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First Choice by Don J. Kappel Old is New Again by G. Carl Mahler, Jr.


Turn everyday activities into educational outings



The Skins Come to Richmond

Rejuvenating Richmond’s Readers Jack and the Bubble, a local book by a local author


Training camp is almost here


Keep Kids Learning All Summer

A Day with the Family Ideas for spending quality time together in Richmond

Virginia Beaches Five spots to sink your toes into the sand



Countdown to Retirement How an advisor can help you plan

Cruisin’ for Brews A VCU graduate starts Richmond Brewery Tours

29 32 36

In Search Of Seafood Scoop Du Jour Calendar of Events


Five summer skin care tips


Rejuvenating Richmond’s Readers Richmond Rocks, a local book by a local author

Saving Face


Earth, Stone and Sky A guide to hardscaping your home


May/June 2013

Friedman Law Firm “When it comes to divorce, most people don’t know where to begin…”

Representing clients in divorce, custody, support, and asset division.

*Rick A. Friedman, II, Esquire

Legal Elite in Virginia Business Magazine (2011); Super Lawyer’s Rising Star by Law & Politics and Richmond Magazine (2006-2011); Top 100 Trial Attorneys in Virginia (2010, 2011, and 2012). | 804.717.1969

pool season lasts longer with us. enjoy the heated acac waterpark from April 1st through October 31st!

11621 Robious Road, Midlothian | 804.378.1600 | |

Live your best. 11


First Choice Real Heroes—Mom & Dad By Don J. Kappel


icholas Sparks, author of The Wedding, The Notebook and other popular works, has said of parenthood, “To be a parent

is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do but in exchange it teaches you the meaning of unconditional love.” He is so right, on both counts Raising children, from diaper rash to “terrible twos” to illnesses and injuries to boyfriend or girlfriend trouble to learning manners to nutrition to hygiene to developing a sense of responsibility to homework to dealing with peer pressure to driving lessons to … well, those of you who have done it know all that it entails … is not easy. But, it’s a privilege. Still, situations like divorce, significant illnesses or disabilities in the family, financial woes, domestic violence or many others can make parenting even more difficult. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you don’t have all the answers about parenting, and you might not know where to go to get them. Chesterfield County can assist. There are many helpful programs and services offered by various county departments. The county also can facilitate by connecting parents or other caregivers with partnering organizations that work with the county in the community. A good place to start is this link:

More information about prevention and coping classes offered for parents, couples and children can be found here:

lice Department information about child safety, Fire and Life Safety



resources, and links that describe Sheriff’s Office initiatives, including

ar Sav er a St


Also on the Chesterfield County website, you’ll be able to find Po-

important child identification programs. Check here for tips on financial management, food safety, nutrition and more:

To get connected with any of these resources and others, you also can call the county switchboard at 748-1000. As we celebrate Mother’s Day in May and Father’s Day in June, let’s honor all the moms and dads, those living and those gone but certainly not forgotten, and recognize the incredibly important role they play in our lives. In more ways than we can count, we wouldn’t be who we are without them. Thank you to all of them, because children learn both from what their parents do, and what they don’t do. And, if you know some moms and dads who need some help now and then, as all of us do, share this article with them. Happy parenting! n First Choice is a bi-monthly information column provided for the citizens of Chesterfield County.


I’m a Star Saver!

Be a star and save for your future.

May/June 2013 BOM_StarSvrad_CL_3.5625x4.8125_4C.indd 1

3/28/13 8:45 AM

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ABOUT OUR COVER While your children are enjoying their summers out of school, allow us to suggest some activities that will keep you and the kids sharp in the heat! Story on page 45. Photo Courtesy Metro Richmond Zoo. Photo by Justin Andelin.



Old Is New Again By G. Carl Mahler, Jr.


emember the old saying: what goes around, comes around? Or is it, what comes around, goes

around? I’m not sure. Anyway, I have a closet full of neckties I just couldn’t part with, some

PRESSURE? WHAT PRESSURE? So your home, deck or roof is dirty and you don’t know who to call. Maybe you’ve never owned a home or maybe you have lived in another area of the country and never needed your home’s exterior cleaned. Welcome to Richmond. With an average annual humidity around 65% you’re going to need it cleaned eventually. That’s when hiring a trained professional can come in handy. You’re in luck.

of which have come back into style, some more than once. I know. I have issues. This whole phenomenon seems to be taking place with some financial products as well. Fixed rate annuities that provide a guaranteed, lifetime stream of income are making a resurgence. They were one of the original creations of the insurance industry a hundred years



ago, and a product I have argued strongly against for most of my long career, but given today’s inadequate level of retirement savings by too many people reaching retirement and the current miserable yield market where it’s difficult to find anything with enough earnings on the savings you do have, annuities are seeing a huge comeback. If you find yourself looking at the possibility of an annuity, please take my advice: there are so many companies offering them that beg the question, “will the company guaranteeing my lifetime income be around as long as me?”, and many have significant fees and commissions that are charged. Caveat emptor! Most of our clients wish to live off the income generated from their retirement savings and leave the principal to their heirs. Unfortunately, because of the previously mentioned dilemma of not creating

Chris Ginn left the corporate world in 2002 and started Power Wash This!, Inc. His company is based out of the West End and services the entire metropolitan area. They also service customers in North Carolina and Maryland. The company’s primary focus is helping homeowners and business owners take care of their property. “Power washing or pressure cleaning as it is known, is actually about trying to minimize the pressure. Proper cleaning usually uses a type of cleaning agent primarily to do the work, not pressure, and then the surfaces are properly cleaned and rinsed to get the desired result,” says Ginn.

sufficient savings, many have to look at the necessity of drawing down from that savings throughout retirement to make ends meet. Obviously, using this strategy requires knowing when you plan on running out of life before running out of money. One solution to this legacy problem is to maintain a life insurance policy on either spouse



or one that pays on the second death. The death benefit would replenish the savings mom & dad wished to leave the kids. So, where do you stand today in your retirement preparation closet? Do you put on the skinny one or the big fat one? n Guarantees are based on the paying ability of the issuer. The information contained in this report does not purport to be a complete description of the securities, markets, or developments referred to in this material. Any information is not a complete summary or statement of all available data necessary for making an investment decision and does not constitute a recommendation. Prior to making an investment decision, please consult with your financial advisor about your individual situation. The Pinnacle Group An Independent Wealth Management Firm Any opinions are those of G. Carl Mahler, Jr. and not necessarily those of RJFS or Raymond James.

Your Wealth. Your Life. Our Focus. 3748 Winterfield Road, Midlothian, VA 23113 378-1624 | 14

“Too often, I see damages caused by other contractors or homeowners who have purchased their own machine. Unfortunately, no training manual comes with a machine purchased from the local department store. Here’s your machine and good luck. We have years of training, including types of chemicals to use, how to apply them, and how to properly clean with the appropriate amount of pressure for the different types of surfaces we encounter.” Power Wash This specializes in all types of cleaning and restoration services: • Power Washing & Restoration of Houses, Decks, Roofs, Brick, & Concrete • Deck Cleaning, Sealing, Staining and Painting • Aggregate & Stamped Concrete Cleaning & Sealing • Garage Floor Coating • Window Cleaning • Gutter Cleaning & Gutter Guard Systems Call Chris Ginn at 804-677-4681 for your low pressure consultation and estimate today. You can also visit Power Wash This! online at May/June 2013


Uptown Alley

Serving Richmond for Over 50 Years

“Spares” No Expense in Entertainment By Diane Dallmeyer

Jellyfish Lamp Unique Gifts for any occasion

• Customized compounds • Flavoring options available • Vet compounding • Healthy Living • Home Health • Durable Medical Equipment • Full Service Florist • Gifts & Decor

Caring for you and about you. 2608 Buford Road | (804) 272-1423 | Hours: Monday–Friday 8:30–9, Saturday 9–5, Sunday 10–5


ince it opened last December, it’s been a challenge to “strike” up a parking space at Uptown Alley, the huge complex behind Commonwealth Centre off Hull Street Road. Families

across the county have discovered this prototype entertainment center with its unique offerings for patrons of all ages. Designed to be an upscale venue featuring the Rotunda (which is adult-only during the evenings) with its private bowling lanes, bil-

BufordRdPharmacyNov12.indd 1


4/25/13 9:18liards, AM


Stop Dreaming It. Start Dancing It.

bar, party rooms, DJ space and dance floor, the 57,000 square

foot facility delivers the “wow” factor with “world-class food, stellar service and entertainment” that developer Steven Uphoff promised prior to its opening. The building features stone walls, atmospheric lighting, huge TV screens, lounge-type seating and a full-service restaurant, conveying a luxury seldom seen in Chesterfield eateries and unique among bowling and billiard venues in the area, fulfilling the goal of the managing partners.

