Haselkorn + Louise S. Holden Alexandra C. Jennison + William C. Joos Michaele Kashgarian William I. Kline Alan J. Konareski Craig S. Kramer Marsha B. Levin Harlan S. Levinson Michael D. Lewis Alexandra Lightfoot Alexander P. Mott + Stephan N. Packs Benjamin R. Palatchi W. Scott Parry Cynthia T. Richetti Lisa J. Rinaldi‑Palestrini Chali Sophonpanich C Andrew H. Tomat Anthony J. van Vliet Louis J. Varsames Kate Walbert Howard B. Wellman + Maria D. Wildermuth + Kirk P. Wuerfel


Darcy C. Ahl + Steven M. Alfond, M.D. Joseph J. Angeletti, Jr. Stephen F. Arcano C John E. W. Baay, II + Benjamin S. Bahn + Cheryl S. Borek Tenney Browne John D. Capeci Bradford B. Chambers David C. Collins

Clifford D. Corso Rory S. Costello Christopher H. Craig + Jennifer A. Crumlish + Dave C. Cushing + Willie E. Dennis Steven A. Diamond Frank L. Frievalt Christine F. Fulton Michael G. Furgueson + Eric C. Gallant Ian A. Galton Ramin Hakim W. Luke Hamaty Robert L. Harteveldt C Sabina M. Harvey Janice R. Henderson + Elizabeth G. Kahle Jeffrey L. Kahle Benjamin Kahn Raymond Kassin Kimberly K. Kenne Mark P. LaBrecque Susan L. LeFevre + Michael E. Lewyn + John Lowry, III Lee W. McLendon + Audrey E. Millar + Anne B. Mitchell Jamie O’Donnell Glen A. Olsheim + Thomas J. Phillips + Nancy M. Protzmann Amy S. Quinn Adam Rolston Lawrence J. Rush James H. Sherman Susan E. Sienko Laurie J. Spengler Gordon W. S. St. John Lucy W. Standish Jeffrey D. Sultar Kenneth Tung


Julie Allen Georgine T. Anton + David H.M. Baker David F. Ball + Richard B. Baxter, Jr. Virginia G. Bing Robert S. Brandt

Katherine K. Burdge Milton G. Capsimalis Michael R. Coakley Thomas F. Colt Linda B. Fine Patrick H. Gaughan Leslie A. Gonzalez‑Smith Victoria R. Gutfreund Frederick B. Hnat Charles M. Hutchins Morenike Irvin Douglas A. Jones + Sara B. Kinsman, M.D. Donald D. Kirby, Jr. Tara A. Knapp + Allison H. Lehman Fredrick S. Levin Elizabeth B. Lightfoot Jacqueline MacLeod Elizabeth S. Marcus Carol L. Martin Lora F. Mason + James R. Meltsner Stephanie L. Miller Jennifer C. Moseley Thea K. Obstler Steven M. Pantelick + Brian M. Parry Michele Parsons Harry W. Rhulen Jennifer L. Rhulen Sarah L. Richards Marcia C. Saunders C John F. Schneider Daniel S. Shiff + Edwin L. Solot, Jr. + Paul S. Spivack Mark W. Talgo + David M. Theobald Charles A. Tierney, III Sharon L. Timoner Elizabeth G. Tregoe Mario J. Verdolini, Jr. Martha G. Wagner Stacey G. Weber Kurt L. Willett Mark J. Winters James A. Wright, IV +

c = Chairman's Club



Anonymous (1) Laurie L. Abel Adam R. Allan Edward A. Bogdan, III Blaine H. Bortnick + Lauren A. Buono, M.D. Pamela A. Burt + William D. Clemmey Curtis M. Cole + Mark E. Combi Amanda S. Cordano Michael J. Covello Tiffany B. Davidson John T. Dillon, III Valerie T. Doucette Kenneth S. Fisher Liza W. Geary Christine M. Gelwicks Richard M. Gibson Page V. Gosnell Adam S. Greene Michael Grundei Sheila B. Gujral Edward J. Harney, III Kalen H. Holliday Kyle Holt Hopkins Frederick J. Horowitz + Raymond J. Hovey Michele P. Hunter + Deisha E. Jetter Theodore J. Kim David F. Kotz + Stephen F. Krom Gary S. Laben Kewsong Lee + Eleanor C. Lock Amy W. Loomis Christopher J. Lopes Anthony M. Lovell + Albert J. Makkay Thomas G. McLoughlin, Jr. David R. McWhirter Jennifer A. Paxton + Susan E. Purdy Pelosi Britt Raubenheimer Laura B. Rawlings Stephen M. Reck + Douglas E. Robie + Terrence W. Ryan, M.D. + Terry H. Sanders + Janine Smith + = Wild Boar Club

^ = Hill House Circle ◊ = deceased


Peter A. Vaughn Peter D. Voss Phillip Wang Mark R. Wilcox Deryn S. Winchester


alumni donors

Cinda W. Ball + Malinda B. Bergen Marguerite I. Bird Julia F. Brown Paul D. Chesterton James F. Conroy Erica S. Davidson Maria M. Del Favero + Christopher B. DeOrsay G. Kent Findlay Douglas W. Fulton S. Nina Gellert Philip A. Goddard + Carol B. Henderson + J. Britton Hutchins + Elizabeth S. Jarvis + ◊ Richard W. Johnson + Alan J. Kanders C Edward L. Keating + Kenneth R. Kennerly Andrew A. Lipsky Ajata Mediratta + Stephen T. Mendillo Frederic C. Perreten + Reyna K. Pratt Sophie P. Rohrer Erin Ruane Peter W. Rusnak Elizabeth B. Scalco + Andrew F. Schadt John B. Schwartz Deborah L. Seaver Emily W. Shifrin + John E. Smyth Margaret Stockton Marc C. Thompson + Paul A. Varsames Jeffrey T. Veber + Laura R. Zander +


Dennis W. Alpert Ashley B. Bernhard + Deena R. Bernstein, Esq. C Hilary K. Bertsch

George Brencher, IV Elizabeth R. Bressel Ward S. Caswell Patrick T. Clendenen Liam C. Considine Kevin K. Dodd, M.D. Trinh C. Du + Elizabeth S. England + David A. Fraze C Michelle E. Generous Alan J. Gerstein + Monique Gibelli Elizabeth E. Gilbert John W. Gillis, Jr. Anthony Hardwick Elizabeth A. Hyman Holly W. Johnson Thomas P. Kline Eric D. Knapp Rebecca L. Kotch Rosa P. Levy John G. Lewis, III Joan V. Lockwood Margot C. Macdonnell Paul T. McCormack + Jorge C. Mestre, III + Keith C. Mitchell + Alexandra Moellmann Jill S. Reichman Richard E. Rush Sunpitt Sethpornpong C William J. Sind Lisabeth Timothy Christopher J. Vlasto Mara Wallace John H. Weeden


Thomas J. Abbatiello Christina Hansen Baker Courtney I. Barton Bowen H. Billups Braden Bledsoe Valerie Bogdan‑Powers + John H. Branson Anthony J. Bravo, Jr. Jon W. Brayshaw Margaret R. Brinckerhoff Deborah F. Carpenter Marie‑Pauline B. Chandon‑Moet Elisa C. Colas Kevin E. Conroy

Melissa R. Cook + Todd G. Davis George E. Devendorf, II Jon M. Dumont Katherine P. Durfee Josh Futterman Kristen M. Garlinghouse Michael D. Gillis Inger D. Golob + Radene L. Gordon‑Beck John M. Greene Susan B. Greer M. Jeff Hamond Brian C. Hartzer Laura Henningson Andrew C. Johannesen + Katherine E. Karet + Michael C. Karins Paula M. Katsoulis Damon A. Katz Eunice W. Lai Elizabeth C. Low Robert D. Lubin Briar Faure Mewbourne Victoria B. Nadler Melissa M. Pearsall‑Hirsch + David Y. Redford Neal E. Robison, Jr. + Catherine Roosevelt Martha A. Schwendener Pat Sethbhakdi C Leslie E. Shearing Christopher D. Sias Hank Snyder C Ivan Taback Richard C. Tencza Deborah P. Thomas Cynthia G. Vanneck‑Smith Joseph T. Verdesca, Jr. Kristin B. Whiting Bryan E. Wong Pei‑Tse Wu +


Lara C. Anderson Margaret M. Averyt Diane K. Bakst + Kristine G. Bardman + Bernadette D. Bennett Lyle H. Bennett William Bertsch Caroline T. Brown c = Chairman's Club


David C. Buck Ivan I. Chen Virginia B. Churchill Lisa B. Cole‑Waszkelewicz William B. Collett Daniel J. Courcey, III + Christine H. Cramer Peter G. Crumlish + Tolomy B. Erpf Todd A. Ewan Gerald E. Farrell, Jr. Donald D. Funk Christian B. Gal Gardenia P. Galiardo, Esq. LeRoy General, Jr. John L. Gillespie, Jr. + Lauren Gold Gillett Sarah E. Gleacher + William P. Gorman David C. Halberg Witold J. Henisz + J. Ericson Heyke, IV + Lisa A. Hill Jeffrey J. Hoo + Sally F. Horton Robert N. Huseby Regina G. Ingulli James A. Kaaz Hilary R. Kao Jeffrey W. Kemp Kern T. Konwiser Michael B. Kroll Eve Kushner Sara M. Lang + Margaret A. Lord Beverley D. Mac Keen Amedee B. Maggard Gregory J. Manning Christopher P. Marshall C William O. Matthews, Jr. Andrew D. Meehan Jan T. Miksovsky C Mark A. Moore + Daisy T. Moschitto William S. O’Neil Helen E. O’Rourke + Adolphus B. Orthwein, III + William S. Piper, IV Steven J. Posner Michael E. Regan Robert A. Riccio, Jr. + Catherine M. Ringling + = Wild Boar Club

^ = Hill House Circle ◊ = deceased


Catherine E. Rollhaus Monica V. Roy Patrick G. Ryan, Jr. Elizabeth A. Schulte Howard A. Seitz, II Sara C. M. Shafer + Christopher J. Taylor + Brian P. Walker Emily E. Whitmore Amy R. Winston + Julie O. Ybarra +


alumni donors

David W. Albert + Roy A. Azout Vanessa M. Brown John L. Casertano John P. Coughlan Danielle F. Dewey‑Huston, DVM + Vincenzo DiNatale C Leslie J. Djang Margaret A. Doyle Elizabeth M. Ganz + Jennifer L. Gentner Alexander S. Glovsky Jeffrey P. Gould, Jr. + Paul S. Grabowski Elizabeth A. Harrison Alfred F. Ingulli Jason P. Jarvis + Owen J. Jones Owen C. Kennerly Kelly E. Kilga + John M. Kingsley, III + Susan Kirincich + David W. Kocsis Pebble M. Kranz Mark S. Kristiansen + Cecelia M. Kurzman Melissa Lawrence‑Apfelbaum John H. Lee Mark Y. Lee Christopher M. Lodge Joseph J. McAndrew, Jr. + Katherine A. McNulty + Christopher A. Miksovsky Elizabeth V. Montz Adrienne J. Neff Dudley Nostrand Laura E. Osterweis Diana L. Pittet Lisa B. Platt +

Suzanne G. Prentice + Katherine H. Ransom‑Silliman John R. Renaud Nell W. Reynolds Anthony I. Saracco Sophia Shaw Robin L. Sias Brian D. Soriano + Donald L. Thomsen, III + Stephanie G. Vinokour + Adrian L. Walton Mai‑Tse Wu + Abigail Zavod


Alatia B. Bach Rosa Balestrino Melissa P. Barrett Nicholas J. Bergman Todd C. Bertsch Michael J. Bohlsen William S. Brickman + Hannah F. Buchan + Kate M. Byrnes Barbara D. Casey David E. Coleman + Merrill B. Collins Gretchen P. Crary Kevin W. Day Samir S. Desai Malitta V. Engstrom + William J. Farrell, II + Shane D. Feeney Alexandra F. Fisher Austin T. Fragomen, III Kristopher J. Frutschy James M. Gelb John H. Graziadei Kathryn M. Grieco + Dede B. Griesbauer Lauryn J. Hart Brandon C. Henderson David M. Henderson + Antonia Hommeyer Patricia W. Hynd Brett M. Johnson C Lisa K. Kaplan + Irene W. Lai Angela C. Lodge Stephen A. Lundin Bryce E. MacDonald Jennifer T. Maddox

Leslie M. McGranahan Victor N. Meir Leonora P. Meyerhoff Gillian Munson Sara C. Myhre Linda E. Nel + Thomas S. Nieman Chung‑Taek Oh Seung‑Taek Oh Michelle M. Orr William D. Orthwein Steven O. Palmer Paul H. Parry Adam J. Rak Arthur Samuels, III Jessica E. Scheinman Susan B. Sirlin Matthew M. Sonne Nicholas B. Sonne Nancy L. Spencer Kathrine G. Stein Janelle Styles John B. Towers Andrew D. Wagshul Teresa L. Woo


Todd Y. Ackerman + Andrea P. Ahn Jonathan P. Baker Todd A. Bergland, M.D. Thomas W. Brennan Zachary M. Brown Alison G. Cameron Matthew S. Cercone Peter F. Charles William T. Chen, M.D. David J. Chrzanowski Ronald A. Collins Shannon O. Davidson Adam T. DiMartino Nicole C. Eades Sabrina V. Eshaghian Ashley L. Farrar‑Ashe Brooks Faure Theron C. Feist Elizabeth E. Fogarty Foote Robert B. Goergen, Jr. C Ariane L. Harrison Wendy S. Henning + Ryan Hong Andrew R. Hull + c = Chairman's Club


Parisa N. Jaffer + Clayton A. Jarvis + Raymond K. Javdan Heidie Y. Joo Burwell David M. Kashinski Michael Koblish David A. Krause Edward V. Laibl, Jr. Christopher O. Lane Kate H. Lesher James S. Love, IV + Christi F. Malafronte Justin J. Manning Neil J. Meyer + Sandra G. Michelman Jennifer S. Milano Andrea M. Miralia Todd E. Molz Thomas A. Mulle Michael P. O’Hara Todd S. Parker Brian J. Patrican + Alexander B. Perkins Michael H. Riskind + Joshua K. Roach Thomas M. Sablak + Mark J. Serencha + Susan B. Strawbridge + Palmer E. Weiss Terry Wong Frederica W. Yang Glen M. Zwicker


Sanat S. Amladi Evan C. Auyang Kristen R. Aversa, M.D. Amanda G. Back Jean J. Barry Daniel M. Brimberg Christine M. Brogan Damon S. Cartelli Rachel M. Cauntay Jeffrey H. Cha Jay H. Choi + Beth I. Collins Wendy S. Connors Taylor Copelin Charlotte Y. Dai Suzanne J. Darmory Alexander V. Ermoshkin Jennifer L. Evans + = Wild Boar Club

^ = Hill House Circle ◊ = deceased


alumni donors

Penny B. Evins + Richard M. Farmer Mark E. Feiner + Brian S. Gager Kyle P. Galloway Brendan L. Gilmartin Sky W. Hackett Jonathan A. Hakim Alan D. Hanley Jeffrey L. Hickey Patrick J. Holley + Daniel G. Johnson + Saurabh S. Kapadia Michelle L. Krusko Evelyn M. Kwon John G. Leckie, III Siobhan L. Lidington Hannah B. Lintner Deborah T. Long + Sara K. Luckert Jeffrey D. Maggard Christopher T. Martin + Kathleen A. McGee Matthew D. Mumma‑Berman Tycho W. Peterson + Patricia L. Pinkerton Vladimir Ragulin Emily L. Rome Charles M. Royce, Jr. Vincent D. Russo + Meredith A. Savage Matthew J. Storm Jillian B. Sullivan + Matthew H. Taylor + Keith A. Thomas + Michael B. Treisman Constantin von Wentzel Sandy Wan Joseph P. Wright, III + Zeena Z. Zakharia Matthew B. Zavod Paul‑Henry H. Zottola


