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4528 Walnut Street Apt.D31 • Philadelphia, PA19139 267-266-2863 Master of Architecture, 2011 University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Merit Scholar

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, 2007 National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan FELLOWSHIP & SCHOLARSHIP

AIA West Jersey Design Fellowship 2011 E. Lewis Dales Traveling Fellowship 2010



eVolo Skyscraper Competition 2011 Finalist AIA West Jersey Design Competition 2011 Second Place E. Lewis Dales Portfolio Competition 2010 Award Winner eVolo Limited Edition Book August, 2011 Urban Swirl

PennDesign Student Work Book 2010 - 2011 August, 2011 ARCH 701 Rahim Studio: Urban Swirl

eVolo June 20th, 2011 Strasbourg Cathedral / Axis Mundi

Architizer January 3rd, 2011 Top Projects 2010: Whitney Museum of American Art by Axis Mundi

ArchDaily September 22nd, 2010 Alternative to Piano’s Whitney Museum / Axis Mundi

Dezeen September 20th, 2010 Conceptual extension to Whitney Museum of American Art by Axis Mundi WORK EXPERIENCE

MVS Architects Shanghai Office

Aug 2011 – Present

Designer Meeting potential clients, communicating with clients, comunicating with contractors, 3D modeling, Diagraming

University of Pennsylvania PennDesign IT

August 2008 – May 2011

Student IT Assistant Assisted faculty and students with computer software needs and plotting question

Axis Mundi Design Studio

June 2010 – August 2010

Summer Intern Project Designer, Visualizer: 3D modeling, computer rendering, Grasshopper script developing, Photoshop rendering, Diagraming July 2004 - September 2004

Administrative Assistant Assisted in clerical work, computerizing paper documents, distributing inquiry e-mail to related departments EXHIBITION

Green, Urban, Global: Architecture and Design by Philadelphia's Design Schools Philadelphia Center of Architecture, February 7 - March 3, 2011



Mandarin (Tranditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese) English Fluent Japanese


Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, FrontPage

Adobe Suite Rhinoceros Grasshopper Autodesk CAD, Revit, Maya, 3D MAX Maxwell Rendering Software Vray Rendering Software

Building Connection

Nes sted Urban Formations

Street View

Grand Entrance

Public Plaza Outdoor Theather Metro Station

Metro Station


Business Culture Shopping

In a metropolitan context like Tokyo ,Urban Swirl seek to provide various experience through space in different architectural form, and yet different forms are synchronize in a larger scale to complete the ‘whole’. Urban Swirl examine the opportunity to connect the vertical with the horizontal space by building connections in between towers, as well as building connection between the towers and the site plane. In such way, it allows the building complex to be more connected with the rest of the city. In this project, we offer a design of a ‘cluster’ of buildings which compose of three major towers and the connections between them. On a site size of 360,000 square feet, it serves multiple programs including cultural, recreational, business and residential. The complex itself is in fact a ‘mini city’.

Swirling Progra ms Instead of traditional categorized program organization, we propose a new concept of “Program Intensity”. The “Program Intensity” that we define in this project refer the intensity of the program activities. The new concept creates swirling programs and tie up the program with the overall site organization. Starting from the edge of the site, the program intensity gets stronger as the program swirls into the buildings. The program intensity change in accordance to the rotation speed as it speeds up or slows down.



Nested Urban Formations

Urban Swirl

The connections between the buildings and the site serve as a buffer between the towers and the cities. It provides a smooth transition from vertical space in the tower to the horizontal space on the site. It creates a new multi-layered experience of city life. In such a vast building complex, monolithic experience should be avoided. In particular part of the building complex, different formal language is applied to accommodate program needs. Urban Swirl seek to provide various experience through space through different architectural form, and yet different forms are synchronize in a larger scale to complete the ‘whole’. The part to whole relationship is a major emphasize in this project.

At the top, the smallest diameter of the building becomes an observatory to view out the city.

More vigorous rotation, partitions are built along with the space. Individual rooms are created.

Space starts to tighten up, public space shrinks, level of floors become more distinguished

The bottom of the building is more ‘loosen’ and space is opened up to accommodate public programs.

Whitney Museum Downtown Conceptual Extension Project with Axis Mundi Design director: John Beckmann / Design team: Andy Van, Dennis Pereira / Rendering: Chia Wei Liao

The existing museum is a 1960s concrete building by Marcel Breuer and Axis Mundi claim the extension’s exposed concrete frame would be a continuation of Breuer’s brutalist aesthetic. The extension would have an irregular floor plan configured around sight lines that look towards landmarks such as the Empire State Building. The design concept inherits this idea but extends it further. It becomes offspring of the original design concept, just like it will serve as the extention of the Whiteny Museum.

Whitney Museum Downtown Conceptual Extension Project with Axis Mundi Design director: John Beckmann / Design team: Andy Van, Dennis Pereira / Rendering: Chia Wei Liao A desire for column-free galleries led the architects to create a perimeter superstructure to contain the staircases, escalators, elevators, and mechancal rooms. this structural lattice allows the galleries to float freely, suspended like bridges, unimpeded by a typical grid structure. the lattice allows light to flood the building in unexpected and dramatic ways, heightening the visitor’s perception of the artwork and the city.

The Folded Church Conceptual C onceptual P Project roject with A Axis xis M Mundi undi

The folded church is an conceptual proposal for an Christrinality church located at a historical public square. Inspired by folded paper, seven folds stand on a traditional imprinted mideavel cathedral footprint. A ramp slowly sinks down into the ground and guides people into the sublime space. Inspired by natural geography of basalt columns, the altar creates a city of god and also a solemn space for people to worship and pray. Design director: John Beckmann / Design team: Chia Wei Liao, Masaru Ogasawara / Rendering: Chia Wei Liao

An architecture provides experience to its audiences. Various aesthetic qualities of a space such as its geometry of parts, material qualities, and lighting solutions, contribute to experiential effect. Series of articulated experiential effect can be curated in order to produce emergent atmospheres in the space, and the atmosphere evoke unique experience of the space.


The project has been driven by developing of techniques which can contribute to the aesthetic qualities of the space. Each geometry of part used in space has been designed to produce specifi c effect, and material and lighting solution have been utilized in order to reinforce the effect. Five unique spatial experience have been developed, and the experiences are transforming to each other through morphological continuation of geometries, and material and lighting transformation. Rate of transformation has been carefully orchestrated based on intended experiential transformation.


Kinetic Lamp

Engineer: Sam Pan

Kinetic Lamp is a lamp designed with dynamic surface to create fluid lighting effect. Powered by electric motor, the lamp can create fluid lighting effect like water by undulating the countour of the surface. We designed the machanic system and also the circuit specificlly for this project. We also explored the surface expression which can be aplied to the surface.

Mvs Architect + Terror Design Director: Jan van Schaik / Design Team: Michael Golden, ChiaWei Liao / Render: Michael Golden

Location: Beijing, China Area: 9,850,000 sqm With a site of a size of a small city, MvS Architects collaborates with Terror to design a mix-used project Qinhuangdao Super Yacht Island in Beijing. Surrounded by residential neighborhood, the artiďŹ cial island - Green Island - consists of two commercial icon towers, highrise condos, high-end retail stores, yacht clubs and hotels.


ChiaWei Liao Work Sample  
ChiaWei Liao Work Sample  

ChiaWei Liao, Master of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania