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Fall 2017

Triple Play

Community Benefit Report

A Joint Effort

CHKD nurse gains new insights as mom of triplets

Investing in the future of our community

Specialists and therapists treat Tenley on the Peninsula


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FALL 2017

Jim Dahling


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CHKD Checkup

Charting the progress of our health system


A Joint Effort

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Specialists and therapists treat Tenley on the Peninsula

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Better Together

Lifelong friends support each other during hospital stay

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10 Triple Play

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CHKD nurse gains new insights as mom of triplets

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14 Community Benefit Report

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Investing in the future of our community

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Fifteen-month-old Waylon visits the CHKD Craniofacial Center following surgery to correct craniosynostosis – a skull abnormality. CHKD’s craniofacial program sees 500 patients and performs about 40 corrective surgeries for this condition each year.

FALL 2017


CHKD Checkup Charting the progress of our health system.


This new designation means CHKD meets the criteria for the highest level of

More than 100 CHKD pediatricians, specialists and surgeons

multidisciplinary trauma care, and kids with the most serious traumatic injuries

were recognized by their peers

can be transported directly to CHKD. In the past, these young trauma patients

as being the best in their field in

were taken to adult trauma centers first before coming to CHKD. More than

Hampton Roads. For a full list of

10,000 children with trauma-related injuries are treated at CHKD each year.

Top Docs, visit CHKD.org/TopDocs.

CHKD earns Level I pediatric trauma designation

That’s a wrap! Three CHKD transport vehicles got a new look thanks to the We Promise Foundation. The exteriors were designed specifically by local artist OnieTonie to reduce fear and provide distraction for children and to reflect the unique services of CHKD. These mobile intensive care units offer the highest level of neonatal and pediatric intensive care to children throughout the region who require transport to CHKD.


Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters

5,000 young athletes receive athletic training services from CHKD sports medicine as the exclusive provider for Virginia Rush Soccer.

A heartfelt welcome to Dr. Philip Smith, CHKD’s new chief of cardiac

10 sets of triplets

surgery. The CHKD Heart Center is part of a regional

were cared for in CHKD’s NICU last year along

collaborative between University of Virginia

with 49 sets of twins. Learn more about how

Children’s Hospital and CHKD to improve outcomes

CHKD cares for multiples like Claire, Levi and

for children with complex congenital heart defects.

Charlotte, pictured here and on page 10.

FALL 2017



Anna Lloyd, a CHKD physical therapist, uses kid-friendly activities like roller-skating to treat Tenley’s arthritis and manage her pain at CHKD’s new Health Center at Lightfoot.


Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters

DeVenio Glenn Bashaw


A Joint Effort Specialists and therapists treat Tenley on the Peninsula


our-year-old Tenley Fredrickson of Yorktown shares a seat with her sister, Piper, whispering and giggling as she waits for her physical therapy session at the CHKD Health Center at Lightfoot in Williamsburg. She’s wearing a yellow bracelet today, which means she’s in a so-so mood according to her mom, Bree, who uses a three bracelet system – green, yellow and red – to help Tenley show how she is feeling each morning. But when Anna Lloyd, a CHKD physical therapist, comes out to greet her, Tenley hops up, takes Anna’s hand and heads to the gym with a smile. Watching her jump and play, it is hard to imagine that just two years ago Tenley could barely stand. adult arthritis,” says Bree. “A variety of stressors can set off Around the time of Tenley’s second birthday, Bree her symptoms, and she can be in a lot of pain. But Tenley noticed her daughter’s left knee had become a little is a trouper, she handles this challenge – even the weekly misshapen. Within three weeks Tenley could no longer shots – with such courage and determination.” walk or even stand in her crib. “Seeing your toddler in If left untreated, JIA can cause permanent damage pain like that is heartbreaking. We didn’t know what was to joints and interfere with bone growth, so Tenley’s causing this drastic change, and we were scared,” says Bree. multidisciplinary care includes visits to the CHKD Health In October of 2014, Tenley was referred to CHKD and and Surgery Center at Oyster Point for appointments with diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis or JIA. JIA is Dr. Cassyanne Aguiar, a pediatric arthritis that affects children before rheumatologist, every 12 weeks. the age of 16 and causes symptoms “I love caring for kids like Tenley,” that can include joint swelling, says Dr. Aguiar. “And since no two redness, stiffness and pain. It is children are affected by the disease an autoimmune disease in which in exactly the same way, my work as a child’s immune system causes a pediatric rheumatologist is always inflammation in the joints. interesting.” Children with JIA make Approximately 300,000 children almost 700 visits to CHKD each year. in the U.S. have some form of In addition to medication, arthritis. JIA, the most common, physical and occupational therapies has six subtypes based on the prevent joint stiffness, maintain number of affected joints and -Bree, Tenley’s mom dexterity and build muscle strength other accompanying conditions. to better support weak joints. In addition to her weekly Tenley has oligoarticular JIA, defined as arthritis in four physical therapy sessions at Lightfoot, Tenley participates or fewer joints. Tenley’s JIA currently affects her left knee, in regular occupational therapy sessions at the CHKD right wrist and two fingers. She takes medication twice Health Center at Butler Farm in Hampton. a day to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. She also Turning the hard work of therapy into an hour of fun and receives home injections every week to suppress the joint progress is what CHKD therapists do best. To help Tenley inflammation caused by her JIA. exercise her finger joints, she scooters around an obstacle “Most people don’t associate arthritis with young course on her belly, using her fingers to steer in the right children, and they may not realize how different it is from

“Most people don’t associate arthritis with young children, and they may not realize how different it is from adult arthritis.”

FALL 2017


direction. “In occupational therapy we do activities like this to focus on range of motion and flexibility in Tenley’s hand and wrist,” says Ashley Williams, a CHKD occupational therapist. Physical therapy sessions include kid-friendly activities too, like roller-skating and throwing a basketball, to help Tenley with issues like endurance, balance and pain management. “We want to make sure Tenley is able to play and enjoy life with the least amount of restriction possible,” says Anna. Children with oligoarticular JIA are also at a particularly high risk for chronic eye inflammation or uveitis, which can lead to vision loss. So Tenley makes regular visits to Dr. Eric Crouch, a pediatric ophthalmologist at CHKD, to keep a close watch on her vision. She also sees CHKD specialists in allergy, otolaryngology and pulmonology – receiving her care at the CHKD Health and Surgery Center at Oyster Point. “We’re so grateful to be able to get all of the care Tenley needs so close to home,” says Bree. “We know families who travel six hours just to be seen by a pediatric rheumatologist. We are lucky Tenley is able to see all of her specialists and therapists right here on the Peninsula at facilities specifically designed just for kids. We’ve even made a trip or two to the CHKD Urgent Care at Tech Center in Newport News.” Children with JIA, like Tenley, can be considered in remission after a period of time without any symptoms or additional affected areas. Unfortunately, JIA symptoms can continue into adulthood and flare ups, commonly triggered by infection, stress or intense physical activity, can occur at any time. So Tenley will continue to be followed by her CHKD care team for many years to come. With the help of her family and CHKD, Tenley will have many green bracelet days ahead. “Managing Tenley’s illness takes a lot of work, but we have seen a huge improvement in her condition over the last two years thanks to the great care she receives at CHKD,” says Bree. “It gives me hope for her future. A healthy future.”

Dr. Cassyanne Aguiar

Dr. Eric Crouch

Dr. Cassyanne Aguiar is a pediatric rheumatologist with Children’s Specialty Group, PLLC, at CHKD. Dr. Eric Crouch is a pediatric ophthalmologist at Virginia Pediatric Eye Center. For more information on CHKD’s services on the Peninsula, visit CHKD.org/Peninsula.


Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters

“We are lucky Tenley is able to see all of her specialists and therapists right here on the Peninsula at facilities specifically designed just for kids.” -Bree, Tenley’s mom

Tenley works with Ashley Williams, a CHKD occupational therapist, to maintain flexibility in her right wrist, which is affected by JIA.

