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22 Discount Cards 30 In Search of Fish Entrees 33 Gluten-Free Restaurants Adopt the Trend About our cover: We went in search of the best fish entrees. See more dishes like this Blackened MahiMahi from The Hard Shell. Photo by Tim Hill.

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November/December 2011

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November/December 2011

November/December 2011


supporting local business

More Than Moving


By Tammie Wersinger. Photo by Tim Hill. he move from a family home into a retirement community and the downsizing that comes with it has become a lot less daunting thanks to More Than Moving.

The Richmond company provides all the help senior citizens and

their families need to make decisions about what to take to their new homes, as well as packing and moving those things and selling or disposing of items no longer needed. “This process is something you may do once in your lifetime, but we help people 365 days a year.’’ said co-owner Roy Lambertson. “We get calls when people encounter problems that seem insurmountable. Our 14 years in this industry offer our clients a broad range of experience and knowledge. We know this town, we know the industry and we know who to call for any services we don’t offer .” Lambertson’s wife, Susan Campbell, started More Than Moving in 1998, after helping her father move from their family home of 46 years while balancing her own career in the communications industry. The Richmond native and past president of the National Association of Senior Move Managers, helps families in similar situations focus their energy on personal, legal and medical matters by taking care of the details of the move. More Than Moving’s services are available to everyone who needs help with moving, organizing and de-cluttering. Former clients include empty-nesters, people combining households, busy professionals, newlyweds, those with disabilities and families who have lost a loved one. In addition to overseeing more than 600 moves last year, the professionals at More Than Moving conducted 22 in-home sales and sold other items through Susan’s Selections, a Richmond-area consignment store operated by More Than Moving. “We are a comprehensive move management company,” Lambertson said. “ If there are concerns about anything, we’re here to make the transition a smooth one.” n Visit, for more information on all the company’s services. 8

November/December 2011

supporting local business

Baby Boomers and Retirement By G. Carl Mahler, Jr. CFP®


ho knew we would ever get anything from Greece but Anthony Quinn and olives? Color me surprised when the frequently offered rationale for our stock market’s volatility has been the insolvency of the country of Greece. Actually, it is but one symptom among many in an attempt to explain the anemic performance of the world’s stock markets since the beginning of summer. There are many more offerings made as a proxy for bad numbers, but bottom line – it’s tough to find anything that’s currently building my net worth towards that perfect retirement I’ve envisioned for so many years. You see, I am but one of the 76 million Americans they’ve dubbed as a Baby Boomer. I will only admit to being much closer to one end of that number than the other, but I am a card-carrying member of that mob of people that has also been called the “undenied generation”. We weren’t going to go without anything we wanted. We bought the biggest homes, bigger beach homes and fanciest cars imaginable, and we had our kids in private schools, taking ballet or horseback riding and anything else that met our fancy. When the first group of Boomers hit their mid-40s to 50, the markets were doing wonderfully. Returns on stocks on the S&P* averaged 10-12 percent per year, and a lot of investments were doubling every six years. That is, if you were among the few who were even investing for the future. After all, “there’s plenty of time. We’ll get to it soon.” Well, what we’ve now learned is that virtually none of the Boomers ever got around to the savings and investing side. Their peak earnings and investing years simply continued into their peak spending years, with apparently no means of saving themselves

from themselves. Savings levels in this country are sick, some of the lowest in the world. Now, after the “lost decade” (as the media has dubbed the last ten years in the market), plus a Bear Market in real estate that’s turned many Americans upside down with their mortgages, the situation has become even bleaker. Add to those factors rising healthcare costs and living longer than ever, and you find yourself with your back against the wall as you race towards that time when you were supposed to kick back and smell the roses. You don’t have to look back any further than one generation to see things very differently. Look at the Boomer’s parents. Tom Brokaw even wrote a book about them called The Great Generation. They were the old fuddy-duddies who came out of college and went to work for a company and stayed there their entire working career. They made a lot less money than we do, but they had one thing we don’t have – a pension. It’s a check they started getting when they turned 65 and retired. In addition, they started getting a Social Security check, the combination amounting to approximately 40-60 percent of their pre-retirement income. Here’s the kicker – they actually built their retirement lives around that income, and the ones who managed to save a little additional money for their “golden years” are able to do pretty much anything they want to do. In fact, if it weren’t for the frugal parents of Boomers, many of the Boomer’s children wouldn’t be in private schools, colleges or riding lessons, would they? In fact, many of The Great Generation forgo the fun things they are capable of doing for themselves, because their grandchildren wouldn’t be able to do many things today without their assis-

tance. Many of our senior clients know that their kids won’t have it like they do, worrying if their children will ever be able to retire. In my opinion, way too many Boomers are sitting back counting on Mom & Dad’s assets via inheritance. What a miserable thought. The solution(s) to all this isn’t fun. The first step is to start addressing the problem as early as possible. For many, that’s already too late. Next you have to save more, work longer and learn to live more efficiently. Hopefully, a combination of all these will get you there. The challenge we face daily as advisors is helping our clients understand all of this, and that’s helping them get a mental picture of where they are and what goals they need to reach. The spread is called the Gap. Our job is to fill the Gap. The second challenge is figuring out how to stabilize, if not guarantee, income during retirement. Much like those pensions our parents have. Most Boomers are only going to have their 401(K) plans to provide the majority of their retirement income, an income that will likely have to last 30 years. Not only are we in uncharted waters as far as how long the money will have to last, but portfolio volatility makes a predictable income questionable. Revamped versions of some old products are helping, but there are so many varieties and so many moving parts to them, it often makes it difficult to understand exactly what you’re getting. It’s like walking through a mine field. Many clients have told their friends and family of our Second Opinion offering. If you find yourself feeling uneasy about the state of your retirement, we’d be happy to offer you another set of eyes. n

KEEP THE FAITH. FAITH IS THE SPIRIT. The Pinnacle Group An Independent Firm 3748 Winterfield Road • Midlothian, VA 23113 804-378-1624 • 804-378-1625 (fax) Securities offered through: Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC. Any information is not a complete summary or statement of all available data necessary for making an investment decision and does not constitute a recommendation. Any opinions are those of G. Carl Mahler, Jr. and not necessarily those of Raymond James. Expressions of opinion are as of this date and are subject to change without notice. Every investor’s situation is unique and you should consider your investment goals, risk tolerance and time horizon before making any investment. Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of strategy selected. Past performance may not be indicative of future results.

November/December 2011


A Winter Wonderland Awaits in Michigan By Steve Cook Background photo by Thomas J. Dolaski, IV U.P. Overland (


Photo courtesy Internat

ional Snowmobile Man

ver the years, I have been ridiculed and harangued. Many of my friends have

wonderland adventure with a tour of Mar-

wrung their hands, shrugged, and eventually given up in trying to help me ac-

quette. You’ll discover it to be virtually

cept my condition.

brimming with history, charm, and plenty

What is my disorder? It’s a deep love for snow. While there is so much to love about

Central Virginia, one thing I don’t like are the winters, or lack thereof.

of great shopping and dining . While I was anxious to discover all that

Thankfully, I’m not the only person who suffers from this “disorder.” True, there are

the UP had to offer, I was most excited to

many, including certain local meteorologists, who celebrate our having “dodged a bullet”

try my hand at snowmobiling, and, let me

when a forecast snow storm turns to rain as it reaches Richmond. But I’ve come to discover

tell you, it was even more thrilling than I

that there are legions of us snow lovers right here in the Metro area.

had anticipated.

