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Wednesday, January 29, 2014



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Hambden Man Charged in Chase Bank Armed Robbery By Cassandra Shofar


William Brejcha made an initial appearance in Chardon Municipal Court Friday. Brejcha did not enter a plea and his felony bond was set at 10 percent of $500,000.

The suspect who stole over $10,500 in the armed robbery of the Chase Bank branch in Chester Township last Tuesday has been arrested. William Brejcha, 50, of 12068 Nikki Lane in Hambden Township, was taken into police custody last Wednesday afternoon and charged with aggravated armed robbery, a firstdegree felony, after a civilian tip lead Chester Township police to Brejcha’s home. During a noon press conference Thursday, Police Chief Mark Purchase said Brejcha — who was masked with a pullover stocking cap during the robbery around 2 p.m. last Tuesday — brandished a semi-automatic pistol to bank tellers at the branch in the West Geauga Plaza and stole $10,589. He made his initial court appearance and bond hearing at 10 a.m. Friday in front of

Chardon Municipal Court Judge Terri Stupica. She mentioned the gun as she read out loud a summary of the events of that day and Brejcha inserted it was a “BB gun,” to which the judge asked him not to speak. She set his bond at $500,000 or 10 percent. He is currently being held at the Geauga County Safety Center and will be bound over to adult court. Prior to the robbery, Purchase said during the press conference Brejcha had created a diversion. “The initial call that the Chester Township Police Department had received was for a shooting that had happened out on Sandgate Drive. It was 1:50 p.m. on Tuesday when we responded to that shooting call. Upon our arrival, the dispatchers were learning the initial information ... the validity of that call was being brought under question quickly.”

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Grandson Suspect in WG Hockey Undefeated in League Russell Woman’s Death


By Cassandra Shofar The grandson suspected of killing his paternal grandmother in Russell Township was apprehended early last Wednesday morning in Geauga County on a probation violation, said Geauga County Prosecutor Jim Flaiz. Clayton Phillips, 18, was taken into police custody at a home on Lake Shore Drive in Little Punderson in Newbury Township around 1:45 a.m., according to a release by Russell Township Chief Timothy Carroll. The Northern Ohio Fugitive Task Force — a collaborative district-wide law enforcement effort spearheaded by the U.S. Marshals Service — assisted by the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office, apprehended Clayton. Clayton has not been charged in connection with the death of his grandmother, Ruth Phillips, 81, who was found stabbed to death in the basement at her

home, 8419 Cloveridge Road, Tuesday night. “The investigation is still pending,” Flaiz said, adding Clayton was arraigned via video in Chardon Municipal Court last Wednesday morning on a probation violation. He was silent throughout the arraignment. Municipal court probation officer Ray Gandolf told Chardon Municipal Court Judge Terri Stupica that under the terms of Clayton’s probation, he was required to complete and follow the recommendations of a jail treatment program, which included counseling. “I have received information as well as an admission from the defendant that he has failed to follow all of the recommendations set forth in the jail treatment program,” Gandolf said. Stupica found probable cause that Clayton had violated his probation and ordered him held without bond. She said he would be brought back to court in about two weeks. Clayton is currently being held at the Geauga County Safety Center in Munson Township, said Geauga County Sheriff’s Office Lt. John Hiscox. He had been sent to Russell Township from Texas last year to live with his paternal grandmother, several sources told the Maple Leaf.

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The West Geauga Hockey Program honored its four seniors on Sunday. From left, Head Coach Dan Gilliam, Zach Maguire, James Kern, Coach Chuck Bolt, Tom Karlsson, Morgan Gilliam, Coach Kirt Wells and Tate Georgevitch.

By Laura Goehrke When it comes to the sport of hockey, there is an electric, undeniable energy that moves through and connects everyone involved in the culture — especially the West Geauga High School program. At least that’s what head coach Dan Gilliam believes. Gilliam is in his third season as head coach of West G’s hockey team, which began the week with an impressive 17-3-1 overall record, 9-0 in conference play. Gilliam, who has previously coached at both Mayfield and

his hometown Cleveland Heights, gives a lot of credit to the players’ hard work and determination. “The kids show up ready to play every day, no matter what,” said Gilliam, currently in his third season. “Each one contributes positively to the overall dynamic, on and off the ice.” He points out a few players, in particular — Skyler Rossbach, a sophomore captain, and Tom Karlsson, a senior exchange student from Sweden. “Skyler is a true leader,” the coach said. “Everyday, he keeps the other players up, and he’s always pumped and ready to go.

Tom has been a gift to this program. He has so much energy on the ice and it’s contagious.” But not all the credit can be given to just the players themselves. Much of the team’s current success can be attributed to Gilliam’s coaching staff, Kirt Wells and the Bolt brothers, Chuckie and Johnny, both alumni of the Wolverines’ hockey program. “The Bolt brothers and Kirt have been extremely helpful,” he said. “They come into each practice knowing exactly what needs to be accomplished. They

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Government Update - Chester Township

On January 16, 20 14, the board of trustees held a special meeting. The primary purpose of the meeting was to review the preliminary budget prepared for the Police Department by Chief Purchase. Other business included motions for pay increases for department heads, the township administrative assistant, the fiscal officer's assistant and the zoning inspector. The last pay increase for these individuals was in early 2012. The trustees unanimously passed a motion requiring review and approval by the Board of Trustees prior to making application for any grants. 20 13 Police Department expenditures were approxi-

mately $1.623 million. The 2014 draft budget as presented is tentatively $1.729 million. Questions were asked about line item year-over-year increases with more research to be done. Payroll, at approximately $1.0 million dollars is a significant cost. Injuries in the Police Department created a year-long patrol officer shortage in 2013 resulting in approximately $63,0 0 0 in overtime pay. Vacation payouts were also higher than normal because of overtime. Operational changes to limit the financial impact in both of these areas is a focus for 2014. Once the budget is 'nearfinal', an evening public trustees meeting will be held. The budget will again be reviewed and questions and comments from the public will be addressed before finalization of a budget that will be voted on as part of Chester Township's 2014 permanent appropriations. The meeting included a discussion of Chester Township's

