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JUNE 14, 2019


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JUNE 7, 2019






As he moves about the nation or when he finds himself in front of television cameras, President Trump brags about the state of the economy.

Our nation’s 45th President is dead set on a trade war. He has increased tariffs on goods produced in China, and he has now indicated that he will increase tariffs on goods produced in Mexico.

MSNBC thought enough of it to do segments featuring Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price’s historic Juneteenth resolution on both the Chris Hayes and Melissa Harris Perry shows.


to think about how it’s not just the weather that’s deteriorating our communities; pollution, toxic waste,




JUNE 7, 2019

MY TRUTH by Cheryl Smith, Publisher

1989, the number, another summer

Twenty-five years ago, I wanted to get friends together and have a good time, while raising money for scholarships and community outreach. I decided to have an event that took me back to my childhood.  You see, in New Jersey there were three places that families I knew gathered for entertainment: bowling alleys, skating rinks and movie theaters. So bowling it was.  I called together friends, contacted Chuck D. of Public JUNE 7, 2019

Enemy to ask if we could use the name of the blockbuster song, “Don’t Believe the Hype,” and we began planning for the inaugural Cheryl Smith’s Don’t Believe the Hype Celebrity Bowl-a-thon. That first year, Chuck and Malik of Public Enemy joined the wonderful Dick Gregory in kicking off the event and they have visited other times, giving their support. Over the past 24 years numerous 4

scholarships have been awarded, grants provided, trips to conferences and conventions funded, school books purchased and workshops sponsored; thanks to generous support from companies, fellow journalists, elected officials, entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes, scholars, and friends, we feel we have made a difference. I hope that people will come and join me on June 22, 2019 at USA Bowl, 10920 Composite Drive, Dallas.

Any and everyone can come. YOU ARE INVITED! It’s a “celebrity” bowl-a-thon, but everyone is a “celebrity” — there will also be special guests like Country-Western sensation IMAJ, R&B and Jazz Great Miles Jaye, Judge Aiesha Redmond, actress Virlinda Stanton, Comedian Shuckey Duckey, and more. We also have an online auction at dontbelievethehype2019 — sign on and bid today. Acknowledging landmarks is very important to me. Which brings me to my truth. “1989, the number, another summer” — is the opening lyrics for another hit from Public Enemy, Fight the Power (not to be confused with “Fight the Power” by the Isley Brothers!) It was 30 years ago and 1989 is a year so many notable moments occurred.  Yes, Spike Lee’s movie, Do the Right Thing, captured the mood of many of our communities across the country.  The song, Fight the Power, captured the mindset of many and spoke to our truth. Sadly 30 years ago the Central Park Five became part of our reality.  Five young brothers, wrongfully accused, like so many before them. The travesty of their injustice is chronicled in the phenomenal Ava Duvernay’s “When They See Us.”  Some of the strongest men I know say they cried when watching

Kevin Richardson, Antron, McCray, Raymond Santana Jr., Korey Wise and Yusef Salaam story. Others refuse to watch because of the painful miscarriage of justice and

abuse of power. The blessing is that they lived through it, but at what cost? And how many more similar stories are waiting to be told? When will the madness end? Doesn’t seem like it will be any time soon, unfortunately.  So we all need to step in and at least attempt to turn things around.  Thirty years from now I pray the narrative 5

will be different and we’ll be viewing documentaries on the likes of Mr. Roland Parrish. It was 30 years ago Roland Parrish began an epic entrepreneurial journey that has led him to become the 2nd largest African American-owned McDonald’s Franchisee in the country.   A graduate of Purdue University, this brother of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. (I wonder if he can twirl a cane like Thomas Battles or David Godsey?) is a McDonald’s success story, building an empire that is supported by and supportive of the communities where his stellar stores exist. Mr. Parrish, a native of Hammond IN, went to college on both academic and athletic scholarships. In addition there is the Parrish Charitable Foundation.  He has donated millions for education and community development.  His philanthropic efforts are noteworthy and he sets the standard for excellence in everything he does. Many a young person has realized their life’s dreams because of support from Mr. Parrish, and many adults have been able to sustain their families. Mr. Parrish shows us how we can Do the Right Thing. We need more Roland Parrish’s and we need to support, showcase and uplift. Then we are in a better position to Fight the Power. Fight the Powers that be! Hope to see you on June 22! JUNE 7, 2019

SPOTLIGHT Incoming mayor took early lead and never let up Texas Metro News Special Report

Eric Johnson, the son of West Dallas who has served his community in the Texas House of Representatives for nearly a decade, was elected the 60th Mayor of Dallas in a sweeping doubledigit victory Saturday night. Johnson defeated Dallas City Council Member Scott Griggs, 56 percent to 44 percent, to become the second African American elected mayor in Dallas history. Johnson will be sworn into office as Mayor on Monday, June 17. At 43, he will be one of the youngest mayors of a major American city, and he will be one of the most prominent African American elected officials in the country. “Every single time, without exception, that I have stood before the voters of Dallas, I have put my faith in two places: in the Good Lord above and in the voters,” Johnson told hundreds of supporters in his Saturday night victory speech at the Fairmont Hotel. “And in every case, I have not been let down.” Johnson was the last of nine candidates to enter the race for mayor. He quickly put together one of the strongest, most diverse and most widely-respected coalitions of supporters ever assembled in a Dallas municipal election. Many voters found inspiration in Johnson’s personal story. JUNE 7, 2019

After he was identified as a gifted student during first grade at C.F. Carr Elementary in West Dallas, Johnson’s parents enrolled him in a joint venture between the Boys Clubs and Greenhill School, which allowed him to attend Greenhill beginning in the fall of 1983. He would go on to graduate from Greenhill in 1994 and then receive an undergraduate degree with honors from Harvard University, a graduate degree from Princeton University, and a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Johnson returned home to Dallas, where today he is an attorney. He and his wife, Nikki, have two sons — William and George. In his victory speech Saturday night, Johnson described his win as proof of what’s possible in Dallas. “If you work hard and you allow the 6

people of this city to do what they naturally want to do, which is to help you, and if you will just open yourself up to receive that blessing that is the people of this city's help, the sky is the limit for anybody in this city,” Johnson said Saturday night. “I'm living proof, because there's nothing special about me.” Throughout the mayoral campaign, Johnson stressed the importance of overcoming a growing sense of divisiveness on the Dallas City Council. “I decided in this case, and I've decided so many times in the past: Why wait?” Johnson said. “Why hope somebody else will come along and solve the problem? If you're capable of solving it, step up to the plate and offer yourself as a solution. And that's how I got into this race.”

