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May 2013


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It seems like only yesterday that I stood in the kitchen willing Julian’s ice-cream cake to set in time for her first birthday party.

Publisher Lisa Mc Namara •


Eighteen years on and I am still standing in the kitchen late at night, but now I’m waiting for my eldest daughter, and not for the delightful, slightly lopsided ice-cream cake she requested year after year as her birthday rolled around. Julian has just passed her driver’s licence test, ending my days of knowing her every move. I can’t help wondering how it all happened so quickly. With her new-found independence, and the relinquishment of my car keys, come the questions: Did I do enough to prepare her for this next stage of her life? Did I choose the right school for her? I think I did. Did I read her enough bedtime stories? Definitely not, but my husband may have. Did I organise enough playdates? No, but I think Julian has this one covered. To say that she is a sociable child is an understatement. But when it comes to my children’s birthday parties, I have tried to make up for

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what I lacked on the playdate organising front. My husband and I are happiest when our home is filled with children, while our girls are thrilled that they can have all their friends over at the same time, and that Mom won’t be at work and Dad won’t complain about the mess. As delighted as they may be for the opportunity to get together, it’s also our moment as parents to celebrate what really matters – the birth of our children. May our “Let’s Party” issue be just what you need to get your celebrations underway. Here’s to many, many happy birthdays.

To try my almost foolproof ice-cream cake recipe, visit

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May 2013



may 2013


10 pregnancy news – baby blessings Lucille Kemp speaks

3 a note from lisa

to experienced moms about the gadgets that made life with a newborn much easier

6 over to you readers respond


11 best for baby – be water wise

14 let’s celebrate Child magazine brings you an inspiring party story board to help you plan the big day

22 beyond the mainstream Nicole Levin looks at education alternatives to traditional schooling

26 is it a plane, is it a train? easy and practical themed recipes from Janette Mocke’s book Easy Party Treats for Children

29 safe party snacks an allergy-prone child can also enjoy party treats. Anél Lewis shares some ideas

health 9 fight this infection meningitis can be life-threatening, but if you act quickly, it doesn’t have to be. By Tamlyn Vincent

Anél Lewis finds out if it’s safe to give your baby or child bottled water

12 dealing with difference the diagnostic criteria for autism have changed. Lisa Lazarus explains

30 the ultimate party guide compiled by Lucille Kemp

42 a good read new books for the whole family

44 what’s on in may 54 finishing touch Anél Lewis loves every moment she spends with her children, but admits she sometimes craves some “me-time”

classified ads 51 family marketplace

regulars 8 upfront with paul we should be vigilant when our children are in contact with wild animals, warns Paul Kerton

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May 2013


Cape Town

Jean Bourget Photo: Olivier Ribardière Jelli Children’s Boutique

Absorba Photo: Gérard Harten Jelli Children’s Boutique



Belle’s Patisserie Photo: Elsa Young

magazine cape town

magazine cape town

May 2013



technology can unlock potential

great article on vaccination

Educators are beginning to look at teaching more holistically and from the perspective of the child. Teachers are trying to uncover a child’s true potential from a very young age to better prepare them for a world we cannot predict. The relentless march of technology means that today we are preparing children for a future we do not fully understand. Twenty years ago, most people didn’t even own a computer, now hand-held devices are capable of email, internet browsing, social connectivity and countless other operations. Yet many schools are against using these devices to supplement teaching. Nothing can replace hands-on learning and human interaction, but teachers should be more open to experimenting with new ways of teaching using media that is quite literally at their fingertips. Progressive schools realise the importance of early exposure to technology, and they embrace the electronic age. Children are introduced to computer tablets in informal, fun lessons and they are encouraged to explore the functionality of the device in their little hands. We need to ask tough questions of our current education system. What is it preparing our children for? Why are more children being diagnosed with disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder at a younger age? Why are children being prescribed Ritalin and other drugs, just to keep up with or fit into the rather small box our system has created for them? Is this a product of “problem” children, or should we be taking a long, hard look at the way we shape the minds and hearts of our children? When they start exploring their world, and the technology in it, in a safe environment, they are better equipped to adapt to a shifting world. Alexandra Grant, The Little Ashford Preschool, Joburg

Thank you for an informative article. Those who have initiated and inflamed the scaremongering associated with vaccines and autism have at best been proven wrong and at worst, as fraudsters. I have a wonderful child on the autism spectrum and I can honestly say that it’s hard for her at times, and it would be so much harder if she still had to deal with blindness from measles or polio. My child also has a seizure disorder and relies on herd immunity from croup and the other illnesses known to trigger seizures. These are real concerns and your sensible and factual response to this issue is much appreciated. Tertia Japp-Pearse, Durban

over to you a hairy issue I will start off by saying you produce a super magazine chock-full of excellent information and resources. I often see adorable little black girls in magazines with overprocessed hair. I know the magazines do not intend to promote destructive living habits, but the producers of relaxer warn that children under a certain age should not get their hair chemically processed, as it destroys the hair. Braids are always a great choice. What about doing a hairstyle-related article where you bring in some of the wonderful, professional hairstylists who specialise in korrel hare to share their expertise? Pambili! Noosie Petlele

advice from yesteryear My hope is that you will treat this letter with interest and a very advisory openess. I am writing in response to your article written on children and teething problems (“a pain in the gums”, March 2013). I recently turned 81 years of age, and I am the father of two daughters and a son. In their infancies they were all treated in the following manner, due to advice given to me by my late mother. At a guess I would say from about six months old, I rubbed their gums each night with a quality brandy. The results speak for themselves: none of my children drink or smoke and they have pretty good teeth to display. Incidentally, they all slept extra well most of

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May 2013

thanks for your help Thank you for the coverage of the Kids for Kids campaign for Sea Harvest and the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in the February issue of Child magazine. Just to give you an update: the campaign closed off on R300 000 at a handover on Tuesday 19 March 2013 at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town. Chris de Beer

feedback on haemophilia feature I want to thank Child magazine and the author, Vanessa Papas, for the article on haemophilia you published (April 2013) and for the awareness you’ve raised. We’ve received great feedback from those who have read it. Bradley, HaemophiliaSA

Let us know what’s on your mind. Send your letters or comments to or PO Box 12002, Mill Street, 8010.

the time. This advice is obviously not going to go down well as it involves alcohol, but believe me, it was an unforgettable period for my late wife and I. If you’re interested, I also have a remarkable cure for hay fever and whooping cough. By the way, I am very fit and still athletic and haven’t visited a doctor for over 40 years. I can also still dive from a 12-foot board. Derrick Merber

volunteer work for teenagers My son is in Grade 7 and has just turned 13. I am a working mom, and when it’s school holidays, he has to alternate between staying home alone or going on play dates. I would really like him to keep busy and support his interests cost-effectively. There are activities he could do, but these involve money or trying to organise transport. My son is very social and he participates in extramurals and does club sports throughout winter and summer. So the idea of him doing voluntary work has crossed my mind. I was thinking that perhaps he could help out somewhere for a morning or an afternoon doing age-appropriate tasks. He mentioned that the aquarium sent forms to his school for volunteer work on weekends and that he just had to sign up if he was interested. We’ve contacted them and have received positive feed back on age-appropriate courses. For future holiday

activities and inspiration, I thought to approach Child magazine to find out what your readers with teenage children do to keep them occupied, entertained and happy during the holidays. Paula Mulligan Childmag says You can share your solutions on our Facebook page.

do it for our planet I agree with Charl du Plessis (our poor planet, “over to you”, April 2013). I don’t see why I should recycle, keep my carbon footprint to the minimum and support local produce, if rich fastfood outlets could not be bothered to do their bit for the environment. I won’t support them. Errol Beetge

erratum In the April 2013 issue of Child magazine we published a review on the Fantastic Fingers book, CD and DVD. The cost was given as R250 for the book and DVD, which is incorrect. The cost for the book and CD is R250. The DVD is R200. We apologise for the inconvenience. subscribe to our newsletter and win Our wins have moved online. Please subscribe to our newsletter and enter our weekly competition. To subscribe, visit

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magazine cape town

magazine cape town

May 2013


upfront with paul

animal instincts Engaging with creatures of all types is important for your child’s emotional

he relationship between children and animals has been widely documented and has become a valuable litmus test for our offspring’s state of mind in terms of their compassion, respect, fear and willingness to engage with our natural neighbours, whether fluffy and cuddly or slithery and off-putting. There is something psychologically warming about the connection between a child and an animal. The mere act of stroking a pet is understood to reduce our blood pressure, calm our nerves and siphon off stress. The watchword is compassion and experts agree that the sooner we show our children how to feel compassion, the better the planet will become as compassion begets compassion. Here I’m talking about all animals and not just the lovable pets that sneak their way into the hearts of millions of families worldwide. Even the “nasty, horrible” creatures like tarantulas and venomous snakes can inspire emotional bonds. A


May 2013

Saskia, Paul and Sabina

friend, Bernard, used to run a “petting park”, which I initially thought was somewhere you go on a first date, but it turns out to be a place where children can engage with all sorts of living creatures, from frogs and spiders through to badgers and lizards, up to super-sized lions and elephants. “You can tell immediately whether a child is afraid of an animal and it is really rewarding to watch them overcome their fears and

pick up an otter or have a scorpion run up their arm,” he says. You can also tell when a child has some sort of social problem, because the converse is true. “Some children can be terribly cold and cruel to animals and treat them with no respect whatsoever.” The last time I got into a fight at school I was defending a harmless hamster against an older classmate who thought it hilarious to

torment it with the sharp end of a geometry compass. I hate bullying of any kind. Call me a wuss, but while I am in favour of engaging with all creatures great and small, there is one sensible brain cell at the back of my head that screams a reminder that many of these animals are wild and no manner of over-feeding or shampooing their fur will ever disguise that fact. I remember taking Sabina and Saskia to a game farm where the children were allowed to touch small lions and cheetah. Sabina went and frolicked with a handful of baby cheetahs, which was enormous fun. But the caracal was so crazy that we were not allowed to go inside its cage. Which was just as well because no sooner had the handler started to gently pat the pointy-eared “football hooligan” of the cat world, it shot into the air and scratched her on the head. So should your child be taking part in any animal touchy-feely fest, it’s a good idea to be vigilant and stay close. Follow Paul on Twitter: @fabdad1

magazine cape town



development, says PAUL KERTON, but don’t get too close to the wild ones.


fight this infection


very year one million people around the world will suffer from bacterial meningitis and 170 000 people will die because of it. Meningitis is an inflammation of the membranes around the brain and spinal cord, and babies, children, teenagers and the elderly are most at risk. There are two types of meningitis: viral and bacterial. Viral meningitis is more common and can cause some damage, especially when there is a component of viral encephalitis or swelling of the brain, says Cape Town paediatrician Dr Deon Smith. But it is often less severe than bacterial meningitis, which has a higher chance of causing neurological damage. According to the National Institute for Communicable Diseases, 204 cases of meningococcal meningitis, caused by bacteria, were reported in South Africa in 2012, with most patients being younger than 10.

look out for these signs

getting help Bacterial meningitis can kill in four hours, so getting medical help quickly is essential. Redelinghuys advises that parents go to a paediatrician or hospital if their child has any symptoms. If doctors suspect meningitis, they may put a child onto intravenous antibiotics until they can determine whether it is viral or bacterial. The different strains of meningitis are best diagnosed by doing a lumbar puncture or spinal tap, says Smith, who adds that even blood tests may not be conclusive. Children will be hospitalised for both strains, but with viral meningitis they could go home after 24 to 48 hours, whereas bacterial meningitis will likely require 10 to 14 days of intravenous antibiotics. The bacteria that can cause meningitis is spread through droplets of respiratory secretions that may be transmitted through coughing, sneezing, kissing or being in close contact with a carrier.

Meningitis can be life-threatening, but

getting help quickly will decrease the risk of

The symptoms for both strains of meningitis are the same, with the classic signs in adults including a fever, headache, light sensitivity, vomiting and a stiff neck. But the way meningitis presents in children is quite different, advises Smith. Children younger than six months will usually be floppy and lethargic, and they won’t want to eat or drink. Other symptoms might include a high temperature, a high-pitched irritable cry, and a bulging anterior fontanel, says Smith. Sister Elsabe Redelinghuys, from a baby wellness clinic in Joburg, says children may also vomit if their temperature is very high. Older children will have a fever, headache and vomiting and, on examination, signs of neck stiffness. Another symptom of bacterial meningitis is a non-blanching rash, which may occur later. Smith suggests placing the bottom of a glass over the rash and pushing down. If the rash doesn’t go white, get to a hospital immediately.

complications. By TAMLYN VINCENT

magazine cape town

risky business

Parents may be reluctant for their child to have a lumbar puncture, but paediatricians are skilled at doing these and the risks involved are far less than leaving bacterial meningitis undiagnosed. The complications of this disease include hearing loss, deafness, learning problems, brain damage and even death. But there has been a decrease in the incidence of bacterial meningitis, says Smith, thanks mainly to childhood immunisations. There are vaccines for the types of bacteria that can cause meningitis such as Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) and Haemophilus influenza type B (Hib). Smith emphasises the importance of having children immunised. “Parents don’t understand the devastation that can be wrought by this disease,” Smith adds.

May 2013


pregnancy news

baby blessings Pregnant moms are spoilt for choice when it comes to baby products.

Among the biggest time stealers when you have a newborn that’s not being breast-fed, is the seemingly endless cycle of cleaning bottles and preparing formula. It’s no fun standing in the semi-dark at 3am, trying to remember how many scoops of formula you’ve poured into a bottle. Our sisters – and brothers – overseas have been reaping the benefits of ready-to-feed formula for a while, and it’s now also available in South Africa. These sterile and convenient containers of prepared formula will be a godsend for moms on the go, and will no doubt be a must-have when travelling. As a new parent, you sometimes literally have your hands full. A handy gadget is an all-in-one wet wipe and bum cream dispenser that allows you to clean and put cream on your baby with one hand, while holding his legs with the other.


May 2013

A sleeping bag is a proven winner, especially for a winter baby. Babies who are cold during the night are more likely to wake up, and the sleeping bag minimises the risk of blankets being kicked off. Some of them are weighted, providing just the right amount of reassuring pressure to calm troubled sleepers. Soothers are essential – for baby and mom – with two popular choices being the “doodoo blanky”, which is a cloth of smooth satin tags that provide a tactile experience and a BPA-free giraffe that is a great teething device, with its soft knobbly parts to soothe baby’s gums and long legs for whole-gum chewing and hard-to-reach molars. Anti-colic bottles are a life-saver for parents with fractious babies. And any bottles that are selfsterilising are an added blessing, especially when you are travelling. Many moms swear by the dishwasher baskets for bottles, teats and lids that spare you from hand-washing all the bits that make up your baby’s bottles. Bottle warmers come in all shapes and sizes. The portable ones are so convenient; there are warmers that don’t require electricity and you even get one that you can plug into your car lighter for when you need warm milk on the move.