Nadir Ait‑Laoussine Carrie E. Angoff Renee C. Antrosio + Teresa Arreola Jared B. Ash + David M. Aversa, M.D. Tara N. Backhaus Samuel P. Bartlett C

Nicholas M. Bijur Sally G. Brink Evan S. Brown Michael E. Caplan Andrew S. Cheng Mary B. Cipolla + Susannah G. D’Oench Christopher E. Dommers Lynn F. Erber Douglas Y. Fang Erica A. Fine Jane V. Flaska Edward A. Fogarty Raymond H. Fraser Justin Goodyear David E. Graham Jennifer G. Gronros Mark J. Halstead Meredith L. Hollander + Kelly M. Hopkins Richard B. Johnson + Heather E. Johnson‑Sargent Jennifer D. Johnston + Andrea W. Kee Chakrit N. Kongtahworn John T. Langaker Christine K. Lavin + CJ Lee Amy G. Lehman + Kathleen Lin, M.D. Serena C. Lourie Kimberly S. Major + Chiara A. Milott Laura E. Nestor + Sarah K. Nevill + Rachel A. Nuzzo Kirstin V. Ordway‑Forman + Scott M. Parker Gian‑Carlo A. Peressutti + Benjamin L. Quigley Deirdre K. Rafferty, M.D. Rebecca V. Schamis Selina W. Tay Geoffrey O. Tracy Roger B. Vincent, Jr. Severa E. von Wentzel Roderick J. Wagner Deborah K. Weinstein Caleb H. Wertenbaker Leslie K. Williams + Richard Q. Williams +


Thomas A. Abrams, M.D. Kate H. Aquila Lisa G. Boettger Daniel A. Brierley + Catharine M. Bufalino Erin O. Cacciabaudo Cerelle C. Centeno Angela K. Chang Eugene Y. Chuang Jarita A. Davis Kurt J. Decko + Deborah J. Ezer + Bryan D. Garsten Sophie H. Hanrahan Kimberly A. Henry Jonathan P. Igoe Lena S. Jessen + Martha A. Johnson + Betsey G. Keely Leonard A. Liptak Taryn Luciani Sara G. Massey Kiley F. Mattsson John P. McHugh Todd M. Meadow Sean S. Meehan Sara S. Munoz Wende V. Norton Jessica H. Rabe + Sandra Ro Kristin K. Roberto Kirsten H. Rosolen William J. Savage + Howard J. Smith, III Garrett D. Soden Lacey E. Tucker Ben and Lucy Ana Walton Fund of the Walton Foundation C Patrick T. Wang + Ethan H. Winter + Jennifer L. Wu


Mary‑Katherine R. Adams Erin B. Allan Neville W. Anderson, M.D. + Kalimah F. Ayele Michael J. Aylward Jamen Bangash Kevin Barry, Jr. Joshua M. Berger c = Chairman's Club


Gerald E. Bisbee, III C Nicholas A. Bockh Frederick W. Booth, III Amy P. Cain Camilo R. Cepeda + Daniel K. Chang + Charles A. Dixon George F. du Pont Jay E. Dujon Kate Dumas Philip M. Edwards David Farrar James D. Finley Laine C. Fletcher + Jennie S. Gaborno + Heidi R. Gilchrist Jennifer S. Goldberg Edith S. Hall Tom C. Hermansen Elana K. Horwich Jason W. Long + Charles E. Marriott Jessica C. Merchant + Takashi Murata Jong G. Park C Jonathan E. Rebell Beth B. Richardson + Meghan M. Ryan Jill L. Santopietro + James M. Sidey Michael B. Skerker + M. Window Snyder Doren Spinner + Jill van Berg Anthony H. Van Nice + Andrew P. Varela Lisa P. Vitali Sarah C. Washburn Ryan T. Weber Elisabeth B. Weed Leslie A. Williams Joshua H. Wilson Stephanie Yu Daniel J. Zalcman


Thomas R. Ayres, II + Timothy A. Booth Richard J. Coduri, III Lauren R. Creany Brooke A. Davies Christopher D. Dell Isola + = Wild Boar Club

^ = Hill House Circle ◊ = deceased


alumni donors

Kevin J. Dell’Oro Cathy Diaz Thomas E. Edwards Catherine J. Everett Peter P. Grandonico Jeffrey R. Hamrick + David R. Hang + John S. Hartman K. LeMoyne B. Harwell Robert M. Hatch + Amy R. Huffman + Courtney D. Hughes + Sarah D. Hunter + Akbar Khan Susan G. Kimball Douglas K. Lam John C. Lawlor Duncan Miao Adrienne R. Miller Honor M. Moody + David J. Murphy Peter B. Orthwein, Jr. Jon D. Pardi Elisabeth A. Pimentel Serena T. Roosevelt Jennifer E. Roy Sarah F. Scarlett Kyle F. Shattuck Michael S. Sheehy Sarah K. Shetter Forrest D. Skriletz Jennifer A. Smith Jeremy P. Sokolnicki Razvan Surdulescu + Bronwyn L. Thornburg Elaine Y. Tung Andrew R. Twyman Amanda M. VanderTuig Joshua D. Weidberg Amy R. Wein + Mary E. Williamson Kristen J. Woody


Jeffrey D. Adler Clayton M. Albertson Heidi H. Allen Emily Andrew Jeremy H. Angoff Nicholas A. Barry + Melissa R. Bauman Moushumi M. Beltangady

Anjali Bhargava Charles W. Blyth + Hayley V. Burner Catherine Lee Bussart Sara J. Callahan Ashley H. Callen Elizabeth A. Campanella Jennifer B. Capasso Santiago Caraballo David M. Carlos Darcie B. Cattani Jennifer S. Cellar + Wing‑Hang Chan Katharine V. Childs + Nicholas B. Cipolla Mary H. Collie + Emily C. Demarchelier Erica L. DeRosa Casey Eldert Heather R. Fine Jonathan Francis, Esq. Andrew I. Gerber + Lucas Giannella Stewart Goodbody + Trevor M. Goodyear Marc S. Helmy Cynthia C. Hill Stephanie C. Houvenaghel‑Sines Ming F. Hsu Heather A. Jackson Kristi M. Jacobi James A. Kaiser Rebecca A. Kalinowski Bryan H. Kershnar Emi Kosaka Janardan V. Kudchadkar Lindsey Kupferman Josia R. Lamberto‑Egan John S. Lancefield + Tricia M. Lang Scott P. Lawrence Julie J. Lee Paul J. Leeming Simon Li Donald J. Liesemer Jason Lo Gregory M. Loehmann + David H. McGill + Kirk E. McMurray Gina M. Montano + Anne M. Mulle Zane B. Murdock

Christopher G. Nelson Matthew R. Nelson Sarah H. Nutting Corinna H. Parker Walter Parrs, III + Nathaniel J. Pastor Spencer W. Penhart Alec H. Peterson Amy O. Pierz + Alexandra M. Platt Cintra Pollack Carlo Gil D. Portes + Allison B. Rabinowitz Todd R. Regan Elizabeth G. Reimer Jody D. Robins‑Rosenzweig Lilah S. Rosenblum Maeve M. Ryan Benjamin D. Sawicki Alexandra D. Scebold Michael P. Schnabel Stephen S. Scibelli Rachel M. Self Patrick G. Sheehy David A. Silkenat Ida G. Silkenat Andrea D. Sims + Michelle B. So Christopher H. Staudt Jennifer F. Stevenson Derek W. Sun William H. Todd Robert A. Troccolo + David M. Turetsky Leah K. Tuttle Amanda S. F. Twilliger Adrian E. Ulrich Ovidio E. Vitas, Jr. Stephanie J. Vuolo Susannah Wade Lewis Thomas S. Walcott David T. Wong Heather A. Woolbert + Marielle E. Yohe Gregory H. Yu


Joel A. Bauman Melissa O. Berry Heather E. Boynton Nathaniel B. Bryan Kerri K. Cahoy c = Chairman's Club


Jennifer L. Caine Lauren R. Caplan + Michael B. Caplan + Christian A. Cheney Isareit Chirathivat Liza B. Christ Yahonnes S. Cleary J. Anthony Fernandez‑Miranda Deborah F. Golub Neil S. Gordon Brian J. Griffith Frederic D. Haeussler Joshua N. Helfat + Brigitta Herzfeld Christopher W. Holinger Randy James Evan B. Jennings + Matthew L. Kaye Julia M. Leeming Jessica W. Lennox Amy K. Lyster Bradford J. Mak Josh S. Marinelli + Josh Martino Pierre‑Andre H. Mayer Angela O. Miranda Cornel J. Montano + Isabelle R. Moses + Travis T. Murtha Hugh R. O’Kane Michael T. Roberts + Abigail C. Rowe + Jiung Sohn Elizabeth A. Squillacote Christopher P. Stewart Gina M. Suh Charlie Trisiripisal Ognjenka G. Vukmirovic + Lauren J. Webb + Joan F. Williams Ryan J. Williams Carolyn C. L. Yeh Aaron P. Zubaty


Anonymous (1) Marquard J. Anderson, II Matthew R. Bourke Suzanne B. Campbell Elizabeth A. Carey Kimberley A. Chien Lee B. Clark + = Wild Boar Club

^ = Hill House Circle ◊ = deceased


alumni donors

Scott S. Coby, Jr. Emily M. Cole Matthew D. Dilmaghani Townsend Duong + Thomas P. Farrell, Jr. Lauren M. Frank Jennifer L. Garstka Rachel A. Gerber Erik A. Gutman Christopher W. Harsch + Mary Hatch + Jason C. Horner Reade W. James Eric D. Kaplan Ellen R. Kellogg + Isabel Kelly C Christopher M. Kiesel Elizabeth P. Langlois Laurel R. Langworthy + Lambert M. Lau John F. Lewis Amy N. Lovett Nicholas Maisano Thanapoom Minesuk + Samuel W. Mishkin Kathleen M. Murphy Rachel A. N’Diaye Lovey R. Oliff + Suzanne G. Owen Dana C. Peterson David V. Pimentel + Aaron T. Rak Shannon S. Retzke Roderick W. Richards Susan C. Schaefer Regan A. Schubel + Victor Shaio + Matthew O. Skoglund Diana W. Smeal + Rae‑Eun Sung Jonathan H. Taylor Alison D. Vasan + Steven D. Wislo


Ayse A. Askin Rosalie K. Berg Elizabeth R. Bing John T. Chiavaroli Henry A. Clark, IV + Megan M. Clarke Sara Colangelo

Maria M. Connor Sarah H. Daily Sarah C. Day + Catherine B. Elkins + Angela K. Fan Abigal C. Ferguson + Rachel L. Fishman Justin L. Graham Kathryn M. Grandonico Kathryn L. Greenberg Gunther S. Hamm Ryan B. Igleheart Khalid S. Itum Shandi O. Johnson David C. Kamin Susheila V. Khachane Robert H. Mandle Patrick J. McCurdy + Aleagia Mercer‑Falkoff Alice Miller James T. Morley Alexander K. Nagy + Eugene R. Nogi + Erica W. Onsager + Lake C. Polan Rodes M. Ponzer Josef P.M. Powell + Michael H. Rhodin Cara J. Riley Michelle Rittler Daniel N. Romanow Elizabeth K. Sawicki + Robert P. Scaramella Christopher W. Sheldon Elizabeth C. Sommer + Tucker I. Sylvestro Carl F. Tuke, III Caitlin M. Unites Amanda W. Van Dellen Elizabeth B. VanDahm + Abram M. Watts Stewart A. S. Wight Candace J. Willcocks Andrea A. Wolff


Guillermo A. Alvelais Clare Y. Arguedas Katharine M. Atlas Katharine E. Bechtel Shannon C. Belzley + Katherine S. Boyd

Caitlin A. Boyle Kelly L. Caldwell Elizabeth G. Cardone Kristin D. Casavant + Bradley Clair Rebecca Z. Cohen John M. Doroghazi Dara F. Dyer Julie B. Ehrlich Sterling B. Ely Kristin A. Gore Christine L. Ha Christopher J. Herzog Joseph M. Hoepp Emily B. Jennings Danijela Keric Matthew R. Kokoszka Christian E. R. Leckerling Kimberly I. Legg Carlos A. Machado Lisa B. Malitz + Jake P. Mannion Nachel K. Mathoda Timothy R. McMullan Cristina A. Mestre Lauren E. Oakes Ashley B. Ostroff Gregory A. Peters Justin C. Pitrack Shantell D. Richardson Sean F. Robertson Carter S. Romansky David R. Schmierer + Jonah L. Spear Courtney D. Stephens Ellyde R. Thompson Christopher B. Tom James E. Vitali, Jr. Craig M. Wadman John P. Wolf Jennifer N. Yu


Anonymous (2) Elizabeth E. Armour Christina L. Asch Ronald T. Baptiste Lauren K. Bauer Jonathan D. Bent Courtney S. Biggs Tracy E. Boulian Samantha J. Carney c = Chairman's Club


Kristin E. Catsouphes Elissa Chao Simone C. Chao Cyrus T. Childs ^ James R. Collins ^ Ryan C. Colton Sarah M. Crosby John H. Dawson Anjanelle S. Delancey ^ Stephen O. Fair Benjamin C. Fenton Alexandra K. Fenwick Alicia A. Forry Stanley J. Garstka Sean M. Gerlich Frank L. Gerratana Otessa M. Ghadar Julia R. Glanternik Jeein C. Ha Stephen C. Haskins Joshua A. Hayden Amanda L. Hegge Melissa H. Herrin Jaime M. Hollander + Emily K. Jacobs Hunter T. Johnson Joanie F. Kaltseis David N. Kestnbaum Amanda L. Knappman Drew F. Knowles ^ Alyse C. Krantz Michael A. Kreger Alana M. Kroeber Daniel J. Kroeber John J. LaBanca, Jr. ^ Peter M. Lake ^ Oceana Lamberto‑Egan Jeremy M. Lewi Kathryn D. Lichtig Rachel A. Longa Kati Madouros Marguerite C. McDonald R. Gerard McGeary, Jr. Dayna E. McGill Alice H. Meyer Lisa A. Mondani Elizabeth M. Mullins Manu G. Nathan Theodore R. Newman Stephanie A. Ogden Aaron M. Painter + Grace Patel + = Wild Boar Club

^ = Hill House Circle ◊ = deceased


Charlotte M. Petilla Robin C. Ried Katherine Rinaldi Jessica Rodriguez + Owen J. Roth Rebecca G. Sills + Nathaniel T. Stanglein Caroline B. Staudt ^ Khari L. Stephenson ^ Andrew C. Stewart Hilary C. Tanenbaum Benjamin B. Tobey Rebecca M. Truong Ryan A. Vasan Elizabeth W. Veinsreideris Michael A. Velez + Rebecca E. Vitale Ann H. Wang Johannes A. Wetzel J. Benjamin Young‑Anglim


alumni donors

Sheila R. Adams Lindsay B. Beile ^ Eric G. Bogin David P. Byeff ^ Yehudit M. Chervony Scott J. Conroy + Peter H. Dowling, II + Caitlin E. Dube William H. Eiten + Alexandria J. Elkins Maura M. Farver + Lydia W. Finley Jay R. Halleck James F. Healy Michael F. Hoepp + Kristal Hui Andrew L. Jacobi Mina V. Kazanlieva Katherine C. Kim + David F. Knapp + Tara A. Korde Michael K. Lane Jonathan W. Lanstein + Kendall C. Leclerc Francis S. Lee ^ Jennifer L. Mingrino Jeffrey T. Mispagel Samuel L. Muglia David D. Nourse Caitlin C. O’Neil ^

Joseph D. Pahl Lucy D. Phillips Matthew P. Reid + Nathaniel F. Rogers Eric M. Seidel Brendan H. Shattuck John O. Sheehy Jasmine R. Smothers Brooke E. Sussman + Charles T. Sussman + Renee S. Trotman ^ Jonathan S. Urban ^ John J. Vertefeuille Jonathan T. Wang Molly M. Ward ^ Christopher Y. Yu Andrew D. Zak


