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18 May


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Rose must fall 017 631 1903 / 017 631 1845 • • 1 Kiewiet Street, Secunda (Lake Umuzi)

“Rose must fall! Rose must fall!” These were the calls that greeted the Bulletin on Friday 11 May at Marikana section in Kinross. There is a growing dissent surrounding ANC Councillor Rose Nkabinde from the community of Kinross, especially the Marikana section. Residents took to the streets demanding that she be replaced. “We didn’t vote for her” said one resident. “Why must she be here?” The residents want Rose to resign. They are complaining that they do not have any power and toilets and that Rose has let them down. Earlier this year, the EFF protested at

the new extension 30 development saying that they don’t agree with Rose employing people on the site. They claimed that Rose is the only one that is doing any recruitment at the new development. A meeting was called at Kinross on the preceding Wednesday to discuss the removal of Rose as the councillor of the ward. At this meeting, representatives of the EFF, ANC, Sanco and the community in general discussed an amicable course of action. It was decided that on the following day, a representative from each party would approach the office of the Speaker of Govan Mbeki

Alf Beylefeld of Jelani Security keeping the fire from spreading to the rear tires

Municipality to inform him of their desire to see Rose step down. What can be confirmed is that a second meeting was held on Thursday, where Rose gave feedback to the community. The meeting ended with more frustrated residents and ignited the decision to protest. A truck was completely destroyed during these protests when it drove too close to the burning barricades and could not turn away quickly enough. The protests continued throughout Thursday night until late on Friday. Some shops were looted on Friday morning. Police dispersed the

protesters. On Friday, the protestors barricaded the road R29 and demanded toll money from drivers before they were allowed to pass. On Friday night the Mayoral Committee promised the community that they would hold a meeting with them but did not attend the meeting that they initiated. A meeting was held between the protesters and the Mayor and some of her councillors on Saturday. During this meeting, some agreements were reached, details of which were not available at the time of publishing. The protests died down over the weekend and all is calm at the moment.



18 May 2018

Wake up and smell the sewage Two men were apprehended by security at the Municipal Offices in Secunda on the morning 14 May 2018 when they tried to spill buckets of sewage on the premises. They shouted that they were tired of the sewage that has flooded the streets of eMbalenhle for well over 10 years now. According to them, municipal officials needed a wake up call in order to feel what it was like to live under such conditions. They did not, however, make it inside the building, as they were stopped and their buckets were emptied on the path towards the entrance. Sewage in the streets and homes of eMbalenhle has long been a reported issue. Residents often complain that they can barely walk in their neighbourhoods, and the dreadful odour of raw sewage and overflowing

manholes constantly overwhelms them. Finah Ndlovu and Jane Mokoena, who live across the street from each other in Gate 6, have even restorted to pooling funds to build a makeshift gutter for themselves. Before that, the sewage would flow into their houses, affecting their sleep, eating and the health of their children. Issues of sewage have also been plastered in local newspapers for years, but the problem seems only to grow worse, and residents grow increasingly frustrated. Police were called to the scene after security officers seized the men, and they were taken to Secunda Police Station. Police spokesperson Captain Zondo confirmed that they have been arrested and are being held at the station. They have not yet been charged.

Girl, 11, found dead On Monday 7 May 2018, a child was reported missing after she went to a nearby shop. She took longer than usual to return, and her mother grew worried, after which she went to eMbalenhle police station to report her missing. Police searched around the area and could not find her. On the following day, the search continued up to the river in Wellas, after her father had reported that he heard her crying by the reed fields surrounding the river. Police could not find her in the field, and divers were sent to help with the search, but they also found nothing in the river. At about 06:45 on 9 May, the police received a complaint from a member of the community, who claimed that there was a body lying in one of the yards in extension 15 eMbalenhle. The police went to the scene and

the body was identified as that of the missing child, Rato Nkuna, who was 11 years old. The body was certified dead on the scene and it was discovered that her lower lip was missing. All role players were summoned to the scene. The community of eMbalenhle is outraged at the death of Nkutha, with many of them crying out for something to be done. Social media is swarming with not only messages of condolence to the family, but the urge for the community to take matters into their own hands. At the moment, it is not clear what this would entail. The number of child deaths in South Africa has often been described as “horrific�, and between 2015 and 2016 almost 900 children were murdered, according to a report by the Institute of Race Relations (IRR). In 2016, the United Nations ranked South Africa among the world’s most violent nations. According to police figures, each year between 800 and 900 children are killed. With these numbers in mind, the outrage of the community is not without warrant. Parents are concerned for the safety of their children, who easily disappear on a common trip to the store. For now, the death of Rato Nkutha is

shrouded in uncertainty. Detective Captain Mlotshwa, the investigating officer of the case, said the case is still under investigation and the body is undergoing post-mortem analysis.

