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JULY 24, 2019



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JULY 26, 2019

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The truth about co-washing needs to be clarified. For the past 10 years or more, I have been asked this question by hundreds of patients, natural hair transitioners, and consumers.

The first week of July produced a somewhat positive Employment Situation report. While the unemployment rate ticked up just a bit, about 224,000 new jobs were created, nearly three times as many as were created in the tepid previous month.

“Black” in the day, or as Dr. Jeremiah Wright would call it; B.C. (before cable), Black people were the Mexicans of their era. We say now that Mexicans and immigrants will do the dirty jobs that no one else will.





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JULY 26, 2019

MY TRUTH by Cheryl Smith, Publisher

My sister, Carolyn

The last time I spoke with Carolyn Davis, we had a spirited conversation about the future of Dallas, Texas. It was a subject she was really passionate about. But that was the case with everything that she cared about. Family was important to her and we lamented over the growth and development of our children, as well as the passing of our mothers; which was in close proximity. You see when you lose your mother, it’s easy to bond with others who are on that same journey. Carolyn’s daughter, Melissa, will not have that opportunity because sadly the same drunk driver that took Carolyn’s life also took her daughter’s life on that tragic day, July 15, 2019. To say that I am distraught would be an understatement. I’m disturbed about the drunk driver, 36-year-old Jonathan Alger Moore, and JULY 26, 2019

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a system that has allowed him to continue to keep his freedom, despite his repeated misinformation, even though encounters with the law. I knew my source was reliable. Carolyn died that night and I went to bed with a heavy heart. Melissa was taken to the hospital, where eventually she transitioned. I met Carolyn about 30 years ago. I smile today thinking about her fast-talking, intense conversations. You could count on her to be candid and also expressing concern about a myriad of issues. I was also the recipient of her endearing reference, “My sister.” She wasn’t focused on It was a fellow journalist superficial things. Her life was who called me to share the an example when you think news. An identity had not about a car: Carolyn was not been released yet and the focused on what she drove, it scene was still active. I could was more about the drive in have gotten to the location her. in less than five minutes, And that’s what brings me but I couldn’t bring myself to my truth. to go. I wanted instead, to I will remember Carolyn believe that I had received Davis for her love of her God, 4

her family, her people, and her community. This sister knew how to speak truth to power and she was fearless in her resolve when dealing with issues that were important to her. As information about her death was released, many spoke up and shared their stories about Carolyn. Many talked about what a special person she was and her deep love for her people. There were several stories about her commitment to justice and fairness. I knew her as honest, down-toearth, sincere and fearless. She was always helping someone, not because she expected something in return; but because it was what she felt was right. That is her legacy, how I will remember her. Her deeds and words, and what was in her heart is her benediction. At the wake for Carolyn and Melissa, many stood

up to talk about the love the mother and daughter had for one another. Kirkwood C.M.E. was packed--standing room only. Many shed tears, and the singing and heartfelt messages

turned the evening into a real celebration. I will treasure the memory of the last time Carolyn and I saw one another. We were at the offices of Al Wash of ALW Entertainment and we embraced. I didn’t know it would be the last time, but I am so thankful for the times we shared, and that last hug. 5

As so many said, Carolyn was a “warrior.” I absolutely love warriors. Here is her obituary. I appreciate Golden Gate Funeral Home for always providing excellent service: A lifelong Dallasite, Carolyn R. Davis was born and raised in “Sunny” South Dallas. She was the oldest of four children of Mrs. Lena Mae Davis Smith. She attended Charles Rice Elementary School and Pearl C. Anderson Middle School and graduated from the Great James Madison High School. She also attended El Centro College. Carolyn was the devoted mother of Melissa Lashan Nunn Davis. A member of Kirkwood Temple CME Church, Carolyn regularly attended Sunday worship service and Bible Study, and was a morning prayer line participant. Carolyn loved GOD, her family, her community, and her dogs. From 2007-2015, Carolyn R. Davis represented I Messenger

JULY 26, 2019

District 7 on the Dallas City Council. She was a strong and passionate leader, able to bring people together to address critical issues. She worked tirelessly to promote initiatives to stimulate economic growth, minority contracting, job creation, crime prevention and code compliance, and encourage neighborhood beautification. Ever mindful of those who came before her, Carolyn initiated the numerous efforts to rename South Dallas streets in their honor, including changing Grand Avenue to Al Lipscomb Way, Hatcher Street to Elsie Faye Heggins Street, Municipal Street to Carlton Garrett, and Bertrand Street to Robert L. Parish, Sr. Avenue. She championed decent and affordable housing, compassionate solutions for our homeless neighbors, and job training for unemployed and underemployed residents. Carolyn also understood that cultural arts and historic preservation were important ingredients of a thriving community. She was a dedicated advocate of Dallas’ African American cultural JULY 26, 2019