Christina S. Angle Monica L. Aversa Megan G. Barriger + Jessica L. Brookman Wesley W. Carpenter ^ Chad B. Carta Dong‑Wook Choi Stephen J. Curwen ^ Daniel di Tomasso ^ Ashley A. Dunegan David D. Ellis David R. Holmes, Jr. Clara M. Jackson Hugh P. Keefe Katherine P. Kiraly + Henry M. Lau ^ Whitney W. McLeod Elizabeth E. O’Neil Mark H. Osborne + Charlotte A. Rocker Sarah J. Rosenberg S. Kathrin Schwesinger + Timothy J. Shea Lauren D. Shockey ^ Aaron W. Smith ^ Alyson M. Ulstad ^ Hadley D. Walsh ^


Rachel M. Attias Kristen A. Ban Daniella N. Berman Rene J. Bouchard, IV ^

Alexandra H. Briggs + L. Kestrel Brogan ^ Lauren A. Buller ^ Lane G. Carpenter Pamela A. Chia Sarah B. Crocker ^ Gregory P. de Haydu ^ Shannon M. DeVore ^ Stephen M. Engstrom, M.D. + Mark H. Goldberg ^ Kelly L. Gugel Kate E. Haberland Lydia J. Hawkins ^ Kate Hui Austin S. Igleheart ^ Arvind S. Kadaba + Dewey J. Kang Michelle W. Lau Casey A. Levine ^ Anna J. Lindel ^ Kathryn D. Maresca Mark A. Matza Walter G. Murphy, III ^ Timothy R. Nussbaum ^ Matthew B. Piven Emily R. Russell ^ Jason A. Sack Matthew T. Sahlin Brittany D. Schwertberger Jessica V. Seney O. Dillon Smith Caroline P. Stetson Shannon M. Sweeney + Eric G. Weyl Travis B. Wolf, USN ^

Jessica M. Fennell Benedict M. Fox Anne E. Harleman ^ Arthur D. Heilbronn Maximillian J. Hunter Robin R. Hunter Ryan Kang Rachel G. Konigsberg Joshua Koster Edward O. Lanphier, III + Kyley A. Leroy Jessie E. MacLeod Andrew H. Marvin‑Smith Brian G. Mascia Jane M. Morris ^ Jessica A. Morten Alvin L. Morton Arthur Mui Heather I. Nowak Elizabeth C. Oler ^ Clarissa M. Padula Anna K. Park + Matthew J. Paul Timothy R. Rausch Ean R. Saberski ^ Oana M. Serban John M. Sheehan ^ William D. Sheehan Dhruv P. Singh ^ Brittany L. Sonnichsen Craig J. Sundberg Jeffrey B. Vaughn Lucy A. Volkmar Anna C. Worrall Lin L. Zhu



Samuel C. Anderson Ivy R. Ashe Jessica Z. Barclay ^ Mac C. Bartels + Thomas B. Bennet ^ John C. Beuttenmuller + Karl Blunden + Andrew S. Brady + Samuel C. Chao J.B. Cholnoky ^ William M. Copp Derek T. Davidson ^ Mollie M. Dolcimascolo Colleen A. Donnelly Alessandra V. Echeverria c = Chairman's Club


Dara‑Ann Bauman Benjamin J. Bercovitz Samantha L. Bergan Laura C. Berger Douglas J. Berman Jennifer B. Bierce Rachel A. Blau David V. Bloys ^ Benjamin N. Broderick + Stephen A. Byeff Amanda M. Carpenter + Hoyune E. Cho Courtney M. Clark + Samuel F. Clarke Lee S. Cochran + = Wild Boar Club

^ = Hill House Circle ◊ = deceased


alumni donors

Angelo P. Coclanis Emily C. Deans Kaitlin M. DeFrancesco Krishna Delahunty Nirmel Caitlin L. Dempsey Katerina M. DeVito John W. DiCola Paige V. Donnelley Vanessa J. Dube Adam R. Dudek C. Morgan Eifler + Dane M. Evans ^ Emily Fare Jeffrey R. Ferraro William W. Fitzgerald Charlotte G. Fraser John T. Gelb Thomas A. Gilloran Emma W. Gleason Stephen H. Graham Ian S. Grajewski Arlene A. Grasser David T. Guernsey, III Kevin O. Hawkins Kenny Hernandez Jason F. Hine Spencer J. Ho Jackson C. Holahan + Concerta L. Holley William T. Howerton + Alexandra D. Hughes Ross A. Ionta Armel L. Jacobs Ann M. Johnson Colin H. Judd ^ Queenette Karikari Sarika Kasaraneni Jason R. Kasper ^ Michael K. Kelly ^ Jodi Krakower Kessler Eliza C. Kinsolving Andrew E. Kitirattragarn Maximilian A. Kruger Christopher A. Lane Yoonki Lee Jon L. Levine Nolan C. Lincoln Betsy Lippitt Anthony S. Lukca Catherine A. Maddox Sahrr S. Malik Stephanie M. Mancini

Andrew V. Maniglia ^ David M. Martin Luis F. Martinez Julian J. Mateo Shanti M. Mathew Kyle P. McDonnell Abigail D. McKenna Thomas W. McQueen Kanika S. Metre Michael A. Migliaro Jennifer M. Milikowsky ^ Alexander P. Miller Derek S. Miller Alice J. Muglia Catherine H. Mullen Eleanor M. Mullen Justin M. Murphy Selby P. Nimrod Austin P. Ogilvie Tochi J. Onyebuchi Natalie Pentz‑Adamo Caitlin C. Pizzonia Alexandra C. Porter ^ Andres Posada Emily E. Reid Eric D. Rodriguez Samuel E. Rowbotham Jillian M. Russo Jordan F. Sauer Jillian K. Schrager Melanie L. Seto Gregory M. Shuman Maximilian P. Sinsteden Merry K. Smith Daniel E. Sobol Elizabeth H. Spencer Gregory J. Stephans Allison H. Stewart Nicole A. Stock Matthew J. Stone Erin A. Sweeney + Erin M. Taylor Rishonda T. Thomas Christian S. Tookes Carolyn M. Traester David T. Tuttle + Alan J. Valenti Kathleen F. Vaughn ^ Brittany N. Vaultz Shanellah Verna Christopher M. Verrillo David A. Victor‑Smith

Alexandra R. Wagle Emily N. Walden Andrew G. Walsh Laura C. Wenger Khadija A. Wharton Christine E. Wight James M. Wilsterman Clay P. Wiske Syeda I. Younus Alexander S. Zbrozek Anna E. Zucchi


Anonymous (1) Nicole R. Albino Molly Biddiscombe Megan F. Blunden ^ Alexis W. Bohonnon ^ Samuel R. Bozoian Aaron T. Bozzi ^ Scott Z. Bressler Timothy S. Brettingen Case B. Carpenter Magdalene K. Carter Michael R. Cecchi ^ David U. Cha Clement C. Cheng Soo Ho Choi ^ Lawrence P. Coassin, Jr. Kendall V. Dacey ^ Deliana H. Dalton Giovanni R. D’Amico Charles H. Depman Gwen B. Effgen ^ Corina J. Evans ^ Akeem D. Frett Peter M. Fromson ^ Spencer Gantsoudes Jane K. Garnett Lena Gayraud Basie B. Gitlin ^ Kent L. Graham Frank W. Hamilton, IV ^ Margaux M. Harrold Spencer A. Haught ^ Weston J. Haught Cody A. Hyman Caitlin M. Jackson Eliot S. Jia Anna J. Kephart Lynn A. Kirshbaum Alexander S. Kveton c = Chairman's Club


Skyla N. Lamberto‑Egan Sydney A. Lapeyrolerie Elizabeth C. Lawrence David J. Lighton Emily P. Lovejoy ^ Caroline R. Luby Rebecca S. Maddox K.C. Maloney ^ Allison E. Mead AJ Meyer Samantha B. Miller Corey Mirman ^ Justin B. Mitchell ^ Alec Murphy Graham R. Murphy Alexandra L. Nason Sophie L. Nitkin ^ Brian K. No ^ William P. Nowak Bo S. O ^ Lukens B. Orthwein Kiran R. Pendri Matthew A. Phillips Arika M. Prime Jillian M. Reid Nathalie M. Rivest ^ Lindsay D. Robertson Richard S. Robie, IV ^ Jacqueline E. Salamack ^ Rana E. Searfoss Vanessa G. Sergeon Meghan R. Sheehan Sandra C. Short Michael A. Shorter David R. Smith, Jr. Brianna K. Spinnato ^ Sarah E. Stehman Stephanie J. Stock ^ Christie L. Sundberg Caitlin M. Trout ^ Elizabeth R. Walton ^ Molly L. West Elisabeth H. Wheeler ^ Francis W. Yook


Patricia G. Ball Brian T. Borden Brian L. Bottini, Jr. Ariana Z. Branchini Caroline T. Breed Minna E. Casser + = Wild Boar Club

^ = Hill House Circle ◊ = deceased


alumni donors

Synne D. Chapman Daniel A. Cohen Lily R. Cohen Hilary H. Copp Mark P. Dee Meredith P. Dixon Richard L. Doetsch, III Briana Fasone Alan J. Ferraro Janelle L. Fouche Benjamin J. Gettinger ^ Daniel A. Groberg Lily A. Haydock ^ Parker C. Holcomb ^ Andrew P. Holden Benjamin K. Josephs Katarina E. Kazickas ^ Grace L. Kelly Kathryne M. Kirk Hanna E. Kregling Steve D. Kwizera Barrett A. LaChance ^ Kamsen Lau Chelsea S. Laverack ^ Leah F. Lettieri ^ Sean D. Lubner Michelle C. Maffeo Daniel B. Marquardt Lauren E. McGraw Taylor A. McVey Conor J. Meehan Julia B. Mellon ^ Meredith B. Mosbacher Tyler E. Neal Mark A. Nemec Margaret W. Nicholson Zoe E. Osterman Laura E. Reid ^ Joel T. Reitz Zachary P. Remsen ^ Eliza Robie Rachel A. Romanowsky Andrew D. Ruben ^ Oussama Sabky Matthew J. Sanger ^ Taryn E. Scott Samantha L. Seto ^ Carolyn S. Siegel Rebecca C. Stebbins Sarah W. Strang Patrick J. Thurston Joshua T. Torain

Gregory Van Lucas G. Voelk Douglas E. Von Kohorn ^ Caitlin M. Wallace Alexandra C. Weiner Bradley G. Welch Daryl F. Wells, Jr. Robert M. Wilechansky Mathilde H. Williams ^ Thomas W. Williamson Alexander L. Wiske ^


John F. Ball, III Jennifer M. Bashian ^ Anna E. Boissard Samuel H. Cabot Tiffany J. Cahill Kyle A. Cannon Alexander I. Cohen Lily C. Colley Carlin T. Dacey ^ Nicolaas D. Dalton Nicholas B. DeChello Devon H. Dobson Andrew J. Dominguez James A. Gilloran Connor C. Goggin Nick T. Goodspeed Erin M. Grajewski Yoonjin Ha Vianette Hernandez Allison C. Hinckley Emily L. Hunter Myco T. Huynh Ashwini S. Kadaba ^ Jennifer Kim ^ Ray Li Christophe H. Lirola Danilo Lobo Dias Frederick P. Masotta, IV Jillian M. Mastroianni James‑Joseph M. McCullough M. Taylor McDonald ^ Ashley E. McGeary Lane A. McVey ^ Jeffrey M. Mead Mark P. Messing, Jr. Claire B. Monagan ^ Max Mullen ^ Elizabeth G. Peard Erik M. Rahtjen

Amanda J. Ratner Philip M. Risman ^ Jose L. Rivera Jillian L. Ruben ^ Michael Selberg Caroline M. Shumway Emily E. Simone Victoria M. Steffes Daniel L. Thomas Nevada G. Trager Melody C. Travers Margaret F. Vallone Erica N. Winston


Anonymous (1) Alec B. Barnett Katharine E. Bercovitz John J. Braddock Madeleine E. Broder Sean M. Carey Joseph M. Caron ^ Roy L. Collins, IV Allen R. Davis Sneha R. Dontula David M. Engstrom ^ Eric W. Enlow Paul C. Gaffney, Jr. ^ Andre Gayraud ^ Connor P. Ginsberg Daniel A. Hartsoe Mary E. Hawkins Evangeline M. Hines ^ David F. Hollister Marley J. Hyman Hannah E. Judd Suril A. Kantaria Alexander J. Klaris ^ Maura A. Leahy Arline E. Lee Benjamin D. Loveman Elizabeth S. Manning Rebecca A. Marber Maxwell E. Mastrella ^ Kevin E. Melendez Marc D. Minogue Connor S. Murphy Margaret E. Nixon ^ Jordan J. Park ^ Josephine U. Pucci Aditya Rajagopalan Austin Rees c = Chairman's Club


Margaret V. Remsen Abigail C. Reynolds Carlotta W. Rice William L. Rivellini, Jr. Andrew M. Rivera Charles L. Rosenberg ^ Melissa J. Rybacki Rebecca L. Schupack Daniel C. Selinger Rohit N. Shankar Alexandra D. Smith ^ Alexandra G. Smith Joshua M. Smith ^ Yong‑Ho Song Nolan C. Stewart ^ Noel L. Titus Miguel Vargas Kelly N. Walsh Caroline A. Wilson Hyun Myoung Woo Jocelyn L. Yokow Michael G. Yowan ^


Lauren R. Acampora Lindsay K. Albino Taylan S. Alpan Nandi A. Anderson Tobias F. Armour Olivia M. Bee Christopher J. Bell Kasey E. Benchimol Aakash Bhattacharya Nicholas W. BonDurant Jeffrey J. Bowman ^ Angelica M. Calabrese Ian J. Chan Matthew N. Cheng Steven M. Choi Augustus J. Christensen Alexandra N. Christenson Nicholas M. Ciborowski Peter H. Conforti Kelly J. Costello ^ James A. Cozart ^ Samuel B. Craft Henry H. Davidge Cynthia W. Deng Julia M. Discenza Serena I. Elavia Christopher M. Finis Caroline I. FitzPatrick + = Wild Boar Club

^ = Hill House Circle ◊ = deceased


alumni donors

Mary E. Foster Henry S. Gabriel Alexandra A. Gambardella Viraj R. Gandhi Alyssa R. Garcia ^ Anna S. Graham Michael A. Grisanti Cecilia Ha Amy L. Hackett ^ Scott T. Hansen Shakina M. Hawthorne Samuel A. Herzig Christopher G. Holt Sikemi A. Ibikunle Nikita Iyer Peri E. Izzo Caleb E. Johnson Kathryn E. Kaspar Jack V. Kazickas Kreagan C. Kennedy Alexandra M. Knights Sarah E. Kornacki ^ Gregory P. Kreisinger Celia J. Landesberg Andrew S. Lasota Anne Lee Dong H. Lee Monica R. Leslie Danielle D. L’Heureux


Bree A. Loethen Mark J. Lopez Jane E. Luer Adrian C. Lui Jonathan S. Maddalone Madison J. Malloch‑Brown Kyle T. Manning ^ Kathryn E. Marber Lucas J. Matarazzo Asa B. Maynard Kyle M. McDonough Ronald A. Medina Mara A. Mellstrom Benjamin N. Millard Kyung R. Min Morgan E. Monz Alexander W. Morgan ^ Joshua P. Muniz ^ Stephen D. Nason MacKinzie M. Neal Madeline C. Norton