Other Dallas County Results

DISD (4) Karla Garcia, Cedar Hill City Council Gregory Glover, Dallas City Council Carolyn King Arnold (4), Richardson City Council (3) Janet Depuy, Rowlett City Council (4) Whitney Laning, Dallas City Council (14) David Blewett, DeSoto City Council (5) Dinah Marks, Dallas City Council (9), Paula Blackmon, Dallas City Council (7) Adam Bazaldua


JUNE 7, 2019


JUNE 7, 2019


COMMENTARY by Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson

If you’re black (or brown) get back!

As he moves about the nation or when he finds himself in front of television cameras, President Trump brags about the state of the economy. “It’s the greatest,” he contends, adding that black and brown unemployment is at historical lows Well, hold your horses, Mr. President. Everyone is not benefiting from the economy that you and those who serve you have unleased. Many of the jobs that have been created are low paying; some of them not even paying $7.25 an hour. You try living on that, Mr. President and you will discover that you have not done enough. Contributing to the problem is that the President Trump has surrounded himself with millionaires in his cabinet who do not have a clue about the problems of working people, whether they live in urban or rural areas. Most of them, I think, would not be able

to give you the price for a load of bread. There is a tremendous need for people in our country to be retrained for jobs that will enable them to compete in a global economy. But that takes training and money. So, what was the first thing that the Trump administration pushed through Congress, a massive tax cut for wealthy individuals like himself, his labor secretary, his housing secretary, his education secretary and a number of others. These people know little, if anything, about the plight of hourly workers or the unemployed. They give lip service to helping people in our society who live from one pay period to the next, who have extended their credit card limits. They do little to assistant them. People cannot pay their bills with rhetoric, and that is what they are getting from this administration. The president publically does


not address why the unemployment rate for African Americans doubles that of white Americans. Where is the fairness? Where are the programs designed to bring about parity for all of our citizens? A recent survey by a highly respected national social/consumer organization report-ed overwhelming numbers of African American families throughout America saying that low wages were a roadblock in their attempts to join the middle class. Well, isn’t that what the president talks about, bringing more people into the middle class. Well, what is he doing anything about it? You tell me! Years ago, there was a maxim that some people uttered. It ended….”if you’re black get back.” I would hope that there are not those in the corridors of the White House who repeat that as they go about their daily business. JUNE 7, 2019

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JUNE 7, 2019


COMMENTARY by Dr. Julianne Malveaux

BLACK FOLKS, THE TRADE WARS, AND FOREIGN POLICY Our nation’s 45th President is dead set on a trade war. He has increased tariffs on goods produced in China, and he has now indicated that he will increase tariffs on goods produced in Mexico. While the President will say that this is a tax on the countries he is imposing tariffs on, the fact is that it is a tax on people who buy goods produced in China or Mexico. Products manufactured in China include electronics and electronic components, televisions, washing machine and refrigerators, and more. With a 25 percent tariff, a $300 dishwasher will now cost $375. The duty won’t take effect today or tomorrow, but within a few months, US sellers will have no choice but to pass the cost along to consumers. The tariff on Mexico will mostly hit agriculture. The President says he will impose a 5 percent tariff effective next week and will increase by another 5 percent monthly. It will primarily affect agricultural products like avocados and tomatoes, but folks who enjoy a Mexican beer or two will find those beers more expensive. Here’s the rub, though. While Mexico exports more than $250 billion in goods to us, we also export at least $20 billion to them. Farmers who send soybeans and corn to Mexico are vulnerable if Mexico decides to retaliate by imposing tariffs of their own. 45 says he is imposing the tariff on Mexican-produced goods because of border immigration. The tariffs, 45 states, will be lower if Mexico can stop border immigration. But the tactic of increasing tariffs will have a negative effect on the Mexican economy, exacerbating, instead of abating, border immigration. And it will hit every consumer in her pocket. Because so many US auto companies have cars assembled in Mexico, at the maximum tariff, the average car will cost at least $1000 more. And what about

the grocery basket? Tariffs are used to direct consumers away from foreign manufacturers and toward national ones. Theoretically, if a Mexico-produced avocado costs $2 with a tariff (maybe up from $1.50 without, numbers all theoretical), and a California-produced avocado costs $1.75, a cost-conscious consumer, given the tax, might choose the California avocado over the Mexican one. But if California can’t produce enough avocados to meet demand, folks will pay more with the tariff. It’s a tax on consumers. Will people be as willing to take the hit with a $1000 tax on an automobile? Possibly not. People may delay purchases instead of seeking out domestic automakers. In any case, it’s a hit on the US economy. Because African Americans earn less (with a median family income under $40,000, compared to $60,000 plus for whites), we are more likely to be the consumer affected. Consumer taxes are regressive taxes, taxes that hit the folks at the bottom hardest. Our voices need to be raised around the tax on Chinese produced goods, as well as the tax on Mexican manufactured goods. In his fit of pique, however, 45 doesn’t get that he will hurt the consumers he vowed to protect, not the countries he is trying to punish. Unfortunately, African American engagement in foreign policy has been peripheral. We’ve had folks like Secretaries of State Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice take leadership on foreign policy, and folks like Mel Foote, of the Constituency for African, lead civil society organizations around foreign policy. And we can go all the way back to Frederick Douglass’ ambassadorship to Haiti in the 19th century to illustrate our concern with foreign policy, even as we struggled in the aftermath of enslavement. Still, when African Americans are polled, foreign policy issues are not our


most important. They must and should be, and for several reasons. First of all, we pay taxes for foreign aid. Secondly, people of color around the globe (including Mexico) are oppressed by US foreign policy. Further, we fall short of our rhetoric about democracy and human rights when we offer financial support to countries that choose to marginalize some of its citizens. African American people are uniquely situated to lift our voices around foreign policy hypocrisy. The late great political scientist Dr. Ron Walters talked about “foreign policy justice,” about the many ways we favored some nations, ignoring others, usually for strategic reasons. We can’t tout democracy and then suppress it. Wait! We always have. We did it when veterans were lynched when they came back from World War I. We did it when we treated German prisoners of war better than returning veterans after World War II. But we don’t have to cosign the hypocrisy now. If we, black folks, believe in freedom, we must believe in foreign policy justice. And we must understand that foolish tariffs against Mexico will hurt us all. Black voices need to be loud voices around foreign policy matters. Or we can be silent and accept the economic, moral, and political consequences of our nation’s biased myopia.We have been here at least 400 years, but we still aren’t clear about the nonsense and exploitation that affects and infuses our very foundation. Our entire nation needs to go back to school to learn some history. But there is a special place in hell for teachers in Louden County, Virginia who think that enslavement is some kind of game! Dr. Julianne Malveaux is an author, economist, and social commentator.

