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By Cheryl Smith Publisher

Stop it!

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15th Each Month Phalconstar.com Garland, Texas Phone (972) 926-8503 Fax (903) 450-1397 1 Year Subscription $45.00


VOL.8 NO. 20


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I WAS JUST THINKING... By Norma Adams-Wade

A walk down Black History Lane As odds would have it, I am posting these thoughts on February 12. You know the drill. Throughout February, we American descendants of Africa pay tribute to our African and American heritage.

Amachi Program partnership

The State Fair recently announced Thomas discussed the City of Dallas Over the years, there have its partnership with Big Brothers providing funding to agencies that been many rules that were part Big Sisters. On January 17, the Fair are addressing the issue. Kenitra of my growth and development. hosted Transforming the Trajectory, Brown of SMU's Criminal Justice Reform Center spoke to high school a program designed for State Boys don’t hit girls and girls don’t Fair nonprofit partners to discuss students regarding the impact of be fresh around boys. Don’t incarceration on her family, her opportunities to be involved with lie, don’t steal, do your chores, the Amachi Program and to share journey to law school and her current efforts as an attorney. the impact of incarceration on get good grades, and don’t be Other speakers included Toska families. disrespectful to adults. Medlock-Lee and Jamila Thomas of Richard Miles, founder of Miles of There was also: if you lie, you’ll Freedom, gave a moving account Big Brothers Big Sisters. steal; if you steal, you’ll kill. Or, of his journey of being wrongfully Pictured: Richard Miles, Toska Medlock-Lee, girls and opportunity for the first 50 people attend painting session and Dr.a Froswa Booker with attendee. incarcerated. CouncilmantoCasey if an adult does something you with the Kinfolk artist to do painting on jeans. don’t like, come tell me and I’ll deal with it. Mother said, Remember that Last year, about 500 parents and children attended the Queenish Doll Extravaganza and you must always wear clean a memorable and informative journey of the history underwear and stayenjoyed out of grown folks business. Then, whatever black dolls. he does to you, I’m going to In celebration of Black History interactive family event that make sure someone does it to Month, the Queenish Professional celebrates the beauty, culture and Charmeka Bristol attended the inaugural event with her him (daddy didn’t play)! Women’s Club and its founder unique qualities of the African I was also taught to girls carryand was amazed at the vast and unique three Quinnie Nichols, is once again American personality. myself like a lady and if I respect collection. “A lot of the dolls that I saw, bringing to the community, the I did Thenot goalsee is to promote the myself others will also. Queenish Black Dolls Showcase elegance and beauty growing up.� Bristol’s daughter remarked, “There are dollsof women This hasn’t always been the and girls of all cultures, on Saturday, February 22, 2020 at case, but I’ve tried that to hold updo my not see in this generation. We should take timeespecially we end of the bargain and stay clear the Lancaster Senior Life Center the African American culture, learn aboutlocated them.� of people who did to otherwise. at 240 Veterans Memorial showcase the historical journey Now I know everyone wasn’t Parkway in Lancaster. of the Black doll, emphasize the raised as I was and I think it is Local dentist, Ann D.D.S Kids at Heart Dentistry in and importance of education This Martin Queenish Dolls of Experiimportant to at least attempt to Q u in n ie N ic h o ls ence promotes the theme “Black cultural awareness while Cedar Hill attended the extravaganza and emphasized the having understand the reality of others together. fun! It is the perfect event for Is Beautiful� and promises to and to not be so importance quick to hurt of events like Queenish Dolls.

Queenish Professional Women’s Club presents Queenish Dolls Showcase 2020

See MY TRUTH, page 3

be a dynamic, educational and

parents and their children to enjoy

“As a child, my mother always painted my dolls with paint for their melanin, but now we have exposure to different

See QUEENISH, page 3

H o n . F re d e ric k D o u g la s s

P re s id e n t A b ra h a m L in co ln

D r. C a r te r G . W o o d s o n

Historians tell us that February was picked to commemorate Black History because two people significant to the event were born in that month -- President Abraham Lincoln and abolitionist Frederick Douglass. Lincoln, born on February 12, 1908, was key, of course, because the Emancipation Proclamation that he signed to end slavery – on paper -- became effective January 1, 1863. Douglass was key because he is one of the nation’s more See THINKING, page 5


FEBRUARY 12, 2020



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MAILING ADDRESS 320 S. R.L. Thornton Freeway 220 Dallas, TX 75203 WWW.TEXASMETRONEWS.COM 214-941-0110 Cheryl Smith PUBLISHER - EDITOR editor@myimessenger.com


The Black Press believes that America can best lead the world away from racial and national antagonisms when it accords to every person, regardless of race, color or creed, full human and legal rights. Hating no person, fearing no person, the Black Press strives to help every person in the firm belief that all are hurt as long as anyone is held back. Dr. Brenda Wall will be signing her newest book, The Underground GOATs on Friday, February 21, 2020 from 11 AM1 PM at Hudson Booksellers, Love Field. The Underground GOATs is an exciting book written especially for youth, but is appreciated by adults for its informative and positive content. What was it like to be suddenly transported back in history on a dangerous journey to freedom? These two brothers will find out in their dramatic escape on the Underground Railroad. Their lives will never be the same! This book signing is not only historic in celebrating Black History month with a compelling narrative, but Hudson Booksellers, the airports’ largest bookseller has welcomed Dr. Wall. An additional layer of history is evident in the entrepreneurial legacy of Helen Giddings, who is a partner in the majority of retail and some food and beverage operations at Dallas Love Field. Many know her for her public service in the Texas State Legislature, but her philanthropy, work with women and girls and her business enterprises demonstrate her multifaceted genius. This book signing connects the work of two powerful African American women, who have consistently served the Dallas community. Come meet the author and bring your young readers. 3200 E. Airfield Drive, Dallas, TX 75261.


FEBRUARY 12, 2020

MY TRUTH continued from front page

others just because I am hurting. Which brings me to my truth. There’s been a lot of talk about an interview conducted by veteran journalist Gayle King with WNBA legend Lisa Leslie, following the death of NBA legend, Kobe Bryant. During the interview, Ms. King asked about a rape allegation in what was a “complicated” case that ended with the accuser’s failure to testify. The response, after a clip of the interview appeared on social media, was immediate and horrible. Now admittedly some responses were very emotional and vicious. Many I don’t agree with but I understand. Hurt people hurt. And they respond/ react based on their realities. When I read and viewed some of the responses, I knew I would get questions about the issue. I thought back to that Sunday when I heard that Mr. Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianni, and seven others - John Altobelli, head coach Orange Coast College baseball team, wife Keri and 13-year-old daughter Alyssa, a basketball player for Mamba; Sarah Chester and daughter Payton; pilot Ara Zobayan; and Christina Mauser, basketball

coach at Harbor Day School in Newport Beach, where Kobe’s daughter attended school were killed in a helicopter accident. I communicated with our Sports editor about how to proceed and what angle would we write our story from. Now some might say that I was derelict in my duties as a journalist because, never once did I even think about the rape allegation. Just wasn’t my focus! I believe even if I had thought about it during that time, for me, it was not relevant to any of our coverage. Several people asked for my opinion. While I know people were talking about the rape, I wouldn’t have. I felt Ms. King’s initial question was framed appropriately but even she admits that the edited clip was offensive and hurtful. And I absolutely loved Ms. Leslie’s responses. I feel for Ms. King. I am sorry she has been attacked and threatened. When I heard the argument that “journalists ask the tough questions,” I understood what they were saying but I also understood those who said that there is a double standard and Black journalists get to ask “tough” questions only of other Black people. That statement reminded me of a Latina journalist who came under fire for asking See MY TRUTH, page 4

