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VOL. 7 NO. 38 MAY 29, 2019

retiring after 30 years of service in Dallas Independent School District


Celebrating Women

By Cheryl Smith, Publisher

“My friends ask what do I see in you.” Every time I sing those words from one of my favorite hits from the tantalizing Temptations, I say to myself, “I wish someone would say those words to me!” He wouldn’t have to worry because I would have told him, “go be with your friends.” You see, I’m a firm believer that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and you can’t believe everything you see.

Opal Johnson Smith

Billionaire pays off student loan debt of 400 Morehouse students By Lauren Victoria Burke NNPA Newswire Contributor

During what will likely be seen as one of the most memorable graduation presents for parents and their children — a quiet African American billionaire delivered a welcomed surprise. At their graduation on May 19, investor and chemical engineer Robert Smith announced he would pay off the student loan debt of Morehouse’s 2019 graduating class. Morehouse’s graduating class is 400 strong. Smith’s graduation gift is one that will allow graduates of one of the most storied allmale historically Black college to start their careers with no student loan debt.

Robert Smith

Given today’s statistics regarding student loan debt, this is no small gift. Morehouse officials estimate Smith estimates that his gift is worth over $40 million. “On behalf of the eight generations of my family that have been in this country, we’re gonna put a little fuel in your bus,” Smith said his speech to the

class of 2019, their families and Morehouse faculty. “My family is going to create a grant to eliminate your student loans,” Smith added. Smith, who is an investor and tech billionaire, is the founder and CEO of private equity firm Vista Equity Partners. In 2018 he was ranked by Forbes magazine as the 163rd wealthiest person in the U.S. Smith’s net worth is estimated to be over $4.4 billion. This year, student loan debt in America has topped $1.5 trillion. There are currently more than 44 million student loan borrowers in the U.S. The average tuition at a private college or university is currently $34,000. Nine of 10 private student loans now have an adult co-signer.

Your vote does count Your vote matters By Sen. Royce West (D-Dallas) Special to the Texas Metro News

I can’t over emphasize the importance of voting, to those who are eligible. Not only are you voting Sen. Royce West for your interests; you’re also voting for the future and for those who can’t or won’t. I was elected 26 years ago to represent the citizens of Dallas County who reside in Texas State Senatorial District 23. It would be a grave moral and legal violation for me if I personally didn’t vote to act in the best Rep. Eric Johnson interest of all Dallas county cities, as well as on behalf of others across the state. In fact, my voting record is public record, as are See WEST, page 14

Junior gets serious about Sickle Cell Disease

Lends voice to awareness efforts and Health & Wellness Initiative

Just look at posts on social media. You see something that looks outrageous but the remarks below the picture clearly illustrate that what you see, others see entirely differently. You’re thinking “WTH” while others are typing “beautiful,” “absolutely gorgeous.” A lesson to the wise: don’t judge. Live your life, because no one else should and you shouldn’t try to live anyone elses’! You have your own journey and See MY TRUTH, page 4

Son, Brother, Friend, Comedian are a few words to describe the man with the infectious smile known as Kier “Junior” Spates. He’s also a survivor, warrior, humble and one aspiring to greatness. When you hear him on the radio providing comic relief, every morning on the nationally syndicated “Steve Harvey Morning Show,” listeners would never know the pain he’s feeling. He’s a Sickle Cell CHAMPION. On June 1, 2019 beginning at 8:00 am, Junior is inviting everyone to participate in the second Annual Kier’s Hope 5K Run and Fun Walk at the Margaret Hunt-Hill Bridge.

Kier founded the Kier’s Hope Foundation, Inc. to not only inspire and educate families affected by Sickle Cell disease but by his example, provide education programs, services, and funding resources. His message to the 150,000 Americans who live with Sickle Cell Disease, and the three million who carry the trait: “You are not alone in this fight. Kier’s Hope is here for your support. We

are all bound by blood.” This year’s 5K Walk sponsors joining in are the Steve Harvey Morning Show, the State of Texas, the City of Dallas, Delek US Refineries, Eberstein and Witherite LLP, West and Associates LLP, Trinity Groves, The Silent Partner, 105.7fm, Torro’s Soulfood, DHerbs, I Heart Radio and Texas Metro News. Junior is said to be “the next big thing in standup comedy.” This 2018 EMMY-nominated writer,

Junior is a native of Houston, Texas, who considers Dallas his second home, has traveled the globe with legendary talents such as: The Queen of Soul, the late Aretha Franklin; Frankie Beverly and Maze; Anita Baker, and more. In 2005, he toured as one of the primary acts on the “Rickey Smiley and Friends Show.” Additionally, Junior has gone on military/United Service Organizations (USO) tours and visited college campuses. As an actor, Junior has had many onscreen television appearances. Also, he has traveled with several popular stage plays, including “Confessions,” starring See JUNIOR, page 3


MAY 29, 2019


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MAY 29, 2019

Ignoring Obama’s wisdom

BY CONGRESSWOMAN EDDIE BERNICE JOHNSON Congresswoman Johnson represents the 30th congressional district of Texas in the US House of Representatives.