Car found in Bethal dam

Frans Nagel

A car was found in Bethal dam in the early hours of Thursday morning. Police responded to the scene as well as Langamed. The police diving unit was called to investigate. Detla 1 diving unit assisted the Police water wing in investigating the vehicle. The body of a man was found inside the vehicle and the diving team recovered the vehicle. The man was later identified as Frans Nagel. Frans had a run in with the police over the past few months. He transgressed his bail conditions a short while ago and tried to commit suicide in the police vehicle according to sources close to him. The police are still investigating the exact cause of death as well as how the car ended in the dam. It would appear that an autopsy will be done on Tuesday 15 May. There will be a memorial service in Middelburg for Frans. Details still need to be confirmed.


18 May 2018


Locals still fighting for jobs Members of Govan Mbeki Community Forum took to the gates of Specibase labour brokers on 8 May 2018. The forum members alleged that the company had made an agreement with them to recruit local residents for employment. The forum has long adopted a proactive stance to the issue of unemployment in the area, and is regularly in talks with various companies and labour brokers, including M&S, NOVA, MegChem and Hydra Arc. GMCF’s main complaint is that companies often hire ‘outsiders’, as opposed to members of the local community. As a result, unemployment and the drawbacks attached to it are plaguing the community, and in particular, residents of eMbalenhle. Members of the forum are accusing the recruitment company of not being transparent, and took to their headquarters to confront this issue. They were, however, removed from the premises by security, followed

by the presence of the police at the gates. Specibase doors were locked when our reporter approached to investigate, and a voice from inside said that this was “a very crucial time and the door will not be opened today”. On 14 May, however, a representative of Specibase cleared the air. “We are trying very hard to work with the forum on the issue of unemployment,” she said. “But by law, we are actually not allowed to provide them with our database. That is the personal information of the employees which legally cannot be disclosed.” She did, however, mention that she is not certain of what agreement her superior and the forum came to in this regard. “We do understand that the employment issue in South Africa is bleak at the moment, and so we want to help where we can,” she went on. “We definitely consider whether someone is local or not when it comes to recruitment.”

It was also explained that although the locality of candidates is considered, it is important for the brokers to consider whether or not candidates actually qualify for a job. Sometimes, the representative said, the most suitable candidate is someone from elsewhere and in such cases, they are given preference. The GMCF also accused Specibase of inviting candidates to secretly sign contracts at odd hours of the night, in order not be found out (because those candidates are supposedly not local residents). The Specibase representative denied these allegations, however, stating that the residents may have seen potential employees from other companies who were on site at training facilities and mistaken them for new candidates. The forum grows increasingly frustrated with local companies and strongly believe that they are purposely being denied work opportunities. Most brokers have

GMM not keeping to agreement Empty promises! This is all that the current Mayor Cllr Thandiwe Ngxonono and her mayoral committee are dishing up to the council and residents of Govan Mbeki municipality. During the last council meeting it was announced with great fanfare that GMM has reached an agreement with Eskom regarding the outstanding debt. This was short lived. “As proven so many times before GMM could not honour their agreements,” said DA Cllr Ciska Jordaan, “Or did they lie again as they have so many times in the past?” On 6 April 2018, Eskom issued a notice suspending the scheduled interruption of power supply to Govan Mbeki Local Municipality subject to the municipality honouring the terms of the agreed Repayment Agreement and Electricity Supply Agreement. This notice was circulated on all media platforms. Eskom has confirmed that there is no change

in the status regarding their issuing of the notice. Darkness therefore looms. There seems to be no end to the mismanagement of GMM. The IDP and Budget consultation process were met with opposition as the Mayoral Committee is trying to push through a budget that has a R201m deficit. Not to mention the shortfall of approximately R550m for the Eskom debt as well as the current Rand Water Debt of R130m. None of these debts have been budgeted for and there are no concrete plans to service these debts. The Bulletin have reported on the financial status repeatedly and it seem that the story is exactly the same every time. Rand Water has also restricted water flow to GMM in an attempt to recover some of the GMM debt. This effected the water supply in the high lying areas of GMM. On Monday protesters tried to throw faeces into the GMM offices in Secunda, only to be stopped in time by the Security. “We are tired

of sewer in the streets” says one protester, “Councillors are living in nice areas and we must suffer.” Sewer have been flowing unabated into our river systems for years now with no attempt to curb the pollution. Sewer is pushing back into residents houses. Potholes are the norm in certain areas. It is nearly impossible to drive in some areas of Embalenhle, Lebohang and Emzinoni. The Auditor General’s report painted a bleak picture of negligence in addressing issues raised in previous reports. Read the article in the Bulletin issue dated 6 April 2018. There is no plans in place to curb the financial slide into the dark abyss. When Mpumalanga DA leader at the time (2017) James Masango asked for intervention into GMM by the province, the MEC stated that he will not interfere just for an Eskom account. And during this time, it is the poorest of them all that must suffer the most!

stated that this is not the case, and that employment is generally scarce in the country. “These people don’t want to comply with us,” said Tshepo Ngcongwane, secretary of the forum. “We don’t know what to do anymore so we gather in large numbers and approach all the companies directly.” GMCF remains in constant negotiation with companies like Specibase.