Queenish, continued from front page

“The Queenish Dolls Experience is a great opportunity to showcase a landmark collection of dolls. With troubling stereotypes circulating, we want to be careful to show the beauty and rich heritage in our extensive doll Collection so that our children see beautiful reflections of themselves and the countless possibilities before them.” said Quinnie Nichols, the event founder. “This doll experience that marries the best of art and history to create a rich experience for all who witness it.” Attendees will see an array of antique dolls as well as ones that reflect the more modern era, especially Black History. Specifically, one may see including the paper ma`che and potato sack dolls from the times such as slavery to the Jim Crow Law era’s Aunt Jemima, the Pick-a-ninny and Sambo dolls and the popular celebrities

like Mr. T., First Lady Michelle Obama and many more. The children will be able to enjoy craft and activity stations in which they will make their own Fairy doll, enjoy painting, coloring books, and meet doll makers and see doll collections from across the country. This year, there will also be a best doll dress fashion pageant for young girls and opportunity for the first 50 people to attend a painting session with the Kinfolk artist to do painting on jeans. Last year, about 500 parents and children attended the Queenish Doll Extravaganza and enjoyed a memorable and informative journey of the history of Black dolls. Charmeka Bristol attended the inaugural event with her three girls and was amazed at the vast and unique collection. “A lot of the dolls that I saw, I did not see growing up.” Bristol’s daughter remarked, “There are dolls that we do not see in this generation. We should take time to learn about

them.” Local dentist, Ann Martin D.D.S of Kids at Heart Dentistry in Cedar Hill attended the extravaganza and emphasized the importance of events like Queenish Dolls. “As a child, my mother always painted my dolls with paint for their melanin, but now we have exposure to different dolls,” said Martin. “It is very important for young girls to see dolls that look like them.” The Queenish Professional Women’s Club is encouraging the community to get your ticket now on Eventbrite for a $5 donation. Also, group has a few more spaces for doll collectors and doll enthusiasts to showcase their collections, quilt makers, and vendors. Also, the group is collecting blue jeans for the painting aspect of the event. If you would like to participate or sponsor, please contact the organizers of Queenish Dolls Extravaganza via email at info@queenishpwc. com or visit our website www. queenishpwc.com.

Kweisi Mfume wins Primary for Cummings Seat By Lauren Victoria Burke NNPA Newswire Contributor

Former NAACP President and five-term Congressman Kweisi Mfume won big in a Democratic primary contest to replace the late Congressman Elijah Cummings who passed away on October 17, 2019 at the age of 68. Mfume’s primary challenger in Maryland’s seventh congressional district was Cummings’ widow, Maya Rockeymoore Cummings. But the contest was not close. The general election will be held on April 28, 2020. Mfume, 71, will be expected to win easily in a heavily Democratic district that includes parts of Baltimore. Mfume won by a decisive

to Elijah Cummings at margin winning 43 his funeral last year. percent of the vote The winner of the to Maya Cummings’ Republican primary was 17 percent. Kimberly Klacik, whose Over 28,000 votproduced a video of ed for Mfume as trash in West Baltimore Cummings received last summer. The video over 11,000 votes prompted Trump to in a field of 12 call Cummings’s district candidates. Mfume left the Three generations of Maryland’s 7th District Congressmen (Congressman Elijah E. Cummings, a “disgusting, rat and U.S. House in 1996 1996 to present; former Congressman Parren J. Mitchell, 1971 to 1987; and former Congressman rodent infested mess.” to lead the NAACP Kweisi Mfume, 1987 to 1996) attend the ceremony officially designating the facility of the U.S. Klacik is a member the Baltimore and stayed in the Postal Service located at 6101 Liberty Road in Baltimore, Maryland, as the U.S. Representative of Republican position until 2004. Parren J. Mitchell Post Office. (January 2007) (Photo: Office of Congresssman Elijah Cummings) County Central Committee in “I accept your February 4. Baltimore. nomination as the Democratic “This is for him. This is for “Thank you to the voters of nominee to Congress! Experience him!” added Mfume. The two Maryland’s 7th Congressional matters,” said Mfume from his had been friends for 42 years and District for your consideration victory part on the night of Mfume delivered a moving eulogy and to the other candidates for

your valiant and inspiring races. I also thank my team, including the hardworking volunteers who dedicated many hours to the campaign. Putting my hat in the ring was a faith walk, a journey I am still on. I deeply appreciate the well wishes and encouragement and look forward to what comes next,” wrote Maya Rockeymoore Cummings on facebook the morning after her electoral loss to Mfume. Cummings can challenge Mfume again on April 28. Lauren Victoria Burke is an independent journalist for NNPA and the host of the podcast BURKEFILE. She is also a political strategist as Principal of Win Digital Media LLC. She may be contacted at LBurke007@ gmail.com and on twitter at @ LVBurke



Impeached President, Illegitimate Acquittal BY CONGRESSWOMAN MAXINE WATERS Chair of the House Committee on Financial Services

Today’s illegitimate acquittal is fitting for a dishonorable, unpatriotic, dangerous, illegitimate, and impeached president. Anyone who lends any credence to the idea that this unlawful outcome serves as a credible exoneration of Donald Trump is an enemy to the rule of law and the Constitution. The founders of this country never imagined that our democracy would be confronted with a corrupt president who would be aided and abetted in the coverup of his crimes by a co-equal branch of government. Despite the fact that the House Managers presented an ironclad set of facts that

Donald Trump did in fact abuse his power and obstruct Congressional investigations of his crimes, the Senate has utterly failed to do its job. This was not a credible trial. No witnesses were called. No evidentiary documents were presented. The jurors abandoned impartiality and openly colluded with the guilty defendant. The presiding justice remained silent in the face of unprecedented attacks on judicial norms. I applaud the courage of the 48 Senators – 45 Democrats, 2 Independents, and 1 Republican – who put their careers on the line to protect and defend our nation from the most dangerous president our country has ever known. Each and every Trumpparty elected official who betrayed their oath of office and protected the deplorable interests of a conman over the interests of this country is a national disgrace who