membership in the Valley Enforcement Group (VEG). VEG was originally established as a group to deal with bombs and explosives. Chester Township became a member around 1996. Since that time, the scope of services has expanded to include SWAT, hostage negotiations, and (serious) accident investigation. The recent annual VEG membership fee was $7,000. Trustee Petruziello indicated that similar services are provided by the Geauga County Sheriff in cooperation with the Lake County Sheriff, and the State Highway Patrol can conduct accident investigations. Trustee Kinney asked that we evaluate these services not only from a cost standpoint but also from a risk management and from insurance policy perspective. Certain equipment, training and resources would no longer be available if we withdraw. The board asked for more information, including services rendered to Chester Township

from VEG and the frequency and cost of responses provided by Chester to other municipalities. The board will ask Sheriff McClelland to speak at a future trustees meeting before a membership decision is made. Discussions began regarding Chester Township's membership in the Chagrin River Watershed Partners (CRWP). Several questions were raised and it was decided to ask the CRWP and the Geauga County Soil and Water Conservation District if a representative from each organization could attend a meeting and explain the services each organization offers. Annual CRWP membership for Chester is about $4,000. The next meeting for the Chester Township Board of Trustees is a special meeting at 2 pm on January 29, 2014 where the primary focus will be the 2014 Road Department Budget. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us at 440/729-7058.

crier Jan. 30: Regina Brett Presentation 7:30 p.m. Plain Dealer columnist and author Regina Brett will provide an inspiring presentation on her latest book, “Be the Miracle: 50 Lessons for Making the Impossible Possible,” at Mayfield United Methodist Church, 7747 Mayfield Road, Chester Township. Presentation followed by book signing. Tickets may be purchased for a $5 donation. Call 440-729-4006 for more information.

Jan. 31: Food Pantry 10 a.m. to noon The Food Pantry at Chester Christian Center A/G Church, 11815 Chillicothe Road, is open to anyone in the community who is in need of food. Do not need to be a member of the church to attend. Call 440-729-6203 for more information.

Feb 1: Kiwanis STEM Fair 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. The community is invited to the 11th annual STEM Fair (Science Technology Engineering Math) at West Geauga Middle School. Come see the science projects that middle and high school students have been working on for the past several months. Watch the results of the high school junior and senior teams compete in the popular Junk Box Wars at 11 a.m. (each team of students builds a solution to a problem just presented to them from identical boxes of supplies). The building, contraptions and solutions are always fun to watch. Building starts at 9 a.m., competition at 11 a.m. This is the first year for an eighth grade-only event “How do I Fare? in Science and Technology.” This event, like the Junk Box Wars, is for the time-strapped or “not quite sure about science” students that allows participation in the fair with no prior preparation, with a friend. A set of 12 stations present hands-on activities that need to be performed based upon own life experiences, creativity or understanding of basic science principles. Setup for individual projects begins at 8 a.m. and judging is between 9 a.m. and noon. Awards are given between noon and 1 p.m. All are welcome.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


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Bank Robber from page 1 Purchase said around 1:57 p.m., police received a call that Chase Bank had just been robbed. The homeowner at the Sandgate Drive address “had zero involvement” in the robbery, the chief said, adding diversions are familiar to both the police and Geauga County Sheriff’s Office. “Subsequently, after a lot of man hours over the last day and a half here, first thing we did, and this is where media should be commended ... we got preliminary information out to all of you very quickly,” Purchase said. “It was by the media getting that information out ... that ultimately led to a very important tip to this investigation.” Around 3 p.m., the investigation pointed police to Hambden Township and the sheriff’s office aided Chester police in getting a search warrant and arrest warrant, Purchase said.


“We were asked to assist the Chester Township Police Department. We set up surveillance at (Brejcha’s) residence,” Sheriff Dan McClelland said. “Approximately a half an hour into the surveillance, the targeted individual was observed (returning) to that residence. He remained there for another half an hour and at approximately 4:16 p.m. he did leave that residence. An apprehension team


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Chester Township Police Chief Mark Purchase shows the surveillance camera photo that led to the arrest of William Brejcha, 50, of Hamden Township, the suspect in the armed robbery of Chase Bank in Chester Township last Tuesday.

was located on Chardon Windsor Road. A felony traffic stop was initiated.” McClelland explained a felony traffic stop is a potential high risk stop that involves several officers assisting. “(Brejcha) was taken into custody without incident,” he said. Purchase added in his initial interview, Brejcha declined to cooperate in the investigation and instead has invoked his right to speak to an attorney. Purchase said $8,500 of the money stolen was recovered from Brejcha’s residence, however, the semi-automatic pistol has not been recovered yet. “(Brejcha) has a prior extensive past criminal history. In 2004, he does have a prior arrest and conviction for bank robbery ... in Pennsylvania. “Additional information, although we are still working to confirm it, was that there were two bank robberies committed by him in 20 04 in the same week and that those two may have been combined and he was subsequently charged in both of them at one time.” Purchase said he believes

Brejcha did not use a weapon in the prior robberies, but the fact he used one at Chase Bank made the crime “aggravated robbery.” Around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, police wrapped up the search of Brejcha’s home, Purchase said, adding they will still be continuing the investigation to gather all the evidence and information they can to connect the dots. Purchase said the bank tellers did “a tremendous job” and he stopped by Thursday morning to check on them and tell them of Brejcha’s arrest. “They were obviously very glad to hear that. I think they’re doing very well,” he said. McClelland said being on the other end of a robbery can be very traumatic. “It’s terrifying. You’re very scared. It’s difficult to go to work the next day,” he said. “You watch the customers in the bank. You’re absolutely fearful that the very next person could be a robber. It’s traumatic, it’s scary. It also causes fear within the family. But there is a relief when the perpetrator is caught. It somewhat eliminates that fear of ‘He might be coming back. He might know where I live.’”


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Grandson Suspect from page 1


Chester Township police were back at the Cloveridge Road home of Ruth Phillips last Wednesday morning as part of their ongoing investigation into her death.

