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A Celebration of Gifts to Children’s Hospital Colorado

Inside this issue: Community gives $2 million through Gala Team Children’s Colorado off to inspiring start Hyundai Hope on Wheels funds cancer research VOLUME 5, ISSUE 3

An enduring legacy of care:

Scottish Rite Foundation of Colorado


For decades, the Scottish Rite Foundation of Colorado has embodied a giving spirit that helps Children’s Hospital Colorado provide the best care to children with speech language and learning disorders. Scottish Rite Masons are a strong institution with a long history of community support. Sixty years ago, Masons from Colorado began a program that has contributed immeasurably to the welfare of children, families and communities across the state – and throughout the country. Scottish Rite Masons, with devotion to their organization and with deep ties to their statewide community, have enriched the lives of hundreds of Colorado’s children each year for six decades. Their enduring partnership with Children’s (Continued on page 4)

Store employees raise $1 million for children For three years running, employees at Walgreens stores throughout Colorado and Wyoming have collected donations for four-weeks each September.



As we look forward to the season of gratitude, all of us at Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation are thankful for your support and partnership, which allows us to make even greater investments in children’s health.


Children’s Colorado To become a corporate partner, contact Emily McNellis, emcnellis@childrenscolorado or 720-777-1769.

They have bake sales and basketball tournaments, bringing a little friendly competition between stores into the giving season. This year, their campaign to benefit the hospital paid off: Walgreens employees have cumulatively raised more than $1 million for the children and families who need Children’s Colorado, earning Walgreens a place in the Charles C. Gates Society, which recognizes donors who contribute $1 million or more.

“Walgreens is proud to support Children’s Hospital Colorado.”

This issue of Giving to Children’s brings home just how important partnership is at Children’s Colorado. From the longterm support of our largest donor, Scottish Rite Foundation of Colorado, to Dr. James Strain, who has dedicated much of his life to helping children and families, to the individuals who take part in our online fundraising tool, Team Children’s Colorado, we have many partners who inspire us on a daily basis. We are grateful for your generosity, and hopeful that the coming year will continue to bring inspiring community partnerships to help the hospital improve the health of children.

In a weekday ceremony, Howard Atlas, Walgreens market vice president for store operations, along with district managers, top fundraisers and associates, presented this year’s check to Children’s Colorado. The latest campaign brought in more than $370,000. “Walgreens is proud to support Children’s Hospital Colorado,” said Atlas. “Many of our employees have been touched personally by the hospital’s vital services. We are fortunate to have access to such high-quality healthcare in our own backyard.”

In appreciation,

Steve Winesett President and CEO Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation

2 Giving To Children’s • WINTER Winter 2012

Cover photo: Happy baby celebrates winter in Colorado.

Gifts fuel research for better brain tumor therapies Two Children’s Colorado physician-scientists received awards from Hyundai Hope on Wheels in 2012. The awards, in the form of a Hope Grant and a Scholar Grant, total $325,000 and will fund research for improved therapies for pediatric brain tumors. "In my lab we’re trying to target brain cancer cells and decrease therapies, and the long-term affect of those therapies, in kids," said Dr. Rajeev Vibhakar, whose Hope Grant totaled $250,000. “Brain cancer is a hard problem to treat,” he said. “Kids with tumors have worse outcomes for that reason. We’re trying to understand, on a molecular level, the cellular mechanisms at work so that we can increase the efficacy of treatments.” At the Hyundai Hope on Wheels award ceremony, Dr. Vibhakar and Dr. Jean Mulcahy Levy, who received the $75,000 Scholar Grant, both acknowledged that due to a scarcity of pediatric cancer research funding nationally, the grants will go a long way toward fueling their work.

“When they asked us if we wanted to participate in a clinical study, we said yes, of course, because it could help Ellie and so many other kids,” said her dad. “The study protocol called for 40 weeks of chemotherapy treatments which actually lasted 53 weeks. We went through six radiation and stem cell extracts and six surgeries. We spent 90 nights at the hospital. In the end, grants from Hyundai and others like them enabled Children’s Hospital Colorado to save my daughter’s life.”

“Gifts from Hyundai and others like them enabled Children’s Hospital Colorado to save my daughter’s life.”

