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VOL IX ISSUE 14 MARCH 18, 2020

MY TRUTH Cheryl Smith Publisher

Short but STRONG I’ve often heard Min. Robert Muhammad, of Houston, preface his speeches by saying he wasn’t going to belong, but he was going to be strong! I always enjoyed hearing that declaration because guess what? He never disappointed! Which brings me to my truth! I won’t be here forever. And, while as a youngster, I wanted to

Dr. Michael J. Sorrell President, Paul Quinn College live forever; as I have matured I just hope that I am living a life where my legacy will live forever My people, my descendants, my beneficiaries — I think about them and I want them to know that I tried to do the right thing. I want for them, what I tried to be. They need to know that I voted; even when disenfranchised, tired, disappointed at who was on the ballot, sick, or even partying! Realizing the significance of being counted, every decade I participated in the Census. Even when I saw a bureaucratic nightmare of mismanagement before, during and after the process, time and time again. I tried to do as Paul Quinn College’s president, Dr. Michael J. Sorrell espoused, “Leave places better than you found them, lead from wherever you are, live a life that matters, and love something greater than yourself.” Yes, I recycled also and paid attention to the environment, which included cleaning up behind myself and encouraging others to do so also. Sadly, I was never able to figure out why so many people won’t keep where they live clean or why they equated “poor” with being “dirty.” And it was hard, but I tried to pay attention to the Hon. Min. Elijah Muhammad’s teachings in his book, How to Eat to Live, and the many messages from the wonderful Dick Gregory who stressed the importance of moderation, exercising even if it is in the form of walking, and drinking water. There are so many other lessons over the years that I incorporated into my life that I think will be appreciated, like Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune’s edict, “Lift as you Climb!” Or Chuck D. of Public Enemy’s See MY TRUTH, page 5

Catholic Diocese, Evangelical Counties Churches suspend services to actively plan for COVID-19 keep public safe By Rebecca Aguilar

disease are at higher risk of becoming seriously ill. The Diocese and other Catholics in nine North religious leaders have been Texas counties will not be working closely with Dallas able to go to public masses County officials since the at their places of worship county banned events with until March 30, 2020. more than 500 in attendance Friday, Bishop Edward in efforts to stop the spread Burns canceled Mass for of the COVID-19. Bishop more than one million Burns said it was not an easy Catholics in North Texas decision to make, but he in hopes of keeping them knew that devoted Catholics safe from the coronavirus would continue to attend Rev. Frederick D. Haynes III (COVID-19). Mass if he did not take safety “In order for all the measures. Catholic faithful to be “My goal as the Bishop at in peace and to live is to make sure the faithful without any anxiety as well are safe from the disease and as remove any conflicted that this decision gives them consciousness of whether or a sense of peace. So they can not they should attend mass be safe from all distress or these days as the Shepard anxiety regarding these days of the Diocese and out of of emergency,” he explained. affection for the faithful, I Catholic Schools in the make this decision so they Dallas Diocese will be closed can remain healthy and and moved to online or remote strong.” learning until March 27. According to city of Sunday Mass will be offered Dallas officials, COVID-19 via live video streaming. The Bishop Edward Burns is a new respiratory virus Bishop said worshippers could and early information out watch safely from home on of China, where COVID-19 first started, their computers or mobile devices. shows that older adults and people who The Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth have serious chronic medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and lung See SERVICES, page 2 Garland Journal

NBA halts season after players test positive for COVID-19 Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, said the team will continue to pay part-time American Airlines Center employees in the midst of the NBA’s season suspension due to the continuing spread of COVID-19, the Coronavirus.

Story and Photo By Dorothy J. Gentry Sports Editor

Some time during the third quarter of March 11th’s game at American Airlines Center between the Dallas Mavericks and the Denver Nuggets, Mark Cuban looked down at his

phone and his jaw literally dropped leaving his mouth hanging wide open. He had just found out that – in an unprecedented move– the NBA had just suspended the remainder of its season after a player tested positive for COVID-19, the Coronavirus.

“This is crazy. It can’t be happening. I mean just stunning,” Cuban said when asked his initial thoughts. “It doesn’t seem like real life. It’s like something out of a movie.” The season suspension came down when it was

From Staff Reports Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins and Health and Human Services Director, Dr. Philip Huang met with members of the media Monday to discuss COVID-19. In addition to issuing directives that included the closure of several businesses, prohibition of gatherings of more than 10, Judge Jenkins also issued an amended order: WHEREAS, pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 418.108, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins issued a Declaration of Local Disaster for Public Health Emergency on March 12, 2020, due to a novel coronavirus now designated SARS-CoV2 which causes the disease COVID-19; and, WHEREAS, on March 12, 2020, Judge Jenkins issued an Order in furtherance of his authority to protect the safety and welfare of the public by slowing the spread of the virus; and, WHEREAS, the on-going evaluation of circumstances related to the virus and the updated recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and the Texas Department of State Health Services warrant the March 12, 2020 Order of County Judge Clay Jenkins to be amended; THEREFORE, the March 12, 2020, Order of County Judge Clay Jenkins is hereby AMENDED as follows: Summary: The virus that causes 2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) is easily transmitted through person to person contact, especially in group settings, and it is essential that the spread of the virus be slowed to protect the ability of public and private health care providers to handle the influx of new patients and safeguard public health and safety. Because of the risk of the rapid spread of the virus, and the need to protect the most vulnerable members of the community, this Order prohibits community gatherings, of 50 persons or more anywhere in Dallas County beginning at 11:59 p.m. on March 16, 2020, and continuing through 11:00 a.m. on March 20, 2020, as defined by Section 3 herein. For all other gatherings, the Office of the Dallas County Judge and the Health Authority strongly recommends following the social distancing protocols attached to this Order, including canceling, rescheduling, or not attending events with more than 50 persons. The Office of the Dallas County Judge and the Health Authority also strongly urges individuals to cancel, reschedule, or not attend social gatherings that will have or will likely have 10 or more people. Additionally, the Office of the Dallas County Judge and the Health Authority urges in the strongest terms possible high-risk individuals, as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to cancel, reschedule, or not attend any event. UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF TEXAS GOVERNMENT CODE SECTION 418.108, DALLAS COUNTY JUDGE CLAY JENKINS ORDERS:

See NBA, page 3

See COVID-19, page 8

Street Names tell rich stories I WAS JUST THINKING... By Norma Adams-Wade

From time to time it’s good to pay tribute to those who have gone before us, lest we forget what they did for us. I was just thinking about the Dallas African-American men whose lives inspired the street names between S. M. Wright Freeway and Bexar Street in the South Dallas community of Lincoln Manor, that area just before entering the much talked about Bon Ton neighborhood. Growing up in Dallas, I was very familiar with this neighborhood,

but knew nothing about its origin. I was fascinated with the people behind the street names when I finally learned the history as an adult. Interestingly, though, that all the streets I know of in this area were named for African American men. Later, however, variou s Dallas schools were named for African-American women. Here is the background on two of the various streets in the Lincoln Manor neighborhood. Maybe more in the future. Bexar Street. This main northsouth strip through the Lincoln manor community of South Dallas originally was designated as Rowan Avenue in the 1940s. The

area saw initial growth during and shortly after World War II. Then a resurgence of development over the last two decades. Black Dallas historians and descendants of early Black families say the street was named in honor of the Dock Rowen family. Dr.

Robert Prince Jr., a prominent Black Dallas physician who died Oct. 16, 2019, was a greatgrandson of the Rowen family. No records have been found to explain the spelling change from Rowen to See THINKING, page 4




Help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases like COVID-19. Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.

Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Stay home when you are sick, except to get medical care.

Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.