Monday morning, Hiscox said. A friend of Ruth’s had been trying to reach her since Monday night and became concerned for her welfare, according to Flaiz. The female friend called the sheriff’s office at 6:48 p.m. to request a welfare check on Ruth. She said she had spoken to Clayton on the phone several times and he was giving conflicting reasons why his grandmother could not come to the phone, according to the call log. Two Russell Township police officers responded, entered the residence and found Ruth dead, Chief Carroll said. Neither Ruth nor Clayton’s vehicles were at the residence, so police began a

search that eventually led to Clayton’s apprehension. It is believed Clayton fled in Ruth’s vehicle, which a neighbor said was a Buick. Another neighbor described Ruth Phillips as a “very nice lady” and said Clayton cut her grass occasionally in the summer. But he also did not believe Clayton lived at her home all of the time. Officers from the Bureau of Criminal Investigation were on scene last Tuesday night and early last Wednesday morning. This is a developing story. Check for updates at – Additional reporting by John Karlovec


Geauga County Coroner Bob Coleman arrived on scene around 9 p.m. last Tuesday night. The cause and manner of her death is still under investigation, he said. Ruth had reportedly taken in her “troubled grandson,” the only other resident in the house, in or around May of 2013. He was arrested in September for illegal use/possession of marijuana and unauthorized use of a vehicle and theft, according to court records. Although the amount of the theft warranted a felony charge, Clayton was convicted of a firstdegree misdemeanor theft as well as unauthorized use of a vehicle, according to court records. He was sentenced to 180 days in jail, with 120 of the days suspended, on each count with the time to run consecutively. He was ordered to attend counseling and to pay restitution to his grandmother in the amount of $584 by March 31, 2014. Clayton also was placed on one-year probation, which was scheduled to end on Nov. 6, 2014. He served his jail time starting Sept. 23 and was released


1 mi. East of Rt. 44

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Chester Police Beat TRAFFIC STOP


OVI NOT VALID WITH ANY OTHER OFFER. EXPIRES 3/31/14 N o la n M a in t e n a n c e C o.




" #





Officers were dispatched to the area of Mayfield and Chillicothe roads for a reported impaired driver. Officers were able to locate the said vehicle and observe it travel over the double yellow line twice. Officers stopped the vehicle and proceeded to give driver a field sobriety test, which they were not able to complete. Officers placed the driver under arrest for OVI, was given a court date and then transported to Geauga County Safety Center.

Hockey from page 1

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have been huge assets, and when I first came into the program, they helped me transition into this new role.” Gilliam has changed how the program runs, including shifting the amount of practices and ice time. His genuine passion and love for the game trickles down to each of his players, and his 30 years of experience playing and coaching only add to his capabilities as the leader of the program. "We feed off Coach Gilliam's passion. He's a strong leader, and a strong coach. We've come a long way as a team, and last

Officers conducted a traffic stop on Chillicothe Road on a vehicle that was showing expired plates. Upon speaking with the driver, driver was found to be under a license suspension. Officers issued the driver a citation and a court date and had the vehicle towed from scene.

FAILURE TO CONTROL Officers responded to a roll over accident on Wilson Mills Road. Upon arriving on scene with EMS, officers located the driver standing outside the vehicle. Driver was transported to Hillcrest Hospital for evaluation and vehicle was towed from scene. Officers cited driver with year was a stepping stone for this season of success," says Skyler Rossbach. The third prong of support that adds to the program’s success is the West Geauga community itself. Parents are constantly reaching out and asking how to help and volunteer their time, even parents of alumni, Gilliam said. The stands have also been filling up fast with students, teachers and families from the West Geauga school system — including high school Principal Jay Bishop and Superintendent Geoff Palmer. The fans certainly do not go unnoticed by the coaching staff and players. “The support is amazing,” Gilliam said. “It’s one of the

Failure to Control a motor vehicle. The road department was also called to the scene to remove a large tree the vehicle had taken out in the accident.

A LT E R C AT I O N Officers were dispatched to the parking lot of McDonalds for a reported altercation in the parking lot involving three males. Upon arrival, two of the males spoke with the officers advising of the situation, the third party had already left the scene. Officers then met with the party that left the scene and spoke with him as well. Officers concluded that it was only a verbal altercation that occurred and officers advised nothing further was to be done at this time. dynamics of hockey that have kept me in this game over thirty years.” This past weekend, the West G Wolverines played against Nordonia and came out on top with a 12-0 victory. The program also took the time to honor four seniors: James Kern, Tom Karlsson, Tate Georgevitch and Zach Maguire. Gilliam has only positive things to say about the foursome. “I’ve coached James, Tate and Zach for all three years I’ve been here, and I’ve had the pleasure to see them progress and grow, as well as pass on what they’ve learned to younger teammates,” the coach said. “This is Tom’s first year and he brings another dynamic to the team, which has amped up the level of play.” The ultimate goal for WG’s team this season is to win the Baron cup and they are currently making a promising run. “I know they can do it. They just need to continue to believe in themselves and work hard every day,” said Gilliam. The Wolverines last game of the regular season is at Cleveland Heights High School Jan. 31 at 9 p.m. vs. Brush.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


L etters the editor to the Editor Explore Opportunities West Geauga's open enrollment policy can yield strong financial benefits to area residents, which have not been accurately characterized in public statements. For example, if a classroom with an ideal size of 20 has only 15 pupils, and if five are added by open enrollment, based on the state paying $5,700 each, the district has a net cash gain of about $28,500. The fact the "average" cost per pupil is $9,800 is irrelevant; only the "incremental" cost is important, since there are virtually no added costs in this situation (no more teachers, desks, heating, etc). With 250 total open enrollment pupils, the district gains more than $1,40 0,0 0 0 yearly. With about 3000 households in the district, this saves each household $466 yearly in taxes that we would otherwise have to bear. As to the quality work performed by open enrollment students, I saw a statistic that as a group they actually outperform our own kids. That shouldn't be a surprise — parents must be unusually committed to their children's education to warrant driving a distance to get them to school. Any teacher will tell you they'd rather have kids whose parents are highly supportive. And what's wrong with exposing our kids to others whose culture may be slightly different than the perfect culture we have here? Some people say there are other ways for the district to 24 Hr. Hotline 1-800-550-4900