Bath time is fun for baby, but hard on your knees if you’re using the “big” bath. A nifty kneeler pad will provide some welcome comfort. Who would’ve thought new parents could still rock the mini fridge? You know the type that takes four cold-drink cans? One creative mom admits she swore by it, having kept it on her bedside table at night filled with bottles ready-to-go. Breast-feeding may be challenging for some moms and a nipple shield, made of thin and flexible silicone, can be used to protect sore nipples. A Cape Town mom says she needed laser therapy as her child tore holes in her nipples from sucking so hard. Nipple shields were her “saving grace”. Babies, for their small size, generate a huge amount of washing. A specialist, energy-saving laundry spin dryer that dries clothes quickly and efficiently by using centrifugal force instead of heat, is useful. Baby slings and carriers that comply with safety standards have many benefits. The biggest drawing card is that there is little need for a pram if you use one regularly. It encourages closeness, promotes kangaroo care and even helps your baby sleep better. And it frees up your hands for other tasks.

magazine cape town


LUCILLE KEMP asks seasoned parents for their layette recommendations.

best for baby

be water wise k

erryn Gibson, a Durban-based paediatric and sports dietician, says bottled water may have unsafe levels of minerals such as sodium, potassium and magnesium. Good old tap water is your safest bet, she says. “Our water in this country is of such a good quality that there’s no reason to drink bottled water.” Kath Megaw, a paediatric dietician in Cape Town, agrees. “The strict South African Bureau of Standards’ codes assure us that the water is safe for our families to drink.”


too many elements Babies younger than six months get all the liquid they need through breast milk or formula. They don’t really need to drink additional water. In fact, too much water at this early stage can lead to water intoxication, which will affect their kidneys. However, if you are travelling in an area where the water may be contaminated, or you’re unable to prepare cooled boiled water for a formula-feed, you may want to use bottled water instead. It’s important to note that bottled water is not sterile, and that it also needs to be boiled and allowed to cool before use.

magazine cape town

It’s convenient and refreshing, but is bottled water safe for your baby or child to drink? ANÉL LEWIS finds out. Gibson says formula already contains high levels of sodium and potassium, so adding mineral-rich bottled water to the mix will place stress on your baby’s kidneys and organs. “The amount of some minerals used in these bottled waters is not regulated (by legislation) and so at the end of the day, the safest option is boiled tap water,” says Megaw. The South African National Bottled Water Association (SANBWA) assures consumers that when it comes to the mineral content “no South African water falls into a category high enough for concern”. SANBWA chairman John Weaver, says that commercially sold bottled water can be safely consumed by babies and

children, because of its low mineral content. He recommends that “all water – whether from a tap or a bottle – be boiled and allowed to cool before it is used for infants”. If you do turn to bottled water to make up formula, make sure it is not the sparkling variety as this could irritate the stomach.

dental concerns Tap water is one of the main sources of fluoride, a trace element that strengthens teeth and helps prevent tooth decay. Dr Nadia Mohamed, head of paediatric dentistry at the University of the Western Cape, says children who drink bottled water, or who live in areas where the tap water has

low fluoride levels, should take fluoride supplements as prescribed by a dentist. Water that is labelled as purified, deionised, demineralised or distilled is low in fluoride. There are no studies that conclusively link drinking bottled water to tooth decay, and other factors such as poor dental hygiene and over-consumption of sugary foods will obviously play a role. Too much fluoride can cause discolouration of the teeth.

be label-savvy If you give bottled water to your child, look for the SANBWA logo as its members comply with stringent standards. SANBWA sets a guideline for sulphates (SO4) at less than 1 000mg/l, nitrates (NO3) at less than 50mg/l and a maximum limit for fluoride of 5mg/l. Where bottled water contains more than 1,5mg of fluoride it shall have the phrase “not suitable for infants and children under the age of seven years” on the label. Weaver says that as other minerals are unlikely to have an effect on health, legislation does not specify a limit for calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), potassium (K), pH or total dissolved solids.

May 2013


dealing with difference

away with asperger’s LISA LAZARUS looks at the impact of new diagnostic criteria for autism.


he Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, known as the DSM, contains the criteria for making diagnoses. This so-called “bible” of psychiatry, while published by the American Psychiatric Association, is used by mental health professionals around the world. It therefore has an impact on the way individuals with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), including Asperger’s disorder (AD), will be diagnosed and the kind of intervention they will receive in South Africa. The 5th version of this book, the DSM-V, will be published in May 2013.

with one of three severity levels. Janine explains that the severity levels of an ASD are based on the amount of support required by the individual, due to the challenges presented by the disorder.

proposed changes to the DSM-5 regarding Asperger’s disorder

There are three levels: requiring support, requiring substantial support and requiring very substantial support. “These terms seem to be very subjective and could be interpreted differently by professionals.” If the severity should fall outside of the scope of these levels but social communication challenges are still evident, then a new category, known as social communication disorder (SCD), might apply. For SCD to be diagnosed, the individual must not exhibit the more restricted,

repetitive patterns of behaviour, interests or activities, which characterise an ASD. Chantal van Ginkel, an educational consultant who works with both children and adults with autism spectrum disorders, points out that although communication is now assessed in a more holistic way and the emphasis is on the social aspects of the condition, there is a concern that “the new diagnostic criteria may exclude cognitively developed, higherfunctioning individuals from receiving a diagnosis, thus excluding them from interventions and resources”.

Janine Chester, director of Autism Western Cape, explains that the way we describe autism-related disabilities will change. Medical professionals will no longer distinguish between autism, Asperger’s disorder, pervasive development disorder not otherwise specified and childhood disintegrative disorder. Instead, all these disorders will form part of an autism spectrum disorder,


May 2013

why the changes? Jill Stacey, national director at Autism South Africa, states that the diagnostic changes are an attempt to eliminate subjective influences when making a diagnosis. “It is possible to clearly distinguish between people with an autism spectrum disorder and so-called ‘normal/neuro-typical’ people,” she says, “but it is difficult to diagnose subgroups within the autistic category accurately and consistently, without the

magazine cape town


The new diagnostic criteria may exclude cognitively developed, higher-functioning individuals from receiving a diagnosis, thus excluding them from interventions and resources.

influence of perceptions, different training or viewpoints.” Research also indicates that the new diagnostic criteria are more accurate regarding the presentation and pathology of autism and that the stipulated levels of support will be more beneficial for people with an ASD. Dr Cobie Lombard, principal of Unica School for Autism in Pretoria, says, “This will hopefully lead to more focus on the individual’s needs in terms of school placement and intervention, without creating unrealistic expectations from parents.”

pros and cons of the changes to the DSM-5 Janine, who is also the mother of a 15-year-old adolescent suffering from Asperger’s, sees benefits and problems in the proposed changes. “On the one hand a diagnosis of autism, not Asperger’s, will make it easier for parents to obtain concessions for the challenges faced by children on the spectrum – such as getting a scribe, extra time for exams, as well as enabling children to take notes and do their homework on the computer.” In other words, the perception of Asperger’s as mild will be tempered by the realisation that the daily difficulties

magazine cape town

of such individuals are not always simple for both the person concerned and their family. “My son’s inability to read social cues and interact with people severely impacts upon his social interaction, making most social contact extremely stressful for him.” Jill says the addition of sensory issues, such as adverse responses to specific sounds or textures, excessive smelling or touching of objects, as potential diagnostic indicators for autism, is a benefit of the new criteria. They will also better identify an autistic spectrum disorder in previously undiagnosed girls, as the criteria will reveal the more subtle manifestations of autism. However, Janine explains that Asperger’s has its own unique characteristics and scrapping the diagnosis may result in children not receiving the correct therapy. Her

son was only diagnosed at the age of 13 and although he received speech and occupational therapy, he did not receive behaviour modification therapy. She worries that doing away with the diagnosis of Asperger’s may result in children “not receiving the correct care and therapy, which will affect their prognosis”. Furthermore, she is concerned about medical aid coverage for those people who are no longer on the autism spectrum, due to the stricter criteria.

well-known people who have been diagnosed as “Aspies” • M  arie Curie, known for her pioneering work on radioactivity • Albert Einstein, who developed the theory of relativity • Mozart, classical composer and prolific artist • Andy Warhol, American pop artist • Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, is thought to have Asperger’s • Daryl Hannah, American actress

May 2013


your party

let’s celebrate The preparation can be as much fun as the party itself, if you know what you want and how to get it organised. Use these tips from


planning the party

Planning a party for your child can be daunting, but it needn’t be. If you work well in advance, and have a clear idea of what you want, you can alleviate much of the party stress. Draw up your budget so that you know before you start how much you want to spend, and what you can do. Set up a time schedule so that you are on track with every aspect of the event. Send the invites at least a month in advance, with the RSVP date about two weeks before the party.


May 2013

magazine cape town


CHILD MAGAZINE to get started.

Bear in mind that if your child is at school, there may be a policy about handing out invites. You can either post invites or email or sms the parents directly. Decide whether you want to invite the whole class, or only the boys or the girls. Consider the season when deciding on your venue. Will you be able to host it outdoors, or could rain put a damper on things? You may want to book a venue, rather than host it at home. Also think about the time of day, and duration of the party. Plan your entertainment. Younger children will be happy to play games, while older children may want a bit more to keep them busy. If you are hosting at home, make sure the party space is safe. If it’s a pool party, will there be restricted access for younger guests who can’t swim yet? Lock away valuables that could be broken, or cause damage, before young guests arrive. Are parents invited? From about the age of five, most children will not need their parents to stay. Decide on how many people to invite. The rule of thumb is usually the age of your child, plus one. So for a four year old, you would invite five guests.

Pinterest is a novel way of collecting ideas, and organising them in an accessible way. You can also access thousands of other pinboards packed with party inspiration. Get tips for everything, from decor to party entertainment. The great thing about Pinterest is that you can link it to other social media, such as Facebook, which means you can get input from your friends as you plan. Afterwards pin your photographs of your successful event as inspiration for other parents. For more ideas, visit our page at Decide on your theme – this will guide your decisions about the invites, venue, decor, food and entertainment. As your child gets older, they will be very clear about what they want. Involve them in the preparation as much as possible. You also want to decide on the type of cake you will have, as this is often the centrepiece of the event.

magazine cape town

turning 3


4 friends

To read more and to download your party-planning-checklist, go to party-planning checklist

May 2013


your party


out-of-the-box venues

The venue will depend on several things, such as the time of year, the number of guests and even your theme. Here are some ideas:


A boat works well for a sea-themed party. Host an island- or mermaidthemed party if you live near a beach, or are holidaying close to one when it’s your child’s birthday.

Create an obstacle course for a boot-camp party, or set up a camp in your garden for a sleepover. Set up a food table at one of the skateboard parks in your neighbourhood and let the boys “ollie” to their heart’s content. Just make sure you have their parents’ permission and that everyone is safely kitted out.

Visit a spa for a pamper party. Create a Bedouin experience with cushions, beautiful fabric and delicate finger eats for pre-teenage girls wanting something a bit different.


Use the scratch patch for an explorer’s theme. If you’re not bound by a budget, host the bash at an historic home or stately venue. Lunch at an airport restaurant for plane-mad boys.


May 2013

magazine cape town


Host a movie party for older children – at your house or hire out the cinema. You can get the children to dress up, as if they are attending the Oscars or a premiere. Get the creative juices flowing by inviting your guests to a pottery or mosaic studio where they can make something to take home.

Visit a science centre where they can discover more about how things work. If the weather forces the children indoors, keep them busy with a ballet or martialarts party where they can learn a new skill while having fun.

An aquarium for an underwater party

Visit a natural quarry or a forest. Younger children will love a teddy bear’s picnic at your local park or green belt.


Older girls may enjoy a fancy high tea. Go to a venue where children can ride battery-operated cars in a mini city.

magazine cape town

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your party


please come to my party

The invitations set the tone for the party. Make sure you include all the relevant information, including the time, venue and whether parents need to pack additional gear for their children, such as a swimming costume or closed shoes.

For a green option, print invites on biodegradable paper, with embedded seeds that you can plant afterwards.

Some ideas: Build an invite around a photo of your child. This works especially well with electronic invites, which you can create on and other sites. Make mini beach balls for a pool party.  Buy inexpensive watercolour paints and paste the invite inside the cover for an artist’s party.

Create rock star lanyards if your pre-teenager is having a disco or rock party.

Make a puzzle invite. The pieces come in a bag, and have to be put together to read. Put a message in a bottle for a pool or beach party.

Send a fortune cookie that has the invite inside.

Personalise invites with the hungry caterpillar.

For a secret agent party, write in small text that can only be read with a magnifying glass, which you include with the invite, or with lemon juice as “invisible ink�, that can only be read when held up to the light.


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party food

Your choice of food may be determined by the theme, the age of your child, and even the time of day. Younger children will enjoy simple, finger foods while older children can eat just about anything. If you have a mix of ages at the party, ensure that younger children can’t ingest anything that may be a choking hazard. Serve food in innovative ways. Put hot dogs in paper “boats”, as you would get them at a vendor or serve juice from a punch bowl with jelly-fish or stars, depending on your theme. Serve savoury food first, then the sweet fare. Spare a thought for the parents who will be taking home a child pumped up on sugar if you go crazy with the sugary treats. Keep a balance, and have plenty of fruit and other nutritious options available. Fruit kebabs are a creative way of serving something healthy, yet colourful. A time-saver for serving ice-cream scoops is to store them in lined cupcake pans in the freezer beforehand, so you have them ready at the party. Bear in mind that you may have guests at the party who are allergic to certain foods. (See “safe party snacks” page 29).

The cake is the focal point of the whole affair, so you can let your creativity run wild with this. If you’re not much of a baker, why not try a cupcake caterpillar cake? It’s easy to make, but effective when displayed (and much easier to dish out).

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your party


parents’ behaviour

If parents are invited, which is usually the case with younger children, you need to think about catering for them too.  Designate an area for parents who smoke, away from the children.  Include parents in the party action by letting them take part in some of the games.  If you are having a fancy-dress party, you could ask parents to also dress up.  There may come a time when you will have to deal with a child who is unruly. If the parents are there, take them aside and ask them to deal with the situation or, if allowed, speak to the child yourself. If it’s the birthday boy or girl who is having “a moment”, take them aside to calm down, or use a diversion tactic like introducing a new game or bringing out the cake.

Have snacks for grown-ups. Think carefully about whether you want to serve alcohol to parents or not. If you do, mention this when you send the invite so that parents can decide beforehand if they want to arrange for transport. If there is alcohol available, make sure it’s well out of children’s reach. Also provide nonalcoholic beverages.


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after the party Manners are always important and a party is a good opportunity to teach children about showing gratitude.

You will have to decide whether you want to hand out party packs. If you do, make sure the contents are age-appropriate. You could include a beautifully decorated cupcake or a funky cake pop as a party favour. If you have had a MasterChef party, each child could take home a monogrammed apron. If you had games that involved prizes, make sure that each guest has something to take home, including those who did not win.

Decide whether you will send a handmade or hand-written thankyou note. You can also send electronic thank-you notes, but there is something special about one that has been made by hand. Get your child to make a thank-you note, or to write their own message if they’re old enough. You can take photos of your child opening gifts and use these as thank-you tags.

Also think about thank-you gifts, such as a plant with an organic pot that can be planted. This doubles as a party favour. You could also give parents a Lotto ticket, especially for a younger child’s celebration.

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beyond the mainstream With South Africa’s education system ranked among the worst in the world, there’s growing


ne of the most important decisions you have to make as a parent is what educational path to choose for your child. Most parents opt for traditional schools as these are the most widely available and familiar to them. But are traditional schools actually educational dinosaurs? Sir Ken Robinson, a British academic and internal educational advisor, identifies that traditional schools first came into being in the 19th century during the Industrial Revolution in England. Many schools today follow the educational models from that time: children have to fit in, learn predominately academic subjects and wear uniforms. Robinson suggests that this educational model is no longer relevant to our 21st century-world.

beyond the traditional So what other options do we have? One example of an alternative school is the Hout Bay Montessori School in Cape Town, whose motto is “Education for a New World”. Kerin Goosen, the school’s principal, says that education has to change to prepare children for an uncertain future. Traditional education, which places emphasis on


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disillusionment with the traditional school system. NICOLE LEVIN considers some of the alternatives.

conformity, learning by memorising and adherence to authority, offers outdated values for a world that is going to need highly creative, innovative and technologically advanced problem solvers. Cedar House, an alternative school in Cape Town, caters for Grade 5 to 12 learners. Its curriculum is designed by the staff and encourages diversity, social awareness and intellectual rigour. Cedar House celebrates individuality and gives students a voice; it describes itself as “speaking back to conventional notions of schooling and traditional experiences of student powerlessness”. International schools offer an internationally recognised curriculum.

Education is not the same as schooling. You can have an education without schooling, and you can educate yourself in spite of schooling. Alternative schools often cater for children who are not thriving in the mainstream system. Marc Loon started his school, the Kairos School of Inquiry in Joburg, in 2011 with three such children. Two years later, the school has 38 learners from Grade 1 to 6. His learners now include many children that would cope well in the mainstream systems. Parents are choosing Kairos because they want a more holistic education that develops critical thinking and creativity, and supports their children’s individuality. Parents are looking for something different for their children from what they experienced themselves at school. Ambleside schools value the individuality of each child and cultivate Christian values. They focus on exposing students to “living ideas” found in art literature, science and music.

waldorf schools Anette Bestwick, of the Federation of Waldorf Schools Council, says their system of education is one of the fastest growing alternative school systems globally. Developed by Rudolf Steiner, the 12-year curriculum aims to integrate intellectual,

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Where SA’s education system ranked out of 144 countries surveyed. – World Economic Forum

physical and emotional development while nurturing the child’s social and spiritual growth. The method of teaching is based on the in-depth study of child development and it will vary with the age of the child. In kindergarten, the focus is on experience and learning through play. In the primary school, the development of skills and intellectual capacity are met through feeling, observation and experience. In the high school, the intellectual needs are met directly through intellectual discourse and rigorous thinking. The common thread through all the faculties is self-directed activity. This encourages self-discovery, research and engagement with the subject matter. The emphasis on practical work includes activities such as handwork, woodwork, gardening, metalwork, craft and design. Waldorf aims to prepare children for life.