It is extremely doubtful whether President Trump could have beaten former President Obama in a presidential election if he had been his party’s nominee in the 2012 presidential election. It is something that annoyed the current president since the beginning of his presidency. Unfortunately, it seems that the current occupant of the White House has deep disdain for President Obama, who warned him about the dangers presented by North Korea. President Trump ignored the advice. Now, North Korea has President Trump in a dangerous political dilemma. One of his very first legislative

efforts when he became the nation’s leader was an attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, signed into law by President Obama, allowing millions of Americans, previously without health insurance, to protect themselves and their families. Had it not been for the late Senator John McCain, ever a sensible legislator, President Trump would have gotten his wish. Senator voted against repealing the healthcare legislation. Now, just like clockwork, President Trump and those he appointed to help him run the executive branch, has taken aim at eliminating efforts that President Obama made

to protect the environment, preventing dangerous pollutants from killing Americans, and improving the nation’s air quality. Under a plan being considered by Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency, the government would put in place a new method of calculating the impact of polluted air on deaths that have here to fore been blamed on polluted air. The proposed plan is consistent with President Trump’s assertion that bad air has little to do with deaths, something that many experts believe to be related to environmental pollution. During the 2016 election candidate Trump promised coal miners that he would protect them and their industry. And now he intends to do just that by pushing back sensible regulations that will lead to countless deaths according to air

quality experts. President Obama promulgated what was known as the Clean Power Plan, designed to combat a dangerous warming climate, and to lessen the amount of pollutants in the environment. The plan encouraged industries to cease their use of coal and turn to more environmentally sensitive methods of power such as natural gas and wind power. Of course, President Trump could not stomach that, having told his supporters that he was a champion of coal-based industries. Adding that the Clean Power Plan was not his cup of tea, and that he would eliminate it. A number of environmental experts have predicted that if the Trump plan becomes reality, nearly 1500 additional Americans will die annually due to poor air quality. So much for compassion, and seeking the best interests of the American public.

Junior calls attention to Sickle Cell Disease, continued from front page Kelly Price, the late Gerald Levert and Tommy Ford. Junior is truly a force to be reckoned with. So, when you think of this up and coming,

stand up comedic great, please remember his belief that laughter doeth the heart good like medicine. This year, the foundation

will also be hosting its annual “Junior Claus Christmas Celebration” in Memphis, TN in collaboration with the Sickle Cell Foundation of Tennessee

and WRBO-FM Memphis. Junior Claus is a holiday outreach program to provide meals for families, home needs and toy program for sickle cell

affected children. The disease puts an increasing financial and emotional strain on families during the holidays. Junior with his foundation, Kier’s Hope,

wants to help manage the holiday stress with its assistance program. Together we are Working to Change the Shape of Sickle Cell Disease.


MAY 29, 2019



an author, activist

and award-winning columnist

When Massa Trump relented and agreed to put a fly in all that Buttermilk, he found the right one. Trump thinks like a slavemaster so it follows that he secured the best “House Nigger” that an annual salary of $199,700 could buy. Ben Carson ain’t no actor, but if the movie Django’s ‘Colored CEO” Stephen got sick; Ben would be the perfect double. Trump has a tidy little group of representatives from NUTS, (The National Uncle Tom Syndicate) who do his bidding. He has those two “Mammy” impersonators that go by the names “Diamond” and “Silk.” He has a millennial “Black”, Candace Owens, who’s so brazen that she gives her full government name. But Uncle Tom Ben Carson is the highest-ranking Negro Trump has

MY TRUTH Continued from pg 1 as many have said, they don’t look like what they’ve been through, so there’s much you don’t know when looking at a person you don’t know. After all, like the Temptations say, “Beauty’s only skin deep.” Recently, there was a beautiful message on social media. A woman, The Stay At Home Chef, responded to a critic with a classic “clap back.” When the rude, insensitive person hiding behind a post wrote the Stay At Home Chef telling her that her gray hair made her look like a hag, she talked about her life challenges and how she felt blessed to still be alive. Her message was so poignant. Then I heard a quote from former NBAer Dick Garrett, who said, “Mother Nature and Father Time are undefeated.” So, you can Be the Person that the

Uncle Ben can Double Stuff It! under contract. All of this sounds like a joke, but it’s a fact that urban and rural America are dealing with a lack of housing options for people making less than $50,000 per household. The present level of homelessness and the steep decline in lower, middle-income home ownership make Carson’s appearance before the House Financial Services Committee an intolerable travesty. “I’d also like for you to get back to me – if you don’t mind – to explain the disparity in REO rates. Do you know what an REO is,” California Democratic Rep. Katie Porter asked. Carson responded, “OREO?” “No, not an Oreo. An REO,” Porter shot back, explaining she was asking about real-estate owned properties. Shortly afterward, her office captured the exchange for Twitter posterity. “I asked @SecretaryCarson about REOs - a basic term related to foreclosure - at a hearing today,” she tweeted. “He thought I was referring

to a chocolate sandwich cookie. No, really.” Hold the tape…wait…Did this foot-shuffling, kowtowing, bootlicking Bozo just get the essence of his job confused with the essence of his confused character? REO is a designation of properties that are in the Feds possession post-foreclosure.