The state of Michigan

And for such ones, I have some very good news. I’ve discovered a true winter wonder-

is the snowmobile capital of the United

land. It’s an area rich in natural beauty, year round. But as winter approaches, this enchant-

States, with over 3,000 miles of trails. And,

ing place becomes truly alive, transforming itself into a land of snowy pleasures, which

no spot in the state offers any greater op-

includes a host of “silent sports venues.” Where is this delightful land?

portunity to enjoy this exhilarating, and

It’s Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. If thoughts of Michigan are, to you, more of assembly lines than shorelines, then you really need to visit. Now, I’ll admit, traveling to the UP (as it’s called by the locals, who dub themselves Yoopers) is more than a day trip or even a weekend getaway. But


yet, at the same time, relaxing, activity than does the UP. For the winter sports enthusiast, snowmobiling is only the tip of the iceberg. Dur-


Richmond to Marquette,

ing my four-day visit, I had the opportu-

Michigan, located right in

nity to sample ice fishing, tubing, and show

the heart of the Upper Pen-

shoeing. But wait! There’s more, including

insula, is reasonably priced.

skiing (both downhill and cross-country),


and ice climbing. There’s even a luge open



from the airport lies this

To continue reading about my winter

town, nestled alongside

adventures in Michigan’s UP, go to rich-




Lakes. Begin une

Photo by Randall McC

November/December 2011

to the public.

clean, quaint, little college

the greatest of the Great


ufacturers Association

For links to snowmobiling sites, and for virtually all things Michigan, visit the



state’s official website, n

November/December 2011



November/December 2011

First Choice is a bi-monthly information column provided for the citizens of Chesterfield County

Our Community Teamwork Makes Us Great Don J. Kappel, Director of Public Affairs, Chesterfield County, Virginia


n October, the world lost a great innovator when Steve Jobs, inventor and co-founder of Apple Computer, Inc., succumbed to pancreatic cancer at the age of 56. From the iPhone, to the iPod, iTunes and the iPad, Jobs changed the way the world computes, communicates, listens to music and thinks. Steve was a strong, intelligent person, but he did not think he had all the answers. He wisely surrounded himself with bright, energetic and committed people—people who cared about excellence. That mix of talent and teamwork is what made Apple, and Jobs, successful. Similarly, with the leadership of the elected Board of Supervisors, Chesterfield County provides an excellent quality of life. The county provides a comprehensive range of programs and services and earns favorable ratings from 93.5 percent of our residents, which is above state and national norms. Moreover, this is accomplished at the lowest overall cost to our residents when compared with a dozen other large Virginia localities. County employees work hard to provide that kind of value, but county employees don’t do it all alone. They are teammates with many organizations and individuals, all working to make Chesterfield County a FIRST CHOICE community. For example, when Hurricane Irene hit the county on August 27, numerous church congregations, volunteers such as Community Emergency Response Team and Medical Reserve Corps members, residents clearing debris from roadways, business operators donating food, neighbors helping neighbors with generators, and others pitched in, working alongside county employees and power company crews around the clock to assist those in need and to help the community heal. In October, the county was named “One of the 100 Best Communities in America for Young People” by America’s Promise Alliance. It was the 5th time the county earned that recognition, and Chesterfield County is the only five-time winning locality in Virginia. As with many of the county’s accomplishments, county and schools employees were assisted by parents, volunteers, mentors, non-profit organizations, the faith community and other partners, all of whose work over the past year to help our youths succeed contributed to the supportive community environment that made us a winner. We’re fortunate to be living in what is nationally recognized as one of the best communities in America, and you are part of the reason why. It is our teamwork that makes us great. n November/December 2011








1. Titlelist Golf Bag and Taylor Made MB Forged Irons. Golfers of all ages and skill levels will love this golf bag. These Taylor Made irons are especially good for low handicap golfers who consider themselves very consistent in ball striking. Rivers Bend Golf Club • 530-1000 The Pro Shop at Rivers Bend Golf Club is open to the public with a variety of golf products. Order custom clubs from manufacturers such as Calloway, Titlelist, Taylor Made and Srixon.

2. Poinsettia. The traditional flower is back in season! Dress up your holiday tablescape or decor, or give as a festive hostess gift. Cross Creek Nursery • 794-9760 Ten acres full of a wide variety of plants all situated in a botanical garden setting. Cross Creek is sure to have what you need for your landscape. Or get a helping hand with five service options for grounds maintenance or full service landscape design and installation.


3. Luxury Bedding. Sleep like royalty with cozy linens, pillows and throws. Add a touch of class with a custom-made upholstered headboard.

5. Three Piece Dip Chiller. Ice in the bottom of the chiller keeps dips cool and yummy! Displayed on the multi-tasking cake plate/chip and dip server.

Layers • Short Pump Town Center 360-2704 • Indulge in handmade mattresses, customized to your comfort. Wrap your new mattress in soft linens and add a stylishly upholstered headboard for the ultimate touch. Also, find hand-poured scented candles and antique Persian rugs for extra flair.

Cottage Lane • 1256 Sycamore Square 379-5263 • Come see the great selection of unique and fun gifts, fashion scarves, shoes, stationery and the recently added children's corner! Cottage Lane wants to help you have a wonderful, happy holiday season.

4. Digital Print of Olives and Custom Framing. This artwork, perfect for any kitchen, can be framed to meet your tastes! Choose from a variety of designs of frames, mattes and more.

6. MetaLace Pearl and Sterling Silver Necklace. One of the many unique handcrafted pieces by nationally acclaimed artisans like Zaffiro, Chefridi, Somers, Swirlstone, Paris Recycled, Earthstone and more unique jewelry artists.

Art on a Wire • 13407 Midlothian Tnpk. Located in The Barn • 379-0112 Get your holiday groove on at Art on a Wire, providing complete custom and Do-ItYourself assistance for all of your framing needs. Unique works by local artisans, vintage prints and photos are all available for purchase.

Bella Arte Gallery • 3734 Winterfield Road •794.1511 Embark on a magical journey when you enter the doors of Belle Arte Gallery. Art glass dances in light. Unique sculptures, functional ceramics, and original paintings plus Dr. Seuss' "Secret Art" and illustrative art offered along with custom framing.

November/December 2011



1 4



1. Amy Catherine Designs. This cute and fun jewelry would make a great stocking stuffer with all kinds of themes such as cheerleading, soccer, owls, monkeys, peace signs and more! Jewelry Creations by Shirlie Witt • 526-1516 1910 Boulevard, Suite E • Colonial Heights Three jewelers on site specializing in custom jewelry and design since 1985. We carry fine brands like Alisa, Juvite, Gabriel & Co. and Echo of the Dreamer.

2. Miche Bag. Owning a Miche bag means never having to switch purses again! You put all your essentials in one bag and never have to bother with moving it to a different purse each time you change your outfit. You can go from Day, Night or Play in an instant just by a switch of a cover! It's Chic Again! • 1225 Sycamore Square 897-2442 • Enjoy 40-80% off brand name clothing, wedding gowns, shoes, handbags, jewelry and accessories for women, men and children at this upscale consignment store. Shop names like Christian Dior, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Marc Jacobs and more.

3. Petit Batard and Xtant. Both great buys made by award-winning winemaker Jeff Gaffner. Xtant is a Cabernet Sauvignon based red blend from Napa Valley spending three years in French oak and two more resting in the bottle before release. Petit Batard is a similar blend made from barrels not chosen for Xtant. Vino Market • 3730 Winterfield Road 594-0044 • A mecca for food and wine lovers everywhere, discover a large variety of wines, including small production and hard-to-find items plus a wide selection of beer, gourmet cheeses, fresh seafood and custom cut all natural meats.

4. Christmas Ornament. Glory to the Newborn King Nativity Tree 2 Friends • 9200 Stony Point Parkway 740-3441 • 2 Friends gift shop has been providing unique gifts, jewelry, baby items and Holiday gifts to the Richmond area for over 5 years.

5. Oriental Rugs. This 9 x 12 hand knotted Peshawar Oriental rug is made of 100% wool pile in beautifully muted colors of beige, blues, rose and green. Assorted designs and sizes available. W. Hirsch Oriental Rugs • 3117 Cary Street 359-5463 • Locally owned and established in 1977, W. Hirsch Oriental Rugs carries the most diverse selection of Oriental Rugs in the area with nearly 6,000 rugs in stock in an array of sizes and styles. Choose from traditional, contemporary, transitional and antique rugs of beauty and quality for your home.

6. Shine Out Loud with fresh colors from nature; a translucent wet gloss that brings the power of beetroot, beta carotene and berry anti-oxidants to life on lips. Salon del Sol • Stop by any Salon del Sol location for great Aveda gift sets, stocking stuffers or gift certificates! Don’t forget to pamper yourself this holiday! Choose from a full menu of Aveda designed salon and spa services sure to restore balance and beauty. You deserve it!