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montessori way The Montessori system was developed by Maria Montessori, an Italian medical doctor, anthropologist and educationalist. She observed that children learn through their own actions, and she developed learning materials where children could learn through doing developmentally appropriate tasks. Montessori’s approach is based on “following the child”; recognising and responding to the individual child’s developmental needs. In the Montessori classroom children learn at their own pace and are given increasingly stimulating and challenging intellectual tasks as they are ready. Children work predominantly individually and in small groups. There is no “boardand-chalk” teaching and very little teacher talking time, as the teacher works more as a facilitator. Montessori teachers believe that children have an inherent ability to do their own learning and so the Montessori classroom focuses on developing independence, selfconfidence, self-discipline, concentration and orderly work habits. The Montessori method develops the child’s internal sense of self and connectedness to the world. Classes are not divided by age but by learning stages. Both the Waldorf and Montessori systems have their critics. Some parents and educators feel that the Waldorf system is not academically rigorous enough, and that graduates can be academically disadvantaged compared to their mainstream peers. Some mainstream primary school teachers feel if children in Montessori schools are not carefully monitored, there can be big gaps in their knowledge. But Sharon Caldwell, CEO of the South African Montessori Association (SAMA), says “that if the Montessori curriculum is followed correctly, there won’t be gaps in the child’s knowledge. The problem is that the name Montessori is not copyrighted. A school can use the name ‘Montessori’ even if they follow the Montessori curriculum very loosely.”

Traditional education which places emphasis on conformity, learning by memorising and adherence to authority offers outdated values for a world that is going to need highly creative, innovative and technologically advanced problem solvers. filling the gap Many children who feel disconnected, uninspired, have difficulty learning in a mainstream environment or are gifted often thrive in Waldorf or Montessori schools. Austyn Cohen, 11, is one such child. “From the age of three I knew he was in the wrong system,” says his mother Sherilyn. “He just didn’t fit. In mainstream schooling he was unmotivated, disinterested, and tried to avoid all schoolwork.” In the middle of his Grade 3 year, Austyn went for a trial day at a Waldorf School. After one day there, he refused to go back to mainstream. Sherilyn says it was “like someone waved a magic wand”. At Gaia, he became a completely different child. He became self-motivated, curious to learn and regained “the authentic Austyn”. Many children start off their schooling in Montessori preschools and then move into mainstream schooling. Even if parents would like to keep their children in the Montessori system, it usually isn’t possible because there are so few Montessori primary schools in South Africa. Caldwell says, “Children who have attended a Montessori preschool have a high level of independence. Parents need to choose a primary school that values this independence in their learners. A good Montessori preschool will advise parents which local primary school would be a good transition for their child.”

learn at home Unable to find a school that suits their specific educational needs, some parents opt for home-schooling; taking responsibility for their children’s education, rather than handing the task over to a school. Home-schooled children learn through tailor-made lessons delivered by their parents or tutors, online resources, and specially designed homeschooling learning resources. Parents are free to structure their child’s learning depending on their child’s abilities, interests and natural rhythms. Home-schooling is popular in very religious communities who feel that schools expose their children to negative secular values; also those living in isolated communities, children who have learning difficulties or who are gifted, and with parents who feel that school is having a negative impact on their child’s self-esteem and self-worth. Tantan Alexander, eight, has difficulty concentrating in the classroom, and was constantly being reprimanded in his traditional school. His parents, frustrated with the school system, decided to home-school him. “I do not want him to be hurt all the time by demands and reprimands, detentions and labelling in a system that expects him to mould and squash himself in a way which would cause him to lose his personality, talents and peace of mind,” says his mother, Andi. Home-schooling means Tantan is free to play


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when he needs to, and does not have to sit still for hours on end in a classroom. Andi feels that since starting home-schooling Tantan has a much better quality of life; he is more productive, less exhausted, and has energy and time for socialising and extracurricular activities which he didn’t have when he went to school. Kyle Mason Jones, 29, is an example of home-schooling success. As a gifted child, Kyle was bored at school, and at age 13 refused to be enrolled in high school. “I didn’t like school because I didn’t have any rights, any decision-making power, and my opinions weren’t valued,” he says. At first, home-schooling was challenging because he had to figure out how to learn on his own. But he soon mastered the skill, matriculated at 16 and went on to travel and then study chemistry. He obtained a master’s degree in engineering and today works as a researcher for an environmental consultancy. “Education is not the same as schooling. You can have an education without schooling, and you can educate yourself in spite of schooling.”

the way of the future In the USA, UK and Australia, governments have recognised that the concept of “onesize-fits-all” education does not entirely work. To curb school dropout rates, these countries fund alternative education programmes to cater for children who are not coping in the mainstream. In South Africa, it appears as if we need more diverse approaches to education so as to meet the individual needs of children. Large classes, standardised curriculums, a restrictive school structure, bullying, and limited technology are some of the reasons that children may drown in the sea of mainstream education. In the landmark documentary on education We are the People We’ve Been Waiting For, Dr Cream Wright, Chief of Education for Unicef, says, “Schools often fail to prepare people for contemporary society, for the realities of the world in which we live in and even more significantly fail to prepare young people for the emerging issues of our time.”

for more information about schooling options: The Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa Visit: Association of Christian Schools International Visit: Association of Muslim Schools Visit: The Federation of Waldorf Schools Visit: South African Montessori Association Trust Visit: Association for Homeschooling Visit:

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party book extract

is it a plane, is it a train? Take the fuss out of party catering with these creative yet practical ideas,

lamington train Makes one train • 9 lamington squares • glacé icing • liquorice strips • round sweets for the wheels • 2 sugared jelly rings • 2 dome-shaped sugared jelly sweets • a variety of small sweets • 1 rectangular cake board Use three lamington squares to form the locomotive. Use glacé icing to stick two lamington squares together, and stick another one on top of the back square. Place the locomotive on the cake board – use glacé icing to secure it. Cut a square out of the top lamington, leaving a 1cm edge all round. Do the


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same with the remaining six squares, to form the carriages of the train. Cut the liquorice strips into pieces ± 3cm long. Press one end of a piece of liquorice into the back of the lamington locomotive and press the other end into another lamington, so it appears as if the train carriage is hooked to the locomotive. Repeat with the rest of the lamingtons to form the train. Using a little glacé icing, stick the round sweets to the lamingtons so they resemble the wheels of the train. Stick two sugared jelly rings at the front of the locomotive and place two dome-shaped sugared jelly sweets on top of the jelly rings, to form the funnels. Finally, place a variety of small sweets on the locomotive and carriages.

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extracted from Easy Party Treats for Children by JANETTE MOCKE.

green frogs

tea cups

Makes 10 • 10 Marie biscuits • green butter icing • 20 green edible cupcake cases • 20 green jelly rings • small sweets • 10 pink or red sour worms • green glacé icing • 10 green Jelly Tots • 20 silver sugar balls

Makes 10 • glacé icing • pink butter icing • 10 Marie biscuits • 10 edible cupcake cases • 10 sugared round jelly rings • 30 sugar flowers • Jelly Tots

Spread green butter icing over the Marie biscuit and place a green cupcake case on top, slightly towards the back. Cut out a section of the jelly ring. Stick two jelly rings into the butter icing, right up against the cupcake case, for the feet. Fill the cupcake case with small sweets. Using glacé icing, stick the sour worm onto the cupcake case, then stick the second cupcake case, upside down, to the bottom case, to form the head – the worm helps keep the mouth open. For the eyes, cut a Jelly Tot in half and use green glacé icing to stick the two halves on top of the cupcake case. Use green glacé icing to stick a silver sugar ball in front of each Jelly Tot.

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Roll out the glacé icing and cut out 10 flowers the size of the Marie biscuit. Using a small blob of butter icing, stick these to the biscuits and press flat. Using a little butter icing, stick a cupcake case to the flower. Cut off one side of a jelly ring and use a dab of butter icing to stick this to the right-hand side of the cupcake case. Hold it in place for a few seconds until it sticks. Stick three sugar flowers to the front of each cup, for decoration. Fill an icing bag with the pink butter icing and decorate the rim of the cup. Fill each cup with Jelly Tots.

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party book extract



Makes 10 • 10 edible cupcake cases • butter icing • 10 Marie biscuits • cake beads • 10 Jelly Babies • 25 rectangular wafer biscuits • ± 60 Smarties

Makes 10 • 10 rectangular wafer biscuits • glacé icing • 30 Smarties • 10 finger biscuits • 10 sugared jelly rings

Using kitchen scissors, cut away about one quarter of the cupcake case. Fill an icing bag with butter icing and pipe a semicircle onto the Marie biscuit, then set the cupcake case on top (positioning the open side of the cupcake case where there is no icing). Press cake beads into the edges of the icing, for decoration. Cut the Jelly Baby in half and use a little butter icing to stick the upper body to the Marie biscuit, inside the cupcake-case opening. Cut two wafer biscuits in half lengthwise. Stick two halves across each other on top of the cupcake case, to form the rotors. Stick the other two halves, on their sides, to the base of the Marie biscuit, to form the skids. Cut one wafer biscuit in half diagonally and stick one triangle to the cupcake case to form the tail of the helicopter. Stick Smarties to the tail and the rotors as shown, for decoration. Leave to stand until the icing sets.


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Cut five of the wafer biscuits in half and cut the halves into triangles. Cut the other five wafer biscuits lengthwise in two. Using glacé icing, stick 3 Smarties on top of each long half. When the Smarties are secure, stick one long half on top of each finger biscuit, about one third from the front, to form the wings. Stick one triangular wafer biscuit at the other end of the finger biscuit, to form the tail of the plane. Stick a sugared jelly ring to the front of the finger biscuit, to form the propeller. Leave to stand until the icing sets.

about the book Easy Party Treats For Children (Random House Struik) is ideal for busy parents who want to make something special for a party, but just don’t have the time. The recipes are easy to follow so you can also involve your children in the preparation. Janette includes basic recipes for perennial favourites, like lamingtons and fridge squares. She then breaks her suggestions down into broad themes. Her fun suggestions will appeal especially to younger children. The book is available at all good bookstores.

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safe party snacks With the increase in allergies you’re likely to have at least one guest who can’t eat certain foods. ANÉL LEWIS looks at ways to keep everyone happy, and fed.


he best way to avoid tears and a possible medical situation is by planning ahead and knowing what you can serve. Common allergens for children include milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, shellfish and fish.

your party If you’re hosting, ask parents to include allergy information when they reply to your party invitation. This will give you time to plan well in advance. You can also discuss snack food options with parents. • Bonnie Bester, entrepreneur and mother to three children, one with food allergies, makes sure she always has fruit to serve at parties. “I also do my best to find party ‘sweets’ that are allergen-free. • Sandwiches with honey, a meat-extract spread or cucumber are usually a safe bet and can be cut into fab shapes with cookie cutters. Bonnie gets allergen-free chocolate, which she uses to dip strawberries and other fruit into. • When setting up, put food containing allergens on separate tables and have different serving bowls and spoons. • Be mindful that children with allergies may feel left out, or be sensitive about their condition, so don’t make a big scene of putting out their food. • Keep the labels and packaging of foods that you do serve, in case concerned parents want more information about the food on offer. • Assure parents that they are also welcome to bring their own party snacks, if that will make them feel more comfortable. You could also invite parents to stay for the party, if they want to monitor what their child is eating. If they’re happy to leave their child in your care, make sure you have their contact details should a medical emergency arise. They may also leave emergency medication with you if their child is at risk of anaphylactic shock.

chocolate chip and orange biscuits Egg free; nut free; alternatively dairy free Makes 25–30 • ¾ cup butter or margarine at room temperature (or a dairy-free option) • ¼ cup icing sugar, sifted • 1 cup self-raising flour • ½ tsp salt • ½ -1 tsp grated orange zest, with no rind • 60g plain chocolate chips (or a dairy-free option) 1  Mix all the ingredients, except the chocolate chips, in a bowl until just blended. Sprinkle over the chocolate chips and mix them in. 2  On a lightly floured surface, knead the dough until pliable, form into a ball and cover with clingfilm. Chill in the fridge for one hour or until you are ready to bake. 3  Preheat the oven to 180°C. Roll out the dough onto a lightly floured surface to about 0,5cm thick. Cut into shapes using a variety of cookie cutters and place on either sheets of greased baking paper or baking trays sprayed with nonstick cooking spray. 4  Bake for 10 minutes, keeping a close watch as they burn easily. Remove from the oven and allow to cool.

PHOTOGRAPH: matthys van Lill

as a guest If you are going to a party with a child who is allergic, keep a stash of beautifully decorated allergen-free cupcakes or cakes in the refrigerator so you have treats on hand to take with you. Bonnie also prepares a snack pack for her daughter, filled with her favourite treats that she can eat. • Take your own food, and some extra that your child can share with others at the party. • As soon as your child is old enough, make sure he knows which ingredients he may not eat, and how to ask an adult to check that these items are not in the food being served. Explain in detail to the host what your child can’t eat, what would happen if the food is eaten, and how to respond. Leave your contact details and any medication with the host. • Try these chocolate chip and orange biscuits from Tammi Forman’s Cooking for an Allergy-free Lifestyle (Random House Struik). Sufferers of a food allergy can’t “take a chance” when it comes to being offered food, not even at a party. Tammi provides recipes that are safe, delicious and easy to make.

more recipe inspiration • Allergy Proof Recipes for Kids by Lynne Marie Rominger and Leslie Hammond (Fair Winds Press) • Sugar-free Gluten-free Baking and Desserts by Kelly E Keough (Ulysses Press) • Ultimate Allergy-free Snack Cookbook: Over 100 Kid-friendly Recipes for the Allergic Child by Judi Zucker and Shari Zucker (Square One Publishers) magazine cape town

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Your comprehensive guide of everything party related. Compiled by LUCILLE KEMP

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resource King Cake Party City Stockists of decor, dress-up outfits, accessories and novelty or themed cakes. For more info: visit Labels Inc. A selection of invitations and gift labels. Nationwide delivery. Contact: 082 556 4232, or visit Let’s Go Party Kidz Hire Thomas Train on track (5-seater), 4x4 jumping castle and an operator/supervisor. Contact: 084 669 7389, or visit their Facebook page Little Occasions Children’s Designer Partyware Online shop sells designer party ware and party supplies. Contact: 011 071 7436, 083 415 6162, info@ or visit littleoccasions. or their Facebook page Love from Me Themed invitations, party pack stickers, posters, ribbon and paper runners. Contact: 082 461 8604, mel@ or visit Love Letters Online store for stationery, placemats and personalised gifts. Nationwide delivery. Contact: 083 651 8074, or visit Luvit Custom designed party invites. Contact: 084 440 1899, 071 877 0393, or visit Macaroon Personalised, online stationery. Also offers gift stickers. Nationwide. Contact: 011 782 9529 ext 202, orders@macaroon. or visit Marietjie’s Jumping Castles Hiring out of jumping castles. Location of your choice. Contact: 021 553 1465 or 082 392 3033 Mark’s jumping castles Water slides and jumping castles for hire. Contact: 083 732 2561 or Matilda’s Partyware Designer paper partyware delivered nationwide. Contact: 084 777 5125, or visit Money Box Party Packs The party packs range includes blank, set design, DIY, colouring-in, DIY licensed stickers. Nationwide. Contact Tracy: 082 422 7872 or visit Mural Maniac Offers themed or generic backdrops painted on fabric, canvas, thin board or walls. Contact: 021 559 6090, 072 359 7958 or visit Nox Designs Personalised labels for birthday and party packs. Nationwide delivery. Contact: 082 496 2930, nstark@ or visit their Facebook page Oodles of Doodles Online shop that sells personalised plastic, wooden and fabric products and party buckets. Contact: 021 979 1776, or visit Parties 4 Africa An online shop with over 50 themes. Delivery overnight and nationwide. Contact: 035 772 6592, info@parties4africa. or visit Parties Galore Themed party setup and hire of tables, chairs and tableware, party buckets and picture cakes. Northern suburbs. Contact: 082 838 2082, 084 749 6009 or Party Animals Helium balloons and supplies and decorators. Contact: 021 557 0256, or visit


