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In run-off election Rev. Raphael Warnoff defeats Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Jon Ossoff has a 12,000 vote lead over Sen. David Perdue!

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By Cheryl Smith Publisher

OPPRESSORS V. OPPRESSED How do we end this year on a positive note? Can we be optimistic about the future? How do we keep from drifting into a fit of hopelessness and despair when there is so much devastation around us? Sure Black people in America, at least the ones I know, live in a constant state of pandemonium, but 2020 has been a bit overwhelming. Which brings me to my truth. I have five young Black grandsons. They are absolutely adorable and I am not the only one who says so! Folks say they are “precious,” “handsome,” and more. There have been comments even about taking them home and making arrangements to have pre-arranged marriages for them! It is heartwarming to hear all the wonderful comments about those young, daring and delightful young boys. Please understand that while I think my boys are the best so did the parents and grandparents of these children, and others: - Alton Sterling - Amadou Diallo - Antwon Rose - Ariane McCree - Botham Jean - Casey Goodson Jr. - Daniel Prude - Damian Daniels - Darius Tarver - Emantic “EJ” Fitzgerald Bradford Jr. - Emmett Till - Eric Garner - Freddie Gray - George Floyd

- JaQuavion Slaton - Jonathan Ferrell - Jordan Baker - Joshua Feast - Kwame “KK” Jones - Michael Dean - Michael Brown - Miles Hall - Philando Castile - Rodney Applewhite - Sean Bell - Sean Reed - Stephon Clark - Tamir Rice - Trayvon Martin - Yassin Mohamed

I could call millions of Black boys and men as well as Black girls and women who have become victims because of the color of their skin. Now I’d venture to say that it was more than relatives who made flattering remarks about the aforementioned when they were young. SO, when did our young boys become a threat? When did they become monsters, threatening, grotesque and menacing? When did they go from being the little, handsome, young men to someone who looked like a “criminal,” or worse… an “animal?” Conversely when did Black females become the object of everyone’s disdain? Almost everyone has an issue with us including Black men, and so much to the point that Black women joined in the demonization and ostracization of other Black women! That’s right— the oppressed take on the ways of the oppressors! These are just a few names of women remembered in recent years: - Atatiana Jefferson - Breonna Taylor - Eleanor Bumpers - Mya Hall - Sandra Bland - Shereese Francis - Tyisha Miller

As we move into another deSee MY TRUTH, page 5


Donald Trump spent

almost a year playing golf during presidency By Lauren Victoria Burke

President Donald Trump

lion were infected. In December, an average of over 1,5000 people died daily in the U.S. due to coronavirus. Over 70,000 deaths are predicted by the end of December. President Trump never developed a national strategy for the coronavirus pandemic that may have included a testing and tracing plan. Recent legislation passed by Congress did not include aid for state and local governments to circulate vaccines and deal with coronavirus treatment. “So, while a plan to slightly reduce suffering of vast numbers of Americans is being debated by Congressional leaders, the President is in Palm Beach, VP is in Vail, Secretary of Treasury in Cabo San

Lucas. While many Americans are in medical centers or quarantine, VP Pence, chief of the President’s Covid-19 task force, has reportedly had himself flown from DC to Vail skiing resort in Colorado for vacation. Pence’s Colorado vacation — defying the national pandemic he was assigned to help thwart — is your tax dollars at work,” wrote historian Michael Beschloss on December 24. On December 27, Vice President Pence was in Vail, Colorado skiing. Enroute to the golf course in Florida near Mar-a-Lago, one onlooker held a sign that read “Crazy F***”. During the worst pandemic to hit the U.S. since the influenza See TRUMP page 5

Message from the President Quinnites & Friends of the Quinnite Nation: I pray that you are somewhere safe and in the company of people whom you love and who love you. As 2020 comes to a close, I am reminded of all that we have experienced during the past 12 months (https:// www.dallasnews.com/news/ commentary/2020/03/25/itsjust-too-much-to-take-in-whylosing-commencement-at-thisdallas-hbcu-is-a-very-big-deal/). The fact that this year has been difficult is well-documented. Far too many of us have lived 2020 grappling with the fear, anxiety, and loss that COVID-19 brought into our worlds. Others among

Dr. Michael J. Sorrell

us continued to grapple with the reality of what race means in this country. Still more people suffered silently struggling to meet their everyday needs while living in the shadows of the global pandemic and national racial reckoning. At Paul Quinn College, we were

not immune to the ravages of 2020. However, as is our way, we decided to use 2020 as a season not for mourning but rather for sowing seeds in the service of others. As a result of this philosophy, the Quinnite Nation stands at the eve of the new year prepared to be stronger and more impactful than ever before. We are thankful for partners, students, faculty/staff, Board of Trustees, and alumni who believe in, and are committed to, our vision. If you would like to invest in our future, we invite you to do so by visiting our website (www.pqc.edu/invest). In the interim, please allow me to share with you a small fraction of what we have accomplished in 2020: See MESSAGE page 2

Dallas gets new top cop By Ashley M. Moss Texas Metro News

A Christmas package arrived early for the City of Dallas with the formal announcement Wednesday of the appointment of the new police chief. More than 55 community and business organizations participated in panel interviews of the top candidates which included five local candidates, but the City ultimately looked west to Eddie Garcia to fill the role of top cop over the ninth largest police department in the country. Garcia, who most recently served for four years as the chief of police for the San Jose Police Department in California, will be the first Latino to preside over the City of Dallas, replacing current Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall, who submitted her resignation in September.

By Norma Adams-Wade

Trailblazing Dallas Black police officers

NNPA Newswire Correspondent

President Donald Trump has spent 307 days, almost a full year, golfing during his presidency. The total is likely to be the most golf outings of any president in history. Additionally, Trump is likely to be collectively viewed by historians as one of the worst presidents in American history. Almost a year of time spent on golf courses was punctuated recently as December became the worst month for deaths and infections in the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. Many in conservative media made a point of mentioning time spent playing golf by President Obama. But Trump has now far surpassed Obama and any other President in time spent on golf courses. In 2017, Trump spent three months’ time — 91 days — on the golf course. In 2018, Trump spent 75 days playing golf. In 2019, Trump spent 87 days on a golf course and in 2020, Trump spent 54 days playing golf — even during the deadliest year for the U.S. since World War II which featured 291,557 fatalities. The pandemic was disproportionately deadlier for African American communities. In only ten months in 2020 over 330,000 Americans died in the coronavirus pandemic and over 19 mil-

I Was Just Thinking...

While local leaders advocated for the appointment of an internal candidate, most said Garcia would be welcomed. “T.C. Broadnax had a difficult decision but he had to do what was right for Dallas holistically and not just one group and I’m good with the decision,” said Terrence Hopkins, President of the Black Police Association of Greater Dallas. “He’s battle-tested in a lot of areas Dallas has issues with,” Hopkins added citing Garcia’s experience with prominent issues like diversity and social justice. “He’s been the number one guy in a top 10 city (San Jose) with a makeup similar to Dallas - not (just) an assistant, a deputy or a major.” Others agreed. “I had hoped Malik Aziz would have gotten the job,” said Sheldon Smith, the Dallas chapter president of the National Black Police

Chief Eddie Garcia

Association. “But I think he was asked to apply by the City. That says a lot in itself.” “He told us it would take time to evaluate where we are as a Department and our leadership,” he added. “He is capable and experienced and I will support him.” Aziz, a David W. Carter High School and UTA graduate with an MBA from the University of DalSee GARCIA page 7

Let’s close out the year 2020 with a historical tribute to Dallas Black police officers. I thought about these early Black officers when I ran across an old news clip about the on-again/ off-again closing of the Jesse R. Dawson State Jail at 106 W. Commerce St. The Dawson jail stands right before one leaves the downtown

Retiring Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall.