FALL 2017


Best friends Shelby (left) and Dana take a break from their therapy sessions to laugh a little and support each other during overlapping stays in CHKD’s inpatient rehabilitation unit.


Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters


Better Together


Susan Lowe

For Shelby, treatment in CHKD’s inpatient rehabilitation unit is nothing new. So when she returned to the unit following surgery this summer, she quickly settled into a familiar room – the exact same room she stayed in almost a decade ago. But this time, in the room right next to hers, she saw a familiar face – her best friend, Dana, who was also recovering from surgery. Both longtime patients at CHKD, Dana and Shelby are longtime friends, too – together since their preschool days. Now high school students at Kempsville High School in Virginia Beach, they were delighted by the unexpected overlap in their rehab stay. They even had a pizza party to celebrate their first night together in the hospital. While inpatient rehabilitation can be intense – including three or four hours a day of physical and occupational therapy – there’s nothing like the cheers from your best friend to keep you going. “Dana and Shelby really motivated each other to achieve their therapy goals, and after their sessions, they shared stories and helped one another stay positive despite the challenges they faced each day,” says Kelly Pierce, a physical therapist at CHKD. CHKD’s pediatric inpatient rehabilitation unit is the only one of its kind in Virginia, and children, teens and young adults from across the commonwealth and along the East Coast are admitted each year. The unit helps patients develop new skills or regain those that have been lost due to accidents, illnesses or surgeries. “What really makes the inpatient rehab unit at CHKD special is the phenomenal team of physicians, nurses, therapists, case workers and teachers that work with patients and families every day,” says Dr. Charles Dillard, a pediatric physical medicine and rehabilitation physician at CHKD. “Our entire focus is on maximizing a child’s function and independence so they can go home safely and get back to doing what they love to do.” Thanks to the crossover in their treatment, Dana and Shelby were able to get back to doing their favorite things before they even left the hospital – watching movies, sharing pizza and just hanging out together. “It was awesome to have a friend on the rehab unit,” says Shelby. “And I know Dana felt the same way. It was nice knowing we were there for each other.” FALL 2017



Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters

Feature Claire, Levi and Charlotte snuggle together for the first time since their birth. The triplets were each born weighing less than 3 pounds and spent eight weeks in CHKD’s NICU before going home.


Kent Susan Lowe

CHKD nurse gains new insights as mom of triplets

hen Laura Warner gave birth to triplets 12 weeks ahead of schedule – each weighing less than 3 pounds – a team from CHKD was waiting to immediately take the babies from Sentara Norfolk General through the adjoining hallways to CHKD’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). The NICU can be an intimidating place for parents of a critically ill newborn, but to Laura, it was familiar territory. She’d spent hundreds of nights there at the bedside of dozens of tiny babies as a registered nurse with special certification in neonatal intensive care. “Being a NICU nurse at CHKD definitely helped prepare me for what our babies would face, but it was still very scary,” says Laura. “And, although the medical jargon, tubes, wires and equipment all came second nature to me, the thing that reassured me most was knowing that our babies would have an amazing team looking after them.” Within 20 minutes, a member of the CHKD NICU team returned to Sentara to give Laura and her husband, PJ, an update on the triplets. “I knew they were in good hands,” says Laura. “But, it was very reassuring to get news so quickly that the babies were doing well.” As the largest and only subspecialty civilian NICU in the region, CHKD is able to provide the highest and most sophisticated level of neonatal care to the tiniest and most critically ill babies in Hampton Roads and beyond. In addition to more than a dozen CHKD neonatologists and neonatal nurse practitioners caring for babies in the 62-bed unit, the hospital is equipped to provide surgical repair of complex congenital conditions and has a full range of pediatric medical and surgical specialists as well as pediatric anesthesiologists on site. FALL 2017


“I know they did so well thanks to CHKD, and I wouldn’t have wanted them cared for anywhere else.” -Laura Warner “Each year, we care for nearly 500 babies – many transported here from as far as North Carolina and the Eastern Shore of Virginia,” says Dr. Glen Green, a neonatologist at CHKD. “Our capacity to provide advanced care to these babies allows us to initiate definitive treatment sooner, while giving families the added benefit of having their babies cared for close to home.” The triplets – identical twin girls, Charlotte and Claire, and their brother, Levi – spent eight weeks in CHKD’s NICU before they were strong enough to come home. During that time, the couple experienced support and services from CHKD that go far beyond medicine. “Since I work nights, I never fully realized how much goes into the care of the babies and their families. It goes far beyond the doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners,” says Laura. “From family support coordinators, lactation consultants and social workers to case managers, child life specialists and chaplain services, we were surrounded by people who answered all our questions and fulfilled our every need.” The triplets thrived during their time in the NICU, with no surgery or major setbacks, and were able to go home ahead of schedule. “We were blessed to have a smooth stay without any serious complications along the way,” says Laura. “I know they did so well thanks to CHKD, and I wouldn’t have wanted them cared for anywhere else.” Although Laura’s nursing experience made her journey as a NICU mom a little different than many of the parents of her patients, she has gained a new understanding of what it’s like to be on the other side of the isolette. “No matter how much someone knows about the NICU, it will never prepare you for the emotions you feel when your own children need that level of care,” Laura says. “Instead of sympathizing with my patient families, I can actually empathize with them now. I think that will make me an even better nurse.”

Dr. Glen Green is a neonatologist with Children’s Specialty Group, PLLC, at CHKD. For more information on CHKD’s NICU, visit CHKD.org/NICU. Dr.thankful Glen Greenfor his health and the support Today Gannon is of his mom, Nancy; brother, Colton; and dad, Chad.


Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters

CHKD NICU nurse, Laura Warner, and husband, PJ, wrap up their stay at the hospital with their first family photos. Despite her experience caring for hundreds of other tiny babies, becoming a mom to Claire, Levi and Charlotte has given her a new perspective. “Instead of sympathizing with my patient families, I can actually empathize with them now.�

FALL 2017


Community Benefit Report

Investing in the future of our community. Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters was founded more than 50 years ago on the premise that every child deserves equal access to the best possible pediatric care. Today, CHKD works to identify and meet the most pressing healthcare needs of our community’s young people through a diverse offering of community benefit programs and services. CHKD’s community benefits ease the government’s burden of caring for our region’s neediest and most vulnerable children. Our community benefit programs also subsidize medical services available nowhere else in the area, advance knowledge of children’s health issues, and help build a safer, healthier community for all of our children. In the year that ended June 30, 2016, CHKD’s total community benefit expenses, minus offsetting revenue, topped $100 million.

$29 million

$50 million

Medicaid and Charity Care

Subsidized Health Services

CHKD has always cared for every child who needs our services, regardless of their ability to pay or what kind of insurance they have. In 2016, 62 percent of CHKD’s inpatient days were covered by Medicaid, which paid us $27.7 million less than our true cost of providing care. The hospital also provided $2 million in charity care.

CHKD provides the specialized services children need to receive care close to home and school during a health challenge. Examples of our subsidized services include our childhood cancer program, our pediatric weightmanagement program, our child abuse program, behavioral and mental health services and urgent care.

CHKD’s Total Community 14

Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters

Greyson, age 2, of Yorktown was born weighing 1 pound, 9 ounces and spent 200 days in CHKD’s NICU.

$14 million

$6 million

Community Health Improvement Education and Research CHKD works with local partners and agencies to formally assess the pediatric healthcare needs in our community and design programs to meet them. Examples of these programs include our neonatal outreach program, medical social work, our community outreach program, parenting classes and costs associated with the development of our community benefit program.

As the regional authority on pediatric health and wellness, CHKD invests in education and research that advances the understanding of pediatric medicine and shares this knowledge with community partners. In addition, we are committed to the future care of children through our pediatric residency program and fellowships in fields such as child abuse and pediatric emergency medicine.

Benefit: $100 million Source: CHKD’s IRS Form 990, Schedule H, FY 2016

FALL 2017


Philanthropy Matters

Your support saves lives.


ineteen-year-old Jacary has sickle cell disease, a chronic life-threatening genetic disorder that affects his body’s red blood cells. He has made more than 300 visits to CHKD – his first when he was only a month old. Because of donors like you, Jacary is able to receive the lifesaving treatments he needs to survive and has access to programs that help him cope as he lives with a currently incurable illness. A planned gift to CHKD helps local children get the pediatric care they need to fight serious illnesses and recover from traumatic injuries. Selecting CHKD as the beneficiary of your retirement plan or insurance policy or including CHKD in your will can give sick children the care they need for years to come. Please consider including CHKD in your estate plans so that kids like Jacary can continue to get the care they need. Contact Susan Carriker, director of gift planning, at (757) 668-7070 or email her at legacy@chkd.org to find out how your legacy gift can make a difference.


Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters

Memorials | Philanthropy Matters

Memorials Memorial gifts received between March 1 and June 30, 2017. Peggy D. Anninos Jeanne Polizos Ross Gale Coffin Arnoux Elizabeth Dudley Mariel Arrington Elaine P. Bowser Anna Scalco Ashbee Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Chowns Mr. & Mrs. Peter Easton Dr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Fiveash, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James K. Hall Ellen K. Hill William F. Hudgins III Edmond & Ramona Humphries Patricia K. Hyatt The Cary L. Jarvis Family Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Kayer Blanche B. Nusbaum Mr. & Mrs. William Shepherd Nancy Strange Layne J. Tarbutton Mr. & Mrs. Charles Taylor Mr. & Mrs. B. J. White Dr. Berton Ashman Ross & Anne Legum Lauren Wintermyer Ashton Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Brown Dorothy Pharis Baldwin Linda Baldwin Terry L. Banbury Mr. & Mrs. Allen D. Hodges Scottie Sue Davis Bateman Mr. & Mrs. Peter O. Allan Brandon Gabriel Beasley Mr. & Mrs. Harry A. Potter Karoline “Karla” Beasley Steve & Peggy (Brown) Shinall Robert Hauck Malcolm Kerley Angie & Frank Roediger Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Warner Alma Beisel CB Richard Ellis of Virginia Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Prestridge Mr. Brian L. & Dr. Renee B. Schoenfeld James Wesley Billings Sandra Sullivan Margaretta R. Bolding Jeanne P. Ross John Borrs Cheryl S. Farrer Mildred “Jakie” Breit Mr. & Mrs. Yale Nesson Mr. & Mrs. Howard J. Unger

Paula Bell Bridgers Geneva Armes Creeksville Baptist Church & Ruth Sunday School Class Mr. & Mrs. Bernie D. Futrell Robert Futrell Bonnie Jenkins Marson, Janna, David, Jamie, Erin & Joe Lindberg John & Linda Armes Mott Michael Brooks Karen S. Gershman Betty Brown Ernestine Bunch June Browning Mr. & Mrs. Frank M. Palmer Daniel James Buchanan Scott & Ginny Grafton Edna Burford Vernon A. Burford Nathan Allen Byrd Ginny Kaylor Philip C. Cabibi Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Shelton Dorothy Cahoon Ernestine Bunch Anne L. Campana Georgeanna, Christen, Caitlin & Mason Neal Pamela H. Cardona Stanton Partners Anna Christopher Mike & Brenda Hildreth Werner Coleman’s Sister Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Weintrob Constance Miles Conrad Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin G. Cottrell IV Dr. & Mrs. J. Parker Cross Jr. Betty Darden Holley Darden Lee Furr William & Kyle Furr Howard E. Gill Jr. The Heilig Family Endurance IT Services Ralph Land & Family Mr. & Mrs. Grover C. Outland Jr. Audrey Parrot Mr. & Mrs. John M. Payne Nancy Simpson Mr. & Mrs. Douglas E. Standley Virginia M. Syer Mr. & Mrs. Guilford D. Ware Mr. & Mrs. Ares Zarkos Daniel J. Coonan The Freeman Family Pam Cordova Dorothy C. Payne

Richard Cornwell Rosa Redmon & Margaret John Jay Councill Mr. & Mrs. Brock G. Dashiell Jonathan Lee Coverston Anne M. Lohr Jimmie Lee Craddock Trudie Arrington Janet P. Carson Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Schaefer The Vansant & Gusler Family Mr. & Mrs. Stu Todd Caroline Mary Crispino Karen Kanell Matthew H. Curle Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Drake Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Fowler Jon & Melissa Hlinovsky Ann Jones Mr. & Mrs. David M. Joyner & Family Rose B. Parker Mr. & Mrs. Bruce E. Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Rose Scott & Associates, Inc. Realtors Mary Lee & Dean Warren

George, Daniella & Eleonora Scarpati Faith J. Wheatley Pam Wilson Ann Lorraine Filipowski Mr. & Mrs. Francis Filipowski Adam & Tinie Filipowski Anne M. Gilday Mr. & Mrs. Jack Memmelaar Tidewatchers Booster Club David Finder Sherry Lieberman Edward Fitzpatrick Jr. Gloria Duff Howco, Inc. Mary E. Howerin & Robert Harrison Mr. & Mrs. John C. McLemore Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Parker Scott Dean Waitzer Joyce B. Forehand Rita J. Beckman Joan F. Staszak Berline Waterfield & The Lunch Bunch Nancy Leitman Forman Jeffrey Chernitzer

Eliza Hope Darby Little Neck Circle

Ed & Glenda Coyne

Draven Day Glenn & Wanda Vanderbilt

Paula Eisen

Troy Dixon Mr. & Mrs. Frank M. Palmer

Mr. & Mrs. R. Thomas Edwards Jr. Barbara Harmon Mr. & Mrs. Yale Nesson Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Weintrob

Kathleen Dombrowski Mr. & Mrs. Ron Beck

Alberta Fricke Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Jones

Denice L. Donahue Michael L. Donahue

Anne Hines Fuller Susan & Glenn Adams

Jacqueline Dulong Karen S. Gershman

Deborah “Debbie” Garrison The Bartolotta Family Amber Best Peggy Brown Blake & Jen Cunningham & Family Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Cunningham International Longshoremen’s Association #970 Mr. & Mrs. Jim Kendall Dr. & Mrs. Harry R. Lustig Chris Randall Nanette Randall Diane H. Renfrow Todd & Shannon Stucker & Family Brenda A. Williams

Roseann Easterbrooks James Easterbrooks Neal Anthony Edgerton Barbara D. Pucciarelli Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Sanborn Col. Robert A. Evans Marion W. Baylor Julia W. Wood Zoe Olivia Ewing Judith R. Mattoon Joyce Dallas MacCurdy Fashbaugh James Fashbaugh Donald Greaser Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Johnson & Family Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Levine & Family Diane Grace Fiedorczyk Mr. & Mrs. John Frank Paula Colizzo Michelle Corazza Karen La Valley Mr. & Mrs. Mahlon W. Lineaweaver Patricia & Ron Padula Sandy Remshifsky Lorelei Russo

Sandra K. Gates Mary E. McBride Hannah Clarisse Geise Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Hawk Cecelia Gillikin Emil A. Viola Brig Gen Melvin A. Goers USA (RET) Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Hofmann Dr. N. Turner Gray Mr. & Mrs. William G. Ouzts Nan Pointer

FALL 2017


Philanthropy Matters | Memorials Quin Briggs Gray Mr. & Mrs. Francis I. Bartlett

William “Monk” Jernigan Brenda S. Gwyn

Patricia Ann Griggs Ann Jones & Family

Catherine Elizabeth Johnson 3rd NC Calvary Richard Bledsoe Aubrey Landon Burcham Mr. & Mrs. David W. Burcham Mr. & Mrs. Jason Curle Brandon, Desiree & Cecilia Skinner Mildred B. Johnston Mr. & Mrs. William W. Jones Lynette C. Lowe Elizabeth Sims & Elaine Boone

Lenora Gunther Mr. & Mrs. Karl W. Gunther John Douglas Hagerman Karen S. Gershman Judy Hathaway Alice J. Brady Nina Hermes Vivian R. Vann

Krissa Maercklein Bunting Capital Management - Kevin, Donna & Allison CB Richard Ellis of Virginia Inc. Friends at Things Remembered Benjamin Malakai Fidelina Gonzalez Glenn Mallery Elain & Worth Cooper Mary Ann Estes Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Smart Marie CAPT & Mrs. Wick R. Harlan Jr. USN (RET)

Yvonne Mason Hiatt Carrie & Bob Nyberg Mr. & Mrs. Stuart C. Saul Robin Tull & The TFG Team

Vera Judd Gayle Cox

William Kelley Hill Eastern Shore Community College ERASC

Charlotte Keels Debra Shumate

Hugh B. “Chuck” Marshall C V International. Inc. Olive L. De Ladurantaye Greta Gustavson & Gary Naigle Optimist Club of Norfolk Mr. & Mrs. Grover C. Outland Jr.