November/December 2011



November/December 2011






1. Remote Control Plane. Teach yourself to fly in your own backyard with the three channel Hobbyzone Ready-toFly Champ.


3. Christmas Fairies. Add some holiday spirit with a small gingerbread fairy or the larger candy cane fairy.

Pet World • 6527 Centralia Road 748-3620 Find hand-fed birds, tropical fish, small animals, reptiles and a full line of pet supplies at Chesterfield's oldest pet store. Or find a new hobby like small electric helicopters and airplanes.

Plant Peddler • 1101 Crowder Drive 794-6972 • Plant Peddler has everything you need to decorate your home from the holidays. While known for bow making and decorated wreaths, they also have Department56 Villages, Byers Carolers, German Nutcrackers and more.

2. Mamaroo Programmable Baby Swing. Have your baby resting in style with 5 preset motions and speed adjustment, iPod/MP3 player compatible with built-in speaker and volume control.

4. "New" Designer Handbag and Shoes. Flaunt Milan Red Handbag found exclusively at She. Pair it with Lindsay Phillips black patent Kristen shoes with a holiday Aaliyah snap.

Weebsworld • 11537 W. Broad Street 360-2406 • See the largest assortment of premium baby gear in Richmond with the only indoor stroller test track in the USA. Find brands like Mountain Buggy, Bugaboo, I-Candy, Recaro and more.

She Chester • 11884 Chester Village Drive 717-5305 Offering designs by Pandora and Brighton, plus all your accessory and gift needs at this distinctive store.

5. Paper Machete Snowmen. These festive snowmen are handpainted and ready to decorate your home for the holidays! Taylor Hirsch Designs • 3429 W. Cary St. 359-2012 • Christmas has arrived at Taylor Hirsch with everything you need for the holidays including tress, wreaths and ornaments. Find home furnishings from around the world.

6. Pet Grooming. Whatever you furry friend's shape or size, take them to a master groomer at Good Dog! Good Dog Grooming Studio 8003 Buford Court • 647-2842 Make your pet part of the family with a day of grooming, all done by hand with attention to individual needs. Then pick up a unique toy or specialty treat to finish off a day of spoiling your pet!

November/December 2011



November/December 2011







1. Colored Diamond Fashion Ring. A multi-colored diamond ring with an alluring array of blue, green, yellow, orange and white diamonds from Asher Designs.

3. Yamaha “Georgian” Grand. Perfect for a home, studio or stage, this gorgeous piano is sure to be cherished by musicians everywhere.

Sycamore Jewelers • 744-0903 4804 Commonwealth Center Pkwy. Set yourself apart at Sycamore Jewelers with unique designers like Asher, Galatea, Gabriel, Lorenzo, Vyana and Frank Reubel. Combine these designers with over 75 years of experience, on-site jewelry repair and custom design for a truly memorable experience in jewelry!

Rhapsody Piano and Guitar 11527 W. Broad Street • 364-4488 Home of the Pollard School of Music. Get lessons in voice, piano and guitar. Then find your perfect instrument from a large selection of Yamaha, Clavinova digital pianos, and Crafter in new, used and vintage items.

2. Share the Joy of Beauty. A Ciao Bella gift certificate or gift bag makes a great gift for that special person on your list!

4. Parlour Pellet Stove. This beauty can heat up to 2,000 square feet with economical wood pellets. Stop by the Hearth and Home to see the Parlour and other great pellet stoves today!

Ciao Bella Salon • 13541 Waterford Place 744-3337 • Celebrate in style this holiday season in the relaxing ambiance of Ciao Bella Salon. Our elite team of designers create a unique look for you that is sure to brighten any festive gathering.

Hearth and Home Shoppe • 730-3800 8154 Mechanicsville Tnpk. The Hearth and Home Shoppe carries all types of gas, wood and pellet stoves, fireplaces, inserts and gas logs to get your home toasty this winter. With the largest showroom in the Richmond area, it is worth the drive.

5. Archipelago Diffusers. Wonderfully fragrant, these long-lasting Archipelago diffusers are a GATHER favorite and top-seller. In assorted scents, they last over 6 months and make great gifts! GATHER • 920 Mt. Hermon Road • 379-0441 GATHER, housed in a 1850's general store, is a welcome respite from harried holiday shopping! Antiques, vintage items, home furnishings, gifts, books, fine art and other unique items create GATHER's cozy, distinctive environment.

6. Haute Hostess Aprons by Elizabeth Scokin. One of the season’s hottest party accessories, the beautiful Diora apron is adored by celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Contact Lavender and Lace for style and price information. Lavender and Lace • 306 Libbie Avenue 484-6005 • Lavender and Lace is now carrying accessories, cards, laundry wash, shapewear and lingerie. Visit for your next bra fitting! Like their page on Facebook or email info@

November/December 2011


Custom Curtains Made Easy at



nyone who has considered new window treatments and has looked at the available options, has found two different ways to approach the project. Buying ready-made window treatments and bedding means a visit to the big box stores for pre-packaged curtains, valances and bedding and the results are usually very disappointing: cheap fabrics, no lining, uneven hemming and limited selection. The other option is custom window treatments and bedding which offers a high end, individualized designer look. However, custom window treatments can take weeks to complete and are usually much more expensive. Roomers now offers a blend of the above two solutions by offering “Almost Custom” valances, draperies, bedding, shower curtains, tablecloths and much more at a fraction of the price of true custom. With hundreds of designer fabrics and styles to choose from, we can offer high end looks at one half to one third of what true custom prices would be. All you have to do is come in with your measurements, pick out the fabric you like, the style you want and the work is done. The finished product usually arrives within one to four weeks. Our professional installer can hang them for you, or you can do it yourself. The “Almost Custom” program is a great way to decorate for anyone who needs to watch their budget and still maintain a high level of designer quality in their home. Come into Roomers Design Shoppe today to see our brand new fabric choices and styles and get a free almost Custom Ready-Made quote. Gayton Crossing Shopping Center 1364 Gaskins Road • 804.740.0231


November/December 2011

Flavor Seared Rockfish Seared rockfish with shiitake and roasted tomato pan sauce and served with Buckhead’s potato cake and sauteed asparagus. Served by Buckhead’s located at 8510 Patterson Avenue ( Photo by Tim Hill. Find more ISO Dishes at


11448 Belvedere Vista Lane. 440-0000. Smoky aromas from the hardwood flames infuse this restaurant featuring steaks, herb roasted prime rib, fresh seafood, burgers and oversized salads.


13126 Midlothian Tnpk. 379-7121. Freshest seafood around, only 12-24 hours out of the water. Latin-inspired dishes in a Caribbean atmosphere. Now open for lunch Monday-Friday with entrees from just $7.95.


11458 Belvedere Vista Lane. 320-1115. Enjoy fresh, beautifully presented foods such as sushi, sashimi, teriyaki plates, noodles, salad and more. Choose from fresh or tempura rolls, or have a party platter for your next event!

Belle Vie

1244 Alverser Plaza. Midlothian. 379-3338. Elegant but casual bistro serving European dishes with a French Belgian & European flavor. Also, a diverse selection of wines. Now serving Euro Brunch every Sunday, 11am-3pm.

ANNA's 11027 Hull Street Rd. 675-0002. Anna's prides itself on true homemade Italian food. Lunch specials and beer specials are offered all week. Reserve their banquet room for up to 20.

Made in asia

7302 Hancock Village Drive. Chesterfield. 739-8160. Fine dining restaurant, bar and sushi bar. Offering Thai cuisine with Japanese, Chinese and a variety of other Asian delights.



15% OFF

FREE 1/2 lb. of Fudge

Entire Bill Not valid with buffet.

With the Purchase of a Full Pound

$1 off buffet. 9930 Midlothian Tnpk. I 804.323.5999 | | See Ad on Page 25

2 FREE Games

Sycamore Square, Midlothian | 897-8299 I See Ad on Page 20


Buy 2 Games, Get 2 Games FREE.

Buy 1 green fee at Regular Price, Get 2nd green fee FREE

With this coupon. Expires 12/31/11. Cannot be used with any other offer, on $2 Mondays or for cosmic bowling.


