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Harry, pastor or terrorist? PRETORIA – A self-professed leader of the National Christian Resistance Movement (NCRM), also known as the ‘Crusaders’, has been arrested for alleged terrorism by the Hawks’ Serious Organised Crime Investigation’s Crimes Against the State (CATS) team and National Crime Intelligence on Thursday, 28 November. The arrest comes following a two-year extensive intelligence led investigation into the alleged terrorist plot apparently coordinated by the group to target national key points, shopping malls and informal settlements. The 60-year-old, Harry Johannes Knoesen was apprehended at his residence in Middelburg, Mpumalanga on 28 November and charged for Terrorism related activities in contravention of Protection of Constitutional Democracy Against Terrorism and Related Activities (POCDATARA), unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition. The subsequent search at a residence in the Eastern Cape, uncovered a possible explosives factory, electronic devices, documents an unlicensed firearm and ammunition that were seized for further analysis. Knoesen is the retired pastor and former SANDF member. The case has been postponed to Monday, 2 December, for legal aid representation. Meanwhile, the team also secured a warrant for the arrest of Riana Heymans. Heymans was subsequently arrested on Friday evening with two other accomplices, Eric and Erol Abrahams in Kliprivier, Johannesburg, by an integrated team of Crime Intelligence operatives and Hawks members from Serious Organised Crime Investigation. Various firearms and ammunition, documents and other items were confiscated by the Criminal Record Centre (CRC) for further probing. The three suspects appeared on Monday at the Middelburg Magistrate Court with Harry Johannes Knoesen (60) and were charged with contravening the Protection of Constitutional Democracy against Terrorism and Related Activities

Harry Knoesen / Image - Facebook (POCDATARA) Act as well harbouring a wanted suspect in terms of the same Act. The case was postponed until 21 January 2020 and the suspects remanded in custody. Their arrest follows investigations by the Hawks’ Serious Organised Crime Investigation and Crime Intelligence. Various firearms and 5300 ammunition of different calibres, documents and other items were confiscated by the Criminal Record Centre (CRC) for further probing. The following appeared on “Harry Knoesen is no stranger to controversy and has been on law enforcement’s radar for quite some time. The retired military man and selfprofessed pastor, is better known for propagating racially charged rhetoric via social media. In the past, Knoesen has released a series of controversial videos in which he calls for white South Africans to take up arms and declare

Riana Heymans / Image supplied by Hawks

war on the black majority. Knoesen also confirmed that he was ‘in discussion’ with other ‘resistance movements’, saying: “It’s important for us to stay together as a white nation. I know there are many movements. I met with some of the leaders around the table and we sat and we spoke and halfway into speaking I told them we’re not on the same page. The reason being they want to defend and see what happens. Reality is, you cannot wait to see what the enemy does to you. You cannot wait for the enemy to wake up. It’s too late already. The Crusaders haven’t got a waiting plan, we’ve got an attack plan.” Following the release of Knoesen’s videos, leader of the now-defunct Black First Land First movement in Mpumalanga, Elias Makwana, laid charges of incitement to violence, high treason and crimen injuria against the head of the Crusaders. Knoesen is an unapologetic supporter of apartheid and has, on more than

one occasion, claimed to have been ‘called upon by God to defeat the devil that has stolen from whites.” The NCRM has a telegram group in Secunda with only a small member count. Riana Heymans and Harry Knoesen placed several messages on this group. A meeting was planned for 16 October to have the attack plan explained by General Knoesen. It is clear that this meeting would have been in secret as a secure venue was sought. The Bulletin has no information to verify if the planned meeting took place at all. Riana Heymans made it clear in a post on Telegram NCRM Secunda that: “the NCRM Crusaders are an Attack Force. The only one in SA. With a plan that will be executed in due course.” She also stated that the day is fast approaching and no one in Secunda is ready. Continue reading The Bulletin for updates on this case.



6 December 2019

“I drove my father’s car into Welas River to spite him” A very shocking statement as a young man confirms to have driven his father’s car into the Welas River, next to extension 18, to spite him after the father reprimanded his son for drinking all night with his friends. This is the latest version of the story as other videos on social media said that he drove the vehicle into the river because he was trying to commit suicide. “I can confirm it was not an accident. I wanted to spite my father,” said the young man. On Sunday, 1 December, after 17h00 a call came in of a car that was in the Welas River. Upon arrival the emergency personnel saw that a young man had already climbed out of the vehicle with no injuries. Different stories broke until Monday morning early when he spoke to The Bulletin about problems he faces at home. These problems are very personal and led him to drive his father’s car into the river in an attempt to kill himself. Amongst other things he said that his father abuses his mother and the other children at home. “This was more than just an accident,” concluded a man believed to be the one who was driving the vehicle which ended up in the river. If you have a problem please seek help while you can, don’t let emotions control you. When the father was contacted, he didn’t want to talk to the media about his family affairs. Some people blamed the use of alcohol and other substances as a


result of driving the car into the river. The Bulletin posted on their Facebook page and said that it was an accident as that was the story at the time but on Monday morning at about 08h00, The Bulletin visited the family to find out exactly what happened but no one would speak to us. There are still mixed emotions as some people said that the father must be arrested for abusing his family. Traffic was heavily affected for more than 3 hours as people stood and looked at the vehicle in the river. Everyone had something to say and it took the recovery team a long time to recover the vehicle from the river. Surprisingly no case was opened against anyone at the police station. Again, people are urged to get help if they feel abused especially now as it is the period of 16 Days of Activism against women and children. - Sandile Mkhwanazi

GMM Fire employee in eMbalenhle rapes co-worker A case of rape is currently ongoing of a man that allegedly raped his co-worker on duty during their shift earlier in November. A case was opened at the eMbalenhle police station and later referred to FCS (Family Violence and child protection) unit for further assistance and investigation. It is alleged that the two were working night shift when the incident occurred. There are rooms in the station where the fire fighters can rest if there are no calls. That was where she was allegedly raped. An internal hearing was conducted and the case proceeded at the police station. But it can be confirmed that no arrest has been made as of yet. Our sources also revealed that the suspect is still roaming the streets. 16 Days of Activism was

launched, which amongst other things, it is aiming to decrease violence and abuse against women and children. It is sad that in a professional working place cases of this nature is still happening. This raises the question: where are we going as a country? We have heard of quite a large number of women being killed in Mpumalanga and many have not come forward. They keep quiet and by keeping quiet they are protecting the culprits. Recently a woman was killed and her brother is still in hospital after they were robbed on the R555. They hitchhiked from Witbank to Carolina. They were victimised, she was raped and thrown out of the moving car. They were both admitted to hospital and later the young woman passed on. When is this going to end? - Sandile Mkhwanazi

Family lives in sewerage for weeks “We feel very disappointed and neglected after two weeks of sewerage running all over our house and no help from Govan Mbeki Municipality even after we have reported to them daily.” Those were the words of the family in extension 14, eMbalenhle. A very disturbing scene as the sewerage is running from the restroom into the house and all over the yard. One can smell from a distance what the family has to live with for more than a week now. They have reported the problem to their ward councillor and the municipality but have been told that someone will come to check up on the situation. The Bulletin also called the municipality and were told that somebody was coming but until now no one has come. “It is hard to

live in eMbalenhle because nothing is ever fixed even after a lot of money was set aside by the National Government, COGTA to deal with the sewerage issues in the township,” said one of the neighbours. “Children have been very sick of late. We suspect they have inhaled sewer and that is not good for anyone’s health. We wish to see the GMM Mayor and speak to her about our dissatisfaction we have in this area if it is not electricity power problem it is water if not that its sewer. Where is the mayor we need her she must come to people she must never neglect us like this,” said one of the old citizens. “When the ward councillor was contacted his PA said they will get back to us.” the neighbour continued. - Sandile Mkhwanazi

Does Evander Hospital ever work? There has been a huge number of complaints about Evander Hospital for years. People cry about the poor service at this hospital. This past weekend there was a big level of dissatisfaction as people had to wait for more than 18 hours before they received any medical attention. Two people were admitted to hospital after they were stabbed on Saturday night. When The Bulletin arrived at the hospital after midday on Sunday, almost all the passages were filled with people on drips. “No one of the staff cared. People wondered if there is any sort of leadership at the hospital. As far as it is understood, there is a department that focuses on emergency incidents but at this hospital no one cares when an ambulance drops off a person who needs immediate serious attention. No one gives that priority,” said one of the patients who confirmed to have been waiting for hours. Mr SS Ndlovu, chairperson of the hospital board, was contacted and he promised to send someone to investigate the matter and get back to The Bulletin with a full report. He also explained that the hospital is operating under a lot of pressure as it services a huge community that

is growing very fast. “We have people from Leandra and even Charl Cillers not to mention the ever rising eMbalenhle community. We always strive to limit the waiting period in our health facility at all cost,” said Mr Ndlovu. According to community members, they suggested that Evander Hospital should be closed down because it does not help anyone but instead you find staff members sleeping during the day not to mention at night. “When one of your family members are admitted into that hospital you must be prepared for worse,” said one of the community members. “What is more frustrating is that we have written many letters to the Public Protector and National Government to intervene with this hospital but we have not gotten any help. We now urge anyone who might be able to help us to do so before it’s too late. We tried to contact the CEO of the hospital with no luck as no one could answer the phone no reply to e-mails sent to them. We will make sure that we follow up on this matter on our next week edition by then we hope to have spoken to the hospital CEO or yet Provincial leadership,” said the community. - Sandile Mkhwanazi


6 December 2019


snippets Bogus lawyer sentenced for siphoning road accidents funds The Witbank Regional Court has on Monday, 25 November, found guilty and sentenced Wellington Buti Nkathi (58) for Theft and Practicing as an Attorney without Fidelity Certificate, which is required for one to practice as an admitted attorney. It is alleged that in March 2009 Nkathi who was a lawyer failed to renew his fidelity certificate after it was revoked because of his misconduct from claiming from the Road Accident Fund on behalf of clients and pocketed a total amount of R400 000.00. During that time the Law Society opened a case and it was transferred to the Hawks’ Serious Commercial Crime Investigation unit and the accused was subsequently arrested. The accused was sentenced for Theft to two years imprisonment suspended for four years on condition that the accused is not convicted of Theft committed during the period of suspension. For practicing as an attorney without a Certificate the accused was sentenced to four years imprisonment and he also has to pay R2 000.00. If he fails to pay, he will serve two months imprisonment. Former senior department of justice official and accomplish denied bail for R1.7 million fraud A 44-year-old Bina Masuku, former Mpumalanga Master of High Court and her accomplice, Elvis Kgosiemang (35), a so-called lawyer, were denied bail by the Nelspruit Magistrate Court on Wednesday, 27 November and the case is postponed to 10 January 2020 for further investigation. The duo was remanded in custody.  The investigation which was launched by the Hawks Serious Commercial Investigations in 2018 has been probing the alleged siphoning of claimants’ funds from the Masters’ office for almost two years.  It was established that Masuku allegedly directed claimants to the “lawyer” (her boyfriend) to process their claims.  Some claimants never received their money. Instead it was shared between the two. So far almost R1.7 million has since disappeared from eight families. Enquiries have revealed that the boyfriend was not a lawyer. Masuku misrepresented the State by claiming that she is a South African citizen. The Department of Home Affairs’ Immigration Division has finalised their investigation into her status in the country. It is suspected that the missing R1.7 million is just the tip of the iceberg as the complaints are still coming to the Hawks Offices to report that they saw that Kgosiemang, the lawyer who robbed them, was arrested.  The Provincial Head of The Directorate For Priority Crime Investigation Mpumalanga, Major General Zodwa Mokoena applauded the Investigation Team, The Home Affairs Officials, The Protesting Authority and The Magistrate’s office for work well done of denying bail against the duo, who during the bail application, it was established that Bina Masuku who claimed to be a South African, was not

true and it was confirmed that she is a from Malawi while Kgosiemang did not clearly mention his residential address, his parents or siblings which proved to the Court that information given by the duo was not reliable. “We cannot turn a blind eye - while we see the extreme work done by the team. We hope to secure goods sentence at the end of the investigation,” Major General Mokoena concluded. Men should be at the forefront of the war against gender-based violence Men should be at the forefront to fight the ongoing war against genderbased violence by, amongst others, instilling good values in their children, especially boys.  The MEC emphasised that boys should be taught by their fathers to respect girls, their mothers and all women.  This, Shabalala explained, will mould them to grow up respecting women so that they do not grow to become abusive later on in life.  MEC Shabalala was speaking during the provincial launch of 16 Days of Activism for no violence against women and children campaign at Mandela Village in Kwamhlanga on 28 November. “Men should instil good values in their own children such that these boys grow up respecting every person, young and old including all women they come across even when they have grown up,” Shabalala said.  She went on to state that parents must refrain from quarrelling in front of their children because the minors become negatively affected and they will also not respect other people especially women.  “The habit of belittling one another in front of children is also emotional and psychological abuse,” the MEC said. “Psychological abuse is even worse because it cannot be seen yet the scars are long lasting and victims become affected in many negative ways sometimes without them even realising.”  “Therefore, adults should resolve their differences in an amicable manner and also seek professional help where necessary,” Shabalala added.  The MEC told community members that government was doing all in its might to eradicate the scourge.  However, she insisted that communities should work with police in the fight against the scourge because it is the responsibility of everyone and not government alone to bring an end to gender-based violence.  She said all crime suspects must be reported to the police so that perpetrators are brought to book. Shabalala has further implored community members not to withdraw abuse cases because that does not bring the cycle to an end as perpetrators go unpunished.  The MEC also mentioned that more programmes that are geared towards empowering young people will be implemented as they often become victims or perpetrators of abuse in many relationships that have gone wrong.  She has thus called on community leaders including traditional leadership to have specific programmes that will assist the youth.  She has also called for more empowerment of women with job opportunities so that they do not become vulnerable to abuse.  On the other hand, SAPS Provincial Commissioner, Lt. Gen Mondli Zuma urged the community to report abuse

and testify in such cases. Commissioner Zuma advised the community to write down full details of cases and provide as much information as possible because this was vital for successful prosecution in cases of abuse.  Sister murdered and brother injured: suspects sought  A 24-year-old woman and her 21-yearold brother were hitch-hiking on the R555 (Old Ogies Road) on Monday, 25 November, which led to the sister losing her life.  According to the reports, the two siblings, who are originally from Carolina, were coming back from a job interview in Gauteng and the taxi they were travelling in dropped them off at Witbank. From there they had to get other transport that would ferry them to Carolina.  Preliminary information suggests that a minibus came and offered them a lift. However, the two were surprised when the men who gave them the lift, produced firearms and started to rob them of their personal belongings as well as assaulting them. The suspects also took an opposite direction towards Gauteng rather than the direction to Carolina. According to information at police disposal, the siblings were apparently forced out of the minibus in different spots but not far apart while it was still in motion. They were however spotted by a passer-by who immediately summoned for help.  The two were found in a critical condition and the medical personnel

3 who attended to the scene, quickly took them to hospital for medical treatment. Unfortunately, the 24-year-old woman later died in hospital and the brother survived. The Pathological services have already conducted a postmortem which the results will indicate the cause of death as well as well as other violations. Police are investigating a case of murder as well as attempted murder and in that regard. Lieutenant General Mondli Zuma, the Provincial Commissioner of Mpumalanga, has in the meantime strongly condemned this heartless incident and indicated that the police are hard at work hunting down the suspects. On the same note, General Zuma has further urged anyone with vital information that may be relevant to the investigation, to contact the nearest police as soon as possible. The public can provide the muchanticipated information to Detective Captain Joseph Ntuli on 079 194 9327 / 10111 can also be called or enormously call 08600 10111.

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6 December 2019

Ds Marius Britz Afwagting. Almal ken dit, kan een of ander storie onthou oor wag. Daai keer in jou lewe toe jy knyp-benoud gewag het op iets. Dit kon iets lekker gewees het, soos toe jy as kind die aand voor kersfees jou persent onder die boom opgelig het, geskud het om te voel hoe swaar dit is, en byna die nag nie kon slaap van opgewondenheid nie. Dit kan ook ‘n minder aangename ervaring van afwagting gewees het. Soos toe jy op laerskool laatmiddag met jou fiets deur die skoolterrein jaag, en vreeslike Tarzan-skreeugeluide maak vir die duiwe om pad te gee. Ongelukkig vir jou het die kwaai juffrou Swiegers in haar klas gesit en merk, en haarself in ‘n ander DNA-mutasie ingeskrik toe sy hierdie bloedstollende krete voor haar klas hoor. Toe sy opspring en jou roep, het jy net oor jou skouer gekyk en weggejaag. Jy het dadelik geweet: die Bybelse beginsels van sola gratia en vergifnis is nie in hierdie spesifieke situasie relevant nie. Die volgende dag het sy van klas tot klas geloop, ry vir ry deurgekyk, en uiteindelik jou gevind. (Net terloops: dit is waarom die lied Toe vind ek jou van Karin Zoid en Francois van Coke vir my so bittersoet is.) Jou vonnis was kort en kragtig. “Kom hier.” Nie noodwendig ‘n uitnodiging nie. Die res is, soos ‘n vorige eerste minister gesê het: “Too ghastly to contemplate.” Ander voorvalle van afwagting bly ook vassteek vanweë die eiesoortige aard daarvan. Soos toe jy voor die professor se kantoor gesit en wag het vir ‘n mondelinge eksamen, tot die dood toe benoud. Sy manier van eksaminering was soos die gekletter van ‘n kerkgeskiedenisgeweer. “Tertullianus.” “Wanneer het hy geleef?” “Wat het hy oor die genade geskryf?” “Cyprianus.” “Wanneer het hy geleef?” “Wat het hy oor die Triniteit geskryf?”

Dieselfde oor Justianus en Origianus. Jou blye afwagting van ‘n slaagpunt sink soos die Titanic. Jy sweet, jou palms is klam. Al wat jy beteuterd uitkry, is: ”Prof, daar is soveel anusse in daardie boek. Ek kan nie een onthou nie.” Toe trek hy eers die snelvuur oop. Jy sit verbysterd jou kop en skud op elke vraag. Uiteindelik word jy gevra: “Meneer Britz, kan jy dan nie een vraag antwoord nie?” Jy, synde maar altyd die hofnar, begin die liedjie van FR David sing. “Words don’t come easy to me.” Gelukkig het prof. Carl ‘n uitstekende sin vir humor gehad. En jy jou 50%. Dit is nou, Desember, ‘n afwagtingstyd van ‘n ander soort oor die wêreld heen. Ons sien dit oral. Tot vervelens toe word dit beklemtoon in winkels deur blikkerige nasale stemmetjies wat teem en kwetter oor rooineusrendiere, klokkies en sneeu. (Terwyl dit oor die naweek 52,3 grade op sommige plekke in ons land was.) Gekleurde balletjies en liggies maak die afwagting groter. Die 12de-eeuse mistikus en heilige Bernardus van Clairvaux verwys daarna as “adventus” in Latyn. Adventstyd, die tyd waarin Christus se koms herdenk word. Die Trappiste-monnik Thomas Merton verwys in sy boek Seasons of Celebration (1965) hierna. Die afwagtingsaspek van kersfees. Die eerste koms, soos Merton verwys, was die geboorte van die Kind van Bethlehem. Afgewag deur skaapwagters en wyse manne en selfs Herodes self. Dan is daar die derde koms, waarvan Openbaring vertel, wanneer die Ridder op die wit perd kom om ‘n nuwe hemel en aarde te bring. Wat adventstyd so hartseer maak, is dat ons in die terminologie van Merton, die tweede koms van Christus misloop. Ons koop ons troos met geskenke, televisies, juweliersware, selfs motors, meubels. Ons laat ons kinders en kleinkinders afneem by ‘n beboepensde oubaas met ‘n wattebaard wat op ‘n groot stoel sit. Fisieke dinge waaraan ons kan raak, wat ons kan sien, wat daardie Vraagteken in ons moet beantwoord. Koos du Plessis skryf in sy gedig Oukersaand (vir ‘n kind): “Oukersaand vir ‘n kind - / vir jou, my meisie / is ‘n grafie en ‘n besempie / in kleurpapier gebind / met stukkies reënbooglint, / ‘n blokkie

sjokolade / en ‘n wêreld sonder wind / waarin kersies vroom en vier / brand teen kaartjies teen ‘n muur / en liggies aan ‘n boompie blom / solank die donker duur. / Maar Oukersaand is óú kerse / in die aand en in die wind / ou, flikkerende kerse en, my kind / Kersboompies wat nie blom nie / ‘n Kersfeesvader wat nie kom nie.” Hierdie jaar, in adventstyd, die tyd van afwagting, gaan ek die Seun van Bethlehem soek oral om my. Ook in my. Ek gaan Hom soek in tye van verlatenheid, wanneer ek soms voel dat die gatvolfaktor net te veel raak. Ek gaan Hom soek in hoe ek teenoor ander mense optree, selfs al verskil ek van hulle. Ek gaan Hom

soek in ware vreugde, nie die oppervlakkigheid van watsapp- en facebookgrappies nie. Want Hy het nie net na Betlehem gekom nie. Hy kom ook nie net eendag weer as alles hier ophou nie. Op ‘n geheimsinnige manier kan Hy vanjaar na ons toe kom. Bernardus van Clairvaux skryf: “O humankind. You need not sail across the seas or cross the Alps! No grand way is being shown to you. Run to your own self to meet your God! The Word is near you, on your lips and in your heart.” Dit bring die advent tot by jou, die vreugde van afwagting spiraal in jou, hoog bo jou en om jou uit, dit raak mense en die wêreld waarin jy leef, aan. ‘n Ou Chinese spreuk lui: Dis beter om ‘n enkele kers aan te steek as om die donkerte te vervloek.

Tannie Poppie se Kaneeltert 60 ml botter of margarien 125 ml suiker 250 ml koekmeelblom 15 ml bakpoeier 2 ml sout 125 ml melk 1 eier Kaneel na smaak Bestanddele vir stroop 60 ml botter of margarien 250 ml suiker 1 Blik (380 g) ingedampte melk 1. Voorverhit die oond tot

180 °C 2. Verroom die botter of margartien en die suiker saam 3. Sif die koekmeelblom, bakpoeier en sout saam 4. Klits die melk en eier saam 5. Roer die meel- en melkmengsel om die beurt by die eiermengsel in 6. Skep die beslag in ‘n gesmeerde tertbak 7. Strooi ruim kaneel oor 8. Bak 20 – 25 minute lank tot gaar Berei die stroop 1. Kook al die bestanddele saam 2. Gooi die stroop oor die warm tert sodra dit uit die oond kom

Die boek word deur Human & Rousseau uitgegee

6 December 2019



A legend bids farewell

“Successful mothers are not the ones that never struggled. They are the ones who never give up despite the struggles.” – Sharon Jaynes Mary-jade Jasmine van Rensburg was born in Springs in St. Mary’s Hospital in 1985 and grew up in Kriel and Pretoria. At 19 she gave birth to the most beautiful little blessing she could have asked for, Hailey. She moved to Margate with her Hailey’s father and worked for a construction company. As M-J started to tell me her story, tears escaped her and through the tears her soft voice said: “I am sorry this is very emotional for me.” M-J moved to Evander from Margate. What was supposed to be a weekend visiting family with her young daughter, turned into one of the best things that could have happened to Evander. She started her new life in Evander with a weekend’s clothes for her and for her daughter. “I didn’t even know that Evander existed!” she said as her laugh fills the room. She worked as a bar lady at Fire & Ice and in 2008 she was asked if she needed a job by Salomie. Salomie worked at Walker Park Golf Club. M-J started as a bar lady and in 2014 the opportunity arose for a new club manager. This task was taken on by her and she has not looked back since. “There were so many challenges when

I started. I had to take this challenge head on. As a bar lady I had R 4000 a month and my rent was R2800. I still don’t know how I survived!” When she started as manager at Walker Park Golf Club there were mountains of challenges ahead of her. But as they say: “One day at a time…” M-J ensured that she took on every challenge and did not back down. Being manager did not ever stop her to jump in and help where it was needed. On busy golf days she would help behind the bar, if there was help needed in the kitchen or on the course she would come to the rescue and she was never scared to get her hands dirty. She always made sure to thank all the staff at golf days and made sure that the people knew and respected her staff. In 2017 M-J met her now husband, Brandon Russell. They started as friends but it was not long before Brandon fell head over heels for her charms. On 16 November 2019 they tied the knot. Now M-J is trading in her manager shirt for a housewife for a year shirt as she is not allowed to work for the first year she is in America. They are moving to Ashtabula, Ohio. “I already told Hailey and Brandon that every day they come home the furniture will be moved around and

the walls will be a new colour. I have never not worked. I have been working since I was 16. This year off is going to be difficult but I am sure everything will work out as it should!” Brandon is already in Ashtabula and ensured that the house they built together is furnished. “He went to the stores and sent us pictures. That was how we furnished the new house,” she laughed. M-J you will always stay in our hearts and you have made such an impact on so many people’s lives. Your big smile and laughter that fills an empty room with love will not be forgotten. All the best with your new adventures! – Ané Prinsloo

Hailey, M-J and Brandon

M-J and Brandon on their wedding day

Hailey and M-J



6 December 2019

AfriForum lays charges over nearly R344 million wasted by Mpumalanga Department of Health AfriForum laid criminal charges today against Dr Savera Mohangi, Head of the Mpumalanga Department of Health, as part of the organisation’s national campaign against the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill. This follows the organisation studying the Department’s annual report and finding that Mohangi is guilty of offences in terms of Section 86(1) of the Public Finance Management Act, 1999 (Act No 1 of 1999). AfriForum will visit all nine provinces between 18 and 22 November 2019, during which criminal charges will be laid against the heads of each provincial Department of Health. “The squandering of taxpayers’ money

is a national crisis and the responsible parties should be brought to book. That is why we laid these charges today. This misappropriation of funds is one of the main reasons why we cannot rely on the government to implement NHI: They have shown that they cannot be trusted with taxpayers’ money,” says Hennie Bekker, AfriForum’s District Coordinator for the Highveld. The Mpumalanga of Health’s annual report indicates that this Department incurred irregular expenditures of almost R310 million in the 2017/2018 financial year. The Department also incurred fruitless and wasteful expenditures of almost R317 000

in the 2017/2018 financial year. The Department also incurred unauthorised expenditure of almost R34 million in the 2017/2018 financial year. Irregular expenditures comprise all expenses that are inconsistent with what the Act prescribes. Fruitless and wasteful expenditures are expenses made in vain but that could have been prevented if reasonable precaution had been taken. Unauthorised expenditures are all expenses incurred contrary to the approved budget. This excessive expenditure could have been prevented, had Mohangi fulfilled her duties. “The charges against the department

heads are based on alleged financial misappropriation in terms of the above-mentioned Act. They must prevent irregular, fruitless, wasteful and unauthorised expenditures and must hold guilty parties accountable. The department heads are letting taxpayers down by failing to fulfil their duties,” Bekker concludes. AfriForum encourages the public to oppose the NHI by giving AfriForum their mandate and submitting their comments on the NHI on AfriForum’s website at  https://www.afriforum. - Hennie Bekker, District Coordinator: Highveld, AfriForum