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Party Characters For Disney and animation party decor, jumping castles, tables, chairs and chair covers. Contact: 021 911 2973, 072 315 5053 or visit Party Corner Supplies balloons, dress-up accessories and tableware. Contact: 021 433 1355, 083 745 3413, info@partycorner. or visit Party Packs ‘n Piñatas Supplies party packs, piñatas and jelly cameras. Contact: 087 805 9977, 082 683 5766, or visit Party Pizazz decor supplies For helium balloons, party accessories and decorations. Their in-house baker creates cakes, cupcakes and themed party packs. They also do invitations and cards. Welgemoed. Contact: 021 913 6732, info@ or visit Party World Decor and accessories, including helium balloons, banners, boxes, streamers and cakes. Somerset West. Contact: 021 851 2786 or Pick a Bucket They sell party buckets in all themes. Brackenfell. Contact: 083 782 1081 or Piñata and Balloon Africa Sells piñatas and balloon art decor. Nationwide. Contact: 082 457 2276 or mgwyther@ or visit Pinney’s Party Creations Handcrafted, themed invitations, party plates and party boxes to buy plus posters for walls or hang from the ceiling for hire. Contact: 079 185 5923, tanya.schickerling@gmail. com or visit Plastics for Africa Educational toys and puzzles, party pack gifts, art and crafts, games and a range of party supplies. Montague Gardens/Somerset West/Tokai. Contact: 021 551 5790, 021 852 4007 or 021 702 1700 Pretty Little Party Custom designs party stationery or choose from their printable themes. Range includes thank-you cards, invites and cupcake toppers. Also for party packs and favours. Contact: 084 586 2370, 082 410 9719, or visit Sensation Lab Manufactures and hires out Bedouin tents, furniture, dance floors, marquees and assorted lights. Nationwide. Contact: 011 023 5940, info@sensationlab. or visit Sky Toys Sells a variety of balloons, from helium to novelty. Order online. Deliveries countrywide. Contact: 011 837 3924, 083 377 3786, or visit Star Dot Toys A shop with dress-up clothes, helium balloons, novelties and gifts. Hout Bay/Tokai. Contact: 021 790 0384/021 702 4081 Stick with us! Design and printing of personalised party stationery including invitations, thank-you stickers and cards, party box stickers, banners and posters, T-shirt printing. Contact: 082 377 0513 or Stuck 2 Labels Personalised custom stickers. Choose from a wide variety of logo options. southern suburbs and Atlantic seaboard. Contact: 082 923 2517 or magazine cape town

Stuck2U Labels Customised labels and stickers, personalised printed ribbon and gift stickers and thank-you stickers. For more info: visit SunshineParties They design party printables and sell bunting, digital invitations, cupcake toppers, food labels and water labels. They can custom design. Countrywide. Contact: 031 764 6350, or visit Surprise Party Packs Supplies the goodies for party packs. Panorama, Plattekloof, Melkbosstrand, Kuilsriver. Contact: 084 951 1181 or The Bean People Custom-made magical bean packets that work as thank-you gifts. Contact: 021 783 1118 or sharon@ The Fairy Shop Fairy, mermaid, princess, wizard and king dress-up outfits; fairythemed party decor and accessories, fairy lights and decorations. Claremont. Contact: 021 783 0301, info@fairyshop. or visit The Note Company Customised and custom-made invitations, party decor and favours to suit any theme. Nationwide delivery. Contact: 082 777 3770, janene@ or visit them on Facebook. The Plastics Warehouse For a wide range of plastic products. For branch details, visit Tinkle-pea Offers gifts and party favours. Nationwide delivery. Contact: 082 804 5678, or visit Vanessa’s Party Emporium Hires out and sells costumes and accessories such as hats, masks, wigs and jewellery. They also offer themed plates, cups, serviettes and balloons. Sea Point. Contact: 021 434 3862, vanessa@vanessaspartyemporium. or visit vanessaspartyemporium. or visit their Facebook page Wild Kids Entertainment Jumping castles, tables and chairs, candyfloss machine, photo boards, bubble machine, face painter, cakes, party packs, Wild Kids train, paintball target shooting range and gazebos. They deliver. Contact: 021 979 1729, 072 324 2607 or Wild Wheels Rents out slot car track (Scalectrix) to be used at a venue of your choice for a two hour party. Contact: 083 678 8180, or visit Xtreme Fun Hires out mechanical bulls, jumping castles, pedal carts and a rocket shoot. Contact: 082 390 0900 or

animal parties Adventure Farm Facilities include jungle gym, trampoline, sandpit, jumping castle, dress-up box, horse rides, collecting eggs and petting the rabbits, guinea pigs, pig, alpacas and sheep. Big open play space. Durbanville. Contact Joëlle: 084 515 2626, joellehardaker@ or visit Cape Camel Rides Camel rides at Imhoff Farm. Short roundabout ride is 7–8 minutes; scenic ride is 40 minutes. Kommetjie. Contact: 021 789 1711 magazine cape town

Drakenstein Lion Park Get up close to rescued lions. There’s an outside area with a jungle gym. Paarl. Contact: 021 863 3290, or visit Furry Feet Parties Mobile petting zoo now also offering a photo shoot. Northern suburbs. Contact: 084 616 5033, or visit Mountain View Horse Trails Experienced handlers take ponies and horses to your home. Pony rides for children. Philadelphia. Contact: 083 727 0256, or visit Ottery Barnyard Package includes animal petting, pony rides, jumping castles, treasure hunts and crafting. Contact: 021 703 9182, or visit The Giraffe House Wildlife Awareness Centre Package includes venue, party setup, animal show, animal feeding, and viewing African animals. Contact Werner or Alma: 021 884 4506, giraffehouse@ or visit Zoo To You They bring a large variety of hand-reared animals to your venue. Children are allowed to hand feed them. Contact: 072 127 2942 or mark@

art and craft parties Abby’s Aquarium Adventures Craft kits and party packs tailor-made to suit your budget. Contact: demaine2@ or visit Artee Parteez Art and crafts, Lego parties, puppet shows and themed parties. Contact: 084 207 0180, or visit Artjamming painting parties Includes party packs, a canvas and nontoxic paints. Cape Quarter, Willowbridge or Cavendish Square. Contact Cape Quarter: 021 421 6129, Willowbridge: 021 914 9224, Cavendish: 021 683 5050 or visit Arty Tots West Coast parties Art workshops to stimulate natural creativity. Contact: 071 220 9991, artytots@live. com or visit or visit their Facebook page A Scrap Above Scrapbooking parties for children from age 8. Contact: 079 529 9015, or visit Bambury Stocks a range of sticky mosaics to create sparkling diaries, mirrors, jewellery, cards or to decorate notes. Nationwide delivery. Contact: 083 680 5976, or visit Buddy Bear Stuff, fluff and dress your bear. Bear party kits as well as party coordinating available. Contact: 031 764 2196, or visit Candle Avenue Children decorate their own white candles with coloured wax. Each child will take four candles home. Contact: 083 274 4110, or visit their Facebook page May 2013


resource Charmed Beading Parties Two hourparties for ages 6–12 years. The children may make jewellery, sun catchers, watches or personalised charm bracelets. All materials supplied. Venue of your choice. Contact: 082 887 0752, sherilyn@ or visit Clay Café Parties with ceramic painting and a play area with jumping castles, catering, coffee shop and more. They have an indoor and outdoor venue and offer cakes, party boxes and more. Contact: 021 790 3318, or visit or visit their Facebook page Cool Kidz | Crafty Kidz Each child gets a pack with all the necessary crafts. Posted Nationwide. Contact: 079 873 0546, info@ or visit Crafts for Kids A selection of crafts and party favours. Nationwide delivery. Contact: 083 293 7208, or visit Crafty Supplies Stock reasonably priced kits for party activities or party favours. Kenilworth. Contact: 021 671 0286 or Creative Angels Clay Parties Children handcraft items with clay and clay paints. These are fired and glazed. Venue of your choice. Contact: 021 556 5916, 082 630 6303, or visit their Facebook page Eazy Stitch Kidz Creative handcraft parties of hand puppets, pompom animals, T-shirt dyeing, knitting and crocheting.


May 2013

Venue of your choice. Contact: admin@ or visit Funky Sandart Parties Various packages available and all materials supplied; or add 40 postcard pictures; or self-do with home kits. Contact: 082 560 2349 Kidazzle Claremont Studio Offers various craft packages. Venue of your choice. Contact: 072 485 7977 or lauren@ Kidz Only Offers a home kit for sand art parties. Gift packs available. Post nationwide. Contact: admin@kidzonly. or visit Perler Beads A craft activity and finished creations can be used for fridge magnets, cards, sun catchers or jewellery. Nationwide. Contact: 082 856 8140, info@ or visit QT Pie Crafts Craft parties in mosaics, candle dipping, soap making, fabric painting, ceramic painting, gel candles, tie dyeing and more at a venue of your choice. Contact: 021 556 2010 (a/h) or 084 580 7497 or Redhill Pottery ceramic painting parties There are also grounds and a jungle gym to play on. South Peninsula. Contact: 021 780 9297 or bruce@ SandArt Cape Town Parties, products, gift packs and home kits available. Contact: 021 557 9911, 082 877 7159, or visit

Sue Nepgen Art Studio A variety of educational art and crafts sessions. They can also provide entertainers such as musicians, magicians, puppeteers and face painters. Location of your choice. Contact: 021 794 6609 or The Clay Pot Café They offer ceramic painting at a venue of your choice. Contact: 079 562 5257, svenskabryce@ or visit their Facebook page The Scrapbook They offer children’s scrapbook and card making parties, which includes all materials. Claremont and Belville. For more info: visit The V&A Market Different venues offer pasta making or mosaic making parties, or children bake and design their own cookies. Contact: events@ Toitoy Birthday Parties Design your own collectable vinyl toys. Parties for ages 8 and upwards. Each child receives a blank toy to design. Craft and party packs can be organised. Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. CBD. Contact: 082 320 2236, or visit

cakes and catering All-in-one Cakes Printed, 3D and 2D cakes, cupcakes and figurine biscuits and party packs. Contact: 021 919 3058 or 083 262 2621, jennykl@ or visit

Cake-A-Lishis Cakes and cupcakes made to order. Contact: 082 334 4495 or Cake Creations For all cake requirements. False Bay. Contact: 021 782 8011, or visit Cake Deco Mania Suppliers of edible cake image printing products. Contact: 083 657 9225 or Cakeilicious Novelty cakes and fondant sculpting. Contact: 082 214 8258, annej@ or visit Cakes for Kidz For all cake requirements. Contact: 021 434 1796, 082 921 2803 or Calobella Cakes Unique 3D cakes and cupcakes. Tableview. Contact: 083 229 4513, or visit Charly’s Bakery Order your birthday cake in any theme. Gardens. Contact: 021 461 5181, or visit Chocolate Moose Cakes with unique designs and attention to detail. Steenberg Village and Red Herring Centre, Noordhoek. Contact Red Herring Centre: 021 789 2891, Steenberg Village: 021 701 2116, or visit Chocswirl Cakes Creative novelty cakes. Contact Robyn: 082 813 0032, or visit

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Coffeespoonz & Afternoons Frozen muffin batters. Also crumpet, waffle, pancake, cupcake, brownie and biscuit batters. Nationwide delivery. Contact: 011 849 4273, 079 825 1012, coffeespoonz@ or visit Cupcakes by Design Unique cakes and cupcakes. Constantia. Contact: 082 571 0589, or visit Cupcakes etc Provides designer cupcakes as well as party cupcakes and birthday cakes. Contact: 082 855 8966 or Cupcakes ‘n Candy Custom-made cakes, cupcakes, iced shaped biscuits and cake pops. Contact: 021 786 4801, 083 318 1762 or visit Daniela’s Deliciously Decadent For handcrafted confectionery and cakes, macaroons, brownies and fudge. They also provide a catering and chef service. Green Point. Contact: 0860 bon bon (266 266), 082 868 8133 or visit Decadent Cakes Personalised cakes and cupcakes, and specialist in modelled figurines on cakes and Belgium chocolate mousse cakes. Edgemead. Delivery can be arranged. Contact: 082 431 5870 or Delite Foods For sugar-free, low-fat sweets, jellies, biscuits and chocolate drinks. Shop online. Contact: 021 702 0721/2, or visit

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Divine Tastes Cakes, cupcakes and platters that you can design yourself. Contact: 021 975 8910, 083 234 6343 or Faerietopia Baking and Catering Supplies cupcakes, muffins, large cakes, baked goodies for children’s parties and luxury hampers. Contact: 021 762 7837, 074 028 2399 or Feather’s Cakes & Gifts Birthday cakes and theme cakes. Big Bay. Contact: 021 554-2468, or visit Florentine’s Birthday cakes. Kenilworth. Contact: 021 761 0581 or florentines@ Frostings Cupcake Boutique Specialises in work-of-art cakes and cupcakes for all occasions. Contact: 021 975 0878, info@ or visit Gina’s Cake Creations Novelty and traditional cakes, cupcakes and Marie biscuit lollipops. Contact: 021 557 8309, or visit their Facebook Page Hansel & Gretel Cake Design For bespoke cakes and cookies. Northern suburbs. Contact: 084 255 7856 or Home-Leigh Kitchen For cakes, sweet treats and catering. Kenilworth. Contact: 021 671 3945 or Jorja’s Cakes Bakes a range of cakes and cupcakes, from edible picture cakes to 3D cakes. Tableview. Deliveries in the West

Coast area. Contact: 082 562 6186, info@ or visit Just a Bite Assorted confectionery including cakes, cake pops, cupcakes and dessert tables. Contact: 072 992 9156 or Kauai Wholesome food available in large enough quantities for a party of any size. Countrywide. Contact: 021 552 0222 Kids Kingdom and Rochelle’s Kitchen They host two-hour parties offering packages that include venue hire, entertainment and catering. Contact: 072 348 7223, or visit Lady Cupcake A cupcakery that does gourmet and custom cupcakes. Delivers to southern suburbs, CBD and Canal Walk. Contact: 021 424 4469, info@ladycupcake. or visit Mini’s Party Cakes Specialises in shaped and picture cakes and cupcakes. Contact: 021 557 7865, 082 773 8836 or minis. Mukhtar Hiring Services Hires out party furniture, marquees and tents, and cutlery and crockery. Athlone Industria. Contact: 021 638 1180/8 or visit Nikki’s Cakes For 3D and novelty cakes. Based in Southern suburbs but delivers. Contact: 083 320 8397, nikkimurray@ or visit their Facebook page Peppadill & Picnix Options include platters, hampers, picnics, themed and spit braai options. Constantia Valley.