Stay at Home Chef talked about and think before you talk and make your life count, or you can be a total waste. Sometimes what you see is not totally what you get, so you can’t judge a book by the cover. Which brings me to my truth. At first glance, you see beauty, regalness, and so much more! In this instance, the beauty is more than skin deep. I always refer to her as the most beautiful woman in Dallas. I’m talking about Opal Johnson Smith.A proud 1954 graduate of Prairie View A&M University, she served as Miss Prairie View A&M and she has the distinction of having an auditorium named after her at her alma mater. The youngest of eight children born to Professor Wayne Wright and Elsie Johnson of Nigton (now I could write about that name but I digress), young Opal was 15 when she graduated from high school and 19 when she received a

degree in mathematics from PV. Now she is definitely PV royalty. Her father graduated from Prairie View Normal, then went on to Tuskegee

Dr. Ben Carson

Oreo is a damning diminutive used to belittle a Black person. An Oreo is Black on the outside and White on the inside…get it!! Carson played dumb when he

Lady Opal Johnson Smith

where the one and only Dr. George Washington Carver mentored him. Her mom entered PV then took a break to be at home with the children.

was grilled by Rep. Porter, but he got downright indignant when questioned by Rep. Ayanna Pressley, the first African-American female to represent Massachusetts. The Washington Post synopsized their exchange. “Then, near the end of the hearing, freshman Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) chided Carson and the Trump administration for failing to improve conditions in low-income housing. During a lightning round in which Pressley wanted yes-or-no answers to her questions, Carson failed to provide them.”During one particularly contentious moment, Carson said, “Reclaiming my time.” “You don’t get to do that,” Pressley retorted. She then asked Carson if he would allow his grandmother to live in public housing under his watch. “It would be very nice if you could stop . . .” Carson trailed off, and Pressley’s time expired.” Maybe Carson thought Pressley was playing the “Dozens.” After all, Carson’s success as a celebrated That break lasted for 35 years, then she went back and graduated, walking down the aisle with her youngest son. It’s not a surprise that Lady Opal entered the field of education. Her “Daddy” was the principal, math teacher, basketball coach (undefeated for 10 years, including beating the number one school in Texas, Houston Wheatley) and janitor in Nigton. Under his leadership the school also won academic awards. Now Lady Opal served 35 years in the Texas public education system, during which time she amassed numerous awards. Her love for PV is unwavering and admirable! Also her stories about her parents are endearing and inspiring. She describes her Daddy as calm, rational and very loving, and her mother as good looking, creative and sassy. If you know Lady Opal, you see a combination of her parents.

neurosurgeon came after he and his recently divorced mother were forced to live with his aunt and uncle in Boston. If anyone should have a heart for families who have fallen on hard times or find themselves in transition, you would think Captain Oreo would. At this very moment there are 17 homeless people per 10,000 in America…That we know of. “The Atlantic” recently reported that almost 50% of renters in America spend 35% or more of their income on rent alone. Meanwhile, Carson saunters over to the Congress to bullshit and lollygag about one of the most important issues of our day. Later he had the nerve to tweet himself holding a bag of Oreos as if it was funny. Next time, Uncle Tom Ben Carson…get the “Double Stuffs.” Hopefully you don’t need me to tell you where to stuff them! Yeah…I said it, and if he’s considerate, Uncle Ben can grab a bag of Oreos for that Oreo at SCOTUS too! She said her parents instilled in her that “we have brains, we can learn, we can improve ourselves.” Deeply spiritual, she believes it is important to “step outside myself and love others, help others.” Miss Opal was a brick house before the Commodores knew what to do with one. She was every woman before Chaka Khan ever held a microphone. Joseph Smith saw it all and together they bonded, married and raised a family; and showed their love to PV. When she walks into a room, she doesn’t have to say a word. But when she speaks, it’s with a humble and loving spirit that is a joy to behold. So, in this instance, as the popular group, the Dramatics, sing, “what you see is what you get,” she is the real thing, beautiful inside out. Lady Opal has a gratitude journal that she writes in. In mine, I would write that I am so grateful for Opal Johnson Smith.

MAY 29, 2019

FORGET THE ADVERSITY SCORE, JUST DUMP THE SAT THE LAST WORD BY DR. JULIANNE MALVEAUX The College Board, the organization that develops and administers the SAT test, has developed a new “adversity score” to augment the widely used college admissions examination. The fact that the College Board has had to create an “adversity score” is reason enough to discard the badly flawed SAT test, a test that many consider racially biased, and that only measures the likelihood of first-year college success. In other words, it measures the accumulated advantages that some students have over others because of the quality of their high schools, their family wealth, and other factors. The “adversity score” seeks to measure the disadvantages that some students experience. Interestingly, the “adversity score” does not measure race, although racial discrimination is

alive and well in our nation. Indeed, the development of an adversity score that does not account for race is a capitulation to the anti-affirmative action forces, some directed by this administration’s Justice Department that have brought lawsuits against Harvard and other universities because of “anti-Asian” bias. It is also a bow to the argument that a white student from a poor family is more disadvantaged than a black child whose family is upper-middle-class when there is plenty of evidence that this is not necessarily so. Structural racism is so woven into our national consciousness that child of middleclass black folks is likely to do worse than their parents did. Our nation is in race denial, and this adversity score, which does not consider race, is part of the denial.

The pilot testing of the adversity score seems to indicate that using it may create more diverse admissions, but there are precious few details about the score (and it won’t even be shared with students and their parents). But

the very existence of an adversity score raises questions about the efficacy of the SAT. This is perhaps why. This is an interesting time for the adversity score to be rolled out. Robert Schaffer, Public Education Director of Fair Test (the National Center for Fair and Open Testing) says the adversity scores are a way for the College Board to defend itself against its critics. He said, “Schools do not need the SAT or ACT – with or without ‘adversity scores’ – to make highquality, admissions decisions that promote equity and excellence.” In

Mr. Mayor Rev. Dr. Jones MY DAY BY DR. J. ESTER DAVIS COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT: On Saturday, June, 15, 2019, the Pastor’s Retirement Committee, New Hope Baptist Church, will host “An Honorary Tribute Birthday Retirement Celebration” for Dr. Ronald E. Jones, Former Pastor, 2:30 PM. The program will have special music by “The Gospel Sons” of Waco, Texas. The event is open to the public. We actually see miracles every day and tend to minimize them or ignore them. In 2009, a large passenger jet made an emergency landing in New

