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Annual Report

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We cultivate the power of plants 1

to sustain and enrich life. 2

A Message from the Chairman of the Board


As the Chicago Botanic Garden approaches the final stages of our “Keep Growing” capital and endowment campaign, we pause to review the progress we’ve made together:

new scenic vistas. The restoration work paid off in July, following

• In 2017, we finished major construction projects on the Kris

capital and endowment campaign goal to date, including

Jarantoski Campus, including phase one of our new greenhouses,

major gifts received in early 2018. There remain many wonderful

the first since the Garden opened in 1972. When the greenhouse project is complete later in 2018, the state-of-the-art plant production facilities will be triple the size of our current space, thereby enabling the Garden to expand its horticultural presentations with new and varied offerings. • We opened the Regenstein Learning Campus in 2016 as a place for people of all ages and abilities to explore the natural world and participate in a wide array of learning programs that improve both skills and quality of life.


record flooding. Native shoreline plants were underwater for up to nine days without lasting impact. We have raised $112 million of our $125 million “Keep Growing”

naming opportunities throughout the Garden to recognize gifts to the Garden, and we need now to grow our endowment to sustain our future. Endowment income provides critical annual support, mitigates funding risks in the future, and ensures that the Garden will be enjoyed by generations to come. And it enables the Garden to cope with unexpected financial needs, such as the recent project to protect the Garden’s irrigation and cooling systems from zebra mussels (about $900,000).

• In 2014, we completed a beautiful addition to the North Branch

The Garden’s operating revenue remains strong, and net income

Trail and renovated the Garden View Café.

is entirely reinvested in Garden operations. We enjoyed record

• We completed the North Lake Shoreline Restoration Project in

levels in membership revenue ($4.7 million), the Annual Fund

2012 to stabilize the shoreline, enhance wildlife habitat, and create

($4 million), and corporate sponsorship ($1.7 million).

The Summer Dinner Dance, our most successful fundraising

Thank you for your commitment and loyalty to this wonderful

event ever, yielded more than $900,000.

institution. Without you, we would not be able to deliver on our

Now we must build on this position of strength in the face of fiscal challenges ahead. Local and federal government funding represents 40 percent of the Garden’s total revenue. We are exploring both revenue growth and cost efficiencies to minimize the impact of expected governmental funding cutbacks and to meet the

promise as a place of beauty, healing, plant science and conservation, and learning for the diverse audiences of Cook County and beyond. Finally, I am deeply grateful to our boards, staff, volunteers, members, donors, and partners who are second to none. With warm wishes,

demands of the Garden’s aging infrastructure. We shall continue to be one of the finest public gardens anywhere and a world leader in plant conservation science because we are on solid financial footing and will do what it takes to remain so. Our Garden enjoys extraordinary and sustained success

Ro b e r t F. F in ke Chairman of the Board

because of your continuing support and the skills and tireless efforts of the finest staff we could hope to have. Led by Jean M. Franczyk, president and CEO, and Fred Spicer, executive vice president and director of the Garden, the Garden staff works as a coordinated team every day to bring the best the Garden has to offer to all of its varied constituencies.

The Dwarf Conifer Garden is a year-round destination with its fragrant evergreens, eye-catching shapes, and contrasting textures.


On a warm, cloudy morning last August, the parking lots filled up early at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Thousands of people streamed through the main gates on bicycle or on foot. Some pushed strollers or wheelchairs while others lugged sun umbrellas, lawn chairs, and beach towels.

enrich life. As climate change takes hold and green space

They filled every corner of the Garden to participate in an event

beautiful gardens and natural spaces like ours continue to thrive

that highlighted our ability to bring people together to celebrate

for today’s visitors and future generations. And through Windy

science and horticulture. What drew those crowds was an ex-

City Harvest our urban farmers help build healthier communities

traordinary double event—a partial solar eclipse and a huge

by growing more than 130,000 pounds of vegetables and fruit

corpse flower in full, pungent bloom. That double feature under-

each year on 13 local farms.

scored the importance of what you help us do every day at the Garden: connect people to the natural world.


shrinks, our work is more vital than ever. An increasing number of people are turning to the Garden for mental and physical well-being. In 2017, the Garden set an attendance record, with 1.1 million visitors. Our scientists and horticulturists work around the city, county, and world to ensure that

We are so grateful for your energy, heart, and counsel at this critical juncture in the Garden’s history, as we approach our 50th

Along with our steadfast partner, the Forest Preserves of Cook

anniversary in 2022. In 2017, we began the vital work of creating

County, your support allows the Garden to fulfill the promise of

our next strategic plan, which lays out our vision for the

our mission: We cultivate the power of plants to sustain and

future. That includes our commitment to plant-based learning

A Message from the President and CEO


experiences that change how people perceive and care for the

television program CBS This Morning, the Navy veteran noted

environment. Staff members at every level throughout the

that he saw dozens of friends die in deployments overseas.

Garden have been participating in round-table conversations

“I relive those incidents in my head every day,” he said. “So the

and on dedicated teams to more deeply understand our Garden

Garden puts that at peace when I walk through the front door. It

and the competitive landscape. These conversations are natural

takes away the darkness and brings some lightness.”

extensions of the ones we have daily on how to evolve, innovate, and lead in changing times. The coming year will bring new challenges, as the Garden prepares for reductions in government funding, but we believe the new framework for

Your generosity and engagement are making a difference in people’s lives. With gratitude and best wishes,

decision-making will yield a stronger, more focused organization. Thank you for believing with us that people live better, healthier lives when they can create, care for, and enjoy gardens and green space. Your commitment to this belief helps people like

J e a n M . F r a n c z yk

Steve Joseph, who worked at the Garden last summer as part

President and CEO

of the Veteran Internship Program, funded by grants from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Robert R. McCormick Foundation. In a story that aired on the national

Pale purple coneflower (Echinacea pallida) and other native plants flourish in the 15-acre Dixon Prairie.


People come to the Chicago Botanic Garden to connect with the natural world and each other.

“Love the many events hosted and concerts! It’s worth becoming a member and seeing this place change throughout the seasons. Simply beautiful!” TIM ZEE, SEPTEMBER 21, 2017


“The Chicago Botanic Garden is my personal slice of heaven on earth. I strolled my tiny babies on those garden paths time and time again… I know the paths like the back of my hand. I wish they did too.”

“Every night, I go to bed hoping that I’ll wake up in the Chicago Botanic Garden. So far, no dice.” AIDAN SKYE, AUGUST 4, 2017

“Science Unites America! Watching the Solar Eclipse at Chicago Botanic Garden. Thousands of people turned up at the garden. Wow!” BETH PETERSON, AUGUST 21, 2017


Because of your support, the Chicago Botanic Garden is able to offer the programs that change lives, the gardens that bring comfort, the activities that promote learning, and the events that inspire people to care for our green and growing world. Thank you to our visitors, our loyal donors, and to our partner, the Forest Preserves of Cook County. We hope you enjoy reading about just some of the ways the Garden made a difference in 2017.


Horticulture and Plant Collections The Chicago Botanic Garden has one of the largest collections of hardy herbaceous perennials on display in any public garden in North America, as well as one of the most extensive woody collections displayed in an ornamental garden setting. What that means is that there is much to see and beauty to experience across the Garden’s 27 gardens and four natural areas. With the completion of the first greenhouses at the Kris Jarantoski Campus, we took another step to better care for and support that living collection. Once the greenhouse project is complete in 2018, we will have tripled the size of our plant production facilities. In 2017, we also began a project to improve the health of the soil in our Garden. The Sustainable Soils Initiative will ensure that our display gardens continue to thrive and please our visitors. Our work to build a broad and diverse plant collection is important, not just for the ornamental qualities that new plants can bring to the display gardens but for their educational, research, and conservation value. As part of the Garden’s Ten-Year Plant Expedition Plan, we distributed 446 seedlings from previous plant collection trips. The Garden’s Baptisia collection received the Plant Collections Network’s Nationally Accredited Plant Collection™ status, which recognizes national collections at botanic gardens and arboreta. This is the Garden’s fourth such collection; others are Spiraea, oak (Quercus), and Geranium. The Garden takes a leadership role to protect our lands and plants. Last fall, members of the Garden’s horticulture staff spent five days working at the Naples Botanical Garden in Florida to assist in recovery efforts after Hurricane Irma. We also were among the first to report the discovery in Illinois of the serious fungal disease boxwood blight. Our commitment to sustainability was recognized with a Platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating, the highest designation given by the U.S. Green Building Council, for the Learning Center on the Regenstein Learning Campus. Leading all of these efforts is Fred Spicer, who joined the Garden in 2017 as the new executive vice president and director. He continues to set the high standard of horticulture defined by Kris Jarantoski, who retired in February after a 40-year career.



2.7 million


Taxa, or individual types of plants, in our living collection

Living plants in the permanent collection

Foot-tall coconut palms that were part of the bold, vibrant plants of 2017’s Brazil in the Garden exhibition

Summer blooms on Evening Island include the sunny yellow marsh spurge (Euphorbia palustris), tucked among the feather reed grass.


Learning and Engagement Every encounter at the Chicago Botanic Garden is a learning experience, from the visitor who walks through the McDonald Woods to those who take classes through the Joseph Regenstein, Jr. School of the Chicago Botanic Garden. In 2017, we renamed this division to better reflect that belief. We are committed to developing the next generation of conservation scientists, and in 2017 the Garden’s Science Career Continuum (SCC) received the grand prize in the UL Innovative Education Award program. This honor recognizes outstanding nonprofits that integrate STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and the environment into their educational framework. The SCC’s Science First and College First programs each give 60 students each year from Chicago Public Schools the training and mentoring that will put them on a path to college—and to becoming environmental stewards. The year also saw the completion of fundraising for the Farm on Ogden—the community training center, aquaponics facility, and urban farm in the Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago. The Farm on Ogden is a partnership between the Lawndale Christian Health Center and the Garden that will offer jobs training through Windy City Harvest and access to healthy, locally grown food. It officially opens in June 2018. The Farm on Ogden will also be the home base for Windy City Harvest, which continued to expand its youth and adult urban agriculture and jobs training programs in 2017. Windy City Harvest, the Garden’s continuum of sustainable agriculture training, has 13 sites currently in operation in Lake and Cook Counties and produces more than 130,000 pounds of locally grown vegetables and fruit each year. Horticultural Therapy served more than 6,000 individuals through professional training and direct services to veterans, youth, hospice patients, and others. The Veteran Internship Program received national exposure through a Veterans Day broadcast on CBS Morning News and highlighted the ways that being in nature can change lives.




53 percent

People participated in learning and engagement activities at the Garden in 2017

Square feet of year-round greenhouse space at the Farm on Ogden

Of Science Career Continuum alumni go on to earn STEM-related degrees

Students from Chicago Public Schools spend four weeks immersed in nature and STEM learning through the Garden’s Science First program.


Science The Chicago Botanic Garden’s multifaceted research initiatives help ensure plants can continue to provide food, air, and other life essentials in our increasingly inhospitable planet. For instance, research by conservation scientist Paul J. CaraDonna, Ph.D., into plant and pollinator interactions among native bees will help maintain this surprisingly diverse community. A study by conservation scientist Louise Egerton-Warburton, Ph.D., on the mycorrhizal fungi found in soil will provide clues on how to improve soil and plant health. A recently signed memorandum of understanding between the Garden and the Soroa Orchid Botanical Garden will help protect and conserve orchids in Cuba. The long-term survival of diverse plant species starts with seeds. The Garden’s Dixon National Tallgrass Prairie Seed Bank is one of the largest privately held seed banks in the United States, and its store of native seeds will help protect vital ecosystems such as tallgrass prairies. In 2017, students in the Conservation and Land Management internship program worked on the Seeds of Success program in 11 states to support native plant materials for restoring and supporting resilient ecosystems. In 2017, the Garden took a leadership role in a congressional bill on the importance of native seeds. H.R. 1054: Botanical Sciences and Native Plant Materials Research, Restoration, and Promotion Act calls for the use of native seeds to restore landscapes in places where nonnative plants threaten to upset the ecosystem balance, especially after wildfires, floods, and hurricanes. Students in the joint graduate program in plant biology and conservation offered by the Chicago Botanic Garden and Northwestern University continue to excel. Rebecca Tonietto, the program’s first Ph.D. graduate, is an assistant professor in the biology department of the University of Michigan–Flint, and recent graduate Rebecca Barak was awarded a prestigious David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellowship. Through the Garden’s plant science and conservation program, we advance the understanding and promote the appreciation for the plants that play a critical role in the health and well-being of both our planet and its people.


212 million



Individual seeds safeguarded in the Dixon National Tallgrass Prairie Seed Bank

Photographs in image collection, used by Garden taxonomists to study plant genetics

Students in the Garden’s Conservation and Land Management internship program, working to restore and support resilient ecosystems

Reed C. Benkendorf is one of the Garden’s Conservation and Land Management interns who helped track and understand plant species in places like California’s Inner Coast Range.


Visitor Experience For the fifth year in a row, attendance at the Chicago Botanic Garden exceeded one million visitors. There were new experiences in 2017. From May through October, Brazil in the Garden provided a different look through bold, vibrant tropical plantings; an exhibition on landscape designer Roberto Burle Marx; Summer Evenings featuring Brazilian music, and more. The Rose Terrace Beer Garden offered another dining destination and a place to unwind and enjoy craft beers. Summer remains our busiest season, but more than ever, the Garden is a year-round destination. The winter Orchid Show offered a tropical respite for 36,000 visitors, the Garden had its busiest Mother’s Day ever, the Halloweenthemed Night of 1,000 Jack-o’-Lanterns sold out in its second year, and the magical trains of Wonderland Express delighted a new generation. On August 21, the Garden celebrated a rare double event: a historic solar eclipse and a titan arum in bloom. Thousands of visitors filled the Garden to don glasses and view the partial eclipse, enjoy eclipse-themed activities, and see Sunshine, our first corpse flower to be displayed outside, which was in full, smelly bloom. We also had “twins” in 2017: Titan arums Java and Sumatra bloomed within days of each other. Membership achieved record levels in 2017, with more than 51,000 member households and $4.7 million in revenue. The Garden’s renewal rate of 73 percent remains strong among similar institutions. We also made an investment in modernizing our marketing and data analytics by installing a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. It offers a significant upgrade to the online ticketing purchasing for site visitors and a data warehouse that will allow us to more easily access consumer insights. At the center of all we do is the Garden and its 385 acres that offer escape and respite for so many. As one visitor said on Twitter: “I always experience a wonderful connection to beauty and nature. And I always learn something new.”


1.1 million



Visitors in 2017, the most ever in Garden history

Percent renewal rate among member households

Acres to enjoy at the Chicago Botanic Garden

In the palm allĂŠe, the arch of Vanda and Oncidium orchids are lit for an evening viewing of the Orchid Show.


Chicago Botanic Garden Financials 2017 Executive Summary In an increasingly hectic and busy world, the Chicago Botanic Garden is a destination of choice for people to relax, refresh, and recharge amid the beauty of the natural world. The Garden welcomed more than 1.1 million visitors in 2017, the highest attendance year in its history and the fifth consecutive year it has exceeded 1 million visitors. The number of member households exceeded 51,000, also the highest total ever. In addition, virtually all of the Garden’s revenue-producing activities exceeded the 2016 results, fueling the growth of its programs and amenities. For the fifth year in a row, the Garden has received a 4-star rating —the highest possible ranking—from Charity Navigator, the leading evaluator of the more than 1.5 million charitable organizations in the United States. Only 9 percent of the charities that Charity Navigator evaluates have received five consecutive 4-star ratings, which are based on financial health and commitment to accountability and transparency.

Operating Results The Garden ended 2017 with excess operating revenues of $791,000, following excess operating revenues of $366,000 in 2016. Operating revenue increased by $2.1 million, or 5.5 percent, to $39.8 million in 2017. When board-designated and restricted net assets are included, total revenue was $47.8 million. Operating expenses in 2017 were $39 million, an increase of $1.6 million, or 4.4 percent, from 2016, due primarily to expanded grant-funded science and education programs and higher costs to maintain the gardens and facilities on the Garden’s 385-acre campus and in the community. With the inclusion of depreciation, interest expense, and other designated expenditures that are not included in the operating budget, total expenses for 2017 were $48.9 million.

Change in Net Assets The Garden’s statement of financial position reflects an increase in net assets of more than $10.6 million to $195.2 million in 2017 from $184.6 million at the end of 2016. The increase was due largely to strong operating and fundraising results, including government grants awarded in 2017, as well as solid investment performance for the Garden’s endowment. The $130.6 million of unrestricted net assets represented the majority of total net assets, while $33.6 million were temporarily restricted, and $31 million were permanently restricted. This compares to $112.8 million of unrestricted net assets, $42.3 million of temporarily restricted net assets, and $29.4 million of permanently restricted net assets in 2016. Total assets increased from $243 million in 2016 to $252.5 million in 2017, an increase of more than $9.5 million. Total liabilities decreased by $1 million to $57.4 million at year-end.

Conclusion With the support of its board, staff, volunteers, members, visitors, donors, and the Forest Preserves of Cook County, the Chicago Botanic Garden will work diligently to honor the promise of its mission: We cultivate the power of plants to sustain and enrich life.