Susan Broyles Kennedy Jeanne Polizos Ross

Richard M. Marshall, III Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Goldstein

Freer Gray Kiger III Mr. & Mrs. Paul Murry Pitts

Kate Maxwell Norma F. Rosenberry

Garrett Asher King Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Hottel

Mary Patricia McFadden Flowers - Wayne Jones Mr. & Mrs. Aubrey Eugene Loving Jr.

Jamie Matthew Hirsch Rosemary A. Fischbach Allen R. Hogge Frances S. Alexander Rivers Bray Holland Norma F. Rosenberry Colin Patrick Holtman Melody Buntemeyer Sally Ann Lazorchak Phoebus Events Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Schwartz

Gertrude Kahn Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Kahn

Gloria Krause Evelyn Hundley Josephine Rose Lampitt Andrew Lampitt Constance Curtis Laws Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Aufenger

Michael Hopkins Dwan & Mike Craft

Nate Leagan Mr. & Mrs. Gary C. Leagan

Ellen Horn Cilda Meltzer

Fred E. Lee Ruth L. Reed

Danielle A. Howerton Eliza Carter Ginny Kaylor

Evan Lin Eric Lin

Michel Hubert North-South Skirmish Association’s Tidewater Region Nicholas Andrew Hurdle Mr. & Mrs. A. L. Hurdle Jr. Virginia T. Hurdle

Patricia S. Lindemann Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Aufenger Dr. Michele L. Lombardo Trisha Arnell Marianne Stack

Selena Itze Cristina Itze

Myrna Lowe Cathy Jernigan Myrtle C. Rountree Evelyn B. Willey

Elmo Jernigan Gladys S. Spruill

Aubrey Lynn Macon Xi Delta Delta Chapter

Graham McGurgan Mr. & Mrs. Damon Patrick McGurgan Mr. & Mrs. John McGurgan Cameron A. McKinley Glenda I. McKinley Velma McKown Mr. & Mrs. Ellis H. Ives Kathleen Hope White Midgett Mr. & Mrs. J. Dennis Brennan Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Langan Mr. & Mrs. Michael Langan William Langan Billie LaVerdi Mr. & Mrs. Charles McAteer The Wiseman Family Mr. & Mrs. Michael Yolles Caroline Miller Mr. & Mrs. Steven Lieberman Malcolm Moody Clarice V. Moody Linda W. Morgan Jimmie & Mary Andrews Christopher Academy Board of Trustees Mr. & Mrs. John W. Failes

Your old car can bring new hope to kids at CHKD. If you would like to donate an operational car, truck or boat to CHKD, please contact CHKD’s auto auction company at (757) 487-3464 for details.


Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters

Hearndon Construction Corporation Mr. & Mrs. John Nelms John E. Pappas Mr. & Mrs. Trey Piersall Dr. & Mrs. Renato F. Ramirez Williams, Mullen, Clark & Dobbins Christine C. Nyman Peter Decker Children’s Charity Inc. Joyce O’Leary Wilson The Nelson Family Gene O’Leary Mr. & Mrs. Emanuel A. Arias Harriet Orleans Mr. & Mrs. Howard J. Unger Jonathan C. Papendick Barbara C. Kledzik Charlotte Paulsen M. Lee Payne S. Frank Blocker Jr. Meriwether Lee Payne Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Aufenger William T. Pearson Mr. & Mrs. Herbert K. Bangel Jean Bankos Virginia P. Barnes Mr. & Mrs. William D. Beard Denise Butler Mr. & Mrs. Homer C. Carlisle III Mildred R. Cooper Cindy Dixon & Mike Romaniw Mary Lou Dixon Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Early Chuck Fox Mr. & Mrs. John Franklin III Steve & Royce Frazier Hardee Realty Corporation Michael W. Horner The Hrubiec Family Mr. & Mrs. James R. Landrigan Mr. & Mrs. W. Ashton Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Mattax Dr. & Mrs. Glenwood E. Morris Thaddeus Nowak John E. Pappas Gladys B. Pearson Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Pearson Mr. & Mrs. Bryce Powell Rosa Redmon - Glearers Class Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Sondej Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Strattner TowneBank Commercial Lending Family VBMC

WRITTEN BY Danielle DeVenio • PHOTOGRAPHY BY Liz McDougall

Donor Spotlight | Philanthropy Matters

The healing power of art

Steve Sigmon (center) at his historic Norfolk home with nephew Brother Shawn, wife Vanessa and niece Ariel. and Meredith Rutter (from left) joined artist Ryan McGinness, his wife, Trish, and Larissa Trinder of CHKD to celebrate “Energy,” a mural designed by Ryan and installed at the CHKD Health Center at Landstown.

“We are happy to have a meaningful way to express our gratitude and help other families that need CHKD.” – Meredith Rutter


rother and Meredith Rutter of Virginia Beach have been influential patrons of the arts for many years. Recently, they’ve discovered a way to combine their shared love for contemporary art with a commitment to support and inspire local children at CHKD. “We know CHKD changes the lives of children for the better, and we believe art has the power to do that too,” says Brother. Meredith agrees. “Supporting CHKD is a great fit for us because ultimately we share a similar mission - to make a positive difference in the lives of local families,” she says. The Rutter Family Art Foundation (RFAF) was established in 2014 to foster community engagement with contemporary art, especially people who might not have the opportunity to go to a museum or art show. “We don’t just want to create our own art exhibitions. We want to fuel the projects of other organizations like CHKD that affect the entire community,” says Brother. The RFAF has been instrumental in supporting the efforts of CHKD’s Creative Arts Council which formed largely as a result of this partnership and brings significant art installations

that are fully funded by philanthropy to CHKD facilities. Works such as “Energy,” a mural created by nationally acclaimed artist and Virginia Beach native Ryan McGinness, provide important distractions, help children feel safe and calm and encourage the healing process. “We know that art has many emotional and physical benefits. We want to bring those benefits to everyone in Hampton Roads, and I can’t imagine a better setting for that than CHKD,” says Brother. With family roots in the region, Brother and Meredith appreciate CHKD’s expert pediatric care as parents of Carter and Austin. “Our family has certainly been lucky to have CHKD nearby, and we recognize what an incredible resource the health system is to our community,” says Meredith. “We are happy to have a meaningful way to express our gratitude and help other families that need CHKD.” Brother agrees. “We know everyone at CHKD is dedicated to providing the best possible care and healing experience to every patient, and we are proud to be a small part of that effort.” FALL 2017


Danielle DeVenio • PHOTOGRAPHY BY Rich Radford

Philanthropy Matters | Donor Spotlight

Support for behavioral health

The Chas Foundation presented a $40,000 gift to support CHKD’s behavioral health program this year. Pictured here from left are board members Beth Lloyd and Margaret Ballard, Executive Director Beau Kirkwood, President Tucker Corprew and board member Jane Steinhilber.

