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“We want to show the world that women mean business. We want to empower women to boost the global economy, and to redefine the future for themselves, their families, their communities, and the world. We hope that you will join us.� Cherie Blair CBE QC, Founder Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

100,000 Women Campaign


“When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I started with a vision of creating an organisation which would provide community and home services for senior citizens. Thanks to the Cherie Blair Foundation I could make my idea into a reality!”

“For six years I saved with no idea how to become independent. The stories and advice on the app changed my life. Within two months I was running my own business and my profits have doubled.” Nur, Bandung, Indonesia BusinessWomen app user

Archana, Delhi, India Mentoring programme graduate

“Many women are coming to my place to learn from me. They say, ‘Please tell me how to do business; I would like to be like you’.” Linna, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Women’s Small and Micro Enterprise Development programme participant

“I lost my hand operating a noodle making machine in my grocery store several years ago. But the workshops provided me with the right level of support. They gave me the skills and confidence I needed to take my aspirations forward by myself.”

“Without my mentor, I would not have been able to move out of my shell, I would not have been able to give myself a chance to do what I love. I felt her cheer from miles away.” Joy, Kampala, Uganda Mentoring programme graduate

Dhanashree, Maharashtra, India Driving Women’s Business Growth in India programme participant


The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women helps release the potential of women entrepreneurs, so they can redefine the future. With our support, women in lower and middle income countries start and grow successful businesses, and reclaim the rights and freedoms they are too often denied. As a result, they earn a better living – but that’s only the beginning. Women’s economic equality is a smart, sustainable investment with long-term returns for us all. It changes the health and education outcomes for children, creates safer, more prosperous societies, and with diversity we see greater innovation and creativity. For every woman who has discovered the power of being an entrepreneur, so many more are held back. They are denied the knowledge, skills and self-belief an entrepreneur needs. They are doubted by those around them. They can’t access the credit or resources a business depends on to succeed. But investing in the unfinished business of women in business is not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do:

If women had the same opportunities to be entrepreneurs as men, global GDP could rise by up to $5 trillion. 1 Our role is to help women break through those barriers. With our partners around the world, we offer skills, knowledge and guidance. We open doors to finance, markets and networks. We use technology to help women connect, increase their business skills and financial literacy. And together we press for


Joy, Mentoring programme graduate, Kampala, Uganda

change to stop women entrepreneurs being held back. It is now 11 years since the Foundation’s inception, and in that time we have directly supported over 160,000 women business owners across more than 100 low and middle income countries, making huge waves towards this vision. But now we have a more ambitious goal: to reach 100,000 more women in just three years.

We hope you’ll be inspired to join our campaign to enable this transformation!

Boston Consulting Group, 2019 3

The challenges are daunting, but the opportunities are enormous! 257

With all that we’ve achieved and learnt over these past years, plus the mounting evidence of the tremendous benefits that women’s full entrepreneurial equality would bring, our determination and ambition to help women entrepreneurs has grown exponentially. That’s why we’re launching the 100,000 Women Campaign.

That’s the current estimate of how many years it will take for women to have equal economic opportunity and participation to men – 55 years longer than it was when estimated in 2019. 2


That’s the number of countries that give women and men equal rights in relation to laws affecting access to employment and entrepreneurial activity. 181 countries , out of 187 researched, have laws that hold women’s economic potential back.3


That’s the lost opportunity for the global economy if women do not have equal opportunities as entrepreneurs. 4

Through this Campaign, we are aiming to raise £10 million over the next three years. Our goal is to empower over 100,000 more women through our programmes, technology, and a strengthened global entrepreneurship ecosystem. Our target is an ambitious one, but wholly achievable with the support, influence and donations of companies and individuals like yourselves. We want to show the world that women mean business. We want to empower women to redefine the future for themselves, their families, their communities, and the world, and we hope that you will join us. World Economic Forum, Global Gender Gap report, 2020 World Bank, Women, Business and the Law report, 2019 4 Ibid. 2 3


Mujeres AVE One Stop Shop participant, Oaxaca, Mexico

What we’ll do Supporting the 100,000 Women Campaign, you’ll be helping us to tackle the global gender gap by empowering and equipping thousands of women entrepreneurs with the skills, resources and networks they need to participate equally as entrepreneurs. We’ll use your donation, knowledge and voice to develop and deliver programmes which are expertly designed and locally delivered. We tailor our programmes to the specific needs of women entrepreneurs in the countries and communities in which we work. We know that women face some unique challenges in establishing and running micro, small and medium enterprises and our mission is to support them to tackle these to run thriving businesses. Our approach is to build our work in a set of carefully-identified focus countries for greater reach and impact.