Services suspended, will have Mass for Catholics in 28 counties, but Bishop Michael Olson says they are taking safety measures because of COVID-19. The Bishop posted a statement Friday on the Diocese Facebook page: “It is the responsibility of priests to ensure that our parishes continue to offer Masses, especially during a time of crisis.” Tarrant County officials, in declaring a local public health emergency disaster on Friday over the coronavirus pandemic, are discouraging events where more than 250 people are expected to gather,

including church services. Taking that declaring into consideration, Bishop Olson laid out a plan for priests what also includes having more Masses on Sunday to keep the congregation smaller and encouraging the sick to stay home. “To stay home from Sunday Mass in these circumstances is not a mortal sin,” he said. Friendship West Baptist Church in Southern Dallas County will be closed to the public, and Sunday worship services will be video streamed via the church’s website and Facebook Live to reduce the

314915-A March 16, 2020 1:02 PM

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risk of spreading the coronavirus. The church’s pastor, Dr. Freddie Haynes, reached out to his congregation via the church’s website, Facebook, text blasts, and emails. “We ask that you be prayerful for the entire world as we battle this together,” he said. Friendship West has also provided members with a fact sheet to answer frequent questions about COVID-19 and the church’s actions to stop the spread of the virus. “God is greater than the coronavirus! God can heal! Please pray for our most vulnerable population,”

said Pastor Haynes. North Texas church leaders hope that worshippers will be able to attend services again in public by Easter. But right now, they wait to see when and if the spread of the coronavirus can be slowed down or stopped. Bishop Burns reminded the public that the disease is not God’s fault. “This is not an act of God. It is an act of nature. God does not desire that people get sick, suffer, or die, and the root of this is made abundantly clear in the upcoming celebration of Easter.”


NBA suspends season, revealed that Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert had tested positive for the virus. The Jazz and the Oklahoma City Thunder were about to start their game in Oklahoma’s Chesapeake Energy Arena when the news hit. The game was cancelled and all fans were told to go home. The next day, Jazz teammate, Donovan Mitchell, has also been reported to have the virus. “The NBA is suspending game play following the conclusion of tonight’s schedule of games until further notice,” the league said in a statement. “The NBA will use this hiatus to determine next steps for moving forward in regard to the coronavirus pandemic.” In addition to the JazzThunder and Mavs-Nuggets game, the New Orleans Pelicans and the Sacramento Kings were to play but the game was called off after

players learned a referee for their game, had refereed a game two days earlier involving the Jazz and the player who tested positive. The Mavs game on March 11th was effectively the last game of the season as of now as the Association meets with health experts, government leaders, CDC officials and more to determine the best course of action. After the game, which the Mavs won 113-97, Head Coach Rick Carlisle, Cuban and veteran player J.J. Barea spoke on the season’s suspension and the overall impact the COVID-19 virus has had on sports. “Obviously this is much bigger than basketball,” Cuban said. “I’m concerned, you know, are we all doing the right thing because this obviously new territory. This is certainly a black swan event in my experience. And so, you know, basketball actually


becomes secondary.” He continued: “I have this saying: Life is half-random. This is the random side, where it takes twists and turns…It’s stunning, but we are where we are. This is a pandemic, a global pandemic, where people’s lives are at stake. “I’m a lot more worried

next game.” Carlisle and Cuban both said they have given instructions to players on what they are to do next as the league suspension begins. “We have laid down the basics as we know them,” Carlisle said. “Everyone is to stay in town. That is

about my kids and my mom - who is 82-years-old – in talking to her and telling her to stay in the house, than I am about when we play our

one thing we told our guys. Games are suspended. Team activities are not.” Cuban added: “We told them to be very vigilant.

This is not a situation where the season is ended so go do what you want to do. We expect you to stay in Dallas, do rehab, do work, practice. “This is not a vacation,” Cuban said. “This is effectively self-quarantining everybody.” Player J.J. Barea said he believes the Association made the right decision and acknowledged it’s normal to be concerned. “You’ve always got that little bit of fear,” he said. “You can control what you can control. You couldn’t do anything else at the moment. Tonight, my job was to play basketball and figure it out after.” As COVID-19 continues to spread, it’s impact on the sports world is only just beginning and has wideranging ramifications. Before the NBA suspended their season, it had already rolled out preventative measures, joining with

the NFL, MLB and NHL in releasing a statement temporarily prohibiting the media from locker rooms. Other pro leagues have since suspended or delayed their seasons. The NCAA later announced that all winter and spring championships would be cancelled as well. According to Carlisle, who is also president of the NBA Coaches Association, the league scheduled a conference call to address the next steps it will take. As for the Mavericks, they are asking their players to remain vigilant in their interactions with people and to take every precaution they can, until further information becomes available, including whether they will receive tests for COVID-19. “This is a pandemic, a global pandemic, where people’s lives are at stake,” Cuban said. “It’s more important for us to get it right.”

Coronavirus: Dallas Nursing Homes and Senior Assisted Living Facilities taking Precautions

By Rebecca Aguilar Senior Correspondent

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Dallas are taking measures to protect their residents from the coronavirus. Many are following the strict guidelines put in place by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which restricts visitation from friends and family and also restricts all volunteers and non-essential healthcare personnel. The cancellation of group activities and shared dining was also instituted. Modern Senior Living in South Dallas is not allowing visitors at this time. The Director of Nursing, Jennifer Segarra, made the decision Friday morning. She says they thought by not allowing visitors at this time there is less likelihood of a coronavirus affecting residents. “We are not allowing visitors at this time, not even family,” she said. “We encourage phone calls, and the residents have access to phones. “Employees who have to work, we are screening them with a questionnaire when they come in, and if they have any signs or symptoms, they cannot come in.” The CDC says visitors and healthcare


personnel are the most likely source to bring COVID-19 into a facility and that’s why it recommends aggressive visitor restrictions and is also enforcing sick leave policy for employees who become ill even before the coronavirus is found inside a home for the elderly. Currently, 70 residents live at Modern Senior Living, and most are over the age of 65. Ms. Segarra said they are watching out for anyone with signs of chills and fever that could lead to COVID-19. Brookdale Senior Living has facilities in North Texas, including White Rock, Lake Highlands, and Preston Road. It’s taking precautionary measures to protect elderly residents from the coronavirus. Heather Hunter, the public relations officer for the company, said they are also following CDC guidelines and strongly discourages visitors, but anyone who does want to visit won’t be able to walk in. “We haven’t restricted visit-ors at this point,” she said, adding that this could change at any minute. “But anyone who does want to visit has to be screened for temperature and has to answer a questionnaire before they can come into the community.”  Brookdale has assigned a programming team to set up iPads wit online programs so the residents

can have video chats with loved ones who cannot visit because of the CDC guidelines. “The last thing we want is for the residents to feel alone because there is a restriction for visitors,” said Hunter. According to Ms. Hunter, they have re-educated their staff on disease prevention efforts, informed suppliers regarding safety requirements, and are limiting significant group events. Since the virus was announced, Brookdale staff has canceled planned outings for residents and is using its website to communicate how it is responding to the COVID-19.  Sage Oak Assisted Living has homes for the elderly in Lakewood, Lake Highlands, and three other Dallas locations. Resident Care Coordinator, Jo-vann Blackwell, said Sage Oak is staying on top of the latest information from the CDC so that everyone involved, whether its “residents, family, staff mem-bers, and outside entities, are well informed of the virus and different precautions we can take to prevent any outbreak and keep our residents safe.” Also, residents and staff have been reminded of the basics of hand washing and sanitizing. “We’re also following the trend of the virus, and it’s location, to make sure our staff is aware that being in

those areas could potentially expose them to the virus.” Residents at Sage Oak are between 70 and 95-years-old. CDC Guidelines for Nursing Homes and Senior Living Facilities An estimated 2.5 million people are living in nursing homes and senior living facilities in the country. The CDC has issued strict guidelines to keep the COVID-19 virus from getting into a facility for the elderly. Nursing homes and Senior Living homes are being advised to post signs at the entrances to inform visitors not to visit if they are sick or have a respiratory infection. Employees should be inform-ed about their sick-leave poli-cies that allow them to stay home if they have symptoms of respiratory infection. The CDC also has guidelines to help prevent the spread of respiratory germs inside a nursing home or senior living facility. One key measure is to have open communication with residents and employees and keep them informed about the steps the facility is taking to protect everyone from the deadly disease. Managers are advised to monitor residents and staff for fever and respiratory symptoms. 