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institutions, including South Dallas Cultural Center, African American Museum, Black Academy of Arts and Letters, and the Bishop Arts Theater. Unrelenting in her commitment and efforts, Carolyn’s tenure resulted in many major achievements. She initiated Planned Development #595, a protective zoning initiative that enables the community to minimize nuisance businesses (notably the phasing out of the MLK car wash) and attract more wholesome development. She was also instrumental in launching the Road-To-Work Pilot Program, that brought highway construction jobs to the community. She worked with TXDOT and North Texas Central Council of Governments to provide the needed funding. Building on the work of her predecessor, the late Leo Chaney, Jr., she pushed the completion of Phase I and II of the Bexar Street mixed use development with custom townhomes and retail uses. Carolyn also led efforts to ensure that the city was a vigorous partner and 6

provided financial support for Parkland’s state-of-theart Community Oriented Primary Clinic in South Dallas, across from the Hatcher Street Rail Station. Carolyn believed strongly in community service and volunteered for numerous boards, including the Community Development Commission, North Texas Housing Coalition, Urban Rehabilitation Standards Board, African American Museum, and Preservation Dallas. She also served as PTA President at Pearl C. Anderson, and DISD Area 2 Representative for District 9. In 1994, Carolyn formed Queen City Neighbors in Action, that had a partnership with Allstate and the nonprofit Innercity Community Development Corporation (ICDC). This effort resulted in neighborhood cleanups and refurbishing senior citizens’ homes. She was also one of the cochairs of the Connectional Alliance, a coalition of South Dallas neighborhood associations.

Remembering SISTER Carolyn Davis

Lavette Dudley: “Words are never adequate enough in times like this. I write with a heavy heart as I mourn with the community and family of the late Honorable Carolyn R Davis, “Our Passionate Warrior. Carolyn leaves behind a legacy of good works. Along with her beautiful smile, I will always remember her commitment and compassion for our community. Rest In Power my friend. May the ancestors receive and guide you as you continue your journey home. Thank you for your life of service. You will be missed.”

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price: “This hurts. Keep this family and our collective families in prayer! #community.”

Rebecca Beard: “Rest in Heaven Carolyn Davis. She came to help me celebrate my 5 year Breast Cancer Free Walk I will miss my friend so much she truly had a heart of gold.”

Dallas City Councilman Adam Bazaldua: “Our thoughts and prayers are with the Davis family and all of District 7, as we mourn the loss of a D7 champion, Honorable Carolyn Davis. Last night she was involved in a fatal car accident that also left her daughter in critical condition. Life is precious and can change in an instant, never miss an opportunity to tell those closest to you that you love them!”

John Fullinwider: “A big-hearted, love the most, dedicated person, a friend for 25 years, an organizer and warrior for the people, Carolyn Davis, I will miss you.”


Yolanda F. Williams: “My last words/ conversation with CW Carolyn Davis. Thanks for all that you’ve done. Prayers for her family. This is a hard for me. CW Davis called me after the election and she congratulated me. She told me she was proud of me and to continue working in the community and get ready to run again. 

“Councilwoman Carolyn Davis will be missed!! She loved this community and was a vocal fighter. She was WOKE and fighting for people when others would turn their heads. She wasn't afraid of DPD and nobody else when it came to the least, lost and locked out!!  #nuthinbutlove.”

Byron Keith Sanders: “Praying for family and loved ones of Carolyn Davis. She loved her community. My lord...”

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JULY 26, 2019


Featuring UBER EATS

JULY 26, 2019

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The truth about co-washing ABOUT YOUR HAIR

to the wrong advice. When a person uses only a conditioner, no shampoo…you are using a conditioner on dirty hair. Period! For example, when a person showers or takes a bath, he/she will use a shower gel or soap to remove dirt, sweat and odor to feel clean. Then a lotion, body spray, body cream, powders, etc., which soften the skin. In addition, consumers have excretory glands which include sweat and oil glands. Some consumers only have sweat glands. When a person sweats, this leaves an unpleasant body odor. Using deodorant on a daily basis is common practice in the United States by most cultures. This is good hygiene, to avoid people around you from looking at you funny, frowning or talking about you. On the other hand, some cultures in other countries do not use deodorant.


The truth about cowashing needs to be clarified. For the past 10 years or more, I have been asked this question by hundreds of patients, natural hair transitioners, and consumers. Question by patient: ‘Dr. A…A lady insisted that I not use shampoo on my hair, because it strips the hair of its natural oils, and forces one to use a conditioner. The beauty products industry is very profitable because the products are created to damage. Is this true? This lady told me she uses eggs and mayonnaise, and mixed her own kitchen oils for her scalp…says her hair is greasy but long.’ This is NOT true! I am not sure who began this recommendation, but I completely disagree with it. Your

hair and scalp holds an unpleasant odor. A person should ALWAYS shampoo to cleanse their hair, first to remove dirt, debris, product buildup, odor, improve scalp health, give your hair more body, hair looks healthier and many other benefits. Secondly, a person should use conditioner on their hair to soften the hair for grooming manageability. If there is a scalp condition, a treatment product line should be used. By this lady using these 'kitchen cooking ingredients' on her hair, there is definitely a hair and scalp pungent odor. She is not cleaning her hair, product buildup is visible, her scalp is unhealthy, and there may be other scalp diseases present. It is obvious to me that she has been listening 9