MY TRUTH, continued from page 3

tough questions of a white man. Maybe we should reexamine some practices and make changes. It wouldn’t be the first time. Heck, we in the Black Press know how Blacks were treated! Interestingly when there was a shooting in a newsroom, journalists asked for time to grieve. The hypocrisy of the moment was not lost on many. So many have been asked or seen someone asked an insensitive question and an answer was expected. Journalists pushed for answers, because they were doing their jobs! That’s why I love that line from the

should be voted out of office without delay. The American people can rest assured that this fight is not over, and all is not lost. The Democratic House majority will continue to provide a check on this president. Each House committee chair will continue to conduct proper oversight of this administration. We will continue to fight in the courts and demand that our lawful subpoenas be upheld. Donald Trump has been impeached. His conviction was bipartisan. His acquittal was partisan. This is the legacy of Donald Trump, now and forever. His presidency is an utter failure and disgrace, and history will record it as such. In November, the American people can and will do what insufferable and pathetic Trump-party Republican Senators didn’t have the courage to do: remove him from office once and for all.”

movie, Head of State. The late, great Bernie Mac turned to a journalist and said, “That’s why nobody likes your ass!” There are so many wrongs in this situation and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson was among the phenomenal respondents who tried to make things right. Just as in the rapes of women in Dallas, I wanted to hear an outcry. I needed to hear men and women saying, “stop the madness.” I know we are hurting. I also know we have to draw a line in the sand and govern ourselves accordingly. Let’s not turn on one another. Let’s have a teachable moment and stop the madness. That’s another rule that makes sense!

FEBRUARY 12, 2020

Thinking about Impeachment, try getting out and voting! By Roger Caldwell NNPA Newswire Contributor The impeachment is completed, and President Donald Trump has been acquitted. After millions of dollars, thousands of lies, and 17 witnesses in the House, President Trump will be let off and cleared of any wrongdoing. He has been declared not guilty and proved innocent of the articles of impeachment. The American rule of law and the system has not worked again. President Trump lost the popular election by almost 3 million votes, but with the Electoral College (the American System), he is the President of the United States. Indeed, this appears unfair, but what can the citizens do? It seems the impeachment was a circus, and everyone knew the president was going to be acquitted. “What we’re doing is watching, Trump’s most furious opponents lashing out at him as they have done over and over again since the president’s inauguration. These efforts haven’t worked before and they aren’t going to work now, and their refusal to face that fact doesn’t speak especially well for them,” says Damon Linker, of Yahoo News. The American system on many different levels is broken. President Trump and his cronies break the law, and the Republicans continue to act as if everything is great. When the president has been documented by the media for lying 15,000 times, the system is broken. When different Republicans agree that our president has been caught breaking the law, the system is broken. “There is an underlying truth glimmering in claims of a broken system. Laws, rules, and norms are made through a political process, and the decision about how to apply them will always be a matter of judgment, which means it will be a matter of politics too,” says Damon Linker. The impeachment is politics at its highest level, and Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell was in control once the articles of impeachment left the House of Representatives. Most of the bills in 2020 are partisan, and the members of each party vote together in lockstep. This is the new

reality in the Senate and the House, and no one can make a decision that is good for the country. Politics has always been about whom is the most articulate, and factual, but the impeachment appeared to be more about talking, and the facts were not important. America heard from 17 witnesses in the House impeachment inquiry, and Democrats in the House are proud of their accomplishment. The House managers had 24 hours to make their case, even though everyone understood what was going to be the outcome in the Senate. Talk is cheap and our elected officials and their lawyers are paid well for their expertise. There are two America’s in the country, and they are virtually split down the middle. Many citizens believe that the president has gotten stronger, as a result of the impeachment. An impeachment is always a dark period in the history of America. Many Republicans think the impeachment was absolute nonsense, but over 70% of Americans wanted a credible trial, with witnesses, and facts. Sen. Mitch McConnell understood how to use his power, and there was only mindless conformity in his party, and the Senate. President Trump will take a winners leap around the country with his tweets. He will call the impeachment proceedings a distraction and a waste of taxpayers’ time and money. But, House Managers and Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, did a great job proving their case, and they addressed the corruption in the White House. The Democrats will say the Republicans are not telling the truth, and they broke the law. President Trump has been acquitted, and the only Republican Senator who stood for with truth was Senator Mitt Romney. After three years of the embarrassment with the Trump administration, there will be no legal remedy to get President Trump removed from office. Our president will only be removed from office at the ballot box. The system may be broken on many different levels, but your vote will remove the President from office. GO out and VOTE.


FEBRUARY 12, 2020

Bloomberg plans immigration reform Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg released his plan to modernize the United States’ broken immigration system and make immigration work for America’s economy and communities. Mike’s plan will restore American values and end inhumane practices — championed by President Trump — that are ineffective, wasteful and cruel, like separating families, caging children and rescinding protections for Dreamers. His plan will modernize ports of entry and implement sensible enforcement priorities to protect national security while also welcoming immigrants. Mike’s plan opens America’s doors to the immigrants that our communities and economy need and gives new Americans and their neighbors the tools they need to thrive. “President Trump’s demonization of immigrants and his fueling of fear and hatred are an ugly chapter in American history that we must close,” said Mike Bloomberg. “The fact is that immigration doesn’t threaten America, it strengthens America. I led our nation’s immigrant capital for 12 years and I know how much immigrants strengthen our economy and communities. America doesn’t need more of Trump’s fear mongering – what we need is a modern immigration system that honors our history and readies us for the future and, as president, I’ll get it done.” America’s Immigration System is Outdated, Inhumane and Does Not Position the U.S. for Growth The U.S. immigration system is outdated, costly and inhumane. Federal spending on immigration enforcement - including detention and deportation-now outpaces spending on all other federal criminal law enforcement agencies combined, according to a 2019 report from the Migration Policy Institute. Further, Trump has diverted

M ik e B lo o m b e rg billions in military funding to pay for an ineffective border wall, while wait times caused by inefficiencies at U.S.-Mexico ports of entry could cost the U.S. $69 billion in GDP. A USA TODAY Network investigation found that, since President Trump took office, there have been more than 400 allegations of sexual assault or abuse and at least 29 fatalities in detention facilities overseen by ICE. Trump’s cruel and incompetent policies have ripped families apart, created chaos at the border and paralyzed an already inefficient system. Mike’s Plan to Welcome Immigrants, Restore Order and Accountability, and Modernize America’s Immigration System

Mike will end policies that run counter to American values. His plan:

Rescinds the travel ban that Trump recently expanded. Ends family separation, establishes rigorous safeguards for children and promotes alternatives to detention for individuals who pose no threat to public safety. Protects Dreamers and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders. Orders the Department of Justice to investigate abuse at ICE and CBP and reforms the agencies to ensure oversight and accountability. Sets the annual refugee resettlement target at 125,000. Trump has lowered the refugee cap to 18,000, the lowest since the program was created in 1980. Restores fairness and timeliness to the asylum process. Mike will eliminate wasteful

and ineffective policies. His plan: Ends Trump’s wasteful effort that has sapped military funding to pay for an ineffective border wall. Protects the border through smart, effective security measures and upgrades U.S. ports of entry. Implements sensible immigration enforcement priorities that promote public safety and national security. Reduces the inefficient immigration backlog, which has nearly doubled to more than 1 million cases under President Trump. Clears the naturalization backlog and helps more qualified immigrants become U.S. citizens

