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DON’T CUSS By Cheryl Smith, Publisher

It is great to be on the right side of history. Too often we go through life making decisions without wondering about the implications or ramifications; and equally important, the consequences and repercussions. This is especially the case when you consider voting. In the last presidential election votes were cast, a victor was named and then decisions were made that not only affect the voters, but voters, and non voters, for generations to come. People do things that they think only impact them, so as long as they are happy, everything is cool. Which brings me to my truth. Recently in a conversation with a group, my perspective on an issue was validated, even before I spoke a word. We were gathered at a social event and the discussion turned to respect and honoring our elders. In this combination of boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z, and E I E I Os; it was the younger men and women who spoke out against the way the media is portraying relationships between youth and their parents. I have long said that I took issue with even some of my favorite shows where children were allowed to be disrespectful to their parents. You’ve seen them: cursing, yelling and even hitting their parents. My reality, my truth, says, “not in this lifetime.” Asking a parent, “What the hell is going on,” “leave me alone,” “Get out of my room,” “I wish you were dead,” or anything like that would have landed me a few heartbeats away from flatlining.” See MY TRUTH, page 4

First day brings smiles, fist bumps to schools


Special to Texas Metro News

Taylor Jones had four words for her son before he started his first day of school at Martin Luther King Jr. Learning Center. “Terrance, you’ve got this!” Terrance walked from his mom to the welcoming committee waiting in front of the school, including fist bumps from Superintendent Michael Hinojosa, cheers from Trustees Justin Henry and Miguel Solis, and hugs from Principal Romikianta Sneed.


Dear Angela

with four teams left standing and the playoff field officially set. Before the games began,

August 20, 1619. That was one of the first Black history facts my mother made me memorize. August 20, 1619, the day 20 Africans arrived on the shores of Jamestown, Virginia. It was where our recorded history began in this country. My mother was a history teacher and subscribed to the John Hope Franklin philosophy that American history could never be separated from Black history—the two are permanently intertwined. As such, her US, World, and Oklahoma history classes all included the significance of 1619. When I was about nine, my mother took me to Jamestown. She had been planning this trip for months. At that time, the town was restored to its colonial “glory.” Great attention was paid to every detail, so the experience would be to visitors as authentic as possible. The streets were cobblestone.

See BIG 3, page 14

See WORDZ, page 5

Superintendent Michael Hinojoso greets students

“Welcome back to school, we are so excited you’re here,” Sneed said.

DISD Photo

As part of the Accelerating Campus Excellence initiative, See SCHOOL, page 15

Paul Quinn alum Big 3 Regular Season ends Dr. Zachary E. A. Shirley is the new Director of Greek Life at UNT. A graduate of Paul Quinn College where Dr. Zachary E. A. Shirley he was initiated into Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Dr. Shirley is the two-time winner of the James T. Bailey Scholarship from the Dallas NPHC. He served as the 2nd and 3rd National Vice President of the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc.

Story and Photos By Dorothy J. Gentry Sports Editor

The Big 3, entrepreneur, actor and rapper Ice Cube’s popular 3-on-3 basketball league, concluded its regular season before more than 17,000 fans in Dallas. Played at the American Airlines Center before an official crowd of 17,152, the league’s 12 teams played a slate of games on Saturday

Lisa Leslie

Williams joins Faith Cooperative Federal Credit Union Board

Faith Cooperative Federal Credit Union announced the appointment of new board member LaShanté Williams. “Our newest Board member embodies the spirit of community and brings talent, expertise and energy to the table,” said Byron Lattimore, Chairman of the Board. “We are very fortunate to have her onboard as we continue to strengthen financial

freedom and economic recovery, audit defense, empowerment in the Dallas training and legal research. community.” Ms. Williams served in Ms. Williams is an various other leadership executive leader with Davis roles during her 20-year Davis & Harmon LLC- Sales career including internal Tax Experts (DDH). DDH audit, credit risk, regulatory is an award-winning sales compliance and local, state and use tax consulting firm LaShante Williams and international tax. providing services nationwide and An active volunteer, holding in Canada. Services include refund positions on the executive committee

for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.Omicron Mu Omega Chapter, Legacy of Service Foundation, and serving on the Cedar Hill and Dallas Bond Committees, Ms. Williams has also established herself as a nationally sought-after lifestyle consultant, Chef and public speaker. She is a graduate of Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University and a member of the FAMU Alumni Association.


AUGUST 28, 2019


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AUGUST 28, 2019

Frazier House Lunch & Learn Series presents: All You Need to Know About Wills, POAs and Probate Dallas Attorney Stanley R. Mays is the guest presenter for the Thursday, Aug. 29, Lunch & Learn event at Frazier House, 4600 Spring Avenue. The presentation begins at 11:30 a.m. The public is invited to attend this free class. Mr. Mays will teach participants what they need to know about Wills, Powers of Attorney and non-probate assets. Mr. Mays practices criminal, probate and juvenile law in Dallas. He is a member various legal groups and associations including the National Bar Association, the State Bar of Texas, Dallas Bar Association,


It launched more than a year Dallas Criminal Bar Association, ago and continues each month J.L. Turner Legal Association with classes that provide and the Dallas Criminal Defense learning opportunities for Lawyers Association. small businesses and nonprofit He has a Bachelor of Arts organizations, specifically tarDegree in Mathematics from geted to those in the South North Texas State University Dallas area. and a Doctors of Jurisprudence To register, go to: www. from Texas Southern University and click on Thurgood Marshall School of “Classes.” The classes are free Law. Stanley R. Mays and open to the public. Bring The Lunch & Learn Series is a program of the Zan Wesley Holmes, Jr. your lunch; we will provide the drinks. For Community Outreach Center. more information, email:

Murder defendant receives life sentence

Dallas County Judge Amber Givens Davis handed down a life sentence to 33- year-old Brandon Sampson who was found guilty of murder earlier this week by a Dallas County jury. Facebook postings by Sampson, and witness statements made to Dallas Police Homicide Detective Chaney, helped lead police to victim Jackie Hughes’ body. On January 9, 2018, Hughes naked, lifeless body was found wrapped in a blanket in the defendant’s garage in Dallas. She suffered blunt force trauma to the head and two gunshot wounds. Lead Prosecutor Jessica Trevizo told jurors, “Jackie didn’t deserve to die the way she did.” As investigators searched for the suspect,

they received information from a woman that her young daughter, Jasmine Adams, had left with Sampson and she feared for her safety. They immediately issued a missing person’s report. Authorities later learned the suspect might have fled to California. A witness in California came forward after discovering that Sampson was wanted out of Texas for murder. She alerted authorities to the location where Sampson and Adams were staying. A SWAT team from the San Bernardino Police Department located the suspect and a weapon believed to be used in the murder. Adams had no prior knowledge of the murder. Sampson was returned to the Dallas County jail to face murder charges.