Madeleine E. O’Hagan ^ Ayaka Okawa Elizabeth A. Ottens Alexandra E. Oxborough‑Yankus Katherine E. Partridge Pooja R. Pendri Anthony R. Perugini Rakoon Piyanontalee Parker S. Poliakoff ^ Caroline G. Potolicchio Rodrigo Quan Miranda Rachel N. Rattenni Ellis E. Reilly Andrew J. Ricardo ^ Ashley V. Rinere Katherine L. Rogers Elizabeth H. Ruben ^ Paul D. Scarinci Daniel F. Schuler Kelly D. Sheehan Sabrina Shin Gabrielle O. Siegel Elizabeth G. Speyer ^ Kathryn N. Sundberg William H. Tenney Michael Tsai Melanie J. Welcome Gabrielle L. Whitehouse Brandon C. Whitney Mattia B. Wruble Brian J. Wysolmerski Kristine E. Yamartino Tiffany Zhao


Danielle S. Adler Christopher L. Aguiar Tyler K. Agyemang Abdulrahman Y. Almulla Bandar K. Al‑Saif Ian M. Baker Carolyn J. Bernstein Ryan D. Brandt David R. Calello Napim Chirathivat Isaac D. Cohen Adam R. Conklin G. Philip Crean Halley H. Cruice Destiny M. Davis Gabriel J. Di Capua Charles E. Ecker

Wesley D. Eifler Joseph R. Entenman Ross H. Freiman‑Mendel Alexandra S. Friedman Catherine E. Furgueson Daniel B. Goggin, III Alston A. Gremillion Helen Guo Ashley E. Holt Alexander S. Jaffe Hilary R. Judd Sarah E. Kahn William W. Laverack Monica Li Sadiq Locus Caitlin J. Lomazzo Vicky Y. Luh Nicholas A. MacDonald Luke W. Marrinan Melissa R. Martin Robert E. Martino Molly E. Mercer Rand P. Monaghan Danielle K. Ng Thomas C. Nixon ^ Lyra B. Olson ^ Ifeoma U. Ozoma Bowen M. Peard George N. Ramirez Nicholas D. Ramsey Alexander S. Rosenbluth McClatchy J. Ruskin Matthew P. Sheridan Javon J. Tai Tatum L. Travers Max W. van der Weerd


Reem A. Ahmed Charlotte I. Armour Luis H. Ball, III Natalie R. Bennett Ato K. Bentsi‑Enchill Russell C. Bogue John L. Bolton Madeline H. Buhl Julia C. Callahan Edward W. Carroll Rafiq C. Chatani Coco C. Chen Kitty T. Cheung Jessica J. Chu c = Chairman's Club


Taylor K. Craig Kaitlin M. Cunningham Teodor Deliev Obaid A. Farooqui Randoll T. Fisher Olivia P. Garcia Consuelo B. Garcia‑Garcia Yende A. Grell Diane M. Gremillion Joni F. Guerrero William C. Hodge‑Brokenburr Kate W. Hodgson William Huang Emma A. Iannini Jeremy J. Kalas Julie K. Kang Eva D. Kerman Andrew Kwon Emmalaine Leibman Kristoffer Y. Mack Alexandra R. Mazzotta Catherine M. McClure Megan E. McIntyre Grace F. McVey Elizabeth B. Mellgard Rachel B. Mellon Daniel J. Merlau Rachel V. Miller Brent A. Murcia Tianzan Pang Jenny Park Julia R. Pascale Allyn M. Pasiliao Jasmine M. Peña Christopher B. Perugini Eric C. Propper Kaelyn S. Quinn Adanma Raymond Lauren Reikes Jessica L. Reyna Sallyan K. Rusnak William J. Sawyer Justine R. Seivright Caroline H. Sexton Kate E. Sherman ^ Aaron K. Shim Alex Siegman Bennett R. Silverman Edward J. Speyer Adrienne L. Sternlicht Avery C. Stewart Jessica M. Sullivan + = Wild Boar Club

^ = Hill House Circle ◊ = deceased


Kai J. Takahashi Mackenzie E. Tesei Ryan E. Tveter Catherine M. Wall Annie Wang Matthew A. Wappler Grayson E. Warrick Kyle A. Williams Austin B. Wruble Tiffany Y. Yang Ah Young Yoo Gabrielle E. Zachery


alumni donors

Caroline C. Agsten Kennyi K. Aouad Hayden A. Arnot Spencer J. Barbieri William C. Baskin IV Brandt N. Beckerman Matthew J. Bee Julia R. Berkman‑Hill Sebastiaan C. Blickman Katherine D. Botta Charles J. Calotta Christopher A. Chambers Matthew C. Chan Amanda M. Chea Alexander Choi Alastair L. Clements Ryan M. Conlan Mikayla D. Conway James O. Coughlan Nicholas C. Curcio John L. Currie Benjamin T. Daniels Hannah W. Danziger James D. Deng Audra E. Devoto Aitran T. Doan Zoe A. Dobuler Tatiana B. Donaldson Conor J. Duffy Sharon Fan Candace Y. Fields Matthew L. Floyd Grace Gill Brian D. Grasso John S. Grow Kevin E. Hatch Carl S. Hooks Anna Jacobs

Jesse Jiang Emma J. Kahn Eleanor C. Kang Jack H. Katzenstein Ryo T. Kono Maria Kustikova Sally M. Lindsay Alma R. Macbride Ian T. MacDougald Taylor M. Marchin Walker C. Marlatt Yumi K. Masuda Sara L. Minogue Alyssa C. Montesi Savannah F. Neal Hannah O’Leary Josephine O’Neil Siara L. Padilla Madeline M. Patch Mia Perez Carolyn A. Peters Daniel J. Piscatelli Allison Y. Poltash Grace C. Pyne Gavriela E. Reiter Hayley E. Ricardo Ericka R. Sanchez Brian Sarfo Lily Sawyer‑Kaplan Michael R. Shanahan Richard G. Soper Megan C. Souza Benjamin D. Spain Leah S. Suffern Ellison J. Taylor Mia Volta Emily T. Wang


Rachel H. Alpert Taha S. Anwar Graham D. Arthur Andrew M. Barg Madeleine B. Barnes Michael C. Barrett Simon Bellemare Matthew C. Beuttenmuller Gordon R. Borek Caroline L. Buckholtz Anna E. Camilleri Cuyler D. Coleman Brodnax Emma S. Cook

Aminata M. Coulibaly Christopher M. Cuomo Maximilian I. Daigle Thomas A. Danielewski Sara J. DeMarsilis David H. Dupont Katharine R. Floyd Sophia R. Gantenbein Max S. Garrett Justine M. Goggin James H. Graham Julia N. Griffin Sally D. Griffin Grant H. Hamilton Natalie A. Hills Janka Hlinka Alexandra W. Hnat Brooke M. Hodgson Aaron N. Holmes Anna E. Horowitz Simisola A. Ibikunle Kevan L. Ip Richard C. Jackson, III Mallory L. Joyce Junie Khang Victoria B. King Alexandra C. Klein Daniel J. Kornacki Kimberlea G. Kristy Blake R. Lasky Isaac Lee Christine Liu Estelle L. Lopez Gabriel A. Lopez Lindsey S. Lui Alexa N. Markey Richard May Emily P. McAndrew ^ Michael E. McGuire, III Brian Min Andrew D. Mines Pepper Nagle Alexander J. Newhouse Calvin M. Nickelson Riley G. O’Connell Virginia S. Ogden Ken Okawa August M. Organschi Shardonay T. Pagett Lauren S. Paik Megan Pan Paul Park c = Chairman's Club


Miranda Pepin Jake Pescatore Thomas W. Pescatore Robert W. Petrocelli Hin Polcharoen George H. Qian Emma J. Raddatz Ravipa Ramyarupa William C. Remsen Keanu W. Renne‑Glover Lucy H. Robison Erik C. Roosendahl Nuha Saho Taryn H. Samet Eleonora Saravalle Leigh Schneider Alexandra R. Schwartz Alessandra C. Setaro Angela Sim Diana M. Solano Elizabeth E. Stanley Lily M. Stern Nicholas J. van Eck Nicole E. Wallace Kevin J. Wappler Zuriel K. Wilburn‑White Mingjun X. Wilson Karlin Wong Jonathan Y. Wu Caroline V. Zambelli

+ = Wild Boar Club

^ = Hill House Circle ◊ = deceased


C L A S S O F 2015

parent donors

Anonymous (1) Amina Beshir and Mohammed Abdella Nusrath Kousari and Kazi Ahmed Coleen and Victor Antico Shari and Jeffrey Bailey LaRhonda Brown‑Barrett and Michael Barrett Sarah and William Baskin John ’71 and Katharine Battle Katherine and Christopher Bazinet Darien and Ralph Bears Mary Warner and Mark Beebe Bernadette D. Bennett ’86 and Lyle H. Bennett ’86 Paige and Patrick Birney Linda and Thomas Blackwell Mavis Lockwood and Jonathan Borak Cheryl ’80 and Scott Borek Cynthia and Karl Born Stephanie and John Brady Diane Brenton Michael Browne Mona Browne Tea and Stephen Canna Lois‑Jean Charles Ysaura and Jorge Chavez Ampaphan and Nakul Chiaravanont Jennifer and John Chobor Linda and Luke Choi Farzana Begum and Nazmul Chowdhury Barbara and John Christofor Gay and Pierrot Christophe Leslie Virostek and John Cobb Linda and Terry Cochran Eileen and Richard Cook Elisa and Todd Currie Jingfang and Franklyn Cutrone Ying and Darren DeSilva Peggy and Vincent Ditmore Doy Young Jeung Domenig and Gaudenz Domenig Dawn and Stephen Dow Stacey Doyle Richard Dryzgula Chérie Kiser and Randall Eliason Michele and Thomas Etzel Jill and James Fadule Mylene and Carman Feng Medjy and Gracien Fontin Raffaella Zanuttini and Robert Frank Caroline and Michael Garraway

David ’76 and Gay Gillies Stephanie Drew and Robert Gingher Jenny Chan and Jonathan Goldstein Dianne DeFusco and Robert Golub Michelle Hu and Henry Gong Ellen Kannatt and Frederick Groen Sarah and Schuyler Grow Edward Harney ’82 and Kathryn Mikells Judy and Paul Harris Robert ’80 and Kristy Harteveldt Teresa and Ted Hartsoe Kimberly and Nicholas Hastings Marcia and Laurent Henry Claire and Carlos Hernandez Marcelina Hiraldo Dinah and Whip Hubley Ntekpe and Udom Inoyo Kim Bohen and Douglas James Jody Gelb ’74 and Jacek Jarkowski Kelly and Jonathan Jarvis Mary Beth Walz and Harold Judd Kate and Robert Keith Sarah and Tariq Khan Seoung‑Eun Huh and Yoon‑Dong Kim Shauna and Stephen King Sonya and Dana Klein Stephanie and Jack Koo Hyun Ja Shin and Samuel Kortum Teresa and Curtis Koschmeder Mikyung Han and Ohchul Kwon Anne Marie and Gene Labonte Soo‑Ok Park and Sang‑Kyung Lee Mee Jung Joo and Jong Woo Lee Lucy and Song Lin Sarah Zhang and Guozhu Liu Mia and Raymond Locsin Catherine Lowden April Lukasik Catalina De Madero and Bernardo Madero Stella and Richard Maly Sarah and George Markantonis Susan and Andrew Marlatt Leslie Holstrom and Keith Marsden Jean‑Pierre Martel Sunhui and Roderey McPherson Cheryl and Mark Miller Alexis and Urs Minder Sue‑Ellen Mitchell Joyce Tinsley and Tu Nguyen Lixin Sheng and Jianda Ni Hong Yuan and Xinyue Nie

Pamela and Thomas O’Brien Chimtuo Ofomata James ’76 and Melissa Olcott Wesley Oler Kathy and Narin Opamuratawongse Stephen ’76 and Mary Ortiz Lisa Papel Joseph Pugliares Jayashree and Ramesh Rajagopalan Deanna and Guy Rasco Kristen and Robert Raskopf Avlyn Ashterman‑Reece and Jerry Reece Kelly and Glen Reznikoff Joanne and Peter Romeyn Diane Palmeri and Albert Rossini Kari Weil and Michael Roth Penny Phillips and Mark Rudinski Amy and Eric Russ Seema and Abid Saigol Lisa and Adalio Sanchez Alison and William Schweizer Minhee Shin and Jeongdae Seo Ling Wang and Minghua Shan Colleen M. Shaughnessy Christina and Kenneth Shen Ting Li and Ying Shen Musa Speranza and Joseph Shin Luz Florez‑Agudelo and Jamie Solano‑Castro Lisa and Mark Souza Jennifer and Joel Stevens Etoile and William Swart Kay and Paul Taheri Jana and John Thorbahn Holly and Gregory Trubowitsch Melissa and John Uppgren John Vaughn Judy and Angelo Volta Karin and Douglas Waggoner Joshua ’77 and Elizabeth Wall Lihua Lin and Xingmo Wang Hannah Chen and Wei Wang Jianyu Zheng and Rixin Wang Mary and James Williams Carol and Stafford Wilson Yuhong Liu and Guanqun Xu Nan Kang and Feng Xue Onlee and Kap‑Sun Yeung In Cha Yoon Priscilla and Carlos Zamora Suzanne Whitty and Andrew Zehner Lisa and Daniel Zelson


Frances Wang and Jeff Zhang Xiaomei Gai and Hang Zhou Shamila Zubairi and Asad Zoberi


Anonymous (1) Leticia Alguera Nathaly and Corey Arredondo William ’79 and Midori Atkins Hebe Quinton and David Avery Sharon Mundle and Karl Bailey Lisa and Timothy Bazemore Julianne and Adam Beckerman Kristina Andrews and Federico Belak Erica Marlaine‑Bernsley and Mark Bernsley Kathy and Gary Bigham Ethel and Chukwumah Biosah Alice and David Blair George Brencher ’84 and Bonnie Patten Anthalene Richardson and O’Neil Brown Jill Hennessey‑Brown and Christopher Brown Cynthia and Curt Brunjes Miki and Matthew Burlage Les Burns Barbara Endres and William Butler Heidi and Frank Cadwell Bo‑Young Bae and Seungil Chae Cindy Yu and Samuel Chan Yuda and Johnny Chan Lili Zhou and Jack Chen Christine and Vincent Chiocchio Haesin Yoon and Jinhong Choi Farzana Begum and Nazmul Chowdhury Andrea and Norman Clayton Sanford Cockrell Katherine Rupp and Paolo Coppi Charles Crandall Ana Gupte and Shirish Dant Nancy and Jeffrey Davis Christine Hayes and Michael Della Rocca Elmore and Miles DeMott Amanda and Raymond Diffley Ying Zhang and Mark Dong Deborah and Karl Douglas Deborah and Charles Eisenson Delove and Sebastian Ejimofor Patricia and John Elmore Leena Fernando Odaria and Shane Finemore


parent donors

France Galerneau Susan and Mark Gambardella Karen and Kenard Gibbs Denise and Mark Gibson Richard ’82 and Theresa Gibson Jill Brooke and Gary Goldstein Grace Zhan and Wayne Goldstein Teresita Wagner and Antonio Gonzalez‑Cortes Gayle and Rory Gorman Eric D. Grayson, Esq. ’75 Lisbeth Steen‑Hackett and Craig Hackett Frederick Hnat ’81 and Jody Irwin Yoonjeung Rhee and Donghun Im Kiran and Sunil Jaiswal Mamatha and Bhagat Kadiyala Barbara and Reinhard Kage Elizabeth G. Kahle ’80 and Jeffrey L. Kahle ’80 Michael Kasaba Stephanie and Andreas Kastenhuber Courtney and Michael Katzenstein Valerie Malter and Stuart Kaye Virginia and Carl Keck Heidi Wissmiller and Tobias Keller Kiki and Ted Kennedy Sarah Baird and Benjamin Kerman Kyonghee Choi and Taesung Kim Donald ’81 and Fay Kirby Sandra and David Kirchhoff Eunjie and Kenneth Klegar Amy and Mitchell Kops Nathalie Kulle and George Weiner Robert ’74 and Linda Lanphier Melanie Ginter and John Lapides Fiona Scott Morton and Stephen Latham Olujide and Ganiat Lawal Amy Starensier and Richard Lee Ye‑jhin and Shin‑il Lee Lisa and Vandy Lee Wonhye and Myungho Lee Lynn and Richard Less Jane Yan and Michael Li Myung Ah Chang and Min Seon Lim Huey‑Woan Chen and Yang‑Pi Lin Lucia Smith and Doug Lipton Barbara Lisi Ann and Peter Lombard Linda and Jenkins Marshall Stephanie Hicks‑Mbaye and Momar Mbaye Yemin and Patrick McDougal