~ warm, caring, easy to talk with ~ free pregnancy testing ~ maternity/children’s clothing CHARDON SQUARE 129 Main Street 440-286-9711 toll free 866-230-9711 Birthright is a free & confidential crisis pregnancy center ~ We Care about You ~

save money. Fine, but in today’s era of rising costs, we should explore every opportunity to continuously improve the district's efficiency, consistent with delivering a quality education. Doug Bletcher Russell Township

Use Old School Site Fine article on the recycle center. And, if we use the feedback from various individuals in the article to form a direction, I cannot fathom why Chester is avoiding the use of the old school property for a recycle center. The township has the money. Residents have the need. Cameras can go a long way to deter illegal dumping. And why not a separate dumpster for the trash that doesn't fit the recycle category? When a former trustee objects to serving her public, I am glad she is a former trustee. Objections are a way to see a need that needs solution. Joe Ohtola Chester Township

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QUESTION: My mentally sharp but frail 78 year old mother lives alone in a 3 level house. Lately, it has become increasingly difficult for her to get around her home by herself. I bought her a walker, which seems to help her mobility a little bit, but I am still worried about her falling and injuring herself without being able to get a hold of me. I don’t want to take away her independence and I had promised her that I will never put her in a nursing home. How do I keep her in her home and safely?

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There are many simple improvements that can be made in the home to enhance her safety. Removing tripping hazards, such as loose floor rugs, and pushing in chairs can minimize the likelihood that she can catch her footing and lose her balance. Keeping necessities within reach, and not too high on shelving, will eliminate the need for your mother to use step stools and chairs to reach things, lowering her risk of falling. Home Health Care Supply Outlet (440-2661770), located at 9165 Mentor Ave, Mentor, across the street from Kmart, offers a variety of options to improve her mobility, keep her stronger and safer. They also have a NO CONTRACT, NO MONTHLY FEES, EMERGENCY RESPONSE SYSTEM. It can be programmed to call you and 3 other numbers and then 911 if you like. It’s a great cost effective system with lots of flexibility. That system is among one of the items supporting the Caring 4 the Caregiver program ( They also carry handles and railings that can be installed in hallways, bedside and in the bathroom to help her get around. There are seat cushions that swivel to aid her in getting in and out of chairs and vehicles and a variety ofwalkers to ensure she is offered the best comfort and mobility. Through Nightingale she can also receive the service called assisted living at home. It is best for people who are still functional but need a little help to remain safe and well and to relief the caregiving stress of their family members. Cost is about $9.95-$13.50/hr. Call 440-9429933 for more information or visit them on line at www.NightingaleHomeSupport.Com.



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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

news WG Kindergarten Registration

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Feb. 3-7, by appointment only West Geauga Schools will be conducting kindergarten registration for the 2014-2015 school year. Appointment times will be between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Evening hours are offered on Monday and Thursday. Appointments may be scheduled by calling 440-7295900 or 440-729-6806. Registration paperwork and information will be available at or by picking up a packet at any district building. Registration forms need to be completed before appointment time. Only a parent or legal guardian may register a child, must appear in person and must provide required identification (valid driver’s license, passport or state picture ID). The following documentation is required along with the completed registration forms: original or certified copy of the child’s birth certificate, two proofs of residency, immunization records, certified divorce and/or custodial agreement (if applicable).

FAFSA Application Session

FREE ESTIMATES • Senior Discounts Available

Feb. 5, 6:30 p.m. The Lake/Geauga Educational Assistance Foundation will hold a FAFSA Application session for high school seniors and parents at the LEAF Resource Center, 8221 Auburn Road, Concord Township.


Bishop Richard G. Lennon led the entire NDCL community in prayer during an all-school Mass for Life on Jan. 22 in McGarry Gym. In addition, Lennon met with a group of 16 NDCL students earlier in the morning. He also participated in a separate conversation with school counselors and campus ministers. Because of his deep love for young people and his strong dedication to Catholic education, Lennon has made the commitment to visit all 20 high schools in the Diocese of Cleveland this school year. This year marks the third time he has made pastoral visits to all Catholic high schools since he became Bishop of Cleveland nearly eight years ago. “We are pleased that Bishop Lennon's visit to NDCL coincided with this important day of prayer for life,” said Director of Campus Ministry Greg Welch.


The West Geauga High School Band recently participated in the OMEA District VII Solo and Ensemble Contest.

Session will demonstrate how parents/students should file the FAFSA electronically at home. Reservations are required, capacity is limited. Sessions and appointments are free. Parents are encouraged to attend with students. Register online at or call LEAF at 440358-8045 to reserve a seat or make an appointment.

WG Band Participate in OMEA Contest On Jan. 18, the West Geauga High School band had 41 of its students participate in the OMEA District VII Solo and Ensemble Contest. The contest allows students to perform either by themselves or with a small group of three to seven other students.

Schools• Page 7

meetings Listed are public meetings and executive sessions in the county for the coming week, unless otherwise noted. These meeting notices are NOT legal notices. Chester Twp.: Feb. 5, 7 p.m., Zoning Commission; Feb. 6, 7 p.m., Board of Trustees. All meetings are held at the Township Hall, 12701 Chillicothe Road, unless otherwise noted. Russell Twp.: Feb. 5, 4:30 p.m., Board of Trustees. All meetings are held at Fire-Rescue Station, 14810 Chillicothe Road, unless otherwise noted.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014



Page 7

school in such a positive and successful manner.


from page 6 Every event is judged by an OMEA adjudicator, who scores the performance on a five rating system, ranging from a rating of I - Superior to a rating of V - Very Poor. The 41 WGHS Band students performed in a total of 20 events throughout the day, and 18 West Geauga events received the highest rating of I; one event scored a II; and one event scored a III. The students that participated have been preparing for months for this contest, and are very proud of representing the

Max Koch Wins District Spelling Bee Crown West Geauga Schools is proud to announce that Max Koch, seventh grade, has become this year’s District Spelling Bee Champion. Max will advance to the Geauga County Spelling Bee which will be held at 7 p.m. Feb. 11 at the Geauga County Educational Service Center, 470 Center Street, Building #8, Chardon. Congratulations to Max and all of the 2014 spelling bee participants.

