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Someone once told me, “Dance is divine.” I haven’t perceived dance as anything else since. It is, in fact, the language of the soul, performed to express the most deep-seated emotions and thoughts. Every movement is a rendering of some primal emotion in our being, set free in the form of dance. An amalgamation of music, rhythm and emotions, dance, much like photography, is a narrative of tales untold. A storyteller’s tool that is as exhilarating for the viewers to behold as it is for the dancers to perform. This issue of Chiiz magazine brings to you the movements of dance- ruled by the passion of the dancers and captured through the lens of some proficient photographers. Dhaval Naresh Damar introduces us to the Garba culture in Gujrat with his vibrant images and a perspective that will leave you bedazzled. Markus Berger explores b-boying as a dance-form inside a cube and demonstrates his inside the box thought-process through his series “The Infinity Project”. Jan Masny creates drama in his amazingly executed work and elevates his photography to the level of art.


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Jayesh Gangan has come up with a series of photographs called “Dancing with the Sun” that aligns the spiritual nature of Indian Classical Dance with that of the elements of nature. Monisha Ajgaonkar portrays the moods of dance on the happy occasion of a wedding. Alfie Bowen’s photographs of the wildlife are works of art that will change the way you view wildlife photography. Rakesh Kiran Pulappa’s aerial photography is one that will leave you glued to these pages and marvel at the sheer skill of the photographer. This issue also features the mysteriously enchanting Farah Kader as the Model of the Month and showcases her work as an accomplished model. We also have enticing work from Muses en Kolkata- a fine art photography workshop mentored by Jeet Mukerji. An archive of the best photographs from has also been displayed in our ‘Chiiz Gallery. The relationship that dance and photography share has been beautifully brought out in this dance photography special issue. The beautiful dynamic between the dancer as the subject in front of the lens and the artist capturing the movement from behind the lens is evident in the photographs that grace this month’s issue. So tap your feet, groove to the beat of your heart and dance like no one’s watching.


Mukesh Kumar Cover Photo

Namrata Meshram

Regards, Raul D’Souza


Features Garba-Dancing into the Night Dhaval Naresh Damar Dancing with the Sun Jayesh Gangan The Infinity Project Markus Berger A Spiritual Catharsis Raul D’Souza Muses Kolkata Jeet Mukerji

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Classics Movie Review Ship of Thesius


Old is Gold Nuit de Noel


Model of the Month Farrah Kader


Alfie Bowen first took up photography in 2014, following a life-long interest in our natural world. He was fed up of seeing little being done about the plight of the many species across the world and so decided to use his love of photography to raise awareness. Bowen always researches the species he is aiming to photograph before setting foot in the field. He believes that it is important to know the behavior of your subject and to be aware of the images that already exist - there is no room for the mundane. Bowen’s work is a reflection of the hours invested in creating each photograph. His work has been shown by the BBC and hangs in the houses in Spain, America, and France. 2017 saw his first solo exhibition; a sell-out within four hours. Not only is Bowen’s work a beautiful depiction of our natural world but it is also a solid investment - the value of his work continues to rise.

If Looks Could Kill Nikon D7200 300mm F/6 1/30 ISO1600


Against Stripes Nikon D7200 350mm F/6 1/400 ISO1600

Snow White Nikon D7200 300mm F/5.6 1/1000 ISO500

Disconnected Nikon D7200 500mm F/8 1/60 ISO500

Prince Of Darkness Nikon D7200 250mm F/5.6 1/500 ISO1400

The Tusk & The Trunk Nikon D7200 500mm F/6.3 1/1600 ISO400

Garba-Dancing into the Night

Dhaval Naresh Damar is a 26-year-old entrepreneur who loves to explore new and diverse art forms like creative photography genres, drawing, painting, digital art, etc. He loves capturing vibrant and colorful Indian festivals.


Garba is a Gujarati folk dance, usually performed during Navratri, a celebration lasting nine nights. Garba is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘garbha’ meaning womb. Garba is a folk dance where people from different backgrounds and skills dance in concentric circles around an earthen lamp which is lit in the honor of the nine goddesses. The circles can grow or shrink, depending on the number of people which can reach any number from hundreds to thousands. People go dancing and clapping in a circle or a spiral, adorned in their traditional costumes. These costumes are a vibrant mix with the girls in shimmery chaniya cholis and the men wearing an ethnic kedia or kurta and a pajama or a dhoti. Garba has always garnered a good popularity among the youth of India and is especially revered the Gujarati community all over the world.

Garba DJI Mavic Air 4mm F/2.8 1/8 ISO400

Yao Dance Canon 5D S 105mm F/4 1/160 ISO100

Yao Girls Canon 5D S 95mm F4 1/165 ISO100

Pamela Liu is a software engineer from Silicon Valley, CA. USA. She has been doing Chinese painting for over 10 years and has recently ventured into photography, 1.5 years ago. While traveling and mountain hiking, she hopes to share her appreciation of the world via her camera. Being rather new to photography, Pamela strives to improve her work through constructive criticism from the photography community online. The Guangxi Yao tribe is a small native tribe in the remote mountain-areas in China who keep to their traditional ways in agriculture and do everything manually. Here, the Guanxi Yao tribe girls are shown to be dancing in the autumn festival. 16 TRIGGERS

Vibrant Hemis Nikon D750 24mm F/4.5 1/4000 ISO640

Masked Dance of Hemis Nikon D750 24mm F/8 1/3200 ISO640

An engineer with a deep passion for photography, Debraj Das likes to travel and explore with his camera, capturing beautiful locations, their people and their cultures. Ladakh has always been a dream destination and Hemis was one of the key attractions of the trip. Hemis festival, held in the Hemis Monastery, is very well known, more so for the masked dance routines that the dancers perform on the Hemis courtyard. The dance is also known as the “Chham Dance� and signifies the triumph of good over evil. The dance rituals are performed in very colorful and vibrant dresses and are a spectacle to watch. Here, Debraj has tried to capture the spirit of the festival, focusing mainly on the masked dance routines which are the main attraction of the two-day festival. TRIGGERS 17

Samaa Dance of Sufis Samaa is a dance form of Sufi origin that includes body rotation with trance mode for spiritual purposes. Mowlana Jalal al-Din Mohammed Balkhi Arif and Iranian poet of the seventh century were fans of Shemat and had a significant role in sustaining it. In the dervishes of Mowlavi, they wear a white dress with a long skirt, that symbolizes the soul or the spiritual world and brings the angels into mind. The first motion is called “need”. The hands form the “la” and the body forms “A”, which is the uniqueness of God. After that, the bow, which means respected and allowed. Then begins the rotation inspired by the opening of the flowers and refers to monotheism. In the soul of Mowlana, the hand that is toward heaven is the symbol of the grace of the source, and the hand that is toward the earth is a symbol of forgiveness to all beings, and man, in the meanwhile, acts as a mediator. The ceremony ends with a prayer for the Prophet Muhammad, the Imams, the martyrs of Karbala and the Sufis of the past.