Jennifer and Michael McNiff Patrizia and Omar Meguid Betty Parrish‑Mensah and Fred Mensah Nandini and Stephen Merz Laura and Nicholas Microulis Alexis and Urs Minder Parveen Sajida and Abdulla Mohammed Kayoko and Alexei Mostovoi Barrie Berg and Antonio Munoz‑Sune Karen and Michael Murphy Heather and James Murren Pauline and David Musto Dina and Robert Nemeth Li Zhang and Heshan Niu Kathleen and Michael Novak Jamie ’80 and Sarah O’Donnell John O’Leary Randi and Steven Oster Kristine and Clifford Overstrum Alexandra and James Paladino Beate Chen and Jason Peng Carla and Robert Petrocelli Judith Chevalier and Steven Podos Tina Pray Eric ’76 and Marcy Propper Nicole Giroux and Michael Reeber Carolyn and Jeffrey Reisman Jody Ellant and Howard Reiter Neal ’85 and Julie Robison Stephanie Bell‑Rose and Christopher Rose Ramesh Sachdeva Vanessa Kong Kerzner and Nicholas Sagar Danielle and Rocky Salinas Katharina and Dorian Sandberg Jasmine and Jai Sandhawalia Robert Schwab ’78 and Leslie Garvey‑Schwab Leigh and Jeffrey Schwartz Jennifer and Robert Shultz Janine ’82 and Michael Smith Elizabeth and Richard Solazzo Tina and John Springer‑Miller Angela Janklow and Jeffrey Stein Maria and Stephen Stublarec Janice and Brian Sullivan Taylor and David Tait Katherine and David Tenney Elise Torello Patricia Trapasso Maria and Ricardo Valle

Jane Savage and Mark Van Allen Jeffrey ’83 and Kimberly Veber Yingjie Zhu and Jian Wang Fang Fang and Yidong Wang Jacqueline Ward and Barry Waters Mercedes Rodriguez de Werner and Martin Werner Jane and William Wharton Tanya and Riley Williams Catherine Edwards and Michael Wishnie Lisa Li and John Xu Onlee and Kap‑Sun Yeung Ja Eun Goo and Min Jae Yoon Heather and John Zetterberg Yu Gu and Ming Zhang Jenny Zhang and Fang Zheng Yen Wu and Joe Zhou


Aliya Islamkulova and Eldar Abdrazakov Seema and Sanjeev Agrawal Joseph ’80 and Sara Angeletti Margaret Newsam‑Arthur and Roger Arthur Cinda ’83 and Curtis Ball Darlene Barone LaRhonda Brown‑Barrett and Michael Barrett John ’71 and Katharine Battle Mary Warner and Mark Beebe Kateri da Silva and Alain Bellemare Katharine Jewett and Mark Benson Elizabeth Berger Catherine and Timothy Birch Shelley and William Birney Alice and David Blair Gerald Blank Lorena Casas and Svante Borjesson Fevzi Bozer Sibel Bozer Amy and Lawrence Buhl Jennifer and Olaf Butchma Yuda and Johnny Chan Sue and Dean Chang Sandy and Franklyn Chang Hairong Chen Lisa and Robert Chester Leslie Virostek and John Cobb Lisabeth and John Collins Renita and Bryan Cook Lisa Pomerantz and Jonathan Copplestone


Moya and Paul Coulson Kimela and Robert Cox Alex Curtis and Elizabeth Fecko‑Curtis Gloria De Garcia Michael Deakin Jennifer Deakin Ann and Richard Diana Elaine and Damian DiCostanzo Michelle and Ryan Dosa John ’56 and Jacquelynn Drucker Madeleine and Borje Ekholm Tolomy B. Erpf ’86 Jo‑Ann and Rafael Espaillat Claudia and Fernando Espinosa Fabiola Balarezo and Americo Esquibies Michele Curry and Eugene Ferrer David Field Lisa Field Linda ’81 and Jeffrey Fine Barbara and Louis Furlo Susan and Mike Garver David Gelzinis Jennifer Gelzinis David ’76 and Gay Gillies Sheila and Daniel Goggin Evangeline and Todd Gonzalez Gail Swick and Michael Goodman Melissa and Jeffrey Griffith Paige and Richard Grossman Michelle Yang and Ning Guan Ramin Hakim ’80 and Linda Boulanger‑Hakim Edward Harney ’82 and Kathryn Mikells Julia and Shelley Hartman Kristen and Keith Hemstock Amy and Stewart Herman Alison and Erik Hird Christopher ’78 and Janine Hodgson Sabrina Diano and Tamas Horvath Michelle and Ken Huang Anita Khosla and Nikhil Hutheesing Kimberley Mais‑Issa and Christopher Issa Katherine Hunter and Richard Jacob Kim Bohen and Douglas James Eun Joo Jeong and Young Sik Jang Jason Jarvis ’87 and Tamara Kribs Jennifer Zhang and Yong Jiang Laurie and Joseph John Andrew and Adrianna Kassinove Stephanie and Andreas Kastenhuber Sandra and Sean Kavanagh Valerie Malter and Stuart Kaye


parent donors

Ritu and Anuj Khanna Jennifer and Dong Woo Kim Tangy Kirtz Patricia and Timothy Kish Hyun Ja Shin and Samuel Kortum Yoo Jin Lee and Young Sun Kwon Denise Massingale‑Lamb and Robert Lamb Kimberly Yonkers and Charles Landau Michele Volpe and Thomas LaTorre Eileen and Christopher Lawrence Jaekyoung Shim and Junghun Lee Jennifer and James Leonard Alexandra Hokin and Glenn Levin Xiaoqing and Ming Li Ann Marie and Rogerio Lilenbaum Lorraine and Gary Lilley Karen Zhang and Jian Liu Joane Mueller‑London and Russell London Debra and Keith Madden Nancy and Theodore Mantzikos Linda and Jenkins Marshall Nadine Mazard Jennifer and Michael McNiff Myriam Melo Laura Cervantes and Jorge Meszaros Stephanie and Frederick Meyers Cheryl and Mark Miller Yass Alizadeh and Mohammad Moien Afshari Maddalena and David Monti Whitney Ross and Stephen Moseley Philippa and Anthony Muldoon Leslie and John Needham Cynthia and Jeffrey Nobel Linda Norman Kristin and David Norton Karen and Emmanuel Ntagkounakis Ann Hurlbut and Andrew Nyhart Rita and Ugochukwu Nzeako Jamie ’80 and Sarah O’Donnell Stephanie and Patrick O’Keefe Lisa Intriere and Wilhelmus Overmeer Julie Pallant and Debra McCulloch Christine Palmucci Mary and Dennis Papazian Hyun‑Sook Park Kyung Hee Lee and Heil Park Vicki and Louis Piscatelli Mindy and David Pritchard Lan Luo and Mark Qi

Caroline and Kurt Redlitz Valerie and Rodney Richardson Carolyn and Stephen Rinaldi Bonnie and Jonathan Rothberg Meredith and Eliot Rubenzahl Juliana Wilson and Thomas Ruggieri Pam and Ron Salzman Katharina and Dorian Sandberg Heather and David Saskas Margaretta and Karl Schuler Susan and Robert Schulz Tracy and Philip Scruggs Fiona and Timothy Sellew Sunpitt ’84 and Anoma Sethpornpong Ji Cai and Yingjiu Shen Jin Sun and Zhiping Shi Christy and Kenson So Rosalinda Velasquez and Jose Solval Laura Davis and David Soper Laura and James Stanley Susan Starr Anne and Neil Stempel Tiffanie and Bill Stinson Emily Goldstein and L. Stan Stokowski Mary and Jeffrey Stover Yanling Huang and Jinhua Sun Laurel Southworth and Andrew Susser Xi Cheng and Wai Marco Sze Christina Zou and Adam Tan Mercy and Brian Turner Melissa and John Uppgren Lisa and Simon Van Den Born Fei Wang and Cunegundo Vergara Charles Wendel Jane Sun and Bin Weng Mercedes Rodriguez de Werner and Martin Werner Susan and George Wildridge Mari Jones and Robert Wolterstorff Fei Wang and Liping Xie Hyo Young Lee and Jong Hwan Yoon Leslie and Charles Young Phillipa Yule Lisa and Daniel Zelson Yen Wu and Joe Zhou Ruiwen Zhou


Anonymous (1) Amina Beshir and Mohammed Abdella Irene and Benjamin Abugri Jummy and Adegbuyi Adeyemi Nusrath Kousari and Kazi Ahmed Alexandra and Alan Airth Cynthia and Khalid Al‑Saif Patricia and Henry Altman Noelle and Enrique Ballesteros Carolyn and Paul Bergantino Mary G. Berner Shelley and William Birney Effuah Hagan‑Brown and Francis Brown Cynthia and Curt Brunjes Nancy Munoz and Herbert Buitrago Leslie and David Burgstahler Miki and Matthew Burlage Pamela ’82 and Richard Burt Tea and Stephen Canna Julie and John Case Bo‑Young Bae and Seungil Chae Magna Dias and Ho Chang Piyawan and Prin Chirathivat Ho Yeon Song and Kyung Jin Choi Heesook Chung and Chanmin Chyun Christine and William Clorite Verona and Phillip Colley Megan Shea and Cyrus Cook Andrea and Cedric Cornwall Clifford ’80 and Linda Corso Christopher ’80 and Maura Craig Dolly and Nipun Davar Gretchen Hermes and Tom de Boor Caroline and Thompson Dean Joyce Powzyk and Stephen Devoto Molly Donaldson and Kara Mackillop Evelyn and Mike Donatelli Carol and Robert Dorsey Jacqueline and Patrick Drummond Nicole C. Eades ’89 Lynn and John Egan Kathleen and Steven Elkins Sharyn O’Halloran and David Epstein Vijayshree and Krishnakanth Erodula Jeralyn Fantarella Lisa and Eric Fekete Allison and Todd Fenton Raffaella Zanuttini and Robert Frank Gail Frederick Allyson and Patrick Gallagher Leah Carreon and John Gatton


Sarah and Peter Gersky Christelle Cook and Philip Gibbs Daria and Stephen Gladstone Oona Hathaway and Jacob Hacker Kimberly and Nicholas Hastings Marcia and Laurent Henry Parul and Joachim Hinzen Anisa and Peter Ho Lisa and John Hoey Joann and Clark Hummel Yoonjeung Rhee and Donghun Im Regina G. Ingulli ’86 and Alfred F. Ingulli ’87 Priya Jamidar Schola Azie and Lamin Janneh Pamela and Richard Jimenez Joyce and J.P. Joei Helen and Steven Jones Melissa and John Kaiser Anita and Suraj Kalra Susan Sawyer and Michael Kaplan Kamakshi Vemareddy and Pawan Karanam Sydney Shapiro and Dara Khosrowshahi Harue and Joseph Kim Karen Seo and John Kim Donald ’81 and Fay Kirby Sandra and David Kirchhoff Amy and Mitchell Kops Fiona Scott Morton and Stephen Latham Sandra Ryee and John Lee Helen and Farley Legaspi Hua Yang and Ping Li Huey‑Woan Chen and Yang‑Pi Lin Min Ling Liu and George Lin Andrea Lindemann Carolyn and Vance Loiselle Lili and Jiabin Luo Jocelyn and Alfred Lutter Laura Pappano and Thomas Lynch Caroleen and John Mackin Jennifer T. Maddox ’88 Angela and Charles Mah Lillian Garcia and Bruce Mandell Judy and John May Frances and Paul McGlinchey Isabelle and Juan Mendez Catherine and James Merrick, Jr. Laura and Nicholas Microulis Michael J. Moriarty Eve Konstan and Jonathan Mothner Lisa and Robert Myers


parent donors

Marie and Paul Napoli Dru Scandinaro and Thomas Neustaetter Gina Sanders and Steven Newhouse Deborah and John Osborn Sally and Steve Paridis Anita Bourque and Albert Perrino Tracey Lovegren and Brent Petersen Stephanie Peterson Heather Strawbridge and William Platt Jill and Russell Platt Wendy and Daniel Price Cynthia and Richard Prince Dawn and James Quinn William Raccio Jill S. Reichman ’84 Lianmin Ma and Yuan Ren Saira Kazmi and Asad Rizvi Julie and Kevin Rogers Joanne and Peter Romeyn Ellen and Tony Rose Ruth and Theodore Rossi Suzanne and Matan Rubinstein Juliana Wilson and Thomas Ruggieri Peter ’83 and Deirdre Rusnak Susan Devine and David Sakheim Lena Nicolai and Joseph Scanio Robert Schwab ’78 and Leslie Garvey‑Schwab Nicola and Michael Scott Pat ’85 and Patcharin Sethbhakdi Xiaoguang Zhang and Zhong Shao Alison Mackeen and Scott Shapiro So Hyun Park and Jong‑Seok Shin Gyu Si Jodie and Michael Small Zhihong Deng and Lingfeng Song Karen and Harold Soto Robin and Jonathan Steiner Ann and Thayer Stewart Michele and Mitchell Takashima Penelope and Karim Temsamani Rebecca and Joseph Tessitore Bertha Ulu Laura Lynn and Johannes van Mierlo Jacqueline Ward and Barry Waters Tanya and Riley Williams Nancy Hughes and Walter Williams Yuhong Tian and Lei Xiao Amy Wang and Lexin Xu Ting Cheng and Xiaoping Yang Xiaoyan Zhu and Jianguo Yao Margaret and Jeffery Yau

Suzanne Whitty and Andrew Zehner Heather and John Zetterberg Ying Ming and Yimin Zhang Jacquelyn Shuai and Paul Zhao Bo Bi and Huibin Zhou Yan Yan and Shougang Zhuang



past parent donors

Anonymous (8) Margaret Landrey and David Acampora Joan and Thomas Adams + Melinda A. Agsten + Funmi and Olan Alabi Laura and Robert Allen + Kalyani and Shyam Amladi Salamatu Adama‑Aouad and Emmanuel Aouad + Courtney A. Arnot Joanne and Paul Bailey Jeanette and Kenneth Baldassarri + Shanah and Joel Barmish Kathleen T. Bashian + Rita Sarfo and Christian Bediako Lisa and Clifford Beek + Sandra and John Beeman + Jennifer and Michael Bennick Janice and Stephen Berger Terry S. Bernstein Cynthia and Alexander Bing + Linda and Gerald Bisbee + Ann M. Blinkhorn Gillian and Thomas Blunden Hsiao‑Lien Chin and James Boardman + Louis J. Boelen + Margaret and Clifford Bogue Joan and L. Stewart Bohan + Elizabeth and Christopher Boissard + Dorothy and Richard Botnick + Sally and John Bottino Mary and Rene Bouchard + Dolores and Charles Bradley Evelyn and Lawrence N. Brandt + Gail and Caesar Bryan + Ruth S. Buchanan + Sara and Jeffery Buell + Diane T. Bufalino Lori and Andrea Calabrese Ann and Burton Calkins + Mimi Lines and Keane Callahan Linda and John Calotta + Joseph A. Camilleri, Jr. + Lee Campione + Barbara and Louis Cano Kathleen and Charles Carey Yi Xia and William Chan Cheryl Chase and Stuart Bear + Elena and Constantine Chelmu Xiaohua Huang and Zhe Chen + Lie Jin and Shi Qing Cheng Margery and David Chia