Complete, audited financial statements for the Chicago Botanic Garden, including the auditor’s report, for the year ending December 31, 2017, are available at 17

Statement of financial position As of December 31, 2017 (in millions of dollars)

ASSETS Cash Pledges receivable Accounts receivable Investments Other assets Property and equipment

$1.3 14.7 1.8 107.6 1.4 125.7

TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Liabilities Accounts payable and accrued expenses Other liabilities Bonds payable

Total liabilities


$4.4 3.4 49.5


NET ASSETS Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted

Total net assets

$130.6 33.6 31.0



Operating budget revenue and other support $39.8 million

Operating budget expenditures $39 million


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LIFETIME BENEFACTORS We are grateful to the following donors, whose extraordinary generosity has built and transformed the Garden. Their gifts totaling $1,000,000 or more have created beautiful landscapes and have established the Garden as an international center for horticulture, plant science research, and education. $10,000,000 and above Anonymous Forest Preserves of Cook County Helen V. Froehlich Foundation The Grainger Foundation The Regenstein Foundation United States Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management Woman’s Board of the Chicago Horticultural Society

$5,000,000 to $9,999,999 Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways Sue and Wes Dixon Illinois Department of Transportation Malott Family National Science Foundation The Negaunee Foundation Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Foundation Pleasant T. Rowland State of Illinois Helen and Richard Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Trienens

$2,500,000 to $4,999,999 Astellas USA Foundation Buehler Family Foundation The Chicago Community Trust Duane E. and Barbara L. Dickey The Guild of the Chicago Botanic Garden Patricia and William Hagenah The Harris Family Foundation Caryn and King Harris Katherine Harris Toni and Ron Paul Linda and Bill Friend Stephanie and John Harris Leslie Riedel and Scott Friend Pam and Joe Szokol Hunter Family Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Institute of Museum and Library Services ITW The Kresge Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John J. Louis, Jr. John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Searle Family Trust The Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust Shaw Family United States Army Corps of Engineers United States Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture Mr. and Mrs. Morrison Waud

$1,000,000 to $2,499,999


Anonymous (2) Abbott Fund Baxter International Inc. BMO Harris Bank Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Bro

Neville F. Bryan The Buchanan Family Foundation Arthur D. Collins, Jr. and The Collins Family Foundation The Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation Mr. Robert F. Finke Ginny and Peter Foreman Mr. and Mrs. James J. Glasser Glasser and Rosenthal Family Ellis Goodman Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William B. Graham Grant Healthcare Foundation John and Jean Greene Ernest A. Grunsfeld III Estate of Ethel deLang Hein Robert D. Hevey, Jr. and Constance M. Filling Illinois Department of Natural Resources Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Esther Grunsfeld Klatz Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kleinman The Kraft Heinz Company Posy Krehbiel Mr. and Mrs. Leonard H. Lavin Lavin Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Lenhardt, Jr. Josephine P. & John J. Louis Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McCormack Robert R. McCormick Foundation Alexandra and John Nichols Mrs. Arthur C. Nielsen, Sr. Northern Trust NorthShore University HealthSystem Polk Bros. Foundation Public Museum Capital Grants Program, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Illinois State Museum Marion V. Schmidt Trust Dr. Scholl Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John D. Simms The Simms Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David Byron Smith The Harold Byron Smith Family Mr. and Mrs. Harrison I. Steans Steans Family Foundation Susan and Roger Stone Georgiana M. Taylor United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service Eastern Region Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie Pacific Southwest Region Range Management Rocky Mountain Research Station United States Department of Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service United States Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration United States Environmental Protection Agency Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Waddell Ernest P. Waud III Ms. Susan A. Willetts and Mr. Alan K. Pritz Ms. Nicole S. Williams and Dr. Lawrence J. Becker Winston & Strawn

THE KEEP GROWING CAMPAIGN The Keep Growing Campaign identifies capital and endowment fundraising goals as stated in the Chicago Botanic Garden’s “Keep Growing” Strategic Plan 2010-2020. Major capital goals: •Regenstein Learning Campus •Kris Jarantoski Campus •Shoreline Gardens and Restoration •North Branch Trail and Garden View Café Renovation, Barbara Brown Nature Reserve, and McDonald Woods Plan

The Garden is grateful for the generous support of the following contributors who made gifts through March 15, 2018:

A.G. Cox Charity Trust Suzanne S. Dixon Glasser and Rosenthal Family Ellis Goodman Family Foundation The Guild of the Chicago Botanic Garden Patricia and William Hagenah The Harris Family Foundation Robert D. Hevey, Jr. and Constance M. Filling Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Lavin Family Foundation Robert M. and Diane vS. Levy Litowitz Family Foundation Harry A. Root, Jr. Trust Dr. Scholl Foundation John B. and Mary Helen* Slater Mr. and Mrs. David Byron Smith Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Waddell

$10,000,000 and above

$250,000 to $499,999

Anonymous The Regenstein Foundation

Anonymous Abbott Fund Ann and Brian Balusek Martin and Mary L. Boyer Foundation Elizabeth and Tim Dugan Joseph L. and Emily K. Gidwitz Memorial Foundation Nancy Gidwitz and Jeff Grossman Margot A. Graves CRUT John and Jean Greene Katie Hazelwood and Todd Kaplan The Hekman Gordon Family Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation Lorraine Ipsen-Stotler* Jane Irwin The Morris and Dolores Kohl Kaplan Fund-Dolores Kohl Education Foundation Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Laura M. Linger The Jeanette R. Pearson Trust Ms. Susan A. Willetts and Mr. Alan K. Pritz

$5,000,000 to $9,999,999 Anonymous Forest Preserves of Cook County The Grainger Foundation

$1,000,000 to $4,999,999 Astellas USA Foundation Arthur D. Collins, Jr. and The Collins Family Foundation Duane E. Dickey Trust Robert F. Finke and Carol L. Keenan Ginny and Peter Foreman William B. Graham Trust Ernest A. Grunsfeld III* Hunter Family Illinois Department of Transportation, Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program ITW Esther Grunsfeld Klatz Annette and Bernard* Kleinman Family Mr. Robert H. Malott* Robert R. McCormick Foundation The Negaunee Foundation Public Museum Capital Grants Program, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Illinois State Museum Marion V. Schmidt Trust The Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust Shaw Family Mr. and Mrs. Harrison I. Steans Helen and Richard Thomas Mr. Howard J. Trienens United States Army Corps of Engineers Ecosystem Restoration Program United States Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration Ms. Nicole S. Williams and Dr. Lawrence J. Becker Woman’s Board of the Chicago Horticultural Society

$500,000 to $999,999 Anonymous (2) The Boeing Company Mr. and Mrs. Roger O. Brown The Buchanan Family Foundation Buehler Family Foundation Abe and Ida Cooper Foundation

$100,000 to $249,999 Anonymous (2) Baxter International Inc. Estate of Harriet K. Burnstein Ms. Beverly J. Bystricky Mr. Robert B. Cole Peggy and Jack* Crowe Joane K. Dumke Trust Bernice and Raymond Elbin Estate of Francis C. Farwell Philippe Hans Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hull Greg and Ann Jones & Family Kemper Educational and Charitable Fund Mr. and Mrs. David E. Mason Barbara and Richard Metzler Kitty and Bill Moeller Marian E. Nelson Trust Northern Trust Cathy and Bill Osborn The Henry E. Pearson Trust Laura S. Pinkert Revocable Trust David Rose Trust Maria and Bill Smithburg Estate of Audrey Spiegel Susan and Roger Stone Nancy Wald Estate Ernest P. Waud III Mary Jane Yergy Trust


$50,000 to $99,999

$10,000 to $24,999

Anonymous AbbVie Foundation Employee Engagement Fund Beatrice K. Bateman Declaration of Trust Estate of Lenore M. Berner Mrs. Earl C. Bodine Sharon Brady and R. Thomas Brady Neville and John Bryan Mr. and Mrs. David R. Casper Mr. and Mrs. Julien H. Collins, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James W. DeYoung Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Ellis Maurice Fulton Trust Charles C. Haffner III Trust Elizabeth Hampton Trust Mrs. Max A. Hart* Hasbrouck Family Charitable Trust David and Jerri Hoffmann The Horn Family H. Fisk Johnson, Ph.D. Penny Kohlmeyer* Peggy* and Jim Leider Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Lenhardt, Jr. Mrs. John J. Louis, Jr. Make It Better Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McNally IV Colonel Stanley R. McNeil Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee Bruce P. Olson CRUT Mr. and Mrs. George A. Peinado, Jr. John Rugel and Melissa Romeo-Rugel Dr. G. Stephen Scholly and Mrs. Ellen Scholly Mr. Philip Scholly Elizabeth and Charles Schroeder Mr.* and Mrs. Robert R. Smutney Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Van Nice Lewis J. West and Dorte N. West Family Trust

Anonymous Dora and John Aalbregtse George W. Blossom III Trust James and Roberta Boudreau Mary and Carl Boyer Catherine and Michael Busch J. Melfort Campbell City Museum Carol Cleave Mr. Franklin A. Cole Lillian S. Coleman Trust Robert Cowell Trust Jeff and Sue Cozzens Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Crowe Mr. and Mrs. Valentine J. Derer Barbara S. Fargo Trust Gary and Susan Fine Ms. Jean M. Franczyk Garden Guild of Winnetka Dorothy H. and John R. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Gavin Ms. Elizabeth P. Gordon Mary Johnson Hill Jack* and Ginny Hotaling Mr. Kris S. Jarantoski Jim, Angela, and Jimmy Korompilas Mrs. Hope Lepley Celine and Mark Lillie Daniel and Jennifer Linzer Ms. Michelle McCarthy Bruce L. Newman Estate The Nissly Family Homi and Anne Patel Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Patterson Estate of Halina J. Presley Roadside Flower Sale Volunteers Mrs. Jackson W. Smart, Jr. Collette Taylor The Warwick Foundation Peggy and Art Wood The Eleanore B. Zverov Revocable Trust

$25,000 to $49,999

Anonymous Sally Aaron Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Behrens Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Bowen Francis Clow Bowers Trust Gay Buhl Buck Trust Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. The Butz Foundation Susan and Michael Canmann Vivian E. Conner Trust Michael and Valerie Foradas Ilana and Steven Fradkin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Freyman Helen V. Froehlich Foundation Howard Family Foundation Julia and John Howard Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kurz Peter A. Maren Trust The Edward and Lucy R. Minor Family Foundation North Shore Gas Energy Efficiency Program Estate of Suzanne J. Pochter Mr. and Mrs. E. King Poor IV Robert and Laura Probst Reed Smith Ryan Ruskin and Michael Andrews Sophia Shaw and Family Mr. and Mrs. John W. Taylor III Mary S. and John W. Zick CRUT

$5,000 to $9,999 Anonymous Amsted Industries Foundation Nadine Diane Armato Living Trust Mr. and Mrs. Merrick J. Axel Mr. and Mrs. Gary G. Brown Kenneth Cahn Trust Carolyn C. Cassin Trust Clarissa H. Chandler Rachel and Ron Cooper Corning Incorporated Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Deveny Mary C. Hales Trust Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Isham, Jr. Estate of Barbara Johnson Carolyn and Howard Katz Judy and John Keller Dr. and Mrs. Jay H. Kleiman Judith and Joseph Konen Anne S. and David B. Loucks Greg Mueller and Betty Strack Doris A. Murdoch Estate Ms. Jane S. Park and Mr. Matthew Emerton The Helen D. Paulos Trust Ruth A. Peplin Trust Mrs. Edward King Poor III* Harriet and Joey Resnick Helaine and Howard Resnick Donald J. Riskind Trust

John C. Robak Bernard H. Rost Trust Holly B. Rothschild* Mr. and Mrs. John I. Schlossman Lorraine S. Vitous Declaration of Trust

Buehler Fund for the Enabling Garden Buehler Family Foundation

$2,500 to $4,999

Harriet Kay and Harold R. Burnstein Fund for Exhibits Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Burnstein

Mr. and Mrs. Brayton Bunn Alley Francis Beidler Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Francis Beidler ComEd Robert Bolt Day Trust Grainger Matching Charitable Gifts Program Sharon S. Holihan Junior Garden Club of Lake Forest Mr. and Mrs. W. Sanford Kasten Modestus Bauer Foundation Estate of John O’Grady Estates of Edward F. Scanlon and Virginia K. Scanlon Mr.* and Mrs. Robert W. Sharp Estate of Mary Ellen Taylor Jane Stroud Wright

$1,000 to $2,499 Anonymous Allstate Insurance Company The Honorable Michael J. Colwell Evanston Bicycle Club Mr. and Mrs. John H. Fiore Lynn and Jim Foster Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Fujimoto William J. Gibbons Revocable Trust Dr. Leonard G. Ginger* Martha Bacon Hartfiel Ronald and Marci Holzer Barbara A. Johnson Trust Vivienne Jones and Christopher McMahon Beverly P. Joutras Estate of Judith L. Kiefer Arlene M. Kline Trust Mr. and Mrs. William U. Knox Jeffrey W. Korman Trust Ms. Barbara D. Long Ms. Cynthia J. Macfarland Mr. and Mrs. Robert McMenamin Dr. and Mrs. Roy A. Mecklenburg Mr. and Mrs.* Thomas C. O’Neil Mr. and Mrs. John E. Preschlack Carole and Ted Read Dr. Edward O. Riley Melissa A. Shennan Estate of Adeline E. Sigwalt Mr. and Mrs. David B. Weinberg Mrs. Florence F. Wheeler The Winnetka Garden Club

CHICAGO BOTANIC GARDEN – ENDOWED FUNDS 2017 Endowed funds provide a secure foundation for the future. The Garden is honored by the thoughtful generosity of those who have established or contributed to the following named endowed funds. Permanent endowments may be established with gifts of $50,000 or more.

Buehler Fund for Horticultural Therapy Buehler Family Foundation

Theodore C. Butz Memorial Carillon Endowment Fund † The Butz Foundation Walter L. Cherry Internship in Horticulture Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cherry Virginia B. Cherry 2017 internship awarded to Allison Pillar Joan L. Cole Fund † Mr. Franklin A. Cole Collins Family Endowment for the Buehler Enabling Garden † Mr. and Mrs. Julien H. Collins, Jr. Suzanne S. Dixon Prairie Endowment Fund Mr. and Mrs. Wesley M. Dixon, Jr. Searle Family Trust Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Director of Ornamental Plant Research Mrs. Gaylord Donnelley Position held by James R. Ault, Ph.D. Mary R. Ginger Research Fellowship at the School Dr. Leonard G. Ginger Estate of Mary R. Ginger Edna Kanaley Graham Bulb Garden Endowment Fund W. B. Graham Foundation, Inc. Mr. William B. Graham William B. Graham Trust John and Jean Greene Endowment John and Jean Greene Charles Haffner Research Endowment Charles C. Haffner III Trust The Harris Family Foundation Scholars Fund The Harris Family Foundation: Caryn and King Harris Katherine Harris Toni and Ron Paul Pam and Joe Szokol Linda and Bill Friend Leslie Riedel and Scott Friend Stephanie and John Harris The fund provided fellowship support for first-year master’s students in 2017.

Bacon Sensory Garden Endowment Mr. William T. Bacon, Jr. Martha Bacon Hartfiel Beverly and Ralph Behrens Science Endowment † Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Behrens

† Contribution in 2017 * Deceased



Robert D. Hevey, Jr. and Constance M. Filling Graduate Fellowship † Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Hevey Mr. Robert D. Hevey, Jr. and Ms. Constance M. Filling The fellowship provided support for first-year master’s students in 2017. Pamela K. Hull Internship Endowment Pamela K. Hull Kris Jarantoski Internship in Professional Horticulture 2017 internship awarded to Michelle Gray Kenilworth Garden Club Endowment for the Buehler Enabling Garden † Kenilworth Garden Club Penny Kohlmeyer Endowment Fund for Living Plant Documentation † Penny Kohlmeyer Krasberg-Mason Endowment for the Bruce Krasberg Rose Garden † Mr. and Mrs. David E. Mason Bernice E. Lavin Evaluation Garden Endowment Fund Lavin Family Foundation Lenhardt Library Endowment † Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Lenhardt, Jr. John J. Louis, Jr. Bright Encounters Fund Josephine P. & John J. Louis Foundation Malott Family Endowment for the Japanese Garden Mr. Robert H. Malott Malott Charitable Trust Malott Family Mead Flower Show Endowment Sally M. Hands Cynthia M. and Robert E. Sargent Negaunee Foundation Endowment for Invasive Plant Research The Negaunee Foundation Negaunee Foundation Endowment for the Vice President of Science † The Negaunee Foundation Position held by Gregory M. Mueller, Ph.D. Janet Meakin Poor Graduate Program Scholarship Endowment Fund Friends of Janet Meakin Poor Janet Meakin Poor Research Symposium Endowment Friends of Janet Meakin Poor Florence Rantz Enabling Garden Endowment Estate of Florence Rantz June Price Reedy Library Endowment for the Rare Book Collection Estate of Mary Ann Price Thomas J. & Julia P. Reedy Foundation Regenstein Endowment for Education and Community Programs The Regenstein Foundation


Mary Withers Runnells Endowment for the East Courtyard Ms. Gale P. Runnells Mr. and Mrs. John S. Runnells II Estate of Louise Gale Runnells Estate of John S. Runnells II Searle Endowment for Education and Community Programs The Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust Searle Research Endowment Fund Searle Family Trust Searle Foundation John G. and Frances C. Searle Fund Albert and Mary Jane Slepyan Fund The Acorn Foundation Dr. Albert H. Slepyan The Ralph & Leah Wanger Philanthropic Fund David Byron Smith Family Curator of Native Habitats Fund Bellebyron Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David Byron Smith Position held by James F. Steffen Susan and Roger Stone Endowment for the Curator of the Dixon National Tallgrass Prairie Seed Bank Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Stone Position held by Pati Vitt, Ph.D. Taylor Family Endowment Fund † Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Patterson Frances Buck Taylor Trust Mr. John W. Taylor Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Taylor III The Warwick Foundation The JWT Family Foundation Jack and Jeannie Thompson Endowed Fund for Bonsai Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Thompson Anne and Morrison Waud Circle Garden Endowment Fund Ernest P. Waud III Mr. and Mrs. Morrison Waud Medard and Elizabeth Welch Conservation Science Fund Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Bro Medard and Elizabeth Welch Director of Plant Conservation Science Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Bro Position held by Kayri Havens-Young, Ph.D. Nicole S. Williams and Lawrence Becker Endowment for Native Habitats Restoration † Ms. Nicole S. Williams and Dr. Lawrence Becker Windy City Harvest Innovation Endowment Fund † Anonymous Woman’s Board of the Chicago Horticultural Society Endowment Funds Woman’s Board of the Chicago Horticultural Society Aquatics Programs Community Gardening

Curator of Aquatics Position held by Robert J. Kirschner Internship 2017 internship awarded to Erica Hogan Plant Evaluation Research and Publication Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Bowen Mr. Charles E. Schroeder in honor of Elizabeth R. Schroeder Mrs. Stephen Byron Smith Dorothy D. Ziska Endowment Fund Adam H. Romeiser Trust † Contribution in 2017

INDIVIDUAL GIVING The following individuals thoughtfully supported the Chicago Botanic Garden’s programs, operations, capital improvements, and endowments with gifts of $250 or more between January 1 and December 31, 2017. $500,000 and above The Negaunee Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Harrison I. Steans Helen and Richard Thomas

$150,000 to $499,999 Anonymous Bernice* and Raymond* Elbin Robert F. Finke Ginny and Peter Foreman Mr. and Mrs. John K. Greene Patricia and William Hagenah Robert D. Hevey, Jr. and Constance M. Filling Estate of Audrey Spiegel Mr. Howard J. Trienens Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Waddell

$100,000 to $149,999 Anonymous Joane K. Dumke Trust Glasser and Rosenthal Family Caryn and King Harris Robert M. and Diane vS. Levy Pam and Joe Szokol

$50,000 to $99,999 Estate of Lenore M. Berner Arthur D. Collins, Jr. and The Collins Family Foundation A.G. Cox Charity Trust Joseph L. and Emily K. Gidwitz Memorial Foundation Nancy Gidwitz and Jeff Grossman The Hekman Gordon Family The Horn Family Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hull Mr. and Mrs. Scott F. Johnson Mrs. Dolores Kohl Kaplan Todd Kaplan Penny Kohlmeyer* Bruce and Laura Linger Mrs. John J. Louis, Jr. Bruce P. Olson CRUT Mr. Philip Scholly Bill and Maria Smithburg Lewis J. West and Dorte N. West Family Trust Ms. Susan A. Willetts and Mr. Alan K. Pritz Ms. Nicole S. Williams and Dr. Lawrence J. Becker

$25,000 to $49,999 Anonymous (5) Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Abt Mr. and Mrs. Joe Almeida Ann and Brian Balusek Mr. and Mrs. John A. Canning, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David R. Casper Joyce E. Chelberg Mr. and Mrs. James W. DeYoung Elizabeth and Tim Dugan Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Ellis Norman and Lee Gantz Mr. Joseph P. Gromacki Mrs. Gillian MacLean Growdon and Mr. John N. Growdon Beverly and Warren Hayford Katherine Hazelwood Jane Irwin Annie and Gregory K. Jones & Family Posy Krehbiel Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Lanctot Mr. Barry L. MacLean Mr. Robert H. Malott* Barbara and Richard Metzler Alexandra and John Nichols Mr. and Mrs. E. King Poor IV Robert and Laura Probst Susan L. Regenstein Mr. and Mrs. David Byron Smith Brian B. and Kathleen Kelly Spear The Honorable Heather A. Steans Ms. Jennifer W. Steans Ms. Robin M. Steans James and Constance Wiggins

$10,000 to $24,999 Anonymous (7) Patricia and Laurence Booth Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Bowen Martin and Mary L. Boyer Foundation Sharon Brady and R. Thomas Brady Mrs. John H. Bryan Mr. and Mrs. John H. Buehler Cathy and Michael Busch Ms. Beverly J. Bystricky Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Capozzi Margaret Wiley Carr Trust Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cherry Carol Cleave Mr. and Mrs. Julien H. Collins, Jr. Mr. Froilan P. Concepcion and Ms. Cecilia Concepcion Jeff and Sue Cozzens Peggy and Jack* Crowe The Crown Family Robert Jensen Dau Foundation Bob and Jill Delaney, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Valentine J. Derer Suzanne S. Dixon Mika and David Filkins Sonja and Conrad Fischer Michael and Valerie Foradas Ilana and Steven Fradkin Kristine Garrigan Trust Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Gavin Ellis Goodman Family Foundation Ms. Karen Z. Gray-Krehbiel and Mr. John H. Krehbiel Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Greener John Hagenah Family Fund Ms. Holly Harralson and Mr. James Walsh Mrs. Max A. Hart* Hunter Family Mr. and Mrs. W. Sanford Kasten Klaff Family Foundation