A 21 Digital Guideline Roadshow a success Gert Sibande TVET College hosted the A21 Digital Guidelines roadshow at the college’s Skills Academy and Artisan Development Centre on Friday 15 November 2019. The purpose of the roadshow was to advocate for Centers of Specialization (CoS) in the country. The roadshow was officially opened by the College Acting Principal, Mrs Portia Mange who gave the background of the college. She further stated the college’s vision, history and she outlined the courses that the college offers. She stated that the college is happy about this roadshow as it is going to enhance relationships amongst apprentices, TVET college’s, and employees. She concluded her welcoming address by a quote from Dr Nelson Mandela ‘it always seems impossible until it is done.’ Next on the podium was Ms Makhosazane Mngadi, Project Manager(I- Work) from the British Council. She gave a brief explanation of what the workshop seeks to achieve. She gave lessons on the responsibilities of employers, apprentices and colleges to making

this apprentices program a success. She played a video featuring a twenty-twoyear-old woman by the name Molèmo from North West Province who is already a beneficiary of this program. Mr Nick Joubert, National Training Manager from The Institute of Plumbing SA (IOPSA), gave a presentation on Centres of Specialisation. Mr Joubert has emphasised the importance of producing artisans in large numbers as South Africa is losing hundreds of artisans to other countries. He also highlighted the efficiency of this program on acquiring suitable workers

for employers. “When employers are with an apprentice for a period of three years, they get a chance to really know the person they are looking to employ, unlike in advertised positions where there is limited interaction with a potential employee. Ms Regina Mampye gave a vote of thanks on

behalf of the college. She echoed the sentiments of Mr Nick Joubert that artisans must remain in South Africa to make the country a better place to live in. She concluded by thanking everyone who attended the roadshow and pleaded with everyone who would be driving to drive safely home.

Graceland hosted yearend party

Graceland rewarded its top Winners Circle members with a Yearend party which was hosted on Saturday, 16 November. Guests were entertained by the legendary band, Dr Victor & the Rasta Rebels.

General Manager, Mr Pieter de Villiers, thanks Winners Circle members for their participation and loyalty during the year and wishes them a wonderful and safe festive season. “We look forward to exciting times in 2020,” said Mr de Villiers.

6 December 2019



"Paying it Forward" R50000 donation to trust “Education is the most powerful weapon one can use to change the World.” Mishael Mashele, the current Chairman of the South African Institute of Mechanical (SAIMechE) in Mpumalanga Highveld together with the Mduduzi Sibeko, board member at Small Business Development Enterprise Agency (SEDA) who are the 4th and the 1st recipients respectively of the Southern Highveld Community Development Trust (SHCDT) Bursary scheme, have, in their individual capacities donated R50 000.00 back to the Trust by “paying it forward” so that they can offer assistance to more learners from within the Govan Mbeki Municipality. Mashele is from eMbalenhle and did not have many positive models for him to emulate as he embarked on his academic journey towards becoming a Mechanical Engineer. Mdu Sibeko hails from Leslie and also faced dire circumstances before the trust assisted him to becoming an Auditor. Mashele and Sibeko benefited from the very same Trust they are donating to. The trust has been assisting deprived learners from the area since 2001 and has helped learners attend various institutions for further education from as far south as Stellenbosch to institutions all over Gauteng. The trust is open to all learners and is not specific to any field of study. The entry requirements are a minimum 70% for English and four distinctions in the subjects relevant to their chosen career path. Apart from the full course tuition, textbooks

and accommodation for the full duration of the chosen course, the fund also buys laptops and gives continuous workshops to assist the learners with continuous support and equip them with emotional intelligence skills. Elaine Thomas of People said: “People Dynamics and Dux believes that the future of SA lies in the hands of our young people, like Mishael Mashele, one of our alumni. Dux powered by People Dynamics is a people development organisation with a strong focus on youth. The ultimate goal for Dux is to provide a fulfilling youth development process that engages with learners and students to help them develop the mental and emotional health resilience. Student life can be stressful and for some students it may cause mental and emotional distress. This can influence academic achievement. “We specialise in supporting tertiary students through our support program run development and support programs for secondary education learners building vital skills for their future,” JP Mlangeni, Chairman of the Trust expressed his gratitude at the generous donation and advised the current learners to take cognisance

Mishael Mashele with a group of interviewees of the great example that was set by their fellow alumni and always remain humble. Mishael Mashele said: “I am the person I am today because of the interventions that where done by the Trust, JP Mlangeni and Jenny Findlay. I have since extended my reach to the rest of the country and the world. I would definitely encourage every student to apply for such opportunities and would advise the candidates that came for the interviews to explore the other opportunities as well as

the trust can only assist a limited number of learners.” Mdu Sibeko reiterated the call for paying it forward and stressed the importance of the learners positioning themselves as future role models in society. Jenny Findlay, the Trust Administrator, put forth a challenge to the students who are currently on the program to follow in the footsteps of Mduduzi and Mishael as this ensures the longevity of initiatives that aim to empower the communities.