Summer Camps Offered for Ages 3 - 11

“I want Uptown Alley to be known as a place with a great restau-

explore ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, & musical theater

rant and bar that happens to have bowling and games,” states General

* Note: Not all camps are offered at all locations *

Manger Jimmy Cabanban. Ninety-five percent of the menu in the Red

Don’t miss out on our 6-week summer class session...

Embers Bar & Grill is made from scratch and includes favorites such

offeriNg creative movemeNt, preballet, ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, musical theater & irish

as pizza, BBQ, burgers, hand-crafted sandwiches, specialty salads and


the offering and food can be delivered right to your bowling lane. An


60 video and prize games and sports theatre.

For more information about all this Summer fun, visit 2021-C Huguenot Rd. Richmond, VA 23235 Ph: (804) 272-2108

outdoor patio seating 125 will be a favorite gathering spot for taking advantage of the warm weather. Kids are sure to be entertained by the

Ages 6 and up

6915 Chital Dr. Midlothian, VA 23112 Ph: (804) 739-7600

desserts. Twenty-four beers on draft and inventive cocktails round out

10402 Leadbetter Rd Ashland, VA 23005 Ph: (804) 368-0235

“Chesterfield County has been dying for this type of entertainment venue,” states Cabanban. And Chesterfield is responding with enthusiasm. Check for a calendar of special events and live entertainment. n 6101 Brad McNeer Pkwy., Midlothian, VA 23112 (804) 744-1077 | 15

The Skins Come to Richmond!


B y

J a c k

T r a m m e l l

When looking for additional sports-related venues in Richmond, metro sports fans will be thrilled to know that NFL pro football is now a local reality. Starting this season, the Washington Redskins and quarterback Robert Griffin III (RG3) will hold their annual pre-season training camp in the city of Richmond at the new Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center located directly behind the Science Museum.

This new state-of-the-art practice facility is already under construction

between sixty minutes and two hours. After each practice, fans may have

and is expected to be finished by June 30th, well in time for the July/August

the opportunity to get autographs and take photos of their favorite players.

camp. Ground has already been broken on the roughly ten million dollar

Admission is free. More information regarding training camp will be posted

complex that will include two full-size natural grass fields, a natural grass

on the team’s website closer to the start of camp.

drill field, and a large building with locker rooms and related training space.

The Redskins have long enjoyed a large local fan following in the great-

The plan also includes a building to house a Bon Secours Richmond

er Richmond area, in part due to a Virginia connection through the Allen

Health System sports medicine and men’s health center that will serve as

family. George Allen, father of Bruce Allen, Redskins’ general manager and

a valuable community resource for the general public. The Redskins, who

former Virginia Governor George Allen Jr., was a Hall of Fame head coach for

have agreed to utilize this location for at least the next eight years, plan to

the Washington Redskins for seven years (overall record 116-47-5). During

announce their July/August training schedule sometime around mid-May.

his tenure, the “Over the Hill Gang” that included players like quarterback

Bruce Allen, Redskins’ GM, believes that an important aspect of the move

Billy Kilmer and linebacker Jack Pardee took the team to the NFC Champi-

from Ashburn, Virginia, to Richmond will be the improvements for fans.

onship and an appearance in Super Bowl VII against the Miami Dolphins.

“With the leadership of Bon Secours Health System, combined with the support from Governor McDonnell, Mayor Jones and our other outstand-

Virginia is “full of Redskins fans.” Even for those locals who are not Redskins fans—Richmond also has

ing community partners, we are creating a world-class facility that will set the standard of excellence for training camp experiences in all of professional sports,” said Washington Redskins Executive Vice President / General Manager Bruce Allen. “The Washington Redskins are excited for camp to commence this summer in Richmond, especially at a state-ofthe-art facility built with our loyal fans in mind.” During Training Camp, fans are invited to several open practices, which will be announced by the team at a later date, highlighted by the team’s Fan Appreciation Day. Visitors are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or blankets. Two practice sessions are tentatively scheduled for each day of training camp; practice times range 16

May/June 2013


significant fan clubs/fan bases following the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys, to cite two well-known examples—having an NFL team move to Richmond for part of its formal activities is a big deal. The Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center plans also include a new city park to enhance the both the training camp experience for and year round benefits for residents. According to WWBT, final plans for the park were released recently, and include “a three-tier outdoor amphitheater, walking trails and a vita course.” Local residents and others are mourning the loss of older trees taken

down. The office of Economic and Community Development is also promis-

down for the project, although the science museum has pledged to supply

ing to deal with parking concerns, which have plagued many city revival

identification markers for the new trees that will be planted, and the Mayor’s


office has been quick to reassure that new trees will replace those taken

“I look forward to welcoming the Redskins to Richmond this summer. Thanks to a great partnership between the team, Mayor Jones and the City of Richmond, and Bon Secours, the Redskins will have a top-notch practice facility here in Virginia’s capital city,” said Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell. “This is a win-win for Richmond and Virginia. Through last year’s agreement, the Redskins are keeping their corporate headquarters in Loudoun County and their summer training camp in Virginia. This agreement means more jobs in Virginia, more revenue for the state, localities and businesses, and more opportunities for Virginians to see their Redskins in action. Hail to the Redskins, we can’t wait for July.” Richmond sports fans will likely see it in more simple (Above and opposite page)

Artist renderings of the new Redskins training facilities

terms: The NFL and RG3 are coming to Richmond! n 17

E-Z Box Portable Storage: Making Your Life Easier By Tammie Wersinger


hether you’re planning a home renovation or need to move items quickly due to a storm, fire or flood, E-Z Box will make storing your belongings safe and convenient

by bringing mobile storage units right to your property. “Our portable self storage boxes are like no other,’’ said E-Z Box Founder Andy Duke. “They are made from durable and high quality materials to ensure the security of your belongings while they are stored or in transit.” Duke, of Richmond, started in the self-storage business in 1984 and added the portable units in 2005. Since then, the company has expanded into North Carolina, Florida and other parts of Virginia. The local branch at 10351 Kings Acres Road, Ashland, services the Richmond Metro Area, including Chesterfield, Henrico, Hanover, Powhatan, Goochland, Louisa, King William, Caroline and Dinwiddie counties. “What’s important to know is that we not only have a better box but that we strive to provide the best customer service,’’ Duke said. “Most of our customers can have their boxes delivered on the same day.’’ E-Z boxes, which have slightly pitched roofs that help avoid leaks, are fully insulated “to keep your stuff cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter,” he said. They also come in two sizes – 8-by-8 and 8-by16 – and feature an electrical outlet, an interior light and rain gutters. Another unique feature is HumiRid, a humidity control option that keeps your goods safe from the damaging effects of high humidity. “We just offer a much better box,’’ Duke said. “The others can’t come close.” n (804) 752-4515 | 18

May/June 2013


Quest Swimming

Castle Rock

Swimmers Aren’t the Only Ones with Medals

Princesses and Pirates Have a New Place to Party

By Tammie Wersinger

By Tammy Brackett, Photo by Liz Reese


he athletes at Quest Swimming in Midlothian are known for their competitive spirit and top-notch performances, but the swimmers aren’t the only ones that are winning awards these



alk into Castle Rock Party Center and prepare to be amazed. The colors are bright and inviting. Bows and crepe shimmer from sparkling chandeliers. The big

space is light and airy. The décor simply dazzles, and the woman

The club, located at 6800 Deer Run Drive, recently received the 2013 Silver Medal from USA Swimming, Inc., the governing body for USA swim clubs.

behind it all, Vanessa Slappy, has a personality that sparkles just as brightly as her newly opened Castle Rock Party Center. Situated in a big yellow vintage Victorian house at the corner of