“Early intervention is key when it comes to mental health issues, which is one of the many reasons why supporting CHKD aligns with our mission so well.” – Tucker Corprew


or Tucker Corprew, supporting CHKD’s behavioral health program is not only a priority, it’s deeply personal. A native of Norfolk, Tucker spent decades working in the local medical community while raising her three sons. When her middle son Charles (Chas) Kirkwood, who had suffered from mental health challenges since childhood, ultimately lost his life to suicide at the age of 34, Tucker channeled her devastation into advocacy. She and her youngest son, Beau Kirkwood, established The Chas Foundation in Chas’ memory – a grassroots movement dedicated to helping families find effective treatment for their loved ones with behavioral health challenges. “Early intervention is key when it comes to mental health issues, which is one of the many reasons why supporting CHKD aligns with our mission so well,” says Tucker, president of The Chas Foundation. “As a mother who has experienced the difficulties of getting mental health services for her child, I know how critical it is to support CHKD’s expansion of pediatric behavioral health services.” “One in five children has a diagnosable mental health condition,” says Stephanie Osler, director of integrated behavioral and social support services at CHKD. “With the help of community partners like Tucker, Beau and their board members, we are working 20

Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters

together to meet the growing demand for our program’s services and delivering evidence-based, mental health services to more local children.” Support from The Chas Foundation has helped CHKD provide advanced training and education for behavioral health providers as well as specialized behavioral health training for CHKD pediatricians. “CHKD’s program is making it possible for more local children to start getting the care they need sooner, which is crucial in helping these children live happy, successful lives,” says Beau, the foundation’s executive director. “By providing mental health training to more physicians, there is a wider network of professionals who can help address this critical need.” “CHKD is an invaluable resource for families facing lifethreatening illnesses of all kinds – including mental health challenges – and The Chas Foundation is proud to support the collaborative and innovative work CHKD is doing to help children and their families,” says Tucker. “We know that supporting CHKD benefits the overall health and well-being of the entire community, and we share the hospital’s commitment to help local children find a way through their most challenging health crises,” says Beau.

Memorials | Philanthropy Matters Rachel Lynn Peckham MSGT Everett W. Peckham USAF (RET) Peggy Gillroy Peek Laura Buzard & Jeff Jones Ione Pegram Drs. Linda D. Pegram & David Dorofi James Russell Polliard Horace Adams CDI Marine Family Chesapeake Crime Line Board of Directors Sheriff Jim O’Sullivan & Staff of the Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office Christian & Pugh Water Well Drilling & Service Mr. & Mrs. Barry French Mr. & Mrs. Paul Going Bernadette, John & Andrew McGrath Mr. & Mrs. James E. Thompson Shirley Post Larry Adamson Mr. & Mrs. James C. Johnson Rosemary Wheeler Karen Prince Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Hardway Ruth Leckie Martin Queen Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Jones James Landon Jase Radke Kimberly McClure John B. Rawls Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Tarkenton COL Henry H. Reichner Jr. USMC (RET) Karen S. Gershman

Mr. & Mrs. Alton M. Jenkins Judy B. Powell Aaron Rickerson

Carter Suggs Linda J. Sams Mr. & Mrs. Howard J. Unger

Lewis “Louie” Vanderslice Lena Scarborough Lisa Coleman, The King’s Daughters

Evelyn Royster Mr. & Mrs. Karl W. Gunther

Lorene Sutton Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School Faculty & Staff Mary & Martha Class

Ashley Morgan Via The Childress Family Mr. & Mrs. Walter C. Evans Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William S. Hull

Paisley Grace Szymanski Patty Porter, Debbie, Rachel & Jon Xi Delta Delta Chapter

Amanda Ryan Ward Mr. & Mrs. Andrew S. Jordan Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Ward

Landon Sanderl Mr. & Mrs. Phil Helman & Family James E. Schleeper Michael Schleeper Leo & Edith Schocklin Sheila V. Jamison-Schwartz Rev. Richard J. & Rev. Evelyn G. Keever Michael Rashkind Daniel Ryan Delores B. Schubert The Honorable & Mrs. E. Everett Bagnell Leona Plemmons Scott Mr. & Mrs. Asa M. Manning Mary A. Sentell Richard T. Beshears William Bill Shanley, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Marvin M. Aldridge Jackson Howard Shumate The Wine & Dine Ladies Mr. & Mrs. John Shumate Christine “Polly” Simpson Laura Wood The Honorable & Mrs. E. Everett Bagnell Robert Simpson Virginia Lee Bagnell Elly Smith

Emily Eldene Tessenear Trisha Arnel Mr. & Mrs. Marc J. Samuels Benjamin M. Thorpe Jeff & Donna Buenting Mr. & Mrs. Richard Dixon & Family Pat & Chris Goll The MMP Team Linda & Chris Neronski Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Ventura Jean M. Thurston The Freeland Family Greater Hampton Roads Regional Crime Lines Inc. Kathleen L. Murray LaVan Timmons, Jr. Daily Press Newsroom Friends & Colleagues LaVan K. Timmons CAPT Howard Stanley Tugwell Jerry Kantor Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Aufenger William “Sonny” Turner Mr. & Mrs. Frank M. Palmer Mr. & Mrs. James N. Hollomon

Catherine Rose Rendon Concetta Rendon

Ruby Sinclair Vicky Aldridge Sue K. Moorefield

Isaiah Matthew Richardson Darryl Benton Brian Malak

Kezia T. Smith Nellie E. Savage Anthony Smith

Louise “Vicki” Marie Tuthill Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Camperson Joan Christopher Janice & Keith James Brigette Proctor

Jean B. Rickerson Mr. & Mrs. Willie Johan Cheely Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Elks

Quentin A. Stevenson Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Jones Susan & Shelby Swisher

Shirley Van Horn Pam Church & Your Virginia Cousins Mr. & Mrs. Allen D. Hodges

Craig West Steve M. Hornstein Barbara West Beverly & Emily White Ronald & Tammy Berkebile Virginia Beach Planning Department Ed Weeden Emily Michelle White Mr. & Mrs. Larry Champion Gia Lafferty Evelyn Williard Joseph Brown Jeff & Mona Flax Helene Grablowsky Eleanor Marshall Ann, Phil & Taylor Stephens Anne D. Waldrop Mr. & Mrs. B. J. White Timothy Elliott Wood Jr. Charles A. Vail, Jr. Chase Allen Wuchter Mr. & Mrs. Bill F. Eason Katherine “Katie” Wynberry Mickey & Stuart Held Mr. & Mrs. Barry Kantor Robert J. Yates North-South Skirmish Association’s Tidewater Region Julie M. Young Ralph R. Young

Matching makes a difference.

Many companies offer employees a matching gift benefit that increases your contribution to CHKD. Matching gifts make a critical difference to our patients. When making your gift to CHKD, please check to see if your employer has a corporate matching gift program at CHKD.org/MatchYourGift.

FALL 2017


Philanthropy Matters | Honors


Honor gifts received between March 1 and June 30, 2017. 501st Legion Eben Mayorga

Max Chipman Mr. & Mrs. James Burok & Tallula

Felix Amar Elise & Alex Berkowitz*

Elaine Chismer Carolyn Cloninger Dr. & Mrs. John Guglielmetti

Carol Badran Lynda L. Badran

Ditchley Road Kids Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fine Annamarie Dubossi Mr. & Mrs. Ralph L. Dubossi Oliver R. Dunkle Mr. & Mrs. Sammy Kramer Susan Fleet John Fleet Piper Gill Mr. & Mrs. Matt Kelly

CHKD Staff Mr. & Mrs. Bill F. Eason

Zachary Gist Jordan Gist

Bailey & Carter Chowns Mr. & Mrs. Warren D. Lewis

Brenda Goodrow Mr. & Mrs. John Meservey

Diana Church Pamela J. Groover

Glenn Gray CCH Co-Op

Betty Belveal Valerie & Mark Fendrick

Jeff & Dawn Covington Chris & Renee Habit Elaine Heckert

Jeremiah Green Dale & Sandy Green

I. William “Bill” Berger Elise & Alex Berkowitz*

Charlie Crain Molly Finucane

Gregory Hill Brauer Karen S. Gershman

Brittney Warren Curle Glen & Susan Perry Adam & Samantha Perry Stallings

Anne Cox Bagnell Mr. & Mrs. George R. Everhart Ainsley Madison Bailey David Bailey Jacob, Jordan & Madison Baker Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Huelsberg & Family

Presley Claire Butts Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie L. Brickhouse Mr. & Mrs. Cameron Butts Mr. & Mrs. James K. Hill Jessica D. Nortman Mr. & Mrs. Billy P. Presley Sr. Deanna Lynn Presley Mr. & Mrs. Alexander J. Smith Susan Westfall Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Winn Jr.