Judith and Joseph Konen Jim, Angela, and Jimmy Korompilas Ron and Nancy Kurz Mr. Leonard H. Lavin* Lee Family Foundation Mr. M. James Leider Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Lenhardt, Jr. Ms. Anne Leventry and Mr. Ken Jeffers Mr. and Mrs. David B. Loucks Valerie Maniscalco Mr. and Mrs. David E. Mason Mrs. Cindy L. Mazzetta Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McNally IV Mr. and Mrs. Christopher N. Merrill Micole Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Miller Modestus Bauer Foundation Kitty and Bill Moeller Ann and Dudley Onderdonk Mrs. Abby M. O’Neil and Mr. Carroll Joynes Cathy and Bill Osborn Ms. Jane S. Park and Mr. Matthew Emerton

Julie and George Peinado Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Pick Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Regenstein III John C. Robak Mr. James Robinson Harry A. Root, Jr. Trust Helen R. Rubens Ryan Ruskin and Michael Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Ryan Elizabeth and Charles Schroeder Mr. and Mrs. Darren Serrao Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Simon Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Siragusa Eileen and Hal Sirkin Mrs. Jackson W. Smart, Jr. Susan and Roger Stone Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Van Nice Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Warzecha, Sr. Ernest P. Waud III Pauline M. Weinacht Philanthropic Fund

$2,500 to $9,999 Anonymous (9) Dora and John Aalbregtse Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Abrams

Bruce and Anne Marie Adreani Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Alfe Mr. and Mrs. Brayton Bunn Alley The Allyn Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barra Janice and Philip Beck Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Behrens Mr. and Mrs. Francis Beidler Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Bent Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Berghoef Peggy and Hal Bernthal Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Bestler Mr. and Mrs. Harrington Bischof Amy and Andy Bluhm Nancy Bodeen James and Roberta Boudreau Mary and Carl Boyer Linda H. Breuer Mr. and Mrs. Roger O. Brown Martha and George Brynda Mr. and Mrs. Randolph N. Burt Robert and Lynn Burt The Butz Foundation J. Melfort Campbell Susan and Michael Canmann Helen Kuhn Carey Mr. and Mrs. Greg C. Case Carolyn C. Cassin Trust Liz and David Chandler Mr. and Mrs. Jason Ciaglo Mr. Robert B. Cole Jane B. and John C. Colman Rachel and Ron Cooper Lawrence Corry Mark Crane Mr. and Mrs. William A. Crane Mr. and Mrs. Dewey B. Crawford Winnie and Bob Crawford Tom Creigh Phyllis Cretors Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Danis Judy and Bill Davis Joan P. DePree Mr. and Mrs. Roger K. Deromedi Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Dolan, Jr. Mrs. Clarissa Y. Downey David and Deborah Dranove Frank G. and Gertrude Dunlap Fund Eliza and Timothy Earle Samuel and Beatrice Ellis Romayne Fargo Michael and Jennifer Faron Mr. and Mrs. John H. Fiore Mr. and Mrs. Thompson Ford Lynn and Jim Foster Ms. Jean M. Franczyk Mr. and Mrs. James S. Frank Barbara Fremont/Fremont Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Freyman Linda and Bill Gantz Dorothy H. and John R. Gardner Sandy and Frank Gelber Robert J. Giblichman Mr. and Mrs. James J. Glasser Ms. Elizabeth P. Gordon Maj. and Mrs. William C. Gray Ms. Ronni T. Grey Estate of Ernest A. Grunsfeld III Joseph S. Haas Mr. and Mrs. Stanton T. Hadley The Blanny A. Hagenah Family Fund Philip W. Hagenah Family Fund John and Nancy Hammond

John and Mary Ann Hanna Family Mr. and Mrs. Dean M. Harrison Mr. and Mrs. L. Hall Healy, Jr. Mary Ellen Hennessy Kimberlee S. Herold Larry and Judy Hicks Mary Johnson Hill Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hines Mrs. Mary P. Hines The Doris and Jerome Hirschmann Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Hoffman David and Jerri Hoffmann Sharon S. Holihan Julia and John Howard J. Thomas Hurvis Jo Ann Icenogle Mr. and Mrs. Bradley V. Ihlenfeld Mrs. Nancy W. Jacobs Howard Jessen Estate of Barbara Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Bard Johnson Beverly P. Joutras Mrs. Loretta N. Julian Loretta and Allan Kaplan Kaplan Foundation Fund/Carol and Ed Kaplan Betsy Karp Carolyn and Howard Katz Mr. Thomas E. Keim Judy and John Keller Mr. and Mrs. John R. Kenny Ms. Heidi Kiesler Becky and Lester Knight Marvin L. Kocian Richard and Elfrieda Koegel Susan and David Kreisman Mrs. Nancy Kubicka Mrs. Elisabeth A. Lavery Mr. and Mrs. L. Bates Lea James and Linda Leahy Liz and Eric Lefkofsky Lefkofsky Family Foundation Janet and Tom Leopold Diane and Jim Levy Celine and Mark Lillie Mr. and Mrs. John M. MacEntee Ms. Cynthia J. Macfarland Ms. S. S. Mah Mr. and Mrs. Miles L. Marsh Mrs. Michelle McCarthy Sherry McFall and Ken Porrello Mr. and Mrs. William H. McLean Meegan McMillan Mrs. James M. McMullan Mr. Michael J. McMurray Mrs. Michael A. Miles Bruce and Kathryn Miller Jack and Goldie Wolfe Miller The Edward and Lucy R. Minor Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Mintmire Ms. Cynthia A. Moody Mr. Nicolas H. Morales Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Morehead Ms. Lois L. Morrison Dr. Thomas A. Moryl and Ms. Christy Zook Becky and Mike Murray LouEllen and Tim Murray Ms. Martha M. Murray and Mr. David N. Smalley Jossy and Ken Nebenzahl

24 * Deceased


The Nissly Family Julie Overbeck Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Patterson Mr. William T. Patterson and Ms. Nancy Jaffee Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Pepper Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Peterson Mrs. Gordon B. Phillips Madeleine P. Plonsker Alex and Anne Pollock Ms. D. Elizabeth Price COL(IL) J.N. Pritzker, IL ARNG (Ret.) Mr. and Mrs. Shelby E. L. Pruett Gregory and Francine Purcell Betsey and John Puth Carole and Ted Read Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Reimer Harriet and Joey Resnick Helaine and Howard Resnick Mr. and Mrs. Tanner Rice Mr. and Mrs. Hugh G. Rider Mr. Randy Rissman and Dr. Petra Rissman Cindy and James Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rosenson Patti and Eugene Ross Mrs. Stephen W. Rothermel Holly B. Rothschild* John Rugel and Melissa Romeo-Rugel Judith and Thomas D. Rutherford Mr. Daniel Samelson and Ms. Mary Jocelyn Perry Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Sanborn Carole and Jack Sandner Ms. Anita M. Sarafa and Mr. John P. Duncan Cynthia M. Sargent Mr. and Mrs. John Schilling Ms. Lorraine Scott Mrs. William L. Searle Carole and Gordon Segal Ms. Barbara J. Sereda Dolores and Donn Shapiro Mr. Arch W. Shaw II Mitsuzo and Kyoko Shida Bessie Shields Foundation Richard and Barbara Silverman Thomas E. Skilling III Mr. Eric Smith Ms. Wendy Strauss Robin and Sandy Stuart Peggy and James Swartchild Mr. and Mrs. John W. Taylor III Ms. Linda F. Tomchuck Shirley and Raymond Tower Terry N. Trobec United Conveyor Foundation Ellen Wagner and Bryn Wagner Hanson Ms. Cari Walquist Therese L. Wareham Mr. and Mrs. Scott Waterbury David and Pamela Waud Mr. and Mrs. John B. Weber Jack Webster Barbara Wessel Mr. Henry J. West and Ms. Georgia West Dee Dee Whipple Peggy and Art Wood Ms. Marcie Wright Mr. Aldo C. Zucaro


$1,500 to $2,499 Anonymous (12) Mary J. Abroe Ms. Mavis M. Adams Mr. and Mrs. James Altounian Laura and Matthew Anderson Mr. and Mrs. John J. Anton, Jr. Helen Ashley Mr. and Mrs. Merrick J. Axel Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Bader Mrs. Andrea M. Basalay Mr. and Mrs. Martin S. Beck Linda and Ted Becker Bednyak Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Berlin Harriet Bernbaum Tom and Martha Biede Mr. and Mrs. Chandler Bigelow III Dr. and Mrs. Jacob Bitran Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Boudos Stephen and Kelli Brannan Mary and Chip Brennan Mr. and Mrs. R. Clayton Brock Mrs. Carol Brusslan Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Byron Mr. and Mrs. Scot M. Campbell Dr. and Mrs. Fabian Carbonell Dr. and Mrs. Charles Carroll IV Marion and Gene Cartwright Ceres Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jim Challenger Mrs. Warren M. Choos Keith and Barbara Clayton Ms. Julie Cohen Mr. Franklin A. Cole Mr. and Mrs. Scott Corley Mr. David H. Corry Melinda Holland and Michael Costello Gary and Mary Cary Coughlan Robert and Elizabeth Crowe John and Jill Danaher Nancy Dehmlow Mr. John E. Deimel Scott DeLaney and Katherine Kemper Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Denham Mr. and Mrs. Spencer DePree Mr. and Mrs. Byram E. Dickes Lynn B. Donaldson and Cameron S. Avery Ms. Nina Donnelly and Mr. Russell W. Lane Nancy and Jim Dorr Mr. and Mrs. Herbert M. Drower Mr. James Eisenberg Mr. Michael R. Feil Mr. and Mrs. James H. Ferry III Larry and Barbara Field Gary and Susan Fine Mr. and Mrs. James G. Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. John N. Fix Mrs. James G. Flannery, Sr. Mrs. Roland Ford Freedman Family Ms. Melissa J. Frey and Mr. William F. Pridmore Kevin and Jeannie Froeter Penny and Carl Fulkerson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Gallagher Mrs. John S. Garvin Ms. Ginger Gassel Mr. and Mrs. John E. Gepson William J. Gibbons Revocable Trust Mrs. Willard Gidwitz

Chris and M. E. Girgenti Louis J. Glunz III Mr. and Mrs. John T. Golitz Roberta and John Goodall Mr. and Mrs. James P. Gorter Mr. Thomas E. Gray The Avrum Gray Family Fund Mrs. William N. Guthrie Peggy and Sam Gutterman Jacqueline R. Haffenberg Ms. Catherine L. Hales Mrs. Richard C. Halpern June and Paul* Hamer The Handelsman Family Foundation Mr. Jason Hanold Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Harza Dr. Alice B. Hayes Lorill Ann Haynes Ms. Colette J. Hedien and Mr. Wayne E. Hedien Mary Abbott Hess Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Hodges Jonathan Holloway and Aisling Colón Ms. Ellen R. Horween Ginny Hotaling Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Hough Pat and Jim Hunt Ms. Patricia J. Hurley Ms. Myah Irick Mr. and Mrs. Michael N. Jaffe Barbara A. Johnson Trust Richard K. Johnson Richard D. and Meta Joutras Mr. and Mrs. John F. Kane Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kasten II Arlene Siavelis Kehl Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Keywell Mr. Cheong J. Kim Mr. and Mrs. Matt and Elizabeth Kinnich Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kirby Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kirtley Esther G. Klatz Dr. and Mrs. Jay H. Kleiman Annette R. Kleinman Ms. Marilyn J. Knilans Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kohler Glenn Kohlmeyer Karen S. Kolodzey and George Brigandi Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Krehbiel II Mr. Henry Kugeler and Mr. Edward F. Flood Donna La Pietra and Bill Kurtis Mrs. Donald E. Larsen Mrs. Joyce M. League Spencer and Lois LeMenager Michael and Susan Loewenstein Todd and Sarah Lohr Ms. Barbara D. Long Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Mann Mr. and Mrs. David W. Martay Mrs. Wanda M. McDonald Dr. and Mrs. Roy A. Mecklenburg Mr. Ronald E. Meissen, Ph.D. Mr. Paul R. Melichar Britt M. Miller Jack M. Miller Mr. and Mrs. James Edward Morris Greg Mueller and Betty Strack Barbara and Karl F. Nagel Dr. David and Carolyn Nahrwold Mrs. Phil C. Neal Mark R. and Susan C. Neaman

Jennifer and David Neighbours Mr. and Mrs. John K. Notz, Jr. Ginny Noyes Mr. Thomas E. O’Neill III Ann and Harry Oppenheimer Barbara and Jeff Paine Louis and Ali Paster Dr. and Mrs. H. J. Przybylo Ms. Eloise Fuller Putnam and Mr. Bluford H. Putnam Jacqueline L. Quern Mark and Nancy Ratner Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Rekett Mrs. William H. Robb, Jr. Mr. William Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rolighed Patrick and Kimberly Ronan Barbara H. Rosborough Philip and Cathy Rosborough Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Ross Mrs. Donald I. Roth* Judith and Robert S. Rothschild Susan B. Rubnitz The Salkin Family Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Sanders III Mr. and Mrs. John I. Schlossman Dr. G. Stephen Scholly and Mrs. Ellen Scholly Dr. James Schuetz and Mrs. Barbara A. Schuetz Sara and Axel Schupf The Schwab Family Barbara* and Joe Sedelmaier Ritesh and Shilpi Shah Hollis M. Shank Ms. Catherine Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Shaw Sophia Shaw Mr. Francis L. Sheahen Melissa A. Shennan Mr. and Mrs. Justin Sheperd Mr. and Mrs. John D. Simms Lois Simon Charitable Foundation Ltd. Victoria M. Skala Ms. Deborah Slaton and Mr. Harry J. Hunderman Mr. and Mrs. Greg W. Sleight Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Slone Ms. Wilma J. Smelcer Mr. and Mrs. David Spears Mr. Frederick R. Spicer and Ms. Kim McBride Marjorie K. Staples Nancy and Bruce Stevens Ms. Marilyn Stewart J. Robert and Christine L. Stoll Patricia and Avery Stone Jennifer Stone Mrs. Joan S. Streibel Dr. Julie-An M. Talano and Mr. Matthew T. Regan Mr. and Mrs. Edward Thomas Thilman III Andrew and Kim Tosh Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Tribbett III Tina and Byron Trott Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Valenti Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Velten Ms. Erin Warmus and Mr. Andrew Warmus John and Susan Washburn Johannes and Julia Weertman

Herman A. Weimer Ms. Barbara S. Weisenburger Jill and Brian Weston Barbara D. Wetzel and Mr. Robert F. Wetzel Mrs. Florence F. Wheeler David and Sandra Whitmore Mrs. William W. Wirtz Jane Stroud Wright Mrs. Liliya Yanovsky and Dr. Dmitry Sukenik Vivian and Robert Zahniser Mr. Robert Zaniolo Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Zarcone Mr. and Mrs. John Zera Ms. Karen J. Zera

$1,000 to $1,499 Anonymous (8) Mr. Patrick C. Adlam Mrs. Juliette F. Bacon Ms. Joy L. Bailey Mr. E. M. Bakwin Mr. and Mrs. William T. Bartholomay Kimberly Beard Mrs. Patricia C. Birk Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bobins, The Robert Thomas Bobins Foundation Donald F. Bouseman Mrs. Henry A. Briele Mr. and Mrs. Ian C. Brown Dr. and Mrs. Morris Brown Mr. and Mrs. Allan E. Bulley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Willard Bunn III Linda and Vincent Buonanno Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Byron Mr. Tyler R. Cain Wiley and Jo Caldwell Millie Calhoun and Joe Schorer Mr. and Mrs. James Cathcart Mrs. Silas S. Cathcart Martin R. Cobb and Laine Cobb Mrs. Annette M. and Mr. Thomas M. Cole Jane and Steve Coley Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Darling Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin J. Daverman Mr. and Mrs. Ryan DeVore David and Annette Dezelan Mr. and Mrs. William Dietz Mr. Joseph Doherty and Ms. Gretchen Hoffmann Maureen Dondlinger Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Donnelley II Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dorman Art and Elizabeth Duquette Valerie Egem Dan J. Epstein and Judy Guitelman Mrs. Margaret L. Erickson Marilyn Ernsteen Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Even Mr. Fabio Fabbri Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Fasano Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor Fitzgerald Mark and Cynthia Fuller Donald and Marie George Douglas and Michelle Gessner David and Carol Golder Cynthia and Norman Goldring Kathi S. Grant Mr. and Mrs. James E. Green Ms. Elizabeth Hafner and Family Ms. Sally Ann Hagan Martha Bacon Hartfiel

Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Marvin J. Herb Joyce and Richard Hirsch Rick and Cathy Hirschmann Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey D. Hoffmann Mr. and Mrs. Theodore L. Horne G. C. and Phyllis Hunt Ms. Gail E. Inman Mr. Edgar D. Jannotta, Sr. Vivienne Jones and Christopher McMahon Harriet and Ernest Karmin Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kehoe, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Kelley Elizabeth and Stephen Kendall Dr. and Mrs. Alan C. Keyes Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Kinney Mrs. Robert G. Knight, Jr. Mrs. Diana W. Kruglick Kofi Kwarteng Linda M. Lane Mrs. Mary E. Lane Robert and Linda Lanphier Ellyn E. Lanz Anne and Edward Laumann Pamela Lavigne and Matthew Tirrell Mr. and Mrs. Laurens W. Leffingwell Lesnik Family Foundation The Honorable Fay Hartog Levin Mr. and Mrs. John S. Lillard Daniel and Jennifer Linzer Amy and Donald Lubin John and Martha Mabie c/o 36 Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McCormack McKenna Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert McMenamin John and Ladd Mengel Mr. and Mrs. John Merritt Mr. and Mrs. Gordon H. Millner Mirnahill Foundation Paul and Catherine Misniak Ms. Cindy Moelis and Mr. Robert Rivkin Mrs. Kimberly Vender Moffat and Mr. Stephen D. Moffat Christine and Thomas Moldauer Eileen P. and Peter Monahan Brooks and Howard Morgan Pauline and Howard Morrison William D. Motley, Jr. and Mary G. Motley, EdD. Ms. C. Jane Mueller K. C. Nagle Marian E. Nelson Trust Mr. Scott J. Nelson and Ms. Rosanne M. Dineen Dr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Nielsen III Mr. James E. Olsen Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. Olson Mr. and Mrs.* Thomas C. O’Neil Mr. and Mrs. Jay L. Owen, Jr. Homi and Anne Patel Charlotte Pavelka and Douglas Reitz Polen Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Potter Ms. Penny Pritzker and Dr. Bryan Traubert David and Valeria Pruett Mr. and Mrs. Michael Purcell Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Putzel Ms. Diane Quinn Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rettinger Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Rhoades Dr. Edward O. Riley Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Ring Roberts Family Foundation

Mr. Edward M. Roob Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sacco Dr. and Mrs. Dan Schlitz Barbara and Gene Schmitt Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Schulson Jennifer and David Schultz Stevan and Kathryn Schweighardt Mrs. Robert W. Sharp Mr. and Mrs. David A. Sherman Mr. David and Mrs. Robin Small Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Sommer Mr. and Mrs. Scott Sommer Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Stanek Emmy and Steve Stanley Sue Stevens Liz Stiffel Mr. Mark Stone and Ms. Deanna Berman Pam and Russ Strobel Sandra H. Sweet and Mira J. Frohnmayer Louise Ingersoll Tausché Mr. and Mrs. Aaron R. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. James A. Tichy Mr. Joseph E. Timmins and Ms. Deanna Versteeg William and Jennifer Tippet Dale and Kim Visokey Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Wacker III Ms. Ellen Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Gary Walther Mrs. Joseph M. Weil Barbara H. West Mr. and Mrs. James S. White Ms. Amy Whittle and Ms. Marilyn Whittle Nancy Hamill Winter Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Wise, Jr. Ms. Brigette Wolf and Mr. Corey Klein Mr. Joseph Wolnski and Ms. Jane Christino Mr. Jordan Wood Mr. Ron Wright and Ms. Mary Wright Wendy and Keith Yamada