Trump’s 2021 budget reflects his values THE LAST WORD By DR. JULIANNE MALVEAUX

If you tell me how you spend your money, I can tell you what your values are. You say you are a Christian but neither tithe nor have a church home. You say support civil rights, but have no connection to a civil rights organization. You love your Alma mater, never contributes to the place. Put your money where your mouth is. Budgets are reflections of values. Thus, I was unsurprised with the budget our forty-fifth President (also known as “Forty-five�) proposed to Congress on February 10. His budget – cuts domestic programs, maintains defense spending and targets poor people. It cuts education, housing, and environmental protection. It would eliminate our art and cultural agencies, including the National Institute for the Arts, the National Institutes for Humanities, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Forty-five’s hostility to poor people is reflected in reductions in Medicaid, food stamps, and the CHIP program, which provides healthcare for poor children. And

while he is starving poor people, he insists on preserving the 2017 tax cuts that mostly benefited the wealthy. I’m not surprised that “forty-five� maintains his hostility to the poor. We’ve seen this in the previous budgets that he’s presented to Congress. He favors cuts in domestic spending, increases in military spending, a wall (which he has directed the Pentagon to fund), and indifference to the environment. The budget shows contempt for the planet and its survival. 45 would cut the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget by more than a quarter, through the EPA budget, and even more with environmental initiatives that are embedded in other budgets. For example, with our crumbling infrastructure, the 45 budget cuts the Transportation Department by 13 percent, cutting highway infrastructure programs and transit grants. The Department of Interior is proposed to shoulder a 13 percent cut, reducing land acquisition, conservation, and assistance for

Native American tribes.This administration’s hostility toward environmental protection is evidenced by the fact that Mandy Gunasekara, who spearheaded the rollback on President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, is returning to the EPA as chief of staff this spring. She has advocated scaling back rules on greenhouse emissions and is credited with urging the President to leave the Paris accord. Until 2017, the world has looked toward the United States for global leadership, but this most recent budget would reduce our involvement in world affairs. The State Department and USAID would be cut by $12 billion, more than a fifth less than last year. Virtually everything in the USAID and State budgets is reduced, including humanitarian aid, contributions to international organizations, and cultural exchanges; only Ivanka Trump’s Women’s Global Development fund seems to have been protected, with its allocation doubling! The Department of Veterans Affairs is the only Cabinet agency that will experience a double-digit budget increase of 12 percent. After a series of scandals involving the delivery of health service to the nation’s veterans, few would dispute the need for a stronger agency.

the war-industrial complex will keep our “defense� department in the business, with companies that manufacture nuclear warheads, missiles, and more, raking in record profits. This budget illustrates what this administration is all about. It is hostile to poor folks, to culture, to education, and to farmers. It is unwilling to spend money on international relations. It is willing to continue to reward the wealthy for just being wealthy. It reflects forty-five’s values. But there’s good news. Congress has failed to pass forty-five’s budget in the past, and they probably won’t pass it this time either. With a Democratic majority in the House, human needs will likely have a higher priority. It won’t cut State and USAID budgets. It’s a good thing Congress has more of a conscience than the President does. But this budget is a wake-up call for those who want health care and also a second Trump term. The two are incompatible.

But wonders if the $12 billion increase in this agency’s budget will improve efficiency, or if it is merely pandering to veterans, a core part of the President’s base. NASA is another agency that gets a doubledigit budget increase, partly to fund space exploration. The Defense Department budget remains relatively flat, with an increase at just one-tenth of one percent. The budget is generous enough, however, to purchase new nuclear warheads and new missiles. It also will fund an arms race with China and Russia . What if just a tenth of the “defense� (I consider it an offense) budgets were devoted to human needs? That would be $70 billion to, perhaps, restore the $9.5 billion Health and Human Services cut, restore the $5.6 billion Department of Education cuts, to restore the $1.3 billion cut to the Labor Department (“savings� will be realized by cutting unemployment insurance, and payment to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, among other programs/ That $70 billion could also restore the $1.9 billion cut from the Agriculture Department. I’m fantasizing, of course. Few in our warmongering nation would have the nerve to cut the defense budget. Predatory capitalism and

Julianne Malveaux is an author and economist. Her latest project MALVEAUX! On UDCTV is available on youtube.com. For booking, wholesale inquiries or for more info visit www.juliannemalveaux. com


Trice Edney – Just like Black History Month, Women’s History Month started out as only a week. Along the way, we were ultimately honored with an International Women’s Day. Women around the world are celebrated that day. There’s an African proverb that tells us, “It is the women who hold the sky up.� I can vouch for that in the Black community. So many Black women grew up without the benefit of fathers in our homes but rarely do we use

that as an excuse for our not doing things that should be done to protect our families and communities. I’ve known some of the greatest female activists in the Black community who take on monumental roles. Every year in March, we do a special celebration of the women. Some celebrate women every day of our lives. On a personal note, my mother is just a few months away from being 98 years old. She’s fine in most ways, but just a bit hard of hearing and having a bit of

I was just thinking, Rowan. But the Rowen family is prominent in Dallas County Heritage Society research about early Black families in the Bexar Street community and throughout Dallas. Rowen started from scratch as an early Black entrepreneur and ascended to great heights as a trendsetting Dallas Black businessman. He, his son Roy, and daughter Leoma

a challenge remembering things. Though she has lost a bit of her ability to live in her home alone—she wants to live there, and as a family, we are making that possible. When my brother passed away a few months ago, my sisters and I decided to take her to live with one of our sisters a distance of about three and a half hours from where Mother has lived alone all of her life since her nine children left home to strike out on our own. A few weeks ago, she informed us she wanted to return to her home. We reluctantly took her there. I spent a week with her once she was back. Another sister spent a week. Another sister spent two weeks with


owned and operated various businesses, including a real estate, title and loan company, wood, coal and millinery enterprises, and Rowen and Son Grocery Store on Flora Street and later Juliette Street near downtown Dallas. He and other Black leaders organized the North Texas Colored Fair Association in 1900.