Cart Required. Not valid with any other special. Valid Mon-Fri All day & weekends after 1 p.m. Excludes holidays & tournaments.

200 N. Otterdale Road | 804.378.7838 | See Ad on Page 27

The Grand Slam Package


• Oil Change • Tire Rotation • Brake Inspection • Fluid Top-off • Battery Test • Belts & Hose Check • Filter Check • Multi-Point Inspection

Offer expires 12/31/11. Mention this CODE CL2011

Prince George Golf Course | Rt. 460 | Prince George | 804.991.2251 River’s Bend Golf Club | In River’s Bend | Chester | 804.530.1000 | See Ad on Page 13

30% OFF

The Regular Price of an Oriental Rug of Your Choice Offer expires 12/30/11. One coupon per household. Valid only on store owned merchandise. Not valid with other discounts or special offers

3117 W. Cary Street. I 804.359.5463 | 10305-D Hull Street Rd. I 804.674.1173 | | See Ad on Page 29

$10 OFF

Any Christmas Tree

OLD MILL CREEK FARM 1520 Cosby Road | 804.739-6088 | | See Ad on Page 45



See Ad on Page 60

FREE Zebra Finch With the Purchase of a Starter Kit With the Purchase of a Starter Kit

Pet World Chesterfield Meadows Shopping Center I 804.748.3620 | See Ad on Page 45

Dinner for 2


Any two Anna Special Plates or Spaghetti, includes salad and bread.

10 OFF $40 or more.

$ See Ad on Page 27

$2 Off Any Pizza

11027 Hull St. Rd. | Midlothian | 804.675.0002 |

Shanghai I 9951 Hull Street Rd., 745-0866 I 6701 Lake Harbour Drive, 804-639-9089 Asian Bistro & Pho I Jefferson Davis Hwy. Between Rt. 10 & Rt. 288 I 425-9802 See Ad on Page 38

See Ad on Page 34



Full SerLube, Oil and Filter vice Oil $30 Only Cahnge

Expires 1/1/12.

With Purchase of $20 or more



With Purchase of $40 or more

Includes tax & up to 5 qts. of Pennzoil motor oil.

3 East Hundred Road • Chester • 804.530.5555 | See Ad on Page 16

300 OFF


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Mattress or Headboard


of $1500 or more. Not to be combined with any other discounts or offers. Offer ends. 12/31/11.

For first time customers. Excludes cats. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 12/31/11.

Good Dog Grooming Studio

8003 Buford Court | 804-647-2842 |

Short Pump Town Center | | 804.360.2704 | See Ad on Page 63

See Ad on Page 16

3 OFF State Inspection or Oil Change $ 10 OFF $100 or more Auto Repair

10% OFF


Your Next Purchase Cannot be combined with any other offers. Excludes prescriptions.

2608 Buford Rd. | 804.272.1423 I I

Don Papa Grande | 804.796.7988 Chester I Breckenridge Shopping Center

Los Bandidos | 804.520.5006 Colonial Heights I 170 Southgate Sq.

See Ad on Page 49

900 Murray Olds Dr. | Behind Pence | 804.379.4141 | See Ad on Page 58

For more special offers:

RichmondNavigator .com


AMERICAN Central Park Deli 12744 Jeff Davis Hwy. Chester. 796-9660. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In or Take out. Casual. Reservations not needed.

Capital Ale House 13831 Village Place Drive, Midlothian. 780-2537. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual.


11448 Belvedere Vista Lane. Richmond. 440-0000. Casual, Lunch and Dinner, Dine-In & Take Out.

The Grill At Waterford

13548 Waterford Place, Midlothian. 763-0555. Lunch, Dinner & Weekend Breakfast. Casual. Dine-In & Take out. Catering Available.


3530 Festival Park Plaza. Chester. 930-1034. Brunch, Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Upscale Casual. Reservations Suggested.

Tropical Smoothie

See for the location nearest you. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual. Reservations not needed.

ASIAN Chopstix

15801 City View Dr. Midlothian. 379-8308. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual. Reservations Suggested.

Made In Asia 7302 Hancock Village Drive. Chesterfield. 739-8160. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual. Reservations Suggested.

Sushi-O 1228 Alverser Plaza. Midlothian. 897-9878. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual. Reservations Suggested.

Sushi Box 11458 Belvedere Vista Lane 320-1115. Lunch & Dinner. Dine In & Take Out. Casual



CHINESE Shanghai Winterpock Crossing. 6701 Lake Harbour Dr. 639-9089. Oxbridge Square. 9951 Hull Street Road. 745-0866. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual. Reservations Suggested.

EUROPEAN Belle Vie European Bistro 1244 Alverser Plaza. Midlothian. 379-3338. Brunch, Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Upscale Casual. Reservations Suggested.

IRISH O'Toole's 4800 Forest Hill Ave. Richmond. 233-1781. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Take out. Casual.

INDIAN Ruchee 9930 Midlothian Turnpike 323-5999 Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Take Out. Casual.

ITALIAN A Taste of Italy 13547 Waterford Place. Midlothian. 763-2400. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual. Reservations Suggested.

Anna's Italian Restaurant 11027 Hull Street Rd. Midlothian. 675-0002. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual.

Cesare’s 13301 Rivers Bend Blvd. 530-1047. In front of Rivers Bend Shopping Center. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual.

Joe's Inn 2616 Buford Road. 320-9700. Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner. Dine-in. Take out. Casual.

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ITALIAN La Cucina 11400 W. Huguenot Rd. Midlothian. 378-8940. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual.

Palermo Trattoria Pizzeria 15717 City View Dr. Midlothian. 378-7643. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Take out. Casual. Reservations Suggested.

Sapori 3513 Festival Park Plaza. Chester. 425-4628. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Take out. Casual.

Jamaican Carena's Jamaican Grill 7102 Midlothian Turnpike. Richmond. 422-5375. Casual. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take Out.

MEXICAN Don Papa Grande Breckenridge Shopping Center. Chester. 796-7988. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual.

Don Pepe 10902 Hull Street Road. 276-1154. 9550 Midlothian Turnpike. 272-0920. 2102 W. Hundred Road. 768-2260. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual.

El Cerro Azul 13561 Midlothian Turnpike. Midlothian. 858-5000. Casual. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take Out

Los Bandidos 170 Southgate Square. Colonial Heights. 520-5006. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual.

Mariachis 10456 Midlothian Turnpike. Richmond 272-5692. Now Open! Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Upscale Casual.

Plaza Azteca 15801WC Main Street. West Chester Commons. Midlothian. 897-1124. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual.



moroccan Riad Moroccan Grill 8902 W. Broad Street. Richmond. Coming Soon! Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Upscale Casual.

SEAFOOD Hardshell 11400 Huguenot Road #121 464-1476 Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual

Pescados 13126 Midlothian Tnpk. 379-7121. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual.

Riptide’s 11212 Iron Bridge Road Chester. 748-8899. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take Out. Casual. Reservations for parties of 6 or more.

STEAK HOUSE Ruth's Chris 11500 W. Huguenot Road. 378-0600. Dinner. Dine-In. Upscale. Reservations strongly suggested.

Sagebrush 204 Southgate Square Shopping Center. 520-8216. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual.

THAI Asian Bistro & Pho 2612 Perdue Springs Dr. Chester. 425-9802. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual.

Siam Paragon 13120 Midlothian Turnpike. 379-9895. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual.

VIETNAMESE Saigon Gourmet Restaurant 11033 Hull St Rd. Midlothian. 745-0199. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual.

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Photos by Tim Hill.

For more local fish dishes, visit Seared Hawaiian Barramundi Seared Hawaiian Barramundi is finished with a ginger butter and pickled jicama slaw and served over frijoles criollos and chargrilled endive.

Pescados 13124 Midlothian Tnpk. • 379-7121



Fish Entrees Blackened Mahi-Mahi Creamy coconut rice, wilted baby spinach, tropical fruit salsa, plantain chips and mango puree.

The Hard Shell • 11400 Huguenot Road #121 • 464-1476 1411 E. Cary Street • 643-2333

Grilled Atlantic Salmon

Fish Filet with Mixed Vegetables

Grilled salmon with sea salt and black pepper topped with fresh mango and balsamic salsa.