Sampson’s trial began on Tuesday, July 30, 2019. An ex-wife and multiple girlfriends testified that Sampson was extremely abusive and had threatened them with knives and guns. In closing arguments, Lead Prosecutor Trevizo said, “Be not overcome by evil, but rather overcome evil by doing good.” Jurors returned a guilty verdict on Monday and he was sentenced by Judge Davis the same day. Special thanks to ADA Ryan Searcy and DA Investigators Claudia Marroquin and Catherine Justice who assisted on the case. We would also like to thank the jurors for their service and dedication to seeking justice in this case.


SEPT 27—OCT 20





AUGUST 28, 2019

EDITORIAL My Testimony – I Got PTSD! QUIT PLAYIN By VINCENT L. HALL Vincent L. Hall is

an author, activist

and award-winning columnist

One of the burdens of being a Black male is carrying the heavy weight of other people’s suspicions. One minute you’re going about your life, the next you could be pleading for it if you’re lucky. And far too many aren’t. – Jonathan Capehart, Washington Post writer, MSNBC Correspondent (2012)

I didn’t realize the full extent of my suffering until I returned from Oklahoma City and found that two DPS officers from West Texas killed another young Black man. Schaston Theodore  Lamarr  Hodge was the son of a mother who has seen more than her share of tragedy. It’s official. I suffer from PTSD. I have Post Trayvon Stress Disorder. My life changed the day Trayvon Martin was murdered by George Zimmerman. I

My Truth continued from front page

Now there are some who probably say they can identify with the households where that behavior was run of the mill, the standard. Proudly for me, I can say that behavior was not acceptable in any of the homes that I frequented growing up in New Jersey — and they were multicultural. We grew up respecting adults, even if they didn’t respect us. I know that doesn’t sound proper for many today but my parents felt that they were the ones to

surmised that police officers would continue to kill Black men without consequence. Even wannabee neighborhood watch group cops. I need a professional opinion and I know it. There’s no excuse for me not to. My friend, Dr. Brenda Wall’s number is in my contact list. She has been a part of this mental health community for over three decades. Her resume/vitae is thicker than a snicker. Dr. Wall has a B.A from Vassar College: B. A. and M.A from Boston University, a Ph.D. from George Washington University; and numerous other academic studies and is an ordained minister to boot. But I’m afraid that I cannot vocally verbalize the manner in which I have been covertly victimized. My daughter Alison came home from the movie Fruitvale Station in 2013 raving and railing that I go see it. I couldn’t and I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t. In fact I haven’t seen any movies where race is preeminent since Trayvon. Not 12 Years a Slave. Not documentaries on police killings. I can’t stand that

put adults in check if they acted inappropriately, not me. What are the long-term ramifications of letting children do whatever they please and say whatever they want? It’s simple, those disrespectful children will grow up into disrespectful adults who will have children who will cause grief and have folks asking, “Who are those disrespectful children,” or saying, “I don’t know why they act like that!” It’s simple. The media is implicit. During our discussion, one of the Millennials said she

pressure on my spirit. My 2012 Christmas gift was Django Unchained. I went on Jesus’ Day because I knew that Django would survive. But my greatest joy came when he silenced Candy Land’s H.N.I.C: Stephen. Stephen was complicit in the oppression of his fellow but that’s a different therapy

Trayvon Martin with his father session altogether. In his Washington Post article, Jonathan Capehart explained how his mother counseled him. She had parting words with him on the eve of his first day at a predominately white school. “Don’t run in public.” Lest someone

hated to see young children cussing in front of their parents on television because young children are watching and pick up on everything. So true! It was in the late 70s that children were first heard cussing on the screen. Writer Blake Harper identifies 1976’s Bad News Bears, 1985’s The Goonies, 1986’s Stand By Me and 1997’s South Park as a few examples of the beginning of children cursing on the screen and how it progressed. Can we encourage scriptwriters to cease and

think you’re suspicious. “Don’t run while carrying anything in your hands.” Lest someone think you stole something. “Don’t talk back to the police.” Lest you give them a reason to take you to jail or worse.” My own dad would stop on the side of the road to illustrate his repeated caveat. “Pooh, (that’s my nickname and I doubledog-dare you to ever use it), every time you see more than two Black men in a car, they’re going to be stopped by the police, and at least one is going to jail.” Eric Garner’s death kind of disproved that theory. You don’t have to be in a crowd. Apparently, my dad has some form of PTSD as well; possibly from the killing of Emmitt Till. I’m not the only Black man who has been forced to deal with this ailment. Eighty-eight percent of us have it and 98% of us go untreated. When Trayvon died, I was left squirming in my own sour spirit. The death of Trayvon was so devastating that even President Barack Obama

desist? Can we promote an atmosphere and environment that illustrates respect and stresses the importance of positive interaction? Can we encourage parents and anyone else to curb their language when talking around children. Since the art of communicating is dwindling down to the least common denominator, how does the future look when respectful conversations are not promoted, cultivated and encouraged? What’s in store for the future? Interestingly, 34 years ago people were talking about the

was forced to self-identify. He didn’t show his birth certificate, he showed his heart as a Black man. Obama admitted that he was a Black man whose spawn could be killed for no more than his genetic makeup. I tell you this PTSD thing is powerful. Daily you find yourself fighting back those inevitable tears. You don’t know how to express the sadness and solemnity you feel for the latest Trayvon who has been visualized, violated and victimized. And the advent of social media just deepens the depression. I want help but I’m scared. I’m afraid that if I learn to cope with this illness it may reduce me to the “10Day memory” Dr. King warned us about. I have to be able to see this succession of murders for what they are; American history. If I get treated and it makes me as apathetic and numb as it makes some of you Negroes, I would be nothing more than Stephen. Once you become callous to any type of oppression, Django doesn’t need to fire a shot; you’re already dead. It looks like its PTSD or die until we stop this madness!

deterioration of values and how we needed to see a change. And look at us today. Disrespect is the rule not the exception. Just think, when was the last time you heard someone say, “excuse me” because they cussed in front of their elders? How should we fix our children? How can we get them on the right track? We must understand that the children are not to blame, totally, and all children who are disrespectful in public are not that way with their parent’s consent. I don’t blame children for their acting out.