Matthew Curle Ann Jones Ella, Van & Vivi Deans Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Huelsberg & Family Krisha Deshmukh Piyusha Gajjar Mahash N. Hanjagi Drs. Pramod & Rajul Malik

Mitch Callas Virginia District Pilot Club Inc.

Nandita & Krishna Padiyar

Denis Charles Aminah Charles

Mr. & Mrs. Mridul Singh

Neha & Pranav Parikh Amarish Wagle

Trey & Jack Hancock Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Huelsberg & Family Wilder Jackson Harris Little Neck Circle Finley Marie Hooker-Tidwell Mr. & Mrs. R. Page Ayres Broadway Dance Arts LLC Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Campbell Mr. & Mrs. W. Todd Covington Mr. & Mrs. G. T. Diggs Deborah Y. Everitt Mr. & Mrs. Brock L. Field Mr. & Mrs. Ronald F. Gill Mr. & Mrs. Brennan S. Gilliam Mr. & Mrs. Henry L. Hooker IV Mr. & Mrs. Greg Watkins Kimberly Kirby-Saunders Patricia Kline Mr. & Mrs. John F. Lacy

Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Lafever III Janet Lawson Mr. & Mrs. Daniel W. Lufkin Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Markle Kirstyn L. McArdle Anne M. Nevins Patricia H. Newman Patriot Driving School, Inc. Leah Polowichak Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Schmidt Robin R. Toth Mr. & Mrs. Bob Trubenbach Beverly J. Watkins Grace B. Whitehurst Catherine Hopkins Robin L. Leitner Jennifer Huelsberg Lynda L. Badran Trey Huelsberg Lynda L. Badran Isaiah’s Angels Mr. & Mrs. Paul Olsen Robin Olsen Felicia Watson Ellie Johnson Anonymous Kathy & Jerry Kantor Jay W. Legum Kids Fighting Cancer Shelton Bright Sr. King’s Daughters Board of Directors Mr. & Mrs. Brian Weireter Laila, Shiloh & Roque Dr. Carolyn S. Moneymaker Caitlin Land Mr. & Mrs. John Meservey

* Deceased

Your help can make a difference for children at CHKD. With your generous support, we can give children at CHKD the care they need to recover from illness and survive serious injuries. Please consider a gift to the children. For more information, visit CHKD.org/give or call (757) 668-7070.


Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters

WRITTEN BY Heather Kent • PHOTOGRAPHY BY Eric Lusher

Donor Spotlight | Philanthropy Matters

Family’s cancer connection inspires support

Jake Magarity understands the important role CHKD plays in the health of Virginia’s children.

It’s such a family-focused environment, and that definitely helps in the healing.” – Jake Magarity


n 2005, Jake Magarity, a Richmond-based businessman and father of four daughters, established Footprints in the Sand, a foundation that would allow his family to support organizations serving those in need. So when friend and business associate Jamie Brookover of Norfolk Wire & Electronics asked Jake to get involved in a golf tournament to benefit CHKD, it was an easy decision. “At that time, all I knew was that CHKD was a worthwhile organization, and I wanted to make sure the tournament made its goal,” says Jake. “I had no idea how personal my relationship with the hospital would become.” Less than two years later, David Simone, a very close friend of Jake’s daughter, Makenna, was diagnosed with cancer. “It was such a shock. David was a healthy, athletic kid just starting out in life,” says Jake. “David and Makenna had such a tight-knit relationship for so many years; he was like part of our family.” David was 20 years old when he was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma – most often a childhood cancer. As the largest pediatric cancer program in the region, CHKD is the facility of choice for young people of all ages facing a cancer diagnosis. David’s treatment included eight months of

chemotherapy and seven hospitalizations. The Magarity family was by his side every step of the way. “Through that experience, I saw firsthand what kids and families fighting cancer go through. They have so much courage,” says Jake. “I also got to see all the special things CHKD does to care for them. It’s such a family-focused environment, and that definitely helps in the healing.” Since then, Jake’s foundation has continued to support CHKD through the Norfolk Wire & Electronics golf tournament and, more recently, as a matching gift partner for CHKD’s annual Radiothon. For one hour of the 33-hour-long fundraising event, his foundation matches every dollar pledged over the phone, and funds are designated to the Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center at CHKD. “David successfully completed his treatment and is now cancer-free. But, there are a lot more Davids out there,” says Jake. “I hope to make a positive difference for these children through my donations.” When Jake and his family started Footprints in the Sand, they wanted to support the organizations that could do the most good with the funds they were given. “CHKD is one of those places,” says Jake. “So much good work happens there.” FALL 2017


Philanthropy Matters | Honors / CHKD Development Boards Evie Langevin Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Rickman

Shelby Sandridge

Hayden Langevin Christina Adams Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. Sparkman Raymond Williams

Steve Schreier

Bobby Lawrence Virginia C. L. McKay

Jean Skorupa

Timothy & Katie Scull Nicholas A. Maffia Shredderella Stephen Wilcox

Spencer Paul Leigh The Korving Family

Joanna Simonsen

Parker Lovingood Sarah Winstead

Daniel Corkery

Laney Lyon Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Halbert Sommer, Brad & Easton Nadelstein

Mr. & Mrs. Buddy Sparrow

Mallory & Chelsea Simonsen Hope Slone

Doug Davis

Brad Martin

Stephen Whitfield

Walker Dorroh

J.T. McDonald

Rolf A. Williams

Janet D. Dungan

Chris Mehler

Bennett Zier

Pace Frizzell

Brad Ramsey

H. Scott Hardison

David E. Russell

Future Generations Board Brooke Garrett, Chair Stephen Lipskis

Leah Swatts

Jason Deans

David Poteran

Jill K. Wainger

Katie Denton

Cameron Reeves Poynter

Lee Westnedge

Katherine Hines

Amy Przymuzala

J. Britton Williston

Ryan King

Cart Reilly

Katherine Wynne

Stephen Klimkiewicz

Shikma Rubin

Tanner Sprague Dr. Suzanne Starling Camden Suggs Denesha Taylor Teresa & Will Searcy The Process Dann Gladnick Katie Thomes Beverly F. Sullivan Anne Traylor

Natalia Soniak

Child Abuse Development Board Sarah Bishop, Chair Lydia C. Taylor

Warren Aleck

Solon E. Paul

L. Ashley Brooks

Betsy F. Phillips

Kelly Till

Jean Compton

Jim Schneider

Sandra Warden

Sandra Harrison

Ken B. Shewbridge

Carol Weinstein

Lynn Hornsby

Gay W. Shulman

Dorothy Winn

Maureen E. Olivieri

Lisa Smith

Judi Worley

Johon J. Paul

Lawrence Steingold

CAPT & Mrs. Thomas H. Smith USN (RET) Kate Weireter

William “Bill” Ouzts Brith Sholom Center of Virginia

Elly Smith

Katie Pauls The Capital Group Charitable Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Honaker

Jessica Nicole Peckham MSGT Everett W. Peckham USAF (RET)

Randi Cohen

Dr. Linda Pegram Troy Pegram

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Lavezzo III

Mariellen & Graham Poynter Mr. & Mrs. James C. Diggs Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Huelsberg & Family

Ella Wells Carleign Ann White Caleb Joseph Winslow Campbell Wright James “Jimmy” Youngs MSGT Everett W. Peckham USAF (RET)

Matching Gifts Apple Inc.