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West Geauga Middle School seventh-grader Max Koch recently won the district’s spelling bee.


On Jan. 22, NDES students participated in the 17th annual NDES Science Fair. Eighty judges evaluated over 236 projects that were designed and showcased by first- through eighth-grade students. Approximately 10 of the top seventh- and eighth-grade projects will be selected to go on to the Northeastern Ohio Science and Engineering Fair to be held at Cleveland State University in March. (L to R) Judges Pat and Larry Papesh with seventh-grade student Zachary Begovic.


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Wednesday, February 12, 2014 West Geauga High School, Room 124: 6:30 p.m.


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Spring Cleaning?

Bible Study 9:30 am

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Pastor Robert Sandham

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Drug Mart Plaza

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440 729-7099

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-- AAA Garage and Towing -#+ " (# " ')&&#)" "


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% ) % ! +# !& ) && '" % ! !' ! ! , % " & ', ! !' ! * ! && ' % # &

% '% ( '& !'

Today, ‘S’ Generation Center announced the opening of ' % # & STRENGTHS. STRENGTHS stands for ,&' ( ! % % & ! % '! % # (' " &' " (' "!& It is the first type of service to truly give the family caregiver an easy, inexpensive and convenient way to help their aging loved ones thrive outside of the nursing home and at the same time be relieved of caregiving stress while improving their self-care so he/she can enjoy their personal life, and career. The average family caregiver is a 47 year old woman who still has a job outside of the home, has children who still need care, provides over 20 hours of unpaid care for a mother or in-law who is in her 70s and does not live in the same house hold. The problem that most family caregivers have is that they are consumed with caregiving and over whelmed with information they can’t easily use or lack the time, resources and expertise to provide the needed care. STRENGTHS is the solution. It is a 12 week plan that peels away caregiver stress, heals the heart aches of caregiving, offers in-home care, adult day care, home safety management, and legal/financial help. STRENGTHS offers a long term care plan, creates work/life balance and enhances the wellness of the caregiver while helping the older adult thrive outside of the nursing home. * ,




- (), ), !.,


, - !", ,"( * , , !( ," , !(, ( ) ( ,)*( )), *, ,.!( , , # , ",* (, !- ,! ,* ( - ,!+*) ,! ,* , +() , ! !(, -! , ," ( *,)* /, * (,( * * ! #, , + ,* , !)*,! , ! ,* ( , ( , !(,* , /, , !( * , ! + */#, Registration for STRENGTHS is open now. Services for the first batch of participants will begin on Monday February 10th through Friday May 3rd, 2014.

! % "% ) & ' (& "! !

&' % , # "! '" ' *** ! % ' "!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

recreation G E AU G A PA R K DISTRICT All programs are wheelchair/stroller accessible unless otherwise noted. For more information on these programs or to register, call the Geauga Park District at 440286-9516 or visit

Winter Tree ID Feb. 1, 10 a.m. to noon The West Woods From fruits, twigs and bark, learn how to recognize trees in winter conditions. Indoor instruction session followed by outdoor hike. Master Tree Finder booklets, which will be used for the program, are $4 in the gift shop. Joint program with the Native Plant Society of Northeastern Ohio. Partially wheelchair/stroller accessible. Registration required.

Chagrin Valley Astronomical Society Monthly Meeting Feb. 1, 7:30-10 p.m. Sunnybrook Preserve Open to anyone with an interest in astronomy. Business meeting followed by monthly observation report, educational program and night sky viewing when clear. Learn more at Partially wheelchair/stroller accessible.

the call of the moose and other assorted animal noises as Paul Newman relates days of backpacking rigors at Isle Royale National Park.

The Sky Tonight Planetarium Show Feb. 2, 2-3 p.m. Observatory Park Join for a planetarium presentation on what to watch for each week. Building open house hours are 1-4 p.m. Sundays.

Isle Royale with a Backpack

Ohio's Snowshoe Hare Management

Feb. 2, 2-3 p.m. The West Woods Enter the quiet boreal forest and wander beneath spruce and fir trees draped with tangles of Old Man's Beard. Perch on a rock and experience Lake Superior's moods and listen for the cry of the loon,

Feb. 2, 3:30-4:30 p.m. The West Woods Wildlife Biologist Mark Wiley of the Ohio Department of Natural Resource's Division of Wildlife will cover the history of the hare in Ohio, the most recent reintroduction efforts, and the current status in the state.

P RO F E S S I O NA L INSURANCE M A N AG E M E N T Come in for a Free Insurance Quote and Receive a $25 Gas Gift Card!


James P. McConnell, CPCV

!' % "

Find out the real reason your home didn’t sell when you had it listed! NO COST -- NO OBLIGATION --

Angelo Marrali Sales Partner to John DeSantis Mega Million Dollar Producer

DIRECT CELL: 440-525-3718 • OFFICE: 440-974-7846 EMAIL:

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Read About Your y Library Local Librar

GEAUGA WEST LIBRARY The Geauga West Library is at 13455 Chillicothe Road. For more information on these programs or to register, call 440729-4250 or register in person.

Storytime Jan. 13-Feb. 28 There is still room to register for winter storytimes. Program designed for youth.

Monopoly Fest Feb. 2, 2 p.m. Play the classic game and other versions with family to celebrate the birthday of this classic American tradition. Program designed for all ages.

Book Discussion Feb. 5, 7 p.m. “The Art Forger,” by Barbara Shapiro.

Heart Art Feb. 13, 7 p.m. Create bugs, animals and collages out of heart shapes. Make to give or to keep. Program designed for grades kindergarten through fifth.

Shutterfly Class 2: Creating Custom Path Photo Books Feb. 26, 6:30 p.m. Ready to move beyond Shutterfly basics? This class explores the creative options available through the custom path photo book. Prerequisite: participants must have basic knowledge of Shutterfly and computers.