Adults, who know better have a responsibility. According to Mary Herrington, writing in Working Mother, “It is our responsibility to bring them (children) up in a way we wish to see the future unfold. Raise them with kindness, respect and dignity, and watch your interactions change. It takes time. It takes practice.” I just want to get back to the basics, the way I was taught. Heck, when I think about it, most of the adults I grew up around didn’t cuss around children! Live and learn!


AUGUST 28, 2019

Hungry for sanity--No more Trump THE LAST WORD

the end of the month, to put food on the table. The statistics are daunting. One in six children do not know where their next meal is coming from. Twenty-two million children need free or reducedprice lunch to get enough nutrition. The Department of Agriculture has just promulgated rules that will cut another 3 million people off food assistance. You won’t be surprised to know that Black and brown folks are more likely to experience food insecurity than others. Denny’s and the National Council of Negro Women have partnered to visit seven HBCUs this fall. They have titled their tour “Hungry for Education,” and as President of PUSH Excel, the education arm of Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition, I was excited to join with friends and colleagues to promote the

tour. The theme was amplified when Denny’s President John Miller shared a poem that highlighted the ways hunger affects academic performance. While the poem seemed to focus on the K-12 youngsters whose presence, ability, and behavior is affected by hunger, it is also clear that young adults who are attending colleges across the country make painful choices. Food or tuition? Dinner or a required book? These young people are experiencing an “uneasy and painful sensation from lack of ” be it nutritional or intellectual sustenance. I feel their pain. I am hungry, too, but I’m hungry for sanity. I get a feeling in the pit of my stomach whenever our 45th President opens his mouth and hits the airwaves. And I am all the more nauseated because I talk to friends in the world and around the globe who never hesitate to make fun of our nation. We elected the world’s biggest clown. Who the heck articulates his desire to be an extreme colonialist by saying he might like to buy Greenland, a territory of Denmark that is uninterested in being sold? I know that 45 was once a failed real estate mogul, but the imperialist notion of purchasing other countries is, at

best, laughable and even deplorable. I am hungry for sanity when I read disgusting tweets that encourage Israel to block duly elected United States Representatives (those who vote on an Israel subsidy from this country) from visiting and speaking to oppressed Palestinians. Whether Trump or Israel agrees with Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, the fact is that they are elected representatives of their districts and the Trump exhortation against them, not to mention Netanyahu’s foolishness, are anti-democratic. I am hungry, so hungry that there is a pit in my stomach when I consider this foolishness. Dr. Johnnetta Betch Cole, the seventh President of the National Council of Negro Women, disturbingly noted that there are hungry children in our world’s most prosperous nation. Perpetuating hunger will erode our riches, but some of us are too busy addressing the antics of the Provocateur in Chief, that we can’t deal with the minor matter of hungry children. Thus, the NCNW Hungry for Education partnership with Denny’s is both about physical hunger and

aboard the Dutch trade the White Lion. They would become the first Africans to arrive in the colonies.” Then we moved on. That was it. I remember my mother pausing and stopping to ask the tour guide if she could share anything else about those Africans who arrived here in 1619. She said, “I’ve seen pictures of some of the animals in the colony…names of dogs and cats even…I came all this way to learn more about the Africans who arrived here and you’re telling me that’s all we know. Where are their names?” The guide said, “I’m sorry we don’t have that information,” and she continued on with the tour. There were few times I remember my mother ever looking so sad. Perhaps, she shared the same thoughts

as Nikole Hannah Jones, the brilliant journalist responsible for The New York Times “1619 Project.” In her opening essay, Jones wrote, “Just a few months earlier, they had families, and farms, and lives and dreams. They were free. They had names, of course, but their enslavers did not bother to record them.” Over the past few years, historians have worked to try and find their names. It is believed that we now know at least one of the names of the Africans who arrived in 1619—Angela. She is listed in the 1624 and 1625 census as living in the household of Capt. William Pierce, first as “Angelo a Negar” and then as “Angela Negro woman in by Treasurer.” Since Angela was her Anglicized

name, we may never know what her parents, family, and friends called her, though I believe her given name was rooted in puluka, the Umbundan word for survivor. It is assumed that Angela was in her early 20s when she reached Jamestown, having already survived tribal conflict, capture, a 100 mile forcible march to the sea, the unspeakable horrors of the middle passage and a pirate attack. Angela would also survive Powhatan Indian raids against the colony and at least two famines. Remarkably, 400 years later, Angela still survives. The same Jamestown site I visited with my mother almost 40 years ago, now has The Angela Site, an archaeological investigation dedicated to locating remnants of her life.

DR. JULIANNE MALVEAUX Have you ever been hungry? Not the missed-a-meal, wanna overeat hungry, but the stomachchurning, bout to steal a loaf of bread hungry. Not the luxury of choice, but the sheer desperation of not having eaten for so many hours that food is nothing more than a memory. A dictionary describes hunger as “an uneasy or painful sensation from lack of food.” Synonyms include starved and starving. It happens at our border when children are separated from their parents and not given enough to eat in a day. It happens in our inner cities, where poor folks often choose between paying rent and buying food. Millions of people in the United States, as many as 40 million in 2017, experienced hunger. According to the US Department of Agriculture, 15 million households are “food insecure,” scrambling, often at

WORDZ, continued from front page

Transportation was via horse and carriage. The tour guides were dressed in period clothing. I remember us being the only people of color on tour that day. As we proceeded throughout the tour, we learned all about Jamestown, its colonists, and what life was like for them. When August 1619 came up, there was talk about needing supplies and almost as an aside…the topic for which we had traveled all this way finally came up. It went something like this, “’twenty and odd Negroes’ were

intellectual craving for better lives. It’s about transcending Trump. Those of you who read me regularly know that I can rarely bring myself to type the word “Trump.” I’m doing it now because I’m hungry. I’m hungry for sanity, hungry for peace, hungry for the possibility of a better world. I won’t be writing about our 45th President again this year. I will write about economics, public policy, and philosophy. I won’t write about the narcissist, the elected clown who has turned our nation into a circus. I’m less interested in the circus than in the sideshow ways this administration has consistently attacked and oppressed people. I am hungry for sanity, and I surely won’t get sanity by writing about idiocy. I’m going to take at least a three-month hiatus from reacting to unhinged madness. I am hungry for sanity, and millions of us are still hungry for food!