$250 to $999 Anonymous (83) Ms. C. D. Abarbanell Frances Abbott Ms. Jane R. Abel Mr. Gersh Abraham Lynn Abrahamson and Bill Crowley Mr. and Mrs. Bill Abrams Mr. and Mrs. James Abrams Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Adams Mr. William T. Adkerson and Ms. Heather Adkerson Ms. Rebecca Adler Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A’Hearn Ms. Sarah Airola Judith A. Akers Joseph Alaimo Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Albrecht Kenneth and Mary Ellen Alexander Mrs. Patricia Allain Cheri Allen Mrs. Ronald L. Allen Edward and Ilene Alpert Evy Alsaker Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Alt Ms. Andrea Ambrosino Amy Amdur - Amdur Productions Rick and Katie Amundsen Mr. and Mrs. John R. Anderluh

Ms. Aimee B. Anderson Mary Ann and Stephen F. Anderson Mr. Ronald L. Anderson Mrs. Sharon Anderson Mr. and Mrs. William N. Anderson Ms. Anita E. Andren and Mr. James P. Naughton Sharron Andresen and Anatole Crane Ms. Genevieve U. Anoff Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Anson Ms. Alona W. Anspach Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Apfelbaum Judith L. and Robert D. Appelbaum Phyllis and Stuart Applebaum Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Arbetter Mrs. Joan Arenberg and Mr. Neil Charak Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arensman Mr. Arthur Arfa Ms. Gabriella Armin Amy C. Arnott and Roger D. Ray Mani and Anne Arora Ms. Elizabeth Asbjornson and Mr. Eric Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Moses Awe Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Baade Mr. and Mrs. John A. Baccich Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bacon, Jr. Ms. Emily Bader Carol A. Bagan Mr. Scott G. Bagnall and Mrs. Jeanne Phillips Bagnall Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Bahr Mrs. LaCena Bailey Ms. Rita C. Bailey Ms. Brenda Baker Ms. Cynthia L. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Baker Mrs. Jacqueline C. Ball and Mr. William Costello Steve Ball and Les Everett Caroline and John Ballantine Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Balonick Cheryl and Ted Banks Mr. Matt Barba Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Barba Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Barden Dr. Rise L. Barkhoff Mr. and Mrs. Daniel N. Barlow Ms. Carol A. Barnett Ms. Kathleen Barnett and Mr. Ray Mroczenski Tem Barreto-Horwitz Barry and Elizabeth Barretta Ms. Sandra Bartelstein Karin Bartsch Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Bates, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William D. Baumann Hildegard K. Baxpehler Ms. Nancy J. Beaumont and Mr. Eric Beaumont Art and Elaine Beck Mr. Matthew S. Beck Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beck Sally Beck Mr. and Mrs. Martin I. Becker Randall and Linda Becker Mr. and Mrs. Brian Beggerow Deborah Bekken and Richard Kron Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Belgrad Mr. Charles Bell and Dr. Carol Craig Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Bell Ms. Kathleen Bell Mrs. Vilma Bell * Deceased



Mr. and Mrs. Ronald V. Bellito Albert and Martha Belmonte Mrs. Cynthia E. Bender Judy and Bruce Bendoff Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Benjamin Mrs. Charles W. Benton Pamela and John Benz Robert and Marla Kim Benziger Diane R. Bergen Mr. Allen Berger Laura Thomas Bergman Mr. and Mrs. Kelley A. Bergstrom Mr. and Mrs. David C. Beringer Ms. Susan A. Berkowitz and Mr. Marc Beem Michael and Amy Berland Mari and Josh Berliant Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Berner, Jr. John and Patricia Berwanger Mr. and Mrs. Orley O. Betcher III Dr. Kevin P. Bethke Lieselotte N. Betterman Mr. Donald J. Bezdek and Mr. John Bezdek Mr. John Biek and Ms. Christina J. Norton Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bielski Mr. Nicholas A. Bilandic Mary and Richard Biljetina Reverend Dr. Kathleen Billman and Reverend James Galuhn Richard and Gene Bindler Ms. Katherine A. Biondi Andrew and Betty Birner Mr. Theodore J. Birren and Mr. Daniel Hopper Mr. and Mrs. David F. Bishop Ms. Mary O. Bishop Kevin Blackberg Mr. and Mrs. William J. Blackburn, Jr. Neal E. Blair and Sarah M. Pritchard Mr. and Mrs. William H. Blair Ms. Carol Blake Jacqueline A. Blake Sandra and Robert Blake George C. Blanas Ms. Ruth E. Blank Mr. and Mrs. Tim Bledsoe Jeffrey and Melissa Bleiweis Mr. and Mrs. Jason L. Block Mrs. Philip D. Block III Ms. Doris Bloom Mr. John P. Blosser Barbara Bluhm-Kaul Foundation Irwin and Sena Blumensaadt Steven and Judy Blumenthal Ms. Miranda Blunt and Mr. Rich Moy Barbara J. Boba Barbara A. Bobrich Denice Bocek and David Lobocki Mr. Robert P. Boho Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Boike Mr. Russell Bond Gerry and Mary Bonkoske Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Borders Kris and Steve Borkenhagen Mrs. Kay W. Bosselman Mr. Robert Botelli Mr. and Mrs. Steve J. Bowsher Carl and Nancy Boyar Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Boyer Ms. Anne Boynton Sandra S. Bradbury


Ms. Barbara J. Bradford Mr. and Mrs. Eric Brandfonbrener Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Brannan Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Braun Ms. Kathy Braun Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bray Robert and Marjorie Breisblatt Marie Brelin Howard L. Brenner Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Brenner Ms. Pamela L. Bridges Dr. and Mrs. David F. Bright Elizabeth and Charles M. Brock Bill and Linda Bronner Gila J. Bronner Laura Bronson and Kurt Jorgensen Leslie Brookfield and Arvey Stone Patricia Broughton Andrew and Gail Brown Denise and Jerry Brown Mr. Georges P. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Jack Regan Brown Jackson D. Brown Larry and Ann Brown Mary Beth and Tom Brown Mr. and Mrs. William M. Brown Nancy Bruggeman Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Brunso Mr. and Mrs. Tom Buck Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Buckman Albert C. Buehler III Ms. Shannon Pope Bukta and Mr. Aaron Bukta Blakely and Harvey Bundy Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burack Dr. and Mrs. James J. Burden Ms. Erin Burke Ms. Sheila Burke Mrs. Richard C. Burnstine Ms. Nancy Burton Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bush Susanne B. Bush-Wilcox Mr. John Wm. Butler, Jr. and Mr. John M. VanderLinden Mrs. Merle Cahan Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Cain Phoebe J. Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Cameron Mr. Raymond F. Cameron Dr. and Mrs. Rafael Z. Campanini Sally R. Campbell Sharon and Dave Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Canada Joseph and Cory Cancila Mr. and Mrs. David Canmann Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Cantor Ms. Julie Capozzi and Ms. Rose Wheeler Ms. Susan Caraher Ms. Maria Olga Cardenas Mr. and Mrs. Kurt A. Carlisle Carney Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Carpenter Barbara W. Carr Betty A. Carr Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Carroll Mrs. Laurence A. Carton Mr. and Mrs. Jess M. Casner Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Caufield Mr. and Mrs. Francis N. Cavalier Dr. Robert and Patricia Cavallino Mr. and Mrs. Talivaldis Cepuritis

Mrs. JoAnn Chaimson-Grossman and Mr. John Grossman Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. Chandler Art and Dorothy Chantler Frank and Dorothy Chao Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Chapa Mrs. Norman Chapman Houda Chedid Rick and Dee Dee Chesley Kathryn J. Chieger Tim Child and Jim Ward Mrs. Cathleen Choi and Ms. Cynthia Choi Joyce and Robert Christensen Ms. Sally Christensen Rick and Karen Christiansen Walter D. Cibulskis John Cifonelli and Sally Deniston Barry and Lorraine Clark Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Clark Ms. Diane Clarke Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Clarke IV Mr. Donald E. Claus and Mr. George Rohrer Ms. Kathryn Clay Charlotte and Norman Codo Mr. and Mrs. Jules Cogan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cogan Sara and Dan Cohan Mrs. Hyla Cohen Jay and Shelley Cohen Mr. Larry D. Cohen Ann and Roger* Cole Jesse and Marguerite Cole Ron Cole Mr. and Mrs. William Cole Terry and Carol Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Coleman Sandy and Mike Collins Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Colman Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Colman Irina Colon Mr. and Mrs. Kevan K. Comstock P. J. Conrad Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Cook Ms. Rachel Cook and Mr. David Cook Mr. Rick Cooper Sara A. Cooper John and Kathryn Corboy Ms. Jennifer Craig Cordova and Mr. Mani Cordova Ms. Anne T. Coughlan and Mr. Charles B. Jameson Susan and Joseph Coughlin Charles R. Courtney Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cowan Daniel and Mary Beth Cox Mr. and Mrs. James R. Cox Sally and Tom Coyle Susan Craft Ms. Cynthia Crane and Mr. Lawrence R. Smith Alicia L. Crawford Stephen and Elizabeth Crawford Mrs. Martha Cray Mrs. John W. Croghan Mary Crook Mr. Gary L. Crosby Patricia and Jerome F. Crotty Dr. and Mrs. Aldo J. Crovetti Patricia E. Crowe Bruce and Meg Crowther Ms. Emily Culbertson

Dr. Douglas M. Cummings Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Cummings Judith Cunningham Sally and Bob Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. John A. Dahl Mr. and Mrs. Dan Dahlinghaus Timothy and Cheryl Dahlstrand Mr. Thomas J. Dammrich Ms. Jennifer Damon Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Darragh Judy and Tapas K. Das Gupta Mr. and Mrs. Sean Daugherty Kent and Liz Dauten Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. David Joan David Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Davidson Allen and Eliza Davies Allison Blakley Davis and Kenneth Davis Barbara and Bob Davis Mrs. Karen Davis Mr. Kenneth Davis Dr.* and Mrs. Lester H. Davis Ms. Ann E. Deakyne Mr. and Mrs. Anthony T. Dean Ms. Marlene Deck Mr. and Mrs. David C. Decker Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin E. Degrass Walter and Nina Deitch Mr. and Mrs. William E. Deitrick Mark and Jessica Deming Mrs. James E. DeMore Mr. and Mrs. Kieran Dempsey Mr. and Mrs. Ted DeNapoli Judy E. Denenberg Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Denison Mr. and Mrs. Charlie L. Denison Mrs. Betty Dennis Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. DePree Ms. Judith Desenis and Mr. E. Scott Peterson Marcia and Thomas Desmond Molly and Julian D’Esposito Ms. Teresa Dethloff Mr. and Mrs. Tom Detrempe Mr. and Mrs. Neal Deutsch Mr. and Mrs. Ted T. Devine Mr. and Mrs. C. J. DeWitt Mr. and Mrs. James S. Di Matteo Mr. and Mrs. John H. Dick Amy T. Dickinson James C. Differding Dr. Joan W. DiLeonardi Mr. Robert Dineen and Mrs. Marilyn Dineen Christine Dion Ms. Maria Disomma Ms. Patricia G. Disselhorst Dr. Richard F. Dods Mrs. Florence K. Dolan Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Domanik Domont Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Donohoe Ms. Louise Dooley Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Doonan Ms. Nancy Dore Gary R. Dorn Sue A. Dorrans Mr. and Mrs. James Doyle Charenton Zelov Drake Ray and Mary Beth Drake Ms. Adrienne Drell Ms. Mary Dresdow

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Dronen Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Drucker Mrs. Patricia M. Duda Ms. Michelle Dufault and Mr. Steve Dufault Dr. Mina K. Dulcan and Mr. Richard Wendel Sally Dumas Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Angus M. Duthie Mr. and Mrs. Dennis D. Dwyer Debbie and Kenneth Dynes Mrs. Anne Eagleton and Ms. Gwen Eagleton Peter and Ceylan Eatherton Ms. Glenna R. Eaves and Mr. Christopher Boebel Mr. and Mrs. Gary Eberlein Robert and Julie Eberspacher Mr. and Mrs. Larry Eclov Ms. Deborah J. Eddy Robert R. Edger and Gunnbjorg Lavoll Mr. Richard B. Egen Mr. and Mrs. Paul Egger Barbara and Ira Eichner Lois Eisen Marlene R. Eisen Mr. and Mrs. Allen E. Eliot Michael and Kathleen Elliott Deane Ellis and Barbara Ellis James and Sandra Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Brian Embree Mary Embree Jon and Linda Ender William and Patricia Ensing David and Paula Epstein Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Erickson Mr. Walter Erikson and Mrs. Judith E. Erikson Mrs. Ana Silva Ernst and Mr. Nate Ernst Mr. and Mrs. Ben Erwin William and Laurel Eslinger Karen and Charles Esposito Mr. and Mrs. John W. Estey Mr. Michael L. Etnyre and Mr. William Etnyre Albert Ettinger and Sue Lannin Ms. Rachel Beth Evans Mr. and Mrs. David Facklam Mrs. Linda Falotico Ms. Valentina N. Famparska Ms. Julianne Farley Mr. and Mrs. Grant Farrar Grant and Debra Farrell Ms. Susan Nicholas Fasciano Pam and Ken Faulkner Scott and Susan Feldman Warren and Judy Fellingham Alan and Daisy Ferguson Ms. Marlene Fernandes Flora and Balbino Fernandez Maria R. Ferreira and Rosario Ferreira Drs. David Ferster and Indira M. Raman Ms. Carol L. Fessenden Dan and Regina Fiddyment Mary H. Fields Ms. Elaine Filus and Mr. Tom Lenz Ms. Laura L. Finkel Mr. and Mrs. Ed Finnegan Merle and Terry Fippinger James and Shellie Fisch Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Fischer

Ms. Jeanne Fisher Ms. Nancy A. Fisher and Mr. Keith Fisher Dr. and Mrs. William E. Fishman Mr. and Mrs. Ed Fitzgerald Mr. Michael Flagg Mr. and Mrs. Staunton O. Flanders Ms. Nancy A. Flannery and Family Mrs. Harold M. Flanzer Ms. Cheryl Flecksteiner Roslyn K. Flegel Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Fleitz Jim and Meg Fletcher Nona C. Flores Anita D. Flournoy Mr. and Mrs. John T. Foley Patricia C. Foley Mr. and Mrs. John Folkers Mr. and Mrs. William D. Folland Mr. David Follmer Mr. and Mrs. John J. Foran Dr. Kimberly R. Ford and Ms. Kjestine Ford John D. Fornengo Mr. Philip Forsberg Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fosnaugh Ms. Eliza P. Fournier Mr. and Mrs. Greg T. Fouts Charles E. Frank and Karen Frank Peters Mrs. Elaine Frank* Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Frankel Mr. and Mrs. William Franklin Jeanette C. Fredrickson and Eric Fredrickson Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Freehling Ms. Lisa P. Fremont and Mr. Mark Boyle Ms. Janet W. Freund Mr. and Mrs. Stuart H. Fried Ms. Judy S. Friedman and Mr. Howard I. Friedman Ms. Sara Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Howard Friend Mr. and Mrs. Otis Frost Mr. and Mrs. Dirk and Teresa Fucik Judith and Ward Fuller Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert B. Furst Karl-Heinz and Kathleen* Gabbey Denise and Jeffrey Gadient Calvin and Margaret Gage Mr. and Mrs. Marion Gajek Mr. Benjamin Galbo Mr. Mark Galea J. Patrick and Anne M. Gallagher Mrs. Jennifer N. Gallagher Jane Gallery and George Craven Ms. Beth Galliani Cindy and Robert Galmish Denise Michelle Gamble Mrs. Marvin B. Ganek Shlomo Garber Victor and Rebecca Garces Carol and John Gard Ted and Arlyne Garrison Mr. Michael Garzel and Mr. Jeffrey Souva Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Gass Barbara and Chuck Gately Ms. Liliana C. Gaubin Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Gaud, Jr. Jo Ann Gavin and John Smyth, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Gawrit Azieb Gebrehiiwet and Mihreteab Gebrehiiwet Doris H. Geck

Mrs. Cherie R. Geller Mr. and Mrs. William Genell Ms. Cynthia S. George and Mr. Philip Griest Melinda and Ray Geraldson Dr. Margaret Gerber Mr. and Mrs. Adam Gerchen Jerome Gerchikov and Mrs. Marjorie Galster Joel and Alison Gershon Mr. and Mrs. Julio L. Gesklin Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Getty Mr. and Mrs. David Gezon Dr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Gilbert Joan and John Gilchrist Susan H. Gilkey, M.D. Karla S. Gillette Ms. Cindy Gilmore Mr. and Mrs. James S. Gineris Robert and Valerie Giurato Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gjerlow, Jr. Patricia T. Gladden and James W. Gladden, Jr. Maureen M. Glassberg Margaret M. Glynn Augustyna and Ted Godek John J. Golab Darcy and Don Golas Robert S. Goldberg and Dorothy Weinstein Sheila L. Goldberg Mrs. Diane Goldman and Dr. Robert Goldman Dr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Goldman Wendy and Bob Goldman Craig and Elissa Goldsmith Marsha and Michael Goldstein Ms. Doris E. Gonczy and Ms. Monique Showalter Mary and Bruce Goodman Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Goodwillie Mr. and Mrs. David B. Gookin Bobbie Gordon L. Stuart Gordon Angela C. Gorman Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Gorski Mr. Steven Gorski and Ms. Barbara Gebbia Mr. and Mrs. Howard Goss Sheila and Richard Gottardi Ms. Jane H. Grad Judge and Mrs. John F. Grady Alison Graf and Richard Schreiner Mr. and Mrs. Werner Graf Mrs. Patricia R. Graham Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Graham Mr. and Mrs. William Graham Mr. and Mrs. William W. Graham Mr. and Mrs. Keith Grant Sherry and Delmon Grapes Mr. Anthony R. Green Ms. Kathleen Green Mary Winton Green Ms. Christine Greenberg and Mr. Gary Greenberg Donna and Jack Greenberg Amy and Bob Greenebaum Janice Greenwald Byron and Susan Gregory Jeffrey and Dominique Greve Timothy Griffin and Chester Dallas Janet Wolter Grip Mr. and Mrs. Stanislaw Grochowski Mr. Paul Groshko

Charley and Jill Gross Mr. Edmund W. Grosskopf Mr. and Mrs. Nathan M. Grossman Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Grossman Mr. and Mrs. David D. Grumhaus Mr. and Mrs. David Grumman Richard and Gayle Guelzow Jackie and Jerry Guest Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Guidarini Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gundlach Michael Gurtman and Lois Lourie Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Gutraj Mrs. Elke Gutt-Jankowski and Mr. George M. Gutt Mr. and Mrs. Roger Guzlas Carolyn W. Haas Dr. David Hacker and Dr. Elaine S. Hacker Muris Hadzic and Elma Gabela Hadzic Mr. and Mrs. Mervin D. Hagen Gretchen and Scott Hall Rita M. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Halvorsen William Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hamman Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hammond Dr. and Mrs. Ira M. Hanan Dr. Chester S. and Phyllis J. Handelman Mr. and Mrs. Marc T. Hanger Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hannafan Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hansel Mr. and Mrs. John Hansen Britt Hanson and Todd Nega Mr. and Mrs. Warren D. Hanssen Ms. Paula Harbage Mr. Leslie Hardison and Ms. Dorothy Hardison David and Pam Harrington Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. Harris John and Gwen Harris Ms. Kathleen E. Harris Steven and Lenore Harris Tom and Janet Harris Mrs. Augustin S. Hart, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hartnett Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Hauser Ms. Trudy A. Havens and Mr. Gary L. Neilson Cynthia Havlik Ms. Saundra R. Hawes David and Karen Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Z. Hayward, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Heal Mrs. Thomas D. Heath Mr. Robert M. Hedrick Jean and Tom Hedstrom Ms. Margreatha M. Hein Ms. Marnie Helfand and Mr. Bradley Helfand Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Helfand Ms. Pamela Hendricksen Mr. and Mrs. David D. Herbert Karen and Paul Herkes Mr. Fernando Hernandez and Ms. Marion Gielow Mr. and Mrs. James M. Herrmann Franz Herrnreiter Barbara and Jim Herst Ms. Leslie J. Herzog Lucia W. Heyworth Dr. and Mrs. James A. Hill Mr. and Mrs. James Hinchliff