Rumi House Galata Canon 5D Mark III 24mm F/4 1/50 ISO12800

Sufis Canon 5D Mark III 94mm F/4 1/60 ISO25600

Towards Heaven Canon 5D Mark III 24mm F/4 1/400 ISO25600

Milad Rafat is a photographer with a social tendency and who began his artistic career by photographing traditional ceremonies of Boushehr with the aim of picturing their customs. Milad believes that facing the society and getting engaged with its difficulties and privileges would lead us to a better cognition of a society and its traditions. The chosen artwork in the US Photojournalism Contest and membership in LUCIDO Art Group which is based in Bosnia and Herzegovina are included in Milad’s Professional CV. 18 TRIGGERS

Dancing With The Sun Jayesh Gangan is a travel and conceptual photographer. He has majorly worked with brands on travel photography. One of his biggest projects was with AIESEC Egypt. He has been doing photography professionally for the past four years and was a phone photographer for two years before that. Jayesh is an avid traveler and has solo-traveled and backpacked his way through more than 28 places in India. You can follow his adventures on his Instagram @awaara_musaafir 20 FEATURES

Stand for the Right Things Canon 700D 10mm F/22 1/200 ISO100

Conquer the World Canon 700D 10mm F/22 1/200 ISO100

Stand Out Canon 700D 12mm F/22 1/200 ISO100

Stand for Yourself Canon 700D 24mm F/14 1/200 ISO400

Different Sides of the Same Coin Canon 700D 10mm F/22 1/200 ISO400

Bend the Rules Canon 700D 10mm F/22 1/200 ISO400

Dance is the Only Passion I have Canon 700D 10mm F/22 1/200 ISO400

Express Your Thoughts Canon 700D 24mm F/22 1/200 ISO400



A Travel Companion You Can Rely Upon Canon PowerShot SX740 HS

There are multiple ways to approach buying a travel compact camera that provides great shutter opportunities to capture travel and life. Most buyers look for something that can produce images and videos that their mobile phones can’t but at the same time is equally handy. A camera that houses a huge zoom in a compact camera comes in as a useful tool when you are out to capture the world around you.

camera a premium feel and it looks quite stylish as well. The camera has a range of shooting modes which can be chosen from a small dial on the SX740’s top plate. This includes manual and semi-automatic modes. It’s a bit of a shame that Canon has continued against including a RAW shooting mode on the SX740 HS, as it would have been interesting to see if a little more detail could have been squeezed from these images.

Canon has recently updated its Powershot series with Canon Powershot SX740 HS to accommodate just this. It is the successor to Canon Powershot SX730 HS and comes with a 40x superzoom to include UHD 4K video recording, 4K time-lapse movies, the new Video Snapshot function and faster 7.4fps burst shooting, thanks to the latest DIGIC 8 processor. These features not only pump up the Powershot series to another level but also give the users enhanced image quality.

40x optical zoom and fast response time Canon Powershot SX740 HS ticks all the ‘travel camera’ boxes when it comes to your need for travel photography. The standout point of this camera is that it comes with an impressive 40x optical zoom that covers angles of views ranging from a wide-angle 24mm to a super telephoto 960mm (up to 3840mm with the digital zoom, 80x ZoomPlus). The short startup time and shooting interval ensure the speedy capture of fleeting photo opportunities.

Key Features

4K movie recording (including 4K time-lapse movies and 4K Frame Grab) Canon Powershot SX740 HS is the first in the SX series to feature 4K video recording. It also features 4k timelapse video recording and comes equipped with a DIGIC 8 processor. The camera offers a host of 4K movie shooting features including 4K Frame Grab and 4K time-lapse movies in addition to 4K 30P/25P movie recording. The Video Snapshot function, which lets users merge and edit short movie clips, and Hybrid Auto mode,

20.3 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor 40x optical zoom, f/3.3-6.9, 24-960mm equivalent Optical image stabilization (5-axis Advanced Dynamic IS) 3 inch tilting screen, 922k dot resolution DIGIC 8 image processing 4K UHD 30/25fps video Full HD movies, 60p, in MP4 format ISO100 - ISO3200 Various creative modes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled 1cm macro mode 10fps continuous shooting Available in silver or black Design and Handling The Canon Powershot SX740 HS has a mostly metal body, with the front, back and bottom of the camera being made out of metal. This, along with the rubber grips, gives the 24 TOOLS

which records up to 4 seconds of a scene before each still shot, add to the movie shooting fun. The camera offers an improved continuous shooting speed of 10fps (7.4fps with AF), and slightly improved battery life of 265 shots, with 370 available with ECO mode switched on. Optical zoom can be used during video recording. Full HD video is recorded at upto 60/50fps. Self-portrait mode The SX740’s screen tilts 180-degrees, which can be remarkably handy for shooting from slightly awkward angles. Some will no doubt prefer a fully articulating number, but for quick shots while on the move, tilting is certainly speedier. It also faces all the way forward, perfectly primed for taking selfies. The self-portrait mode also lets you edit and beautify your shots on the spot, including enhancing them with background blur. On the downside, the screen is not touch-sensitive. This is arguably an odd choice in 2018 but is something which helps keep the SX740 down to a reasonably affordable price. Wi-Fi features Like its predecessor, the PowerShot SX740 HS is equipped with Wifi and Bluetooth, but Canon has dispensed with the NFC chip that provided an instant tap connection with Android devices. That’s not a great loss because if you pair your device with the camera over Bluetooth, it will automatically connect via Wifi when you launch the app and choose to transfer images or shoot remotely. You can also automatically tag photos in the camera with geopositional data from your phone and automatically transfer photos to your phone while you shoot.

How I see Rajasthan, RJ-isthan Canon PowerShot SX740 HS

Verdict Canon caters to the needs of beginners in SX740 with the advanced camera controls that gives them the advantage of working in manual mode and comes in handy even after they move on to advance photography. The image quality is great, the price is fair and having the option of that massive zoom comes in really handy in certain situations. Today’s smartphone cameras have a wide range of impressive skills, but the one thing they can’t offer is the SX740 HS’s huge optical zoom. Having 40x zoom in your pocket is great for flexibility and makes the SX740 an ideal travel, holiday and ‘day out’ compact.