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6 December 2019

Hoërskool Secunda Beste in Wiskunde Olimpiade Hoërskool Secunda is aangewys as die “Best performing school in Mpumalanga” in die Suid-Afrikaanse Wiskunde Olimpiade. Die aantal deelnemers per skool, die gemiddeld verwerf in elke rondte en hoeveel deelnemers deurgedring het na elke rondte, word in ag geneerm. Hier ontvang me Van Tonder die toekenning by ‘n glansgeleentheid in Gordonsbaai. Jan-Hendrik Groenewald is die enigste deelnemer in Mpumalanga wat daarin kon slaag om deur te dring na die finale rondte van die Olimpiade. Daarvoor ontvang hy ‘n medalje. Hy ontvang ook twee kontantpryse vir sy prestasie op Provinsiale vlak: beste quantile 5 deelnemer en beste presteerder in Junior afdeling. Die volgende leerders het deelgeneem en sodoende ‘n aandeel aan die uitsonderlike prestasie gehad: Gr8, Tyrone van Niekerk, Lizandri Mans, Johan Nel, Armand Kwooitz, Michael Botha, Anja Smith Gr9, Marnus Alberts, Danika de Bruyn, Lerina Griffen, Jd Kotze, Anchal Chathury, Fundiswa Ngcongwane, Riccardo Daneel, Heike Malan,

Jan – Hendrik Groenewald

Me. Christa van Tonder

Jan de Jonge, Kasongo Kilonda, Gerdus Alberts, Zanelle Oberholzer, Daniel Bezuidenhout, Ruan Kalse, Suane Vermaak, Lianke de Vries, Corne Lategan, Mia Louw, Atlekgang Chiloane, Sivanya Pillay, Ashlin Budharam, Masindi Nekhubvi, Marunis

Smith, Mia J van Rensburg. Gr10, Henri Viljoen, Marisa Moodley. Gr11, Amiel Somaru, Stephan Oberholzer, Lune Meyer, Ruchelle van Heerden, Franco Higgins. Gr12, Anjali Morar, Kea Moiloa, JanDiederik Kwooitz, Tashim Karim

Laerskool Krielpark is proud to announce our RCL 2020. “Together we can achieve great things.” Congratulations to the following students: Lizanie van der Westhuizen, Simone Bezuidenhout, Clinton Cook, Simone Coombe, Marli Du Plessis, Megan Fourie, Marizette Malan, Nobuhle Maseko, Myiko Matshinye, Oluchi Motsoaledi, Wazile Ndhlala, Esona Nyangane, Yozani Postma, Tiaan Rees and Tristen Schonfeldt

TP Stratten is in the privileged position to have their golf team, which was officially only formed this year, in the top 12 play-offs in Mpumalanga. Mr Mossie Ourique (Principal) accompanied the children to Mbombela. LTR: Mason-Lee Malander, Dumo Sibiya, Asimbonge Dlamini, Peloneo Shakwane Mr Ourique

Baie geluk aan die volgende leerders wat aangewys is as die Laerskool Krielpark DUX leerders vir 2019. Gr. 1 Mieke Venter. Gr. 2 - Ayden Venter en Zoe Motsoaledi. Gr. 3 - Simoné Schimper. Gr. 4 - Jandro Venter. Gr. 5 - Simoné Maré. Gr. 6 - Marizette Malan. Gr. 7 - Jaques Malan

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6 December 2019



Walker Park Golf Club yearend awards Walker Park Golf Club hosted their yearend function on Friday, 29 November. A lot of awards were handed out but one of the most important awards was the Exceptional Contribution Towards Walker Park Golf Club Award. This award was handed over by Lukas Potgieter to the one and only MaryJade Russell. Sportsman of the year: Cedric Bartlett. Sportswoman of the year: Rosemarie Rudolph. On Saturday, 30 November, Walker Park bids farewell to the gem of the club, M-J Russell, club manager. After 11 years M-J is leaving the club to move to America. Thank you very much to Wilna Spangenberg, Rochelle Rademeyer, Marlene Willemse and Thea St Leger Denny.

Wilna Spangenberg, Rochelle Rademeyer, Marlene Willemse and Thea St Leger Denny.

M-J Russell: The Fairy Godmother

Lukas Potgieter and M-J Russell

Junior Sportsmen of the year: Divan Swart and Henco Coetzee

Happy Tods Daycare raises funds for Bethal SPCA Happy Tods Daycare hosted a market day on Friday, 22 November, to raise funds for the Bethal SPCA. The daycare raised R 3000.00 and handed it over to Bethal SPCA.

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6 December 2019

Sasol Secunda cricket faced Standerton

Sasol ladies cricket team

Secunda ladies faced off with Standerton this weekend. It was a hot day with a subtle breeze as Standerton ladies wanted to field first. Secunda ladies batted and lost the wicket of inform batsmen Brigitte Binneman rather early for a mere 16 runs. The game was pulled back by Nicolien Janse van Rensburg scoring 145 not out and TerryLee Kleynhans scoring 118, putting up a record partnership for the ladies.  Secunda ladies scored an enormous 371 after their 35 overs for the loss of only 2 wickets. 