Amy and John Cholnoky + Celia and Silas Chou Clare M. Clark Mary and Charles Clark + Debra and Stephen Clouten Alyson and Gary Cohen Joan and Richard Cole + Jill Lacy and David Coleman Catherine and Cornelius Colley Terry M. Congleton Beverly and Victor Conklin Joan and Michael Conlan + Lorraine and John Connelly + Patricia and Michael Conroy Lisa and Charles Conway Mary and James Coughlan Kathryn and Edward Craig Margaret and William Crane Nancy and Robert Criscuolo Valerie and James Cruice Michelle and Richard Cuomo + Kathryn and Daniel Dacey Juliana and Robert Dalton Debra and John D’Amico Susie and Robert Danziger Lucie and Edouard Darche Janette and Junius Davenport + Marina and Peter de Haydu + Mildred Y. de Schepper + Helen and Mark DeFrancesco Kathleen C. DelCarmine + Ning Wei and Xing Wang Deng + Phoebe and Charles Dey Jane and Andrew Dolkart + Kenneth F. Donadio Mary and Michael Doyle + Caroline W. Duell Irene and Timothy Duffy Victoria Longo and Carl Eifler + Amy W. Elliott Rhetta S. Elser Ann Marie and Kirk Engstrom + Mary and Gerald Farrell David Fitzpatrick Kristin and Thomas Floyd + Sarah de Havenon‑Fowler and Joseph Fowler Mindy and Laurance Friedman Susan and Paul Gaffney Jane and Jeffrey Gale Tom Generous + Constantina Georgaris

Rita and Michael Gerber Svetlana and Stanislav Gershfeld Pamela R. Girard Donna and George Glass Lisa and Mitchell Goldstein + Zachary Goodyear ◊ Wendy and Steven Gottfried Shirley J. Greenwald Marie‑Louise Julien‑Grell and Oliver Grell Ramona and Mark Gremillion Lauren and Edward Griffin + Valerie and Dana Haberland + Elizabeth and Frederic Haeussler + Heidi and Peter Hajna Pamela and Frank Hamilton + Mary and Brian Harnett Carla Harsch Joyce S. Harvey Deborah and John Hawkins Lisa and Kristopher Heaton Robin and Jonathan Helfat + Margaret Sondey and William Hines Gayle and Cary Hirsch James E. Hirsch + Beata and Jan Hlinka Betsy and Arthur Holden Carolyn and Kevin Holt + Esther Lyuh and Hye Gul Hong Simone and William Howe Donna H. Hunter Phyllis and Stanley Jachimowski + Theresa and Richard Jackson Alice and Charles Johnson Caroline and David Johnson Elaine and Robert Johnson + Sis and Hasty Johnson Kathleen M. Johnson + Tabitha and Ray Jorgensen Ruth E. Kahn Peggy and John Kalas Mary and Richard Kalchbrenner + Maria F. Kaplan Ellen and Howard Katz Barrie and Tod Kaufman + Nancy and Paul Kelly + Barbara and Peter Kelly + Barbara and Lawrence Kendzior William Kiesel Margaret Kilgore Dawn and Robert Koff Cynara McPhail and Jon Kornacki + Judith and Hans Krause


Monica St. James and John Kveton Peyton and Ann Lake Sharman and Neil Lancefield + Kerry J. Lanz + Whitney and Jerald Lasky Jung Hee Hong and Duk Han Lee Linda and Thomas Leon Bethany Alvord and Craig Leroy Mira and Ronald Leven Patricia and Charles Levin Sheng Cai and Jian Li Carol and Richard Lindman Fern and Charles Lindsay Cynthia and Lawrence Link Susan and Mark Lippitt Karen and Charles Lockyer + Sandra Toth‑Lopez and Freddy Lopez Anne and Andrew Lovejoy + Agnes and John Lui + Elizabeth and Charles Lyman David H. Macbride Lisa A. Macbride Nita and Philip Maddox Carol and Michael Maoz + Christine and Richard Marcks Joanne M. Mardesich Wendy and John Marrinan William L. Martin + Mary Connally and Robert Martini + Maria‑Teresa Mata + Monica and Daniel May Robert G. McDonald Ellen and Glen McLaughlin Mary Ellen and Robert McMillan + Irene and Robert McNamara + Michael E. McNichols Richard M. McVey + Babette Bloch and Marc Mellon Carol and John Merrick + Ceridwen and Howard Merrick + Gillian and Eduardo Mestre + Gladys and Samuel Mezrahi Sharon and Daniel Milikowsky Nancy and Joseph Miller Jacqueline Miller‑Shepard + Barbara Horowitz and Jeffrey Mirman Alphonsus J. Mitchell + Marcia and Charles Monagan + Corliss and Mark Montesi + Marshall D. Montgomery Patricia B. Montgomery Marcia and James Morley + + = Wild Boar Club ◊ = deceased


past parent donors

Elisabeth and Stanley Morten Nancy B. Mott + Donna Bentz and John Mulligan Ivette Feliciano‑Muniz and Peter Muniz + Penny and Alejandro Murcia Jeanette Sublett and Langdon Neal + Elyse and Michael Newhouse Mary Nee and Douglas Ng Carol and Jacob Nogi Suzanna A. Norbeck, Esq. + Barbara and Gary Novick + Kathleen McTigue and Nicholas Nyhart Patricia F. Oakes + Junko and Kazumasa Okawa Virginia M. Olson + Kathleen Megan and Peter Pach + Charlene and Andrew Pal + Yun Jin Jang and Chul Sung Park In and Yong Park Marianne M. Parrs + Shireen and Charles Pasarell Ann and Gregory Pepe + Eleanor and Daniel Perl + Frances Sites‑Perrino and Philip Perrino Ann and Robert Perugini Alice H. G. Phillips + Yosawadee and Sitt Polcharoen + Adeline and James Polese Mary and William Powers Mary E. Pratt + Roseleen and George Pyne Anne and Wendell Raddatz Chevonne Cheatam and Andre Ransom Ann Marie and Charles Rausch Umapathi K. Reddy Debra and Rick Rees + Nancy Sutherland and John Reid + Marianne and Thomas Reifenheiser Randi Frankel and Peter Reikes + Tami and Shawn Reilly Elaine and Craig Reynolds Karen Zarkades and John Ricardo + Rebecca M. Richardson Ellen and Paul Richman Marcus E. Rivera Jane E. Rives + Rosalind and Christopher Roosevelt Carolyn Greenspan and Marshall Ruben + Nancy Q. Rubsam Christine Barker‑Ruskin and William Ruskin Catherine and Gregory Russell

Linda and Bruce Ryder Dale Dammier and Lloyd Saberski + Sandra and Stanley Sablak + Rada Sagadiyeva and Erlan Sagadiev Maureen and Donald Salamack Lois and Stephen Savage + Jo‑Ann Scebold Carol and Barry Schaefer Stephen A. Schendel + Bonnie and Howard Schiller + Katharine and Jack Schoellerman Cindy and Alan Schupack Randi Wirth and Marc Schwartz Suzanne and Howard Seitz Karen and Howard Selinger Bernadette Session Lisa H. Sexton + Dodds and Robert Shamroth + Jinghua Shan Edward and Sandra Shanahan + Ruth and Mitchell Shapiro Jane and Patrick Sheehan Linda and David Sheintop + Karyn L. Sherwood + Yumi and Yoshio Shimonaka Cathy and George Shockey Michael and Beth Sholtz + Elizabeth and Eric Shuman Valerie and Michael Siegman Patricia and Robert Silverman + Leslie and Bruce Silvers + Donna A. Simler + Tina and Michael Sirois Elizabeth and William Sledge Ellen M. Smith Laura and Robert Smith Leesa and Robert Sonnichsen Regina and William Spain Lisa and Jerome Speltz Virginia M. Stanglein + Lisa and Byron Stankus Lorraine and Paul Stasiw + Patricia and Peter Steffes Mimi and Barry Sternlicht + Sharon and Jack Stewart Susan and Wells Stewart Nancy and Elliot Stiefel Charlotte Stifel + Dorothy and C. Samuel Sutter Eleanor and David Sylvestro Stella and Swift Tarbell Jolinda and William Taylor +


Mildred and Jett Thomas + Elizabeth and Vincent Tornabene + Colette and Roland Trailor Carrie and John Travers Joan and Louis Troccolo + Linda and Charles Trombley Carol and Jeffrey Tucker Cheryl S. Tucker Cheryl and Thomas Tuskowski Terry Collins and Eric Tveter Jennifer J. Valianti Cynthia and Jan van Eck + Mariko Van Kampen William D. Vanech Christine S. Vertefeuille + Nancy and Michael Vespoli + Susan and James Vitali Jolyn and Judge Walker Kathleen and John Wallace Rob and Melani Walton Fund of the Walton Foundation + Catherine and William Wappler + Patricia and Terence Ward Helene and Lance Warrick Susan and William Wasch Lynn Chmelir and John Webb + Barbara and David Webb Barbara Ruggiero and David Whitehouse Carol and Ronald Whittle Janice and Peter Williams Sallyan Windt + Nancy C.H. Winter + Jill and Bernhardt Wruble Jingjing Mao and Xinjun Wu + Eileen E. Yearwood + Lucy Z. Yin + Joan and William Yokow Cynthia and David Yowan + Shunhua Xiao and Zhenwei Yu Janet L. Zalkin + Heather and Robert Zavod + Renee Ring and Paul Zofnass +

+ = Wild Boar Club ◊ = deceased



grandparents of a lu m n i a n d students

Anonymous (1) Vernon Armour Ann Bonte and Brent Baird Margaret and Daniel Balsamo Sally and Miles Berger JoAnne and Gordon Borek Evelyn and Lawrence Brandt Sally and Don Brunjes Virginia Burlage Sharon Carlee Marjorie and Gordon Cohen Evelyn and Michael Connolly Barbara and Mike Conrad Marie and Walter Cook Mercy and Alfonso Cordero Maureen and James Cunningham Gwendolyn and Thomas Curry Leticia and Victor De Dios Louise Sandberg and Stephen Devoto

Eunice Dutchin Barbara and Arthur Elkins Joann and James Farnen Susan and Andrew Figlar Charlotte Rea and Robert Fricker Cynthia Friedman Lilliam and Felix Garcia Bruce ’45 and Lueza Gelb Margaret Gibbs Shirley Greenwald Lois Hartsoe Pamela and Roger Hull June and Alfred Ingulli Linda and Morton Janklow Wal ’63 and Hedy Jarvis Penfield Jarvis ’57 Ruth Kahn Eileen and John Kavanagh Patricia Kenner

Robert C. Lanphier, III ’50 Frances Levin Ted ’49 and Frances Little Esther and Richard Lockridge Mary Nell and Malcolm Lovett Patricia Ludeman Ann and John McGovern Herbert ’48 and Vivian Meyers Alphonsus Mitchell Ann and James Mrazek Donald Newhouse Susan M. Newhouse ◊ Emily Peel Doris and Robert Powell Ann Reath John Saliba Jacquie Slifka Raymond Snow

Carolyn and Gus Spaulding Elizabeth and Frank Stanley Robert ’48 and Razelle Stempel Charlotte Stifel Dorothy Susser and Robert Norkin Sara Swift Mary and Anthony Tappin Paul Virostek Thomas ’46 and Esther Wachtell Sarah and Edward Whitehouse Sallyan Windt Laila and Donald Young

◊ = deceased


The Annual Fund Endowment program was established in the 1980-81 fiscal year to provide an opportunity for donors to support Choate Rosemary Hall in perpetuity by establishing a fund in the School’s endowment. Since its establishment, the Annual Fund Endowment has provided important support for the School’s most pressing needs.

a n n ua l f u n d endowment


Anonymous (1) Christopher Abbott ’70 Fitzgerald D. Acker ’46 ◊ John C. Adams ’29 ◊ Harold E. Aken, Jr. ’48 Edward F. Albee, III ’46 David H. Aldeborgh ’46 Louis S. Allen ’29 ◊ Willis L. Altenderfer, Jr. ’42 ◊ Choate R. Alum. Henry S. Angel ’36 ◊ Robert N. Armour ’45 ◊ Walter P. Armstrong, Jr. ’34 ◊ George W. Aufderheide, Jr. ’42 ◊ Donald G. Austin ’27 ◊ Margaret E. Austin Thomas G. Austin ’65 C. Burgess Ayres ’38 ◊ Edward B. Ayres ’46 ◊ Edward B. Ayres, Jr. ’75 James B. Ayres ’52 ◊ Katharine Ayres Russell R. Ayres, Jr. ’36 ◊ Thomas Ayres ’41 ◊ William M. Ayres ’43 ◊ William M. Ayres, Jr. ’77 Howard F. Baer ’20 ◊ Herbert P. Bagley, III ’76 ◊ David M. Bailey ’35 ◊ Dorothy H. Baker ’05 ◊ Elizabeth G. Baker ’30 ◊ Kenneth B. Baldwin ’46 Morley C. Ballantine ’43 ◊ Robert F. R. Ballard ’52 C. David Barnes ’30 ◊ Arthur M. Barrett, Jr. ’40 ◊ Dana T. Bartholomew ’24 ◊ Marilyn M. Bauch ’51 George S. Baxter, III ’40 ◊ Peter O. Beckwith ’56 ◊ G. Gordon Biggar, Jr. ’56 Ann Billings ◊ F. Tremaine Billings ’29 ◊ Jessica B. Bingham ’02 Mary E. Bingham ◊ Maxwell W. Bingham ’04 William J. Bingham, Jr. ’40 ◊ Nat Bishop ’41 ◊ John R. Black, Jr. ’41 ◊ Lauren J. Blair S. Robert Blair ’46 ◊ Christopher D. Blair‑Smith ’56 ◊ ◊ = deceased


a n n ua l f u n d endowment

Edward P. Blanchard, Jr. ’42 ◊ John A. Blum ’32 ◊ Marguerite Booraem ’19 ◊ Christopher V. Booth ’91 ◊ William A. Borst ’33 ◊ Alfred P. Brooks ’31 ◊ Thomas R. Brooks ’42 Victoria L. Brooks ’63 James A. Brown, Jr. ’59 Elizabeth H. Brownell ’21 ◊ Edward C. Bryan ’03 Kate Bryan ’01 Dewitt W. Buchanan, Jr. ’34 ◊ Charles C. Buckland ’18 ◊ Gerard A. Burchell, Jr. ’46 ◊ James F. Butler, Jr. ’27 ◊ John F. Butterworth ’43 ◊ Michael G. Cain ’65 Paul D. Camp, III ’56 ◊ David W. Carroll ’46 Joan Cartwright John W. P. Cartwright ’40 ◊ Paul J. Chase ’35 ◊ James H. Childs, Jr. ’31 ◊ Dorothy M. Cholnoky ’46 Merritt A. Cleveland ’28 ◊ Lucinda R. Closson ’29 ◊ Janet E. Colman Robert S. Colman ’59 Walter M. Colman ’21 ◊ Peter H. Comstock ’36 ◊ Daniel B. Conron ’44 ◊ Margery Conron ◊ William M. Conron, Jr. ’43 ◊ Peter C. Conroy ’79 ◊ Joseph T. Consolino ’53 ◊ James W. Cooper ’22 ◊ Daniel J. Courcey, III ’86 Philip B. Cowles, Jr. ’53 ◊ Dan D. Coyle ’34 ◊ Robert T. Cozart ’40 ◊ Charles W. Curtis, III ’36 ◊ Raymond V. Darling ’35 ◊ William D. Davies, Jr. ’46 Addison C. Davis ’35 ◊ Herbert H. Davis, Jr. ’42 ◊ Laird Davis ’65 Gardiner M. Day ’18 ◊ Gwendolyn K. deClairville Raymond deClairville ’33 ◊ Christopher C. Dewey ’63 Charles F. Dey