Later, he was a pioneer Black investor in the State Fair of Texas. Also, he helped develop the New Century Cotton Mill in South Dallas’ Mill City as well as helped organize Evening Chapel church in the State Thomas area where he lived. The church is a predecessor of Cedar Crest Christian Church in Oak Cliff. Rowen died of a

her to this point. A niece is on her way to spend a few days with her grandmother. Another sister is coming from Los Angeles to spend a month with her. We’ll then start the cycle all over again. Some might think the scheduling is a bit of a challenge since we are all many miles away, but my sisters and I thought about all the sacrifices our mother has made for us, and if she wants to live in her home, we’re going to make it possible. While you have indulged me with a personal story, that is the history of so many Black women with their families. I salute all of the Black women who’ve done and would do the same for their mothers. Every year, heart attack in 1932 at age 89. Sunday Street. Named for Dr. Philip Mayfield Sunday, an African American physician, surgeon, and pharmacist who came to Dallas to practice medicine around 1908. His office was on Thomas Avenue in an early location of the now historic Knights of Pythias Temple, now at Good-Latimer Expy and Elm Street in the Deep Ellum neighborhood near downtown Dallas. Dr. Sunday was born in the 1870s in Pensacola, FL and at age

women in this country get a Presidential proclamation honoring women. The women mentioned are generally women who’ve made the history books and have had public honors, but so often the women, like my mother, and their caretakers who are just ordinary women who’ve often done extraordinary things to nurture their families and the families of many in their areas, never get any special recognition. I know that we have Dr. Katherine Johnson of Hidden Figures fame, Ida B. Wells-Barnett--our antilynching crusader, Sojourner Truth who first sued a white man successfully to get her son back, Rosa Parks who 13 enrolled at Fisk University in Nashville, TN. He later earned his medical degree from Meharry Medical School also in Nashville. I was privileged to interview Dr. Sunday’s 90-year-old widow, Margaret Goulsby Sunday, in 1987 who still was full of memories – bittersweet – about her late husband’s practice in the early 1900s. He died at age 69 in 1946. She said he was brilliant, cared deeply for his patients, and never received the proper

sat on a bus for our rights, Harriet Tubman who brought a lot of our people from slavery to freedom, Fannie Lou Hamer who took beatings to gain our right to vote and others too numerous to name. But for this Women’s History Month, let us vow to honor our own mothers who may not be in a history book but their greatness comes from what they’ve done for their families and their communities without fanfare and deserve to have their own children honor them. Dr. E. Faye Williams is National President of the National Congress of Black Women And Host of “Wake Up and Stay Woke� on WPFW-FM 89.3.

recognition he deserved. “Oh, if he could have been living today,� Mrs. Sunday said during the interview then. “He was very smart ... But I don’t care how good you were then. He was not recognized.� Every chance we get, we should evoke the names and memories of these countless heroes and heroines of our local Black history. There are so many more. Today was one chance. Hopefully, I’ll get another chance soon.

Dallas County Counts 2020 Details Efforts to Ensure Participation in U.S. Census Dallas County is launching the “Dallas County Counts 2020� campaign to encourage residents to fill out the U.S. Census and to inform them of key U.S. Census dates, procedures and general information to ensure an accurate count of all residents, especially those in communities that are traditionally hard to count. An undercount puts federal funding for Dallas County in jeopardy and affects development, redistricting and congressional representation. The campaign’s focus on

the hard-to-count audience will address misinformation, fear, lack of awareness and the importance of counting every individual. By motivating hard-to-count groups to take the census and dispelling misinformation that could dissuade certain populations from responding, Dallas County hopes to maximize federal funding, services, and development in local communities. Dallas County Counts 2020’s mission is especially challenging because the decennial census process is


Journal Established 2002

An I Messenger Media Publication

new. It is the first time all residents will not receive the survey by mail but instead will be encouraged to respond online or by phone, with the option to request a mailed survey for those who want it. Having multiple options will prove critical as Dallas County contains numerous residents without access to broadband Internet, especially in the southern sector. “We know what's on the line – billions in federal dollars, congressional seats and the lines of redistricting over the next 10 years. Those

Cheryl Smith Publisher


are high-level impacts that result from an accurate count and our region garnering its fair share of resources. But they're not necessarily topics that resonate with the hard to count,� said Sophia Johnson, President, ABI. “We have a responsibility to communicate the quality of life impacts that our neighbors will notice every day. Things like whether a grocery store is built in their community or if their local school has enough seats and classrooms for our children.� Getting the message out is even more crucial in

320 South R.L. Thornton Freeway, Suite 220 Dallas, TX 75203 WWW.GARLANDJOURNAL.COM

areas where the count has traditionally been low hardto-count communities include all areas where 25% or more or of people failed to mail in their census in 2010. Hard-to count individuals are hard to locate, hard to contact, hard to interview or hard to convince to fill out the census. They include families with children younger than five, immigrants, low-income households and ethnic populations like African Americans and Hispanics. There are 219 hard-to-count tracts inside or crossing

into Dallas County with an estimated 1.06 million people living in those areas. The goal of the countywide campaign is to improve upon the selfresponse rate of 74 percent from the 2010 Census and to surpass the national average for this decennial count. Dallas County Counts 2020 will widely distribute information about the census and aggressively target those segments of the population that are traditionally hard to count through segmented See CENSUS, page 8

CREDO OF THE BLACK PRESS The Black Press believes that America can best lead the world away from racial and national antagonisms when it accords to every person, regardless of race, color or creed, full human and legal rights. Hating no person, fearing no person, !VAILABLE .EWSSTANDS the Black Press strives to help ATevery person inINthe firm belief that all are hurt as long as anyoneGarland,Rowlett is held back.   

Free - Take One


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Farewell to a Hero


Throughout the years America’s space program has launched courageous men and women into outer space. The explorations have helped to make America an exceptional nation, admired and emulated the world over. We recently lost one of the heroes that helped to propel our nation’s exploratory greatness which led to the development of new technologies, extraordinary consumer products and improvements in the way humans live on earth.

Mrs. Katherine Johnson, a stately mathematical genius, whose grandparents lived during slavery, never flew on a spacecraft, but her leadership and mathematical calculations insured the safety of those that did. Mrs. Johnson’s intellectual prowess was so immense that the first American astronaut to orbit the earth insisted that she review and approve the orbital trajectory calculations before his space flight.

They had been calculated by a computer, but the astronaut, Marine Corp pilot John Glenn, who later became a United States Senator, was not assured until Mrs. Johnson had personally checked the numbers by hand. Her reputation for professional excellence was extensive. Even while a mother of three children she often worked 16 hours each day. She was in love with her work, and her nation’s objectives. Mrs. Johnson possessed a gifted mathematical mind from the time she was a small girl growing up in West Virginia, where her father farmed, and her mother taught school children Her reputation for


professional excellence was extensive. Even while a mother of three children she often worked 16 hours each day. She was in love with her work, and her nation’s objectives. Mrs. Johnson possessed a gifted mathematical mind from the time she was a small girl growing up in West Virginia, where her father farmed, and her mother taught school children. At an early age, Mrs. Johnson decided to pursue subjects such as geometry and algebra. She entered high school at the age of 10, and when she was 15 she enrolled in college. She was a gentle giant in what is referred to as STEM, science, technology, engineering, and

mathematics, encouraging young students to purpose those disciplines. It was clear to her college instructors that she would make major contributions as a mathematician. When she went to work for NASA in the early 1950s her supervisors quickly learned that she was an unusual talent. It was not because she was a person of color or because she was a woman, but simply because she was brilliant. For 33 years, Mrs. Johnson, whose remarkable work, and that of other women of color, was chronicled in the 2017 motion picture film entitled “Hidden Figures,” remained one of the foundations of the American space program.

She published dozens of scientific papers and her biography, “Reaching for the Moon” has inspired all of those who have read it. Our nation and its space program owe a tremendous debt to Mrs. Johnson who passed on February 24th in Newport News, Virginia. She was one hundred and one years old. With her life, she did much more than excels at mathematics; she quietly helped to change the world. It is my great hope that students in this country and in other parts of the world, inspired by her brilliant example, will follow in Mrs. Johnson’s footsteps and become great mathematicians, scientists, engineers and so much more.