Amit Nimade is a well known professional photographer based in Indore, India. He got his training in fashion photography from Dabboo Ratnani. He is immensely interested in fine art and travel photography. Amit is a proud receipient of several international awards and has been published in publications of repute.

Michamu Dukaddam Canon PowerShot SX740 HS

Vinayak Bhardwaj, based out of Delhi, is a freestyle photographer as well as a self-taught cinematographer. Having learned from internationally acclaimed photographers like Dheeraj Paul, William Chang and Amit Mehra, Vinayak specializes in fashion, people and travel, food, fine arts, interior and architecture photography and cinematography. Taking cinematography and photography hand in hand, he believes in capturing a moment that could be marked for the best of memories. “I want to show things which are common, what we see every day in our life but from a different perspective, a perspective that could make you stop for a while and think about, I just want to flip the way every mind thinks�. When Vinayak is not on an assignment, you will always find him on the streets with a camera in hand, practicing the art of seeing.

The Great Divine Canon 6D 28mm F/4 1/8 ISO200

Grace Canon 6D 70mm F/13 1/6 ISO200

The Bow Canon 6D 105mm F/9 1/4 ISO200


Romanticism Canon 6D 58mm F/4 1/4 ISO50

Sergio Gregorio da Silva is a university professor in Brazil. He is passionate about bird photography and travels all over South America in search of great photo opportunities. He has a partnership with Tropical Photo Tours and helps its clients get the best photos. You can follow his work on Instagram @sergiogregoriophoto

Marsh Tapaculo (Scytalopus Iraiensis) Nikon D810 500mm F/4 1/640 ISO1600

Swallow-tailed Hummingbird (Eupetomena Macroura) Nikon D810 300mm F/11 1/250 ISO400

Plush-crested Jay (Cyanocorax Chrysops) Nikon D810 600mm F/5 1/2500 ISO1250


Black-cheeked Gnateater (Conopophaga Melanops) Nikon D800 500mm F/4 1/200 ISO6400

Blue Dacnis (Dacnis Cayana) Nikon D810 600mm F/4.5 1/1000 ISO1600

Frilled Coquette (Lophornis Magnificus) Nikon D810 600mm F/7.1 1/640 ISO1000

Greater Flowerpiercer (Diglossa Major) Nikon D800 500mm F/5.6 1/1000 ISO1250

Yellow-billed Cardinal (Paroaria Capitata) Nikon D800 500mm F/5.6 1/3200 ISO1000

Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja) Nikon D810 600mm F/6.3 1/1000 ISO800

Yellow-fronted Woodpecker Female (Melanerpes Flavifrons) Nikon D810 600mm F/5.6 1/1000 ISO1600

Yellow-fronted Woodpecker Male (Melanerpes Flavifrons) Nikon D810 600mm F/5 1/1600 ISO800

Bare-throated Bellbird (Procnias Nudicollis) Nikon D800 600mm F/4 1/1000 ISO1250

Rahul Naag is one of the most sought-after photographers in Delhi, especially in the field of performing arts. A software engineer by qualification, Rahul left his well-paying engineering job in 2014 and decided to follow his first love- photography. Since then, there was no looking back. In spite of not being a professionally trained photographer, Rahul has worked for many renowned artists in Delhi and now, his work is much appreciated and sought after.

Silhouette Canon 5D Mark III 32mm F/8 1/160 ISO100


Wrath NIKON D3200 62mm F/4.2 1/200 ISO400

Mirth NIKON D3200 50mm F/2.2 1/250 ISO200

Fear NIKON D3200 50m F/3.2 1/320 ISO200

Divine Vengeance NIKON D3200 66mm F/4.2 1/250 ISO400

Deception NIKON D3200 50mm F/4 1/320 ISO200

Curious Canon 5D Mark III 50mm F/4 1/160 ISO100

A traveler, nature lover and adventurer extraordinaire from Delhi, India, Gargi Manish is by profession, controlling the brain for skilling India, but when it comes to passion, she controls her genes for “ghumakkari�. She loves to frame the vibrancy of the landscapes, the architectural grandeur of monuments and the cultural & social values of people and makes short, honest and interesting stories through her photographs.

Kpanlogo - The African Style Nikon 3300 102mm F/4.5 1/640 ISO800

RaasLeela - Bouncing around in love and devotion Nikon 3300 18mm F/3.5 1/3200 ISO100

Pung Cholom - Martialing the Dance Nikon 3300 55mm F/4 1/3200 ISO400

Chabskyan - Honoring the Royals Nikon 3300 35mm F/1.8 1/200 ISO400

Narrating the Fight between Good and Evil Nikon 3300 140mm F/5 1/160 ISO800


Movie Review Ship of Theseus

Duration: 2hr 19mins. IMDB Rating: 8.1/10 Released: 2012 Genre: Drama Directed by: Anand Gandhi

“Whether the ship would remain the same if it were entirely replaced, piece by piece. What would happen if their original planks were gathered up after they were replaced and used to build a second ship, which ship, if either, is the Ship of Theseus?” Directed by Anand Gandhi, ‘Ship of Theseus’ is an eye-opening (pun intended) and a heartbreaking movie that unfolds layer after layer from our lives. Released in 2012, the first few seconds of the movie put forth a great question to its viewers about the metaphysics of identity and the need to undergo a thought experiment, on the grounds of its very requirement and the consequences. Ship Of Theseus didn’t waste any time on character development. It starts from the middle of the characters’ lives and doesn’t tell you about their ending. But it tells you the way their

perception changes about their lives. It is divided into three parts; the first part focuses on photography, the second on the identity and life sciences and the third on the justice, meaning and death. But in essence, the whole movie is about the meaning of life or Theseus’ Paradox – a thought experiment that raises the question of whether a ship – standing for an object in general – is the same when the fundamental components of it are replaced completely, remains the same object? The actors in lead are Aida El- Kashef, portraying a photographer, Neeraj Kabi, an ailing monk on a mission of animal rights and Sohum Shah, a young stockbroker in search of the meaning of life. The direction of the movie is amazing and the best part of it is the inclusive behavior of the story. The story is not about three people, for they are normal casual people, that might walk past you every day. These desperate characters manifest philosophical dilemmas in their personal lives but their individual stories meet beyond their individual ideas of being and problems revealing a larger picture with meaning to life, beauty, existence and death. ‘It is a movie for the ages; an experience that I am sure will shape my beliefs and who I am in the times to come.’ – The Cinemaholic. This is a film that I would want to put in the league of the greatest productions of Bollywood like Pyaasa, Mother India, Saheb, Biwi aur Ghulam and Anand Gandhi provides us a movie of the decade and is certainly


going to give Indian Cinema a new definition. He is a talent to watch out for, which he has also proven with his latest release, Tumbbad. His direction skills are unmatched and with Pankaj Kumar’s cinematography, he has rocked the boat very hard. Gem of a cinema, The Ship of Theseus sails high seas. This movie is the greatest visual expression of Theseus’ Paradox and celebrates life in a brilliant plot. One of the many qualities of the movie is that it seems like you are reading three different stories but it feels like one complete poem. It is not a direct, in your face movie; the visual representation of the paradox, leaves an indelible mark on your memory and leaves you wondering. You’ll be amazed, you’ll be inspired, but most of all, you’ll be left to think; for yourself and for others. “Yet the film truly impresses, as much for its assured direction as for its ability to make you think. Ship of Theseus is perhaps too far removed from the Bollywood mainstream to make a splash at the box office. Yet, hopefully, when its young, talented crew goes on to other ships (with star casts and bigger budgets), it’ll take a bit of Theseus with them.” – Sarit Ray, Hindustan Times.