Julianne Malveaux is an author and economist. Her latest project MALVEAUX! On UDCTV is available on For booking, wholesale inquiries or for more info visit www.juliannemalveaux. com

I wish my mom were alive today. I know we’d talk about Angela and our imaginings of her. We’d debate about the essays in the “1619 Project.” We’d plan our trip back to Jamestown for participation in the 400th anniversary commemorations taking place this year. My mom may not be with me, but I am still planning to visit Jamestown. Next month, I’m taking my oldest daughter, Sasha, whose experience will undoubtedly be different from mine. She will hear some acknowledgment of our arrival, existence, and contribution to this nation’s history. What I most look forward to; however, is sharing with her one thing my mother always dreamed of seeing—a name.


AUGUST 28, 2019

This completely floored me! BETO FOR AMERICA BY BETO O’ROURKE I went to a gun show the other day. As soon as I walk in, a guy says, “Hey are you Beto? I’m a fan.” That was the last thing I expected to hear at a gun show. He invited us to see his booth, where he was selling AR-15s. Before we walked over I said, “I’ll be honest with you, part of the reason I’m here is because I’m concerned about gun violence, that we lose 40,000 people a year. I want to listen to everyone on this. So I came here to listen to you. Tell me what you think. How do we fix this?” I kid you not, the next words out of his mouth shocked me. He said he should not be allowed to sell weapons because he is not required to conduct a background check at gun shows. But

he goes on to tell me that if you’re 18-years-old, can prove it, and have a pulse, he’ll sell you a gun. And then he says he doesn’t think that’s right. Even though he’s profiting from this current system, he knows the current system is broken. Another guy, a Trump voter, tells me he has an assault weapon, and says he doesn’t know if it will do any good, but he would be willing to turn that weapon in if it’s better for this country. I was floored. Here are two guys literally at a show telling me we should close the gun show loophole, have universal background checks, and do something about assault weapons. One of the things we learned from the Senate race in Texas was how

important it is to not write anyone off. No matter where they live, who they voted for in the last election, how red or blue their county is. Never write anyone off. That’s why we just traveled to some of the forgotten states in the Democratic primary: Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri. We’re going to run everywhere. We’re not ceding an inch to Donald Trump. I believe that if we do that, we will not only win the presidency in 2020, we will win it in a landslide. Democrats can take on Republicans, and win, in places we didn’t even think we could compete. And in doing so, we can bring this country back together again.


AUGUST 28, 2019


CALL 214- 941- 0110


AUGUST 28, 2019

Fair Housing under Attack FROM THE CAPITOL

BY CONGRESSWOMAN EDDIE BERNICE JOHNSON Congresswoman Johnson represents the 30th congressional district of Texas in the US House of Representatives.

Just seven days after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Fair Housing Act of 1968 was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson to prevent racial discrimination towards people of color that historically had been denied housing opportunities by bigoted landlords, lenders, and housing developers, among others.

the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development which recently proposed a rule which would make it extremely difficult for plaintiffs to bring and win housing discrimination law suits. Under current rules, those accused of housing discrimination have a duty to illustrate why they are not guilty.

In fact, prior to the time that the Fair Housing Act became law segregated neighborhoods were created by many local and state governments all across America. The federal government was complicit in many instances as well. The new legislation was an attempt to make our country an accommodating place for all people. The Housing Act is one of the most important pieces of Civil Rights legislation implemented in the history of our nation, giving the victims of housing discrimination access to better employment opportunities, equality schools for their children and closeness to libraries, parks and recreational facilities. It has not been without its foes, including officials in government who oppose the idea of all of America’s citizens living where they choose. Methods to reintroduce discrimination in housing have become more and more sophisticated. The latest such culprit begins with

Under the proposed rule the burden of showing discrimination is placed on those making the complaint. The new rule provides arguments for those accused of discriminating, stating that when they use algorithms or other forms of artificial intelligence they may use as a defense that the practices are common in the industry, or that the science they relied upon were created by people other than themselves or their companies. This is incredulous. Is there no one in the Department of Housing or in the administration that has the slightest notion that there are programmers of artificial intelligence who might be bigots who are opposed to the goals of the Fair Housing Act? One recent study stated that African American households where the annual income was $167,000 stood less of a chance of qualifying for a prime loan than a white household where the annual income was $40,000. So much for algorithms and fairness in housing!

Cierra’s Interlude by Cierra Mayes

Courtney’s first NABJ Convention Cierra Mayes

Wednesday, August 14, 2019, marked the 11th episode of, “Cierra’s Interlude” by me, Cierra Mayes. Cierra’s Interlude is a podcast platform I created to give current college students and former students the opportunity to tell their truth. My show airs on blog talk radio every Wednesday from 2p.m. to 4p.m. Every week I talk about different subjects that are related to student experience on and off campus. I am a recent graduate from the

University of North Texas with a focus in broadcast Journalism On last week’s episode, I had the opportunity to interview a few I met at the NABJ convention in Miami, Florida. The convention had taken place from August 7th10th. If you’re not aware what NABJ stands for it is the National Association of Black Journalists. NABJ holds a job convention every year for journalists that are seeking to build their resume and gain more experience in their field. In lasts weeks Q&A, I had a pleasure of talking to Ashlee Jones. This week I had then chance of talking to Courtney Roden, which it was her first time experiencing

NABJ. She’s a recent graduate from Saginaw Valley State University and is looking for job opportunities in her field. After the conversation with Ashlee, I talked to Courtney about her experience at the convention. Cierra Mayes: So, how was the convention for you? Courtney Roden: The convention opened my eyes Cierra. When I say it opened my eyes to so much, like OMG. You always hear people say that 10,000 people wants the job you’re doing, or 10,000 people are applying for the same position that you want. You always hear it and you’re like okay, I understand. To see it is another thing. Seeing all these beautiful, successful, black doing what they said they’re going to do, it uplifted me and wanted me to go forward. I wanted to be just like them. Cierra Mayes: You didn’t have a NABJ chapter at your school, did you? Courtney Roden: No. Unfortunately, I didn’t. When I do visit back home, I’m definitely going to tell them about it.

