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2012 – 2013

E d u c a t i n g C h i l d re n. Raisin g Families.



Dear Friends, The Child Inc Head Start / Early Head Start program is committed to providing the highest quality services to the over 2,100 children and families served in Central Texas. As we reflect on our accomplishments for the 2012-2013 school year, we analyzed performance measures to build and raise our expectations for teaching practices and family engagement opportunities. We challenged ourselves to create the highest quality educational environments that stimulate children’s learning and development. We continue to build capacity by emphasizing professional development of staff and creating initiatives to ensure that every child experience long-term success in elementary school and beyond. We focus on family-friendly services in which parents set family goals and participate fully in their child’s education stressing optimum health and healthy nutritional practices.

families receive two years of service including serving three year olds at Child Inc center based sites and four year olds at school district collaborative classrooms. In addition, Family Advocate positions were created to provide support to families enrolled in center-based services. Child Inc is dedicated to providing quality Head Start services to children and families within Travis County based on both what research informs is good practice as well as the needs of the local community. Together the Board, Policy Council and staff has developed a vision and plan for what is the best way to transform our agency in order to most effectively provide quality services. It is an exciting time for Child Inc and we look forward to the challenge of growth as we strive to create the best outcomes for children and families. Warmest Regards,

Child Inc has also established school readiness goals to assess each child’s status and progression. We have worked diligently with parents and community partners to ensure that as goals were established, they were aligned with the five domains of the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework, The School Readiness Action Plan and Texas Pre-K Guidelines. More importantly, Child Inc is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the requirements and expectations of the school districts into which our Head Start students transition. Also this year we presented a vision and programmatic recommendation for transitioning into a program in which the majority of children and

Albert L. Black, Executive Director

J Pete Laney, Esq. Chair, Board of Directors

This report was prepared in compliance with the Head Start Reauthorization Act of 2007, Administrative Requirement and Standards Sec. 644 [42 U.S.C 0839 (a)(2)].

History Providing early, continuous, intensive, and comprehensive child development and family support services to low-income families with children from birth to age five in Central Texas since 1972.

Programs Early Head Start (EHS) to 3-year-olds. Designed to serve pregnant women, infants, toddlers and parents. EHS provides education services for young children in developmentally appropriate settings, with structured activities and offers familial resources.

Head Start serving 3 to 5-year-olds Children, ages 3 - 5, receive all comprehensive services including education, health, dental, nutrition, mental health and special education for children with disabilities. Services are provided through full-day center placement for families who are employed, in school or in a training program.

Summer Learning Program (funded in part by the City of Austin) Provides a safe environment where children of eligible working parents can maintain the educational gains made during the school year. The focus is on promoting kindergarten readiness, healthy eating and exercise habits. Children are provided with a nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snacks each day.

Parent, Family & Community Engagement Parents' positive involvement in the early childhood stage can help in their child's cognitive development as well as school readiness and achievement. The influence of parents in young children's lives is much greater than early childhood schoolteachers and programs. Our extensive parental engagement program provides parents and families with the necessary resources to assist them to effectively perform as their children’s first teacher.

Head Start Framework Utilizing Research-Based Curricula and

The Head Start Approach to School Readiness encompasses three major frameworks that promote an understanding of school readiness for parents and families, infants/toddlers, and preschoolers.

Teaching Practices

Teaching Children and Empowering Families SCHOOL READINESS In compliance with Head Start Regulations, Child Inc has developed school readiness goals for children participating in its Head Start and Early Head Start (EHS) programs in Travis County. These goals define the “expectations of the children’s status and progress across the domains of language and literacy development, cognition and general knowledge, approaches to learning, physical health, well-being, motor development and social and emotional development” that will appropriately reflect the ages of the children and improve their readiness for success in kindergarten.

2012-2013 School Readiness Goals Include:            

Growth of trust and emotional security through positive adult and peer relationships, Increased ability to recognize and regulate emotions and behavior, Increased sense of self and abilities, Improved use of oral language skills, Increased competency of dual language children in their home language and English, Increased knowledge of print and the meaning it conveys, Increased knowledge of the natural physical world, Increased large and small motor muscle control, Increased demonstration of healthy and safe habits, Increased independent perseverance with materials and tasks, Increased motivation to explore the environment, and Increased ability to express feelings by using words to cooperate with others.

The school readiness goals are aligned to the Head Start Development and Early Learning Framework, Texas Pre-K guidelines, DLM Curriculum and the current curricula used in the Early Head Start classrooms. Child Inc is in the process of aligning the goals with the Texas Infant, Toddler and 3 year Old Learning Guidelines. Additionally, Child Inc implemented a system to track, use and report on the status of the school readiness goals. Throughout all programs the Portage Assessment Instrument is administered three times a year (Fall, Winter and Spring). Upon completion of each assessment cycle teachers have information available to plan for the needs of the individual child as well as the needs of the classroom as a whole.