Contact: 021 762 3888, 073 195 4298, 083 265 7737, or visit Popkins Cake Pops Custom cake pops and cupcakes. Contact: 079 791 1719, or visit them on Facebook POPtastic Cake pops, push pops as well as graphic designs for party invites and stationery. Contact: 082 478 8584, info@ or visit Pudding & Pie Catering, cakes, savoury selection and platters. southern suburbs. Contact: 083 352 0104, or visit Sandwich Baron For an assortment of platters. Visit: Sprinkles! For all your baking supply and party needs. CBD. Contact: 021 424 3343 or visit Sweetarts Novelty cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and themed cookies. Diep River. Contact: 021 712 7316 or 082 296 4074 Take The Cake Gourmet Cupcakery Offers a range of quality, gourmet cupcakes, from the classics to new flavours. Hout Bay. Contact: 072 982 1818 or visit The Baking Tin A range of baking equipment such as children’s themed novelty cake tins, stands and ingredients. Claremont. Contact: 021 671 6434 or 083 452 6533 or visit

May 2013


resource The Cake Box Designer cakes set up, styled and delivered to you on the day. Contact: 021 797 3646, 082 338 5496, or visit The Cupcakery Bakery Freshly made and uniquely designed birthday cakes and cupcakes. Lansdowne. Contact: 079 776 7860 or The Fabulous Baker Girls Custom cakes and cupcakes with unique designs and sugar art. Contact: 084 027 2478,, visit fabakergirls. or visit their Facebook page Unique Novelty Cakes Hand moulded novelty cakes. Contact: 021 696 8766, 082 762 2787, or visit

cooking parties Chocolate Workshop Party They host the party or run it at your venue. Children make truffles and decorations for a prebaked cake. From 9 years old upwards. Maximum 8 children. Claremont or location of your choice. Contact: 021 671 2067, 084 303 6633 or Good Food Fun Food Each child prepares their own cake, cupcake or pizza. Sweets, popcorn and juice supplied. Location of your choice. Contact: 084 625 0225, or visit Little Cooks Club New cooking themed parties incorporating team challenges and mystery baskets as well as their Spade to Spatula cooking programme and parties for children under 7 years old. For more info: visit Nice Touch cooking birthday parties Themes include MasterChef, Cake Boss, Italian, Japanese and mini-chefs (biscuits and cupcakes). Minimum 15 children. Ideal for 3–15 year olds. Two-hour parties take place at your home or St James Church, Sea Point. Nice Touch birthday cakes available. Contact: 021 437 1150, 082 319 9215, or visit Petit Chef’s Ahoy Party activities include baking, cutting of birthday cake and singing Happy Birthday. Contact: 074 585 8269 or visit Pizza Party People Children make their own pizza while the team makes some for you. Location of your choice. Contact: 083 255 6355, or visit Tots n Pots cooking parties Tailor-made baking parties. Various packages are available. Constantia, southern peninsula and Tableview. Contact Constantia: 082 569 8666, southern peninsula: 084 999 8068, Tableview: 082 886 6876

educational parties Atom Ant Science Fun Parties Science parties for 5-12 year olds at your venue. Contact: 021 785 4459, 082 570 5796, ann@ or visit Cape Town Science Centre Fun science parties with an educational twist. Observatory. Contact: 021 300 3200 or


May 2013

Rococoa chocolate themed parties Includes a tour of the cocoa plantation, moulding your own chocolates, a chocolate pamper party or a chocolate high tea. Contact: 021 461 2301, info@ or visit Toby Tower The range consists of three categories: creative activities, stickers and wall decor for gifts, party favours or party edutainment. Contact: 0800 220 488, or visit Wild About Exploration parties SANCCOB’s educational centre runs parties onsite or at a venue of your choice, which includes a show and interaction with penguins. For more info: visit

entertainers Abracadabra Magic show with a live rabbit production. Contact: 021 554 1404 AfrodizzyActs Entertainment company with performers. Contact: 082 087 5748 or visit Babies Read books and toddlers too Old-style party fun with music, movement and puppets. For 2–5 year olds. Contact: 021 461 2843, 082 222 4082, or visit Balloon art and face painting For 90 minutes. Contact: 021 858 1335 or 076 604 7524 Blue Flame Events They offer children’s entertainment and rent out jumping castles and costumes. Contact: 072 599 2288, or visit Cape Sidecar Adventures Fun rides on vintage sidecars. Minimum two hours and rate includes chauffeur. Contact: 021 434 9855, or visit Chilli Moon Productions Face painters, dress up and fashion shows as well as tattoo design and survival games. Contact: 021 424 7054 or 082 504 4130 or Chris Welsch Show A one-hour show covering magic, juggling, ventriloquism and balloon modelling. Fun fair and jumping castle available. Contact: 021 931 2354, 082 977 2886, mrchwelsch@ or visit Clamber Club Mobile obstacle course party entertainment. For children 1–9 years old. Contact: 011 325 2031, or visit College of Magic Hire a magician, juggler, mime artist, face painter, ventriloquist, clown or stilt walker. Contact: 021 683 0989, events@magic. or visit Cre8tive Kids Puppet shows, magic, crafts, fairies and Spider-Man. Contact: 084 291 7112,, dan@ Dance Accent Dancers are sent to your venue to teach a fun dance routine. Contact: bringthebeat@danceaccent. or visit Debby Doo For 1–3 year olds: activities such as action songs and a puppet show. For 4–6 year olds: activities such as action songs and magic. From magazine cape town

7 years old: music statues and mats, water balloons, balls, pass the parcel, chocolate game, make-up and dancing parties. Contact: 084 409 1683, debbydoo8@ or visit Enchanted Parties A variety of themed party entertainment. Also face-painting, games, magic, puppet shows and crafts. Contact: 021 683 0295, 083 602 5563 or Foo Ling Yu Party Magic Shows with magic geared to 5–8 year olds or 9–11 year olds. Contact: 082 959 1015 Glendini Magic shows for 4–7 year olds. with appearances by Rocky Raccoon. Contact: 073 405 1199, escapemagic@ or visit Golden Bridge Tales Classic puppet shows, puppet-making workshops and party games. Contact: 021 790 4461, 082 535 0838 or Henna Tattoos A variety of styles offered. Contact: 082 324 3741, preetha@ or visit Madeleine the Magic Clown Magic and clown shows. Contact: 083 925 8714 MADT Magic Comedy magic, audience participation, balloon modelling and Roxy the Rabbit. Contact: 082 576 5745, info@ or Magician Balloon modelling, juggling and a magic show. For children 4–7 years old. Contact: 082 258 3764 or Master Magic During the show objects will disappear, reappear and even change colour. Audience interaction encouraged. For more info: visit Mirror Mask Face painting, make-up artistry and special effects. Contact: 071 533 5873 or Nouveau Faces Professional face- and body-painting. Noordhoek. Contact: 072 139 8363, or visit Party Pro For amusement park equipment, circus acts and entertainers, a mobile petting zoo, children’s discos and karaoke. They also offer hire out sound and lighting equipment, smoke machines and bubble machines. Their venue can be hired as well. Oakdale, Belville. Contact: 021 917 1710, 079 994 4100, info@ or visit Photoboothinc Included are unlimited photos printed out instantly, an operator, duplicate prints, use of the props and a DVD for the host. Contact: 083 377 9449, or visit Picture Perfect Kids Photobooth The booth has easy touch-screen technology and instant personalised photostrips. Fun backdrops included. Contact: 083 469 8686, or visit Puddles the Clown A 30–40 minute interactive show in juggling, fire-eating, slapstick comedy and more. Contact: 0860 ACT ONE (228 663), 082 368 9632 or visit Puppet Shows for All The show uses professional stage, lighting and music at a venue of your choice. Contact: 021 448 0794, 082 562 4588, dpjasmin@telkomsa. net or visit magazine cape town

Puppet World Interactive puppet show with music, lighting and characters. Contact: 071 866 3204 or hayley@ Sonic Weaver Productions Child-friendly clowns, balloons, face-paint, stories, music and stilts. Contact: 072 243 2194 or The Enchanted Castle Their themed parties include Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Spider-Man and more. Based in Joburg, but travels to other cities. 072 569 9332, 082 857 8451, info@enchantedcastle. or visit The guy in the green shorts ZumbAtomic classes designed for children 6 years and older. Contact: 083 548 5187 or visit The Incredible Dog Show A world class dog show. Contact: 084 500 0415, lloyd@ or visit The Minni Mo Travelling Reptile Presentation With the Imhoff Snake and Reptile Rehabilitation Centre in Kommetjie. Contact: 083 244 5194, 083 643 3103 or visit Tony Lee the Magician Specialises in comedy magic with storytelling and audience participation. The birthday child gets a magic wand as a gift. Location of your choice. Contact: 082 899 0109 Whimsical Parties Offering entertainment from a Disney character, fun activities, games and prizes. They also organise pamper, craft and themed parties, and supply decor and catering. Contact: 071 444 0953, or visit

fancy dress hire BKE Costume Rental Superheroes, Star Wars, clown and bunny costumes, Shrek, Sponge Bob, Tweetie and others. Monte Vista. Contact: 073 198 6623 or visit Costume Wonderland Fancy-dress costumes for hire and for sale as well as accessories. Durbanville. Contact: 021 976 5749 or or visit their Facebook page Costumes imported from the US and Europe. Parklands. Contact: 021 557 6891, or visit Mardi Gras Dress up clothing and accessories for children and adults. Bree St. Contact: 021 424 9716, cara@mardi. or visit M.M.M. Party Shop More than 500 costumes for hire as well as accessories. Brackenfell. Contact: 021 981 5512, 082 259 4410 or Stage Creations Costumes, hats, wigs, masks, professional make-up, glitter, and more. Maitland. Contact: 021 510 1820, 083 789 2970 or stagecreations@mweb. or visit Sweet ’n Sassy Party dresses, dainty tutus, hair accessories, tutu tops and more. Design your own tutu online. Delivers nationwide. Contact: 082 878 7544, or visit May 2013



indoor and outdoor parties AA Castlehire Hiring of jumping and gladiator castles, water slides, ball ponds, tables, chairs and popcorn machines. Contact: 021 534 8471, 084 434 8471, harry.dv@gmail. com or visit Avalon Village Have the party in a wholesome venue that grows organic vegetables. Hout Bay. Contact: 082 922 5347 or visit Bizzy Bodies Play and Party Venue A selection of standard or decorated themed parties with space to run, play, jump and ride. Westlake. Contact: 021 702 1212, or visit Blue Rock Water ski and paintball packages available. Activities free for birthday child if group has 10 guests or more. Somerset West. Contact: 021 858 1330, or visit Blue Water Café A party venue at Imhoff Farm where children can run on the lawns and enjoy safe play areas, jungle gyms, swings and the Higgeldy Piggeldy Farm. Kommetjie. Contact: 021 783 2007, or visit Bugz Playpark There are 7 indoor and 5 outdoor party venues, baking party venue and Bugz party shop for all themed table decor. A theme guide with table options


May 2013

for each theme can be downloaded from the website. Enjoy the various rides at Bugz. Contact: or visit Col’Cacchio pizzeria Children get dough to play with. Col’Cacchio pizzeria Westlake offers a child’s play area and set menu. Contact: 021 702 4327, westlake@ or visit menu/bambini Driftwood Café Children can feed ducks, catch fish, count the chicks and search for the rabbits, play on a three-story jungle gym, jumping castle, trampoline, swings, soccer, tug-of-war, giant checkers and volleyball. Parklands. Contact: 021 557 8886, or visit En Garde School of the Sword parties They do sports-fencing, “medieval” and Star Wars parties. For children aged 5 and older. Masks always used to ensure safety. Contact: 072 194 1926, or visit Fun House Enjoy tyres snaking through grass, wood jungle gyms and tyre-swings. There is an inside play area, art-space and play space for toddlers. Durbanville. Contact: 082 770 3286, funhouse4every1@ or visit them on Facebook Fun in the Forest A private venue on a farm. Contact: 072 390 0885, or visit

Graceland Venues Offers water slides, play parks, farm animal encounters, pony rides and more. Paarl. Contact: 021 863 4109, 072 264 4009 or visit Kidz Discovery An indoor and outdoor space for 1–5 year olds. Indoors has a ball pond and slide, roller-coaster, round-about, rockers, bouncers, see-saws, sea-theme, climbing walls and dress-up area, dressing table, tables and chairs and catering equipment. Outdoors has a jungle gym, spring rocker, wishing well, sandpit, marina table for water and a play area. Camps Bay. Contact: 083 654 2494, info@kidzdiscovery. or visit Le Bonheur Croc Farm Indoor and outdoor options; they can cater or you can opt for self-catering. Contact: 021 863 1142 or visit Mobile putt putt They set up a 9-hole putt putt course in your garden, supply the obstacles, putters, markers and balls. Contact northern suburbs: 079 512 1256, southern suburbs: 072 267 4182 or visit Mondeor Garden Restaurant A large outdoor play area with a paddle pool and childminders. Contact: 021 858 1608, or visit Monkey Magic Kiddie Parties Plans themed parties, delivers and sets up the themed decor at your home (or source a venue for you). They arrange themed sweet buckets, helium balloons, photo boards and

piñatas, jumping castles and water slides, entertainment, supervision, games and snacks. Contact: quotes@monkeymagic. or visit Planet Kids Standard or themed parties for all children including those with disabilities. Additional entertainment, such as magician or clown and face-painter, can be organised. Muizenberg. Contact: 021 788 3070, or visit QI Kids Party and Adventure Centre Offers a petting zoo, obstacle course, boeresport, party packs, covered play area, slippery side and more. Joostenbergvlakte. Contact: 083 346 7504 or Sapphire Parties Parties are custom built and include delivery, set up and collection as well as all decor, and entertainment needed. Part of the fee goes towards an annual fundraising event, this year it is dedicated to cancer. Contact: 072 610 8881, or visit Scratch Patch Scratch for tumblepolished gemstones. Contact Simon’s Town: 021 786 2020, V&A Waterfront: 021 419 9429, or visit The Crusader Memorial Sports Club Exclusive indoor and outdoor venue on Wednesday and Friday. Greenpoint. Contact: 021 439 7724 or events@

magazine cape town

The Party Hostess Face painting, balloon modelling, puppet shows, pamper parties and games. Enquire about party packs and cakes. Contact: 072 999 4068, or visit their Facebook page. The Rainbow Puppet Theatre They perform two shows every Saturday at their permanent puppet theatre. Mobile theatres also available. Constantia. Contact: 021 783 2063, therainbow. or visit htm#rainbow The Range The venue offers a large marquee, grass area for playing, wooden jungle gym and more. Catering, decor and entertainment can be arranged. Contact: 021 713 2340 or

indoor parties Build-A-Bear Workshop’s Build-A-Party Children make their own cuddly animal, giving it a heart and personalising it from a selection of outfits and accessories. Tygervalley, Canal Walk and Somerset Mall. Contact: 08611 BEARS (23277) or visit City Rock Indoor Climbing Supervised party with rope-climbing, large-wall climbing, bouldering and more for 6–25 children. No catering. Observatory. Contact: 021 447 1326, tarryn@cityrock. or visit

magazine cape town

Funky Frogs Various options are offered at the play centre including snack parties and pamper parties. Durbanville. Contact: 071 441 1081, or visit Fun Time Kids This venue is halaal. Party packs, birthday cake and platters can be ordered. Children 9 months–12 years. Epping. Contact: 021 820 4524 or Gordons Gymnastics Club Activities set to music facilitated by qualified coaches. Built in trampoline, safety foam pit and apparatus for the children to play on. There is a jumping castle and jungle gym outdoors. Contact: 021 686 9213, info@gordonsct. or visit Jilda G Photographic Studio parties A 2-hour photoshoot party at the photographic studio. The fun is captured and saved on CD for the host. Durbanville. Contact: 082 592 6750, jilda_g@mweb. or visit Kay Pee Zee Party Venue Three different party packages offered. Exclusive use of the venue with self-catering is free. There is a soccer area, large ballpond with slides, jungle gym and more. Contact: 082 675 3765,, visit k-p-z. or visit their Facebook page Let’s Go Bowling parties For children 6 years and older. Package includes a party pack, a game of bowling, juice and lunch as well as a game voucher. Cake option extra. Claremont. Contact: 021 671 1893

Mike’s Kitchen Parties include catering, a party pack, balloon and free cake for 10 children or more. Little Chef’s parties allows children to build their own burger or make their own pizza and includes catering, a party pack, certificate and photo. Milnerton and N1 City only. Contact: 021 552 8626 (Milnerton) or 021 595 0085 (N1 City) or visit Spur Steak Ranches Each child gets a selected children’s meal, soda, ice cream and surprise. Enquire about a cake. Contact: 0860 007 787 The Ice Station Ice skating birthday parties. Grand West Casino. Contact: 083 303 4907 or visit The Playshed Party venue includes party pack and access to a jungle gym, kitchenette, tool shed and dress-up section. Catering for children and adults can be arranged. Pinelands. Contact: 021 801 0141/2, or visit their Facebook page Two Oceans Aquarium A guided tour of the aquarium, lunch with party box, decor and activities. V&A Waterfront. Contact: 021 418 3823, or visit Yello Armadillo Facilities for a themed party include a modular jungle gym with trampoline and slides, toddler clamber area, baby corner, jumping castle and party factory shop. Parklands. Contact: 021 557 3460, or visit

music parties Drumkidz Parties Drumming to stories, songs and games. Free activity sheet and birthday gift included. Contact: 021 434 7610, or visit Drumming SA Interactive drumming parties for children aged 5 and older. Contact: 021 715 2450, 084 686 3872 or TJ’s Music School Discos and music for parties. Based in Pinelands. Contact: 021 531 7234 (mornings), 072 900 7344 (afternoons) or

outdoor parties AcroBranch Three different courses cater for all abilities. You also get the use of their facilities. Constantia. Contact: 081 851 1765, constantia@acrobranch. or visit Adventure Sports & Tours 4U Rock climbing party for 10 year olds and older. Sandboard party for 6 year olds and older. Contact: 021 696 3631, info@adventure4u. or visit Battlefield Live Authentic army parties including all-girl themes. Contact: 084 364 9979 or Berg Toys SA Rent pedal go-carts. A track can be setup. Go-carts for 4 year olds and up. Contact: 021 553 4132, info@bergtoys. or visit