Prakhar Garg A curious mind, Prakhar Garg likes to know about everything. He has a knack for the knowledge and keeps himself updated with every field. A writer after his own heart, he also has extensive experience of theatre. Theatre, for him, is a world of its own where he gets to witness and live the lives of a myriad of characters.












Manufactured by

GINNI PHOTO PRODUCTS E-83 PREET VIHAR BACK SIDE GROUND FLOOR, PREET VIHAR DELHI-110092 (INDIA) MOBILE NO 9899851439, 9711995828, Custmer Care N0: 9899851439, 9711995828, 9868435132

Also on facebook: facebook@ginnipphotopproducts



Rakesh Kiran Pulapa is an entrepreneur and a passionate photographer based in Rajahmundry (Andhra Pradesh). Photography, for him, started as a hobby and he soon evolved into a passionate landscape, aerial and travel photographer. He loves traveling and photography encouraged him to travel more. Landscape and aerial photography connected him to nature in ways words can’t express and so, he expresses it with pictures. Earlier, he used to shoot only during golden hours with his camera, but ever since he acquired a drone, he has started shooting throughout the day and gets very interesting perspectives through it.

Where’s our Parking Spot? DJI FC220 5mm F/2.2 1/500 ISO100

Distinguished Similarities DJI FC220 5mm F/2.2 1/100 ISO100

Blanket of Waves DJI FC220 5mm F/2.2 1/160 ISO100

River Godavari on one side, Sea on the other side DJI FC220 5mm F/2.2 1/240 ISO100

Rice terraces of Mu Cang Chai DJI FC220 5mm F/2.2 1/100 ISO100

Magical backwaters of Kerala DJI FC220 5mm F/2.2 1/160 ISO200

App of the Month MIRROR LAB Category: Photo and Video Rating: 3.5/5 Platform: Android Cost: Free

Nowadays, pretty much everyone uses their smartphones to take snaps and subsequently add more vivid customization to those photos using photo editing applications. But choosing that one best editing app from plenty of such apps to refine and enhance your snaps could be a little intimidating. In this month’s issue of Chiiz magazine, we look at Mirror Lab, an amazing photo editing application in which you can freely edit and create compositions of all kinds to suit your taste and needs. It is an excellent mirroring effects application that not only allows you to mirror photos but also it features a range of distorting, fractal and mirroring effects. This app will not only meet your expectations but will also bend your photos in different styles. It is an unpaid app which can be downloaded and installed on both Android as well as IOS devices from Google Play and Apple Store respectively. Features of MIRROR LAB Mirror lab is an easy to use amazing photo editing application that will turn your snaps into a work of art, enhance them. This app

allows you to mirror photos, make kaleidoscopic images and distort faces and scenery. There are numerous filters to choose from that will transform any image into a visual document. Some of the filters that you will find in the app are given below: • • • • • • •

Kaleidoscopic and fractal effects Classic symmetries: horizontal and vertical reflections Ripples, whirls, and other distortions Triangulation, pixel sort, and half tone effects Broken glass effect, stripes, etc Tiny planet effect and other 3-D effects Shape cut-outs

Apart from modifying the symmetries and triangulations of your snaps, this application allows you to add different vibrant colours to your images. You can simply slide your fingers through the preset options to browse through all the possibilities in an instant and can adjust your image’s brightness, contrast, vignetting and many other. All the filters come along with several parameters such as intensity of effect, dampening of effect, aspect ratio, rotation angle etc to adjust, allowing for a large range of varied results. There are other tools to the right of the bottom bar such as draw, delete, redo, undo(to trace back at any time) and + button (to reapply an effect immediately) available to edit the photo. Along with this, you can also change the colours of your files and documents. There is a pro version, also available as an in-app purchase, which comes with extra features, extra parameters, higher resolutions, and lossless file saving.


What makes it different from the other applications? Mirror lab comes with a powerful amazing animation module. You can now create smooth videos with parameter interpolation between keyframes. Not only this, it allows you to make 2-D as well as 3-D effects and mirror collages for your snaps for free. Mirror Lab is one of the best apps for editing your photos but it requires a lot of processing power to edit the photographs and therefore consumes battery. Chiiz Opinion Mirror lab is one of the most userfriendly, powerfull and capable photo editing application and incorporates more than 50 filters each with multiple fine tunable options that will completely give a new and renewed image to the snaps that you take.

Urvi Bareja

Urvi grew up in New Delhi, India. She is always fascinated by literature and photography. In her spare time, she enjoys eating good food and watching web series.

The Infinity Project


Fingertips Flare Nikon D4 16mm F/4 1/800 ISO800

Tip Toe Nikon D4 16mm F/5 1/500 ISO800

Elbow Chair Nikon D4 16mm F/5 1/500 ISO640

L-Kick Nikon D4 16mm F/2.8 1/1600 ISO1250

Freeze Nikon D4 16mm F/5.6 1/400 ISO800

Elbow Track Nikon D4 16mm F/5.6 1/400 ISO800

Markus Berger is an Austria-based action, sports, and commercial photographer. From a very early stage, visual art and freestyle sports have been a big part of his life. In his photography, he tries to creatively catch the essence of things. His freestyle sports background helps him to work easily with any sport and find out any hidden perspectives to it. He has formerly led dozens of workshops around the world for Red Bull photographers. He is now working internationally for commercial clients and magazines and is a proud ambassador for Broncolor and Cooph.