Children’s Hospital Colorado is one of 41 recipients of Hyundai Hope on Wheels grants this year. Since 1998, Hyundai has given over $57 million to support childhood cancer research.

“I’m new to the field of research,” said Dr. Levy, “and it’s incredibly important for those of us new to the field to get funding from the start. It will help build a base of research that enables me to compete for the next level of funding,” she said. During the ceremony, Dr. Levy introduced the Rolf family, who spoke about their daughter Ellie’s fight against a rare form of a common liver cancer, Wilms’ Tumor. Cancer free for more than four years, the 7-year-old went through the full range of therapies during her treatment.

Giving To Children’s • WINTER Winter 2012 3

“RiteCare, [is] a philanthropic program of Scottish Rite Freemasonry nationwide that includes more than 170 speech therapy clinics throughout the United States.”

4 Giving To Children’s • WINTER Winter 2012

An enduring legacy of care: Scottish Rite Foundation of Colorado (Continued from page 1) Colorado helps provide compassionate, professional care to children with speech and language disorders and their families.

Strong partnership

The hospital and Scottish Rite began partnering in 1952 when Ruth Anderson, who was then director of the Speech Clinic at Children’s Colorado, turned to the Scottish Rite Masons in Denver. She sought financial assistance, initially, for a young boy who suffered from a language disorder that left him unable to speak. The boy’s widowed mother could not afford to pay for her son’s therapy. The encounter was a catalyst. The Masons soon formed what would become the Scottish Rite Foundation of Colorado and develop what is widely known today as RiteCare, a philanthropic program of Scottish Rite Freemasonry nationwide that includes more than 170 speech therapy clinics throughout the United States. It also established an enduring partnership with the hospital that has passed from generation to generation, Mason by Mason. Two families in particular have carried this legacy forward. The visionary generosity of Gerald L. Schlessman and today his son, Lee E. Schlessman, as well as Rollie R. Kelley and now his three grown children, who lead The Rollie R. Kelley Family Foundation, have helped enable the Scottish Rite Foundation of Colorado to provide gifts that make Scottish Rite the hospital’s largest donor.

an endowed chair in childhood language disorders that brings both perpetual support to its program and recognition that the hospital is leading the way in this field of care.

New contributions

A recent Scottish Rite Foundation contribution helped fund a new Children’s Colorado location. The Masons formally dedicated the beautiful new building, Children’s Hospital Colorado Therapy Care Broomfield, with a cornerstone ceremony on a sunny Saturday in late September. “Children’s Colorado Foundation is very appreciative of Scottish Rite Foundation of Colorado for their generous contributions towards this beautiful new facility,” said Steve Winesett, president and CEO of Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation. ”Through multiple generations of Masons and their families, Scottish Rite has partnered with Children’s Colorado in a steadfast commitment to providing the best pediatric services, close to home, for Colorado’s children and families.” Top photo: A recent Scottish Rite Foundation gift helped fund a new Children's Colorado location. Bottom photo: A view from the Children's Hospital Colorado Therapy Care Broomfield cornerstone ceremony.

Their support has enabled Children’s Hospital Colorado to develop financial aid and care programs for patients and

Giving To Children’s • Winter 2012 5

Addison’s story shines at Tammen Society event At the September 20 Tammen Society and Loyal Donor breakfast, Sarah Kleinhans and her son Addison talked about his diagnosis and treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Addison and Bella at the Tammen Society event

You are my best friend...

Displaying a maturity beyond his 8 years, Addison talked to donors about the critical need for their support of families battling pediatric cancer. “The money you guys raise for Children’s Hospital Colorado adds up so they can do research. Hopefully one day, all you’ll have to do is get one little shot and you’ll be cancer free for the rest of your life. They’re not there yet, but they’re awfully close,” he said. Additional speakers included Tammen Society member Dr. James Strain (see profile on page 7), Pediatric Oncologist Dr. Kelly Maloney, and Children’s Colorado Chief Operating Officer Jena Hausmann.

and we’ve never even met.

son i d d A t e e M Addison has no time for cancer Addison was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia one day after his friend, Bella. Since that week, the pair has been inseparable. With help from their parents, Addison and Bella began to coordinate their chemotherapy treatment days to coincide, and take turns waiting patiently at each other’s bedsides to offer support and a friendly smile when the other wakes. At the Tammen Society event, 8-year-old Addison talked about his cancer journey, the friends he has made on that journey, and had everyone in stitches with one of his favorite sayings, “I don’t have time for cancer!”