28 * Deceased


Mrs. Edward Hines Ms. Dee E. Hinger Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hinkamp Joseph and Patricia Hinkel Ms. Helen Hintz and Ms. Monica MacMillan Ms. Marilyn B. Hirsch and Mr. Gary Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hirschfield Jill and Douglas A. Hirsh Ms. Peggy Hoberg Robert Hoffer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Burton L. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Hoffman Ms. Sandra N. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. William F. Hoffman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David Holdsworth Ken Holehouse Mr. and Mrs. Michael Holling Dr. Linda Hollinger-Smith Peter and Lynn Holstein Mr. and Mrs. Fred Holubow Kelly Hondru Mrs. Carol S. Honigberg Bill and Vicki Hood Ms. Elizabeth Hopp-Peters and Mr. Kurt Peters Pat and Peter Horne Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Horner, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Horwitz Ms. Peggy Jo Hoskin Chris and Keri Hotaling Ms. Rose M. Houston Mrs. William W. Howell Laurie W. Howick Mr. and Mrs. Jed Hoyer Ms. Frederica F. Hoyt Dr. and Mrs. Annming A. Hsieh Yu-Lin Hsueh Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Hubbard Elaine B. Hughes and Sarah L. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hughes Mary Ellen and Tim Hughes Ms. Sarah L. Hughes Ms. Sarah Humke Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Hunter IV Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hurley Ms. Victoria Hurley Mrs. George J. Hurney Florence and Arthur Hurter The Hussey Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hutchins Ms. Carrie A. Hutchinson and Mr. Thomas Hutchinson Leslie and Michael B. Hyman Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Hyndman Ellen Hyndman Mr. and Mrs. Oz Ihrig Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Ilg Garry and Donna Illig Mark and Kate Imhoff Dr. and Mrs. David Ingall Ms. Cheryl Ingram Mr. and Mrs. Yoichiro Ishikawa Ann R. Israel M. E. Jacka Vera Jackmuth Joann and Jerry Jacks Lynn and Doug Jackson Susan and Graham Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Jacobson


Shirley R. Jahn Mr. and Mrs. Gerald C. Jakubowski Mrs. Christine Jakymiw and Mr. Matt Jakymiw Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. James Jim and Karen Janas Mr. John Janecek Ms. Carol Janossy and Mr. James Janossy, Jr. Christina and Brad Jaros Mr. Tim Jarosch Rangamma Jasti and Rao Jasti Mr. and Mrs. Joel H. Jastromb Kathleen and Hal Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Tom Jenkins Trevor Jesse and David C. Jesse Ms. Sandra Jewell Baiqiang Jin and Shen Chen Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Johanson Mrs. Adrienne Johns and Mr. James R. Whiteley Mr. Erik Johnson Ms. Lucienne Johnson and Mr. Vincent Lizzo Peggy and Joel Johnson Mr. Perry W. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Rick Johnstone Jo Joiner Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Jones Ms. Gail R. Jones and Ms. Joan Redden Michael Jones and Deborah Zoller R. Ann Jones Mr. Richard T. Jones Mr. Robert O. Jones Thomas Jones and Michael Tyllas Mrs. Arlene A. Juracek Judy and Sanford Kahn Mr. Derrick Kaleta Edward J. Kaleta and Carol A. Kaleta Mrs. Dolores E. Kampwirth and Ms. Kristin Kampwirth Rita Kanne Mr. and Mrs. Mahesh Kansara Mrs. Sandra Kappeler Verla Kasmerchak Dr. Claudia A. Katz Barbara Kaufman Marie and Larry Kaufman Ms. Stacey Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. William Kaufman Mr. George Kay Ms. Patricia Kay Ms. Bonnie Kearns Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Keefe Mrs. Stephanie M. Keehn Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Keenan Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Kehoe Mary E. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Peter O. Kelly Randy and Victoria Kemmeling Gina Kennedy and Robert Shannon Mary and John Kennedy Mr. John Kerney Debbie and Steve Kerr Dr. and Mrs. William D. Kerr, Jr. Ms. Ruth Keyso Ms. Jennifer Kiefer Mrs. David Killpack Myung Hee Kim Mr. and Mrs. Edwin F. Kindig Mr. and Mrs. James D. King

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff King Tom and Gail Kirkham Sam and Denise Kirshenbaum Ms. Nancy E. Kittle Mr. Daniel Klaff and Family Ms. Donna P. Klauke Mr. Bill Klein and Mrs. Betty Marshall-Klein Ms. Megan J. Klein Michael and Kellie Klein Tom and Lynley Kleiner Mr. and Mrs. John G. Klinge Mrs. Susan Klingenstein Thomas A. Kmetko Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Knakmuhs Gwen and Jules Knapp Christopher and Emily Knight Ms. Kathleen M. Knoppe Debbie Katz Knowles Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Koepfgen Irena and Teodozy Kolasa Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kollar Mrs. George A. Kolovos Mr. Timothy Kolschowsky Mary Sue Drury Komnenich

Ms. Betty Konrad Dr. and Mrs. Michael Korey Mr. and Mrs. D. Stanton Korista Mr. and Mrs. Mark Koten Ms. Carolyn A. Kotlarski Ms. Anna Kotsovos Ms. Mary Ann Koval and Mr. Fred Flude Mr. Peter Kowalski Mr. and Mrs. John W. Kozak Mr. Ken Kozak Mr. Charles W. Kraemer Dr. Andrea Kramer and Mr. Brian N. Kramer Susan and Manny Kramer Mr. and Mrs. W. Paul Krauss Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kravits Mrs. Joan Krimstein William and Sandra Kroll Leona Krompart Bill and Linda Krucks Ms. Dusanka Kuljanin and Mr. Spasoje Kuljanin Ms. Charlene M. Kunkel Walter and Elaine Kurczewski Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Kurz

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Kurzydlo Caryl and Ron Kushner Mr. and Mrs. John Kyle Claire and John Labbe Heather and James Lagattuta The Lake Forest Shop Leigh Keyser Lalich David and Darlene Landsittel Barbara and Steve Lane Mr. William W. Lane Ms. Beth M. Lange Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Langer S. D. Lansing Family Mr. and Mrs. Desmond LaPlace Mr. John J. LaRock Ms. Joanne Larsen Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Lasky Richard B. and Gail M. Lass Jeff Later and Betsy Donahue Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lattanzio Mr. and Mrs. James Lauesen Ms. Beverly S. Lavitt and Dr. Alan Lavitt Mrs. Lenore B. Lawrence Mr. Lance P. Lawson and Mr. James A. Wetzel Marsha Lazar Dr. and Mrs. Phil Lebovitz Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Leck Ms. Barbara J. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Sig Lefkovitz Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Lenahan Mr. John Lenhard and Ms. Phoebe Foltz Jim and Martie Lennon Marianne and Al Lerner Mr. and Mrs. Donald Leventhal Bob and Judi Levine Mr. and Mrs. Martin Levine Mr. and Mrs. Michael Levinsohn Molly G. Levitt Mr. and Mrs. Terry B. Levy Arnie Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Lewis Mr. Ming-Gon J. Lian Carolyn Lickerman Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Liebenson Mrs. Paul D. Lieberman Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Lieblich Ms. Helene Lijewski Mr. Chad Limones Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Limpus Ms. Shuhong Lin and Mr. Zhihui Huang Rebecca Ann Lind Barbara Lindblad Arnel Lingad and Mirasol Lingad Dr. and Mrs. Herbert A. Lippitz Dr. Stewart and Fay Lipton Ms. Lynne Liss and Ms. Jen Svarc Ms. Anne E. Little Mrs. Francis E. Little Mr. Patrick Little and Ms. Emily Hanan Steve and Anita Livaditis Mr. David Lively and Ms. Elizabeth A. Gillette Patricia M. Livingston Diane and Bill Lloyd David E. Long and Terra R. McClory Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lower Teri and Fred Lowinger Mrs. Joan Lowry Dr. and Mrs. Claude A. Lucchesi Ms. Paula Ludmann and Mr. Joseph Keleghan

Mrs. Virginia M. Lujan Jason and Amy Lundy Mr. and Mrs. Eric D. Lussen Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Lutz Ms. Margaret Lydon Mrs. Roberta D. Lynch Mary Lou Lyons Jim and Kay Mabie Douglas and Jessie MacDonald Mr. Donald Mack Mrs. Suzanne C. Mack and Ms. Elizabeth Mack Mr. and Mrs. Jon C. MacKay Mardie MacKimm Fund at The Chicago Community Trust Willmot Macleod Mr. and Mrs. Carl MacPherson Ray and Mary Maddock Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Madigan Robert Maganuco Family Michael and Deborah Maggio Ms. Gail S. Mahaffey Stephen and Karen Malkin Mr. and Mrs. Jeffry Mallow Mr. and Mrs. Donald Malzahn Mr. William E. Mangold Mr. and Mrs. H. George Mann Mrs. Marjorie E. Marcquenski Mr. and Mrs. Steven Marcus Ms. Wendy Margolis and Ms. Laura Margolis Strykowski Mr. Jeremy K. Marmer and Mrs. Sivakami Thayu Ms. Marie Marotta Dr. and Mrs. John Marquardt Julia M. Marshall, M.D. Marlene and Lou Marsico Dr. Adele Martel and Mr. Roland Martel Maureen M. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Hector Martinez Janice Mason Rebeca Massey Caroline S. Masterson Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Masterson David and Toni Mathis Ms. Judith G. Matz and Mr. David Barhydt Robert J. Matz Lindsay Maurer Mr. Charles Mauter Dr. Feliks Mavashev Ms. Karen J. May and Mr. Robert G. May Ms. Susan E. Mayer Russell and Anne Mayerfeld Susan and Paul Mayfield Anya S. Maziak Mr. Raymond McBride Judy and John McCarter Patrick and Lisa McCarthy Mark and Kathy McCarville Mr. and Mrs. James McClamroch Nicholas and Denise McClanahan Nina and Andrew McCune Kay W. McCurdy Ann McDermott Mrs. Karalynn McDermott Dr. and Mrs. Timothy McDonough Mr. Rodger D. McDowall and Mr. John Burton Nancy and Mike McEntee Adam and Katherine McGaughy

Ms. Gail McGrath and Mr. Sheldon Levin Dr. and Mrs. James D. McHolland George and Alice McKann Mr. and Mrs. Bob McKay Don and Elsa McLean Ms. Jacqueline McMillan Mr. Jefferson McMillan-Wilhoit Carrie McNally Kathy Kaatz McRae Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Meardon Mr. Erik Meier Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Meiners Ms. Suzanne Carter Meldman Ms. Diane P. Meltmar Lois Melvoin Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Merlin Sara and Richard Mesirow George and Gerry Messenger Mr. and Mrs. Richard Messersmith Mr. and Mrs. Laurens Mets Mr. and Mrs. William G. Meuer Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Meyer Elizabeth P. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Meyers Dr. Ernest E. Mhoon, Jr. Dr. Aaron J. Michelfelder Ms. Sharon M. Michnuk and Mr. Steven Millar Michael and Rebecca Mikolajczyk Mr. and Mrs. James Mikulski Ms. Melanie Milin Cheryl L. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Miller Mr. and Mrs. John W. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Larry Miller William and Anita Miller Mrs. Jean H. Mionske Mrs. Bernice Miska Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mitchell Mr. Richard Mitterholzer Roger and Pauline Mohr Mr. and Mrs. John E. Monaco Mr. and Mrs. Walter D. Monroe III Richard and Beverly Moody Mr. and Mrs. David Mooney William Mooney Ms. Brittany Moore Mr. and Mrs. C. Alexander Moore Deborah Waud Moore Diana and David Moore Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Moore Jim and Diane Moore Judy and Ron Moore Mr. J. Clifford Moos Victor and Faye Morgenstern Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Moriello Rick and Joyce Morimoto Mr. and Mrs. Peter Morris Ms. Sandra L. Mosetick and Mr. Ben Mosetick Larry and Judy Mosner Ms. Barbara A. Moy Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Mueller John E. and Maureen O. Muench Mr. and Mrs. Sridip Mukhopadhyaya Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mulhern Mrs. Jay Mullen Ellen P. Multack and Family Ms. Dianne Munevar and Mr. Jason Niederkorn Tariq and Nijood Murad Bridget Murphy

Mrs. Catherine Eardley Murphy Mr. Richard J. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Murphy Ms. Barbara B. Murray Mr. and Mrs. James Murray Dr. Judith Musick William and Frances Myers Mary Nagle Akira Nakajima Matthew and Akemi Nakanishi Mrs. Joseph E. Nathan The Walter Nathan Family Mr. Sarv Nayyar Dr. and Mrs. John D. Neiligan Mrs. Suzanne Nelson Mr. and Mrs. William B. Nelson Lisa and Victor Nemeroff Foundation Louis and Lindsay Nero Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Neumann Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan B. Newcomb Dr. and Mrs. William Newell George D. Newton, Jr. and Marja H. Newton Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Newton, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Nielsen Ms. Audrey A. Niffenegger Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Nippert Kathleen Nissly Mrs. Barbara M. Noeth Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert H. Nore Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Norton Mr. David P. Noskin Keren Novack Mrs. Mary Jane Novenario-Reese Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Novicki James J. Novotny Dorothy Jeanne Oakley Michael and Cheryl O’Brien Sally and Jim O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ochs Mr. Brian O’Connor PJ O’Conor Donald A. and Gayle P. O’Day Kevin and Lynn O’Grady Dr. Patricia O’Leary and Dr. Shaun O’Leary Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Oliva Jeffrey and Lesley Ollada Michael and Annika Olshansky Mrs. Roberta A. Olshansky Theodore A. Olson Michael K. Oman Tom and Molly O’Neil Kathleen F. O’Neill Ms. Anna A. Onley and Ms. Marina Wass Mrs. Karen R. Onufer Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Orbach Mr. Jonah Orlofsky and Ms. Joan Polacheck Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O’Shea Dennis and Mary Osimitz Charles and Elaine Oslakovic Jane and Elliott Otis Ms. Jennifer Otten and Mr. Dan Otten Mr. Sidney Overbey Ms. Rebecca Owen Mr. and Mrs. Matt Ozimek Mr. and Mrs. Steve M. Pace Ms. Anne Pachciarek Dr. Lauren M. Pachman and Mr. Mark A. Satterthwaite Louella and Cleo Paez

30 * Deceased


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Page Jim and Sue Pajakowski Mr. Stanley J. Palder and Dr. Elizabeth Chapin Mr. and Mrs. John Paleczny Mr. Michael S. Paleczny and Ms. Kathy P. Paleczny Ms. Sandra Palfrey Anthony and Catherine Palin D Murdell Panek and Kevin Rogers B. D. Park Ms. Eleanor Parker Mr. and Mrs. James F. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Bill Parkhurst John P. Parkins Mrs. Carolyn Parmer and Mr. Raymond C. Parmer Mr. Robert A. Parolin Stanley Parzen and Lynne Raimondo Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pasquesi Mr. and Mrs. Tony C. Passanante Manda Patel Elizabeth Patterson and Michael Hermsen Mrs. Lois Patterson Bill and Bette Pattis Robert and Nancy Paul Jennifer Pavelec Mrs. Albert Pawlick Mr. and Mrs. Brent Payne Edgar and Phyllis Peara Trust Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pearsall Mr. and Mrs. Rene Pecson Carol Pedot Joanne E. Pelletiere Mrs. Vernon J. Pellouchoud Mr. James J. Pelts Elan Peltz and Etta Greenfeld Mrs. James R. Pendry Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Perkaus, Jr. Dr. Marilyn Perlman and Mr. Harry Epstein Robert Perrey James H. Peters Mr. and Mrs. Marc Peters Rich and Corinne Peters Mr. and Mrs. Eric Peterson Mr. and Mrs. James C. Peterson Ken Peterson and Marla Tracy Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Peterson Thomas and Jean Peterson Rita Petretti Mr. and Mrs. R. Douglas Petrie Ms. Sandra Petron Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Pettinger Lorna and Ellard Pfaelzer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Pfaff Mrs. Genevieve M. Phelps Charles and Diane Phillips Mr. Charles Phillips Mrs. Dolores Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Scott Pickens Ms. Tiffani Pierson and Mr. Steve Shultz Jan Piesciuk Mrs. H. P. Pinnell Donna and Les Pinsof Karin and Conrad Pioli Judy and Chuck Piper Mr. Robert S. Pitt and Mrs. Lora LaDew Dr. William K. Platt Wilma V. Plazak Mrs. Frederic W. Plochman


Mr. John Podjasek Mr. Dan Podsedly and Ms. Yvonne Yuen Don and Martha Pollak Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Popeck Judy and Ron Porte Mr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Poupitch David R. Powers Linda Prasil and John T. Rank Mr. John M. Pratt Ms. Merry Ann Pratt and Ms. Dorothy Sue Pratt Mr. and Mrs. John E. Preschlack Marilyn and Roger Price Ms. Victoria Priddy and Mr. Mark H. Fromm Juliet K. Priebe Ms. Marjorie H. Pries and Mr. Paul Baker Sandra and Paul Prince Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Pristave Mrs. Nancy Prosko and Mr. Dwayne Prosko Ira and Ina Pruzan Ms. Amanda Puck Deborah L. Puntenney Paula J. Puntenney Dr. Sandi Pupa Mrs. Marina Puryear Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Pyott Ms. Julie Quick and Ms. Sharon Paddock Dr. Barry Rabin Ms. Peggy Radelet and Mr. David P. Radelet Mr. and Mrs. Hollis W. Rademacher William J. Radler Fund Mr. and Mrs. John M. Radzinski Helene and Norman Raidl Nabih and Cindy Ramadan Ms. Jill Ramza Dr. John G. Rana Dr. Jo Ann M. Rapp Barbara Rasinski Nancy and Warren Rasmussen Mr. and Mrs. Ken Rattner Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Raucci Eric and Susan Rauscher Mr. John H. Ray Mr. and Mrs. Richard Redmond Shirley Redmond Ms. Laurie L. Reed and Mr. Thomas D. Sattizahn Mr. Harold W. Rees and Ms. Emily Culbertson Annette M. Rehmke and Jeffery W. Hickey Dr. Anne Grall Reichel and Mr. Jack Reichel Mrs. Corrine V. Reichert Mrs. Christine Reidy Mrs. Clyde W. Reighard, Jr. Ms. Anne Reilly John and Anne Reilly Mr. Lawrence Remenanyder Mrs. S. Renigers Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Repke Alicia and Myron Resnick Mr. and Mrs. Ken Resnick Alicia and David Resnicoff Marilyn and Guy Revesz Mr. and Mrs. Sherman F. Reynolds Ms. Nancy M. Rhoades Mr. and Mrs. Garrick Rice Ms. Alicia M. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. David W. Riddell

Mr. Bill Riess and Ms. Colleen Downey Sandi L. Riggs Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Rigsby Bernard and Gloria Rinella Mr. and Mrs. Branden Ritchie Ms. Tracy Ritter and Ms. Charlet M. Stearney Roberta Sue Robert William and Patricia Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Gary Robinson Nancy Kimball Robinson Dr. and Mrs. Peter Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Reuven A. Robinson Julie and Don Rocap Ms. Elizabeth A. Rochford Mr. and Mrs. Philip Roden Mr. Edwin Rodham and Ms. Cathy Costouros Curt and Linda Rodin Nancy Rodin Paul and Sharlene Roge Ms. Sarah Rogers Mr. Ernest M. Roggelin Elizabeth and James Roghair Scott and Becky Rohloff Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rohrbach Dr. John Rolland and Dr. Froma Walsh Stephena Cook Romanoff Denise and Charles Romeo Ronzani Lawn Service, Inc. Patricia A. Root Elaine G. Rosen Linda and Frank Rosenbaum Dr. Heidi M. Rosenberg and Mr. Benjamin Rosenberg James L. Rosenberg, MD Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Rosenfield Mr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Rosenstein Judy and Warner Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. Phil I. Rosenthal Ms. Jenny Ross Nuna and Ennio Rossi Mrs. Raymond H. Rotheroe Jane and Anthony Rothschild Mr. Alan G. Rottman Peg and Chuck Rowe Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Rowean Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Rowland Howard and Gene Royer Tom and Judy Roytek Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Rubin Mr. Michael J. Rubin Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Ruegsegger Paul and Rose Ruestow Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Rugo Mr. Edwin D. Runtti and Mr. Robert Valle Dr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Ruskin Mr. John C. Russell and Ms. Cecily Crowther Paul and Kerry Russell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Russell Edwin and Diana Ruthman Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Ruzicka Mr. Mark R. Ryan and Ms. Debi Lucchetti Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Ryan Mr. George Rykowski and Ms. Silvia Schmid Louise and Florianne Rzeszewski Mr. Joseph A. Sacco Mrs. Alice Sachs Mr. Michael A. Sachs Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Sachs