Ashley, Chairman of GMCF led the forum to Specibase gates on Tuesday



So is die lewe

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Ds Marius Britz “Genade, maar dit vat lank,” was die laaste woorde van prof. David Goodall, die 104-jarige wetenskaplike wat op 10 Mei 2018 sy eie lewe in Switserland beëindig het. Goodall het die drup self geaktiveer wat die dodelike mengsel in die Life Circle-kliniek aan hom toegedien het. Dit was een van die wetlike vereistes waaraan sy genadedood moes voldoen. Goodall, ‘n botanis wat met die Orde van Australië vir sy lewenswerk vereer is, het na Switserland gereis omdat genadedood onder sekere omstandighede daar wettig is. Goodall moes eers talle vorms


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18 May 2018

23 Mei GLOW: God laat ons wen show, Kruinpark, 18:00 – 20:00 24 May Fundraiser for for Bianca, Secunda Mall Spur, Panarotti’s John Dory’s 18:00 – 21:00 26 Mei Pumaki Rugby & Mini-Netbal Sportdag, Kruinpark 12:00 – 15:00 26 May Joe Jacson Cansa Golf Day, Walker Park Golf Club 07:00 – 19:00

invul en vrae antwoord, en dit het hom ongeduldig gemaak. “Waarvoor wag ons?”, het hy gevra. Sy laaste maaltyd was vis en skyfies. Talle familielede was by hom tot die einde. Beethoven se 9de simfonie is gespeel terwyl Goodall op die bed gelê en gewag het op die drup se uitwerking. Hy was nie terminaal siek nie. Goodall het vroeër aan CNN gesê hy het self besluit op die genadedood omdat hy sowat vyf of tien jaar gelede opgehou het om sy lewe te geniet. Sjoe, het ek gedink toe ek dit in die Burger gelees het. En dan loop mens se gedagtes maar vêr. Geniet èk die lewe, is die vraag wat jy jouself afvra. Daardie stedeling wat hier op die weskus kom vakansie hou, maar sy spanning en onvergenoegdheid saambring en dit duidelik wys, het hý ‘n lekker lewe gehad? Die blou see, die wit strand en die stadige lewe hier doen oënskynlik niks aan sy ervaring van leef nie. Geniet hy die lewe? Ek vermoed dis nee. Een aand het ek in ‘n vliegtuig gesit langs ‘n tannietjie wat my die een foto na die ander op haar selfoon gewys het van eksotiese plekke waar sy al vakansie gehou het. Europa, Amerika. Ek het naderhand aan die slaap geraak van kyk na al die fotos van luukse skepe en fyn glase met mengeldrankies, en haar, met haar ontwerpersdonkerbril en groot diamantoorbelle op elke foto. Maar laatnag, toe ek wakker skrik en die meeste van die passasiers se dakliggies af was, was die tannietjie langs my s’n nog aan. En ek het gewonder waarom sy

juis toè gesit en huil het. Ook die uiters suksesvolle sakeman, alom bekend vir sy kreatiewe en vernuwende denke in sy bedryf. Eenkeer, na ‘n konferensie wat hy toegespreek het, en dawerende applous gekry het, kom staan hy langs my, iewers waar ek wegkruip in die donker vir die geroesmoes en gedreun van stemme. “Ek is moeg,” sê hy vir my. “Vir al hierdie goed. Ek het genoeg gehad van die korporatiewe wêreld. Ek is 49 jaar oud, maar ek is afgeleef.” Soos Billy Joel sing in Piano man: “Paul is a real estate novelist who never had time for a wife.” En die kroegman wat sê: “Bill, I believe this is killing me, as the smile ran away from his face. I believe I could be a movie star if I could get out of this place”. So sing Joel van ‘n paar mense in hierdie gewilde en briljante lied wat eerder op ‘n ander plek wil wees. Die bestuurder van ‘n afdeling met ‘n groot personeel wat ‘n pos beklee met groot gesag, droom daarvan om vyfuur huis toe te gaan soos ‘n klerk, en al die werksprobleme by die werk te los. En die klerk wat droom daarvan om die bestuurder van die afdeling te word, met al die gesag daaraan verbonde. Daar is verskeie voorbeelde, alledaagse, werklike voorbeelde van mense wat droom oor ‘n ander lewe, en nie hulle lewe geniet nie. Die tuisteskepper wat op ‘n Maandagoggend, nadat haar kinders skool toe is en haar man werk toe is, kyk na die berge skottelgoed en vuil wasgoed. Sy droom oor ‘n loopbaan, ‘n kantoor en inkomste. Of die sakevrou wat