Credit: The Dallas Morning News

Dallas area to cross the Trinity River Bridge leading to Oak Cliff. Dawson also is across from the Lew Sterrett Justice Center that is behind the Frank Crowley Court Building at Commerce Street and Riverfront Boulevard. I was just thinking…and wondering how many people today know or remember that that easily-ignored jail facility is named after one of Dallas’ original Black police officers – Jesse R. Dawson. He holds a position of honor with four other groundbreaking Black men, former World War II soldiers who passed the entrance exam and finally were allowed to join the Dallas force in 1947 and ’48, a few years after World War II ended. Whites on and off the force had strongly resisted but eventually were overruled. In 1947, the first two officers to join were Benjamin Thomas Jr. and Lee G. Brotherton Sr. (who became a Muslim and changed his name to L. G. Bilal). Dawson joined in 1948 along with William Starks and Charles Thompson. The Black officers patrolled the historic Black enclave State-Thomas neighborhood just north of downtown Dallas. They were not allowed to arrest White folk. As racial restrictions slowly began to thin out over the years, the pioneer Black officers began to share their hard-fought experiences in media interviews. I interviewed Dawson for a Black History Month series in The Dallas Morning News in the 1980s. Dawson said this: “We had people in our own race who didn’t want us. We bowed our necks and did the job. We needed a job and enjoyed what we were doing. I was just determined to make it.” Dawson retired in 1976 and later became the first Black elected constable in Dallas, succeeding Rev. George Brewer who had been appointed in 1975. Margaret McGee was Dallas’ first Black female officer. She arrived in Dallas in 1972, began looking for work, and applied at Dallas City Hall. She discovered there were no Black female officers and that year became the first. She overcame resistance as both a female and Black See THINKING, page 6






The Top Five Accomplishments of the Quinnite Nation in 2020

from page 1

The Top Five Accomplishments of the Quinnite Nation in 2020 WE built new stuff. Just because our students have taken their classes online and our staff has worked remotely for the last nine months does not mean #nationbuilding ceased. When our campus re-opens for a return to regular student life in the fall of 2021, things will look very different. In addition to the completion of the brand new Trammell S. Crow Living & Learning Center and our new Health & Wellness facility (the first new buildings in 40 years on the campus), Paul Quinn College will also be home to a KIPP high school (https:// kipptexas.org/kipp-texas-highschool-scheduled-to-returnto-its-or iginal-location-onthe-campus-of-paul-quinncollege-next-fall/) and a Dallas Independent School District International Baccalaureate Academy. Both schools will be located in separate remodeled facilities on the campus. WE continued raising our graduation rates. Our graduation rate when I arrived almost 14 years ago was less than three percent. Since that time, we have made improving our performance in this area a focal point of our existence. I am

proud to share that our fall 2016 cohort is on pace to reach a 40% graduation rate (continuing our upward trend in this area over the last five years). We are still a long way from our graduation rate goal (90%). However, it is undeniable that improving one’s graduation rate by more than 35% is an achievement worthy of mention in any year. We kept fighting for others. As you know, the Quinnite Nation has a long history of taking up the causes of the communities we serve. This commitment is rooted in our African Methodist Episcopal Church DNA. Here are two examples of our work in 2020: • Safe for our City: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the College has operated a free COVID-19 test site since early this summer. Thanks to the support of the Lyda Hill Philanthropies, City of Dallas, the AME Church, and many others, thousands of North Texans were able to tested for the virus and receive food from our food drive. (https:// www.dallasnews.com/news/ public-health/2020/11/18/ paul-quinn-offers-free-covid19-testing-food-giveawaysevery-saturday-in-november/) • Shingle Mountain. Our students and faculty took up the cause of Marsha Jackson and her community. The

results have been impressive: • Washington Post: https:// www.washingtonpost. com/climateenvironment/2020/11/16/ environmentalracism-dallas-shinglemountain/?arc404=true • Dallas Morning News: https://www. dallasnews.com/news/ commentary/2020/02/14/ heres-how-shinglemountain-was-born-andwhy-dallas-wont-pay-todestroy-the-70000-tonmonster/ • KERA: https://www. keranews.org/environmentnature/2020-12-08/ in-the-shadow-of-shinglemountain-neighbors-fightto-dismantle-a-legacy-ofenvironmental-racism • NBC on its removal: https:// www.nbcdfw.com/news/ local/shingle-mountainremoval-begins-newera-for-southern-dallasneighborhood/2507939/

Pathways, the NBA, Hennessy, Essence, Thurgood Marshall College Fund, NAFEO, UNCF, and so many others to bring the HBCU National Commencement Celebration to life (https:// hiphopprez.medium.com/ dr-michael-sorrell-the-manb e h i n d - s h o w m e y o u r w a l k63faa86efc7c). This event served as a celebration for over 75,000 HBCU graduates and even featured a commencement address from President Barack Obama. To date, it has been viewed over 2,000,000 times. We also engaged in a national conversation on Race, Class, & Higher Education with the Chronicle of Higher Education. Since June, I have had the pleasure of co-hosting this conversation with my new friends Sara Lipka, Sarah Brown, and Scott Carlson and a host of influencers in and around education. If you missed the series, you can catch up here: https ://www.chronicle.com/ package/race-class-and-highereducation. It is truly special.

WE made sure that WE over Me still matters. When thousands of HBCU students were denied their commencement moment by COVID-19, the Quinnite Nation went into full “WE over Me” mode (https://www.hbcudigest. com/p/national-hbcucommencement-celebration). In May, we worked with JP Morgan Chase’s Advancing Black

WE made new friends. Paul Quinn is always open to innovation and partnerships in areas that will better prepare our students for the future. One such example of this philosophy is our new relationship with the Minerva Project. This fall our two institutions announced an Urban Scholars Program. You can read about it here: https://

www.businesswire.com/news/ home/20200709005295/en/PaulQuinn-College-Minerva-ProjectAnnounce-Urban-S cholarsProgram-Launching-Fall-2020. In addition to the Minerva Project partnership, Paul Quinn also became the first HBCU to join the Guild Education marketplace. By forming an alliance with Guild, we now have the ability to speak to the needs of the adult learner population at many of America’s most recognized companies (https://www.washingtonpost. com/education/2020/09/23/ paul-quinn-college-guildeducation/). We will never pretend that COVID-19 is a blessing. It is not and never will be. However, as people of faith, we know that one of our responsiblities is to find pathways through our seasons of struggle. At Paul Quinn College, we have known struggle and we know the single most important ingredient to persevering is the will to just keep going. That is our promise to you – we will always keep going. We hope that 2021 proves to be a blessing for you and your family. We pray that you will find the strength to keep going. Finally, we hope that you will continue to support our dream of a Quinnite Nation (www.pqc. edu/invest). With love, respect, and gratitude, President Michael J. Sorrell, Ed.D.