May 2013


resource Blackball Rentertainmnet Hire rodeo bulls, carnival items and inflatable equipment as well as food. Contact: gina@ or visit Blokart Heaven Have fun on the track. Wind is monitored and instructors supply the right sized sail to suit your body weight. From age 8. Muizenberg. Contact: 021 788 7984 or Butterfly World parties Parties are held in a lapa. The fee includes catering, a colour-in activity and entry into the tropical garden. Paarl. Contact: 021 875 5627/8, eurika.bfw@ or visit Gumboot Parties A farm environment, with activities, eats and drinks and themed party boxes. Durbanville. Contact: 072 182 9333, or visit Helderberg Farm Venue for outdoor parties. Create your own parties. Contact: 021 855 4308, helderbergplaas@mweb. or visit Jolly Roger Pirate Boat Themes include Robinson Crusoe and Captain Hook, with a party box. Parties are for 10–30 children. V&A Waterfront. Contact: 021 421 0909 or Laser Games A safe and environmentallyfriendly party for children aged 7 and up. Imhoff Farm, Kommetjie. Contact: 021 790 7603, or visit OpiKopi Farm Parties Children shoot with a slingshot and ride a soap box car. Older children do paintball with slingshots and in the summer they can take part in farmstyle Slip and Slide. Sondagsfontein Farm, Durbanville. Contact: 021 976 6788, 083 458 3476 or visit Picnics for Pixies Choose from a variety of menus, decor and entertainment options. For more info: visit SWAT Laser Tag Laser tag parties for children age 7 years and older. Play at any one of their venues or your venue. This is a non-contact activity. Contact: 074 188 8777, or visit SunScene Outdoor Adventures Action parties including sandboarding and an adventure course. Contact: 021 783 0203, or visit The Blue Train Enjoy the miniature train while hosting the party in the picnic area. Contact: 021 434 4297, 072 383 8195 or Valley Farmstall There is a secure playground with a jungle gym and sandpit as well as a picnic area. They hire out the playground or picnic area and can provide jumping castles, ponies, puppet shows and catering. Hout Bay. Contact: 021 790 3803, 079 323 6290 or Vodacom Kids Village Children can play a 27-hole game of putt putt. Lapas available for hire. Tygervalley. Contact: 021 948 5673 or Waterworld Strand A fun-park with water slides and play grounds on the Strand beachfront with lots of grass and picnic areas. The kiosk offers a variety of food and beverage. No spectator fee for the parents and grandparents of the birthday child. Contact: or visit


May 2013

pamper parties Arwen Pamper Parties Spa experience that includes a rose petal foot soak, face mask, mini-mani and pedi and make-up with games. Contact: 082 928 4258, or visit Beautiful Moments Mobile pamper parties. Contact: 078 257 1415, info@ or visit Bling Blush & Fairy Dust Mobile pamper party service with manis, pedis, facials, make-up and more. Gifts and party packs available. Cape Town and surrounds. Contact: 079 495 2449, or visit Cape Mobile Spa Professional therapists doing pamper parties for girls (from age 7) and teens. Travel to you or the party venue. Contact: 082 393 5848 or pam@ Fabulicious Pamper parties from R900 for six girls. Contact: 082 593 5147, petra@ or visit Glam Girl Parties Pamper parties based on a mini spa theme. Various packages available. Contact: 083 773 5061 or Gorgeous Me Offers parties with makeup, face painting, hairstyling, glitter tattoos, nail art, fashion shows and more. Contact: 079 896 9588 or gina@ Maddy Magoo A children’s hair salon and pamper or glamour party venue. Claremont. Contact: 021 671 1926 or visit or visit their Facebook page Massage on the Move pamper parties Services range from massage, manicures, pedicures and facials at a designated location. Contact: 021 510 1507, 073 407 1557, or visit Picture Perfect Children from 13 years old and up get a full hair and make-up makeover and a photoshoot. Contact Roz: 082 060 6688 or Sparkle Parties Pampering party for girls aged 5–13 year olds. Contact: 083 491 0010, or visit Timeless Pamper parties for girls 4–10 years old. Treatment packages made to your request. southern suburbs. Contact: 021 823 6525 or

party planners Aunty K’s Kids Klub Covers invitations, decor, eats, birthday cake, party bags and favours, activities and games, photo book, to selecting venues. Birthday child receives free gift. Enquire about the various themes. Contact: 021 704 1462, 074 106 0713 or Bohemian Dreams Specialises in children’s parties. Every party is unique and personalised. Contact Adele: 084 664 4356 or Butterfly Inc Kids Zone For cake, eats, decor and thank-you treats. Contact: 084 966 6667, or visit their Facebook page magazine cape town

CanDee’s Kids Party Planning They take care of everything for your child’s party, including the baking. Contact: 082 774 7825 or Cherry Dreams Party Decor Offers pamper parties, foam parties, themed parties, jumping castles, catering and more. Contact: 082 771 1832, cherry.parties@ or visit Crazy Kidz Parties They bake the cake, rent a jumping castle and water slide, and handle table settings and photo boards in your theme. Contact: 083 557 7281, 083 440 1581 (sms only), keithnaylor789@ or visit their Facebook page Dottibug Parties Hire party decor and a party planning service. There is also an inside/outside venue based in the southern suburbs. Contact: 021 712 7810, 083 377 9260 or visit Humpty Jumpty For all your themed party planning, cakes, cupcakes, jumping castles and party packs. Contact: 082 564 0599, or visit Hundreds & Thousands Homebake and Party Shop For cakes, cupcakes, helium balloons, fairy dresses, fancy-dress costumes and accessories, cake decorations and candles. Contact: 021 531 9797, or visit JellyBean Events Themed, interactive parties include mini Masterchef, cookie monster, treasure hunts, creative hands crafts, disco diva dancing parties, game show parties and more. Contact: 083 3929 593, or visit Kids Party World They provide everything for a party, (no balloons and cooldrinks). They deliver, set up and collect. Contact: 082 718 3121, or visit Kids Themed Parties Offers themed party packages including chairs and tables, linen and decor, jumping castles, cakes, cupcakes, party packs, bubble machines, play sets, face painting, light and sound. Contact: 072 565 1520, or visit Little Creations Kids Event Solutions Choose a themed event. The fee per child includes decor, a hand-painted birthday banner, plates, serviettes, cups and helium balloons. Contact: info@little-creations. or visit Memories Forever Events They plan the entire party. Contact: 021 712 0428, 074 121 0313, 074 136 8403, or visit Namasté Kids Book themes, eats, equipment, entertainment, rides, animals, staff and catering. Contact: 072 064 8628 or Paula’s Party Stuff A variety of ball ponds, water slides, jumping castles, play sets, trains-on-tracks and disco lights. They supply cakes, popcorn and candyfloss machines, tea-sets, tables and chairs, photo boards, piñatas and bubble machines. Tokai. Contact: 021 713 2020, or visit magazine cape town

Rainbow Parties Specialises in themed parties offering complete packages, which includes a jumping castle. Contact: 021 910 2342, 084 515 1078, lizelle@rainbowparties. or visit Samsu Event Coordination They organise your entire party. Contact: 021 712 3432, 084 507 4297 or visit Supakids Children’s Parties Offers various options to custom-design your party, from decor, food and entertainment. Contact: or visit Unforgettable Events They will take care of all the details. Contact: 084 764 4419, or visit

sport parties Action Sports Offers a combination of netball and soccer. Equipment and an umpire provided. For children from 5 years. Contact: 0861 122 8466, info@actionsports. or visit Action Sports Brackenfell Arena Twohour parties. Choose between soccer, cricket, netball or dodgeball. Contact: 021 981 6100 or African Brothers soccer parties Hosts 2–3 hour soccer parties for girls and boys. Gardens. Contact: 072 425 5983, craig@ or visit Cricket Birthday Parties Two-hour party where boys bat, bowl and field and there is a wicket competition. They supply a gift for the birthday child, prizes and the equipment. At their venue or yours. For 6–13 year olds. Contact: 021 671 9460, 084 249 9969, or visit Karate Partyz 4 Kidz At your home or at the Bergvliet studio with karate games and karate demonstrations. Contact: 082 710 7734 Learn 2 Surf For a minimum of 6 children for a lesson and use of their beach hut or gazebo. Surfboard, wetsuit and instructor included. Contact: 083 4140 567, info@ or visit Little Kickers football training birthday parties The one-hour party sessions include football related activities and games suitable for children from preschool to age 8. Contact: 0861 088 888 Rugbytots Parties are strictly non-contact rugby sessions for 2–7 years olds. A cake and a ball can be included. Contact: 079 410 1728, or visit Sporting Chance Hosts two-hour parties that consist of soccer, cricket, rugby, beach soccer, beach rugby, beach cricket, rounders or tag. Newlands. Contact: 021 683 7299, or visit Surf Emporium Learning to surf in an action packed party. Surfers Corner, Muizenberg. Contact: 021 788 8687, 082 562 8687, or visit Tag Parties A party with skilled coaches who engage children of all ages with ball skills, exercises and various sporting activities. All games are noncontact. Contact: 021 683 2026 or May 2013



a good read for toddlers

for preschoolers

Hello Kitty – Colours (Published by Ladybird Books, R58) This sturdy and colourful book introduces babies and toddlers to colours with cute Hello Kitty pictures. They can learn along with Kitty, her twin sister Mimmy, and their friends. There is a red apple, an orange flower, a yellow sun, a blue boat and more. The pages are wipe-clean and you can also invest in the other Hello Kitty books in the series to introduce your little one to numbers, letters and shapes.

Again! By Emily Gravett

best bedt ime story

(Published by Macmillan Children’s Books, R135) This story for children from the age of three is about a stubborn little dragon with a favourite book and a fiery temper. It’s nearly Cedric the dragon’s bedtime, and there is just enough time for his mom to read him his favourite book. Unfortunately for her, Cedric likes the story so much that he wants to hear it again… and again… and again, with incendiary consequences. This is a typically clever and irresistible book by a star talent for youngsters. Gravett has won numerous awards for her picture books, which include Wolves, Monkey and Me, Blue Chameleon, Dogs and The Rabbit Problem.


May 2013

The Herd Boy By Niki Daly

Lost in the Land of Kachoo, Who is King in the Land of Kachoo? and The Lion Hunts in the Land of Kachoo By Tina Scotford and Frans Groenewald (Published by Jacana Media, R72 each) This is a series of wildly comical stories set in the fictional Land of Kachoo. In the first title a baby zebra gets lost and with the help of a rhino with very bad eyesight, he manages to find his family. In the second title King Lion is perceived as lazy, but the search for another king is not so easy. In the third title Lion is out hunting at night, but nothing goes according to plan. These local tales will delight and entertain young and old alike. The books also come with a set of character stickers.

Dinosaur Zoom! By Penny Dale (Published by Nosy Crow, R88) Children from as young as two years old just love the Dinosaur series. Following on the success of Dinosaur Dig!, author and illustrator Penny Dale brings you another colourful and busy picture book. The dinosaurs are back and this time they’re revving, roaring and racing to a dinosaur birthday party. Bursting with dinosaurs and vehicles of all shapes and sizes, and with a delicious, surprise ending, this is guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces of small boys especially. In the back of the book Dale introduces young ones to all kinds of vehicles such as a convertible, an off-road, and a tractor and trailer.

(Published by Jacana Media, R88) Malusi is a herd boy who tends to his grandfather’s sheep and goats among the mountains of the Transkei. High above eagles fly, while on the ground below, beetles crawl, termites scurry and dust flies as Malusi plays games of stick-fighting with his friend. But there’s danger too. Can Malusi save his lambs from the hungry baboon that’s stalking the flock? And who is the old man in the shiny car who stops to chat, and encourages the herd boy in his dream of being president? This beautiful picture book is about a boy who dares to dream of a big future. It is a story of empowerment, self-belief and leadership, and is inspired by the life of former president Nelson Mandela.

for early graders Pup Idol By Anna Wilson (Published by Macmillan Children’s Books, R85) Young girls from the age of seven adore Anna Wilson’s books. Pup Idol, the follow up to Puppy Love and Puppy Power, should be no exception. Since Summer’s parents gave her a Labrador puppy named Honey, her life has turned into an obedience school for doggies. Nevertheless, she loves Honey and when they’re together the world seems to be a better place. It’s showtime and Summer and Honey enter a talent contest as a spectacular dancing duo. The competition is tough, but they are determined to leap, prance and woof their way to success. Young girls find both Summer and Honey hilarious (Honey’s thoughts are written separately throughout the book), and if your child loves this book, also get the Pooch Parlour series by the same author.

magazine cape town

for early graders

for preteens and teens

I’m Dougal Trump and it’s not my fault By D. Trump

White Dolphin By Gill Lewis

(Published by Macmillan Children’s Books, R85) In this first book, football-loving Dougal Trump finds himself at risk from the mysterious creature living in the garden shed. Nobody believes him but, as a precaution, he sets upon writing his will – rewarding those who help him, disinheriting those who get on his bad side, and fielding constant pleas from friends and associates (“Cool will, Dougie! Can I have your PlayStation?” – George). Meanwhile, as rogue footballs and unhinged canines break limbs and windows, Dougal finds himself in all sorts of trouble. The character, Dougal, can best be described as a combination of Bart Simpson and Just William, and boys from the age of eight will love him.

Huberta’s Journey By Cicely van Straten and Melany Pietersen (Published by Tafelberg Publishers, R110) This is a fictionalised account of the story of Huberta the hippopotamus, one of the most famous animals in South African history. In November 1928, Huberta left her waterhole in the St Lucia Estuary in KwaZulu-Natal and set off on a 1 600km journey to the Eastern Cape, a journey that would take her three years. In that time Huberta became a minor celebrity and attracted crowds wherever she went. She was initially thought to be a male and was nicknamed Hubert by the press. Despite her having been declared Royal Game (and thus protected) by the Natal Provincial Council, she was eventually shot by hunters.

for us The Chef By Martin Suter

(Published by Oxford University Press, R105) When they first meet, Kara and Felix can’t stand each other. But on discovering an injured dolphin calf on the beach, they know they must work together to save it. Now friends, they set out to find the truth behind the disappearance of Kara’s mother, and to protect the nearby reef. But powerful people don’t want them to succeed and with the odds stacked against them, how can Kara and Felix make their voices heard? Bestselling author Michael Morpurgo says this about White Dolphin: “It opens your eyes, touches your heart, and is so engaging it almost turns the pages for you.”

A Little Princess By Frances Hodgson Burnett (Published by Random House Struik, R90) This book is part of the Vintage Classic series, a selection of books children should have on their bookshelf. This well-known tale tells the story of Sara Crewe. Without her beloved father and miles from home, it is very hard for her to like her new life at boarding school. Luckily Sara is always dreaming up wonderful things and her powerful storytelling wins her lots of friends. When a letter arrives that brings disastrous news, the wicked headmistress, Miss Minchin, forces Sara to become a servant. Her lovely clothes and toys are taken away from her. She must work from dawn until midnight. How will Sara cope with her new-found poverty? Can her imagination help her overcome this horrible situation?

parenting book a cine matic story

(Published by Atlantic Books, R192) As the financial crisis tightens its grip on Europe, the gilded world of Zurich’s leading restaurant, Chez Huwyler, seems immune to plunging stock markets and collapsing banks. But behind the scenes, even the rarefied world of haute cuisine is feeling the bite and so Maravan, a Tamil dishwasher and undiscovered culinary genius, and Andrea, a stunningly beautiful waitress, find themselves out of a job and needing to find another way to survive. After Maravan seduces Andrea with a meal made in heaven, she hits upon a business idea: romantic catering for couples. But even culinary magic can’t ward off recession and when their new company begins to struggle, they are forced to enter into a much more unsavoury business, plunging them deep into an underworld where murder and sex feed otherwise unquenchable thirsts.

magazine cape town

the hea rtwarmer

The Essential Guide to Bullying – Prevention and Intervention By Cindy Miller and Cynthia Lowan (Published by Alpha Books, R176) This book brings together the wisdom and experience of two people who have witnessed the causes and tragic effects of bullying. School social worker Cindy Miller teams with Cynthia Lowen, the cocreator of the documentary Bully, to arm parents and teachers with the knowledge to understand the societal and human forces causing bullying to escalate. Discover who is most at risk for being bullied, being a bully, or not helping a bullying victim. Learn how to target-proof children and teach them coping skills. Find out how to identify even the most covert bullying situations and how to infiltrate the world of cyberbullying. Learn how you can intervene and know what legal recourse you have to back up other anti-bullying efforts.