About Infinity Project: The Infinity Project discovers the endless moves of the ‘BC One All Stars’ as they’re trapped in a tiny cube built out of mirrors, which extends the space and their movements to infinity. Performing on a stage is always a thrill, but when that stage is a mirror-lined glass box that generates infinite repeating patterns, the experience feels even more special. It’s a good thing then that Red Bull Photographer, Markus Berger, was ready to document the event. Jackhammer NIKON D4 70mm F/3.2 1/640 ISO1600

Old is Gold Nuit de Noel

Before we delve into the story behind this terrific shot we must first get acquainted with the man behind the camera. Malick Sidibe was a photographer from the city of Bamako of Mali. Mali is a landlocked country in West Africa but that does not mean that Sidibe’s intellect was locked just like the country he belonged to. He was one of the most brilliant photographers of the 1960s and gained international fame by his distinctive work. He completely changed the existing perception that people had about black people being in black and white photos. Through these monochrome images, he “captured the dynamism and joy of a rapidly changing West Africa”. He was more popularly called the “eye of Bamako” because he encapsulated the life of the times. The people wearing what they want to- as strangely dressed as possible, girls and boys holding hands and dancing, throwing off their shoes. He portrayed to us that flouting rules is not always a bad thing and neither is following

the existing conventions always a good one. Through his pictures he wanted to tell us that there can exist a world where there is no bondage and people can live freely. He had the “talent to observe” which can be seen clearly in his pictures which are so very graphic and so very lively that it seems you are not looking at a photograph but witnessing those people standing in front of you. This image titled “Nuit de Noel” (Happy Club) was taken in 1963 post the French colonial rule in Africa. Looking at this picture, one can’t help but quote Byron “On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined; No sleep till morn when Youth and Pleasure meet, to chase the glowing hours with their flying feet.” In a very simplistic sense, we see in this photo a very well-dressed man and woman dancing to some happy tune under the night sky. We see some beer bottles, empty or full, we have no idea. They are dancing on the concrete floor where the man is wearing shoes and the woman is barefoot probably because she was wearing heels and could not have danced properly in them. But granting this image such a one-dimensional description wouldn’t be fair on our part and would also be a kind of an injustice to Sidibe himself. This image was taken during the hours when a state curfew was in force. Now let us glance over the various possibilities that this image can suggest. First of all, this image brings forth the idea of liberation. As stated earlier, this image was taken after


Africa became free from the clutches of the French colonial rule. People felt free. They knew and understood that they could do anything without being answerable to any authority figure. What can be noted next is the intimacy that exists in this picture and one can observe love and intimacy that could not be explicitly shown before. But now they could indulge in displays of affection entirely and hold the hands of their beloveds. The next thing that is thematised through this picture is dance and the happiness that dance brought to the youth. Dance is considered an art form to let out your emotions, your inhibitions, your apprehensions and whatever one has been bottling up inside. It can even be regarded as a more refined form of catharsis. You express through dance and that is exactly what this couple is doing in this picture. Sidibe has told a story of autonomy, of love and of free expression by this picture. He leaves it to us to draw our own conclusions and learn from this picture what we lack in our lives. Because we will comprehend that which we miss.

Saman Waheed

Saman Waheed, like all writers, loves writing about each and everything under the sun. An indoor person , she loves to sit back and just travel to another world, lost in her thoughts. She loves the company of books as they take her to places she has never been. She loves to cook and makes good desserts.

A Spiritual Catharsis It’s rather unusual to find a young man from a Christian background drawn to a dance form originally practiced by women in temples – Bharatanatyam. It’s even more unusual to find that he received his training from a Catholic priest Dr. Francis Barboza, endeavoring to marry the “hastha” language with Christian theology. But unusual is not the apt word to describe Raul’s dance. For that, we must use words like verve and vivacity, evocative and enthralling. Raul has matured from a novice at the age of 12 to be one of the most outstanding male performers in the last three decades. His extensive tours to Europe, U.S, Australia, New Zealand, and the Far East have made him a seasoned performer. “For me, dance is a prayer, when I dance I like to share this experience with my audience,” says Raul. Picture by Sunil Sawant Raul D’Souza as Krishna

Picture by Sunil Sawant Hema Malini as Radha


Picture by Sunil Sawant Duet

Alexis García Sánchez, who goes by the pseudonym Alesso, is a 29-year-old Argentine photographer. She studied at the National School of Photography in the city of Buenos Aires where she currently resides. Alexis is a lover of the movements of the human body. For her, it is life. It is her passion. She loves the idea of immortalizing ​​ that unique moment for the dancers that takes a long time of training and commitment. Apart from capturing groovy dance moves, she works as a photographer for the Forbes magazine in Argentina. “Photography takes me to fantastic worlds, to emotions that do not always have to do with my personal life, to thoughts and feelings that make me think that life is a gift that should not be wasted.” -Alexis García Sánchez

Force NIKON D5300 31mm F/4.2 1/200 ISO640


Turned NIKON D5300 24mm F/3.8 1/1250 ISO400

Fly NIKON D5300 35mm F/2.8 1/320 ISO400

Lines NIKON D5300 62mm F/4.2 1/400 ISO100

Feel NIKON D5300 35mm F/2.8 1/1000 ISO100

Stylist: Irene Darko Makeup: Elizabeth Hsieh Hair: Ryutaro Surreal Forms Canon 5D 85mm F/10 1/125 ISO100

Stylist: Irene Darko Makeup: Elizabeth Hsieh Hair: Ryutaro Angels of Fury Canon 5D 85mm F/10 1/125 ISO100


Fashion Designer Arjan Baagh Allure Canon 5D Mark II 50mm F/10 1/160 ISO100

Fashion Designer Arjan Baagh Mystery Canon 5D Mark II 50mm F/10 1/160 ISO100

Stylist: Irene Darko Makeup: Elizabeth Hsieh Hair: Ryutaro Veiled Beauty Canon 5D 85mm F/10 1/125 ISO100

Stylist: Irene Darko Makeup: Elizabeth Hsieh Hair: Ryutaro Winged Canon 5D 85mm F/10 1/125 ISO100

Stylist: Irene Darko Makeup: Elizabeth Hsieh Hair: Ryutaro Spellbound Canon 5D 85mm F/10 1/125 ISO100

Stylist: Irene Darko Makeup: Elizabeth Hsieh Hair: Ryutaro Dark Illusions Canon 5D 85mm F/10 1/125 ISO100

Jan Masny started his photographic practice in the photographic studio of Bogdan Axman. He very quickly became independent and moved to London in 2004. His main focus is a creative approach to every assignment in fashion and advertising, whether in the studio or outdoor. His photographs are minimal with the aim to specifically emphasize their content. He is fascinated by polarities and contrasts of meaning and his ability to extract often unexpected aspects from his subjects gives a freshness and depth to his work.