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Streaming: virtual viewing available at: http://www.garlandsymphony.org/tickets-livestream. 7:30 pm. Cleaning and safety protocols are being followed at the Granville Arts Center and Plaza Theatre. All staff is wearing masks or shields and the facility is cleaned thoroughly before and after each production. Seating is assigned following the state guidelines of two seats in between each couple or group and every other row is left empty. All patrons are required to wear masks according to the Governor’s guidelines, including while seated in the theatre

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75 miles Get Out & Walk Garland Enjoy and experience Garland Your Race Your Pace by Garland Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts. REGISTER: http://bit.ly/walkgarland WHEN Dec. 1 - Jan. 16 (Complete and record your miles by Feb 28). DISTANCE 75 Miles Total - log your total when you have completed them! Get Out & Walk, Enjoy, and Experience Garland. This is your race at your pace. Complete the 75-mile goal as a family, with a friend or co-worker, or take some ‘me’ time while enjoying the fresh winter air. Visit GarlandParks.com, to find parks and trails to explore.

Ja n u a ry 9 Richardson Farmers Market. Event by Richardson Farmers Market and FOUR SEASONS MARKETS. 101 S. Coit Rd. Richardson. 10 am-2 pm. CST. The layout has changed to observe the CDC recommendations and masks are mandatory for both vendors and patrons. Vendors list: https://www.fourseasonsmarkets.com/events.

Ja n u a ry 10 Pushing Past the Norm. Event by Team Derrick and TYG Media. Online: facebook.com. 1–2 pm CST. Team Derrick Ministries to stream the latest messages: https://www.YouTube.com/c/ TeamDerrickMinistries Sunday - and every Sunday! - for Team Derrick Conversation and Chat Facebook Live.

32nd Annual MLK Virtual Celebration. Hosted by NAACP Garland, TX Unit. Online with Facebook Live. Join the Garland NAACP, City of Garland, and Garland ISD for the 32nd Annual MLK virtual Celebration. It will be streaming on multiple social media platforms. For more info: http://www. garlandtxnaacp.org/ or call (972) 3815044. Goddess Brunch. Event by Priestess Ifa Bunnmi. 1-5 pm. CST. Tickets: www.IfaBunnmi.com Happy New Year! 2020 has been a year of growth and self-reflection! This is the perfect time to fellowship with sisters, to discuss where you are now and your goals for 2021! Godis vision is calling all of the divine goddesses of Dallas to show the world that woman can come together and have a great time!! This is a goddess themed event so dress to bring the dead back To life! We will have vegan and non-vegan food options as well as mimosas!! If you’re a poet and would like to join in on the spoken word email (godisvisionevents@gmail. com) to add your name to the list! VIP tickets are $80 General Admission is $50. Vendor fee is $80! Vendors: https://www.ifabunnmi.com/quote-1 Just Blessed. By Painting with a Twist (Richardson.) 8-10 pm. Tickets: www. paintingwitha t w ist. co m /st u d i o /r i c h a r d s o n / e ve nt /2453381 Blessed to have made it to 2021!

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Ja n u a ry 11 College and Career Week. Event by Aldridge Elementary PTA at Aldridge Elementary, 720 Pleasant Valley Ln. Richardson. 7:45 am. It is always the right time for college - dress in your favorite decade.

Annual DHOG Chili Cook Off. Event by Dallas Harley-Davidson at Harley-Davidson, 1334 W. Centerville Rd. Garland. 10 am-1 pm. CST. Come out and Support and show your love for the Dallas HOG Chapter! Live Music, Fun, Tasting, and a good time! People’s Choice Voting begins at 1:00 pm. Register to Kerry@bestusa.com RULES: 1. All Chili must be cooked on site from scratch the day of the event. Starting with raw meat. 2. No fillers (Beans, Macaroni, Rice, Etc.) are permitted in the chili. Finally chopped onions and peppers are ok. 3. Must cook at least one 4 Quart pot of chili per team to allow for People’s Choice Tasting. 4. Turn in chili at 1 pm for Judging. 5. People’s Choice Tasting will start at 1 pm. 6. Awards at 2:30 pm...... Judges will not be Chapter Members.

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4th Sunday Nature Walk: Preservation Society of Spring Creek Forest. Spring Creek Forest Preserve 1770 Holford, Garland. 2–3:30 pm. For a fun walk on your own, try our Self-Guided Interpretive Trail at 1787 Holford Road that was created by the North Texas Master Naturalist chapter in Dallas. For more information, visit the Preservation Society’s website, https:// springcreekforest.org/.

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2020: A Blurry Vision!

Quit Playin’ By Vincent L. Hall

2020 started before it even started. Months before its arrival, personal and corporate plans were laid out like a Sunday suit on Saturday night. We were just itching for church service to begin. Every passage of scripture with the word vision was surveyed. 2020 was declared the shiznit before it even started. A wise preacher once said that God laughs at our plans. He must have. In January, most of our trou-

bles were far away. The Australian Brushfires scorched a patch of land the size of Cuba. 18.6 million hectares, whatever that is, burned. Meanwhile, Trump was relishing his assassination of Iran’s General Qassim Suleimani. Congress rushed through a bill to limit his authority after that. The Coronavirus and the lockdowns came next. America’s biggest Ferris wheel, aka “the greatest economy in the world,” halted. No school, no restaurants, no travel, no jobs. Who knew that Democracy and materialism were just two paychecks short of bankruptcy? Twenty-two million Americans lost their jobs. That figure does not account for the children, ailing parents, and other dependents who were put at risk. Pandemic was the new buzzword by then. The concept was new to the world and the American middle class, but not for everyone. This “pandemic” thing was just the latest complication for minori-

ties and the working poor. If they have a place to lay their heads at all, America’s homeless and underinsured living in food deserts were on display for the world to see. COVID-19 ripped the scab off the United States’ best-kept secret. America is the “home of the free” for some while millions just brave

the waves and woes of poverty. The CARES Act was introduced and passed. It helped millions of citizens, small businesses, schools, governments, and churches. Yes, churches! On its face, it was a gracious act of thoughtfulness. Nevertheless, the lobbyists won again. The big businesses fared much better than the small citizens did. Thomas Massie, a Republican

congressional representative from Kentucky, threatened to derail the whole process. He pointed at the grift in that legislation. “If it were just about helping people to get more unemployment (benefits) to get through this calamity, then I could be for it, but this is $2 trillion. Divide $2 trillion by 350 million people.” His point was as stark as it was simple. Americans got $1,200 each instead of the $17,000 each they could have. Big Business is still the heavyweight champion! Oil got so cheap in April that they would give you $37.63 to take a barrel home with you. We watched fossil fuels take a beating, and then the camera panned to George Floyd, whose beating was fatal, brutal, and consequential. Black Lives Matter garnered lots of support. Many, if not most of those protesters were sympathetic Whites, and that was a positive sign. Their involvement led to Corporate America leaning in

on the side of BLM. It reminds us that Presidents and Congressional leaders do not run America. Uncle Sam is powerless to the sway of Captain Corporate. Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos vs. Donald Trump, and Mitch McConnell is a mismatch at best. We learned to work from home, worship on the web, and wash our hands after every visit to the latrine. And speaking of outhouses, Americans bared the public square just long enough to push Donald Trump out of the White House he has stained for future generations. At this writing, 315,000 people are dead, and 300,000 of them probably should not have ever even been infected. 2020 was slated as the year of vision, but we cannot wait for it to become a blur. Come on, 2021! Vincent L. Hall is an author, activist, and award-winning columnist.