Furthermore, your clothing and socks hold odor from your body. This is why most people change their undergarments daily and wash their clothing with detergent. Do not omit head coverings, such as hats, night caps, scarves, du-rags, etc. Head coverings need washing on a weekly basis. For men/women who were night hair coverings, I suggest purchasing two night hair coverings, so you may easily alternate and wash them regularly. In conclusion, to avoid hair odor and promote healthy hair/ scalp, always shampoo and condition it, and to avoid body odor, bathe/shower followed by changing your clothing/socks daily and wash them. Tune in every Wednesday at 11am CST with Ask Dr. Amerson radio show on www. hairandscalpessentials. com Power of 3 Women Media Consortium

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JULY 26, 2019

From Marva with By Marva Sneed

On From Marva with Love I interviewed a young man, Clydric Gales from Louisiana. Clydric was raised by his father and maternal grandmother. His mother went to prison when he was four years old, and he was not allowed to visit her. His father was the very opposite. He was hard working and a deacon at his church. Neither of his parents completed high school, but always had dreams and aspirations for Clydric, like completing college and becoming successful. He graduated high school in May 2011. This journey for Clydric is not over. Clydric shared more of his story.

always food on the table. I wanted what the other kids had. I was a well-mannered, nice kid at home, and had to be the complete opposite in the streets. So I began to involve myself in a lot of criminal activity and going down the wrong path headed for destruction.

how I was going to take care of myself. I went to the Army in 2012 and trained at Fort Jackson in South Carolina. At the end of basic training, I decided that this isn’t what I wanted to do with my life and was discharged in May 2012. I began that August of 2012 at Grambling S t a t e University, M S : but I was When you forced to graduated you had a plan. drop out in 2014 due to lack What was your plan? of money. I was right back in the CG: I was accepted into streets forced to do whatever MS: Why at 14 or 15 years Grambling State University, necessary to survive. I was old did you feel like it was up ready to start in January arrested in 2015. to you to provide a better life 2012. My grandmother died Luckily, I was given a break for you and your family? unexpectedly on October and a second chance at life, 10, 2011. This was very with only one month in jail GS: As a kid there was devastating and I had no idea and a year of probation.


Clydric got back on track after moving to Dallas. He read “Revolution Suicide” by Huey P. Newton. This was his motivation to start an organization, The Black Power Association, and he gave back to his Community. Clydric now attends Philander Smith College in Little Rock, Arkansas and he is a senior with a 3.0 GPA, striving for excellence. Clydric will be studying in South Africa – Cape Town at C.I.E.E. Global Institute, and he needs sponsors. or CASH app. $ClydricG to sponsor. Tune in to From Marva with Love. Fridays 11am.-1pm. On next week’s show, my guest will be Tre Bradley Owner/Founder of WE Health Global and Author of ‘The F.A.C.T.S. of Love.


SEPT 27—OCT 20




JULY 26, 2019

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COMMENTARY by Dr. Julianne Malveaux

Poverty and the fallacy of long-term economic greatness The first week of July produced a somewhat positive Employment Situation report. While the unemployment rate ticked up just a bit, about 224,000 new jobs were created, nearly three times as many as were created in the tepid previous month. There was, of course, the Administration crowing about the strength of the economy, and with wage growth on the rise, an impassioned outsider might agree that the US economy is doing well. But too many aren’t doing as well as they might, and too many, even with wage growth, aren’t making enough money to lie on. Rev. William Barber’s Poor People’s Campaign says that more than 140 million people are living in poverty or near-poverty, nearly 100 million more than the Census suggests. Indeed, the very existence of a Poor People’s Campaign, 51 years after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. launched his initial assault on poverty, speaks volumes about the status of our economy. Poor people have been the volleyball in a partisan net game, with some simply ignoring the realities of poverty, and others vilifying the poor for their poverty. These are the folks who will tell you that the economy has never been better, ignoring the fact that at least 40 percent (and perhaps as many as 60 percent) have not benefitted from economic expansion. The average family has yet to recover from the Great Recession. Many have financed their survival with credit cards, and between student loans and consumer credit, our nation’s households are $13.7 trillion in debt. According to the Federal Reserve Bank, 40 percent of our nation’s families can’t manage a $400 emergency. Half of all jobs in this country pay $18.58 per hour or less. How stable is an economy that pays people so little? Fully a third of all jobs pay less than the $15 an hour, many legislators want to pay all workers. The minimum wage, at $7.25, has not

increased in a decade, even as the economy expanded, productivity has risen, stock market indices are at an all-time high, and we have a President who crows about economic expansion without paying attention to those on the bottom. Macroeconomic indicators suggest the economy is healthy, but for how long? How long, can we expect our decades-long economic expansion, to continue? A minor blip, an extended trade war or, heaven forbid another kind of war could have devastating effects. This is why our 45th