Ms. Mary Joan Saffa and Ms. Karen S. Rodke Mr. and Mrs. Arsenio Sagario Ms. Gloria A. Sagen Carolyn and David Saidel Mrs. Peter V. Salamoun Betty L. Sample Ms. Sue Ann S. Samuelson Steven and Elizabeth Sanders The Santaromita Family Ms. Donna Chiariello Santoro and Ms. Phileene Evans Ms. Susan K. Sarb Mr. and Mrs. Steven I. Sarowitz Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Saunders Mr. Edward Savers Gail and Robert Scadron Mr. Robert P. Scales and Ms. Mary E. Keefe Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Scarpelli Mr. and Mrs. Joel Schauer Ms. Marie-Claude Schauer Tom and Sandy Scheckelhoff Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schectman Michelle and Jeffrey Scheinkopf Mr. Roger Schellenberger Elayne and Robert Schempp Mr. and Mrs. David Schiffman Ms. Christine Schilling Mr. and Mrs. Jon L. Schindler Sheila Schlaggar Mr. Douglas M. Schmidt Ms. Linda A. Schneider and Mr. James Cahan Ms. Lynne Schneider and Ms. Sue Rehorst Mr. Leo Schoenhofen Jim and Jane* Schorr Kristine A. Schriesheim Carol and Dean Schroeder Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Schroeder Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Schuler Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Schulman Susan and Bradley Schulman Ms. Eileen M. Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Karl Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Schultz Jeffery and Susan Schulze Mr. Robert Schuman and Ms. Anne L. Schuman Paul T. Schuster Family Herbert A. Schwab Mr. and Mrs. Matson F. Schwalm Donald L. and Susan J. Schwartz Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stanley D. Schwartz Ms. Susan L. Schwartz Mrs. Jean R. Schwarz Lisa and Steven Schwarz Diane and Bud Schwarzbach Ms. Renee Schwingbeck Ms. Ashley Scott and Mr. R. Michael Scott Mr. and Mrs. Craig H. Scott Dr. Deborah Scott and Dr. Joan Sophie Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Scott Ms. Barbara Scripps Joan and Jim Sears Nancy and Ron Semerdjian Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd A. Semple, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Sennott Ms. Diana Seymour Mrs. Thomas Shafer Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Shafer

Dr. Phyllis W. Shafron and Ms. Andrea Lathan Ms. Patricia M. Shanahan Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Shanker Mr. John Shanks Kay Shannon C. Shapiro and D. A. Vorachek Ms. Sonya Sharpless and Mr. Jon Fryer Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Gordon W. Sheahen Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Michelle Sheedy Mr. and Mrs. Tim Sheehan Mr. and Mrs. Byron Sheets Marybeth Shepard Mr. and Mrs. Dan Sher Linda and Gerald* Shields Ms. Eunja Shim Mr. and Mrs. Keith Shimon Barrie Bowen Shinn Mike and Lee Shinners Mr. Paul F. Showers Mr. and Mrs. Duward F. Shriver Stephanie A. Sick Mrs. Robert M. Sider Mr. and Mrs. Shael Siegel Ms. Valerye Siegel Dr. Paul R. Sievert Mrs. Thomas Silberman Ms. Elsa Silva Phil and Karen Silveira Ms. Anne Simpson Mr. Ernest Sims Martin G. Sirvatka Leigh A. Sisk Judy and Bill Siskel Don and Marion Sitkiewicz Peter and Joanna Sjoblom John and Trish Sjoholm Frances N. Slisz Patti and Bob Smietana Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Smith Edward and Erin Smith Mr. and Mrs. Eric C. Smith Ms. Helen L. Smith Mr. and Mrs. John Smith Ms. Kimberly L. Smith Ms. Mary Ann H. Smith Mary Beth and Stanton K. Smith Ms. Melissa Smith Pamela and Charles Smith Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Smith Rutledge and Katie Smith Mr. and Mrs. Taylor H. Smith Toni Sandor Smith Christina and Robert Smolen Mrs. Edna M. Smyth Jack and Lynn Snarr Mrs. Ann B. Snyder Ms. Holly D. Soares and Mr. David C. Diaz Ms. Stacy Sochacki Shirley S. Solomon Marge and Larry Sondler Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Sonneborn III Mr. and Mrs. Dale M. Sopocy Mr. Jason Sowers Dr. and Mrs. David Spadafora Dr. Luretta D. Spiess Andrew Sprogis and Jennifer Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. Vernon T. Squires Tom and Jolyn Stanley

Robert and Susan Star Ms. Sharyn Stauter Mrs. Henry F. Stec Mr. Gray Steelman Mr. and Mrs. Joel Stein Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Stein Richard and Terri Stein Joanne and Jim Steinback Mrs. Momoko O. Steiner Dorie Sternberg Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Stevenson Mr. and Mrs. David L. Stoehr Mr. and Mrs. Howard Stone Mark and Kim Stone Dr. and Mrs. Peter W. Stonebraker Ms. Anne Stranberg Dr. and Mrs. Gerald O. Strauch Ms. Susan R. Strauss Jennifer P. Streit Jane and Stephen Stroupe Andy and Mary Pat Studdert Mrs. John C. Sturgis Mrs. Kelly Kiefer Sullivan and Mr. Michael Sullivan Rosanne and Bill Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Dan Sundt David and Jan Suthard Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sutoris Mrs. William P. Sutter Mr. Wayne N. Svoboda Mr. and Mrs. Armour Swanson Ms. Loretta Sweeney Dr. and Mrs. Martin Swerdlow Mary K. Swift Mr. D. Jeffrey Swinson Ms. Barbara Sylvan Ms. Barbara B. Synnestvedt Mr. and Mrs. Casmir F. Szczepaniak Mrs. Anne Taft Dr. James V. and Joan F. Talano Mary Tamarri Ms. Fui Lian Tan and Dr. Robert F. Inger Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Tarant Raymond and Anne Tatalovich Ms. Gerry A. Taylor The ten Brink Family Ms. Jamina E. Tepley and Mr. Michael J. Stoyanovich Mr. Peter Testa and Family Mrs. Jean K. Thiel and Ms. Jennifer Baumeister Mr. and Mrs. F. Andrew Thinnes III Dr. Claire Thom Patrick and Anna-Lisa Thomas Mrs. Phyllis Scholl Thomas Mr. Richard L. Thomas, Jr. Tria and Carson Thomas Jennifer Thominet and Aleksandra Thominet Gary and Barbara Thompson Mr. and Mrs. James Thompson Janet Thullen Ms. Nancy Tichenor Mrs. Theodore D. Tieken, Jr. Dr. David and Shawn Tiemeier John C. Tierney Mr. and Mrs. David Tingue Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tirpak Mrs. Jeannie Tisbo Ms. Lorinda D. Tisdell Phil and Sandy Tobin Virginia C. Tolford

Virginia Tolk Mr. and Mrs. James M. Tolles Mrs. Lee Tomic and Ms. Erin Tomic Mr. Timothy Tomkovich Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Tompkins Christina Topf and Philip Burns Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Tousey Larry and Carol Townsend Mr. and Mrs. Ken Tracey Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Tracy Mr. and Mrs. James M. Trapp Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Trees Ms. Jane Trueheart-Huels and Mr. Stephen Huels Mr. and Mrs. John P. Tubutis Benny and Tess Tud Ms. Nancy C. Tudor Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Tupper Mr. and Mrs. Scott Turban Mr. and Mrs. Dominic P. Turchi John and Suzanne Turner Paul and Judith Tuszynski Sophie and Jon Twichell Theresa Tyranowski Mr. and Mrs. Fred Uhlmann Brian and Karen Uihlein Elizabeth A. Uihlein Ms. Lynde B. Uihlein Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Underwood Ellen and Jerry Upton Mr. and Mrs. John Ryan Vaile Peter M. Vale Mrs. Virginia C. Vale Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Valentino Kay and John Van Cleave Mrs. Patti Van Cleave Mrs. Gerald W. Van Treeck Mrs. Herbert A. Vance Carol and Larry Vandehoef Tim and Shannon VanTassel Helen M. Vaporis Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Vatz Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Vega Leslie L. Veon and Mark J. Kosminskas Mr. and Mrs. Renaat Ver Eecke Mr. Glen Verber Mr. and Mrs. James D. Vermillion Mr. Timothy J. Vezeau and Mrs. Marykay Foy Mrs. April Victor Mary Jo Victor Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Victor Ms. Phyllis M. Victorson Mr. Michael Viglione Mr. Joseph N. Virgilio and Mr. Matt Virgilio Sally H. Volkert-Bissell Mr. and Mrs. John J. Vondran Kathy and Joe Vyskocil Mr. and Mrs. Chander P. Wadhwa Ms. Peggy A. Wagener Mrs. Ann D. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wallace George and Katrin Walsh Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Fred Walz Mr. and Mrs. David Wanger Janice and Carl Wangman Mr. Andrew Warmus and Ms. Erin Warmus Jo Nancy and James R. Warren Scot and Lisa Warren

Cynthia D. Washburne Mr. Daniel C. Waters Carol B. Watkins Scott Waxman Brian Weatherford and Steven Montgomery Mr. Arnold R. Weber Stefanie Pessis Weil and Rachard Weil Claire Weiler and JB Weiler Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Weinberger Gerald and Barbara Weiner Walter Vern Weinert Robert Weinstock Mr. and Mrs. John Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Weller Enid and Kalman Wenig Barbara Werly Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Wertheimer Ms. Elizabeth K. Wessel and Mr. Jeffrey H. Wessel Mr. and Mrs. David J. West Ms. Ann L. Wheatley-Seamon Andrea and Brent White Fosca White and Children Mr. Kenneth A. White Mrs. Alice White-Zarov and Mr. Herbert L. Zarov Mr. Phil Whittemore, Jr. Jerri Whittington Mr. Eric Wickenkamp Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wieseneck Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Wilde Ms. Laura Wilhelm and Ms. Deena Wilhelm Sally J. Wilhelmson Mr. and Mrs. Marc R. Wilkow Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Williams Edward and Ana Williams Ms. Kathy D. Williams Ms. Margaret Williamson Mr. and Mrs. David A. Willis Ms. Erin Wilson Mr. and Mrs. James Wilson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Randall Wilson Mrs. Robert H. Wilson Dr. and Mrs. David P. Winchester Arlene and Michael Winfield Ms. Rosemarie E. Winslow and Dr. Edward Winslow Michael A. Wislek Ms. Lexy A. Wistenberg and Mr. Joseph Nepsa Mr. and Mrs. Bret J. Withey Mrs. Christine Witkowski Mr. and Mrs. Jack Witlin Ms. Norlene Wolfe and Mr. David Taylor Ann S. Wolff Sylvia Wolfson and Seymour Nordenberg* Steve and Cynthia Wolpert Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Wolz Dr. Hak Y. Wong Sara Wong, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Wood Sue Wood Mr. Bruce R. Woodbury Mr. and Mrs. Alain Wood-Prince David Woodruff Ms. Alison Woods Ms. Sophie Worobec and Mr. John G. Victor Delphina Worsley Mr. Joseph F. Wright

32 * Deceased


Mr. and Mrs. Stanley S. Wyngowski Mrs. Catherine Wytzka Yangqing Xu Mr. and Mrs. Isshi Yamada Mr. and Mrs. Edgar L. Yee Linda and Owen Youngman Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Yourell Nancy Zadek Mr. and Mrs. Mike S. Zafirovski Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Zalatoris Lawrence Zalusky Christine Zandonella and Mirko Zandonella Mr. Joe Zapora Mr. and Mrs. Leon R. Zar Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Zdanowicz Nadine and John Zei Jane and David Zeisloft Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Zelinger Ms. Elzbieta Zientarska Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Frederick N. Zimmermann Jonathan and Lisa Zirin Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Zoph Robert and Mary Zorc Ms. Jacqueline Zwirner

INSTITUTION AND GOVERNMENT GIVING Corporations, foundations, government agencies, and organizations provide critical support for the Chicago Botanic Garden’s broad range of public programs, scientific research, capital improvements, endowments, and operational needs. The following generous gifts were made between January 1 and December 31, 2017. $1,000,000 and above Anonymous Forest Preserves of Cook County United States Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management

$500,000 to $999,999 The Boeing Company The Grainger Foundation National Science Foundation The Negaunee Foundation The Regenstein Foundation Steans Family Foundation

$250,000 to $499,999 Astellas USA Foundation The Coleman Foundation Helen V. Froehlich Foundation ITW NorthShore University HealthSystem United States Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture Winston & Strawn

$100,000 to $249,999


Anonymous After School Matters, Inc. BMO Harris Bank City of Chicago, Department of Family and Support Services Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation Institute of Museum and Library Services JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Harold M. and Adeline S. Morrison Family Foundation The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Sirius Fund UL United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service United States Department of Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation Woman’s Board of the Chicago Horticultural Society

$50,000 to $99,999 Anonymous (2) Abbott Fund American Airlines Ball Horticultural Company Bartlett Tree Experts Alvin H. Baum Family Fund Baxter International Inc. The Brinson Foundation Cedar Tree Foundation and Society for Conservation Biology The Chicago Community Trust ComEd Discover Financial Services Elizabeth Morse Genius Charitable Trust HSBC The Morris and Dolores Kohl Kaplan Fund- Dolores Kohl Education Foundation Longshadow-Classic Garden Ornaments, Ltd. The James and Madeleine McMullan Family Foundation Midwest Foods Northern Trust Oak Spring Garden Foundation Polk Bros. Foundation Preservation Foundation of the Lake County Forest Preserves Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Foundation Searle Funds at the Chicago Community Trust Target Corporation Whole Foods Market

$25,000 to $49,999 Anonymous (4) AbbVie Abra Prentice Foundation, Inc. Albers/Kuhn Family Foundation The J.R. Albert Foundation, Inc. Allstate Insurance Company Paul M. Angell Family Foundation Bank of America Beam Suntory Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois City of Chicago, Chicago Park District Conagra Brands Foundation Food Network Magazine, LLC Forum Fund Lloyd A. Fry Foundation Walter and Karla Goldschmidt Foundation John R. Halligan Charitable Fund Kemper Educational and Charitable Fund Lakeshore Beverage MacLean-Fogg Company Make It Better Walter S. Mander Foundation Robert R. McCormick Foundation Michael Reese Health Trust Shire Spear Family Charitable Fund United States Geological Survey Walgreens Williams Ski & Patio

$10,000 to $24,999 Abbott Laboratories William Blair & Company Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide Compeer Financial EatingWell Foundation Franklinia W. W. Grainger, Inc. Joe & Ross Ice Cream Klaff Family Foundation Lake County Forest Preserves District Lawrence’s Fisheries Openlands Edmond and Alice Opler Foundation Paragon Spring Company Leo & Peggy Pierce Family Foundation Peoples Gas Plante Moran Prince Charitable Trusts Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel SavATree Siragusa Family Foundation Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust State Farm The Trillium Foundation United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service United Way of Metropolitan Chicago U.S. Bank Ventas Charitable Foundation A. Montgomery Ward Foundation, John A. Hutchings, Richard W. Oloffson and Bank of America, N.A., Trustee The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund

$1,000 to $9,999 Anonymous (2) The Allyn Foundation American Agricultural Insurance Company AMLI Deerfield Laurance Armour Memorial Trust at the Chicago Community Trust Barilla America, Inc. Berends Hendricks Stuit Insurance Agency, Inc. Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. Burling Bank The Butz Foundation Center for Plant Conservation CIBC Bank City Parks Foundation William J. Clancy Foundation Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Chicago Constellation Couch Family Foundation Frank G. and Gertrude Dunlap Fund EILEEN FISHER Farm Aid SB Friedman Development Advisors GCG Financial, Inc. Gewalt-Hamilton Associates, Inc. Sally Mead Hands Foundation Harlow Foundation, Inc Harvard University Hawthorn Mall Hilco Global Gertrude E. Hill Foundation Intelligent Medical Objects, Inc. JULIE, Inc. The Mayer & Morris Kaplan Family Foundation Kaplan Foundation Fund/ Carol and Ed Kaplan

Bertha Lebus Charitable Trust Les Dames d’Escoffier Mariano’s Marquette Associates, Inc. The Medline Foundation Mondelēz International Foundation Mozilla Foundation Old Republic International Corporation Patagonia Pinsof-Plonsker Family Fund Sage Foundation Sexton’s Landscape Concepts Shure Incorporated Siemens Industry, Inc. Sodexo, Inc. & Associates Solberg Manufacturing, Inc. Sustainable Conservation Tawani Foundation United Conveyor Foundation Ventas Realty Limited Parthership The Winnetka Garden Club Winona Corporation Wood Foundation

MATCHING GIFTS Anonymous Abbott Fund AbbVie Foundation Employee Engagement Fund ACCO Brands, Inc. Akzo Nobel Inc. Alliance Data Allstate American Agricultural Insurance Company Aon Foundation ArcelorMittal Arch Insurance Group Baird Foundation, Inc. Bank of America Foundation Baxter International Inc. Beam Suntory, Inc. The Benevity Community Impact Fund William Blair & Company Charitable Matching Gifts Fund BMO Harris Bank The Boeing Company Caterpillar Foundation The Chicago Community Trust CME Group Community Foundation Conagra Brands Foundation Corning Incorporated Foundation Exelon Foundation ExxonMobil Foundation, Inc. Grainger Matching Charitable Gifts Program The Grainger Foundation IBM Matching Grants Program ITW Foundation Johnson Controls Foundation, Inc. The Kresge Foundation Robert R. McCormick Foundation Mondelēz International Foundation Motorola Solutions Foundation Network for Good Pfizer Foundation State Farm Companies Foundation Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. Tiff Charitable Foundation USG Foundation, Inc. Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company Foundation YourCause, LLC


IN-KIND GIFTS Anonymous (2) American Airlines Apologue Spirits Mrs. Pamela Art Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Baird Ball Horticultural Company Bare It All Pet Foods The Bastian Family Beam Suntory Bellota Enterprises Bentley’s Pet Stuff Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide Brenner Brewing Company Brotzman Nursery Canine Companions For Independence Mr. John J. Cherry, Jr. Church Street Brewing Company Classic Garden Ornaments Cooper’s Hawk Winery Coopers Way Mr. and Mrs. Dewey B. Crawford Discover Financial Services Ms. Carol Doty Dovetail Brewing

Evanston Cellars Exit Strategy Brewing Company Mr. Elias Fischer Fresh Coast Distributors Ms. Laurel Goldberg-Friedman Gravity Winery Gun Craft Beer Half Acre Beer Company Ms. Claire M. Halloran Hess Winery Illinois Landscape Contractors Association Joe & Ross Ice Cream JPMorgan Chase & Co. Kings and Convicts Brewing Company KLN Family Brands Ms. Marilyn J. Knilans Koval Distillery Kreisers Natural Pet Laineys Pawtique and Bakery Letherbee Distillers Lynfred Winery Maple and Ash Mrs. Colene Marchal Mariano’s Mesh and Bone