Standerton had to chase a run rate of almost 11 runs an over. Secunda ladies had none of it, bowling Standerton out for a next to nothing 34 runs, with Elizma Heydenreich and Nicolien Janse van Rensburg taking 3 wickets each. With a 338-run win over Standerton, Secunda ladies seem to be dominating the 35 over game and is looking forward to the remaining games next year.  Their next game is taking place on 12 January when they’ll face Standerton for a second time. Sasol 2 men travelled to Standerton to play against

Standerton CC 1 on Saturday, 30 November. Sasol lost the toss and was sent to bat first. Douglas Richardson and Johan Visagie set up an 83-run opening stand before Douglas was dismissed for 46 runs. Sasol scored 319 for the loss of 7 wickets in their 50 overs. Johan van Antwerpen scored 51 runs and Colin van Staden scored 83 runs.  From the get-go Sasol applied pressure on Standerton with the ball. Standerton were bowled out for 135. Colin van Staden and Nicus Boshoff each took 3 wickets. Sasol won with 184 runs. – Terry-Lee Kleynhans

Biggest Team target more players from Lake Umuzi Soccer Challenge Biggest Team PSL team’s development side are targeting more players from the Lake Umuzi Soccer Challenge. This happened after they saw some of the talented players play at Markspark. The Lake Umuzi Soccer Challenge is

now growing to divisional level for teams from U/11 – U/15. The Orlando Pirates development coach Kevin “Sgebengu” Mudie said: “The Lake Umuzi Soccer Challenge has strong players that we need to see play in the Gauteng Development

Kaiser Chiefs manager, Bobby Motaung and Jacob Mtakwende, Lake Umuzi Soccer Challenge

League next season.” “We would like to thank all the sponsors, parents, supporters and everyone who supported us during the year. The Lake Umuzi Soccer Challenge is taking a break over the festive season

from 15 December and will start again on 12 January 2020," said Jacob Mtakwende. All the parents must ensure that their children have their IDs ready for next year to play in the Lake Umuzi Soccer Challenge,” he continued.

LTR: Orlando Pirates Development Coaches: Bruce Hall, Jim Joubert, Jacob Mtakwende and head coach, Kevin "Sgebengu" Mudie

Centridge sponsored Lake Umuzi Soccer Challenge

Lemanda from Centridge Finesse Properties sponsored money to Mr Jacob Mtakwende, organiser: Lake Umuzi Soccer Challenge.

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6 December 2019


The Lions painted the town red On Wednesday morning the Lions rugby team arrived in Secunda with a full schedule ahead of them; strategic sessions, team meetings, team building, practice and Aquazone was definitely a highlight for them. On Thursday, 28 November, the Lions rugby team were at the Makoro to enjoy an evening with their fans. From 17:00 to 18:00 young and old

came together to have their shirts and rugby balls signed by the team. At 18:00 the coals were already red hot and the meat was waiting patiently to be braaied while everyone was still enjoying a drink and a chat with their favourite players. When the braais were ready The Bulletin team jumped in to help braai. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I do not know

anything about braaing and soon commandeered some of the Lions to help. Before I knew it almost all the braais were taken over by the players and the meat was ready! Even when standing and socialising at the braai, the players gracefully signed shirts and rugby balls, spoke to fans and enjoyed taking photos with them. During the course of the evening a

rugby shirt was auctioned off. Michael Lindeque went home with the jersey. All in all, the evening was an amazing experience for all! We are looking forward to next year February when the team will be visiting Secunda again but this time with Radio Raps. Thank you to Johan Roslee for from Lake Umuzi for hosting the Lions during their recent visit. – AnÊ Prinsloo




Ride for MRP Foundation off to a good start The tenth edition of the Ride for MRP Foundation kicked off at 04h30 on Sunday morning (December 1, 2019), as 74 riders began cycling the arduous two-day journey from Secunda to Durban. The peloton made up of SA Rugby Legends (Jeremy Thompson, Wayne Fyvie, Joel Stransky and Warren Brosnihan), SA sports stars Mhlengwi Gwala, businessmen and scholars, will arrive at Ladysmith at 6pm Sunday night, having cycled for 14 hours over 346 km. The annual fundraising ride breaks the cycle of poverty and inequality through the MRP Foundation’s education and skills development programmes. The challenging two-day ride from Secunda to Durban, brings together individuals and businesses to raise funds and awareness for MRP Foundation to empower young people through education and skills development. In 2019 alone 5,971 youth participated in skills development and 96,495 learners were impacted through the Schools programme. The annual 606 km gruelling event, is a 2-day stage ride aiming to raise much-needed funds for MRP Foundation. The 2018 edition saw a 72-strong peloton raising the target of R2 million.

This year’s Ride featured a diverse peloton of men and women, ranging from ordinary South Africans and school children, to business executives and sports stars, all riding with a common purpose. South African triathlete Mhlengi Gwala will be riding for the third consecutive year. South African Rugby Legends have once again pledged their support with Jeremy Thompson, Wayne Fyvie and Joel Stransky taking on the challenge. Stage 1 of the Ride, from the Graceland Hotel in Secunda (Mpumalanga) to The Royal Hotel in Ladysmith (KZN) was 346 km. The peloton traveled across three provinces, tackling the daunting Image: Pierre Tostee / MRP Foundation Majuba Pass between Volksrust and Newcastle. Stage 2 of the Ride Road, at 16h00. was 260 km, departing Ladysmith at The Ride for MRP Foundation partners 04h00 on December 2, arriving at CMH included Absa, CMH Nissan Durban, Nissan Durban 115 Monty Naicker SPAR, Maxed, Expand-a-Sign, City

Logistics, Zapper, Trader Plus, Corruseal, KTM, Westville Cycle Club, Giant, Cyclesphere, SA Rugby Legends and Hirt and Carter.

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The Bulletin Newspaper - 6 December 2019  

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The Bulletin Newspaper - 6 December 2019  

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