JUNE 7, 2019


by Vincent Hall

Happy Juneteenth?... No Check? MSNBC thought enough of it to do segments featuring Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price’s historic Juneteenth resolution on both the Chris Hayes and Melissa Harris Perry shows. In talking with Dallas’ first and only Black Dallas County Commissioner Commissioner I John Wiley Price have come to know that the story broke like wildfire through the daily media carnage c o n n e c t e d and was a particular feature of the Far-Right n a t i o n a l blogs. I wanted to know from him what he movement on thought about America’s reaction to his reparations. action. We have The Dallas County Commissioners Court become detached approved by voice vote, a resolution that in this community and this experience fleshed honors the life, death and struggles of African that out.” people over this continent and supports Price did a two hour plus interview on reparations for the same. While the local Chicago’s WVON 1690 which is reminiscent media paints its passage as a controversy, it of our lost community powerhouse KKDA. has not and should not be rescinded in any Not only did the show generate a long litany form.  On the street the only question that of callers, Price was surprised by the number most African-Americans in Dallas have been of Dallas listeners who hover daily to hear asking is “Where’s my check.” (This looks like powerhouses like Reverend Al Sharpton and a good place for the proverbial LOL) others. You may chuckle when you think about “In the wake of the loss of KKDA, the getting a check, but the full details and effect internet has provided some semblance of of our history as an enslaved and financially black unity and it shows that the medium oppressed people at the hand this country needs to be resurrected in this community. deserve a settlement of punitive damages. As We have got to become better organized and the commercial for J. T. Wentworth goes; it’s better informed in Dallas and I believe that my money and I want it now!!! we can stoke a movement that moves this We went head on with the Commish to get nation toward paying compensatory damages his take on the national reaction. to its greatest victims.” “The response has been overwhelming to Commissioner Price’s resolution uses part say the least. Although I don’t believe I deserve of a mind blowing essay recently released by it, I have been greeted with a hero’s welcome the Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates entitled “A throughout this community, throughout the Case for reparations as the mantle and axis state and across this country. And while I am for his argument. humbled by all of the attention, it has also “Whereas Writer, Historian and Professor imbued a renewed energy that deserves a well- Ta-Nehisi Coates points out in his brilliant JUNE 7, 2019


academic essay ; “The Case for Reparations” that African Americans have endured 250 years of slavery, 90 years of Jim Crow, 60 years of separate but equal, 35 years of racist housing policy after the Civil Rights Bill, and Whereas slavery, discrimination and egregious impediments to building or sustaining wealth were legislated and condoned by the United States government in all three of its constitutionally affixed branches, and Whereas today according to the Pew Research Center, White households are worth roughly 20 times as much as black households and whereas only 15% of whites have zero or negative wealth, more than 35% of blacks fall below that line, and Whereas the entrenched gap and wealth is highlighted by the fact that black families making $100,000 typically live in the kinds of neighborhoods inhabited my wife families making 30,000. Therefore be it resolved that Juneteenth and its historical mimicking of freedom are just that, and the United States of America is derelict in its promise to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness to African American people. Be it further resolved that the dereliction that has caused 400 years of significant wealth to millions and significant suffering to the descendants of those slaves who built this country be satisfied with monetary and substantial reparations to the same. “ Nuff said. They need to quit playin’ and cut my check!!! “Originally published Juneteenth 2014... Still relevant.”


Derrick Johnson is the President and CEO of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

In 1990, five teenage boys referred to as the “Central Park Five� were sentenced to prison for a heinous crime they did not commit. The basis of the conviction? Racial profiling. The stories of the wrongfully convicted, Raymond Santana, Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray, Yusef Salaam and Kharey Wise, are re-told in the recently released series When They See Us. The film is a reminder that our criminal justice system is plagued with racism, implicit bias and a lack of police accountability, and while this case was tried more than 30 years ago, the underlying issues of prejudice and harassment by law enforcement are still an unwelcome reality for our community. Is it any wonder that one in every 10

Black men in his 30s is in prison or jail on any given day? Take Action

Too many Black men can relate to the trauma and pain depicted in When They See Us. Research shows that Black people make up a disproportionate sum of wrongfully convicted people, and are more likely to wait longer for an exoneration. According to the National Registry of Exonerations, African Americans make up 13 percent of the population, yet 47 percent of known exonerations. Policies like stop-and-frisk, threestrikes laws and mandatory minimums add to the practice of racial profiling and the disproportionate incarceration of communities of color. The NAACP has continually fought to roll back these policies, and since these practices are fueled by implicit bias, I have called for implicit bias testing and training to be a mandatory procedure for public officials.


Many have voiced frustration with the system after reliving the story through When They See Us. But we can turn that anger into action. Contact your U.S. Representatives and your Senators and urge them to enact a law which: Clearly defines racial profiling and other discriminatory policing practices Prohibits discriminatory policing Requires data analysis of racial profiling by police Provides funding for police training and re-training Holds law enforcement accountable Take Action The Black community has had a long and painful history with law enforcement in this country, but with your support, we have the power to end racial profiling for good. In solidarity, @DerrickNAACP President and CEO NAACP

JUNE 7, 2019

An Evening With!