‘n Maandagoggend afskop met ‘n konflikvolle vergadering, voordat sy daarna vier werknemers van die maatskappy moet inroep om hulle mee te deel dat hulle afgelê word as gevolg van die maatskappy se finansies. Sy droom daarvan om by die huis te bly en te ontspan met ‘n koppie tee voordat sy die huishoudelike take met liefde en vrede aanpak. Die Goodall-opsie is min mense beskore. Daar is egter èèn opsie wat ons almal kan uitoefen: dink nuut oor die lewe. Jou lewe. Deel jou lewe op in kompartemente. Agt ure werk, agt ure slaap, en dan is daar nog ‘n volle agt ure oor waarin jy kan lèèf. As jy lief is vir lees, ontdek nuwe skrywers, en lees met oorgawe. Koop daardie visstok, of daardie omkapmasjien waaroor jy so lankal droom. Luister na musiek: diè soort wat jou hart vinniger laat klop. Luister dit kliphard in jou motor. Ek het al mense verbaas na my laat kyk by robotte as Pink Floyd se The Wall, of Mozart se Requiem kliphard bulder in my motor. En, om te geniet, is om nooit die donker wolk te soek nie, maar altyd die silwer rand. ‘n Koning het op ‘n keer sy raadgewers gevra om ‘n leuse uit te dink wat altyd geldig sal wees, en op sy ring te graveer. Toe skryf hulle: “Ook dit sal verbygaan.” Die slegte in jou lewe, sál ophou. Hou net aan. Maar die goeie kan dalk ook, so gebruik elke oomblik om die goeie betyds raak te sien, te waardeer en te geniet. Wees lief, en lag dikwels, ook vir jouself. Leer só om die lewe voluit te geniet. Voetstoots.

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A Yaris slammed into a berm on the side of the road and catapulted into the air and landed on its side. The driver sustained injuries and was transported to hospital by Langamed. Sectri Autobody recovered the vehicle.

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Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Ephesians 4:2

A serious accident occurred on Saturday night when the driver of a vehicle lost control and crashed into a tree on Walter Sisulu Road.


18 May 2018


Davies fire makeover Tears were streaming down Koekie Barnards face as she entered their refurbished flat at Davies court on Friday. Koos just couldn’t get any words out. When they last saw their flat it was black inside and full of water. A complete mess. A fire broke out at Davies Court on the 5th of May turning the world of Koos and Koekie Barnard upside down. The fire spread rapidly but quick actions of neighbours help to get the fire under control. The Bulletin immediately asked

for help from the community and response was quick. Within a few minutes Roman Alarms responded with AfriForum at their heels. The work started on the same day as the fire and AfriYouth targeted the following Friday as their deadline. At some stages this seemed impossible but it was done with only a few things outstanding. Koos and Koekie were overwelmed with the new look of the flat. Koos said that he had no words to express his gratitude. AfriForum and AfriYouth pulled all

strings to get more people involved. Nearly everything in the flat is new. The lounge suite was replaced, a new TV was donated and even a new bed was secured. The carpets were replaced and new tiling done in the kitchen and bathroom. Curtains were also donated. It was a buzz on Friday as everybody rushed to get the last of the work done. The last to be done was to hang a few family photos. Everybody stood quietly as they waited for the Barnards to arrive after staying with

their children for a week. The big moment arrived and Harry van Niekerk made the announcements before opening the door. Thank you to all those that contributed.


Thank you to the following donors for making this possible: Roman Alarms, Afriforum, AfriYouth, MDM Training Solidariteit helpende hand, Secunda Angels, Sector 3, CPF Adelle Olivier, Carpet and Decor Centre House of Tiles PG Glass, Timber City Mica, ACDC Highveld Appliance repairs, Kardoesie Pick and Pay, Multisave (Palms) Planet Pawn, GTR and JTR HDM and the HDM team Franscois, Kezia Craig, Jan ,Vincent, Kenneth, Thulani, Jaco

The people of Davies Court for all their patience as well as Bettie, Louisa, Elana Johan en Paul that helped to extinguish the fire. Lastly Langamed for attending to the Barnards

017 631 1903 • 017 631 1845



18 May 2018

Teachers strike for better wages Hundreds of local teachers picketed at Buyani Primary School in eMbalenhle on 9 May 2018 and at Thomas Nhlabathi Secondary School on 10 May 2018, under the South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU). The strike is in demand of salary increases. Earlier last week, the spokesperson of the Department of Basic Education, Elijah Mhlanga, urged teachers not

to disrupt teaching and learning.“We hope that the picketing is not going to affect learning and teaching and that they will do it at the time that is not going to interfere with school work which they are expected to do. They have a right to express their dissatisfaction with the way things are going,” he said. Some teachers from local schools remained in class

and school activities resumed. When the picketing was done, the teachers returned to their respective schools. The union said that after eight months of negotiations, the employer is offering them an increase of 1% in addition to the inflation. “We are demanding inflation salary increase plus three percent in addition

to the inflation. The employer is currently offering inflation plus one percent. We are trying to bridge that gap so that the employer can move to three percent.” At the time of going to press, the picketing had been suspended and negotiations were taking place.