Courtney Roden If I didn’t hear about it, just imagine how many students going there don’t know about it. Cierra Mayes: When you arrived at the hotel, what were you expecting? Courtney Roden: I didn’t know what to expect. I knew it was going to be a lot of people there, so I kind of expected it to be packed. I also didn’t expect to walk into the career fair to see Fox News, CNN, CW33, I didn’t expect that at all. I got to talk to all of these people that explained what they were doing and what steps they took to get where they are today. There was no negative energy. Everyone was so happy and uplifted and willing to give you their card to help you get to where they’re at. It was a pleasure talking to these ladies and hearing their testimonies about the convention. NABJ is the place to be!

NOTE: To aspiring journalists, check out www. Contact your local media outlets and see if there are opportunities to shadow, intern, and yes, volunteer. Don’t forget the Black Press!


AUGUST 28, 2019

Smokey John’s among winners of 2019 Big Tex® Choice Awards

DFW/ABJ Excellence At Dallas-Fort Worth Association of Black Journalists (DFW/ABJ) Mixer, members pay tribute to NABJ and DFW/ABJ founding, leadership and future of journalism, at The Attache’ Cigar Lounge, 4099 Camp Wisdom Rd, Dallas. The Attache’ hosted DFW/ ABJ’s mixer in their new facility that was opened in June. The Attache’ is a state-ofthe-art facility and owners provide an experience for its clientele, cigar smokers. Luxurious furniture, multiple television screens, a bistro,

Norma Adams Wade

and more is what you can expect. DFW/ABJ members and guests lounged at The

Attache’ as they heard a heartfelt message from NABJ Founder Norma Adams Wade and other speakers, including 2019 NABJ Journalism Educator of the Year Eva Coleman and NABJ Media-Related Rep. Terry Allen. For info on The Attache’, www.theatt achecig ar. com. The owners are: Rick Williams and Denice and Jason Stanford. For info on DFW/ABJ, log on to

Laura and Ken Purnell

Monique P. Stone and guest

PHOTOS: Jason Stanford

Pearl Jones and Dewayne Dancer

NABJ Media-related Representative Terry Allen

Sheila Tucker and Ken Carter

Royce Dixon, Telea Stafford and Zhamir KERA’s Tanya “Mo” Barrow wins tickets to Grambling/PV Game

Dr. Linda Amerson

Stewart Curet and Denise Stanford

DFW/ABJ Founding Member Alexis Yancey

With the team from The Attache’ Cigar Bar

The Attache’ Cigar Bar

It’s finally here, the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the highly-anticipated decision that denotes the ultimate achievement in Fair food. The 15th Annual Big Tex Choice Awards, presented by Metro by T-Mobile, provided guests with an ample assortment of tasty treats. This year’s finalists proved that there is no shortage of creativity when it comes to this competition. After tasting all 10 foods and carefully evaluating each item, the all-star panel of judges has tallied its scores and cast its final votes. Drum roll please…and the winners are: “Best Taste – Savory” goes to Ruth’s Stuffed Fried Taco Cone by Ruth Hauntz, while Big Red® Chicken Bread by Brent & Juan Reaves of Smokey John’s Bar-B-Que wins “Best Taste – Sweet,” and “Most Creative” presented by Metro by T-Mobile goes to the Fla’Mango Tango by the Garza Family.

Most Creative Fla’Mango Tango by The Garza Family (SWEET) Mango like you've never tango'd before! Treat yourself with a refreshingly creamy mango twist, fried and drizzled with a kicky citrus glaze. Topped with whipped topping and served with a side of strawberry mango sorbet. Presto' Chango, that tangy explosion's a Mango Tango!

Best Taste - Savory Ruth’s Stuffed Fried Taco Cone by Ruth Hauntz (SAVORY) Tender, savory, marinated, slowcooked barbacoa served in an ice cream cone-shaped tortilla shell with black beans and cilantro lime rice. It is topped with pico de gallo, queso fresco, and homemade salsa verde. The perfect handheld treat to enjoy while strolling through the State Fair of Texas.

With such a solid list of contenders in the final 10, this year’s Big Tex Choice Awards posed quite a challenge for the judges, who were tasked with picking the winning dishes. Going up against these winners, and proving to be very worthy opponents, the other foods that made it to the final round include: Calypso Island Shrimp Bowl by Stephen Alade, Fernie’s Fried Burnt End Burrito by the Winter Family, Southern Fried Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo Ball by Greg Parish, Texas Cream Corn Casserole Fritters by Clint Probst, Deep Fried Bayou Fruit Bites by Terrence & Lisa Henderson, Peanut Butter Cup Snookie by Michelle Edwards, and Quick Fried “Black Gold” Truffles by Glen & Sherri Kusak.

Best Taste - Sweet Big Red® Chicken Bread by Brent & Juan Reaves (SWEET) This new Fair favorite starts with a homemade, light, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth, Big Red® -flavored frosting, and served with a savory fried chicken wing resting in the middle of the doughnut. So long chicken and waffles, hello Big Red® Chicken Bread!

This year’s event sponsor, Metro by T-Mobile, is proud to present this year’s Most Creative title to the Garza Family, who will offer their prize-winning dish at the 2019 State Fair of Texas. “Metro by T-Mobile is excited to support small Texas businesses that showcase and celebrate creativity through providing the best deal in wireless,” said Gladys Marquez-Ramirez, spokesperson for Metro by T-Mobile.


AUGUST 28, 2019

Historic trip commemorates 1619 Our Journey from Jamestown to Jamestown By Derrick Jackson NAACP History points to late August in the year 1619 when some “20 and odd Negroes” originating from Angola arrived in the British colony of Jamestown, Virginia as the first documented enslaved Africans to land in what is now the United States. This nation and its wealth was built through forced labor and the very existence of Black men and women. Our journey from Jamestown, Virginia to Jamestown, Ghana is an important reminder of the our shared history and connected struggle. We retraced the agonizing footsteps of our ancestors through the

We arrive in Jamestown, Accra, Ghana.

A few of the elders in Jamestown.

The castle's notorious Door of No Return—the last sight enslaved Africans saw before they boarded trading ships. It has since been renamed the Door of Return.

slave dungeons and along the shores where they saw. Through this experience, we hope to actualize the healing and collective unity so many generations have worked to achieve in ways which bring power to our communities in America, Africa and throughout our Diaspora. I asked my team for a few photos to share with you of our journey thus far. Here are a few of my favorites:

Ghana's "Cape Coast Castle"—used to hold slaves before they were loaded onto ships and sold in the Americas.