A History and Celebration of Juneteenth with Donald Payton and The South Dallas Concert Choir On June 19, 2019 join Dallas Historical Society for a discussion and celebration of Juneteenth by historian Donald Payton. Selections from The South Dallas Concert Choir will follow Mr. Payton’s presentation. Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States. On June 19, 1865, Union soldier Major General Gordon Granger arrived at Galveston, Texas, to take command of the state and proceeded to issue five Military Orders, including General Order Number 3, which declared that all slaves were now free. This occurred two and a half years after Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, which had little impact on Texas due to the number of Union troops to enforce the order. General Order Number 3, which begins most significantly with:

JUNE 7, 2019

"The people of Texas are informed that in accordance with a Proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free. This involves an absolute equality of rights and rights of property between former masters and slaves, and the connection heretofore existing between them becomes that between employer and free laborer." Granger’s news declaring the institution of slavery dead in the state set off joyous demonstrations by freedmen and originated the annual "Juneteenth" celebration. Dallas Historical Society has the only known original example of the General Order Number 3. The document will be on display at Hall of State June 17-23. An Evening With! A History and Celebration of Juneteenth with Donald Payton and The South Dallas Concert Choir. Hall of State in Fair Park


June 19, 2019 6:30 PM FREE to attend Reservations are not required but requested. To make a reservation go here: About Donald Payton Donald Payton is president of the African American Genealogy Interest Group, which is a branch of the Dallas Genealogical Society. Mr. Payton has spent more than 35 years tracing family histories and doing historical workshops across America. He is a former Dallas County Historical Commissioner who served on a special state committee to make June 19th an official Texas state holiday.  In addition, he has presented numerous Juneteenth workshops and programs in various states.  Mr. Payton has also been featured in national media news events and interviews.


JUNE 7, 2019

WiNGS Mentors & Allies Awards celebrates champions


WiNGS, a Dallas nonprofit that empowers women, fights poverty and impacts generations, hosted more than 500 guests at its Mentors & Allies Awards Luncheon, recently, at the Omni Dallas Hotel. The annual event honors individuals and corporations for their commitment to lifting up women. This year’s luncheon also featured a panel of local and national experts who discussed solutions to poverty and JUNE 7, 2019

ways to make Dallas an opportunity city for all. Je n n i f e r Ware, CEO of WINGS, presented the 2019 Mentors & Allies Awards to: Corporate Woman of the Year: Cynt Marshall, CEO, Dallas Mavericks Woman Entrepreneur of the Year: Mahisha Dellinger, CEO/Founder,

CURLS & TV Host, The Oprah Winfrey Network, and Sabrina Harrison, Owner & Interior Designer of MINT Dentistry and Founder of Equipped by Faith Corporation of the Year: Aimbridge Hospitality Ebby Halliday Volunteer of the Year: Dr. Rochelle Webb, CEO, 3W

Consulting Group This year’s event raised more than $233,000 for WiNGS and its NurseFamily Partnership, Finance & Career and Women’s Enterprise programs. NBC 5 Anchor and Reporter Katy Blakey returned as emcee for the third year. Tiffaney Dale Hunter served as the Luncheon Chair and Michelle Hudson served as Underwriting Chair. The event’s Honorary Chairs were Hilda Galvan, Liz

Minyard and Anne Motsenbocker. A testimonial from WiNGS graduate A highlight of the event was a panel Hope Oriabure Hunter underscored discussion on the economic divide in how investing in women has positive Dallas and strategies to make Dallas effects, not just for individual women, an opportunity city for all. KERA’s Courtney Collins, a lead reporter in the award-winning “One Crisis Away” series, served as the moderator for the discussion featuring panelists Andrea Levere of Prosperity Now, Alfreda Norman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and Prashanthi Ravanavarapu of PayPal. Levere stated that the wealth divide between Liz Minyard, Anne Motsenbacker and Jennifer Ware white and minority households in our nation is “unconscionable” and two-thirds but for their families and communities. of the households in communities After participating in WiNGS’ Finance of color do not have three months & Career and Women’s Enterprise of recommended reserves and could programs, Hunter achieved financial easily slip into poverty in case of a job stability and started her own successful loss. business, Black Tie Babysitting. Norman noted that now, while Guests included: Michele Bobathere is a strong economy and low dilla, Yolanda Brown, Annika Cail, unemployment, is the time for Dallas Randall Graham, Veronica Torres to address poverty. She said, “We are Hazley, Terri Hudson, Danyel at a moment in time in our nation Surrency Jones, Jamelia Lehn, when we have to figure out if we are Velena McCrae, Lynn McBee, DeDe going to share this great prosperity McGuire, Regina Montoya, Starlette and grow the pie.” Johnson, Deya Smith Taylor, Emily Ravanavarapu shared that she Touchstone and Jamie Williams. guides her team at PayPal to show The 2019 Mentors & Allies sponsors empathy instead of sympathy with included: Presenting Sponsor – their customers, and that “we need to Sammons Enterprises, Inc.; Honorary think like an ecosystem.” Sponsor – SunTrust; Champion WiNGS CEO Jennifer Ware Sponsors – Collections Fine Jewelry; summarized the effect of poverty on Mentor Sponsor – Mary Kay; Partner women saying, “Poverty is defined as Sponsors – AT&T, Jones Day, KPMG ‘the state of being extremely poor, and Oncor. Ally Sponsors included but the reality of poverty is much Aimbridge Hospitality, AlixPartners, more. It is a cycle, often generational, Barnes & Thornburg, LLP, Dallas that impacts a woman’s confidence, Mavericks, Deloitte, Ebby Halliday optimism and belief in herself to Realtors, Frost, Hudson Peters move beyond the life she leads today.” Commercial, Starlette Johnson,

Perkins + Will, and Julie and James Vaughan. Coach Sponsors included Allie-Coosh Lifestyle, Capital One, CBRE, Chase, Debbie and Gary

Michelle Hudson, Tiffaney Dale Hunter and Katy Blakey

Dennis, Ellen Farrell, MC Finney, John Haley, Holmes Murphy, Inwood National Bank, Jackson Walker, Letty Gomar, Martsolf Lively Contemporary, Mutual of Omaha Bank, ORIX Foundation, Kelly Parsons, POWERHANDZ, Laura Ryan, Tiff’s Treats, Tiffaney Dale Agency, University of Texas Arlington University Crossroads and Weaver. WiNGS has been walking alongside women since 1908, constantly evolving to meet women’s changing needs. Today, WiNGS is a community of women helping women overcome poverty by taking charge of their futures. Through a tailored suite of innovative services, women build confidence and skills on their path to a new life as they grow small businesses, start families or work toward financial security. Learn more by visiting www.wingsdallas. org. Stay connected via Facebook and Instagram @WINGSDallas and Twitter @ WiNGS_Dallas. JUNE 7, 2019