Mike will create an immigration system that works for our communities and economy. His plan:

Protects workers from displacement, exploitation and labor violations. Creates an earned pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented people to come forward, register, pay fees and taxes owed, and pass background checks. Makes employment-based immigration more responsive to economic needs, preserves family and diversity immigration, and reduces backlogs that keep families apart. Creates place-based visas that will allow localities to address unmet economic and social needs. Creates a start-up visa for jobcreating entrepreneurs and allows international students who graduate with advanced degrees in essential fields like STEM, healthcare or business to apply for green cards. Expands opportunities for foreign-born physicians and nurses to help address the shortage of healthcare workers in rural and under-served communities across the country. There will be a shortage of more than 120,000 physicians by 2032 and the need for nurses is expected to grow faster than all See BLOOMBERG, page 7

Thinking, continued from front page famous abolitionists, writer, orator, and statesman. Douglass was born into slavery, escaped, and learned to read in defiance of the then-popular belief that enslaved Black were dim-witted and should not be educated, fearing they might begin to seek freedom. Historians say that Douglass did not know his real date of birth because, as an enslaved person, the date was not recorded. Historians say that Douglass chose a date for himself – February 14, 1818. In one of his autobiographies, Douglass recounted his escape from slavery to freedom and his reaction when arriving on free land in the North: “I lived more in one day than in a year of my slave life...gladness and joy, like the rainbow, defy the skill of pen or pencil.” February as birthdays of these two towering figures intrigued Carter G. Woodson – whose parents were former enslaved Africans. We know Woodson, of course, as the “father of Black History” who led the movement to have a designated time to appreciate African-American history and culture. Woodson, an educator, scholar, author, historian, and publisher, latched on to February as he refined his Black history commemoration plans. The historian was not pleased -in fact, he was upset that scholars during his time, did not include information about Black people, our culture and experiences when writing history books that children of all cultures would use in classrooms. School books were “whitewashed” one could say. Woodson, ever the visionary, set out to change that, and he did. He began a crusade and led the charge that organized the Association for the Study of African American Life and History at a gathering in

Chicago in 1915. Woodson and the group published many Black history materials for educators to use in Black schools. Then about a decade later in 1926, he and the group launched a week of Black History commemoration and activities -- the first Black History Week. Then 50 years later, during America’s 1976 Bicentennial Year, that week became Black History Month. Woodson and company picked the second week of February as the celebration time because that week contained two important birthdays – those of Lincoln (February 12) and Douglass (February14). Woodson in 1912 was the second African-American to earn a doctorate from Harvard University. Historian and activist W. E. B. DuBois was the first in 1895. I was just thinking how all these Black History giants – Douglass, Woodson, DuBois, even Lincoln for the role he played, brought us from Douglass hiding secretly to learn how to read to an African-American president in the White House. Woodson approximately 90 years ago, expressed his view of the damage not knowing your history and culture can do: “This crusade is much more important than the antilynching movement,” he wrote in his opinion, “because there would be no lynching if it did not start in the schoolroom.” His thoughts and actions are Black History at its finest.


FEBRUARY 12, 2020


Black History Month Recurring Events

Feeding The Needy, hosted by: "Hollywood Hernandez Live" 1691 Corsicana St., Dallas. 3-5p. Sundays. The Kinsey African American Art & History Collection, at the African American Museum, 3536 Grand Ave. now-3-1 Comerica Bank Prom Dress Drive, All sizes, shoes, purses, and accessories welcome. Drop Off locations & Info: Comerica.com/promdress thru 2/29 Free Job Training, Jobs in the Low Voltage Field, at Frazier House 4600 Spring Ave. 7:30a-3p. This is 4-week program. Info: Jasmine Anderson, jasmine.anderson@zwhjcoc.org. Free Tax Help at Dr. MLK, Jr. Branch Library, 2922 Dr. MLK, Jr. Blvd. Thursdays 11a-3p. Thru April 15. To Be Young Gifted and Black, at Jubilee Theatre, 506 Main St. Ft. Worth. Times Vary, Tickets: jubileetheatre.org. Funny You Don’t Like A Negro, at Theatre Three, 2800 Routh St. Ste. 168. Times Vary, Tickets: 214871-3300. 2-20-3-15-20. A Raisin in the Sun, Featuring: Durant Searcy at Theatre Arlington, 305 W. Main St. Tickets and times: 817-275-7661. 2-14-3-8-20.

FEBRUARY 12 1909 The NAACP was founded in New York City.

Mother Daughter Dance, host THEM, at Oils 4 Us, 3821 E. Loop 820 S. Ft. Worth, 6-8p. Tickets: www. oils4us.net/home. Learn How to Grow Your Business with 500 Followers or Less at Business Lounge Dallas, 13740 Midway #528 7p. Eventbrite.com. Ribbon Cutting Celebration-Princess ABC, Irving Mall 3880 Irving Mall, 5:30-7p.

FEBRUARY 14-15 The Basics Bootcamp, hosted by National Association of Black Journalists, features President Dorothy Tucker, Vice President-Print Marlon Walker, Secretary Cheryl Smith, Treasurer Greg Morrison and comedian Roy Wood Jr., at Paul Quinn College, 3837 Simpson Stuart Rd. Info: nabj.org. Newsmaker Event: Judge Tammy Kemp of the 204th District Court will sit down with veteran journalist Cheryl Smith to talk about the Amber Guyger Murder Trial. Check Eventbrite for tickets. Registrants for the NABJ Bootcamp are FREE. 6:00p.m. at Paul Quinn College Lord Teach Me How To Love Again Naomi Bruton Theatre, 1309 Canton St. 7:30p. for both nights TBAAL Box Office 214-743-2400.

FEBRUARY 14-16 Dallas Black Dance Theatre presents Cultural Awareness, Dee & Charles Wyly, 2400 Flora St. Times Vary. Tickets: dbdt.com.

Wednesday Wine & Jazz, Box Garden Legacy Hall, 7800 Windrose Ave. Plano. 6-11p. Eventbrite.


Adult Hip Hop Dance Class, DeSoto Civic Center, 211 E. Pleasant Run Rd. 8p. Eventbrite.com.

1760 Founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church Richard Allen is born.

Dallas Job Fair, Doubletree Hotel Market Center, 2015 Market Center Blvd. 11a-2p. Eventbrite.com.

NAACP Garland Unit Hosts Its 20th Annual Winter Ball, Hyatt Place 5101 George Bush Hwy. Garland. 8p. Tickets: Eventbrite.com.

Indigo Dentistry Prayer Dedication w/ Dr. Kera Collier and Pastor Bryan Carter of Concord Baptist Church, 918 E. Pleasant Run Rd. Cedar Hill. 7-8p.

FEBRUARY 13 1818 Frederick Douglass, orator, is born in Tuckahoe, MD.