Phoebe E. Dey Steven A. Diamond ’80 Dennis A. Dilmaghani ’66 Erb N. Ditton ’18 ◊ Frank A. Dixon, Jr. ’46 ◊ Clayton G. Dorn II ’38 ◊ Forest D. Dorn, II ’73 Lynn Dorn Bolton S. Drackett ’37 ◊ Jed Dreifus ’46 Lester DuBois, Jr. ’43 ◊ Roy D. Duckworth, Jr. ’34 ◊ Spottswood P. Dudley ’68 John B. Dunne ’61 ◊ James F. Dwinell, Jr. ’27 ◊ James P. Eder ’30 ◊ Walter D. Edmonds ’21 ◊ Richard D. Edwards ’37 ◊ Robert E. Elberson ’46 ◊ James D. English ’50 Charles W. Fairfax, II, M.D. ’49 ◊ Vincent D. Farrell, Jr. ’65 ◊ Connie T. Ferguson ’69 David G. Flinn ’56 J. Curtis Ford ’34 ◊ James O. Fowle ◊ Robert W. Frazier ’46 George M. Fryberger ’24 ◊ C. Thomas Fuller ’38 ◊ Edyth Fuller James H. Fullerton, Jr. ’59 Robin H. Gabriel ’76 Charles A. J. Gachot ’50 Robert L. Gaines ’56 Sue M. Galvin ’60 James N. Gamble ’40 ◊ Bruce S. Gelb ’45 William K. Gemmill ’69 ◊ Diane B. Generous ◊ Tom Generous George F. Getz, Jr. ’27 ◊ James R. Getz ’29 ◊ Maxfield S. Gibbons ’42 ◊ Sally K. Gibbons A. Mary Gilbert ’57 Stephen E. Gilhuley ’62 Edwina F. Gillis Howard T. Gillis ’52 ◊ John H. Glanville ’73 B. Douglas Gordon ’36 ◊ Roger K. Graham ’46 Jeffrey W. Greenberg ’69

Peter S. Gregory ’60 Hughes Griffis ’63 P. Benjamin Grosscup, III ’61 P. Benjamin Grosscup, Jr. ’31 ◊ Rudolf F. Haffenreffer, IV ’56 Elizabeth Hall ’26 ◊ Philip H. Hall ’37 ◊ Kathryn H. Hamilton ’34 ◊ John S. Hanson ’45 ◊ William O. Harbach ’40 Charlotte P. Hardy Waller C. Hardy, Jr. ’35 ◊ Charles C. Harrold, III ’64 Larry A. Hart ’32 ◊ Robert L. Hart ’46 Marjorie B. Harvey ’21 ◊ James W. Hatch, Jr. ’37 ◊ William B. Hatfield ’57 ◊ Richard D. Hausman ’46 Horace Havemeyer, Jr. ’32 ◊ Rosalind Havemeyer John B. Hayes ’23 ◊ Paul K. Haynes ’43 ◊ Michael H. Heath ’59 Rosamond Heroy ◊ William Heroy, M.D. ’29 ◊ Barbara Hess ◊ Walter W. Hess, Jr. ’38 ◊ Frances H. Higgins John S. Higgins ’16 ◊ Richard R. Higgins ’18 ◊ Alice W. Hinckley Benjamin B. Hinckley, Jr. ’31 ◊ Peter C. Hitt ’31 ◊ Leta E. Hole ’03 ◊ Alen Hollomon ’61 ◊ Julie Holter ’60 ◊ Ethelyn B. Hosley ’25 ◊ Anne D. Hull Hadlai A. Hull ’32 ◊ Torrence M. Hunt, Sr. ’40 ◊ William O. Hunt ’25 ◊ Philip Hur ’96 ◊ Gertrude Huston Christopher Hutchins ’56 Melville H. Ireland, Jr. ’72 Derry Ives ’54 Dean L. Jacoby Judith H. Jacoby ’51 ◊ Odinn R. Johnson ’94 Worthington Johnson ’32 ◊ Worthington Johnson, Jr. ’70


David L. Jones ’57 Homer D. Jones, Jr. ’36 ◊ Mark O. Jones ’73 ◊ Vincent W. Jones, Jr. ’41 Edwin S. Kassler ’16 ◊ Robert W. Kasten, Jr. ’60 H. Weller Keever ’45 ◊ William D. Kelley III ’13 ◊ Walter M. Kelly ’31 ◊ Michael C. Kempner ’74 Ayse L. Kenmore Robert H. Kenmore ’46 ◊ William J. Kennedy ’50 ◊ Charles W. Kennerly ’85 ◊ Virginia B. Keyser ’69 Walter H. Kilbourne, Jr. ’44 ◊ Elizabeth H. King ’40 ◊ James H. King Kathleen S. Klopfer ’21 ◊ Elizabeth C. Knapp ’32 ◊ William I. Kohrs ’73 Mallory Kountze ’43 ◊ James A. Kridel ’31 ◊ Russell W.H. Kridel ’66 John C. Lacy ’38 Edward O. Lanphier, II ’74 Charles T. Lark, Jr. ’39 ◊ James Laughlin ’32 ◊ A. Hicks Lawrence, Jr. ’36 ◊ Joyce Lawrence W. Jeffrey Lawrence ’73 A. Fuller Leeds ’25 ◊ Gilbert M. P. Leib ’47 ◊ Earl G. Leinbach ◊ Reeve Lewis, Jr. ’28 ◊ Richard Lindo, USA ‑RET ’36 ◊ Ted Little ’49 Stanley Loewenstein ’33 ◊ David W. Loo ’47 ◊ Daniel L. Louchery ’36 ◊ Robert I. Lyman ’39 ◊ Angus L. Macdonald ’73 Ronald R. Macdonald ’62 ◊ Ali MacGraw ’56 Sandy A. Mactaggart ’46 Charles H. Maddox, Jr. ’41 ◊ Carleton L. Marsh, Jr. ’42 ◊ Richard A. Marsilius ’66 ◊ Charles F. Maurice ’24 ◊ Robert D. McCallum, Jr. ’64 Donald C. McClure, Sr. ’38 ◊ Virginia K. McClure ◊ = deceased


a n n ua l f u n d endowment

David H. McConnell, III ’46 ◊ Diana B. McGhie ’51 Virginia B. McIntosh ◊ Harry McKeon ◊ John K. McNulty ’41 ◊ Frederick N. McOmber ’38 ◊ Edgar T. Mead ’40 ◊ Emily P. Mead John Mead ’29 ◊ Paul Mellon ’25 ◊ Prosser Mellon ’60 Davis U. Merwin ’46 ◊ Robert H. Messing ’55 ◊ Richard G. Metcalf ’43 ◊ Rollin W. Mettler, Jr. ’46 ◊ J. Christopher Meyer, Jr. ’34 ◊ Helen S. Meyner ’46 ◊ W. Robert Miller ’72 Gardner W. Millett ’34 ◊ Paul D. Millholland, II ’24 ◊ Alexandra Moellmann ’84 John L. Montgomery, Jr. ’42 ◊ Owen H. Morgan ◊ Gordon M. Morrison, Jr. ’48 M. Lane Morrison ’63 Dwight F. Morss ’43 ◊ John W. Moxley ’77 Edward B. Mumma ’34 ◊ John G. Munson, Jr. ’31 ◊ William G. Nagle ’44 ◊ William E. Naveira ’58 Jane Newman Robert W. Newman ’46 ◊ Austin H. Norton ’40 ◊ Caroline H. Norton ◊ John H. Norton ’35 ◊ William R. O’Connell ’46 ◊ D. Robert Owen ’48 ◊ Jean A. Packard ◊ Irene Paris Wynne Edwin C. Parker, Jr. ’56 J. Lester Parsons, III ’57 ◊ J. Lester Parsons, Jr. ’26 ◊ Lee P. Pattison ’20 ◊ Halbert E. Payne ’42 ◊ Philip M. Payne, M.D. ’46 ◊ Kathleen H. Pedrolini Thomas W. Peirce ’21 ◊ Thomas W. Peirce, Jr. ’42 ◊ J. Duncan Phyfe ’38 ◊ Jacqueline H. Phyfe Richard A. R. Pinkham ’32 ◊

William H. Plauth Jr. ’49 William B. Pollock, II ’23 ◊ Arthur W. Pope Josephine A. Pope ’29 ◊ William Potter ’38 ◊ Joseph H. Pratt ’29 ◊ Richardson Pratt, Jr. ’41 ◊ Robert O. Preyer ’40 Edward L. Price ’43 ◊ Allan L. Priddy, Jr. ’38 ◊ David T. Pryor ’64 ◊ Morton Quantrell ’42 ◊ Frances F. Reed ’14 ◊ Florence A. Remsen ◊ Frederick D. Remsen ’46 Richard Remsen, Jr. ’38 Roxburgh Rennie ’67 William R. Rennie ’30 ◊ Abram D. Reynolds III ’42 ◊ George P. Rhodes, Jr. ’25 ◊ John M. Rivers, Jr. ’63 Selwyn W. Roberts, Jr. ’29 ◊ John H.G. Rogers ’31 ◊ Stanley K. Ross ’73 Anne K. Rudel William E. Rudel ’34 ◊ Peter B. Rumsey ’57 ◊ Juliana Runyon Laurance P. Runyon, Jr. ’36 ◊ John G. Russell ’46 Stephen C. Russell ’84 ◊ W. Henry Russell ’40 ◊ Robert W. Rust, USMCR Ret ’46 Donald Ryan ’28 ◊ Martin J. Ryan, Jr. ’46 ◊ Dragoljub B. Sabov ’75 ◊ William J. Sampson, Jr. ’16 ◊ Dorothy C. Sawyer ’27 ◊ Peter L. Schaeffer ’65 Carl V. Schieren ’30 ◊ Clifton L. Schoellkopf ’29 ◊ Donald W. Scholle ’44 ◊ Marion H. Schooley ’18 ◊ Charles Schriber ’36 ◊ Helen H. Schriber Stephen J. Schulte ’56 Helen C. Schwarz ’14 ◊ Charles A. Schwefel ’73 Douglas Seaberg John W. Seabury ’40 ◊ Arnold J. Seidner ’40 ◊ Bradlee H. Shattuck ’64

James H. Shattuck ’34 ◊ Martha M. Shattuck ◊ Sylvia S. Shattuck ’20 ◊ William W. Shelden, Jr. ’69 Louis G. Shenk, III ’73 William U. Shipley ’58 William W. Shirk ’34 ◊ R. Johnson Shortlidge, Jr. ’46 ◊ Jon F. Shulga ’63 ◊ Hobart O. Skofield ’20 ◊ Henry P. Slane ’40 ◊ Hilary H. Smart ’43 ◊ Bernard E. Smith, Jr. ’42 ◊ Jean S. Smith Peter H. Smith ’57 ◊ Rosann L. Smith ’25 ◊ Edwin L. Solot, Jr. ’81 Ruth R. Spencer ’39 ◊ Herman A. Spigel ’46 ◊ Joan St. John Marie L. St. John Seymour St. John ’31 ◊ William H.C. St. John ’46 ◊ Joseph M. Stafford ’46 Nadia Stanley Timothy W. Stanley ’45 ◊ Henry P. Stearns ’18 ◊ Hugo B. Stein ’16 ◊ James M. Steindler ’50 ◊ M. Causa Steindler Richard B. Steinmetz, Jr. ’46 Jay E. Stempel ’46 J. Derek Stephenson ’59 ◊ Barbara Stetson Charles P. Stetson ’38 ◊ George C. Stevens ’32 ◊ Lydia H. Stevens Charlotte Stifel Henry G. Stifel ’46 ◊ Ezekiel G. Stoddard ’26 ◊ Moreau L. Stoddard ’23 ◊ Marjorie C. Stradella ’19 ◊ Donald R. Strain ’59 E. MacGregor Strauss ’46 ◊ Benjamin J. Sullivan ’36 ◊ Louise Sullivan ◊ William S. Taylor ’40 ◊ Daniel G. Tenney, Jr. ’31 ◊ Jett D. Thomas Mildred D. Thomas Gerrish Thurber ’24 ◊ Charles S. Tidball ’46


John C. Tobin ’38 ◊ Richard H. Todd ’52 ◊ Margaret F. Urciuoli ’60 John C. Usher ’41 ◊ Anthony H. Van Nice ’93 Peter E. Van Nice ’60 Johannes van Straalen ◊ Lloyd Vander Horst ’23 ◊ F. Bedford Vanderbilt ’34 ◊ James W. Vicary ’28 ◊ Thomas M. Viertel ’59 Cheryl J. Vince‑Whitman Thomas Wachtell ’46 Cornelia B. Walker ’23 ◊ Richard F. Walker ’37 ◊ John A. Warner ’71 Warren K. Watters ’44 Charles G. Weatherley ’25 ◊ Bryan Webb ’46 H. St.John Webb ’25 ◊ W. Temple Webber ’22 ◊ Zita Webber Charles F. Weeden, III ’47 ◊ David C. Weld, Sr. ’42 ◊ Durbin H. Wells ’33 ◊ Paul C. Wells ’40 ◊ F. Bradford Westerfield ’73 Olga M. Wheeler ’20 ◊ John R. Whitman Christopher M. Wiedenmayer ’59 Richmond M. Wight ’59 ◊ Sarah Wight D. Norton Williams ’35 ◊ Anita C. Wilson Charles T. Wilson, Jr. ’36 ◊ Gerald P. Winchell ’49 ◊ Frank D. Winder ’39 ◊ Mary Winder Patricia S. Wolfston ’44 Frederick W. Wood, Jr. ’37 ◊ Patricia Wood H. Richmond Woods, Jr. ’46 H. Pearce Wright ’26 ◊ Hamilton W. Wright ’29 ◊ James A. Wright III ’48 ◊ Joan B. Wright Thomas M. Wyman ’62 ◊ Hugh de N. Wynne, Sr. ’35 ◊ Philip Young ’27 ◊ Katherine A. Zadra ’18 ◊ Josephine F. Zelov ’46 Marcus W. Ziegler, Jr. ’51 ◊ = deceased





faculty and staff

Heidi H. Allen Lara C. Anderson Joseph J. Angeletti, Jr. Sara E. Angeletti Thomas R. Ayres, II Joanne O. Bailey Kathleen T. Bashian Libby Boghossian Victoria L. Brooks Julia F. Brown Allyson P. Brundige John C. Burditt Therese M. Burditt Hilary A. Burrall Alison J. Cady John T. Chiavaroli J.B. Cholnoky Jen Christiansen John S. Cobb John H. Connelly Lorraine S. Connelly Heidi Conner Liam C. Considine Lisa H. Conway G. Cyrus Cook Heather Cordes Daniel J. Courcey, III Ingrid S. Cronin Britney Cullinan Elisa V. Currie Todd F. Currie Alex D. Curtis Laird Davis Charles F. Dey Raymond M. Diffley, III Judy Donald David F. Doster Elizabeth A. Droel Ann Marie Engstrom Corina J. Evans Marie T. Falsey Benjamin Gardner, M.D. Carolyn Garibaldi LeRoy General, Jr. Tom Generous Martha Glowacki Julie C. Goodyear Zachary Goodyear ◊ Neil S. Gordon Edward T. Griffin Ted Hartsoe Rick Henderson

Cynthia C. Hill Tom Hill David C. Howell Douglas James Katharine H. Jewett Mari Jones Priti Kapoor Dennis A. Klem William J. Knapp Barrett A. LaChance Cameron M. Lanphier Edward O. Lanphier, II Lauren F. Lentine Emily P. Lovejoy Warren D. MacKenzie K.C. Maloney John S. Marrinan Wendy W. Marrinan Joseph J. McAndrew, Jr. Nancy C. Miller Elizabeth B. Molinari Marcia Monagan Alex R. Murenia Lena Nicolai William P. Nowak J. Trent Nutting Sarah H. Nutting Gina M. Onushco Julie A. Oxborough‑Yankus H. Jeremy Packard Kathleen H. Pedrolini Matthew B. Pendleton Janice A. Pike Diana L. Pittet Suzanne G. Prentice Julie Rogers Kevin D. Rogers Joseph A. Rozak John G. Russell Joseph M. Scanio Edward J. Shanahan Megan P. Shea Andrea B. Sorrells Lawrence J. Spinnato Monica St. James James W. Stanley Sarah E. Stehman Nicole A. Stock Joanne C. Sullivan Jeffrey D. Sultar Jett D. Thomas Yuhong Tian