Featuring UBER EATS

JUNE 7, 2019



JUNE 7, 2019


Dirk hosts 18th Annual Heroes Celebrity Baseball Charity Game By Dorothy J. Gentry Sports Editor Photos by Eva D. Coleman and Dorothy J. Gentry

It’s that time of the year again and I’m excited. It’s my first one as a retired guy,” Dirk Nowitzki said as he opened the 2019 Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game, Friday at Dr. Pepper Ballpark in Frisco. “It feels good. I haven’t worked out in two months. “But I’m excited to be here.” Nowitzki retired in April after 21 seasons with the Dallas Mavericks. The “here” he referred to is the 18th annual event – hosted personally the past eight by Nowitzki – which brings together celebrities from differJUNE 7, 2019

Dirk Nowitzki and Sen. Royce West 20

Elliott named MVP

ent sports playing baseball to benefit charities. Money raised benefits the children’s charities of the Dirk Nowitzki Foundation and the Heroes Foundation. A sellout crowd of 11,741 watched the Blue Sox defeat Nowitzki’s White Sox, 17-10. Dallas Cowboys running back Zeke Elliott was named MVP. “This is my 8th year and 18th overall,” Nowitzki said. “It’s crazy how time flies. It feels like it’s growing every year. This year, we were literally within in the first two days (of announcing) and we had over 6,000 tickets sold. “It’s almost like this game is now part of the community,” he continued. “And we obviously appreciate the support from all the celebs participating, the media promoting it and the fans for showing up in a big way. This has been a fantastic

It was a day of fun with Dallas Cowboys Running back Zeke

event.” Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, participating for a second consecutive year, said he was honored to participate. “It’s an honor to be associated with and participate in an amazing event like this. You look around at all of these — not only great athletes but great men up here is wonderful,” he said. “Just to be associated with them for a great cause and raising a lot of money, it’s just an honor and something I look forward to being a part of for a long time.” The 7-inning game featured celebrity players making up the Blue Sox and White Sox all-stars and amateurs vying for the game trophy, bragging rights and the coveted MVP award. Between innings there were on the field stunts, interactive activities and other family-fun entertainment. 21

Following the game, a 10-minute fireworks finale rounded out the evening. Those in attendance featured several Cowboys players including Prescott, Elliott, Jaylon Smith and Joe Looney; Dallas Mavericks Devin Harris, Dwight Powell, Jalen Brunson, Justin Jackson, ex-Maverick and current New York Knick Dennis Smith Jr., former MLB first baseman and outfielder Rafael Palmeiro, former MLB centerfielder Vernon Wells and former Cowboys Emmitt Smith, Dez Bryant and DeMarcus Ware. So why has this game been so successful? Morgan Stanley’s Charles McKinney, the event co-founder, asked: “The people that play and the fact that it’s a baseball game, not a softball game. Because everybody likes to see bad baseball by these guys, right?” JUNE 7, 2019


After 19 years of X-Men movies, DARK PHOENIX is the last one in the franchise. Over the years we’ve seen The X-Men feared and hated but, in this prequel set in 1992, The X-Men are riding high on their crest of popularity. So much so, that when a U.S. space shuttle is stranded in space by some kind of unknown force The X-Men are called on for a rescue mission. Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) sends a hesitant team of X-Men to complete the rescue mission. While on the mission in space Jean Grey, played by Sophie Tucker, gets hit with the powerful force which had been holding the shuttle at bay. She appears to be dead, but instead, when she returns to earth she emerges as the most powerful being in the universe. She has God-like powers but she also develops a bi-polar JUNE 7, 2019

personality and is unable to control her powers. The X-Men family is in turmoil

with some wanting her to go away while others try to embrace her. When the team follows her to her home town to try and talk her into returning, in a fit of rage, she kills one of the X-Men members. 22

After turning to Magneto, played by Michael Fassbender, and she turns savage in the community he runs in the jungle he forces her to leave and she has nowhere else to go. Eventually, she is befriended by a group of aliens who have come to earth the get the god-like power she possesses. The best part of the movie is the battle between The X-Men and the aliens. The fight scenes are really fun and they show how far special effects have come in the past 19 years. However, in the end, this final X-Men movie ends with a whimper rather than a bang. The movie is rated PG-13 and runs for 1 hour and 53 minutes. On my “Hollywood Popcorn Scale” I rate DARK PHOENIX a LARGE.


Cheryl Smith’s

Don’t BelieveCelebrity theBowl-a-thon HYPE

The Dallas-Fort Worth Association of Black Jou invites you to a forum answering a very important


Why is the Black Press necess

Darryl Blair, Sr.

mollie Belt

Shirley gray

thurman JoneS

cheryl Smith






Elite News

Dallas Examiner

Dallas Post Tribune

North Dallas Gazette

Texas Metro News Garland Journal I Messenger

Tuesday, April 23, 2019 - 6-9 p.m. InThe loving Blackmemory Academy of of Arts and Letters Mr. Richard Claxton “Dick” Gregory! 1309 Canton Street, Dallas TX 75201 Evans Engraving

Saturday, June 22, 2019 6p.m. USA BOWL - 10920 Composite Drive Dallas







JUNE 7, 2019




w or

JUNE 7, 2019


LIFESTYLE by Valder Beebe

That Celebrity Interview:

Mario Armstrong Emmy® digital lifestyle

It’s the season to celebrate all the dads and grads in your lives, and what better way than with gifts that make a difference – on the road, in a dorm, on the beach or at home. Mario Armstrong, Digital lifestyle expert Mario comes to the Valder Beebe Show SATELLITE studios. He has a great gift guide that is bound to steer you in the right direction. Don’t miss this opportunity to spread the word on Mario’s top picks for dads and grads. Mario Armstrong, an Emmy® award winning digital lifestyle expert, is a top-rated influencer and motivator for today’s world.  Among his many missions, to improve lives through technology is his passion.  You’ve seen him as a regular guest on the Valder Beebe Show and reoccurring contributor on NBC’s TODAY show, CNN, NPR, Inside Edition, Dr. Oz, Steve Harvey, and Rachael Ray.   VBS: Mario welcome back! Alright, it’s almost Father Day

and its graduation season. My audience wants to give special gifts. Give us inspiration and gift ideas. MA: Valder, A&C headphones, they are blue tooth and have a 26-hour battery life. There is not a better gift. Also, protection, which we don’t think about protection, enough. I’ve brought Canary home system (up to 50% off until June 22nd), the Canary system gives you peace of mind when you are home or when you are away. Let’s include a universal remote from Logictech which now includes Alexa voice technology. Now the family won’t fight over ‘who has the remote’. VBS:Mario, as one of the premier digital lifestyle experts how do you stay on top of escalating technology? MA: Valder, I now also have an Emmy® award-winning talk show called “Mario Armstrong’s Never Settle Show,” the world’s first crowd-produced 25

livestream talk show with live participation from the in-studio and online audience. I stay focused on technology and my show, Never Settle focuses on technology for our everyday use. Along with interviews with celebrities and technology giants. VBS: Congratulations! MA: Valder in previous interviews I’ve expressed to you how blessed I am. Never Settle as you may remember is produced by Al Roker Entertainment. Yes, TV weather man Al Roker. He and I …………. .................>>>>>complete interview valderbeebeshow,,, 411RadioNetwork. com; Podcast audio:,,,