6 Giving To Children’s • Winter 2012

n i a r t S . r D t Mee Dr. Strain’s caring legacy Dr. James Strain, a longtime Children’s Hospital Colorado donor, spent more than 30 years working as a respected pediatrician at Children’s Colorado. In addition to being a loyal, annual donor, Dr. Strain has created a legacy by naming Children’s Colorado in his will. Dr. Strain is past president of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), one of only five Children’s Colorado doctors to have served in that role. He also served as executive director of AAP in Chicago from 1986 to 1994. In this position, he had the opportunity to visit many children’s hospitals around the country. After returning to Children’s Colorado and resuming his teaching career, he decided he wanted to do something more. When he talked with his family about setting up a legacy gift, they wholeheartedly supported his philanthropic intent. “I set up the proper documents with my lawyer, then I thought, ‘I am so blessed in so many ways to be able to give something back to an institution that provides superb care to the children of Denver, Colorado, the Rocky Mountain area, and even beyond – now and in years to come,’” he said at the Foundation’s recent Tammen Society and Loyal Donor event. In addition to his philanthropic legacy, he has created a lasting legacy of providing exemplary service to patients. This is evidenced in an annual award given in his name at Children’s Colorado. Now 89, Dr. Strain volunteers at many local institutions including teaching at Children’s Colorado Child Health Clinic, and tutoring elementary school children in reading. He has four children of his own (one of whom is Dr. John Strain, current head of Radiology at Children’s Colorado), nine grandchildren and twin great-granddaughters. He proudly imparts his giving spirit to his family. Children’s Colorado depends on gifts from thoughtful donors like Dr. Strain to continue to provide the best care for children and their families. Estate planning is one of the easiest ways to make a significant difference for those we treat. Learn more: or contact Kellie Fischer, Vice President of Planned and Principal Giving at 720-777-1751 or

Giving To Children’s • Winter 2012 7


continues fight against Shaken Baby Syndrome

Kohl's Department Stores, through the Kohl's Cares® cause merchandise program, has donated $383,328 to Children’s Hospital Colorado. The donations were collected from Kohl’s stores located throughout Colorado. Kohl’s has gifted over $3.8 million to Children’s Colorado since 2000. Most recently, these donations have provided funding for the Kohl’s Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Campaign, which was launched in 2006 as a partnership between Kohl’s, Children’s Colorado, and The Kempe Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect.


that makes a difference

Children’s Circle of Care members are leading benefactors for children’s health at Children’s Hospital Colorado and 25 other prominent children’s hospitals across North America. This special giving program recognizes individuals, family foundations and private corporations that make an annual contribution of $10,000 or more. In 2011, more than 6,000 members collectively gave $396 million to provide critical support for life-saving care and life-changing research for thousands of children. In Colorado, 273 Children’s Circle of Care members contributed over $16 million to support Children’s Colorado’s patient care, research, education and advocacy. These donors made a significant impact in the lives and health of children from our community by helping provide: • Care for more than 163,700 children at the 15 Children’s Colorado locations • Cutting-edge research leading to a greater understanding of pediatric diseases and more effective treatments


Endowments for Children’s Hospital Colorado

• Education for the next generation of pediatric caregivers through fellowships, internships and special programs • Advocacy to ensure that all children have access to high quality health care and protect children from injury and accidents Members of Children’s Circle of Care can designate a specific program to support, or give to the Children’s Fund which provides support for the areas of greatest need. Children’s Colorado members designated gifts to more than 23 different specialties. (See page 10 for a list of Children's Circle of Care members)

The Cathy Curtin-Cleary Endowed Fund The Sidney and Caleb Gates Family Endowed Fund for Research in Obesity and Wellness The Lesley Leeb Shiffrin-Lochhead Endowed Fund for Medical Research The Jerry N. McCowan Endowed Fund The James E. and Ruby S. Strain Endowment for Radiology The Ronald D. Williams Endowed Fund in memory of Dean L. and Mary C. Williams

8 Giving To Children’s • Winter 2012

* Children’s Circle of Care recognizes individuals, family foundations and private corporations who give an annual gift valued at $10,000 or more above and beyond the cost of goods and services received.