President keeps picking fights with the Federal Reserve Bank, urging them to cut already low interest rates to fuel economic expansion. Our nation can’t thrive when nearly half of its citizens are on the outside looking in. And poverty can be a drag on economic expansion. The people who are doing well in our economy have a stake in it. They own their homes. They own stocks and bonds. They have retirement accounts and investment accounts. They’ve seen their asset base soar as the economy has expanded. But the Great Recession cause African American people collectively to lose a third of our wealth. Black


homeownership rates grew for thirty years after the passage of the Fair Housing Act. Those gains were wiped out mostly during the Great Recession, and today Black homeownership is as low – 41.2 percent – as it was in 1968 when discrimination was legal. In contrast, the overall homeownership rate in 2016 was 63 percent overall and 72 percent for whites. If this is a stakeholder economy, African Americans have fewer stakes, but we don’t occupy the economic periphery alone. Latinos and whites also experience poverty, but not at the disproportionate rate that African Americans do. Racism makes it possible for excessive poverty to exist! As long as some see poverty as a personal, not structural failure, it is easy (and acceptable) to demonize the poor, and even to criminalize them for their poverty. Thanks to folks like Rev. William Barber, some Americans are awakening to the fact that one person’s poverty is another person’s profit center, that the prison industrial complex needs to be dismantled, and that a restructured, less militarized (and dare I say green) economy might offer more opportunity for all! The folks who earn $18.58 an hour or less aren’t benefitting from the expanding economy, but some of them support a wealthy huckster who lies with the same ease that he rises in the morning! He spins economic confusion in jingoistic and confusing terms so that an unemployed manufacturing worker in Ohio will passionately argue that he’d be working if it weren’t for illegal immigrants! Will we buy into the fallacy and let increasing poverty imperil long-term economic expansion? Or will we develop a more inclusive and expansionary economic model? The Presidential campaign offers the opportunity for a dynamic exchange of ideas. What’s next?

Dr. Julianne Malveaux is an author, economist, and social commentator.

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JULY 26, 2019


Long-time State Senator ready for Washington

Texas State Senator Royce West, with wife Carol, enters race for U.S. Senate. They are celebrating their 32nd wedding anniversary this week!

By Cheryl Smith

from across the state, pledging their support of Many are saying the his candidacy. It was a tight program best option to unseat that featured Dallas Sen. John Cornyn in 2020 formally entered County Treasurer, Paulthe race with the filing ine Medrano as the host. on Friday evening and an In introducing speakers, official announcement she proclaimed that “Royce is my choice!” this Monday. In heartfelt remarks, Royce West, a senior retired educator Shirley statesman from Dallas entered the Dallas Fisher and Ambassador County Democratic Par- Ron Kirk expressed their ty Headquarters Event support, followed by an Center, to a room filled introduction from U.S. and with diverse supporters Congresswoman mentor Eddie Bernice Texas Metro News

JULY 26, 2019

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Johnson. Sen. West addressed a number of issues before declaring that he was ready for “this moment,” and he is battle tested. Touting a record that stretched across all barriers to “do what was best for Texans,” the Wilmer Hutchins High School and UTA graduate, who received his law degree from the University of Houston said it was time “to reclaim Lyndon B. Johnson’s seat.”


Photo: Eva D. Coleman

Admitting that the road to victory is long, Sen. West said the status of the “country is more divided today than I have ever seen.” Calling out President Donald Trump for “stoking seeds of divisiveness and weaponizing race,” the Senator called for a united effort to deal with issues, working together, with Texans taking a leadership role. That is something he said the incumbent refused to do on issues like affordable

Royce is my choice, says Medrano continued from front page

Photos: Eva D. Coleman

universal healthcare, abortion, equal pay for women, free public education, gun control, climate control, and immigrant rights/reform. Ms. Fisher said she always knew that Mr. West would accomplish greatness. She said that he was sincere, full of determination and an excellent student and athlete in high school. She and her husband, Charles, signed financial aid papers so that young Royce, who had also been

voted by his classmates as “Most Likely to Succeed,” could attend college. “We believed in him,” she said, adding that he paid the college loan back. “I know that Sen. West will be a great U.S. Senator.” Mr. Kirk, in discussing his long-time relationship with the senator, talked about the senator’s character and commitment. In a relationship that extends over four decades, the former

Dallas Mayor and Texas Secretary of State, who also served as U.S. Trade Ambassador in the Obama Administration; Mr. Kirk provided a history lesson, as he praised the leadership of former Sen. LBJ, who held the seat and went on to become President LBJ. Following Mr. Kirk, Congresswoman Johnson also referenced the former president, who she says was her “favorite president.” Saying more Democrats


are needed in the U.S. Senate, Mrs. Johnson said Sen. West not only believes in sensitivity and diversity, but he also works for it. “He’s a change agent!” The senator enters the race with considerable support from the electorate in the Texas House and Senate with a clear majority on Team West. Elected in 2002, Sen. Cornyn is from Houston.