Filet chunks lightly battered and served with mixed vegetables in light ginger sauce.

Riptides Seafood Restaurant 11212 Ironbridge Road 748-8899 •

Shanghai 6701 Lake Harbour Drive • 639-9028 9951 Hull Street Rd. • 745-0866

Sweet & Sour Whole Fish

Chilean Seabass

Whole tilapia lightly battered and fried until crispy and served with sweet and sour sauce.

A 9 ounce cut pan seared on a bed of seasonal vegetables and drizzled with mango sauce and topped with black tobiko.

Asian Bistro & Pho Jefferson Davis Between Rt. 10 and Rt. 288 425-9802 •

Chopstix Asian Bistro 15801 City View Drive 379-9808 •

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Restaurants Adapt to the Trend By Fallon Mercer


n-Fr e t u

Whether you have celiac disease, want an energy boost, wish to alleviate intestinal

issues or want to help treat a wide array of health issues – there are a host of reasons people have chosen to go gluten-free. Whatever the reason may be, it cannot be denied that the gluten-free way of life is a trend that is growing rapidly. Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, barley, rye and some oats. Going glutenfree used to mean eliminating foods that are widely enjoyed including pastries, pastas, ice cream and stuffing. However, now there is no need to feel like you will miss out on your favorite foods! Restaurants have begun to offer a plethora of gluten-free dishes in order to appeal to the masses. The following list includes many popular restaurants that have gluten-free menus and just a glimpse of some of the delicious entrees they have to offer.

Longhorn Steakhouse 14500 Hancock Village Street • 639-1571 Try the Bacon Wrapped Filet: A tender fire-grilled 9 oz. filet wrapped with bacon and served with your choice of side. Glory Days Grill 6151 Harbourside Center Loop 608-8350 • Try the 10 Spice Chicken: Chicken breast rubbed with their unique 10 spice seasoning then char-grilled and served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables. P.F. Changs 9212 Stony Point • 253-0492 Try the GF Shrimp with Lobster Sauce: Garlic white wine sauce with Chinese black beans, mushrooms, scallions and egg. Served over a bed of rice and a cup of egg drop soup. Flemings 9200 Stony Point Parkway • 272-7755 Try the Porcini Rubbed Filet Mignon: A tender center cut steak served with grilled high country asparagus spears and your choice of 10 different glutenfree sauces.

Firebirds 11448 Belvedere Vista Lane Try the Chile Rubbed Delmonico: The Southwest flavor of chile pepper accents this steak perfectly alongside a loaded baked potato. Red Robin Chesterfield Town Center • 378-0898 Try the Guacamole Bacon Burger: Freshly prepared, zesty guacamole and applewood smoked bacon with melted Swiss cheese, onions, crisp lettuce, tomatoes & mayo. Served without the bun. Olive Garden 9750 Midlothian Turnpike • 330-7391 Try the Penne Rigate Pomadoro: Roma tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil, extra virgin oil and marinara sauce are tossed with gluten-free pasta. Available with grilled chicken or shrimp. Bonefish Grill 6081 Harbour Park Drive • 804-639-2747 Try the Lily's Chicken: Flavorful chicken with goat cheese, spinach, artichoke hearts and lemon basil sauce.

For more In Search Of:

One of 14 Specialty pizzas from an extensive menu of glutenfree salads and pizzas at Extreme Pizza. This one features chicken marinated in sweet BBQ sauce, red onions, fresh cilantro, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses.

Extreme Pizza 11653 West Broad Street • 360-3123 Try the Ragin’ Rooster: One of 13 gluten-free pizzas, this one features chicken marinated in sweet BBQ sauce, red onions, fresh cilantro, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses. Urban Farmhouse 1217 East Cary Street • 325-3988 Try the This and That Plate: Homemade flipper friendly tuna salad with homemade pumpkin hummus atop mixed greens with crunchy all natural gluten-free chips and carrots. n

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By Kellie Murphy There’s a chill in the air, so grab your coat and head to some of the area’s warmest and most inviting restaurants for new menus, new chefs and those upcoming holiday events. Made In Asia, the popular Woodlake Restaurant, expects to make some changes in the coming months. Owner, Holy Yang is planning to take on catering projects for several local businesses as well as reaching out to event planners. Additionally, planned renovations at the restaurant include covering the outdoor patio and an expansion of the bar. The Hard Shell, which recently debuted in the Shoppes at Bellegrade in the former Bottega Bistro, is featuring the same concept and menu as the original location in Shockoe Slip. Currently open for dinner, you can visit the website ( for the menu and nightly specials. Brass Monkeys is expected to take over the former Pizzeria Uno located at 12211 Jefferson Davis Highway in Chester. Get a taste of the architectural and historical richness of the region with Real Richmond’s Walking Tours. The 2½ hour tour is a leisurely 1.5 mile walk seeing the sights and enjoying delicious food. Scheduled tours include The Art & Soul of Richmond on Friday, December 2nd


guests will sample from eateries such as Nick’s, Kenn-Tico, Perly’s, Mama J’s, Ettamae’s Café, Lemaire, Comfort and others. Check out for more information. n Email restaurant news, new openings, menus, chefs and more to





By Erin Pittman. Photos by Tim Hill.


or most of us, lacing up a pair of roller skates brings back to

certain point, the jammers take off. Their mission is to pass as many

mind a leisurely evening going round and round a rink to pop

members of the opposing team as possible. Sounds easy right? Not

music, but not for the River City Rollergirls. Stepping onto a rink

quite so when you remember the full contact element of this sport!

launches them into a full contact, highly competitive sport.

Each blocker does her best to prevent the jammer from passing by

Roller Derby has been around since the 1930s, with the found-

using her body and skating skills. The lead jammer, the one who

ing of the WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association), the

passes through the initial pack first, can call the round to claim their

Rollergirls’ certifying league, coming to be in 2004. WFTDA joins

points any time after the second pass. Play continues through two

leagues in a sisterhood of healthy competition and sanctions many

30 minute periods.

of the bouts, roller derby games.

The River City Rollergirls are passionate about their sport. “I

For those unfamiliar with this action-packed sport, here are

enjoy playing because it is so physical,” says team member Katie

the basics: Each team enters the rink with five ladies. The jammer

Gantt. “I played different sports as I grew up, but this is the most

wears a star on her helmet, the pivot wears a stripe and the other

physical one. It’s really fun to get to hit other people,” she laughs.

three plain-helmeted ladies are referred to as blockers. All players

Katie also noted that the camaraderie among the team is superb.

except the jammer from each team start out in a pack. The pivot sets

Former team member Jessica Williams concurs, “Roller derby

the pace for game play. Once the blockers and pivot have reached a

makes me feel like I really belong somewhere. I love my team, and (Continued on next page)

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(Continued from River City Roller Girls on page 37)


I love feeling so strong and capable. The camaraderie I’ve found

Roller Derby is a sport to be

within my derby family is amazing. I feel at home when I am on

experienced. According to Roll-

the track, going fast and working hard with the most awesome girls

ergirl Rachel Thomas, “It is by

I have ever known.”

far the biggest rush I have ever

River City Rollergirls is open to women age 18 and older, but be-

had. There’s nothing more fun

coming a team member does not happen overnight and is no piece of

than women on skates kicking

cake. Prospective rollergirls must complete what is known as “The

each other’s butts.”