Andi Abdul Halil was born in Sungai Guntung, and is currently working as a Captain on Vessel based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. He started photography eight years ago in 2010 and has a keen interest in capturing macro and portraits. Andi’s macro photography has won him several international awards from Turkey, China, Spanish, UAE, Argentina and more. You can follow his work on Instagram @andiahalil

The White Dragon Canon 6D 100mm F/22 1/80 ISO200

Art of Tail Canon 6D 100mm F/20 1/125 ISO100


Blue Moon Canon 6D 100mm F/20 1/125 ISO160

Spider and its Prey Canon 6D 100mm F/16 1/100 ISO250

Angry Fish Canon 6D 100mm F/22 1/125 ISO320

Wisdom of Colors Canon 6D 100mm F/20 1/100 ISO200


Bharatanatyam Nikon D750 Nikon AF-S 85mm F/1.8 1/3200 ISO200

The Happiness Jump Nikon D750 Nikon AF-S 85mm F/1.8 1/500 ISO100

Ballet on BEL Road Nikon D750 Nikon AF-S 85mm F/1.8 1/160 ISO200

Bharatanatyam Nikon D750 Nikon AF-S 85mm F/1.8 1/320 ISO200

Mohiniyattam Nikon D750 Nikon AF-S 85mm F/1.8 1/160 ISO200

Bharatanatyam Nikon D750 Nikon AF-S 85mm F/1.8 1/600 ISO100

Vikas Badiger, an MBA graduate, started out as a cricket photographer but soon got into wildlife, travel and other genres of photography. ‘The dancers on the streets of Bengaluru’ was a project he wanted to do for quite some time. The normal street photography was something he used to do every time he went out on a photo meet and wanted to bring the art of dance and art of street portraiture together and do this. He is now into arts and humanities.

Kathak on Streets Nikon D750 85mm F/1.8 1/320 ISO100

KATHPUTLI Kathputli is a union of two Rajasthani words; ‘kath’ meaning wood and ‘putli’ meaning a doll which has no life. “Kathputli“ is the traditional Rajasthani puppetry were puppets made of wood and cotton cloth are controlled by strings. It is believed to be originated thousands of years ago when the Bhat Society started performing it and has now become an integral part of the Rajasthani culture. Traditionally, Kathputli is based on folk tales and stories conveying ancient tribal lifestyles. Even now, it is well preserved and one can easily get its glimpse in the streets of Rajasthan and is considered as the most expressive of all theatrical forms.

Vijay Chemmandaparambil, 26, works as a Business Analyst and is also a passionate photographer. He started travelling a couple of years ago and loves to capture the beautiful moments which he believes he might never come across again in his life. His preferred genres in photography are portraits and travel images.

ANARKALI Sony SLT-A58 50mm F/1.8 1/500 ISO200


Santhosh Bankapur realized his interest in defining his own style of fashion while pursuing Commerce for his graduation. In this journey of interior design and fashion design and of transforming his passion into a profession, he got into traveling. He enjoyed exploring art and culture of the various regions and started capturing it which in turn led him to the world of photography. Today, he is as passionate about photography as he is about fashion and design and considers it a source of joy and pleasure.

Symmetrical Singing Nikon D700 52mm F/4 1/320 ISO1000

Krishna-Effulgent One Nikon D90 50mm F/5 1/30 ISO400


Human Roots Nikon D90 52mm F/2.8 1/80 ISO800

Drawing Energies Nikon D7100 85mm F/2.8 1/320 ISO800

Meditative Offering Nikon D90 24mm F/4 1/250 ISO320

Harmony in Motion Nikon D700 40mm F/2.8 1/400 ISO800

Founded by Monisha Ajgaonkar in 2013, The Photo Diary is a wedding, event, concert, and fashion photography and videography company based out of Mumbai that promises to capture the essence of any event or function in the most creative manner to suit everyone’s distinct tastes and wishes. An accidental photographer and the covetous 93.5 bravery award 2013 recipient, Monisha brings more than 9 years of experience in tow with her at the company. Monisha started her journey off as a concert photographer at a time when a female gig photographers were considered a novelty and went on to join Rolling Stones subsequently after Blue Frog. Today, not only does she have several high profile shoots and award functions to her credit, but also an exclusive personal photo exhibition at a mega Rolling Stones Award function.


Hand in Hand Canon 5D Mark III 24mm F/1.4 1/160 ISO2000

Dance away the Night Canon 5D Mark III 16mm F/2.8 1/200 ISO1600

Sweep me off my feet Canon 5D Mark III 16mm F/2.8 1/160 ISO1600

Efflorescence Canon 5D Mark III 16mm F/2.8 1/1000 ISO100

Bedazzle Canon 5D Mark III 43mm F/5.6 1/6 ISO640


Granted Happiness Canon 5D Mark III 50mm F/1.4 1/800 ISO100

Vijay Richhiya Indore, India



To get published, upload your photos on Malwa Utsav Nikon D7100 200MM F/5.6 1/320 ISO1000

Avismita Bhattacharyya Kolkata, India

Shreenivas Yenni Karnataka, India

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching Nikon D750 24mm F/2.8 1/160 ISO2000

Dimple Pancholi Gujarat, India

Kathakali Artist Nikon D750 50mm F/1.8 1/50 ISO100

Russ Tierney Marine Drive, UK

Rajesh Dhar Kolkata, India

Bihu Dance NIKON D90 45mm F/6.3 1/200 ISO3200

Joy Canon 400D 33mm F/5.6 1/60 ISO400

Omid Zarei Kurdistan, Iran

Pole Fitness Canon 5D Mark III 32mm F/7.1 1/200 ISO200

Sense Canon 60D 28mm F/4 1/80 ISO4000

Amit Datta Kolkata, India

Uday Bhattacharya Kolkata, India

Taiyab Jamal Kolkata, India

Emotional Moment Canon 7D 80mm F/5 1/60 ISO3200

Jwala kotesh Nellore, India

Street Dance on Krishnashtami Canon 7D Mark II 200mm F/2.8 1/400 ISO6400

Ty O’Neil Fallon, USA

Numaga pow wow 2018 spotlight dance Canon 7D Mark II 200mm F/2.8 1/400 ISO6400

The Expression Nikon D200 46mm F/16 1/100 ISO100

The Art of Dance Nikon D5300 120mm F/4 1/400 ISO600

Gyan Prakash Shukla Lucknow, India

Adir Cohen Edinburgh, Australia

Amalan Biswas Kolkata, India

Two Faces Nikon D3200 55mm F/13 1/2 ISO800

Tango Nikon D90 78mm F/5.6 1/125 ISO500

Chhau Dance of Purulia Nikon D90 50mm F/4 1/320 ISO800

Devang Shrimali Gwalior, India

Ajay Banjara Rajasthan, India

Manish Jaisi Delhi, India

Colors of India Nikon D5200 31mm F/4.2 1/100 ISO400

Rajasthani Dance at Jodhpur Nikon D750 120mm F/4 1/200 ISO800

Shades of Passion Canon 600D 18mm 1/30 F/20 ISO200

Sachin Polassery Kathak Dancer Portlaoise, Ireland Canon 5D Mark III 103mm F/6.3 1/400 ISO3200