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JULY 26, 2019


by Vincent Hall


Are You Man Enough? Are you man enough, big and bad enough? Are you gonna let ‘em shoot you down? When the evil flies and your brother (sister) cries, are you gonna be around? – Four Tops, Shaft in Africa Soundtrack, 1973 Donald John Trump lives on the farthest furlough from any Black Superhero you could imagine, but his demonic attack on “The Squad” last week, made me reminisce about Shaft. No, not the one from this summer, I loved that one, but Donald likes to live in the past so I went there with him. In the third saga of the Shaft trilogy; “Shaft in Africa,” Richard Roundtree ditches his debonair “private dick” persona for the sake of some people he’s been hired to free. Shaft’s job is to break a racket that smuggles immigrants into Europe and then exploits them. Substitute America for Europe and it sounds familiar, huh? Like American businesses that smuggle immigrants in order to fatten their profit margins? Go get the movie, but when you do, also pick up the Soundtrack. One of the songs performed by the Four Tops is the perfect challenge to Black men in the Trump era: “Are you man enough? Big and bad enough?” That’s the question for American men of all races; are we going to let evil fly? Maybe you ain’t as handsome as the dashing, young Richard Roundtree. Hell, he ain’t even that pretty no more. But if you’re going to make a difference in 2020 you cannot sit by while Trump profanes the Constitution and women of color. The numbers reveal that Trump and his hellraising hooligans are in the minority. According to an MSNBC poll, when asked, JULY 26, 2019

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87% of all respondents believe that America has been divided along racial lines and 59% disagreed with Trump’s tweets of “Go back to their ‘crime infested’ countries!” Whites were split as to whether Trump’s tweets were racist…41% yes and 41% no, while 76% of Blacks thought it was patently racist. Politically 82% of Republicans agreed with his tweets and 88% of Democrats disapprove. Trump, the effervescent, effortlessly effective imp from hell, has added a bit of hot sauce to his latest dish by insinuating that Jews should hate “The Squad” too. In a National Public Radio article last week, titled; “Trump’s Attack On ‘The Squad’ Finds Nuanced Support Among Some Jewish Americans” it appears that his fallacious, if not felonious cries of anti-Semitism are taking hold among some Jewish voters. The story included the photo of a large sign erected in the front of B’nai Israel Reform Temple on Long Island, supporting Trump. The members were split, but that’s what Trump does best. He will cut around the edges and then tug at any loose threads that can add to his tapestry of racial division and assertions of “White purity.” Vocal women of color on Trump’s rolling hit list need air and ground cover. They don’t want or desire our help out of some self-satisfying act of chivalry. We need to protect their right to free speech and dissent from the majority


opinion. As men we must stand on what is right and against what is wrong. As Shaft, Richard Roundtree went back to Africa on his own accord. He was not ordered to go there by a delusional wannabe-despot with a three-dimensional personality disorder. He did not return to the “Motherland” because anyone accused him of lackadaisical flag waving. He wasn’t banished from his birthplace because he failed to fall prostrate before the American altar of “Exceptionalism.” America, has failed to flesh out its fullest potential. Next month, we will commemorate the 400th anniversary of the first slaves. Sober Americans recall that women and men of all non-white races have been exploited since that moment. Race has been our nation’s kryptonite! White women, who voted for and back Trump haven’t been free to vote for very long. He uses willing White women as pawns, just as he tries to do with law enforcement officers, bikers, NASCAR fans and any other group that is stereotypically stitched to the semblance of “Whiteness.” Are you man enough; big and bad enough? The Squad needs us…Are you gonna be around? Peace, Shalom, Paz, Frieden, Paix, As Salaam Alaikum!!!


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JULY 26, 2019

JULY 26, 2019

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JULY 26, 2019

Hollywood on the SCENE Where Are You? Outreach (WAYO) presented the 2nd Annual King & Queen Servant Gala and Fundraiser, Sunday, July 21, 2019. The Gala honored individuals for their dedication to community service and outreach. The Gala included a raffle, silent auction, live music, and celebrity guests. After being homeless herself, LeTitia decided to use her vocal ability to uplift the homeless and the needy. After realizing there were so many people that just needed

JULY 26, 2019

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to know they were thought of, the Lord gave her the song: Where Are You? (Written and performed by her and Fred Hammond) LeTitia is committed to using her gifts to bring awareness to the world that there are people who feel abandoned and alone on a daily basis and are seeking hope and a hand. Her prayer is after you hear the words to her song you will not only be inspired but commit to serving those in need. LeTitia started Where Are You? Outreach after the song was written.


The outreach puts homelessness on blast through ministry exposes the severe crisis families and individuals are in. The goal is to shelter the homeless. Her talent and gift as an interior decorator opened the door to an opportunity to redesign a shelter and is making way to build a few. She realizes she may not be able to totally eliminate homelessness, but is willing to shake the world and get others involved in solving the problem unyielding.

Mental Health Awareness INTERLUDE By Cierra Mayes

Cierra Mayes is a 2019 graduate of the University of North Texas

With so much going on in the world today, there are many realworld issues that are in need of our focus. One of those issues happens in our everyday lives and that is mental health issues. There is so much awareness that needs to be brought to mental health that goes unnoticed. Many of these issues began from trauma caused in one’s life. If we took the time to address these problems, we would be able to avoid many wrong doings of others in our community and around the world. Everyone has that one friend they don’t see eye to eye with sometime. For many people, I know that friend can be anxiety. Anxiety happens to everyone whether you realize it or not. It can become a bigger issue when it’s affecting your everyday life and you believe what you’re feeling is true. Anxiety, Bi-Polar disorder, depression, eating disorders, PTSD, and more are all things that can be controlled. Depression is another issue that is triggered from one’s trauma. It is important that if you face one of the many issues, you seek help. There are many who are willing to help those that are affected. Raven Fairley, a post graduate of the University of Missouri with a focus in sports management has created a platform that focuses on mental health issues of professional athletes. Even though she focuses