Spring Book Sale March 5-8 The Friends of the Geauga West Library are now accepting

donations for the annual spring book sale to be held March 5-8. Bring gently used or new children’s and adult books, collectibles, comic books, CDs, DVDs, audio books on CD, puzzles and games for adults and children, sheet music, coffee table books and prints to the library during regular hours. No textbooks or encyclopedias. A receipt for donations is available. Funds raised support adult and children’s programming at the library.

Tax Assistance Volunteers from the American Association of Retired Persons will be on hand to help file 2013 federal and state taxes. Thursday appointments, 9:30 a.m.-3:45 p.m., will be available and registration is required. Bring a copy of 20 12 tax returns, all 2013 forms received, proof of identity and Social Security card. Call for an appointment.

G AT E S M I L L S LIBRARY Gates Mills Library is at 1491 Chagrin River Road. For more information on these programs or to register, call 440423-4808, or register in person.

Robotix Blox: Wimpy Robot Day Challenge Jan. 30, 6-8 p.m. Students ages 9-12 are welcomed to join to program robots to avoid the cheese touch, survive the hall of screams and master other challenges Greg and Rowley encounter in Jeff Kinney’s popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Space is limited and registration required.

Page 9

Friends Book Sale – Members Preview Jan. 31, 4-5 p.m. The Friends of the Gates Mills Branch Library book sale will be Jan. 31 through Feb. 3. A special Gates Mills Friends members preview sale for Sponsor and Life members will be 4-5:30 p.m. Jan. 31. If not a member, join that night.

Friends Book Sale Feb. 1, 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Feb. 2, 1:30-4:30 p.m. The Friends of the Gates Mills Branch Library book sale will be Jan. 31 through Feb. 3. Proceeds support the library programs and events.

Friends Book Sale – Bag Sale Day Feb. 3, 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. The Friends of the Gates Mills Branch Library book sale will be Jan. 31 through Feb. 3. Feb. 3 is bag sale day — all the items in one bag for $5. Proceeds support the library programs and events.

Al Salomone Chesterland OH


The Underground Railroad Feb. 5, 7-8:30 p.m. Join to hear historian Paul Goebbel trace slavery from its beginning in the Western Hemisphere to the Civil War. Registration required.

Family Storytime Wednesdays, 10-10:30 a.m. Join for a program of rhymes, songs, fingerplays and stories for children not yet in kindergarten.

ONDERDONK SONS 4th Generation


Antique Furniture Restoration

Baby & Me/Toddler Storytime Thursdays, 1-10:30 a.m. Join for a program of rhymes, songs, fingerplays and books for babies from birth through 35 months old and caregivers.


Anco Winter Wiper Blades 930-11, 930-13, 930-15, 930-16, 930-18, 930-20, 930-22, 930-24

Heaters Deluxe wood

Reg. to 9.99

• Whisper quiet operation! • Fan forced • Backlit LCD display • Wheels for easy mobility • 1000/1500 watts • Digital thermostat 59-86 F range • Double swivel casters for easy mobility • 12-hour auto-on/auto-off timer • Full functionremote control • Long lasting galvanized heat chamber • Safety tip-over switch • Stay-cool exterior wood case • Reusable/washable filter • 6 ft grounded cord • Master power switch • Box: 22”x14.75”x20.75”

1.5 AMP Battery Charger

transfers Following is a list of real estate transfers for Chester, Munson and Russell townships for the three days ending Jan. 17, provided as a public service by the Geauga County Auditor’s Office. Transfers may involve sale of land only.

CHESTER TOWNSHIP Pamela A. Bill, 12470 Northward Pointe Drive, to Fontaine J. Jr. and Aimee Lunsford Gilliam, $340,0 0 0. (1.50 acres)

MUNSON TOWNSHIP Cedar GEM LLC, Cedar Road, to David and Sarah Payne, $850,000. (40.76 acres)

Mary P. Izar, 11230 Elk Run, to Keith and Deanna Paterson, $157,000. (5.00 acres) Cedar GEM LLC, 10680 Cedar Road, to David C. and Sarah C. Payne, $350,000. (6.23 acres) R. M. J. Parker LLC, 10390 Mayfield Road, to David Krissinger, $205,000. (19.99 acres)

%%, " & "& "(' " & "&

Automatic 80525

Reg. 28.99

We Carry a Large Assortment of Keurig K-Cup Coffees 18 count

“Furniture Repaired the Way it was Made - with Lots of TLC”

Reg. 199.99

Universal USB Wall or Car Charger

Earn Rewards Every Time You Shop! MEMBER PERKS:

3408051, 3408044

Reg. 7.99

Starting at

• 10 points for ever y $1 spent • 2,500 points = $5 Reward • Money saving coupons • Sale reminders • Helpful tips to take care of your home • Submit rebates online: Click, Don’t Clip!

Prices good through February 4, 2014.

RUSSELL TOWNSHIP Judith G. Hederstrom and Joan G. Hirsch, 8681 Birchwood Drive, to Judith G. Hederstrom, $122,500. (3.00 acres) William M. and Susanne P. Caplan (trustees), Suffolk Lane (s/l 10), to Christopher C. Brookes, $250,000. (6.97 acres)


URNEY’S % * % #! #% '%( ) ( #!

HOME & AUTO CENTER West Geauga Plaza

%#$ "



12670 Chillicothe Rd. • Chesterland OH 44026 • 440-729-2130 FAX: 440-729-0032


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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Premier Auction Galler y