Our team in Jamestown, Virginia.

My speech at the African American Business Summit.

We greet the elders.


AUGUST 28, 2019



SEPT 27—OCT 20




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AUGUST 28, 2019

COMMUNITY CALENDAR BLACK COLLEGE MONTH YOUTH SUICIDE PREVENTION MONTH Recurring Events Feeding The Needy, Host: Michael “Hollywood” Hernandez, 1641 Corsicana St, Dallas. 3-5p., Sundays. A 3D Adventure by Matt Lyle, Circle Theater, 230 W. 4th Street Fort Worth, 8-15-9-14-19.

August 28-29 Texas Health “On the Go” Mobile Unit, Bachman Lake Family Center 9507 Overlake Dr. Dallas. Call for Appt.: 855-318-7696, Mon.-Fri. 8a-4:30p. IHCC Free English & Entrepreneurship Classes, Registration: East Branch Library 440 S. Nursery Rd. #103, Irving. 9-11a. Locations: 972-600-6130.

August 28 Happy Birthday to Team Member and great guy Thomas Wattley Irving Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Business Mixer from 5:30-7p. Visit: 2019 Expand Business Men’s Conference, Hilton Garden Inn Main St. Duncanville 9a-1:30p. $9.99 Catfish Wednesday’s, Shell Sack, 770 E. Road to Six Flags St. #100 Arlington. 11a-2p.

3rd Annual Riverfront Jazz Fest Hosted by TBAAL, Dallas Convention Center 1309 Canton St. 214-743-2400.

August 30 Art in the Park, Cedar Hill State Park-Texas Parks and Wild Life, 1570 FM 1382 W. 9-10a. Eventfully Yours Presents: Pre-Labor All White Party, North Richland Hills. 8p-1a. Tickets: Safe Place: Works by Ari Brielle, Oak Cliff Cultural Center, 233 W. Jefferson Blvd., 10a-6p. Buttermilk Skky Band, The Attaché Cigar, 4099 W. Camp Wisdom Rd. #101. 7-10p. Tickets: Authentic Conversation, Cork Wine Bar 3636 McKinney Ave. #170. 7-10p. Tickets:

Aug. 31- SEPT.1 2019 Dallas Reggae Festival, Longhorn Ballroom, 216 Corinth St. Tickets:

August 31 The Lamp Lighters Empowering with Purpose, Inc., Girls Inc., 1226 Weatherford St., Ft. Worth, 10:30a-1p. Crackin Jokes and Catchin Chuckles Feat: Black Ron & Friends, Taste of the Islands Caribbean Style, 909 W. Spring Pkwy. #300, Plano. 6-10p. Eternal Rest Funeral Home Community Appreciation Day, Host: Pastor Gerald Weatherall 1400 N. Hampton Rd., DeSoto. 2-6p. Inspirational Band, The Oasis at Joe Pool Lake, 5700 Lake Ridge Pkwy. 7:30-11:30p. Bundle Deals & Beauty Secrets, Angel Hair DFW, 1818 W. Pioneer Pkwy., #200, Arlington.

August 29

Ladies ONLY License To Carry Course! Lethal Encounter, 200 N. Carrier Pkwy. #200, Grand Prairie. 9a-2p. Tickets:

Soul Jazz Thursday’s w/ Funk Train, Sandaga 813, 813 Exposition Ave. Dallas. 8p-12a.

Tri-Cities NAACP Scholarship Breakfast, Applebee’s Bar & Grill, 649 Uptown Blvd. Cedar Hill, 8-10a.

Arlington Black Chamber of Commerce General Meeting, Brickhouse Lounge, 2525 E. Arkansas Ln. 6-8p. Tickets:

Support the South Coat Drive, The Attaché Cigar, 4099 W. Camp Wisdom Rd. #101. 11a-5p.

Happy Hour with Don Diego, Chocolate Lounge Exclusive, 4222 W. Camp Wisdom Rd. 6-8p. Fall Menu Tasting, Taste Community Restaurant, 1200 S. Main St., Ft. Worth. 6-8p. Tickets: Laughing at the Aftermath, Addison Improv, 4980 Belt Line Rd. #250. 8p.Tickets:

August 30-Sept 1

September 1 Big Thought 30 Years Talent Recruitment, Big Thought 1409 S. Lamar St. Ste. #1015. 9-10:30a. Info: RSVP Young Dolph Live in Concert, Park Lane Avenue, 11035 Ables Ln., Dallas. 9p-2a. Tickets: Labor Day Food Truck Rally presented by Visit Dal-

las, Klyde Warren Park, 2012 Woodall Rodgers Fwy. 4-9p. Tickets:

All New Thursdays Ladies Night Soulful Soundz, Vinetti’s,14833 Midway Rd. Addison 5pm-12am.

September 6-8

MOCCA “Late Day Party” Pre Labor Day Celebration, Alto211, 211 N. Ervay, Dallas. 5-10p. Tickets:

Dallas African Dance Conference 2019, Bandan Koro African Drum & Dance Ensemble, 3630 harry Hines Blvd. Times vary. Tickets:

September 2 LABOR DAY

Happy Birthday to Team Member and Great Lady Felicia N. Shepherd Labor Day Party “Milk & Honey,” Clutch Bar Dallas, 2520 Cedar Springs Rd. 3-10p. Tickets: 22nd Annual Labor Day Picnic, Dallas County Democratic Party, 1414 N. Washington Ave. 12-4p.

September 3 The Jazz Jam, Jazz BeCuzz Art Center 9319 LBJ Fwy. #120. Tickets: via Karaoke Night $2 Tuesday’s, Hero’s Lounge 3094 N. 35 Fwy. Dallas. 7-2a. Tickets:

September 4 2019 National Pan-Hellenic Council of Dallas Meeting, African American Museum 3536 Grand Ave. 6:30-8p.

September 6 Shakrya Renee Jewelry Collection Launch, AC Hotel 5460 James Temple Dr., 5:30-9p. Salsa and Mimosas, Pura Vida Afro-Latin Dance, 604 Doug Russell, Ste. A, Arlington. 8-11p. It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop Poetic Showcase, Soar Creative Studios, 1337 Chemical St. 7-10p. Eventbrite. com.