York’s Hudson River. The pilot, Captain Sullenberger, who landed the plane safely with no casualties, made a statement that I shall never forget, “One way of looking at this is that for 42 years I have been making small, regular deposits in this bank of experience, education, faith and training. And on that day, the balance was sufficient so that I could make a very large withdrawal.” Key word: sufficient. On Sunday, May 5, 2019, Dr. Ronald E. Jones, former Pastor of the legendary New Hope Baptist Church, Dallas’ oldest founded in 1873, preached his retirement sermon. The

fact, more than 1000 colleges and universities, including half for the top 100 liberal arts colleges, do not use the SAT to evaluate applicants. What should colleges use, instead, to evaluate students? How about high school grades? Some will argue that the quality of high schools varies. Well, that ought to be an impetus for improving the quality of some high schools, especially those in inner cities. How about class rank? The University of Texas uses class rank to admit some students, which ensures a diverse class given the segregation that remains in our nation’s high schools. The adversity score will purportedly reflect differences in high school quality. Eliminating the use of the SAT would do much the same, allowing college admissions counselors to make better decisions. The College Board says it is a nonprofit organization, but let’s follow the money. It makes so much money that its President, David Coleman,

national and prestigious appointments. He mentioned instead his growing up days at Griggs Chapel. He journeyed on, carrying now a appropriate title was “My command of authority, with an Grace is Sufficient.” accounting of his 116 days in The Song of Praise the hospital. preceding the message “One hundred sixteen amply and soul searchingly consecutive days,” he submitted was “I Know emphasized, when he could Something About God’s not walk, talk, eat. . . he could Grace.” only lay there and bat “my As Christians, at times Hon. Ron Jones eyes.” we exhibit little about faith “Medically,” he said. “I was and sufficiency; however, in trouble. I could only reflect on the we are skilled critics in engineering scriptures going through my brain. excellence delivering prognosis when My heart rate was not right. . . I balancing life and death. became totally irresponsive requiring Rev. Dr. Jones’ opening testimony at one point 12 hours to restore me. was grippingly powerful. He Things began to go downhill. . . and dismissed his American Statesman then things got worse. I had three status, his exemplary political careers, one spanning three terms as Mayor of major surgeries. The prevailing view Garland, his three appointed interim was not good.” Rev. Dr. Jones’ story from the pulpit pastorships. Dr. Jones omitted his countless had the full attention of a captive


earns more than a million dollars a year, more than the President of Harvard University. The organization is making megabucks on the backs of our students, and it is reinforcing biases along the way. Some see the adversity score as a step in the right direction toward modifying the SAT. I see it as a defensive move to shore up a flawed test and an even more flawed organization. This fall, more than 150 colleges will use the adversity-enhanced SAT in their admissions process. Based on those results, more colleges will use the score to measure adversity. I know lots of folks who consider the development of an adversity score good news. It would be much better news if colleges and universities simply decided to stop using the SAT. It measures privilege, not knowledge, and it is demonstrably biased. Fixing a corrupt system instead of changing it only serves to reinforce the status quo.

Dr. Julianne Malveaux is an author, economist, and social commentator.

audience, without the movie infused surround sound features. The former Mayor with a broken back, wearing a back brace talked about the real meaning of physical therapy, which he said is “prescribed torture.” After the lifetime of the “116 consecutive days” in the hospital, there awaited more serious repercussions. One of his doctors notified him that he had no muscle mass. An able physical therapist who addressed the national Icon as “Mr. Mayor Rev. Dr. Jones” was appointed to manufacture this fragile guy back to his bionic uprightful position. The Pastor continued, “When you are weak. . . your faith is a magnet.” But just like the miracle landing in New York’s Hudson River, Dr. Jones has made 50 regular years of deposits in New Hope Baptist Church, faith and works in the community and God granted him his full grace of recovery. Ester Davis, 214.376.9000


MAY 29, 2019

Featuring UBER EATS


MAY 29, 2019



I’ve listened to jazz music all my life. I was raised on the great-- Satchmo, Duke, Count, Bird, Diz, Monk and of course, Miles. I cherish the contributions of these giants to American culture, and the original content we export across the globe. It is truly and uniquely American! When I hear jazz festivals I think of great singers like Ella, Eckstein, Sarah, Nat and Natalie Cole, and Nancy Wilson. As much as I love Gladys, her name doesn’t come to mind… She is this year’s Jacksonville Jazz Festival headliner. I made no bones about Ms. Knight singing the National Anthem earlier this year at the Super Bowl, her prerogative, but to bill her as “Jazz” is just wrong on so many levels. The headliner issue is no more than a point of interest in the grand scheme of things. There are bigger issues at play. I recently received a copy of a very interesting letter requesting cancellations by artists already booked

your celebrity status to assist in this effort. You are scheduled to perform in Hemming Plaza but what you may not be aware of is that towering above the park is a confederate monument. In addition, Hemming Plaza was the site