The award, which recognizes swim programs that attain a high lev-

Hull and Genito, Castle Rock is Chesterfield’s newest place for kids and

el of athletic performance and organizational development, is given

teens to celebrate. There’s a Tea Room right out of a fairy book, perfect

to a very select group throughout the United States. Quest is the only

for a dress up fantasy party or a popular Glitz and Glam get-together.

club in Chesterfield County, and one of only two in Virginia to receive

The Castle Room features kid-size tables and chairs, and a play area

the distinction this year.

centered around a big cardboard castle. There’s even a kid perfect Ka-

“As you can see, this medal isn’t given out to many clubs,” said Marla Watson, a Quest spokesperson and volunteer. “So, it shows the caliber of our program and the ability of our team members.’’

raoke stage complete with sound system. “It’s all about having fun!” says owner Vanessa, about her new endeavor. “The kids can choose from over one hundred costumes. We

To achieve Silver Medal level, a club has to display high standards

have wigs, wands, boas and crowns. They have their hair and nails

in athletic leadership. Gold, silver and bronze medals are determined

done, strut down a red carpet and make their way to the karaoke stage

by using four component areas: business and organizational success,

to show their stuff.”

parent and volunteer development, coach development and education, and athlete development and performance. “Quest Swimming is dedicated to teaching the art of swimming and to perfecting the game of racing,” Watson said. “We are an elite swim team, but we’re also like a big family.”

Parents will love Castle Rock Center’s versatile party themes including Wizard of Oz, Princess Parties, and the popular Glitz and Glam and Rock Star make-up and costume parties. There are Super Hero and Pirate Party packages for boys. Vanessa wants to invite kids of all ages to come experience the en-

Along with competitive swimming, Quest offers programs in adult

chantment of Castle Rock Party Center. “We’ve even scheduled show-

swimming, swim lessons and clinics, as well as triathlon and open

ers and celebrations for grown-ups,” she smiles. “There’s a kid who likes

water training at all levels. Professional coaches and instructors use

a good party in all of us!” n

innovative approaches that, not only focus on safety and proper techniques, but also help produce award-winning athletes. n 6800 Deer Run Dr., Midlothian, VA 23112

11065 Hull Street Rd., Midlothian, VA 23112

(804) 739-9792 |

(804) 586-3669 |


Preserve and invest for generations to come.

Your Wealth. Your Life.

Our Focus. 3748 Winterfield Road Midlothian, VA 23113 804.378.1624



Securities offered through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC

May/June 2013


Virginia Beaches


B y

E m i l y

J o n e s

­The snow has melted and the weather is warming up. Beach weather is on its way! When you are in the mood to feel the sand in between your toes and soak up some rays, there’s no need to leave Virginia. Whether you want to be near a bustling boardwalk or desire a lonely stroll on the sand, there is something for everyone on our state’s diverse coast. So find your perfect destination and take a day trip. Maybe you’ll even decide to stay a while.

Chincoteague and Assateague Island Where to Stay:

Many already know about the serene small town of Chincoteague Island on the Eastern shore. Just over the bridge lies Assateague Island, a 38-mile

Chincoteague offers a variety of quaint hotels, bed and breakfasts, vacation

long barrier island with thousands of acres of beach, maritime forest, salt-

home rentals and campgrounds. Interact with real Chincoteague ponies

marsh and freshwater marsh, all protected from development. Assateague

at the Chincoteague Pony Centre or attend the 88th Annual Chincoteague

Island is home to beautiful wild ponies that roam free.

Pony Swim & Auction on July 24 and 25. Depart on one of the daily ponywatching or sunset cruises or a guided kayak tour to enjoy the eco-system

Parking & Facilities:

by water.

First time visitors are encouraged to stop at one of the two visitor centers

More Than a Beach:

on the Virginia side of Assateague Island. The Herbert H. Bateman Educational and Administrative Center, located near the refuge entrance, is home

Over fifteen miles of trails on Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge wind

to a nature store, exhibits, interactive displays and more (

through marshes and forests, including a path to the Assateague Light-

northeast/chinco). The Toms Cove Visitor Center, located at the recreational

house. Fishing, crabbing, clamming and birdwatching are favorite pastimes

beach, is open seasonally and includes beachcombing exhibits, a marine

on the islands.

aquarium, a touch tank and a place to get needed permits ( asis).


Sandbridge Beach

Virginia Beach Resort Area

This quiet, family-oriented beach is located twenty miles south of the

Three miles of hotels, restaurants, shopping and activities for all ages,

bustling resort area of Virginia Beach. Five miles of beautiful dunes

line an oceanfront, landscaped boardwalk that is perfect for biking,

and seas are the perfect setting for a self-proclaimed beach bum

roller-blading, running or walking. There’s no time to be bored with


an abundance of street festivals, concerts and even an amusement park!

Parking & Facilities: Find a parking spot in the lot at the corner of Sandbridge Road and

Parking & Facilities:

Sandfiddler Road, where you’ll also find lifeguards and restrooms.

An interactive map can be found online at www.visitvirginiabeach

Little Island Park has lifeguards, covered picnic areas with grills, bath-

.com to find your ideal parking and facilities.

houses, lighted tennis courts, basketball courts, a playground and a

Where to Stay:

fishing pier.

Over one hundred hotels and resorts line the boardwalk and streets

Where to Stay:

of Virginia Beach catering to a wide range of budgets. Couples can

With hundreds of beach home vacation rentals, you’ll have no prob-

find a more intimate experience at The Beach Spa Bed and Breakfast

lem finding the perfect fit for your family. Couples looking for a quick

(, located two blocks off the boardwalk.

romantic getaway will enjoy the Country Villa Bed and Breakfast Inn

Beautiful bathrooms offer spa features such as hydro-body massage,

( with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and a

rainfall showers and steamers.

three-course breakfast. Or, two campgrounds offer a more natural setting for outdoors lovers.

More Than a Beach: Beach Street U.S.A. ( turns Atlantic Avenue

More Than a Beach:


(from 17th to 25th Streets) into a theatre with puppets, bands, jugglers,

The marshes and open waters of Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

magicians and other entertainers nightly. Check the local event cal-

and False Cape State Park offer kayaking, hiking and fishing. Catch a

endar for free live concerts and entertainment along the oceanfront.

glimpse of dolphins, bald eagles, osprey, egrets and heron. Take surf

Events like a Pirate Party on the Beach, the Oceana Air Show, the

lessons or attend a two-to-three day Billabong Surfing Camp (www.

Virginia Beach Craft Beer Festival and the Verizon Wireless American

Music Festival (three days, thirty bands) are all coming soon!

May/June 2013


First Landing State Park First Landing State Park (, a 2,888 acre park with access to the bay coastline, is located on Cape Henry in North Virginia Beach. The Chesapeake Bay Beach offers kinder, gentler waves than the Atlantic Ocean, just in sight of the Chesapeake Bridge Tunnel. This is the site where one hundred English settlers landed in 1607 before pushing their way up the James River to establish Jamestown.

Parking & Facilities: Parking, public restrooms, and picnic areas with grills are all available at the park. Kayaks, bicycles and fishing or crabbing gear are all ready to rent.

Where to Stay: Spend the night right inside the park. There are more than 200 campsites and 20 cabins available for rent.

More Than a Beach: Take advantage of a unique habitat with lagoons, large cypress trees, a boat launch and nineteen miles of hiking trails. Guided programs are offered for activities from crabbing to beach walks.

Buckroe Beach and Park Eight acres of family-friendly sandy beach, a playground, picnic

(Above) An aerial view of the Verizon Wireless American Music Festival, featur-

shelters with grills by reservation, a walking and biking path and

ing more than thirty bands in three days. (Inset) Families enjoying themselves

more, make up Buckroe Beach and Park, located a few miles east of

with activities such as nature walks through the marshes and biking along the

downtown Hampton.


Where to Stay: Hotels abound a short drive away in downtown Hampton (www. Enjoy Hampton’s antique 1920s merry-go-round located on the downtown waterfront, along with the Virginia Air and Space Center, boutique shopping, art galleries and dozens of restaurants. The popular Hampton Jazz Festival from June 28-30 is sure to draw a crowd (

More Than a Beach: Rent a kayak or paddleboat if you get tired of bumming on the beach. The Buckroe Beach Pier offers fishermen a place to cast a line. Sunday evenings from 6-9 p.m., enjoy a free concert under the stars right on the beach from June thru August. Pack up the kids and a blanket on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. for the free Pomoco Family Movie Series at Mill Point Park in the nearby downtown area (www.hampton. gov/parks). n Some facilities and services offered at Virginia beaches are seasonal. Check the local websites to see what is offered during your trip.