Dr. Amit Bijon Dutta Nagpur, India

Sarthak Patnaik Jamshedpur, India

Ardhnarishwar Nikon D750 26mm F/5 1/200 ISO125

Mohiniyattam dancer Canon 6D Mark I 85mm F/2.2 1/1250 ISO50

Niladri Mandal Kolkata, India

The worship Nikon D7100 210mm F/6.3 1/320 ISO400

Shishir Kar Odisha, India

Kathakali Make-Up Canon 5D Mark III 70mm F/2.8 1/125 ISO1600

Ananya Dutta Kolkata, India

Santhali folk dancers Nikon D810 38mm F/8 1/1000 ISO400

Ritesh Ghosh Kolkata, India

Dance to Express Fujifilm X-T1 16mm F/6.4 1/2000 ISO4000

Suvajit Mukherjee Kolkata, India

Indo-Chinese Cultural Festival Canon 700D 34mm F/5.6 1/400 ISO800

Avishek Das Kolkata, India

Mood of Immersion Nikon D750 24mm F/2.8 1/160 ISO640

Bhaskar Nandi Kolkata, India

Odissi by Narteswar Cultural Centre Nikon D7000 50mm F/1.8 1/320 ISO500

Chinmoy Boswas Kolkata, India

Tribal Dance Nikon D3100 22mm F/5.6 1/80 ISO800

Pinkesh Bhati Rajasthan, India

Kalbelia Dancers Canon 1200D 74mm F/6.3 1/30 ISO1600

Apurba Kumar Das Kolkata, India

Bihu Dance Nikon D4 S 24mm F/11 1/1000 ISO1100

Kayihan Hasirci Istanbul, Turkey

Summer Night Dream Canon 6D 70mm F/3.2 1/400 ISO1000

Bahni Ghosh Kolkata, India

Santhali Dance in Basanta Utsav Nikon D7000 35mm F/7.1 1/125 ISO100

Padmanaban R Bangalore, India

Colorful Innovatory Performance Pentax K-3 70mm F/4 1/125 ISO640

Sourav Pal Kolkata, India

Chhau Dance Nikon D3100 18mm F/7.1 1/200 ISO400

Bithal Biswal Odisha, India

Yuvraj Gurjar Thane, India

Abhishek Bissa Jodhpur, India

Illusion Of Art Canon 1300D 163mm F/16 1/10 ISO100

Parna Chowdhury Kolkata, India

In perfect order Nikon D7200 70mm F/5.6 1/640 ISO1250

Nisha Menon Mumbai, India

‘Katha’ is a story and ‘Kali’ is play Nikon D500 80mm F/4 1/25 ISO250

Dancers in slow motion Fujifilm XT-2 50mm F/20 1/2 ISO2500

The Majestic Mehrangarh Nikon D3400 18mm F/4 1 /1.8 ISO200

Rathin Dey Kolkata, India

Jhumur Dance Nikon D7000 18mm F/8 1/125 ISO200

Biswajit Patra Kolkata, India

Rangali Bihu Nikon D750 24mm F/11 1/500 ISO400

Subhajit Sen Kolkata, India

The Mystic Soul Nikon D7000 16mm F/4 1/250 ISO500

Dibyendu Dutta Kolkata, India

Tiger on the Street Sony RX100 IV 8.8mm F/9 1/125 ISO125

Sourav Pal Kolkata, India

Anupam Guha Kolkata, India

Santhal Dance Nikon D750 24mm F/8 1/80 ISO100

Udaysankar Dance Festival Nikon D7000 62mm F/7.1 1/250 ISO2540

Natesh Rao Pune, India

Soumya Dev Chandra Kolkata, India

Mughal Gharana Nikon D3300 300mm F/6 1/800 ISO800

Sampa Guha Majumdar Gujarat, India

Pramil Dwivedi Allahabad, India

Serendipity Canon 700D 50mm F/2.8 1/320 ISO200

Sarforan Bin Bashar Jharkhand, India

Capoeira dancers Canon 5D Mark III 58mm F/5.6 1/320 ISO320

Garba Dance Nikon D810 28mm F/2.8 1/320 ISO3200

Balance Canon Rebel T6 280mm F/5.6 1/200 ISO3200

Antaragini Photography Contest 2018 IIT Kanpur

Krishna Dey Delhi, India

The Homeless Canon 700D 116mm F/5 1/200 ISO400

Window story Ashraful Islam Shimul Canon 750D 100mm F/6.3 1/80 ISO400 Chittagong, Bangladesh

Chinmoy Biswas Kolkata, India

Prateek Kashyap Delhi, India

Nilanjan Pathak Kolkata, India

Let’s Play Nikon D60 18mm F/3.5 1/30 ISO800

Rajesh Dhar Kolkata, India

Hands of Fortune Canon 7D 14mm F/5 1/20 ISO100

Power of the Supreme Canon 60D 145mm F/5.6 1/200 ISO200

Fight for Mating Manojit Mallick Nikon D3300 122mm F/20 1/100 ISO200 Kolkata, India

Ring Master Nikon D7200 18mm F/9 1/1250 ISO400

Arunkumar Varadharajan Tiruchengode, India

Urshita Saini Delhi, India

Edges of Color Canon 60D 113mm F/5.6 1/60 ISO100

Childhood Days Canon 5D Mark III 50mm F/4 1/2000 ISO160

In-Street is a collective of passionate street and documentary photographers, mainly based out of India, sharing a common passion – “walking the streets, seeing the seemingly common life around us in different, unusual and original ways and representing the same through our own visual language”. It is committed to promote the works of the In-Street members and the overall street photography in India and beyond. In-Street also encourages other photographers to participate in different street photography programs, which will be showcased on In-Street website. Finally, it is a platform for collective learning and growing together as photographers. The In-Street Collective members are Manish Khattry (Varanasi), Saumalya Ghosh (Kolkata), Raj Sarkar (Kolkata), Sankar Ghose (Kolkata), Swarat Ghosh (Hyderabad), Zahir Abbas (Gurgaon), Jayati Saha (Kolkata) and Sreeranj Sreedhar (Dubai).

