CTJC Newsletter: July, 2018

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RESILIENCE FOR JUSTICE AND HEALING: A SUMMER PHOTO VOICE WORKSHOP BY LA TANYA JENIFOR SUBLETT As a survivor of police violence, resilience, justice, and healing are words that have been very important in every aspect my life. It isn‘t always an easy process to get over or to get through the trauma that violence causes. However, we do just that, we get through it, we survive. But If we really think about it, we do more than survive. We bounce back, we keep it moving, trying not to miss a step. What is it that causes that, and what do we call it. Some call it hope. We hope that things will get better so we keep moving day by day. I call it RESILIENCE! It's that fire inside that tells us, "dont give up." It's the beauty, the joy that we experience when we hear a baby laughing, a butterfly cross our path or a perfect rainbow. We just know that we are going to make. That's why I am so excited to be a part of Chicago Torture Justice Center's Resilience for Justice & Healing Summer Photo Voice Project. This project will give participants the opportunity to focus on the joy, strength, and beauty in our lives and neighborhoods instead of the trauma. No matter what is going on in life we need to always be reminded of the good and embrace that strength and RESILIENCE that keeps us moving. Take just a few minutes today and remind yourself that you have more than survived, you've remained steadfast and resilient. Mark your calendar for August 25th when all powerful images collected by participants of the Photo Voice Project will be exhibited and celebrated at the Experimental Station in Hyde Park.

VOICES FROM THE INSIDE By: C.R. Santos If you have words, stories and arts you want to share from behind the prison walls, please write to us at: Chicago Torture Justice Center, 641 W. 63rd St. Chicago, IL 60621.

"A tree is a symbol of strength, endurance, and it shows a cycle oftime. A little like us - the imprisoned."

INTRODUCING NEW RESOURCE: The Chicago Torture Justice Center’s Illustrated Guide to Surviving Police Violence: How to Stay Connected, Get Support, and Keep it Real When Dealing with the Cops As most communities of color are highly (and unjustly) policed, people who have experienced police violence either directly or indirectly cannot often avoid any interaction with police officers. This tool helps individuals learn skills and tactics to stay connected to themselves and others when interacting with the police. Hard copies are available at the Center, and the guide can also be downloaded from our website, www.chicagotorturejustice.org. A huge thanks to Peregrine, the artist and healer who helped design and develop this amazing guide!

UPCOMING EVENTS Monday, July 2nd Police Violence Support Group 1pm to 2:30pm at CTJC (open to anyone impacted by police violence) Wednesday, July 4th CTJC OFFICES CLOSED Monday, July 9th Police Violence Support Group 1pm to 2:30pm at CTJC (open to anyone impacted by police violence) Monday, July 9th Expungement Resource Fair - By Johnny Outlaw, Paralegal and Legal Researcher 1pm to 3pm at CTJC Saturday, July 13th RISE Community Meeting 10am to 12:00pm at CTJC (open to anyone impacted by police violence) Monday, July 16th Police Violence Support Group 1pm to 2:30pm at CTJC (open to anyone impacted by police violence) Monday, July 23rd Police Violence Support Group 1pm to 2:30pm at CTJC (open to anyone impacted by police violence) Monday, July 30th Police Violence Support Group 1pm to 2:30pm at CTJC (open to anyone impacted by police violence)

Celebrating the Release of Police Torture Survivor, Jackie Wilson! Survivors, family members, and staff of the Chicago Torture Justice Center celebrated this weekend upon learning that Jackie Wilson, police torture survivor, was granted a recognizance bond on Friday and is home after over three decades of incarceration. As we celebrate Jackie’s return, survivors and family members from the Chicago Torture Justice Center want to make sure we don’t forget the countless other police torture survivors who remain incarcerated and waiting for their taste of justice. “It has been a long time coming and we finally we see some light for our brothers and sisters who remain locked up. No one should be left in prison after having confessions beaten and tortured out of them by police officers,” says Anthony Holmes, a police torture survivor and member of the Chicago Torture Justice Center’s Board of Directors. Members of the Chicago Torture Justice Center’s community group, RISE, have been advocating for an end to the long delays in processing cases for individuals who survived police torture, yet remain incarcerated. “The judge’s decision to grant Jackie Wilson a bond gives other family members hope that we may one day be reunited with our loved ones,” said Taliah Carter, wife of juvenile police torture survivor, Carl Williams, who’s been incarcerated for 24 years and is still waiting for his case to wind its way through the painfully slow criminal justice system ... Visit www.chicagotorturejustice.org for the rest of CTJC's official press release.

WELCOME NEW SUMMER STAFF We are so excited to welcome police torture survivors Mark Clements and La Tanya Jenifor Sublett to the CTJC team for the summer! Mark and La Tanya will be helping to manage the Resilience for Justice and Healing Photo Voice Project the Center is coordinating this summer. They started with the Center in early June and will work with us through the end of August. Please join us in welcoming La Tanya and Mark! We are beyond lucky to have them, and it would not be possible without the support of the Chicago Community Trust’s Chicago Fund for Safe and Peaceful Communities.

HELP SUSTAIN OUR WORK! Interested in supporting the Center or having a survivor, family member, or staff come speak in your community? Our website has been updated to include a donation button and a speaker request form. www.chicagotorturejustice.org