Students receive new shoes Parents and students of Maphala Gulube Primary School gathered in the school hall on 14 May 2018 to receive school shoes as a gift from representatives of Govan Mbeki Municipality. The students were identified a few months ago as needing a new pairs of shoes for the then upcoming winter months. In a statement to the media, the office of the Speaker of Govan Mbeki Municipality said that the Speaker, Nhlakanipho

Zuma, “has today adopted Maphala Gulube Primary School as the school that he will assist in his personal capacity as part of his Social Responsibility (giving back to the Community). Assistance will focus on areas of basic needs such as donations of basic school uniform. The Speaker demonstrated his commitment by donating 26 pairs of school shoes to the needy scholars that were identified by the school and further made a

commitment to buy jerseys for all the kids that do not have school jerseys as the very cold winter has started. This taking over of responsibility by the speaker of basic issues will alleviate a whole lot of burden from the parents of the respective students.” The school is now in the process of identifying those students who do not have jerseys, which will then be purchased by the Speaker and handed over to the school.

Hijacked vehicle found

The Bulletin attended the scene where a VW Polo was discovered next to Adullam Christian School on the side of Brendan Village road. In a statement to the police,

the owner stated that the car was hijacked in Evander. He stopped at his home in the driveway when some people approached him with firearms demanding his car.

The tracking company relayed the location to the police who located the vehicle. All City Towing was called to transport the vehicle to the Evander police station.

18 May 2018


Nobuhle takes Artscape Nobuhle Manana spent the first weekend of May in Cape Town, participating in her second National Acting Competition for High School Learners. The competition took place at the Artscape Theatre Centre, and was the 17th annual event of its kind. Nobuhle is a matric student at Hoërskool Oosterland who joined the competition when one of her teachers identified her acting potential in Grade 10. Earlier this year, she and hundreds of other South African students went through an audition process which required them to prepare a performed poem and prose. “My interest in drama started with my participation in the Eistedfodd,” Nobuhle said. “Ms Oosthuizen is an excellent drama teacher, and she was the one who enrolled me in the competition in Grade 10.” Nobuhle was surprised to find that she it made it past the audition phase. From then onwards, her talent expanded. At the national competition this year, 60 students were selected (out of the estimated 700 who auditioned) to perform a monologue in front of a panel of judges made up of renowned actors. “It’s so exciting to be amongst so many of your talented peers,” Nobuhle said. “You really feel a sense of belonging in your drama community.” Lerika Oosthuizen, who also accompanied Nobuhle on her trip, said that the school was proud to have a student participating in the prestigious event. “I think she has a bright future in drama; I’d love to see her join an agency and take this talent further, because she’s more than capable of

Crime snippets Warrant officer appear in court for corruption Mandla John Mahlangu (48), a Warrant officer stationed at Embalenhle SAPS made an appearance at the Evander Magistrate`s Court on 7 May 2018 for alleged corruption after he was arrested by the Hawks’ Serious Corruption Investigating unit on Saturday. It is alleged that in April 2018, after a theft docket was registered the officer allegedly phoned the suspect and informed her about the case, he then solicited a R4 000 bribe in order to destroy the said docket.

that,” she said. Nobuhle, however, also has plans of studying medicine and becoming a doctor. When asked if she would be able to juggle the intimidating combo of being a doctor and an actress, she confidently replied “why not?” “I want to be the next Shonda Rhimes,” Nobuhle said. For readers who are unfamiliar with the name, Shonda Rhimes is an American television producer, screenwriter and author. Rhimes is the creator, head writer and executive producer of TV dramas like Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and Scandal. With the confidence in which Nobuhle

An arrangement to pay half the amount was then made resulting in a sting operation where the officer was immediately arrested after he received the bribe. Mahlangu has been released on a warning and he is due back in court on 6 June 2018 pending further investigation. The Provincial Head of Mpumalanga Directorate For Priority Crime Investigation Major General, Zodwa Mokoena applauded the team for the swift action. “I urge all members to stay away from corrupt activities in order to serve and protect the country with integrity and pride,” she said.

carries herself, it’s not difficult to imagine her following in these footsteps. Even stage fright, which grips most of us at our throats, is not much of a factor to her. “When I’m on the stage, I’m not myself, I am my character, so I don’t feel afraid,” she said. “If I were playing myself, then maybe I’d be shy because that’s how I am. But my characters are not shy, so it doesn’t come across.” Since this is Nobuhle’s final year of high school, she will no longer participate in this specific competition, but she had a good run and is ready to take her craft further. We have no doubt that she is able to do this.