on professional athletes, she is willing to help anyone in need. “The silent injury” is an organization Ms. Fairley created to share with others the importance of mental health. Growing up in a sports household where her grandfather, father, and

uncle had always been involved in sports, sports was something that she knew about and kept her focus towards. She says the reason why she wants to focus on professional athletes is because those are the ones that have issues that go unnoticed. “Injury depression is real. I’ve experienced up close with a lot of my guy friends in football and basketball. When they get injured, they wonder if they’re going to be back on the field, or while they’re out, who’s going to take their spot, and when I get heeled, am I going to have my spot back? For them, they’re not only in physical pain, but mental pain as well, she

said.” Mental health awareness in athletes is definitely an issue that should be addressed. High profile cases such as the O.J. Simpson trial and Aaron Hernandez case are prime examples. Many players have their mind focused on playing sports professionally, and if it doesn’t happen some began to think negative thoughts about what they are doing and other options for their future. The environment you are raised in plays a big role in anyone’s mental health. For athletes, if you have your family depending on you to make it, it can hurt that player mentally if a pro career doesn’t materialize, Ms. Fairley said. “Just seeing in the Black community that we really don’t necessarily acknowledge mental health issues, we just kind of push them off to the side really caught my interest. We always hear “just pray about it” and just kind of brush it under the rug. Even though mental health issues are becoming a problem in the media, it has always been an issue.” Besides athletes, our favorite celebrities, and those we aspire to be, go through rough times also. More people are open to talk about their mental health now more than ever because many have created that space for one to talk about their problems. Raven Fairley’s organization is set to launch at the end of 2019. I Messenger

JULY 26, 2019

JULY 26, 2019

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What’s on Miles’ Mind? POWER the work needed to do it. You’ve heard the BY MILES JAYE DAVIS phrase you don’t know your own strength? manpower! These are Do you know your examples of physical potential, capacity, or power, but power is also ability to do a thing? mental, and spiritual. It You ever wonder why is will, determination, a bully has so much influence, stamina, power? It’s because charisma, and choice. their victims relinquish There’s power in focus, concentration, their power to them. meditation and, of The passive/aggressive course, prayer. Deepak is just as much a threat Chopra spoke of as that imposing figure the power in what from your school days he referred to as the or that sand-kicking gap—that span of time brute on the beach. The between one thought 5’5” passive aggressive or occurrence and your lulls or shames you into response. He says in compliance. Ever have that nanosecond you someone talk you into have control over your doing something you reaction—therefore didn’t want to do or you possess the power going somewhere you didn’t want to go? Why to alter outcomes. Power is the energy did you agree? Why did required to do a thing. you spend that money Power-up to turn on a tattoo you didn’t something on, Power- even want? How do we give away down to turn it off. You’ve heard of the and to whom do we give Power behind the our power? Have you throne or the Powers ever given in, or given that be? They represent up on a discussion, control, and authority, (argument) that was but if you’re geeky like really important to me, look up potential you because you energy and kinetic wanted to “keep the energy. Basically, they peace?” You don’t confrontation? are a thing’s potential like You have the power to do something and to persuade, but you


Power! We all have it, but we don’t all use it. We believe there is power in authority, governments, corporations, policemen, the pastor, the President, but not within us? Why don’t we exert our power? What is this elusive thing we call power? Power is the ability to do something, to move or change something. Infants have power. Don’t’ believe me? When a baby gets hungry or wet, they light up the room with shrieking to wake the dead. You stop whatever you were doing to tend to their needs. That’s power! Power is God given! It’s part of His grand design. It’s the engine under the hood of a car. Imagine a car without an engine. Would God, the Creator, the Master Engineer, design you without an engine? No! Horsepower once literally meant how many horses it took to move a load. Remember John Henry? His was


haven’t yet learned how to use it. You relinquish your power to that good-fornothing, no goal setting, no ambition having friend, that ride-or-die sidekick you’ve been kicking it with for years. You’re so tight you’d rather die a slow death than part company— don’t worry, you are. Everyone sees it-- but you! If you’re in a “bad” or “dead-end” relationship, you’re giving up power every day you refuse to end it. Your partner is fun, fine as wine, and the sex is amazing, but they add nothing of value to your personal growth and expansion. Do they invest in your dreams or your self-esteem? Who says someone who lifts you up, challenges you, expands your horizons and comfort zones can’t be fun, fine and amazing in bed? If your relationship has been over but for some reason it keeps dragging on—it’s draining your power. They were supposed to move out, but they’re not quite ready yet. They need to put a few more dollars aside for the move. In fact, can you lend them a few hundred? They’re

waiting on that new job and the tax return money. You relinquish power when you’re preoccupied with what they think or what they say and not what’s good for you. When you overconcern yourself with status, appearances and other folks’ opinions of you, you forfeit your power. God gave you enough power under the hood to reach any destination you desire. When you settle, you change or alter your intended target because it’s too far off or it’s too difficult to hit the mark. If your intended target is happiness and fulfillment, you miss out on the possibility, much less the satisfaction of achieving that which God gave you the power to achieve. Brother Chuck D said, “Fight the powers that be!” I say, “Use your powers that be!” Focus, fight, push… harder! Every morning I awaken to an imaginary light switch and only I have the power to turn it on. Turn yours on! That’s what’s on my mind!