12587 Chillicothe Rd., Chesterland OH 44026 440-688-4203 • 440-796-9040 • 440-725-7135


Thee Partial Content's Of Two Local Homes Auction Listing To Include, Th Plus Several Additional Fine Quality Consignment's From Erie PA All Selling Absolute. Very Large Extensive Selection Fine Porcelains, Antiques to Decorative Pieces of All Styles and Makers Including Custom Quality Bench Made Furniture, General and Few Pieces Needing Some TLC. Great Sale of Good Smalls & Collectibles. Including Depression, Fenton, Blenko EAPG, Cut & Pattern Glass of All Types & Makers Several Good Hand Painted Made in England Biscuit Barrel Jars, Doulton, Carlton Ware & Other's Makers. Statuary, Figurines, Fine H.P. Porcelains, Dinnerware Sets, Hummels, Berdze, Fenton, Cranberry, Sterling, Newer Tiff ffaany Style Lighting, Floor Lamps, Country & Primitive Pieces, Many Prints, Paintings & Watercolors. PLE ASE FILL FREE TO CALL US A NY TIME IF YOU HAVE C ONSIGNMENT QUESTIONS, TO DISCUSS YOUR AUCTION NEE DS, OR HAVE ITEMS FOR SA LE. We’re So C onfi fid dent We Can Get You Th Thee Highest Prices For Your Fine Antiques & Collectibles Thaat We Are Willing To Guarantee You A Fair Market Value Or Off Th ffeer To Purchase Your Items If We Do Not. PLEASE REMOVE ALL PURCHASES AS SOON AS POSSIBLE - WE NEED TO SETUP FOR NEXT ONLINE SALE. 18% Buyers Premium 3% Discount For Cash Or Check View All Our Great Upcoming Auction Events.


Prince of Peace Church, located at 9319 Mayfield Road, Chester Township, opened its doors Jan. 5.

Prince of Peace Dedication Service Feb. 9, 3 p.m. Prince of Peace, located at 9319 Mayfield Road, Chester Township, opened its doors Jan 5. The 7,800-square-foot mission center, tucked back in a picturesque, serene setting of 8 wooded acres, with 4 acres of open yard, a play set and plenty of room for fun and fellowship. Everyone is welcome, especially those seeking a deeper meaning and purpose for life. Join for fun, fellowship and

refreshments to celebrate the dedication service. The mission of Prince of Peace is to love God and bless people. Through God’s love, we strive to serve the needs of the community as well as one another. We believe if you bless people, you reflect the love of, and for, God. Come as you are, casual dress attire welcome. Call campus Pastors Kevin and Luann Sowers, 440-6820767, email or or visit


10 Any 8-Cut 2 Topping Pizza


15 Any Half Sheet 2 Topping Pizza

2195 Half Sheet


1 Topping Pizza, 16 Wings & 2 Liter Pop


85 Sub Sandwich Tray (serves up to 10), 2 Half Sheet 1 Topping Pizzas & 50 Wings


99 Full Pan Baked Ziti (serves up to 30), 2 Half Sheet 1 Topping Pizzas, 50 Wings & Bada-Bing Bread

10% OFF

WGBF Sign-ups

chatter Loren McDicken and Carly Mihalic, of Chester Township, were named to the dean’s list for the fall semester at Mount Union. Taylor Zorman, of Russell Township, was named to the dean’s list at Ashland University for the fall semester. Zorman is majoring in international business and is a 2010 graduate of West Geauga High School. Jeff Pausch, son of Gina and Jeff Pausch, of Chester Township, was named to the dean’s list at The University of Akron for the fall semester.

West Geauga Baseball Federation sign-ups for summer baseball and softball are just around the corner. Registration will be held 9 a.m. to noon Feb. 8, 6:30-9 p.m. Feb. 13 and Feb. 18. Held at West Geauga Middle School, 8611 Cedar Road, Chester Township. Registration for co-ed T-ball is $85, co-ed coach pitch is $90, girls 10-U and 12-U fastpitch softball is $10 0, girls 14-U through 18-U is $135, boys minor and major hardball is $100 and pony is $135. Family max is still offered for $175. Call 440-729-7062 for more information.

der s Pre-OrLL CA ! AHEAD

HOURS: Tue & Wed 4-8pm Thur, Fri & Sat 11am-9pm Sun 4-8pm Closed Mondays

Linda Ebersbacher Realtor® Mega Million Dollar Producer

12668 Chillicothe Rd. • Chesterland OH 44026


unique siding O R I G I N A L & C R E AT I V E

Unique in design to suit your home CALL FOR FREE ESTIMATE

HOME & AUTO CENTER West Geauga Plaza 12670 Chillicothe Rd. Chesterland OH 44026

440-729-2130 Your Local “Grill Connection”- Propane Tank Exchange

JAMES M. McGEE 440-729-2393 or 440-537-3347 (cell) Financing Available

9319 Mayfield Road Chesterland OH 44026

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Page 11


Mini-office outlets. Turn 10 hours a week into $1,500+ per month working from your home computer. www.Good

GARAGE SALES If you need to have a moving sale, estate sale or garage sale, call Kathy Willis at 440729-2790 for assistance. Experienced. References available. We are now doing partial estate buyouts.


2008 Chevy Avalanche: black, LT3, 65,000 miles, heated sunroof, 6-disc leather, CD/MP3, new brakes- 2012. GM serviced. $25,000. 440-5526996.


Apartment: Chesterland, second floor of home. 2 bedrooms, 1 back, includes gas, heat and cooking. $50 application & background check fee refundable with lease. 216789-8076.

FOR SALE Kirtland: Brick ranch. 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths. City water and sewers. Park-like yard. Call for details. 440-2562304. Cemetery Plot: Western Reserve (ChesTary). Your pick, your choice. $500. 216-214-4979. Gardener Denver Air Compressor: 220 volt, $500. 216-2144979. Car Tipper: (tips cars on its side) Easy way to work. $500. 216-214-4979. Remote control gas car. $300 or best offer. Brian, 478-9061. Remote control gas boat. #250 or best offer. Brian, 440478-9061. Lifestyler Fitness Trainer Treadmill. Asking $150. 440479-5455.

Chesterland: Commercial, 500 sq. ft., heat and A/C included. $600/month plus security deposit. 400-729-0445 before 2 p.m., 440-729-3753 after 2 p.m. Chesterland: For lease- up to 1600 sq. ft. can be used as office space or kitchen. Great rates. Please call 440-557-5045 for more information.

Lowery Pageant organ with bench, $400; Poppo Cuckoo Clock with Cuckoo and music man, $75; Powermate 5000 watt Generator, used 3 hours, $575; 3 Royal Doulton Mugs. 440-729-4168. Maytag Automatic washer, good condition, $60; 3 Royal Doulton Mugs, Robin Hood, Old man in the sea, $25 each.