FResh • FaMilY • Fun


Visit any of our locations for the best Mexican food in richMond: Mechanicsville

[PATIO] 7162 Mechanicsville Tpk. (804) 559-8126 Banquet & Meeting Rooms Available MONDAY FAMILY NIGHT

FOResT hill

[PATIO] 7001 Forest Hill Ave. (804) 320-1069 TUESDAY FAMILY NIGHT


[PATIO] 4040 G Cox Rd. The Shoppes at Innsbrook (804) 290-0400 THURSDAY FAMILY NIGHT


9825 Jefferson Davis Hwy. (540) 898-6046


5213 Williamsburg Rd. (804) 226-2388 TUESDAY FAMILY NIGHT


9111 Midlothian Tpk. at the Arboretum THURSDAY FAMILY NIGHT (804) 330-0046


[PATIO] 11621 W. Broad St. The Promenade Shops Across from Short Pump Town Center (804) 360-9446


[PATIO] 12031 Southshore Pointe Dr. (804) 763-5640 Banquet & Meeting Rooms Available TUESDAY FAMILY NIGHT

visiT OuR weBsiTe FOR sPecials and discOunTs

Proud sPonsor of the


May/June 2013

Chopstix offers a special sushi and Asian fusion experience with a unique menu. Photo by Tim Hill.

Taza Coffee ‘n Creme Taza not only offers great coffee, but also offers the best of Richmond’s craft foods. Find locally made bagels, donuts, fruit juices, ice cream, and sandwiches on Richmond’s own Billy bread! Join the Farm to Family CSA program, listen to live entertainment, or just enjoy a steamy beverage with friends. 5047 Forest Hill Avenue | 233-8646

Plaza Azteca This Chesterfield favorite is a mustvisit! Try their Molcajete Azteca–a hot stone filled with ribeye steak, chicken, shrimp, poblano peppers, onions, chunks of pineapple, and honey pasilla sauce. Pair it with a Texas margarita and tableside guacamole for the full experience! 15600 WC Commons Way 897-1124 |

Belle Vie Chef Xavier is serving up Belgian cuisine is an upscale atmosphere. Enjoy “Never Ending Mussels” and frites on Wednesday nights for only $16.95. Or stop by on Thursdays for “Ribeye is for Lovers” night. 1244 Alverser Plaza 379-3338 |

Hiro Sushi This new Japanese restaurant is serving up specialty rolls, bento boxes, Udon noodles, and more in a relaxed environment. Try the Tropical Delight Roll with shrimp tempura, Japanese squash, lobster salad, and pineapple salsa. 9958 Midlothian Tnpk | 323-8108

Palermo Make your reservation today for a Mother’s Day Brunch at Palermo. Enjoy all your Sicilian favorites on an all-you-can-eat buffet with selected menu items. Or stop by on a Wednesday night, for a halfpriced bottle of wine (under $50). 15717 City View Drive | 378-7643

Creekside Grill Creekside offers American flavor with a Southern flair with dishes such as meatloaf, shrimp and grits, and homemade desserts. Plus, check their calendar for live music and Texas Hold’em. 1795 South Creek One 379-6569 |


Cruisin' for Brews


By Emily Jones, Photos by Jason Parks and Brandon Montijo


When Tommy Miller was busy pursuing advanced degrees, he never guessed he’d be running brewery tours instead of a development company. The Virginia Commonwealth University graduate – who has a bachelor’s degree in real estate and land development and a master’s in urban and regional planning – decided to add entrepreneur to his resume when he went on a brewing tour while attending a wedding in San Diego about two years ago.

His West Coast beer-sampling adventure led to a new passion and prompted him to start Richmond Brewery Tours. “I thought San Diego Brewery Tours was a great excursion for both locals and tourists, so I wanted to bring it back to our area,’’ Miller said. “Once legislation was passed supporting local craft breweries, and I saw so many potential breweries breaking into the market, I thought there would be no better time to begin the tours here.” Richmond is already home to Center of the Universe, Extra Billy's, Hardywood Park, Midnight and Legend breweries. In addition, at least four more are planning to open in the near future. Miller uses a mini-bus to take groups of up to 14 people on a four-

Once Miller has perfected Richmond’s tours, he’ll have plenty of

hour guided tour that begins with a brief Beer 101 course and two

options to expand throughout Virginia, which is home to about 40

complimentary tastings at Capital Ale House in downtown Richmond.

craft breweries, with many more on the horizon.

Next, they head to three other breweries for some serious VIP treat-

“Tour goers get special attention from the pros – all while having a

ment, with reserved seating and sample flights of craft beer. In addi-

designated driver shuttling them between sites,” Miller said “The allure

tion, guests will receive a behind-the-scenes tour at one of the brewer-

of Richmond Brewery Tours is being able to have a good time with

ies they visit, where they discuss what it takes to make a fine craft beer.

family and friends, while taking in the sights of the region and enjoy-

If learning the ins and outs about ambers and ales isn’t enough, guides also serve up some interesting facts about the Richmond region, along with a free souvenir, complimentary snacks and refresh-

ing local craft beer,” Miller said. For more information on booking a tour or joining a pre-arranged one, visit or call (804) 404-BREW. n

ments. 26

May/June 2013



May/June 2013




Seared Hawaiian Mongchong Pescados Served over garbanzo beans, tossed with chipotle lemon mojo and wilted arugula, and finished with jicama cucumber salsa. 13124 Midlothian Tnpk | 379-7121

Monday nights offer a variety of specials for lobster lovers at The Hard Shell. Try the butterpoached lobster tail with a pan seared crab cake, red bliss mashed potatoes, asparagus, and a sorrel remoulade. 1411 E Cary Street | 643-2333 11400 W. Huguenot Road | 464-1476

Liz Reese

Lobster and Crab Cakes Hard Shell




1. Salmon and Shrimp Crab Louie’s Seafood Tavern Salmon and shrimp sautéed with vegetables in a roasted lemon-chive butter, served over ginger jasmine rice. 1352 Sycamore Square | 275-2722

2. Broiled Flounder Riptides Thaddeus

This specialty dish is topped with a fresh sweet chile, mango and pineapple salsa. 11212 Ironbridge Road | 748-8899

3. Arroz con Mariscos Mexico Restaurant


Shrimp and scallops are deliciously grilled with our special Ranchero sauce and cheese. Served over a bed of Mexican white rice and guacamole salad. 4040 G. Cox Road | 290-0400

4. Chilean Sea Bass Puttanesca Ruth’s Chris

Robert Thomas

This Chilean sea bass is seared to perfection, served atop roasted zucchini and yellow squash. Finished with a Puttanesca sauce of diced tomatoes, olive oil, chopped garlic, Kalamata olives, capers, fresh basil and red pepper flakes. 11500 W. Huguenot Road | 378-0600

Liz Reese


Photos by Dash



May/June 2013

....and lots of it!