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JULY 26, 2019


most enjoyable and a new generation of children will be singing the songs (again.) Again, this movie is exactly the same as the first, but I couldn’t get enough. The Lion King should be enjoyed over and over again. And if you watch the box office numbers, it probably will. The movie is rated PG and has a run time of 1 hour and 58 minutes. On my Hollywood Movie Scale, The Lion King rates a LARGE.

The Lion King has an excellent vocal cast including the return of James Earl Jones as Mufasa, Donald Glover as Simba, also starring in the movie is Queen Beyoncé as the voice of Nala. Seth Rogen is stellar as Pumbaa. Overall, the cast delivers fine performances with their vocal performance. The music by Sir Elton John, with a few JULY 26, 2019

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new songs. from Beyoncé is fabulous. As a production, the movie has everything you could ask for. The Lion King is dazzling! Where the movie goes off track is in the telling of the story. Director Jon Favreau crafts a great story but the problem I had was that the story is identical to the last movie. The music was the 22


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JULY 26, 2019

Mavs Gaming NBA 2K Team heads into playoffs as No. 2 seed By Dorothy J. Gentry Sports Editor

Photos by Dorothy J. Gentry and Dallas Mavericks

In only it’s second year in existence, Mavs Gaming, the Dallas Mavericks affiliate team in the NBA 2K League, has secured a spot in the playoffs for the first time in franchise history with the No. 2 seed. The team left for New York on Tuesday morning for the League Playoffs. The team’s first matchup is Wednesday at 5 p.m. against the Celtics Crossover Gaming. “We’re the No. 2 team going into the playoffs and we broke plenty of records this year,” said Artreyo “Dimez” Boyd, the #1 draft pick for Mavs Gaming in the League’s inaugural year last year. “We were the first and only team to go 10 -0 this season so that was a big statement coming into the season. “We made the playoffs this year and we didn’t last year so we made a statement again,” he continued. “So we’re naming this our Statement Year so hopefully we can go into the playoffs and bring home this championship back to Dallas.” Also happy about the season is Mavs Gaming Head Coach L.T. Fairley who took the reins of the team earlier this year. In his first JULY 26, 2019

season as coach he is already a candidate for Coach of the Year and is excited about the steps the team has taken since he arrived. “I feel like everything we worked hard for in offseason came into fruition,” said Fairley who had only Dimez left from the original Mavs Gaming squad when he arrived. “All of our players (that were drafted) are very good NBA 2k Players. “We’ve just got to finish it out in

Some of the places they have visited and served include partnering with CitySquare’s CitySquare’s Summer Mobile Meal Program for a project that included serving lunch and engaging the children in various outdoor activities and games. The team also visited the St. Philips Our Community Pantry, receiving new inventory and stocking shelves; and serving meals at The Bridge Homeless Assistance

“We made the playoffs this year and we didn’t last year so we made a statement again,” he continued. “So we’re naming this our Statement Year so hopefully we can go into the playoffs and bring home this championship back to Dallas.” the playoffs and hopefully make a big push.” Mavs Gaming has also been making a big push in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex this summer spending their time giving back to the community. With a theme of hunger and homelessness, the team has been serving underprivileged, impoverished and less-fortunate children, women and families in the Metroplex.

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Center in Dallas. “It makes the guys feel good,” said Fairley. “We’re in a spot to do what we love thanks for the Dallas Mavericks and we love putting smiles on the kid’s faces. “They’re the future in 30, 40, 50 years and we’ll be done, our controllers will be on the ground and we’ll be watching these kids play. Said Dimez: “It’s great just to get out and get away from the game


and help people who are in need. I come from that kind of background so it’s important for me to come out and do this. I love helping any way I can and to be in this position is amazing.” Coach Fairley said he believes NBA 2K is becoming more and more popular and taking steps in the right direction. “The streaming and broadcasting of it is making it more popular with games going from Twitch to You Tube. Within the next couple of years, you’ll be able to turn on the TV and see people playing video games for a living. You can now on certain games but NBA 2K is definitely in line. The NBA 2K League is a professional competitive gaming league co-founded by the NBA and Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. Bringing together the world’s best basketball gamers, this marks the first official Esports league operated by a U.S. professional sports league. For live updates, make sure to follow Mavs GG on Twitter and Instagram.