Fresh Meat Cycle” before being considered for the team. This in-

Intrigued by this one of a

volves attending multiple practices a week where players learn to fall

kind sport and the ladies that

properly, how to hit correctly, as well as the basic mechanics of skat-

love it so? Catch their upcoming

ing and receiving personal assistance from their Fresh Meat Coach.

annual bout, Seasons Beatings,

After three months, a minimum skills assessment must be passed in

Saturday December 3rd from 1

order to make the team.

p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. n


Excellence in Thai Dining at

Siam Paragon By Erin Pittman. Photos by Tim Hill.


ooking for the best Pad Thai in town? Look no further than Siam Paragon, which has recently settled into its new location at 13120 Midlothian Turnpike. Customers, new and old, can expect the same personal service and

unique dining experience that Siam Paragon has offered Richmonders for more than five years. Diners will experience authentic Thai cuisine while settled amongst the distinctive tables with bench-style seating. The owners, the Wiyugal family, honed their skills as sous chefs for several years in the Northern Virginia area. They, including son, Jack have created a menu of genuine Thai dishes that their customers crave.

weekly specials, servers who offer a wealth of

Chances are, when you visit, you’ll be greeted by Jack’s wife, Jennifer.

knowledge about the cuisine, delicious des-

In addition to the Pad Thai, customers rave about their Drunken Noodles. “This

serts, including their very popular, homemade

dish has a lot of flavor and is spicy,” according to Jennifer. “Customers can control

coconut ice cream and delivery within a four

the ‘heat’ in their entrees, though, because we use the authentic Thai hot level, which

mile radius.

is measured from one to five stars.” With the ability to control the spiciness of each

For your next family outing, business

meal, Siam Paragon’s menu offers something for everyone. Special diets are also ac-

lunch or Thai food craving, choose Siam Para-

commodated with plenty of items that are gluten free and sugar free.

gon. The exceptional service and fare are cer-

Other features of this welcoming restaurant include a full bar, large screen TV,

tain not to disappoint. n

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Calendar of Events N o v e m b e r - J an u a r y

By Alaina Rauth

It’s a Wonderful Life: A Living Radio Play. November 17-December 31. Swift Creek Mill Theatre. A Year with Frog and Toad. November 4-23. Willow Lawn Theatre. 2011 Craft + Design Show. November 19-20. Science Museum of Virginia.

My Fair Lady November 25 – January 8 Celebrate the Empire’s 100th anniversary with the fun, tuneful and elegant My Fair Lady, which happens to take place in the same year the Empire Theatre opened...1911. The story follows Eliza Doolittle, a Cockney flower girl, as she is transformed by professor Henry Higgins, a phoneticist, into a proper lady. Higgins and his friend Colonel Pickering make great progress with the girl, but how will things turn out when they begin treating Eliza more like an experiment than a human being? Tickets available online at

Civil War Show. November 19-20. Richmond Raceway Complex. Scream Tour: NXG. November 20. Richmond CenterStage. Starring Mindless Behavior and Diggy Special Guest The New Boyz. Featuring Jacob Latimore and Hamilton Park and introducing The OMG Girlz.

Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas November 25-January 8. Hanover Tavern. Inspired by the warm-hearted comedy of Appalachian folk tales, and filled with traditional carols played and sung live by the talented cast, this holiday heart-warmer brings to life the Christmas culture of southwest Virginia.

Virginia Opera: Hansel and Gretel. November 25-27. Richmond CenterStage. Bolder & Fresher Tour 2011. November 25. Richmond CenterStage.

South Pacific

Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller team up to take on Richmond.

Drifty's Snowball Soup. November 28-December 21. Swift Creek Mill Theatre.

December 16-17 Broadway in Richmond brings Rod-

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Winter Tour 2011. November 30. Richmond Coliseum.

gers & Hammerstein’s South Pacific to the Landmark Theater this December. Based on the 2008 Tony Award® winning

Jingle Bell Wine Trail. December 3-4.

Lincoln Center Theater production, the

Heart of Virginia’s four wineries–Cooper, Grayhaven, James River Cellars and Lake Anna–join to bring you munchies, crafts and more at each winery.

musical is set on a tropical island during World War II. The sweeping romances

Richmond Symphony: Genworth Financial Symphony Pops Let It Snow! December 3-4. Richmond CenterStage.

feature two couples who have their happiness threatened by the realities of war and their own prejudices. Go to www.broad-

First Fridays to purchase tickets

December 2 & January 6

to the show that will have you singing the catchy tunes for weeks!

First Fridays series features an eclectic mix of multicultural performing arts to add another degree of culture to your visit to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Take advantage of extended evening hours to stroll the galleries, shop and dine at the restaurant. On December 2nd, Corey Harris, an internationally renowned blues, Delta blues and reggae guitarist will perform in the Atrium. Return on January 6th for a night of poetry. Acclaimed Virginia poets Anne Clare Hodge, John Hoppenthaler, Deborah Ager and Bernadette Geyer will each present a 25-minute reading from their original works. For more ways to add some culture into your evening out, go to www.

Amy Grant and Vince Gill: The 12 Days of Christmas. December 9. Richmond CenterStage. Sale of the Century. December 9-11. Richmond Raceway Complex. The show is the ultimate unique event invented and practiced by S&S productions for years. Millions of dollars of inventory is priced to sell.

Intergalactic Bead Show. December 10-11. Richmond Raceway Complex. Greenberg Train and Toy Show. December 17-18. Richmond Raceway Complex. Greenberg’s Train & Toy Show is the largest and longest-running train and toy show in the northeast! The show is a great day of fun for the whole family. Children under 12 are admitted FREE!

West End Comedy Downtown. January 13. Richmond CenterStage. n

To submit an event for our calendar, email

For more Events:

In the style of What’s My Line or Who’s Line is it Anyway?, talented performers will stretch the realm of improv comedy for adult audiences.

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What’s Cook In?

LOL One our our readers’ favorites columns returns with the ramblings of Steve Cook!


know this will make some of you, even my closest friends, angry, but I have to say it. I hate LOL. What does it mean? I know it stands for “Laugh Out Loud,” or “Laughing Out Loud.” But really, is that how it’s used? Now, if LOL were saved for

only those special moments when someone, say myself, for example, made a really funny comment, then I could understand it. But most of the time, if I’m texting someone, I’m not being overly funny. For instance, the other day, I asked someone (via Facebook) if they were having a good day. They texted back, “Not really. LOL.” Really? “Not really,” makes you laugh out loud? And, if you are laughing out loud is it because I asked you about your day, or because you answered. Was that so hilarious that you had to LOL? The scary thing is that the computer, rather than making us more literate (because we all communicate in writing more than ever before) is doing just the opposite. Plus, it’s also taking away our ability to understand even the most basic elements of conversation. Think about it. If you were sitting in a room, speaking with someone, and they asked you about your day, would you start laughing out loud? My feeling is you’d probably just answer the question. So, why do differently when texting? Actually, it gets even worse. To many texters, LOL isn’t enough. For some of my friends (soon to be former friends) when I ask about their day, they don’t just LOL, they ROFL. I have to wonder when I see that response. Are they really, actually, rolling on the floor laughing? I’ve had some good belly laughs in my day. I’m old enough to remember Henny Youngman and Bob Hope, but never in all my life, have I rolled on the floor laughing. True, in a long distance, written conversation, it’s a bit more difficult to express your emotions, but words still work well. If you think someone said something funny, you might try writing back, “That’s pretty funny.” Do you see how well real words work? If some future civilization were to visit a museum showcasing earthlings of the 2nd millennium, they would be puzzled. “These people must have laughed a lot,” they will probably text to a friend on another planet. “Yes, it was their sense of humor that led to their demise,” their friend might speculate. To which, our much more intelligent descendant would text back, using his abilities to type with his powerful mind, nestled in his large head, “ROFLMBO.” n November/December 2011



November/December 2011

By Kellie Murphy There’s a chill in the air, so grab your coat and head to some of the area’s warmest and most inviting restaurants for new menus, new chefs and those upcoming holiday events. Jimmy Sneed is bringing his newest venture, BlowToad, to the space formerly occupied by Double T’s in Carytown. The restaurant will feature pizza in a coal-fired oven as well as rotisserie-style prime rib. The back bar and exterior have been renovated, and added attractions will include patio dining and a walk-up pizza window. Look for an opening near the holidays. Byram’s Lobster House, located at 3215 W. Broad Street, recently opened under new owners, Jeff and Corina Kelso. Along with a renovated interior, they have brought in Chef Danny Klubowicz to create a menu featuring items such as gnocchi with red rock shrimp, Italian-style whole sea bass and homemade soups. Giuseppe Scafidi, who recently sold Stuzzi on North Belmont Avenue, is planning a new venture featuring Italian food with a Sicilian focus. The still unnamed restaurant will be in the museum district and located in the space former occupied by Cucina. Lamplighter has opened a second location, The Kickstand at Scott’s Addition, at 1717 Summit Avenue. Serving brewed coffee, sandwiches and pastries, the restaurant will be open from 7-12. Chez Foushee has debuted a new menu created by recently acquired chef, Josh Wood, formerly of Ellwood Thompson’s. n To submit new openings, menus, chefs and more, email them to

