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What is


stablished in 2008, the Imperial College Public Awareness & Social Service Society (also known as ICPASS) is a society run by a group of dedicated Hong Kong students who are passionate about public issues and community service. Having a vision to seek changes through small and seemingly insignificant acts, we wish to raise the public engagement of Imperial students by means of regular discussions, debates, seminars and voluntary work.

The Committee, 2011-12

Believing in the need of a novel approach to learning, our society aims at achieving this through holding a wide array of events. That is, with the promotion of PUBLIC AWARENESS (PA) which strengthens our attitudes and values, supported by SOCIAL SERVICE (SS) which gives us the necessary interpersonal skills, we hope to inspire students to think critically, independently, and be confident to speak out.



ORBIS Hong Kong

根據世界衛生組織的統計,全球有 3,900萬名失明人士,當中140萬人 是15歲以下的孩子。雖然他們的眼疾 有百分之七十五的機會可以治癒及預 防,可惜生活在發展中國家的患者, 由於缺乏資源和技術,無法得到適當 的治療。 According to the World Health Organisation, 39 million people in the world are blind, amongst which 1.4 million are children younger than 15 years old. While 75% of blindness is treatable and/or preventable, sufferers living in developing countries simply do not have the resources or technology to combat these upsetting statistics.

香港奧比斯自90年代初已致力治療全 球眼疾患者,並且遁不同媒道透過多 項具創意的籌款宣傳活動,提高大家 對眼疾的關注。除此之外,奧比斯更 邀請本地的醫護人員,義務到世界各 地,為當地提供培訓、驗眼及檢查。 Having worked on fighting global blindness since the early 90s, ORBIS Hong Kong has also promoted a variety of innovative fundraising and awareness-building campaigns via different media channels. It has even invited local medical volunteers to travel around the world, conducting training sessions, eye examinations and check-ups.


Warwick Oriental Performance Society The Oriental Performance Society music team is a fundamental part of a continually expanding society at the University of Warwick. Our section welcomes all students with different musical aspects and interests, modern and classical, as we intend to showcase our talents in a variety of performances throughout the academic year.

Holic Holic is the dance team of Warwick Hong Kong Society. The word ‘Holic’ denotes addiction to the substance or activity, and for us, we are simply addicted to dance. We are a group of danceaholic that enjoy our time together and hope to share our happiness with you all!

The Hong Kong Virtuoso Chorus The Hong Kong Virtuoso Chorus (HKVC) is a youth choir set up in January 2011 by young and talented musicians. The chorus provides a platform for local youth singers to come together, and motivate the society with their passion and talent in music-making.

Dominic Chow Beatbox is a language, and it’s a specially talent God gave me to entertain and impress the world. It is like other arts, it is a language for us to communicate with foreigners without knowing their language. Fat King’s goal is to become one of the top in Hong Kong, and promote Hong Kong Hip Hop to the world.


破曉 Band Dawn


破曉於2009年夏天組成,而破曉解 釋重新開始,就好似破曉的時份, 是每一天最美麗最捉動人心的時 光,所以我們也希望我們的歌曲能 捉動大家,讓大家感受最深刻的時 光。

Lusters 是一個 2010 年成立的業餘 組合,以無伴奏合唱方式演譯各中 西流行和古典音樂。在過往參與演 出、工作坊等活動中,推廣Acappella 這種音色融和、風格獨特的合 唱形式。Lusters希望以他們對 Acapella的熱誠,把這種「共創好音 樂」的樂趣分享給大家。

Robynn and Kendy

The Postmodernists

A recent winner of Hummingbird Music’s Brand New Star contest and a signed songwriter to East Asia Publishing, Robynn Yip and Kendy Suen are two internet-based SingerSongwriters that came together to form “Robynn and Kendy”, a Youtube Channel that covers Cantonese classics as well as recent hits in various languages. Their channel is

The Postmodernists is a diverse allgirls crew united by one single passion in dance. We take a post-modernistic style as we break boundaries between dance genres and interpret them with our innovation infused with daily-life inspirations. Established in 2008, The Postmodernists was Champion at UNICEF Young Envoys Club Competition 2008, and have been actively performing since.

ICPASS Committee 2011-12 President

Jonathan Chow Vice President (Public Awareness)

Timothy Lau

Vice President (Social Service)

Clarence Cheng Secretary

Renzo Yau Treasurer

Brendan Lo

Michael 黃偉納 I was already a total magic freak during my teens, and have now been an active performer in university and student events for the past 3 years. Many will think how magic is about fooling the eyes, but tonight I will prove how magic can happen in the mind!

Publication Chief Editor

Monique Ho IT Officer

Stephanie Ma


Acknowledgement Youth Square and staff Orbis Hong Kong Karissa Chan David Choy Hudson Cheung Calvin Leung Victor Sham Co-hosts: Imperial College Chinese Society Warwick Hong Kong Public Affairs & Social Service Society LSESU Hong Kong Public Affairs & Social Service Society KCL Public Awareness & Social Service Society University of Bristol Hong Kong Society Cardiff University Public Affairs & Social Service Society Cambridge University Hong Kong & China Affairs Society University of Oxford Public Affairs & Social Service Society Medical Society, HKUSU Association of Public Affairs & Social Service (Hong Kong) Supporting Bodies:

We cannot begin to tell you how much this concert means to every single one of us in the committee. From being absolute amateurs in organising a concert, to producing a show for an audience of 200+, it would not have been possible without the countless late nights and the help from other members of ICPASS. Thank you! A big shout-out goes to everyone who helped, the co-hosting institutions and to all the performers who managed to wow us tonight, as always. To our dear audience, thank you for your generous support to ORBIS Hong Kong, we hope you enjoyed the night! “The Candle of Vision� is just a glimpse of a dream we share - a dream to make even the smallest difference in this overwhelming world. Please continue to show your support in other ICPASS events throughout the year! See you next year! ICPASS Committee 2011-12

ICPASS - The Candle of Vision 2011

The Candle Of Vision  

ICPASS Annual Charity Concert 2011: The Candle of Vision - The Glimpse of a Dream