The Biden Cabinet Mainstream, Moderate, Middling

The Last Word

By Dr. Julianne Malveaux I neither expected sparks nor extreme surprises as President-elect Joe Biden begin to announce his Cabinet. I did expect diversity, and we’ve seen it. But I didn’t expect the number of Obama-era retreads to be included in this Cabinet. As I write this in mid-December, I can hardly contain my disappointment that Tom Vilsack, the man who fired Shirley Sherrod for specious reasons, is being asked, again, to lead the Department of Agriculture. Many of us had hoped that Congresswoman Marcia Fudge, who served several years on the House Committee on Agriculture, would get this position. Instead, she was nominated to be the Secretary of the Department

of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), still a cabinet position. HUD, however, is one of those “Black folk or people of color” positions. Robert Weaver, an African American Harvard Ph.D. in economics, was the first HUD Secretary. Noted attorney and civil rights activist, Patricia Roberts Harris, was the eighth. Some HUD secretaries were quite distinguished and qualified, others (like present secretary Ben Carson) much less so. In any case Congresswoman Fudge will do an exemplary job, no matter where she serves. But I am among those, including the legacy civil rights leaders, who is not excited about Vilsack returning to Agriculture. There is no one under 50 among the Biden nominees. There are few progressives among the Biden nominees. A glimmer of hope lies in the fact that the Council of Economic Advisor leans somewhat left and is also labor-centered, with the nominated chair, Cecilia Rouse, a Princeton University labor economist. The others, Jared Bernstein and Heather Boushey, have past relationships with the Economic Policy Institute, a worker focused

Hon. Marcia Fudge

think tank in DC (I serve on their board). It is also hopeful that Janet Yellen has been nominated as Treasury Secretary. She is worker-focused and the first woman to hold the posy. But in retreading Vilsack and Kerry, choosing international expert Susan Rice to lead the Domestic Policy Council, and choosing other mainstream moderates, Biden has thrown ice water on the hopes and dreams of the progressives who put their interests aside to unite around him. Where is the appointment for Mayor Pete Buttigieg, whose youth and knowledge will bring much to the Cabinet? Who will be the Secretary of Labor? Bernie Sanders

would like the position and is highly qualified for it. But so, too, is Thea Lee, President of the Economic Policy Institute, or Bill Spriggs, an African American labor economist who was an Assistant Secretary under President Obama. What about the Attorney General? Of the four top picks, only one, Former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick, is African American. There are opportunities for the Cabinet to be younger, more progressive, and more diverse. President-elect Biden has to consider their concerns. For a week or so, I’ve been encouraging patience, telling people we need to wait to see “the whole thing” of this Cabinet. But I’m reminded (thank you, Congressman Jim Clyburn) of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s book, Why We Can’t Wait, that Black people are always waiting, always being cautioned to be patient, always being told that it is not yet time for our concerns to be addressed. We have been cautioned on patience by both our friends and by those who would oppose us. President-elect Jo Biden still has selections to make, and he can make

them younger and more diverse. I’d also encourage him to speak up about the racism that has increased in our streets with these “Proud Boys” defacing Washington DC churches and roaming through our streets picking fights with people. We need a strong voice to stand against this racism. It wouldn’t necessarily come from the mainstream, moderate and middling. Those like the so-called Proud Boys (what are they proud of) aren’t likely to listen to Biden since they’ve been given the thumbs up by the tantrum-throwing loser who can’t figure out how to concede this election. But President-elect Biden would be well advised to speak firmly about this racism. Perhaps he should, as NAACP President Derrick Johnson said, appoint a race czar, just as he has selected the climate czar in John Kerry. In any case, the middling and the moderate, those who enjoy the status quo, aren’t the ones to fix a mess that has been brewing for more than 400 years. President-elect has never been especially bold, but this is a moment for boldness.

Don’t make Black Success a Disqualifier in the Biden-Harris Administration

Our Voices

By Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. When President-elect Joe Biden pounded the podium after the November 2020 elections and proclaimed, “The Black community has always had my back,” he also pledged to make the Biden Administration accountable and reflective of the interests of Black Americans and all others who stand for freedom, justice, equality, and economic empowerment. That was certainly good news. Yet, as the Biden-Harris Transi-

tion Team moves forward to create one of the most diverse and inclusive administrations in the history of the United States, there are those who take exception to including Black Americans and other people of color who have had significant private sector work experience. I know how complex and critical the new administration’s selection of nominees and appointees can be. I served on the Clinton-Gore Transition Team in 1992-1993 and I witnessed firsthand how standards were applied to ensure that the best talented and experienced people were recruited to serve in the Administration without exclusion due to race or prior career experience. I am speaking out about this issue, because now is not the time for silence as a result of fear from

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the right or from the left. As President-elect Biden looks to fill his Cabinet, White House staff, and the various agencies throughout the federal government, Biden will look to talented men and women from all walks of life to help him and Vice President-elect Harris to end a deadly pandemic, rebuild a stalled economy, and make America’s future progress and sustainability accessible to all of its citizens. The Biden-Harris Transition Team should not be forced to exclude talented people of color because they have chosen certain career paths. The vast majority of people of color, particularly Black people, do not come from generational wealth and most often are the first in their families to attend college. When they graduate and choose to go into public service,


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it is truly a personal sacrifice because they often do so with a heavy debt burden. To relieve themselves of that burden when their time in public service comes to an end, they often turn to the private sector for employment so that they can provide for their families, purchase a home, and build wealth. Those who consider themselves to be in the progressive left, counterproductively miss the point when they apply a “no private sector work” standard to people of color looking to come back and serve their country in the Biden-Harris administration. Those well-intentioned but misguided left progressives don’t realize that such a standard is unjustly punitive and ignores the racial and economic inequities in our nation. If we are to ever bridge the ra-

cial and class divisions in our nation, we must learn from our history rather than continue the stereotypes, fears, and prejudices of the past. The Biden-Harris Administration, like the Obama-Biden Administration, has an historic opportunity to move the nation forward toward “a more perfect Union.” Experienced and talented Black leaders in the public and private sectors will help the Biden-Harris Administration to achieve future success towards an inclusive, sustainable and equitable transformation of the United States of America. Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr. is President and CEO of the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) in Washington, DC, and executive producer & host of The Chavis Chronicles on PBS TV. dr.bchavis@nnpa.org http://www. TheChavisChronicles.com

CREDO OF THE BLACK PRESS The Black Press believes that America can best lead the world away from racial and national antagonisms when it accords to every person, regardless of race, color or creed, full human and legal rights. Hating no person, fearing no person, the Black Press strives to help every person in the firm belief that all are hurt as long as anyone is held back.