Honoring Black History: Dr. Michael Sorrell, host Collin County Chamber at New York Life 2600 Network Blvd. #130 Frisco. 6-8p. Galentine’s Day Celebration, Painting with a Twist, 105 E. Beltline Rd. #700 Cedar Hill. 7-9p. Tickets: www.paintingwithtwist.com.

Kenny “BabyFace” Edmonds w/Tamia & El Debarge, The Theatre at Grand Prairie, 1001 Performance Pl. 8p. Tickets: AXS.com. Lovers and Friends Valentine Day Masquerade Ball, Park Plaza Tower, 13111 N. Central Exp. 6:30p-12:30a. Tickets: Eventbrite.com. The Tejas Brothers, Special Event Concert, Carpenter Performance Hall Irving Arts Center, 3333 N. MacArthur Blvd. 7:30p. Lunch-n-Learn: Access to Capital for Women Business Owners, Meadows Conference Center,

2900 Live Oak St. 11:30a-1p. Tickets: empowerseries.networkforgood.com. A Three Course Meal and ‘My First Love’ A Romantic Comedy, DeSoto Corner Theatre 211 E. Pleasant Run 7:30p Tickets: Eventbrite.

FEBRUARY 15 1968 - Henry Lewis becomes 1st Black conductor to lead a symphony orchestra. Happy Birthday to IMM Team Member, and a great lady, Monique P. Stone

Collier, Victoria Neave and Rhetta Bowers at High Point Baptist Church, 101 High Pointe Ln. Cedar Hill. 3-6p.

FEBRUARY 17 1865- Ku Klux Klan was organized - Pulaski, TN. Happy Birthday to Team Member, and a great guy, Shane Hefner Monday Night Politics, Meet the Candidates, hosted by the Dallas Examiner African American Museum, 3536 Grand Ave. 6-8p.

Hidden History Tour - Black History. Dart Transit Center, 1423 J.B. Jackson, Jr. Blvd. 9a.

Trap Step Mondays at Jam Box Addison, 3965 Belt Line Rd. 7:30-8:30p. First Class Free.

WW Presents: Oprah's 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus, Special Guest Tracee Ellis Ross, American Airlines Center, 2500 Victory Ave. 9a.

Educators Day, hosted by Museum of Illusions Dallas, 701 Ross Ave. 10a-8p.

Black Caucus, Frederick Douglass Human Services, 616 W. Kiest Blvd. 10a-1p. Tickets: Eventbrite. Book Tour host Safe Havenn, Inc., DeSoto Recreation Center, 211 E. Pleasant Run Rd. 11a-4p. Mardi Gras Gala 2020, host Omega Psi Phi Theta Alpha Chapter Crown Plaza 7050 N. 35 Fwy. 7p. Info Royle King 214-236-5756. Buy Black Sip & Shop, hosted by Her Image, Lofty Spaces, 816 Montgomery St. 12:30p. Eventbrite. Golden Alert, by Lambda Upsilon Sigma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority. UNT Dallas, T.I. Auditorium 800 W. Campbell Rd. Richardson. 10a-12:30p. Free. Jazz On the Local: Dana Harper, host Jim Austin, Warehouse on Berry, 1125 E. Berry St. Ft. Worth, 8p. Kenny “BabyFace” Edmonds, Tamia & El Debarge at The Theatre at Grand Prairie, 1001 Performance Pl. 8p. Tickets AXS.com.

FEBRUARY 16 1951- NYC Council passed bill prohibiting racial discrimination in city assisted housing

FEBRUARY 18 1688 - Germantown Protest by Quaker church becomes first white body to denounce slavery. Wine Women & Wealth, Five Rings Financial, Two Wine-West Plano, 6400 W. Plano Pkwy. 6-8p. Tickets: Eventbrite.com. US Congressional District 32 Republican Forum, hosted by Hispanic Republican Club of North Texas, at Museum of Biblical Art, 7500 Park Ln. 6-8p. Days for Girls Kit Making, host Altrusa International of Dallas, Inc. 7800 Alpha Rd. 6:30p. Exploring Shona African Sculptures host Zula B. Wylie Public Library, Shona African Sculptures 101 Main St. Cedar Hill, 6:30p. Glen Heights City Council Meeting, City Hall 1938 S. Hampton Rd. Glenn Heights. 7-9:30p.

FEBRUARY 19 1853 - First YMCA started in Washington, D.C. 1940 - William “Smokey” Robinson was born. Happy Birthday to Team Member, and a great lady, LaDonna Castro

Judicial Recognition Sunday, New Hope Baptist Church, 5002 S. Central Exp. 10:30-1p.

Special Exhibition Opening, Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum 300 N. Houston St. 6p

Gospel Fest 2020, United Methodist Church of the Disciple, 220 S. Cockrell Hill DeSoto. 4:30-

CRES Presents Dr. Khalil Muhammad – Condemnation of Blackness, host TCU African American Studies at Neely School of Business, 2900 Lubbock Ave. Ft. Worth 6-7:30p.

Team Sherman Block Walk w State Reps. Nicole


FEBRUARY 12, 2020

A Trichologist’s Perspective about Scalp Oil ABOUT YOUR HAIR BY DR. LINDA AMERSON


Many consumers have asked me these questions…Do I need to oil my scalp? I have heard that it clogs your scalp? What should I use when my scalp is dry? Now to give you a Trichologists prospective of oiling the scalp. When there is a scalp malady/condition, yes you need to address your scalp. African American’s have approximately 90,000140,000 sweat glands. When the sweat dries, it leaves a film or residue on the scalp which is sodium buildup. This sodium buildup is not removed or cleansed from the scalp, in many cases, as often as it should. Many consumers neglect shampooing their hair and scalp for 3-4 weeks, or longer, to hold on to a trendy hairstyle. Sometimes it is laziness. Resulting in dry hair, dry scalp, an excessively itchy scalp which leads to tender scalps, erythema, inflammation, and irritation just to name a few. This

is when oiling of the scalp and hair becomes routine after shampooing. On the other hand, there are some consumers who have over-active sebaceous glands, where their scalp produces more oil. Frequency of shampooing should become common practice. In addition, in the Indian community, I have several clients who share with me about applying oil to their scalp and hair for shine and hair re-growth. Lastly, many natural hairstylists will instruct their client who wear twists, and locks to postpone shampooing their hair and scalp for 6-8 weeks to preserve their style. I disagree with this recommendation when there is a scalp condition. The scalp condition needs to be addressed first, then the trendy hairstyle second. More professionals need to realize this important fact. Top Reasons to Oil Your Scalp To offset dryness from sodium buildup For pruritus of the scalp For scalp diseases For scalp lesions For soothing an irritated scalp For scaly scalp conditions

For eczema scalp conditions and circulation Why use Dr. Amerson’s Anti-Itch Soothing Oil? Formulated for Dr. Amerson by Chemist Tracy Hill-Ashley Benefits include: Light, penetrating oil with a PH of 5.0 Anti-inflammatory properties Has healing and regenerating qualities Stops pruritus immediately Moisturizes scalp and hair for the entire family Gives hair a brilliant sheen with no pillow residue Softens bonding glue for immediate removal Great for shaving under arms with no irritation Great moisturizer for cuticles of fingernails and toenails Has been used on dogs (by clients) who suffer with itchy, dry skin Please direct all questions to Dr. Linda Amerson, Board Certified Trichologist. Please join us every Wednesday @ 11am CST on Ask the Hair and Scalp Doctor Radio Show on www.DfwiRadio.com www.hairandscalpessentials.com