May 2013



what’s on in may

You can also access the calendar online at

Here’s your guide for what to do, where to go and who to see. Compiled by LUCILLE KEMP

23 thu

special events


FUN for children


only for parents


bump, baby & tot in tow


how to help




Fun House This play-place and vintage café offers an exciting new venue for families to unwind.


May 2013


Culinary Innovations with Lauren Beukes Enjoy an evening in the company of this award-winning novelist and scriptwriter.

bump, baby & tot in tow

how to help

Babies Read Books puppet show and storytelling The ideal entertainment for babies and toddlers every Tuesday.

Heaven’s Nest Childcare and Recreation Centre The facility provides emergency foster care.

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The Good Food & Wine Show Dessert guru Eric Lanlard showcases global trends.

magazine cape town

May 2013



SPECIAL EVENTS 1 wednesday First Lego League Disaster Blast Challenge Registration opens today to take part in the 2013 Junior First Lego League. This year children explore natural disasters, and design and construct a working model using Lego bricks and moving parts to solve a specific problem. For children 6–9 years old. Venue: nationwide. Cost: R200 per team. Contact Zelda: 082 851 8892 or visit

4 saturday The Riebeek Valley Olive Festival Visitors to the Olive Emporium can stock up on a wide selection of delicious olives,

olive oils, preserves and tapenades as well a variety of olive-based beauty products. Tractor transport is provided to get you to and from the different events, farms and towns. Visit the wineries, sit in on tutored tastings or sample the wines at your leisure. Live entertainment at these establishments ensures a truly relaxing experience. Among the many new activities at this year’s festival is an Olive Emporium, a country fair, a freshgoods market as well as a microbrewery, a big screen for rugby and more. Also 5 May. Time: varies. Venue: participating venues between Riebeeck Valley and Riebeeck West. Cost: olive passport R80, which includes tractor transport; no olive passport: tractor transport R5. Book through Webtickets: visit or for more info, visit

10 friday Couple’s conference with Famsa Sign up for a one-day family therapy conference focusing on working with couples. Time: tbc. Venue: Upper East Side Hotel, Brickfield Rd, Woodstock. Cost: R995. Contact Drusilla: 021 447 7951 or Nuy Valley Harvest Feast The festivities include the Willow Creek mountain bike challenge, the Leipzig fun run, live music by local and national artists, loads of wine and olive products, local cuisine, food demonstrations by Masterchef SA contestant Ilse Fourie, children’s entertainment, hiking trails and even an olive pip spitting competition. Ends 12 May. Time: varies. Venues: Leipzig Country House, Nuy Winery, Willow Creek Olive Estate and Conradie Family Vineyards of The Nuy Valley, which is situated halfway between Worcester and Robertson. Cost: R40 per person per day and children under 18 years enter free. Contact Anne-Marie: 084 585 5557, or visit

11 saturday

18 May – Parenting Expo


May 2013

Blue Moon Montessori School open morning The school facilitates a Montessori programme designed for 3–6 year olds and 6–12 year olds and invites you to take this opportunity to view and ask questions about the programmes. No children under 4 years old on the day.

Time: 9am–12pm. Venue: 8 Galway Rd, Bergvliet. Cost: free. Contact Alison: 021 712 0221 or Last Night of the Proms 2013 Hosted by The Wynberg Rotary Club, this year sees a new soloist emerging – Hlengiwe Mkhwanazi – and the ever-popular classical guitarist James Grace. The programme includes Celtic and Scottish dancing too. Proceeds go to St Luke’s Hospice and Victoria Hospital Cardio Vascular Unit. Also 12 May. Time: 8pm, Saturday; 7pm, Sunday. Venue: Cape Town City Hall. Cost: R180 or R220. Book through Computicket: 0861 915 8000 or visit and for more info, contact Graham: 021 712 4070, 082 498 3986 or The Vine School open day New and prospective parents as well as home-school families are welcome to join for a closer look at holistic Ambleside education. Time: 9am–11am or 2pm–4pm. Venue: 37 Denver Rd, Lansdowne. Contact Charlene: 021 696 3220, or visit

12 sunday The Table of Peace and Unity Seven hundred celebrities, religious leaders, citizens from all walks of life and captains of industry gather on Table Mountain, united against child sexual abuse, to raise funds for vulnerable children. There is entertainment and a sumptuous feast prepared by top South African chefs as

magazine cape town

well as auctions, proceeds from which are used to purchase safe homes, equipment and supplies for charities focusing on the needs of vulnerable children. Organisations addressing the needs of children who have been sexually abused in South Africa are invited to make contact and discuss how they can partner to make a difference and stop the abuse of children. Time: 12pm–4pm. Venue: Contour Rd, Table Mountain. Cost: R400–R500 for adults, R150 for children 8 years old or younger. Book through Computicket: 0861 915 8000 or for more info, contact: 021 702 2280 or

14 tuesday

The Good Food & Wine Show

23 thu

This year the show offers more innovation, entertainment and celebrity chefs than ever before. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay headlines a group of great chefs, including Junior MasterChef Australia winner Isabella Bliss. There is foodie entertainment for children and chefs prepare their signature dishes in the Chefsin-Action Theatre. Ends 26 May. Venue: Cape Town International Convention Centre. Contact: 0861 FOODIE (300 343) or visit

Parklands College open day The College welcomes visitors to view its facilities. Time: 10am–1pm. Venue: Parklands College. Cost: free. Contact: 0861 EDUCATE (338 2283) or visit

24 friday The Snow Queen The classical ballet in two acts is adapted from the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale for Ballet@Elkanah. The ballet is choreographed and produced by Megan Davey and features 120 dancers 4–18 years old. Also 25 May. Time: 7:30pm. Venue: Milnerton High School. Cost: R80 or R90. Book through Computicket: 0861 915 8000 or visit

Anthony Horowitz is in Cape Town The award-winning author is in-store to discuss his book, Oblivion, the last in the Power of Five series. There is a Q&A and book signing. Time: 6pm for 6:30pm. Venue: V&A Waterfront Exclusive Books. Cost: free. Contact Tarryn: 011 731 3440 or or

25 saturday

18 saturday

28 tuesday

Parenting Expo Informative material is provided and demonstrations, videos and slide shows are held in celebration of the International Day of Families (15 May). Time: 10am–2pm. Venue: Observatory Community Centre, cnr Lower Main and Station Rd. Cost: free. Contact Conrad: 021 447 7951 or

World Play Day This new feature encourages adults and children to gather wherever they are to explore new ways of learning. Cotlands, who are the custodians of World Play Day in South Africa, announced this year’s theme as “Making Sense of Play”. Through it, they encourage children to learn about their

magazine cape town

seven senses. Time: anytime. Venue: your nearest Cotlands toy library or at your place of work or school. Cost: donation of the toys you’ve played with on World Play Day to Cotlands. Contact: 011 683 7200 or visit

31 friday Wear tekkies to work today Tekkie Tax is a fundraising project for a wide selection of beneficiaries. By donating R10 to the beneficiary of your choice you will support animals, basic community welfare, children, disability or education. So wear a pair of tekkies to work today. Cost: R10 for a sticker. Contact: 012 663 8181, tekkietax@mweb. or visit

Imhoff Waldorf School Open Day View the facilities of this school, which caters to children from playgroup age to Grade 10. Time: morning (tbc). Venue: Imhoff Waldorf School, Imhoff Farm, Kommetjie Rd, Kommetjie. Cost: free. Contact Caron: 021 783 4237 or visit

31 May – Wear tekkies to work day

May 2013



Mother’s Day at Durbanville Hills With Table Mountain and Table Bay as a backdrop, raise a toast to mom with a complimentary glass of Durbanville Hills Merlot Rosé and chocolates. A buffet with herb-roasted leg of lamb, roasted garlic-and-thyme chicken, flash-fried seasonal vegetables and rustic potato wedges is served along with a selection of sweet treats. Time: 12pm–3pm. Venue: The Eatery, Durbanville Hills Wines. Cost: R169 per person and R80 for the children’s menu. Contact: 021 558 1337 or

12 sun

FUN FOR CHILDREN art, culture and science African drumming with CapeGators Club They offer monthly activities, competitions and prizes. Activities range from face painting, colouring-in competitions, and themed art and crafts. Join the club in-centre or via the website. For 3–13 year olds. 18 May for African Drumming. Time: 11am. Venue: CapeGate Shopping Precinct, Brackenfell. Cost: free. For more info: visit Free two-hour introductory fabric painting workshop This is for adults and children. 25 May. Time: 8:45am–10:45am. Venue: Pinelands. Cost: R30 per kit. Contact Wendy: 021 531 8076, 082 391 4954 or Sue Nepgen’s children’s art classes Second term’s programme includes creative, painted-clay work; translucent, framed, tissue-paper collages; mixed media collaged pictures on board, using inks as a painting medium; sketching; watercolour work, as well as drawing and painting techniques linked to personal themes. For 4–13 year olds. Time: held in the afternoons and Saturday morning. Venue: Michael Oak Waldorf School, Kenilworth or 28 Klaasenbosch Drive, Constantia. Cost: R590 a term, including materials and firing. Pro-rata fees for late joiners. Contact Sue: 021 794 6609, 021 794 4723, 083 237 7242 or

classes, talks and workshops Constantia Tots n Pots cooking and baking workshop For a variety of healthy snacks, meals and treats such as sweet orange scones, fruit pavlova and avo feta bites. Time: for 2–6 year olds, Wednesday 3pm and Thursday 2:30pm; for 2–3 year olds, Friday 10am. Venue: Constantia Tots n Pots. Cost: R720 per term (8 weeks) or R90 per class, if space available. Contact: Little Cooks Club Mother’s Day events Plattekloof: 6–9 May. They are making upside down pear cake and a card for Mother’s Day. Booking for this event is essential. For 2–6 year olds. Time: 10am–11am. Venue: Little Cooks Club Plattekloof studio. Cost: R95 per child. Contact Maghboobah: 082 771 9379 or; Brackenfell: 11 May. They are making cheese and apple


May 2013

scones and a decorated gift box for Mother’s Day. For 2–10 year olds. Time: 10am–11am or 11:30am–12:30pm. Venue: Little Cooks Club Brackenfell studio. Cost: R95 per child. Contact Renate: 082 332 7546 or renatel@ Mother’s Day cupcake class Moms and children from 12 years old decorate cupcakes with a variety of sugar flowers and butter cream. Time: 9:30am–2pm (4 May) or 7pm–10:30pm (7 May). Venue: Constantia. Cost: R600, which includes materials and a glass of champagne and orange juice. Moms attend free of charge. Contact Bianca: classes@cupcakesbydesign. or visit Stir Crazy cooking classes Themed courses are offered such as Spanish, Moroccan, Mediterranean and baking. For 12–17 year olds. Time: 9am, every Saturday. Venue: 423 Main Rd, Observatory. Cost: R400 for single sessions. Contact Noleen: 082 820 0011, or visit Tots n Pots cooking and baking classes Their programme is designed to develop your child’s fine motor skills while they create a dish of their own to take home. For 3–10 year olds. For a branch in your area, contact: charmaine@totsnpots. com or visit

family outings Cape Point Vineyards picnics Spend the afternoon enjoying a relaxed picnic accompanied by magnificent wines and breathtaking views. Picnic blankets, cushions and umbrellas are provided and there is a play area for children. Time: 12pm–5pm, Wednesday and Friday–

4 May or 7 May – Mother’s Day cupcake class

magazine cape town

Sunday. Venue: Cape Point Vineyards, Silvermine Rd, Noordhoek. Cost: adult baskets vary; children’s picnic hamper R55. Contact: or visit

finding nature and outdoor play Table Mountain Cableway Kidz Season special Two children under 18 years ride free of charge when an adult return ticket is purchased over weekends, public holidays and during the June and September school holidays. 1 May–31 October. Time: from 8:30am. Venue: Tafelberg Rd. Cost: R205 per adult return ticket, which includes two children under 18 years old. Valid on return fares only. Contact: 021 424 8181 or visit 11 May – Autumn trail run

markets City Bowl Market This market includes cuisine from local traders, such as Heavenly Hamburgers, Salad Lover and Caribbean Café. Time: 4:30pm–8:30pm Thursday; 9am–2pm Saturday. Venue: 14 Hope St, Gardens. Cost: free entry. Contact: 073 270 8043 or Platteland Market Time: 9am–2pm, every Saturday. Venue: 145 Sir Lowry Rd, Woodstock. Cost: free entry. For more info: visit

12 sun

The Table of Peace and Unity Time: 12pm–4pm. Venue: Contour Rd, Table Mountain (1km past the Cableway). Cost: R400–R500 for adults, R150 for children 8 or younger. Book through Computicket: 0861 915 8000 or for more info, contact: 021 702 2280 or

on stage and screen The Frog Prince with The Rainbow Puppet Theatre 4, 11, 18 and 25 May. Time: 10am and 11:15am. Venue: Constantia Waldorf School, Spaanschemat River Rd, Constantia. Cost: adults and children from 4 years old R20. Contact Alison: 021 783 2063 or therainbow. The Snow Queen 24 and 25 May. Time: 7:30pm. Venue: Milnerton High School. Cost: R80 or R90. Book through Computicket: 0861 915 8000 or visit

playtime and story time Café Paradiso baking project Parents can enjoy breakfast or lunch while little magazine cape town

ones are entertained with one of four projects: baking gingerbread men, baking chocolate chip cookies, icing cupcakes or baking a pizza. Each project runs for about 15–20 minutes. Time: 9am–7pm, Tuesday– Saturday; 10am–7pm, Sunday. Venue: Café Paradiso, 110 Kloof St. Cost: R45. Contact: 021 423 8653 Fun House This play venue and vintage café offers a new destination for families to play and unwind. There are play-pieces, blow-up boats, long picnic tables for little one’s arty play, a grassy area, old-school jungle gyms and a jumping castle. The toddlers’ playzone is next to the café’s outside area, which is shaded by umbrellas. It offers sandpits and age-appropriate play-pieces. There is also a décor boutique selling bubble wands, craft packs, tutu-esque baby-gros, and dresses and skirts. Time: 10am–4:30pm, Wednesday– Friday; 9am–5pm, Saturday; 9am–2pm, Sunday. Venue: Durbanville Winelands. Cost: free entry. For more info: visit their Facebook page FunHouseComePlay

sport and physical activities Autumn trail run The two routes offer great climbing on a jeep track among the vineyards towards Klapmutskop, with rewarding single-track trails and scenic wineland views from the waterpoint with Table Mountain in the distance. 11 May. Time: 7:30am registration; 9am for the 12,5km start, 9:45am for the 7,5km start. Venue: Dirtopia Trail Centre, Delvera Farm, on R44 about 10km from Stellenbosch. Cost: R65 or R75 (7,5km); R85 or R95 (12,5km). Contact: 021 884 4752, or visit Cricket School of Excellence Coaching for ages 4–13 years in the areas of batting, bowling, etiquette, rules, as well as fielding and general knowledge. Creating cricketing super stars in a fun environment through cutting edge coaching. Time: call to enquire. Venues: Rondebosch Boys’ High School, Herzlia Constantia, Jan van Riebeeck Primary School, Parklands College Secondary School, Durbanville Cricket Club and Van der Stel Cricket Club. Cost: R220 per one-on-one session, R500 for a four day clinic. Contact William: 0861 123 273, 084 249 9969, or visit May 2013


calendar Delvera Hi-Tec full moon hike Move through the Renosterveld Conservancy to the top of Klapmutskoppie and enjoy your picnic here. 25 May. Time 4:30pm–8pm. Venue: Delvera Farm, Stellenbosch. Cost: adults R60, children under 10 R25. Contact: 021 884 4752, or visit Durbanville Triathlon Full Triathlon: 1 000m swim, 24km mountain bike and 8km trail run. Half: 500m swim, 12km mountain bike and 4km trail run. Junior: 250m swim, 8km mountain bike and 3km trail run. Time: 8am start (full), 9am (half), 10am (junior). Venue: Phisantekraal, Koeberg Rd, Durbanville. Cost: full R350, half R250, junior R200, teams R600. Contact Agne: 082 517 4799, entries@ or visit Free children’s Pilates trial class Join in to see how much your little one likes the exercises. For boys and girls aged 5–12 years old. 6 May. Time: 2:45pm. Venue: 29 Derry St, Vredehoek, Health Junction building, ground floor. Cost: free. Contact Marie: 021 461 2159 or Kirstenhof Dance and Pilates Studio They offer ballet, modern, hip-hop dancing and Pilates classes. New to the studio is Dancercise (a mix of salsa and exercise). Time: call to enquire. Venue: 14 Windhover St, Kirstenhof. Cost: varies for group or private sessions. For a free trial class, contact Liane: 021 701 2750, 082 739 0100 or