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Reflecting and Remembering: Hard Times during the Holidays

Faithful Utterances By Dr. Froswa Booker-Drew It has been such a difficult year and I know that most of us are ready for 2020 to end. As the first year of a new decade, we all were excited in January to think about the possibilities as we made plans for the upcoming twelve months. Little did we know that three months in, our lives would change drastically. None of us could have predicted that many of us would be in our homes nine months of the entire year. No one could have told me that I would not be able to enjoy eating with friends and family at restaurants or even at gatherings in our homes. I would have not believed that wearing a mask would become a part of our attire or that my attendance at church would be restricted to being solely online. Everyone, in some way, has been impacted by this year. My mother and I were reminiscing today and discussing this year’s effect on our lives. She lost six church members and five classmates. I have had several friends contract the disease and just recently, my dear friend’s son just died from complications of the disease. Chris was just 21. I did not think his death would affect me in the way it has--- it has been so painful. Chris went through so many difficulties after contracting COVID-19. He had multiple hospital visits

and even after being in ICU for months, he was finally released only to have to return several times because of his inability to breathe. It was heart wrenching to hear his mother’s panic each time as she asked for prayer. My prayer warrior crew was always ready to lift our concerns to God and intercede on behalf of Chris. His mother has endured so much, and I was so concerned as I witnessed her son’s struggles of the pain and concern, she tucked it away to focus on him. His mother’s faith has always been remarkable and even in some of her darkest moments, she encouraged me by witnessing her faith leap into action. Even the night of his death, in our tears, her faith did not falter. His sisters have been the same way. This was a family filled with so much love and to lose a son, a brother, a grandson, a relative, a friend who was a gentle giant like Chris is hard to swallow. I remember the toddler who ran around St. Philip’s who grew from a quiet, shy boy into a kindhearted, polite, generous, and driven young man. Chris will be so missed. This year, all of us in some way have experienced loss. Whether it was the loss of a loved one, or a job/business or even our daily routine, there has been something that has occurred that has changed us. None of us will walk away from this experience as the person we were pre-pandemic. This Holiday Season and New Year will be different. Many of us are hurting. Some of us are grieving, isolated, frightened, or lonely. This is the time for us to be there for one another in ways we have not shown up before. 1. We must acknowledge our grief and pain. Hiding it does not help us but hinders

us from experiencing the hands and hearts of others. 2. We are not alone. We may be dealing with a battle that others may be unaware of but know that we do not have do to this by ourselves. 3. Although we are physically distancing, we cannot afford to socially distance. We need each other and now, more than ever, we need to check on one another. We need to check in with people and ask how they are really doing beyond the superficial conversations. 4. Community cannot be forsaken. We may not be able to hang out with one another, but we need to create the spaces for connection. We need the presence of one another, and we definitely need to know that God is so present even now. There are multiple scriptures that are reminders

of God’s presence even when it doesn’t feel like God is on the scene like “Don’t be afraid, because I’m with you; don’t be anxious, because I am your God. I keep on strengthening you; I’m truly helping you. I’m surely upholding you with my victorious right hand.” (Isaiah 41:10) God is still here and even when it appears to be absolute chaos, we are not alone. We do not have to carry this weight by ourselves. We must stand in and on our faith. I would be deceptive if I told you this was not hard for me and that I haven’t had so many prayers questioning and yet, I am reminded of God’s goodness in my past and in my present even when tears stream down my face and I don’t always understand why. Dr. Froswa’ Booker-Drew is an author of three books and the host of The Tapestry podcast. To listen to episodes of the podcast, visit https://www.spreaker.com/show/ the-tapestry_1 and to learn more about her work, go to https:// drfroswa.com/

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Trump from page 1 My Truth

pandemic of 1919, President Donald Trump has been on the golf course over 280 times during his presidency at a cost of over $100 million. After January 20, 2021 both Trump and Pence are likely to have plenty of time for vacation. The COVID-19 crisis is predicted to get worse in January 2021 as former Vice President Biden prepares to take over as president. On December 28, Biden publicly stated that Trump’s team is making the transition of power difficult and putting up “roadblocks.” Calling the moves irresponsible, Biden said it, “all of it makes it harder for our government to protect the American people,” that is, “nothing short of irresponsibility.”


FEBRUARY 8, 2019

I Messenger

Do you know this man?

from page 1

cade in this century, let’s say it together: IT’S NOT OKAY! We must stop the madness, this behavior that does nothing to make this world a better place and further disenfranchises Black people. STOP RAPING, BULLYING, FALSELY ACCUSING, CONDEMNING, REDLINING, RIDICULING, REFUSING TO HIRE, OVERLOOKING FOR PROMOTIONS, OVERCHARGING, DENYING BENEFITS OR HEALTHCARE, WHITELISTING, AND KILLING BLACK PEOPLE!

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POLICE have not apprehended “Pookie” the serial rapist. We know he has attacked members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and there is a $5,000 reward offered by Crime Stoppers.


He targeted members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. but this is more than about a sorority. We’re talking about a community. Come on PEOPLE! Don’t you CARE? Will it matter when it is your sister, mother, aunt or grandmother or maybe YOU?


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Black Card

At the Movies

By Terry Allen

By Hollywood Hernandez

Large challenges require big strategies, Big Mama said, Is it more than a notion... Watch us grow

In the movie SYLVIE’S LOVE, Sylvie is a young girl working in her father’s record store in Harlem during the 1950s who meets an aspiring saxophone player. The two share a mutual love of music and Sylvie, played by Tessa Thompson, and Robert, played by Nnamdi Asomugha, develop a romance, despite the fact that Sylvie already has a fiance. The star-crossed lovers struggle to stay together, but seemingly are meant to be apart. They also come from very different backgrounds. Sylvie comes from a wealthy family and has a successful business man for

When any of us failed to complete a chore or task completely, my grandmother, Lucille “Big Mama” Allen taught us a lesson. She would place her hands on her hips and look at us as she spoke the words, “this was more than a notion.” We all knew what that meant. More than a notion had a powerful impact in our house. Clearly defined it means to all of her children - a notion is like a thought. So more than a notion is like not something you just think about, it should actually be an action you execute. Big Mama reminded me that we had an opportunity to do a great job and we did not. Big Mama knew that more than a notion implies that something is more difficult to do than just thinking about it. She was trying to impact our growth in an awesome way. Like Big Mama’s more than a notion, the state of our community is in an intense series of actions and discussions about race ignited by recent events, including the death of George Floyd, the Ahmaud Arbery shooting and the disparate impact of the pandemic. We know it is more than a notion as we see all of the global impacts of the state of the world we are in as well as the social awakening while we have focused on the lives of countless Black Americans. Texas Metro News/Garland Journal is on a journey to strive for growth and tell our stories and yes it is more than a notion! I have witnessed my voices amplified to be the storyteller of all the news that should be printed, so readers we need you as well. Recently I received over 7,000 likes of my post on LinkedIn and the same response in my e-blast this week so keep up the good work. Readers please continue to take action and move the needle. I ask this of you: continue to build on the growth and make this a more than a notion. Keep reading and responding to the stories we tell. If we are to build, invest and grow, we need you. Thank you and thanks to our publisher Cheryl Smith. Terry Allen is an award-winning multi-media journalist and owner of 1016 media

Wake Up And Stay Woke By Valder Beebe More chronologically advanced late-night television viewers are familiar with Johnny Carson and his character, “Carnac the Magnificent.” Carnac’s claim to fame was his ability to prognosticate and “predict the future.” Voting is the ultimate exercise of mimicking Carnac and his predictive abilities — we may not know, with accuracy, what the future holds, but we understand what we want and who/what we feel will serve our best interests. YES! I have expectations for what I would like to happen and who I would like to see “deliver the goods.” Although some consider the Constitution as an imperfect document and history has shown many of its more glaring faults, as a source of law and guidance, it is greatly preferable to the whims and mood swings of a would be dictator (#45). In its origins, it was written to protect the interests of “white men,” but, with the aging of the

With Love From Marva By Marva J. Sneed On “From Marva with Love,”ordained minister Sherry L. Smith recently talked about her ministry. Alongside her husband, Pastor Johnny V. Smith, of 38 years in marriage, Minister Sherry is actively involved as Co-Pastor of Light of the World Faith and Word Church in Arlington, Texas. She is also an Arlington Clergy and Police Partnership member and an Arlington Chamber of Commerce Life Member for almost 20 years. A breast and lymphatic cancer survivor since 2004, she boldly shares her testimony of faith and healing. Marva: Minister Sherry tell us about your ministry. SS: Yes I’m Co-Pastor of Light of the World Faith and Word

Thinking from page 1

person but remembers when attitudes began to soften. “We respect each other’s ability now more than when I first came,” she told me in a 1980s interview. The saddest, most enraging and yet heroic Dallas Black police pioneer was William McDuff. Journalist Erin Blakemore tells his heartbreaking story in a 2016 online edition of smithsonianmag.com. McDuff was appointed as a “special officer” in 1896 when racism was stifling, the economy was depressed, and the Ku Klux Klan was prominent. He lived modestly in a shack in the blighted Stringtown area that became known as Deep Ellum. He served only two months before he was murdered in a vi-

Former Dallas Police Chief David Brown.