Charles A. Tierney, III Marquis W. Tisdale Jean F. Topping Peter P. Tower Carolyn M. Traester Ralph B. Valentine Laura Lynn van Mierlo Catherine C. Velez Michael A. Velez Jolyn W. Walker Kathleen L. Wallace Craig M. Warren David A. Webb Sarah L. Welch Ronald G. Whittle Mary E. Williamson Michelle D. Yang Thomas A. Yankus Kalya Yannatos

◊ = deceased


f r i e n d s of the school


Darlene Abbott Kordonowy Marsha Alleyne Shmuel Baror Holly and Alvin Berkon Richard Bershtein Gloria Bilhuber Ann‑Elisa Black Robert Brundige, Jr. K. Niles Bryant Gloria A. Chipman John de Neufville Selby Ehrlich Arpi Emirzian Marilyn Faye Martha Fenn Philip Fickling William Foulk Dave Freeman Che Fung Barbara Gatton Laura Gregg Art Hadden Louise Healey Suzanne and Craig Hecht Diane Igleheart Gail Kerr Arlene Leinbach Prince Joan E. Maker David McConaughy Betsy and Joseph Milicia Susan Morris Mary Mudge Mary Pratt James Raymond Lois E. Roulston Anne Sa’adah Kathy Senne Karyn Sherwood Joyce and James Spencer Barbara J. Spigel Charlotte Stifel Yu‑Fei Wu and Yong Suh Valerie Sumner Joan F. Williams Ruth and Robert Williams Marilynn and Randall Wingert Guqing Wu Jane Yue Xin Zhou

◊ = deceased


foundations & corporations

Anonymous (6) Ace Music and Audio LLC Aetna Foundation, Inc. * Altschul Fund AmazonSmile Foundation American Express * American International Group, Inc. * Anderson Family Foundation Ann Arbor Community Foundation Anrol Foundation Architectural Kitchen Solutions, LLC Arizona Community Foundation Arthur Conroy, LLC Avon Products, Inc. * Ayco Charitable Foundation Bank of America * Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund The Bank of New York *

Barbourtown Foundation Barclays Bank * Barclays Capital * The Beaufort Foundation Becton Dickinson & Co. * Benevity Berger Family Foundation The Beveridge Family Foundation, Inc. The Bidwell Foundation R. Gordon and Agnes K. Black Family Foundation BlackRock * The Blair Company The Boardman Family Foundation The Bohlsen Family Foundation Irving D. Booth, Inc. Boston Foundation The Botnick Family Foundation Bresky Foundation Bristol‑Myers Squibb Company * The Buchan Family Trust Buck Family Foundation C. R. Bard * California Community Foundation * The Capital Group Companies, Inc. * The Carmel Hill Fund The Carr Foundation Catalyst Global LLC Ceres Foundation Chambers Family Fund The Cheryl Chase and Stuart Bear Family Foundation The Owen Cheatham Foundation Chubb Corporation * Clements Family Charitable Trust Coach, Inc. * Coca‑Cola Company * Betsy and Alan Cohn Foundation Coleman Foundation Colgate‑Palmolive Company * The Columbus Foundation Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta Community Foundation for Nantucket Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan Community Foundation for the National Capital Region Community Foundation of Collier County Corning Glass Works * Adams Cowan Foundation

CSG Systems International, Inc. * Margaret A. Darrin Foundation, Inc. The Dayton Foundation Thompson Dean Family Foundation Deutsche Bank * Elm City Industrial Properties, Inc. The Enoch Foundation Erie Insurance * The Armand G. Erpf Fund Ever Union Capital Limited Evercore Partners Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fidelity Investments * Finninsula Foundation Harvey S. Firestone, Jr. Foundation Fishbein Law Firm, LLC Foundation for a Greater Opportunity The Foundation for Enhancing Communities A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds FreeCause, Inc. The Laurance H. & Mindy B. Friedman Family Foundation Lloyd A. Fry Foundation Frances A. Fuller Charitable Lead Trust The Fund for Charitable Giving Gale Family Foundation Gap, Inc. * Gardner Family Charitable Foundation Lawrence M. Gelb Foundation, Inc. General Electric Company * General Mills Foundation * Elizabeth Morse Genius Foundation Give Back Foundation Global Atlantic Financial Group Global Prize Limited The Goergen Foundation, Inc. Goldman, Sachs & Co. * Goldman Sachs Gives Gondelman Foundation, Inc. The Ruth and David A. Goodkind Foundation, Inc. Grayson & Associates, P.C. Greater Houston Community Foundation Greater New Orleans Foundation Great‑West Financial* The Haffenreffer Family Fund Hamill Family Foundation The Reed L. and Nan M. Harman Foundation The Hartford *


Harvard University The Henry Family Foundation The Henry Foundation, Inc. Herald Corporation Higher Learning Supply Company, LLC The Dave Hokin Foundation The Home Depot * Hope Foundation The Roy A. Hunt Foundation Huntington Hurlbut Family Charitable Lead Unitrust IBM Corporation * Indian Trail Charitable Foundation Innova Project Services LLC Intermountain Industries Petroglyph Energy * Investor Growth Capital * ITG, Inc. * Janklow Foundation Jarvis Group, Inc. Jewish Communal Fund Jewish Community Federation & Endowment Fund Jewish Community Foundation JP Las Consulting Inc. J.P. Morgan Chase & Company * Hans Kaiser Associates, Inc. The Kellcie Fund T. Lloyd Kelly Foundation The Ada Howe Kent Foundation Knight Foundation * LAG Capital, LLC The Lebovitz Fund William T. Little Foundation Lone Pine Capital, LLC * Love Family Foundation Loyola Foundation The Russell Maguire Foundation The Malkin Fund Marin Community Foundation John C. Markey Charitable Fund Marsh & McLennan, Inc. * John G. Martin Foundation * Mayfield Financial Interests Ltd.‑RCK MBIA Foundation, Inc. * The Robert D. and Virginia J. McCallum Family Foundation McKesson Foundation, Inc. * Glen and Ellen McLaughlin Foundation MDC Foundation Kendrick B. Melrose Charitable Trust Meredith Corporation * * = Matching Gift Company


foundations & corporations

MFS Investment Management * Microsoft Corporation * Daniel & Sharon Milikowsky Family Foundation The Minneapolis Foundation The Monaghan Foundation Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation * Morgan Stanley Smith Barney * The Vincent S. Mulford Foundation The Murren Family Foundation National Philanthropic Trust Neal & Leroy, LLC Network For Good New England Hardware Company The New York Community Trust * New York Life Insurance * Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation, Inc.

The Ney Foundation The Nichols Foundation * Northwestern Mutual Foundation * Norwood Foundation, Inc. The Oaklawn Foundation Hugh & Patricia O’Kane Family Foundation Organicaholdings Co. P & C Collins Fund The F. LeMoyne Page Memorial Fund Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Warton and Garrison, LLP Philena Peabody‑Lloyd Trust The Pegasus Foundation Penco Corporation Pfizer, Inc. * The Philene Foundation Kay and Dave Phillips Family Fund Piper Jaffray * Pledgeling Foundation Pollock Personal Foundation Protege Partners Foundation * The Prudential * Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund Rheumatology & Allergy Institute of Connecticut Rochester Area Community Foundation The Rosenthal Family Foundation Rothberg Family Charitable Trust Rugo/Raff Architects, Ltd. Ryan Enterprises Group T. Ragan Ryan Foundation The Saint Paul Foundation The Santoro Family Charitable Foundation SC Johnson Fund * The Schaffner Family Foundation The Schwab Fund For Charitable Giving James H. Shattuck Charitable Lead Trust Sigety Family Foundation Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation * Silicon Valley Community Foundation The Olcott and Lucy Smith Foundation Sommer Family Foundation The Sottovoce Foundation Southern Nevada Welding, Inc. Southern Tier Pediatrics Practice, PC The Jackson E. & Evelyn G. Spears Foundation St. Huberts Foundation Trust


Stanley Black & Decker * Charlotte & Henry G. Stifel Family Foundation T. Rowe Price Program For Charitable Giving Daniel M. Tabas Family Foundation Target Tax, Estate & Business Law, Ltd. Thomson Reuters * Time Warner, Inc. * Alan and Peggy Tishman Foundation, Inc. T.L.L. Temple Foundation * The Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation TPG Capital * Travelers Insurance Co. * The Treasury Chest Ltd. Triangle Community Foundation TSW II Management Company Tuxis‑Ohr’s Fuel, Inc. Twin Chimney, Inc. UBS Financial Services, Inc. * United Technologies * The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust Van Nice Foundation Van Sloun Foundation Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Verizon Communications * VMware, Inc. * Voya Financial * Walt Disney Company * The Ben and Lucy Ana Fund of the Walton Family Foundation, Inc. The Rob and Melani Walton Fund of the Walton Family Foundation. Inc. Wells Fargo * The Malcolm Hewitt Wiener Foundation Wiskocil Family Trust The Meryl and Charles Witmer Charitable Foundation Woo Skincare & Cosmetics Yeager Design, LLC Young Shakespeare Players, Inc.

* = Matching Gift Company


Jeffrey D. Beaton Jonathan R. Macey ’73

Christopher H. Rice ’72

Reggie Bradford

David L. Sack ’75

Anne T. Cagney ’02 Katharine and Jack

Benjamin F. Sylvester, Jr.

Erica L. DeRosa ’95


Carlotta W. Rice ’09

Shmuel Baror

Leeland J. Cole‑Chu ’67


John S. Cobb

Melanie L. Seto ’05

Caitlin P. Farrell Emily Peel

Tom Generous Katherine K. Burdge ’81 Jonathan E. Hirsch ’03

Gayle and Cary Hirsch

in honor gifts

Ann M. Johnson ’05 Sis and Hasty Johnson Parker B. Llewellyn ’62 John T. Beaty, Jr. ’62 Watson Lowery, Jr.

Ethan H. Winter ’92

Julie Macksoud

Kurt ’78 and Kimberly Caswell

Samantha E. Maoz ’14

Carol and Michael Maoz

Eduard B. Munoz‑Sune ’16 Barrie Berg and Antonio Munoz‑Sune

William P. Nowak ’06 Andrew V. Maniglia ’05 Mary F. Pashley

Ethan H. Winter ’92

Carlotta W. Rice ’72

Carlotta W. Rice ’09

◊ = deceased


Pauline H. Anderson Thomas H. Shorten ’68

Burton W. Hales, Jr. ’49 Ceres Foundation

Carl L. Kempner ’41 Michael C. Kempner ’74

Charles M. Rice

Richard A. Belfanti ’78

John B. Hayes ’23

Christopher L. Rives ’76

Dwight P. Black ’49

James T. Healey ’47

Charles W. Kennerly ’85 Kenneth R. Kennerly ’83 Owen C. Kennerly ’87

Ronald J. Chao ’91 Jamie O’Donnell ’80

Susan W. Holinger Christopher W. Holinger ’96

Lawrence P. Coassin Richard Bershtein

Cameron Huang ’95

Alec H. Peterson ’95

Rachelle S. Curry ’89

James B. Igleheart ’41

Thomas B. Curtis ’81

William E. Ireland ’65 James L. Abbott ’65

Barbara and David Webb

Ann‑Elisa Black

Marsha Alleyn Alexander H. Davidson ’89 K. Niles Bryant

in memory gifts

Jack T. Davison

John C. Pogue, III ’62

John T. Downey ’47

Martha J. Fenn Louise T. Healey William H. Kirby ’47 George L. Wachtell ’47

H. Peter Faye ’48 Marilyn M. Faye

Elizabeth W. Foulk ’55 William Foulk

Frances A. Fuller ’27 Frances F. Gunster Mort Fuller Pat Fuller

Zachary Goodyear Dave C. Cushing ’80

Trevor M. Goodyear ’95 Myco T. Huynh ’08 Christian E. R. Leckerling ’99 Georgette C. Mallory ’78 John J. Owens ’75 Ruth and Robert Williams

John B. Hayes ’59

Louise T. Healey

Diane Igleheart

Peter D. Calder ’65 Russell Ford, Jr. ’65 Jeffrey T. LaRiche ’65 David C. McAdoo ’65 Robert Y. White, Jr. ’65 Bruce G. Wilcox ’65

Margaret Marshall James Sayre S. Lukason ’65 Elizabeth S. Jarvis ’83 John de Neufville Penfield Jarvis ’57 Jennifer W. Johnson ’98 Higher Learning Supply Company,

Gary E. Leinbach ’51

Mounir R. Sa’adah

John E. Lincoln Theodore L. Gaillard, Jr. ’56

John H. Sack ’76

Norris Love ’54

John J. Selig ’54

Fayetta C. McKown Joanne Sullivan

Jonathan Milikowsky ’01 Sharon and Daniel Milikowsky Arthur W. Mudge ’47

Mary Mudge

Andrew B. Noel Allyson Brundige

Elizabeth B. Lightfoot ’81 Barbara and David Webb Stacey G. Weber ’81

James J. Phelan Myco T. Huynh ’08 W. Lee Pierson ’57

Worthington Johnson ’32 Worthington Johnson, Jr. ’70

Richard A. R. Pinkham ’32 Richard A. Pinkham, Jr. ’64

John F. Joseph Bradley B. Geist ’62

Richardson Pratt, Jr. ’41 Laura Gregg

Arthur L. Kelly Barbara Kelly Hull

Jane Rives

Stephen C. Russell ’84 Betsy and Joseph Milicia John G. Russell ’46

LLC Worthington Johnson, Jr. ’70 Rodes M. Ponzer ’98

T. Lloyd Kelly ’16

Christopher T. Cory ’58

David L. Kerr ’52 Gail T. Kerr Arlene Leinbach Prince

Joyce and James Spencer


Anne Sa’adah

Shmuel Baror Holly and Alvin Berkon Arpi Emirzian Cicely Hall ’76 David L. Sack ’75

Marten Y. Schepper ’68

Mildred de Schepper

Robert C. Schwarzenbach ’61 Peter M. Schwarzenbach ’72 Johannes J. Shattuck ’93

Bradlee H. Shattuck ’64 James H. Shattuck Charitable Lead Trust

William W. Shirk ’34

James M. Kasson ’60

Herman A. Spigel ’46 John G. Russell ’46 Barbara J. Spigel

P. Gordon B. Stillman

Randall C. Abrams ’67

Umberto Squattrito

Philip J. Squattrito ’78

Thomas R. Pratt ’66

Edward A. Raymond, M.D. ’33 James Raymond

◊ = deceased



Charles A. Sumner, II ’63 Valerie Sumner

Edward S. Tallmadge, Jr. ’54 Marie A. Tallmadge

Diana Nicholson Van Nes ’65 Wendy W. Lofting ’65 Johannes van Straalen Randall C. Abrams ’67

Bradley B. Geist ’62 George R. Hoguet ’65

Baker T. Welch ’72

Katherine W. Caroland ’76

Mabel Breese Wellinghoff ’40

Marilynn and Randall Wingert

Robert H. Williams ’49 Daniel J. ’86 and Heather Courcey, III

in memory gifts

Judy Donald ’66 David Doster Elizabeth Droel Rita and Michael Gerber Charles C. Harrold, III ’64 Robert G. Hynson ’63 James L. Macdonald ’49 Alex R. Murenia ’71 Richard S. Robie, III ’78 Jane Spencer and Joseph Rozak Alyson M. Ulstad ’02 Ralph B. Valentine ’62 Barbara and David Webb Carol and Ronald Whittle

Thomas M. Wyman ’62 William P. Thomas ’62

◊ = deceased

With gratitude for your support.

Annual Giving Report 2015  

Choate Rosemary Hall | Report on Giving 2014-2015

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