By Emily Jones One of Richmond’s favorite smokehouses is continuing to grow with the addition of a new location on Hull Street, in the old Friendly’s building. Q Barbeque will be opening its second Chesterfield location (the first on Midlothian Tnpk.) by the end of May. The new spot will be their first stand-alone restaurant, which will offer more room for larger groups, such as ball teams. “We are hoping to introduce our food to a whole group of people who don’t yet know us,” says Leslie Stone, co-owner of Q Barbeque. “The building has been gutted inside and out to be comfortable for families and dine-ins. We make a great spot for lunch because we are quick. And our menu items hold well, making them excellent for take-out.” You’ll smell the smoky goodness of pork, chicken, brisket and ribs as soon as you walk through the doors. Choose from classic sides like slaw, beans, mac and cheese, corn pudding and their very own pineapple hot dish. Visit to whet your appetite. Since 2000, Extra Billy’s Smokehouse & Brewery (1110 Alverser Drive, Midlothian. 379-8727. has been serving up classic barbecue fare along with beer brewed in-house. Brandon Tolbert, a home brewer for the past ten years, has recently landed the job of full-time brew master to bring their craft beer scene more sharply into focus. In May, a new line of five in-house beers will be debuted. IPA lovers will rejoice with three IPA varieties, in addition to a Northern English Brown and an Amber Ale. Three of these brews placed in a recent competition with the James River Home Brew Club. Enjoy a tasting flight or take a growler to-go, along with a great barbecue. Spring brings the South of the James Market back to Forest Hill Park on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. One of Richmond’s largest outdoor markets, this rain-or-shine 32

May/June 2013


event offers more than local produce. Find plants, meats, dairy products, handmade crafts, soaps and baked goods. Plus, local food carts serve up coffee, breakfast and lunch! On June 2, Broad AppĂŠtit (pictured below) returns to offer the best Richmond restaurants have to offer in one place. Over sixty local eateries will show off their culinary skills with three-dollar mini-dishes. As you graze your way down Broad Street (between Henry and Adams), wash it all down with Virginia wine and beer. Last year brought out everything from pan-seared scallops to pork belly tacos and watermelon basil pops to lavender lemonade. Also, check out local art, produce from local farmers, and live music and cooking demonstrations. Whet your appetite at RVA Street Foodies, a collaboration of Richmond food trucks and carts, are gearing up for great summer weather with a full calendar of events. Many of these gourmet trucks already have a following. Weekly food courts are being held all around town such as Hardywood Park Brewery (Thursdays), Center of the Universe Brewing Company in Ashland (Wednesdays), Chesterfield Towne Center (Wednesdays), and the Virginia Historical Society (Tuesdays and Fridays). Watch their schedule at to nosh on a variety of foods such as barbecue, tacos, crepes, burgers, Thai and more! n



Rejuvenating Richmond's Readers Local Authors Bring T h e C i t y To L i f e f o r Yo u n g R e a d e r s For Ages B y

E r i n

P i t t m a n


Richmond Rocks By Kate Hall In 2009 while in between jobs, Kate Hall decided to use her time to begin blogging on her now successful website for Richmond moms,, and to author a children’s book, something she had always wanted to do. The idea for Richmond Rocks came about on a trip to Brown’s Island with her three children. Her then 7-year-old son discovered markings from the Civil War on a footbridge and became fascinated with the local history. Hall quickly realized that there was very little age appropriate literature out there, and the idea for her book was born. The book shares the story of a mother and her three children exploring Richmond, learning our city’s history and discovering local historical sites, including the Civil War Museum, the Jefferson Hotel and monuments. With a team of talented individuals, Hall selfpublished Richmond Rocks, and has received an overwhelming response to her work. It can be found throughout the city in school libraries, as the focus of fundraisers and for sale in many gift shops. Discover Richmond with your child and snag a copy of this local treasure, as well as her second book Richmond Rocks: Spooky Sequel, at local shops around town or on n


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May/June 2013

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Spring Children’s Special


Based on 10 ft. x 10 ft. Kitchen Call for details

(Includes session fee and a free 5x7 print)

(804)752-7633 |11107 Airpark Road, Ashland | See ad on page 64

FREE Appetizer Dine-in only. Limit one per table. Does not include combo appetizer or rib appetizer. Valid at Chesterfield location only. With purchase of two adult entrees. Not valid with any other offer or on holidays. Expires 7/31/13

1570 Koger Center Blvd. | (804) 897-7427 | See ad on page 27

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FREE $500.00 OFF Any Complete Bath System

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Orthodontic Treatment

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794-9789 | See ad on page 4 for details

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May/June 2013










Pop Art and Beyond: Tom Wesselmann

Studio Four:

West Side Story

Ershter Vals and Chasing Cello

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Studio Theatre

Landmark Theater





Dominion Riverrock

Firkin Friday

Brown’s Island

Hardywood Brewery


25–26 Richmond Rose Society Show Lewis Ginter



Broad Appétit

Innsbrook Afterhours


West Broad Street between Henry West Broad Street between Henry and Adams Street



Connects Federal Credit Union Corporate 4-Miler

11th Annual Moonlight Magic



James River Cellars




15 Roger McGuinn Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen




Summer Solstice Wine Festival

Henricus Dauber Dash

Grayhaven Winery

Henricus Historical Park

Fo r m o r e l o c a l e ve n t s , v i s i t R i c h m o n d N av i g a t o r. c o m



Baby Teeth: Are They Important?




have the con-




there is no need to worry about dental injuries in youngsters, but that’s not necessarily true, according to Dr. Christine “Tina” Ressler of Dr. Baxter Per-

kinson & Associates Family Dentistry and Orthodontics. “Parents often think they don’t have to worry because they’re only baby teeth,’’ she said. “Well, baby teeth are important. They help space adult teeth and aid in jawbone development.” A child’s baby tooth that is loose or pushed into the bone can discolor the permanent tooth. An injured tooth can also cause infection, which may lead to nerve damage. Following a blow to the mouth, a child may suffer tooth or gum damage and not even feel discomfort because the injured area may be numb for a while. “The best thing to do if a child chips, breaks or knocks out a tooth is call your dentist right away,’’ Dr. Ressler said. “We can quickly determine how severe the injury is and recommend treatment that will help your child enjoy a healthy smile for years to come.” In addition to caring for injured teeth, Ressler also emphasized the importance of a healthy diet in children, adding that there has been an upswing in cavities due to the increase in sports and energy drink consumption. Dr. Ressler, who graduated from MCV School of Dentistry, sees patients at 12390 Three Chopt Road, Richmond. She and her partners have 11 offices throughout the Richmond area. For more information, including office locations and phone numbers, go to www.VAdentist. com. n

Dr. Baxter Perkinson & Associates is a Group Practice of over forty Doctors Specializing in Orthodontics, Cosmetic and General Dentistry, Dental Implants, Prosthodontics, Periodontics, and Sedation Dentistry. With eleven convenient locations in the Richmond Metro Area, we can assist you in creating your youthful smile. For a location near you, visit 40

May/June 2013


Countdown to Retirement:


H o w

a n

A d v i s o r

C a n

H e l p

Y o u

P l a n

As you approach the day you begin the next phase of your life, you face a series of decisions that could spell the difference between a comfortable retirement and one fraught with financial stress. Even if you have been managing your money for years, you may need professional help now. Depending on your circumstances, you could get by with perhaps a couple of sessions with a financial planner to tweak your portfolio and review your major options–or you may need ongoing help that lasts into retirement.

Take your pension as a lump sum or an annuity?

order in which you tap your accounts could have an impact on your

Taking a lump sum allows you to invest the money as you choose; an

may want to tap taxable accounts first to allow your tax-deferred

annuity provides a lifetime stream of payments. Both options have

accounts to compound unfettered by taxes for a longer period. But if

their pluses and minuses. A lump sum invested in an IRA may provide

you expect your income tax rate to rise in retirement, you may want

a higher return than an annuity, but you also risk outliving your

to tap your tax-deferred accounts first.


Select a single-life immediate annuity or survivorship?

retirement income, and there's no one-size-fits-all answer, says Andrea Blackwelder, a certified financial planner. For example, you

When to file for Social Security? For single people, the cost-benefit analysis is straightforward: Accept permanently reduced benefits by filing at age 62, or wait until full

If you're retiring without a pension—and that's increasingly com-

retirement age (66 for those born between 1943 and 1954) or even

mon—converting part of your savings into an immediate annuity is a

later in exchange for a higher monthly benefit. But couples have a

way to lock in a monthly payment for the rest of your life. But as with

range of options based on their life expectancies, earning histories

a pension, you'll need to choose between a single-life option, which

and future survivor benefits, says Eleanor Blayney, consumer advo-

offers a higher initial payout, and an annuity that will provide income

cate for the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards.

to a surviving spouse. Similarly, you'll need to decide whether to buy an annuity that's adjusted for inflation, which provides a lower initial payout but will preserve your purchasing power.

Pay off the mortgage? Many retirees long for the security of a paid-off mortgage, but at to-

Best strategy for portfolio withdrawals?

day's low interest rates, it doesn't always make sense. If you're paying

Until now, your main focus has been saving as much as possible.

investing the money. n

3.5% on your mortgage, you may be able to earn a higher return by

Soon, though, you'll need to start taking withdrawals, using strategies that ensure your money will last for two or three decades. The

Copyright 2013 The Kiplinger Washington Editors 41

for what was good 10 years ago?