Credit: The Dallas Morning News

cious and fatal attack in his home on Christmas night, December 25, 1896. Journalist Blakemore reported that McDuff had reprimanded two young Black males for “laughing during a debate” at an AME church in his community where he was hired to keep order. Witnesses said the young men came to his home on Christmas night, dragged him


Sylvie’s Love a fiance while Robert is a self taught musician and formerly worked in a plant. The couple’s love affair takes a lot of different twists and turns while the movie follows them over the years. Sylvie gets a job she loves as an assistant on a TV cooking show while Robert’s jazz career comes to an end when people move from jazz to R&B and his goal is to move to Detroit with hopes of joining the Motown roster. His contact who had told him he could make connections for him at Motown turns out to be a con man whose only dealings with Motown are as a valet for the artists. Robert ends up back working in a factory while Sylvie stays

behind in Harlem to continue to work her TV job and take care of the couple’s young daughter. The movie also shines a light on the class system between upwardly mobile Black women and the lower class Black men who they love. It shows how upper class Blacks have to adapt to a different world while lower economic class Blacks are simply not accepted by whites no matter how much talent they may have. It’s SYLVIE’S LOVE that keeps the couple together in the end and her role as a strong Black woman in the 1960s is a real inspiration that will warm your heart. The movie is a true “Black love story” that shows the struggles that Black couples go through.

The movie does an excellent job of capturing the styles of both the clothes and the music during the 1950s and 1960s. It’s a well-told story and on my “Hollywood Popcorn Scale” SYLVIE’S LOVE rates a LARGE. The movie is showing on Prime Video.

Carnac I’m Not nation and the resulting cultural evolution, the application of hypocrisies in the law have become increasingly intolerable. “To establish a more perfect union” is testament to the founders’ understanding that improvements could be made (I’m sure that most of them would be rolling in their graves with the changes thus far realized) and that responsibility for improvement was left to the inspired judgment of elected officials. For most of the current federal leadership (executive, legislative and judicial), I see financial self-interest and partisanship informing the so-called inspired judgment. I don’t predict but hope that the 2020 election has provided us with electees who more closely adhere to the principles of true democracy. COVID-19 has given us reason to believe the empirical data provided by the scientific community. The more than a quarter-million U.S. deaths (so far) informs us that a politically motivated response to a disease is never a substitute for scientific research and study. I don’t predict but hope that the 2020 election provides us with


electees who have genuine concern for the health and welfare of ALL citizens. The history of humankind is replete with the lessons of truth vs. lies in national leadership. Fact-checkers estimate that as of July 9, #45 has told about 25,000 lies. Forbes magazine estimates his lie output at 23.5 per day. Lies from leadership have never been predictors of successful government. Our own three-plus years’ experience suggests the same. I don’t predict but hope that the 2020 election provides us with electees who will be truthful, at least more truthful than #45. One of my greatest hopes is that the 2020 election has provided a president who rejects the politics of hate and who is dedicated to

the goal of national unification. That goal is considered by many as impractical. Our original sin of racism and our intolerance of gender, gender identity, religion and ethnicity are deeply woven into the fabric of our culture — some believe too deeply to overcome. I don’t predict but hope that the 2020 election provides us with a president-elect who will lead us away from past efforts to exploit differences and toward the realization that we have more in common. While “character” is a nebulous description, the 2020 election postscript I most desire is the election of leaders with character. Character has been described as “what you do when you think no one is looking.” I reject a leader who has questionable loyalties and indebtedness to unknown sources. His decisions cannot be trusted. I don’t predict but pray and believe that my 2020 vote served to support these hopes! Dr. E. Faye Williams is President of the National Congress of Black Women and host of “Wake Up and Stay Woke” on WPFW-89.3 FM

She’s not in remission-She’s a survivor Church. I have my ministry called “It’s All Good Cause It’s All God.” I celebrated 20 years of that ministry. It’s really about helping people to really walk and find their destiny. No matter what you’ve been through and no matter what you’re going through there is nothing too hard for God. I worked for the Arlington Police Department for 15 years. After taking so many calls, and suicide calls, and things like that, I knew this was something I wanted to do. So here I am ministering people one-on-one in other groups and venues. And I just thank God for that opportunity. Marva: You have another story to tell; a story that has a major Blessing in it. ory. SS: My story is that in the year 20? It’s been so long now; I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Unexpectedly there was a lump in my breast that I did not know about. It was found by my husband. He was there and he said the Lord outside, called him racist names, and shot him between the eyes. He died instantly. The young men were convicted and went to prison. Police authorities ignored neighborhood pleas to replace McDuff. More than 50 years passed before the subsequent Black officers were hired in 1947. Black officers made slow but meaningful inroads later, including milestones of retired executive assistant police chief Don Stafford in 1960, assistant chief Shirley Gray in 1972, Police Chiefs David Brown in 1983 and U. Renee Hall in 2017 to name only a few. I hope to tell more about them in the future. Norma Adams-Wade is a veteran, award-winning journalist, graduate of UT-Austin and Dallas native. One of the founders of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), she was inducted into the NABJ Hall of Fame.

breast. I chose lumpectomy. I had the chemo first and lost all of my hair and my fingernails and toenails. Keeping in mind I still had ministry work on the books to go speak and talk. I took my chemo bag with me to minister. I told God if he walked with me through these chemo treatments that I wouldn’t cancel one assignment….. Min. Sherry Smith

told him to feel in this one spot and he did and found the lump. He said ‘feel this lump,’ and I was so shocked that it was there and you could actually feel it there. I went to the doctor. I wasn’t nervous I had to figure out what this is. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and it had already traveled to my lymph nodes. I had a choice to take the lymph nodes and remove my breast or do a lumpectomy and very extensive chemo and radiation treatment and I could keep my

To hear the full interview with Minister Sherry go to Bl o g Ta l k R a d i o. c o m / C h e r y l’s world, http://bit.ly/34hnlFA or Facebook.com/TexasMetroNews to see the video. There is a Blessing in it. Follow Minister Sherry Smith at http://iagciag.com/. Tune into “From Marva with Love” Fridays from 11 am-1 pm. on BlogTalkRadio.com and Texas Metro News Facebook page. “From Marva with Love” BlogTalkRadio.com/Cheryl’s World Texas Metro News email: marvasneed@myimessenger.com.