JUNE 7, 2019

Mount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church celebrates 155 years The Mount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church will celebrate its 155th Church Anniversary from Saturday, June 15, through Sunday, June 16. On Saturday evening, there will be a Unity Gala at the Double Tree at Campbell Centre in Dallas. This event will include dinner, live entertainment, dancing, photos and the history of Mount Pisgah. On Sunday morning, the Unity Worship service will be held at 1020 S. Sherman Street in Richardson, Texas at the 10:00 service. Mount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church, affectionately called The ROCK, is the oldest Baptist Church in Dallas County and the third oldest African American Baptist Church in the state of Texas. On the third Sunday in June of 1864 (June 19, 1864) a few slaves and Rev. Robert Fabius Butler, a white circuit preacher from Richardson, met under a large elm tree in the White Rock Community of Dallas County. At that meeting, the Mount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church was born and dedicated to God. Founding deacons were John Huffman, Dan Howard, Sam Fowler, William Phifer, Tobe Howard and Jack Saunders. Several pastors have led the JUNE 7, 2019

congregation over the years – Reverends Robert F. Butler, Elder J. L. Weems, Elder Shaw, Pitman, Stewart, Drake, Harns, Ballenger, Hayden, Thomas Henry Watson, Willie F. Moore, James McGlover, Cecil Smith, Sr. and presently Robert W. Townsend. For 10 years Pastor Townsend has served as the Senior Pastor

Rev. Robert Townsend

of Mt. Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church (aka “The ROCK”). Under his servant leadership, the ministry has seen significant growth and relocated to a larger campus for the glory of God. His vision is to attract people in the community to trust Christ as Savior and Lord, so they will magnify God in worship, embrace membership in Christ church, grow to Christ like maturity, 26

and be equipped for a ministry in the church and mission in the world. On August 14, 1971, “Pastor T” was born in Kansas City, MO to Brenda (Townsend) Perkins and the late Rev. Wesley Townsend. His late father was a Baptist pastor and his mom is a faithful Christian worker and psalmist. Through the loving, responsible and encouraging tutelage of his mom and dad, he accepted Christ into his life at the age of 7. He credits his parents with the life of faith he now lives. It was this very faith, which lead him to accept his call into the ministry and on July 5, 1992, he preached his very first “public” sermon. Since that time, he has dedicated himself to making plain the Word of God for the people of God to the glory of God. “Pastor T” is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and is a graduate of United Theological Seminary Dayton, OH where he earned a Masters of Divinity. Additionally, the Texas Historical Commission has approved Mount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church for a Subject Matter Marker, which will be unveiled in the fall of 2019. For more information, visit www.


JUNE 7, 2019

ASK ALMA Left at home Dear Alma,

Hey Now Lefty,

I recently got married to a man I dated for six years. We have a wonderful relationship – open and trusting – and I couldn’t ask for anything more. However, he likes to go quite often (about once a week) to the club. I’m never invited. He acts as if it would be a sin if I were to go with him. Sometimes he doesn’t get home until after midnight. I will trust him until he gives me a reason not to. If I were to go out in the same way with my girlfriends, he would get irate, wondering what I’m doing, who we’re with, etc. When he tells me he’s going out, I never get mad (I definitely don’t want him going to a club mad at me!). I just don’t know if I should start “putting my foot down,” so to speak. How can I get him to see things from my perspective? For all I know, he could be in another woman’s bed! All I have to go on is trust. What do you think? Signed, Left at home


What I think is the same thing you think. You just want me to say it. You aren’t doing yourself or your husband any favors by not telling the truth about how you feel. If an issue doesn’t sit well with you, you should be straightforward. Honesty helps to build a genuine and trustworthy commitment. If simply loving somebody could make a person do or be better, we’d all be doing the right thing, ‘cause we all got somebody who loves us. You asked if you should put your foot down? Hello-o-o, you’re still standing on your tippy toes right now, so you’re not in a position to put your foot down. You lead him to believe that his clubbing is fine with you. To make matter worse, you even send him off with a kiss on the cheek and a smile. Because, like you said, you don’t want to send him to the club mad. Don’t be angry with him for doing what he’s doing when you’ve told him it’s alright to do it. Don’t get me wrong; I understand what you’re

are not neglecting it. Inspiration/Influence: Taking positive steps to keep your body and soul healthy.   Lucky Numbers –   

LEO – The Lion – 07/23 – 08/22 Greater achievements came unexpectedly. You were surprised but ought not be, enjoy the victory. VIRGO – The Virgin – 08/23 – 09/22 Be more flexible with your time, others are counting on you. Make most of your energy, as you have too much to do.

TAURUS – THE BULL – 04/20 - 05/20 Struggles in family or at work. You need to keep your end; this is not the time to allow them to win.  

STAR: PISCES - The Fish - 02/19 - 03/20 Your health is a big deal; make sure you

JUNE 7, 2019

LIBRA – The Scales – 09/23 – 10/22   Perfect time to give small token of your affection. Spend time with friends they need you to do right by them.  

GEMINI – The Twins - 05/21 – 06/20  Your mentality has been sharp lately, it’s a good time to start a new class and gain more knowledge.  CANCER – The Crab – 06/21 – 07/22  Spend your money wisely, let it sit and

Alma Gill’s newsroom experience spans more than 25 years, including various roles at USA Today, Newsday and the Washington Post. Email questions to:alwaysaskalma@ Follow her on Facebook at “Ask Alma” and Twitter @almaaskalma.

collect . Use this time to re-direct your energy to nature.