Invest in an

Eagle Home of today. Today’s new home technology is light-years ahead of what was available even 10 years ago. Eagle Construction’s E3 homes combine the latest low emission windows ... 3-component insulation with “flash coating” technology ... and Energy Star HVAC systems. The result: 30% energy savings along with enhanced comfort, lower utility bills, and better indoor air quality.

Learn more at


May/June 2013



Newly-Decorated Model Home Filled with Stylish Ideas


he brand new, stylish model home at Queensgate—at

the junction of Coalfield and Queensgate Roads in Midlothian—is fully decorated and ready for you. The Lancaster provides style, convenience and comfort with a spacious floor plan designed for today’s lifestyle ... and furnished to reflect casual elegance that’s sure to please. The welcoming front porch sets the scene. Stone accents and lush landscaping add to the friendly neighborhood appeal. Inside, you’ll find the spacious two-story foyer, flanked by elegant living and dining rooms—beautifully furnished for entertaining and family get-togethers. A glance up reveals the dramatic upstairs landing overlooking the foyer. A wall of windows invites you further inside. The open kitchen, breakfast room and family room are sure to be family favorites, with their stylish rustic and modern furnishings. And just outside—the covered veranda opens to the patio with a granite-topped outdoor kitchen. Perfect for entertaining, this outdoor space is full of innovative ideas for prospective homeowners, including a built-in gas grille, cooktop and outdoor refrigerator. From the gourmet kitchen, resident chefs enjoy views of the cozy fireplace and spacious back yard. Check-out the two-inch granite slab on the island and the innovated microwave-drawer. Leading from the kitchen to the dining room are a butler’s pantry, wet bar and wine refrigerator. Just steps away are the convenient mud room and two-car garage with additional storage. Upstairs, four spacious bedrooms and three full baths offer plenty of room for an active family. You’ll love the custom multi-dimensional murals in the children’s rooms. And just past the roomy laundry room and guest room with attached bath is the stunning master suite. This private retreat features an oversized walk-in closet/dressing room, tray ceiling and master bath complete with sixhead spa shower featuring state-of-the-art IOS digital technology. And here’s an idea to take home with you—the coffee bar tucked into the personalized bathroom cabinetry! On the top level you’ll find a roomy exercise studio with full bath. You could also use this space for a study room, “Man Cave,” guest room or craft space—the options are yours to decide. And of course, throughout the model home, you’ll see for yourself the quality construction details and energy-efficient “E3” features built into every Queensgate home. E3 Certification means year-round comfort—each Queensgate home has been specially designed to be energy efficient to help lower heating and cooling costs. Priced from the upper $350s, Queensgate offers a wonderful selection of home styles to

Decorated Model Open: Wednesday – Sunday, 12:00-5:00 p.m.

Contact: Ashley Stuller, Eagle Realty of Virginia, LLC (804) 404-9277,


perfectly fit any lifestyle. Residents will be minutes away from the area’s best shopping centers and

From VA-288, take the Woolridge Road exit.

office parks. The Midlothian YMCA with indoor & outdoor pools is just a bike ride away.

Follow Woolridge Road and turn right onto

Expansive, wooded home sites are about half an acre or bigger, leaving plenty of space for out-

Coalfield Road. Community will be on the

door living, including beautiful wood decking. There’s lots of wonderful room inside these distinc-

right about one mile.

tive residences as well with versatile floor plans, including a choice of spacious first floor or second


floor master suites. Stop by to envision your family enjoying life at Queensgate! n


Summer Camps Christ-centered environment Age-appropriate, interactive Bible and mission studies daily Co-ed camps for ages 7-17 Sailing, ropes course, sports, water sports, climbing wall, and much more! • Well-trained Christian staff • Weekend Family Camp programs for Mothers and Daughters and Fathers and Sons are a fantastic get-away and bonding experience for families

John 14:6


great reputation since 1961

• • • • •

summer 2013


Find lots more information and pictures on our website, www, or call us at (804) 776-9552. camp piankatank is owned and operated by the Virginia Baptist Mission Board. May/June 2013

summer learning

P e o p l e & FPA M l aI cL Ye s



By Erin Pittman ew days of the year bring as much joy to children as the last day of school. Freedom from classrooms, teachers and homework for nearly three months cause smiles and uncontrollable

excitement in most kids. Parents, however, should be prepared to keep learning going all summer long. community that it’s also a time of major learning loss, setting many children up to two and a half months back on their skills, especially math and reading. But fear not, vigilant parents, with a little creativity you can disguise learning as fun, family activities and trips that your children will beg to participate in. Here are a few sneaky ideas to get you started on a summer filled with learning and growth.


Courtesy of Maymont

As fun and free as summer can be, it is widely known in the education

1. Spend time in a garden. Again, provide a journal for note-taking, and use a digital camera to capture favorite flowers, plants and design ideas. Find out all you can about what each plant needs to thrive. Return home with you data, and prepare to start your own garden. Have your child help with the budget, measuring the plot, spacing and planting the seeds, and all maintenance and harvesting throughout the season. Use age appropriate methods of tracking your harvested veggies, in one project!

2. Visit an amusement park You, the parent, may even be fooled here, but opportunities for learning abound in this amusement park of thrills and excitement. Start by requiring your children to grab maps and be the tour guides for the day. Voila! Their map reading skills are put to good use! Busch Gardens offers a quick trip to seven “countries,” allowing you to teach about the people, foods, architecture,


Courtesy of Busch Gardens

fruits and flowers, and you’ve covered math, science, writing and life skills all

and other features of other lands. Steer your discussions toward the rides and ask questions about how they work, identifying pulley systems and talking about acceleration. Attend The Secret Life of Predators Animal Show, or book an up-close tour for behind-the-scenes action.

Kids love animals and investigating. Plan ahead and provide your children with notebooks for fact gathering. Compile age appropriate information during your visit to answer questions like: How many mammals and reptiles did we see? How many carnivores, omnivores and herbivores did we encounter? Graph the data when you get home. Making hypotheses beforehand and checking them afterwards could add even more to the scientific experience. Have kids choose their favorite animal and do some research at home to learn more about its life in the wild.


Metro Richmond Zoo, Justin Andelin

3. Take a trip to the zoo.


4. Explore museums.

Photo: Hannah Kinney

Photo: Travis Fillerton © Virginia Museum of Fine Arts



Richmond is certainly not lacking for museums to discover. From the Children’s Museum for the youngest kiddos to the Science, Aviation and Civil War museums for older ones, there is something for everyone. A museum trip could easily compile hands-on math, science, reading and history into one learning-filled day. Who knows? It just might trigger further reading and Photo: Travis Fillerton © Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

researching, as well!

5. Spend time at a park. Being outside pleases most active kids. Add a journal, collection bag and a digital camera, and explore a path on a nature walk. Gather pretty, puzzling and unique “artifacts” during your walk – or photograph them if this is more appropriate. At home, identify your treasures and compile them into a journal or onto a poster, showcasing your adventure. This project requires research and computer skills, reading, writing, science and creativity.

6. Try out art and music lessons. Don’t forget the arts this summer. Art and music activities help your child express themselves in alternate ways and are fun! Take this time to allow them


to follow their passion with an arts or craft class in their favorite medium, or fine-tune their musical interests with music or voice lessons. Music and art

Have your social butterfly create a newsletter for family and friends, complete

enhance problem solving and critical thinking skills, encourage goal-setting

with reports from sporting events, movie reviews and family happenings.

and refine cognitive and creative skills.