using hashtag #TakeEmDownJax. Thank you for your time and I await your response. In the interest of full disclosure, I BY MILES JAYE have my own personal concerns with the so-called Jazz Festival. for the event. I mentioned my lifelong love affair Here is an excerpt: with jazz, however, I omitted the fact Good afternoon, that I am also a I am writing today for mally-trained in regard to your jazz musician, with upcoming performance a career of my own at the Jacksonville Jazz spanning 40+ years. Festival. Jacksonville is I am a wellhonored that you have known, well-reagreed to do a show at spected, national this wonderful annual recording artist, event. Jacksonville residing in the has been making great Count Basie Ella Fitzgerald Jacksonville area, and strides to become a hub for while I have received the performing arts, and promises and assurances from City of a horrific incident known as “Axe Handle events like this are a joy to see in our beautiful Hall officials to event organizers that Saturday” during the civil rights movement. I city. However, Jacksonville is marred with the I would be called to perform for my am writing to request that you do one of two stains of ages old white supremacist values. new home town, I have never received things. It would make a very big impact in The city has two confederate monuments and countless schools, streets and a park dedicated this campaign if you would agree to pulling such a call. In fact, I’ve lived in Jacksonville for to celebrating the treacherous and racist acts of out of the Jazz Festival and informing the organizers that you will not perform in the three years and have never been called the confederate states. A number of citizens in shadow of white supremacy. If you feel for the Jazz Festival. Jacksonville have banded together for years to that you are unable to pull out of the show It’s either paranoia or I’m on endeavor to rid the city of the monuments and altogether I would like to request that you someone’s D.N.H. (Do Not Hire) change school names. I am sure you are well list—more commonly known as being make mention of the monument and tell aware of the national “Take ‘Em Down” “Black Balled.” Jacksonville that it needs to come down during campaign. As a representative of “Take ‘Em I do believe the individuals who book Down Jax” I am writing to urge you to use your performance and post to social media

these events have every right to secure whatever talent they deem appropriate and sufficiently popular, after-all, there is a great deal of subjectivity to any booking scenario. However, it begins to look as though politics has played more than a minor role in the selection process over the years. Having played festivals in various parts of the world, other than a matter of principle and fair play, I have no vested interest in this particular festival, as Jacksonville, unfortunately, is not known to be one of the nation’s music capitals. Finally, given the opportunity, I could provide a dozen or more names of world-renowned, authentic jazz players and singers who would be perfectly suitable for the event, and since revenue from tickets sales is not a factor in a free event, subjectivity or the perception of their popularity would not come into question. It would simply be a great event celebrating a wonderful American art form. Miles Jaye Davis, plays over 12 instruments and is an artist, musician, author, painter, writer and singer.. He is also a trained chef.


MAY 29, 2019

Hanging with Hollywood Linda Henderson, the owner of Hendersons Chicken, celebrates her birthday.


MAY 29, 2019


410 Line Dancers Thursday Class, DFW Sports Garden 1850 E. Belt Line Rd. Coppell. 7-9p. Info:

A Dance Party, The Big D Harlem Renaissance, Dee & Charles Wyly Theatre 2400 Flora St. 7p-2a.

Lupus Month

Changing The Game Networking Mixer, Canton Events Dallas 1204 Griffith St. West. 6-9p.

Grand Opening Trufxstudios Feat: Jay Dee Williams at Trufxstudios 1499 Regal Row #311 6p.

Older Americans Month

Recurring Events . Feeding The Needy Hosted by: Hollywood Hernandez Live 1698 Corsicana St. Dallas. 3pm-5pm. Sundays.

Marvelous Marriage Monday’s, Friendship-West Baptist Church 2020 W. Wheatland Rd. 7-8:30p Summer Enrichment Camp, Bishop Arts Theatre 215 Tyler St. 7a-5p. 6-3 - 7-25-19, Split Second, Jubilee Theatre 506 Main St. Fort Worth. 8-10p. 5-24-6-23.

May 29-June 8 Protect Yourself-Defense Class Men & Women Invited at Friendship-West Baptist Church 2020 Wheatland Rd. Tue. & Thur. 7pm.

May 29-31 Rhema 2019 Host: Bishop Davis E. Martin, TBAAL 1309 Canton St. Dallas 7-10:30p.

May 29 F.M. Jones invented 2-cycle Bus engine, in 1945

Irving Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Business Mixer 5:30-7p. Website: Mayoral Candidate Run Off Forum, Communities Foundation of Texas 5500 Caruth Haven Ln. 12-1:30p. DLO Presents The Crooners Years - Part 2, Addison Conference &Theatre Center 15650 Addison Rd. 7:30-9:30p.

May 30-June 2 Texas LULAC 90th State Convention in Dallas, Hilton Dallas Lincoln Center 5410 LBJ Fwy. 7a. Gary Owen Live!, Addison Improv 4980 Belt Line Rd. #250.

May 30 Stepin Fetchit, born 1902 in Key West, FL.

Happy Birthday to Team Member Sports Lady Dorothy Gentry The Entrepreneur Magnet Series 2, African American Museum 3636 Grand Ave. 6:30-10p. Sr. Line Dancing, Latino Cultural Center 2600 Live Oak St. 10a. Prudence the Auset, Brick House Lounge DeSoto 2021 N. Hampton Rd. 8-10p.

May 31-June 2 Taste of Addison, Addison Circle Park 4950 Addison Circle Dr. 6-11p.

May 31 Patricia Roberts Harris U.S. Ambassador, born 1924

Ne-Yo and Tamia, Music Hall Fair Park, 909 1st Ave. 8p. 90’s & 2000’s Hip-Hop-R&B Party, Foundation Room 2200 N. Lamar St. 10p-2a. NEO-Soul Paint & Vibe, Sway’s Room 921 W. Beltline Rd. #110, DeSoto. 7:30p. ZYA Skate Night Fund’raiser, Redbird Skateland 1206 N. Duncanville Rd. Duncanville. 7:30-10:30p.

June 1 Black Music Month Men’s Health Month

June 5 2019 National Pan-Hellenic Council of Dallas Meeting, African American Museum 3536 Grand Ave. 6:30-8p.