ARIES - The RAM - 03/21 - 04/19 Your inner strength is matching your outer; it is much easier to take care of all kinds of business.  


saying, and I agree with you. I wouldn’t want my husband at the club either. But this should have been discussed and clarified early on. First things first: Start telling the truth. I’d suggest you take the time to tell him how you really feel. There’s no need to be hostile. Part of this is your fault, so you need to come clean with patience in one hand and understanding in the other. An old Chaka Khan song comes to mind – Once you get started, snap, snap, Ooooh, it’s hard to stoppppp, yea, you just can’t stop now!!! (Sorry, I lost my train of thought.) Maybe he can go to the club every other week, or maybe you can go with him. The two of you need to decide what’s best. I don’t think he’ll stop right away, but I’m sure there’s a place in the middle that will satisfy both of you. Alma

SCORPIO – The Scorpion – 10/23 – 11/21 New challenges are coming, you need them, start your step up “game” now. 


SAGITTARIUS – The Archer – 11/22 –

12/21 Time to kick back and enjoy good times, parties or casual hangouts. CAPRICORN – The Goat – 12/22 – 01/19 Work issues are worse than ever, make a power play or wait on someone else to do it. Go for it!   AQUARIUS – The Water Carrier – 01/20 – 02/18 You need to find compromise with someone important, it very well could be yourself.  Daily Oracle Reading: Ask and it is given: Your thoughts about him/her are only an inner self reflection and truest feelings of self.

Anthony’s “Leadership” Council addresses Central Park Five

Anthony Council will be on his way to Morehouse College this Fall. An intern with I Messenger Media, he is the host of Anthony’s Leadership Council on Cheryl’s World on Blog Talk Radio and his next show will be on the Central Park 5 and the Netflix series: “When They See Us” that includes an interview from the Roland Martin Unfiltered Show on the Central Park 5.

He will be getting young viewpoints on the case and how it affected them. The Central Park 5 case occurred when five young boys (Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana, and Korey Wise were accused and convicted of beating and raping a white woman who was jogging in New York’s Central Park in 1989. During the case, investigators and officers questioned the young

men without their parent's permission and completely stripped them from their childhood. Because of the crime that they didn't commit they had to serve years in jail. Years later the five young men were released in 2001 because of DNA testing proving their


innocence to the crime. This show is going to really shed a light on what our judicial system is like and how people viewed the case. Anthony encourages all ages to tune in. “You can listen in to my show on JUNE 7, 2019

JUNE 7, 2019




Black Music Month

Blood Donor Day Flag Day

Men’s Health Month

Weird Al Yankovic: Strings Attached Tour, The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory 300 Las Colinas Blvd. Irving. 8p.

PTSD Awareness Month Recurring Events Feeding The Needy Hosted by: Michael “Hollywood” Hernandez Live 834 S. Ervay St. Dallas. 3pm-5pm. Sundays. Marvelous Marriage Monday’s, Friendship-West Baptist Church 2020 W. Wheatland Rd. 7-8:30p Split Second, Jubilee Theatre 506 Main St. Fort Worth. 8-10p. www. 5-246-23.

June 12 Barbara C. Harris. Clergywoman, born 1930 in Philadelphia, PA.

Women’s Veterans Day 2019 – S.H.E.R.O.E.S. Afternoon Celebration, El Centro College 801 Main St. Dallas12:30-3:30p. Zan Wesley Holmes “Asher Group”, Frazier House 4600 Spring Ave. Dallas. 2-3:30p. Register: “One Handshake at a Time” Stockyards Business Networking, Media Multicultural Western Heritage Center 2029 N. Main St. Ft Worth. 5:30-7:30p. RSVP Lunch and Conversation with Dallas County DA John Creuzot, Meadows Conference Center 2900 Live Oak St. 11:45a-1:15p.

June 13 The Stormproof Way To Build Your Brand Host: Tresa Chambers, Microsoft Store 8687 N. 75 Fwy. #1612, Dallas. 7-9p. Eboni J presents “The Man Cave” and Conversations, Monte Cristo 3878 Oak Lawn Ave. 7-10p. Black Women in Business Meet Up, Meadows Conference Center 2900 Live Oak St. Dallas, 7-9p. Dallas and the 86th Legislature, Communities Foundation of Texas – Marble Peters Caruth Center 5500 Caruth Haven Ln. 7:30-9a.

Balch Springs Chamber 8th Annual Celebrity Golf Classic, Mesquite Golf Course 825 W. I 30, Tee Off: 8am.

Collin County NAACP Juneteenth Celebration, Dr. Peppers Ball Park Frisco Info: Marc Payne 972-3341995. 6:05pm.

Unshakeable Faith 2019, Hilton Anatole 2201 N. Stemmons Fwy, Dallas 2p.

Ace Kouture Pop Up Tour & Fashion Show, Soar Creative Studios 1337 Chemical St. Dallas, 6p.

Paul Quinn College Tour, Dymensions Education 8105 Rasor Blvd. #273, Plano 9a-3pm.

The Ultimate Daddy Daughter Experience, Father’s Day Brunch, House of Blues 2200 N. Lamar St. 1:30p.

Legislative Preview: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, Arlington Hall of Special Events 3333 Turtle Creek Blvd. 11:30a-1p.

Father’s Day Jokes & Jazz Sunday’s, Vinetti’s 14833 Midway Rd. Addison. 11am-3pm.

19th Amendment Centennial, Communities Foundation of Texas 5500 Caruth Haven Ln. 2-3:30p.

June 15 Josiah Henson, Author & Abolitionist Minister born 1789.

31st Texas Black Invitational Rodeo, State Fair Coliseum 7pm. Tickets: African American Museum. Chief Rene Hall & Sheriff Marian Brown are the Grand Marshall’s. IHCC Hora De Poder, Irving Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 135 S. Jefferson St. Irving. 9-11a. Info: www.IrvingHCC. com. 2019 Best Southwest Juneteenth Celebration, Valley Ridge Park 2850 Parkridge Dr. Cedar Hill. 5-10p. Monthly C.A.W. Clark Legal Clinic, T.M. Chambers Wing Good Street Baptist Church 3110 Bonnieview Rd. 10a-12p. S.D. Booker’s DFW Book Release Party ‘A Toast to the Men’ at Chef’s Ced’s Foodie Shack 8300 La Prada Dr. Dallas 1-5pm. Just 4 Laffs Presents “Bust Ya Gut Comedy Show”,Host: Anastasia The Bold Café Delicious 5209 S. Lamar St. 8:30p.