Gavin Rodden Ella Hoffman Colin Lindale Quincy Stewart

Ball Corporation

Emma Roman Mr. & Mrs. Reuben Reinick Jr.

Charitable Foundation

Debbie Salomonsky Wendy Buckmaster Courtney McGraw


Bank of America Battelle The Capital Group Companies IBM UnitedHealth * Deceased


Mark R. Warden

Jennifer Hill Melendez

Linda J. Sams

Ethan Rekant Dr. & Mrs. Evan Rekant

Stephen A. Leon

Billy Chard

My Grandchildren Mr. & Mrs. R. F. Owens USN (RET)

Kent & Danielle Reifschneider Mr. & Mrs. Doug Page

Deb Vollmer

Todd Copeland

Dennis Cestra Jr.

Karen Watkins

Luke Purser Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Blanchard

Kari Jacobs Sunshine Leinbach

Wil Yanaga

Ebony & Sela McNair Barbara West

Drs. Robert & Mae Obermeyer Dr. & Mrs. Kong T. Oh

Stephen E. Sigmon

Susie Archer Catherine Callahan

B. Spitzer

Margaret B. Denison

Lt. Gov. Ralph S. Northam The Honorable & Mrs. George Barker Mr. Nathaniel & The Honorable Rosalyn R. Dance The Honorable Adam P. Ebbin Susan C. Schaar

Dan Boyle, Chair

Haiden Sparrow

Max McGee Samantha Hollins

Tyler J. Neville Janice Fowler

Development Advisory Board

Elise & Alex Berkowitz*

Mireyah Z. & Holden G. Lee Mr. & Mrs. Karl F. Lee

Larka McBureny Anita Pritchett

CHKD Development Boards

Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters

Discrimination is against the law. Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters complies with applicable civil rights laws and does not discriminate, exclude or treat people differently because of race, color, national origin, age, disability or sex. CHKD provides aids and services, such as qualified interpreters and information in alternative formats for written documents, to help people with disabilities and/or limited proficiency in English communicate with us. These aids are provided free of charge and in a timely manner. If you need these services, please contact cultural/language services at (757) 668-6930. If you believe that CHKD has failed to provide these services or discriminated in another way on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex, you can file a grievance with: Tina Allen, Corporate Compliance Officer, 601 Children’s Lane, Norfolk, VA 23507, (757) 668-7776, Tina.Allen@chkd.org. You can file a grievance in person or by mail, fax or email. If you need help filing a grievance, Tina Allen is available to help you. You can also file a civil rights complaint with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights, electronically through the Office for Civil Rights Complaint Portal, available at https://ocrportal.hhs.gov/ocr/portal/lobby.jsf, or by mail or phone at: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 200 Independence Avenue SW, Room 509F, HHH Building, Washington, D.C. 20201 1-800-368-1019, 800-537-7697 (TDD). Complaint forms are available at www.hhs.gov/ ocr/office/file/index.html. 1 (757) 668-6930 PAUNAWA: Kung nagsasalita ka ng Tagalog, maaari kang gumamit ng mga serbisyo ng tulong sa wika nang walang bayad. Tumawag sa 1 (757) 668-6930 1 (757) 668-6930 1 (757) 668-6930 1 (757) 668-6930

1 (757) 668-6930 1 (757) 668-6930 ATTENTION : Si vous parlez français, des services d’aide linguistique vous sont proposés gratuitement. Appelez le 1 (757) 668-6930 ACHTUNG: Wenn Sie Deutsch sprechen, stehen Ihnen kostenlos sprachliche Hilfsdienstleistungen zur Verfügung. Rufnummer: 1 (757) 668-6930 1 (757) 668-6930 1 (757) 668-6930 ATENCIÓN: si habla español, tiene a su disposición servicios gratuitos de asistencia lingüística. Llame al 1 (757) 668-6930

1 (757) 668-6930 1 (757) 668-6930 1 (757) 668-6930 1 (757) 668-6930

Board Member Event / New Board Members | Philanthropy Matters

Celebrating the service of CHKD board members

A spring reception was held at Grain’s rooftop garden lounge at The Main in downtown Norfolk to celebrate the contributions and commitment of CHKD board members. The event was generously underwritten by Buzz Heidt, chairman of the CHKD Health System Board, and Ellen Libby. 1




1. Buzz Heidt, Ellen Libby, Jim Dahling 2. Aaron Hines, Katherine Hines, Miles Leon, Sandra Porter Leon 3. Dr. Svinder Toor, Kristi Jones, Robert Jones, Dr. Nadia Wasylyshyn 4. Dr. Leah Swatts, Brian Waigner, Dr. Michael Swatts, Sandra Warden, Dr. Bill Warden

New Board Members

CHKD welcomes the following new members to our boards of directors.

CHILDREN’S HEALTH SYSTEM Kim Georges is the managing broker with the Howard Hanna Downtown Norfolk office. She is an Old Dominion University graduate with a Virginia Real Estate Broker’s license. A lifelong Norfolk resident, Kim shares her talents as a board member of the Howard Hanna Children’s Free Care Fund, The William E. Wood Foundation and is a past board member of The King’s Daughters. Akhil Jain is the president of Landmark Hotel Group. He serves on numerous boards including TowneBank Virginia Beach Board of Directors and Coliseum Central Board of Directors and is an active member of Hampton Roads Community Leadership Partners, Virginia Beach Vision and 757 Angels. Akhil is a former member of the CHKD Future Generations Board and the Children’s Health Foundation. Chris Perry is the founder and chief executive officer of Suburban Capital, Inc. Chris currently serves on the board of trustees for Norfolk Academy, Access College Foundation and the Perry Family Foundation. His previous board affiliations have included Norfolk Botanical Garden, Virginia Arts Festival and Eastern Virginia Medical School. Chris is a past member of the Children’s Health System Board. CHILDREN’S HEALTH FOUNDATION Sharon Owlett has spent the majority of her career in the government and government contractor sectors, serving as an executive and in-house general counsel. She is currently an adjunct professor of law at William & Mary Law School and an executive partner at William & Mary’s Mason School of Business. Sharon has been a member of non-profit boards for several educational institutions. FALL 2017


Philanthropy Matters | Support for CHKD

Support for CHKD Campaigns are held during the year to support the children at CHKD, hosted by individuals, businesses and organizations throughout our community.

SUPERVALU Regional Vice President of Operations Micky Nye (front center left) presented a gift of $166,583.41 to Children’s Health System Board Chairman Edward A. “Buzz” Heidt Jr. (front center right) and CHKD President and CEO Jim Dahling (back center right) to support the Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center at CHKD. They were joined by CHKD patients and local media sponsors Entercom and 13 News Now.

Kristen Space (left) and Leslie Doyle (right) present CHKD’s Stephanie Calliott a gift for the kids from Bank of America as part of GiveLocal757.

The 11th annual Miracle Treat Day took place on July 27 at all Hampton Roads and Outer Banks Dairy Queen locations. For every Blizzard Treat sold that day, $1 was donated to CHKD to help kids, like Landon Wright, pictured here.

The 10th annual Anthem LemonAid weekend in July raised more than $100,000 for CHKD’s cancer program. Pictured here is the Lemke family, who won this year’s most creative stand contest.


Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters

Support for CHKD | Philanthropy Matters

Artist Ryan McGinness returned to his hometown of Virginia Beach to celebrate his artwork, entitled “Energy,” which is installed at the CHKD Health Center at Landstown. He took part in a special art project with CHKD patients and friends, pictured here showing their artwork.