Hispanic Communicators presents Video Production, Dallas Morning News 1954 Commerce St. 10a-12p.

Corta’s Perfect Marriage Guilty Pleasure Stage Play, The Experience Restaurant & Performing Arts Center, 1713 Cross Roads Dr. Grapevine, 7-10p.

Sounds of Oak Cliff Concert Series: Mayta/Tejanna Cosmica, Top Ten Records 338 W. Jefferson Blvd. 7:30p.

June 6

June 2-5

The Foster Kidd Foundation Annual Fundraiser VIP Reception, BMW of Dallas: 6200 Lemmon Ave. 7-11p. RSVP: La Wonda Peoples 817-689-4344.

43rd Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church Anniv. & Family Vacation Bible School, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship 1808 W. Camp Wisdom Rd. 7-9p.

June 2 Cancer Survivors Day

Amity Bible Church Small Business & Health/Wellness Expo, Amity Bible Church Canyon Creek Learning Center 2800 Custer Pkwy. Richardson 12-3p.

Mayoral Run-Off Forum Host: LULAC at Cliff Temple Baptist Church 125 Sunset Ave. 6:30-8:30p. Campaign Kickoff & Fundraiser, Audra Riley The Network Bar, 331 Singleton Blvd. 5:30-7:30p. All New Thursdays Ladies Night Vibe Band, Vinetti’s 14833 Midway Rd. Addison 5p-12a.

HD92 Volunteer Recruiting Pizza Party, The Rock Wood Fired Pizza 2300 E. Lamar Blvd. Arlington. 2-4p. HD92 Democrats.

Re-Elect Sheriff Marian Brown Reception, Geoffrey Schorr 3114 St. Johns Dr. Dallas, 5:30-7:30p.

Reggae Sunday Brunch, Hero’s Lounge 3094 N. 35 Fwy. Dallas. 11a-3p. Caribbean Breakfast & Lunch.

90’s & 2000’s Hip-Hop-R&B Party at Foundation Room 2200 N. Lamar St. 10p-2a.

Jokes & Jazz Brunch Sundays, Vinetti’s 14833 Midway Rd. Addison. 11a.-3p.

June 7 Prince Rogers Nelson, born 1958 in Minneapolis, MN

PTSD Awareness Month

Soulful Sunday Brunch, The Lemonade Lounge 1411 E. Campbell Rd. #1200, Richardson. 12 noon.

First Fridays “Dress to Impress” Style & Class, Cedar Canyon Ranch 4523 University Hills, Lancaster. 7:30p-2a..

Happy Birthday Clifton C. Sneed (Marva’s) husband I Messenger Media L.L.C. Supporter

Neo Soul Sunday’s, Blue Martini Lounge 7301 Lone Star Dr. Plano 4p-12a.

Ole School Party Fish Fry Hole in the Wall Edition at Trinity Elk Lodge #480 2607 MLK Jr. Blvd. 8p-2a.

The 5th Annual Verna’s H.E.L.P. Foundation Empowerment Prayer Brunch Emcee: Cheryl Smith, Royal Oaks Country Club 7915 Greenville Ave. Dallas. 9a-1p. 2019 Bishop Arts Jazz Series, Bishop Arts Theatre 215 S. Tyler St. Dallas. 7-11p. 2nd 5K Run and Fun Walk 2019 Benefiting Kiers Hope Foundation, Margret Hunt-Hill/Trinity River Bridge 8a. Info: email DeSoto Crawfish Fest 2019, DeSoto Amphitheater 211 E. Pleasant Run Rd. 6-9p. The Lemonade Series Host: YBEN, MLK Community Center. 2901 Pennsylvania Ave. Dallas, 12-5p. Titas Dance/unbound Command Performance Special Gala Event, Winspear Opera House 2403 Flora St. 7p. Bayou Bash Host: Southern University Alumni, African American Museum 3536 Grand Ave. Dallas. 6-11p. Housing Round Table Discussion Coffee & Politics 101, African American Museum 3536 Grand Ave. 10-11a. Travel Vision Board Workshop, Meadows Conference Center 2900 Live Oak St. 8:30-11:30a.

June 3-7

Elevate Male Leadership Academy, UNT Dallas 7300 University Hills Blvd. 7-10a.

June 3 - Aug 9 JC Fitness Gladiator Summer Camp, JC Fitness 901 N. Polk St. #370, DeSoto 7a-5p.

June 3 Big Thought 30 Years Talent Recruitment, Big Thought 1409 S. Lamar St. #1015. 9-10:30a. Info: RSVP to kiara.dismuke@ M o n d a y Night Meet The Candidates Run Off Election, African American Museum 3536 Grand Ave. 6-8p. Happy Hour with District 1 Councilmember-Elect Chad West, Taco y Vino 213 W. 8th St. Dallas 5:30-6:30p. RSVP: Yoga N Da Hood, Warmack Library 760 W. Bardin Rd. Grand Prairie, 6:30-7:30p.

June 4 Business Legal 101 Series, Grow DeSoto Market Place 324 Beltline Rd. 7:30-8:30am. Karaoke Night $2 Tuesday’s, Hero’s Lounge 3094 N. 35 Fwy. Dallas. 7p-2a.