Evander dagga bust A Swati Man was arrested on 10 May after he was found with dagga worth R15 000. The arrest took place after police searched a house on Wilton Nkwayi Street in Evander. Evander Police Vispol Commander Capt Mishack Mhlanga applauded his members and Sasol Security for a job well done. Police arrived at Wilton Nkwayi Street after an unexpected tip off and found a 35-year-old man from Swaziland inside the house. During the search, a bag containing dagga, which had been delivered an hour before, was found in a room. Mr Mabandla Comfort Dlamini






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18 May 2018

The (un)necessity of TLP The Lillian Ngoyi Hall in Secunda was filled with community members and municipal officials on 3 May 2018 for a Report Back Session on the Taking Legislature to the People (TLP) programme. The programme was initiated by the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature to carry the constitutional mandate of intensifying public involvement and oversight. The Report Back Session was intended as a progress report to inform the community of ways in which the concerns they raised at TLP, between 11 and 15 September 2017, had been addressed. This gave individual MEC’s of respective departments an opportunity to respond in as much detail as possible. “We are here to bring answers and respond to what was raised by the community,” said SDP Skhosana Ka Mahlangu. “Previously, answers might have been inadequate and dissatisfying but today we have them in full.” Some notable addresses that were made were by Mr Mashilo, who spoke on behalf of the head of the Department of Human Settlements, Ms S Manzini, MEC of the Department of Public Works, Roads and Transport, as well as Mr Shongwe, the MEC of the Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Land Administration and Environmental Affairs. The problem of housing has been hammered into local officials’ heads for years and Mashilo admitted that it was one that could no longer be avoided. “The issue of housing is a big one; we all want houses,” he said. With community members commonly claiming that RDP houses are being sold and rented out in the area, an urge to approach officials with “hard facts” arose. “The law says we cannot sell RDP houses in the manner that residents are claiming it is done, so those who make these claims need to report them on very specific terms by telling us who is selling these houses, and who it is that they are being sold to,” said the MEC of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs. In response to residents’ complaints about being incorrectly billed for services, Thandi Ngxonono took to the podium to state that “billing issues

were due to a nonfunctional financing system”. She suggested that the matter was well on its way to resolution, and that the municipality was working on implementing a new and improved system to avoid further mishaps. While many controversies were “touched on”, the truth is that the Report Back Session was found to be unsatisfactory by most who attended. This was evident in the discontented response of the community that was present when they were informed that they would not be allowed to raise any new points of concern. The Lillian Ngoyi Hall was filled with one voice on top of another, and ‘commotion’ is an understatement when trying to describe what went on. Residents felt that it was unfair that they be silenced, because that was the usual tactic of the municipality in avoiding accountability. When it became clear that the community was not going to back down, they were given an opportunity to confront what they deemed incompetence. Surprisingly, many of the criticisms that were brought up were the same criticisms that this gathering sought to undertake. It seems, then, that the governance of GMM have more work to do. One resident also requested a prioritisation of youth training and empowerment, suggesting that “younger officials will ensure a more progressive future for the municipality.” No members of the DA were present at the TLP Report Back Session, as their general stance is that it is another way to escape accountability and give the illusion of progress where there is none. “The DA boycotted the TLP week and this follow up session because the sittings of Legislature were removed by the ANC and the Speaker, which shows that there is no desire to hold the MEC’s and Premier accountable,” said Councillor van Huyssteen of the DA. He also went on to say that “the DA is of the opinion that the TLP process causes a lot of unnecessary spending that could have been put to good use elsewhere.” This is in reference to the food and accommodation costs that go towards making the gathering possible.

Highveld Christian College took part in a soccer tournament last week. Their u/9 soccer team came first place. Pictured are Teboho Mare, Ayabonga Ramatja, Melokuhle Khule, Ofentse Richards and their coach, Dexter Dhliwayo.

18 May 2018



Photographers present outstanding photographs The Sasol Highveld photography club held their monthly club meeting earlier this month. The photographers excelled in high quality work.

Willie Labuschagne was the judge for the evening. He was a founder member in 1982 and was the chairperson until 2009. A total of thirteen certificate of merits

(COM) were awarded. The photography club offers a platform for photographers, amatures and Profesionals alike, to learn more about photography and also learn from their

peers. The next meeting will take place on the 8th of June with the monthly theme being "Animal Portraits" Everyone is welcome to attend.

Set subject winner: Danie Smit with "Verleiding"

Senior winner: Leon Pelser with "Refleksie abstrak in Mono"

Junior winner: Jan Ferreira with "Melissa arms"



18 May 2018

Straat verander in liggielaan Dit was ‘n pragtige aand. Op 11 Mei het die straat voor Oosterland Hoërskool verander na ‘n romantiese liggielaan met ‘n Gourmet ete. Die gaste was aangenaam verras en die stemming was lekker gesellig. Die weer het saamgespeel en die aand was nie te koel nie, daar was gelukkig verwarmers en boma’s vir ekstra hitte ingespan. Dit was ‘n fondsinsameling poging vir H/S Oosterland wat deur die ouers gereël is onder die bekwame leiding van Annaretha Fourie. Dit is ondersteun deur besighede van Secunda, ouers van Oosterland skool en vriende. Gaste het selfs van sover as Bethal gekom om hierdie heerlike aand met die skool mee te maak!

