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a guide to selling your home

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how do we get my home ready to go on the market?


how much is my home worth?






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how do we get my home ready to go on the market?

washington township

Step 1 : a personalized decluttering & staging consultation

Because we work with so many buyers, we know exactly the types of homes and designs buyers are drawn to.

Our staging is done with today’s buyer in mind. We want your house look like a home that buyers will fight for.


step 2 : a final staging appointment to prep the house for photography & showings

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how much is my home worth? Pricing a home incorrectly leads to frustration and anxiety. To give you the representation you deserve, we follow proven pricing strategies. We will create interest, attract buyers, generate showings, and produce offers.

five factors affecting the value of your home one: comparables Appraisers will use nearby comparable properties to determine your current value. We study the same “comps” so we are prepared.

two: location We will observe what similar homes in your school district and community have sold for in recent months.

three: condition Improving the condition of your home maximizes the buyer’s perception of value.



four: competition Buyers will compare your property to other active and pending listings in your community. Our pricing strategy can either put buyers’ attention on your home, or push them to the ones that we are competing against.

five: timing Property values are affected by the current real estate market. Because we can’t control the market, we’ll take advantage of the first 30 days your property is listed. It is the window of opportunity when buyers and their agents discover your home and are most likely to visit and make offers.


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the selling experience that you deserve


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How will we attract potential buyers? one

two your personalized marketing package Beautiful print brochures HDR photography Drone footage Videography Social media promotions A broad network of past clients, business relationships, and ties with locally owned businesses

agent-to-agent relationships I’ve worked hard over the years to build trusting relationships with other top agents throughout the region. These connections provide

coveted exposure of your home to important contacts, bringing added value to our relationship and making your home stand out in a busy market.


three the keller williams brand Keller Williams is the largest real estate brand in the world and has invested millions to be on the forefront of real estate technology. KW listings stand out on Zillow, Realtor, and other platforms.

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what makes you different from other agents? communication We understand that there are so many steps involved in selling a home. Our goal is to over-communicate and over-deliver through each part of the process, so that you can focus on the things that matter most to you.

client-based Among the most successful agents in the area, there are generally two types: transaction-based and client-based. There are good agents in both categories, but I choose to run a client-based real estate business. I’m not focused on transactions, I’m focused on people. By doing just the right number of transactions that my office can handle, I can personally be side-by-side with you virtually every step of the way.

washington township

washington township

whenever possible, we try to take things off of your plate, rather than giving you more things to do. centerville

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so you can focus on what matters most centerville

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Previous listing sales

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rooks road | centerville

crestview avenue | lebanon

statesboro road | washington township


katy meadow court | beavercreek

beck drive | washington twp


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previous buyer sales

wellesley way | centerville

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riley wills Road | Lebanon





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about us c h i p j am es Realtor since 2007 Member of the Dayton Business Journal’s 2020 Top 40 Under 40

My goal is to make the real estate experience as stress-free as possible for everyone that I work with. Born and raised right here in the Dayton area - a fifth generation Daytonian - I’m proud to call this rejuvenated city my home! My family and I want to be part of Dayton’s continued growth, and we strive to make a positive impact in our communities through real estate and our other passions.

Britt hood Realtor In just a few short years, Britt has established herself as one of the go-to real estate agents in the South Dayton market. While working hard to connect her clients with great homes, Britt’s passion for the real estate business shines through. She is an experienced home remodeler and brings her knowledge of renovations to each situation. Britt grew up in Centerville and currently lives in Springboro with her husband Matt (a Washington Township firefighter/emergency responder) and their three sons..


client testimonial “The process of finding a home for your family charts an unbelievable emotional journey. What my wife and I learned quickly is that market conditions should never dictate your perceived need when it comes to hiring an expert to handle the two biggest financial transactions of your life to date. Chip is the sole reason we found ourselves in a position to secure our dream property and sell our existing home. The buying and selling process is very stressful. A perfect deal is rife with questions around process, timing, deadlines, and requirements. Hiring Chip gave us both an advocate and an expert to handle all of those matters. When Chip would communicate with us, it was obvious that he spared us significant back and forth and was providing us concrete information to move the process forward. Chip prepares and is proactive, no matter the developments in our transactions, we were never surprised. I cannot overstate the value he brought to our experience. Expert advice and negotiation techniques, unparalleled marketing, and constant communication. If you want someone with a standard of excellence that will no doubt exceed your own, I’d recommend you hire Chip.”

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real estate. real impact.


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chip james | Keller williams community partners

Profile for Chip James

A Guide to Selling Your Home  

A Guide to Selling Your Home  


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