Flavor is the enemy Flavor is the enemy! Flavor is a formidable, powerful, merciless enemy. Flavor is the new Massa and were still slaves. We’re slaves to the incessant drumbeat of pleasure and temptation of flavor. Flavor is defined as “the distinctive taste of a food or drink.” It’s determined by messages sent to the brain and like crack or heroin, flavor can leave you strung out craving increasingly more of a good thing. Flavor drives our appetite, and appetite drives our decisions. We love one another to death, with good cooking-- flavor. Flavor is emotional! The Popeye’s “the sandwich is back” commercial is emotional! It begins with moans and groans of enjoyment. Then an actor says to the chicken sandwich; “Look at you, lookin’ all special” as if he was complimenting

his woman. Then an actress says to her chicken sandwich; “I’m experiencing some things right now…” like she’s on the verge of orgasm. That’s the power of flavor! I recently saw a commercial where the actor was singing a love song so passionately about his chicken that I was convinced—it was love, real love! The twist is to keep you coming back, keep you strung out, and in order to do that, make it affordable and accessible like any good drug dealer. Burger King offers 10 nuggets for $1. Wow… a dollar? That’s exactly how a drug dealer gets you hooked and keeps you hooked-- keep the product cheap and keep it in the neighborhood. If you don’t think you can control an entire population or segment of that population with flavor? Think again!



After your Triple Bypass Heart Surgery, the doctor warns, “no more fried foods, your heart can’t take it”—but you can’t resist. “If you don’t control your fast food cravings, you’ll die”—but you can’t resist. Your doctor tells you, “control your urge for sweets, and we can wean you off of insulin”—but you can’t resist. What the doctors won’t tell you is that appetite for flavor is a drug addiction and you can’t stop! You want to fight the flavor, but you can’t win the flavor war! It’s bigger than you! Even when you want to stop, when you know you need to stop, your size,


dual message: “Fight the Power,” and “Don’t Believe the Hype!” You see, those who come after us are going to have some serious questions and they are going to challenge those who provided false narratives. Here are just a few examples: • Everyone didn’t march with or love Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. when he was alive • In the late 1900s and the turn of the Century, the Democratic Party

really was not such a good friend to African Americans, especially African American Men • Republicans were concerned about little Black and Brown babies when they protested against abortions • Everyone loves or respects President Donald Trump • Every politician is crooked • All Black men are lazy, shiftless, or thugs • All Black women are mean,

weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and overall health tell you if you continue on this path you’ll die, you can’t control it. The flavors have you beat! French fries, chips, macaroni and cheese, BBQ anything, smothered everything, Pepsi, Coke, sweet tea, candy, red velvet cake all have you under a spell that you can’t break. Taste buds are flavor soldiers! These buds are an army of tiny sensory sentries found on the surface of your tongue that use salty, sweet, sour, and even bitter to your disadvantage. This is war and you’re outgunned! Taste buds render you their

prisoner. It’s intentional and by no means an incidental component of a plan to keep you psychologically and emotionally hooked, dependent on substances that define how you provide nutrition to your body—primarily sugar and salt, both eerily similar in appearance to cocaine. Appetite, the natural or not-so-natural desire to satisfy a bodily need, is the agent of persuasion to which you yield all will power and common sense. Appetite and cravings alter your perception of reality. They convince you that your desires are actual needs, needs which need to be satisfied. Appetite and cravings remove rational precautions and convince you that a little bit more of this or one more bite of that can’t hurt you— after all, it’s your birthday, it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Homecoming, etc.

strong, or promiscuous Yes, I could go on, but I hope you understand my message. Now a few questions for you: Have you figured out why you are here? When you get up every day, what’s on your mind? At the end of the day, what have you done with your life or for others? Will your descendants be ashamed of your actions or inactions? Better still, did you make sure your life mattered? In a nutshell, are you existing or living?

Shackles have been replaced by the chemical dependency of flavor. Traditions, cravings, appetites and insatiable yearnings for flavor have rendered us prisoners of war, and we’d rather die than give up our flavors. Bad food, camouflaged and rendered acceptable with colors, aromas and flavors, robs you of any hope of biological homeostasis, or perfect health and wellness. Flavor has no bearing on nutrition and slaves to flavor can never enjoy excellent health, they can only feel good if the meal is good. All the enemy has to do is taste good and we’ll do the rest. That’s what’s on my mind! Miles Jaye Davis, plays over 12 instruments and is an artist, musician, author, painter, writer and singer.. He is also a trained chef.


V. Alyce Foster Trailblazer Awards Luncheon honorees named

By Gwendolyn H. Daniels Trailblazer Committee Member The historic South Dallas Business and Professional Women’s Club is set to host its 57th Annual V. Alyce Foster Trailblazer Awards Luncheon on Saturday, May 2, 2020 at the Hilton Anatole Hotel, Dallas,TX. `

President Dr. Lindy Perkins is working diligently with Chair Pat Carroll and her committee in planning this upcoming signature event. Members have chosen these outstanding 2020 honorees: • Stephen Mason – Trailblazer Award • Gwendolyn McMillan Lawe – Trailblazer Award

• Cynthia Marshall – Trailblazer Award • Debra Peek-Haynes – Sojourner Truth Award • Judge Domonique Collins – Ombudswoman Award • Oscar Epps – Humanitarian Award • Mary Jo Evans – Community Service Award • Minister Clara Crear – Volunteer Service Award

• Dana M. Franklin – Woman of the Year Award • Xavier Coleman – Man of the Year • Staff Sgt. Homer Hogues – Meritorious Service Award • Camryn Makenna Upshaw – Youth Achiever Award • Montanna Mitchum – Mabel Meshach White Business Woman Award • Cheryl Wyatt – Professional

Woman Award For tickets to the 57th Annual V. Alyce Foster Trailblazer Awards Luncheon, go to the South Dallas Business and Professional Women’s Club website at: southdallasbpwc.org, select the Donations Tab, and specify Trailblazer Luncheon Ticket under the Any Available Programs drop-down tab.



Hollywood’s Movie Review: The Way Back Ben Affleck is Jack Cunningham in the new inspiring sports movie called The Way Back. Jack is a former basketball high school standout who returns to coach his old team after the current head coach suffers a heart attack. Affleck’s character is at the bottom of the barrel in his life after suffering tragedies that lead him to the local bar every night. A friend of his father

comes to his aide every night to pull him out of the bar and get him home. One of the tragedies that have him down in the dumps is the recent death of his father. He also lost his son, and his wife has left him. After a slow start, he whips his unmotivated team into a winning group; teaching the boy’s life lessons along with basketball. Also, along

the way, he gets back his passion for the game and his passion for life. However, when another tragedy comes his way, he falls back into his old ways and loses his job as the coach. The Way Back is a great sports movie. The action and the inspiration of the story will keep you enthralled throughout the movie. The movie is also a redemption story with Affleck’s

From Marva


character overcoming his tribulations to get his life back. Affleck delivers a strong performance as the tormented coach. The movie is rated R for language. (Affleck curses like a sailor in the movie.) It has a run time of 1 hour and 48 minutes. On my “Hollywood Popcorn Scale” I rate The Way Back a LARGE.

Join Hollywood Hernandez at Feeding the Needy Sundays from 3-5 pm 1641 Corsicana Street in Dallas

Recipe for disaster! ASK ALMA By Alma Gill

Dear Alma, I read an article that suggested that married couples should openly discuss sexual and emotional attractions to other people. The hurtful part of infidelity, the author said, is the deception, not the sex act. By openly discussing a desire to stray, she said, the couple stands a better chance of avoiding an affair or surviving one if it happens. Do you think this is a good idea? Should a man tell his wife that he wants to sleep with another woman, or should a wife tell her husband that she wants to sleep with another man? This sounds like a recipe for disaster, if you ask me. Arlis H., Florida Hey




apologies, unequivocally, NO, I don’t think it’s wise to have this type of conversation with your spouse. Infidelity is a small part of a bigger problem not being addressed. The act and the deception go hand in hand. Both are equally devastating. “Couple Up” and discuss the actual challenges you’re facing in your relationship. Having the thought and discussion of being disloyal and betraying your partner should be avoided. Whether married or not, we experience sexual and/or emotional attractions; it’s a part of being human…and fantasizing. For example: Let’s say you have a moment (or two) while watching Eamonn Walker on “Chicago Fire.” Should you tell your husband? No. Should you have an affair? No.