November/December 2011


A New Craft Brewery In Richmond, for Richmond By Annie Tobey. Photos by Patrick Hannan.


he Hardywood Park Craft Brewery founders expressly chose Richmond for their new venture. They

saw that our city has only one brewery (the well-known Legend Brewing Company), and had room for more. And they also saw Richmonders’ appreciation for local history, arts, adventure, and, more importantly, for fine beer. The new brewery, located in Richmond’s Northside, welcomes the community with tours and tastings. Visitors can taste the brews, including rotating samples from the pilot system, and fill reusable growlers. To ensure that their impact on the community will be entirely positive, Hardywood facilities will be sustainable being wind powered. Even their spent grain will be used locally for composting and as supplemental livestock feed. Determined to contribute to the “support local” movement, initial distribution will focus on independent restaurants and retailers. “After all,” McKay explains, “it’s the small independents that have helped spread the excitement for craft beer, so we want to be sure to give back to them.” Hardywood’s most unique idea for engaging the community is the “RVA IPA.” The India Pale Ale style depends upon hop plants—the fresher the better. To make this RVA community beer, Hardywood will give away rhizomes of hops to home hop growers and then use the harvest for the finished brew. Hardywood’s goal is to create quality beers that are unique, representing less common styles, and to avoid competing with popular craft beers. Hardywood Singel, their flagship beer, is a Belgian abbey-style blonde ale, dry with a whiff of tropical fruit. It has a complexity that can appeal to beer geeks, yet it’s also very drinkable—mild, without overpowering flavors. So far, it seems that Hardywood’s local focus is working. “We’ve been overwhelmed by the reception,” says McKay. As more local beer drinkers try their beers, that reception will certainly improve. n 2408 Ownby Lane • 804-420-2420


November/December 2011

Braces Ahead for Your Child? Find out now! You trust your dentist to check if your child’s teeth are strong and healthy. We look for cavities, make sure they are brushing, flossing and getting enough fluoride. But we can also be the first to spot future orthodontic needs in your little ones. If we see your children now, it can save you time and money later! Regular exams allow us to look for problems in their early developmental stages and recommend braces. The earlier we notice the need for orthodontics, the better the process will go for everyone involved. Catching these problems early can not only save time and money, but also make the procedures easier on the kids. For instance, preteens are less self-conscious about wearing braces than teenagers. So why not get it over with at the earliest age possible? Orthodontics at an earlier age allows braces to manage tooth growth better. Less aggressive treatment and less time means less money out of your pocket. That should bring a big smile to your face. Finding out your child’s orthodontic needs early in the game ensures less hassle all around. It’s just one more great reason to bring your kids in for regular check-ups. n

Baxter Perkinson, Jr., D.D.S. and Associates, LTD have ten convenient locations in the Richmond and surrounding areas that can assist you in creating your youthful smile. For a location near you, visit November/December 2011



Stop Obesity

in its Tracks Written by Wendy Greene, a health professional at acac, located at 11621 Robious Road, Midlothian. For more information, call 378-1600 or visit

Obesity in America has become an

To account for differences in body fat

if not more, than anything else you do in

epidemic that continues to grow and kill.

between boys and girls at various ages, cal-

your day. Carving out 30 minutes a day

More than 25% of Virginians were consid-

culating a child’s BMI requires plotting the

to devote to your well-being is not self-

ered obese in 2010. Many illnesses, such as

measurements on a standard growth chart

ish, even if it temporarily takes you away

diabetes, high blood pressure, high choles-

rather than using a universal range. Your

from work, personal hobbies and interests

terol, heart disease, certain types of cancer,

pediatrician should measure BMI at each

or time with your family. If you don’t do

stroke, osteoarthritis and sleep apnea, can

well visit, beginning when your child is two

something about it now, poor health will

be linked directly to obesity.

years old.

eventually render you unable to enjoy the

Childhood obesity has more than tri-

Learning your BMI is a good first step

pled in the past three decades for children

in your plan to become healthier and fitter.

Enlist the help of family, friends or pro-

ages 12 to 19. For children ages six to 11, the

Talk with your health care provider about

fessionals. Having their support can make

number of overweight and obese children

setting an appropriate goal and how to best

it easier to keep your goals a priority. Your

has doubled. Overweight children are also

reach that goal.

family and friends can help you throw away

other people and interests in your life.

more likely to suffer from low self-esteem and depression than their peers of a healthy weight. Research shows that these increased risks may shorten a

junk food and encourage you to

For an adult, it is easy to check BMI using an online calculator or with the following formula: [(Weight in pounds) ÷ (height in inches)² ] x 703

child’s life expectancy by up to

in favor of a healthy backyard barbecue or picnic. Hire a personal trainer to help you get the most out of your workouts, or

five years.


skip the calorie-laden meal out

For most, the combination of exercise

join a group fitness class to meet like-mind-

Many adults fail to recognize that they

and a healthy diet is the best way to lose

are obese or that their children are obese.

weight. Neither of those things sound fun

A structured weight loss or wellness

In order to tackle the issue, we must un-

to most of us, so finding a plan you can

program may help you focus and remain

derstand the threshold for overweight and

stick with is important. In our busy lives,

accountable. When considering a program,

obesity. The CDC defines being overweight

time is a precious commodity. You may

look carefully at its claims and credentials.

as having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 –

wonder where you will find the time to

The hard truth is that there is no quick fix.

29.9 and being obese as having a BMI of 30

work out or prepare healthier meals. Rec-

The good news is that there are many im-

or greater.

ognize that your health is just as important,

mediate effects to be had from eating right

November/December 2011

ed friends and have fun!

and exercising: reduced stress, increased energy and better sleep, to name a few. Redefine the terms “diet” and “exercise” to make them work for you. Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean celery and carrot sticks alone. Visit a farmers’ market or specialty food store to get inspired to try new foods. Exercising doesn’t have to mean running five miles around your neighborhood. It can involve group sports, swimming, dance, bicycling and many other activities. Keep trying new things until you find what works for you! n If you would like help reaching your weight loss goals, acac Fitness & Wellness Center may be able help. Those brand new to exercise can benefit from 60 Day acac’s Physician Referred Exercise Program; those just looking for some accountability and support might try the Slimdown weight loss program which is free with membership. Ask your doctor about these and other options that may work for you.

November/December 2011


senior living


When It's More Than Just Age By Ed Owen


he Latin word

“dementia” liter-

brain from such things as stroke, high

betes, toxins, loss of senses or mobility

ally means “out of one’s mind.”

blood pressure and cardiac problems. Some

which may interfere with the individual’s

Unfortunately, this type of nega-

of its symptoms include poor concentra-

ability to interact.

tive descriptor has often established a mind

tion and communication as well as paralysis

set that cause many to see one’s identity as

or weakness of the extremities.

“dementia” rather than a “person with dementia.”

the progression of the disease process

mal form of a protein, called pick’s bodies,

Social psychology includes how one

Although the incidence of dementia in-

similar to the one that causes Alzheimer’s

perceives him/herself, as well as how the

creases as we age, it is not a normal part

disease. It causes behavioral and emotional

people surrounding him/her respond to the

of the aging process. It is not a disease,

changes, language changes, and movement

cognitive losses. This can have a significant

itself, but rather a term used to describe a

difficulties. It is more common in women

influence on the person with dementia and

group of disorders of the brain, which af-

and usually begins between the ages of 40

actually worsen the condition.

fects a person’s memory, ability to organize

and 60.

Because of these factors, as well as the

thought, orientation to time and place, as

A person’s experience of dementia can-

varying influence of each element of the

well as his or her judgment, communica-

not be limited to simply the neurological

formula, no two people’s experience of de-

tion and behavior.

deterioration of the brain.

mentia is the same.