Plaaslike musici het die gaste vermaak: Sumari Loggenberg, die Hoëveld koor en die Oosterland se orkes het musiek verskaf, terwyl daar later die aand selfs gedans was voor die Langtafel. Die spyskaart is deur ‘n chef saamgestel en het ingesluit Rooiwyn Lamvleis, Hoenderrol met sjampanjesous, Roosmaryn aartappel, Peanut brittle casata en heerlike wyne van Longridge wat die kos gekomplimenteer het. Die borde en die kos was lekker warm, en is op silwer skinkborde deur die Orkeslede, wat as kelners opgetree het, aangedra na die tafels. Die gaste het die aand so geniet dat hulle meen H/S Oosterland kan hierdie elegante buitelug-onthaal geleentheid ‘n jaarlikse instelling maak.

Die langtafel was pragtig versier

Wheel chair race at the Wieleskou! H/S Oosterland are doing the Wheel chair race again this year at the Wieleskou! This year they are doing a relay on 1 June starting at 15h00, and it promises to be a fun filled event once more. Find more details and entry forms attached. The funds will be allocated to the Bianca Fourie Scoliosis fund. Bianca Fourie is a 16-year-old girl with severe spinal deformity. She is otherwise an intelligent and healthy person from Secunda. Her deformity is progressive and has reached a state where her breathing is now impaired. If a scoliosis repair is not done urgently, the probability of death is almost certain. The deformity is impairing her lung capacity that will lead to minimum breathing function, the main concern at the moment. She is using supplement oxygen at home. She will need at least 2- 3 months hospitalization in traction to straighten the vertebra column as much as possible before surgery can be considered. The surgery will probably be 8 to 10 hours.

The total amount needed after discounts have been arranged is a minimum of R700 000.00 Proconics had two teams participating in the Wheel Chair charity race last year at Graceland with Mathys Roets and Oosterland. The funds went towards helping buy a child a wheel chair. “Yes, one of our Proconics teams won the race. They had the best time of all participating teams for the day!” said Candice Lessing of Proconics. “We love taking part in the community and support where we can, our guys are always willing to give some time and energy towards a good cause. The guys were great.” Proconics will be entering 4 teams this year and encourage other companies

in Secunda to come join them in this cause. “It is loads of fun and with the fun

comes the opportunity to make a difference” said Candice, “and that is the best kind of fun!”

The Proconics-team won the wheel chair race at Hoërskool Oosterland‘s Wieleskou that was held at Graceland in 2017. Here is AJ Botha, Wouter Raath, Matthys Roets, Jacqus Theron and Cobus van der Vyver.


18 May 2018


Hoërskool Secunda presteer teen Hoërskool Ermelo Hoërskool Secunda het Saterdag kragte gemeet met Hoërskool Ermelo in die Mpumalanga grootskole wintersportliga Op ‘n dag waar die weer gedreig het om nie saam te speel nie het al die spanne van Hoërskool Secunda werklik goed presteer. Amper al die spanne het gewen met net twee verloor uitslae en een gelykop uitslag. Die uitslae volg hier onder. Hoërskool Secunda se eerste Hokkie span het almal stil gespeel en gewen teen ‘n span wat as die gunsteling

genoem was. Die eertse rugby span het ook getoon waartoe Hoërskool Secunda tans in staat is. Dit was ‘n gedisiplineerde span wat die voorvalle van geniepsigheid (gelukkig skaars) met goeie geduld hanteer het. Die span het op rugbyspeel gekonsentreer en dit het gewys in hulle spel. HS Secunda het enduit aangeval en is met reelmaat beloon met punte op die telbord. Die skrums en lynstane het almal volgens plan verloop en min foute is

'n Speler van Ermelo dop 'n speler van H/S Secunda tervergeefs om

daar gemaak. Die agterlyn het goed aangeval en die verdediging was baie goed. Ermelo het gesukkel om deur die verdediging te breek. Dit was ‘n suksesvolle dag vir ‘n Hoërskool Secunda. Rugby O/14A wen 28 - 17 O/15A wen 26 - 15 O/16A wen 21 - 17 O/16B wen 28 - 5 2de span wen 27 - 26 1ste span wen 65 – 3 Netbal O/14A wen 16 – 6

O/14B wen 18 – 6 O/14C gelykop 11 – 11 vs Ermelo se O/14B O/15A wen 24 – 6 O/15B wen 20 – 2 O/15C verloor 6 – 11 vs Ermelo se O/15B O/16A wen 19 – 8 O/17A wen 17 – 2 O/18A wen 25 – 23 O/18B wen 7 – 6 O/18C verloor 3 – 18 vs Ermelo se O/18B Hokkie Eerstespan klop Ermelo 2 - 1