What should you do? I suggest, instead, that you buy a fire-engine red teddy, throw your husband to the floor and let the games begin. (Chile, it’s gettin’ hot up in here. LOL) Anywho, you and I agree; the discussion of or act of infidelity would be equally damaging to a marriage. If having an affair has crossed your mind, tend and weed those thoughts carefully in your own secret garden. A successful and victorious marriage has no room for that kind of thinking to bloom and grow.

Alma Gill’s newsroom experience spans over 25 years, including various roles at USA Today, Newsday and the Washington Post. Email questions to: alwaysaskalma@ yahoo.com. Follow her on Facebook at “Ask Alma” and twitter @almaaskalma.

By Marva Sneed

On “From Marva with about to turn 60. I finally hit Love,” Joyce Brown, Ms. that point. For the first time Texas Senior America in my life ever I was feeling Pageant 2019 joined us to depressed about turning a talk about representing the new decade. I wasn’t happy positive image of aging for with where I was in life. women 60 and older. She And I decided that I was says the ladies have reached going to break things open the “Age of Elegance” and change my attitude, and are the foundation change my eating habits of America. The pageant and ended up losing about champions healthy aging, 30 pounds. I became more wellness, and mental-being. confident. I was looking for The contestants exemplify something that I could do the “positive image of once I retired. So I found aging.” She worked 38 out about the pageant. I years in the technology said I’m going to do it. I field and spent had never done 30 years in a pageant various forms before. That of engineering was my very management. first time. I MS: Ms. said I’m going Joyce, will to do it and you tell us a I’m going to little bit about win it. But I yourself and didn’t have a how you got talent. I didn’t Jo y ce B ro w n involved in M s. Te x a s S e n io r A m e ric a know what I Ms. Texas was going to Senior America Pageant? do but I’m going to do my JB: Thank you for having best. And now at 60, I am me on your show. I am living my best life. I am very humbled and I am fulfilled in every way. excited to come and talk MS: You became a about the things that I’m Certified Health Coach. most passionate about. What can we do to become So a little about me I have healthier? an Electrical Engineering JB: Yes, so when I was degree that I got in 1981 going on that journey it was a lifetime ago. But trying to figure what I anyway I spent 38 years was going to do when I working in Corporate retired, because of all the America, eight years at years in management and Texas Instruments and Corporate America.... another 30 years at Abbott There was so much more Laboratories. When I was to Joyce Brown. You can thinking about retiring, I follow her on Facebook thought ‘I want to retire, @JoyceBrown or book what am I going to do?’ I for your organization tried to figure out what was or event by emailing going to be my next chapter. joyceMTSA19@gmail.com. So in the meantime, I was

Tune in to From Marva with Love on blogtalkradio.com/cherylsmith Fridays 11 am-1 pm

The Celebrity Interview: Slow Burn THAT CELEBRITY INTERVIEW

Slow Burn


Slow Burn looks back at the fall of a president. Based on the popular podcast, the new EPIX docu-series examines Watergate and the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Host and political reporter, Leon Neyfakh, discusses with Valder what her viewers will learn in Slow Burn, and how the Watergate scandal and ensuing impeachment hearings compare to what’s taking place in our nation today during a politically tumultuous time.

In its first two seasons, the popular podcast series Slow Burn looked back at two of the biggest stories of the late 20th century—the Watergate scandal and the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Expanding on the podcast’s first season, the Slow Burn TV series focuses on the Watergate crisis, excavating the strange subplots and forgotten characters involved in the downfall of a president -- and flashing back to politically tumultuous times not so far removed from today.

Both the TV series and podcast are hosted by political reporter Neyfakh, who reported for the New York Observer and The Boston Globe before joining Slate, where he covered the criminal justice system and the Justice Department before co-creating Slow Burn with Andrew Parsons. –Text provided by Leon Neyfakh’s publicists in conjunction with the Valder Beebe Show VBS: Slow Burn is déjà vu in relations to today’s impeachment hearings in Washington with President Trump. LN: Slow Burn, which began as a podcast, is now premiering as a TV show on EPIX. What really made it come to life and made listeners really respond.

We tried to transport listeners back to a time when no one knew how this historic event [Nixon impeachment] would turn out. It was a time people read the newspapers and watched the News to get event updates. VBS: There were lots of characters who are now iconic; Martha Mitchell aka the mouth of the south, Roger Stone who was just sentenced to prison, Howard Hunt, Leslie Stahl who was reporting on the events. This was enlightening. LN: It was also lots of fun! We wanted to not make it so stoic we wanted to include fun and excitement. We tried to make it like gossip in some places even as these world

events were unfolding, in retrospect. VBS: How did the success of showcasing a history event come about for Slow Burn? LN: History itself was central to the podcast [version of] Slow Burn that became successful, then we reintroduce urgency....

Valder Beebe Show THAT CELEBRITY INTERVIEW On-Demand video: ValderBeebeShow.com, 411RadioNetwork. com, Youtube.com/valderbeebeshow; PODCAST audio: Soundcloud.com/ valderbeebeshow, Soundcloud.com/ kkvidfw; Broadcast:KYBS FM Y99.9, KRER FM 102.5, Streaming TV PChatman Network and VBS affiliate broadcasters; On-Demand 411 RadioNetwork.com,. – Now available on 411RadioNetwork APP . Valder Beebe Show is a Power of 3 Women media influencer consortium partner.

About Your Hair: Shades Of Sexy Gray Hair In Your 50s, 60s & 70s ABOUT YOUR HAIR BY DR. LINDA AMERSON www.hairandscalpessentials.com

Some women in their 50s are not ready to accept their gray wisdom strands, therefore, hair color is their monthly image friend. Gray hair is most often a hereditary gift that many individuals would love to return. Gray hair is due to the failure of pigment formation in the hair follicle; which means the pigments are not

producing the hair color, or there is an interruption that occurs during this production. It is common for the hair to lose its pigmentation slowly as a person’s age increases, and it indicates normal physiological changes. However, it can also be an indication of internal disturbances or nutritional deficiencies.

Some of the causes may include excessive worry from personal or family issues, grief from losing a spouse, child, parent, grandparent, etc, grief of losing several people or family members consecutively. Some people have also experienced alopecia (hair loss) from this type of grief. Or stress from high profile positions involving making decisions that affect millions of people. Have you ever noticed how our presidential leaders enter the White House with their

dark hair then, after a few years of decision making, they begin to show visible signs of gray hair? Work overload at work and/ or at home has an effect. Anxiety and nervous strain may relate to a deadline, a possible promotion, concern over one’s health, or abuse of any type. Premature grayness may occur as early as childhood with a few strands, progress to sprinkling during adolescence, to further graying during your twenties. It is usually hereditary. A copper mineral deficiency.