Entrepreneurship training

Mentoring Our global, cross-border, online Mentoring Women in Business programme matches women in low and middle income countries with women and men mentors elsewhere internationally. Across physical and cultural distances, people from around the world come together to change lives through this pioneering new way to develop skills.

Advocacy We work every day with women entrepreneurs who achieve incredible success despite the barriers in their path. But individual talent and determination can’t achieve the scale of change we need to see. Through our advocacy work, including research, policy and thought leadership our ambitions is to influence decision-makers locally, nationally and internationally to create a thriving ecosystem for women’s entrepreneurship.

Through our entrepreneurship programmes, products and services, we work with local partners to provide tailored training and guidance for women entrepreneurs. We also deliver game changing business apps and support. As a result, entrepreneurs can transform their businesses and their futures. 5

How we’ll achieve our goal Our geographical priorities have been informed by the women’s entrepreneurship landscape; the needs of women entrepreneurs, the nature of the ecosystem, and our ability to make an impact on the growth of these businesses. Wherever we work, we work in partnership with national organisations who work directly with women entrepreneurs to deliver our tried and tested products and services.

Road to Growth is a training and development programme designed to build business skills and financial literacy using ‘blended learning’.

HerVenture is a mobile learning app that provides essential business training and support, enabling women to access skills-building information ‘on the go’.

Mentoring Women in Business


31,000 women

This year, we aim to reach over 31,000 women across Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Indonesia, Vietnam and Mexico through our Entrepreneurship programmes, as well as an additional 1,800 globally through our Mentoring work. So far about two thirds of our 2020 programme is funded.


50,000 women

pairs women with mentors elsewhere in the world for one year, creating personalised relationships and support.

Next year, we’re targeting another 50,000 women across these countries plus South Africa, as well as another 2,000 all over the world through the Mentoring programme. We still need funding for about two thirds of 2021’s programme.

One-Stop Shops


provide a suite of locally-designed, holistic training, services, support and opportunities, all run from a physical location within a community.


58,000 women

Finally, in the third year of the Campaign, we’re hoping to reach an ambitious 58,000 women – including 3,000 with Mentoring – expanding our One-Stop Shops into east Africa and southeast Asia. This will only be made possible through your support.

Our Funding Need: £10 Million

Global Campaign Board Want to have even more impact?

The good news is you can play a vital role in helping us reach our target and impact the lives of 100,000 more women by making a crucial three-year commitment. We’ll use your donation to develop programmes which are expertly designed and locally delivered. We would love the opportunity to discuss giving options and our programme ambitions with you.

Our Founder, Cherie Blair, is convening a Global Campaign Board of visionary volunteers. Join as a regional Board member, pledging your own transformational gift before working to raise vital funds through shared networks to support our work. If you’re interested in giving to our Campaign or joining our Global Campaign Board, please contact or +44 (0) 207 724 3109. We thank you for your generous support.

Supporter level

Total Gift

Annual Gift




Launch our flagship Road to Women’s Business Growth programme in a new country such as Kenya or Rwanda

Change Maker



Launch our mobile app HerVenture into a new country such as Bangladesh




Expand our mentoring programme into a new language such as Spanish




Research and test a programme of work to help young women and adolescent girls discover the power of entrepreneurship




Fund a new framework to measure our impact, sowe can keep improving our own work and share what we learn across our sector




Contribute towards research to strengthen the knowledge to overcome the barriers that exist




Invest in our advocacy and influencing programme and helping to create a supportive ecosystem for women entrepreneurs



Offer additional leadership development and training resources to our mentees

Over 3 Years

Helps us to…

The 100,000 Women Campaign “Empowering women is one of the smartest investments we can make. That’s why I am delighted to support such a timely and vital campaign.” Hillary Rodham Clinton Watch Hillary’s full video message of support: Printed digitally by Park Lane Press on a Co2 neutral HP Indigo press on FSC® certified paper, power from 100% renewable resources. Print production systems registered to ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and over 8 97% of waste is recycled.

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100,000 Women Campaign 00women Currently, all over the world women earn less than men and are more likely to own micro, vulnerab...

100,000 Women Campaign 00women Currently, all over the world women earn less than men and are more likely to own micro, vulnerab...