New Year’s Resolutions



Virtual and liVe Community Calendar

January 7 Gokey’s Comedy Show. Host Texas Ale Project. 6–9 pm. Texas Ale Project 1001 N. Riverfront Blvd. Info: texasaleproject.com. Linny Nance Network. Hosted by The Free Man, 2626 Commerce St. 7-10 pm. http:// www.freemandallas.com. SoulJazz Thursdays Featuring FUNKTRAIN. Hosts Sandaga 813, 813 Exposition Ave. 8 pm-12 am. www.sandaga813.com

January 8 Happy Birthday to Valder Beebe The Bear Creek Food Distribution, Mon, Wed, & Fri. 11 am-3 pm. at 2700 Finley Rd. Irving. Drive-Thru. Parkland Free flu shots drive-thru flu and COVID-19 testing from 7:30 am-4 pm. at the Ellis Davis Field House, 9191 South Polk St., Dallas and at the Eastfield College Campus, 3737 Motley Drive, Mesquite. Greater Garth Chapel A.M.E. Church, Serving Our Community. Free hot meals and sack lunches Fridays 4 pm. at 2828 Carpenter Ave. Dallas. Live Band- NO COVER. Feat: Natural Change Band At Attaché Cigar, 4099 W. Camp Wisdom Rd. #101, 8-11 pm. The Black Academy of Arts and Letters Presents: Downtown Dallas Comedy feat. Marcus Combs at Clarence Muse Café Theatre 1309 Canton St. 9 pm. Fri. & Sat. Ticketmaster. Addison Improv Feat: Eddie Griffin at Addison Improv 4980 Belt Line Rd. #250 9:4511:45 pm. Tickets: bit.ly/3hJkB9h.

January 9 Dallas Black Dance Theatre’s DBDT: Encore! A virtual performance at 7 pm CST / 8 pm EST. Feat: Richard A. Freedman, Jr., Darryl B. Sneed, Floyd McLean, Jr., and Shauna Davis. Tickets: www.DBDT.com. Empowering The Masses Disaster Relief Drive Through Food Pantry at 3314 Detonte St. Dallas. 10 am-12 pm. www. empoweringthemasses.org. Parkland Free flu shots available at Parkland’s Neighborhood Clinics. Saturdays from 8 am 12 pm. and 1-4 pm. at: deHaro-Saldivar Health Center, 1400 N Westmoreland Rd. Dallas. Black Provisions Takeover. Event by Krio at Krio, 233 W. 7th St. # 100, Dallas. 8 pm-12 am. https://www.kriodallas.com. FEEDING THE FORGOTTEN. Host PEER 2 PEER Wholewellness, 1818 Corsicana St. 11 am. Info: peer2peerwholewellness.com.

January 10

January 15

Happy Birthday to Vincent L. Hall

D.O.B 1929 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Soul Talk. Host Denton Black Film Festival. Online with Facebook Live. 6-7:30 pm. Free: Eventbrite.com. The EPIC Return of BeatStreet Poetry Live Sunday Social. Hosted by Verb Kulture Ent. The Free Man2626 Commerce St. 5-8 pm. Tickets: https://www.verbkultureevents.com.

2021 Civil Rights Pioneers Awards Program Honoring the Legacy of Rev. Dr. Martian Luther King, Jr. Presented by National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum. The Warehouse, 1125 E. Berry St. Ft. Worth. 7 pm. Tickets: NMWH.org.

The Ultimate Monday Night Jazz Jam with Shelley Carrol. Event by The Free Man, 2626 Commerce St. 7-10 pm.

Jazz at The Muse - An Evening with Andrea Wallace. Host TBAAL at Clarence Muse Café, 1309 Canton St. 9 pm. Tickets: Ticketmaster.com.

Transportation Services Virtual Job Fair. Host, Dallas ISD. An online Event. 10 am-1 pm. Register at www.dallasisd.org/ transportation. Bust Ya Gut- Comedy/ Open Mic Host Anastasia The Bold at The Attaché Cigar, 4099 Camp Wisdom Rd. #101. 9 pm-12 am. No cover- Mask Required.

January 13 Michael “Hollywood” Hernandez Live Podcast on Facebook @HollywoodHernandez, at 2 pm. Women Creating Wealth: An Intergenerational Conversation. Host Impact Ventures. 6 pm. Online Event register https://impact-ventures.co/ Beginner Beyoncé Ballet Arts Mission Oak Cliff, 410 Windomere, 7-8 pm. Tickets: Eventbrite.com.

January 14

The Monologue Project Performance & Workshop with Stacy Rose. Host, Bishop Arts Theatre. TMP is a free online resource for high school and college students. For more info: 214-948-0716. Register: https://bit.ly/34rHJnW. 12 pm.

Funk It Up w/ Joseph Veazie at The Rustic, 3656 Howell St. Dallas. 7-8:30 pm. http://www.therustic.com/

Doc Shep Speaks Show! A fresh perspective, but still entertaining! Welcome to The Doc Shep Speaks Show!!!. Tuesdays at 11 am. CST Live on Facebook/@TexasMetroNews, @ fnsconsulting, and YouTube Live @ docshepspeaks.

DFW Metroplex Jazz Presents: National Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Virtual Live Music Event, featuring The David Whiteman Band at The Warehouse, 1125 E Berry St. Ft. Worth. 7 pm. Tickets JimAustinOnline.com. National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum. MLK, JR. DAY OF SERVICE Canned Food and Blanket drop off, Family Fun Day at The Ranch, 3534 E. Berry St. Ft. Worth 10 am-2 pm, RSVP: NMWHM.org.

I Was Just Thinking with Norma Adams-Wade “History Class is in Session” Join in on Facebook/@ TexasMetroNews and BlogTalkRadio.com at 11 am -1 pm. CST. Wednesdays. Join the conversation call 646-200-0459.

January 17 Virtual 38th Annual Four-time Emmy Winning Black Music & The Civil Rights Movement Concert. Host The Black Academy of Arts and Letters. 7:30 pm. Tickets: TBAAL Box Office M-F 10 am-5 pm. at 214-743-2440.

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las, was also a finalist when Chief Hall was hired in 2017. Throughout the process, some in Dallas discussed their hopes of the chief coming from within their ranks. Interestingly, according to Garcia, he hopes the next chief will come from within also. “We’re a little disappointed that we didn’t get an internal candidate, especially with the crime going on here in Dallas, but Eddie Garcia will be the perfect fit.” said Sgt. George Aranda, President of the National Latino Law Enforcement Organizations’ greater Dallas chapter and supervisor of DPD’s Recruiting Unit in an interview with Texas Metro News on Wednesday. Sgt. Aranda then pointed to San Juan, Puerto Rico-born Garcia’s education, background and prior work experience before adding, “We’re going to get behind him and we’re going to support him.” But along with the support, Aranda expressed a need for immediate accountability for the man taking the top spot. “The rank and file is hurt and a lot of people don’t know that,” he added. “There’s been no direction under the current chief (Hall) and Garcia needs to sit down with the rank and file to hear what’s happening, listen to the ideas and help open up the line of communication.” When Hall was hired, Aranda said she needed to have at least seven years of experience as a chief, instead of the three she had leading Detroit PD. Garcia comes to the Dallas PD with five years as San Jose chief cop. When asked how Garcia might compare to the department’s current chief, Rene Martinez, who serves as president of the League of United Latin American Citizens Chapter 100 in Dallas, said the contrast was like apples to oranges. “Garcia has a lot more experience than Chief Hall and he will not have any hesitancy in his ability to reach out to all parts of the community,” said Martinez. “He’s Latino and he speaks Spanish fluently which is important in a community that is 41 percent Spanish-speaking. He’s going to connect very quickly.” Despite criticism, the Grambling State University alum still maintained community support as several appreciation events were held following her announcement and the department’s website touted her success-