Robin Thicke with Special Guest Summer Walker, Strauss Square 2389 Flora St. 8p. 9th Annual Anniversary Celebration Taste of “BSW HWC”, Juanita J. Craft Recreation Center 4500 Spring Ave. 11a1p. Info: 214-865-3060. Braid Freedom March Hosted by Isis Brantley, line up at MLK Jr. Blvd & Gould St. 5p. Music in the Park Concert Series, Valley Ridge Park 2850 Parkridge Dr. Cedar Hill, 8p-11p. Prince Birthday Party, Stellar Hotel 1914 Commerce St. Dallas, 9p-12a. www.

June 7-9 Taste of Dallas 2019, Dallas Market Hall 2200 N. Stemmons Fwy. Fri. 7p, Sat. 12p, Sun. 11a.

June 8 Happy Birthday to Team Member and great guy Joseph Abrams Anjelah Johnson: More of Me Tour, The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory 300 Las Colinas Blvd. Irving. 7p.


MAY 29, 2019

MAY 29, 2019



MAY 22, 2019


MAY 29, 2019


Aladdin is spectacular and Will Smith’s performance as The Genie will have you asking Robin Who? (Robin Williams played the Genie in Disney’s animated version of the film.) All of Will Smith’s scenes as The Genie are CGI (Computer Generated Images). The Genie comes to life on the big screen in the most magical and realistic way possible, using today’s technology. With a great supporting cast, the movie has incredible music, singing, and dancing, a fantastic story about love and friendship and it is an absolute joy to watch. After seeing it once, I already want to see it again. After being captured by the evil Jafar, the Sultan’s most trusted advisor, Aladdin is forced into a treasure-filled cave to find the Genie’s lamp. Aladdin ends up in a cave in the middle of the desert where he finds The Genie’s lamp. After spending 1000 years trapped in the lamp The Genie is ready to do his magic. Aladdin’s first wish is to be a prince so that he might have a chance hooking up with the kingdom’s princess, Jasmine. His second is made by The Genie to save Aladdin from drowning when he’s passed out underwater. That leaves him with one more

wish for the rest of the movie. Will Smith, who says it was the music that first attracted him to the movie, adds a real hip hop feel with all of the characters rapping as part of the movie’s musical soundtrack. They even throw in a little beat boxing. The movie is an absolute joy and is entertaining from its first scene until the closing dance number . I loved it! Mena Massoud plays Aladin and Naomi Scott is Princess Jasmine. Together the two actors make for a classic big screen couple. Marwin Kenzari does an amazing job as a Middle Eastern antagonist as Jafar, especially considering he is a well know Dutch actor. The movie runs 2 hours and 8 minutes and is appropriate for any age with a PG rating. On my “Hollywood PopcornScale” I rate Aladdin a JUMBO with extra butter (my highest possible rating).


It’s summer and in Texas it means lots of BBQ and outdoor entertaining. Summer is the perfect time to update your outdoor space and invite family and friends to help create memories for a lifetime. Why not make this summer, family reunion time and put more purpose in our outdoor entertaining. You can invite relatives from near and far. Gather the clan, young and old and create memories that will strengthen bonds, mend relationships and increase your family’s net worth by being a ‘stronger unit’. WEtv’s hit series Hustle & Soul follows Chef Lawrence Page as he tries to expand his brand nationwide. Chef Page is the renowned owner & driving force behind the iconic Pink Teacup in Brooklyn, NY, which has been serving up mouth-watering soul food since 1954. On the docuseries Hustle & Soul love triangles and staff drama threaten to destroy his dreams.  Chef Page discusses with me what’s in store for season three as he tries to open up new locations in Miami’s South Beach and Atlanta while trying to attract a celebrity clientele; some of the staff turmoil and relationship drama that may throw a wrench in his plans; and some of his favorite dishes for anyone wishing to add a little soul to their weekend party or barbecue. This season, Chef Lawrence endeavors to open a new restaurant in Miami’s South Beach where he hopes to lure celebrity clientele while overseeing a brand new staff. Meanwhile, his fiancé and restaurant partner

Ana Lavender has been tasked with overseeing the launch of a new Atlanta location. Back in Brooklyn, floor manager Thandi is running the original Pink Tea Cup restaurant...but are she and Lawrence keeping secrets about their relationship? When lines are crossed and alliances are formed, can Lawrence keep control of his staff and gain his coveted celebrity chef status…or will he lose everything?-Text provided by Chef Lawrence’s publicist VBS: Chef Page congratulations on Hustle & Soul the docu-series on WEtv. They’ve spiced up the series and added you for a little eye candy. Now catch my audience up on the new season. CL: You’re going to see all of these women working in my restaurant. Lots of cat fights. I’ve got my child’s mother as a partner and constant battles with all of the women. But the series is more. It is exhibiting to African Americans in real time about owing a business and being successful. VBS: You have two locations Brooklyn and Miami with an allfemale millennials staff. That makes for good WEtv. CL: It’s a lot! VBS: What are you serving up in the kitchens? CL: We’ve got two locations yes, Brooklyn & Miami. Hustle & Soul is shot is South Beach For Miami I add lots of spice. In Miami we’re doing a stuffed lobster. In Brooklyn, we’re still doing a traditional southern menu; greens, mac and cheese, blackened catfish with pepper corn

Valder Beebe Show THAT CELEBRITY INTERVIEW On-Demand video:,,; PODCAST audio:,; Broadcast:KYBS FM Y99.9, KRER FM 102.5, Streaming TV PChatman Network and VBS affiliate broadcasters; On-Demand 411,. – Now available on 411RadioNetwork APP (download free in Google Playstore); Valder Beebe Show is a Power of 3 Women media influencer consortium partner