May 2013



Adolescence: knowing what to expect This series is run by clinical psychologist Gary Koen, who is well known for his work with teenagers and gives regular talks on a wide variety of teenage topics. Workshop 1: Relationship Issues. Workshop 2: Alcohol and the Party Scene. Workshop 3: Sex. Workshop 4: Technology, Money, Time, Space and other concerns. 7, 14, 21 and 28 May. Time: 7pm–8.30pm. Venue: Reddam House Atlantic Seaboard. Cost: R965 per person for the whole course or R1 800 per couple or R280 per workshop. Contact Gary: 021 794 8399, 083 306 2385, gary@ or visit

Teddy Tennis at The Glen Country Club Tennis accompanied by music for children aged 2–8 years old. Time: varies Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Venue: The Glen Country Club, Clifton. Cost: call to enquire. Contact: 083 679 0731, mark@ or visit Trail Tag Tuesdays There is a 7,5km loop and a 14,5km route for mountain biking and trail running. Results help for seeding purposes. You’ll use the Trail Tag at many Dirtopia/Amarider events and future

trails. From 10 years old. 7 May. Time: 4:30pm–6pm. Venue: Dirtopia Trail Centre, Delvera Farm, on the R44 about 10km from Stellenbosch. Cost: R30 permit fee. Amarider members receive R10 discount for the day. Trail Tag holders can get a time on the trails and start anytime. Purchase an Amarider Trail Tag for R100 or join Amarider for R225 valid for 12 months. Contact: 021 884 4752, theteam@dirtopia. or for member info, visit amarider. For live results visit:

only for parents classes, talks and workshops Biodiversity Day As part of the Kirstenbosch Centenary programme, interactive displays, films and talks illustrate 100 years of scientific work − from the herbarium and vegetation mapping, through climate change and threatened species, to modern citizen science and the molecular laboratory. 22 May. Time: 10am–7pm. Venue: Old Mutual Conference Centre, gate 1, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Newlands. Cost: free. Contact: 021 799 8783 or visit Conscious Parent Conversations Meetings for parents who want to explore, understand and practise parenting from a place of greater awareness. 8 May. Time: 12pm–1:30pm or 6pm–7:30pm. Venue: 25 Bishoplea Rd, Claremont. Cost: R50 per session. Contact Stephanie: 083 567 5572 or Discipline for Peace workshops A series of four workshops covers positive discipline skills relevant to children of all ages. 29 May and 5, 12 and 19 June. Time: 7pm–9:30pm. Venue: SACS Junior School. Cost: R1 200 per person or R1 900 per couple. Contact Karen: 021 696 1946, 076 303 5324 (sms) or Eating Optimally with Professor Tim Noakes He gives his views on the optimum diet for your health and explores

magazine cape town

various dietary options – high carbohydrate or high fat? Or neither? 15 May. Time: 7pm–9pm. Venue: Southern Sun Newlands, Main Rd, Newlands. Cost: R430 per person or R3 870 per table of 10. Contact Noko: 011 807 4724 or Four Temperaments workshops In this series of three workshops, you look at in-built preferences and the four temperaments, discovering how people of different temperaments naturally have different values, stressors, strengths and weaknesses. You learn about your in-built style as a parent and partner. 6, 13 and 20 May. Time: 7pm–9:30pm. Venue: Michael Oak Waldorf School, Kenilworth. Cost: R900 per person or R1 500 per couple. Contact Karen: 021 696 1946, 076 303 5324 (sms) or

Family and Friends CPR 4 May. Time: 9am–12pm. Venue: Constantiaberg Mediclinic, Plumstead. Cost: R250. Contact: 021 705 6459, training@pec. or visit

magazine cape town

Introduction to positive discipline Ginny Johnstone, a certified parent educator and parent coach, brings you positive parenting tools, ideas and inspiration to nurture respectful, empowered and peaceful relationships with your child. 4 and 5 May. Time: 9am–12:30pm. Venue: 4459 Main Rd, Hout Bay. Cost: free. Contact Kerin: 021 790 3309 or 082 422 1467 Nannies cooking and baking course Learn healthy, low-fat, nutritious cooking methods for soups, curries, casseroles, stirfries, schnitzel, muffins, malva pudding and chocolate cake, to name a few. 7 and 8 May. Time: 9am–1pm. Venue: Camps Bay. Cost: R1 450. Contact Janis: 021 437 1150, 082 319 9215, or visit

Sitting girl modelling class Learn how to model a girl, her pigtails and her teddy out of fondant. 18 May. Time: 9:30am–2pm. Venue: Constantia. Cost: R550 including all materials. Contact Bianca: or visit What is a Montessori education? Kerin Goosen, principal of Hout Bay Montessori School, gives you an insight into Montessori preschool and primary education. 23 May. Time: 3pm–4pm. Venue: 4459 Main Rd, Hout Bay. Cost: free. Contact Kerin: 021 790 3309 or 082 422 1467

on stage and screen

Madame Zingara’s Miracle Tour Hosted in one of the few remaining traditional Spiegel tents of Europe, the innovative Theatre of Dreams offers a fascinating and multisensory evening of dining and entertainment. Time: doors open 6:30pm, show 8:15pm–10:45pm, Tuesday–Sunday. Venue: The V&A Waterfront’s Victoria Wharf open-air parking. Cost: R385–R1 250 per person. Contact: 0861 623 263 or Santa’s Story A one-woman show depicts Santa Pelham’s journey of courage and hope through discrimination to heartbreaking loss. Her daughter, well-known singer Aviva Pelham performs this story of hope and inspiration with Klesmer music. Time: 8pm. Venue: The Fugard Studio. Cost: R150. Book through Computicket: 0861 915 8000

out and about Chocolat with Eric Lanlard Join celebrity chef Eric Lanlard at a Sunday lunch with treats from his latest recipe book, Chocolat. 19 May. Time: 12pm. Venue: Simonsig Wine Estate, located outside Stellenbosch, on the Kromme Rhee Rd between the R44 and R304. Cost: R290 per person. Contact Anmarie: 021 888 4932, or visit Culinary Innovations at Grande Roche with Lauren Beukes Enjoy an evening in the company of award-winning novelist, journalist, scriptwriter and documentary maker Lauren Beukes who is discussing her latest novel The Shining Girls. 10 May. Time: 7pm arrival with welcome drink. Venue: Bosman’s, Grande Roche Hotel, Plantasie St, Paarl. Cost: R385 (including dinner and wine). Contact Christine: 021 863 5100, or visit

family marketplace

May 2013



support groups LGBTI Parents Support Group The group meets for either a discussion for parents around issues like nutrition, discrimination and education or a casual play date for the children of LGBTI Parents. Time: 7pm–8:30pm for the parents’ session and 2:30pm–4:30pm for the children’s casual play dates. Venue: Elta House, 2nd floor, 3 Caledonian Rd, Mowbray and Millstone Ecovillage, Pinelands. Cost: free. Contact: 021 686 1475, or visit their Facebook page Proud 2B–LGBTI Parents or visit The Compassionate Friends Cape Town The organisation offers support to grieving parents. Call to enquire about support group dates. Contact Suzette: 084 568 8402 or Grace: 082 727 6166 or visit or visit the Facebook group The Compassionate Friends Cape Town

30 May – Red Wine blending at Durbanville Hills

Mystery Ghost Bus The evening includes pub-and-grub stops, poltergeists, EVP recordings, dowsing rods, orbs and vortex mists (take your camera), castles, a dark haunted room, graveyards and more. 11 May. Time: 7pm–midnight. Venue: meet at Ferryman’s Tavern, V&A Waterfront. Cost: R299 per person. For more info: visit Red wine blending at Durbanville Hills Create your own Bordeaux and Cape-style blends with winemaker Wilhelm Coetzee who assists teams of four in creating their own red wine, which will then be bottled, sealed under cork and labelled. Afterwards, enjoy smoked paprika chilli con carne, rice and salsa followed by coffee or tea and biscotti before claiming your goodie bag and a signature red wine. Durbanville Hills wines will be on sale throughout the evening. 30 May. Time: 6:30pm for 7pm. Venue: Durbanville Hills wine-tasting room. Cost: R230 per person, which includes welcome drink, wine blending, dinner, coffee or tea, goodie bag and your own labelled bottle of wine. Contact Simone: 021 558 1300 or

2 thu


May 2013

bump, baby & Tot in tow

classes, talks and workshops Moms and Babes Claremont Stimulation classes for moms and babies 2–12 month olds. Time: 10am and 3pm, Monday–Friday. Venue: 36 Water St, Claremont. Cost: call to enquire. Contact: 021 671 8690, 082 746 3223 or Toptots Claremont Mother and Child workshop Age-appropriate weekly classes focus on intellectual stimulation, fine and gross motor activities, music and movement as well as creative activities and sensory activities exploring textures. For children 8 weeks–4 years old. Time: morning, afternoon and Saturday classes offered. Venue: 74 Ranelagh Rd, Claremont. Cost: R900 a term. Contact Lisa: 079 248 8083 or

playtime and story time Babies Read Books puppet show and storytelling For babies and toddlers every Tuesday. Professional storyteller Sharon Geffen is in attendance every second

Beautifully Born HypnoBirthing group course Durbanville HypnoBirthing sessions help you achieve a comfortable and calm birth by self-hypnosis, which helps you to relax throughout. It’s important to point out that no one puts you under hypnosis – you take yourself into a state of relaxation or self-hypnosis. This full antenatal course for natural birth is for any expectant mothers who are 20 weeks onwards and planning natural birth. 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30 May. Time 7pm–9:30pm. Venue: Beautifully Born, Durbanville. Cost: R1 650 per couple, including all materials and refreshments. Contact Kim: or visit

magazine cape town

Tuesday. Time: 9:30am. Venue: Kloof St Library, 122B Kloof St. Cost: call to enquire. Contact: 021 424 3308 Wriggle and Rhyme Relaxed, small groups where moms and babies or toddlers enjoy an entirely music-based programme together. Props, puppets, instruments and movement are used to engage and stimulate the children around a different, fun theme each term. Times: vary. Venues: Claremont, Constantiaberg and Fish Hoek. Cost: R130 joining fee plus R460 per term (welcome pack included). Contact: or visit

support groups La Leche League’s breast-feeding support groups Kenridge: 6 May. Contact Carol: 021 558 5319. Durbanville: 21 May. Contact Trudy: 021 913 2816 or Tiffany: 021 913 3586. Parklands: 11 May. Contact Kim: 082 330 5352. Parow: 15 May. Contact Dilshaad: 021 930 2475. Milnerton Mediclinic: 20 May (9:30am). Contact Juliet: 021 556 0693. Parklands Intercare: 22 May. Contact Simela: 021 553 1664. Paarl: 7 May. Contact Jonette: 021 872 5297. Rondebosch: 14 May. Contact Becky: 021 531 2485. Fish Hoek: 7 May. Contact Tammy: 021 782 9240. Stellenbosch: 14 May. Contact Olga: 082 062 0206 or Francia: 082 940 9685. Malmesbury: Contact Selma: 083 2655 458 for telephonic help. Napier: contact Emma: 082 696 3584 for telephonic help. You can ask questions and get information at Lalecheleaguesouthafrica Facebook page. Also visit Meetings start at 10am, unless otherwise indicated. Entry is free and pregnant and nursing mothers are welcome to attend The Parent Centre moms-to-be and moms and babies support groups These groups are suitable for moms with babies up to one year old. Mediclinic Cape Town. Time: 10:30am–12:30pm, every Tuesday. Mediclinic Constantiaberg. Time: 10am–12pm, every Thursday. Cost: R50, including refreshments. Contact: 021 762 0116, za or visit Visit the Facebook pages: Tuesday Moms Group (Parent Centre) and Thursday Moms Group (Parent Centre) for the monthly programme

from any culture or ethical group whose circumstances, beyond their control, have placed them on or below the poverty line. Donate R75 per month and supply one meal per day for a hungry child. For more info: visit Heaven’s Nest Childcare and Recreation Centre The centre provides emergency foster care, which greatly assists social workers who are not allowed to remove a child from an unsuitable home until they have secured somewhere else for him to go. Please support this home by contacting Eleanor: 021 703 9781, 084 919 6967 or HOPE Preschool children are given love and attention, spiritual and moral guidance and are taught basic concepts like colours, shapes and counting. When funding is available, mainly through donations, food is also provided. Please help this organisation by donating. For more info and bank account details: or visit Pampers “1 pack = 1 lifesaving vaccine” Unicef campaign All South African consumers, not only mothers, can support this campaign in May. Help save a life by purchasing a specially marked pack of Pampers Premium Care, Pampers Active Baby or Pampers Wipes, and Pampers will donate to Unicef the equivalent cost of one life-saving vaccine. For more info: lindiz@

Rockstarz Foundation This registered NPO promotes social welfare in the form of assistance to under-resourced, school-going children from primary school level. You can help by donating funds, your skills in the areas of web design and development, auditing and legal advice or by offering career guidance and mentorship and donating educational supplies such as uniforms and stationery and personal care/hygiene items. For bank details or more info, contact Nsiko: 083 534 3186, or visit

how to help Bontlebame beaded white ribbon project The project seeks to create awareness of abuse while creating employment opportunities for rural unemployed women. Ribbons are R20 each. Contact: 082 970 6035 or visit Feed A Child Their mission is to provide a nourishing meal to children

don’t miss out! For a free listing, email your event to or fax it to 021 462 2680. Information must be received by 3 May for the June issue, and must include all relevant details. No guarantee can be given that it will be published. To post an event online, visit

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May 2013


finishing touch

again, again when you’ve been shown the same star for the umpteenth time. By ANÉL LEWIS

ne of my favourite times of the day is early evening, when Erin calls me to come and look at the stars. I love that she reaches up to try and touch them, only to tell me that they’re “too high, Mommy”. I love it for the first 10 minutes, and then I have to admit that my attention starts to wander. MasterChef is on, the dogs need to be fed and I haven’t spoken to my husband since we bumped into each other in the garage, about three days ago. And then I feel terrible for not savouring this special moment with her. In a few years’ time, I will be lucky if she shares which movie stars she is “into”, never mind making time to sit and stargaze with me. But parenting is a relentless cycle of being engaged and involved, so it’s only natural that even the special moments can get a bit lost in the daily grind. I can’t remember the last time I took a bathroom break without it being a spectator sport. Erin is not really a problem, as she uses the time to rearrange the shampoo bottles and is not too interested in what


May 2013

Erin, Anél and Conor

I’m doing. But Conor is still literally finding his feet, so he practises moves that would make him a worthy addition to the Cirque du Soleil cast while I am trying to get on with my business. And it’s no fun trying to prise a jittery cruiser, who has suddenly realised that he is marooned far from the safety of something solid to hold onto, from my leg while simultaneously trying to pull up my jeans. Poor Conor tends to get the short end of the stick when it comes to my

attention. This is partly because he can’t call me outside to look at the stars just yet, but he’s also just used to playing second fiddle to his sister, who makes sure that we all know that she was there first. Sometimes he’s so quiet that I almost forget he’s there. This can have disastrous consequences, as we discovered recently when we found him pulling his gran’s knitting off the needles, stitch for painstakingly pearled stitch. He also loves to unplug the computer’s cables

and will quietly snack on the cat’s pellets if we don’t keep tabs on his movements when we’re in the kitchen. I know though, that in a few months’ time, when he can stand on his own and navigate the stairs without nose-diving, that I will be called to “come and see” all the new things that he has discovered. I will again need to remind myself to make time to stop and share those special moments with him, regardless of what I want to do or how tired I am. And, if my focus does wane a wee bit, as it is wont to do after a long day, or after my 17th exclamation of surprise at the sight of the night sky, hopefully his sister will be content to spend some quality time stargazing with him too. Anél Lewis is Child magazine’s features editor. She’s learning diversion tactics for her bathroom breaks, and has bought Erin and Conor glow-in-the-dark stickers, so that they can look at stars even when their parents are otherwise engaged. Follow Anél on Twitter:@ChildMagParent

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Cherish special moments with your children, but don’t feel guilty if your enthusiasm wanes

Child Magazine | Cape Town May 2013  

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