Middle Brow Beer Ms. Margo Milde Kristen Mary Moore Morris Arboretum North Creek Nurseries, Inc. NorthShore University HealthSystem Oak Park Brewing Company One Summer Chicago Paragon Spring Company Peckish Pig Brewing Company Pet People Mr. and Mrs. E. King Poor IV Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel Renee’s Garden The Right Spot Pet Massage Mrs. Mary Ann Frankle Rowan SavATree Shure Incorporated Sketchbook Brewing Company Song Sparrow Farm and Nursery The Sorting Table, LLC Sunset Foods The Tailored Groomer Temperance Beer Company Mrs. Ann Tidwell Tocayo Brewing Company University of Florida U.S. National Arboretum Villa Gabriella Organic LLC Weather by Request Williams Ski & Patio Mrs. Suzann R. Wilson and Mr. Kevin Wilson The Wine Group Winesellers, Ltd. Winston & Strawn Wollersheim Winery Michael Zubrzycki

GARDEN HERITAGE SOCIETY The Garden Heritage Society recognizes Garden friends who have thoughtfully provided for the Garden in their estate plans or through planned gifts. Planned gifts include charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, gifts of retirement plan assets, and will or trust provisions. This list represents Garden Heritage Society Members through December 31, 2017. Anonymous (30) Charles Allen and Deborah Sherrock Marilynn Alsdorf Charles J. Balkin III Ms. Rosanne M. Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Behrens Diane R. Bergen Mrs. Earl C. Bodine Ms. Andrea K. Boehmer Mrs. Carl J. Bohne, Jr. Ms. Beverly J. Bystricky Ms. Marilyn S. Cannino Nancy Carroll Ramona H. Choos Miss Barbara Clarke Leslie Anne Clausen Mr. Robert B. Cole Mr. Kevin J. Count and Mrs. Sharon L. Count Mrs. Robert W. Crowe Mr. and Mrs. Michael De Luca † Mr. John E. Deimel Valentine and Dolores Derer

Amy T. Dickinson Dr. Richard F. Dods Dorothy F. Doherty Mrs. Clarissa Y. Downey Val Egem Binnie Ferrand Robert F. Finke Mrs. Robert L. Flink, Jr. Georgiann Flowers Ms. Lucinda Fuller Mr. Greg Gebstadt* and Mr. George McCorry Jennifer Gilchrist Mr. Larry Goldberg and Mrs. Simone Goldberg Marsha and Michael Goldstein Dr. Neal J. and Mrs. Alison H. Gordon Jean and John Greene Laurence R. Hall Thomas and Alexandra Harder Martha Bacon Hartfiel Mrs. Bennet B. Harvey, Jr. Robert D. Hevey, Jr. and Constance M. Filling Ronald and Marci Holzer Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Horwitz Nancy W. Jacobs Janice Meeg Johnson Tim Johnson and Kristen Webber Beverly Joutras Joseph Katz Judy and John Keller Esther G. Klatz Adele P. Kleine Marilyn Knilans Penny* and Glenn Kohlmeyer Jeanette R. Kopstain Leona Krompart † Hope Lepley Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Laura M. Linger Ms. Cynthia J. Macfarland Mr. and Mrs. David E. Mason Mrs. Mary Mix McDonald* Sherry L. McFall and Kenneth J. Porrello Stephen R. and Constance G. Meisinger Mary Louise Mellon Peter H.* and Bettina M. Merlin Margaret and Craig Milkint Jason Mitan Ms. C. Jane Mueller Carl F. and Nancy B. Mueller Jan* and Susan Muller Ms. Martha M. Murray and Mr. David N. Smalley † Dr. and Mrs. David L. Nahrwold Mrs. Robert Palmer Glenn W. Peisker Rich and Corinne Peters Shirley M.* and Lewis D. Petry Elizabeth S. Pocock* Janet Meakin Poor* Mr. William H. Redfield Sandi Redman Elizabeth B. Roghair Kenneth W. and Cynthia A. Rosenthal Ms. Verie E. Sandborg Mr. Douglas M. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Schuett Robert and Charlene Shaw Sophia Shaw Pamela and Robert L. Shirley III John Slater David Byron Smith * Deceased



Gertrude Smutney Ms. Janet E. Straw Helen S. Sutter Louise Ingersoll Tausché Richard and Helen Thomas Mr. and Mrs. John Wacaster Mary M. Walther Ernest P. Waud III Dianne M. Weinand Amy Whittle † Marilyn Whittle † Nicole S. Williams and Lawrence J. Becker Vivian and Robert Zahniser

† New members who joined in 2017

BEQUESTS AND TRUST INCOME RECEIVED Helen Aiken Lenore M. Berner Lois Carlson Margaret Wiley Carr Carolyn C. Cassin Joane K. Dumke Bernice and Raymond Elbin Ernest A. Grunsfeld III Kristine Garrigan William J. Gibbons Mary C. Hales Barbara A. Johnson Marian E. Nelson Bruce Olson Edgar and Phyllis Peara Janet Meakin Poor Harry A. Root, Jr. Marion V. Schmidt Audrey Spiegel Lewis J. West and Dorte N. West

2017 VOLUNTEERS In 2017, more than 2,000 volunteers gave their time and service to the Chicago Botanic Garden for a remarkable total of 109,816 hours.


Dora Aalbregtse Sally Aaron Saima Abbasi Michele Abrams Arthur Abt John D. Adams Phyllis Adams Carol E. Adelman Sahana Adiga Carole D. Akemann Judith A. Akers Jennifer Altin Leah Altman Roz Ament Alison Anastasio Patty Ancona Michael W. Ander Eric Anderson Kristine N. Andersen Susan M. Andersen Cynthia E. Anderson Dyan Anderson Richard Anderson Peggy Anselmo Robin Anstaett Marilyn Appelbaum Donna Argentin Silvio Argentin Patricia K. Armstrong

Germaine W. Arnson Lawrence Aronson Kenneth J. Ashley Harry J. Ashner Karen Auer Daniel Auerbach Malgorzata Bach Stephany Badillo Phyllis Baer Richard S. Baer Noelle Baker Timothy Balassie Laura Balon Robert Balsley Esther A. Bannier Cintia Baptista Jane C. Bareng-Werner Jufang Barkalow Evan Barker Rise L. Barkhoff Elizabeth Bartlett Cathleen Bartone Therese N. Bartunek Andrea M. Basalay Anne Basten Christine Batalden Barbara Jill Bates Sylvia Baum Barbara Baumstark Alvin R. Beatty Elaine C. Beck Janet Beck Janice Becker Louis Becker Jeff Beckman Lisa Beckwith John Beeftink Martha Belew Andre L. Bell Mary Beth Bellon Terrence Bellon Joan Berenbaum Judy Berg Linda Bergwall Daria Berman Martha Bermingham Marianne Bestler James Beyreis Marijon Binder William J. Blackburn Judy Blada James Blair George C. Blanas Patricia Bland Leonard Block Catherine Bloome Alex Bloss Mary Blumer-Reed Mary Blunk Barbara J. Boba Diane Boehm Elaine Bogetz Nancy A. Bohaboy Cheryl L. Bokelmann Robert Terrance Bonace Gayle Booth Linda A. Borcover Mary S. Borecki Kristine Borkenhagen Leslie Borns Mary Boss Gail Botwin Raelene L. Bowman

Elizabeth Boyle Irene E. Bradley Laura Bradley David Branigan Kenneth Braun Sherwin J. Braun Jacqueline Brennan Bobbie Brenner Robert Brill Angelika Brinkmann-Busi Ulrika Brissman Randee Broder William E. Bronner James Brooks Thomas Brooks Lee Brotcke Patricia Browder Frances Brown Patricia R. Brown Wendell Brown David Bruce Annie Bruckner Alice M. Bruening Lydia Brunner Richard Brunner Carol Brusslan Beth Buchsbaum Kathy Buckley Dolores A. Budelier Janice Buell Mary Kay Bueltmann Michelle Burge Tom Burke Diana Burns Michelle Burns Virginia Burns Dan Bury Delano J. Busczynski Maeve Callaghan Mary Ann C. Cammarata Carolyn Campbell Evalyn Campbell Sandra Campbell Susan M. Canter Barbara Carberry James Carberry Michelle Carbonara Maureen Carson Jacquelyn J. Casler Dianne Casuto Barbara P. Cesal Adrienne Chabowski Susan R. Chadd Anne Champagne Jennifer Chapman Sharon Chefitz Nancy G. Chen John Cherry Mary S. Chingwa Brenda Choos Clare Chorba Judy E. Chupinsky Catherine Clark Corinne Clarke Carol A. Cleave Meridith B. Clement Annie Cochran Craig Coleman Joanne Colen David Collignon Donald P. Colo Susan L. Colten Cynthia P. Colvin

Ron Compere Susan Comstock Camille Conlan Stephen Connell Jean Connolly Judith Connolly Jessica Connor Thomas Considine Irene Constantinidis George Cook Sara Cooper Natalie Cordea Bobbi Costlow Nancy Cottrell Anne Coughlin Barbara Coughlin Joanne Courtney Nancy Cowger John Cram Nancy Crawford Wylie Crawford Corinne Crock Aldo J. Crovetti Elizabeth R. Crowe Lisa Crowley James Cullen Lisa M. Culp Carol Currier Karen I. Cwik Allison D. Daley Suzanne D. Dalton Linda Damitz Kris DaPra Marilyn Darby Claudia C. Davidson Barbara Davis Karen Davis Laurie B. Davis Elizabeth de la Baume Silverio de la Cruz Sabine de La Panouse Judith De Mint Ann E. Deakyne Phyllis DeAngelis Mary Jo DeBates Jacqueline Delott Mary M. Demcak Emily Denesha Gail Denham Cheryl Deom Lindsey S. Dewis Joe Di Bartolo Peggy Di Pietro Justine R. Dial Christine Dick Marilyn M. Dickey Joan W. DiLeonardi Kandye Dille Elizabeth Dimond Karen J. Dimond Norman Dimond Tony DiVagno Michael Dobberstein John J. Dobrozsi Joan Dobson Patricia Dodson Peter Dogiakos Karen R. Doherty James Dohnal Jane Donaldson Maureen A. Dondlinger Kenneth Dorn Chanda Doshi

Rajendra Doshi Sandra Dosick Joan R. DuDeVoire Gayle Dudley Kathryn W. Eber Carolyn Eby Shirley Edelman Trevor Edmonson Debra Egger Ann Eiden Carole Einhorn Marlene Eisen Margaret Eissa Janet Eldred Ward Eldred Peter Eldridge Chris R. Ellicott Ian Ellis James Ellis Renee Elworthy William Elworthy Terren Engle Ruth E. Epstein Kristine E. Erickson Susan Erickson Alicia Esquivel James Faber Jo Ann Faber Michael Fahle Lloyd Falk Fran Faller Carmine Fantasia Roberto Farris Erin Faulkner Anne B. Fay Christine Fee Marlene Feibel Donna Feldman Julie Feldy Elizabeth I. Ferrari James Fessler Karen M. Finerman Susan Fischer Adrian Fisher Linda Fisher Lynda Fisher Claire Flaherty Dena Fleming Juan Flores Stephen Fluett Jean Foley Sharyn H. Fradin Joan Frazier Bradley Frederick Jennifer Freeman Donna P. Frett Melissa J. Frey Wendy Frey Perlman Steve H. Fritzshall Karen Frye-Boghosian Kay Furey Mary D. Futter* Neal Gadlin Irene Gagerman John Gainer Susan Gainer Sharon Ganellen Arlene S. Gaps Donna L. Garfield Kathleen Garness Tina Garrison Barbara Gartley Aldona Garvinskas

Alan Gault Katherine A. Gehrke Nina Geishecker Robin Geller Monica R. Geocaris Mary Getz Nour Ghobrial Nancy Giardina Cathie Gibbons Sue Gieske Beth Giglio Susan Gill Robert C. Ginocchio Joanne Ginter Linda Gittel Marcia Glenn Sue Goad Gwenne P. Godwin Sue Golan Fred Gold Lionel Goldblatt Samuel J. Goldman Lalainya Goldsberry Carol Goldstein Janice S. Goldstein Jay Goldstein Barbara Golomb John C. Goodall Carol Goodman Joan E. Goodman Sherry P. Gormanous Michael Grady Carie Graham Claire Graham Robert Grannick Cindy Grau Colleen Graudins Donna Green Ira A. Greenberg Marsha Greenberg Sheldon Greenberg Bruce L. Greene Diane Greening Ronni T. Grey Kenneth Griesemer Brian Griffin Jackie Grom Aaron Gros Noemi Gros Andrew Grossman Lawrence Grube Radmila Grubnich Nancy Grunde Kristin Gruss Thomas Guagliardo Frederick W. Gullen Mark Guth Anita Gutof Richard Gutof Cheryl L. Haack Robin Haas Doan Patricia Hagenah Jim Hagensick Peggy Hallen Michael R. Halpern Toby Halpern Linda Haman Patricia C. Hammes Jane Hampson Julie Hansen Toni Harkness Charlotte Harris Linda Harris

Jennifer Harris-Somogyi Deborah L. Harrison Lucy C. Harrison Susan Harrison Rosemary A. Hart Melonnie Hartl Marilyn Hartmann Lois L. Harvan Tania Haskett Karen Hathaway Thomas Hathaway Anne M. Hazelwood Patricia Headley Anne W. Healy Nancy Heath Lee Heiman Robert Heinzen Adrienne Helfand Patti F. Helfand Suzanne Helfand Beverly Helm Harry Hepperlen Donna Herendeen Susan M. Hering Karen M. Herkes Karen Herold Ruby Herron Robert Hertel Valerie Herzog Merle Heuberger Robert D. Hevey Susan B. Higgins Ann Hindes Charles Hinshaw Renee Hirsch Ashley Hodgson Marian Hofherr Sarah Holian Mary Holloway Denyse Holt Mary Hopkins Anne S. Horn Ellen B. Horn Martin Horn Virginia A. Hotaling Roger Hotham Antoinette I. Houk Carol Howard Jack Howard George Howe Connie B. Howes Mary Hoyer Betty Hsieh Deborah A. Hudson David Hughes Mike Humphrey Harry J. Hunderman Teresa G. Hutchins Edmund M. Hutchinson Shirley E. Hutchinson Beryl Ibbotson Sandy Incorvia Rita C. Inserra Cassandra Intagliata Susan J. Ipsen Luzstella Isaza Lisa Ivey Eula Iwan M. Lois Jackim Peter Jackson Leslie Jacobs Nina Jacobsen Susan Jacobsen

David Jaeschke Holly J. Jansen Kirsten Ann Jantze Tim Jarosch Leona M. Jashelski Carole Jassen Ralph Jassen Alicja Jedlicki Betsy Jenkins Gregory Jerzyk Ted Jindrich David Johannesen Rosalie Johnson Wanda Johnson Patricia A. Johnston Susan R. Jona Patricia Jones Patricia Joyce Megan Jurasic Robin Kafenshtok Aaron Kaiser Fern Kamen Michael Kamen Deborah J. Kamin Lawrence P. Kampwirth* Neil Kanemoto Chae Hee Kang Leslie Kanofsky Eileen Kaplan Judith Kaplan Emelyn B. Karson* Robert Kass Michael D. Katz Allan Kaufman Diane K. Kearney Patrick C. Kearney James Keenan Jan Keevil Cheryl M. Keifer Jennifer Kelleher Amy Keller Larry C. Kelliher Linda Kellough Dorothy Kelly Ann Kennedy Mary F. Kennedy John R. Kenny Marnee M. Kenny Mary Ellen Keranen Madison Kerber Paula Kessler Irene Khayet Elizabeth Kiefer* Shelley B. Kiefer Suzanne Killen Anne Kim Andrew Kimmel William King Barron C. Kinstler James Kirk Marilyn Kirk William Kirkpatrick Kathryn Klaiber* Nancy Klaud Michael Klawitter Judy O. Kleiman Carole Klein-Alexander Rheva Klow Mark KlugeGeorge Knuth Judy Knuth Joyce G. Koch Robert KochToby Koch Nicholas Kohler * Deceased




Glenn Kohlmeyer Penny Kohlmeyer* Judy F. Kohn Eriko Kojima Vanessa Komada Richard Konopka Edmund J. Konwinski Scott Kopacek Mary E. Korte Valerie Kot Dorothy S. Kramer Kay Krause Marcia Kraut Marlene Kraybill Kenneth A. Krebs Joan Krimstein Al Krueger Kim Kucik Lila K. Kudzin Carolyn Kuechler Lynne M. Kuhnlohe Nancy H. Kurz Susan Kuse Lucas Kusek Christine Kustra Diane M. Kuzma Mary Anne Kwasek Mike Kwolek Linda Laatsch Gayle A. Laboda Arthur LaCroix Deborah A. Lakowski Lois Lambkin Marty Landorf Martin Landwehr Wendy Landwehr* Linda M. Lane Vern L. Lappe Jack Larsen Karen Larson Marilyn A. Lasher Charmain B. Later Irene Lau Ann M. Laudermilk Nancy Jane Lauren Elisabeth A. Lavery Theodore Lavine Alan Lavitt Donna R. Lebovitz Kathleen M. Leck Lawrence Leck Sandra Lee Susan Lee David Leibowitz Iwona Lejmbach Patricia Leon Stanley Leon Hope Lepley Sue Lerch Crystal LeRoy Janet Leszczynski Julie Lettner Angela Levernier Barbara S. Levin Lawrence B. Levin Phyllis N. Levin Aaron Levine Charles Levine Leslie Levine Beth K. Levy Linnea Levy Gerald Lewis Geraldine Lewis

Amy M. Lewitz Jane Li Sheila Liao Nancy E. Liberman Sharon G. Lieberman Celine M. Lillie Patricia A. Lindberg Sophia Lindholm Sandy Linke Sharon L. Lippner Suzanne Lipsey Ed Lisserman Amy A. Litner Chenghwei Liu Leonie Liu Sabrina Liu Connie C. Loeffl Linda Lopata Leslie Lorenz Joani Lowry Arlene A. Lubarsky Mary V. Lucas Jerome Lukasik Patricia Lundquist Susan Lunn Karen S. Lustig Robbi Lustig Regina M. Lynn Susan Lyon Jean E. Lytle Jacqueline Macaluso Jeffrey MacDougall Gerald Macek Judith Macrowski Joseph Madda Rebecca V. Maganuco Patricia D. Magner Barbara G. Mahany Susie Mahon Ema Mailot-Beutel Jackie Majdov Irene V. Maksym Irwin Malitz Carol A. Mallquist Dorsey J. Mals Kay Manion Stephen A. Marcus Howard Marks Demetria Maropoulos Elizabeth Martin Susanne Masi Mary Alice J. Masonick Maria Mastroianni Sofia Mateus Melissa Matterson Laura A. Matz Melissa Maurer-Ford Mary Maus David Mayer Susan A. Mayfield James Mc Cool Lucy McAuley Sarina C. McBride Megan McCabe Pamela McCann Jacqueline McCauley Nina McCune Jeanne McCurry Rosemary McDonough Susan McFaul Margaret McIntosh Patricia McKay William S. McKay

Michael McKnight Bonnie G. McNeill Scott McNeill Carol Meravi George F. Meravi Ellen Merkle Constance M. Meyer Lorilin Meyer Jack Meyers Eileen M. Michal Linda Mihel Greg Miksa Barbara Mikulicz Barbara J. Miller Brandy Miller Claudia Miller Joel Miller Norma Mills Irwin Mishoulam Christine K. Mitchell Kathryn B. Mohr Brenda Monson Aureliano Montalvo William Mooney Sheryl Moor John W. Moore Margaret Moore John E. Morgan Nancy Lynne Morton Judith Moskal Kay Moy Kenneth Mozingo Rhoda E. Muchmore Elaine Mueller Sue Mueller Louis Mule Kristin Muntean Andrea Murmann Joyce Murphy Mary Jo Murphy Richard J. Murphy Ann Murray LouEllen W. Murray Anne Nagle Mary K. Nagle Michael Naughton Dorothea Nawara Andrew J. Neill Charles Nelson Patricia Nelson Margaret B. Nerger Damian Neuberger Judith Neuberger Bonnie Neuenschwander Julie Newfeld Harlene Newman John Nickel Choon Nikodem Sally Nochowitz Gilbert H. Nore Eve B. Nortman Judy Novicki Claudette Nowell-Philipp Marcia O’Connor Patricia O’Conor Kathleen O’Dekirk Alice O’Laughlin Susan K. O’Neill Edward O’Reilly Laura Obenauf Ronald Oberman Tobi Oberman Jenna Ocheltree