Struggling with Co-Workers’ Pregnancies

Dear Alma, Two of my co-workers are pregnant. I am truly, truly happy for them…but I am unable to have children (and still struggle with it after 11 years). I have gone home in tears more

family members who innocently ask, “When you gonna have a baby?” I don’t have the answer, but I do suspect from our letter that you have a lot of love in your heart. Don’t waste it. Cry when you want to cry, but also find ways to redirect

I have gone home in tears more than once. I have been careful to stay positive at work and to be supportive, though I stay out of the baby clothes and accessories conversations. than once. I have been careful to stay positive at work and to be supportive, though I stay out of the baby clothes and accessories conversations. I don’t plan to tell anyone about my situation, but I am having a hard time handling this. Any suggestions? Childless and in pain. Hello C&P, First, let me say how sorry I am. I normally add some flair and throw in a joke or two, but this is no laughing matter. In fact, I actually can relate to what you are going through. I could get pregnant, but I could not carry a baby to full term. It hurts deep in your heart, and you wonder why you. Then you have the friends and

your emotions, your mind and your time. Are you a godmother? Are there children in your family who could use some extra attention? You can volunteer to work with children at a church or a local Boys and Girls Club. What about becoming a Girl Scouts leader? Have you considered becoming a part-time foster parent? Take it slowly and figure out a balance that feels right for you. Many of us think it’s important to have a child physically, but until that happens, or even if that never happens, you can give your time to a child who is already here. Go on, girl; you can do it. Release the love you’re holding inside. There’s a child waiting to receive it. I’ve got a feeling you will change many lives for the better. Alma

Alma Gill’s newsroom experience spans over 25 years, including various roles at USA Today, Newsday and the Washington Post. Email questions to: Follow her on Facebook at “Ask Alma” and twitter


MAY 29, 2019

WEST: For times like these, we need Eric Johnson, continued from front page

those of all elected officials. In my opinion, if we are not voting, then we should be removed from office. But what about the average citizen who can register and vote but doesn't or won’t? Inclement or beautiful weather are both used as excuses for not voting. Sadly, responses to jury duty summonses are just as feeble and unconscionable. Such trite excuses run the gamut from legitimate to downright ridiculous. And if there was ever a time when we need to ensure that the courtrooms are filled with jurors ready to serve; the time is now. This is also the time for strong, bold, inclusive leadership. That’s why I stand with many of Dallas’ elected and community leaders who have pledged their support of Texas State Representative Eric Johnson in his quest to become Dallas’ next mayor. Rep. Johnson’s home is Dallas. Born in West Dallas, he attended Greenhill School, then Harvard University, where he graduated cum laude with a degree in history. In addition to a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania, he

received his master’s degree in public Commerce's "Five Outstanding Young President Barack Obama, who affairs from the Woodrow Wilson Texans.” endorsed Rep. Johnson for reelection; School of Public saying he deserved and International support because he Affairs at Princeton was “not running University. against something, Currently the but for something— husband of Nakita to expand opportunand father to two ity for all of us and to sons, Johnson restore dignity, honor, represents District and compassion to 100, which includes public service.” parts of Dallas and I could go on Mesquite, in the and on about the Texas House of many accolades that Representatives. Rep. Johnson has The representative garnered over the has been awarded years. Instead, I want the Achievement to talk about why you Award from the shouldn’t let anything Public Policy and stop you from making International Affairs a vote for Rep. Fellowship Program, Johnson your priority the Dallas Regional on June 8, 2019. Chamber's first ever Rep. Johnson "Courage in Public has distinguished Service Award" for himself as a legislator, The Johnson family: Nakita, Eric, George (1) and William (4) his work in higher consensus builder, education, and he has been named His leadership has caught the eyes and visionary leader. one of the Texas Junior Chamber of of many across the country, including Dallas touts an image of interna-

tional acclaim, a place where everyone is accepted and appreciated. A vote for Rep. Johnson is a step toward making that vision a reality. I’ve worked closely with Rep. Johnson in the Texas Legislature and I strongly support him for Mayor of Dallas because he has the experience, education and political savvy that will make him an effective Mayor and a great ambassador for our city. He is thoughtful and energetic, and he will provide the leadership that Dallas needs at this moment in history. The son of a former Dallas police officer, he grew up in Dallas and returned to his hometown immediately upon completing his formal education. He has been a leading voice for expanding access to early childhood education, fighting public corruption, funding much-needed street repairs, and improving public safety. For times like these, we need Eric Johnson.

Sen. Royce West was first elected to the Texas Senate in November 1992. He represents the 23rd Senatorial District on behalf of the citizens of Dallas County.


Cheryl Smith’s


Don’t Believe the HYPE Celebrity Bowl-a-thon

June 22, 2019

6p.m. USA BOWL 10920 Composite Drive, Dallas


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International Baccalaureate Diploma


MAY 29, 2019

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I emerge from this darkness changed. Leaving behind so much of what was me; whole but with missing parts. Pushing myself through a realization that does not include you, physically. Your transformation complete. Mine ... only beginning.

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Do you know this man?

HE IS A SERIAL RAPIST He targeted members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. but this is more than about a sorority. We’re talking about a community. Come on PEOPLE! Don’t you CARE? Will it matter when it is your sister, mother? aunt or grandmother or maybe YOU?

Crimestoppers 877-373-8477


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MAY 29, 2019

SAVE THE DATE June 22, 2019 6p.m.

USA BOWL 10920 Composite Drive, Dallas

Cheryl Smith’s

Don’t Believe the HYPE Celebrity Bowl-a-thon Cheryl Smith’s


Don’t Believe the


Celebrity Bowl-a-thon

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