Twit Face

Make appointment with Drs. Oliver and Keisha Lankford 214.563.1995/214.870.4129

BLOOMBERG ON IMMIGRATION Continued from page 5

other occupations from 2018-2028. As mayor of one of the most diverse cities in the country, Mike helped ensure that immigrants were able to integrate into the economic, civic and cultural fabric of their communities-to the benefit of all residents. He issued landmark executive orders to protect immigrant New Yorkers, including guaranteeing immigrants access to city services and critical medical care, as well as protecting victims of crime regardless of immigration status. He also launched initiatives to support immigrant-owned businesses. In addition, he established NYCitizenship to help city government employees who were permanent residents apply for citizenship, and later expanded the initiative to families of NYC public school students. Mike Bloomberg also expanded legal services to immigrants by adding

a full-time attorney to the City’s Family Justice Centers to counsel domestic violence victims and secured a fulltime immigration attorney from each of the City’s ten indigent criminal defense providers. Further, according to the New York Times, under Mike’s leadership, the New York City Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs became a national and global model for local government engagement with immigrant communities. He also launched NYC One Nation, providing immigrant communities access to programs on immigrant rights, learning English, neighborhood leadership, college readiness and financial literacy. In contrast, Trump has caged children and families seeking asylum from unsafe circumstances in their home countries. Children have died while being in U.S. custody. And he

has repeatedly demonized immigrants in racist ads. Trump has prioritized the deportation of undocumented immigrants who have not committed crimes while in the U.S., leading to migrant deaths post-deportation. Most recently, Trump enacted an original ban on immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Reaction to Mike’s Immigration Plan from Former Mayor Manny Diaz of Miami, Florida, Mike Bloomberg 2020 National CoChair: “Immigration is an issue that affects us all. Mike Bloomberg will work to ensure that the millions of undocumented immigrants living in this country have a chance to pursue citizenship. He’ll also restore DACA, protect TPS holders and end policies like the family separation policy that runs counter to our deepest values as Americans. Mike believes immigrants are key to America’s success. Our diversity is what makes America great. Mike Bloomberg will get it done.”


FEBRUARY 12, 2020

NTIF.org • 214-821-4173 Discount tickets for saturDay anD sunDay at tom thumb anD albertsons


FEBRUARY 12, 2020

From Marva with By Marva Sneed

On “From Marva with Love” I interviewed a dynamic woman Samantha Haynes of Samantha Speaks. When I said good morning to Ms. Samantha I could hear the joy and excitement in her voice. She is a youth mentor and a women’s empowerment speaker. She shares her story of being a teen mom and how she became to believe she is not who everyone said she was. She was a 14-year-old mother, still trying to figure out who she was and caring

for a premature child. She said that she was naïve to what was really happening in her life. MS: Can you tell us your story as a youth mentor and a women empowerment speaker? SH: So I started a nonprofit called Twoand10 about five years ago. And I started mentoring teen girls. I had a couple of girls that really looked up to me they would call me whenever they had a situation. It inspired me to go ahead and make it room

enough for others. I saw Twoand10. I just decided once my masterpieces that there was graduated out something in of our program. me that was I was like what inspiring these is next? God girls. I had the kinda told me story and the that is not what background to I told you to help them make do. I did ask it through their you to mentor high school and cover these lives. Well in people and the process S a m a n th a H a y n e s share your story. of starting and doing so I had young men I asked you to share it with entering in and wanted to the world. I asked you to cover talk to me and get a female’s women with your story and perspective about what they uplift them in doing so. I said go through and the drama God I do better with kids and that teenagers go through. He said the world. Then I just So it grew from there the stepped out on faith. I said to yearning of others wanting to my friends that this is what know my life story made me I was going to do in 2019. start this whole journey. From Before the end of January, I

had booked two gigs to speak and it was awesome. It kept growing from there. Before the year ended I started a book. It’s coming to fruition what God had planned for my life. MS: Your non-profit mentoring youth is called Twoand10 what does that mean? SH: Twoand10 comes from Ephesians 2:10. That says: “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do”. That is my scripture on my life so long ago. I had to realize in my mid-20s that I had to go through everything that I had to go through being a teen mom and the ridicule that people give you as being such. He knew that He wanted

me to mentor and empower women. He had to take me through it so that I would have a story to tell. And show my craft and be the masterpiece that He created me to be. Ephesians 2:10 is where my masterpieces come from. There was so much more to my interview with Ms. Samantha to hear the entire interview on “From Marva with Love” go to BlogTalkRadio.com Cheryl’s World. Follow Samantha Speaks on Facebook: @samantha. speaksout and Instagram: @ samantha.speaks. Tune into “From Marva with Love” on Fridays at 11 am – 1 pm. On BlogTalkRadio. com Cheryl’s World.

Mavs’ Dwight Powell talks about season-ending injury BY DOROTHY J. GENTRY Sports Editor Dwight Powell, the Dallas Mavericks’ popular center, said the injury that ended his season felt like somebody kicked him. “I remember J.J. [Barea] and Wes [Matthews] both telling me stories about when it happened to them. They looked back and they thought somebody kicked them, so it literally felt like somebody kicked me in the back of the leg and when I looked back, it was just there and I knew right away,” Mr. Powell said of his ruptured Achilles tendon. He suffered the injury on a non-contact play January 22 in the Mavs’ home game against the Los Angeles Clippers as he was driving to the basket. His right leg appeared to give out on him and he crumpled to the floor in obvious pain before being helped off the floor and immediately to the locker room.

“It’s a somber night with Dwight’s situation,” Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said that night after the Mavs’ 110-107 loss. “He’s one of the soldiers of this franchise. He’s an upbeat guy. He’s a constant team-first guy. “Guys like him define the culture we want here.” An MRI the next day confirmed the rupture and he underwent surgery five days later. The surgery was performed by Dr. Bob Anderson in Green Bay, Wis. Mr. Powell, 28, is a popular player among the fans and a key part of the Maverick’s locker room. He was acquired in a trade in 2015 and was in his first season as a starter when the injury occurred. He appeared in 40 games (37 starts) for the Mavericks this season with averages of 9.4 points, 5.7 rebounds and 1.5 assists in 26.5 minutes per game. Mr. Powell spoke to the media last week about the

surgery, the injury, the team; and if he’s suffering from cabin fever.

guys now a little banged up. Kind of nearing that All-Star Break, we’ve (On how got to step it he thinks the up another team culture notch and is doing take it to without him on the another level court…) and continue to compete for “I mean, D w ig h t P o w e ll each other.” I’m still around. (On how long he has to I’m not dead, so I try to be around as much as I can. I have his cast on…) “At least until tomorrow. can’t travel just yet, but as soon as I can, I will. We’ve got a [laughs] I don’t know, I’ve great locker room. We’ve got got it for like three weeks or a great group of guys and a something.” (On if he’s gotten advice great staff that’s done a good job of putting the right pieces from other players who have together and giving us a game- suffered the same injury…) “Yeah, I talked to Wes plan every night to compete at [Matthews]. I talk to J.J. [Barea] the highest level. I don’t think pretty much every day. But, it’s anything is going to change as the same thing from everybody. far as anyone’s approach. If You’ve got to be patient, you not, then it will be heightened can’t rush it, and kind of an ‘it hopefully, especially with

is what it is’ conversation. Got to make do with what I have left. I’ve got one good leg, arms, mind, and I can find ways to continue to get better whether I’m on the court or not so hopefully I can still find ways to help this team as well.”