Barbara Offenberg Kitty Okano Sally A. Olds Jane Oliphant Robert Oliphant Maria Olivares-Hernandez Graciela Olmedo Robert J. Olson Ann D. Onderdonk Lester Ordman Katherine Oreshkin Eileen K. Owens Katherine Padilla Susan A. Page Sue A. Pajakowski Rosemary Palicki Susan E. Panitch Allan Pantle Elizabeth Pantle Susan M. Paprocki Ok Ja Park Joan Parker Michael D. Parker Scott Parkhurst Robert Parr Leslie Paset Priti Patel Patrick Patt Veronica M. Patt Carol R. Patterson Scott Patterson Nancy B. Paul Jill Paulus Lynn Pavlis-Jenkins Richard Pawell James R. Pearson John Peart Dorothy R. Peck Leslie Pedley Eileen Pedtke Beatrice Pekkarinen Alison Perlman Judy Pesce Corinne M. Peters Kurt Peters Ann K. Peterson Emily Pezzella Diane Pfister Michael Philipp Cynthia N. Phon Meline Pickus Yocelyn Pina Ruth Piper Judith B. Pittel Jerome Podolsky Barbara Polikoff Warren M. Polley Anita Portugal Ronald Portugal Noreen F. Potempa Dennis G. Powell Ellen Powell Kathlene Powers Kenneth R. Press Carole Preti Manny Price Thomas Priscal Henry Probst Dorothy Purpura Laima Puzzo Gail Pyndus Karen Quinn Mary Rafferty

Marta Raiff Gregory T. Rajsky Sai Ramakrishna Charles Ramsey Penelope J. Randel Stella Rangel Rajini Ranji Peggy Rash Mallory Rasky Ronald W. Rathberger Jackie Raucci Kathryn Raysses Maria Rebelo Merrilee Redmond Carolyn M. Reeder Ann Reilly June Reimer Nancy Reise Mark Rekoske Virginia Renfroe Carmen E. Reyes Scott Reynolds Alison Richards Joan L. Richards* Rick Riedl Filiberto Rios John Rischke Jeff Roberts Lora Roberts Kathy Robin

Deborah Robinett Lisa Robinson Eric J. Robison Naama Rolnik Claudia Ronayne Laura Roncal Elizabeth Root Lucy Root Merle Rose Marlene Rosecrans Beverly Rosen Maria Rosen Virginia L. Rosen* Susan Rosenbacher Sandra Rosenbaum Linda Rosenberg Mark Rosenblum Allison Ross Bryan Ross Janeen Ross Holly B. Rothschild* Ila S. Rothschild John S. Rothschild Louise M. Rothschild Edith S. Rowell Aviva Rubin Marla Rubin Karen Ruby-Edidin Soledad Ruiz-Wikell Donald Rummel

Stephen B. Ruskin Ann M. Russell Donald Rustemeyer Jill Ruter Anne C. Ruzicka Michael E. Rzepka Laurence Sacherer Michael Sackheim Jacquelyn L. Saegebrecht Joyce Saeks Jill M. Sahakian Leslie Sanchez Elizabeth M. Sanders Vivian Sarashinsky Drew Satherlie Charles J. Scannell Charles Scheck Katharine Scheck Heddi Schellbach Ruth C. Schiff Herb Schinberg JoAnn Schindler Dianne Schlair Dan Schlitz Carole Schmarak Joanne Schmitz Phyllis Scholl Thomas Katelin Schrero Forrest Schroeder-Einwiller Gyong S. Schuessler Jan Schultz Sarah A. Schultz Susan Schultz Joanne Schulz Karen L. Schuman David Schwaegler Alan C. Schwartzenberg Emil A. Schwarz Joseph Schwarz Lisa D.Schwarz Charlynn D. Schweingruber Rose Anne Scott Barbara L. Seegert Phyllis J. Seek Cissy Segal Louis Seif Paula Sennett Inge Serpe Diane Seymour Prakriti Shah Debra Shandling Ann F. Shanks Lauren Shapiro Elizabeth Sharp Robert W. Sharp* Cecelia Shaw Charlene H. Shaw Robert E. Shaw Christine Shea Rita Shefa Natalie Shefsky Christine Shiel Judith A. Shields Ewa Shimasaki Faith Shulruff Barry Siegal Rebecca J. Siegel Vicki Siegelman Justin Sigalos Esther B. Silberman Sharon R. Sill Lorelle Silverman Sue Simler

Lee Simmons Elaine Simon Janice A. Simpson Eenam Sin John Sinsheimer Eileen R. Sirkin Barbara Sirovatka Bev Skoog John Slater Carolyn Slone Jane S. Smith Joseph F. Smoley Mary F. Smoley Michal Smoley Mary Ellen Snyder Vanessa Soares Stacy Sochacki Jean Sodemann Mykyta Solonko Dale Solow Rita Soltan Alicia Song Richard Sorock James Spannagel Naomi Spector Curtis Speed Ross D. Spencer Lynn Sperling Elizabeth Spratley Teresa Springs Amy Spungen Dorr St. Clair Anne Stake Shirley P. Stang Tim Stecker Janet M. Stein Rachel N. Stempel Ann Stevens Leigh Stewart Douglas J. Stieber Marsha P. Stiegel Elizabeth Stogner Annemarie Stohl Karla M. Stone Barbara J. Stone-Theobald Nancy L. Stonis Joanne Strandquist Kathleen Straznickas Joan Streibel Julia N. Studier Rae Stuhlmacher Bruce Styler Diane J. Suciu Nick N. Suciu William M. Sullivan Feruza Supikhodjaeva Agnieszka Surowka Eileen H. Sutter Jennifer Swain Susan S. Swan James R. Swanson Paul Swanson John F. Swenson Roberta Taormina Ileane Tatar Cynthia Tauber Amy K. Taylor Ann L. Taylor Robb Telfer Lyn Tepper Sharyn Tepper Sandie Tepsick Jennifer Thiermann * Deceased



Claire Thom Kathleen Thomas Linda A. Thomas Diane C. Thompson Jeanette Thornton-Schwab Judy Thorson Celeste J. Thurlwell Stephen Tillman Elaine Tinberg Brenda Tolbert Linda Tolchin Linda Tomchuck Margaret Tomick Nancy Tracey Consuelo Trujillo-Perez Nicholas Tschaika Kaylee Tuckez Nancy C. Tudor Donna Tuerk Suzanne H. Turner Ruth Tuttle Paula Twilling Mary Tworek-Tupper Ed Ude Lydia Uhlir Yael Uziel Yolanda Valencia D. Brian Valleau Robert Van Daal Carol A. Van Driel Paula Van Singel Anne S. Vanderbilt Richard W. Velders Mary K. Velez Jill Venskus Patricia C. Vogtman Raymond J. Wachala Mary E. Wadleigh Allen Wagner Doris Wagner Nancy H. Waitz Cynthia S. Wakat Alice C. Walker Angela Walker Charles Walker Karen A. Walsh Lisa Walsh Mary M. Walther Carl Wangman Clare Warder Laura Warren Sandra K. Washburn Lydia M. Wasniewski Steve Wasserman Theo S. Watanabe Richard G. Watson Jennifer M. Watts Susan Watts Kristen Webber Barry H. Weber William Weible Donald Weil Esther Weiner Lawrence R. Weiner Barbara S. Weisenburger Bonnie Weiss Margaret Weiss Paul M. Weiss David Weisskoff Joshua Weisskopf Anthony Welninski Susan Wenderski


Linda Werry Barbara Wessel Tara Wesselink Denise Wessman Georgia West Henry J. West Naomi Wexler Holly WhedbeeDavid B. Whiting Jacquelyn Whitler Neil Whitman Richard Whitney Sally WieclawCarolyn Wiggins Jill Wilkins Ann Wilson Barbara M. Wilson* Carol A. Wilson Don Wilson David Wilts Carolyn Wing Janie Winkler Martin Winn John Wiseman Kenneth Witcher Jay Wolff Paulette Woods Marylyn R. Wouda Janice Wright Anna Wu Tony Yang Emily Yates Bill Yen Jan Zabin Nancy Zadek Robert G. Zahniser Pearl Zaid Julie Zaideman Russell Zapel Leon R. Zar Wendy Zar Miles J. Zaremski Dinah M. Zeiss Karen Zera Angela Zhou Michelle G. Zimmer Denise Ziobro Mary A. Ziomek Deborah Zlotnik Leslie Zuckerman Sharon Zulkie Victor J. Zurczak

CORPORATE PARTNER VOLUNTEERS We are grateful to the following corporate partners for encouraging their employees to share their time and effort on group volunteer days at the Chicago Botanic Garden in 2017. Abbott Laboratories AbbVie Aetna Allstate Insurance Company Astellas Pharma US Bank of America Barilla America, Inc. Baxter International Inc. BMO Harris Bank Discover Financial Services W. W. Grainger, Inc. HSBC Mondelēz International Target Corporation

WOMAN’S BOARD OF THE CHICAGO HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY Officers as of 12/31/2017 Nancy Kurz President Anne Healy First Vice President Mary Hill Second Vice President Barbara Kehoe Third Vice President Jill Delaney Treasurer Nancy Dorr Secretary

2017 Active Members Dora Aalbregtse Ann Balusek Janice Beck Marianne Bestler Calvine Bowen Barbara Brown Bean Carroll Sue Cozzens Kristen Chun Alicia Crawford Jill Danaher Mary Dolan Valerie Foradas Katie Ford Lynn Foster Alice Goltra Susan Green Betsy Hough Beth Jernigan Marcy Johnson Betsy Karp Carolyn Katz Liz Kendall Kitty Kirby May Cat Kneibler Lizbeth Kohler Judy Konen Liz Lavezzorio Celine Lillie Joani Lowry Patsy Magner Valerie Maniscalco Jennifer Martay Michelle McCarthy Michelle McKenna Betty McLean Madeleine McMullan Ann Merritt Barbara Metzler Mary Alice Miller Kate Morris LouEllen Murray Nicole Peterson Juli Priebe Elizabeth Pruett Marina Puryear Carole Read Glo Rolighed Holly Rothschild* Carole Sandner Lisa Schilling Beth Schroeder Melissa Shennan

Lisa Smyth Susan Spears Angela Stensrud Margie Strauch Jennifer Tippet Susan Tupper Sophie Twichell Jeanie Van Nice Cassandra Vermillion Kim Visokey

Associate Members Cheri Allen Mary Boyer Chris Chandler Maggie Coleman Catherine Denckla Marilyn Heath Lucia Heyworth Hélène James Weezie Monroe Brooks Morgan Ginny Noyes Patti Ross Lois Steans Louise Tausché

Honorary Members Liz Crowe Janet Meakin Poor*

Nonresident Members Liz Bacon Liz Farwell Barbara Hansen Lorill Haynes Judy Herb Penny Horne Gina Jannotta Roberta Lynch Gwen McConnaughy Gail Miller Jane Pearsall Heather Scott Susie Volckens

THE GUILD OF THE CHICAGO BOTANIC GARDEN Officers as of 12/31/2017 Emily Reynolds Co-President Kim Vender Moffat Co-President Amy P. Brock Immediate Past Co-President Julie S. Saunders Vice-President, Membership Jennifer Brown Vice-President, Nominating Katie Kirtley Vice-President, Programming Amie Alfe Treasurer Sarah Roberts Vaile Secretary

2017 Members Pim and Brayton Alley Melissa Anton Rebekah Bader Paget Bahr Lindsay Baumann Matthew Beck


Dina Searle Brown Kimberly J. Burt Toni Canada Susan Canmann Colleen and Brendan Carroll Maxie Clarke Nicky Creamer Cory Daverman Emily DeGroot Kristen Denison Phoebe and Spencer DePree Amy DeVore Lucy Dolya Katie Donovan Abby Dunn Isabel and John Fiore Molly Flavin Anna Gjerlow Sophie Goodwillie Colleen Heidkamp Whitley Bouma Herbert Megan Hoffmann Merrill Hoyer Daniel Kehoe Leigh Keyser Jennifer Kiefer Wendy Labrum Lance Lawson Kim Lewis Anne S. Loucks Meredith Lussen Emily and John MacEntee Leslie Martin Caroline Masterson Kim Meardon Britt Miller Jennifer Morehead Stacey Murphy Jennifer Neighbours Katherine and Richard Peterson Miriam Petrillo Carolynn J. Pfaff Marion Rice Erin Ritchie Bobbi Rowe Elizabeth D. Ryan Jennifer Schultz Todd Schwebel Bevin Skoglund Megan Sleight Chrissy Taylor Sally Brown Thilman Kendra Thornton Daisy W. Tolles Steven M. Valenti Carrie Wilson Carolyn Withey

Sustaining Members Laura Ferris Anderson Lindsey C. Axel Annie O’Scannlain Barlow Kimberly Beard Elizabeth and Chandler Bigelow III Donna G. Brunso Preston Cain Kate Fisher Fitzgerald John D. Fornengo Andrea Garber Rebecca and Victor Garces Karen Hawkins Jennifer and Sanford Kasten Jennifer P. Keenan

Brooke and James Kuehnle, Jr. Anita Livaditis Stephanie Madigan Kathryn Bader Mangel Gloria S. Masterson Carrie C. McNally Susan B. Merlin Peyton H. Merrill Eileen Murphy Shawna and Jay Owen Hilary C. Semple Lee Thinnes Anne C. Tucker

2017 AMERICAN FLOWER SHOW SERIES PARTICIPATING PLANT SOCIETIES American Dahlia Society Bromeliad Society of Greater Chicago Cactus & Succulent Society of Greater Chicago Central States Dahlia Society The Garden Club of America The Garden Club of Barrington The Garden Club of Evanston Garden Guild of Winnetka Kenilworth Garden Club Lake Forest Garden Club Winnetka Garden Club Garden Clubs of Illinois District IX Garden Photographic Society Gardeners of the North Shore Ikebana International Ikenobo Ikebana Chicago Chapter Illinois Mycological Association Illinois Orchid Society Midwest Bonsai Society Midwest Daffodil Society Midwest Fruit Explorers Northern Illinois Gesneriad Society Northern Illinois Hosta Society Northshore Iris & Daylily Society Roadside Flower Sale Chicago Botanic Garden Volunteers Sogetsu School of Illinois Ikebana Wisconsin-Illinois Lily Society

CHICAGO HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY Board of Directors Officers as of 12/31/2017 Robert F. Finke Chair David R. Casper Vice Chair & Treasurer Jill M. Delaney Vice Chair & Secretary Timothy A. Dugan Vice Chair, Nominating & Governance Peter Ellis Vice Chair, Government Relations John L. Howard Vice Chair Thomas E. Lanctot Vice Chair Catherine M. Waddell Vice Chair, Science and Education Susan A. Willetts Vice Chair & Immediate Past Chair Nicole S. Williams Vice Chair, Finance & Investment

Jean M. Franczykº President and Chief Executive Officer Fred Spicer Executive Vice President and Director Thomas J. Nissly Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer James F. Boudreau Executive Vice President, External Affairs Jennifer Schwarz Ballard, Ph.D. Vice President, Education and Community Programs Aida Z. Giglio Vice President, Human Resources Gregory Mueller Ph.D. Chief Scientist and Negaunee Foundation Vice President of Science Harriet Resnick Vice President, Visitor Experience and Business Development

2017 Board of Directors Sharon Brady Amy P. Brockº Neville F. Bryan John H. Buehler Michael J. Busch Susan Keller Canmann Heidi B. Capozzi Robin Colburn James W. DeYoung Anthony L. Farino Steve Fradkin Jean M. Franczykº Dorothy H. Gardner Steven J. Gavin Arthur J. Gibson Nancy Gidwitz Ellis M. Goodman John K. Greene Charles V. Greener Joseph P. Gromacki Gillian Growdon William J. Hagenah Robert D. Hevey, Jr. Jonathan S. Holloway Jane Irwin Gregory K. Jones Todd Kaplan Jennifer M. Kasten Carolyn Katzº Angela Korompilas Nancy Kurzº M. James Leider Benjamin F. Lenhardt, Jr. Anne Leventry Diane vS. Levy Laura M. Linger Alec Litowitz Anne Loucks Michael J. McMurray Christopher Merrill William E. Moeller Gregory Moerschel Kim Vender Moffatº Lois L. Morrison Jane Park George A. Peinado Janet Meakin Poor* Toni Preckwinkleº Bob Probst Arnold Randallº Emily Reynoldsº

John C. Robak James Robinson John Rugel Ryan S. Ruskin Darren Serrao Robert E. Shaw Tom Skilling Greg Smith Maria Smithburg Harrison I. Steans Pam F. Szokol Collette Taylor Andrew J. Warzecha

2017 Life Directors Marilynn B. Alsdorf J. Melfort Campbell Barbara Whitney Carr Gary P. Coughlan Peter R. Crane John V. Crowe* Suzanne S. Dixon Thomas A. Donahoe Peter B. Foreman Ralph F. Fujimoto James J. Glasser Caryn L. Harris Florence S. Hart* Pamela K. Hull Thomas B. Hunter III Posy L. Krehbiel Bill Kurtis Donna La Pietra Daniel I. H. Linzer Josephine P. Louis Robert H. Malott* Mary L. McCormack Mary Mix McDonald* Jeanine McNally Peter H. Merlin* Jane S. O’Neil* William A. Osborn Homi B. Patel John E. Preschlack Susan L. Regenstein Anne O. Scott David Byron Smith Susan Stone Richard L. Thomas Howard J. Trienens Ernest P. Waud III Arthur M. Wood, Jr. º ex officio

40 * Deceased


FOREST PRESERVES OF COOK COUNTY as of 12/31/2017 Toni Preckwinkle President Arnold Randall General Superintendent

Board of Commissioners Luis Arroyo, Jr. Richard R. Boykin Jerry Butler John P. Daley Dennis Deer John A. Fritchey Bridget Gainer Jesús G. García Gregg Goslin Edward M. Moody Stanley Moore Sean M. Morrison Timothy O. Schneider Peter N. Silvestri Deborah Sims Larry Suffredin Jeffrey R. Tobolski

Botanic Garden Committee Gregg Goslin Chairman Timothy O. Schneider Vice Chairman Luis Arroyo, Jr. Jerry Butler John P. Daley Sean M. Morrison Deborah Sims Larry Suffredin

Front cover: A native of Madagascar, Bismarck palm (Bismarckia nobilis) fans out during the Brazil in the Garden exhibition. Inside cover spread: A great blue heron rests among the water lilies and shoreline plantings in the Great Basin. Page 14: Reed C. Benkendorf, a Conservation and Land Management intern, takes a break alongside desert candle (Caulanthus inflatus) in California. Photo by Ryan O’Dell. Pages 19-20: A field of crimson mountain fleece (Persicaria amplexicaulis ‘Firetail’) brightens up the landscape on Evening Island. Back cover: The striking Canna Tropicanna™ blooms for the Garden-wide exhibition Brazil in the Garden.


Because of you, we now have the facilities to grow and better tend to the plants that offer beauty and respite.

The greenhouses at the Kris Jarantoski Campus will be completed at the end of 2018, tripling our production space.

Because of you, we are building healthier communities.

The Farm on Ogden opens in June 2018 to offer jobs training through Windy City Harvest and access to healthy, locally grown food in the North Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago. 42 * Deceased


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Chicago Botanic Garden Annual Report 2017  
Chicago Botanic Garden Annual Report 2017