The late Dr.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most com-

Thomas Kitwood, a pioneer in the field of

In the event that you or a family mem-

mon form of dementia and represents ap-

dementia care, suggested a holistic model

ber is experiencing signs or symptoms of

proximately 50% to 70% of all dementia

of understanding a person with dementia,

cognitive impairment contact your primary

cases. Its primary impairments are that of

meaning that each individual’s dementia

health care professional. Decline in cogni-

memory, language and functional disabil-

is the sum of his personality, biography,

tive functioning can be caused by physical


health, neurological impairment, and social

and psychological conditions other than


dementia. n

Dementia with Lewy bodies is the second most common dementia representing approximately 20% of all cases. Its pri-


Pick’s disease is caused by an abnor-

Neurological Impairment refers to the type or types of dementia one has as well as

Personality refers to one’s life skills, how he deals with life and major events.

Ed Owen is a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator and the Administrator of the Masonic Home of Virginia. He has over 40

mary impairments affect memory, thinking

Biography refers to the person’s life

years of both clinical and adminis-

processes and physical activity similar to

story of events, family, culture and other

trative experience in healthcare. He

the effects of Parkinson’s disease.


Vascular dementia causes are due to

Health includes other health conditions

problems of circulation of blood to the

such as the presence of cardiac disease, dia-

November/December 2011

holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Healthcare Administration and a Post Graduate Diploma in Dementia Studies from the University of Bradford in Bradford, England.

November/December 2011


Courtesy California Closets

Courtesy Reico Kitchen and Bath Courtesy California Closets


Everything Have you ever looked for something you know is in your home and been unable to find it? Have you lost the infamous critical document or something infrequently used? We’ve all had these experiences, and they can be very frustrating. “A place for everything and everything in its place” is the conventional wisdom and old wives’ tale of organization. As a general observation, middle class Americans don’t suffer from a lack of “stuff.” What we may be more challenged with is the ability to manage and access all of our possessions. Organizing your home is not only a matter of making order of physical objects. It actually starts with a state of mind. In other words, getting organized about getting organized is part of the process.


By Vicki O’Neal, ASID, CID, VSLD

As a first step to organization, consider a decluttering exercise to

your bedroom is rest; therefore, it should

reduce the items that need to be stored. Most of us have a multitude

contain only items that promote relaxation

of objects that we haven’t used in some time, perhaps things that are

and sleep. Multiple books, anything resem-

broken or simply don’t serve a purpose any longer. Anything that

bling a project, or work should not be pres-

hasn’t been used or worn in the last year should be given scrutiny.

ent. Your closet should ideally only contain

Ask yourself, “Does this ___ really warrant a place in my home?”

this season’s clothing; the kitchen should

Discarding articles that don’t pass the test is a productive first step

house only objects which will be used for cooking, eating, or related

and greatly simplifies storage needs. A qualified designer or orga-

functions; the entry/ foyer should be inviting and uncluttered, etc.

nizer can often be an enormous help if this task seems daunting.

The next step is to categorize like items, evaluate their differ-

As you think of organization, always work one room at a time

ent types of requirements, do some research, and then decide a best

and start with the largest and most obvious things first. Your suc-

method. There are products available to optimize storage for almost

cess will be instantly tangible and visible. Let the function of each

every conceivable object from A to Z. Let’s take a room by room

space dictate what it contains. For instance, the primary function of

look-see. November/December 2011



Closets are typically located throughout the house, and the things stored in each

should dictate the design. Each type, from the pantry to the linen closet, has specific organizational requirements and should always contain good lighting. Clothing closets should ideally be designed to contain flexible height/ multi-level hanging, and accommodate shoes, accessories, etc. For your personal clothing, think about how and where you dress. If you have walk-in closets, ladies might consider locating lingerie drawers within the closet, creating in essence a private dressing area. If you frequently dress in the bathroom, perhaps a drawer there can be dedicated to personal effects. To avoid a possible mismatched fashion statement, locating a full-length mirror somewhere near your dressing area is helpful for a quick glance before rushing out the door. Also, don’t store black and blue shoes or socks side by side. Custom-designed closet systems can be created to efficiently house every conceivable wardrobe object. These closets may be as simple or as elaborate as the imagination and budget will allow. An ideal custom design efficiently uses every available inch of space, seamlessly integrates functions, and maximizes visibility. They often can contain more while still visually creating spaciousness. Integrating drawers into a closet can reduce reliance on bedroom furniture, potentially freeing space for other things.

Custom-designed closet systems can be created to efficiently house every conceivable wardrobe object. Closet and foyer designs and photos by California Closets of Richmond. Kitchen storage racks, drawer organizers, pull-out trash cans, and door bins all reduce clutter and help create a sense of order. Kitchen designs and photos by Reico Kitchen and Bath.

The Foyer/Entry

The type of storage and the look desired in

your foyer or entry is dependent on whether the space is an entrance for guests or your own primary access. Your family entrance, or “grand central,” is typically the side or rear door. This space should contain easy and visible access to keys; coats; shoes; seasonal (easily lost) accessories such as gloves, scarves and hats; if you have children, a place for book bags and other school gear; and daily use items such as a mail center. A calendar is a great addition to a practical family entry, and can be located on the wall or inside a closet or cabinet door. For solving this multifaceted dilemma, custom fabricated casework or prefab furniture units are designed just for this purpose. Simple solutions such as shelves, coat hooks, and small bins can work as well. 54


Fortunately, today there are many organizational tools available for kitchens,

whether they be retrofit designs or integrated into new cabinetry. The black hole of your base cabinet is now fully accessible thanks to pull-out shelves, reducing bending as well as guesswork. Storage racks, drawer organizers, pull-out trash cans, and door bins all reduce clutter and help create a sense of order in an area that can otherwise feel like a sea of chaos. Pull-out cabinets containing everything from small items such as spices and condiments to full pantries can keep supplies visible and easily within reach. In an effort to reduce clutter in my own kitchen, I discovered one type of inexpensive food storage container in a small, medium, and large size. These containers are clear so that in the pantry or fridge I can instantly see what’s inside and the best yet: they nest together and all the lids match. That one choice gives me power over my kitchen and pantry, and I actually started using them in the garage for small parts such as nails. I also try not to get caught up in the latest gadget craze, only to not be able to find that “had to have” doodad when the time comes to use it.

November/December 2011

November/December 2011


The vertical space of your walls is often overlooked, especially in the garage. This space is highly visible and can be flexibly utilized. Garage design and photo by GarageTek of Virginia.



are there visual reminders of long overdue projects needing attention? As

ageable space can make life easier and actually less stressful.

in all spaces, decluttering is not just an exercise in moving things from

While the process does take a commitment and effort, it ulti-

place to place. The same condition will reoccur in relatively short order,

mately saves time day-to-day and is an empowering experi-

because there may be simply too much to store, or the area isn’t tailored

ence. Visit my blog for more decluttering and organizational

for the need. Creating functional storage is more than using floor area


When your garage door opens does the space welcome you home, or

Getting organized and creating a functional and man-

and square footage wisely. The vertical space of your walls is often overlooked. This space is highly visible and can be flexibly utilized for a multitude of solutions. The garage typically houses items used in any numbers of activities,

Thanks to the following people and companies for information for this article!

inside and out. Clustering and dedicating areas for specific categories is

Berno Hamilton of GarageTek of Virginia •

helpful. Consider creating a zone for lawn and garden, household, tools,

Debbie Bowie of Rock Scissors Paper Institute

sporting goods or toys, automotive, etc. Custom designed and installed wall systems are the ultimate answer to efficient and flexible garage stor-

Carol Claytor of California Closets •

age, and can house practically anything that needs a home.

Reico Kitchen and Bath, Richmond •

About The Author Vicki O’Neal, owner of FORM & FUNCTION, provides commercial and residential interior and landscape design. She is a professional member of ASID, VA Certified Interior Designer (CID), Master Gardener, and a VA Certified Landscape Designer and Horticulturist. The material contained in articles written by Vicki O’Neal is intended for general information only.

Vicki’s website is your source for: Published articles • Project examples • Links to her social networking sites • Design services for home or business - from simple consultations to complete installations. 804.897.8558


November/December 2011


November/December 2011

November/December 2011



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