Team Children’s Colorado participants raise more than $140,000

Board of Trustees


Together anything is possible.

Abram, age 6, raised more than $1,755 by joining Team Children’s Colorado for the Children’s Colorado Burn Program.

Team Children’s Colorado is a grassroots online fundraising initiative that is quickly gaining in popularity.

More than 100 individuals have joined, collectively raising more than $140,000 for the hospital since it launched.

The motivation behind joining Team Children’s Colorado is as varied as the individuals involved. From doctors to families to kids in the community, fundraisers have myriad reasons for taking part in the online initiative, from school projects, to celebrating life milestones like birthdays and anniversaries, to honoring the memory of someone special.

Want to join us? easy steps

5 to get fundraising 1. Register online at:

2. Choose an area of the hospital to support. 3. P ersonalize your fundraising page with a story, photos, or video.

4. Email and use social media to ask your family and friends for support.

5. Download our mobile app for your device to easily access Facebook, Twitter, email and text for your fundraising.

“We knew Team Children’s Colorado would be popular,” said Amy Stewart, Manager of Annual Giving, “But we’ve truly been ‘wowed’ and moved by how many people have joined the team and how much support they have raised.” These kids did it. You can too!

Six-year-old Abram Dragony raised more than $1,755 by joining Team Children’s Colorado for the Children’s Colorado Burn Program. He started his fundraising page after signing up to run a 5K last June. After only 9 days, Abram met his original fundraising goal of $1,000. He kept going. “He’s so compassionate, he always wants to help, and he wants to keep raising money for kids,” said his mom Tracy. Ten-year-old Megan Hood also beat her fundraising goal. As part of a school project, Megan set out to raise $500 using $1. The challenge was for the students to see what kind of impact they could make with $1. She joined Team Children’s Colorado and donated her $1 to support kids being treated for cancer at the hospital. To date, Megan has raised $3,728, far surpassing her intended goal of $500.

Giving To Children’s • Winter 2012 9

35th annual gala raises $2 million for c h i l d r e n a n d fa m i l i e s Event chairs Bridget and John Grier hosted more than 1,400 guests at the Hyatt Regency Hotel at Colorado Convention Center for the 35th annual Gala benefiting Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Themed Legacy, this year’s Gala featured funnyman Craig Ferguson and an emotionally-moving dance performance by the emerging entertainment group, iLuminate. DJ Casey Connor closed out the evening. Ferguson started his performance by generously donating his fee back to the hospital, an act for which he received a standing ovation from many in attendance. Imagine-level sponsors of this year’s Gala are: The Barton Family Foundation; Marcy and Bruce Benson; Kathy and Brad Coors;

Themed Legacy, the event featured funnyman Craig Ferguson.

Gift News We gratefully acknowledge pledges, pledge payments, outright gifts, and gifts in kind of $10,000 or more made between July 1 and October 31, 2012. Anonymous (3)

The Colorado Trust

Fraternal Order of Eagles, #3224

Mary Lou and Donald Kortz

Helene and Marshall Abrahams

Kathy and Brad Coors

Dorothy E. Freedberg Revocable Trust

Elizabeth and Steven Kris

Frito-Lay, Inc.

Beth Krodel and Bryan Smith

The Allstate Foundation


Alpine Buick GMC

Costco Wholesale

Joan and Lester Garrison

King Soopers

Ames Construction, Inc.

Mary and Jack Cronin

Gill Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kugeler

Butch Ames

Crothall Services, Inc.

Hein & Associates LLP

La Cache, Association of Volunteers

Christopher and Dawn Banas

Daniels Fund

Richard and Leslie Helppie and

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Larson

Laura Barton and William Matthews

Delta Delta Delta Fund for

Beatty & Wozniak, PC

Children's Hospital Colorado

Helppie Family Foundation

Liberty Mutual Foundation, Inc.