Jamalz Reginald Productions Presents: Apollo Dallas, State of Hall 3939 Grand Ave. 7-9p. The Prince Experience, The Sound, The Sound Stage and Amphitheater 3081 Olympus Blvd. 7:30-10:30p.

June 14-15


Juneteenth The Stage Play, Co-written, Directed & Produced by Former Dallas Cowboy Greg Ellis, Friendship-West Baptist Church 2020 W. Wheatland

Celebration for Rev. Ronald Jones, New Hope Baptist Church 5002 S. Central Expressway 2:30p.

Women’s Leadership Summit Navigating the Path to Success, The Statler Hotel 1914 Commerce St.

Father’s Day Weekend Hat and Swag & Style Competition, Tiger House and Hat Shop (inside Grow DeSoto Market) 324 E. Belt Line Rd. DeSoto. 7p-12:01a.

Promising Young Artist Series Montage Concert, TBAAL Clarence Muse Café 1309 Canton St. 8p. Ticketmaster.

Father’s Day

City Men Cook - The Largest Sunday Dinner in North Texas, Celebrity Host: Samantha Chatman NBC 5, Gilley’s Southside 1135 S. Lamar St. 3-6p. Info & Tickets:

June 16

Father’s Day Brunch, House of Blues, 2200 N. Lamar St. 1:30-3:30p.

Music under the Dome Summer 2019 Feat: Sharnette Hyter & Kee Dallas, African American Museum 3536 Grand Ave. 7:30 &10:30p. Sharon BeeChum 214-414-8893. Business Women’s Empowerment Series, Friendship-West Baptist Church 2020 W. Wheatland Rd. 6:30-9p. Community Solutions Host: Cajokal, CEBE & Quit Playin Moderator: Vincent L. Hall, Crown Plaza Market Center 7050 N. Stemmons Fwy. 7-10p.

June 21

Neo Soul Sunday’s at Blue Martini Lounge 7301 Lone Star Dr. Plano 4p-12a.

Carol Stokes, Politician born in 1927.

4 Ya Soul Band, Smoking Jacket Cigar Lounge 1435 US 67 Hwy #100, Cedar Hill. 7p.

Ole School Party Fish Fry Hole in the Wall Edition at Trinity Elk Lodge #480 2607 MLK Jr. Blvd. 8-2am.

June 17

26 Annual Dr. Marion J. Brooks Living Legends Awards at TCC - Trinity River Campus 245 E. Belknap St. Fort Worth 5:30-9pm.

A Night with Major Attaway and Friends, Jubilee Theatre 312 Houston St. Ft. Worth. 7:30-9:30p. Move it Mondays Yoga N Da Hood, Warmack Library 760 W. Bardin Rd. Grand Prairie, 6:30-7:30p. Nupes & Ques Charity Basketball Game, Duncanville Fieldhouse 1700 S. Main St. 6:30-9:30p.

June 18

Erykah Badu with Dallas Symphony, Morton H. Myerson Center, 2301 Flora St. Dallas 7:30p. Music in the Park Concert Series, Valley Ridge Park 2850 Parkridge Dr. Cedar Hill, 8p-11p.

June 22

IHCC Power Hour, Irving Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 135 S. Jefferson St. Irving. 11:30am-1pm. Info: NABJ Dallas-Fort Worth Association of Black Journalists Monthly Meeting, Host: PowerPlay Radio Network /POWER TV and Radio Therapy Network, 7800 Stemmons Fwy, #370, Dallas. 5:30p. Info: Donald Willis 469-335-6668. Free Seminar – Choose Your Retirement Path, Two Forest Plaza Conference Ctr. 12201 Merit Dr., Dallas. 6:30-8p. Jazz Breaks – Jason Davis, Mesquite Arts Center 1527 N. Galloway Ave. 7-9p.

June 19 Juneteenth Emancipation Day

Neighborhood Legal Clinic, Friendship-West Baptist Church 2020 W Wheatland Rd. Dallas 5:30-7:30pm. Juneteenth Economic Forum, Frazier House 4600 Spring Ave. Dallas. 9am-3pm. For more info: email 2019 Juneteenth Celebration at The Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center 2922 MLK Blvd. 2-7pm. info: 214-670-8418. Dallas Job Fair, Hilton Garden Inn Dallas Market Hall 2325 N. Stemmons Fwy. 11a-2p. RSVP 105.7 Rudy Rush Comedy Hour, Arlington Improv 309 Curtis Mathis Way, #147, 6-11:59p.

June 20-22

Mingling over Mimosas at African American Museum 3536 Grand Ave. 11a-2p. Tickets:

June 20 Happy Birthday Cheryl Smith Publisher/Editor of I Messenger Media L.L.C. She’s a wonderful Women with great Vision for her team.

Cajokal Entertainment Business Conference, Crown Plaza Dallas-Market Center 7050 N. Stemmons Fwy.1p. Info: www.


Octavia Butler, writer born 1947. 25th Don’t Believe the Hype Celebrity Bowl-A-Thon, USA Bowl 10920 Composite Dr., Dallas. 6p. Sponsor or Vendor or Register your team call 214-941-0110. African American Dallas Lit Book Expo Presented by: Kendra King at Highland Hill Dallas Public Library 6200 Bonnie View Rd. 12-5p. Sign Up at Que Sino 23rd Annual Scholarship Gala Harlem Night Edition 2019 at Omni Mandalay Hotel 221 E. Las Colinas, Blvd. Irving. 8p-2a. Tickets: Reggae Party Cruise Host: Lynne Haze & Lesia Ramsey at Pier 121 Marina 1481 E. Hill Park Rd. Lewisville. 8-11pm. Monthly Break Fast w/Councilman Casey Thomas II District 3 at Dallas Executive Airport 5303 Challenger Dr. 10am. CeCe Godbolt’s CD Release & Concert, Guest Emcee: Dareia Tolbert-Jacobs Impact Church 2945 Frankford Rd. Dallas 6p. RSVP: https://bit. ly/2WqcTc8. The One Thing Your Doctor May Not Tell You, Dr. Jewel Pookrum M.D. P.H.D. & MFS, Friendship-West Baptist

JUNE 7, 2019

JUNE 7, 2019


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