Create your own summer reading program complete with rewards and a book

7. Teach kids daily at home. There are also plenty of simple activities to keep kids learning at home.


swap with friends to keep your kids reading and to spark their interest in new books. Keeping kids learning all summer long doesn’t have to involve work-

Perhaps they are budding meteorologists and might like to create a summer

books, sitting still or lots of resistance. Using these ideas and a few of your

weather journal. For gamers, find websites that cleverly disguise the edu-

own, you’ll successfully work on your child’s math, reading and writing skills,

cational value within their games. Allow your children to help plan a family

give memorable lessons in science, history and the arts, and prevent summer

vacation: have them do the budgeting, mapping and other relevant planning.

learning loss. n May/June 2013


Rejuvenating Richmond's Readers Local Authors Bring T h e C i t y To L i f e f o r For Ages Yo u n g R e a d e r s B y

E r i n

P i t t m a n

Three to


Jack and the Richmond Bubble By Beth Thomas Beth Thomas attended the University of Richmond for four years, and only after graduating did she begin to realize just how cool this city is. She decided to step outside of her “bubble” and begin her post college marketing career here in Richmond. When her nephew Jack was born, she knew she wanted to use her creativity to create a children’s book for him and combined her Richmond “bubble” idea with local landmarks that are meaningful to their family. Jack and the Richmond Bubble tells the story of a child blowing a bubble so large that it carries him all over town to kid-friendly locations including the Children’s Museum, a Flying Squirrels game, the Metro Richmond Zoo and Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. Richmond children will love Thomas’ bright illustrations and being able to say, “Hey! I’ve been there!” as they read this fun story. To learn more or to get your own copy, visit n


Bowling! Food!



Visit us at and look for our Summer Fun Pass and Summer Camps. 6101 Brad McNeer Parkway • Midlothian, VA 23112 804.744.1077 •


Genia Johnson Dance Company

“In addition to core studies in classical ballet, tap, jazz and contemporary dance, GJDC also offers classes in hip-hop, gymnastics, baton and even fitness.”


enia Johnson’s smile is contagious. She absolutely beams from photographs, surrounded by a crowd

of her award-winning students. Her love for teaching dance is obvious in her cheerful voice, striking smile and the dedication she shows her young students. “We’re in the middle of spring performance and competition season,” she laughs in a recent interview. “There are costumes and glitter everywhere!” It’s easy to see why the Genia Johnson Dance Company has been nurturing, guiding and encouraging students for over ten years in the art of dance. Recently the company moved into a new, spacious facility and now has room to continue to grow. In addition to core studies in classical ballet, tap, jazz, and contemporary dance, GJDC also 48

May/June 2013

Bringing the Art of Dance To Life

offers classes in hip-hop, gymnastics, baton and even fitness. There is something for everyone at GDJC, no matter the age or skill level. “We have children as young as nineteen months that start in our Kinderdance classes. They learn basic vocabulary and technique and are a delight to watch at our Spring Performance,” says Genia. “We also have an adult hip-hop class and a men’s dance class for dads, uncles and brothers.” “Dance is a great way to exercise, but also a fun way to stay fit and healthy. It’s great for flexibility, strength and endurance. Dance builds confidence and self-esteem,” says Genia. What are her proudest moments as an instructor? “Too many to mention!” she replies enthusiastically. “It makes me proud when my students are accepted into high school or college dance programs. Alumni have gone on to be choreographers, dancers in companies or professional dancers all over the country and

Indigo Avenue Clothes

I couldn’t be prouder of our facility, our staff and our wonderful students!” n

3635 E Boulevard, Colonial Heights, VA 23834 (804) 524-9391



May/June 2013

A Day with the Family


By Erin Pittman


for all of us is so busy that much of the time it feels that each family

member is being pulled in opposite directions. With the warmer weather and longer days upon us, now is the perfect time to plan to pull everyone

together for some family time. Our city offers an abundance of festivals, museums, concerts, outdoor recreation and events for all ages that are well suited for families to enjoy together. Check out some of these local treasures below, and schedule your own day, or evening, with your family.

For Families with Younger Children: Children’s Museum of Richmond Target $1 Family Nights Enjoy one of Richmond’s finest children’s treasures for only $1 per person! On the third Friday of every month, Target sponsors $1 nights at C-MOR Central. Admission includes access to all exhibits, the art room and backyard play. Start your weekend off right with an affordable evening of fun with your children. Visit for more information.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Young at Art Program Children, ages two–five, enjoy inspiring stories, art activities and visits to the galleries during the Young at Art programs. Puzzles, movement games and childhood learning toys are available at each session. Classes are held in the Art Education Center with monthly themes and new lessons weekly. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Cost is $10 per child.



For Families with Mixed Ages: Richmond Raiders Indoor Pro Football Try a new experience with your family and sample some indoor, arena football with the Richmond Raiders. Home games are played at the Richmond Coliseum, with the 2013 season running through mid-June. Visit for schedule and ticket information.

For Families with Older Children:

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens’ Drop In and Dig Program under the guidance of Children’s Garden staff and volunteers. Carry

Richard Petty Driving Experience at Richmond International Raceway

these skills over at home as a family and start your own garden to en-

Are you and your child NASCAR fanatics? Ever wanted to experience

joy together all season long. Sessions are held from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. on

your favorite sport from behind the dash? When a parent or guardian

Wednesdays, April 3 – June 12 and 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. on Wednesdays,

purchases a ride along experience, teens ages 14-19 can participate

June 19 – September 4.

in a ride-along of their own for only $29. Call 800-237-3889 for more

Families can participate in simple, easy to learn gardening tasks

information or to schedule your family’s thrill session.

Swift Creek Twilight Paddle Get ready for a lazy canoe trip on Swift Creek on June 16th from 7 p.m.

River City Rafting Trips

to 8:30 p.m.. Enjoy a relaxed evening as a family while you drift along

Enjoy white water rafting thrills with the family! Children ages 9 and

as the sun sets and the nocturnal animals become active. $9/person,

up can join their parents for outdoor fun on these trips down the

or family of 4 or more $6/person. Please arrive 15 minutes early at the

James River. Parties of four or six are accepted, and no experience is

boat dock at Pocahontas State Park. All equipment is provided. Ages

necessary. Contact them at 232-RAFT or via to

6 and up only. Register by calling 804-796-4255.

book your excursion.

National Kids to Parks Day at Pocahontas State Park

River City Rollergirls – Roller Derby Bouts

This celebration of national parks on May 18 will feature fun adven-

Come experience a lively family night by attending a “bout,” or match,

tures, tree climbing, fishing, canoeing, animals from Off the Ark,

with the River City Rollergirls. Roller Derby is fast paced and action

entertainment, crafts and face painting. Most activities are free, but

packed, and these girls are full of passion for their unique sport!

some require fees and advance registration. Call 804-796-4255 to

Upcoming bouts include May 18 at 4 p.m. at the Greater Richmond


Convention Center and June 16 and June 23 at the Roller Dome. Visit for more ticket information. n


May/June 2013



May/June 2013


SavingFace 5 Simple Skin Care Tips Just in Time for the Summer By Jennifer Saunders

interferes with blood flow and depletes your skin of oxygen and nutrients. And all that eye squinting and lip pursing can cause wrinkles.

Hand Wash on Gentle The simpler your skincare routine, the more likely you are to stick with it. And as it turns out, a simple, cleansing on the gentle cycle is really all you need. For your face, start with a non-abrasive daily cleanser that’s alcohol-free. Wet your face using lukewarm – not hot – water. Then use your fingertips to gently apply your cleanser. Don’t scrub with a washcloth or scrubby as it can irritate your skin. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry with a soft towel. Apply moisturizer and sunscreen and you’re good to go. For all of your skin, avoid hot water and long showers which can cause drying. Use a mild shower gel to prevent your skin’s naturally moisturizing oils from being stripped away.


And just like you change your wardrobe with the seasons, adjust to the warmer temow that the sun is out and the

peratures by swapping the heavy moisturizer you used in winter’s drying cold to an oil-free

coats are in the closet, the time

moisturizer for the summer.

Add a Secret Weapon

has arrived when more skin will

be exposed to the world. And that makes

If you aren’t using Retinoid to improve the appearance of your skin, you might want to

it the perfect time for a reminder about the

consider it. Retinoids are vitamin A derivatives that can unclog pores, help clear up acne, re-

importance of taking care of your outer

duce fine lines, even out discoloration, and smooth the skin. Full-strength Retinoids are sold


only by prescription but you can also get over-the-counter products containing retinol – the

Good skin care isn’t just about looking good. It’s also about preventing premature

nonprescription version.

Get Back to Basics

aging and avoiding skin cancer – one of the

Basic healthy habits can work wonders when it comes to your skin. For the biggest

most common and deadly cancers around.

impact, focus on these key areas: 1. Eat a variety of fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean

Fortunately, keeping your body's largest organ healthy isn’t hard. You also don’t need to use a ton of products. Five simple steps

proteins. 2. Get plenty of exercise. 3. Sleep for seven or more hours a night. 4. Manage stress and do regular skin cancer self-exams. n Sources: American Academy Of Dermatology, Mayo Clinic, Web Md

done as a part of your daily routine can delay aging, prevent health problems and leave you with a radiant glow.