Contest Theme: FUN IN STREETS Contest Month: OCTOBER, 2018

For the Winning Photograph Love the moment which is decisive and the emotions (fun, happiness, surprise), colors, gestures and the body language of each and every character which acts as an important factor for this photograph to make it to the 1st Place. ~ In-street Collective

Nikon D5100 18mm F/4.5 1/160 ISO100


Ayanava Sil Kolkata, India

1st Runner Up Sunit Biswas Kolkata, India

Nikon D3300 18mm F/3.5 1/640 ISO100

2nd Runner Up Nilesh Mazumdar Mumbai, India

Fujifilm XT1 23mm F/5.6 1/500 ISO800


Noodle Burger Nikon D800 105mm F/11 1/200 ISO100

Water Tails Nikon D800 105mm F/11 1/200 ISO100

Cup-Steps Nikon D800 24mm F/16 1/200 ISO100

Oily Pattern Nikon D800 50mm F/8 1/200 ISO100

Having graduated from the School of Photography, Pune, Manas & Parth formed ‘Enlarge’. With a deep-rooted passion for photography and the aim to create images that are technically sound and creatively appealing. Enlarge strives to bring their best to every project they undertake. Moreover, with their ability to cater to different photography genres, Enlarge prides itself in being a multi-faceted powerhouse.

Delicious Layers Nikon D800 105mm F/8 1/200 ISO100

The Kitchen Puzzle Nikon D800 85mm F/16 1/200 ISO100

Not Yourself Canon 5D Mark III 85mm F/2.2 1/640 ISO200

Twins Canon 5D Mark III 50mm F/2 1/250 ISO100

Dream Canon 5D Mark III 35mm F/2 1/3200 ISO100


Stuck Canon 5D Mark III 85mm F/4.5 1/250 ISO200

Jovana Rikalo is a professional fine art and portrait photographer based in Serbia. She loves to capture emotions and feelings in breathtaking scenery. She uses photo manipulation in creating fine art/conceptual photography to show surreal scenery. She conveys everything that happens to her or others through photography. Jovana has exhibited two times in Paris during her Paris photo days via ImageNation. She has also exhibited once in Krakow, Poland during the Krakow Fashion Week. Her work is also published in plenty of book covers through Trevillion images. A dreamer, she is creating something unrealistic in this realistic world and telling stories.

Human Butterfly Canon 5D Mark III 35mm F/4.5 1/400 ISO320

Sunrays Canon 5D Mark III 35mm F/6.3 1/320 ISO1000

Guardian Canon 600D 50mm F/1.8 1/1250 ISO100

Girl Petal Canon 5D Mark III 35mm F/5.6 1/200 ISO250

Model of the Month

Farrah Kader

Farrah Kader is an actor, model and a nude artist who has many projects to her name. Farrah’s debut Hindi feature ‘Project Marathwada’ was released in 2016. Having done her acting course from Livewires, Mumbai, she has done cameos for movies like Mary Kom, Munna Michael and Singham. She has also been a part of the web shows like ‘Arre ho ja Re-gender’ and ‘Arrè’. Her latest venture- a Hindi Feature named ‘Down Town’ has been released on Amazon Prime US & UK on September 2018. You can follow her on her Instagram account @farrahkader Profession: Actor/ Nude Artist/ Model/ Influencer Vitals: 35-26-35 Ht: 5.4’ Location: Mumbai


Ashoke Kumar Ghosh Kolkata, India

Life in Mask Nikon-D750 50mm F/11 1/160 ISO400


Fine Art Photography takes place when a photograph goes beyond the literal representation of the subject. This photography technique deeply involves the feelings and creativity of the capturer. The City of Joy witnessed the fourth phase of Muses - the fine art photography workshop where 94 FEATURES

for the first time, the workshop was conducted SANS Nude art and explored with the theme of Article 377 in its best form. Guided by mentor Jeet Mukerji, Muses is a one stop destination for all the photographers who wants to explore the magical world of Fine Art Photography. The one day workshop was attended by 17 participants from Kolkata and Nepal, crossing the geographical boundaries and it enriched the participants with ultimate knowledge of fine art photography and they were left in a trance. Always exploring new areas and dimensions of fine art photography, Muses once again sailed across a new

horizon in Kolkata. This genre of photography manifests the photographer’s vision and demonstrate his\her emotions, personal impression and unique interpretation of the subject. Creating an enigma and exciting aura around the subject, the correct amount of lighting played an influential role in the result of the picture that has gotten captured. Jeet Mukerji guided the participants on how to use the subject and capture the untold beauty in an unfortified state. He explained that a single subject can hold many different meaning to different people. The significance of choosing the models, props, timing and lighting were given by Jeet in such an uncomplicated way,

that the participants left all their anxiety, worries and were left capturing the beauty and magic of fine art photography. Under the supervision of Jeet Mukerji, the participants got a chance to independently click pictures of the models and later on an editing session also took place. Apart from capturing the beauty of fine art photography, the participants also captured and delivered the message of accepting the concept of homosexuality. Muses gave the message of welcoming people from every sex preference and accepting them with their true identity. Shot at the A.P Studio, Kolkata, the models’ Sara M Nath and Sumona Roy’s beauty was enhanced by the make-up artist Kishore Rai. Through this workshop, all the participants got to know about the various layers that lies behind capturing a frozen second of enchanting beauty and was an overall success.

Tridib Pal Kolkata, India

You Share an Eternal Connection SONY ILCE 7M3 50mm F/14 1/80 ISO-640

Sajal Roy Kolkata, India

Unveiling the Mask Canon 80D 50mm F/14 1/160 ISO400

Shivantee Bhattacharya

A true bibliophile by heart, Shivantee tries to reach the world through literature and metaphors. When not found with a book, she is usually scribbling down her thoughts on a piece of paper.

Sudipta Chatterjee Kolkata, India

Sitting in Oblivion Nikon D7200 32mm F/11 1/250 ISO400

Rupa Banerjee Kolkata, India

Jeet Murkeji Kolkata, India

Not Behind The Mask Nikon D750 65mm F/18 1/200 ISO400

Prasun Chowdhuri Kolkata, India

Perspective Nikon D4 50mm F/14 1/200 ISO200

Fraudulent Society Nikon D850 45mm F/16 1/200 ISO400

Moumita Das Kolkata, India

Tridib Pal Kolkata, India

Wings Nikon D90 42mm F/14 1/100 ISO400

Prasun Chowdhuri Kolkata, India

Looking for Inner Soul Nikon D4 50mm F/11 1/100 ISO400

You are One Soul SONY ILCE 7M3 50mm F/14 1/125 ISO-400

Jeet Murkeji Kolkata, India

Shackle Broken Nikon D850 66mm F/16 1/200 ISO200

Chiiz Volume 20 : Dance Photography