Eleven-year-old Chelsea Neville raised $16,300 during archery competitions throughout the year to support CHKD’s Children’s Oncology Group research. Chelsea (center left) is pictured here presenting her gift to CHKD staff (from left) Stephanie Langevin, Bryan Sellitti and Whitney Huston.

This summer CHKD received a $50,000 Hyundai Impact Award to support pediatric cancer research. Local children battling cancer at CHKD participated in a Hyundai Hope on Wheels handprint ceremony by placing their painted hands on a white Hyundai Santa Fe. Pictured here are Alexandra Egress and Elijah Eagle, CHKD cancer patients, enjoying the day’s celebration.

Elly Smith (left), president of The King’s Daughters, presents Stephanie Calliott of CHKD a gift of $625,000. The funds were raised through King’s Daughters activities throughout the year to support CHKD’s transport and sports medicine programs.

Julian Garcia, age 6, was the “champion” guest at the 14th annual ABNB Fishing Fest held this summer to benefit CHKD. Julian is pictured here with ABNB’s Chris Anuswith, vice president of risk management and event chairman. The event has raised more than $700,000 for the kids at CHKD since it began.

FALL 2017


Calendar | Events and Classes


Events for Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters

King’s Daughters Events

Fundraising Events

Visit kingsdaughters.org for information. Breakfast with Santa Saturday, November 18 The King’s Daughters invite you to Breakfast with Santa with Busch Gardens Christmas Town. The holiday festivities will take place at the Norfolk Waterside Marriott from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tickets include a buffet breakfast and a digital photo with Santa for each child. For more information, visit KingsDaughters.org. Moonlight & Mistletoe Saturday, December 2 Join The King’s Daughters at their annual Moonlight & Mistletoe event, held this year at the Hilton Norfolk The Main. Enjoy an evening of dinner, drinks and dancing as well as silent and live auctions. For more information or to purchase tickets, call 757-668-7098 or visit KingsDaughters.org.

Visit CHKD.org/giving or call (757) 668-7070. Collector Santa Sales November 24-December 24 Help children’s holiday wishes come true by purchasing a Clothtique Santa figurine by Possible Dreams from a participating Norfolk restaurant. Figurines are available for a donation of $60, with 100 percent of the proceeds benefiting CHKD. Eighth Annual David Wright Vegas Night Friday, January 19, 2018 Join hometown hero David Wright of the New York Mets as he supports CHKD for a night of fun at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. The event will include a poker tournament and other casino games as well as live and silent auctions. Advance registration is required. For more information, visit CHKD.org/DavidWright.

Your Baby Newborn care and development presented by CHKD’s pediatric providers. Visit CHKD.org/classes for dates, times and to register. Meet and Greet/Baby Care 101 Expectant and new parents will meet the pediatricians, learn to provide a secure environment for their infant, and basic infant care. Chesapeake Pediatrics at Babies R Us Pediatric Associates of Williamsburg Pediatric Specialists at Babies R Us Suffolk Pediatrics Tidewater Children’s Associates at Babies R Us Town Center Pediatrics at Babies R Us Meet and Greet/Open House New and expectant parents or families new to the area can ask questions and tour the office. Chesapeake Pediatrics Newport News Pediatrics Pediatric Associates of Williamsburg Welcome, Baby! Meet the pediatricians, tour the office and learn about newborn care. General Booth Pediatrics Pediatric Specialists Premier Pediatrics Tidewater Children’s Associates Breastfeeding Classes Get breastfeeding off to a good start. Tidewater Children’s Associates Coastal Pediatrics


f o r t h e b e n e f i t o f C h i l d r e n ’s H o s p i t a l o f T h e K i n g ’s D a u g h t e r s



Hosted by David Wright of the New York Mets Friday, January 19, 2018 • 7:00 p.m. Virginia Beach Convention Center TO BENEFIT

Pledge your support by calling (757) 668-9000.


Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters

For more information, visit CHKD.org/DavidWright or call (757)668-7070

Events & Classes | Calendar

Community Parenting Education Visit CHKD.org/ParentingResources for online resources – webinars, parenting handouts, articles, Birth and Beyond parenting blog, web-links and more! Infant Massage One-session class for parents and infant (up to 9 months old). Expectant parents welcome. Saturday, November 4, 9:30-10:30 a.m. CHKD Health Center at Oakbrooke Happiest Baby on the Block Learn how to soothe even the fussiest infant in minutes and help babies sleep longer. All participants receive “The Happiest Baby on the Block” DVD by Dr. Harvey Karp and a soothing sounds CD. Space is limited. Saturday, December 2, 10 a.m.-Noon CHKD Health Center at Oakbrooke


CHKD Parent Academy Workshops Expand to Williamsburg

Female Adolescent Health Young girls entering puberty can often have questions about their changing bodies. Dr. Focseneanu will provide guidance about when a teen should visit a gynecologist, give an overview of a typical teen menstrual cycle and answer questions. We encourage you and your teen to attend together. November 6, 6:30-8:30 p.m. CHKD Health Center at Lightfoot 6425 Richmond Road, Williamsburg Register at CHKD.org/classes

Your Child A wide range of parenting topics presented by CHKD’s parenting experts. Register at CHKD.org/classes.




FREE WORKSHOPS Imperfect Parenting (Ages 0-5) Connection is more important than perfection when it comes to parenting your baby or young child. A positive relationship is the foundation of security and the launch pad for exploration. Learn how to be in tune with your baby and how your responses build a strong and secure relationship as you learn about the world together. Based on Circle of Security Parenting. Wednesday, November 8, 6:30-8:30 p.m. CHKD Health Center at Oakbrooke Wednesday, January 17, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters Positive Discipline (Ages 5-12) Learn techniques that establish strong relationships and thinking, responsible children. Based on the Positive Discipline Program by Jane Nelsen. Wednesday, November 15, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters Wednesday, November 29, 6:30-8:30 p.m. CHKD Health and Surgery Center at Oyster Point Wednesday, January 10, 6:30-8:30 p.m. CHKD Health Center at Oakbrooke OverindulgenceHow Much is Enough? Steer clear of overindulgence this holiday season and throughout the year. Learn to create an environment where children from toddlers to teens develop selfdiscipline and experience the joy of giving. Wednesday, December 13, 6:30-8:30 p.m. CHKD Health Center at Landstown Family Stress Understand what stress is and how it affects you and your child. Consider strategies for coping with common stressful situations and experiences. Learn effective ways to lessen tension, increase cooperation and support a well-balanced family life. Wednesday, January 24, 6:30-8:30 p.m. CHKD Health and Surgery Center at Oyster Point Wednesday, January 31, 6:30-8:30 p.m. CHKD Health Center at Oakbrooke

Understanding the Angry Child (Ages 6-12) Understand the causes of anger, how to anticipate and defuse angry outbursts and how to help your child manage his own emotions. Wednesday, February 7, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters Helping Young Children Manage Emotion Learn how an adult’s response to a child’s emotional upset can either foster or inhibit a child’s ability to develop self-regulation. Recognize emotional triggers and help children self-regulate and cope when upset. Based on Dr. Becky Bailey’s conscious discipline model and book, “Managing Emotional Mayhem.” Wednesday, February 28, 6:30-8:30 p.m. CHKD Health and Surgery Center at Oyster Point


Mindful Mommy and Me (Ages 0-1 year) Expectant and new moms will learn about the benefits of mindfulness including: mindful awareness, selfcompassion and responsive parenting; and how to use the tools of breath, movement and attunement to build a strong connection with your baby. Bring your infant, up to 12 months of age, a towel or mat to sit on and dress comfortably. Connect with other parents during this important transition in your and your baby’s life (dads are welcome, too). Tuesdays, January 9, 23, February 6, 20 and March 6, 20, 10-11 a.m. CHKD Health Center at Landstown FALL 2017



601 Children’s Lane • Norfolk, VA 23507

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CHKD Kidstuff, Fall 2017  

Stories about patients and friends of Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters.

CHKD Kidstuff, Fall 2017  

Stories about patients and friends of Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters.

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