Be a Shade-Seeker One of the most important things you can do for your skin is to protect it from the sun. It’s the sun’s damaging rays that cause wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems. It’s also the sun that increases your risk for skin cancer. Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays and has an SPF of 30 or higher. Wear it every day, even when it’s cloudy. If you’re outside, reapply sunscreen every two to three hours – more often if you’re swimming or perspiring. Try to avoid the sun between mid-morning and late afternoon when the sun can do the most damage and when you do go out, wear a wide-brimmed hat.

Don’t Light Up Plain and simple, smoking makes you look older. And we don’t mean in a good way. Smoking damages fibers that give your skin elasticity, narrows blood vessels,



Earth, Stone & Sky Elegant outdoor living and hardscape design features, sculptural and integrated elements, and fresh interpretations of traditional motifs. Design by Vicki O’Neal, VSLD/ installation by Top Notch Construction.


s a designer, I find it so very interesting that styles and trends come and go— in fashion, interior design, landscape design, and pretty much any aspect of culture one can imagine. Not so long ago, concrete patios were in fashion. For an outdoor living space, it was very desirable to have a screened-in porch. Both of those features went out of vogue, and an elevated deck became the hardscape of preference. The contemporary landscape style of choice has reverted

By Vicki O’Neal, ASID, CID, VSLD

elements such as benches, wall caps,

sons, screened porches are in high demand once again.

and countertops. Horizontal surfaces are

In many areas and until recently most homes have a deck

more susceptible to damage from crack-

attached. There are some sites and situations where a deck is

ing, staining, and wear. Vertical features

still the most logical and practical solution, and new features

are the faces of decorative and retaining

have improved design options. Although wood decks are

walls, benches, fireplaces and firepits,

always manageable with good maintenance, they have inherent

outdoor kitchens, built-in planters, etc.

challenges including deterioration, splintering, and warping. A

Vicki O'Neal, owner of FORM & FUNCTION, provides commercial and residential interior and landscape design. She is a professional member of ASID, VA Certified Interior Designer (CID), Master Gardener, and a VA Certified Landscape Designer (VSLD) and a Horticulturist. 804.897.8558 Information in articles written by Vicki O’Neal is intended for general reference only.

rounds, creek beds, stairs, and elevated

back to a new incarnation of the patio, and for very good rea-

For horizontal elements such as pa-

typical aesthetic challenge of decks is the standard picket rail-

tios and walks, there are two basic types

ing. The rails frequently block important views and are not very

of installation methods: wet set and dry

attractive visually. Decks are also physically confining, with the

or sand set. There are reasons why one

sides and boundaries often creating a bit of an encumbered

method or the other might be a better

feeling. When possible and desirable, I frequently suggest re-

choice for your specific project. Those

moving the deck and creating an altogether new landscape and

decisions are based on site conditions,

hardscape style and visual, both aesthetically and functionally.

climate, and other considerations.


Wet set and dry set installations both start with excavation to 6” or more below the desired height of the finished sur-

Outdoor living and hardscapes comprise both vertical and

face. A 4” base of gravel called crusher

horizontal elements, each with specific design options, con-

run is installed, followed by 2” of sand or

struction requirements and aesthetic characteristics. Horizontal

stone dust. The wet set method pro-

features course the surfaces of patios and walks, pool sur-

ceeds with a mortar base or reinforced


corrected prior to installation. The biggest challenges to the longevity of any exterior stone or masonry patio, especially one installed using the wet set method, is our area’s erratic weather and frequent freezing/ thawing cycles and settlement. If water gets into any joint or opening, it will expand as it freezes and cause cracking. With repeated weather cycles, the cracking becomes more and more problematic and may eventually pose a tripping hazard. It’s always best to take extra care to ensure preparatory steps and procedures are followed to avoid failures as well as costly and disruptive repairs. In contrast, dry set hardscapes are very forgiving over time. They can move naturally if there is any settlement, growth of tree roots, or other disturbance. If there is some movement, areas of stone may simply be lifted out, the base adjusted, and the stone reinstalled. It is a bit of a process, but much less so than wet set repairs. This method may also be a DIY project for the adventurous homeowner.

CHOICES, CHOICES Dry stack natural stone retaining walls create an integrated landscape component and provide areas for accent planting. The dry creek and boulders help to slow down water run-off while integrating a harmonious look. Design and installation by Vicki O’Neal, VSLD.

Stone and masonry selections for hardscapes have never been more plentiful. The direction your project takes essentially starts with the decision between manmade pavers or natural stone. Site conditions and budgets may drive some of the choices,

surface. A 4” base of gravel called crusher run is installed,

and sometimes a combination of materials is used. All have

followed by 2” of sand or stone dust. The wet set method

advantages, disadvantages, and artistic considerations.

proceeds with a mortar base or reinforced concrete slab to

NATURAL STONE comes in a wide assortment of types

which the stone surface is applied, and the joints are mortared.

and aesthetics. In recent years, stone sourced from locations

For the dry or sand set method, the final stone surface is

around the globe has expanded the available options

installed directly on the sand or stone dust base and the joints

dramatically. Bluestone and slate are favorites ‘round here,

are filled with sand, tiny gravel, stone dust, or polymeric sand.

but they are some of the softer and more vulnerable choices.

With the exception of polymeric sand, dry set installations are

Bluestone is now available with a heat-treated surface that

frequently referred to as permeable, meaning the joints allow

minimizes possible flaking. Natural stone should be sealed

water to perk into the ground. Permeable installations are the

every couple of years to protect and restore appearance.

favored environmentally friendly choice and help to control drainage.

MANMADE PAVERS are also available in a wide array of colors, shapes, and sizes. One of the advantages of pavers is


that they are designed and manufactured for their intended purpose and fit together with ease. There are many interlocking shapes, making installation a breeze. BRICK and other masonry units also make classic and

For any hardscape and outdoor living space, managing drainage is crucial, and issues should be addressed and 58

beautiful hardscapes and may be installed via either method. Patterns, shapes, and colors of any of these material types

May/June 2013


Photo Courtesty of the Stockner Group

offer grand opportunities to create fun styles including

lawn. This allows the lawn mower to run right over the path or

geometric motif, unusual configurations, and borders. Kits are

patio, simplifying maintenance and edging tasks. If laid on a

available for precut medallions and other inset features and

sand base or bare ground, infill soil should be placed between

accents. How about a labyrinth? That would be unique!

the stones for leveling. All of these options are particularly

When considering patterns and ornamentation, think

beautiful with the use of tiny ground cover plantings between

about how placement of furniture and other items on the patio

the stones, such as specific perennials, herbs, or sedums.

will impact the total look of the area and how it will appear

Choose carefully—some plants hold up far better to foot traffic

from different vantage points. I am always cautious to keep

than others!

the design balanced so that features don’t compete with one another. Keep the material palette cohesive and uncomplicated.


INSTALLATION IS EVERYTHING Beautiful outdoor living scapes and landscape designs can be conceived on paper, but the trick lies in interpretation

One last type of stone installation is what I call free-laid.

and implementation. There is a massive gap between design

The natural stone is simply laid on the ground or lawn and

conception and the completion of a project. Many pitfalls line

positioned in either a free-form or geometric fashion, without

the path, and there are critical steps in the process that can

undue regard to layout conventions. Irregular stone is a

make or break the long-term outcome. I mention these issues

particularly attractive choice for an informal look. I especially

because the lowest price may cost much more in the final

love this casual feeling for pathways and more relaxed patio

analysis. Project management and proper execution of a design

settings. If laid in grass, the sod may be removed and the stone

is the cost-effective choice in the long run! n

set on the ground, creating a relatively level surface with the

Design services for home or business Interior Design

Landscape Design

• Space planning • Lighting design • Outdoor living • Hardscapes • Remodeling & additions • Furniture • Pools & water features • Construction drawings • Color & materials • Plant selection • Installation

804.897.8558 | |

/ FandFdesign 59



Chesterfield Living May/June 2013  
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