Parents are the First Teachers & Home is the First Classroom OUTCOME MEASURES Child Inc assessed 2,059 children including 233 EHS and 1,826 Head Start children. All children showed significant skill development/mastery from the beginning to the end of the year assessments.

ED UC AT IO N Child Inc promotes school readiness by enhancing the social and cognitive development of children through the provision of educational, health, nutritional, social and other services to enrolled children and families. In addition, Child Inc supports parents in their role as caregivers, teachers and providers, so that parent/child relationships and families will develop to their fullest potential.

For the 2012-2013 school year, Child Inc assessed a total of 2,059 children—223 Early Head Start and 1,826 Head Start. Nearly a third of the children assessed (658), showed mastery of their initial assessment age level and went on to advance to the next assessment level.

Head Start children showed consistent skill development throughout the year in all five domains (as noted on the graphic). Within the Head Start Program, 593 children mastered their age appropriate assessment level and moved into the next instrument level. A group of 30 children, ages 3 to 4 year olds not only mastered their age appropriate level, but mastered the next two assessment levels finishing the year in the highest assessment level (5 to 6 years). For Head Start children, the domain of Sensory Organization was the most observed skill set (84.82%). The domain of Exploration/Approaches to Learning was the least observed skill set (73.86%).

Child Inc Kids Are School Ready! mastering all developmental skill areas*

Language & Literacy (Early Reading, Vocabulary Development) Approaches to Learning (Critical Thinking, Early Math & Science) Year End Assessment

Purposeful Motor Activity (Early Writing, Independence)

Beginning Year Assessment

Social Emotional Develop ment (Interaction with Others, Social skills) Sensory Organization (Self-Regulation, Attention Span) 0



*Based on Portage 9 Month Assessment 2012-2013 for 3 & 4 Year Olds

Families at a Glance—agency demographics Eligibility-Early Head Start

Eligibility-Head Start 0.1% 0.25% 6%




1% 1.3%

Poverty and below

Poverty and below

Public Assistance

Public Assistance

Foster Care

Foster Care=0



Over Income



Over Income

100-130% Poverty

100-130% Poverty=0

Early Head Start-Language

Head Start-Language






English Spanish

Spanish 58%




Early Head Start-Race

Ethnicity-Early Head Start

E arly Head Start-Language

0% 3% 0% White





1% 30%





Bi-racial 74%



Head Start-Race

Ethnicity-Head Start 1%


Head Start-Language

1% 0%

1% White







Non-Hispanic 75%


Bi-racial 78%


English Spanish



Parent, Family & Community Engagement (PFCE) PARENTAL ENGAGEMENT: Provides training and support for parents as they learn to fulfill their role as advocates, learners, and teachers of their children. Parent Meetings are a principle vehicle for communicating program information to parents, providing education, giving parents opportunities to interact with community partners, and developing important relationships that will connect them with valuable resources.

Volunteer Hours Volunteering is essential to all Head Start programs. The success of our program depends upon active participation of parents and others in the community. Whether it is in the classroom, office, playground, or through tutoring and providing medical services, volunteers contribute to making Head Start a comprehensive, individualized program for children and their families. Head Start is 80 percent federally funded and 20 percent locally funded. The local 20 percent share is derived from City and County contracts, cash contributions, in-kind donations of goods and services, and volunteer services donated to the program by members of the community. Volunteer's services take a wide variety of forms. Donating even a little time can make a big difference. Volunteers take pictures of children, develop puppet shows, cook, teach music, work on art projects and help plant gardens. Volunteers help with field trips, paint classrooms, build bookshelves, repair playground equipment, file records in administrative offices, coordinate book drives and raise funds. EHS–62 parent volunteers for a total of 2,222 hours | HHS– 48 parent volunteers for a total of 6,499 hours

Parental Support: Parent Support programming provides training and information sharing opportunities for Head Start Parents at various monthly and bi-monthly meetings. Parents have opportunities to learn new skills, find out about new programs in the community, and receive valuable relationship building education. Approximate number of adults served: Family Matters – 130 | Parents Night Out – 160 | Parents Attending Monthly Parent Meetings—817

Policy Council: The Policy Council is a structure of shared governance through which parents can participate in program design, long and short term goals, approving hire and termination recommendations, approving policies, funding applications and activities that support school readiness and parent/family engagement. The Policy Council is comprised parents whose children are currently enrolled in Child Inc along with a community representative.

Fatherhood: PFCE debuted new formatting for the Dad Program in October 2012. Dads attended presentations during Parent Meetings and participated in one-on-one focused relationship building and the preparatory work for the next school year. PFCE recognized over 40 fathers from 8 different sites for their involvement in Center governance and increased engagement with their children. These Dads were presented a certificate of appreciation.

On Air Since 1997. Featuring topics important to Dad’s. Talk Radio Show Tuesday from 6-7pm CST KAZI-Austin 88.7FM.