Ermelo moet hulle keer ken

Oosterland speel teen Hoogenhout Oosterland teen Hoogenhout hokkie. (foto 1e hokkie) No5 Sjane van Aswegen keer tevergeefs ‘n doel. Hoogenhout het met 4 doele teen 1 gewen. Die O/14 span verloor 3 doele teen 1. Die O/15 span verloor 3 doele teen 0. Die tweedes verloor 5 teenoor 0. Rugby O/15

Hoogenhout wen 44 teen 10. Eerste rugbyspan Hoogenhout wen 30 teen 19, ‘n Wedstryd van twee helftes wat gewen is deur elk van die twee spanne. Die eerste helfte het behoort aan Oosterland met drie drieë teen 1. Oosterland het knaend aangeval en was dan ook suksesvol. Die tweede helfte het duidelik aan

Hoogenhout probeer tervergeefs om weg te kom

Hoogies behoort met drie vinnige drieë en ‘n laaste drie in die laaste minute van die wedstryd. Vir Hoogies het Damien Losper (losskakel) uitgeblink met twee drieë, Omar Rodrigues (agtsteman), N Mntsweni (senter) en haker Du Toit van Schalkwyk met een drie elk. Vir Oosterland het vleuel JH Nel, senter N Du Plessis en senter Brendan

Roast drieë gedruk terwyl Nico Du Plessis ook geslaag het met twee doelskoppe. Die Oosterland O/14 span wen met 31/28. Oosterland O/15 verloor 10/44. Oosterland O/16 verloor 12/40. Oosterland se tweedes wen met 31/5. Jan Ferreira Fotos - Jan Ferreira

Die eerste hokkie spanne van H/S Oosterland en Hoogenhout in 'n taai stryd gewikkel Hoogenhout probeer tervergeefs om weg te kom

18 May



Forwards man of the match, Ruan van der Colff shruging off his opponents

Sasol points fest Sasol Digi Mag Rugby club (Sasol) played against the Newcastle Highlanders (Highlanders) on Saturday. Sasol beat the Highlanders 104 - 20. The Highlanders should actually play in the Sharks union but are playing in the Puma league because of their

northerly location. It was the first time that the Highlanders travelled to Secunda. The game started at a high pace, with the Highlanders scoring the first try of the match. Sasol’s pass was not on target and the Highlanders snatched the ball in a brilliant intercept and ran in for the try. Within a few minutes, Sasol was trailing by 10 points, but Sasol turned the tides when they scored their first try, also from an intercept. It was a long time before the Highlanders scored again, and then only at the end of the game. If the scores were an indication, one would be tempted to shout “Mismatch” for most of the game, and at times it would have been justified. It is, however, not totally the case. Sasol played a brilliant game after the initial shock of the Highlanders scoring so quickly. The Highlanders played their best and attacked with vigour only to be stopped by brilliant tackling from Sasol. There were times when the Highlanders managed to run a

fair distance but they were always successfully stopped. There were very few blemishes on the defensive performance of Sasol. Although there were one or two instances where the Highlanders managed to break through two or three tackles, these are not worth dwelling on. The Sasol scrum worked as a team and managed to out scrum their opponents with every scrum. The Highlanders scrum boasted a heavy front row but Sasol managed to overpower them. Lineouts were executed well with Sasol winning a lot of their opponent’s balls. Sasol lost one or two of their own but this could be rectified easily as it seems that the ball went to the wrong position rather than bad throw-ins. The backline ran circles around their opponents. The speed of the wings was just too much for the Highlanders to handle. The Highlanders’ wing (14) was one of the highlights in their backline. He was fast, nippy and wanted to bring the game to Sasol. The game became very loose as Sasol started to fling the ball to all sides.

An area that needs to be looked at is that the ball was passed too many times to invisible players allowing the opposition to gain possession. It was pleasing to see good ball handling skills even at the end of the game with players catching the ball at their feet. One area that needs a special mention is Sasol’s ability to wrestle the ball from their opponents in a tackle. Many turnover balls were won this way and gave Sasol the opportunity to attack. There is an old saying that says: “You can’t score if you don’t have the ball”. The Highlanders struggled to gain possession and that was one fundamental flaw in their armour. Sasol’s second team played against Highlanders 2 and also won by 87-12. Sasol 3 played Embalenhle and lost 23 – 32 The cold day did not keep the crowds away and the game was well attended. Thank you for all the support. Sasol has an off weekend this weekend. Next game will be Saturday 26 May against Nelspruit here in Secunda.

The bulletin newspaper 18 may 2018  

#TheBulletinNewspaper #BreakingNews #News #Whatsup #GMM #GovanMbeki #Secunda #Local #Localislekker #Protest #Strike #Accidents #Crime #GoodN...

The bulletin newspaper 18 may 2018  

#TheBulletinNewspaper #BreakingNews #News #Whatsup #GMM #GovanMbeki #Secunda #Local #Localislekker #Protest #Strike #Accidents #Crime #GoodN...