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JULY 26, 2019

JULY 26, 2019

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JULY 26, 2019

ASK ALMA AIN’T HAPPENING Dear Alma: Within my group of friends, I have a female friend who likes a male friend who is also within the group. The female recently joined the group, but the male has been around some time. The female has tried her best game and, to much dismay, has not won over the male friend. The male friend, however, has given every cold shoulder possible. She, unfortunately, is slow to catch on. Others have tried to politely intervene, but the female keeps knocking. It has progressed to the point that the male friend has stopped coming around, and no one in the group is happy. The group now feels the need to address the issue, almost like an intervention. What do you suggest?

magazine. LOL). I remember back in the day when I would read and scan the information into my memory, hanging on every word. Thank goodness I’m all grown up now and I know better. Here’s what I suggest: Somebody pick up a copy of the book by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tucillo, He’s Just Not That Into You. It’s based on an episode of “Sex and the City.” It gives straight up, no-nonsense descriptions of when a man just really doesn’t like you. Some women can be extremely smart about everything in life except a man. Some lose all sense of rational thoughts and acceptable behavior. We come up with the best of the best excuses for dealing with a dead-end and or non-existent relationship. I know you know what I’m sayin’. This Hey girl hey, book offers the best guidance one There are two ways to handle can receive. this situation: Your way (the easy Wrap that book in a pretty gift way) or my way (the harder way). bag with beautiful tissue paper. We both know that this I mean, go all out! Not in front of woman has been reading one everybody, but at the end of the to many Cosmo & Essence evening, walk her to her car and articles describing the perfect give it to her. This should take relationship. You know the ones place just between the two of – “How to Make Him Love You you. Umhm, that would be kind in 30 Days.” (I wonder why we and it shows you care about her never see such articles in a men’s feelings. JULY 26, 2019

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Or, you can go Nene on her and say loud and strong, “Girl, stop bothering him. He don’t like you like that, and you’re embarrassing yourself. Leave him alone and act like you got some sense!” Bam! Case closed, it’s ova (LMBO). Whew! I get carried away sometimes. Allow me to swerve back over to the path of politeness. Have a one-on-one with your girl and share the following: One of the better qualities about men is that they aren’t that complicated, and we love them for that. Almost always there are no mixed messages, no need to read between the lines. It is what it is, and he’ll tell you if you’re listening. Stop, rewind, push play and let me say that again: All you have to do is listen. So ladies, stop rearranging his words in your mind to mean what you want him to say. If you push up on him and there’s no response, he’s just not into you. Remind her it’s not the end of the world. There are millions of single men out there. She needs to touch up her lip gloss and keep it moving. Alma

LIFESTYLE by Valder Beebe

That Celebrity Interview:

THE NEXT BIG THING Hard work, talent combined with our belief in God and self, is always a trusted formula for success. BET Network THE NEXT BIG THING, television reality competition where judges and industry professionals are confirming success is more than just one skill or talent in today’s competitive world. Who will be the newest R&B and Hip-Hop Star? BET’s newest reality music completion series is putting several hopefu8l to the test in……BET “THE NEXT BIG THING.” On board as coaches and inspiration are Grammy ® Award-Winning Producer Zaytoven and Head of A&R at EMPIRE records, Tina Davis. They are two of the judges on the show known as “The League.” Zaytoven and Tina give the Valder Beebe Show audience insight into THE NEXT BIG THING is a music competition series in which 21 up-and-coming R&B and hip-hop artists are put through a grueling artist development boot camp designed to create bona fide superstars. The last two standing will get to meet and perform in front of four major record executives. If the execs make offers, the power turns to the final two artists to decide which record label they want to join. Guest mentors include Tamar Braxton, Keyshia Cole, Joe Budden,

Remy Ma, Jeremih, Lil Kim, Tank and the late Nipsey Hussle. Xavier Lamar Dotson, professionally known as Zaytoven, is a Grammy Award® Winning record producer, DJ, and keyboardist from Atlanta, Georgia. He has released collaborative projects with artists like Usher, Future, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, Lecrae, Young Scooter, Young Dolph, and Shy Glizzy. The founder of Phase Too Inc. Management Company and current Head of A&R at EMPIRE Records, Tina Davis has been successful in several areas of the entertainment industry specializing in multiple genres of music. Her company managed and developed superstar singer Chris Brown for 11 years. Prior to that, Davis was a Senior A&R executive at Def Jam where she developed charttopping artists and is responsible for Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It.” VBS: Thank you guys for joining me on the Valder Beebe Show as I broadcast on an FM platform across the nation. Tina, you are the head of A&R at EMPIRE Records and my audience is listening to every word you and Zaytoven say because they want to know how to get their big break even how they become the NEXT BIG THING.-Text provided by Zaytoven & Tina Davis publicist


TD: To compete at the end of the day it takes stamina, perseverance and the art of mastering your craft. VBS: Zantoven, what is the NEXT BIG THING to television competition going to the show the tuned-in-audience what they will need to be in order to compete and win a completion like this? Z: it’s going to show all of those who are saying “he put me on – put me in the studio and make me a star”. I’m hoping it will show all of the hard work that goes into the making of a star. It is hard to be a superstar. It’s hard to make it in this industry. This competition will show every artist watching what they need to do, how they need to prepare themselves. This completion series will give the truth of what……….......... complete video interview ONDEMAND at ValderBeebeShow. com,,, 411RadioNetwork. com; Podcast audio:,,, PChatman Streaming TV Network

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JULY 26, 2019

JULY 26, 2019

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JULY 26, 2019

JULY 26, 2019

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