September 7-8 Gardening Work Shop Unified Hands, Pan African Connection, 4466 S. Marsalis Ave. 1p. Sat & 2p. Sun. Tickets:

September 7 Gigantic Gospel Concert 2019 Feat: Pastor Shirley Caesar, Friendship-West Baptist Church 2020 Wheatland Rd. 4pm. Tickets: Chef Demo with Café Momentum, Dallas Farmers Market, 920 S. Harwood. 1p. Dallas Black Chamber for Excellence 2nd Annual Benefit Concert Feat: Frankie Beverly & Maze, The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory, Irving. 6p.

I am Worth It Wednesdays, JC’s Event Center, 901 Polk St #370, DeSoto. 7p. Free, Women of the West Bible Study, Friendship West Baptist Church 2020 W. Wheatland Rd. 7p. Reggae Wednesdays, Aldeez Caribbean Restaurant & Event Center 7879 Spring Valley Rd. #115. 9p-2a.

19th Annual Freedom Run 5K, Ron Kirk Pedestrian Bridge, 109 Continental Ave. 7a-12p. freedomrun. com.

September 5-20 Blue print for Success Entrepreneurship, South Dallas Cultural Center, 3400 S. Fitzhugh Ave. 5-8p. Tickets:

September 5 4th Annual All White NFL Kick Off, Host: Dante Wesley Park Place Motorcars Mercedes Benz 4201 Beltway Pl., Arlington. 6-11p. Evenbrite. Hip -N- Sip Rooftop City View Paint Party, Southside On Lamar, 1401 S. Lamar St. 6p. Tickets: Eventbrite. 410 Line Dancers Thursday Class, DFW Sports Garden 1850 E. Beltline Rd., Coppell. 7-9p. Info:

Latino Heritage Festival, DeSoto Amphitheater, 211 E. Pleasant Run Rd., 6-10p. Free. Info: 972-230-9650. Community Development Commission Ins & Outs of how it works, A.A.M., 3526 Grand Ave. 10-11a.

September 8

Grandparents Gathering Host: Elder Aleta Pitts at Hilton Garden Inn 800 N. Main St. Duncanville. 3pm-4pm. RSVP: Tribe of Dumo Fashion Show & Pop Up Shop, Doubletree Hilton, 15o7 Watson Rd. Arlington. 12-6p.


AUGUST 28, 2019


After saving the White House, then saving England, Mike Banning (Gerrard Butler) has to prove his own innocence in Angel Has Fallen after being accused of trying to kill the president, played by Morgan Freeman. Banning is an aging Secret Service agent with health issues from his years of concussions from protecting the president. After an attempt on the president’s life by a thirdparty, President Tumbull ends up in the hospital in a coma and Banning wakes up handcuffed to a hospital bed, under arrest for allegedly attempting to assassinate the Commander-in-Chief. Banning’s mission is to escape from custody and to clear his name as an assassin. The cast features some amazing actors. Besides Butler and Freeman, Nick Nolte plays Mike Banning’s dad who is paranoid and living a self-sufficient life as a survivalist. Jada Pinkett Smith is an FBI agent who’s on the case trying to get to the bottom of the mystery of who really tried to kill the president. The story is a good spy drama with a plot involving the Russians. That makes the story very relevant to the current political climate

involving our current real-life president. The action, with some great fight scenes, is non-stop and intense. The personal relationship between the President and his own personal “angel” also adds a lot to the movie. As in previous roles, Morgan Freeman plays the best president in movies today. Angel Has Fallen is rated R for some pretty strong violence and has a run time of two hours. On my “Hollywood Popcorn Scale,” I rate this movie a LARGE.


TCM host/film expert Alicia Malone By VALDER BEEBE

Once again TCM presents its unique and much-loved tradition Summer Under the Stars, wherein each day of the month is devoted to a full 24 hours of films featuring a single outstanding actor or actress. Alicia Malone is a host on Turner Classic Movies (TCM), as well as a film reporter, film critic, writer and all-around movie geek. In September 2015, she gave a TEDx talk on the lack of women in movies and why that needs to change. Because of her passion for supporting women, she was also named one of the 100 #WorthyWomen of 2016. Her first book, ‘Backwards and in Heels’, about the past, present and future for women in Hollywood was released in August 2017 and her most recent book, ‘The Female Gaze: Essential Movies Made by Women’ was released in November 2018. TCM will show 24 hours of movies from 31 different stars, one for every day of the month. Just a few movies you should look for *Lena Horne – the inspiring story of a woman of color who refused to be stereotyped, but was often relegated to smaller roles* Ava Gardner – the beautiful bombshell whose beauty often got in the way of directors taking her seriously *  Rita Moreno – a first timer to  Summer Under The Stars  and another great woman who blazed a trail... many are familiar with West Side Story,  but not her wider career *Dustin Hoffman – another first

timer, a modern actor who was an unconventional star *Walter Brennan – an example of a character actor people might recognize but not know much about, and how we shouldn’t overlook people who weren’t big name lead actors-Text provided by Alicia Malone’s publicists VBS: Alicia Malone welcome back to the Valder Beebe Show. I’m so excited I get to speak with you about TCM Summer Under the Stars and it returns to Turner Classic Movies. AM: I’m so glad you are a fan of TCM Summer Under the Stars. I’m a big follower also. We take one entire day, 24-hours and devote it to a different star. Not only do we play the biggest stars Humphrey Bogart, Jimmy Stewart. We also choose stars you may not know very much about like, Liv Ullman, Paul Lukas and Bryan Dunn Levy who was an actor who played a lot of gangster roles. VBS: Tell us a little about Walter Brennan. He was by no means and lesser known actor yet most of us (Baby Boomers) know him strictly from TV, specifically the real McCoy’s TV series. AM: He’s [Walter Brennan] an actor you may recognize because he played a lot roles in westerns. August 27th is dedicated to him. Walter Brennen has the most Oscars dedicated to…….complete interview Valder Beebe Show THAT CELEBRITY INTERVIEW OnDemand video

Valder Beebe Show THAT CELEBRITY INTERVIEW On-Demand video:,,; PODCAST audio:,; Broadcast:KYBS FM Y99.9, KRER FM 102.5, Streaming TV PChatman Network and VBS affiliate broadcasters; On-Demand 411,. – Now available on 411RadioNetwork APP (download free in Google Playstore); Valder Beebe Show is a Power of 3 Women media influencer consortium partner