Some individuals experience complete grayness by age 30. One good example is American Idol winner Tyler Hicks, who received much ridicule about his gray hair when he was a contestant. You have the choice to embrace, color it, or add gray extensions to flaunt your sexy gray. Join us for more media on Ask Dr. Amerson, renowned Board-Certified Trichologist and journalism. Call 817 265 8854 or Hairandscalpessentials. com



Black Card 101: Understand the power of “Taking a Knee” during the Coronavirus Climate Let’s dig in now, for the record, in 2016, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick began to kneel on the sideline during the singing of the anthem to protest the repeated episodes of killing and abuse of Black Americans by police in the past several years. Others have since joined the protest by “taking a knee” during the anthem, leading to an ongoing national impact. the movement proved profound and successful. What does that mean for you as an o r g a n i z a t i o n , business and/or leader? It means you must step up and step into your power as a leader and business owner by instilling visible signs of your commitment to business excellence during a social and global crisis such as COVID-19. Many of your stakeholders are unaware of the risks, dedication and or intent you must place their

The Black Card By Terry Allen

safety first. So, you must take a knee. What does it mean to take a knee for your business? BEGIN TO PRACTICE FAIR BUSINESS PRACTICES! 1) Stay professional in the times of consumer crisis. Do not engage in a shouting match or fear the worst dialogue with your stakeholders. As the consumers began to panic and short sell utilizing small business owners, you have to show your that you will create a safe environment for consumers to engage with you. COVER THE BASICS- TAKE

OUT A PRINT AD! 2) Show your customers, members and stakeholders the steps you are taking to create a safe environment when they are engaging in business with you and your establishment. Place a schedule of activity from wipe downs to active cleaning cycles to safe package sterilization to air filter replacement. Beauty shops, restaurant owners, medical professionals, EVERYBODY get involved! Change your print ad to post your cleaning and safe health policies and timelines. HELP YOUR STAKEHOLDERS UNDERSTAND HOW THEY ARE SAFE WITH YOU. 3) Stake holders need to know you are aware and savvy in creating a safe work, consumer and/or engagement environment. Determine a schedule to communicate to your core audiences.


CREATE AN ALTERNATIVE E N G A G E M E N T EXPERIENCE 4) Utilize service delivery, online sales, social media engagement and print add advertising to show your stakeholders your authenticity and integrity is intact. Let them see safe ways to stay engaged with you. Let them know that your serve or product has the best safety and protection to get into their hands. Prepare for calls and questions. Rest assured we at the paper, will help you to create new ads to help your stakeholders navigate the Corona-Scare-us and maintain calm during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Let us all remain available to our stakeholders. That is my fiddy cents. Keep it or spend it on you!

2002-2018! Any Condition. Running or Not. Top

Terry Allen is an award-winning media professional, journalist and entrepreneur who serves as the Media Related Representative on the National Association of Black Journalists Board of Directors. He is also the founder of City Men Cook and 1016 Media


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SHINING STAR! A’myah Moon gets royal treatment after bullying incident

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When Eleven-yearold A’myah Moon, her mom Syreeta Smith, her grandmother Sheila Walker and Mavs chaplain David Shivers visited with Mavs CEO Cynt Marshall, before Sunday afternoon’s Dallas Mavericks vs Indiana Pacers game, she was all smiles. A’myah and her family were special

Reader Advisory: The National Trade Association we belong to has purchased the above classifieds. Determining the value of their service or product is advised by this publication. In order to avoid misunderstandings, some advertisers do not offer employment but rather supply the readers with manuals, directories and other materials designed to help their clients establish mail order selling and other businesses at home. Under NO circumstance should you send any money in advance or give the client your checking, license ID, or credit card numbers. Also beware of ads that claim to guarantee loans regardless of credit and note that if a credit repair company does business only over the phone it is illegal to request any money before delivering its service. All funds are based in US dollars. Toll free

guests of Pacers star and Bedford, TX native Myles Turner, Ms. Marshall and the Mavs. A’myah has a rare form of cancer and recently gained local and national media attention after she was bullied when a classmate pulled off her wig at Bowman Middle School in Plano. -Dorothy Gentry

Do you know this man?

Crimestoppers 877-373-8477


He targeted members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. but this is more than about a sorority. We’re talking about a community. Come on PEOPLE! Don’t you CARE? Will it matter when it is your sister, mother? aunt or grandmother or maybe YOU?

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I refuse to allow this sadness to destroy my heart. Love is not banished by death. Bruised, yes. Tattered, yes. Displaced, oh, yes. But, never destroyed. No matter how dark your sorrow, love will grow forth.



Counties deal with COVID-19, continued from front page

1. Effective as of 11:59 p.m. on Monday, March 16, 2020, and continuing until 11:00 a.m. on March 20, 2020 (a) public or private Community Gatherings (as defined in Section 3 below) are prohibited anywhere in Dallas County (b) Restaurants with or without drive-in or drivethrough services and microbreweries, microdistilleries, or wineries may only provide take out, delivery, or drive-through services as allowed by law, (c) Bars, lounges, taverns, or arcades and private clubs shall close. 2. In addition, the Office of the Dallas County Judge and the Dallas County Department of Health and Human Services (“Health Authority”) strongly urge organizations that serve highrisk populations to cancel all gatherings until further notice These recommendations are based on the social distancing practices attached to this Order as well as the “Implementation of Mitigation Strategies for Communities with Local COVID-19 Transmission” issued by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”). The Office of the Dallas County Judge and the Health Authority urge people to not attend non-essential gatherings during the duration of this Order in order to help slow down the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 3. Definitions: a. For purposes of this Order, a “Community Gathering” is any indoor or outdoor event or convening, subject to the exceptions and clarifications below, that brings together or is likely to bring together fifty (50) or more persons at the same time in a single room or other single confined or enclosed space, such as an auditorium, theatre, stadium (indoor or outdoor), arena or event center, gym, meeting hall, conference center, large cafeteria, or any other confined indoor or confined outdoor space. b. An outdoor “Community Gathering” under this Order is limited to events in confined outdoor spaces, which means an outdoor space that (i) is enclosed by a fence, physical barrier, or other structure and (ii) where people are present and they are within six feet of one another for extended periods. c. For purposes of clarity, a “Community Gathering” does not include the following so long as visitors are generally not within six feet of one another for extended periods: i. (i) spaces where 50 or more persons may be in transit or waiting for transit such as airports, bus stations or terminals; (ii) office space, schools, or residential buildings; (iii) grocery stores, shopping malls, or other retail establishments, not including restaurants with and without drive-in or drive-through services, microbreweries, micro-distilleries or wineries, bars, lounges, or taverns, and private clubs, where large numbers of people are present but it is unusual for them to be within six feet of one another for extended periods; and (iv) hospitals and medical facilities. In all such settings, the Office of the Dallas County Judge and the Health Authority recommends following the attached Social Distancing Recommendations, and personal hygiene measures such as hand sanitizer and tissues should be provided when possible. 4. If someone in a household has tested positive for coronavirus, the household is ordered to isolate at home. Members of the household cannot go to work, school, or any other community function.