es, stating: “Under Chief Hall’s leadership, there was a 5.7 percent reduction in overall crime in 2017 and a 5.97 percent reduction in violent crime in 2018.” Still, crime rates rose sharply in 2020, not only in Dallas but across the country and local leaders said Wednesday that the Chief’s first priority should be focused on bringing the crime in the city down. “The rates for property crime, robbery and family crime continue to go up with the holidays and COVID,” said Hopkins. “He’s going to have to implement a plan quickly to address violent crime in the city as it continues to increase. The Black Police Association is prepared to go to work with him to help him work on the issues in Dallas.” The crime rate was also a major focus for Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson. “I expect that he will immediately begin developing plans to fight the unacceptable violent crime increases we have seen in Dallas,” said the Mayor. “We will need our communities’ help in those efforts. Too many lives have been taken in our city. Too many families have been devastated by violence. And too many people in our neighborhoods feel unsafe.” His thoughts were echoed by the City Manager. “I’m pleased to see this inclusive, equitable and transparent process culminate successfully with the hire of Chief Garcia,” said Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax. “Despite the challenges of the global pandemic, it’s an exciting time for him to come to Dallas and continue building on the foundation of R.E.A.L. Change we’ve built – advancing 21st Century policing in ways that are responsible, equitable, actionable, and legitimate.” Today he’s 50, but the graduate of Union Institute and University retired from the San Jose PD on December 12, 2020, after 28 years on the force and said he had already planned to make North Texas his home. “My story began as a young boy moving to a new city, learning to speak English in a community that promoted me to Chief. It’s an honor to be welcomed into one of America’s greatest cities for the second time as Chief,” said Garcia. “I’m truly humbled by the thought of wearing the DPD uniform and working alongside such an amazing group of committed men and women. Together in partnership and collaboration with the Dallas community, we will meet the challenges of today and beyond.” Garcia assumes his new role on February 3, 2021.





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G.O.A.T. The Greatest Of All Time

Warren Moon

By Miles Jaye Over the past few years, I’ve noticed a growing trend among boxers, basketball players and rappers. There seems to be a fascination with the notion of the G.O.A.T.-- the Greatest of All Times. Who is the best, the greatest... of all time? The question is bothersome. It’s far too presumptive and far too subjective for a rational evidence-based debate. Too many elements change and too much evolves over the decades that constitute all times. Let’s take the best rapper for instance. How, for the sake of a rating, can you compare a genre featuring basketball courts, chain link fences, and hi-top clad, cardboard born, break dancers to a modern-day hip-hop culture of cash, cars, tattooed faces, diamonds, dead bodies and more beefs than beats? Kurtis Blow You can’t! Top 10 Rappers of All Time: Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, Rakim, Nas, Jay-Z, Kool Moe Dee, Kurtis Blow, Run DMC, LL Cool J and Doug E. Fresh Sports announcers seem determined to elevate Lebron James to the pinnacle of the game of basketball without fair and reasonable consideration paid to his many predecessors. Bill Russell, Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan come to mind. They all transformed the game, but anyone offering a Top 3, Top 5 or Top 10 list that does not only include James, but places him in the top position is provoking the ire of the experts.

Julius Erving

Top 10 Basketball Players of All Time: Michael Jordan. Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Larry Bird, Julius Erving, Wilt Chamberlain, Shaquille O’Neal, Oscar Robertson and Lebron James The most vigorously debated G.O.A.T. personalities were boxers, quarterbacks and running backs. These debates were much easier to follow because each side was supported with statistics, whether it was yards or knockouts, there was a body of information to follow. Once again, however, the evolution of the game or contest became a determining factor. Perhaps more interesting, was the physiology of the contest. Particularly in the game of football for instance, the fact that players have become bigger and faster has changed the discussion. Bigger and faster? Yes, that is essentially counter-intuitive, but the combines reveal 300 pounders running 40’s that were unheard of in the past-- the big Gale Sayers guys are fast. Top 10 Running Backs of All Time: Jim Brown, Walter Payton, Gale Sayers, Eric Dickerson, Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Earl Campbell, Tony Dorsett, O.J. Simpson and Marcus Allen

Top 10 Quarterbacks of All Time: Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Johnny Unitas, Roger Staubach, Dan Marino, John Elway, Warren Moon and Terry Bradshaw Top 10 Boxers of All Time: Jack Johnson, Jack Dempsey, Sugar Ray Robinson, Archie Moore, Sonny Liston, Muhammed Ali, Joe Frazier, Joe “Brown Bomber” Louis, Rocky Marciano and John L. Sullivan When it comes to singers, the discussion can never be entirely reasonable, rational or fair. It’s such a function of taste, style, a look, and a particular song. The artist cannot be separated from the song they made famous. Would we even know Dionne Warwick without Bacharach compositions, and Hal David lyrical brilliance? Of course, we would, but it’s Joe Louis an interesting consideration. Every singer or group listed below can be associated with a popular melody or lyric, and visa-versa. So then, is the artist the greatest, or is it their body of music that distinguishes them as great? The Top 10 Male Soul Singers of All Time: Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, Al Green, Ray Charles, B.B. King, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway and Nat “King” Cole Donna Hathaway Top 10 Female Vocalists of All Time: Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Diana Ross, Nina Simone, Dionne Warwick, Chaka Khan and Tina Turner

Gladys Knight

Top 10 R&B Bands of All Time: Earth, Wind and Fire, The Isley Brothers, Parliament-Funkadelic, Kool & the Gang, Sly & the Family Stone, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, The Commodores, Rufus featuring Chaka Khan, The Ohio Players and Cameo

The Isley Brothers

The same argument can be made for the musicians, the pianists, sax players or their counterparts on trumpet. Some contributors to the artform are so monumentally significant in its development like Parker and Bebop or Miles and the Birth of the Cool, that their contribution alone sets them apart from the talent and skill sets of their peers. Generally speaking, the language of music evolves… audiences change through fashion, dance, and listening preferences. Big Bands become quartets and quintets. Hi and fast becomes midrange and laid back. The language of art always changes, but the gifted ones will always have their say! Top 10 Jazz Pianists of All Time: Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson, Fats Waller, Earl Hines, Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Red Garland and Horace Silver Count Basie

Top 10 Jazz Trumpeteers of All Time: Louis Armstrong, Roy Eldridge, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Clifford Brown, Chet Baker, Lee Morgan, Freddie Hubbard, Woody Dizzy Gillespie Shaw and Arturo Sandoval Top 10 Jazz Saxophonists of All Time: Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Cannonball Adderley, Hank Crawford, Gerry Mulligan, Stanley Turrentine, Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young and Ben Webster Every name on the lists above earned their recognition. Names not yet on a list, are perhaps today making an argument to be added, working diligently to develop their God given talent. For this, they can always be grateful and proud. I respect them all. Interestingly, there are also lists of the worst of all time in particular areas. To be the worst of a thing can only mean an individual had no respect or regard for the requirements of the particular discipline in which they were engaged. In short, they didn’t care. To be the worst of American Presidents, the worst in United States history, is simply a declaration of disrespect, dis- Cannonball Adderley regard and indifference to the powerful obligations of the office itself and the Oath pledged to honor the office. This list is a list of one. Donald J. Trump will arguably, but most assuredly, go down in history as the very worst of American presidents. That’s what’s on my mind! Website: www.milesjaye.net Podcast: https://bit.ly/2zkhSRv Email: milesjaye360@gmail.com

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