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Brinks Brangus

Official Newsletter of Westall Ranches – home of Brinks Brangus™

November 2013

Why Brinks Brangus™? Westall Ranches is home to Brinks Brangus™. This legendary Brangus herd was established and developed on the premise of performance and cattle that can survive in tough environments. No other name or lineage in the Brangus breed has produced more bulls for commercial cattlemen or herdsires for registered operations. Worldwide, the Brinks Brangus™ name is synonymous with quality, survivability, fertility, longevity, soundness, maternal and carcass value. The power and value of the Brinks Brangus™ influence is easily recognized in the current

Brangus sire summary when you learn that 17 of the top 25 trait leaders for birth weight in the breed are sired by Brinks Brangus™ sires. Next, 17 of the top 25 trait leaders for intramuscular fat (IMF) are Brinks sired. And finally, 20 of the top 25 trait leaders for ribeye area are Brinks sired. Why would this be of value to you as a commercial or registered cattleman? Very simply, such powerful rankings for economically valued traits assure you that Brinks Brangus™ bulls have the genetic capability to add profit opportunities to your operation. (continued on page 2)

The Future at Brinks Brangus™/ Westall Ranches We have been working diligently to acquire many of the proven donors that were the foundation for the success of the Camp Cooley Ranch program. The cattle who adapt and thrive in our tough environment will be propagated through embryo transfer and IVF work. The team at Camp Cooley, and Glenn Brinkman before them, were disciplined in their performance, selection, mating and culling decisions. We are continuing this discipline with one BIG added challenge…. The ranch at Arabela, NM is a rough, rocky, tough environment. If cattle can survive here….they will EXCEL in the rest of the country! Come see for yourself. Our gates are open for guests and we have a guest house that is always ready for visitors.

Bull Development Speaking of rough and tough… we believe our industry will trend toward cattle that can survive with fewer in(continued on page 2)

The Future at Brinks Brangus™/ Westall Ranches (continued from page 1)

puts. With high feed and fertilizer inputs, wouldn’t it be nice to have cattle that can grow, gain and breed on grass? This fall we are implementing our first grass gain test. At our location, we are fortunate that mother nature provides some of the best, highest protein native grass you can find. Both our replacement bulls and heifers will be turned out on grass for a set time period. These cattle will be weighed at

the start, end and a grass gain calculated. Then, the bulls will be fed for a development time period in our new feedyard before being ultrasounded. Both of these tests will be utilized in our selection and mating decisions in the future. This performance data will be available to our buyers.

Junior Programs We believe Brangus Junior members and exhibitors are the future of our breed and certainly leaders for the future of

Who is Westall Brangus? to a wide range of growing (continued from page 1)

Ray & Karen Westall, along with their Ranch Manager, Tate Pruett, had the foresight and vision to purchase the Brinks name and brand in 2012 from Camp Cooley Ranch. Then with purpose and direction, they began to reassemble many of the foundation donors and their daughters from breeders across the country. These cows were additions to the Robb’s Brangus herd from Arizona they had initially purchased in 2010. Today, the Brinks Brangus™ herd is based at Arabela, NM. The property is located to the east of Capitan Mountain at an elevation of 6,000 feet – this rocky, rough ranch is the perfect setting to produce functional, sound cattle adaptable

conditions. Drought has been a considerable challenge on the ranch since 2010 but the Brangus cattle have been able to withstand the challenges. If cattle can survive in Arabela, NM they will thrive in other areas of the country!

the BEEF industry. As a small start to our efforts to support junior exhibitors, we will provide semen from our inventory to breed any heifer a junior purchases from us.

In the future, you will see some exciting announcements from Brinks Brangus™/ Westall Ranches as a way to support and encourage these young people. Stay tuned!

Westall Ranches, LLC is actively building on and contributing to the heritage and traditions of the Brinks legacy. They continue to focus on selection criteria and pressures that will pro-

duce cattle that work for cattlemen. If you need performance backed Brangus cattle with calving ease, muscle, IMF, fleshing ability, maternal value and soundness... give us a call.

Breeding The Best. Better.® Westall Ranches, llc

Ray Westall


Ray and Karen Westall, Owners 1818 Arabela Road • Arabela, New Mexico 88351 Ray Westall, 575-361-2070 Tate Pruett, Ranch Manager, 575-365-6356 • Cheramie Viator, marketing • (979) 777-9419 •

Tate Pruett

Please inquire for commercial, volume and international semen rates. Brinks Arabela 1038 • LTD x Blanda • Tremendous phenotype and soundness backed by a proven pedigree. • Arabela is square hipped, wide based and absolutely one of the soundest moving bulls in the Brangus breed. • His calves are exceptional! Will sire rancher type bulls, herdsire prospects, replacements and show heifers. • Semen $40

Cannon of Brinks 30U45 • Singletary X 30P13 (Maternal brother to Henderson) • Top 1% SC, 10% WW, 20% YW, 10% IMF • Big bodied, stout boned, loose made. Use on moderated framed, clean made cows to add fleshing ability and Brangus character. • Semen $40

McDaniel of Brinks 240U28 • Robertson x Sonar • Finally a Robertson son that maintains IMF along with the muscle. • Good footed, sound made. • Semen $40

Brinks Griese 209U29 • Griese x Bright Side • Calving ease sire whose progeny hit the ground small and wean heavy • Semen $40

Our herdsires have to go out and breed cows in some tough and rocky country. We expect them to breed cows, hold their flesh and stay sound…the same as you would expect in your operation. Because of this, we know their value as a breeding bull due to their ability to survive and thrive in these conditions. Seldom, will you see a picture of a fat bull in our ads. More often, you will see pictures of real world survivors with their working clothes on.

Reasons to own a Brinks Brangus™ / Westall Ranches Brangus bull Quality.

Customer Service.

Brinks Brangus™ bulls have long been known for added carcass value. In today’s feeder calf market we must produce calves that can gain, grade and yield. We sell bulls that can make it happen!

To us, customer service is more than just backing your bull with a breeding season guarantee (of course we do this, too). It’s learning

Maternal Excellence. The Brangus female is undoubted for balancing the antagonistic traits of calving ease, growth, fertility, longevity, fleshing ability and survivability. You can expect all of this from our Brinks Brangus™ sired females.

Westall Ranches, LLC

Home of BRINKS BRANGUS™ Cheramie Viator, marketing P.O. Box 297 Childress, TX 79201

about your operation and marketing goals. We want to assist you in matching the right bull to meet your production model. Then, let us assist

in getting additional bids for you Brinks Brangus™ sired feeder calves or assist in marketing your replacement females.

Brinks Brangus™ / Westall Ranches Fall 2013 Newsletter  
Brinks Brangus™ / Westall Ranches Fall 2013 Newsletter  

Westall Ranches is home to Brinks Brangus™. Located in Arabela, NM. For more info contact: .