Sisters Forever

Dear Alma, My sister and I are very close. We’re only three years apart. Although not roommates, we do everything together. She’s a free spirit, college professor and lives well. I am a government employee that has a secret clearance and I too make a good living. My sister and I often take spa trips and luxurious vacations together. She was in a car accident and smokes marijuana for the pain. Recently, she’s started

the position she’s put me in? Name withheld Sister, sister, Based on your relationship, I’d suggest you be frank with her. Just say, “I can’t afford to lose my secret clearance, so you can’t bring your weed when we travel.” Remind her that you aren’t asking just because you don’t smoke, you’re asking because she’s jeopardizing your job. If she can lay off the pot for a few days, as a peace offering add Colorado to

Recently, she’s started bringing her weed on our trips. I don’t smoke and I can’t take the chance of being caught at the airport with drugs. bringing her weed on our trips. I don’t smoke and I can’t take the chance of being caught at the airport with drugs. When I asked her not to bring it, she says it’s no big deal. She and I have a trip planned, but I’m not sure I want to go. I don’t want to lose my job because of her habit. I’m not judging, but how do I get her to understand

your list of vacation spots, just to show her you can be a good sport, LOL! If that’s not an option for her, here’s plan B. Take a different flight and book a separate hotel room. Boom, it’s that easy. She’s a smart woman, she’ll understand. What a double blessing, a sister who’s like a best friend. It doesn’t get much better than that. Alma

Alma Gill’s newsroom experience spans over 25 years, including various roles at USA Today, Newsday and the Washington Post. Email questions to: Follow her on Facebook at “Ask Alma” and twitter @almaaskalma.


AUGUST 28, 2019

Big 3, continued from front page Coach Gary Payton and Team 3 Headed Monsters

Joe Johnson

RICHARD MANSON Photography 214-941-4966 Check out your favorite photos at these links:

the members of team Power, coached by WNBA legend Nancy Lieberman, were presented with their 2018 BIG3 Championship rings. After the ring ceremony, the games began and they did not disappoint. MVP Candidate Joe Johnson of team Triplets set League record for points in a single season (175) and scored a teamhigh 19 points to help his team defeat the Ghost Ballers 51-38 and take the No. 1 seed. Johnson said after the game he was thrilled to set the record. “It was great. Throughout the whole season we played together collectively as a team, we won collectively as a team,” Johnson said. “Knowing how far I was from the record, I‘ll be honest, I came out being aggressive and wanted to make plays. “Not only for me but the way

DeShawn Stevenson

Coach Lisa Leslie and Triplets players

they (Ghost Ballers) were playing, it’s like they were giving our guys wide open shots so I was trying to assert myself a little and get us over the hump,” Johnson said. Johnson, who is 38 years old and a former NBA All-Star, said he is appreciative of the Big 3 League and the opportunities it provides. “I love it. To get the chance to still compete at a high level, getting a chance to play on national tv, playing with my guys, it’s been fun,” he said. “Coach Lisa (Leslie) keeps us in check and it’s been fun. I look forward to it every weekend.” Triplets Coach Lisa Leslie, the WNBA Hall-of-Famer and two-time champion, joins Lieberman as the only two women head coaches in the Big 3 basketball league. “We are extremely thankful to Jeff (Kwatinetz, Big 3 co-founder) and Ice Cube and Amy Trask (Big

3 Chairman of the Board) and all the leaders at the top, I say it all the time,” Leslie said. “I’m grateful to them for giving Nancy (Lieberman) and I this opportunity to coach these men and to have equal pay so we can’t applaud them enough.” Big 3 in Dallas also featured performances from T. I. and local rapper Yella Beezy. Those in attendance included Dalla Mavericks owner Marc Cuban, legenday entertainer LL Cool J, Mavericks Player Development Coach God Shammgod and Mavericks Head Coach Rick Carlisle. The four teams left standing after Dallas were Triplets (7-1); Killer 3’s (5-3); Power (5-3) and 3-Headed Monsters (4-4). The Championship game will be played Sept. 1 in Los Angeles.


AUGUST 28, 2019

CADNET CLASSIFIEDS Autos Wanted CARS/TRUCKS WANTED!!! All Makes/ Models 2002-2018! Any Condition. Running or Not. Top $$$ Paid! Free Towing! We’re Nationwide! Call Now: 1-888-985-1806 Health & Fitness Suffering from an ADDICTION to Alcohol, Opiates, Prescription PainKillers or other DRUGS? There is hope! Call Today to speak with someone who cares. Call NOW 1-855-866-0913


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I emerge from this darkness changed. Leaving behind so much of what was me; whole but with missing parts. Pushing myself through a realization that does not include you, physically. Your transformation complete.

Earthlink High Speed Internet. As Low As $14.95/month (for the first 3 months.) Reliable High Speed Fiber Optic Technology. Stream Videos, Music and More! Call Earthlink Today 1-855-5207938 Applying for Social Security Disability or Appealing a Denied Claim? Call Bill Gordon & Assoc., Social Security Disability Attorneys, 1-855-498-6323! FREE Consultations. Local Attorneys Nationwide [Mail: 2420 N St NW, Washington DC. Office: Broward Co. FL (TX/NM Bar.)]

Do you know this man?

HE IS A SERIAL RAPIST He targeted members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. but this is more than about a sorority. We’re talking about a community. Come on PEOPLE! Don’t you CARE? Will it matter when it is your sister, mother, aunt or grandmother or maybe YOU?

Crimestoppers 877-373-8477

First day of School,

continued from front page

MLK Jr. Learning Center has seen tremendous growth, rising from an “F” to a “B” school. The school is also looking to become an exploratory arts campus–referred to as the ““Future Home of an Exploratory Fine Arts Academy”–that will foster the arts in students and prepare them for success at Booker T. Washington High School for the Visual and Performing Arts. “I love to see the excitement that is on everyone’s face today,” Sneed said. “We have a lot to be proud of, and I know this will be the best school year yet.” To mark his 40th year in education, Mr.

/Hinojosa personally greeted dozens of families to welcome them back to school. In addition to thanking the educators and community partners, he praised the parents who are invaluable to their students’ success. “Everyone in our community plays an important role in laying the groundwork for student success in the classroom and beyond, and to each of you, I say thank you,” Hinojosa said. Meanwhile, Trustees Joyce Foreman, Karla Garcia, Maxie Johnson and Dan Micciche also visited schools and greeted families back to school.

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AUGUST 28, 2019

Profile for Cheryl Smith

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