(On why it was important to get the surgery done by Dr. Bob Anderson in Green Bay…)

“I just asked around. I have some friends in the medical field that spoke highly of him. I watched some of his lectures and some of the things that he’s done in the field, especially specifically with PARS [Percutaneous Achilles Repair System] Technique – the surgery that I had done on my Achilles – and I just thought on it and he was the option that I chose.”

(On if he feels like he has cabin fever yet…)

“No. I haven’t been spending too much time in the house to get to that level. I’ve been in the gym since I’ve been allowed to

[be there].”

(On how he thinks the team has played in his absence…)

“We’re doing well. I think we’re showing that we’re resilient. We’re showing we have depth and we’re showing that we’re about winning and we’re going to compete every night, regardless of who we’re playing, where we’re playing, who’s in the lineup, who’s not in the lineup, who’s on the trip and who’s not. I think guys are about the right thing and we have the right mentality of the bigger picture of winning. Guys have done a great job of stepping up in absence due to injury or whatever it may be. I think that’s part of why we’ve been good so far and I think that’s going to continue to improve as we’re getting more experience as a unit and I think that’s a big part of the next step. That’s being ready for the next man to step up when it comes down to the next phase.”


FEBRUARY 12, 2020

TO BE EQUAL BY MARC H. MORIAL (TriceEdneyWire.com)—“I learned so much about building a community around content from Tom Joyner. That show was so good at finding commonality within a diverse audience—yes, there is diversity within blackness—and serving many wants and needs simultaneously. It’s hard to be entertaining, informative and educational without ever talking down to your audience. Tom did that day after day for decades. I wish him and everyone who’s worked on that show the best. They’ve done a lot for a lot of people.”—Sports journalist Bomani Jones. Even as we enter 2020 with optimism and a sense of renewed purpose, there will be a huge void in our cultural life without the daily voice of radio legend Tom Joyner, who retired last month after nearly 50 years on the air, the last 25 as the host of the iconic Tom Joyner Morning Show. It’s hard for me to imagine the last 16 years of my life as President and CEO of the National Urban League without Joyner’s enthusiastic support and clear-sighted analysis. Reach Media, the company he founded in 2001, has long been one of the National Urban League’s most valued media partners. Whenever the National Urban League has

launched a new initiative or announced a campaign, the Tom Joyner Morning Show was always one of our first stops. There was no better forum for reaching Joyner’s devoted and sizeable audience, or for thoughtprovoking analysis of the

issues of the day. In 2015, the National Urban League honored Joyner with our “Living Legend” at our Conference in Fort Lauderdale. His live broadcast from the Conference was a highlight of the week. Our most important partnerships with Joyner have been around our education initiatives. A third-generation alumnus of a HBCU, Joyner has been a passionate advocate, with his Tom Joyner Foundation raising more than $65 million since 1998 to support more than 29,000 students attending HBCUs. Joyner’s deep respect for education, and for HBCUs in particular, stemmed from the experience of his grandfather, Oscar “Doc” Joyner,

a Pullman porter who attended Meharry Medical College and became one of only 3,000 Black doctors in the United States in 1909. Joyner and his father, Hercules Joyner, were featured in the documentary, “Rising from the Rails: The Story of the Pullman Porter.” Hercules Joyner, who served as one of the elite Tuskegee Airmen, earned a degree in chemistry from Florida A&M College and spent most of his career as an accountant.  The Tom Joyner Foundation’s “Hercules Scholarship” is named in his honor. “The Fly Jock”—a nickname he earned during the eight years he commuted between a morning show in Chicago and an afternoon show in Dallas—told CBS News he got his big break after a protest march in his hometown of Tuskegee, Alabama.” “I’m out there protesting the fact that our radio station in this all Black town didn’t play any Black music. And this guy who owned a radio station, which was inside a Ford dealership, came out and said I don’t need this, I’m trying to really sell some cars,” Joyner said. “Tell you what, it’s a sun-up sun-down station. Every Saturday, I’ll let one of you play all the Aretha and Temptations that you want.” In a career spanning nearly five decades, Joyner has never altered his focus on serving Black listeners. “Don’t worry about crossover. Just super serve, super serve, super serve,” he told CBS News. “Anything that affects African Americans, that’s what you do,” he said. “Just worry about connecting to people and their needs.”


FEBRUARY 12, 2020


T h e K in s e y C o lle c t io n A f r ic a n A m e r ic a n M u s e u m 3536 Grand Ave, Dallas, TX 75210 214-565-9026


FEBRUARY 12, 2020

Luka Doncic, DJ Poizon Ivy to represent Mavs at NBA All Star BY DOROTHY J. GENTRY Sports Editor The Dallas Mavericks will be well-represented at the 69th NBA’s All-Star festivities this weekend in Chicago. NBA MVP candidate and Dallas Mavericks star guard Luka Doncic will participate in both the Rising Stars game on Friday night featuring the NBA’s up and coming stars. He has also been voted as a as a starter for the All-Star

Game, which will take place at Chicago’s United Center on Sunday, Feb. 16 at 7 p.m. CT on TNT. The 20-yearold Slovenian will become the youngest European-born player to start an All-Star Game. “I’m so thankful for all who voted for me,” Doncic said. “It’s like a dream come true to be a starter in the All-Star Game. I’m happy to go and represent us.” Doncic will play on Team

Lebron who will serve as the West Team Captain. He will be just the third Maverick to start an All-Star Game, joining Dirk Nowitzki (2007, 2010) and Jason Kidd (1996). Kidd is the only other Dallas player voted in as a starter (Nowitzki started as a replacement for an injured starter twice). Dončić is the 31st All-Star in franchise history. At 20 years, 353 days on the day of the 2020 All-Star Game,

P o iz o n Iv y p h o to co u r te s y o f D J P o iz o n Iv y L u k a p h o to : D o ro th y J. G e n tr y Dončić will become the ninth-youngest athlete to appear in the game and the sixth-youngest to start.

He will be the game’s youngest starter since LeBron James (20 years, 52 days) in 2005. Doncic, who won the

League’s Rookie of the Year Award last year, is currently #3 in the league’s MVP race behind Giannis and LeBron James. He leads the NBA in tripledoubles this season (12), all of which have been of the 20-point variety. He has also recorded a league-high 33 games with at least 20 points, five rebounds and five assists. Joining him in Chicago will be the Mavs official DJ, Poizon Ivy, who will serve as the official DJ for All-Star Saturday Night which features popular events such as the Dunk Contest and the 3-Point Contest. This is her third time serving as a DJ for All-Star events.