Anne and Jim Hillary

Lesley and John Lochhead

Marcy and Bruce Benson

The Denver Foundation

Robert E. Hogsett Foundation, Inc.

Estate of Alton W. Luedtke

John and Elizabeth Bettridge

Marilee Neff Doud and Ben R. Doud

The Holland Foundation

Timothy and Bernadette

Big O Tires

Ducker Montgomery Lewis & Bess, PC

Hope on Wheels Hyundai Dealers

Steve and Lori Blackwell

Empire Marketing Strategies

HRM Resources, LLC

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Matthews

The Brill Family

EnCana Oil and Gas USA, Inc.

L. Roger Hutson

McCormick Foundation

Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck

Suzanne and Bob Fanch

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Ikard

Estate of Catherine C. McDermith

Therese Ivancovich and Greg Sissel

McLane Western The Ali Meyer Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Brownstein

The Sprout Foundation

Estate of Elizabeth M. Calabrese

Cathey and Richard Finlon

Violet M. Johnson Family Foundation

Colfax Marathon Partnership, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Farber

KHOW 630 Radio

Marquez Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis D. Meyer Children's Circle of Care member

10 Giving To Children’s • Winter 2012

Crothall Healthcare; Bridget and John Grier; Timothy and Bernadette Marquez Foundation; MDC/Richmond American Homes Foundation; Reiman Foundation; Virginia and Scott Reiman; Sage Hospitality; and Carol and George Solich.

Left: Gala chairs Bridget and John Grier, and Foundation President and CEO Steve Winesett welcomed 1,400 guests. Above: Ambassadors for Children's Colorado shared the stage with this year's Gala chairs.

Gala for Children’s Hospital Colorado has raised more than $31 million for children and families throughout its 35-year lifetime. Funds raised improve the care Children’s Colorado provides to children and families.

Gala 2013

Learn more and see photos from this year’s event at:

S a t u r d ay, O c t o b e r 5

Miles for Hope

Rose Community Foundation

Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc.

Ramon Montoya

The Salah Foundation

State of Colorado

The Daniel and Janet Mordecai

Sam's Club


Office of the State Controller

Santiago's Mexican Restaurants

Suncor Energy

Jill and Ted Nelson

Caryn and Rudi Scheidt, Jr.

Donald and Susan Sturm

NPC International/Pizza Hut

Lee and Dolores Schlessman

Opportunities for Burn Survivors

Ralph Schomp Automotive

J.T. Tai & Company Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Owen

Lisa Schomp

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B. Taylor

Party City

Scottish Rite Foundation of Colorado

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Terkhorn

The Ponzio Family

Season To Share, a campaign

Linda and Daniel Titcomb

Sturm Family Foundation

Primal Wear

of Denver Post Charities,

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Wagener

Project One Foundation

a McCormick Foundation Fund


Marcie and David Prokupek

The Tanner Seebaum Foundation

Prologis, Inc.

Stephanie and Matt Seebaum

PURE Brand Communications

Anna and John J. Sie Foundation

Kathy and Jim Raybin RE/MAX RE/MAX Alliance

Anna and John J. Sie

S a v e t h e D at e

Children’s Hospital Colorado is honored to recognize these donors with membership in Children’s Circle of Care. This special giving society recognizes individuals, family foundations and private corporations giving an outright gift of $10,000 or more in a calendar year to Children’s Colorado.

Michelle and Tom Whitten Leonard S. Siekmeier

(* Deceased)

Giving To Children’s • Winter 2012 11

Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation

Anschutz Medical Campus • 13123 E. 16th Ave., Box 045 • Aurora, CO 80045 •


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Enterprise Zone Tax Credit!

Charitable donations to support research at Children’s Hospital Colorado help our physician-scientists find new treatments and hope for cures. Qualifying gifts of $10,000 or more have an added benefit: a 25% Enterprise Zone Tax Credit.

To learn more, call 720-777-1700 or visit

Giving to Children's Winter 2012  

An enduring legacy of care: Scottish Rite Foundation of Colorado. For decades, the Scottish Rite Foundation of Colorado has embodied a givin...

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