Wanted: Grandma’s costume jewelry, compacts, perfume, linens, knickknacks. Grandpa’s toys, trains, coins, bottles and fishing lures. Also buying misc. collections and estates. 440-338-5942. Lowe's Greenhouse Community Garage Sale: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Every Sunday in Jan. and Feb.  Space Available, $25. Huge greenhouses filled with many  sellers of cool stuff. Call for details: 440-5435123. 16540 Chillicothe Rd., Chagrin Falls.

HELP WANTED Snowplow drivers wanted: looking for snowplow drivers to drive our company vehicles in the Chesterland area. Experience preferred, clean driving record required. Must be on call all winter, 24 hours a day when snow is falling. Please call 440-343-1662 for interview. Full-time teacher/director needed for daycare facility. Must have experience. Please send resume to 440-729-0410 or call 440-729-0404. Tow Truck Operator: full or part-time tow truck operator. Reliable, no CDL required. CAB Towing Services, Inc. Apply in person. Chesterland Auto Body, 8032 Mayfield Road, Chesterland OH 44026.

MISC. Flyers to distribute? Do it the easy way. Insert them into the Chesterland News or Kirtland Chronicle for only $37.50 per thousand or 3-3/4c per piece. Call 440-729-7667 for details.

Please check your ad! We make every effort to avoid errors. We ask that you check your ad the first day that it appears. Any errors should be called in to the Classified Dept. at 440-729-7667 by noon Friday. We cannot be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion if you do not call the error to our attention. Thank you. J&B Salvage Grocery, 16055 Burton-Windsor Road, Middlefield. Canned goods, paper products, pet food, health and beauty, batteries and much more. Hours open: Mon., Wed., Thurs., Fri., 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sat., 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

SERVICES Scanning and fax service available at the Chesterland News, 8389 Mayfield Road, Chesterland. 440-729-7667. Graphics, design, typesetting: Beautiful work done at the Chesterland News. Logo designs, letterheads, brochures and business cards. 8389 Mayfield Road, Chesterland. 440-729-7667.

Carpenter: 30 years experience. Kitchen, decks, finish work, doors, storm doors, small jobs also. 440-729-8157. Fluid Film Undercoating and Rust Preventative. $125 Truck, add $25 for Plow, $100 car. Nights and weekends. Brian, 440-668-6164, by appointment. Joe Eicher doing roofing, siding, plumbing, church steeples, decks, gutters, clean-out houses. You name it, we do it! Insured. 440-813-4272. Local Tile: serving the area installing tiles of all kinds. Bathrooms, kitchen, backsplashes. No job too small. Quality work, reasonable prices. Call Ron for a free estimate. 440-336-2845.


Resumes: Resumes can be typed for you at the Chesterland News, 8389 Mayfield Road, Chesterland. 440-7297667. 422851

Fireplace Doors: brass and glass. Great Condition. $75 OBO. 216-978-4913.


Offering special discounts for interior and exterior painting and staining this season. 14 years experience. Professional and insured. Call Dan, 440-342-4552. Music Lessons: guitar- beginning to advanced. Rock, jazz, classical. All band instruments. Drums (winter/spring road lessons). Consignments, repairs, sales. 440-221-2274. Fall Clean Ups and Snowplowing: reasonable and dependable. 440-729-9400.


Plumbing: Professional, affordable, reliable. Water heaters, toilets, faucets, drain cleaning. 440-537-6045 or 440285-0800.

Private Nurse/Personal Assistant/Health Care Assistant/Driver. Days/nights /weekends. Experiences, references available. Mrs. G. Buford. 216-391-5766.

Yard and storm damage clean-up, down tree removal and brush chipping. Call 440729-9400.

Experienced Amish girl looking for cleaning job. Has references. 440-313-7370.



! "!


Have a position open? Advertise in The Chesterland News Help Wanted Section! Call (440) 729-7667 for rates and information.

Additions, Framing, Roofing, Siding, Windows, Pole Barns, Decks, Garages

Home Sweet Home Insured • Bonded

Pet Sitting and Grooming

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

! s y o B y Dann Come Check Out Our !

! !

! !



FAMILY PIZZA FAMILY TRADITIONS 16” family 2-topping pizza


1399 save $4.50


2 FOR $20 Deep Dish Deal Two 13” deep dish 2-topping pizzas


2000 save $11.49

all $ for

1999 save $10.46 440-729-3726

Carry Out or Delivery Only. Cannot be combined with any other offer or specials. Limited time offer. Offer may be discontinued without notice.

Carry Out or Delivery Only. Cannot be combined with any other offer or specials. Limited time offer. Offer may be discontinued without notice.

FRANK’S HAT TRICK 1 small 1-topping pizza


1 small specialty pizza 1 small calzone or foldover


16” family size cheese pizza 2 house salads • order of breadsticks

all $ for

2499 save $12.98 440-729-3726

Carry Out or Delivery Only. Cannot be combined with any other offer or specials. Limited time offer. Offer may be discontinued without notice.

FREE CHEESE PIZZA free small cheese pizza w/purchase of a family size specialty pizza or specialty calzone

save $8.99



Carry Out or Delivery Only. Cannot be combined with any other offer or specials. Limited time offer. Offer may be discontinued without notice.

Carry Out or Delivery Only. Cannot be combined with any other offer or specials. Limited time offer. Offer may be discontinued without notice.

choose 2 premium pasta dinners from “Pasta Chef” section of menu + 2 house salads


3000 save $11.96 440-729-3726

Carry Out or Delivery Only. Cannot be combined with any other offer or specials. Limited time offer. Offer may be discontinued without notice.

CARRY OUT PARTY PACK 1-topping sheet pizza • pan of penne pasta marinara (add 10 Italian sausage links & 10 giant meatballs for $15) • salad (1 pan) • breadsticks


8900 save $31.00 440-729-3726

Carry Out or Delivery Only. Cannot be combined with any other offer or specials. Limited time offer. Offer may be discontinued without notice.

Chesterlandnews 1 29 14  

Chesterland News January 29th, 2014

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