5. Nursing homes, retirement, and long-term care facilities are instructed by this order to prohibit non-essential visitors from accessing their facilities unless to provide critical assistance or for end-of-life visitation. 6. Public and private schools and institutions of higher education are instructed by this order to provide a safety plan to Dallas County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management 72 hours before students return to a classroom settings. 7. Additionally, the Office of the Dallas County Judge and the Health Authority instructs all employees to remain at home if sick. Employees of private businesses and nonprofits with six or more employees in the City of Dallas can use their paid sick leave when they are sick or to care for sick family members. 8. This Order shall be effective until 11:00 a.m. on March 20, 2020, or until it is either rescinded, superseded, or amended pursuant to applicable law. 9. The County of Dallas must promptly provide copies of this Order by posting on the Dallas County Health and Human Services website. In addition, the owner, manager, or operator of any facility that is likely to be impacted by this Order is strongly encouraged to post a copy of this Order onsite and to provide a copy to any member of the public asking for a copy. If any subsection, sentence, clause, phrase, or word of this Order or any application of it to any person, structure, gathering, or circumstance is held to be invalid or unconstitutional by a decision of a court of competent jurisdiction, then such decision will not affect the validity of the remaining portions or applications of this Order. IT IS SO ORDERED CLAY JENKINS, DALLAS COUNTY JUDGE

Collin County officials announced last week a “presumptive positive” case of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). A man in his 30s who recently returned from California is stable and in isolation in his Frisco home. Collin County healthcare staff is monitoring the man. Collin County Health Care Services (CCHCS) will await further testing to confirm the preliminary results. The patient’s symptoms have not required hospitalization. CCHCS is also monitoring the man’s family, providing any needed tests and working to identify any contacts who may have been exposed while he was infectious. Anyone found to have had any significant exposure to the patient will be contacted directly by county healthcare staff. The City of Dallas continues to actively plan and prepare for COVID-19, working with Dallas County Health and Human Services on prevention, response and recovery efforts. The immediate risk of transmission remains low and the community is encouraged to remain calm and follow basic infection prevention measures. If you believe you may be at risk of infection with COVID-19 and you develop symptoms of fever, cough or shortness of breath, call ahead to your healthcare provider

OR you may contact Dallas County Health and Human Services at 972-692-2780 between the hours of 9 am to 3:30 pm, Monday to Friday for additional guidance. If you do not have health insurance, you should contact a hospital’s emergency department. You are strongly advised to call ahead to the hospital to ensure medical staff can properly isolate any potential COVID-19 cases. Be sure to tell your healthcare professional about any recent travel or contact. Your healthcare professional may work with the county public health department to determine if you require additional testing. COVID-19 can be spread from an infected person to others through: Respiratory droplets released into the air by coughing and sneezing; Close personal contact, such as touching or shaking hands; Touching an object or surface with the virus on it, then touching your mouth, nose, or eyes before washing your hands. While COVID-19 is a new respiratory virus, daily precautions are recommended to prevent the spread of all respiratory infections, including the common cold and flu: Practice social distancing (maintain six feet of distance between you and others when possible). Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. Avoid close contact with people who are sick. Stay home when you are sick. Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash. If you do not have a tissue, use the elbow portion of your sleeve. Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces, such as phones, keyboards, and doorknobs. For individuals who are considering travel, they should consult the CDC webpage at https:// www.cdc.gov/ coronavirus/2019-ncov/ travelers/ index.html. Early information out of China, where COVID-19 first started, shows that older adults and people who have serious chronic medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and lung disease are at higher risk of becoming seriously ill. If you are at higher risk for serious illness from COVID-19 because of your age or because you have a serious long-term health problem, it is critically important for you to take action to reduce your risk of becoming infected with the disease. For more information for people at risk for serious illness from COVID-19 visit https://www.cdc. Gov/ coronavirus/2019-ncov/ specific-groups/ high-riskcomplications.html. City of Dallas leaders are working diligently with local, regional, state and federal partners to prepare for any eventuality regarding COVID-19. You are encouraged to stay informed and to take reasonable measures to decrease the personal risk for yourself and your loved ones. NOTE: This story is constantly changing. Please go to garlandjournal.com for updates.

Pressed Roots, Luxury Express Salon for Women of Color, Launches Flagship Salon

Founder Piersten Gaines Designed to meet the needs of women with textured hair, Pressed Roots provides a convenient and quality hair service by solving for biggest pain points with current textured hair salon experiences Pressed Roots, the first-to-market luxury express salon experience for women with textured hair, has opened its flagship salon in Dallas, with plans for three more locations in the DFW area and further expand its headquarters in 2020. Like the blow-dry bars that disrupted the hair industry a decade ago, Pressed Roots salons specialize in all blowouts, all the time. Unlike traditional blow-dry bars, Pressed Roots stylists serve the specific needs of women with textured hair by using a proven and repeatable technique (The Pressed Roots method) that avoids damage and gets customers out of the salon in about 90 minutes. Historically, textured hair has been too hard for traditional blowout bars to handle – there is too much variation from head to head, it takes too long

to treat, and it requires specialized training, techniques and products. This has left a huge gap in the salon industry for women of color who are currently embracing their textured hair and spending significantly on products and services that address their unique challenges in a natural way. According to the 2017 Mintel Black Haircare report, 65% of the U.S. population has textured hair, and this demographic spends $11.4 billion annually on hair products and services. Pressed Roots was created to solve the three biggest pain points with the current textured hair salon experience: Trust – By training all of its stylists on the proven and repeatable “Pressed Roots” styling method, Pressed Roots ensures that each guest leaves the salon with a quality blowout. Convenience – Pressed Roots not only makes booking more convenient, but its method allows guests to get in and out of the salon in 90 minutes (on average). Experience–The Company provides a top-notch

experience every time, through complimentary Wi-Fi, mimosas and/or green juice. All clients get pampered and #getpressed. “Like many women of color, I have been traumatized by the salon experience, even losing my hair at the hands of licensed stylists. I created Pressed Roots for me and the 42 million other women with textured hair in the U.S. who want a brand that prioritizes hair health and experience,” said founder Piersten Gaines. “Pressed Roots is fulfilling an immediate need in the salon industry, a blow-out bar for women of color. The beauty of our salons is that if someone goes to a new city, all they will need to do is a quick Google search to find our nearest location and have the peace of mind that a trained stylist can do their hair the right way.” The flagship salon in Dallas is at 320 Singleton Blvd. To make an appointment, visit https:// go.booker.com/location/ Press e dR o ots/s er v icemenu.

CENSUS 2020 count important,

messaging, block walks, participation in community events, informational kiosks, marketing and social media messaging in English and Spanish. The bilingual volunteers and staff of Dallas County Count 2020 will wear distinctive shirts as they connect with residents at events, retail locations, and door-to-door canvassing. Among the important messages to be conveyed is that a citizenship question is not included in the 2020 Census. Although the question will not appear, the publicity surrounding the controversy last year has caused concern in communities that are already considered hard to count. Confidentiality of the information provided in the census is another area of concern, especially for Hispanics, immigrant populations and low-income communities. They will have to be reassured that their information cannot be shared with anyone – such as other government agencies, a landlord or even social service agencies – and that it’s illegal to share their information for 72 years.

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4 Other key information that how to respond to the census online or by phone, or how to request a paper form if that is preferred. Communicating these dates, facts and the need to respond to the 2020 Census is crucial because, based on current estimates; Texas could gain three to four additional seats in the U.S. House of will be shared with Dallas Representatives, which are County residents through determined based on the the outreach efforts includes number of residents in a state. An accurate count for these important dates: March 12-20—Census 2020 is important not only in invitation arrives in the mail terms of representation but asking residents to respond also because it determines the by phone, by mail or, for the number of federal resources allocated to the state. first time, online. In 2016, Texas received at March 23—Online Census least $59.4 billion in federal survey is available. April 1—National Census funding, based on decennial Day. Dallas County Census Census data—or $2,132 for 2020’s large scale activities every Texas resident. For every person missed in kick-off. It marks the date by which all individuals 2010, Texas lost out on $1,161 will have received a mailed per person, per year, over the past decade in federal invitation to respond. May-July— Enumerators funding for major healthcarewill begin visiting homes that related programs alone. Texas have not responded to the is the third-largest recipient of federal funding which is census. July 31—The 2020 Census allocated using Census data. If there is even one percent is completed this year, only a small percentage of undercount, the state could households will receive a lose out in federal funding for paper form to fill out. The healthcare and social serviceinvitation that will come in related programs at a rate of the mail to most households at least $3 billion over the will include instructions on next decade.

The Garland Journal family encourages everyone to be safe, adhere to directives and use this time to plan for a better future for all!

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