Ed Bell Construction Company An Equal Opportunity Employer February 1, 2020 Ed Bell Construction is a Dallas based heavy highway contractor doing business in the North Texas market since 1963. With clients such as TxDOT, Dallas County Public Works, and the Cities of Dallas, Fort Worth, Richardson and Mansfield (plus many others), we have a strong backlog of work in the highway market locally. We are currently hiring for the following positions: • • • • •

CDL Drivers (Boom Truck) CDL Drivers (Gooseneck, End Dump) Finishers (Structures, Paving) Form Setters (Structures, Paving) Excavator Operator (Underground, Earthwork)

Available: multiple openings Rate: Negotiable Must have own transportation Years of Experience required will vary, from 6 months to 2 years (depending on position) Physical and Drug Screen Required Must have a Clear Background Must be at least 18 years old (CDL Driver, 21 yrs) Must APPLY IN PERSON at 10605 Harry Hines Blvd., Dallas, TX 75220 from 7am-11am Mon-Fri. Please visit our website: www.edbellconstruction.com/careers Or email your resume to: careers@edbellconstruction.com


FEBRUARY 12, 2020

Hanging with Hollywood


Let’s really talk



Dear Alma, I read an article that suggested that married couples should openly discuss sexual and emotional attractions to other people. The hurtful part of infidelity, the author said, is the deception, not the sex act. By openly discussing a desire to stray, she said, the couple stands a better chance of avoiding an affair or surviving one if it happens. Do you think

Having the thought and discussion of being disloyal and betraying your partner should be avoided. Whether married or not, we experience sexual and/ or emotional attractions; it’s a part of being human…and fantasizing. For example: Let’s say you have a moment (or two) while watching Eamonn Walker on “Chicago Fire.” Should you tell your

Infidelity is a small part of a bigger problem not being addressed. The act and the deception go hand in hand. Both are equally devastating. this is a good idea? Should a man tell his wife that he wants to sleep with another woman, or should a wife tell her husband that she wants to sleep with another man? This sounds like a recipe for disaster, if you ask me. Arlis H., Florida Hey Now Harlis, Without apologies, unequivocally, NO, I don’t think it’s wise to have this type of conversation with your spouse. Infidelity is a small part of a bigger problem not being addressed. The act and the deception go hand in hand. Both are equally devastating. “Couple Up” and discuss the actual challenges you’re facing in your relationship.

husband? No. Should you have an affair? No. What should you do? I suggest, instead, that you buy a fire-engine red teddy, throw your husband to the floor and let the games begin. (Chile, it’s gettin’ hot up in here. LOL) Anywho, you and I agree; the discussion of or act of infidelity would be equally damaging to a marriage. If having an affair has crossed your mind, tend and weed those thoughts carefully in your own secret garden. A successful and victorious marriage has no room for that kind of thinking to bloom and grow. Alma

Alma Gill’s newsroom experience spans over 25 years, including various roles at USA Today, Newsday and the Washington Post. Email questions to: alwaysaskalma@ yahoo.com. Follow her on Facebook at “Ask Alma” and twitter @almaaskalma.

Birds of Prey

BY STACY M. BROWN NNPA Newswire Senior Correspondent @StacyBrownMedia It’s been nearly 34 years since legendary hip-hop pioneers Run-DMC “walked through concert doors, and roamed all over coliseum floors,” as they performed their groundbreaking single, “My Adidas.” Now, the famed sneaker company that inspired the 1986 hit song is honoring Run (Joseph

worn by the Hall of Famers throughout their career. According to the footwear outlet, Sneaker Bar Detroit, Adidas will release the sneakers in three color options. The first release is black and white, with high-resolution red color. The second reportedly contains a white core with black stripes and a high-resolution red color. Images for the third sneaker hasn’t been released, but each includes Run-DMC

Adidas, the famed sneaker company that inspired the 1986 hit song is honoring Run (Joseph Simmons), DMC (Darryl McDaniels), and the late Jam Master Jay (Jason Mizell).

Simmons), DMC (Darryl McDaniels), and the late Jam Master Jay (Jason Mizell). Adidas Originals announced it has collaborated with Run DMC to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Superstar silhouette sneakers famously

branding throughout, with the letters “JMJ” emblazoned along the heel. The sneakers have a retail price of $150, so it’ll cost a little cash if you want to be like RunDMC and have Adidas “funky fresh and yes cold on my feet.”

Birds of Prey is a quirky action film with plenty of laughs and plenty of action. The movie starts with a narrative from Harley Quinn, who’s played by Margot Robbie, where she describes her version of her break-up with The Joker. Now that she no longer has Joker’s protection she’s wanted by every criminal-type in Gotham City and a lot of cops, mainly Rosie Perez’s character, Detective Montoya. The first half of the movie belongs to Robbie as she dances through whatever comes her way and shows her deranged and demented point of view. Her half of the movie is a lot of fun. Then the plot gets rolling when the evil Roman Sionis, aka Black Mask, played by Ewan McGregor, puts out a bounty on a little girl named Cass, 13-year-old actress Ella Jay Basco, and that’s when the movie kicks into overdrive. The little girl has swallowed a priceless diamond and there is nothing that Black Mask and his henchmen won’t do to retrieve it. A singer at Roman Sionis’ club has an earpiercing vocal range and some serious street fighting skills. She is known as Black Canary and played by young New York actress Jurnee Smollett-Bell. The rest

of the kick-butt girl crew consists of Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Huntress, who’s hellbent on revenge after her entire family is killed in front of her and Rosie Perez’s Detective Montoya, who gets kicked off the police force. All of the ladies are really good in their roles but it’s the badder than before Margo Robbie, who plays the demented Harley Quinn who has the blackest soul with a heart of gold. She doesn’t believe in anything and has the morals of a jackal, which by the way Harley has one as a pet. In the end, she just wants to be liked. Birds of Prey is rated R and runs 1 hour and 49 minutes. The movie is a guilty pleasure. It will have you laughing at things that you really know you shouldn’t, but you won’t be able to help yourself. On my “Hollywood Popcorn Scale” I rate Birds of Prey a JUMBO.


FEBRUARY 12, 2020


FEBRUARY 12, 2020


Love Lives I refuse to allow this sadness to destroy my heart. Love is not banished by death. Bruised, yes. Tattered, yes. Displaced, oh, yes. But, never destroyed. No matter how dark your sorrow, love will grow forth.

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FEBRUARY 12, 2020







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Creating 1 million new Black homeowners. Supporting the development of 100,000 new Black-owned businesses.


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Increased teacher salaries by 43% and Black student graduation rates by 53%. Reduced crime to historic lows by cutting the murder rate in half and reducing juvenile detention by 36%.

Investing $70 billion in neighborhoods that need it most.


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