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A Year in the Making Celebrating Achievements

Child and Adult Care Food Program Awards $25,000 Child Care Wellness Grant

Recipient of the Dunn Memorial Fund The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston’s Children’s Learning Institute and the Renee Perthuis Dunn Memorial Fund donated 2,000 parent bags containing books as well as literacy and math activities to promote talking and encourage writing in the home . The parent bags were distributed in English and Spanish to Travis County Child Inc families.

The funds were used to design and construct a MotherFriendly Space for breastfeeding and for the purchase of supplies and materials for community outreach . In addition, 11 standalone centers received upgraded computer equipment and including Internet access.

New Partnerships with Area School Districts Expand Reach Partnerships with area school districts are helping to ensure Head Start children receive two years of continuous education. New Child Inc programming will serve three year olds in standalone child development centers while four year old children attend Head Start Pre-K in collaboration classrooms within area districts. This collaboration ensures a continuum and alignment of early childhood program services, fosters sustained parental engagement with the education system, and optimizes the use of available resources. Head Start classrooms provide children with additional resources such as a Teacher’s Assistant, Family Advocate and wrap around services for the families. Participating Districts: Austin—Del Valle—Manor-—Pflugerville.

Thank You Qualcomm! For Making the Back to School Drive a Success Austin Qualcomm employees have been a long-time supporter of Child Inc families providing children with toys during the holiday season. This year they expanded their generosity by participating in the PreK School Supply Drive. Children received backpacks with all the back to school essentials needed for a year full of learning and exploring.

A Focus on School Readiness We continuously challenge ourselves to create the highest quality learning environment to stimulate children's learning and development. This focus includes teacher development and preparation. Our framework pays attention to education, training, and support for teachers with pre-service, in-service professional development, and certificate and degree advancement. We advanced program capacity in the Classroom Assessment Scoring System Tool with CLASS Observer Reliability Certifications and CLASS Trainers.

Investment in Scholasticâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Big Day for PreK Curriculums Provide Child Inc with the Best Opportunities for Learning Enhancement. This comprehensive program embraces children's natural curiosity and encourages them to explore and connect to the world around them. The curriculum incorporates the most current research on child development into a program that celebrates early learners and prepares children for success in school and life with traditional and technologically related methodologies. Selection of this curriculum was based on its broad alignment with the Head Start educational framework and includes critical technological teaching components.

Inclusionary, Health & Services Statistics

Early Head Start (0-3 yr) Program served a total of 272 children and 211 families. 268 children (99%) were income eligible based on Early Head Start guidelines. Average monthly attendance was 96%.

Head Start (3-5 yr) Program served 2012 children and 1924 families. 1949 children (97%) were income eligible based on Head Start guidelines. Average monthly attendance was 96%.

Children with Disabilities At least 10 percent of Head Start's enrollment is dedicated to children with disabilities or other special needs. During the year we served 254 children with disabilities or 12.3 percent of the total children served. Specially trained staff work closely with community agencies to provide services to disabled children while simultaneously providing them with an integrated, developmentally appropriate early childhood experience within the Head Start classroom.

Mental Health Mental health professionals work with staff and parents to increase awareness of the special problems of children and provide a link to mental health resources.

Medical and Dental Statistics Of a total enrollment of 2,282 children (Head Start and Early Head Start combined), 2,053 (90%) received medical exams and 1,933 (85%) received dental exams.

2012 Responsible Parenting Awards

For the past 11 years area businesses including Ellis & Salazar Garage & Body Shops, Leif Johnson Ford, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Capitol Chevrolet and numerous others participate in Child Incâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Responsible Parenting Awards; donating over 56 refurbished cars to Austin families in need.

Board of Directors & Policy Council BOARD OF DIRECTORS


Albert Hawkins

Rita Aguirre Adela Alvarado Xochitl Badillo Alicia Beattie Julissa Bermudez Torneshia Craft Angeles Gamez Maria Gomez Ashley Gutierrez Joanna Lozano Mary Carmen Martinez Stephanie Melara Melissa Melendrez Sheena Milton Debbie Moore-Cooksey Jose Moreno Ashley Njoku George Prochnow Meshaun Reed Maria Rosales Jesica Santamaria Saldana Miriam Vazquez William Ward

Cynthia Fabian Elaine Windom-Reagan Esther Govea J Pete Laney, Esq., Board Chair Joseph Lewright Joyace Soloye, Treasurer Kyung Choi LaKesha R. Whitfield, PhD, Secretary Linda Welsh, PhD, Vice Chair Lourdes Kaman Raul Flandes William Ward

The Board & Policy Council volunteer their time, provide governance and help establish policy, spending approximately 2300 volunteer hours on a calendar year to ensure Central Texasâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Preschoolers are School Ready.

Pictured Left to Right: Former Board Chair-Kristie Hager, Invited Guest-Former Representative Mark Strama, Elaine Windom-Reagan, Board Chair-J Pete Laney, Esther Govea, Albert L. Black, Executive Director

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Child Inc Annual Report 2013  
Child Inc Annual Report 2013